Town Board                                                             12-12-2017

                 COLD one out there tonight! The meeting was only an hour and a half , but when we came out of the Town Hall, everyone's windshields were covered in ice and car doors were frozen shut. BRRR! Tomorrow promises to be a little worse with 45 mph winds, making the temperature feel like about 4-5 degrees. 

                 I think the weather had something to do with the meeting being more sparsely attended than usual. There wasn't much of note on the agenda anyway, but one thing that interested me was the Charging Stations for people with Electric Cars. You might recall that this idea was suggested by Mr. Green Jeans Shenker a few months ago, and it irked me THEN. The fact that the board is re-visiting this foolishness only made me angrier. 

                 It isn't that charging stations are noticeable or any type of eyesore or annoyance, it's the fact that it involves MORE government GRANTS and more traffic. If this happens, the chargers will be located behind the LVPA building, so guess who will have to deal with more BAD drivers pulling out in front of her all the time? Yup! ME. GEEZ!! 

                 So I again argued the point that the Electric Car batteries are made with Cobalt. Yeah, the Cobalt that is mined in the Congo by child slaves as young as FOUR. Just so the Liberal Greenies can drive electric cars and play with Smart Phones. So, the "Compassionate Progressives" and "Environmental Extremists" support Child Labor and Abuse. Big surprise. Don't get me wrong, I fully support being responsible with our natural resources and in retaining wild areas and open land. I think we should ALL be concerned about how we treat our environment, but there IS a limit to how extreme we should be about environmental issues. 

                  Right now, tonight, there is a Liberal Loony sitting in a treetop to protest the Hudson Pipeline. He has to be freezing his nickels off and that's FUNNY! Anyway, the environmental piece is not the major concern here. GOVERNMENT GRANTS,  ARE! The government cannot give away ANYTHING it has not first TAKEN from somewhere and someone, else. Nothing the government "Gives" is EVER free. There is always a price to be paid, whether in currency or the loss of freedoms. 

                  We have a terrific Town Board and Supervisor, and I am thrilled with what they have accomplished in the past two years, BUT, like ALL political groups, Town Boards literally salivate when they hear the word, "Grant". They seem to think that it is Free Money that grew on a bush somewhere and will fall into their laps and make all their dreams come true. That isn't how it works,folks. Private grants are fine, but Government Grants are evil and terrifying things that allow our already overgrown government to get even bigger and more controlling. Every grant comes with strings attached, and some of them give government agencies the right to dictate to towns what they can and cannot do. Many of them can even control how PRIVATE property owners can use their properties and impose restrictions upon those uses. 

                  Our board is accepting a number of grants for dangerous, "Green Initiatives", one of which would be the Charging Stations, because they need FOUR Green Projects to be eligible for yet ANOTHER govt. grant to put Solar Power in the Town Hall. Confused YET? I pleaded with them tonight to research the strings that tie these grants to govt. control, BEFORE they apply or accept them. One Councilman stated that , "If WE don't take these grants, another town WILL".  Well, LET the other towns take them while we try being independent and FREE of outside control! I asked them to consider being Leaders in refusing govt. handouts and regulations and set a precedent for those "Other" towns. 

                I know that my words fell on deaf ears, because I could see the drool running down their chins at the thought of all those projects that they think the feds are going to finance for FREE. Boards and Committees are like ravenous dogs when grant money is waved under their noses.  Sheep. Slaves in the making. It's insanity. 

               Speaking of the lying federal government and wild animals, most of you know that the DEC SWEARS  that there are no Cougars in NY State. I happen to know for a FACT, that the very same DEC was responsible for deliberately introducing the Mountain Lion into rural NY areas to control the coyote and deer populations. Well, as far as coyotes go, it hasn't worked, because we get them on our outdoor cameras EVERY night, year round. Last month, we also got something else on the cameras. 

                There is an app that allows you to take a photo, measure something that is IN the photo, and the app will give you the measurements of OTHER items in the same photo. So when we saw the big cat with the long, draping tail on our cameras, we used the app. She measured 5' and 4.5" WITHOUT her long tail!!!! That was just nose to rump. Obviously NOT someone's house cat. I have to admit, it was exciting to look at her in all her wild glory, and she inspired no fear in the household. She never bothered the calf, pony, or chickens, and statistics say that Cougars travel up to 30 miles in a week's time, so she is long gone.

                Bottom line is, NEVER, EVER believe anything the Government tells you. LOL!!!    Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends both here and in Israel.  May your days of celebration be happy, healthy, and peaceful.