COUNCILMAN  THREATENS  FELLOW  OFFICIAL !!!!!!              8-14-2012

                 WOW!  What a HEATED meeting!  My husband and I took Doug Clark on during Privilege of the Floor and Dougy didn't like it. Especially since his fellow Councilmen didn't even attempt to defend him. LOL!  Would have been more interesting to take the Czar on, but since he was absent, Dougy was on the Hot Seat.

      Let's take it from the beginning.  The Anti-Smoking lady was there as promised and her argument was so ridiculous I actually had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep the laughter from disturbing others. She actually said that cigarette butts have toxins that seep into waterways and contaminate them!!!  LOL! Are you KIDDING me?  She tried to convince us that second-hand smoke is dangerous outdoors as well as indoors. Come ON lady! Get a life already! Even if the town adopts the "Policy" of a non-smoking park, it is not enforceable anyway, so the heck with the whining libs. They can have the playground, the Little League Field and the Tennis Courts, but the rest of the park is for EVERYONE.  PERIOD!

      When she finished her bull-crap whining, she literally RAN out the door! LOL! Anyway, the Deputy Supervisor put the proposal on the agenda for next month. SO, if you are concerned about government stealing another freedom from the people, this is the time to speak up. It isn't about the cigarettes, it's about the RIGHTS of the PEOPLE. Every time they get ONE, they open the door to take three more. THINK about that. More on this issue over the next month.

       I took a break during the boring budget stuff and went outside for a smoke. Wouldn't you think that the town which is spending half a million dollars on a waste of an addition, could spring for a darn floor fan for meetings???!! It is WAY too warm in these meetings and some people need more deoderant, so a fan would be a nice courtesy to the people. Idiots. Anyway, I didn't bother to blow my smoke away from the door, I was after all, trying to make a point. So it slowly wafted across the sidewalk and twirled its way into the building. In the meantime, Donna Smith and Hazel Dewey came out and stated that they were going home because they were "Fed Up" with the crap and the lies and the unilateral actions of Mike Benson. Hazel stated that we have no need for a Town Board since Benson does as he pleases and never bothers to ask the board first.

       They were ANGRY ladies, I can tell you! Someone inside complained that they were too loud outside and asked that the door be shut. Sharon Moon then whined that she could smell smoke, too. Perfect, that was the point. Thank you for biting, Sharon, I knew ONE of the Libs would. I returned to the meeting with a big old smile! Alongside Miss Moon, was some guy that came to Planning Board to fight the Galiana Tantric Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Max Gitter, and in front of them, Chris Dreyfus.  A bevy of boneheads. Benson kissers. Too out-of-touch to know a RINO when they see one.

        When Privilege of the Floor came up, Kevin Smith was first to speak. He wanted to know who is paying for the extensive work done at the Benson home on County 5 today. Culvert work, grading, tons of rocks,etc., to repair the run-off damage caused by the Construction Expert's digging this summer. Apparently, since the county did the work, the cost will be an issue between them and Benson.

          Bob Smith was next on the list, and he asked about the engineer's bill for $8,000.00 for un-approved work. Again, Dougy tripped all over himself with excuses . No one would say who DID approve the work, but we all know the answer to that anyway. Dougy claims that they will "work it out somehow". SURE they will. The taxpayers of this town will eat it!

           Then, he brought up the issue of the Painting of the Park Buildings and the singular decision of Benson to over-ride the board's decision to put the job out to bid. He explained what Benson did and stated that it smacked of collusion. Now Dougy was starting to feel the heat and he was getting ticked off at being exposed. He tried to make excuses for Benson as usual, but was set straight pretty quickly. Kathy Murnane had to speak up and attempt to defend her heart-throb too, but she was ALSO set straight immediately by Scott Larabee. She and everyone else were told that once the board votes to put a job out to bid, they are bound to that, and so is Benson. Even Colleen backed that truth up.

      I guess poor Kathy was upset that she didn't have Mikey to bat her eyelashes at tonight. You should SEE how she looks at him, it's GROSS!  Dougy told Bob that alleging collusion is a serious charge and could be construed as Libel. Idiot. Good Luck with that. What's SERIOUS, is what Benson DID, and he WILL answer for it!  NOT going away!

     Now it was MY turn. I told the board that John Dax has to go, since he is in violation of the attendance and residency codes. I will be sending them follow-up letters on that tomorrow. I then went on to the construction crew not having worked on the Town Hall for two weeks. Here is where Dougy lied to me for the first time. He stated that they ordered trusses and were waiting for them to arrive. I said, "Gee, that's funny, because YOU didn't know WHY they were missing as of yesterday when you had to call them and ASK". He clammed up.

   Then I went on to the biggie, the Commander summons. I stated that Dougy and Benson had gone to Kent Pratt and directed him to serve the summons on Howard. Dougy denied it. Lie number two. I told him that I KNEW he had done it, and he stopped denying it. I announced what Benson had done, lying to Howard about a unanimous board vote that never took place. I then asked "What kind of SUPERVISOR does that?!". Here is where the leftie boneheads all started shaking their heads at ME, like I'M the corrupt one! That's how STUPID they are!  I said I think it's time Benson resigns. It IS time. I said that in all these issues, the ends do NOT justify the means.

      Max Gitter spoke up and said that he had heard Dougy say that he was not a lawyer. Gitter said, "I AM a lawyer, and lawyers have a saying, No Harm No Foul". I responded by saying, "Like when have you ever met an Honest lawyer?".  Now, Gitter's comment says a LOT. It clearly says that Integrity and Honesty and Obedience to the Laws do NOT matter. What a telling statement. This is a filthy-rich citiot, so we also know that money cannot buy class, huh? I guess we all know how HE got rich! Wasn't by doing the right thing,obviously.

        I missed the most important event of the evening though, after they adjourned. I was outside in the cool air talking to folks, while INSIDE, Doug Clark was threatening my husband with physical violence, in front of SEVERAL witnesses!  That little wimp actually said to Bob, "If you weren't an old man, I'd punch you!".  LOLOL!!  First of all, Doug is only 4 years younger than Bob. Second of all, if he HAD hit him, Bob would not have hit him back for numerous reasons, like Dougy can't weigh 125 pounds soaking wet, AND Christians don't hit unless they are in danger of their lives. What Bob WOULD have done, was call the State police and have Dougy arrested for assault.

         This threat by one official against another, is VERY SERIOUS stuff. Dougy just dug himself a very deep hole. I will toss the first shovel full of dirt back into it. Wait and see. THIS complaint is going to go FAR and WIDE, to every agency that exists within the county and state. Maybe Dougy and Dax can get jobs at McDonald's together.

      Outside, I was talking to several "Normal" people who were astounded at Benson's actions and his failure to follow the darn rules of government. I was also told that these folks find it impossible to wrap their heads around the way some people think. They were referring to the boneheads, of course. They could not understand HOW these people could support corruption, lies, and tyranny. I can relate. Liberalism is a deadly disease. They suffer from commonsenseabsentia. Big psychiatric word. LOL.  I can't say the things I would like to say about these people, because that would be sinking to their level. What I WILL say about them, is that they will answer to a higher authority eventually,  and I would NOT want to be in their shoes on that day.

      Pandora's Box has now been opened.


The Democratic Party has asked me to announce a Meet the Candidate Day on August 25th, 10:00 a.m, at Smitty's Pizza and Pub. Their candidate for Congress will be present, and all residents are welcome regardless of party affiliation.