January 2012 to March 2012 PACT POSTS


Boondocks Betrayal 1-3-12

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year Holiday? What is it about the New Year that can fill us with so much hope for positive changes in our lives and communities, in our country? It's really just another day. Yet that new digit at the end of 201_, is full of promise and promises. We make resolutions ,(that we rarely keep past February), and we say, "THIS year, I will________!" . It is fun to look forward with renewed resolve though, isn't it?

Sometimes, I find myself worn down by the things I deal with every day, and at bedtime I swear I cannot do it another day. Yet I wake up in the morning with fresh energy and determination and get right back to the job. The Lord always manages to send me a reminder that despite the adversity and attacks that are part of the work, I need to continue in my stand against the wrongs in my own backyard.

My husband, who is definitely the gentler one in our partnership, asked me the other day how I can be so certain that I am doing the Lord's Will. I was glad he asked, because I have to ensure mySELF of that every day! So we discussed scriptures that command us to "Come Out From Among Them",and to "Shine the Light of the Lord", and "With Faith must also come Works", etc.,etc. The Bible states in SO many places I can't even count, that Christians are to take a stand against the evil and sin in the world and not be a part of it.

Early Sunday morning, we watched Pastor Murphy on T.V. I like him a lot, he's one of the smartest and most confident pastors I have ever listened to. He spoke about this very subject, and he said that if you have no enemies, you are not doing any work for God. He also said that if you DO have enemies and they haven't taken a swipe at you in a month or more, you're slacking! LOL! I guess I'm not slacking.

I spend the first 15 minutes of my day in prayer, asking for the Lord's guidance and wisdom in all that I say and do. Yup, I know that I sometimes get a little too passionate about certain subjects or issues and my anger is obvious in my words. I admit that and make no excuses. I am, after all, Human and imperfect just like every one of us. It is nearly impossible NOT to get angry at the things I see going on in our town and the lack of outrage from the people. I get VERY upset about the division among us and most of all, I cannot process the lack of Common Sense in my fellow townspeople.

By no means am I saying that everyone in Lebanon but me has no common sense, I am simply saying that an awful LOT of people seem to be lacking in that department. So yes, I get plenty angry. Now, I rarely make resolutions for the New Year, as I know I will not likely keep them. THIS year however, I am resolving to try to eat better for one thing. I could never understand WHY, someone as busy as I am, that eats ONCE a day, could be overweight? Then the doctor explained to me last month, that by eating only once a day, I force my metabolism into starvation mode. So whatever I DO eat, is immediately stored as fat by a body that is afraid it might not get anything more for a long time! AHH, Epiphany!

So, Doctor's orders are to eat healthy foods, four times a day! This will NOT be easy for me, because I don't feel hunger and I get busy and forget to eat. To me, eating is a nuisance that gets in the way of what I want to accomplish. It is a "Time Thief". Not to mention that I would rather scrub toilets than cook! I HATE to cook!

The second resolution I am making, is to TRY to be less angry. NO promises folks, and definitely no guarantees, but I promise to TRY. It's the best I can do. I AM Irish! LOL! Which is probably why betrayal gets my blood to boiling as hotly as it does. One of the toughest things I  have learned in the past five years, is that family will betray family and friend will betray friend when it is to thier benefit. Nowhere is this more evident than in the political arena. When you deal with the people and issues that I deal with , even on the small-town level, you see this happen almost daily.

Yet I have also come to realize, that the WAY an action or message is executed, can lend an entirely different meaning than actually intended. I experienced two instances of this just today, with friends of mine. One made a comment to the other, and he was absolutely just ribbing him. Yet the other took it seriously and was crushed, actually was unable to sleep last night. I mediated a little and they got together and cleared it up. Why was there a misunderstanding to begin with between such good friends? One is in an insecure mood lately and the other ribbed him a little too hard, not KNOWING that his friend would take him wrong. There was never any anger or evil intent.

Another friend sent me some info recently and did not intend it in the way I took it, but it was DELIVERED in a manner that immediately sent up red flags for me. As a result of what I do, I tend to be always wary of just about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Apparently, this friend doesn't understand that, nor did he realize that I would react to the message in accordance to the manner in which it was received. So sometimes betrayal is just that, betrayal. Yet sometimes it isn't, but we take it that way because of the delivery. It's a very fine line, and all I can say is, know your friends and thier mindsets before you say something he or she may not take in the way it was meant.

REAL friendship is a rare and precious thing, and like all relationships, it takes hard work to maintain. It needs regular maintenance from both parties. If you are blessed enough to have a friend or two that you value, be sure to feed and protect those friendships.

Please remember that tomorrow night is the Organizational Meeting! If you have decided to get involved this year, this is the meeting you need to begin with. NOTE: It will NOT be held at the Firehouse!! American Legion Hall at 7p.m. Bring your coffee! Might want to bring one for Mr. Clark,too.


Benson's First Meeting 1-4-12

As expected, the Czar was on his very best behavior. None of the manic drive showed through tonight and he led the meeting in a calm and professional manner. It was a decent meeting, no arguments or mis-behavior worthy of special mention. There were a LOT of residents in attendance, which is always a good thing to see. The more actively interested residents, the better, regardless of party affiliation or opinion.

Unfortunately, the major issues we've been dealing with for years appear to remain unchanged and no indication of proper procedure-following seems to be in our future anytime soon. We all know that the big question of the evening was how the board was going to handle the Ethics Board appointment issues. Well they worked thier way down the list of appointments until they reached the Ethics Board, then skipped over it. Two openings and one Chair Appointment, and they skipped OVER it. So, we waited. We waited through the rest of the appointments. We waited through the entire meeting of boring task assignments. We waited when they stated that John Dax, who had resigned as ZBA Chair, had changed his mind and chosen to resign from the COUNTY board he served on instead, and remain as ZBA Chair. Anyone else find THAT interesting?

Finally, at the very end of the meeting, a second Privilege of the Floor was held and Kevin Smith questioned the lack of action on the Ethics Board appointments. Benson donned his most innocent, wide-eyed expression and went on to explain that the "Board" had decided to advertise for Letters of Interest for the Ethics Board!!!!! Excuse me, but they already chose Wayne Martin in a 5 for 5 vote 6 weeks ago, and he also re-submitted his own Letter of Interest last week. Yet they refused to appoint him tonight as is proper procedure.

In not-so-many words, it was stated that the Town Board would recruit candidates of thier own choosing in an attempt to avoid appointing Wayne at ALL. Like I said before, Brucey ALWAYS stacks the boards with his own people, and he does not want that to change! Doing it the RIGHT way, the HONEST and ETHICAL way, does not suit him and never has. Of course, he has the support of Clark and Benson in this issue, as they too, know that Wayne will not stand for thier usual shenanigans, so they MUST oust him. YET, last year at the Organizational Meeting, the Board re-appointed John Dax as ZBA Chair and never even advertised the position or considered asking for Letters of Interest! I objected to that, and they did nothing, as usual.

Brucey wanted his arrogant buddy Dax back in, and Brucey has ALWAYS gotten what Brucey WANTS. You can be sure he talked Dax into coming back again THIS year. Have any of these people ever heard of TERM LIMITS? Do they know there are 2400 people in this town and maybe someone else should have a shot at Dax' position? Don't they know that we all know what they are up to with the Ethics Board and that we will NOT let it happen? Kevin Smith is LIVID, Wayne Martin is devastated at being so badly treated, and there is a TON of anger surrounding this unfair inaction. It ain't goin' away! Also, WHY are they allowing Kathy Murnane to remain on the Ethics Board when she is in Florida for 5 months of the year? How fair is THAT?

Something else I found interesting tonight. Benson has decided to move the town accounts to First Niagara Bank. Good bank, I use it myself. However, he also has his BCI Construction Company account there. That's okay too, until you consider what "Perks" he might be earning from that bank for bringing yet another, multi-million dollar account in? A little too self-serving in my opinion.

Too many things were not decided tonight that SHOULD have been decided. This was far from my first Organizational Meeting, and I have never seen one that tabled so many important actions as this one did. The most outrageous action of the night was Benson's re-appointment of Doug Clark as Deputy Supervisor! Now if THAT does not convince you that Benson lacks integrity, nothing WILL. An HONORABLE man would have kept in mind the mis-conduct of Clark, in the Secret Meeting Fiasco, in the Letters he sent out against Meg while HER Deputy Supervisor, and of course, his deplorable behavior at last week's meeting!! So he puts Clark right back IN? THAT, speaks VOLUMES about Benson's lack of character! If anything, Clark should have been asked for his resignation! Brucey as well!

So do not expect our board to be cleaner this year folks, expect it to be worse than EVER. ALL the dirty players are back in the game plus one. No, make that Plus TWO, Nevers is back. God Help Us! Next Tuesday is the first, regular Town Board Meeting of the year. Be advised, that from here on out, the first half-hour of the meetings will be dedicated to the councilmen "Auditing the Bills", and the real meeting will not begin until 7:30. We will now have TWO Privilege of the Floor sessions, one at the beginning of the meeting and one at the end, which is how it always SHOULD have been.

I need to address the matter about the Meetings being moved to the Firehouse, as for some reason, the confusion over that is an issue. The original information about the meetings being held at the Firehouse, came from Brucey Baldwin himself, TWO meetings ago, AT the table! Apparently, Brucey made that statement before confirming it with the Fire Company. Now it seems that the Fire Company has not changed it's stand about not allowing the town to hold regular meetings there, and only meetings that must be "Handicapped Accessible" will be held at the Firehouse. ( shouldn't ALL meetings be Handicapped Accessible") Just sayin'. So, if you are upset about the confusion, please take it up with Mr. Baldwin.

Lots going on folks, so stay tuned. There will be some surprises around the corner, some good, some not so good. PACT is NEVER idle. NEVER. In fact, we have been requested to aid two other towns facing similar issues to our own. We will be spread pretty thin for a while, but we'll get it done.

PERSONAL NOTE TO MR. FIRST: Two Hour Wait today. Can't do the work without the tools. Contact Please?

Good Night and God Bless! JJ 


Laws,Commandments and City Folk 1-6-12

It's Friday night. I don't enjoy going out on Friday nights, but my husband seems to think it is the only night that grocery shopping should be done. My argument that there are too many people in the stores and on the roads on Fridays doesn't phase him and he generally wins this one. Tonight was no exception. He actually enjoys grocery shopping, while I would rather stock up once every six months and supplement at  Stewarts. LOL!

So off we went tonight into the bumper to bumper traffic, high beams in your eyes, to do the shopping. It really wasn't all that bad West of Lebanon, but we had to cut across to Chatham on the way back, and THAT was where we ran into the City Weekender Traffic. I never fail to be amazed that these people manage to come up here every weekend and back to the city in one piece. They get thier S.U.Vs out of storage on Friday afternoon, then RACE upstate to "Relax". Hurry,hurry, we have to relax! We might get killed on the way, but we're going to do it. LOL!

On the way home tonight, we ran into them by the motel in Chatham on 295. They were literally POURING off the Taconic, ski-carriers on the roofs, cell phones to thier ears, and pedals to the metal! These folks drive as if they are the only ones on the road and everyone else just get out of the way! I always drive the speed limit, somewhat reluctantly, but tickets are expensive. Yet 55 is never fast enough for the down-staters, and they whizzed past me like I was standing still. When we reached East Chatham and slowed to the strictly-enforced, 35 m.p.h, I THOUGHT the outlanders might follow suit.

Wrong. They continued to fly right by me, one after another and disappear in seconds. (why are the cops never sitting there when you WANT them to be?). It was just mind-boggling to see how little respect these people have for our laws and speed limits. Most of them have kids in the car too, and still think nothing of driving like maniacs. I am especially awed by the fact that city people think a 4-wheel-drive vehicle guarantees them safe passage on snowy roads. Ever notice how fast they drive on slippery pavement? "I have four-wheel-drive, I'm okay!". I leave plenty of room between MY 4x4 and THIERS!

What really bugs me the most about this issue, is the fact that weekenders don't think our rules apply to them. They park facing the wrong way or blocking doors, use Handicapped Spaces because they're "Only Going To Be A Minute", ignore stop signs and speed limits, ride your bumper if you happen to be doing the speed limit instead of the speed of sound, and actually beep thier horns at you for obeying the law! The best part is watching them park in Stewarts or Buckys and push thier little security buttons, locking doors and setting alarms. BEEP, TWEET! How many of us even take our keys out of the ignition when we run into Stewarts? LOL!

I don't know how or if these citiots can be made to behave, but I WOULD like to see more of them ticketed. The laws DO apply to them, just  as they do to you and me. Maybe these weekenders are politicians, since they seem to think they are Above the LAW. NO ONE, is ABOVE the LAW and that includes police officers who drive around with cell phones stuck to the sides of thier heads. Rather than thumb thier noses at the rest of us who DO comply, they should be the ones setting the example.

We have a LOT of laws in America, some good some terrible, and a lot, unecessary. How we went from Ten simple Commandments, to over 220,000 laws, is beyond ME. ALL law is based on and derived from, the Ten Commandments. Yes Monte, they ARE. Read them sometime. These Ten simple Rules are all we have ever needed, all we WILL ever need. The rest is just a matter of respect for one another and obedience to our Maker.

Traffic Law exists to keep us safe on the roads, and everyone with a driver's license is responsible for the safety of themselves and everyone around them. The police do thier best to enforce these laws, but they can't be everywhere, all the time. So it's up to US to be responsible when we drive and teach our kids to do the same. If you have friends or neighbors who are weekenders, you might want to ask them what they think of speed limits and safety, of respect for the lives of thier passengers and others. You can't GET THERE and RELAX, if you're dead.


First Regular Town Board Meeting 1-10-12

The meeting was packed tonight which is a very GOOD thing. The more the better. The board members were on thier best behavior as they always are when it's crowded. Mr. Benson does a nice job of handling the people so far, he is polite and calm without appearing arrogant, so I have to give credit where credit is due. Benson gets an A in demeanor. Maybe he can give some lessons to John Dax?

I had promised myself that I would remain calm and collected tonight, and outwardly,I think I managed that. Inwardly however, was a different story. Kevin Smith addressed the board about the issue of thier failure to appoint Wayne Martin to the Ethics Board. He got nowhere, as Benson stood his ground and re-stated what he said last week, that they would be accepting "Letters of Interest" for the two openings on the E.B. As they SHOULD, for the SECOND opening, but NOT for the FIRST.

Here I would like to interject something. At the Organizational Meeting of 2011, the ZBA Chairman's position was up for grabs as John Dax' term had expired. Despite objections from the public, the board simply re-appointed Dax without advertising the position, without a Letter of Interest, without so much as five minutes discussion. They simply re-appointed Dax for the same reason they do EVERYTHING , because BRUCEY wanted it that way. Yet NOW, all of a sudden it's a requirement to advertise the vacancies and accept letters from interested residents?

Double-Standard again! They cannot have it BOTH ways. The same procedure should be used for ALL appointed vacancies, period. These guys change the rules whenever they wish to suit thier own agendas and desires and THAT is not acceptable. Clark tried to do it at the year-end meeting, right in front of the public, and Brucey DID it at the Organizational Meeting with NO objection from the new Supervisor or any other board members.

Here is the issue. Wayne Martin was appointed to the Ethics Board six weeks before the regime change, as was Bob Smith. Neither of them was given their term length at that meeting as they SHOULD have been. So, all that was really required at the Org. Meeting, was to assign them their respective terms, and NOT switch it around like Clark tried to do. Both Martin and Smith were appointed by a five to zero "AYE" vote from the board. So what's the problem?

Brucey is the problem, AGAIN, as USUAL! Sometime between the appointment of Martin and Smith and the year-end meeting, Brucey was told a lie about Wayne by another Ethics Board member. He believed that lie and turned on Wayne like a viper with it's tail in a trap. That was the night he attacked everyone in sight, pounded on the table, lunged at Matt Larabee and spewed profanities. All over a lie he was told by an individual who is so unhappy, they need to hurt and hate others with NO cause. So Brucey not only withdrew his support for Wayne, he went berserk!

Wayne and most of the rest of us who were present, were thunder-struck, as we had NO clue why Brucey was so incensed at that point. Sadly, after tonight's meeting, it appears that Brucey will continue to control the town, the board and the Supervisor as he has for so many years. Mr. Benson has allowed Brucey to render the Ethics Board non-functional. So let's address THAT problem. I will give Benson the benefit of the doubt for a bit here, as it MIGHT be possible that as the new Supervisor, he is thinking that it might be best to start over with some things. Maybe he is holding off on the E.B appointments so that his actions appear to be fair. Maybe. I still think no, I KNOW Benson has his own reasons for wanting to Stack the E.B, just as Brucey and Doug do.

Here's the rub. The E.B is the Board that oversees and advises the Town Board. As a result, the Ethics Board must be functional and have a quorum available at ALL times, 24-7, 365 days a year! This is in our General Municipal Law, Article 18, if you care to look. The Ethics Code also states that the E.B has 30 days to reply to an Ethics Complaint and advise the complainant of whether they are or are not, investigating the complaint. Well, an Ethics Complaint was received this week and the clock is ticking. The E.B is crippled as only TWO members are available of the three. Kathy Murnane is in Florida again for 5 months.

The board's solution? Do an investigation with her "Over the Phone, Long-Distance"!!!! Excuse me, but WHY is someone who lives here only HALF the year, a member of a board that must be fully functional at ALL times? Further, why is Mrs. Murnane a member of the Ethics Board when her husband is a member of the Planning Board? MORE Conflict of Interest folks! In my opinion and the opinion of MOST people I have discussed this with, Mrs. Murnane either needs to stay in Lebanon year-round, or resign from the E.B. SO, rather than appoint Wayne, the one with Town Board experience, the one who served on the Ethics Board for the last 6 weeks of 2011, the one with a squeaky-clean background check, the life-long resident, and the one with the FIRST submitted Letter of Interest, who won the appointment by a five-zero vote of the board, they chose to wait until FEBRUARY to make any appointments!!!!!

We presently have only TWO working members of the E.B, and they want to wait until FEBRUARY to appoint someone?!?!? All because Brucey is pouting and has black-balled Wayne over a lie. Despite the Municipal Law, despite the Ethics Code, and despite the public outcry, the board continues to violate these rules and leave the E.B lame. Doing that, protects THEM from any Ethics actions and allows them the time and opportunity to "STACK" the Ethics Board just as they have stacked all the boards for YEARS! They do not WANT clean people on the E.B, because they might actually have to BEHAVE!

I presented the entire board with a letter of objection and copies of the applicable Municipal Law and Ethics Code Section tonight. Kevin Smith objected, Meg Robertson objected, and Hazel Dewey is livid! Wayne Martin is devastated and angry. I do NOT see this issue going away or being allowed to stand as is. Let's say, hypothetically, that there was no law or code to back up our objections. Even then, appointing Wayne would simply be the RIGHT thing to do. It is the Ethical, moral, and Honest thing to do. GOOD men would have done it at the Organizational Meeting and it would never have gone THIS far! Men of INTEGRITY would not even have had to THINK about it, they would have just DONE it.

So far, what do you see improving in town government? I see no change except that instead of Meg Robertson sitting in the middle seat at the table, there is now a man who did many illegal things during his campaign, in that seat. Matt Larabee is one positive change, but other than that, it is the same-old, same-old. Actually , it is worse, because NOW, we have a complicit Supervisor who proved tonight that he cannot or will not control Brucey any better than any other Supervisor has been able to. Can you spell, "I'm a LEADER!"? A REAL leader would have appointed Wayne and dismissed Murnane, then accepted Letters of Interest for the remaining vacancies. A REAL Leader would never cripple the E.B and ignore the numerous objections of the public.

So who IS the Leader of the Town Board? The same guy it has been forever. Brucey Baldwin. The guy with the temper-tantrums, the filthy mouth, the threats, the sneaky, self-serving little ploys, and not to mention, THREE Ethics Complaints under his belt. Who knows, maybe this latest complaint is against Brucey too! That will make FOUR in less than TWO years!! And people VOTED this guy back in!!!! It boggles the mind, doesn't it?

So, thanks to so many irresponsible voters, we continue to swim in the cesspool of crooked officials.


Just GROSS! 1-11-12

I am SOOOO disgusted with "Officials" I could just up-chuck. There are many, many things going on in this town right now that I only WISH I could tell you! I'm surprised my tongue isn't bloody from biting it so hard. There are just some things that have to "simmer" before I can serve them up, and over the past four years, I have refrained from printing a lot of things I COULD have, only because they are too disgusting to reveal.

Sometimes, it's a matter of not having enough tangible proof to reveal an issue, even though we KNOW it is factual. Those are the toughest ones to deal with. A lot of folks complain that I say too much as it is, just imagine what they would say if I told them EVERYTHING? LoL. Suffice it to say, that we are not off to a good start in 2012. What the board and Benson pulled at the last two meetings is just GROSS! Now that they have an All-Male Board, which I'm sure pleases them no end, there is just NO moral compass at all!

May God forgive me for what I am about to say; "There is not ONE full set of cajones on the whole board, combined!". FIVE grown men, and not ONE of them had the you-know-whats to take a stand and make a motion to do the right thing. Not ONE! Not ONE objected to a single one of the appointments or LACK of appointments. Not a single board member questioned anything, not the appointment issues, not the change of bank for the town accounts, not the horrible disrespect for the town bookeeper or the public opinion, not even the fact that Benson appointed HIMSELF and Doug Clark, (you know, the 2 guys who JUST met?), to the Building and Development committee. Yup, the Contractor and the Engineer. WHICH, if they had spotless reps, might make sense, but considering thier track records, it smacks of collusion.

Nope, no objections, no queries, no independent thinkers here! Obviously, this will be another four years of "WHO CARES WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT?". GRRR.... I SO want to tell you ALL of it! Remember, unless you have something that is of benefit to these guys, you do NOT matter! Your opinion means nothing, your wishes mean nothing, your objections and letters and pleas, mean NOTHING. They will do what they want, how they want, and when they want, and you and I can go to H_ll. Just don't forget to pay your taxes! Oh, and don't have anything in your yard that might be considered ugly when compared to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

When I look at the councilmen, and the things they have on thier own properties, or the things they do that are against town building and zoning codes, I wonder what makes them think they can fine or jail a resident for doing or having the same? I could make a list for you, but why bother. It won't change a thing. They are the BOARD and they can break whatever laws they wish and answer to no one for it. It's one of the many perks that come with being a politician. This goes on at every level of government and we all know it, yet do little to change it. Instead, we shoot the messengers and whistle-blowers who take risks to reveal the facts. That's the New Liberal America! Ain't it great?

One thing I have noticed that I knew would come, but not so soon, is that Mr. Benson is being rudely awakened. He actually believed that when he took the Supervisor's seat, he would at last be the KING he thinks he is. Sadly for him, he is learning that the board rules HIM, and if we manage to turn things around to where they SHOULD be, so will the people. THAT is what our fore-fathers intended and what they labored to protect when they penned the Constitution. By the People....you know the rest, I hope.

Your tax dollars pay these men who don't care about you. These men that toss your money to the wind without a care. These "Men" who cannot or will not take a stand for what is right and good. By the way, Mr. Nevers gave everyone present a little peek at who HE really is last night, too! Sorry you missed it. I WILL tell you that he made TWO attempts to achieve his own personal goals at the expense of others. He got squashed in the second request, and WILL be in the first! People took notice and saw right through him. At LAST! This is going to be a LOOONG year.


Taliban Tinklers 1-12-12

7 a.m news. Viral Video of several American Soldiers urinating on the bodies of dead, Taliban Terrorists. Court Marshall recommended.

Okay, let's go there.

You are a young American soldier, thousands of miles from the only home you have ever known, in a place like no other, a culture you do not accept or understand. Your mission is to kill the lunatics that threaten the innocent and you were carefully and thoroughly trained to perform that duty. It's a sweltering hot, colorless place and you are clad in layers of clothing and body armor, heavy weapons, supplies and ammo in your backpack. A metal helmet covers your head and your boots are cinched almost to the knee.

At any given moment of the day or night, your life could be ended by a bullet or a bomb along the roadside. Even a little child could be carrying explosives into your midst, driven by allegiance to allah, to kill you and your fellow soldiers. Maybe you will survive, but limbless, or blind, or burned beyond recognition. They hate you here because you are not a Muslim, and worse yet, you are an American Infidel to the Holy Koran that demands death to infidels.

The innocence of your youth was left behind when your boots hit the sand of this God-Forsaken country. Now there are images etched permanently into your memory of comrades being blown literally to bits just yards from where you stood. Then YOUR day comes, you and your team kill a couple of the terrorists that were Hell-Bent on killing all of YOU. Your emotions are ragged, you barely escaped death, and the adrenalin and anger overwhelms common-sense and reverses the poles of your moral compass.

One of the guys pokes at the bodies with his rifle, while another un-zips his pants and begins to urinate on the dead. This one, youthful act of an emotionally-charged soldier is a call to unity, a celebration of having come so close to dying once again. It is a release of the crippling tension that weighs you down every minute of every day. There is a bonding factor in this act, despite it's vulgarity, that is calming and reassuring to the male psyche. Finally, fear gives way to cleansing laughter and one of the guys pulls a mini-cam from his pack and begins to record the moment.

It is a brief interlude that allows you all to be just 'Guys" again, for a fleeting moment in time. The human animal, peeing on it's prey in triumph, a celebration of being alive! It is a matter of seconds, not even minutes, and then back to reality, back to the fight at hand.

Many months pass. Someone back home in the states gains posession of the video and posts it on the web. It immediately goes viral and quickly comes to the attention of the D.O.D. The Brass realizes right away that a Liberal outcry is pending, so rather than defend thier own young, battle-weary soldiers for a momentary and understandable lapse in judgement, they choose to appease the Politically-Correct crowd. You and your fellow Taliban-Tinklers will face trial and possible Court-Marshall for your behavior.

It will not matter how many lives you saved or how close you came to death every day. They will not care about the horrors your young mind was subjected to that will never go away, or the nightmares and panic attacks.They will toss the reality of your honorable service to the  wind, just to pacify the anti-American, pro-Muslim, traitors. How DARE our soldiers pee on the dead and disrespect Islam!! After all, in America, we are supposed to be "Tolerant" of differences. We are expected to over-look the intentions of the enemy and thier deranged religious beliefs . We should be welcoming and compassionate to Muslims and protect thier "Right" to freely practice the religion of hate on our own soil. Invite them in to America with NO opposition, and allow them to live un-monitored and un-molested lives.

I say to these soldiers, "Well Done". Thank you for putting your lives on the line for mine. You only tinkled on the terrorists, yet I, living safely in my cozy home in my own country, might have very well done worse had I been in your boots. Isn't that the real issue here? Who is anyone to point a finger at these good men until they walk a mile in those boots? They made but one mistake in my opinion; they taped the incident. The urination issue is of NO consequence, and until every objector to this act has watched THIER friends screaming in agony as they burn or look for a leg that is no longer there, until THEY have walked miles, waiting with every step for a land mine to toss them into the air like a rag doll, they have NO right to speak against these soldiers. Anyone who finds fault with these good men, is a traitor to America and a sympathizer to the enemy. Rather than Court Marshall these soldiers, deport the traitors!

No True American can allow these men to be punished for this trivial and meaningless event. It is up to US to defend them because obviously , thier own superiors and government will not.


Where Does it END? 1-15-12

Ya know, I promised myself and my readers that I would do my very best to be less angry in 2012. Well, I made it two whole weeks! Tonight, I am angry, with good reason.

I just read the Minutes from the Town Clerk for the 2011 Year-End Meeting. You know the one, when Brucey had his breakdown and verbally abused everyone? Well, guess what? No mention of that tirade in the minutes. Are you SURPRISED? Not ONE word about the vulgar language, especially the F- Bomb, no mention of Brucey stamping his feet or yelling and pounding on the table or attacking a member of the  public with false allegations. No mention of the 100% turn-around in his feelings toward Ethics Board Candidate Wayne Martin, based on a lie from a long-time Ethics Board member. Not a WORD!!

Also left out of these same minutes was the mis-conduct of Doug Clark when HE tried to alter appointment protocol for his own, "Personal" reasons. The incident WAS mentioned, but worded to seem like a casual conversation and proposal that was voted down. It in no way reflected the blatant, self-serving conduct of Doug Clark. Isn't it funny how at the very NEXT meeting, he was re-appointed as Deputy Town Supervisor by Mike Benson? Here's an "Atta Boy" for you Doug, compliments of Czar Michael.

So, before I go off on THAT issue, allow me to finish with the first. WHO is responsible for the selective minute taking? Well, I can't honestly say it was Colleen, as she does what her superiors TELL her to do, but I am also not saying it WASN'T her. I do NOT know. Jobs are precious these days, and the girls at the town hall need to hang on to thiers just like everyone else. So how did it go down? Did Benson tell her what to leave out, or Brucey or Clark? They are all three so dirty I couldn't even begin to guess which one did it. Gail Heinsohn and the Register-Star did a better job of telling the truth of that meeting than the town minutes did! Now THAT is saying something, isn't it?

Such a shame that the Eastwick press was not present that night as THAT paper tells it like it IS, no bias. Mike Benson was there. What would HE say about the meeting if asked? No Comment? This is far from the first time we have faced the issue of incomplete minutes and selective editing. It has happened many times, and always when mis-conduct is at issue. For instance, the minutes of the 2011 Budget Workshop where Justice Byrne had her temper-tantrum and verbally abused then Justice Poppey, made NO mention of THAT either! Totally edited OUT! When this was questioned, the Town Clerk responded by saying that it was considered "General Discussion" and not necessitative of a word for word recording. Who says so?

Taking minutes means TAKING MINUTES. It means you write down what was said, period! This will not go away. PACT has already sent a demand to the town officials for an amendment to the minutes of the Year-End Meeting to reflect the ACTUAL events and wording. This is inexcusable. By the way, the Register-Star did once again, tell the truth about the Budget Workshop tantrum of Justice Byrne. Printed in the newspaper for posterity! So where does this end? When will these people get the fact that they can NO LONGER pull this stuff and get away with it? People are WATCHING, for the FIRST time in the history of New Lebanon, the residents are waking up and paying attention. Not FAST enough, but at least it has begun.

Now let me get back to that OTHER thing. The re-assignment of Doug Clark as Deputy Supervisor. Let's be "hypothetical" again for a minute. Suppose you were just voted in as Supervisor in a town where few people had ever even heard of you before the campaign. You pull all kinds of illegal tricks DURING your campaign, and somehow, questionably, you still win. First thing you do, is re-appoint the guy who was just removed as Deputy Supervisor for mis-conduct, back into that position. So what's wrong with that picture? Everything. Four councilman, one of which is new and as yet, uncorrupted, and you choose the one who was just kicked to the curb? Not a move that instills confidence or reflects integrity, but we KNEW that.

I knew way back in the early Fall, when Benson told me he had just met Doug Clark, that it was not the truth. I stated on this website months ago, that if Benson won, he would re-appoint Clark as his Deputy, and I told you what would happen next, remember? Sure you do. Here's an interesting piece for you; at the first, regular Town Board Meeting last Tuesday, Meg Robertson asked Mike Benson to have Brucey make a public apology for his disgusting behavior at the Year-End Meeting. Know what Benson said? He said, "I can't force someone to apologize for something that is a "personal" issue between two people."

LOLOL! Are you KIDDING me? The guy was THERE, he heard and saw what everyone else heard and saw. What Brucey did , was NOT between two people and it was NOT personal, it was VERY, VERY public and was directed at several people. Again, if Benson had any integrity, he would have told Brucey he didn't want anyone on the board that had so little self-control and professionalism. A REAL MAN, would have had Brucey apologize at the very first minute of the meeting, AND warned him that such behavior would never again be tolerated. Not Benson, nope. He just let it all go and acted as if Brucey had done no wrong. Maybe in Benson's eyes, he didn't. After all, how much has HE shown a knowledge of what's right and what's wrong? He hasn't shown ME one ounce of integrity in the months since he began his take-over of New Lebanon.

Lies slide from his lips with ease and conviction. He is without conscience or remorse. He and Clark and Brucey are a perfect fit. This is but the FIRST month of the Benson Reign, and already he has proven himself less than trustworthy and honorable. He is complicit, focused on his own agenda and will trod on anyone who dares to question him or get in his way, and I told you all this well in advance of the election. Starting to SEE it yet? You WILL. Wake up and smell the manure folks, and for once, it ain't comin' from Chittenden's fields.


Meeting Location 1-18-12

Seems the Powers that BE have finally made up thier minds. All Town Board Meetings will now be held at the New Lebanon Firehouse, second Tuesdays at 7 p.m. They have also decided NOT to reserve the 1st half-hour for Auditing the Bills since it doesn't take much longer than 10 minutes and they "don't want to sit and twiddle thier thumbs until 7:30".

There are just SOOOOOO many ways I COULD respond to THAT comment , but I will be a good girl and go away now.


Not on a Full Stomach, Folks. 1-20-12

Somehow I have managed to pick up a nightmare of a head cold and I am NOT happy! I am WAY too busy to be sick. Thank goodness for cell phones and computers to keep the lines of communication open without spreading germs.

There are things going on in our local government right now that would make you want to toss your dinner. It involves the Town Hall employees, the Town Board, the Ethics Board, the Supervisor and yes, the Court again! Remember when we discussed the links in the chain? Well, they are stretched tight and very near to snapping.

As predicted, the very SECOND that Benson became our official supervisor, the master plan kicked in. We knew it would, and nothing that has happened or is happening now, is a surprise to PACT. What DOES surprise us, is that they would begin so quickly and mis-behave so openly! In THREE weeks time, Benson and the Board have done an entire grab-bag of illegal and unethical things, openly, brazenly, and arrogantly. Everything we predicted and MORE.

They are so blindly driven by thier obsession with "Control", that they don't even know how transparent they are. Mike Benson likes to tell a story about his business beginning that includes a trip down South when he was barely out of school. Here, he allegedly started a business with nothing more than a shovel and a pick-up truck, which through his "Hard Work" and "Leadership" abilities, eventually led to his $50 million-dollar construction company he owns today. I don't know if the shovel and pick-up story is true or not and I don't care. What I DO know, is that BCI Construction was NOT built on the back muscles amd sweat of Mike Benson, it was built on the money of the Gibson family, his in-laws.

So Czar Michael is not the hero he would like you all to think he is, he just married into money. Another falsehood that the Czar enjoys telling, is how intelligent he is. At first, I thought he actually MIGHT be a smart-cookie. Nope. This guy has absolutely NO clue about how to run a town, how to communicate with other human beings, how to balance books, or even how to tell the truth and cover his own butt. With all the bragging and self-glorification he did during his campaign, you would think he would have at least gotten some coaching from the political in-laws. Instead, this fool cozies-up to the other Dudley Do-Wrongs and follows THIER lead!

Look at who he is allied with. Doug Clark, a follower and wanna-be, and Brucey Baldwin, a literal criminal and master manipulator. I will be nice and not name the other three or four dirty town employees he's in bed with. Just be sure, that every single person he has hurt or betrayed already, and there are quite a few, were the very people we needed in our town government. These were the people who did thier jobs without back-stabbing or climbing the ladder on the backs of others. THESE were the people we could trust with our money, count on to follow rules and codes, and earn thier paychecks. He ousted them and he isn't done yet.

That's okay, what goes around, comes around. I hear he painted the supervisor's office in Blood Red. How very appropriate. These rotten apples are SO predictable it's almost amusing. So far, they have done every single thing we predicted they would despite the fact that those very predictions were posted on this web site MONTHS ago. They haven't even TRIED to make it look innocent or to do it slowly and less noticeably. Know WHY? Because for so many,many years, our town board has done what it pleased, when it pleased and HOW it pleased, and were NEVER, EVER questioned or challenged. THAT'S why.

Look at Jack Nevers and Brucey, HOW long have they been playing politics in this town? They are both in thier 70s. (TOO long). So it's obvious that they have had a LOT of years of answering to no one for thier mis-behavior. They don't get it that things are changing, and they will now answer for EVERY questionable move they make. Hey, you all remember the story about the town employee being arrested for DWI? Well, believe it or not, that page is the MOST- READ page on this site. At LEAST two hits every single day. Today it had three, all from the same ISP address.

Well, get THIS. I was told today, that this very employee, MIGHT be getting the Court Clerk's job that they just fired D. Brown from on Thursday night. See what I mean? I won't even GO into the firing story, YET. Just imagine though, firing a clerk with an excellent and spotless work history, and replacing her with someone who has been convicted of a DWI? At the COURT! They don't even wanna. See how openly they are stacking the entire town government with thier own dirty cronies? Is this what the people really WANT? No really, I want to know. Email me and TELL me if you WANT our local representatives to be CRIMINALS AND CHEATERS AND LIARS and WHY.

If you feel the same as we do at PACT, that it is time to clean it up, tell me that too. Not that your emails or opinions will change what I do or say, but I would like to know what the people are thinking. Send us a postcard marked, "Clean It Up" or "Roll in the Dirt",and we'll count them up and report the results. (44 Shaker Road, New Lebanon). Let's take the temperature of the people. If any of you are willing to HELP clean up the mess, we would love to welcome you to the group. C'mon, you've been reading this site for almost four years now, time to get involved.

Just for fun, I wanted to fill you in on what type of readers we get here and what other pages are most read. We get readers from the county offices, the state legislature, and the NYS Police. We have many,many hits from the New Lebanon Central School District, kids or faculty, I don't know. A lot of people from Albany computer pools read us and a LOT of local folks from Lebanon, Chatham, and Hudson. Overall, the site averages about 80-150 hits a day and 90-168 pages read. So I KNOW there are people who are aware of what is going on in this town, but not enough are speaking out about it. Town Board meeting attendance HAS grown a LOT since we started the site, but the people seem to be listening and not objecting.

Let's hear from the rest of you. Contrary to popular belief fueled by the Haters, the PACT group is a casual and friendly lot of regular people who care about lawfulness and honesty and representation with Integrity. Very basic, but SO important. Obviously, there will be a LOT to post here in the next week or two, so stay tuned and send ol' JJ some Ginger Tea! LOL! God Bless!


Did Y'all MISS this? 1-26-12

We will be seeing the birth of yet another food source in the coming months, when the former Judy's Gifts site opens as a Cafe and small, grocery source. I don't know about you folks, but I'm hoping it will be open evenings so we can get a cup of coffee and some social time after 5 p.m! Things haven't been the same in Lebanon since the Speedway Diner burned down and we desperately need a casual gathering place again, with affordable meals and the old-fashioned, blue-collar atmosphere.

"Specialty" eateries are fine and good, but how many do we NEED in a town this size? We need a "Diner",a good 'ol Greasy Spoon, family-friendly, with a cup of coffee that is just COFFEE and costs less than a buck a cup. A place where truckers and farmers can come in with their dirty boots, smelling of diesel fuel and manure, and everyone is glad to see them. Amen?

I do want to say this, that if it had not been for Stewarts and Bucky's Bagels, both of whom have gone above and beyond to help us with our food shortage, we would have spent a lot more gas money and travel-time in our quest for groceries during this long, dry spell. Don't forget them when the new businesses open up! Sadly, the Cannery has decided to close due to the poor economy, so let's hope that those employees that will now be jobless, can gain employment at the new market.

Speaking of "jobless", there is an issue I need to address before it makes me too "angry" and I get testy. (anger-control this year, remember?). Our former town book-keeper has STILL, to this day, never been approached by Mike Benson and formally told that she no longer holds that position. Of course we all KNOW that her job has been eliminated, because Benson made certain to inform the NEWSPAPERS of that fact, just not the EMPLOYEE concerned.

Mrs. Crosby requested a heads-up from Benson right after the election, as she is a single-parent and needs to have that second job. She asked to be informed so that she could begin to look for other employment. Not only was this request ignored then, but it was NEVER responded to. Though she is still working for the Town Assessor a few hours a week, that job too, is in limbo. When asked about the status  of THAT position, Benson was again non-committal and said something on the order of, "We'll see". HUH? Excuse me,but this lady's house exploded a few months ago while she and her children were IN it, and she is still dealing with the aftermath of that and looking for another place to live.

Rather than step-up and be a "MAN" about it, Benson ignored her, then LIBELED her in the newspaper !! He called her a "No Show" employee, among other things,with NO proof to back himself up. In fact, Mrs. Crosby put her time in on weekends and evenings, and was therefore less visible than other town employees, but she did her job and put in the hours she was paid for. As a matter of fact, she has now put in hours she was NOT paid for, as she has YET to receive her final paycheck which is well over-due.

So I ask Mr. Benson, is this how a "Leader" treats people? Is this what a man of integrity and "position" does to his own? A man that could not or would not take the time to sit down with this little girl face-to-face and be honest with her, but instead goes to the PAPERS and smears her, is not a man at all,but a COWARD. There's that lack of people skills again. Benson could not face this girl, nor can he return phone calls and emails from members of town boards that request time to discuss issues with him. He does everything in his power to avoid face-to-face meetings with anyone other than his hand-picked cronies, yet excels at holding Secret and Clandestine meetings in his barn. What a guy!

Some of Mrs. Crosby's work has now been divided up among three other town hall employees, with a little "extra" in each one's paycheck, and Benson's OWN accounting firm for his BCI Construction Company has been appointed as our town accounting firm. ( with NO advertisement of the position or letters of interest from other firms, by the way!!!). Let us NOT forget to note, that this same firm is also the one used by Doug Clark's Engineering Company AND K.B Chittenden's Farming operation!!!! How very cozy!

Yet when it comes to our crippled Ethics Board, they INSIST on following protocol and advertising the vacancies and soliciting the Letters of Interest. Does anyone else see this as "SELECTIVELY" enforcing the rules? They couldn't be MORE obvious if they stood up at an open meeting and said, "WE are the ELITE and we WILL do as we please, like it or not!". Why do they do it? They do it because they CAN. They do it because the people ALLOW them to! As long as the taxpayers remain apathetic, the officials will remain tyrannical.

As long as We the People allow them to hand-pick whom they want on boards and surround themselves with their own cronies and family members,and BEND the rules to achieve their personal agendas, things will never change. Hold them ACCOUNTABLE! QUESTION AUTHORITY! Practice a little OUTRAGE, it's good for you.


** I learned today that MR. Benson sent a Letter to the former book-keeper on 1-13-12, finally confirming that her job had been eliminated. A LETTER ! Like I said, a Coward. The news had ALREADY been published in the local papers BEFORE she received this "letter", so it was way too little, way too late! Her position as Assessor's Clerk remains up in the air, as Benson advised her that he needs to determine if that job is "Necessary or Not". Let the poor girl hang and wonder. Like I said, "What a Guy!". Ain't y'all happy to have him as our Super?


Will Liberals EVER get it? 1-27-12

I think not. What I don't understand about Liberals is their lack of Common Sense. Most Libs are well-educated, some are teachers, Doctors, scientists, people who are more than capable of making significant contributions to our society. Many Liberals are gifted artists of many genres and bring beauty into the world. So why is it that they feel the need to use that intelligence and those gifts, to undermine America and everything she has stood on and for since her birth?

Let's take a brief look at the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Not ALL, but MOST of the people who camped out on city-owned properties and carried signs, had NO clue as to why they were there or what the message was that they were supposed to be sending. This was obvious in the numerous interviews of these people that were conducted across the country at the height of the protest. It was also investigated and proven that a good number of these protesters, were homeless people who were just taking advantage of the shelter, fellowship and free meals. (Meals provided compliments of the big unions, by the way).

Tell me this, could YOU take an indefinite period of time away from your jobs and responsibilities to camp out in a park with hundreds of unwashed companions in unsanitary conditions? Would you WANT to?

What does this tell you about the fabric of these people? The VERY few who DID know what they were there for and actually KNEW what they were talking about, were still not worth the media attention they received. Their message was essentially support of socialism , Nanny states, and jealousy. The lazy seeking free rides on the backs of the ambitious. Haven't we seen MORE than enough of that since the 1960s? Look, I know that most people dream of being rich, or at least financially comfortable. We all want to pay our bills on time and put food on the table.

There was a time in America, when a person who worked hard and was reliable and responsible , could earn a nice living. They weren't RICH, but they had enough. Those that WERE rich, had either earned it through their own sweat, or inherited it by the sweat of a relative. Wealth was attainable to anyone who would, or could, work for it. Sure, there have always been the dis-advantaged, the handicapped, the un-educated, who have needed assistance and never really had that extra dime. That's life. Still, regardless of a person's race, religion, country of origin, or level of education, America offerred opportunity to them ALL. All that was necessary was the desire and the ambition. THAT is what is missing today!

Liberals and their Special-Interest, Racist, enabling organizations, have turned this country into the home of the lazy and entitled. This in turn, has embittered the working class that has to struggle to meet their own financial obligations PLUS pay exorbitant taxes to support the organizations that support the lazy and selfish! This is what Liberalism DOES. This is what apathy, ALLOWS. Occupy Wall Streeters are jealous of the rich in America. They whine that it isn't fair for one to have so much while another has nothing.

Excuse me? WHY in Heaven's name, should someone be penalized for their wealth and forced to "Spread it around" to people who will not work for it as THEY did? I agree that the wealthy should NOT be allowed to benefit from special tax breaks, loopholes, shelters,etc., this is also unfair. However, Spreading the Wealth is Socialism, plain and simple. If you have two cars and your neighbor has none, should you be forced by your government to give one of your cars to the neighbor to "EVEN it Up?" , to make it "FAIR"? Hell no! You might give the guy a ride, but you are not obligated to give him your CAR or anything ELSE you worked and paid for.

Can you picture Obama or any of the other upper-level politicians doing that? Of course not, they would be exempt, happily enjoying thier "Special" health benefits, retirement funds, and expense accounts and would never feel the changes. Yet the Liberals support this. Ronald Reagan was a brilliant man, and his Flat Tax proposal was the most common-sense and fair solution to this issue that has ever been suggested. It would have been the best thing to ever happen to the taxpayers in this country. The Liberals in power, the ones with the tax breaks and shelters, voted it down. See? NO common sense!

Liberals are also the ones we need to thank for the removal of God from our schools and public lives, for the acceptance of Islam, gay marriage, abortion, anti-patriotism, open borders,the financial rape that has resulted from the Global-Warming Lie, and lack of discipline in our schools and homes. I could go on all day expanding this list. Liberals teach "Tolerance" where tolerance must be denied in favor of morality and freedom.They will argue with you for hours, refusing to even CONSIDER another opinion, and when they run out of ammo, which they ALWAYS do, they resort to name-calling, like "Racist" or "Homo-Phobe".

It is way past time to turn the tables on these America Haters. If American traditions and values are so abhorrent to them, why are they not migrating in hordes to a Socialist Countries?? There is no one and nothing holding them here, is there? Oh wait, yes there is! There's the MONEY and the freedom to EARN it, are you listening Hollywood? There is FREEDOM to live un-molested by the government, (For NOW). They stay HERE, because it is the BEST country in the world!Yet they still work every day to undermine it. So you tell ME, where do you see Common Sense in the Liberal Logic?

I got another piece of Hate Mail today that actually inspired this page. Another coward who would not reveal his or her identity. That always makes me laugh, that people with the biggest mouths and the dumbest arguments, are always sissies. How can they expect anyone to take them seriously? Anyway, this one simply asked me if I had a job somewhere or was I collecting unemployment, and that I should find something to do. LOLOLOLOL!!!! Idiot. I replied, "You mean like educate idiots like you?".

These are the people we deal with every day, the ones who squeal and do NOTHING to make their own town a better place. They whine about everything, call you names, but hide behind anonymity . These are the very people who refuse to see the facts that are printed in bold letters with supporting documents, because they don't WANT to believe those facts. You just can't fix stupid.

I don't hate liberals, God says to Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner. What I hate is stupidity, and anything that undermines the security and freedoms of this country and her people. I deplore laziness and excuses and whining. I hate APATHY and TOLERANCE. So unless you are willing to make an intelligent argument or statement , or ask what YOU can do to help bring this town and our country back to the strong, secure, respected and moral place it once was, don't waste my time with your inane emails please.

Yes I DO know where the drinking party was. 1-28-12

Yes, yes, yes everybody, I DO know where the party was on County 5, don't you? The Register-Star wasn't going to tell you, that's for sure! I have been getting emails all evening about this article and people wanting the real story. Though I AM 100% certain of the location, I do not yet have the documents in my hand, (but I WILL), so I cannot come right out and say, "The under-age drinking party that resulted in 27 arrests was at________'s house". I CAN, however, give you a few hints.

Almost ALL of the kids arrested were not from Lebanon. Who do you know that has teens and recently moved into Lebanon, meaning that their kid's friends would be from Loudonville, oops, from "somewhere OTHER than Lebanon"? Who would the Reg-Star bend over backward to protect? Hmm, can't imagine. A home on County Route 5 in New Lebanon. TWENTY-SEVEN arrests! Holy Crow! Our court with it's ONE acting Judge will be mighty busy in the next couple of weeks, huh?

Now there is a little more to this story that I absolutely cannot even give a hint to yet, but when it hits the fan, it will blow you away, and maybe, finally, those of you who are still in denial about our town government will SEE what I mean when I say "Extreme Corruption". It is not a phrase I use to shock and dramatize, it is reality.

I strongly believe that the Truth ALWAYS comes out in the wash if we are patient and unrelenting enough. Well, we're in the final rinse-cycle folks. Every week, more and more un-acceptable behaviors are committed and every week, more and more of it is exposed. I want to congratulate Karrie Allen of the Register-Star for her awesome editorial this week re: involvement of the people in their town governments. It was an excellent piece and if you missed it, it's worth going back and reading.

In closing tonight, I want to say this; I am very grateful to whomever it was that called the Sheriff's Department to report the party on Rt. 5. 27 appearance tickets are a far sight better than 27 kids splattered on the highways after drinking and driving. What is now just an embarrassment, could have been a tragedy. Thank you for being responsible. God Bless! JJ

Was there something to be said for Prohibition? LOL!


White Lightning in a Little Town. 1-29-30

That's how word spreads in Lebanon, like White Lightning. I don't use Facebook anymore and haven't for quite a while, but friends who do use it are telling me that is literally buzzing with the news of the famous beer-bash. Apparently, many residents are NOT happy about it and what could have resulted from it. Nor are they happy about the cover-up of whose home the party was held at. Imagine if it had been YOUR home, or MINE. Do you think for a second, that our names would have been left out of the newspaper piece? Not a chance.

I have to wonder what the parents of those "out-of-town" kids are thinking? Yeah, they should have known where their kids were, and their CARS. Yet anyone who has ever raised a teenager knows that it's not always easy to keep an eye-ball on them every minute. Had one of those kids been MINE, I would be extremely angry with my child and imposed the deserved penalties. I would ALSO be furious with the parents of the host of the party. WHY was there no adult supervision in that house? There had to be a prolonged period of time with no adults around for a party that large to go undetected. So many questions.

The BIGGEST question is, WHY are these 27 cases being heard in LEBANON'S court? I don't know about you folks, but I see that as a HUGE Conflict of Interest. Considering that it directly involves a Town Official, the local Justices should be recused and an impartial Justice brought in, OR the cases should be sent to another court in the county. There have already been bias statements made by someone in the court, suggesting that this will not be a problem for those involved in this case, as "he or she" will "Take Care of It". What does THAT say to you?

It tells ME, that someone has an industrial-sized broom and intends to sweep all this under the huge rug of lies that our town government has woven. Doesn't it have to stop SOMEWHERE? When 27 kids between the ages of 16 and 18 would have driven or ridden home with someone who was drunk, how do you calculate the number of lives that COULD have been affected by that? How much are we, the people of this town, going to allow to be covered-up? Are we going to wait until someone is hurt or killed before we take a stand against this bias? WHEN will we demand that the guilty be held accountable, regardless of what their last name is or their bank account says?

It is encouraging that there is so much outrage over this particular issue, but this is just ONE case of the newspapers covering for the privileged and favored. It is but ONE example of how the court takes care of it's OWN. It is a small part of a network so intricate that it cannot possibly be understood by the politically unaware. That old chain I talked about before, good 'ol boy politics. Look at what the newspapers did to the election through bias and cover-ups, the absolutely deplorable violations that occurred and were down-played, hidden or just ignored. The MEDIA is all-powerful, and it's up to us to be discerning about what they tell us.

I don't know how this mess will play out, but I DO know that it is high time for our officials to take their medicine like everyone else.


Even the Cops Won't Tell! 1-30-12

This has been a long day. The phone started ringing first thing this morning and never stopped till after 10 p.m. Not to mention the emails. I had so many people tell me to read some local Facebook pages, I had to break down and do it. WOW! The natives are restless! I am amazed at the outrage, FINALLY. People are actually angry at the Golden Boy and the cover-ups he has been afforded for the past six months. Many folks made online comments beneath the Register-Star "blurb" about the beer bash, yet they were deleted this morning. Fingar again? Who knows, but SOMEBODY sent the word to remove the comments and once again rob the people of their right to Free Speech.

Not only THAT, but the news agencies that have attempted several times to get the full story from the police agencies involved, have been denied that PUBLIC INFORMATION. Both the Columbia County Sheriff's Department AND the Lebanon State Police Barracks refused to release the name of the home-owner and the exact address on Rt. 5 where the party was held. Now THAT is something to be outraged about!

Just WHOM do you suppose has THAT kind of power? Let's make some guesses. The Columbia County Board of Supervisors, of which Mike Benson is now a member, are the people who decide how much money the Sheriff's Department gets. Cousin Chris Gibson is a Congressman. That covers the State Police. Just a "Theory". They get gag orders, they OBEY gag orders. Don't you wish YOU were exempt from obeying the laws or paying for your crimes? Well, unless you're a celebrity or a politician, you can forget it.

We can only hope that the outrage lasts and grows, and the people insist that the WHOLE story be told, factually. We can pray that some of the parents of the arrested teens will be angry enough to speak out and tell the truth.Of course, they have all probably been gagged by now as  well, promised an easy ride for their kids in exchange for their silence. Evil moves quickly. Ya know, this COULD have been a great opportunity for Benson to make some points with the people. Had he immediately made a public statement about the issue and said that this kind of deadly activity would not be tolerated in his home or anyone else's in Lebanon, he would have been exonerated and admired for his integrity. Too bad he doesn't HAVE any integrity. Once again, he chose instead to show what he truly IS, and elected to take the sneaky route. Hide it, lie about it, cover it up.

Hey, why not? It's worked well for him SO far! I DO feel for the kid though. He made a BIG mistake, but can you imagine the price he is paying now? Whew! Seems everyone has to face the music but good 'ol Dad. That's okay, luck never holds for long. Kids DO these things, it isn't a rarity. Yet, the PARENTS are ultimately the responsible parties and must bear their share of the consequences. Look at the new skating rink in our park. Scott Larabee and his dad worked SO hard to put this together for our kids, and what do the kids DO? They trash it, not once, but TWICE! Where were THEIR parents? This is exactly WHY small towns no longer provide activities and hang-outs for the kids,because rather than appreciate it, they destroy.

So who is responsible, the kids? Yup, they are, but so are their parents who don't know where their kids ARE or what they are doing. Scott had some great ideas and put in a lot of time and effort, but you know what? If I were Scott, I would pack it in and let the kids do without and the parents put up with them when they whine that there's nothing to do around here. I betcha, IF any of these kids get caught and they are at least 16, their names will be in the paper for all to see. Some of the kids arrested last week at the party were 18, so WHY weren't THEIR names published? Loudonville Loyalty?

Something else of interest happened here the other day, right in front of my house. Five trucks pulled up and eight men piled out with paperwork in their hands. They gathered on the bridge and looked down at the water, waving their arms and pointing at things. One truck was from the county, and another had an En-Con Decal on it's door. My first thought was "GREAT, they're going to get all those dead trees out of there finally". Later on in the day, I mentioned this to a friend, and he asked me why I hadn't gone out and questioned them. Well, it never occurred to me to do that, I don't OWN the bridge or the creek.

He reminded me of the Hannaford people doing the same thing last summer and THEN, the light went on! Hannaford had considered spewing their waste-water into the Wyomanock at that very location, but later changed their minds and found another option. Now think about Benson's favorite campaign line; "Shovel-ready New Lebanon". Hmm. Do you suppose there might be some "development" being planned that will need a waste-water outlet? Just thinking out loud. We all know that Benson's Construction company specializes in water-treatment plants, and that he has already proposed public water and sewage. Something to stay on top of folks!

So we have a LOT to deal with in the coming weeks, don't we? There is the Ethics Board issue that still looms large over the members and applicants. There are BIG issues in the court, and our Supervisor is in deep water and wading in deeper every day. We STILL have multiple family/household members serving on boards simultaneously and the amendment that allows non-residents to work as town officials has not yet been reversed. We still have an Ethics Board member that is in another state for 5 months out of every year and needs to step down. We have Doug Clark, re-appointed as Deputy Supervisor despite being removed from that position by Meg Robertson for mis-conduct. There is still Brucey and his temper-tantrums,threatening, F-Words and Deck-Stacking. The newly- appointed accounting firm that also happens to be the accounting firm for Benson's business, Doug Clark's business and K.B Chittenden's business.(SEE UPDATE BELOW RE: THIS ISSUE!!) Town bank accounts moved to the bank where Benson has his BCI accounts. The un-warranted firing of two, excellent town employees.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, Jack Nevers' attempts to remove all security cameras from the court and his request that the un-used gun safe be put out for bid because HE covets it and always has. Yeah Jack, we all saw right through THAT one. Duh. Here's another interesting piece. A year and a half ago, Assemblyman Tim Gordon got a grant for the Lebanon seniors to purchase new kitchen appliances for the "proposed" new kitchen at the "renovated" Town Hall. The appliances, including a stove and refrigerator among other things, were purchased, and then the renovations were voted down. No new kitchen for now,maybe not ever, who knows? So, what should have been done with these appliances the taxpayers paid for?

I know what I would say, but THIS is what happened: Kathy Murnane, Seniors Coordinator and Ethics Board member, was preparing to leave for her 5 months in Florida. So she volunteered to temporarily "store" the appliances in the basement of her home. The Town Board agreed and it was done. That was over a year ago. NOW, the Murnanes are again in Florida for 5 months, and guess what? The appliances are STILL in their basement with the warranties expiring. Over a YEAR! Ethics, anyone?

These are just a FEW of the matters that need to be attended to in our town and it is also the reason that your involvement and help are so important. It isn't hard to ask that our officials do the RIGHT things in the RIGHT ways, is it? We expect it from ourselves and our children, our employees and our friends. Why expect less from our officials? We don't HAVE to put up with mis-conduct, WE are in charge! All we have to do is say, "Enough".


Update: At the Town Board Meeting of 2-14-2012, Mike Benson was asked DIRECTLY if the new accounting firm for the town was indeed his BCI Construction accounting firm as well. He said NO and smiled a smug little smile. Hmmm.Very strange, since this info was given to me by a long-time official who has known Benson for years. COULD be, that they are attempting to set me up with mis-information on purpose to make ME look bad and Benson look good. OR, it could be the source just has it in for Benson and wanted to make him look complicit. I WILL find out. In ANY case, if in fact it is true that the information is NOT correct, I hereby openly apologize to Mr. Benson for the false information.


New Info and more Hate Mail 2-1-12

AAhh, what to attack first. I'm not going to repeat myself to the Hate Mail authors, they know where I stand on that and if they don't, they either can't read or can't comprehend the written word. Let's make one thing clear: NO one said ANYTHING about the names of the kids who were arrested being released or NOT released. The objections are to the fact that the name of the HOMEOWNER, who is NOT a minor child, being kept secret by the news and police agencies in Columbia County. READ THE WORDS! If this party had been held at YOUR house, YOUR name would have been released and reported!!!!! Get it NOW?! I certainly HOPE so, because it is getting old, having to explain everything to the liberal haters who are STILL in denial and don't understand what they read!

Go spend your time at the Lib Library in town with the rest of your tribe, you know the library that this town's taxpayers are supporting with $130,000.00 a year? Betcha didn't know THAT! What ever happened to Fund-Raising? Just think what THAT money could do for Charlie's Pantry or the Town Hall renovation fund! How about renewal of Shatford Park? No, it goes to the library that none of the "regular" folks will use because they feel so uncomfortable there. Ask around because I KNOW you won't believe ME. You want to call someone a liar, look at your town Supervisor.

Speaking of which, Czar Michael was reportedly out of the country when the party was held at his house. So who was watching the kids, Tractor-Attack Tom? None of that matters anyway, it will be kept under wraps like everything ELSE Benson does. Hide,hide,hide,lie,lie,lie, and you whiners support it. Do what you want, but don't call ME a liar, EVER. This is where you get the REAL story! Wimps.

So I suppose you also think it is okay for Justice Byrne-York to hear these cases? It may be LEGAL, but it is NOT ethical and it is NOT okay. These cases should NEVER be heard in the local court when they involve the Town Supervisor or his family. It is biased, it is Conflict of Interest and it is "Appearance of Impropriety". Further, the hearings for the minors will "probably" be held early, before the regular court hours, which is fine, but what about those who are 18? Will they be heard in open court?

Maybe not, because then the public may actually hear the BENSON name mentioned and we can't have THAT! Heaven Forbid! Well, you know what? All the hiding and with-holding of information didn't do any good, did it? EVERYBODY KNOWS where the party was held. Lebanon residents with morality and a sense of responsibility, are angry. Not because it happened, kids will be kids, they are angry at the "Special Handling" of it because it was the Benson home. I don't blame them a bit.

I certainly hope Jack Nevers does not sit in on any of these proceedings, seeing as how he has no judicial powers yet. See, ol' Jacko missed the December 2011 Bench Course that is required to sit on the bench or perform ANY judicial duties. ASK the questions, people! Direct your hate mail where it belongs for a change! JEEZ!!


Aaahhh...Fresh Air! 2-2-12

There is absolutely NOTHING more restorative than honesty, especially when it comes from a newspaper, or ANY form of media these days! It's like the first deep breath of Spring Air after a long winter. The Eastwick Press is STILL the BEST newspaper EVER! Editor Kieron Kramer and reporter Thaddeus Flint are open, truthful, and unafraid. The E.P is the ONLY paper that reports the news as it actually happened and plays NO favorites. They don't smear or sensationalize or lean more to the left than the right or vice-versa. They simply report the facts as they happened. Isn't that what ALL media is SUPPOSED to do?

The manner in which the Eastwick is operated is what INTEGRITY is all about. Politicians could take a lesson! If you haven't read today's edition of the Eastwick, pick it up tomorrow at Stewarts. On Page 6 you will find the FULL story of the Benson Beer-Bash, exactly as it SHOULD have been reported by the Register-Star and Chatham Courier. Do you see NOW what I mean about the Chatham and Hudson papers being controlled from above? The Eastwick Press is not IN Columbia County and therefore, they are not under anyone's thumb in Columbia County.

Mr. Flint did the work, faced opposition from the Columbia County Sheriff's Department, just as I have in the recent past, and even had his F.O.I.L DENIED by that agency! Yet he perservered and obtained the facts he needed. Then he printed the facts for the people, who have a RIGHT to KNOW. Benson was named as the homeowner and Justice Byrne-York was questioned about the "Appearance of Impropriety" issues surrounding hearing these cases in Lebanon Court. According to her statements, the cases will now be moved to another town and another court. This is a victory for Right vs. Wrong. It is a victory for Judge Byrne-York as well, because she DID the Right thing.

There is something so liberating about doing what's right, isn't there? It's like opening the blinds and letting the sun in! Maybe there IS hope for Lebanon, this could be the beginning of change and healing. We have a LOONG way to go, and many things to "Fix", but it's a start. An honest, Ethical, and caring town government can bring about positive changes we never thought possible. THAT is why we persist in the exposure of the corruption, in the "Opening of the Blinds". We all deserve it, this town deserves it, and we have to keep the momentum going until we get it.

When you shine a light, the darkness is driven away.


An Eye for An Eye? 2-4-12

Today was long and busy, but a nice day. I attended a party at the Pillars that eventually moved to Smitty's, and enjoyed the company of some of Lebanon's nicest people.I never drink alcohol, but I did have a little Champagne for the Toast this afternoon, and believe it or not, it didn't knock me over! Usually, just the SMELL of alcohol makes me dizzy. LOL!

Despite the fact that it was a very pleasant day, I've had something on my mind since I watched the news last night, and all day, it kept sneaking into my thoughts. I'm sure a lot of you heard that story about the elderly Husky dog that was left at the roadside with his feet duct-taped together. He also had severe neck wounds from a collar that had been too tight for too long. I watched the video of this old, neglected and abused dog as he inter-acted with his rescuers. He was gentle and contented and adorable, despite all he had suffered.

As an incurable animal-lover, especially of dogs, this story was like a knife to the heart for me. I found myself wishing for ONE hour alone with the monster who had done this. I pictured myself cinching a rope around HIS neck, not tight enough to strangle him, but tight enough to  be painful and draw blood. I fantasized about then duct-taping his wrists and ankles, stripping him to his tightie-whities and dumping him alongside the road in the cold.

The sad thing is, if it weren't illegal to do so, I probably would do exactly that, given the chance. I bet a lot of you would,too. They caught the abuser today, a guy by the name of Shane Morehouse. He is charged with a "misdemeanor". That is all the law allows. The dog? Apparently he had more health issues than originally thought, and he was euthanized. I take great comfort in believing that this dog is now happy and healthy and running through green fields in Heaven. Some folks don't believe dogs GO to Heaven, but how could Heaven be Heaven with no dogs in it?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like we're hearing about more and more animal abuse and neglect lately. Some of the neglect is due to the economy, but there is NO excuse for abusing a helpless dog that loves you. No matter WHAT your circumstances, there is help out there. Shelters are full more days than not, but most of them will still take an animal in crisis. If you cannot find someone to take your dog, call ME and I will find him a home, but PLEASE, don't neglect or abuse man's Best Friend. Ask for help.

If you are struggling to pay the bills, it is not the time to get a puppy or kitten. These animals are a huge responsibility and veterinary care and decent chow can be expensive. Maybe you are stressed by life circumstances, job loss, foreclosure, and you find yourself taking your anger out on the family pet. STOP, reach out for assistance, help IS available!

Pets are very often abused by family members who are suffering loss, substance abuse, stress, or mental illness, but it doesn't have to happen. This is a problem we can ALL play a part in solving. Be aware of your neighbor's and friend's treatment of the pets in his or her life and advocate for the victims by getting them to a safe place and then calling for help. Don't look the other way.

If you can afford a pet and really want one to love and care for, spay or neuter. If you have kids, teach them to be kind and responsible pet owners. Write letters to our legislators and ask for stiffer laws and penalties for animal abusers. A misdemeanor doesn't cut it. Abusers, whether they be animal, child, spouse, or elderly abusers, need to feel what their victims feel. The Bible says, "An eye for an eye".

I know the bleeding-hearts will come back to me and say, "But the abusers need help, not punishment". B.S! First, let them experience their own medicine, THEN counsel them if you must. There is NO justification for harming those that are weaker than yourself, those who have no means of escape or self-defense. NONE.

If you need help with an animal of your own or know of an animal that needs help, PLEASE call the local shelter, or PACT. 794-0380.


Protection of the Privileged 2-8-12

So who has read the Register-Star today? Mike Benson was interviewed and given the opportunity to comment on the now famous, beer bash. That's as it should be, the media is duty-bound to present BOTH sides of a story. Funny how they refused to do that during the campaign though, isn't it? They just keep PROVING their bias. LOL!

Mr. Benson stated that he and his wife were on a business trip with their other three kids. A business trip to Puerto Rico with children is a tad unusual isn't it? Whatever, who cares? It doesn't matter where they WERE or what they were doing, it's a free country. However, when he stated that the party is a "Family" matter and not a public one, I beg to differ. This event concerned 28 families of which the Bensons were only ONE. Not to mention that there might have been many more families impacted if those kids had actually driven home that night. So NO, it is not a "Private" matter at all.

The Register-Star stated in their article, that the names of the teens involved were with-held due to their ages. Well, if they are 16 or over, which they all WERE, they can be legally named in the paper. The homeowner's name is almost always printed. Go to Google and type in, "Hudson Falls PostStar". There you will find an article printed on 2-6-2012 re: a similar issue in their town. Twenty-Four teens from age 16 to 20, are NAMED in the article as being at the party! The only ones they did NOT name, were a few that were UNDER 16! So that excuse is crapola.

Fire Chief Bud Godfroy weighed-in on this issue as well, I see. He also commented on his Facebook page to which I did respond after being alerted to his opinion. Apparently, Mr. Godfroy feels that those of us who called for fair reporting in the Benson case, are guilty of the same behavior as the teens. Know what? He's RIGHT! Many of us did the same or worse when we were teens, myself included. No argument there. However, we were NOT protected because our daddies were town officials or related to Congressmen. WE PAID for our transgressions and it was public. THAT is the argument, Bud, and you should know better than to support cover-ups, but then again, what can you expect from a guy whose entire Fire Department board is run by his family? There's more nepotism in this town than Donkeydung , Louisiana.

We have five Town Board members, three of which are family. THREE. Then we have of course, the Murnanes serving on two boards simultaneously as well as Brucey and his wife Jeannine. Now the Fire Department is run by the Godfroy family. The Banjo music gets louder and louder, doesn't it? Which reminds me, WHY is Gail Heinsohn the reporter for town board meetings when she is a resident of Lebanon? There ARE other qualified reporters that would be less biased. Ms. Heinsohn's personal preferences come through very clearly in her articles.

Moving right along, let's now look at the comments made to the paper by Justice Byrne-York. Despite the fact that she has forbidden me to mention her on my website, Free Speech wins out. Justice Byrne-York had NO intention of recusing from the cases of the Benson Beer-Bash. I know this for certain, because I got it directly from a County Official. This same official also told me that by law, she does not HAVE to recuse, but can weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to hear them or not. It is her decision. It was not until PACT called attention to the "Appearance of Impropriety", that the decision to recuse was made. THAT is a FACT. THAT is why so many of the teens and their parents showed up at Lebanon court last Thursday, because the decision to recuse was made so late in the game.

Byrne-York stated that these people showed because they did not receive their letters of recusal in time.Of course they didn't. Ever hear of making phone calls to notify them? Oh, I forgot, they are short a court clerk, aren't they? Since a Justice who is not yet legally qualified to perform ANY judicial duties fired a highly-competent clerk while he had NO power or privilege to do so, being un-official until at least March,maybe December. See what I mean about these people doing whatever they please, legal or not?

I find it so hard to understand how so many folks in town can be dedicated to causes like the environment, the old architecture, lack of commerce, stopping small additions to the Speedway that will have little or no impact on anyone or anything, the need for a grocery store, speed limits, etc., but have no interest in having a clean and honest local government. Without leaders of integrity, how can the rest of it even matter? How can these same folks who care so much about the things close to their hearts, ignore and excuse criminal and un-ethical practices among their own officials? Where is the logic in that? ?


The Joy of Dogs

by Unknown

Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. 
I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. 
As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience. 
The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker 's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. 
The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker's Death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, ''I know why.'' 
Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never heard a more comforting explanation. It has changed the way I try and live. 
He said, ''People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?'' The Six-year-old continued, ''Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long.'' 
Live simply. Love generously. 
Care deeply. Speak kindly. 
Remember, if a dog was the teacher you would learn things like: When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure Ecstasy. Take naps. Stretch before rising. Run, romp, and play daily. Thrive on attention and let people touch you. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass. On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree. When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body. Delight in the simple joy of a long walk. 
Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not. If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.


Today's "Addition"!

First calf of the year arrived today ! A healthy Hereford, Heifer Calf, the cutest thing ever! Seems like I just finished with mixing milk-replacer and warming bottles and here we go again! This unusual weather has Mother Nature all confused. Larry Benson has some new lambs already too! Early Spring?

I wanted to address something that all New Lebanon Residents need to be aware of and involved in. Our 20/22 Corridor Project needs the input of us all and the support of all who are able. All of us have suffered from the loss of the I.G.A and then the Hannaford Store. With the price of gas, traveling for groceries is tough, and for the Seniors who no longer drive, nearly impossible.

We all know that I am the first one to criticize wrong-doing by our officials, but I also feel that when they do something good or right, they should be supported and assisted. The efforts of the people heading up this battle for our town's economy are truly dedicated to their cause and cannot do it alone. Your input and attention is vital. Believe me, I am adamant about not wanting to see big development in our town, but a grocery store similar to what we had, and a few other small businesses are desperately needed here. None of it can happen until we get past the issues with D.O.T.

A meeting will hopefully be held sometime next month here in Lebanon with D.O.T representatives. (Time and date not yet determined, watch the Register-Star for an announcement or read it here.) This meeting is very,very important and everyone who can possibly attend , needs to come out for it! We need to FILL the room! D.O.T needs to know that the people of New Lebanon want and need a grocery store, a lower speed limit, and relaxed regulations in order to survive and grow.

There was a photo on the front page of the R.S this week, of traffic on Rt. 20 near the library. I looked at that photo and what stood out for me, was that awful turning lane. I imagined how that would look as a grassy median strip instead. Grass and trees, right down the center, with openings here and there to allow crossing and access to businesses. Not only would that be beautiful to look at, it would slow down the traffic, attract birds, and filter the air. I remember as a kid back in Connecticut, many of the streets had medians with grass and trees and it was beautiful. Sometime in the early 70s, most of them were yanked out and it was a terrible loss.

I'm sure there are hundreds of great ideas in the creative minds of our residents, ideas that would solve our issues and beautify our town center at the same time. Share them! Don't keep your visions to yourselves! No offense to the present owners, but we really need to do something about the Midtown Mall. A resident survey not long ago, chose that building as the ugliest in town. It was an easy vote. Many,many times I have wondered how Ward Hatch even got away with building that monstrosity, especially since it violates about every fire code in the book. It literally, is a blight on the face of our town. There are a lot of options to make it less of a white elephant, and help the owner at the same time, but I have no right to impose my ideas on the owners without them soliciting them.

I would love to see them fill the place up and do well, though. Anyone else out there have any vision to beautify the Midtown without financially strangling the owners? Volunteer creativity and labor might be welcome!

This has been a TOUGH year for Lebanon with no market, political division, the Town Hall issue, etc., but the 20/22 corridor project may be just what we need to come together again as a community. Stranger things have happened! LOL! I just have ONE wish, that the officials would stop calling it "Main Street". It isn't. Main Street is in Lebanon Springs, always has been, always will be. Anyone have a nice name we could call that strip? Let us know and we'll print them! Shaker Mile, Center St., The Artery, what else you got?

Keep your ears to the ground for the progress and any meetings coming up! Here's a pic of the new baby! Enjoy.


Tonight's Meeting 2-14-12

Town Board Meeting tonight folks, and remember, it will be held at the Firehouse. The agenda was just delivered by email and there isn't too much there, but that's just THEIR agenda. OURS is bigger.

There is just SO much going on inside our town hall that it boggles the mind! Good and bad, but too much "bad" for my comfort. Almost every day, I am told something more that proves how much trouble New Lebanon is in politically. It's frightening and nauseating, not to mention depressing.It isn't JUST Lebanon either, it is the county as well. That chain I talk to you about is much longer than I ever imagined. Every time we manage to knock one bad-guy out, we get three more. I've come to the conclusion that there is such a thing as Political Incest.

I'm not talking about actual relatives, though Nepotism is a serious issue as well, but I am referring to the unity among our politicians. It's almost gross, how loyal they are to covering up for one another. When they get caught doing dirty, they band together and "get their stories straight". The excuses and explanations for their behaviors appear in the complicit media and are almost exactly alike regardless of whom is making the statement. There was an article in the Register-Star this week already, written by Heinsohn,of course, that white-washed the secretive behavior of all county agencies in the Benson party issue.

Now look, I KNOW this event has been beat to death and like all news, needs to die down. I'm not discussing the event itself here. Rather, I am concerned with the manner in which the county officials, Sheriff's Department, and media ALL released a so-called justification for their cover-ups at the SAME TIME and in almost the identical wording! Duh. How transparent can they get? I was especially offended by the pat-on-the-back given to Sheriff's Investigator Bill Foster by our new D.A in the R.S article.

I have great respect for our D.A both as an official and person, but this was a slap in the face to every resident of this county that has been wronged by Foster, and there are MANY! Since when does "Policy" over-rule LAW? The paper claims it has it's own "Policy", the Sheriff's Department has it's own "Policy" and so does the D.A's Office. The heck with the LAW as long as they have POLICY to conveniently allow them to ignore the law in favor of their personal preferences. What's with THAT? Sure sounds familiar, doesn't it? I no longer wonder where the Lebanon officials got thier training.

For every offense committed by a politician, there is a law to hold them accountable, BUT, there is also a POLICY to void that law and protect the guilty. HUH? Sounds a lot like a Union Job! These policies do not apply to regular folks like you and me, just to the "elite" officials and their families and lackeys. The ONLY time you will see a politician held responsible for mis-conduct, is when all the other politicians decide he or she needs to go. The people have no say in it. This is exactly why it is so important for all of us to get and stay involved. You must be informed to be effective.

Some folks take offense when I speak about the Dumbing-Down of America, but sadly, it's true. I'm posting a link at the bottom of this page that everyone needs to click. See how many of these questions YOU can answer, then decide if you are informed enough or need to do some reading.


Talk to y'all again tonight after the meeting! JJ


Town Board 2-14-2012

VERY interesting meeting, as they have all been since November of 2011. Good turn-out tonight, lots of people there, some I have never seen before. The first half of the meeting was pretty boring as it concerned all the money stuff, which is my husband's interest, not mine. I have no interest in money, mine or anyone else's, especially the town. So he pays attention to that and I yawn.

Things heated up toward the end of the meeting. Lots of questions about the latest Town Hall proposal, another issue I gave up paying attention to a long time ago. Yup, we need a building that will serve the needs of the townspeople, I agree completely that something has to be done. I am just tired of listening to the engineering and architectural reports, and bids, and blah,blah, blah. It never mattered for ONE minute what the people think or say anyway, it will be what it will be and the elite will make the decisions.

When Meg was Supervisor, it was very clear to everyone who bothered to watch and listen, that the Town Hall would be Brucey's baby and would be done as he wanted it done, HOW he wanted it done and by WHOM he wanted to do it. Brucey bullied Meg the exact same way he bullied Eileen Godfroy when SHE was Supervisor. He used to abuse her until she cried. He treated Meg no differently. I WATCHED it, I LISTENED to it. Yet ole Brucey is a new man now! He no longer has a Supervisor that he can bully, so he has changed his game plan. It's called "Kissing Up".

It was sickening to watch him tonight and listen to him saying, "I'm with YOU,Mike", etc.,etc. He can only pick on girls. Benson took so many pot-shots at Meg tonight that I lost count. He has this insidious way of sticking the knife in while glorifying himself at the same time. He is very,very good at self-glorification. He just jabbed and jabbed at what he alluded to as poor leadership, over and over. Poor Meg had to be dying to get up and pop him one. She had her chance though, during the second Privilege of the Floor.

She stood up for herself and I was glad to see it. She asked Benson outright, if the "new" accounting firm for the town was the same one he uses for his construction firm. Benson gave her the smuggest grin I have ever seen and said, "No, they are not". His joy was a little too obvious and unbridled for me. Why, would a long-time official who has known Benson forever, tell us all that the accounting firm was indeed used for both the town and BCI Construction? A source who has never let us down, always reliable and accurate.

Hmm, let's try to guess. Could it be, that this official wanted to make Benson look like the poor harassed innocent, or could it be that he is angry with Benson and used us to make Benson look like he was complicit? Another thought, the most likely one in my mind, is simply that Benson covered his butt by terminating the accounting firm from BCI and hiring them for the Town. We WILL get to the bottom of it in any case, because we cannot rely on a source anymore if they mis-lead us even ONE time.

So, let me publicly say this: IF Benson NEVER used that accounting firm for BCI, I apologize TO Benson for the mis-information. It WILL be set straight. Young Joe Benson was at tonight's meeting.What a cute kid he is. Typical boy, through and through. He will test the waters a LOT in the years to come and his dad will hate it, but in the end this kid will do great. He's a good kid and I don't see him conforming, but going on to do his own thing. Good for him! A little rebellion can be a healthy thing.

Guess who ELSE was at the meeting? Kathy Murnane! Isn't that interesting? We take steps to make the board obey their own By-Laws and remove her for being absent for five months of each year, and suddenly, there she is! How very convenient. She was cuddled up to Gail Heinsohn this time because Benson was too far away. Funny how these people will "love the one they're with", so to speak. Gail has done nothing but complain about Kathy not helping her with her ailing husband, and now they're bosom buddies? Who knows what goes on in people's heads these days.

Anyway, it is now public knowledge that Kathy Murnane had the absolute GALL to make a singular decision on a pending Ethics Complaint from her Florida home! Can't DO that, it's a No-No! Holy smokes, she should be unseated just for THAT! Who does she think she IS? "Well, I'm at my vacation home for five months, but I am going to make the decision for all three Ethics Board members, long-distance, without their input or opinion." Nope, don't think so. Benson tried to blame the issues on the fact that the Ethics Board has vacancies, but whose fault is THAT?! They could have had FOUR members on that board on January 1st, but because Brucey was mad at Wayne Martin, we have a nightmare on our hands.

According to Benson, they must follow the RULES and advertise the vacanies and accept the Letters of Interest.Well, this is true, that IS the proper procedure, yet they failed to do that in time for the January appointments, and pushed Wayne aside for personal reasons, which left a non-functioning Ethics Board because Murnane was in Florida. Non-functioning for THREE months with a complaint PENDING. That is failure to provide Due Process. It is also bias, and an excuse for giving Brucey time to Stack the Board, AGAIN. Yet when Benson was asked tonight why the same procedure had NOT been used in the appointment of the accounting firm, he ignored the question and NEVER answered it!!!!!

Now YOU tell ME, shouldn't the rules apply equally to ALL vacancies? What makes the Town Board think that they can pick and choose which vacancies to apply the rules to and which ones NOT to? Talk about mis-CONDUCT! Here's another winner for you. We also learned tonight, that Justice Jack Nevers must by LAW, be paid his salary EVEN though he cannot perform a single judicial duty. Once he was sworn in, he went on the payroll and is doing nothing to earn it. How would YOU like to have a job like that? How do you like PAYING for that? Let's take it a step further. WHY was the guy who hit the pole after a police chase in Lebanon on Saturday night, arraigned in Canaan court?

Could it be that Justice Byrne-York was ill or unavailable and Jack could not do it because he is still not certified? Sounds like a logical explanation. So Canaan gets the fines and we pay a Judge who can't sit. Makes sense to ME! (not). So let's see, what else; oh yes, Kathy Murnane accused her co-Ethics Board members of having an agenda, but she didn't say what that agenda might BE. I asked Brucey about his temper fit at the year-end meeting over not being interviewed by the E.B for his second and third Ethics Complaints. He pretended to not remember. LOL! So I asked him if he had asked to be interviewed for this present complaint, his fourth.

Wow, here's where the B.S REALLY started to flow! Brucey, Benson and Murnane ALL weighed-in! Every one of them denied that Brucey had four Ethics Complaints against him in less than two years!!!!!! Now THAT, is an out and out LIE. They tried to say he has only had ONE. Well, let's see, I filed TWO, Phil filed ONE, and now this latest one. I think I can count to FOUR, can't YOU? Brucey can't. Benson tried to say that the latest complaint was NOT a complaint and besides, a decision had been rendered stating that it was unfounded! So I see Benson thinks it is okay that Murnane made a unilateral decision? What about the complainant? Do you think SHE considered it a COMPLAINT? You BET she did, and DOES, while they make her wait until March for an investigation! Such INTEGRITY!

Murnane tried to say that Phil's complaint and my second complaint were the same complaint. Well, they were both filed for the same offense, but Phil is ONE person and I am another. That is TWO complaints! Friends take care of friends in Lebanon government! Can't WAIT to see what the reporters do with THIS one! What a MESS this town is! What are these people even thinking? They seem to have no clue as to what is right and what is wrong. Were they raised by wolves in the remote forest? Do they know that LAWS exist for a reason and are not made to be bent at will? Guess not, as they just keep on making excuses for one another and acting like there's nothing wrong.

A friend told me tonight after the meeting, that we should add another political party and call it the "Common Sense Party". THAT would be nice. Imagine how great it would be, if people voted for the person with the best track-record, the most integrity, and honor? If parties no longer existed and we had to use our HEADS in choosing a candidate? Did you watch the video I gave you the link for? THAT is what lack of attention and apathy results in. These are not stupid people, these are uninformed and dis-interested people. These are the people that support the Nanny State, because they do not want to take any responsibility for ANYTHING, but prefer to let the government take care of them and run their lives. THESE are the people who are the greatest threat to Freedom in America.

There are too many people like that, and they are in every state, city and town, yes, even in Lebanon.

So, what do YOU think will happen with the Ethics Board and Mrs. Murnane? It's kind of a silly question, because we all KNOW what will happen. The Town Board will do what they have always done, appoint their friends and neighbors and family members and kick the candidates that are the best choices, aside. They will Stack the Ethics Board like they stack everything else in their own favor, openly and without remorse or respect for fairness and the By-Laws. By-Laws, what a laugh! Why even have them if no one bothers to obey them? The Town Board appoints the people that will be collusive and easily manipulated, they WRITE the Ethics Code that is there to protect THEM and the PEOPLE, but are twisted to protect only THEM. They create loop-holes that allow them to wiggle out of everything they do that is questionable. It just goes on and on and on.


MORE Register-Star Inaccuracy 2-16-12

Well, once again the Register-Star screws up the story! The account of the 2-14-12 Town Board meeting was not accurate or complete, but we have all come to expect THAT. Gail Heinsohn's version of my inter-action with Brucey was far from what was ACTUALLY said. (see what I mean about the importance of accurate and complete minute-taking?). Issues like this are exactly WHY I went to the personal expense of buying a Sony Handy-Cam. Beginning next month, every meeting will be video-taped by me.

What was ACTUALLY said by me to Brucey, was that since he had now received his fourth ethics complaint in less than two years, had he asked to be interviewed on this latest one, since he was SO upset about not being interviewed for complaints #2 and #3. He wiggled and shuffled those feet, but never really replied. Benson however, DID. He stood and said that this latest "complaint" was not a complaint at all and had been decided as "Invalid". Yup, judged "INVALID" in a SINGULAR decision by Kathy Murnane who never investigated the complaint OR conferred with her fellow Ethics Board members ABOUT the complaint. She also made this unilateral decision from her home in Florida! So obviously, Benson thinks that Kathy's GROSS mis-conduct was acceptable and he supported it!!!!!!!! He should have had her immediately removed from the Ethics Board.

They will BOTH answer for that. Murnane also stood up and tried to talk over Benson and Me, claiming that Brucey had only had ONE Ethics Complaint. Like I said that night, apparently they cannot count. Even Clerk Teal claimed she has only ONE Ethics Complaint on file for Brucey! Oh REALLY? I can and WILL produce copies of the TWO I filed in the past 18 months, and I know the other two complainants will provide copies of THEIRS as well. F-O-U-R. Why are they NOT on file in Colleen's office? Why was I told that info I foiled from the N.L Clerk's office two weeks ago, is not THERE, cannot be FOUND? This is public info that doesn't even really require a FOIL! Plus, only the few pages I foiled of the many included in the document in question, seem to be missing. Hmmmmm.

It's all good, the County Clerk is providing them to me. I also got a kick out of the mention of installing cameras at the park to catch the vandalizers. LOL! Take cameras OUT of the courtroom and put them UP in the park where the kids will take them out with BB guns or rocks. Well, at least they can save a few bucks by recycling the court cameras to the park. We MIGHT catch a kid or two, but in the meantime, our court employees are at risk of serious harm? If anything, the court needs ADDED security!

There is another interesting article in the Reg-Star this week re:the Red Hook Ethics situation.Columbia County is not the ONLY one without ethical politicians. Geez, where does it end, or DOES it end? Did anyone notice the big deal made about the "Future" kitchen in the "Future" Town Hall? Brucey asking Murnane if she "still had the appliances"? How's THAT for convenient timing? I bring the issue of the appliances up and all of a sudden it's a subject for the Town Board Meeting. A year and a half of sitting in the Murnane basement, and NOW they are remembered and discussed. LOL! The transparency is hysterically funny! Nice try Brucey and Kathy, but NO cigar. The appliances SHOULD have been returned due to warranty concerns, long ago!

Talk to y'all tonight.


1:00 A.M 2-17-12

Kind of a crazy day today, so it was late when I finally got to Stewarts to buy the Eastwick Press. Once again, Thaddeus Flint told it the way it happened. Compare the Eastwick version of this week's board meeting to the Register-Star's. It will open your eyes to the difference between a "real" reporter who tells the accurate story, and the wanna-be tabloid writer who has her own agenda and personal vendettas .Like day and night! Wow.

Ya know, that meeting was very well-attended, LOTS of witnesses, so when the Reg-Star story says I "Loudly" marred the "atmosphere", it was a lie, period. NO ONE raised their voice in the entire meeting, least of all, ME. So far as "atmosphere", she must have been referring to the fact that until the board gets a "TOUGH" question, all is well. When you put their mis-conduct on the table, the atmosphere is marred. LOLOLOL!!!! Typical Liberal Logic. As long as the butterflies are fluttering and the sun is shining on the Organic Herb garden, life is good. Geez, give me a break, will ya?

I had an AWESOME idea tonight for the old elementary school! I honestly do feel bad that it has to face demolition, I hate to see ANYTHING old and historical lost to progress. Unfortunately, there is Reality and Common Sense and sometimes there is just no choice.. The building has out-lived it's usefulness. The main reason for the demolition is the need for more parking by the school, right? Well how about this; we restore the exterior of the old school, make a huge hole in the back of the building, and make it into a disguised ramp-garage! All those ugly cars would be hidden from view and the passers-by that everyone seems so concerned about would only see a beautifully restored, old building. LOL! (you DO know I'm kidding, right?)

Seriously, it is sad to see the old school go. I still miss the old Ruby Hotel and I will miss the old school, too.

By the way, what does, "the not-too-far-distant-future" mean?? That is how Gail Heinsohn opened her article this week. A new Town Hall in the "not-so-far-distant-future". It's hard to even SAY that, much less figure it out. Hmm. The cost of using the American Legion Hall was discussed quite a bit at the meeting also, and Benson claims that once we have a "new town hall", we will be saving $12,000.00. Let's see, the proposed renovations to the present town hall includes a "separate" building that will eliminate the need for special fire-proofing between buildings. Ok, that's fine. Still, won't we need to pay for extra electricity, heat, air-conditioning and water-pumping to this new addition? So how much of that $12,000 will be sucked-up by the costs of maintaining the new addition? Half? Two-thirds? We WON'T be saving $12,000.

Don't get me wrong here, I am totally in favor of the new plan! I just have to wonder how Benson could say the absolutely HATEFUL things he said about Anita Crosby at this week's meeting, then make a financial claim like how we would save $12,000.? Oh, I forgot, they had trouble counting to FOUR that night, didn't they?

I don't know how many other people "caught it", but I was amused by the choice of legal consultant for the Landfill issue. Attorney Betters. The very same Attorney that was fired from Rensselaer County for Sexual Harassment. It just keeps getting "Better". Not only do we have a slew of our own dirty politicians in this town, we have to bring in MORE. Hopefully, you read what the Eastwick article had to say about our new accounting firm and THEIR track record! How can we trust THAT firm to handle OUR money?

Maybe Anita wasn't the big, fancy numbers person Benson is accustomed to, but she was honest, reliable and hard-working. She wouldn't swat a fly if it landed on her nose! Anita's maiden name is Stall, and I would trust a Stall with my life! Literally! There is NO family in all of New York with more integrity than the Stall Family. NO ONE, deserves the treatment that Benson imposed upon Anita, less than Anita. He was out and out CRUEL to her and his comments at this week's meeting against both Anita and Meg were un-called for and deplorable! He is beginning to show his true colors.

So, how is everyone enjoying the New Regime SO far?


Answer to Reader Comments 2-17-12

Gorgeous day today! We have been blessed this winter, I just HOPE it won't be a sweltering summer. Got a few emails this past week about the old Adelberg house. I can't reply to emails unless you include your email address, so I have to reply here on the site. The Adelberg home was indeed, purchased by the Bensons. There is some land-clearing being done there by my husband's best friend, Alan Perry, and I understand they are also digging a pond. I can't confirm this, but the concensus is that Mike Benson plans to raise some beef cows there.

I wouldn't be concerned about how it looks right now, as one thing you can count on Benson for is neatness and appearance, so I'm sure it will be landscaped nicely after the work is done. Hope this eases your minds! You see, Mike Benson has made the false claim of being a farmer SO many times to SO many people, he probably feels that he better DO something "Farmish". Much like when he told the president of the LVPA that he was a member of the fire department when he was not. LOL! The Fire Department president was a bit surprised that he didn't know one of his own members. LOLOLOL! So Benson rushed to join the Fire Department. Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Don't worry about the "farming" taking ol' Mike away from his official duties though, his dad and hired slaves will do the actual "work". Mike couldn't possibly fit any more into his schedule since he has his company to run and sits on at least five other boards and committees, chairing some of them. It's all part of the requirements he must meet to further his political goals.(not to mention cruises to go on and "business meetings to Puerto Rico with the family"). Being Supervisor of New Lebanon is just one of those steps to stardom. Never mind that it caused the loss of jobs for the very people who desperately needed them, or the division of an entire community, we are all collateral damage. Means nothing to HIM.


Please try to be CLEAR from here on out when using last names only in your articles. THREE people with the last name of Smith were mentioned in your latest article, but when you quoted one of them as making a comment about a "Pissing Contest", you deliberately failed to say WHICH Smith made that comment, by using only the last name. Also, for general info, the Smiths mentioned are not all relatives. (unlike our Town Board).


Needs and Deeds 2-20-12

It's actually Monday now, but for me it's still Sunday. Pastor Knox gave a great sermon this morning and as usual, I left church wishing that everyone could be a saved Christian. We had a lot of prayer requests and I wanted to pass a few of them on as I'm sure many of you know the people in need. The Koepp Family needs prayers for comfort as Ruth passed away this weekend and other family members are ailing.

Ruth Casavant is also ill and Mrs. Steiner, Lebanon's eldest resident at age 97, is slipping away from us. Larry LaFerierre is on the mend now after his second battle with severe cellulitis, and we are keeping a close eye on him daily. We also need to pray for our pastors as they struggle to reach as many people as possible for Christ.

Praying is important to our lives and so are deeds. Though we know that only Salvation can get us to Heaven, deeds are still required by God. I often wonder how many people in our own little town have needs that the rest of us can fill, but we aren't aware of it, or of THEM. We should be aware. We should be DOING.

The vandalism in our park was repaired today. A good and proper deed completed by the very young boys who perpetrated the damage. The father of one of those boys, Kevin "Smitty" Smith, has requested that I name his son Kevin Jr., age 13, as one of the guilty parties. Smitty wanted his son to be held accountable and with his supervision, Kevin Jr. and his companion replaced a broken board on the park bridge and the railing at the Town Hall. The skating rink was also checked for damage, but none was found and it was still holding water.

The boys will also be facing some community service, but we applaud Smitty and the boys for doing the right thing and hopefully learning a lesson at the same time. What better punishment IS there for vandalism, than to make right the damage you caused? To be held accountable, is a vital life-lesson. If only we could require the same from our local officials.


Lots of Odds n Ends 2-21-22

There are some little things going on right now, nothing major for a change. It's the typical, "Between Meetings" lull. LOL! However, do not be disappointed, the BIG stuff is about to burst like an over-inflated Birthday Balloon! Not just ONE big issue, but SEVERAL. For the moment though, it's bite-the-tongue time.

So let's take advantage of the temporary quiet and address some of the small stuff. What is going on inside the former I.G.A store is still hush-hush, but there IS something coming that we will ALL be glad to see. Not exactly the store we hoped for, but a very helpful business that will be a plus for the town. Shh!

I talked a bit about the damage at the park in my last entry, and have since chatted with Scott Larabee, who told me that the damage to the skating liner was not done during the most recent vandalism, but during the prior one, making it impossible to point to any particular suspect/s. Due to the mild weather, skating is kind of a moot issue for this year anyway. All in all, the vandalism was very,very minor, a matter of replacing a couple of boards, one of which was rotted through. I guess the old bridge by the Pavilion is in need of an update! From all I'm hearing, our little park will be getting a lot of T.L.C this summer after many years of neglect.

Bucky's Bagels has a nice menu planned for tonight if anyone doesn't feel like cooking. Krissy has added a lot of little things lately that make a difference, so stop in and take a look.

Anyone been keeping up with the Republican candidates and their back-stabbing campaigns? LOL! Like Lebanon on a bigger scale! I'm not thrilled with ANY of them, but now that Cain is out, I guess I would have to get behind Santorum. ANYONE is better then OBAMA! Bugs Bunny would do a better job. (did you hear that Bugs?) I like any politician that is unafraid of the backlash from the Politically Correct crowd and tells it like it is! Obama's faith is definitely questionable, and so far as being a Christian, I have seen NO evidence to support that false claim. ZERO.

Speaking of Christianity, ever notice it is the ONLY religion that the leftie loons don't defend? EVERY non-mainstream religion in existence is defended by the libs and the Politically Correct Crack-Pots, except Christianity and sometimes Judaism. The only True, Biblical Religions! Last week a small group of Christians gathered in front of the White House to kneel and pray silently. Sounds like a legal activity to ME. They were quiet, unobtrusive, and respectful, yet the OBama Police handcuffed them and led them to jail.

WHERE is the outcry? Where is the ACLU and the Liberal Pacifists? No Political Correctness Violations or Freedom of Religion violations? I beg to differ. Just imagine if you will, if that had been a small MUSLIM group at prayer, on prayer rugs, rocking back and forth and chanting to Allah. What action do you suppose would have been taken in that case? NONE, that's right! They would have been watched by law enforcement officers, but not disturbed and definitely NOT handcuffed and arrested! You would have heard the liberals screaming here in Lebanon! Are you KIDDING me?

So, WHEN will Christians say, "Enough"! WHEN will we stand as ONE and defend OUR beliefs and rights? Going to church on Sunday is NOT ENOUGH. Practice what you believe and let your convictions be known.

( Funny how this little group of Christians who knelt to pray were rousted, yet Occupy Wall Street scum-bags that defecated and urinated and trashed everything all over the country, were handled with kid gloves, NOT handcuffs! If this doesn't frighten you, you are not thinking ahead!)

STEP ONE !!! 2-22-12

Step ONE! 2-22-12

First thing I want to say today is "Happy 85th Birthday" to my mom. God Bless You.

Now for the meat and potatoes. Since this is now FOILable info and available to the public on request, I am free to speak at least to SOME extent, on the newest developments in our quest to hold local criminals accountable.

The following entities and individuals have been served official notice of numerous violations and illegal, retaliatory behavior:

1) The Town of New Lebanon

2) The Town Board of New Lebanon

3) Councilman Doug Clark

4)Justice Jessica Byrne-York

5) Justice Jack Nevers.

The above listed are now charged with MANY violations of local, state and federal Labor Laws, and so many Conduct Violations I lost track! All involved have received Letters of Notice and Intent from the complainant and the representing Law Firm, and now must decide to either make things right AND pay a huge settlement, or face trial. Interesting thing is, they can't even discuss it among themselves except in Executive Session. Of course, what would a Town Board Meeting BE without an Executive Session?!

So it begins, as I told you it would, and this IS just the Beginning. Step ONE of many more to come. After FIVE years of battling against the illegal conduct and actions of our local government, we have finally gotten the time and attention of key officials at higher levels, and they are taking us and our complaints seriously, at LAST. THIS is the year that the corrupt will answer for their behaviors and our boards will begin to reflect honesty and accountability. It won't happen over-night, but it will happen over the course of this year and next. No longer will New Lebanon be that invisible little town with the government run amok. No more will P.A.C.T be the ONLY organization "watching" our officials.

Jack Nevers is about to be put on the hot seat for actions taken while he had NO Judicial Power, as well as other issues. Justice Byrne-York is about to learn that her "title" does not give her license to do as she pleases, and she too, is about to have her feet held to the fire for mis-conduct. Doug Clark, well, where do we begin?!? HE has SOOOO many Town , County and State-Level Code Violations against him now, that I don't know HOW he could ever again take his seat at the Council Table and face the people who held such promise for him when he campaigned. HE, is in the most trouble right now, and if he has ANY common sense left at all, he will now resign quickly and quietly. Mike Benson's choice for Deputy Supervisor has made one mis-step after another for the past several years, but in the past 2 months, he has  graduated from mis-steps to trips and falls!

He was way too confident that Benson would take care of him and cover for him, but not even Mr. Connected Mike Benson can get him out of THIS pickle! The things Clark has done against the Codes and against honesty and fairness, are ALL OVER this website, but this newest development will be the final straw.

Sadly for Benson, he happened to be the official Supervisor when the violations were perpetrated, so he and his councilmen will also pay the price. He sat back and ALLOWED the violations. Year after year, month after month, we at PACT have objected and pointed out the Codes our officials were violating. Yet they are SO accustomed to not being held accountable for their behaviors, they pompously ignored our outcries. Well, guess what? Time to pay the piper! They had hundreds of opportunities to make things right, to at least ATTEMPT to meet us half-way, but they were too IMPORTANT and POWERFUL to let a little group of Right-Fighters tell them what to do! Our persistence has paid off and their down- fall has begun.The dirt is sliding out from beneath their feet and there are no longer any hand-holds.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with an official at the Federal Level and several weeks ago, I met with one at the county level. I am also working with NY State Officials, so believe me when I tell you, there is a LOT more to come. We have not rested or taken a defeatist attitude at any time in the past five years, quite the opposite. WE have worked diligently and consistently to bring the attention of the proper officials to the issues of New Lebanon, and now we have it! Not that this means we can sit back and rest now, we can't. Now is the time to push harder and yell louder. Now is the time to demand accountability from our representatives at ALL levels of government and to pay close attention to the candidates for our highest office.

We are now watching our local politicians backed into a corner and being forced to make some vital decisions on how this town is governed and by WHOM. I hope they don't linger over it too long, because the next case is breathing down their necks, followed by another, then another, etc. NO breathing time in between, folks. The volcano has erupted! (after Heinsohn mangles the story tomorrow, I will set it all straight and post the TRUTH here)


The Courier Does it AGAIN! 2-23-12

Well, Told Ya So! We knew that once this story hit the papers, the Courier-Register/Star would mutilate the Truth, and they did not disappoint.Even the most un-informed reader can tell by reading this story, that only ONE side of it was looked into and reported. The people mentioned as having been interviewed or commented on this issue, are ALL The very people who have something to answer for or protect.

For instance, Tistrya Hamilton is protecting her job at the court by standing up for Justice Byrne. The paper failed to mention that the state representative from PESH, was also a witness to the exchange between Brown and Doug Clark and was so horrified by Clark's treatment of Brown, she filed a complaint against Clark HERSELF! Marianne Renfro was the infamous "No Show" clerk mentioned prominently in the Poppey Article 78 against the town in 2009. Shaun McHugh, former Town Justice, is also Sour Grapes, as he too, was named in the 2009 complaint for mis-conduct and failing to file his financials, which he has not done to this date!

McHugh was also caught "red-handed" using the court computer to look at "sexually explicit websites" among numerous OTHER things involving his "friendships" with females under the age of 19, etc., etc.! I could go on all day about THAT subject, and one day soon, I WILL. So far as Brown taking the occasional "Long Weekend" off, SO WHAT? She had time owed her and every right to use it. Funny how no one mentioned the fact that we have THREE people on local boards that are gone, out of state, for 5 months at a time!

I was also amused at Heinsohn's description of the outcome of the Poppey Art. 78. That case was NOT filed for the purpose of "ordering the town to fund additional hours and salary for Brown", though those issues were included IN the Article 78. The case was filed to legally force the Town Officials of New Lebanon to take action on the corruption in the town court, which included "RETALIATORY" actions against Poppey and Brown for failing to take part in that corruption. One of the the areas that retaliation was evident, was the CUTTING of Brown's ORIGINAL hours and salary as well as the denial of vital supplies.

The "Banking" of hours is also an illegal action used to avoid paying mandated overtime, and the extra hours worked by Brown were not only necessitated by her then-superiors, but they were fully aware of and in approval of her working the overtime. Heinsohn made that sound as if Brown worked the extra time for her own personal gain without the knowledge of the Justices. This is simply NOT true!

Finally, Tistrya Hamilton stated in the article that she thought the threatening message to the court said, "sue someone in the court", yet numerous State Troopers disagreed and advised Brown to leave the premises for safety reasons. McHugh says in his comments, that the court will go back to being just a court like any other. I find that doubtful at this point. Until all the dis-honesty, retaliation and corruption in the New Lebanon Town Court is flushed out and answered for, it will NEVER be "Just a Court like any other".

FYI, "Justice" Jack Nevers, whom we are paying for doing absolutely NOTHING, since he is still not authorized to perform ANY judicial duties, SIGNED the letter of dismissal given to Brown. He also performed the swearing-in of Fire Chief Bud Godfroy.He is NOT an official Justice yet! Not to mention of course, he still needs to answer for filing a false police report against Poppey! My, my, ain't y'all PROUD of your Town Government? Not only has it been a slime pit of filth for years, but in the past six months, it has escalated to the point of out and out disgusting.

So why didn't Gail Heinsohn talk to the people on the other side of this new action? For one, she knows that none of us trust her anymore after the way she destroyed the November campaign and election stories and played in the corruption sandbox. Two, she is sleeping with the enemy, so to speak. NOTHING with her name signed to it in the papers, is ever complete or truthful or un-biased. She too, is retaliating for being cut off from information from PACT and it's members. She still manages to "steal" the occasional tip or statement from PACT via this website, but she does not bother to approach us or seek OUR side of the story. We would not tell her anyway! WE deal only with reporters and papers that tell the ACTUAL facts without bias or embellishment, and we learned that the HARD way!

On the flip side, the Eastwick Press, which we have total confidence in, DOES get BOTH sides of every issue before they write a story and NEVER plays favorites. Does anyone wonder WHY Heinsohn was given this story in advance of any other media and by WHOM? Like I have said a hundred times before, the Chatham papers are good for lining bird cages and litter boxes, period.

Much like the Ethics Board issues, our new supervisor was aware of what was happening in the court and did nothing, making him once again, complicit. He has not done the ethical thing in any case and is allowing Baldwin to continue his yearly habit of stacking the boards.

So let me say THIS to all who read this slanted article and those who commented on it online,get BOTH sides before you form an opinion instead of taking prejudiced reporting at face value!


Congress 2-24-12

I spent an hour with Congressman Chris Gibson yesterday. I actually expected him to greet me at the door with a scowl, but I was surprised to find him to be an unusually pleasant man. I don't think he has ever had a negative thought, much less a negative reaction. In fact, Mr. Gibson has to be the most optimistic and joyful man I have ever met! (BUT, still a Politician!)

I was not there to discuss Mike Benson or the latest issue in town, and when he and my husband finally finished discussing farming, (LOL), I managed to discuss the reasons I had requested the meeting. Mr. Gibson does not hesitate when asked a question, he responds immediately and positively, and to my surprise, he was more than willing to assist me with with the two urgent issues I had brought to him.

It was an hour well spent in good company and I learned a lot. Just observing the Congressman, I got answers to questions I hadn't even asked him. Reading his personality, I was able to understand why he does a lot of the things he does, and I am not speaking of anything negative. I think I even understand why he took the risk of coming to Lebanon to watch the swearing-in of Mike Benson, but that's my secret. Wouldn't want anyone to learn my tricks of reading the cues and body language. Took too long to LEARN them to give them away! LOL! C'mon, I have to be selfish about SOME things!

Thanks to Mr. Gibson, some of the things we have been fighting to change in our town might actually become possible. If we can just get Gail Heinsohn to stop sabotaging everyone she's mad at, we might get some TRUTH out to the people. Maybe she took lessons from Brucey on how to punish anyone who disagrees with her or questions her motives. Look at how fast HE turned on Wayne Martin over a lie he heard through the town rumor-mill. He single-handedly crippled our Ethics Board and committed a grave injustice against a good and decent man, based on a falsehood. He's GOOD at it, after all he's been doing it for years with no opposition. Mike Benson supported this behavior, as well as Doug Clark's.

When Benson re-appointed Clark as Deputy Supervisor,he was symbolically thumbing his nose at the former Supervisor AND the people. Who would re-appoint someone who had JUST been dismissed for mis-conduct? Now, Clark has once again put his foot in his mouth and violated the town codes and ethics, and this may well be his last mistake. It darn well BETTER be. If he is not asked to resign, we will petition for his resignation. It's time for the cover-ups and slap-on-the-wrists to stop and accountability be used in place of excuses. I mean Come ON people, we expect more from our school kids!

If any of you read the comments to the Register-Star article online, you can clearly see how much damage bad reporting can do. The slanted and sometimes untrue statements in that piece accomplished exactly what Heinsohn wanted it to. It influenced the readers who don't know the inside track, and turned them against D. Brown. Last time I checked, EVERY comment was in that vein. If I was from say, Chatham or Valatie, and I read that article, I would likely have taken the same attitude, EXCEPT, that me being me, I would have waited for the "rest" of the story.

Most folks don't do that, and I sometimes fail to do it myself, but the article was written specifically to get that very negative reaction, and it was successful. People believe what the liberal media tells them and never bother to think about there being TWO sides to EVERY story. They jump to conclusions and point fingers in the wrong direction. Dis-honest, angry, and prejudicial reporters, are DANGEROUS. We need to force the Register-Star to replace Heinsohn as Town Board reporter, with someone from out of town that is not seeking vengeance. Someone who will get both sides of the story and report the facts as they ARE, not as they WANT them to be.

As you all know, I have been working hard this year to deal with my anger issues over the dirtiness of our town government. It's not something I think about casually from time to time, it is something I am actively working on. I talk with other Christians and attend two Bible Studies every week as well as Sunday service. Though there is no excuse for being overly angry, there is plenty of proof in the Bible that we are to stand against what we know is wrong and speak out loudly against it. Yet at the same time, we need to pray for those who are doing the wrong. I do that every night. Yup, I actually pray for Brucey and all the others.

God of the Old Testament was an angry God, with a temper that could be and often was, deadly. It was not until Christ , that the New Covenant was made and God mellowed out. I guess I'm lucky that I did not live in Old Testament times, because I would have been a Jonah and ended up in the belly of the whale for my unwillingness to excuse the sinners. I admit that there are days that I want to echo Jonah's words, that I want the guilty to be slapped.Yet I know what God expects of me in that area, so I obey. Somewhat reluctantly at times, but I obey anyway.

Still, God also wants Christians to be vocal and active against the sin they see. That too, is obedience. Fine line, Huh? Nobody ever said being a Christian was easy, it isn't, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Tonight, I am asking my fellow Christians to pray for someone who is very special to me. His name is Lynn and he lives in Connecticut. There was a shooting today at the hospital where he works in New Britain, and he was shot twice in the chest. A co-worker was also shot once in the chest and they are both in critical condition tonight. Lynn is a dad and a grandpa, a good and kind man and a forever friend. Please keep him in prayer.

God Bless. JJ


Local Losses 2-24-2012

Well, the old elementary school is no more. Actually, half of it is still standing, but not for long. Even though I know, and agree that it had to go, I still find it sad to lose a piece of history. I know so many people that attended that school, my husband included, and even though I never set foot inside the building myself, I understand how it is emotional for those who did.The elementary school that I attended still stands and still welcomes many children every year. My mother just turned 85, and SHE attended the very same school! I would be saddened to see it demolished.

Rumor has it, that the old school will not be the only historic loss we will see this year. I can NOT yet confirm this, but I have been told that our new Supervisor intends to demolish the Adelberg house on County Rt. 5 this Spring as well. A shame, as the old house has been there for so many years and looks, at least from the outside, to be in good condition. Yet the Chittenden Homestead on West and Cemetery, still stands, with gaping holes where windows used to be and a sagging backbone. An eyesore and a danger, but standing.

The buildings that really bug me the most, are the old store and home on the corner of West St. and Rt. 20. I LOVE those two buildings and only wish I could afford to buy and restore them. Since I live on Shaker Road, I face these two structures every time I go out, and it breaks my heart to see them so neglected. I think of all the great uses they could be put to, how beautiful they could be again. It is probably the ONLY thing that makes me wish I had more money! LOL! I have no love of money, but boy, I would sure love to save those buildings!

On another subject, I received a few emails today relating to the nasty comments on the Register-Star website re: the article about the Former Court Clerk suing the town. The comments by Can_You_Dig_It, were exceptionally hateful and childish. First, she claimed that Diane Brown is Rocky Brown's daughter. She is not. Then she called Diane "Trash" and claimed that the Court Clerks should be responsible for taking the garbage out. Well, the town PAYS a cleaner to do those things, so let the PAID cleaner do his or her job!

As I said yesterday, using former Justice Shaun McHugh's comments about ANYTHING, is not only ludicrous, but downright DUMB. Few people have more to atone for than McHugh. The comments went on to call former Justice Darcy Poppey, "POOPEY", which is about as infantile as one can get. Not only that, but that kindergarten nickname was coined by Justice Jack Nevers during the campaign. 72 going on 10. THIS is our court, people. THESE are the people who will be judging YOU, your family, friends and neighbors. These are the people that so many of you, VOTED for!

You see, I KNOW who "Can_You_Dig_It" IS! I am sorely tempted to TELL you who it is , but not yet. I am not done with this person yet. When you DO find out, you will be appalled that someone in this person's position, could be so immature and vengeful. You will also be shocked at the things this person will be answering for very, very soon. Old buildings are not the ONLY things that will be torn down this year.

Interviews for vacancies will be held this coming week, the 28th and 29th, at the American Legion Hall at 6p.m. These meetings are Open Meetings, but a waste of time to attend, since the interviews will of course be private and decisions likely held for the Town Board meeting of 3-13-12. Good Luck to all the applicants, especially those for the Ethics Board that is now entering it's THIRD month as a non-functional board.

Here's something that I would really like to know what everyone thinks about; the property at the corner of Lover's Lane and Route 20, across from the old Sandpiper. Listed as a "Used Car Lot", yet I have never seen a car for sale, have YOU? All I have ever seen there is a lot of junk. Presently, there is a van out front that has been cut in half, a few vehicles with license plates on them that don't look road-worthy, and odds and ends of scrap. Behind the "fence", there are more junk vehicles and a couple of trailer boxes EXACTLY like the ones Bobby Mittnight has, that this town persecuted him over!

Also, have you ever seen a sign with the name and nature of the business, posted at that site? Nope. Having worked for two used car dealers, I know that having a sign is a legal requirement according to DMV Law. There IS a license hanging on the building, but no identification sign for the "business". Stan Koloski was sent to this property to address the issues and complaints, and claimed to have found, "No Violations". Yet Mittnight and others were beat up for YEARS, for much less. DMV went to the business as well, and made the same claim that Stan did!

So let's see. I KNOW that DMV Law requires that EVERY vehicle on the property be listed in the business Registry Book, and be Road-Ready. NO used car for sale on a registered car lot, can legally bear license plates, and of course, the sign with the name and nature of the business is a MUST! So how is this guy getting away with these violations of DMV Law and Town Codes? WHO is this guy? What is he actually DOING on that property? Personally, I don't care if he is an under-cover agent from Timbuktu and he's raising hybrid salamanders in there. Keep it clean and pay your taxes and do your own thing as long as it's legal. Problem is, this place is the first thing you see when you come off Rt. 22 into Lebanon. Yuck.

SOOO many other residents and businesses have been fined for SOOO much less, that I have to wonder what the story is here. Anybody else  curious? Just sayin!

I've been watching the events in Afghanistan all week, the riots over the burning of a couple of Korans in the garbage. You all know how I feel about the Koran, so I won't go there, but I DO have to say that I am sick to death of OBAMA speaking for the rest of us with his "Apologies" to terrorists. Does he truly think that the Muslims would NOT burn a Bible if given the chance? Does he think THEY would apologize for it if they did? What about the American soldiers who have sacrificed their LIVES to help those people and train their security forces? THIS is how they pay us back for those lives and those millions of dollars spent on their behalf?

I know I'm extreme, but DARN, if it were up to ME, I would get every last American Soldier on a plane out of there and let them fend for themselves! Or better yet, take the Enola Gay out of the Smithsonian and have a repeat performance of her last two flights! Only THIS time, fly her over the Middle East and be done with it. Spare Israel and send the troops there, take out the rest of the lunatic Arabs on the ground, and let the Israelis live in peace and safety for the first time in their history.Give the oil wells to Benjamin Netanyahu ! LOL!

It isn't really funny though, it's deplorable. Arabs are CRAZY, scary people, and we need a NO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to their terrorism and insane beliefs and actions.That will never happen while Obama is in control. He will protect and bow down to his fellow Muslims until they destroy us, after all, isn't that the agenda?

Then of course there is the news story about the 9-year-old boy who brought the gun to school and a classmate was shot. THAT is a loaded subject we could chew on all day! Events like that are what give responsible gun owners a bad name. What are parents thinking? When I was on the job, one of my co-workers had a child that was a little slow , due to a birth defect. He was about six years old when I was visiting  the family one day, and dad came home from work and took his leather off. He tossed his belt, complete with holster and loaded service revolver, into a metal wastebasket next to a desk in the living room.

I watched in total dis-belief! I asked him if he intended to leave it there and he replied that it was the place he always kept it. I told him that with a child in the house, he was being extremely irresponsible. He was furious, and said that "HIS kid KNEW better than to touch daddy's gun"! Holy Crap! The boy was SIX, and functioned at the level of a three-year-old! So I told him if he did not get a lock box and use it, I would report his butt! I won't tell you what he said next, but you can guess what I DID next! He got a lock box and it was followed up on regularly by our superior.

It's people like that guy, that are responsible for gun accidents involving kids. If a COP was that careless, imagine what a lot of civilian gun owners allow. This latest case is a tragedy for two families. The news anchor stated that the boy who brought the gun to school had been living under horrible conditions with a drug-dependent mom and being passed from relative to relative. Obviously, not the brightest bulbs in the lamp to begin with. Still, a 9-year-old in JAIL? Mom and Dad need to go to jail and this kid needs help. What a world.

I am grateful to report that my friend Lynn who was shot in the chest this week, has been up-graded from Critical to Stable. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them going, he is SUCH a good man!

Here are a few pics of the gone and the "possibly" going. Enjoy. 


A Word from Pat Buchanan 2-25-2012

I received this in my email today from a good friend in the city who happens to be Black. Everything Mr. Buchanan says are things that have needed saying since the 1960s. The only thing I would disagree with, is his use of "African-American" rather then Black American. There is NO validity to hyphenated Americans, you are either an American or you're NOT, period.

BUCHANAN TO OBAMA Finally............ It is Said Publicly. I have never seen the white side explained better! Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it. It is about time. BUCHANAN TO OBAMA By Patrick J. Buchanan Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these: First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.. Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American. Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ' 60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks -- with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas -- to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks. We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?? Barack talks about new 'ladders of opportunity' for blacks. Let him go to Altoona ? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for 'deserving' white kids...?Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America 's fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent? Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?
As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?
Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse? 
We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing. Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!! 
I'm for a better America
 . I am Not racist, Not violent, Just not silent anymore.

Some Thoughts on Current Events 2-27-12

I cannot believe it is almost March already! The winter of NO snow is almost over and I've had people tell me they have Spring bulbs coming up. Even though I am not a fan of summer weather, it is definitely time for a change and re-birth. We now have one Hereford calf and one Angus, and the farm has it's first Angus calf as well. About 28 to go! Betsy, the Hereford calf, runs to my husband every morning to have her neck rubbed. The two 8-month-old Angus in my backyard are getting huge, see pics below. Justice is on the left and Liberty on the right.

Many of us are hopeful that our town will also have a re-birth this Spring. The Wish List is long and growing, but involvement and awareness have also grown in leaps and bounds over the long, gray winter. In the past few days, I have had some email conversations with a couple of town employee/officials. I was a little surprised at one of these people, who seems to feel that our town is a rosy little wonderland and the corruption is pretty much a figment of people's imaginations.The gist of the conversation was that all the issues we are battling are being made-up by evil residents with scores to settle.

Well, I will admit that this would make my job easier. I would much prefer to sit and talk to people with grudges than do all the research and evidence-gathering I have to do NOW. People tend to want PROOF of things. LOL! The other person I have had contact with, is suffering from the same strain of Denial as the first. She accuses me of making false claims and accusations and of causing her personal suffering. So let's look at that.

First of all, I have NO desire and NO reason to cause un-deserved stress for anyone. Stress stinks and we all need less of it. No one can say that I have ever made a negative statement about people who obey the laws or codes, are moral and honest, and do their jobs responsibly. Unfortunately, when it comes to our officials, there are far more of them that cannot and will not, do their jobs with integrity. As in the case of the person who says I caused her suffering, she fails to consider the overwhelming evidence of her wrong-doing that I posess. If indeed, she was a clean official with no agenda and no vendettas, and had done nothing to violate the rules and regs she is sworn to uphold, I would have NO cause or justification to say otherwise.

She questions my promise of honesty but provides no proof to the contrary, then goes on to embellish the details of incidents that I know did not happen that way at all, because I was THERE. I don't know exactly why these two people feel the need to attempt to dis-credit me, except that they have something to hide. In the case of person #2, we know that for a fact. The evidence is in my HANDS.

Look, I want a lot of the same things that others do. I would love to see the positive changes in our town that have been discussed in the past year, but how can any of that become reality if we don't first deal with the corruption and violations? You have to wash the table before you set out the fine china. There ARE a LOT of terrific things about this town, but until we have an honest local government, those things are hard to see and appreciate. Even if our officials decided to behave from this very moment on, it would be MONTHS, maybe longer, before the pending issues were settled and answered for.

We are certainly not off to a very good start, are we? Rather than start the new year and regime with a clean and open policy, our officials have increased their mis-conduct at the speed of sound. So it is up to US to keep pace. When THEY stop, WE will stop. When they step on the gas, so will WE. Just for fun, keep count of how many Executive Sessions we have this year. Do you know how many we have had in the  first two meetings of the year? LOL! Take a look at it. Then look at the Rules for Executive Sessions.

Do you know how many times Jack Nevers has already violated Judicial Rules and Regulations? At least TWICE that we know of! Benson? I lost count weeks ago of how many boo-boos he's made already! Clark is another example. He has more to answer for than almost everybody else, COMBINED! Brucey is of course, busily working at stacking the Ethics Board and trying to keep his buddy as architect for the Town Hall project. He is also struggling to behave in front of Benson, but we all know he won't be able to do it for long. Brucey is Brucey.

I don't make this stuff UP, folks, it's all real and it can't be tolerated. Christians who study, know that there is a HUGE diference between sins of human nature and Deliberate Sin, and no need to explain that to those who know. Most of what I discuss on this site comes from concerned citizens, I do not go out and "LOOK" for the issues. I go out and "LOOK" for the evidence after the people ask me to investigate. If a tip is un-founded, it is not mentioned here. I have had divorced couples attempt to use this site to get vengeance against one another, with lies and false accusations, but you won't read it here, will you? I have gotten tips from people accusing officials both present and former  , of all kinds of crimes and perversions. Most of them were untrue, so you never heard about them and you never will.

I am aware of people that ARE a danger to some degree, but have not been able to produce the solid proof of their behaviors, so cannot print it or even bring it to the authorities. I DO however, keep an eye on the ones I know could be hurtful to our children, and have others watching when I cannot. It's a heavy load sometimes. It is not fun, or joyful, to expose the crimes I CAN expose, it is sad and depressing. Yet  SOMEONE has to DO it, someone has to SAY it, and SOMEONE has to STOP it. I don't see residents lining up to help. Everyone has criticisms, lots to say, but very few will take any action.

I knew when I started this organization, that it would be hard and stressful, and require a lot of time for little return. I was aware of the Hate Mail and comments that would come. I did it anyway, because of people like Bobby Mittnight who needed a voice. I do it because of people like Brucey and Clark who think they are Czars and can break the rules to suit themselves, at the expense of the taxpayers and the struggling. I DO it, because no one else will.

So, to my two email friends, I patiently await proof of your claims that all is well in New Lebanon government, that the violations are false, that the officials are "clean". You send it, I will address it. Contrary to popular belief, I harbor NO hate for anyone. What I hate, is the BEHAVIOR and the Apathy and the lack of accountability. Until that changes, I will NOT go away, I will NOT be silent and I will NOT let up. Love me or hate me,makes no difference to me, as long as I am fighting for what is right and good I am unconcerned with people's opinions of me. God's opinion is the ONLY one that counts.


An APOLOGY to Afghanistan?! 2-29-2012

You have GOT to see this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYEctbGSkkw&feature=share&fb_source=message

Here is an American Woman I would love to meet and shake hands with. THIS is what an American SHOULD feel and say. She is 100% correct in her statements, a terrific writer, well-spoken and posesses the ability to be a great actress or news commentator as well. She deserves a Medal of Honor!

As our Muslim, Socialist, anti-American "President" bows to evil men with towels on their heads, our young men and women are sacrificing their lives at his orders. Let's put 100 pounds of gear on Obama's back and send HIM into Afghanistan with an American flag on his shoulder. Let him sleep in the hot sand with the fleas, one eye open for night attacks by the very people he is there to protect and assist. Give him a month or two, then ask him if he still feels like apologizing to terrorists!

I gotta tell ya people, if you vote for this piece of human garbage in November, you deserve to be deported to one of these filthy Arabic countries for the rest of your life. By voting for Obama, you are voting AGAINST your country and supporting the terrorism, hate, and executions of our young soldiers, and that is unacceptable. The Arabs do NOT deserve your liberal tears, they deserve one big BOMB that will end their maniacal culture once and for all. THINK about it, if there were NO Arabs, how much more peaceful would our world be? How much safer? Even God struck down whole countries and cultures for far less.

We need a STRONG, Conservative, Patriotic Leader in America again, but if that isn't possible, we need any one of the Republicans, mediocre or not. ANYONE but Obama. America will NOT survive another four years of Obama. FACT. If you think his Socialistic policies won't affect you negatively, you are living in a fantasy. Nothing is FREE, not even US anymore. Freedom, Liberty, Morality, and Strength, are all bought at a price. I'm willing and eager to pay my share, are YOU? First step, Obama has to GO! Liberalism needs to be criminalized under Treason, because that is what it IS.

Time is short, believe it or not, but America is hanging on by her fingernails. As a Saved Christian I am unafraid, but those of you who are not saved, should be lying awake and trembling in your beds all night. Seek God and Vote the traitor OUT in November.


Interviews and Appointments 3-1-12

For a long time now, I've been saying that something stinks in New Lebanon. Apparently, it was the Town Hall! There are some great plans in store for renovations of the old building, but it seems that the first order of business, will have to be the Septic System. The town was Closed for Business today because there was too MUCH business for the old septic tank to handle. For a couple of years, I've been hearing stories about the overflow issues that seep out of the bathroom and into the Supervisor's Office.( Oh BOY, you can IMAGINE what I could say about THAT! I'm fighting to resist the overwhelming temptation.)

Anyway, I don't know if the stories of flowing sewage are embellishments or not, but apparently it was bad enough today to shut down the building. So I guess the Septic System will be issue Number One, and maybe Number Two! LOLOL!

On another note, the interviews for vacancies are now complete. I've had several people tell me that there were EIGHT applicants for the Ethics Board, and one of them was convinced to fill a CAC vacancy instead. I know for sure who four of the Ethics applicants are, but the other three are still a mystery. I CAN pretty much guarantee you that they were "nudged" into applying by the board stackers. All I can say is, after the dirty tricks and rule-changes our Town Board pulled in December and January, ONE of the Ethics Board vacancies had BETTER be filled by Wayne Martin.

Not only did they literally sc_ew the guy and falsely accuse him of saying things he didn't, but they violated Town Code in more than one area. Wayne has the BEST qualifications, hands-down, and to NOT appoint him will be an admission of bias and Board-Stacking. I don't care if they fill the other position/s with Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse, but Wayne better be appointed or there will be NO peace in this town. I guarantee that!

Another interesting piece, is that the interviews were conducted by only THREE board members. Brucey is sick, and Benson was as usual, absent. He was in NYC for some reason, despite having been the one that set the dates for these interviews! Remember his promises of being "Always Available" to the people of New Lebanon? Hmm, he never answers his Town Cellphone, was in Puerto Rico when the beer party was held at his home office, and now he's in NYC? Always available, huh?

It is not Brucey's fault that he is ill, but I feel that he and Benson have no right to vote on the applicants who were interviewed in their absence. How COULD they? I can't tell you if they have to recuse or not, I don't know, but they SHOULD. Speaking of Brucey, everyone knows that there is no love loss between him and myself. I don't hate the man, but I DO hate the things he does, especially since I believe he is VERY smart, and could have been a major asset to this town and the people, IF he had done things the ethical and honest way all these years.

Yet for the past couple of days, the Lord has laid Brucey on my heart for prayer. I always include our officials in my prayers, local and otherwise, but this was different. Then I learned tonight that he has a blood clot following a hip replacement. So I started a prayer chain for him with my Bible Study group. Now I would like to ask all of YOU to keep him in prayer as well. I don't approve of his tactics, but nor do I wish him harm. God loves him.

Did you all read "Growing the Valley" yet? I enjoy that newsletter most of the time, it's very up-beat and informative. Fiona Lally does an excellent job of putting it together. Last month, I spent an hour reading it and watching the videos she provided links to. Today's issue got under my skin a little though. It's just SO the opposite of what I, as a Conservative, have always envisioned as "Small Town Living". Don't get me wrong, it's perfect for the Lenox or Stockbridge crowd, but not for true farm and country folk.

Long-Time locals and REAL country people, don't care about Organics, or Chamber Music, or Flavored Coffees, or Hippy Schools, or "Specialty Shoppes". That's all window-dressing to please the city folks. It's artsy-fartsy fakery. These things appeal to the Liberal tastes ONLY, and to the pocketbooks of the tourists and transplants. It offers little or nothing to the rural population. Just more proof of how fast and furious the Liberal invasion of New Lebanon has been in the past 5-10 years. I find it sad. I see the traditional rural culture being pushed-out by the efforts to attract more wealthy people into town.

We need businesses here, no question about it, but is THIS the KIND of business we want and need? Sometimes it feels like our town is being stolen by strangers with ideas that differ greatly from the natives'. Our farms are gone, our churches are nearly empty,our schools are teaching liberal ideals, and there are many,many faces that are not familiar, names that I've never heard before. BMWs and Mercedes  have replaced pickup trucks on our roads, and I bet you won't find a Christian or Conservative book section in our library. My own son has moved out of Lebanon and taken his daughters out of school in favor of Home-Schooling. Can't blame him, but at the same time, it's another local family driven out by the city invasion and Liberal influence.

In very few years, if this trend continues, Lebanon WILL be another Lenox. Gag, Choke, Puke! What Lebanon needs, is the same thing the schools and business people and officials need. We need GOD. I hold our local churches partly responsible for the problems and negative changes here, as we have NO outreach programs, no network. Each church keeps to itself and never reaches out to the other churches or the residents, or the schools. Pastors barely even KNOW one another, if at all! We have a Sunday night Bible Study at the Baptist Church, a Monday night at the Congregational, and a Thursday night at the Episcopal. Attendance at all three is not what it should be, not what it was 10 years ago. Youth Groups and Vacation Bible School Programs are struggling to continue for lack of KIDS!

Small doctrinal differences keep the churches separate, when they could and should, draw near to one another and reach out to the sick and needy. How many of us even SEE our Pastors and Priests outside of church service? Do our spiritual leaders even know how many seniors we have living alone in town? Do they know who needs company, or a phone call each day, which ones are freezing in their homes or going hungry? Why is Charlie's Pantry struggling to stay open and meet the needs of our residents? Where is the ACTIVITY?

Once upon a time, the Old Post Road where the trailer park now is, was home ground for yearly revivals. People came from near and far to sing, pray, fellowship, worship, eat and share. It went on for a weekend and sometimes longer. Horses and buggies poured in and tents went up on every inch of space available. Some folks came by train, dis-embarking at the Lebanon Springs Station in droves. Numerous Pastors and Evangelists sermonized and the attendees could wander from tent to tent, seeking the Word from Christian Shepherds of many denominations. Now it's a trailer park, and Lebanon hasn't had a revival in many,many decades.

When God is driven out, the Devil takes His place. would sure explain a lot, wouldn't it?


Why Do We Even HAVE Laws? 3-3-12

Before I go and get all wound up about the subject of the day, I want to say something to the person or persons who have been reading my pages that deal with Racism. I don't know who you ARE, but I do know what you READ here. I expect any day now to get Hate Mail calling me a racist. Before you bother, take into account that those two pages were written by OTHER people and not by me. However, I DO agree with the content,and that the time has come for everyone to realize that EVERY American, regardless of race, color or religion, has the same opportunities as every other American. I don't care if you grew up in the Hampton's or Harlem, if you are willing to get off your butt, take advantage of free schooling that is available to ALL, and set a goal for yourself, you CAN do well.

If being sick of special-interests and enabling organizations and excuses is Racist, then Mea Culpa. The truth is the truth and you can call it racist or homophobic or a Hate Crime or any other Liberal Logic moniker, it is still the truth. Political Correctness is dangerous, even deadly, and I refuse to endorse it or practice it. Amen to that.

Onward and upward. My regular readers know very well that we have a lot of problems to deal with in town this year. Making things better here at home may not save the world, but it will make Lebanon a nicer, more peaceful and productive hometown and an example to other small towns that are dealing with similar problems. In the five years since I began my advocacy, I have come to realize just how little our laws and codes really mean. Not only here in Lebanon, but at the county,state and Federal Levels as well.

I try not to look beyond Lebanon, as I have only so much time and patience. Yet I am given no choice but to deal with county and state-level agencies and officials in attempts to learn and gain some justice and positive change. I liken it to bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon. Every state agency is a tree with many branches. Going to the tree rarely means you will pick any fruit. Instead, you are sent to poke among the rotting remains of what has fallen on the ground. Only after the spoils are cleaned up, will you get to reach above your head for the shiny apples. Sometimes though, you can't reach them, and there's never someone around who is willing to lend you a ladder. If you manage to find one, the rungs are missing.

The epitome of frustration! That is what dealing with state agencies is. Still, if one continues to push and pull and poke at them enough, eventually they just might toss you the biggest apple on the tree, just look for worms before you eat it. Everybody knows somebody or OWES somebody. This one covers for that one and that one covers for the other one, and state officials will do anything they can to avoid addressing valid complaints against another official. Reminds me too much of police work and the brotherhood mentality. "No sir, the defendant slipped on a banana peel and broke his jaw, my partner and I never touched the guy!".You know the drill.

Checks and balances. A favor for a favor. A Sheriff's Department that flatly refuses to accept valid complaints from residents if they involve mis-conduct of any official in thier county. WHY? Well for starters, the County Board of Supervisors decides the fate of the Sheriff's Department, among other things. A newspaper that refuses to print a fair story despite numerous objections. WHY? The same group that controls the Sheriff controls the papers. In exchange for keeping scandal out of the news, the papers are rewarded with exclusives at campaign time. Not to mention that voter ballots are "secured" overnight at the Sheriff's Department. Interesting, isn't it?

This week, it was court issues that were a web of intrigue. We have Office of Court Administration, the Judical Conduct Office, the NYS Division of Courts, etc., etc.! Ask a question of one, and they send you to another. The next one will tell you that they don't deal with that, call so-and-so at this number. So-and-So then tells you they can't answer your question because it is of a "legal" nature and they cannot give "legal" advice. In the case of MY particular question this week, it was anything BUT legal, it was very generic. They just did NOT want to commit or get "involved" in damaging those they are obligated to protect. In actuality, it is the PEOPLE they are obligated to protect and the Violators they are REQUIRED to hold accountable.

They have their laws, their rules and regs, yet they rarely enforce or exercise those laws and rules. So why do we HAVE these rules, and why do we HAVE these agencies, full of state employees that WE pay to do a JOB for US? If they are not going to fulfill their duties, why are we paying taxes to pay them? So they can sip coffee all day and shred paper? So, since I am so accustomed to this run-around game the officials play, I moved on and contacted a lawyer for the advice I sought. Wonderful guy, I like him a lot, but he is also in the middle and has a job to protect, so although he answered me and took his time to do some digging, he was not entirely correct in his response .

Most of what he told me was spot-on, but when it came down to actually admitting the wrong-doing involved, he too wimped out and twisted it in knots rather than just say YES , this is not acceptable. They just won't COMMIT when it involves an official. LOL! They all live in a bubble, like a monastery with a vow of silence.

How many times in the past five years, have I produced local By-Laws and Codes to the Town Board to prove violations or mis-conduct of an official? Five, Ten? Yet every time, the proof and thier own laws, were ignored, subjected to convenient "Interpretation", or at the very MOST, the official was tapped on the wrist! Stan Koloski broke every rule in the book, Brucey comes in a close second and Clark is breathing down his neck. John Dax, several Justices and Czar Michael have ALL violated the laws. Not ONE of them has ever been held accountable and not ONCE have the By-Laws or codes been enforced. So why bother?

Officials at every level of government are untouchable, unless the majority of his or her co-officials decide they don't want them there anymore and then institute the laws quickly and severely to out them! Selective enforcement. Here's an interesting piece for you; I have been told by legal experts, that the Town Board and the Court are completely separate entities, and the Town Board has NO authority over the court, the justices or thier employees. NONE, except for the money part, of course. In other words, if a court employee does something very wrong that constitutes firing of that person, the Town Board cannot do it, only the Justices can. If one of the Justices is the guilty party, someone must file a complaint with the Judicial Conduct offices in Albany.

Three sentences later, this same legal expert tells me that OUR Town Board did indeed fire a court employee and that the Justices had nothing to do with it! Ummm, confused yet? Number one, he was right the first time, the Town Board can NOT fire a court employee, period. He was untruthful about who actually did the firing in this case and I can PROVE it at a second's notice! So tell me WHY this person contradicted himself in the space of two paragraphs and did not tell me the truth of the matter that I absolutely KNOW is the truth? He too, dwells inside the bubble.

This is why you have always heard the old saying that "You can't fight City Hall". They all stick together like Super-Glue, even if they aren't friends. It's the nature of the beast called "Politics". From the Lebanon Town Hall all the way to the Oval Office, the links of the chain are strong and intact. Yet I still believe that there are the weak links, that if we are determined and persistent enough, we CAN and WILL find those weak ones. Never surrender and never stop fighting for the truth and for justice for the aggrieved. I know who those weak links are in Lebanon, and I am learning who they are at the state level. It can be slow-going sometimes, but I carry my machete and just keep hacking away the weeds and vines.

Please continue to keep my friend Lynn in prayer. He is not improving as he should be. He lost his spleen and a section of his intestines to one of the bullets. Also Brucey who is recovering from complications of hip surgery. Spring is coming, you can smell it in the air today, and with it comes a brand-new birth of all living things.Let's pray that our town will be as new this year as well. God Bless. JJ


Important UpComing Events 3-5-12

First thing I want to mention is the movie being screened at the Darrow School tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. It is free and open to the public. I will be there, because the name of this film is "American Jihadist". The writer/producer of this movie will be present for a Q&A after the screening. I am not much of a movie-fan, but I won't miss this one for one reason: I want to know which side this film will take. Will it be supportive of or offer excuses for Terrorism, or will it condemn it? I feel it is important to know exactly what the mood of this film is and how it will be perceived by the students of the Darrow School. Should be VERY interesting.

On that general subject, has anyone else noticed that all of a sudden, Obama is supporting Israel? Talk about a 180 degree turn! Of COURSE he's supporting them NOW, it's an election year! Up until this last week, he has offerred NO support of ANY kind to Israel in his entire presidency. Quite the opposite, in fact. I heard him on the news this morning saying, quote," I've got Israel's Back!" What a load of B.S! I almost gagged on my coffee. Netanyahu ain't buyin' it either! HE said, "Israel does not need America's permission or assistance in this matter". Israel can NOT lose, even if thier armies were crippled tomorrow. We Christians know why.

Next Tuesday, the 13th, is the March Town Board meeting. It will be an interesting one to attend, as decisions and announcements will be made. A LOT hinges on these decisions. That meeting will also decide some things concerning what P.A.C.T does next. We are ready for any eventuality. I can offer some guesses on what will happen, and they would be pretty accurate, I'm sure. Yet why give the opposition any clues? LOL! Between now and then, there won't be alot to discuss here on the website, but AFTER the 13th, this will be a busy site. Lots to do that has had to wait for this meeting.

So, if you're looking for something to do, there are three Bible Studies in Lebanon now! A newly-organized study is being held at the Congregational Church on Tuesday nights that I'm told is very good. On Thursday evenings at 7p.m, the Episcopal Church has a non-denominational Bible Study that Bob and I attend and we highly recommend it. Deacon Randy is very knowledgeable and it's a relaxed and casual class, with some very nice students. Presently in the Book of Acts. Then on Sunday nights at the First Baptist Church on Main St. in the Springs, there is an awesome study at 6 p.m. We are in the Book of Joshua right now and it's a lot of fun and learning, also casual and relaxed and very well-attended. This one begins with the lesson then goes to a short time of letting the group choose favorite hymns to sing.

Helen Koepp plays the piano beautifully! Then we go to prayer requests and prayer before closing. It's a great way to meet people and make friends and learn the Word at the same time! We laugh a lot, too! Try one of these studies, or two or all three! Also don't forget the free dinner at the Congregational Church for Seniors every Friday night. I'm told the food is great and sometimes there's live entertainment,too. Get out there and fellowship!

If the week stays quiet, I won't have much to tell you until after the meeting. God Bless! JJ



Worth Sharing!!! 3-6-12

I HAD to share this letter with my readers, and I hope that you too, will share it with others.

This is one pissed lady from Canada and I agree with her........

I don't care that some troops pissed on some Taliban bodies. The idiot who put it on YouTube should be castrated. 
Thought you might like to read this letter to the editor. Ever notice how some people just seem to know how to write a letter?
This one surely does!
This was written by a Canadian woman,(who lost a son over there) but oh how it also applies to the U.S.A. , U.K. And Australia .
Written by a housewife in New Brunswick , to her local newspaper. This is one ticked off lady...
"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not, started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001and have continually threatened to do so since?
Were people from all over the world, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from the capitol of the USA and in a field in Pennsylvania ?
Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they?
And I'm supposed to care that a few Taliban were claiming to be tortured by a justice system of a nation they are fighting against in a brutal Insurgency.
I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East, start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere belief of which, is a crime punishable by beheading in Afghanistan.
I'll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg's head, while Berg screamed through his gurgling slashed throat.
I'll care when the cowardly so-called 'insurgents' in Afghanistan , come out and fight like men, instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in Mosques and behind women and children.
I'll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of Nirvana, care about the innocent children within range of their suicide Bombs.
I'll care when the Canadian media stops pretending that their freedom of Speech on stories, is more important than the lives of the soldiers on the ground or their families waiting at home, to hear about them when something happens.
In the meantime, when I hear a story about a CANADIAN soldier roughing up an Insurgent terrorist to obtain information, know this:
I don't care.
When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank:
I don't care. Shoot him again.
When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat, and fed 'special' food, that is paid for by my tax dollars, is complaining that his holy book is being 'mishandled,' you can absolutely believe, in your heart of hearts:
I don't care.
And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's spelled 'Koran' and other times 'Quran.' Well, Jimmy Crack Corn you guessed it.
I don't care!!
If you agree with this viewpoint, pass this on to all your E-mail Friends. Sooner or later, it'll get to the people responsible for this ridiculous behavior!
If you don't agree, then by all means hit the delete button. Should you choose the latter, then please don't complain when more atrocities committed by radical Muslims happen here in our great Country! And may I add:
Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering, if during their life on earth, they made a difference in the world. But, the Soldiers don't have that problem.
I have another quote that I would like to share AND...I hope you forward All this.
One last thought for the day:
Only five defining forces have ever offered to die for you:
1. Jesus Christ
2. The British Soldier.
3. The Canadian Soldier.
4. The US Soldier, and
5. The Australian Soldier 
One died for your soul, the other four, for you and your children's Freedom.
My sentiments EXACTLY! I would love to meet the author of this letter!

Recommendations! 3-6-12

A friend and I went to Darrow School tonight to see the movie, "American Jihadist". We were on time, and we drove all over the campus which offerred NO lights, no signs, no crowds to guide us, and found.......NOTHING. Apparently, this movie didn't appeal to many locals, because there was NO indication of exactly where it was being shown! NO traffic, no groups walking, not a soul in sight.It was like sundown at Mecca. Needless to say, I cannot give you a review of this picture, as we weren't able to see it. LOL!

So here are some alternative recommendations.

Children of Caesar (2-Part DVD Set)

Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion Cover Image

Christians will NOT win the Culture War until they remove their children from Government Schools. Watch these DVDs and give them to friends, family, and most importantly your pastor.
In the first presentation (Whoever Controls the School Controls the World), Dr. Voddie Baucham knows what most parents are too quick to dismiss: whoever is teaching our children is also discipling them. Voddie persuasively argues that Christian parents need to take the initiative in their children's education and stop turning them over to the anti-God environment of the government school.
Using Scripture, statistics, and sound reasoning, Voddie powerfully makes the case that whoever controls the schools does indeed control the world.
In the second presentation (Getting Your House In Order), Dr. Baucham turns his attention to the Christian home and explains what an orderly home should look like. Expounding on the Old Testament text of Deuteronomy 6, Voddie highlights six characteristics of a properly ordered home.
Through personal testimony and biblical instruction, Voddie educates and motivates Christian parents to rise to the challenge of changing the  worldone household at a time.



It Just COULDN'T Stay Quiet. 3-9-12

I actually had myself believing that we might get through an entire week without questionable behavior by our officials. Yet, as the Register-Star has reported, YES, our Tax Assessor has resigned. Before I go any further, I need you to know that I do NOT know Craig Surprise. Never met him and would not know him if he came to my door. The facts I have concerning him are only this: 1) He had over 50 lawsuits filed against him by residents of Canaan. 2) He is not exactly popular with Lebanon property owners. 3) He has worked for this town for 21 years. Those are the ONLY things I can confirm that I have heard about the man. All else is hear-say to me.

The fact that he has resigned does interest me greatly, as I feel there had to have been a serious issue that caused him to do so after 21 years. I find it highly questionable that since Benson was sworn into office, we have had our bookeeper/assessor's clerk fired, our Town Accountant fired, an efficient and honest Court Clerk fired, and now the assessor of 21 years, resigns. Doug Clark who was demoted for mis-conduct, is re-appointed as Deputy Supervisor despite the proven mis-conduct. A "NEW" accounting firm that caused several other towns to be fined by the state, has been appointed, and no matter WHAT he SAYS, I KNOW Benson has done business with that firm in the past, maybe under thier former name.

Our Town Clerk is working SEVEN days a week, and an un-certified Judge is performing judicial duties. Our Ethics Board was crippled on PURPOSE from day ONE, and the best candidate they have EVER had for that board was treated like garbage and By-Laws and protocol were violated. We won't even go INTO the campaign and election violations! SO, how ya liking the "New Leadership" SO far?

Here's what we should be REALLY concerned with: the fact that Benson had a replacement for Surprise already in place and waiting in the wings before Surprise had officially resigned, AND the fact that as we are fighting to dis-allow non-resident officials, Benson is appointing another one! Do you REALLY want another out-of-towner for your tax assessor? He won't care how high your taxes get, he doesn't LIVE here! 108% now, 120% NEXT year!!!! They SAY they want to attract families and businesses? With THAT tax rate they can forget it!

Isn't it also interesting, that the in-coming assessor is from Kinderhook? Know anyone ELSE who lives in Kinderhook that Benson worships? Sure you do. Would you be surprised to hear that Benson is planning to "SUE" our former accountant for something he is not responsible for? LOLOL! I was told by a close friend who has all the inside info on the Town Hall horrors, that Benson wants to change the town in every possible way, overnight. He actually believes he can wave a magic wand and make this the Nirvana of New York, puff out his chest and say, "Look at what MY Leadership has accomplished!".

What do you suppose the price of that pipe-dream of his will be? It ain't gonna be FREE, folks! Wait until Benson institutes some of his other radical ideas that I can't yet tell you about! Can you spell, "REBELLION?". How about, "VOTER REMORSE"? Benson has HIS dreams and I have mine. MY dream is to read the following headline in all the papers. "Town Supervisor Impeached by Residents!". LOL! Hey, ya never know!

I strongly recommend that any and all interested parties attend next week's Town Board Meeting. I am also calling for a change in the seating arrangements of the board during meetings. The officials need to ALL face the people, not put two or four councilmen on the ends of the table facing IN. it is rude and disrespectful . Watching them look at one another instead of the people is nauseating. Add a table and sit in a line so we can SEE them and they HAVE to look at US!

In the meantime, the final petitions to reverse the Amendment that allows non-residents to serve as officials in our town, will be circulating over the next week or two. If you are approached with it, please sign! WHY should we spend our tax dollars to pay outsiders when there are plenty of good and able candidates right here? Let's keep the tax money home! Hope to see a bunch of fresh faces on Tuesday night. Have a great weekend! JJ


SOLD to the man with the white hair! 3-9-12

Holy Crow! It just doesn't stop! I just received the Agenda for Tuesday's Town Board Meeting. The very first two activities scheduled are already cause for concern. First of all, the Bids for the Gun Safe will be read. We talked about this safe in relation to Jack Nevers before, remember? I told you how he has coveted this particular item ever since the day it was donated to the Town Court. It was Jack that suggested it be put out to bid. His "suggestion" was IMMEDIATELY accepted by the Town Board with no discussion or hesitation. Talk about transparent pre-meditation! Geez!

So the bids for this safe will be first on the agenda so Jack can get his business done and go home and not have to sit through the entire meeting. Several people asked me if it was Ethical for Jack to bid on the safe. In my own "opinion", it is not, but our useless Code of Ethics says nothing about town employees or officials being exempt from bidding on town equipment. Even if if DID, it wouldn't matter, as Jack could just have someone else do the bidding FOR him. In any case, I will be totally shocked if anyone other than Nevers wins the safe. LOL! They can't even do a decent job of being dirty.

The next item on the Agenda is, You Guessed It, an Executive Session!! Third meeting of the year, third Executive Session! Tsk, Tsk! THIS one is to address the appointments that will be made at this meeting. Now let me get this straight; those of us that attend meetings saw and heard Mike Benson set the schedule for the interviews for vacancies. He set the dates at a time that he could, "Be There", as he himself said in open meeting. Yet he was NOT there.He was in NYC. I'm told that he was at the conference for the Association of Towns, BUT, THAT conference must be signed-up for WAY in advance, suggesting that Benson knew about it BEFORE he set the interview dates. Confused? I AM!

In any case, it doesn't matter WHERE he was or WHY, it only matters that he wasn't HERE. Brucey of course, was ill and was also absent. Now, between you and me, shouldn't the two of them RECUSE from voting on the applicants? How can they vote on people they did not interview? Oh yeah, I know, they will say that the Exec. Session is to "Fill them in" on what occurred in the interviews so they CAN vote. So in other words, Benson and Brucey will be told who to vote for by the other councilmen who WERE present for the interviews. This will be "decided" in Exec. Session, which in MY mind is the same as voting. Yet they will call it an "un-official" vote and pull it off.

They will come out of Exec. Session and vote in front of the public as if nothing had been decided in the session. Yeah, right. Kinda like selling a snowboard to a Hawaiian. Yet they get away with this stuff all the time. No one will object, and even if they DO, the board will have an excuse ready. Thier bag of tricks is bottomless. At least it will be an interesting meeting. There is another very questionable item on this agenda that I consider the most important of ALL, but if I mention it now, I will be tipping my hand and we can't have THAT now, can we?

In the past three or four weeks, I have received five requests from residents to ask the Town Board to change thier seating arrangement during meetings. Generally, they sit with Benson in the center, Brucey and Doug on the left end, and Matt and K.B on the right end. Colleen is to Benson's left and Attorney Howard to Benson's right. Not all the complaints about this arrangement were for the same reasons. The senior folks would like to see the board sit straight across the table, with the Town Clerk at one end and the Attorney at the other end, because they cannot HEAR what is being said. Being able to LOOK at the Council Member who is speaking, makes it easier for them.

Another person asked about the seating because she thinks it is rude for the Councilmen to have thier backs to any of the public. Another suggested that the board should be facing the people in order to see thier reactions to certain issues and statements. Personally, I can think of a reason far more critical for re-arranging the seating, but I won't go there just now. I have been asked about the seating before, but now I have FIVE requests, so I decided to contact the board members and pass along the concerns of the people. They can do what they want with that info, I don't care if they sit on beanbags and burn incense.

I got no response from the four councilmen, but I DID get one from the Supervisor. Apparently, he wants to discuss the issue via telephone. LOL! So what is there to discuss? They either grant the wishes of the people or they don't. Still, I will call Mr. Benson tomorrow and let him "discuss".

Another thing I noticed on the agenda, is the news that there will be a solicitation of Letters of Interest for the Town Assessor's position. Well, according to the slanted Register-Star , a replacement has already been selected, and they even NAMED him in thier article. Now, all of a sudden, they are taking Letters of Interest? Gee, they didn't do that for the new Town Accounting Firm, so why for everyone else? Are the Letters being solicited just for show, then the original choice named in the paper, accepted anyway? OR, will they select someone ELSE just to appear to be doing the "Right" thing the "Right" way? ( for once). Hmm. The Plot Thickens!

Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men?


Updates Before the BIG Meeting 3-11-12

Okay, new info comes in every day. According to reliable sources, the Gun Safe we have discussed was NOT donated to the court, it was bought and paid for by the Town, with the people's money. It was purchased and personally selected by Jack Nevers who was also the one who insisted that the court HAD to HAVE it. Yet it was never used. It cost the town $1500.00. Now, who suggested it be put out to bid? Jack  Nevers, that same guy who "selected" just the right model. Come ON people! A blind man could see THIS one clearly! Idiots.

I have also learned that our Supervisor built himself a nice, big pond on Route 5. Problem is, he didn't bother to get any permits or permission to build said pond, which the D.E.C has now forced him to drain. He now has to add silt fence, and since the pond is SO close to the road AND on a slope, he might even have to change it's diameter. Things like this happen when someone believes the laws do not apply to THEM, that they are "Special". We all know this is how Benson thinks.

If you read my last two posts, you know that MR. Benson also seems to think that he can hire and fire and appoint whomever he wishes without bothering to even CONSULT the Town Council. You read the list of people he has canned without cause. You read the news that he had unilaterally chosen a replacement assessor, and now all of a sudden , the position is being advertised. Hmm, SOMEbody must have reminded him that he cannot DO that! Should be interesting to see WHO ultimately gets that position. Remember the name from the Register-Star article, it will be heard again.

Remember back in December, when Benson stated that he intended to fire everyone in the town hall? Well, he's off to a heck of a good start! Add to that, the fact that he ended the week last week by doing it AGAIN! This time, it was the Town Engineer! Of course Benson was careful not to say the word, "Fired" when he told this terrific engineer that he would not be needed any longer, but for all intents and purposes, it was a firing. Who in thier right mind would fire a guy like McCreary? Everyone likes him, he's very professional and knowledgeable, and has never caused the town one second of trouble. Gee, ya think Benson has an ENGINEER friend that he wants to bring into his fold? DUH.

Of course, firing ANY official or employee of the town is not within Benson's power anyway! It is a MAJOR violation of Town Law! HE cannot do it, especially without even telling any of his councilmen that he planned to do so, much less without allowing THEM to make the decision as is required BY our Town Law. LOLOL! Holy Crow, what IS it with this guy? Well, I'll TELL you what it is; it is Mike Benson proving everything I said about him during the campaign that no one wanted to hear and refused to believe. It is Mike Benson showing you all that he is indeed, a Dictator, a Tyrant, a Fake and a liar! All this in THREE months,folks!

Does he really think we are going to sit still for this crap?! Fat chance! We already have one new lawsuit pending against the town as you all know. Don't think for one minute, that the people he is firing without cause or conference, will not ALSO file suit! They WILL. MORE taxpayer money spent defending a crooked politician that should have NEVER been given a seat of power here or anywhere else. His intent was clear from day one, and 460 voters refused to see it. They won't see it until the taxes rise and all our town employees are strangers from out of town that don't give a rat's behind about the people of New Lebanon.

I have also learned even MORE disturbing news about the future of our town today, but until it is officially confirmed, I will keep it under my hat. IF it is true, it will be devastating to New Lebanon, and rather than growing business, it will send businesses screaming out of here. I  hope it is incorrect info, but we will have to wait and see. In any case, if this comes about, we have Mr. Benson to thank.

So how did my phone conversation go with Czar Michael re: the seating arrangement of the town board? It didn't. See, right after I received his email, I learned about what he had done to the town engineer. Believe me, it was NOT a good idea to call the Czar at that time. I would NOT have been polite. So rather than go there, I decided to save the issue for the meeting. (See how hard I'm working to control that anger? ) Do you know that Lebanon's seating arrangement for meetings is RARE? We are the ONLY town for miles around, that does not have a board that FACES the people! This too, is deliberate. Think about it. WHY do they sit the way they do? I know, do YOU?

Tuesday's meeting looks like it will be a long one, so bring a soda or a coffee, and if you are so inclined, it might not be a bad idea to bring a camera. Hope to see you there. God Bless. JJ


SAD,SAD Meeting. 3-13-2012

One of the most stressful meetings I've been to. First thing I would like to say, is that Mike Benson DID earn a point or two with me tonight for the way he handled the Gun Safe issue. There was ONE bid, an unfamiliar name, guaranteed to be a crony of Jack's. The bid was for $550.00 for a safe that was never used. So Benson rejected the bid and said they would keep the safe for the town hall. NICE move! Very smooth, very fair and very sensible decision. Two points!

I was suspicious for a while that something might have been up when I saw both Justices and Shaun McHugh in attendance, but they were only there to confirm Cynthia Creech as the new Court Clerk. Seems Cynthia has YEARS of experience in that area! I'm glad she got the nod, I like her, and I think she is an asset to our town.

Yet for all the assets Lebanon DOES have, it has a HUGE debit. Doug Clark. Over the years, I have seen some pretty terrible things done by Brucey, many questionable things by Benson, and on and on, but CLARK is the slimiest snake in the garden, EVER. The things he does and says are just inexcusable. He is a spoiled little child and if you don't do things HIS way, he won't be your friend anymore. Picture a little brat with a big pout when you say that to yourself. The guy has some serious issues.

Needless to say, Wayne Martin got a royal Scre_ing tonight as we knew he would. As did the rest of the Ethics Board members. A lady named Georgette Tafoe was appointed to one position, and the other went to, are you READY? GABE STEADMAN!!! YES, the SAME guy who pretended to be a Democrat and snuck into the CLOSED Democratic caucus! The SAME guy who refused to leave when the Democratic Chair announced that the caucus was CLOSED and would all non-Democrats please step out! Do you all remember who the two guys were that shielded Steadman with thier bodies so he COULD sneak into that caucus? Clark and Baldwin! So who were TWO of the four people voting for the Ethics Board appointees? Clark and Baldwin!

If you don't see the scumminess of THAT move, you have no morals. The guy BROKE THE LAW, and he gets appointed to the ETHICS BOARD??? Anyone ELSE have a problem with that? Well I DO, and I fully intend to take it to the state AND to the Governor if that's what it takes! I can say with total confidence, that NONE of the candidates for the Ethics Board could have even come close to having the resume that Wayne Martin submitted. Wayne was deliberately NOT appointed, because Baldwin is still pouting over some imagined slight, and Clark is looking for any way he can to get at me and Bob and the rest of the PACT members. He will have to do a LOT better than this!

Clark sat up there at the table in his little hidden corner and practically burst with the joy of thinking he had one-upped us. Think again Dougie, I have just BEGUN to fight! I actually told Mike Benson after the meeting tonight, that Clark needs to step down. He has WAY too many violations and NO integrity, honesty, or value to the people of this town. THAT is the sad part of what happened tonight. Clark is hurting this town and the people who live here. His childish vendettas and immature need to "Get-Even" with anyone who questions his mis-conduct, is embarassing to us all.

He actually was a big enough baby tonight that he had to mention that I have Benson in my email list as Czar Michael. Benson himself seemed to find that amusing. Hey, it works for Obama, and these days, all our officials are called Czars. Well, they ARE! Not only THAT, but I openly refer to Benson as the Czar on this website ALL the time, it is no secret! Mike Benson's father told me to "Be Quiet" tonight, and when I confronted him about it after the meeting, he said he never said a word to me. Fortunately, others saw and heard what I did and confirmed that he had indeed, said it. Now THERE is an angry man!

Benson made the mistake of being rude with Kevin Smith during the meeting too, and it did not go over well. It WAS over-the-top for a supervisor to speak that way to a member of the public. So Benson and Kevin chewed that out and it passed over. Matt Larabee took a stand about the firing of the town engineer, and he did a good job and asked all the right questions. My husband and Benson also discussed that issue at length after the meeting. I couldn't listen to the whole conversation because my back was giving out on me. ( Degenerative Disk Disease. Gets worse every year and standing in one spot is nearly impossible. ) What I DID hear was really a matter of opinions, and a lot to do with the abominable entity known as D.O.T., and the protection and guidance of the Planning Board.My husband will be dealing with that issue from here on out, I guess, and he and Benson will talk more about it I'm sure.

I, have enough on my plate as it is, and NOW, I will be focusing on Doug Clark and Gabe Steadman. Steadman can NOT be allowed to serve on the Ethics Board, period. He violated election and NYS Penal Laws and got away with it. I am also TOLD, but cannot confirm, that after the caucus fiasco, he was severely reprimanded by his law firm. THIS is what they consider an "Ethical" person? With the top-notch choices they had, they chose HIM?!?!? A "Lawyer" who breaks the LAW? A Republican that pretended to be a Democrat to gain illegal entry to a caucus he had no business attending? Come ON, people! We all KNOW why he was appointed! We also all know WHY Wayne Martin was not! This is the ETHICS BOARD we're talking about here. If you put unethical, dis-honest, law-breakers on the Ethics Board, how can you expect anything ETHICAL to ever take place in this dirty town government of ours?

Just the fact that they allowed Steadman's co-conspirators to VOTE, is Conflict of Interest ! If I had known before the interviews that Steadman was a candidate, it would never have gone this far. Brucey, Clark and Steadman ALL need to be addressed by Public Integrity for this one, and they WILL be! COUNT ON IT! Clark needs to go. NOW, not in two years when his term expires and his wifey told him he can't run again. NOW! We have caught him in so many lies I have lost count. He has violated Town Codes, he betrayed Meg when she was his Supervisor, he arranged Secret Meetings, snuck Steadman into the caucus, etc., etc., etc! He is a despicable human being and has NO business sitting on our board and causing this town to be endangered by his childish need to have his ego fed. It's time for the petitions calling for his resignation, folks. Way over-due if you ask ME! Sad,sad,sad.

I would rather have two Brucies than ONE Doug Clark.

I addressed the main issues I have been working on for years, tonight. The absentee board members like the Murnanes and Craig Trombley, the multiple household members serving on boards simultaneously, and non-resident officials. These issues have now been put in the lap of our town Attorney Andy Howard. I'm glad about that, I really like Andy and he is a GOOD guy. He has real roots here, as his grampa was Walter B. Howard. I can work with Andy because he has INTEGRITY, he is HONEST, and he believes in accountability.With his help, we might actually be able to resolve these long-standing issues.

There were many fresh faces at the meeting tonight and I was thrilled to see that! Thank you to all who have taken an interest and decided to get involved, we need you. Before I close and TRY to get some sleep, I need to say one more thing.

For a long time now, I have been trying to give K.B Chittenden the benefit of the doubt. He and my husband often cross paths in thier farming operations and as you all know, I have a lot of respect for all farmers. Still, every time I put some faith in this guy and hope he will do something positive or think for himself, he fails. He NEVER takes a stand, but always goes with what Brucey and Clark want, right or wrong. He says very little, but when he DOES say something, it is right in line with Stan and Ollie.

I really hoped and believed that he would fight for Wayne tonight, but obviously, he did not. For me, it was the final straw. K.B no longer deserves my faith or my hopes for him. He has done nothing note-worthy or beneficial to our town government or the people. He has never once, stood for what is right. He is, for all intents and purposes, a wimp. I give up on him, and I think it is high time that our Building Inspector sees to it that the crumbling fire-trap of a house at the Chittenden Farm, comes down. How can our officials constantly badger other residents like Bobby Mittnight, when they haven't cleaned thier own houses first? The Bible says not to point out the splinter in your neighbor's eye until you have removed the beam from your own.

So I don't care HOW many gallons of fuel oil spilled in the basement of that old house and seeped into the ground, it is time to uncover it! You can't hide the PCBs under the house forever! Truth Time! Time for EnCon and the bulldozers. Time for the town to demand clean-up of all the scrap K.B has rotting in the yard or hire someone to haul it away at K.B's expense as they wanted to do to Mittnight. Fair is fair, after all. Time to take responsibility for the manure and oil that seeps into the neighbor's house in wet weather! Accountability, remember? What applies to one, applies to ALL.


Some Thoughts on Open Conflict 3-15-12

First, a nice quote to mull over:

Today's Quotes from America's Founders-
"If a majority are capable of preferring their own private interest, or that of their families, counties, and party, to that of the nation collectively, some provision must be made in the constitution, in favor of justice, to compel all to respect the common right, the public good, the universal law, in preference to all private and partial considerations... And that the desires of the majority of the people are often for injustice and inhumanity against the minority, is demonstrated by every page of history... To remedy the dangers attendant upon the arbitrary use of power, checks, however multiplied, will scarcely avail without an explicit admission some limitation of the right of the majority to exercise sovereign authority over the individual citizen... In popular governments [democracies], minorities [individuals] constantly run much greater risk of suffering from arbitrary power than in absolute monarchies..."

John Adams

A great reminder of why it is SO vital to stay alert to what your officials at every level are doing, and the importance of exercising your right to Free Speech and resistance to a tyrannical government.

So, speaking of tyrannical governments, what are you all thinking about our meeting Tuesday night? I have thought of little else. I can't even count how many times I have come to these pages at night and voiced my outrage at the blatant corruption and collusion in local politics. Yet I have to say with all honesty, that what was allowed to happen this week was the most unbelievable, the most OPEN and OBVIOUS display of the officials thumbing thier noses at the public that I have ever witnessed. I thought that the night Doug Clark tried to change the rules of appointments was bad, but that was NOTHING compared to this.

Do you know that ANYONE who has had an Ethics Complaint filed against them, regardless of the outcome, cannot vote on anything to do with the Ethics Board? They cannot. Yet Brucey did. Isn't it mind-numbing that he has gotten away with every single thing he has ever done wrong? Four Ethics Complaints and only one is officially recorded. THAT one, he was found guilty of, the one where he used his town email account to campaign for his buddy Chris Steadman. If you remember, this was also a violation of NYS Penal Code. The Town Board did nothing to punish him except to say "Don't DO that, Brucey!". LOL. The Sheriff's Department refused to take the complaint for the Penal Code violation and Brucey walked away none the worse.

Brucey and Clark snuck Steadman into the closed Democratic Caucus, many witnesses will tell you so. They got away with THAT,too!He threatened an important witness for Mittnight to prevent his testifying, and the Ethics Board not only did NOT do any investigation, like TALKING to the guy he threatened, they found the complaint invalid! Brucey walked again. Brucey also said in a public meeting, that he intended to release the results of the court audit to the papers even though it is illegal to release an audit that is not finalized. Funny, but that info appeared in the paper within days, against the law. Now I cannot PROVE that Brucey was the one who released it, but come ON.

Brucey gets mad at Wayne Martin for something he heard "around town", drops the F-Bomb in an open meeting, and gets revenge by making sure Wayne was not re-appointed to the Ethics Board. He stacks EVERY board, and now he has done it again with the Ethics Board. He and Clark "ethically" should have abstained from voting on Steadman due to thier caucus collusion, and to me, it was morally wrong for Brucey and Benson to vote at ALL since they were not here for the interviews.

In ANY case, Brucey was found guilty of an Ethics Violation and has had FOUR complaints, and as a result is ineligible to vote for any Ethics Board candidate. Not only did he vote, he voted for Steadman who also had complaints lodged against him for Interfering with a Caucus. THAT also went nowhere because of the Sheriff Department's refusal to accept the complaints of Penal Code violations. All three of these men should have a police record and be banned from serving in any official capacity, but instead, Brucey gets voted into another term on the board and they are all gloating over all they've escaped.

Also remember, that Brucey was SO emotionally and verbally abusive to Eileen Godfroy when she was Supervisor, that she often broke down into tears. He treated Meg the same way, but she stood up better than Eileen. Brucey has no respect for women, especially if that woman happens to have a higher position than he has. He also tried to force me to allow dogs to suffer and die when I was Dog Control Officer, because he did not want the Town to get stuck with a vet bill! It is high time for Brucey to retire from politics, don't you think? If someone asked me how I feel about Brucey, I would say, "Sympathetic". Same for the others. Any man that has to do the things these guys do in order to feel important, is very sad. I don't know why they are so insecure and immature, maybe thier mamas didn't rock them enough or thier daddies never took them fishing, but these "men" are such "girls".

They cannot get any attention on thier own merits, because they have none. They are completely void of integrity, compassion and common decency. They make rules for you and me, and exempt themselves. They ask for your vote and your trust, then stomp you like a bug. They throw your tax dollars to the wind, then ask for more.

I don't know if Czar Michael was aware of the events at the Democratic caucus, but he was around, so I suspect he knows. Yet he also allowed this vote to take place FOR a candidate who is unquestionably dirty, BY Councilmen who are unquestionably dirty and complicit. Extreme case of Conflict of Interest, and as I said on Tuesday, I will have this addressed by the state if I have to sit in the Capitol waiting room every day for a month. Good chance to catch up on my reading.

Since the beginning of this year, I have met with D.A Paul Czajka, and Congressman Chris Gibson. In the next month, I have several appointments with more officials at the state level as well. I was raised to believe that if you start a job, you finish it. So if there are enough of you out there in Lebanon that agree it is time to hold these people's feet to the fire, sign the petitions when they come to you. If you have any sense of Right vs. Wrong, you will be anxious to do that one, simple, painless thing to help us fight for accountability among our officials.

New Lebanon has no hope of ever having a clean local government if we sit back and allow things to happen like what happened on Tuesday night. We cannot have law-breakers on our Ethics Board and we cannot allow the Conflict and Nepotism to continue. We need a CITIZEN'S MEDIATION BOARD to oversee these issues. Registered voters who are willing and able to serve, chosen at random for each issue to eliminate bias. Our officials must be answerable to someone NOW, and to God when the time comes.

Speak out. Be Courageous! God Bless! JJ


Laws and People who Ignore Them 3-17-12


Hope to see a lot of green out there today. The lawns seem to be co-operating. Before you even know it happened, there will be little green leaves poking thier heads out on the branches. Spring and Fall, our rewards for enduring the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

As you all know, we are circulating a new petition beginning today. This particular petition addresses five vital issues as follows:

1) To Nullify the appointment of Christopher Steadman to the town Ethics Board due to Conflict of Interest. Mr. Steadman sneaked into a CLOSED Democratic Caucus and posed as a Democrat in order to campaign for the position of Town Justice in the 2011 elections. He was a Republican at the time and his actions violated NYS Election Law AND NYS Penal Code re: Interfering with a Caucus. He was assisted in this action by Councilmen Baldwin and Clark ,both of whom also voted for Steadman to be appointed to the Ethics Board.

2) To impel the Town Board to reverse the Amendment allowing Non-Residents to serve as Town officials.

3) To eliminate the practice of allowing multiple household members to serve on boards simultaneously, as this too, constitutes Conflict of Interest.

4) To require the Town Board to enforce the By-Law that requires any board members who miss 25% or more of meetings to be removed and replaced.

5) To call for the immediate resignation of Councilmen Doug Clark and Bruce Baldwin for Conflict of Interest, Failure to Recuse or Abstain, attempting to alter appointment protocol, and for being collusive in sneaking a Republican into a Closed Democratic Caucus.

These are all very real issues that are damaging the operation and reputation of the Town of New Lebanon. We have tried for five years to gain the attention and action of our Town Board to these unethical, immoral and illegal activities and have gotten NO responses. Now it is up to the people to take action to make things right.

Due to the fact that Brucey has had four Ethics Complaints filed against him and was found guilty of one of them, he is required to abstain from voting on anything to do with the Ethics Board, AND he and Clark could not ethically vote for Steadman after being collusive in HIS violation!

Everyone is aware of what was done to Bobby Mittnight when he failed to clean his property up to the standards of former ZEO, Stan Koloski. Mittnight went to JAIL for 12 days! Over a ZONING violation! This town spent in excess of $108,000.00 to SUE residents with Zoning issues from 2007 to 2011, and they aren't done YET! Now there is another lawsuit pending against the town, and if what I am hearing is correct, there are more to come.

So tell me, PLEASE, WHY the officials break Election and Penal Laws, and are not arrested? Not only are they not arrested, they are STILL SERVING on BOARDS!!! They are still appointing thier cronies to boards!! Do YOU see anything wrong with that picture? Boy, I sure DO!

The newest lawsuit and the ones being considered, are all a result of mis-conduct issues perpetrated by the same dirty players; Nevers, Clark, the other Justice whose name I won't print here because I can't affect her "health", and Brucey. Always the same group at the bottom of all the trouble. EVERY TIME. Had enough YET??

Folks, there are good, honest people in this town that have and would run for these positions. People who would resist the corruption and collusion and bias. If we want that kind of quality official, we must first remove the bad ones! Think all this over, long and hard. There will never be Peace and Unity in this town as long as we allow these behaviors to continue. It is time to stand up and do ONE small thing to help. SIGN the Petition!


Petition News 3-17-12

I had to end this day with a huge THANK YOU to the residents who have already, eagerly signed our petition! I had NO idea it would be this easy, that the people are really seeing the violations at last and are ready to put an end to it. If it continues as it did today, we will have the petition full and then some, within a week. We are seeking to double the required number of signatures. If you have family, friends and neighbors who are anxious to sign, give us a call and leave a message on the machine. We will make sure the petition gets to them. 794-0380.

Re: the lawnmower theft I mentioned earlier, apparently Smitty is not the only victim. A number of mowers have been stolen from yards,sheds and garages in the past week. Please watch for anyone who suddenly has a lot of mowers in thier posession! LOL!


And the Corruption Award goes to... 3-19-12 

Seems our little town now has a new distinction. According to county sources, New Lebanon is now THE MOST corrupt town in Columbia County! Maybe we should have a parade! After all, we are far from the ONLY corrupt town in the county, but we win the prize for being the MOST corrupt. Now we have another reason to be proud of our officials.

From what I'm told, last Tuesday's Town Board Meeting is what put us over-the-top. The failure of our Town Board to even ATTEMPT to mask thier Conflict of Interest in the Ethics Board appointments has made us not only the leader in corruption, but the laughing stock as well. The public is totally confounded that it was allowed to happen at all, and then to go un-questioned by the Supervisor and the Attorney, and un-mentioned in the Register-Star. Ludicrous, isn't it?

Ya know, our officials are SO concerned with the town image when it comes to the appearance of the Rt. 20/22 corridor, with attracting new businesses, with having a Town Hall that is "PRETTY" and more functional, a cleaner park, etc.,etc. LOL! Sadly, no one will even SEE those improvements as long as the local government itself is not "renovated" and "renewed". No amount of aesthetic improvement can or will attract businesses and shoppers until the REAL mess is cleaned up. That job begins with the resignations of Baldwin and Clark and the nullification of Christopher Steadman's appointment to the Ethics Board.

Until these three men are properly and fairly dealt with and replaced with people of integrity, this town will see no growth, no peace, no success. Evil begets evil, and if it is not removed, it spreads. On the up side, honesty and goodness do the same. Put the good folks in charge and the goodness spreads, peace reigns, and things get done! Then, and ONLY then, will we see this town flourish. People will come to see our historical attractions, businesses will WANT to be here, and a sense of community will be felt by ALL the residents.

Wouldn't it be awesome if 2012 was the LAST year of unrest and division in New Lebanon? YOU can be a part of making that happen. Sign the petition. Call or email us and we will bring it TO you! Let's make New Lebanon famous for its history and for being the first town in NY State to have a 100% CLEAN town government, not for being the most CORRUPT. If the residents do not stand up and demand it, it cannot and will not, happen. Ever. NOW is the time.

What happened last week is so objectionable and embarassing, such a blot on this town, that even the county officials who are far from clean, have taken notice and are laughing at us. This is our chance to change all that, to show the rest of Columbia County that the PEOPLE of New Lebanon are not going to sit still for the mis-conduct and the shame any longer. God Bless. JJ



Looks like the Lawnmower Bandit has been discovered ! Our friend Jake Maynard has been at it again.


26 March 2012

K-New Lebanon
New Lebanon, NY
A State Police investigation of the thefts of riding lawn mowers from the New Lebanon area has landed a New Lebanon man in the Columbia County Jail. Trooper Christopher Esposito received reports that a mower was stolen on March 14th from a State Route 22 residence and another was stolen on March 16th from a Mill Road residence. The investigation revealed the thefts were committed by 22 year old Jacob Maynard. Trooper John La Plante located Maynard Saturday night at his mother's residence. Maynard tried to lock himself in a bathroom to avoid his arrest, then struggled with the trooper. Maynard was charged with 2 felony counts of Grand Larceny 4th degree and with Resisting Arrest. He was arraigned in the New Lebanon Town Court and jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail. He will return to court on March 27th.
      I remember Jake and his younger brother Cody when they were little guys. They were always adorable and sweet,especially Jake, who always believed it was his duty to be a guardian for his younger siblings. Now, both of these kids will be in prison. What's happening to our kids? What went wrong for Jake and Cody, and for Trayvon Martin? Is it even possible to place blame in any ONE direction?  The loss of the Traditional Family has had a LOT to do with it, as well as the removal of God from our homes and schools. How many households today, can honestly claim that the family sits down to dinner together at least five nights a week? How many attend church on Sundays ? So few children today have both parents living in the same home, or have step-parents that are not engaged with them, or are engaged in an un-healthy manner! 
      Discipline is absent in our schools, thanks to Liberal whiners who think "discussion" is as effective as an occasional spanking. It isn't. Both have thier place in effective child-rearing. Working moms and absent dads have taken thier toll as well. The Media also carries its' share of the blame, as do musicians and actors, all who feed upon the impressionable minds of the young. A couple of weeks ago, the news anchor on Channel 6 was once again reporting a shooting in Albany. All of a sudden, I realized that it didn't even PHASE me! CRIME no longer grabs our attention when we hear or read about it, we have become so inured and immune. At least most of us can remember a time when a shooting would have shocked us and been the Diner talk for a week or more. Our kids and grandkids do NOT remember a time like that.
      Kids today know nothing different. They have no clue what it was like to go to church on Sunday then to Gramma's house for a family dinner. They don't remember the school principal having a strap in his desk drawer and using it on deserving students who then got ANOTHER whooping when they got home! We had real Heroes,too! The Lone Ranger, Sheriff Dillon, Dragnet, sports stars that were drug and alcohol free and didn't beat thier mates. No computers, no Facebook, Twitter or You Tube, no I-Pods, no Cellphones. We went outside and PLAYED! We hung out with other kids and got dirty. We shoveled snow and mowed lawns for the things we wished for, we didn't steal our neighbor's lawn mowers, and certainly not to buy drugs. If we wanted something special, we either waited for Christmas or we went out and earned it.
    I saw Jake at Stewarts about a month ago. He pulled up and parked beside me, and sat in the car for about 10 minutes, with one cell phone to his ear, and one in each hand, while he talked on the one and texted on the other two, simultaneously. I was fascinated! That's some coordination! Sadly, I also knew what he was probably doing on those three phones. Like I said, I've known Jake a long time. There is no such thing as perfect parenting and kids just don't come with instructions. Most of us learn through trial and error and our kids are guinea pigs. Still, anyone can teach a child right from wrong, as we ALL know the difference. Many of us ignore those differences, but we all KNOW. By the time a kid is 5 or 6 years old, he knows too.Sociopaths are rare, thankfully, and they are the only people who truly cannot differentiate between right and wrong. The rest of us, just KNOW. We are born knowing.
     So yes, today's kids have it tough. Yet by the time they reach thier teens, they are responsible for the choices they make and must suffer the consequences in order to learn where the line is and that crossing it is ill-advised. I'm saddened at what has become of Jake and millions of other young people, yet at the same time, I KNOW that HE knows better. I also know that he has to pay the price for making poor choices.
      Mom and Dad, if you're going to make 'em, you have to raise 'em. Engage with your kids in a positive manner, EVERY day, even if it's just for 30 minutes. Love , attention and discipline are so much stronger than  the media and peer pressure. We CAN win the fight for our kids, but first we have to put on the gloves.

As most of you already know, former Justice Darcy Poppey's deck collapsed during a party at her home on Saturday night.  Several people were injured, including former Town Supervisor Meg Robertson and Diane Brown, former Court Clerk. My husband Bob and I had been on that deck for about an hour, but had left 20 minutes prior to it's collapsing. This was a freak and un-forseeable accident that was extremely stressful for all involved. We are keeping all injured parties and of course, Darcy and Adam in prayer.

    An incident such as this, is something that should serve to unite us, and impel us to offer assistance and support, much like the horrible fire we had in town this fall. Instead, residents used this tragedy as personal entertainment, and in one case, as a way to torment and harass Darcy Poppey. Cars drove by her home non-stop all the next day, and many people took photos of the collapsed deck. Particularly horrible, were the actions of Jack Nevers and his wife, June. This pair drove up and stopped in front of Darcy's home, took photos, and interrogated her young son! When they were told to "Move On" by Adam , they laughed, waved and squealed "HI!" . Now, forgive me if I sound angry here, but what the heck was with THAT?

   Are Jack and Jill not in thier 70's?! Is Jack not a Town Justice? (even though he is STILL not certified to work and EARN his pay). Rather than be sympathetic and saddened by this accident, or reach out in a gesture of reconciliation and compassion, these two "ADULTS", poked fun and laughed like kindergarten students! How very childish and cruel! Anyone who believes that Jack Nevers deserves to sit in judgement of ANYONE, is morally retarded! This man is a disgrace! I am sickened and disgusted by his behavior. Such action should state loudly and clearly to the People of New Lebanon, exactly what kind of "man", Jack Nevers REALLY is! I hope you will all see him for what he is NOW!

   Little by little, Clark, Baldwin, Nevers, and the others, are all proving what I have been trying to tell you for YEARS. For those of you who care, Diane is in Albany Medical Center, and Meg is in B.M.C.

P.S( Why didn't the Lebanon Valley Protective Association, otherwise known as the FIRE DEPARTMENT, NOT respond to the deck-collapse? )



I don't know about the rest of you, but I have heard about a week too much of the Trayvon Martin saga. Like everyone else, I only know what the Liberal Media has reported and thus far, the facts of the matter remain a mystery.   Truth is being hidden behind a smoke-screen of racial protest as it always is when a minority becomes an "ALLEGED" victim. If Trayvon had been a white male, heterosexual, Christian, whatever, with NO history of troublesome behaviors, this news would have been local news to Florida only. The National News would have taken no interest and neither would Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

     Those two "men", are not Advocates or Heroes of the Black American as they would like us to believe. They are Instigators, blowhards, and Racists who fuel the flames of hate at every opportunity. Both of them should be jailed for inciting the racial violence they claim to  abhor.

   So let's look at this case. Was Mr. Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watchman that shot Trayvon, a Racist? Maybe, maybe not. Was he an un-trained, trigger-happy, wanna-be cop that let an ounce of authority go to his  head? Could be,as we have all seen what happens when you give a "Little Power to Little People". Sounds very familiar, doesn't it?  It could be, that Zimmerman's neighborhood is one of thousands that  suffer daily from the lawlessness and insecurity perpetrated by kids and minorities and White trash, and he was Fed Up. What happened to make him pull that trigger? Did Trayvon throw a Skittle at him, or was it something more, something that made Zimmerman believe his life was in danger? Was there a knife in the kid's pocket next to his Skittles? Did he attack Zimmerman physically? We will likely never know, as the media will keep THAT side of things from us.

   What are the histories of Zimmerman and Martin? Were either of them notorious for having or causing problems?

          I believe that the death of a young person is always tragic, and even more so when it is the result of crime and/or violence. Yet in today's America, more than half of males between the ages of 15 and 25, have records involving serious offenses. More than half of THOSE, are Black or Hispanic. Those are just the FACTS and cannot be altered by all the outrage and rioting one can muster. It is, what it is. Do I believe that Trayvon Martin was simply walking home from the store with a pocket full of Skittles and was gunned-down in cold blood without provocation? No, I do not. Do I believe he was shot just for being Black? No, I do not. If I were to guess,and that is all we CAN do at this point,  I would feel secure in saying that Zimmerman's suspicion was aroused by Martin for SOME reason, and Zimmerman's mistake was in NOT allowing the police to handle it as they instructed him over the phone. I believe he confronted Trayvon and Trayvon reacted violently. Zimmerman panicked and shot him. Were either of them justified? Nope, not at all.

      It was not the place or duty of a Neighborhood Watchman to confront anyone, only to report what he had seen or suspected to the authorities and allow them to handle it. Was Trayvon justified in reacting with violence, if indeed he did? No, he was not. He could just as easily have engaged Zimmerman in conversation and if he had nothing to hide, that would have been the end of it. On tonight's news broadcast, I heard that the Senate came to session dressed as Trayvon, in hoodies. EXCUSE ME? They did WHAT?  I am appalled that our American Senators would engage in a behavior that condemned Zimmerman well in advance of the whole story even being HEARD!!! NO one was blameless here, and I can guarantee you, that as time passes, the truth of what REALLY took place between Zimmerman and Martin WILL come to light. What will the Senate do THEN? Dress like Zimmerman?  Make Hoodies a requirement in session? How absolutely embarassing to the people of this country, that our Senate would show racial preference just to appease and silence the Black whiners and win thier votes. I am ashamed of these people that WE have elected to speak for us.

    I don't know what happened on that Florida street between Martin and Zimmerman, and even though I have my theory of how it probably went down, I can't condemn either man, other than to say I believe they were both at fault. The evidence remains to be seen, and until it is, no one has a right to point a finger, especially the SENATE!!


  So, already today, more facts are coming to light. Trayvon was a major problem in school, suspended four times this year  to date. His photo shows a VERY angry young man. He was seen beating Zimmerman and smashing his head into the pavement. What might have happened if he had gotten his hands on Zimmerman's gun? What if, instead of Zimmerman, it had been a police officer that was being beaten by this kid? Would the police officer have used Deadly Force? If he felt he was in danger of being killed, YES, he would have been Duty-Bound to shoot that boy. Yet, the parents of Trayvon are heading to Washington to attempt to gain justice for the death of thier son. Where were they when Trayvon was getting into trouble in school and in his neighborhood? If Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, would his parents be going to Washington to gain Justice for Zimmerman?

      I still don't know all the facts, but I have heard enough to know that Trayvon reacted with violence to being questioned, and therefore, put himself in a position to be hurt or killed in self-defense. I also believe that Zimmerman should be charged with SOMETHING for ignoring the orders of the police dispatcher that told him NOT to follow or engage with Trayvon. I predict that Zimmerman will be hung as a Sacrificial Lamb to appease the Black communities and prevent rioting and civil unrest. Much like O.J Simpson, who was guilty as Hell, and EVERYONE knew it. Imagine what would have happened in America if O.J had been convicted?  Inner-City neighborhoods would have burned to the ground in every major metropolis. His guilt would not have been considered, the Heinous murders he committed not given a thought. All that would have mattered was that a Black man, and a celebrity to boot, was convicted. Had O.J been WHITE, he would have gone directly to Death Row and the country would have applauded the justice system.

      When, when, WHEN, will we STOP folding under the pressure of the Race Card and demand that ALL people of ALL races take responsibility for thier actions and in-actions and pay the price for those actions? WHEN will we STOP coddling minorities and Illegals and Muslims, and treat them FAIRLY, as they claim to want? EQUALITY means equal treatment for ALL, regardless of color, race, religion. That means that the punishment given a WHITE man in a case like this, applies EQUALLY to a Black,Hispanic, Muslim, whatever. Being a person of color does NOT entitle one to commit crimes and walk away. WHY are there so many more minorities than whites in our prisons? Because the minorities commit MORE CRIMES. FACT. If the people are concerned with this, then let's address the issues that are the cause of it.

     Poor parenting, bad examples, absent fathers, drug abuse in homes, etc.,etc. Hold parents to account for the monitoring of thier children, for teaching them right from wrong and that thier actions have consequences. STOP providing excuses for the guilty and STOP coddling the minorities that are technically no longer minorities at ALL!   EQUALITY.  Let ALL Americans work for what they need and want, let them compete FAIRLY for college acceptance and scholarships and JOBS. Only THEN, can we truly be color-blind and only THEN, will the racial issue in this country begin to heal.  TRUE EQUALITY is the ONLY answer, and Senators dressing like gangstas in Session is NOT! Enough is enough.

Trayvon Martin started confrontation, Zimmerman lawyer says

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The attorney for George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month, said Monday that Martin initiated the confrontation, beating his client so badly he suffered a broken nose and injuries to the back of his head.

Physical evidence, including a grass stain on the back of his shirt, showed there was a scuffle, lawyer Craig Sonner told ABC News. “When the evidence comes out, it will show that George Zimmerman was acting in self-defense in this case,” Sonner said. “It’s not a racial issue.”



It is WAAAY too quiet for me.  I still have not heard word one from our Town Supervisor or board re: the issues we submitted to them for thier consideration at the February and March meetings. NO response to the problem of multiple household members serving on boards simultaneously, NO response to the issue of absentee board members, and NO response re: the seating arrangement of the board during meetings.  Much like the Federal Government, our local officials seem to think that if they ignore our objections to the Conflict issues, we and the issues will go away. FAT CHANCE! If the locals fail to respond and correct the problems, the state, WILL.

     This is no secret, so I will share this with you all. I have already submitted written complaints to the state about these issues as well as the blatant Conflict of Interest that occurred at the March Board Meeting. The Conflict is being investigated by the NYS Office of Public Integrity. Of course, we all know that state agencies move at a snail's pace, so I also had a meeting with Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin to discuss some of these issues. Mr. McLaughlin promised to talk with Mike Benson about what was allowed to happen at the March meeting. He felt that Benson should have an opportunity to correct the wrongs that are stated in our petition, and I agree, but I have little faith that he WILL. He has shown no interest in anything we have objected to thus far, so why would I think he would start NOW? He sat at the center of  that table on March 13th, and WATCHED Clark and Baldwin commit the most aggregious case of Conflict of Interest I have ever seen, and I have seen it a LOT! Benson sat there and said NOTHING.

     There's your "New Leadership" again! Nice Goin' Mikey Boy!  No one can convince me that he didn't "Catch" what happened, he simply chose to ignore it and let it stand. How abominable is THAT? Watch the Register-Star, Letters to the Editor this week. So, if Mr. McLaughlin  did indeed speak with the Czar, why have I not heard from either of them? Why are Brucey and Dougy not out on the street begging pennies? So the petitioning continues,folks. We know from experience that WE will have to be the ones to demand proper procedure and consequences for the perpetrators of the mis-conduct. WE are the ones who will have to push and scream for Justice, and you know what? We WILL! Join Us!  Shoot an email and we will get that petition to you!     God Bless!  JJ



I have been carefully monitoring the Register-Star/Chatham Courier for the past two weeks, watching to see if they had the integrity to print the letter I sent them about the behavior at our March Town Board Meeting! After the first week with no letter, I re-sent it. I received a confirmation call from the paper on Monday of this week, which generally means the letter is ready to appear in that week's issue. So when I went to the website an hour ago and saw the Heinsohn headline, and NO Letter to the Editor from me, I was more than a little ticked-off.

     Heinsohn has ONCE AGAIN, bared her open bias and personal opinion in her article about the Planning Board meeting of last Wednesday night. She refers to a "Warning", as a THREAT! I was at that meeting, and Bob Smith indeed DID warn the new engineer against any appearance of collusion with Clark Engineering. Gee, I wonder why he would be concerned about THAT?!  DUH!  In all honesty, I thought Smith was a tad harsh, and I told him so, HOWEVER, can you BLAME him?

    With all the absolute, extreme mis-conduct he has witnessed in the past five years, a stern warning was in order for ANY new employees or officials of New Lebanon, the most CORRUPT town in Columbia County! At least Smith has the integrity and courage to take a stand and SAY something, unlike our other,wimpy and corrupt officials. He could have used a gentler tone, but what he SAID, needed to be SAID.

   The Chatham news rag continues to allow Heinsohn to report in a slanted manner and openly stamp her prejudice against P.A.C.T and the Conservative people of Lebanon on every piece she writes. Of course we KNOW WHY this is allowed, and even encouraged, but that does not mean we will continue to stand for it. As a resident and voter of New Lebanon, Heinsohn should , in all fairness, NOT be the reporter for town meetings. If she reported fairly and honestly, fine, but she obviously cannot. It is all part of the "agenda" at the county level, the fickle "Fingar" of fate. LOL!

    For me, it is no longer surprising, but to the general public, the depth of the corruption would be a shock. The "Chain" again. It is a very,very LONG chain. If you knew the half of it, you wouldn't sleep at night!  I have reached out to HOW many , higher-level officials and agencies in the past five years? In almost EVERY case, I read the writing on the wall before the meeting or discussion even ended. Like I have said before, it is political incest. Nauseating.

    What these bloody-handed officials do not understand, is that the more they cover and collude, the harder we will push, the louder we will get.

  Here's an interesting piece; SOME people have actually been trying to find out if there were under-age drinkers at the Poppey party where the deck-collapse occurred. LOL! Are you kidding me? Step down, Benson supporters, you will have to do better than that. Get it through your heads that Mike Benson is here for ONE reason and ONE reason ONLY; to build his political resume'. He has ONE agenda; to bring  some business to the 20/22 corridor and get the credit for it so he has something to boast about when he takes his shot at higher office. He does NOT care about you, this town, the corruption, the Zoning issues, or ANYTHING else but "commerce" and the Town Hall project. He has made that very,very clear.

   Also know this; Mike Benson made the statement to my husband after the March Town Board meeting, that he has NO intention of running again in New Lebanon. Fact.  So what does THAT tell you ? It tells ME, that what I just told you, is the absolute truth of the matter. Benson came back to his childhood town, tore us in two, destroyed the "real" local candidates, fired good people, and dropped many thousands of dollars, for the sole purpose of gaining some political experience. He USED this town and it's people for his own, personal gain. The sooner you realize this, the easier it will be for you when he does exactly what I warned you he would do. He has ALREADY done much of what I predicted he would! Yet you still refuse to see it. There are none so blind as those who will not see!

     He did not win this election on his own, he had the assistance of many other, wealthy politicians and businessmen. What he probably does not understand or care about, is that he will one day be required to re-pay those that backed him. That's how it begins. A favor for a favor, a cover-up for a cover-up, you wash my back, I wash yours. Politics. Corruption. It is what it is, and it will never be any different. We can't change it, but we CAN refuse to accept it in our own little town. WE can demand better and we can GET it, if we stand united and build a "chain" of our own. So, let me repeat what I have said a hundred times before: Don't believe the Liberal Media, especially if it's the Chatham rags. If you want the facts, attend the meetings and see it for yourselves.

Note: Visited with Meg Robertson last night and she looks great and is in excellent spirits! She would love to hear from her friends.

   Diane Brown is also doing extremely well as are the others whose injuries were more minor. Onward and upward with thanks to the Lord Above for his protection of  these folks.

  On the down side, my friend Lynn is not improving as he should be. He has suffered far more damage from the bullets than originally thought, and he has serious injuries to his pancreas, liver, and spine. Please remember him in prayer.


LATER:  It is now Friday, 1:15 a.m. I posted a comment to the latest Heinsohn article in the Courier early this morning. I just want all to know, that they did not even have the courage to publish a comment, much less a Letter to the Editor! Reminds me SO much of the Liberal, Special-Interest groups that have systematically torn our country down. They only care about thier own opinions and agendas and don't give a rat's behind who they destroy along the way.

  I read an article earlier this evening about a Gay Pride group that is attempting to FORCE a Christian Tee-Shirt Company to print shirts for a Gay Pride Parade. The company refused on the grounds that it would violate thier beliefs. The company is now being sued. Do you know how many OTHER tee-shirt printers exist in this country? Millions. Yet THIS company was asked to print the shirts? No accident there, is there?  I have Gay friends that I value highly and I respect thier right to choose. What I will NOT respect, is the belief of many gay folks that they must force thier life-style on the rest of us who, by the way, do not force OUR life-styles on THEM.

   Same as the Trayvon case. I repeat; If Trayvon had been a white boy, you and I would have never heard about it. If Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, we would have never heard about it. I watched the news yesterday and saw groups of Black teenagers protesting in the streets for "Justice for Trayvon". These particular kids were from a city thousands of miles away from the Florida town where Trayvon died. They did not KNOW Trayvon or his family. They do not KNOW the facts or evidence in the case. Yet it was a convenient excuse to take thier anger to the streets and prove once again, that  black Americans are the REAL racists. As are the Liberal Lefties.   Yet they all point thier fingers at the Conservatives. Talk about ignorant!

    The people who control and write for the Chatham rags are no different from the rest of the liberals and Special Interest, blood-suckers. It is all about THEM. THIER needs, THIER wants, THIER "rights", THIER opinions. Well, y'all know MY opinion! Dr. Philism:  " No matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has two sides!". So does America. It is the duty and responsibility of our media to honestly inform the public of the FACTS, and remain neutral. I don't care which side they're on, that's thier business, but it is NOT thier business to tell one side of a story, the side that appeals most to THEM, true or not. Idiots.


Good Morning New Lebanon!

        Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! Lots of sunshine and fresh Spring air. They say we will wake up to snow, but it doesn't seem possible after this awesome day that ended an hour ago. I was late in hearing that Lebanon had lost Arvall Bankston and his beloved dog Asia within 2 weeks of one another. I had placed Asia with Banks some years ago and they were immediate pals. I like to think they are exploring Heaven, side by side. Rest in Peace my friends. Last week, I placed a German Shepherd female with Bobby Mittnight who had to put his sweet Cybill to sleep last month. Strange thing, but this new dog, Tasha, is exactly like Cybill was! She stays at Bobby's side with no leash, loves everyone, rides in his car and trucks like an old-hand, and is perfectly behaved! What a blessing for them both.

     So I guess you're all wondering about the title I chose for this page. LOL! Selective persecution; a growing trend in our country. I belong to numerous Conservative and Christian Organizations and receive TONS of email from them all. One of the most active and effective is called, "One Million Moms". This group alerts its' members to things that are detrimental to our children, such as objectionable T.V shows and commercials, movies, etc. They have been very succesful in getting companies to remove thier advertisements from questionable television shows. This week, they are addressing the problem of the General Dollar Stores prominently displaying the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Personally, I do not consider myself to be a prude and I don't usually even notice the magazines unless they are Country Decorating mags.

     According to this organization, the magazine cover is pretty raw, and Dollar General has it very prominently displayed right inside the front doors at eye-level for little kids. I don't think the store should have to NOT sell the magazine, but I understand how the moms feel about thier little ones getting an eye-full of naked jugs when the only jug they went in there for was  a bottle of Tide. I get it, and I DID sign thier online petition. Which got me to thinking about the outcry over cigarette company signs being displayed in stores where kids could see them. THAT was made a HUGE deal of for a while, until the state required they be removed. Okay. BUT, or "BUTT", why is it only smokers that are attacked? There are rolling papers, beer, and condoms on open display in many stores. In drug stores, the kids can play with the pretty condom packets while mommy waits for her prescriptions. They can read the Viagra ads and learn all about bladder leakage, erectile dysfunction and jock-itch, which is also freely advertised on every T.V channel, every day! Yet CIGARETTES are NOT to be advertised anywhere at any time.

    Geez, see what I mean about "selective"? Budweiser Commercials are the most famous ads EVER. Are they saying our kids don't watch football? Are they demanding that beer ads be pulled from T.V ? Nope. Selective. I heard a couple of weeks ago that all the Pyramid Malls have banned smoking even OUTSIDE the malls. Well, all I have to say about that, is I hope they have no stores that SELL cigarettes. Much like the state of N.Y that makes BILLIONS of dollars a year from cigarette taxes, which are the highest in the nation, yet tell smokers they cannot SMOKE anywhere where a liberal tree-hugger, tofu-muncher might SEE them! The Clean Indoor Air Act is exactly that, "INDOOR". To tell smokers that they cannot have a cigarette in the open, OUTSIDE air, is a load of you-know-what! Whiners with nothing else to do. Get a Life already. Find a REAL  cause to champion, it's not like  there's a shortage of them! Okay, I have vented, I feel better now.

   On to Perverts. There are millions of them, everywhere we look, no matter where we live. Lebanon is no exception. Fortunately, most of ours are minor-league, behind closed doors, and adult only. Somebody has to keep the two drug paraphenalia and sex-toy shops in town alive, I guess.  Still we have a few perverts that are worrisome. There are several child predators in town, one of which concerns me greatly. Since he has never been reported or caught by the police, he is free to continue in his deplorable exploits. No one can say much either, because there isn't enough PROOF. The kids he targets are from dysfunctional homes, have disinterested or addicted parents or Parent, as is usually  the case. This man takes these boys under his wing, gives them money, video games, I-Pods, and in some cases, even cars. You know how they re-pay his kindness. They do not report him because he is the first person in thier lives to show an interest in them and provide them with the things they covet. Children who are starved for love make easy marks for pervs.

    Another one in Lebanon, is an older man with a taste for VERY young girls. I don't know if he has crossed the line with any of them, but I suspect he has. Sadly, he is well-respected among the people who do NOT suspect and has many friends with "Titles". Since the behaviors of these men are not, at this point, proveable, all we can do is keep a close eye on them, and we DO, to the best of our abilities. We cannot possibly watch them every minute, nor can we harass them or "stalk" them. It's a very delicate issue. Our best and only weapons are to keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. Nothing is more important than the safety of our kids.