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NYSRPA (N.Y State Rifle and Pistol Assoc.)



NLA (National Liberty Alliance)

We the People

New Lebanon: Stone Soup


PACT stands for: Patriot and Christian Task Force. We primarily do advocacy work for residents and property owners that are victims of abuse by town officials. We are VERY busy! We fight for Truth in Politics at the local, state and federal levels, and call corrupt politicians to task! We promote God and Country, speak out against illegal immigration, excessive taxes, Big Government,Special Interest, Open Borders, Socialism, Obamacare, Gun Control, Christian-Bashing,and abuse of our Constitution. No Surrender!

Welcome to P.A.C.T,the Patriots and Christians Taskforce.

We are located in rural upstate New York and are dedicated to defending the two most important documents in existence,the Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America. We believe in God and Country,Family and Faith,and Justice for ALL!


Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.

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