PACT  ENTRIES   4-2012  to  8-2012

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by former Justice Darcy Poppey and sent to both the Chatham Courier and the Register-Star this morning. A woman named "Christy" called Ms. Poppey to confirm receipt of this letter and stated that it might be printed in "A Couple of Weeks".  Ms. Poppey then strongly suggested they print it THIS week as they managed to get to her home and take photos within 24 hours of the deck collapse and the story appeared in the very next issue of thier papers.

     FYI, these two news rags now refuse to print comments from PACT to ANY articles that appear in the papers, and ignore requests to have our recent Letter to the Editor printed re: the Conflict of Interest at the March Town Board Meeting . A group is organizing to demand removal of Gail Heinsohn as the local reporter and that she be replaced with a neutral reporter that does NOT live here and have personal prejudices against all Conservatives, Republicans, and PACT members.


To the Editor:


I would like to thank New Lebanon Fire Chief Bud Godfroy and the LVPA for assisting with the tragic accident that occurred at my home on March 24th. Oh wait…you didn’t. Had you responded, your snide comments to the injured parties about the accident being “interesting” or your comrades’ questioning my family if there was under-age drinking, would have been put to rest. 

Had you responded, you would have been able to assist with many innocent people that suffered severe injuries, rather than sit at the local coffee shop to get your chuckles. I guess your political aspirations and affiliations well exceed your humanity.

I would like to thank “Judge” Jack Nevers and his wife June for stopping at the end of our driveway to take pictures the day after the accident and interrogate my 12 year old son with questions about the accident (and laughing when you were told to move along). One would think someone in your position would have the decency to leave my family alone rather than try to create a story for our local paper. Perhaps, “Judge”, you should focus your time obtaining your certification so that you can actually earn the money our town pays you.

I would like to thank Gail Heinsohn for the wonderful reporting of this accident, and hoping to find some sort of wrongdoing for my throwing a surprise 40th birthday party with my family and friends.  I thank her for also, finally, refraining from libeling me (at least she is smart enough to realize I am no longer a public official) but continuing to harass me because of her own personal ill feelings toward me. Perhaps New Lebanon should have a reporter that does not LIVE in the town they report about.

I would like to thank the editors of the Chatham Courier and Register Star that did not find the under-age drinking that led to 26 arrests in my town this past January, to be any story at all (probably because the arrests occurred at the Republican Supervisor’s home) and made the 19 under-age drinking arrests in Ghent a 2nd page blurb, while a picture of my home was on the front page.  Apparently our local papers feel that Former Judge Poppey’s deck collapse was much more important than the need for awareness in our communities for our youth.

Lastly, I would truly like to thank Former Fire Chief Ben Wheeler, and his wife Sharon for coming to check on us and offer assistance as well as MANY people from the community that have offered their prayers and support.  I want to thank the many colleagues and fellow town and county officials that I worked with who also came through with well wishes to my family and friends that were injured.  I want to thank Chatham and Valatie Ambulance Squads for their prompt assistance and a very special thank you to Max Rose and Andrew Darcy for their wonderful   help with the injured that evening. Though I am disappointed with the actions of a select few of the local officials during this very difficult time, I am happy to know that most of my fellow residents are among the majority for humanity. Thank you.


Darcy L. Poppey

New Lebanon




I am thrilled to say that I have finally moved all the content of the old website to the new as of today! We are now complete and ready to roll. Had to move one page at a time, and it took DAYS, but it was worth it. Hardest part was figuring out how the new site worked and where everything is,etc.  One less job to do out of about a hundred. LOL!

    A friend of mine was telling me the other day that he had a conversation with a former Lebanon resident that goes by the nick-name of "Wheels". It took me a while to place the guy, even after I was told his full name, but when I was told that a registered sex-offender had lived WITH him in Lebanon, I remembered who it was, AND where he had lived. Apparently, this "Wheels" guy has an intense hatred for me and went on and on for half an hour about it. Funny thing is, we have never met or spoken, and up until tonight, I have never even uttered the man's name. Wierd,huh? I guess maybe he's a Liberal that has read this site and disagrees with my Conservative views. There are  Strange folks about.

    SO, tonight was the ZBA Meeting and the Speedway "Campground" was the only thing on the agenda. Although, Mr. Tittemore from Hill Road was present to attempt to appeal the Hanson decision. I guess he didn't want to hear that since it's a done-deal, he has to take it to court, not the ZBA. He is one persistent guy. Howard was there of course, and Louise, and the ever-present Tabloid Writer, Gail Heinsohn. Brucey was there, don't know why, maybe keeping wifey company .  All in the family, it's the Lebanon Way! Chuck Geraldi's ZBA term expired in Dec. 2011 and he was not replaced due to the new requirement that ZBAs be down-sized from 7 members to 5. Sadly, they are doing this through attrition and that is the only reason John Dax is still there. I hope they also recall that the terms have been shortened as well.

   What they did NOT recall tonight, is the fact that John Dax is RECUSED from ALL business involving Howard Commander and the Speedway. Not only did he NOT recuse, he did ALL the talking, made  motions, and openly admitted that he had inspected ALL documents involved in the issue, including the D.O.H report, the D.E.C and D.O.T, etc. Does anyone see that as RECUSAL?  Though I found Dax to be agreeable and polite for the first time in four years, he STILL violated recusal. AGAIN.    I just sat there and let him go, I recorded the meeting anyway.

    Since the decision on the Campground Permit is not up to the ZBA, but to the Town Board, they were acting in an "advisory" capacity tonight for the Town Board. (recusal still applies).  They actually DID decide in Howard's favor, with stipulations. More lighting over the "new" extra-wide crosswalk, the flashing beacon light will be put back into use,  and security will be present to assist in crossing spectators.  ZBA member Jeannine Tonetti had trouble understanding why a fence with one opening was not workable and would cause more problems, and insisted that spectators be forced to use the crosswalk. After the rest of the ZBA AND the public pretty much said, "Fat Chance of that!", she let it go. People will cross the road wherever they choose, believe me. I  worked traffic at the Fonda Speedway every Saturday night and people do not care what you tell them, they will do what they will do when they are in groups and rowdy. It is what it is.

      This Thursday night , Howard will be before the Stephentown ZBA at 7 p.m, and if you are a Moto-X supporter, your presence would be appreciated. I think it's time to back-off the Speedway, be grateful we HAVE it, and start looking at some of the REAL Zoning  problems in town! For instance, I heard through the grapevine that K.B Chittenden is finally being called to account for his farm disaster. Two old buildings will be coming down and the old homestead boarded up and posted, a tree or two removed,etc. Apparently, the electric power for the farm all runs through the old house, so extensive electrical work will be required in the next few weeks to change that. Then again, the house may STILL have to be taken down if D.E.C has THIER way. Seems they are looking into a big oil-spill in the basement sometime in the past and there is a P.C.B  issue?  My GOODNESS, you mean the Town Law is actually going to be applied to an OFFICIAL? THAT has to be a FIRST!!!!! 

        Maybe it WILL be a year of change in Lebanon. Possibly we will see officials forced to obey the same laws and rules as the peons or face some CONSEQUENCES. WOW! What a NOVEL idea!


I gave myself an entire day to mull over something I over-heard last night after the ZBA meeting. As you know, it's very difficult to say something if you cannot prove it right away, even if you KNOW it is 100% factual. In this case, I heard the words myself, first-hand, so WHAT was said is not in question here, and though I know what was meant by the statement, how do I PROVE the meaning to someone who was NOT there?  So I have been soul-searching all day and night, and I even discussed this with several other PACT members. The concensus seems to be that I am obligated to report what I heard and allow the readers to draw thier own conclusions.

     I no longer drive my Jeep Wrangler which was so recognizable to town officials. Some of them are not aware of the fact that I now drive a pickup again. Apparently, John Dax didn't know. When the meeting of the ZBA adjourned last night, I headed right out to my truck for a smoke and some cooler air. Since there were people inside still that I wanted to talk to, I sat in my truck and waited. I watched Mr. Tittemore and his neighbor leave together, then another pair came out. It was John Dax and a member of the ZBA. Unaware that I was only a few feet away and could clearly hear the conversation, Mr. Dax was chuckling and talking about how short and sweet the meeting had been. THEN, he said, " With all the injuries, things are nice and quiet".

     I immediately knew what he was referring to, but at the same time, I was so shocked to hear it, that I had to digest it for a few minutes. Is this the feeling of the officials in this town, that the injuries that occurred at the Poppey Party are a "Good" thing for THEM, because those who are fighting the corruption were among the injured?? Two of the outspoken are out-of-commission for a while, so they are GLOATING?  How absolutely horrible! If someone had been killed, would they have held a party to celebrate having one less opponent?  It's chilling to consider, isn't it?

     When Brucey developed a blood clot after his hip surgery, we didn't gloat, we prayed for his recovery. When Mike Benson's mom had a car accident , we prayed for HER. We don't hate our opponents, we hate thier behaviors. If any one of them suffered a tragedy, we would be concerned and offer assistance, but to be HAPPY about it?! Never. We want Justice and Accountability and Consequences, but we wish NO ONE any harm. We want the corrupt to be punished and removed, but we would never, EVER, wish them any tragedy or loss, or injury such as the ones that happened at the deck accident.

     I'm sure that some will say that John Dax COULD have been talking about something else, but I doubt it. It isn't impossible, but it is unlikely. Facts are, that I heard him say what he said with my own ears, period. I took it to the team and a few others I trust, (very few), and I was requested to tell you all what I heard. So now you are left to draw your own conclusions and form your own opinions. I have certainly formed MINE.        God Bless!  JJ



I'm sure that by now, most of you have read the Register-Star editorials and comments. WOW! And people say I have been angry? I know who almost every one of the commenters are. (I have my sources). One that I am NOT sure of, uses the moniker, "auntanna".  This woman comments on every editorial in the paper, every week. Most of the time, she makes MY anger look like a pre-school tantrum. She points fingers and forms opinions with nothing to back herself or her claims up. The "LEE V" guy is none other than Lee Frambach, step-son of Jack Nevers and major loser. He backs up his daddy regardless of whether he is right or wrong, as he cannot afford to give up his meal ticket. Geez Lee, aren't you like 50? Grow up and get a mind of your own, and a life would be nice too! Idiot.

     Anyway, I have to say that the comments are ALL based on what has been printed in the Chatham Rags by the biased reporter. If people had the intelligence and gumption to look into these issues and seek the truth, or at least BOTH versions of the stories, they might be more credible when they comment. They also may make CORRECT and FACTUAL comments instead of the un-informed drivel they are spewing on the comment pages.

    A couple of folks stated in thier comments that Poppey has no right to vent when she dared to state that the Benson party issue was not adequately covered, while HER accident WAS. Let's address that.  First let me say that the Benson party is a dead issue. We got a little mileage out of it at the time and it aided us in confirming that the Columbia County officials and Sheriff's Department are complicit. At the same time, we made it clear that kids will be kids and the party itself was NOT the issue. What WAS the issue, was the cover-up of the facts surrounding the party because it was the home of a highly-protected, Republican( RINO) that happens to be the Lebanon Town Supervisor.  The kids were never the target, the cover-up, WAS.

   In the Poppey case, this accident was never the subject of any cover-up, nor was it a result of any wrong-doing. It was an un-forseeable ACCIDENT and averted becoming a tragedy only by the Grace of God. Yet people in New Lebanon, and apparently beyond, find it to be ammunition for some imagined mis-conduct on the part of Ms. Poppey. Some, especially those in official positions, even find it "amusing" and something to "gloat" over, and that is just demented. Lee Frambach tries to tell people via his comments in the paper, that Jack Nevers is a respected and honorable man. REALLY?  Then why did he and his wife stop at the Poppey home, illegally question her minor child, take photos of the deck, then laugh at Ms. Poppey and her fiance'?   Where is the "Humor" in broken bones and stitches? I don't see it, but obviously, many town officials do.

     WHY? They are smug about the accident because they feel it is pay-back to some of the people who are fighting to expose thier mis-conduct and crimes. John Dax seems to think our organization has been crippled by this accident, but guess what? Not even CLOSE! There are only two people still out-of-commission due to injuries, and PACT is a LOT bigger than that! It would take a weekly accident for a YEAR, to shut us down. Even then, we would fight from our beds and wheelchairs. We are here to STAY.  The people who make the nasty and twisted comments in the papers are in for a HUGE surprise this year, as several of thier "darlings" will be removed from office. Despite the proof posted on this website in NUMEROUS places, of the violations perpetrated by local officials, many,many people still don't get it. Some, because they are just plain DUMB, others, because they are in denial. They KNOW in thier hearts that what has and IS going on in this town is illegal, but they don't WANT to admit it. Who wants to admit they voted for criminals?

     Speaking of which, what are y'all thinking about the Town Hall Project plans being ready for viewing this coming Tuesday night? I have to say I'm more than a little surprised. I recall all the other plans taking quite some time to be prepared before the public got to see them, many months in fact. So what does it mean that this set of plans is ready so soon?  Are they plans that were prepared by Joe Iuviene, the "former" architect? Benson's choice of "NEW" architect could not POSSIBLY have done this job in less than three months, could he? UNLESS, he had been working on them well in advance of the election? Hmmm. I find that a VERY interesting concept that deserves pondering. I also find it interesting that the new owners of the former Judy's Gifts, are working diligently in the building, but haven't yet applied for the necessary permits requested by the town Building Inspector. Oh yeah, I forgot, the new owner is best friends with Benson's wife. Which is ALSO why the former engineering firm was fired, because they wanted D.O.T to check on the curb-cuts at this new business as they have with every other. According to Benson, stated by him DIRECTLY to ME, "we cannot afford to lose more businesses because of D.O.T". He also stated that he had personally guaranteed the Hunt woman that she would have NO problems getting her business up and running and he would "Take Care of Her".

      Interesting, as I don't remember any officials coming to the personal aid of Bob Mittnight, or Kevin Smith, or the folks who bought the old Kendall House, etc., etc. Must have something to do with "New Leadership". Now don't get me wrong here, I too think that D.O.T has entirely too many unnecessary requirements and too much to say about what we do in OUR town. They were, after all, 50% responsible for the loss of Hannaford. HOWEVER, I ALSO feel that if ONE new business is required to follow the rules concerning curb-cuts and D.O.T approval, then ALL new businesses should have to do the same. If D.O.T is going to be by-passed in the process for ONE business, then it should be by-passed for ALL businesses. What exactly is FAIR? No official, Supervisors included, have the right to extend Special Treatment to any one business because they are friends or for any OTHER reason. Yet that is exactly what has happened with the future Blueberry Hill Cafe. These are the things that any sane individual with Common Sense, KNOWS are WRONG. Yet they remain complacent, just like they do when we put the proof of mis-conduct directly under thier noses.

     People are lazy and self-centered, and don't want to get "involved". Much like the rare people who refuse to sign a petition, even if they agree with the issues. They are "afraid".  Of WHAT??!  Do you really think that if you sign your name to a petition, the local officials will call and yell at you, burn down your house, raise your taxes, WHAT?  Geez people, grow up and take a stand ! Show a little Chutzpah for once. I get weary just THINKING about the lack of courage and intestinal fortitude among humans today. Especially men. Where are the heroes, where is the Chivalry? Turn off the idiot tube and get out and get involved in what matters. Be MEN. So far, it's the girls that are doing all the hard stuff and taking all the stands and the abuse that results. Let's see some Testosterone for a change,huh? 

    In closing today, I want to remind you once again, that if you are a Speedway supporter, please try to make tonight's meeting at the Stephentown Town Hall at 7 p.m. Public Hearing tonight.  ALSO, I am appalled at how many locals have not even bothered to call former Supervisor Robertson in the hospital and wish her well.    Despite what some of you may THINK, Meg CARED about the people of this town, unlike the "New Leadership".  Shame on you.



I am concerned about friends and acquaintances tonight.  Two dear friends are in hospitals, one getting better, one not improving at all. Two other people I cherish are suffering with depression. Another is battling with stress and anger. All of these folks are good people with gifts and talents and so much to offer the rest of the world. Many of us are all too familiar with the emotions these folks are facing right now, it is part of being human. For Believers, there is an endless well of Strength in our God if we have learned the difficult art of letting go and letting HIM. It takes practice and Faith to let go of the way we have always done things and turn the wheel over to the Father.  For those who are wandering through life alone, the dark emotions are often unbearable and they become hopeless. Sometimes, Believers too, fail to let go and stop trying to control everything in thier lives. Our own plans are often not in sync with the plans God has for us. Rather than see it that way, people sometimes fight to regain that control that was never really thiers at all!

   I often wonder how non-believers can close thier eyes at night and open them in the morning without the comfort of knowing that God is watching over them, and that they have a place in Heaven. I could never deal with it. The world we live in today is so cold and cruel, our country is falling apart at the speed of sound, and the endless issues we face in our lives and communities can be overwhelming. Yet as a Christian, I don't feel fear or hopelessness anymore.  There is no longer any such thing as lonliness because I am never alone. Death holds no dread when you have the blessed assurance of where you are going to spend eternity.

    I'm not a psychologist, but I do know that love and persistent friendship can be very healing, and along with prayer, it is all we can do for our loved ones who are suffering. The hard part is knowing when to be firm and when to be gentle. I know that God wants us to be both. There are times when strength is called for, and times when gentleness is the answer. There are times that  we must be angry and take a stand, and other times when we are called to be still. It can be a real tight-rope act sometimes. Still, I believe that Strength and Gentleness are inextricably linked. One is of no use without the other.  Which is why, if one is absent, the other usually is as well.  I see the lack of these vital traits in the people who I daily call to task, our officials, our reporters, our police and judges. As much as they vex me, they also sadden me by thier lack of knowledge of what they are missing, of who they COULD be if they chose the right path. Thier attacks upon those who ARE trying to do what's right, the people who are depressed and angry because they are persecuted for choosing to hold themselves above the corruption and lies. Being a GOOD person requires both Strength and Gentleness, and the people I am concerned about, ALL have both, but I don't think they know it.

     So for now, I'll do my best to remind them every day, and use that powerful combination to help them see that there is ALWAYS hope, that the sun ALWAYS comes up, even when you can't feel its' warmth. God is always there, even though you can't see Him.   Every day is born fresh and new, and my friends, you too can be fresh and new if you lift your eyes skyward and draw on your Faith. There is no place for depression in a Christian heart, so when you get up later this morning, concentrate on drawing out the Strength, and the Gentleness will follow!  Sleep Well.  JJ



I know you all remember my outrage over the Trayvon Martin hullabaloo and the demonstrations and near-riots that resulted. I said more than once, that if Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, the news story would have stayed in Florida, yes? Well ,check THIS out !

Subject: Where are Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Obama on this?
A week ago, in Tulsa , Oklahoma , a black kid named Tyrone Woodfork severely beat an elderly couple, a Mr . & Mrs . Strait , who had been married for 65 years . Tyrone RAPED Mrs . Strait, and she died of injuries received at his hands . Mr . Strait served in the 101st Airborne during WWII . NO national media carried the story . Tyrone was arrested yesterday .

I supposed that if Mr . Strait had shot Tyrone, the whole country
would know about the story . As it is, only Mrs . Strait died, so it's not of interest to Brian Williams and the rest of the main stream media .

Think about it . After 65 years of marriage . After serving our country . After 90 years of life, Mr . Strait has lost his wife to a rapist/murderer . NO ONE in the national media gives a flip .
Man charged with murder in deadly home invasion
Tyrone Woodfork, arrested on murder complaint for beating death of 85-year-old Nancy Strait . Her husband, Bob Strait , 90, was also severely beaten . COURTESY

By JERRY WOFFORD World Staff Writer
Published: 3/26/2012 4:53 PM
Last Modified: 3/26/2012 4:53 PM

A man accused of assaulting an elderly couple this month was formally charged Monday .

Tyrone Woodfork, 20, was charged in Tulsa County District Court with felony first-degree murder, two counts of robbery with a firearm and first-degree burglary .
Bob and Nancy Strait were assaulted March 14 in their home in the 3300 block of East Virgin Street . Nancy Strait died March 15 from injuries related to the assault . She was also raped . Bob Strait is still recovering from multiple injuries and has been re-admitted to a hospital .
Woodfork was arrested March 15 after witnesses reported seeing the couple’s stolen 2001 Dodge Neon in the 3500 block of East Fourth Street . He remains in the Tulsa Jail without bond .


Responses of the Week    4-6-2012


    I enjoy hearing from my readers, and I do hear from them often! Strangely enough, the Hate Mail has dwindled down to nearly nothing. I'm not complaining mind you, Hate Mail can be discouraging sometimes even though it's part of the job and we expect it. Responses that are supportive and appreciative or provide info are very nice to receive, as are questions from the public that we can help with.  This was a fairly busy week politically, and being Easter Week, it was busy on that end as well. Great Passover Dinner at our church tonight. I found out that I do NOT care for Horseradish. It was my first and LAST taste of THAT stuff! Yuck! My Jewish friends can have my share of that AND the Matzo crackers. Hear that, Jules?

     In about five hours from now, I will be at church for my hour of prayer vigil, and I look forward to that. As hard as things are in Israel right now, I would LOVE to be there this weekend. The vigil is the closest I can come.

      Lots of things to mull over this weekend following several Letters to Editors in the local papers and more public division and shameful behaviors. The Eastwick press, my all-time favorite paper, printed the wrong letter from me in error, partly thiers, partly mine, but that's okay. It is what it is. They have promised to print the right one next week, which to me is actually the more vital of the two letters. It deals with the events surrounding the appointment of Christopher Steadman to the Ethics Board and the Conflict of Interest surrounding that appointment.

      The matter of the Lebanon Fire Department's failure to show at the Poppey deck accident has heated up among the people this week. According to an official of the LVPA, they were never dispatched by the county, and all involved have been officially chewed-out. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere along the line, so it will be hard to lay blame in any one direction. I DO know this; that the LVPA is planning a meeting to address issues such as this to prevent a repetition of it. Can't ask for more than that.

    Unfortunately, due to the recent division among the people of New Lebanon, this failure to show was seen by many as a deliberate action, or IN-action. Many have asked if they would have failed to show up if the accident had been at any other home but Poppey's. All I can say is what I, personally think, as there is no way to prove anything else. I don't believe that the entire LVPA would deliberately ignore any call for help. There may be a few individual members that would not show on purpose, but I think they would be VERY few. There's a lot of bias in this town, even in the LVPA, but I feel in my heart, that the majority of the volunteers are dedicated to the safety of thier towns-people, no matter who they are or how they feel about them. The failure of the LVPA to respond to this accident, was to ME, a coincidence and a failure somewhere else in the system. I really don't think they were to blame. I also think this was a wake-up call for the 911 system and will never happen again.

     Another issue the people have mixed feelings about, is the email that went out about the park clean-up day. Some think it's a great idea and may serve to unite folks and begin re-building a sense of community. Others are outraged that our taxes pay for park maintenance personnel and why should the people have to go out and clean it? LOL! Well, I can see the validity of both sides. I look at it this way; if you enjoy the outdoors, have kids that use the park, or just have a volunteer heart, go to the park and rake. If you are a busy person, never set foot in the park, or hate yardwork, stay home. See how easy THAT was? The email was simply informational and no one is being forced to do anything. I DO think it would be nice to see the kids out there helping though, as I believe it would give them a sense of ownership, which in turn, would instill more respect for the park and diminish the number of vandalism issues. Just sayin'.

     That sense of "Ownership" is one of the best things about small towns. To feel a part of something, a belonging to and investment in the place where you live, can be a wonderful thing, and not just for children. It's how communities that are successful, got that way! The triumphs and trials belong to us ALL.  Which brings me to the next item of the week, the applicants for the Ethics Board vacancies. I have read each and every letter of interest that was submitted for those positions and I am now more astounded at the choices that were made than I was at the meeting when they were made!

      There are no special requirements for applicants, no specialized experience or training, just the basics, such as being of majority age and a resident of New Lebanon. Other than that, there appear to be no guidelines. Which means that the only requirement in appointing someone to the Ethics Board, is Common Sense and some integrity on the part of those who appoint. Needless to say, those values are and were absent among at least three of the four councilmen who voted last month, and the results prove that. It would seem to me, that if someone has a criminal record, is a drug-addict, or has displayed a lack of Ethics in thier own lives, they should not be considered for the Ethics board. This board should at the very LEAST, require ETHICAL members, wouldn't you think?

    So exactly where does Christopher Steadman fit into the equation? We all KNOW he has no ethics and violated both NYS Election and Penal Law. Yet he was chosen above people with NO prior history of questionable behaviors and FAR more experience in local government. The other appointee, a Mrs. Tafoe, also has no experience in politics or any asset that stood out enough to make her a candidate. Yet there were other applicants that were AWESOME candidates for the Ethics Board! Wayne Martin, who you already know was deliberately passed over despite having served the final six-weeks of Never's term last year and submitting TWO Letters of Interest. You also know WHY he was passed over, and if you don't, ask Brucey.

     Wayne submitted an excellent resume', which included his many years as a town official, a volunteer fireman, a business owner, and a member of several other note-worthy organizations. He has always lived and worked here, raised his kids here, and never, ever was accused of ANYTHING questionable in his entire life! Passed over.

     A retired  lawyer who practiced in the Ethics Field for many,many years, was also dis-qualified because he is a part-time resident. Oh boy, do we dare go THERE? You all know very well how I feel about part-timers and newcomers serving on boards. They have no right to do so. Period. However, since when do the OFFICIALS agree with that? Remember David Katzenstein, former Town Supervisor who not only did not live in Lebanon, but didn't even live in NY State? How about good ol' Stan Koloski who cost this town so much agony and $108,000.00 in litigation costs? HE lived in Valatie! We objected to that repeatedly and they did NOTHING as usual! Actually , what they DID, was amend the By-Laws to accomadate non-residents!! MORE double-standards. GAG.

     Another excellent applicant was a local, older woman who EVERYBODY loves and respects and who has a real heart for this town and for honesty in our local government. She is involved and active, attends meetings and volunteers. Passed Over.  It goes on and on, but you get the picture. Rather than appoint Wayne or this  woman I just mentioned, who were and are the most qualified, they appointed thier "friends" who in the case of Steadman, is a proven law-breaker, and in the case of Mrs. Tafoe, has no outstanding assets to bring to the table, at least not when compared to the other applicants. It is called "DECK-STACKING" folks. Pre-meditated, collusive and deplorable prejudice.

    Any resident of this town that will sit still for THAT, is just as guilty as those who made the appointments. Maybe MORE guilty.  When you ignore the mis-conduct, you become a part OF it. ( what is it with the font issues here? changes all by itself.) Anyway, think about it, it's important to us all and to the future of the government of this town. The Ethics Board issues that we have been experiencing since December of 2011 are the last straw in the corruption of our officials, and you should all be outraged.

      I also received an email from Darcy Poppey  in response to a post I wrote earlier this week, and I will include that below for you all to read. Remember that the Town Board meets this coming Tuesday night at the firehouse at 7 p.m and the plans for the Town Hall renovations will be available for you to see and comment on. Also keep in mind that you are free to ask to be heard re: the Conflict in the Ethics board appointments or anything else that concerns you.


From Darcy Poppey:


Hi JJ: In reading yesterday's PACT post and in light of the backlash that I received trying to do the right thing while I was in office, I can whole-heartedly understand why many people are afraid to voice their opinions or sign petitions.
I have lived here since I was just under two years old. I remember my "community". That word no longer exists in New Lebanon. Our various boards are filled with part-timers, city-transplants and wealthy upper class individuals that do not believe in community. For example, how many people that sit on these Boards showed up to help Mr. Larabee this winter with the ice-rink? I can tell you. 4 (and two of those were children).
Perhaps because no pictures were splattered across the papers like they were for the Pancake Breakfast Benefit or the Installation Dinner.
Only two...TWO of my neighbors (which actually are on Mill Road) contacted us to check on everyone ( I say this regarding all of my family and friends that were injured along with Adam and I). I recall this summer going to the local coffee shop, and God forbid people respond when I say good morning; and yes, this was and is especially the case with our elected officials and volunteers. It seems this town wants to segregate itself from the community and for that I am troubled.
New Lebanon does not seem to want community. Community=everyone. New Lebanon went awry when we chose to have political hounds come in and take over OUR community. And from what I witnessed in the 6 years I worked for the Town, the political hounds not only lack ethics and morals; they reek of corruption and dysfunction.
I just wanted you to know that as a person that has suffered severe retaliation for trying to serve my community sans political agenda; yes, I can surely understand why people want to close their doors and forget about community.
Thank you for checking on all of us and God Bless !
Discernment    4-7-2012

  Happy Saturday !  Did everyone sleep in this morning? JJ did!  Went to the church at 2 this morning for my hour of Prayer Vigil. I have to share what it was like with you, believers and non-believers alike, because it was so awesome and such a new experience for me. When I arrived at the church, all was silent and dark, no traffic, no people anywhere in town. I didn't pass a single car on the way over or the way back. All I could think of was the Little Town of Bethlehem , how still we see thee lie. Peaceful.  It was strange to enter the church at that time of night, since churches are always locked-up at night these days.

    The first thing that hit me was the aroma. There was a beautiful scent to the church that I hadn't ever noticed before. Usually, it just smells like a church, you know, books and wood, lingering perfumes from ladies who sat in the pews on Sunday. This was very different and I actually thought that there might be incense burning. I opened the door to the sanctuary and the scent was stronger, a perfect accent to the dim lighting at the prayer table at the front. All the wood glistened and lent soft light to the unlit areas of the church. It was amazing! 

    The prayer table was set up before the altar, with a chair, a Bible, and a list of prayer requests. I took my seat and began my prayers, and the hour had passed before I even thought to look up at the clock for the first time. Before I left,which I really didn't want to do, I could have stayed all night, I did something I have wanted to do since the first time I walked into that pretty old church. I opened the organ. I have been dying to see it for many months, but I wanted to be alone when I did. It was gorgeous. Every keyboardist's dream! I couldn't help myself. I sat on the bench and turned on the power. Since it was 3:10 a.m, I didn't want to disturb anyone, but I had the need to play something for the Lord before I left the church, and I did. I played quietly for 10 minutes or so, then closed the organ and left the church . I haven't felt that peaceful and content in a long, long time.

   I don't know if I will ever be able to play in church publicly again or not. It's still a sore spot for me that brings up the horrors of East Nassau that I work diligently to leave behind. Someday, maybe. I'll leave that up to the Lord. For now, it's enough that I had the chance to see that awesome instrument and actually play it. I played Amazing Grace and a song I wrote called, "I'm Going Home", and that was sufficient. I'm content. It's a nice feeling, contentment.  If only we could all feel that way, all the time. If each of us could be happy with what we have, grateful for our blessings, and willing to share those things no matter how few they may be, this would be a wonderful world. Every single human being on this earth has God-Given gifts. What God gives, he expects to be shared among us. I'm not saying that we should all take in the homeless to live in our houses, or feed everyone we meet, or let a stranger use our car. I'm talking about the gifts of the heart.

    Compassion, patience, understanding, honesty, comfort. Teaching, nurturing, healing, counseling; all of these things are things we can and should share with others. Things that are not material, that you cannot charge to your Visa Card or write a check for. These are things that no one can put a price on. The price was paid on the cross, and our responsibility and gratitude for that payment, is to share what we've been given.   There are SO many religions and sects and cults and dangerous leaders in the world, and we have to be ever-vigilant to know what the Word tells us is right and what is wrong. Discernment, another gift of God. I've met and listened to many pastors, and was blessed to be able to discern among them. I have several Pastors as friends, yet they cannot be my pastor. My warnings to the people of the East Nassau Church about the pastor they had chosen to fill our pulpit, caused more division and destruction of relationships I have ever seen until the Benson issue, and even that pales in comparison to what happened in that church.

      My husband was not even in agreement with me for several months of that long siege, which made it all the more difficult to stand firm in my conviction about this pastor. It was agonizing, but I refused to give in and for a long time, stood alone. Eventually, my husband's eyes were opened and he stood WITH me. We knew it was time to leave the future of that church in God's Hands and move on. We did that, and began a search for the RIGHT church, the RIGHT Pastor, and that too, was exhausting. Spiritual exhaustion is nothing like exhaustion of any other type, it is all-consuming and very, very painful. I know that many of my readers have experienced it and can relate to what I'm saying. The gift of discernment eventually led us right back home to Lebanon Springs, to the healthy church we now attend. Our Pastor is a sound and devoted shepherd, and everything a strong Christian leader SHOULD be. We have found our church home.

   The "new" Pastor at the East Nassau church didn't last a year. He was fired for the very reasons I objected to from the start.

   Discernment is not just reserved for spiritual matters in our lives, it applies to EVERYTHING in our lives. From whom we will marry to what schools to send our children to and everything in-between. It applies to our choices of political leaders as much as it does to our spiritual ones. Discernment is listening for that small, still voice to tell us what is right. Not all of us have the ability to discern, but we all CAN have it. It's a gift, not a guarantee. It's something we are given when we give ourselves to God. It is received when we take our own hands off the reins and give them over to Him. It comes when we have Faith and Trust in the One who made us and wants the best FOR us. Discernment cannot be learned from reading a book or taking a class, it can only be given. Once it is received, it must be obeyed as well. Then, the contentment can come, the right choices can be made, and the other gifts, can be shared.

        Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and all over this country, children will hunt for colorful eggs and hidden baskets of candy. There will be ham dinners and new clothes and hats with Spring flowers on them. Churches will see a jump in attendance,as people who don't think about spiritual things the rest of the year make thier obligatory visit to a local church. Still, many of them will be in a hurry to go home and get to the goodies, missing the true depth of the meaning of the day. They will change into thier daily clothes and return to thier daily lives and never give it another thought until this time next year. That saddens me, much the  way the Christmas season does for the same reason. God is there for US 24 hours a day, seven days a week, yet so few of us think about that or are willing to give Him an hour out of our busy lives each week.

      Spring is a New Beginning in so many ways. Why not let this Spring be a New Beginning for YOU? Get to know God and build a relationship with Him this year. Receive His gifts, then go out and share them with those you love and those you haven't yet met.

Today's News Byte:

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

If you are sick and tired of skyrocketing gas prices, please see below and take action.


Under President Obama, gas prices have more than doubled -- from an average of $1.85 on Inauguration Day 2009 to $3.92 this past week.

That means the average American family is paying $2,200 more per year in gas today than when Obama came into office. And that is only the increased spending on gas. As gas prices increase, the cost of just about every other product increases as well.

And Obama is largely to blame...

That’s because instead of taking action to dramatically expand American energy production, Obama has resisted new offshore drilling, rejected the Keystone pipeline that would give America access to Canada’s vast oil reserves, and kept much of our known domestic oil reserves off limits.

Obama is so opposed to significant increases in domestic oil production that he goes so far as to claim that “increased [domestic] production doesn’t lower gas prices.” Instead, the President has once again "doubled down" on his so-called Green Energy agenda -- an agenda that already is over-funded by our tax dollars with little return in actual energy production.

+ + How Obama's "Green" Agenda Hurts Families

The fact is, Obama’s energy policies have damaged our economy by putting a stranglehold on American energy - - driving up gas prices, taking away American jobs and worsening our dependence on foreign oil.

The key to our energy independence is not more wind farms or taxpayer-funded Solyndra boondoggles or crazy EPA "work at home" guidelines. It's much simpler -- AMERICA MUST PRODUCE MORE OF OUR OWN OIL AND NATURAL GAS! And the Left's claim that we lack the natural resources is simply not true. Analysts say Canada and the U.S. together have 400-800 YEARS of recoverable oil resources!

Plus, domestic oil production creates jobs and strengthens our economy. A former Chief Economist at the U.S. Trade Commission says that doubling our domestic oil production would add 2.5 million jobs and $250 billion to our economy -- and cut our dependency on foreign oil and the terrorist-laden oil producing nations in half.

+ + Petition to “Set American Oil Free”

It’s time for Americans to stand up and demand that Obama and Congress “SET AMERICAN OIL FREE!”

Grassfire Nation has launched a Citizen Petition to address the skyrocketing gas prices and Obama’s anti-American energy policy. Now, we want to flood the White House with hundreds of thousands of petitions from citizens demanding that Obama and Congress "Set American Oil Free.”

If you are tired of rising gas prices and government policies that restrict domestic oil production and leave us dependent on foreign nations, go here to sign the petition:

Our economy is suffering and our families are paying a high price because Obama and the Left are pushing their radical green agenda over the interests of the American people. Please sign the petition to "Set American Oil Free."

Thanks in advance for taking a stand.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

P.S. In the past week, Obama once again blocked increased domestic production by requiring another “environmental study” that could take 3-5 years. We must break the Obama stranglehold on American oil. Please sign the petition and then invite your friends to sign as well.




    The matter of the Fire Department's failure to respond to the Poppey deck accident is now beyond "Heated". It has become a full-fledged conflagration that all the volunteer firemen in the county could not extinguish.  I'm going to list some of the FACTS surrounding the issue and save "opinions" for afterwards.

FIRST, I have received conflicting stories from numerous people. The LVPA president, Mark Sheline Sr., told me that the LVPA was not called out that night and that nothing came over the scanners. No member of the LVPA was aware of the incident.

SECOND, Cell-phone texts were sent by 911 in Hudson to all LVPA members and even the former Supervisor who remains in the hospital. These text messages clearly state that there was an accident with possibly 6 injured people, the address, the date and time, etc. YES, I have personally SEEN one of those texts.

THIRD, The accident occurred before 9:30 p.m, and everyone knows that volunteer firemen practically sleep with thier scanners and beepers, yet LVPA states that no message or tones went out over the scanners.

FOURTH, according to other First Responders in surrounding towns, the tones DID go out as well as the verbal call for assistance at the Poppey address for 6 injured in a deck collapse.  

FIFTH, the LVPA sirens did not activate.

Sixth, NO police agency sent a single car.

   Those are just the FACTS, things that are proven by existing evidence.

         NOW, let's ask some questions. First of all, WHAT HAPPENED HERE?  Since the LVPA members received text messages AND the call was announced over the scanners, WHERE WERE THEY? WHY didn't even ONE member respond?  Even if ONLY the ambulances had been dispatched, many of our LVPA members would have heard it, as like I said, they are glued to thier beepers and scanners.  Four people who were present at the Poppey residence when the accident occurred, called 911. FOUR. Yet no police agency or LVPA members responded?  When the ambulances did arrive, there were not enough of them, and the most seriously injured person was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle!

       Far too many questions here. SOMETHING stinks. It's now a matter of uncovering WHO exactly needs to clean thier refrigerator. Or have thier clock-cleaned. The entire Columbia County 911 system is on the hot seat right now and an investigation has been launched that may reveal some things we hope NOT to see.

       The thing that really bothers me, is the fact that it is possible that an entire fire department would deliberately ignore a call for help based on personal prejudice and a need for retaliation against a Whistle-Blower. How do we wrap our heads around something that heinous? If it turns out that this is what happened, people better go to jail! The LVPA BETTER be dis-banded. Imagine what this will cost the taxpayers in lawsuits? It boggles the mind. It will also be a wake-up call to those of you who have refused to admit the depth of the corruption that exists in New Lebanon.

    The on-going battle being waged on the comment sections of the Chatham papers in response to Poppey's letter, is despicable. Two of June Never's "children" have made the most hateful and cruel comments, which tells you something about THIER character, or LACK of. Lee Frambach, the over-grown Baby Huey who has yet to grow up, listed his step-daddy's ASSETS and accomplishments. LOL!  I asked him if he would like ME to list MY record of Jack Never's accomplishments! I don't think he WOULD. Lee claimed that Jack will bring integrity back to the court. Would that be the same court that he and his shadow, Shaun McHugh, destroyed? The same court it took Poppey years to re-build and clean up? The same court where Jack sent a 16 year old girl to jail for losing her cheer-leader uniform because a close friend of his had paid for the uniform and no longer liked the girl because she didn't get along with THIER kid? The SAME court, where money went missing under McHugh's watch and Poppey was blamed for it? The same COURT, that fired a top-notch employee because she was too honest and exacting and would prevent any further corruption once Jack was voted in this year? Need I continue???? I CAN!

      So, Lee Frambach and his sister can put that in thier pipes and smoke it, and if they want more of MY list of Never's accomplishments, I will be happy to oblige.  The great "character" that Frambach attributes to Nevers, was blatantly absent when Nevers and his wife went to Poppey's residence the day after the accident.  A perfect opportunity to exhibit maturity and integrity by reaching out to Poppey and offerring assistance and compassion, and possibly mending fences, was ignored by both Jack and June. Instead they chose to poke fun and interrogate a 12 year-old child! Yeah, that's the guy so many of you voted for to judge you and your family and friends. THAT is the man that worked diligently with McHugh the perv, to make Poppey look like the bad apple in order to hide thier own crimes, regain control of the court, and retaliate for Poppey's attempts to gain justice and awareness of what these men had done and WILL do now that Jack is back in office. Are you GETTING it YET?

    All of you who have repeatedly and relentlessly attacked Poppey since the day she filed that Article 78, have had it WRONG. This website has a full page of the PROOF of what REALLY happened, yet you continue to deny it and attack Poppey for doing what PACT does every day. Well, guess what? Poppey is a lot like ME, she is a fighter and she is honest and determined and will NOT rest until justice IS done and all her attackers have no more argument. She can and WILL prove to you all where the truth actually lies. Hopefully, there will be a lot of apologies coming to her from people with rotten egg on thier faces. Not likely, but that's what SHOULD happen. Personally, I don't need anyone's apologies, because I don't CARE if people don't like me or agree with my views. I do what I know is RIGHT, and if anyone has an issue with that, tough. It's THIER problem, not MINE.

       Now, why is it that not one single LVPA member has even called Meg Robertson to ask how she is doing or to wish her well? WHY has Supervisor Benson not called or sent a card? Not a sound from ANY of the councilmen, either. Where is the community in helping to clean up the Poppey deck, or ask how they can help any of those who were injured and out-of-work? Has anyone asked what they can do for Meg when she finally comes home? Or her Mom?    When Lebanon experienced that horrible house fire this winter and a fellow resident lost his life, this town came to thier feet and stepped-up in a way that made us all proud. It was a wonderful thing to see. THIS incident, though much less tragic, was still a tragedy. The injured were and are our friends and neighbors and though the accident is over, the consequences remain. People still have needs as a result of the accident, but no one is there for them. WHY? WHO is pulling the strings of hate and retaliation? WHO is working SO hard to continue to make Poppey look like the Bad Guy when in reality, she is one of the Heroes, and a Champion of Truth?

     Where is the respect and human decency? Ahh, SEE? THIS is what I have been trying to tell you all for five years now. There IS no integrity among our officials. They are all about themselves and thier agendas and will step on thier own mamas to climb the next rung on the ladder of power. I said numerous times in the past, that if the corruption in New Lebanon is not dealt with and corrected, someone would get hurt. I told Cuomo that when HE was the Attorney General, and I have said the same to numerous other state-level officials.  So what say they NOW? People could easily have died in this accident, and many were hurt, one seriously. If this turns out to have been a deliberate, political act of retaliation, and it well might, what will they say THEN?  What will those of you who have continued to support the corrupt, say then?

      Voting is one of the most serious responsibilities and rights that we as Americans have. Yet in this town of 2300 souls, barely 750 people vote. THAT is sad, THAT is shameful. THAT, is how the scum-bags win elections. The Liberals register to vote and get what they want. The rest of you, shirk your responsibility and don't bother. I am especially ashamed of the women who do not vote, considering the suffragettes who put thier marriages,reputations and LIVES on the line to win the RIGHT for American women to vote! Get off your lazy rear-ends and register to VOTE! Then USE that right to do the responsible thing and vote for the BEST candidates for the town and its' people, and in November, for the future of this country!  Yes, votes are sometimes tampered with as they were in this town last November, but landslides are hard to argue with. Stand up and DO IT!

     Heaven forbid that the next accident that is not responded to involves someone you love or you, yourself. Is that what it will take to drive the truth home to you? What WILL it take to get it through the thick heads of those of you who are in denial, that this town is Dangerously Corrupt? When lives are put in peril because of bias or grudges, we are ALL in danger. Wake Up before it touches YOU!

Today's News Byte:

America’s Priorities In Six Words

April 12, 2012 by

America’s Priorities In Six Words
"Federal government is overgrown and overweight." The words of President Ronald Reagan may hold more truth now for many Americans than ever before.

In the spirit of the traditional, memorable six-word phrases often recited by Presidential candidates on the campaign trail, the National Constitution Center is inviting Americans to share what their six-word message would be if they were running for the Nation’s highest office.

Some examples of Presidential stumps:

  • “Restore America to its own people.”
    –Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “The old ways will not do.”
    –John F. Kennedy
  • “Federal government is overgrown and overweight.”
    –Ronald Reagan
  • “Read my lips: no new taxes.”
    –George H.W. Bush
  • “Our government should work for us.”
    –Barack Obama

In partnership with SMITH Magazine, the center is asking Americans to submit phrases to the Six-Word Memoir® project starting April 24. The submissions will be displayed on screens in the National Constitutional Center’s main exhibit in Philadelphia. In addition, the center plans to analyze words and phrases in the submissions and organize them in dynamic charts, maps and word clouds that reveal information about election priorities across geography and party affiliation.

“The Address America initiative is a unique and accessible way for people across the country to engage in the pivotal 2012 election,” said National Constitution Center President and CEO David Eisner. “There is no better time to launch this program than on April 24 – the day when several states, including Pennsylvania, hold their primaries, and we celebrate our freedom to vote. We hope visitors of all ages will join us to share in the excitement and make their voices heard through a six-word stump speech.”

Beginning April 24, you can participate in the project here


4-9-2012  STOP Already!

   I am absolutely disgusted at the endless battle being waged in the Chatham Rags comment sections.  I've tried to avoid reading any of it, but folks keep telling me to go look at this or that comment. This morning, I went in and told those who keep hammering away, while telling everyone ELSE to let it go, that THEY need to stop, now. Everyone knows where the others stand by now, and enough is enough.  June Nevers' children are the worst offenders. In thier efforts to defend thier parents, they have managed only to show how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Thier behavior is childish and vindictive and without merit, as they are naturally biased in favor of family, as are most people.

    I find this entire situation to be extremely sad and shameful, and I don't know if I will EVER understand it. I have always had great respect for all first responders, even though they, like every other organization, have thier losers and wanna-bes. Still, where would we be without them? I know many GOOD people that belong to the LVPA and many NOT so good. Which is why I question the lack of response. If those texts went out, where were they? What happened?  An investigation is under way by County 911, and we need to just be patient and see what comes of it, THEN deal with the results of the probe. In the meantime, life goes on and there are other things for us all to do with our time.

    Where the Nevers are concerned, thier actions only serve to prove who they really are, and I can only hope that thier supporters are ashamed. If they are not, then they are no better. I know for certain, that time always reveals the truth of things, sometimes in days, sometimes months or years, but the truth always comes into the light eventually. All we can do is go about our regular daily routines and be patient. Once the investigation is completed, the issue can be dealt with and the blame laid at the feet of those responsible, but for now, we don't KNOW for certain what happened, and as a result, cannot yet convict anyone. Wait and see, that's all we can do for now.  

     Those who are angry and upset over this latest issue can direct your emotions toward the things we CAN prove, and work to correct those things while we wait for the outcome of the other. Christopher Steadman's appointment to the Ethics Board needs to be reversed. ASAP! Brucey and Clark need to answer for thier failure to recuse or abstain in the Ethics Board voting, and Mr. Benson needs to answer for WHY he ALLOWED it in the first place. Why didn't our town attorney jump on that? Hopefully, the NYS Attorney General's Office will deal with it appropriately and in a timely manner, as this is not an issue that can be allowed to stand as is. There is also the issue of John Dax continuing to ignore his recusal requirements in Speedway issues and applications, and his re-appointment in 2011 without benefit of other Letters of Interest for the vacancy. Same goes for the new town accounting firm. At last report, Anita Crosby was still waiting for her pay for the final few days she worked as the Tax Assessor's Clerk. The $135,000.00 the Library is given by the taxpayers each year is also a huge concern, and don't forget about the un-even D.O.T requirements for new businesses. Favortism. Yuck. Direct your fresh anger at these matters for now, and we will deal with the rest as it comes.

      Hope to see many faces at the Board Meeting tomorrow night!  God Bless!   JJ


Today's News Byte:

the War on the Constitution!

From Our Friends at:

Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman


Last month, President Obama issued an Executive Order – empowering himself with the authority to declare martial law and seize American resources and manpower – in a sweeping power grab that should disturb every American.

This is yet another emerging battleground in the Obama administration’s intensifying war on the Constitution. Please see my crucial message below – Mat.

Dear Patriot,

Under President Barack Obama, the Executive Branch’s quest for power at the expense of the other two Branches appears to be accelerating. In fact, the administration’s propensity to sidestep the Constitution is making news nearly every day now.

According to columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner of The Washington Times, through his quietly announced “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order (EO) signed on March 16th, President Obama placed himself and certain government bureaucrats above the law.

That single EO granted the power “to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, as well as seize all energy and transportation infrastructure inside the borders of the United States.”

Further, the Government can also forcibly draft U.S. citizens into the military and force U.S. citizens to fulfill ‘labor requirements’ for the purposes of ‘national defense.’ There is not even any congressional oversight allowed – only briefings, says Kuhner.

Mr. Kuhner called Obama’s power grab, “stunning in its audacity and a flagrant violation of the Constitution… He now possesses the potential powers of a dictator.”

++Sign Liberty Counsel’s “Stop the War on the Constitution” petition!

President Obama’s stunning agenda to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America has now been fully exposed as a systematic assault on our Constitution in order to form a more socialized union.

That’s why we are calling on ALL American citizens to rise up and “Stop the War on the Constitution”!

Please click here now to sign this vital Liberty Counsel petition:

++Obama’s Executive Order gives unprecedented power to unelected bureaucrats.

Under the President’s control in an undefined scenario of “national defense,” the Order gives…

• The Secretary of Defense power over all water resources;
• The Secretary of Commerce power over all material services and facilities, including construction materials;
• The Secretary of Transportation power over all forms of civilian transportation;
• The Secretary of Agriculture power over food resources and facilities, livestock plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment;
• The Secretary of Health and Human Services power over all health resources;
• The Secretary of Energy power over all forms of energy.

This order seizes more power for the Executive Branch while diminishing the Legislative Branch – and is blatantly unconstitutional. Sadly, it is only one of several such attacks on the Constitution we have seen in 2012.

In response, Congresswoman Sandy Adams (R-FL), has introduced a House Resolution to further define and reign in the President’s tyrannical Order in sidestepping the Constitution and Congress.

In announcing the Resolution, she stated…

“This [Order] leaves the door open for the president to give himself control over American resources during both times of peace, and national crisis… We [Congress] were elected to protect the values that make our nation great and to be a line of defense against the growing interjection of government into the everyday lives of the American people. I will continue to defend the principles on which our nation was founded and I will continue to uphold our Constitution.”

I promise you this: Liberty Counsel will also continue to defend the principles on which our nation was founded and boldly stand against this administration’s “War on the Constitution”!

The American people are “calling out” Barack Obama.

We are united in purpose in calling for constitutional authority, accountability, transparency, and respect for the rule of law by all officials who have sworn to “uphold the Constitution of the United States” – especially the President of the United States.

When you sign our petition, you’ll get a free copy of “The Patriot’s Handbook of American Liberty.” This special Liberty Counsel Handbook is a valuable reference guide that every American should have among his or her personal belongings.

Go here to sign the “Stop the War on the Constitution” petition and to receive The Patriot’s Handbook of American Liberty absolutely free – plus we’ll also include our unique Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare bumper sticker:

When you sign our “Stop the War on the Constitution” petition, we will hand deliver your mandate – along with those of tens of thousands of your fellow concerned Americans – to key congressional leaders and other elected officials – including Representative Adams’ office as a sign of solidarity. We will also publish your views to government bureaucrats, the media, and anywhere else it is strategically advantageous.

Together, we can stop this tyranny before this ultraliberal administration succeeds in totally remaking the United States of America into a godless, socialist nation!




      Tonight at 7 p.m, and I hope some new CONSERVATIVE faces appear!  Let's see some more Republicans in the seats and hear some more questions about the mis-conduct.  I would really like to see some Conservative MEN stand up and ask for some answers. It's always the same people that ask the hard questions and take the flack. Me, Meg Robertson, Bob Smith, Kevin Smith, Rocky Brown, Phil Brown,Hazel Dewey, Donna Smith, etc. Are we the ONLY people that attend meetings that CARE about what the Czars are doing? I have MY questions prepared for tonight, do YOU?

     I know the house will be full of local Liberals tonight, coming to see the plans for the Town Hall renovations. Aesthetics seem to be thier only concern, that and the endangered, purple-horned caterpillars. We ALL would like the town to look nice and we ALL want to protect our environment within REASON. We ALL want a grocery store. Yet as I have said time and time again, what USE are those things if they are gotten by illegal and dis-honest men in illegal and dis-honest manners?  It's like a little kid that steals a toy car from the store. They REALLY wanted it, but once they got it home, they hid it, because they couldn't enjoy what they obtained by dis-honest means. How can we ever be proud of our town hall or our anticipated growth, if we still have a dirty local government? 

     After the meeting tonight, I will update this page. Hope to see you there.  JJ


   Town Board was sparsely attended, very few people there, the same ones as always. Where ARE you all?  Once a month you can forgo a T.V program and attend a meeting.  yeah,yeah, I know, you don't LIKE politics. Does anybody LIKE politics? Unfortunately, politics are a huge part of American life , like funerals and hospital visits and having a molar pulled. America is in the mess she's in, because people make excuses to not "Get Involved". Those are usually the same folks who whine the loudest when things don't go thier way.  Lebanon is LOADED with retired people who are physically able to go to a meeting.

    Tonight was a waste of time all the way around anyway. Yes, the Town Hall plans are very nice and sensible, basic needs met at a price we can live with. Kudos go to Mike Benson for this one. Good thing Brucey is only abusive and over-bearing with women or we would NEVER see the Town Hall done. He wanted the $800,000.00 dollar renovations and was NOT about to settle for anything less, UNTIL a MALE Supervisor came in and Brucey cowered and began boot-licking.  He hasn't had one single temper-tantrum since December ! Maybe it's painful for him to shuffle his feet and pound on the table with his sore hip, but I'm convinced that it is more likely that he is afraid of Benson.

    I actually thought Benson would step up to the plate tonight where Clark and Brucey are concerned, but true to character, he did not. Nor has he come through on his promise to Kevin Smith that he would take action against the members of boards who miss more than 25% of meetings. Andy Howard told us tonight that he can find "No Wrong-Doing" surrounding Clark and Brucey. LOLOLOL!!!  Are you KIDDING me? He said there was no "Conflict" with thier voting Steadman onto the Ethics Board!  I could NOT believe he was saying what he was saying!  If that wasn't Conflict, then what the H_ll  IS?  Since  several of my usual supporters did not bother to attend the meeting tonight, and others who WERE there remained silent, I was hung out to dry alone in the shock of what I was being told. NO ONE said a word. Am I angry? No. Do I feel betrayed? Absolutely.

     After the meeting, Brucey had the gall to laugh directly in my face, in a Ha-Ha manner. I told HIM that we will see what Gov. Cuomo has to say about it. (Seeing as how I am preparing for my up-coming meeting with the Governor.) THIS Fat Lady has not yet sung! I already know what my next steps will be, but first, I am taking a day or two to clean my gardens and do some Spring Chores. A few days of NOT being tied to the computer will re-charge my batteries.  I have so many things to do, I could live to be two-hundred and never finish! I am fully prepared to go forward alone if I must, since the rest of this entire town seems to have other interests besides honesty and integrity. Won't be the first time I've gone it alone and won't be the last. I'm not deterred, because I was ready for this town to do nothing, as they have always done nothing. Lebanon has earned it's reputation for being the most corrupt town in the county because they have NEVER , EVER imposed sanctions on anyone guilty of mis-conduct. Even the Sheriff's Department is 100% complicit in protecting officials of all parties. Thier refusal to accept or act upon citizen complaints of NYS Penal Code violations, make it impossible to use police reports to take further action against any official. All "By Design".  See how it works?

      When officials MAKE the laws, they make them to protect THEMSELVES, not the people.  Have y'all heard about OBama's latest Commie action?  He passed a new law that prohibits protests of ANY kind when Secret Service agents are present. He can also "Give" this protection to whomever he chooses, for instance, his campaign manager. All he has to do is assign a S.S agent to his manager, and no one can protest anywhere this guy goes. No signs, no marches, no anything. FELONY OFFENSE, folks!  This is a violation of our Freedom of Speech, our Right to Peaceful Assembly AND our right to request redress from the government. Another blow to our Constitution! Know what ELSE? Congress supported this. NO ONE in Congress objected or voted against it!!! I have sent a query to Chris Gibson's office about this and asked for a response. This is an election year for HIM! When Larry Benson comes to you to sign a petition for Gibson, think twice. Remember who Gibson is related to and how we got Benson and all the division in our town. THINK before you VOTE! REGISTER to VOTE if you haven't yet! Obama has to GO, and though I am NOT thrilled with Romney, we ain't gonna get another Reagan and ANYBODY is better than Obama!!!  Can you spell SOCIALISM? How about GOVERNMENT CONTROL?

    We met our new assessor tonight. She seems very nice and extremely competent. I think she will do well by New Lebanon. The only thing that perked my ears up, is that she is from Kinderhook. Need I say more?


NO GUILT      4-11-2012


      So much for a couple of quiet days! That's okay, I knew when I started this organization that it would be 24/7 sometimes.  I had planned to do some things around the cabin today and tomorrow, and I'll get to it, it's early April yet. Plans changed when the phone started ringing this morning and the texts came in. Mostly reaction to the Courier article about the 911 action/in-action, whichever you prefer, in the Poppey deck collapse. The deck that will never die! LOL!  Folks are upset that they were never informed by the Town Board that we no longer had ANY First-Responder coverage!   Might have been nice to KNOW that, don't ya think?  Oh I GET the fact that Lebanon cannot afford a one-million dollar policy to cover 911's butt when they trip up, but I also know that many of our LVPA members are well-trained in First-Aid and emergency response, so what's the problem?  Is there a reason that we can't use our firemen and women as First-Aid providers and offer training to those who are not First-Aid certified and WANT to be? The LVPA is insured, and it could definitely be a life-saver!

      I can picture the young lady with the gashed leg, lying on the fallen deck with a lampcord as a tourniquet, because they had no trained assistance with proper supplies. Thank GOD that Andrew Darcy thought to do that, it was very ingenious! BUT, what if Andrew had not been there?  How much blood loss would the patient have suffered?  Our firemen have medical supplies, and had they been called out, maybe some of the injuries would have been less severe and long-lasting. Who knows, I'm just saying that we need some kind of first response coverage and so does EVERY town. Losing our ambulance service after so many years of having that security, was tough enough. It added response time to every medical call. Why we were NOT told about the REST of the story, I can't even guess, but I'm not surprised,either.

     One thing I am very grateful for, and that is the fact that I listened to my heart and my gut about this particular response issue and did not become one of the premature, finger-pointers. Having worked in a field that brought me into daily contact with first-responders from numerous agencies, I could not believe that an entire department of volunteer firemen would deliberately and willfully ignore a call for help. I am SO pleased that the fault does not lie in Lebanon, we have enough horrors to deal with. I do  hope that the residents of our town will take this issue up with our Town Board a.s.a.p, though.  With the number of seniors we have here, First Response is definitely a priority matter! I would suggest some letters and calls to the Supervisor, and what the heck, give Brucey a call! A Special Meeting might well be in order. SOMETHING needs to be done. I will leave it up to the "elite" to handle, since they seem to be the only ones whose opinions and wishes matter in this town.

      I received a phone call today from a very angry man who I suspect will be joining PACT within a week, if not sooner. LOL!  He was furious that Clark and Baldwin got yet ANOTHER walk for thier latest ethical mis-conduct. He feels much the same as I do about the growing list of questionable behavior between these two councilmen and the lack of consequences they have faced. He made it VERY clear that he sees Lebanon becoming a "Socialist" town, split down the middle by Conservatives and liberals. He's ALMOST correct. In the past ten years, the Liberals have begun to out-number the Conservatives. It is no longer a 50/50 split in New Lebanon, the outlanders have definitely taken control. Yet I believe that it is the FAULT of the Conservatives that this has happened, and the same goes for what has happened all across our country.

     Conservatives have sat on thier lazy carcasses for far too long. We have remained silent and been brain-washed by the Politically-Correct crowd while we were asleep. Heck, most Conservatives are STILL asleep! Look at how long and hard PACT has tried to motivate them! The Liberals on the other hand,  united back in the 60's and thier hands have remained inextricably clasped together. They are loud, annoying, whiny, and obnoxious, and THAT is why they are winning. They ARE winning! Pacifistic greenies have invaded and brought thier bleeding-heart ideals with them and the cost could not be higher. The Right allowed it, and now we are ALL paying the price of NOT paying attention. It CAN be slowed down if we act quickly and as a united front, but it can never be reversed or stopped. There are just too many stupid, lazy and selfish people in this country that want everything for nothing at the expense of the working class. As someone who has sacrificed a LOT to join the fight, I can only say, "You deserve what you accept".

     If you do not vote, if you do not take a stand, if you do not defend the Constitution and teach your children Patriotism and who God is, you deserve the suffering that is upon us now and worsening every day. If you cannot circulate a petition , or sign one, or come to a meeting and speak, or write a letter,  make a phone call, you deserve what you get.  The Bible tells us that "a man who does not work does not eat".  That's the way it USED to be, but not anymore. The government will feed him and pay for it by raising taxes on the worker bees who feed themselves and thier own families. If you do not object to "Special" protections for certain racial or alternative-lifestyle groups, not to mention Illegal Aliens, then you will pay for them to get everything they want and take the costs from YOUR wallet. The Race Card has to end, the welfare has to be reformed, and WHY are SO many people receiving un-employment when there are TONS of jobs available? I have friends with businesses that cannot get help!  Instead, the so-called President, focuses on Obamacare which will cost us millions and deny us quality healthcare. It boggles the mind, but the LIBERALS love it! Reagan was right, (again), when he said that Liberalism is a mental disease. Commonsenseabsentia. There, I named a new disease!

        So what do y'all think of George Zimmerman being arrested and charged with Murder 2?  I wondered what they would charge him with, as I have never seen anyone arrested for Self-Defense" before. Until now. Look, everyone knows that kid was a punk, he was up to no good, and he tried to beat Zimmerman to a pulp. This is happening for the same reasons I stated above: the Libs and Blacks STOOD and SCREAMED, and the government knows that if they did not arrest a guy who was only doing his duty as a neighborhood watchman, the riots would be so severe there wouldn't be a city left standing in America. Just like O.J. SAME thing. THEY win, because they whine and cry and stamp thier feet, rather than address the issue of the crime statistics among young, black males. It is over-the-top. Wasting my breath again, just to be called a Racist in the morning. It ain't racist if it's TRUE, and it IS true! I can't speak for other people, but I personally, have had enough of the Race Card.

      Moving right along, I am devastated that Rick Santorum pulled out of the race. I knew Romney would get the nomination, but I liked having that little glimmer of hope. Romney is a RINO and a fence-rider and I look at his eyes and see nothing redeeming there. . Of course, he's 100% better than Obama or any other Socialist, but definitely not my ideal candidate.  Please, even if you don't care for ol' Mitt, DON'T waste your vote as a result. LOOK at what Obama has done and said, the sorry state of America and the down-slide we've witnessed in the past three years, and DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA.  He has PROVEN that he is not FOR America and he has SHOWN what a poor leader he is. Another four years of him and his "Czars" and America is over. FACT.

      I pray every day that voter's remorse will keep him from re-election, but it hasn't influenced local elections as it should have by now. People keep voting for Brucey! People believed the hype and voted for Nevers! No one believed us when we told them what Benson's agenda was, they voted for him. So far, we're ten for ten on our predictions about Benson AND the others, and still, people don't want to admit it. That's okay, explain it to your kids and grandkids when they ask you one day why thier town and country are so corrupt and unfair.  "Did you vote for Brucey Grampa?". "I sure did Johnny, cuz he was such a great, upstanding guy!".    Make sure you puff out your chest when you say it, Grampa. Johnny will be proud of your informed choices.  What WE do NOW, affects our kids LATER.

      So, I am on kitchen clean-up for the Community Cleaning Day at the park, (don't forget that Scott!). I just feel that someone who has as much to say about Lebanon as I do, should be willing to get thier hands dirty. So I WILL. LOL!  I guess that about does it for tonight folks. I will be keeping you updated on the status of our work at the state level and anything else that pops up. Nice Bible Study tomorrow night at the Episcopal Church at 7 p.m, feel free to join us, it's casual and welcoming. Non-denominational, so it's a fit for everyone!     God Bless!  JJ

Why is it Okay For Muslims to Teach Their Heritage in Public Schools But Not Okay for Christians?

images (96)I’ve been involved with creation ministry for a number of years and know firsthand how difficult it is to speak in science classes in a public school. If they do allow you to speak, they generally place strict guidelines on you. You’re not allowed to say anything about the Bible, Jesus, God, creation, or intelligent design. I’ve seen schools go so far as tell you that you aren’t even allowed to question evolution for fear that someone will take it as a creation talk and the school will get sued.

Likewise, history classes are the same way. I once was invited to speak about America’s early history, but was told that I couldn’t mention anything about religion whatsoever. I informed the teacher that you cannot truthfully teach American history without religion as it played a huge role in shaping the nation and helping us gain our independence from Great Britain. Consequently my invitation to speak was withdrawn.

Public schools throughout our country are so afraid of lawsuits that they’ve turned to teaching history that has been sanitized against all religious references. They’ll teach that most all of our Founding Father were deists, which by the way is not correct, but that’s as close to religion as they’ll get.

So tell me why a public school in the Tampa, Florida area would invited guest speakers from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)?





         I received this in my email today from a dear friend, and it's really something to think about. Maybe we the PEOPLE, SHOULD ask WalMart to take the reins!


Wal-Mart vs. The Morons

1. Americans spend $36,000,000 at Wal-Mart Every hour of every day.

2. This works out to $20,928 profit every minute!

3. Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) than Target sells all year.

4. Wal-Mart is bigger than Home Depot + Kroger + Target +Sears + Costco + K-Mart combined.

5. Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people, is the world's largest private employer, and most speak English.

6. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the world.

7. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and keep in mind they did this
in only fifteen years.

8. During this same period, 31 big supermarket chains sought bankruptcy.

9. Wal-Mart now sells more food than any other store in the world.

10. Wal-Mart has approx 3,900 stores in the USA of which 1,906 are Super Centers; this is 1,000 more than it had five years ago.

11. This year 7.2 billion different purchasing experiences will occur at Wal-Mart stores. (Earth's population is approximately 6.5 Billion.)

12. 90% of all Americans live within fifteen miles of a Wal-Mart.

You may think that I am complaining, but I am really laying the ground work for suggesting that MAYBE we should hire the guys who run Wal-Mart to fix the economy.

This should be read and understood by all Americans… Democrats, Republicans, EVERYONE!!

To President Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature

It is now official that the majority of you are corrupt morons:

a.. The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years
to get it right and it is broke.

b.. Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it
right and it is broke.

c.. Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right
and it is broke.

d.. War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right;
$1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the
poor" and they only want more..

e.. Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years
to get it right and they are broke.

f.. Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right
and it is broke.

g.. The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence
on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion
a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right
and it is an abysmal failure.

You have FAILED in every "government service" you have shoved down our
throats while overspending our tax dollars.


Folks, keep this circulating.. It is very well stated. Maybe it will end up in the e-mails of some of our "duly elected' (they never read anything) and their staff will clue them in on how Americans feel.

I know what's wrong. We have lost our minds to "Political Correctness" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone please tell me what the HELL's wrong with all the people that run this country!!!!!!
We're "broke" & can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,???????????
In the last months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile
, and Turkey .. And now Pakistan ........previous home of bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS!!!

Our retired seniors living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid nor do they get any breaks…

AMERICA: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without 'needed' meds, and mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.

Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US' the same support they give to other countries. Sad isn't it?

  NOW, Watch THIS ! The Truth from the lips of actor Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie.

The Obama Thugocracy

April 9, 2012 by

The Obama Thugocracy
President Barack Obama rose to office like a Mafioso don.

With his approval ratings below 50 percent as an election looms, Congress gridlocked over his economy-destroying budget proposal and the prospect that his signature piece of legislation — Obamacare — is likely to get thrown out as unConstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, President Barack Obama and his minions have ratcheted up their tried and true modus operandi: thuggery.

This has long been common practice for Obama. His career was launched from the home of a convicted terrorist. His parents, friends and key influencers were socialists and communists. It is who he is.

Obama was first elected as a U.S. Senator from Illinois only after he and chief operative David Axelrod arranged to have the sealed divorce records of Obama’s opponents unsealed: first Democrat primary opponent Blair Hull’s, then Republican Jack Ryan’s.

Polls showed Hull enjoyed a healthy lead over Obama as late as one month before the primary. But then The Chicago Tribune — Alexrod’s former employer — began publishing stories accusing Hull of violent behavior in his marriage and claiming that an ex-wife had sought a protective order during their divorce. Finally, Hull and his ex-wife agreed to have the records unsealed; and another ex-wife, their children and a number of Hull’s acquaintances denied Hull was violent. But Hull’s poll numbers began to tank and Obama won the primary.

In the general election Obama faced Jack Ryan, husband of actress Jeri Ryan. During a child custody dispute some years prior to the election, Jeri Ryan had claimed that Jack Ryan made her accompany him to swingers clubs in New York and Paris. Axelrod obtained “leaked” copies of the couple’s Chicago divorce records and then The Tribune sent lawyers to California to request the sealed child custody case records be unsealed. Over the objections of both Ryans, the judge released the records. Shortly thereafter, Jack Ryan withdrew from the race.

During the 2008 Democrat Presidential primary, Obama operatives intimidated Hillary Clinton supporters and engaged in improper and possibly illegal activities to win the nomination, according to a former Clinton campaign worker. Michelle Thomas told WND that she received death threats and was called a racist for opposing Obama. She also accused the Obama campaign of stealing caucuses by throwing away votes and intimidating people trying to enter the caucus locations.

Thomas also believes the Obama campaign is behind the death of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, who was shot in his office days before the Democratic National Convention by Timothy D. Johnson, who was then killed by police after a car chase. The day before he was shot, Gwatney and Thomas had agreed that Gwatney would find a superdelegate from the Arkansas delegation to introduce a petition to have Clinton’s name placed in nomination for President.

Another Clinton supporter Thomas met with about introducing the petition, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, died mysteriously the next week.

“We found it quite a coincidence that Bill Gwatney was killed the day after we talked with him,” Thomas told WND. “And just a few days later that Tubbs Jones died suddenly of an aneurysm, after she had agreed to introduce our petition.”

Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano told WND that she heard Bill Clinton say on a conference call during the 2008 primary that he believed Obama was ineligible to be President, and that he was prepared to go public with the information until Gwatney was murdered.

According to Viviano, a campaign staffer who was close to Hillary Clinton said Bill Clinton received a message after Gwatney’s death: “Shut up, Bill, or you’re next.” But Clinton, who was a friend of Gwatney’s, intended to speak out anyway until he received another message: “OK, it’s your daughter, now, we’ll go after.”

After receiving the threats directed toward Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton never said anything else about it, Viviano told WND.

The Obama Administration used thuggery to defeat a Texas bill that would have kicked the Transportation Security Administration out of the State’s airports, ignored a judge’s order over offshore oil drilling permits and used intimidation to call the media off the story regarding Obama’s forged birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.

The Obama Justice Department is also reportedly set to sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz. Arpaio is investigating whether Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration are forgeries and is also trying to find other missing Obama documents that would prove whether Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Obama’s comments on the Trayvon Martin shooting were designed to inflame an already volatile incident that already had race hucksters stoking a racial fire. His comments had the intended effect. Since then, there have been several incidents reported of blacks attacking whites in the name of Martin.

Now, with his freedom- and America-destroying Marxist agenda getting pushback from an awakening American populace, Obama is at it again. He’s taking on the Supreme Court.

During a press conference last week at the White House, Obama said:

We are confident that this will be over – that this will be upheld. I’m confident this will be upheld because it should be upheld. Again, that’s not just my opinion. That’s the opinion of a whole lot of constitutional law professors, academics and judges… Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress. I guess I would remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench is judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. For an unelected group of people to somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law is a good example of that, and I’m pretty sure this court will recognize that and not take that step… With respect to health care, I actually continue to be confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the law. The reason is, in accordance to precedent out there, it’s constitutional.

Obama is channeling his inner FDR. As President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought — with some success — to intimidate the Supreme Court after it began striking down sections of the New Deal by threatening to pack the court with more justices who would be favorable to New Deal legislation.

New Deal proponents accused the court of being obstructionist and political. That’s essentially Obama’s argument. He may also be laying the groundwork to ignore the court’s order. It wouldn’t be first time the Obama Administration had ignored a court’s order, and it wouldn’t be the first time a President had done so.

In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln ignored an opinion by Chief Justice Roger Taney that Lincoln had no lawful power to suspend habeas corpus. So if Obama does ignore the Supreme Court, he’ll be channeling his inner Lincoln.

But even more troubling is that in saying that the Supreme Court’s striking down of Obamacare would be unprecedented, Obama is just lying. It’s a wonder his pants aren’t on fire.

As a so-called “Constitutional scholar,” Obama has to know that the court has overturned laws passed by “a democratically elected Congress” 165 times (click here and see page 201). And it doesn’t matter whether the law was passed “by a strong majority” (although only in Obama’s mind is 219-212 partisan vote a strong majority), that doesn’t exempt it from judicial review.

“That the Supreme Court would declare as unconstitutional congressional ‘laws’ which illegally violated the Constitution was one of the benefits of the Constitution, which the Constitution’s advocates used to help convince the People to ratify the Constitution,” writes David Kopel in The Volokh Conspiracy. “In Federalist 78, Alexander Hamilton explained why unconstitutional actions of Congress are not real laws, and why the judiciary has a duty to say so… Because Hamilton was the foremost ‘big government’ advocate of his time, it is especially notable that he was a leading advocate for judicial review of whether any part of the federal government had exceeded its delegated powers.”

Obama’s actions make clear the reasons the Founding Fathers inserted the phrase “natural-born citizen” into the Constitutional requirements for President. They wanted a President who was loyal to “these United States” and the Constitution.

But Obama sees the Constitution and the rule of law as impediments to his Marxist, America-destroying agenda. He rose to the office like a Mafioso don. His political career was born in the home of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers (Obama’s mentor who also wrote Obama’s “biography” and says he wakes up every morning thinking he’s going to end capitalism and goes to bed every evening disappointed that he didn’t). Obama was fed from the pulpit of the racist preacher Jeremiah Wright. And rose to prominence with the help of a complicit — even sycophantic — mainstream media, with which he now enjoys a carrot-and-stick relationship.

If he came to power like a don, it should come as no surprise he is governing (or ruling, according to Valerie Jarrett) like one as well.


Why an Ethics Board at ALL???   4-13-2012


Well, as you can see, I am re-charged and ready to take up my sword again. I was a "Good Girl" and stayed busy today with non-political things, but tonight was a different story.  Went to Bible Study at 7 p.m, and after class, three of us went over to Stewarts for coffee.  I was immediately set-upon by angry residents with questions  and complaints. One man wanted to know how soon we could get rid of Clark and Brucey, and as far as HE is concerned, the whole town board needs to go, including the Supervisor. Another petition signature there!  He asked if there was anything worth reading in the Thursday papers, and I said, "Well, I made the Courier again." He bought a copy.

      Then a married couple came over and asked me why nothing was done about the Conflict re: Clark,Baldwin and Steadman. We discussed that for a bit, then they asked me something else. Now please know THIS; I consider Scott and Matt Larabee to be friends of mine, and I am reporting what I was asked, NOT what I personally feel. This couple is not happy that Benson, Matt Larabee and K.B Chittenden are all on the Town Board despite being related to one another.  What they really were upset about, was the fact that Scott Larabee had been appointed as Park Supervisor, adding yet ANOTHER family member to the list of town officials.

      They wanted to know why Scott, already being the Chairman of the Recreation Board, ALSO got the Park Super job. I just shrugged and put my hands up. What can I SAY? It's the way things are done in this town. Last year, Charlie Sears got the Park Supervisor job because Brucey wanted him, they're "friends". Then Charlie was allowed to appoint his own brother as his "assistant", and his best friend as second helper. It's all about who you know and what your last name is. Qualifications and nepotism are never a consideration. Not in New Lebanon,anyway. Look at the board of the LVPA! Godfroy, Godfroy and Godfroy,inc.

       After the couple left, (two MORE signatures), another man came and asked me when I was going to run for Town Board. Now THAT'S funny! I said, "NEVER".  I don't play in the sandbox where the cats pee. (another signature). Hey Brucey, He who laughs last....  The petitions are filling up faster now that you "Got Away with something AGAIN." At least you THINK you got away with something. Apparently, our town attorney has not read our Code of Ethics very carefully.  You see, the CODE states that Conflict of Interest includes "financial or OTHERWISE."    "Otherwise" , leaves a LOT of room.  Otherwise, means you have not won yet!

      See, I cannot file an Ethics Complaint with the Lebanon Ethics Board because my husband is a member of it. HowEVER, I CAN file with the county Ethics Board and the State! Tomorrow's agenda. No surrender. This will be Ethics Complaint number FIVE for Brucey in two years. FIVE!!!! Yeah, the town says he has had ONE, but MY records show otherwise. (I'm starting to LIKE that word, "Otherwise".) Brucey was found guilty of ONE, but I personally filed TWO, and two other people each filed one. I think I can count to four.

      This time, Clark gets one too, and maybe even Benson for not stopping the Conflict in Steadman's appointment. HE could have read the Code,too! Shouldn't the Supervisor know the Ethics Code? How about the By-Laws?  How about the fact that helping one new business bypass D.O.T because they are friends of his? Isn't THAT Conflict of Interest? It is to ME.

      Remember back when I had that first meeting with the Czar? HE requested it right after he blew back into town on an ill wind. There were three of us at that meeting besides the Czar, so I have witnesses to what Benson said. I specifically asked him if he intended to address the mis-conduct and chronic violations of our By-Laws and Ethics Codes. He said that he absolutely would. Another lie. He has done NOTHING to clean up the dirt. In fact, he has joined the game. No surprise there, just want you all to know the facts.

      Did you know that Benson is EXTREMELY unpopular in Hudson?  Let me tell ya, he is NOT making friends and influencing people at county! He is called, "Tyrannical and Arrogant" and the other Supervisors cringe when they see him coming. LOL! I find that pretty amusing, since most of them didn't give a rat's behind about his illegal Conservative petition at the time we objected to it. All of a sudden, they are regretful. Oh well, that's what happens when you don't want to hear the truth,folks! It comes back and bites you in the butt cheeks! If I sound un-sympathetic, it's because I AM.

    Just like Fake Frank, who was appalled that I would say Benson donated heavily to Democrats. Especially Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been voted the MOST Liberal Democrat in the state of New York! Even after I posted the copies of Benson's contributions, Frank didn't acknowledge the truth. They're still here on this website Frank, take another look!

       I have a mission, and I will NOT stop until I complete that mission. I will do it with or without support from the people of New Lebanon. I would LIKE your support, but I don't HAVE to have it.  Anything I REALLY need, I already have.

God Bless!    JJ


 IT's a RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!        4-13-2012


      Happy Friday the 13th!  13 is my lucky number, always has been.  I HAD to comment this early in the day, because I've been laughing out loud and was afraid if I didn't share what was amusing me so much, I might be strait-jacketed.  I just read the Letter from the Supervisor in the Town Newsletter. (By the way, Colleen and Darla, the new format is awesome! Good Job!)    Just last night I was telling you how unpopular the Czar is at county, right?  LOLOL!! Well, the proof is in the pudding.  HOW many committees is he now "Chairman" of?  Oh my goodness, it could not be funnier!  The rest of the Supers know how to busy a pest, don't they? LOLOLOL!!!!

     Being a Political Rookie, Benson doesn't get it yet.  See, I couldn't say it last night, but Benson's addiction to self-glorification did it FOR me. HE told you what they did to him, but HE thinks it's some kind of "Honor".  LOLOLOL!!!!!   None of the rest of them want anything to do with sitting on all those silly committees, so they threw the Czar in, and he ate it right up as they knew he would.  Got them all off the hook and fed his huge ego at the same time. Holy crow, my sides are aching, it's just hysterical! Sucker!  So let's see, the Czar is now on the committee at St. Peter's Hospital for something or other, he is the chair of some NY State Construction Worker's thingy, a Town Supervisor, the liason for the Association of Towns, and now all these new committees at county. Not to mention of course, the owner and C.E.O of a multi-million dollar construction firm.  What a "Family" man!  By 2013, he won't even recognize his own kids. Much less run this town effectively.

    Does anyone else find this funny? If you don't, you have no sense of humor at all!   Let's look at some more, why not?  His take on D.O.T.   Yup, D.O.T is a major pain in the caboose and change is vital. Yet the Czar says he is laying the "groundwork" for a "Whole New Relationship with the NYS D.O.T".  LOLOL!   Right!  His idea of a new relationship is to bypass D.O.T requirements for friends and new businesses, selectively by the way, and piss-off D.O.T more than they already ARE!  How do you suppose THAT'S gonna work for him?  I hear backfires in the distance.  Does he even KNOW that there are two more local businesses on the brink of closing?  Does he know that the competition that Blueberry Hill will bring into town will cause either them, or a similar business to lose and leave?  We need a "Variety" of businesses, not a bunch of the same things with different names!  In the space of less than a mile, we have TWO convenience stores and gas stations. We have a beverage outlet and liquor store and BOTH convenience stores, three of which sell beer.  

       We have TWO drug paraphernalia and Adult Toy stores. One of which is too close to the Library to be legal according to our Zoning Laws. Four restaurants, and a TON of antique dealers. Go West a tad on Rt. 20, and you can add another two restaurants and three hairdressers. So you can get drunk, high, sexually satisfied, fill your belly and gas tank, and have a haircut, all in two miles of road. Terrific, if you live in a city of thousands of people.  WE,,, Don'T!  WE need a grocery store and a pharmacy, not another of any of those I mentioned. There is NO room for competition in a town this size, and if that was regulated, we would see more diverse business. Amen? 

      Onward and upward. The Czar also mentions in his letter to We the People, how town officials are "Accountable" to residents.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   REALLY?  WHEN?  HOW?  Give me ONE example of official accountability in this town. GAG!!   He says, and I quote, "Your ideas and input are important and will be CONSIDERED."  ( Considered, not necessarily taken.)  Sure they will, if they are Liberal, environmental ideas and input. Heaven forbid you ask that Councilmen behave Ethically and Morally and be held responsible for thier chronic "Appearance of Impropriety".  So just what IS it that he will CONSIDER? 

      He also speaks of "Significant Change" since he came along. Well, he has THAT right. Lots of locals lost thier jobs. Lots of residents are now angry with friends and family, neighbors are battling neighbors, people are questioning the Nepotism, the dirty officials are now dirtier, the seniors are afraid, the court is a cesspool again,and next year's property taxes will skyrocket. How y'all liking the "Significant Change" so far?  About as much as you like Obama's Hope and Change, I bet. Don't look at ME, I didn't vote for either of them.

      I especially enjoyed his opening, where he claims we have "Moved in many directions". Yeah, downward. LOL!  He doesn't say Positive or Productive, just direction.  He says he accomplished this by "Putting the Right People in the Right Places". Yup, keeping Baldwin and Clark and Dax despite thier NUMEROUS violations of NUMEROUS laws, and getting Steadman onto the Ethics Board with HIS law violations was sure putting people in the right places!  Ahh, nothing like New Leadership to pull us out of the doldrums, huh?  Well here is how I see it;  unless and until, Mr. Mike Benson takes the initiative to DO something about the corruption and mis-conduct, he is a loser. Until he takes a serious and un-biased look at the Ethics Requirements for officials and enforces them, he is a loser.  When our "leader" is a loser, we ALL lose. Look at what Obama has done to America in three years .  Benson will do just as much damage in much less time.  Count on it. 

       Oh my goodness, I have had my laugh for the WEEK!  By the way, I DO want to thank Mr. Benson for heating my house for free all next winter. The man who did the land-clearing for him this Spring happens to be my husband's best friend, and guess who got ALL the firewood?   Later.     JJ


QUICK  UPDATE ON MEG  4-15-2012         and   4-16-2012


        EXHAUSTING DAY!  A GOOD day, though. Morning church, off to Williamstown to visit with Meg Robertson and bring her some much-needed ice cream, then back to make a bottle for a new calf, then back to church. Supper at Smitty's after church and home at 11:00 p.m. NO ONE will see me tomorrow, it's supposed to be 90 degrees! JJ will be hibernating with the A.C on high. Cold salads for dinner tomorrow.

         Anyway, Meg is looking and feeling pretty good and should be moving on to her sister's house in about a week. It will be a tough summer for her with the cast and the back brace in the heat! Will be July before she gets rid of all that equipment and probably many more months of physical therapy after that. I REALLY feel for her, it's awful to not be able to sleep in your own bed, in your own room, even for ONE night, never mind for MONTHS.  Good thing she has that strong, Scottish constitution!

      If anyone would like to visit or send cards, Meg is at Sweetbrook in Williamstown. I also would like to mention someone I know only casually, but am very impressed with, and that is Beth Ann Steele. One of the injured at the deck accident, Beth Ann has been an inspiration to the others and an example to us all as to what a friend and neighbor should be. This is the kind of person that makes Lebanon proud to call thier own. Maybe we could get her to run for Town Board! We could use about a hundred people with her integrity and compassion.  Also, Jackie and Bev Larabee, for being great neighbors and  friends, always at the ready to help others. It's when we are in the most need that we find out who the real friends are.

      SPECIAL MEETING of the Stephentown ZBA on Tuesday at 7 p.m. re: the Moto-X.   Lebanon Planning Board at 7:30 p.m on Wednesday. 



     Meg will be ready to leave the rehab facility very,very soon.  She CAN stay with her sister, but it is not the best situation for handicap-accessibility. We are looking for a temporary place that Meg can stay in until the cast comes off in July, preferably in Lebanon. One floor, ground-level, with room enough for a wheelchair. ANYBODY with a suggestion, PLEASE email us at :


Today's News Byte!




Secret Service Agents Violated Top Secret Clearance

By: Ronald Kessler

Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. — By allegedly hiring prostitutes, married Secret Service agents in Colombia violated their top-secret security clearances.

Every agent has such a security clearance. An extra-marital affair if proven can be grounds for revoking a clearance. Without that, no one can be an agent.

While some are single, most of the 11 Secret Service agents and uniformed officers suspended in the Colombia scandal are married. Two are supervisors. Aside from jeopardizing security clearances, engaging prostitutes violates the basic Secret Service code of conduct.

The scandal began last week two days before President Barack Obama’s trip to Cartagena in conjunction with the Summit of the Americas. A prostitute at the Hotel Caribe refused to leave an agent’s room because he had not paid her.

The hotel requires guests’ visitors to leave identification at the front desk and insists that they leave by 7 a.m. When hotel officials noticed that one guest had not left by the curfew, they knocked on the door of the room in question.

When they were refused admittance, the hotel called the local police. The agent eventually paid her, but the police notified the Secret Service and State Department because the incident involved a foreign national.

The breach is deadly serious. A prostitute could blackmail an agent into cooperating with a foreign intelligence service, a terrorist, or a drug cartel leader. The SVR, the successor to the KGB, would like nothing better than to have an agent in its pocket — to plant bugging devices in the president’s hotel room, limousine, or the White House itself. A terrorist could use an agent to obtain access to the president to carry out an assassination.

Some lawmakers have praised Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan for taking quick action to replace the agents. That is a sickening misinterpretation of the situation.

As outlined in my book “In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect,” under Sullivan the Secret Service has been cutting corners, leading to a culture that encourages reckless behavior and allowed three intruders to crash a White House state dinner in November 2009.

I broke the story of what happened in Colombia in the Washington Post after being tipped by a Secret Service agent who — like many current agents — is convinced that the agency’s corner-cutting could lead to an assassination.

Once the story broke, the Secret Service started patting itself on the back by saying Obama’s security was not compromised. In fact, sending in new agents at the last minute put an extra strain on existing personnel and required the newcomers to get up to speed quickly on the terrain.

The standard should not be that an assassination did not occur. The standard should be that nothing like this scandal — the worst in Secret Service history — should ever have been allowed to happen.

It is not true, as suggested by some media accounts, that agents routinely engage in wild partying and drinking. What is true is that the culture of corner-cutting fostered by Secret Service management breeds contempt for rules, leading agents to flout them.

As noted in my story Secret Service Laxness Puts President at Risk, the Secret Service’s corner-cutting includes:

  • Not passing crowds through magnetometers at presidential, vice presidential, and campaign events. In other cases, when crowds are waiting to get in, the Secret Service shuts down magnetometer screening, under pressure from impatient White House or campaign staffs.
  • Cutting back on the size of counter-assault teams and, for the sake of cosmetics, bowing to demands of staff that the teams remain at a distance from protectees.
  • Not keeping up to date with the latest, most powerful firearms used by the FBI, other federal law enforcement, and the military. Both the FBI and military have switched to the M4 carbine, while the Secret Service continues to use the MP5 submachine gun. Even the Amtrak Police Department is equipped with the M4.
  • Not allowing agents time for regular firearms requalification or physical training. The Secret Service covers up that practice by dishonestly telling agents to fill out their own test scores.

A female Secret Service agent on the president’s detail is so out of shape that she literally cannot open the heavy doors to exit the president’s limousine.

Instead of removing her from protecting the president and requiring her to pass the physical fitness tests that all agents are supposed to take every three months, Secret Service management told drivers to try to park so it would be easier for the vehicle door to swing open for her.

“Forget physical fitness tests,” says a recently retired agent. “We are not given the time to do them.”

Demands on the Secret Service have increased in recent years without a commensurate increase in staff. As a consequence, agents routinely work overtime and often get little sleep, working 18-hour days.

“How tired do you get? Just imagine sleeping three or four hours a night for a week,” an agent says.

In addition, the agency bows to political pressure, further jeopardizing security. When agents refused to drive friends of Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary to restaurants, she got her detail leader removed.

The fact that Secret Service management does not back personnel when they are just doing their jobs contributed to Secret Service uniformed officers’ reluctance to turn away party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi and Carlos Allen, who showed up at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

This favoritism and disregard for the safety of protectees leads to low morale and increasingly high turnover. Underscoring the favoritism, the female agent who cannot open the president’s limousine doors is a supervisor. If the president were shot, she could not help carry him to safety, an agent notes.

The Secret Service may need an overhaul, but it is unparalleled when it comes to providing special access to members of Congress and sweet-talking them and the president into thinking the agency is competent.

When the Secret Service proudly shows members of Congress its Rowley Training Facility, it wows them with supposedly unrehearsed feats of heroism that bring down the bad guys and save the lives of protectees. In fact, as revealed in my book, those scenarios are dishonestly secretly rehearsed.

What is needed is a new director from outside the agency who will institute sweeping reforms. Tragically, it may take another assassination before that happens.

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of He is the New York Times bestselling author of books on the Secret Service, FBI, and CIA. Read more reports from Ronald Kessler


       I am appalled , not at the behavior of the Agents, they are political men after all, and who would expect better from them? I learned THAT  lesson a long time ago. What I am angry about, is the fact that Obama just signed a new law making it a Felony to Protect, peacefully or otherwise, in the presence of a Secret Service Agent.  Not only is that law a clear violation of our Constitutional Rights, but it was passed in secret and supported by Congress. (Election Year, Mr. Gibson!). So, we can't stand and hold a sign saying , "Obama Hates America" anywhere near an Agent or the person they are protecting, but the Agents can go spend the night with a hooker even if they have wives and children at home, and then try to with-hold the payment TO the hookers, and expect to get away with it?  More Liberal Double-Standards and Tyrannical Oppression of our First Amendment Rights. Be AFRAID!




Eventful evening . Attended the Special Meeting of the Stephentown ZBA re: the Moto-X issue, AGAIN. These people love to drag things on and on and on, hoping that by wasting time and money, they might win.  They WON'T win. The Laws are on Howard Commander's side and he has jumped through every hoop they have held out in front of him. At this point, the "Concerned Citizen's" just look like a bunch of elderly spoiled brats. It's SOOO stupid. Thier Attorney, Lou Oliver is the most un-washed looking man I have ever seen that wasn't homeless. His clothing is dirty and wrinkled, and his old-man ponytail is dirty and scraggy. I would SO love to sneak up behind him and cut that little sucker off.  I think women over 40 look  trashy with ponytails, but MEN? Ewwww. I am certainly no fashion plate, but these people are WIERD. Men in thier 50s with slip-on Birkenstocks and white socks just gross me out. Men in Birkies look like sissies with or withOUT socks.  Just sayin'.

    Anyway, it was another brief meeting, but the outcome was good. Just a few more steps and we can move on to the real issues in town. Of course Oliver, knowing that they are losing, is now grasping at straws and threatening yet another Art. 78 based on the setback of the driveway which has already been approved, but Tough Cookies. It is what it is. There WILL be a Moto-X Track and that's that. There are actually houses with anti-Moto-X signs in thier yards, way out past Hoags Corners!  Not only are they WAY out of earshot of the track, but they don't live in Lebanon OR Stephentown, so you know what I think they should do with thier little signs! Take them with them when they move to thier idea of Nirvana, wherever that is. Have a nice trip.  I also noticed that one un-named family of the Anti-Everything Nuts, has a new, home-made sign in front of thier home that says, "Uprising Farm".  LOL!  Appropriate adjective, inappropriate noun. What is this, the Twilight Zone?  I SO wanted to just tell them all to go home and grow up tonight, I am so tired with the whole immature and meritless stand these babies have taken. They show up faithfully to fight something they will never even notice and willingly moved close to. Yet you never see a single ONE of them at a Town Board Meeting.  What does THAT tell you?

     These people care only for themselves and only notice what's going on if they think it will impact them personally. The REAL issues that affect us ALL, don't concern them. A tad selfish, don't you think? What can you expect from the John Dax crowd? Speaking of the illustrious Mr. Dax, do you all remember what I told you about his attitude at the close of this month's ZBA Meeting? He was NOT happy that the camping at the racetrack would take place prior to the issuing of the permit. Now, all of a sudden, Howard is told that there will be no overnight camping until he has the permit in hand, which is imminent.  Not that this will hold water, but it was an obvious Dax move. Yeah, the same Dax that has an order to recuse but violates that order every time a Speedway issue comes up. He doesn't even care that there are numerous witnesses to his failure to recuse.

    According to the famous Lebanon Rumor Mill, Mr. Dax has problems of his own right now, and perhaps he should concentrate on that instead of spending time trying to hurt Howard . Once I receive the evidence and/or confirmation of the "Rumor", I can and WILL share it with you, among some other things I am working on right now.

      Another interesting item: Many of you have already noticed that Howard Commander has begun the demolition of the old, crumbling building that was once Valley Video.  A berm was built along the frontage of the property to hide the demo from view as we all know how sensitive some people's eyes are these days. The berm would also serve as a natural blind fence later on if Howard wanted to store some machinery or other items there.  Can you guess what I'm going to tell you next?   Our Z.E.O received a flood of phone calls from people complaining that the berm is too close to the Flood Plain and a Stop Work order needed to be filed. This was the result of mass emails sent to the tree-huggers by a certain member/members of our upstanding Town Board. So our Z.E.O was forced to take an action that he did not WANT to take and was unnecessary, as the berm is well outside the flood plain. So NOW, they want the flood plain and berm MAPPED. MORE expense, MORE delay. Gee, are these the same people who have whined about that old building being removed that are now whining about the steps to remove it?  Is it Legal and Ethical for a Town Board member to incite the public to force action in so inconsequential an issue?

      I think it is WAY past time for Mr. Benson to take the councilmen in hand and clean out the garbage can once and for all. He wants a resume'? Getting rid of the corrupt ,collusive, dis-honest, and law-breaking deck-stackers would look good on a resume'.  Replacing the dirt-bags with people of integrity, would look good on a resume'.  Yet so far, he has not opted to do the RIGHT thing, but has instead, allowed the corruption to continue and escalate. Commonsenseabsentia. It's spreading!!!


AW GEEZ, NOW WHAT?!?            4-18-2012


        By now I am certain that a lot of you have received the email from our Supervisor about the Town Park Clean-Up day?  If you have NOT, here it is for your reading pleasure.

Town of New Lebanon

Community Park Day

Saturday April 21st 2012



  1. Pick up down tree branches throughout park
  2. Cut lower limbs on all trees throughout park
  3. Grind or remove all tree stumps throughout park / topsoil areas
  4. Turn slide around (or at least start this project) – demolition portion
  5. Repair fence at picnic area
  6. Pressure wash and paint maintenance building
  7. Paint permanent garbage pails and place in playground area, pavilion, by basketball & tennis courts, picnic area
  8. Check and repair all fencing at all areas of the park
  9. Fix ruts in lawn by pavilion and all other areas in park
  10. Replace both bathroom doors and hardware in pavilion
  11. Paint all restrooms (pavilion and maintenance shed)
  12. Re-support tennis court fence
  13. Remove and replace tennis court backstops
  14. Remove tree on chain link fence near Little League
  15. Tear down fence behind Donnelly’s (rotted/falling down)
  16. Paint all metal surfaces at pavilion
  17. Paint and replace pavilion sign (letters on front)
  18. Remove and possibly replace roof from pavilion over BBQ pit
  19. Paint all playground equipment
  20. Clean up the sides of the bigger stream (remove trees, brush, etc.)
  21. Clean up junk pile near maintenance shed
  22. Install siding on OSB substrate wall in pavilion




  • Primer, bin, paint and painting equipment
  • Pressure washer and hose
  • White spray paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Extension ladder / step ladders
  • Rakes, shovels, chainsaw’s, wheelbarrow
  • Sawzall and some carpentry tools
  • Compressor and jackhammer
  • Stencil for garbage can labeling
  • Brush chipper and dump truck
  • Siding for pavilion
  • Dumpster
  • Stump grinder or equipment
  • Topsoil
  • 1 – LH – inswing 30 steel door

1 – RH – inswing 30 steel door


    SO, here's the rub;  People are raging mad about this. I have received about 12 emails and several phone calls objecting to the entire letter and the arrogance and extreme expectations of Mike Benson. THIER words, not mine.  People expect the PAID town employees assigned to the park, to perform this work as it is above and beyond what can be expected of volunteers who pay taxes for Park Maintenance. There is also HUGE concern over the possibility of injuries and lawsuits, since a lot of this work and the equipment involved should be reserved for skilled hands.

   Most folks thought they would be raking at most. The list Mr. Benson has dreamed up, is not for volunteers and children, it is for professionals, period. I believe that most of those who planned to attend, now will NOT.  I personally offerred to clean the kitchen, and I will. I will NOT be chopping down trees, do I LOOK like George Washington?  At least NOW, I understand why he wants all volunteers to sign waivers. You get hurt, you deal with it, 'cuz the Town ain't payin' the bills!

   There are a couple of letters below from angry town folks, names removed for privacy.  Gee, does this bring back to mind the LIBRARY money? Just imagine what $135,000.00 a year could accomplish in that park by PAID professionals! Oh well, maybe it will rain.



hi mike--in response to the list of chores to do on the shatford park "clean up" day, i'm thinking two things. one, it's great for all of us to take an active interest in taking care of our town. two, why does this list include basic maintenance issues? i thought a "clean up day" is for just that--cleaning up trash and brush that accumulate over the winter. we've got a maintenance person on the payroll--why are we having to do his work for him? it's very upsetting to find out once more that our hard-earned tax dollars have been given to someone who doesn't do the work, and that we, again, witness zero oversight. if our park maintenance staff aren't doing their jobs, fire them, and either pay someone who will do it, or put that money back into our town funds for where it's needed.

this ongoing issue of nonaccountability is why it's so scary to a number of us residents that you plan on using the entire town's surplus on a town hall addition. that money will only be a drop in the bucket when more flooding and storm damage occur--for you to spend it all on an addition to a building which has a long history of not being maintained is irresponsible, especially when there are grant monies out there which you refuse to apply for. you and the town board are the trusted stewards of our combined survival, and when you act so irresponsibly, you put us all at risk.

lastly, why haven't townspeople been able to see--if not give input on--the plans for the town hall addition? you could have put a drawing of the proposed changes in the same town newsletter where you told us that the plans are done and going forward. please remember that new lebanon is not a private corporation, and you are not making decisions which affect only yourself. what you do affects us long after you are no longer the supervisor, and once that money is spent, it's gone.



  I agree that we should not be paying, once again,for someone to NOT do their job. More importantly, I saw a huge list of things Mr. Benson would like non-employees to do and that brings up a huge liability issue. Is he going to provide workman's comp. insurance for the volunteers? Asking residents to cut limbs, grind stumps and replace a roof is much more than a community clean-up.


    So there is just a mild TASTE of the letters and mindset of the people. By the way, there is a Special Town Board Meeting being held on the 24th of this month at the Fire House, 7 p.m.  You won't see it on the Town Website anywhere. Hmmm.


PLANNING  BOARD  4-18-2012


       I have always liked the Planning Board.  Even thought the subject matter is usually far from exciting, I learn a lot by just sitting there and listening. It's a good group too, everyone gets along and works together well. Nobody is a know-it-all like the ZBA, and they all treat the public with respect. No, I'm not partial to this board because my husband is on it, I thought it was the best of the boards long ago. I have never, ever seen them do anything that was against town codes or By-Laws or smacked of any type of impropriety whatsoever. The Town Board and ZBA should take a lesson from them.

      Tonight was the Public Hearing on Howard Commander's Campground permit.  Mr. and Mrs. Schor of Gale Hill Road were front and center and the Mrs. was looking armed for bear. WOW, what a disagreeable human! She makes Kathy Murnane look like the Good Witch of the East!  The two of them went on and on about how Howard gets what he wants because he has "Millions". LOL!  I heard THAT from several people tonight, and it was so childish and jealous. The FACT is, that Howard gets beat-up every time he tries to scratch his nose in this town! EVERYTHING he has EVER tried to do to improve or expand his business is a battle that goes on and on for YEARS and costs him a small fortune! The guy has a target on his back, I swear. Who CARES what he's worth, it's nobody's business and it's irrelevant to the issue. Nobody GAVE it to him! How many people has he HELPED in this valley?

      The Schors complained that the campground has been illegal for years, etc., etc. Well, if they were so concerned about it, why are they complaining NOW instead of all those "Years"?  Besides, isn't a Campground open 7 days a week? What Howard had and has, is overnight parking for long-distance race fans and folks that might have had a few too many beers and don't want to drive. Unless there is a special event during the week, the campers are empty Monday thru Friday. Hardly a campground. The only reason it is now BECOMING a Campground is because of whiners like the Schors and the Concerned Citizens who have no lives and need to butt into the lives of others. The Schors are another family that moved here knowing full well that they were buying a home within earshot of a racing venue. Live with it ! You make your choices, you suffer the consequences, good or bad. The Schors are the same people that sued the town last year over thier tax assessment. The town settled and it cost the rest of us money. So Kevin Smith spoke up and told them that if we didn't have the Speedway, everyone's taxes would be sky-high, including thiers! The old lady finally got mad and stormed out, but not before Gail Heinsohn managed to stop her and hand her a business card.  Wonder what SHE has up her slimy little sleeve.

       Ol' Dougy Clark is the one who riled everything up about Howard building a berm on his property next to Riverdale. Don't know what HIS issue is with Howard, but he apparently has one. Dax in the meantime, gathered his Berkie Wearers Club together to attempt to stop the over-night camping at the Speedway until the permit is in hand. THAT back-fired, as Howard has the active application in place and just about completed, so he cannot be violated on the camping until the application process is finished.  Nice try though. I strongly suspect that Mr. Dax will not be around the valley too much longer anyway. He has been a very bad boy, and I am NOT referring to his behavior as a town official. Use your imagination for now. Does Community Property say anything to you?

     You just can't tell these people that what goes around comes around and when it does, it generally bites you in the buttocks. WHY is it SOO hard for these guys to just do the RIGHT THING?  I was talking to good friend earlier today, and he was telling me about all the intellectuals he's met through a group he's joined recently. I had to laugh. I told him that New Lebanon is FULL of intellectuals, but none of them would know Common Sense if it walked up and pulled thier pants down. NONE of them could survive a day if the power went out and the computers were nothing more than plastic boxes. NONE of them could protect themselves on the streets of a bad neighborhood. There are intellectuals, and there are smart people. Two totally different kinds of human. Another friend I bumped into today, was telling me that he has had quite a bit of contact with Mike Benson since the election, and he has never once had Benson look him in the eye.

     He talked about the inability of Benson to hold a normal conversation or be cordial, and described him as a Tyrant. Hmm, why does that description sound so familiar? Oh Yeah, I said that about 5 minutes after I first met Benson, didn't I!  People are finally beginning to SEE it. I just wish I had received all these observations and complaints in October of 2011, but people had stars in thier eyes that blinded them to the true Mike Benson. Many, STILL don't get it.  Turns out I was right about D.O.T being further ticked off than they already were, too. Mr. Benson's letter to We the People, stated that he had a "NEW RELATIONSHIP" with D.O.T.  He sure DOES! It's just not a GOOD one!  You can take that to the bank. (if it's still here).

     The "Special" Town Board Meeting of the 24th remains a mystery. It IS going to be held, but no one seems to know WHY. It is also not on the Town Website or calendar as required. At least it isn't there YET. Guess we'll all just have to show up and find out. JJ is needing a weekend away from Lebanon.  Waxed my truck today, the first waxing since it was painted. The truck looks awesome, but I am feeling muscles I forgot I HAD!  I'm not 40 anymore. Sleep well!    JJ


Today's News Byte:





      I received an email from Scott Larabee today, clarifying the work list for Park Clean-Up Day this Saturday. Seems our Supervisor not only has trouble communicating face to face, but on paper as well.  This should serve to make the intent of the list more understandable and less frightening and objectionable to us all. Nice job, Scott, and Thank You!


First  I would like to say that I do agree that there are items on the list that would be better done by town employees, such as the chainsaw work and stump grinding.  I definitely feel that there are many liability issues there.  The impression I got when I talked to Mr. Benson about some of these items was that he was planning on town employees running the equipment.  After reading the email, I agree that it looks like he is expecting the volunteers to do this work.  I can't speak for Mr. Benson, but from our conversation prior to the email, I think that he just worded the email poorly. 

As far as the general maintenance issues, I would like to point out that the park has been neglected for many, many years.  As a result, there is much more maintenance that needs to be done than there should be.  As far as people worrying that I am not doing my job, I would like to point out that this is not the case at all.  I can, and will accomplish everything on the list and more throughout the year, but the sooner it is done, the better it is for the community.

To address the issue of why the taxpayers should do what I am paid to do, I would like to point out that I am paid by the hour, I am not on salary.  Therefore, any jobs accomplished by volunteers will reduce the amount of tax dollars spent for me to do the work.  To me, that would seem to be a benefit for the taxpayers.

I would like also to explain why I even applied for the park position.  When I joined the recreation commission, I started spending a lot of time at the park. I was appalled at the condition I found the park in.  The maintenance was not being done.  I am not accusing any one of ripping off the Town, as I have no knowledge of how many hours were being charged to the Town each week.  But, what I do know is that the park was being allowed to get run down.  I was very upset by the condition of the park, as I remember the park as a child, and it was always kept in decent shape.  What I saw at the park, was, to me, totally unacceptable.  In talking to various residents, I learned that many of them no longer used the park because of the condition it was in.  I decided that I had three option: 
1) Do and say nothing.
2) Complain to the Town board.
3) Apply for the position myself.

I figured that the only one of these options that would make a lasting change would be for me to apply for the position.

In closing, I would just like to make everyone aware that I will be on hand at the park on Saturday, and I will also be volunteering my time as a resident of the Town.  If any one has any questions, issues with the park, or ideas on what could be done to improve things, I would welcome an email.  My email address is:

Scott Larabee

Park Maintenance Superintendent
       WOW! A beautifully written letter that makes it all clear, huh? Nice Job, Scott!  Guess Mr. Benson is just so accustomed to barking orders, he doesn't have the ability to "ask" or explain.  Such a shame he is such a cold fish, he won't get far in his political aspirations if he does not learn some people skills in a big hurry. It's also sad, that if Benson had simply kept his word to PACT that he would clean out the corruption and enforce the By-Laws and Ethics Code, we would have gotten behind and beside him in his efforts to improve business in town. He chose instead to become a "part" of the mis-conduct issues and exacerbate the problems rather than eliminate them. How can we be expected to support anyone who cannot keep his word?  We CAN'T!
       Until and unless Mr. Benson addresses and takes action re: the mis-conduct, we cannot and WILL NOT, support him in ANY endeavor. Quite the contrary, we will instead, hammer every questionable move he makes and let everyone know about it. Those of you who voted for him, put your faith and confidence in him to lead with integrity and transparency. He has already failed you all. Don't get me wrong, Benson is quite affable with owners of good-sized businesses and businesses that relate to his own, and monied politicians with long coat-tails. When it comes to the regular Joe like you and me, he gets an F. He is completely incapable of compassion or sympathy for another's situation or needs. For instance, his statement that Lebanon has no use for Social Services. He is not and never will be, engaged with the many needy families in our town. He wears blinders.
       Reminds me of Stan Koloski, who expected miracles from folks who didn't know how they were going to afford heat for thier homes or shoes for thier kids. Until the so-called "Leaders" of our towns and our country, walk a mile in the poor man's shoes, they can never be effective leaders, no matter how much money, education or connections they have. Great Leaders are men of Integrity and Faith who have hearts for thier fellow man and put others before themselves. Great Leaders are Humble men who have done thier time in the trenches and remembered the lessons they learned there.
    Have you ever seen the T.V show called, "Undercover Boss"? That show is a perfect example of how Leaders are made and teams are encouraged, bonds formed and mutual respect built. It's a show that should set an example for us all, leaders or not. A Great Leader can change lives for the better and forever. Tyrants are NOT leaders. The selfish are NOT leaders, and neither are liars and cheaters. Being a GOOD person of strong moral fiber, is much easier than being a bad guy. It's a matter of choice, not station or personality.We can CHOOSE to be better.  Okay, it's time to share a smile. Below is a link for a short video about a newcomer in our area that we are all welcoming. Enjoy!


ANOTHER LETTER about  CLEAN-UP DAY       4-19-2012


       Here is yet another response to Mr. Benson re: the Community Clean-Up Day.  I think that there are two issues here; 1) The question of WHOSE responsibility IS the Park Renovation and clean-up.  and  2) The depletion of our town funds to do the Town Hall renovations, leaving us with no emergency reserve. At the bottom of this page, I will post the letter from Mr. Benson that precipitated the response you are about to read. You will again hear his blame-game tone against the "past administrations", as if HE is the ONLY human on earth that could ever possibly run this town perfectly. Sounds like Obama blaming Bush for his own failures. Benson takes every opportunity to slam former officials, yet he has a Councilman on his present board that has BEEN a Councilman for more terms than I can count, AND was Supervisor at one point as well! It was Brucey that allowed the Town Hall to fall into dis-repair, among the hundreds of OTHER things he has done that merited his being run out of town on a RAIL!  Yet he continues to fill an official position. As an "Outsider", Mike Benson has NO idea where the blame should lie for the condition of the park and town hall, nor has he bothered to look into it, he prefers to beat-up those who were NOT responsible because it better fits his agenda. Idiot.


The fact that you are doing some of the work yourself, or that so much needs to be done, is not justification for putting volunteers in a situation of potentially high liability. Chores like roofing and using wood chippers and saws are not safe for people to do unless they are insured and experienced. If we have a park maintenance staff, set up a timeline and scope of work and make sure they do it.
Where is the "$20,00 per year" figure coming from? I was told by many people that the fire company does not charge the town rent. If your $ amount is based on utilities, then that money would have been spent to give town staff places to work regardless of where they did so. To characterize this as "an unnecessary expense" is misleading and a misrepresentation of the facts. Grant monies are available, and more patience is required to come up with an economically viable plan. To instead spend all of the town's surplus money at once is irresponsible and dangerous--if we have a town-wide emergency after that money is gone, the town could easily be bankrupted or ruined without any way to rebuild or help people. This was clearly demonstrated in many towns in the catskills last year--thousands of people are without homes and businesses because neither the state nor the feds nor private insurers provided substantial help to rebuild. Citizens who have paid into these coffers for their whole lives were told to "do fundraisers" to survive, and have been left bankrupted and impoverished.
The fact that you "received plans on the day [you] had planned to send out the town-wide newsletter" is no excuse for not including these plans in the newsletter. The newsletter should have been planned to coincide with including these plans, and a follow-up meeting for decision-making scheduled only after a public comment period had been set up as well. This is what other government bodies do, and it would be appropriate here, especially considering that it is our entire town surplus that is being used. To expect that all citizens must be able to attend only one scheduled meeting in order to be able to give any input is unrealistic and unfair. Democracy cannot happen within such impossible limitations.
I am glad to know that you take your work seriously and that you understand how big your impact can be on the future of our town. And I thank you for responding to my concerns promptly and thoughtfully.

First paragraph: I completely agree and clearly I can only affect the future, which is exactly what I intend to do. The past is mismanagement that I was not party to. A new maintenance superintendent is now in place, however, years of neglect is not recovered from overnight. That is why we have generated a significant list and I plan to make a significant contribution of my families time, my equipment and tools to speed up or expedite the recovery process. I assume that others will also help and take pride in doing so.

Second paragraph: Wasting $20,000 a year for eight years, in addition to all of the inefficiencies that add more dollars to not having a functional town hall can hardly be classified as good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Arguably, if a bare-bones, needs based plan had been developed many years ago we could have saved our taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, I reiterate, I cannot change what has taken place in the past but it should be velar to you and others by now that I am working to make things better for the future.

Third paragraph: In great detail, I presented the Town Hall plan at the Town Board Meeting last week. This presentation was publicized heavily in the weeks leading up to the presentation. The plans presented at that meeting were completed only hours before the meeting and therefore, could not go into the newsletter since it was also printed that day.

Lastly, I am well aware that I represent the interests of an entire town. That is not something that I take lightly.


Mike Benson


Today's News Byte:


LOCAL  OPINION  CHANGES       4-20-2012


      As you know, I attend a couple of Bible Studies every week and am at all the local meetings re: Town Business. I try to stop in to several businesses on a fairly regular basis to chat with locals and listen to the conversations and subject of the week. A member of one of my Bible classes is an older lady who has lived here for almost 70 years. She is out and about in town every day and knows just about everyone in town who has been here for five years or more. The majority of locals dismiss this woman as an oddball, or not-so-smart, but let me tell you, this lady has a mind like a steel trap and doesn't miss or forget a THING. I love chatting with her, she's interesting and has a lot to teach about the history of New Lebanon.

      Each week when we gather for our class, this lady asks me what's up in town politics and questions every word she reads in the local papers. Her opinion of the deterioration of life in Lebanon in the past 20 years is NOT favorable and she makes that very clear to all who will listen. Especially her fellow Senior Citizens. She also listens to her peers' opinions and reports what she hears to me each week. What I am hearing from our seniors, is Voter Remorse. Our seniors are regretting thier votes last November and thinking VERY carefully about how they will vote THIS November. Since January 1,2012 the majority in New Lebanon is no longer the same majority we had in November of 2011. The Tide is turning and NOT in support of this year's victors. Locals who are in thier 40s and 50s seem to be the age group that still has many in favor of Benson and Brucey, but those who are younger and older, are regretting thier gullibility.

     Fortunately for US, Doug Clark will not be running again, as his wife has forbade him to do so. We should send her some flowers. LOL!!

     Community Clean-Up Day for tomorrow may be rained out, we'll have to wait and see. Either way, I am uncertain as to how I will handle my own involvement in it. I promised Scott I would clean that kitchen and I fully intend to do so, I'm just not certain if I will do it tomorrow amid all the dissension, or wait and do it during the week while Scott is there doing regular maintenance chores. I CAN tell you THIS;  I don't take orders or direction from Mike Benson, so it's more likely that I will work in the kitchen later next week and NOT tomorrow. I want to do my part for my community, I'm willing to paint as well, but NOT under the watchful, controlling eye of our Supervisor. Not gonna happen.

      This activity could and should have been a positive thing for Lebanon, a coming-together of folks with a common goal. Sadly, it was approached much the same way as last year's Town Hall Referendum. It was sent out not as a request for an enjoyable work-party, but as an Official Order to show up and BRING this and DO that, and by the way, don't forget to sign a waiver!  Benson's Wish List was Scott's list of chores for the entire YEAR, not for a single Saturday. So rather than a Feel-Good gathering of residents who need to re-unite, it became a Hornet's Nest of mis-understanding and resentment. All because our Supervisor does not know how to deal with people. He cannot write an email, a letter, or hold a meeting that does not come off as Orders from the Gestapo. He HAD to dis the former administration and expound upon the "Neglect" of the town park and Town Hall. That was unnecessary and immaterial to the goal of the event.

     His superior attitude then opened the door to criticism from residents as to how MUCH he expected from un-paid volunteers, the liability involved, the failure of recent Park Supervisors to do the work they were hired to do, AND the peril of spending town reserve money on the Town Hall Project, leaving us financially vulnerable.  Had Benson's email been written even remotely like Scott Larabee's Letter, all of this could have been avoided. As far as the Town Coffers go , I have NO idea if the Town Hall job is going to clean out our emergency funds or not, I refuse to get involved in town finances any more than absolutely necessary.  There are plenty of other residents keeping an eye on THAT issue, and I am happy to keep out of it. What I DO know, is that the park HAS been seriously neglected, and that our last Park Supervisor never even saw a weed-wacker or a paintbrush. Nor did he wish to. Guess who INSISTED on the appointment of that person? Brucey. Once again, many other applicants who wanted the job and would have been dedicated to it, were passed over because it wasn't what BRUCEY wanted! So it would be nice if Mr. Benson pointed the finger of blame where it belongs.

      When my son was a little boy, I took him to Shatford Park often. He loved the wading-pool with the spraying fountain and spent hours in it. There were nice picnic tables there for me to sit at and read while he played. Floyd Cummings was Park Supervisor back then and his grandson, Jason Smith helped him. The park was immaculate and everything worked. Jason would often sneak over to chat with Mike and me for a few minutes until Floyd would spot him being idle and give him what-for. LOL!  They worked hard and it showed. Jack Felter worked in much the same way, taking care of the park as if it were his own back yard, with the help of HIS sons. So any deterioration that the park has suffered, began AFTER  Floyd and Jack. Just sayin'. Scott Larabee is dedicated to bringing the park back to it's former glory, and he will do it. Many of us will help because we WANT to, not because we are ORDERED to. The gentler, kinder approach is ALWAYS more effective.

      What it all comes down to is that word I hate ; "Interpretation".  The way a letter is written means everything. There should be NO room for interpretation in correspondence, especially from officials. The message should be clear and concise , just as our By-Laws and Ethics Code should be. When a poorly-written letter goes out to the people, it is understood differently by each individual and the results can be disastrous. Much like art. Some guy throws a few cans of paint at a canvas, and it ends up in an art galley. The Moonbats will stand in front of the splatters and turn thier heads this way and that, then tell you what the artist was thinking when he "Painted" the piece, and what message he was trying to convey. Now I come along and look at the same painting, and I think, "Looks like some guy threw a couple of cans of paint at the canvas and thought that he could make $20,000.00 from some Moonbat that thinks he sees something in it".  Guaranteed, it WILL sell, and the "Artist" will laugh all the way to the bank, then stop at Home Depot on his way home and buy a couple of those cans of "Mistake" paint so he can  throw them at another canvas and make another $20,000.00. All as a result of interpretation.

     I like Andrew Wyeth and Norman Rockwell, and when I look at one of thier paintings, the message is clear, no room for interpretation. I don't have to look at the piece with my  head tipped to the left or right, and I don't have to stand on my head to "SEE" something in it. THAT'S art.  Writing too, is an art and a powerful tool in the right hands. The pen truly IS mightier than the sword. So will someone please take all the pens and keyboards off Mike Benson's desk?





        There are many times in our daily lives that apologies come into play. We all owe them, and we are all owed them. Yet apologies are debts that are seldom paid. If someone were to ask me what apologies I would like to make, I would first say that I wish to apologize to God for waiting so long to get to know Him and what He has to say. Next I would apologize to my country, for not being awake and active a lot sooner. The list goes on, as I'm sure it does for us all. Am I owed apologies? Absolutely. Tons of them in fact, but I won't lose any sleep waiting for them. "I'm Sorry" are the two hardest words to say, next to "I Do".  LOL!  Question is, should the Leader of America apologize to our enemies FOR America? When Pigs Fly!

          I'm posting a fresh article below for you to read. It's a short piece, but an impactful one. It's something that every American of all political parties needs to think long and hard on. Make a list of your own if you are so inclined, and look at it every day. Share it with everyone you know and think of it when you look at your children and grandchildren. To me, it matters not what party Barack Obama belongs to. It doesn't matter to me what color he is, or where he chooses to go to church or if he ate dog as a child or not. What DOES matter to me and should matter to EVERY American, is what he has done to our country, our culture, our security, and our hopes and dreams in three short years. It matters to me that he is unable to prove he is a natural-born citizen, that he grew up in Muslim countries ,went to Muslim schools and his friends were terrorists and radicals. It matters, that every time he opens his mouth, he is lying in an attempt to cover-up for his questionable past and agenda and to move MY country closer to Socialism each and every day.

       It matters that Obama is a Fraud, an America-Hater, a Racist, an enabler, and an arrogant liar. That is the Truth, and for that, I offer NO apology.



The Apology President Obama Should Make But Never Will – Patriot Update

Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by David L. Goetsch


The President of the United States should give Americans direction, support, and hope. He should make us proud to be Americans and remind us constantly of why our country has always been that bright shining city on a hill to the rest of the world. Ronald Reagan did this. But under Barack Obama, America’s morale has sunk to an all-time low and America’s prestige abroad has bottomed out. Concerning America’s loss of prestige around the globe, one of the main reasons for the decline is that President Obama spends so much time apologizing for America. He began his presidency apologizing to our enemies and allies alike, and is still doing it. His infamous apologies to the Afghan street mobs that were murdering American soldiers were just the worst in a long list of apologies issued by this president. I am sure there will be more. He disingenuously claimed that his apologies to the Afghan mobs calmed the situation. That is like calming a bank robber by handing him the money.

Barack Obama has spent his time in office conveying the message to friends and foes around the world that America is a flawed nation deserving of their scorn—a nation that should bow to their superior morality and ask their forgiveness. The number of people Barack Obama has apologized to for America’s supposed shortcomings is now in the billions and includes the Middle East as well as Central and South America. It also includes Europe. That’s right Europe. The same Europe America rescued from the Kaiser in World War I. The same Europe America rescued from the Nazis in World War II. The same Europe America rebuilt with the Marshall Plan, and the same Europe America protected from communism throughout the cold war.

After the burning Koran incident, it was disturbing to say the least to watch an American president pathetically apologize to Afghan mobs that—even as he spoke—were killing American soldiers who were not allowed to defend themselves. But then why should anyone have been surprised by the president’s apology to the Afghans or to anyone else? The one thing he has been consistent at doing for three years is making unwarranted apologies. Here are just a few of the low moments America has suffered at the hands of this president:

  • In April 2009 President Obama apologized to France saying that “America has shown arrogance…” It apparently slipped the president’s mind that France wrote the book on arrogance. The president also overlooked a few events in the history we share with France. Were we being arrogant when we landed in Normandy on D-Day? Were we being arrogant when we liberated Paris? Were we being arrogant when we gave France back to the French after expelling the Nazis? Were we being arrogant when we contained communism during the cold war, keeping France and the rest of Europe from falling under Soviet domination?
  • In January 2009 President Obama apologized to the Muslim world claiming, “We have not been perfect…” He made this statement to nations that aid and abet terrorist groups—groups that define success as effectively attacking America and killing innocent, unarmed civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.
  • In April 2009 President Obama apologized to the Turkish Parliament for “Our own darker periods in our history.” Apparently President Obama is a poor student of history or he would have known that some of the darkest days in world history were perpetrated by the Turks. During World War I, the Turks decided to eliminate an entire race of people: Christian Armenians. Although the Turks are Muslim, their horrific attacks on Armenian Christians were driven more by a desire for ethnic cleansing than religion. In the process of “cleansing” their country of the last vestige of Armenian influence, the Turks savagely murdered, raped, tortured, and exiled the defenseless Christians without mercy.

The list of President Obama’s misplaced apologies could go on for pages. Suffice it to say that Barack Obama came into office apologizing to people and nations who deserved no apology, and is likely to continue apologizing as long as he is in office. Since he obviously enjoys making apologies, I suggest there is one additional apology he should make: President Obama should stand up before the American people and apologize for what he has done to our country.

In the process he might apologize for: 1) running up a national debt so large that the great grandchildren of today’s adults will still be shackled with it, 2) putting America on the path to socialism, 3) contributing to the rise of the entitlement mentality and the decline of the work ethic, 4) undermining America’s prestige in every corner of the globe, and 5) cutting our military to the point that America is rapidly becoming less secure than at any time in our nation’s history. This is just a short list of the things President Obama should apologize to America for, but never will. Readers are encouraged to add their own entries to the list.



SERVICE- SECRETS-AND B.S                                               4-23-2012


   What am I doing up at 6:30 when I went to bed at 3:00? Coffee and morning news.  I always get up at 6:30 with Bob, but usually go back to bed once he leaves for work. Today, the news got me wound up before I got my caffeine and nicotine levels  to a workable level, so here I am. Secret Service Agents and Trayvon Martin, AGAIN. 

       Let me address the SSAs first. As the suspicious person I am, I have had to wonder about the timing of the issue concerning these agents.  The most important presidential election in American history is 7 months away. There is no one in government that knows the president's secrets like the SSA's that work and travel by his side. Right or wrong, I know all too well that "Boys will be Boys", and that a young, attractive Columbian Hooker is probably a temptation hard for them to resist. However, we are not talking about the Boondocks Police Department or the Redneck River Sheriff's Department, we are talking about the Secret Service. If you are at all familiar or aware of the required training for these agents, you would be questioning the issue too.

       SSA's are the elite of the American Law Enforcement officers. Thier training and background investigations are more intense and in-depth than any other police agency could even imagine. These men and women are dedicated to thier assignment and it comes before thier families, thier friends, and certainly thier sexual appetities. They are the only people in the world, who must be willing to take a bullet for the president. Would YOU take a bullet for Obama? For Reagan maybe, but OBAMA?  I'm not naive, I know that there are bad apples in every barrel, and I know the weakness of the male willpower, but I also know what the SSA's are made of. So I question. As of this morning, the head-count of alleged "guilty" SSA's has reached 12. TWELVE! Now YOU tell ME, what are the odds of that? Millions to one.  One or two agents, I wouldn't have red flags waving in my head, but TWELVE?  Something is rotten in Washington, as usual.

      Obama has SO much to hide, and those who know the truths have to go before the campaign ramps up. This event is a first step toward that goal, and I have absolutely NO doubt of that. The Obama administration will do whatever it takes to make thier candidate re-electable and thier goal of Socialism attainable. Heads will roll where not deserved, and more lies will pour from the mouths of the Liberal Media and feed the empty heads of the un-informed and gullible. We are about to witness the most cut-throat , presidential campaign America has ever seen. Be informed and believe NOTHING you hear from the mainstream media. Get the facts and do your homework, do some research, be AWAKE.


             Also this morning, the news covered the release of George Zimmerman on bond. Another questionable issue. In jail, Zimmerman was closely guarded by Federal Marshalls, as we all know that the threat to his life can be carried out whether he is behind bars or on the streets. So he bonds out and relinquishes that protection? Hmm. Story goes that he will be kept in an unknown location. Excuse me? The guy is wearing a tracking anklet. GPS, and the authorities will know his wherabouts at ALL times. You can be certain that the authorities will not be the ONLY ones who can track him. There IS nowhere safe for George Zimmerman. He is the target of a group that has recently re-assembled and become once again, a threat to all Americans of caucasian ethnicity. The "NEW" Black Panthers have put a price on the head of George Zimmerman because the man dared to use deadly force in defense of his own life, against a Black male.

            Come on, we all KNOW what happened, and we all KNOW Zimmerman would have been beaten to death by Martin if he had not shot him. We ALSO know that Martin was up to no good that night, that he reacted to being followed with extreme violence, that he had a reputation for being a "bad boy", etc. If you're unsure, read the reports of the arresting officers and look at the statistics.  Black on Black violence is acceptable, Black on White violence is acceptable, White on Black violence? National Uprising!! Doesn't matter that Martin was the aggressor, he was black, so that makes his behavior okay. Not in MY book. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am fed-up with the in-equality, I am fed-up with being discriminated against for being White, Christian, and Conservative. I am up to my ears with disgust for the enabling and pacifying of the black citizens and the "look the other way" attitude of our government concerning the Panthers. Remember the 2008 elections, when the Panthers stood outside polling places and intimidated voters?  Can you imagine, for ONE minute, what would have happened if the White Supremacists had done the same?

           A Pastor cannot preach outside a public venue and our children cannot utter the word God in schools, but the Black Panthers can frighten old ladies away from exercising thier right to vote? When will enough be enough? When will we say "NO MORE!"? It's time for equality in America, for ALL people to face the consequences of thier behaviors regardless of race or religion, for ALL people to take responsibility for thier own success or failure with no Special Programs and no hand-outs, no special considerations. Until that happens , there will NEVER be equality in this country. The tables have turned as a result of liberal enablement, and it is now the black citizens that are the racists. Watch "Cops", or "The First 48", or "America's Most Wanted", heck, just watch Channel 6 Perp Patrol, and tell me what you see. DON'T tell me that the black males have it hard and live in ghettos, that is an old and tired excuse and it's the excuses that have brought us to where we are today. It is the excuses that set O.J free and will convict George Zimmerman. It's time to hold ALL Americans, of every color, accountable for themselves and thier lot in life.

           George Zimmerman is a very young man who gave his own time and compromised his own safety to protect his family and neighbors as a Neighborhood Watchman. He has NO police record, NO history of violence, and no reputation as a racist. He protected himself from a violent, physical attack, PERIOD. Don't you think it's time for the rest of us to support his justifiable actions? Can YOU write a letter or send an email to the Florida Congressmen and Senators? How about the newspapers and television stations in Zimmerman's hometown? Are YOU willing to do SOMETHING to help protect and gain justice for George Zimmerman?  I bet you won't. I bet no one will. But I will.




   I had this all written and ready to publish and the website sat there attempting to "Save" the page for almost an hour, so I shut down and lost the whole post.  These little websites are great, but they have a lot of bugs too. There is a neat invitation at the bottom of this page for Friends of Meg Robertson, so please be sure to read it before you leave us tonight.

        Only five members of the public attended the meeting on Tuesday. FIVE! Could it be that since there was NO notice of the meeting on the Town Website OR the NewsRags that  people were kept  out of the loop?  I understand that the Town is working on a new computer program and Colleen cannot post anything right now, but plenty of folks still spend a buck on the nasty Chatham papers, and a notice could have been printed there. It brings to mind the Dirty Little Meeting of 5-13-2010, that was deliberately NOT posted in hopes of keeping folks away. I think our Town Board was concerned that the public might have been resistant to the new plan for the Town Hall. This was the purpose of the meeting, for the board to vote on the plan and make a motion to put it out to bid.

         I am heavily criticized for outing the mis-behavior of our officials, but I only give you the facts. On the flip-side, I always tell you when the officials do something note-worthy or beneficial, don't I ? Well, in my OWN opinion, I think the Town Hall Plan is excellent.   It's a basic, simple plan that is affordable,sensible and fills the needs of the town at this time. This is the type of plan Meg Robertson wanted for so long and we WOULD have had it if Brucey hadn't insisted on building a replica of the Taj Mahal! HE wanted to be the hero that gave us the fancy project that would draw the rich and liberal into our town. (Like we aren't already over-run with THEM!).  He fought Meg tooth and nail every step of the way, and THAT folks, is why we haven't had a workable Town Hall for all these years. I know this for a fact through my own witness and first-hand accounts of those directly involved in the efforts. Many,many good people worked for a long time to achieve the kind of plan we now have before us, but were always met with strong opposition from Brucey.

       Ahh, but NOW there is a MALE Supervisor that Brucey wouldn't DARE try to abuse or over-power, so NOW he is Mr. Agreeable! Chauvanist. But I digress.  The plans we have now are perfect for our needs and finances and can be under-way sometime this summer. One more issue behind us. Congratulations to those who pushed it through without Brucey's objections! I seriously believe that if the public HAD known about this meeting and attended in large numbers, the plans would have been met with much approval and relief.

       There WAS Executive Session number FIVE of the year to date at this meeting. LOL!  I have never seen so many exec sessions as I have since Jan. 2012.  This one was to provide a waiver to the Speedway for the overnight camping. OOps, how do I know what they discuss in Exec?  My secret. I know about 99% of the time what goes on in exec. The other 1% of the time, I just couldn't find someone small enough to hide under the table. (Just Kidding!)  One other notable moment of the meeting was when Bob and I arrived. None of us KNEW the meeting had been moved to the American Legion Hall instead of the firehouse, so we were all a minute or two late. We walked in and took a seat and I looked up at the panel and saw Doug Clark GLARING at me. So I stared back until he looked away. After the meeting, a couple of folks including my husband, asked me if I had noticed the stare. LOL!  I said, "How could I MISS it?!".  It was pretty funny, actually.

       As for WHY I got the killer glare, who knows! Maybe ol' Dougy couldn't resist temptation and read more of my site, which means he knows I am working diligently to have him removed from the board. Oh well, it is what it is Doug. You've had more than ample opportunity to do what's right, you ALL have. Now you can all deal with the state. If the state doesn't do THIER job, we will keep right on going until someone DOES. Your records will not go away. We are STILL waiting for promises to be fulfilled by Mr. Benson as well. New issues arise all the time, but the old ones remain, and until they are dealt with properly and justly, they will not be forgotten or ignored. I've been told this week that I tend to sometimes go "Overboard". Yep, I agree. But you know what? If you ask for justice in a whisper, no one hears.

     Speaking of Justice, I hear ol' Jacko is finally on the bench and earning his pay for a change. I also hear he is ticking off a LOT of attorneys already.  LOL!  No worries, I have a feeling that we will be looking for two new justices before the ones we have finish thier terms.

       Now for the fun stuff! Take a look at the info below and please consider stopping by and saying hello to Meg. She is doing well, now at her sister's house and out of the hospitals at last. She had a new cast put on yesterday and the doc says she is healing very well. It will still be a while before she can return to her normal routine at home, but every step is a triumph!


       New Lebanon Invites You !

Benefit  for Margaret “Meg” Robertson

Tuesday  May 22 , 2012    6 p.m  till –

Smitty’s Pizza and Pub    Rt. 20   New Lebanon Center

 Light Buffet – Live Piano Music by Mike Gilbert – Beer and Wine Available


                     Please join us in supporting Meg during her recovery from  an accident two months ago. Meg has lived in New Lebanon for most of her life and has served the town as a Councilwoman and most recently as Supervisor for two consecutive terms. She has also served as a member of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors and has shown a strong  dedication to her town and its’ people, and to the county. Now it is OUR turn to support Meg. We would love to see you at the benefit!

Donations Sincerely Appreciated- Accepted at the Benefit or by sending to:

Margaret Robertson Benefit

C/o First Niagara Bank

25 McClellan Drive

Nassau,N.Y 12123


From Hudson: Rt. 66/295 to Canaan Center. Left at light to County Rt. 5.  Rt. 5 to Rt. 20.  Left on Rt. 20, Smitty’s on right .  Hope to see you there!




When Allen West speaks, common-sense and truth spill out . How very sad that he did not run for president against Obummer.  A perfect example of Race having nothing to do with who should be in the top-spot in our government. To me, the Dream Team for the Oval Office would be Herman Cain and Allen West. Both Black men, BOTH Conservative , honorable, Constitutionalists, Patriots, intelligent and BELIEVERS.  I don't abhor Obama for his color, I abhor him for his agenda and his hatred of my country.  Incidentally, Obama happens to be half white, but he denies that half of his genetic make-up. To me, it wouldn't matter if his skin was glow-in-the-dark pink, he would still be a Socialist, anti-American, Muslim liar. If Allen West and/or Herman Cain were on the ballot, there would be NO question as to how I would vote.

       West and Cain are unafraid of the Liberal Whiners and Politically Correct, and throw reality directly in thier faces, letting the chips fall where they may. Much like Reagan, they take a stand and never sway. Either one would be a blessing to America, but sadly, neither is running, YET. Mabe not this time, but I bet West runs eventually. I just hope it won't be too late. Sadly, the choices we have this year are far from the best. I don't much care for Mitt Romney, but I also know all too well that four more years of Obummer will be the end of America. Romney is the ONLY way ANY sane American can vote. After the 3 and a half years we have been under Obama's Rule, we have seen our country, our culture, our traditions, our pride, and most importantly, our Constitution, tossed away like rancid garbage in an alley dumpster.  Our Freedoms have been compromised, thousands have lost thier jobs and homes, those who HAVE jobs, can't afford the gas to get to those jobs.  Political Correctness and Special Interest have expanded and poisoned the minds of our younger generation, and illegal immigration is breaking our backs financially. Need I go on?  In a nutshell, Obummer's presidency has been a nightmare and the absolute WORST period in American history. Even the depression can't hold a candle to the horrors Obummer has brought down upon America. He MUST GO!  Below, is a pic of Obama showing his white half. A rare glimpse indeed!

     Here is a word from Allen West.


VITAL  READING!!!!!        4-28-2012


    I have read and sent hundreds of news links in the past few months concerning things I consider vitally important to the future of America, NY State, and even New Lebanon. Here are a few I consider important in light of the up-coming election and the re-awakening of racial unrest as a result of the Trayvon Martin case. HOWEVER< the FIRST  piece is one that I feel is probably the MOST VITAL information I have ever passed along to anyone, EVER. All FACTUAL, all TERRIFYING, and all there for you to research if you want to prove it for yourselves.  This is the year that the people of America will decide the future of this country and our children and thier children. THIS is the year that we must all be AMERICANS, not Liberals or Conservatives, not Democrats or Republicans, not Black or White, just AMERICAN!  God Help Us if we fail in November.



Legitimate Questions
This election has me very worried. So many things to consider. I voted for Obama. McCain was a Washington insider and we don’t need any more of them. I have changed my mind three times, since then. I watch all the news channels, jumping from one to another. I must say this drives my husband crazy. But, I feel if you view CNN, and Fox News, you might get some middle ground to work with. I started thinking "where does all the money come from for President Obama"? I have four daughters, who went to College, and we were middle class, and money was tight. We (including my girls) worked hard and there were lots of student loans. I started looking into Obama's history for my own peace of mind.
Around 1979 Obama started college at Occidental in California. He is very open about his two years at Occidental; he tried all kinds of drugs and was wasting his time but, even though he had a brilliant mind, did not apply himself to his studies. "Barry" (that was the name he used all his life) during this time had two roommates, Muhammad Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, both from Pakistan. During the summer of 1981, after his second year in college, he made a "round the world" trip. Stopping to see his mother in Indonesia, next Hyderabad in India, three weeks in Karachi, Pakistan where he stayed with his roommate's family, then off to Africa to visit his father's family.
My question - Where did he get the money for this trip? Nether I nor any one of my children would have had money for a trip like this when they were in college. When he came back he started school at Columbia University in New York. It is at this time he wants everyone to call him Barack - not Barry. Do you know what the tuition is at Columbia? It's not cheap to say the least. My girls asked me; where did he get money for tuition? Student Loans? Maybe its none of my business?
After Columbia, he went to Chicago to work as a Community Organizer for $12,000. A year. Why Chicago? Why not New York? He was already living in New York. By "chance" he met Antoine "Tony" Rezko, born in Aleppo Syria, and a real estate developer in Chicago. Rezko has been convicted of fraud and bribery several times in the past and in 2011. Rezko was named "Entrepreneur of the Decade" by the Arab-American Business and Professional Association". About two years later, Obama entered Harvard Law School. Do you have any idea what tuition is for Harvard Law School? Where did he get the money for Law School? More student loans? His family has no money that’s for sure.

After Law school, he went back to Chicago. Rezko offered him a job, which he turned down. But, he did take a job with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Guess what I discovered? They represented "Rezar" which is Rezko's firm. Rezko was one of Obama's first major financial contributors when he ran for office in Chicago. In 2003, Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama which Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendelland claims was instrumental in providing Obama with "seed money" for his U.S. Senate race.
In 2005, Obama purchased a new home in Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (less than asking price). With ALL those Student Loans - Where did he get the money for this property? On the same day Rezko's wife, Rita, purchased the adjoining empty lot for full price. The London Times reported that Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi-born Billionaire loaned Rezko $3.5 million three weeks before Obama's new home was purchased. Obama met Nadhmi Auchi many times with Rezko.
Now, we have Obama running for President. Valerie Jarrett was Michele Obama's boss. She is now Obama's chief advisor and he does not make any major decisions without talking to her first. Where was Jarrett born? Ready for this? Shiraz, Iran! Am I going nuts or is there a pattern here?
On May 10, 2008, The Times reported, Robert Malley advisor to Obama was "sacked" after the press found out he was having regular contacts with "Hamas", which controls Gaza and is connected with Iran. This past week, buried in the back part of the papers, Iraqi newspapers reported that during Obama's visit to Iraq, he asked their leaders to do nothing about the war until after he is elected, and he will "Take care of things". What the heck does that mean?
Oh, and by the way, remember the college roommates that were born in Pakistan? They are in charge of all those "small" Internet campaign contribution for Obama. Where is that money coming from? The poor and middle class in this country? Or could it be from the Middle East?
And the final bit of news. On September 7, 2009, The Washington Times posted a verbal slip that was made on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. Obama on talking about his religion said, "My Muslim faith". When questioned, "he makes a mistake". Some mistake huh?
All of the above information is available online. If you would like to check it - Wikipedia, encyclopedia, Barack Obama; Tony Rezko; Valerie Jarrett: Daily Times - Obama visited Pakistan in 1981; The Washington Times - September 7, 2008; The Times May 10, 2008.
Now the BIG question - If I was able to locate all of this information on my own, why haven't all of our "intelligent" members of the press been reporting this? Is this a Kettle of Fish??
As Arsenio Hall would say.----"HUMMMMMMM! Does something stink or is it my imagination?" These are all legitimate questions for the president.







WE  ARE  NOT  ALONE !!       4-30-2012


             I don't know how many of you have ever heard of Will Pflaum or Acadia Dog Camp in the Town of Stuyvesant, but he and I are new friends. Will has a website called "HudsonSunshine" and it's worth checking out. What the town government has put him through in the past several years is abominable. More excessive Zoning, more abuse of power, more corruption and lies and rule-bending. Soooo familiar. Will has spent in excess of $100,000.00 for the right to use his own rural land for his business. Howard Commander could relate, as could Bobby Mittnight. Here is a brief video of Will at a ZBA Meeting and some interesting reading to go along with it.

             Will is far from the only "new" friend I've made since starting P.A.C.T, I have several in Chatham Village that are being or have been abused by Stan Koloski, who continues to serve in official positions there and in several other towns in Columbia County. For instance, a successful contractor from Claverack is embroiled in a legal battle with Koloski as we speak. I am assisting this man as well.  We are not alone, which in one way, is nice to hear, but in another way, it is nauseating to see that officials are corrupt no matter where you live.  It is also a huge issue that we suffer under such excessive, confusing, and ridiculous Zoning. I realize that a lot of our Zoning Laws are handed down to us by the state, but I also know that towns have a lot of leeway and plenty of room for compassion and exceptions when it comes to a resident's livelihood. Sadly, there remains the old problem of giving a little power to little people, which creates monsters. Stanley Koloski is a monster and he always has been, yet he continues to be allowed to abuse, lie, make up his own laws and codes, and recieve $20,000.00 per town, per year.  Can ANYONE tell me WHY?  Why did it take Lebanon so long to kick Stan to the curb despite the numerous verbal and written complaints, despite the $108,000.00 he cost the Lebanon Taxpayers in litigation fees?

              Did you know that Stan actually had the cajones to FIGHT his removal from Lebanon? He did. That was the ONE time that Doug Clark took a stand and insisted he had to go. Not to appease US of course, but to stop the excessive spending on attorneys Stan caused.  He was a HUGE liability. Since I have been attending Planning and Zoning meetings in this town, I have become painfully aware of the extreme red-tape and the many hoops a resident or potential business-person must jump through for simple permits. Is there any wonder that businesses are fleeing New York? Between the taxes and the Zoning, who wants to start a business HERE?  Been there, done that, never again. Yet, like everything else that needs changing in America, it will never get done because people do NOT stand together in groups for what is right and just. The TEA Party is the first group I have seen in years, that can make that claim.

           There are countless groups in America shouting and protesting for this or that, but almost none of them are standing on an honorable platform. Yet they are the ones who succeed in getting what they want! Gay marriage, Political Correctness, the Banning of God from schools and public places, the extreme abuse of smokers, suppression of Christianity, enabling of illegals and minorities, etc.,etc. Now they want the word "illegal" as it pertains to immigrants, to be labeled as "Hate Speech".  LOLOL!!  Give me a break! Illegal is illegal, and crossing our borders without benefit of documentation is a crime, PERIOD.  Can you imagine poor Archie Bunker in today's sick world? He would be in prison for exercising his right to Free Speech!

            Each and every American needs to think long and hard about the number of Conservative heads that are hanging on Liberal walls. PROTECT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!  USE THEM! 

       Now let's get back to my friend Will. If you read the page where the video is posted, you will learn about his experience with the former Chair of the Columbia County Ethics Board, Valerie Bertram.  Now THAT is familiar! I had the same experience with the same woman. She refused to take action on complaints or even LOOK at them to see if they were valid enough to investigate! Thank GOD she was asked for her resignation, yet none of us whom she stuck it to, received any satisfaction for her failure to address our issues. Much like the old New Lebanon Ethics Board that did not even bother to talk to the man that Brucey threatened. Wow, thorough investigation THERE, huh?  Which is just how Brucey wants it and it is also why Chris Steadman was deliberately hand-picked for the Ethics Board. THAT issue is FAR from over, folks!

      The County has a new Ethics Chair now, a Richard Washburn. I know nothing about him and have heard nothing, so I don't know if he will also be complicit, or if he will actually do his job in a fair and honest manner. We will know very soon. As I drop four Ethics Complaints into the mail tomorrow, I will not hold out any hope for satisfaction. I am simply following protocol of going up through the ranks in the proper order. If we should get a decision in our favor, I will be stunned. We have had official complaints pending with several state-level agencies for many months now, and our inquiries are met with, "Still Pending". There is NO communication from these people, pro or con. Are they busy? Yes, I'm sure they are, but so am I! My time is every bit as valuable as thiers, and THEY work for US. Therein lies the problem.  Government officials and employees at every level, have it backwards in thier minds and egos. WE the PEOPLE have allowed it.

     I have sent my letters to Sanford,Florida today, including the Mayor, the Town Council, the Police Chief and the Governor of the state. I am standing for George Zimmerman. When it becomes a crime to defend yourself from physical harm, battles ensue. We have enough battles to fight, and if I had been in Zimmerman's shoes that night, I would have shot Trayvon too! The evidence to prove self-defense in this case, exists. If we allow the Black outcry and threat of rioting to convict an innocent man the way we let them set O.J Simpson free,  we are just as guilty as the corrupt officials.  The race war in America will never end until we take a stand against the preferential handling of Black Americans and hold them accountable for thier behaviors, irresponsibility, and failures in exactly the same way we do with any person of other races. THAT is equality. Until TRUE equality is applied to all Americans of ALL races, the racism will never go away, but continue to escalate.

      Sure, the people of Sanford,Florida fear the un-justified reprisals the Blacks will hammer them with if Zimmerman goes free as he should, but that's what the National Guard is for. That's why we have laws that allow police officers to shoot looters. USE the laws, and watch the looting go away! Empower our police and ENFORCE the LAW! Zero Tolerance! If someone was beating my head into the pavement and I was losing consciousness, I would use my gun too. Color would be of no consequence, surviving would be the ONLY issue. Zimmerman did what he had to do, and remember, Trayvon struck first! It is our right and our DUTY as American people, to defend ourselves and others from violent attacks. Trayvon made a choice that night, and it was a bad one, but he wrote his own ticket. I don't care if his skin was purple, he was the master of his own fate.

    If Zimmerman had died and trayvon survived, we would have never known about it. Trayvon would have been given a laundry-list of excuses to keep him out of jail and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been silent. There would have been NO threat of white rioting in the streets, no protests by people who never knew Zimmerman and were ignorant to the facts in the case. Equality means that ALL people are treated equally, regardless of skin color or ethnic background. Isn't it time to apply that ?



MORE Racism???       5-2-2012


            I heard a piece on yesterday morning's news about a politician who is being prosecuted for sending out taped phone messages to prevent Blacks from voting. This was alleged to have occurred during the 2010 election, and the message stated that it was not necessary to go out and vote, but to stay home and celebrate as the WIN was already thiers. This message was sent to thousands of people, not just to Blacks, so I don't know how they arrived at the conclusion that it was a racist action, but of course, they did. This politician is being prosecuted.

   NOW,  last night, I watched a video of Barack Obama addressing Black voters that he refers to as; "African-Americans for Obama".  ( I will post the link for you). In this short video, Obama tells Black Americans how important it is for them to "Stick Together" and remember the old days of slavery and in-equality. In other words, "Vote for ME 'cuz I'm Black like YOU!".  Just imagine for ONE minute, if Romney did the same thing and made a video directed solely to White Americans. What do you suppose would happen?  He would be charged with Hate Speech, called a Racist in every newspaper in the country and every Liberal T.V station. This is NOT acceptable and could incite even MORE racial unrest and violence. On top of the Trayvon lie. we don't need MORE division between the races, but this is what Obama WANTS! He is feeding the fire of hate and has been since he ran in 2008. He also strongly supports and funds "Occupy Wall Street".

      Speaking of THAT group of un-washed and un-educated human waste, they are back at it now that they won't freeze thier sissy butts off anymore. They sure don't mind sucking up the winter heat at home with furnaces made by big corporations, do they? LOL!  Idiots. THIS time around, they are very violent, throwing bricks at police from rooftops, breaking windows, starting fires, you know the drill. Again, when they are questioned by media, they have NO facts to back up thier actions, no meat with the potatoes. And yes, they ARE potato heads. I believe that all mayors of every occupied city, should call out the Fire Departments and high-pressure hose these idiots out of the parks and off the streets. Americans have a right to PEACEFUL Assembly, not to violence. Amen?

    Here is the link to the Obama Campaign Commercial:





       Welcome to May. Seems we're getting our April showers a little bit late, but that's okay, we really need it. Nice to see the Hostas popping up and things getting greener by the day. (Like the people who keep moving here).  Tomorrow night we will be back in Stephentown for the ongoing Moto-X battle.  MORE Liberal whining, God help us! All those gray-headed sourpusses glaring at the rest of us and at the Zoning Board and crying about air quality and getting the dirt dirty. GEEEZ!!!

       Next Monday is the Lebanon Zoning Board meeting with the  Chairman that violates recusal and is grateful that the objectors suffered injuries and are down in numbers for a bit. He got his butt whooped by the Town Board though, when they granted a waiver to the Speedway for the overnight camping.   No cigar for Johnny Boy.

       Town Board Meeting next Tuesday. I sent emails out this morning to the Czar, Colleen, and all four Councilmen, requesting that they FINALLY address the absentee board members at this up-coming meeting. Benson gave his word, let's see what he does with it. The By-Laws are CLEAR on this issue. NO board member can miss 25% or more of meetings and remain a board member, PERIOD. However, we all know all too well, that this town government has a reputation for making amendments to suit thier personal agendas. I would not put it past them to attempt to do that with this By-Law just so Brucey can keep his stacked Ethics Board as is.  On the other hand, the complaints about this problem are recorded for the past two years, and the By-Law was, and still IS, in effect, so amending it will do them no good in the present case. They amended the By-Laws to make Stan Koloski legal AFTER he had been ILLEGAL for two years, and that violation has not and will not, be forgotten where the state is concerned.

     As I have asked many times, why have laws if you are not going to enforce them? Why not just let the officials do what they please, when and how they please? They do anyway!  Why have an Ethics Board if they are going to appoint people they know will not enforce the code? Why vote, when the machines are fixed? Why have Election Laws and then accept illegal petitions? I could go on all night, but why bother? None of you will come to a meeting and speak out against the violations and abuses, none of you will write a letter or send an email. You will complain when the consequences of the mis-conduct affects YOU, but you will do nothing until or unless,  it does. This country was once one of heroes and brave souls who fought to the death if necessary, to retain thier freedoms and rights. Today, we are a nation of cowards and wimps and the lazy, who allow others to do everything FOR them. People make fun of the Tea Party, but you know what? THEY are out in the trenches fighting the good fight for YOU, while you sit on your lazy duffs and do nothing. The Tea Party, the Minute Men, the American Soldiers of the past and present are fighting for YOUR freedoms and protections and you do NOTHING!

     We are being taxed to death, robbed at the gas pump and grocery stores, over-run with illegal immigrants, and being robbed of our Constitutional protections by Commie Obommie, and you just sit there. It just boggles the mind at how dis-engaged Americans are, how DUMB and BLIND ! Even some of my closest friends are numb to what is going on under thier noses and unwilling to donate even ONE hour a week to making America strong and free again. How can anyone respect others when they don't care about thier country or the future of thier children? That's how I am feeling lately, like no one is worthy of respect but a very, very few. Even those few, have the facts and awareness they need, they have the commitment to what is right and just, but they take no action. What are people so afraid of? What could possibly be more frightening than losing our freedom to a tyrannical police state?

      "For Lack of Knowledge,My People are Destroyed."   Hosea  4:6


BENSON  LIES  AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   5-4-2012


         Let me start with last night. The Stephentown ZBA canceled thier meeting re: the Moto-X Track.  Why?  Well, the newest hoop they're making Howard Commander jump through  will hold things up for three weeks. Which makes me wonder about the timing, since at the last meeting, the ZBA requested a time extension on thier limit to reach a decision and Howard's attorney denied it. Does this latest move sound to YOU like a way to get thier extension ANYWAY? Does to ME.  In any case, this battle to use his own property for a minor expansion of his business that supports us ALL, has cost Howard in excess of $200,000.00 thus far! The track itself, has not even begun being built and THOSE costs are not yet figured in!  If I were in Howard's shoes, I would fight to the death for this permit, then once I HAD it, I would sue every single member of the "Concerned Citizens" , their lawyer with the dirty pony-tail, the Judge who approved thier Art. 78, Brian Baker, etc.,etc.

     At last month's meeting, I saw a member of the Concerned Citiots that I had not seen attend any meetings prior. I'll call him Joe, because that is his name. Anyway, I have always liked this guy and have no personal issues with him. However, I know a few things about him that makes me wonder what he was doing there? This is a guy that goes to his church on Sunday, is a Member of the Knights of Columbus, yet has the filthiest mouth in three counties.There seems to be something in the water in East Nassau that prevents it's citizens from being able to complete a sentence without the F-Word. Maybe Brucey should move there? In any case, I can't help but be amused by these people who think they are SOOO much better and loftier than everyone else, yet have the worst behavior I have ever witnessed. They tend to be selfish posers and they have NO clue as to how to meet anyone else half-way, yet they all have those "COEXIST" bumper stickers on thier hybrid cars. DUH! I could go on about East Nassau and my experiences with the "people" there, all night, believe me. Instead I will just count my blessings that I don't have to live there among them all.

      On Wednesday, May 2, I sent an email out to the Czar and the Councilmen. I requested that Benson carry through on his promise to remove board members who are absent 25% or more of the time from meetings, as in the case of the Murnanes and Craig Trombley. Here is the email I sent.

From: Joanna Johnson-Smith
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 7:27 AM
To: Czar Michael; Colleen Clerk;;;;
Subject: Agenda
To: Mike Benson , Colleen Teal, Lebanon Town Councilmen:
From: P.A.C.T
Good Morning! I am emailing you to ask that something be added to the agenda for next week's Town Board Meeting. Mr. Benson promised 2 months ago to enforce the town By-Law that requires board members who miss 25% or more of meetings be removed and replaced. Thus far, this has not been done, and we have three board members who have violated this By-Law repeatedly. We ask that this issue be addressed at the May meeting and the members removed a.s.a.p. The members are:
1) Kathy Murnane
2) Matt Murnane
3) Craig Trombley
Thank you.
JJ. Johnson-Smith
      Now, we have been asking for action on this issue for over a year with no response or acknowlegement from our so-called "Board". When Benson was "Campaigning" and trying to win votes from the gullible, he met with me, my husband, and Wayne Martin, and I asked him, eye to eye, if he intended to address the mis-conduct and violations of our board members if he was elected. He got very serious, and stated clearly that he most certainly would!
   Two months ago, Kevin Smith met with Benson and asked him specifically about the absent board member issue. Benson told Kevin that he was also bothered by this problem and would enforce the By-Law. We waited. Benson did nothing, of course. SO, here is the response I received from Supervisor Mike Benson today.::
From: Mike Benson / Supervisor - Town of New Lebanon <>
To: 'Joanna Johnson-Smith'  'Colleen Clerk' <>;;;;
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2012 5:20 PM
Subject: RE: Agenda

Ms. Johnson-Smith,
This matter has been addressed and some time ago, frankly.
The statute you refer to reads as follows;
[Adopted 1-2-2007]
Any appointed board or commission member who is absent for 25% of the meetings within any calendar year is subject to removal from said board or commission.
As you are aware, I took office on January 1, 2012 and therefor I am not in a position to make any judgments (preliminary or otherwise) regarding board absence on a calendar year basis. However, this has not precluded me from having dialogue with certain individuals concerning participation and the implied obligation of serving.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter. It will not be on the Town Board agenda.
Thank you,
Mike Benson
        So he has NO intention of keeping his word that he gave to FOUR people on TWO occasions, and so far as him addressing the problem, WHEN?  HOW?  All three violators are still serving on the boards. Here is the response I sent to the forked-tongue Supervisor tonight:::
Friday, May 4, 2012 11:29 PM
No, of course it won't be on the agenda. You know full well that the Murnanes leave New York every year in November and don't return until April, as they did THIS year with the exception of the "visit" Kathy made when she realized she was "Losing Control" of the Ethics Board due to her constant absences. Craig Trombley of the Planning Board does the same thing every year. Unless you intend to pull an "Obama" on the people and change the By-Laws to suit Bruce Baldwin, (AGAIN), I suggest you enforce the By-Laws we HAVE and that you gave your WORD that you would, both to Kevin Smith in THIS matter, and to ME when you were "campaigning". Wayne Martin and Bob Smith witnessed that promise. So far, you have not kept your word in even ONE instance, but instead have dealt yourself into the game of dirty politics that Bruce and Doug have been playing. Chris Gibson cannot protect you forever, nor can the Democrats you donate so heavily to.
If a man cannot stand by his word he does not deserve a place in government at any level. It's time this town did SOMETHING honorable, don't you think? JJ
      So YOU tell ME, those of you who voted for Mr. Wonderful, what did you really think he would do differently? Did you believe he would actually be an Honorable Politician? There is NO SUCH THING! Like I told you all before, this guy actually stood outside the board meeting of March 2012, and told my husband that he had NO intention of running for office in Lebanon again and never DID intend to go for a second term. That statement alone, is solid PROOF of what I told you before the election; that Benson had come back to Lebanon for only ONE reason, to USE us as a rung on his ladder to higher office. What more evidence do you NEED?
     He has ONE objective in this town and that is to get a supermarket and finish the Town Hall, because that's what will look good on his resume'. He and his supporters never for one minute considered HOW he would accomplish this or what it might cost us financially or socially. They just wanted the RICH guy that's related to Gibson, as thier Supervisor. NICE GOIN"! All you did was add another liar and cheater to the local government of filth!
      Mike Benson is a RINO, a Social-Climber, a Wanna-Be, and an arrogant tyrant. He has violated numerous laws, as have Bruce and Doug, and has ignored laws in favor of "Friends" like Blueberry Hill Cafe. He has fired town employees without notice or cause or following protocol that requires the BOARD to fire and hire, NOT the Supervisor in a singular decision. Need I go ON, because I sure CAN! We can go all the way back to his 'ILLEGAL" petition and fraudulent signature if you would like! I didn't THINK so. But that's okay, let them sit and snicker and think they won one, but you know what? JJ ain't stoppin'! No how, no way!
      Every time they break another law, I get more determined to fight on. BY THE WAY, guess who was in town yesterday? Jay Lord of Hannaford! Interesting, huh? Jay is one of the nicest men I have ever met. I knew I liked him when he voiced his low opinion of Benson back when the Secret Meeting crap was going on. He too, finds Benson to be tyrannical and pushy and a "Legend in his own Mind". A man like Jay could never possibly approve of a "man" like Benson. He can WORK with him, but he can't like him. Not many folks do, including many who voted for him and are now sorry.
      Benson still has his clique, the wealthy who want to ride his coat-tails, a few business people who think he will help thier businesses grow which he won't, the egotists like Bud Godfroy and Brucey who are boot-lickers anyway. The "little men" like Doug Clark who are just followers and serfs, you get the picture. So here is presented for you in black and white, the proof of Benson's dis-honesty and failure to keep his word, which means his word is worthless. I ALREADY proved to you that his petition was illegal and that he donates thousands of dollars to Gillibrand, the most corrupt, DEMOCRATIC politician in NY State. I also proved that he is USING Lebanon for his own goals, and now I have proved that he is a liar and a turn-coat. Believe me NOW?!?!?!?
READ THIS! If you don't see Mike Benson in this piece, you ARE blind!


ALSO!!!!     5-5-2012


  This is May 5th, 2012, is it not?   That would mean we are in the FIFTH month of the new year, YES? 25% of 12 months equals THREE months, right?  Well, Matt Murnane has not attended ONE Planning Board Meeting this year. Not ONE.  Kathy Murnane was away for three of the five months of this year, maybe four. Yes, I know that the Ethics Board does not hold regular meetings, but the TWO members of the E.B that were present and available EVERY month, WANT to set up regular monthly meetings, but could not do so because Kathy Murnane was ABSENT.  Further, there was a PENDING COMPLAINT that could not be investigated solely because SHE was ABSENT. The complainant was denied Due Process, because Kathy was ABSENT.

      Benson ordered the two present E.B members to call Murnane in Florida and have an investigation over long-distance telephone! Not only is that ridiculous, it is ILLEGAL!  The only acceptable way to hold an official meeting long-distance is by SKYPE or Tele-Conference. So the Czar is sadly mistaken when he claims that he has not witnessed the violations of the law he sent me in his email. He has been here for five months now, and was the legal Supervisor during the times that the Murnanes were not available to do the jobs they were appointed to do! So he has compounded his lies. I sent him another email tonight telling him that he is WRONG and as Supervisor, he is duty-bound to enforce the By-Laws and dismiss the Murnanes. While he is at it, he needs to remind Mrs. Murnane that she is not the Chair of the Ethics Board and has not been since Jan.1, 2012. There IS no Chairperson as they could not vote on one. Know Why? Kathy was ABSENT! Oh yeah, we also had to wait and give Brucey time to "Stack" the Ethics Board with Steadman in a blatant case of CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND COMPLICITY. Here is the email I sent to the Czar tonight::


Saturday, May 5, 2012 10:13 PM
One last thing: Matthew Murnane has missed EVERY Planning Board meeting of 2012 so far. THREE is 25%! We are now in month FIVE. OUT he goes! Kathy Murnane has been absent from Lebanon for at least three of the five months of 2012. As the Ethics Board does not yet have a regular meeting schedule,( ALSO due to her absences, as the rest of the board wants monthly meetings but could not set that up as she was ABSENT ), it still puts her in violation as due to her absence, a complainant was denied due process for three months. OUT she GOES! It's the LAW, you know, the one you sent me that I already know by heart?
Further, you ordered the Ethics Board members who WERE present and available, to discuss the last complaint over long-distance telephone. That is illegal. Only SKYPE or Tele-Conference is allowable, and only then, if the other members agree. We'll either see these people removed on Tuesday of next week, or we will see what Mr. Schneiderman's Office has to say about it. JJ. Johnson-Smith
     I don't know how these big-headed, little politicians think they can ignore or make up their own rules! Oh yeah, I forgot, because they CAN! Because YOU won't hold their feet to the fire! YOU have to obey their laws, but they DON'T? Good Lord.


All Anybody Needs to Know to Understand Politics

dividing wealth_cropped“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill
1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.
2. What one person receives without working another person must work without receiving.
3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them; and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.” — Translated from Czech Republic Newspaper Prager Zeitung (April 28, 2010.)


The differences between Tea Party activists and Occupy Wall Street protestors could not be more stark; however, Democrats have desperately tried to make Tea Party members out to be racist terrorists with an evil agenda.

They somehow manage to do this with a straight face, while ignoring the social disruptions of Occupy Wall Street groups altogether. Or at a minimum, acting as though their behavior is the most normal thing in the world.

Compare how Democrats PRAISE the Occupy Wall Street "movement"...
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): "The American people have had enough. They're mad as hell, and I agree." Paul Krugman in the New York Times: "Mr. Obama's party has a chance for a do-over. All it has to do is take these protests as seriously as they deserve to be taken." Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY): "I'm so proud to see the Occupy Wall Street movement standing up to this rampant corporate greed and peacefully participating in our democracy. Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT): "It's got a clear message, and that is frustration with the way that business is being done, the way that wealth is tilting towards the high end and the middle class is shrinking. And that message needs to be given." ...versus how they speak about the Tea Party: Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN): "Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree." Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA): "As far as I'm concerned - the tea party can go straight to hell." Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic National Committee Chair: "The discourse in America, . . . has really changed. I hesitate to place blame, but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party movement." Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA): "We have negotiated with terrorists [Tea Party members]. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money." Vice President Joe Biden: They [Tea Party members] have acted like terrorists. Conservative Action Alerts is asking every Member of Congress to show integrity, and stand up for Tea Party supporters. Even if our representatives don't agree with every aspect of the Tea Party's politics, they should support their peaceful protests requesting meaningful change in Washington. We also ask them to condemn the violence by Occupy protestors. stand for democracy-not anarchy! Tea Party supporters are honest, loyal, patriotic Americans of all political ideologies who want to see this country get its fiscal house in order and stop the reckless spending that will bankrupt our future generations. A great cause for Tea Party concern is the fact that President Obama will have added over $5 TRILLION to America's deficit during his four years in office...which works out to a debt of $17,000 on each American citizen. These citizen activists are upset over the crushing debt our country is burdened with. They have asked a simple thing: for our representatives to be honest and diligent with our money, and to govern by their principles. Occupy protestors are upset because...well it's never been very clear what they are upset about. That people have jobs? Or success? Occupy Wall Street protestors are disrupting businesses. People are getting hurt. Both private and public property is being destroyed. Occupiers have been involved in robberies, thefts, sex crimes, public indecency, and the like. President Barack Obama: "In some ways, [Occupy protestors] are not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party." Mr. Obama feels that the Tea Party and Occupy movements are equal in nature. Or, as he said, "in some ways." In what WAYS are the pictures below equal? Which looks most like terrorism?
Conservative Action Alerts is asking every Member of Congress to show integrity, and stand up for Tea Party supporters. Even if our representatives don't agree with every aspect of the Tea Party's politics, they should support their peaceful protests requesting meaningful change in Washington. We also ask them to condemn the violence by Occupy protestors. Occupiers and May Day protestors, by contrast, are cartoon-like examples of what a mob mentality can become, especially when they are backed by Hollywood, the media, and the elite liberal pundits who let them get away with whatever they want to-as long as they don't criticize President Obama.
  • Members of Occupy Cleveland tried to blow up a bridge. (And the mainstream media has widely failed to report the connection between the culprits and the Occupy movement).
  • Hundreds of Occupy protestors in San Francisco cut through a chain link fence, took over a building owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and threw a brick off the roof, which hit a man below. They have already caused over $25,000 in damages.
  • Now, the Occupy movement has begun to comingle with the May Day protestors, who take to the streets every May to riot and demand privileges for illegal immigrants.
Their "call to action" via Twitter went something like this:
-Happy May Day Everyone! Let's Riot!!!! Kill My Landlord
-"All my heroes kill cops"
-happy may day kill all men
-May Day for our Labor and kill all enemy
Where is the call for political action there? It's certainly not with the young schoolkids who were encouraged by their teachers to take the day off school and "protest" in New York City. It's not with the guys who used sticks to smash store windows in Seattle. It's not with the Occupy protestors who blocked an intersection near the Los Angeles International airport. True change is going to come through townhall debates with representatives, as the Tea Party demonstrated-and through the voting booth, as we saw in November of 2010. Not through violence. Not through intimidation. Not through people beating each other up and camping out for months in public parks.


HOW MUCH NEPOTISM IS TOO MUCH???         5-7-2012


   The Agenda for tomorrow night's Town Board Meeting just came out. Naturally, there is nothing honorable or respectable being addressed, but OH BOY, guess WHAT??  We just earned yet another case of Nepotism in town!  As Nixon used to say, Let Me Be Perfectly Clear; I have NOTHING against the Larabee family and I have been friends with both Matt and Scott for years. This is NOT a personal attack against them, but it IS an issue in a town that is already so corrupt. Read the page below:



  May 8, 2012

7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting

Call to Order

Moment of Silence

Flag Salute

Specific Questions on Vouchers

Supervisor’s Report








Economic & Business Development………ouncilmember Clark & Supervisor Benson

Highways, Buildings, & Town Property…………ouncilmembers Baldwin & Chittenden

Zoning, Planning, CAC, Code Enforcement, & Assessor… Councilmembers Baldwin & Clark

Education & Recreation ................................................... ..Kathy Murnane & Councilmember Larabee

Security, Fire, Law Enforcement, Court & Constable............ Councilmembers Chittenden & Larabee

Town Hall Project .................................................................................. Supervisor Benson & Councilmember Clark


Amendments to Procurement & Investment Policies


Authorization for Highway Superintendent to go out for bids for contracted equipment

Approval for purchase of park equipment/supplies

Approval to go out to bid for painting at the park

Authorization for Park Maintenance Superintendent, Scott Larabee, to hire Markos Larabee as Park Maintenance Staff at a rate of $9.50 per hour


   Now, does anything in particular jump out at you? How about that last line? Now back up and look at the names of the Liasons for the Education and Recreation Departments. Let's take them in order.

1) When Bruce Baldwin hand-picked Charley Sears as Park Super last year, he passed over several proven, hard workers who had also applied. Charley is a good kid, but we all know he is no stick of dynamite. Yet, he was Brucey's "Friend" so he was appointed. Shortly after, Charley appointed an assistant who also happened to be his own brother. Then he appointed a SECOND assistant, who happened to be his best friend.

     Now, we have Matt Larabee on the Town Board, K.B Chittenden and Benson, all three related to one another, and then they appointed Scott Larabee as Park Super. A real Family Affair, huh? Like I always call it, "Political Incest". It may not be illegal, but it sure isn't ethical or moral. In fact, it's creepy. There are many adults in this town that are out of work and have families to feed, that could have used these jobs. The park assistant position isn't even advertised, but left up to the Park Super to choose whomever he wishes. Is that FAIR to the rest of the people who live here and pay taxes here? No, it isn't.

 2) Kathy Murnane. Liason to the Education and Recreation Departments, Senior Coordinator, AND Ethics Board Member. Yet she is in Florida for 5 months of every year. Great choice, huh? Another Brucey crony that will do whatever he wants, including recruiting her friend Georgette Tafoe to apply for the Ethics Board so they could pass over the people with REAL ethics and experience.

    Oh yeah, don't miss the line that mentions painting at the park being "Put Out To BiD"!!!!!! We have a Park Super AND an assistant, but we are HIRING someone to PAINT? Is Benson planning to pay the painters from his own pocket, cuz I don't think the Taxpayers want to pay a THIRD worker for that tiny little park, DO WE?  

      Benson must be ecstatic to be surrounded by his cousins, after all, blood is thicker than water. Gives ME the willies! Ewwww. So we have our Fire Department which is Godfroy controlled, and the Town Board which is Benson Controlled by genetics.  It's really gross. Add to that the fact that Bud Godfroy is so far up Benson's butt it would take a proctologist to pull him out.

    As for ME? I am DONE trying to make these creeps see the sin and illegality of thier ways. They have no honor, no morals, and no ethics.  I have no more comments or questions for any of them. I can't waste my precious time with the local cronyism and Liberal Stupidity, I am working with higher authorities now, and I will keep on going until there is no one left. Failure is NOT an Option.  You can sit back and let the crime continue if you wish, but I am going onward and upward.  GAG!


“We are in a time when going back to these fundamental claims that are made in the American Revolution and evaluating those again and seeing the truth or the merit of the claim is the key to restoring patriotism.”
– Dr. Larry Arnn; How to Raise an American Patriot


TOWN  BOARD  5-8-2012


    Boring for the most part. Sparsely attended. Naturally, nothing honorable or righteous got done, but it had it's humorous moments.  Howard Commander got his conditional camping license approved and I actually thought for a few minutes, that maybe Clark was turning over a new leaf, because he was pretty agreeable and polite with Howard. Then he dropped the other shoe and made a snide remark to Howard about "How's your Stream Project coming?". I knew immediately what he was referring to and so did Howard, but good ol' Howie played dumb. LOL! So Doug had to elaborate by saing that he had taken a walk and seen what looked like a fleet of D9s had gone through the Kinderhook behind the racetrack. He asked Howard if he had been fined for that. Howard said," No, in fact I was thanked by D.E.C for that." I happen to know this is true, because the stream was severely choked up and caused serious flooding and damage during Hurricane Irene. Chris Dreyfus made a sarcastic remark from the back row but nobody paid her any mind anyway. Doug just said, "Oh, okay." From the tone he used, I'm sure he fully intends to check on the validity of Howard's statement.

    Howard and company left the meeting after thier business was done, and Dave Mieschonz, Mr. Grumpy Socialist himself, said out loud, "Gee, nice to see they care about the rest of the town business". Well, Mr. M., let me tell you this; when has the town ever treated Howard fairly and equally?  When have they ever stopped beating him up because he's wealthy and they are jealous of that? WHEN, Mr. Mieschonz, have you EVER had a good word for ANYONE or ANYTHING in Lebanon? The guy is miserable and wants company. Fat chance.

     Benson dug himself a little hole tonight too. Councilman Larabee questioned the need for an accounting firm if  they were doing all the bookwork "in-house". The Czar said that the accounting firm does "audit work only" and that the books are kept "in-house". So Matt went further and asked about who is responsible for payroll. Benson said that we have a "Payroll Service" that does that.  LOL! So we now pay THREE separate entities to keep the books straight? Gee, we must be MADE of money around here. Speaking of which, the painting at the park was approved to be put out to bid. The work they described as needing to be done is as follows: 1) Paint the exterior of the pavilion. ( one afternoon's work!)  2) Paint the inside and outside of the little bathrooms near the tennis court. ( two afternoon's work, maybe).  I could suggest someone who was very vocal on Facebook about how much work she accomplished at the community clean-up day, but why go there? it is what it is and they'll do what they wish with our money. By the way, be prepared for the new Tax Assessments Benson wants done a.s.a.p. Don't look at ME, I didn't vote for him!

    Remember my mentioning a woman by the name of Jeremy Weis to you last month after the Planning Board Meeting? She was the one that was so indignant about Howard Commander getting everything he wants because he's rich. Remember now? Apparently, she's a newcomer, because she has no clue as to what this town has put Howard through over the years, or about the shape this town would be in without the track. Anyway, she was at the meeting tonight, sat right in front of me. When it came to Privilege of the Floor, she asked to speak. Her agenda was to tell the board that the racetrack only earns $5000.00 a year for the town despite all the trouble it causes! LOL! Everyone laughed at THAT financial estimate. WAY off! I guess she doesn't know what her taxes would be if the track wasn't here, either. She then actually suggested, that the town charge every race fan a 50c entertainment tax every week and use the money for the town! Holy Crow! I thought the entire board was going to die! It was hysterical, and we were all trying to hold in our laughter and not be rude, but it was so HARD! Another fruit in Lebanon's orchard.

     She also asked that the councilmen get name plates to put in front of them so people would know who they are. I don't know if it was Doug or Brucey, but one of them made a paper triangle and wrote "Czar" on it and put it in front of Benson. LOLOL! Like I said, the meeting had its' moments. After the meeting, I asked several people if they knew this woman and where did she come from? Every one of them said the same thing, that she HAD to be from the Message of the Commode. Oh, sorry, the Abode of the Message. You know the place.

     Markus Larabee was appointed on an "interim" basis as assistant Park Super because a helper is needed right away. However, the Czar actually had the cajones to say that the position must be advertised and offerred to the other taxpayers because that's fair. HUH? Once again, they use the proper procedure "selectively", as it suits THEM. Didn't happen with the accountants or John Dax. Who is the Czar trying to kid here? Then the BEST part! BRUCEY said he was concerned about the "Ethics" of the appointment!!!  Brucey utterred the word, ETHICS!  He wouldn't know an ethic if it hit him in his sore hip! Are you KIDDING me? He did replace his cane with an umbrella tonight, looked like an old, bald Mary Poppins.  I told Attorney Howard tonight that I know why all our board members are bald. It's from rubbing thier hands over thier heads and saying, "Oh Crap, how do I get out of THIS one?".

    The Murnanes were BOTH present tonight. Kathy was again cozied up to Gail Heinsohn. Apparently they're building a friendship. Good match there!  Mieschonz also wanted to be sure that the board specifies what the "Camping Season" is with Howard Commander. Benson agreed of course, that it must be limited to racing season. Bob spoke up and said that a Camping License should be a full-time license, valid year-round, and Mieschonz told Bob he didn't want to hear from HIM, he wanted to hear from the BOARD.  He can't hear ANYTHING, but he has a LOT to say! Old curmudgeon.

    As you can probably tell, my decision to do things differently has lifted my mood. I've done a lot of praying for guidance lately, and I believe I have received an answer. I like coming home from meetings with the things I DO need and without the things I DON'T. It just feels better, and the battle is far from lost. Only the strategy is changed.  Patience my friends. Works every time.  God Bless!     JJ

Today's News Byte:


WHO'S THE FLIP-FLOP NOW????      5-10-2012


     So joyously did the Democrats and Liberals  print signs and bumper-stickers with photos of flip-flops beside Romney's photo! LOL!  WELL, WHO's the Flip-Flop NOW, huh?  Ol' Barry was all anti-Gay Marriage when he wanted the Presidential vote, but was Pro Gay Marriage when he ran for office in Chicago. Now he knows he is in trouble this election and desperately needs the gay vote, so all of a sudden he has flip-flopped once again. He is now Mr. Gay Marriage, the first president in American history to take such a controversial stand. If that doesn't convince you that he is worried about losing this November, nothing will! Read this;

Obama’s Evolution Is Complete, Backs Gay Marriage

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

obama abc

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President Obama on Wednesday endorsed gay marriage, becoming the first U.S. president to voice support for same sex couples to legally marry.

Obama said he had concluded “personally” that same sex couples should be able to get married. He said he came to the conclusion after years of conversations with friends, family and neighbors as well as members of his own staff who are in same-sex relationships.

“At a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama said in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts.

The announcement is a landmark for the gay rights movement, which has battled for decades to win legal recognition for same sex marriages.



             Now this should be no surprise to us Conservatives, since he spent the day with Gov. Cuomo who claims to be a Christian yet was THE catalyst for the passage of Gay Marriage in New York State! Also to win the gay vote. Bloomberg is another one. None of them are IN a gay relationship or want that for thier children, but if it gets them some votes, what the heck, right?  Well, first of all, Obama DID have a gay relationship in college that we KNOW of for certain, but what we do NOT know is how many did he REALLY have?  Not that it matters, one or one-hundred, he still did it.

     My readers all know where I stand on the issue of gay marriage. I have gay friends that are dear to me and are terrific people, smart, compassionate, hardworking people. They are Free Americans with the right to choose thier own sexual preferences and whom they will love and share thier lives with. However, though I love these people, as a Christian, I hate the sin. God is very clear on the subject and its' consequences and time has shown the results of the gay lifestyle. Aids, promiscuity, murders, and perversions of all kinds and limits. These are the results of the un-committed homosexual lifestyle. The committed couples are much less of a danger to health and safety, but to sanction marriage of two people of the same sex, is unacceptable in any society. They can live together forever if they choose and be left alone to enjoy the choices they've made. There is NO excuse for Gay-Bashing or Abuse, but making gay marriage legal, is an immoral and condemning decision. ESPECIALLY when the people of the state are not allowed to vote or have a voice in the matter, as in New York.

     Both Gov. Cuomo and Obama "claim" to be Christians. NO practicing or Bible literate Christian would endorse gay marriage, period. Not EVER. It is unnatural and an abomination before the Lord. America not only allows Gay Marriage in many states, they also approve of allowing gay couples to adopt children. I have a friend who just lost custody of his baby son as a result of proven lies told to authorities by the baby's mother. Yet a same-sex couple is considered a healthy parenting situation?  What about all the thousand of traditional couples who have been on waiting lists for YEARS for a child to adopt?  Babies today who are lucky enough NOT to be aborted or kept by a teen mother with no clue, are given first to celebrities and second to gay couples. Traditional married couples come last. Gee, why are kids so screwed up today? They have two moms or two dads, and books about these non-traditional families are available and read aloud in our schools to OUR children!

     Classes are taught in public schools against homo-phobia, to teach "Tolerance" of homosexuality, regardless of how the parents of these kids may feel about the subject. One couple in the mid-west objected to thier 3rd grade son taking part in such classes and they were arrested for a HATE CRIME! They are Christians and the parents of 3 little boys. What about THIER rights to raise thier own children in thier own Faith ? Did the mainstream media carry thier story? Of course not. So regardless of WHAT Obama feels today about the subject, it will both gain him votes and lose him votes. He sure won't take North Carolina, that's for sure!  Marriage is a sacred institution reserved for one man and one woman. That's the bottom line here. If one chooses to live the gay lifestyle, then he or she also chooses the negatives of that lifestyle. One of those negatives is the inability to marry and have children. We must all live with the consequences of our choices, good or bad. If society sees ALL behaviors as justified and acceptable, chaos results. And it has. We are seeing more and more chaos, more and more lack of responsibilty every day. There is no longer a line between what is right and what is wrong, that line has grown fainter and fainter since the 1960s and is now barely discernable at all.  How very, very sad and shameful for America.

(Here is another interesting link. Amusing, to say the least!)


And Justice for ALL!    5-12-2012

   Ahh, it never ends. Below is a brief headline from tonight's CBS 6 Top Stories.  This name may not be familiar to all of you, but it is VERY familiar to ME.  Diane Schilling is much more than a Town Justice in East Greenbush. She also holds the title of Deputy Commissioner of the NYS Office of Judicial Conduct!  Well, she DID, until this issue forced her resignation. Now, seems to ME, that slamming her for ticket-fixing, though Justified, is pretty extreme when you consider the things that have gone on in Lebanon's Court and been ignored. Funnier still, is that Ms. Schilling is  or WAS, the lead contact at Judicial Conduct. She had a lot more power than this article lets on, believe me! It was Diane Schilling who denied Jack Never's request to be "Waived-In" before he had completed his classes. SHE signed the denial ! She was also the person who answered every query by snail-mail or email, to the OJC.  She was MUCH more than a "Spokes-Woman", and I find it interesting that they have down-played her position at the state in this piece. Sounds like SOMEONE might be a little red-faced at OJC.

    What Schilling is charged with doing, PALES in comparison to the things that have gone on here in our court in the past several years. Especially in the last year. Hmmm. Time will tell!


           Friday, May 11 2012, 07:53 AM CDT

NY commission recommends removal of East Greenbush judge, Schilling ALBANY -- The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct has recommended a town justice from Rensselaer County be taken off the bench for her involvement in two ticket-fixing cases.
According to the commission, East Greenbush Town Justice Diane Schilling improperly intervened in the disposition of a speeding ticket given to the wife of another town judge in 2009.
Four years earlier, the commission said Thursday, she returned her own speeding ticket to a state trooper who said he would void it.
A spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration, where Schilling as a lawyer has been advising town justices, says she has resigned that post.
She can appeal the commission's finding to the New York Court of Appeals.
A call to her lawyer was not immediately returned.

Is THIS What We Pay $135,000.00 For???       5-15-2012


          I picked up a copy of the Eastwick Press on Sunday and didn't get around to reading it until last night. Spring Cleaning is keeping me pretty busy this month.  By the way, just how DO windows,curtains and mini-blinds get so filthy in one winter?  Beyond ME.  Anyway, The Eastwick carried the Town Board Meeting and the Library Event Schedule for the month. I was glad to see that Thaddeus included Doug Clark's snide comments about Training Mice to go through a maze, and then comparing Race Fans to those mice. I wonder what the Race Fans think of that comment?  Seems arrogance might be contagious. Problem is, that Clark doesn't have the wit to pull it off as well as Obama and Benson do. He just comes off as desperate.

          The Event Schedule for the Lebanon Library is what really caught my Conservative, Christian attention. Have you READ that thing?!  What the heck is a "Dance of Universal Peace" anyway?  Give me a Liberal Break, will ya? This is not Berkely, it's upstate New York farm country! "Sacred Movements from the SPIRITUAL Traditions of the EARTH?". Gag,puke, choke. The EARTH is DIRT, it has no "Spirit". Two months ago in the "Grow the Valley" newsletter, there was a video link to a kid's program at the Mountain Road School. These kids sang beautifully, BUT, the Lyrics went something like this:

"The Earth is our Mother".  Excuse me? What? No wonder thier attendance is so low. MY mother is a living, breathing human, and my Father is God in Heaven. The earth is D-I-R-T. How does it get anymore ridiculous than this? Teaching kids the short-cut to Hell is not loving leadership, it is evil. Liberalism is EVIL. Apathetic, tree-hugging,politically-correct ,earth-worshipping, pacifists, are DANGEROUS. Get a CLUE, Lebanon Library Board of Directors. WE the taxpayers are supporting you to the tune of $135,000.00 a YEAR, (I'm told they actually get closer to $160,000.00 when all is said and done). If this left-wing trash continues, you may not see that money for long. Do you REALLY think that issue is not being seriously addressed? It IS. Has been for a year now.

    Let's move on to the NEXT event on thier schedule, the "Drum Circle". What's with THAT?! I remember a couple of years ago when Alan Livermore did one of those things at the Commode of the Message. He was a Town Councilman at that time, and I was appalled. Why not just wear a sign, Alan? "Hi! I'm Alan and I'm a wierdo.". Exactly WHAT is drum beating in a circle supposed to represent or conjure up? These people need a REAL, Bible-Believing, Church experience. OPEN THE BOOK, PEOPLE! "Though shalt have NO other Gods before ME". In case you were wondering, that's the first of the Ten Commandments. Trees, frogs, statues,drums, and DIRT are not Gods, they are Creations of the one and only True God.

     The next item is, "Natural Family Living". Whatever THAT is. Probably having babies under the full moon in a field and eating Tofu and Sprouts for breakfast. The POINT here is this; WHOSE library is it? WHO is PAYING to keep it open? Most importantly, WHO gets the most FROM it? Not the "REAL" people, that's for sure. That library is Liberal-Run, Liberal Used, and paid for by ALL of us. I cannot count the number of long-time locals who tell me they used to use the library alot in years past, but since the take-over by the hippies, they no longer set foot inside it. Which of course suits the Libs just fine. The local library has become thier private sanctuary at OUR expense!

    When my son was in school here, we used the library a lot too. Senior citizens volunteered thier time to work the desk and kids helped on weekends with maintenance and filing. It was a friendly , welcoming place. Not any more. NOW, if you walk into that library and don't have an Obama or Gay Pride sticker on your bumper, you are looked at as if you were E.T's mother! It is NOT a welcoming atmosphere. It is NOT OUR library, it is THIER library! The city transplants and drum-beating earth worshippers have taken it away from the rest of us who kept it going all these generations. Does that bring to mind anything ELSE? What has happened to our library, is happening to our entire town AND our country. Question is, what are YOU going to DO about it? Wait till the "Farmer's Market" opens, the Greenies will flood out of thier worm holes and spread over this Town on Sundays like the Plague that they are. There are no "REAL" Farmers at that dog and pony show. (except maybe for the Greens of Berlin). Lots of "Wanna-Be" citiots, but no one who ever yanked a teat at 5 a.m in the middle of winter.

    I say that Lebanon's Conservatives, Christians and Republicans, need to take a stand and demand a refund. Do any of you want to know exactly WHERE your $135,00.00 a year GOES? I DO! Personally, I don't care if I ever set foot in that library again,means nothing to ME, I have more books that THEY do. REAL, American Books! However, I will not give that library another DIME, either. Why SHOULD we? Let those who have taken it from us and turned it into Woodstock, pay the freight. I fully intend to find out exactly how much of MY taxes goes to that library and I will with-hold it every year. Arrest me! Amen?

     I am on my way to Chatham right now to buy a case of anti-nausea medication, but when I get back, we will pick this up where I now leave off.


 So now that I am a little less sickened by the de-moralization of my town, for the moment, let's continue with America's Epidemic of Brain Death.  Yesterday's news carried a story from a small, New Jersey town, where the police Chief has actually had to impose $85.00 fines on his citizens. For?  Texting While Walking. Yeah, you heard me right. There was a video shown of people texting as they walked about the town sidewalks, totally oblivious to what was happening around them. Some walked out into traffic, several walked into telephone poles, entire GROUPS missed a clown on a unicycle that was purposely sent into the public to see how many people never even noticed him. In several cases, people were seriously injured by falls and collisions with solid objects as a result of texting as they walked! One woman was killed when she was struck by a car, according to the Police Chief.  Now, the people of this town are being fined $85.00 per incident for Texting While Walking. The Chief says he has written a record number of tickets already.

    Now, really people, just HOW Dumb can American adults be? If a grown person cannot walk down a sidewalk without walking into a telephone pole, we are in serious trouble here. We allow these people to VOTE? To drive cars and have children? Holy Crow!  Where is the Common Sense? How can we expect the American people to make informed and intelligent decisions about the future of this country, if they cannot even cross a small-town street safely? The Dumbing-Down of America is complete! Another Liberal Agenda met, and yes, it has hit home. When our children go to school to learn to read and write and hear about the proud moments in America's History, what are they REALLY learning? They're not learning about the Constitution or the brave men who fought and died for the protections that it holds for our freedom and rights. They are not learning to think for themselves, but to let the government think FOR them. They are learning that God does not matter and to speak of Him in school is a Hate Crime. Which in turn, means they are being taught that sin is acceptable, and in some cases, admirable. It does not matter what the PARENTS believe or want for thier children, the STATE mandates what your child will be taught and if you dare object to the curriculum, you may face arrest.

     When my elder grandaughter attended Walter B. Howard in Lebanon, she was told NOT to carry her Bible in her backpack or she would be expelled. She had DARED to sit at a picnic table on the playground during recess, quietly reading from her new Bible with another Christian student. They were verbally assaulted by a teacher's aide and the above threat delivered. They were 10 years old! I was upset with her parents for not taking action after that event, because had it been MY child, they would never have heard the end of it. How DARE they forbid my Christian grandaughter from reading her Bible on her free time, on property my taxes PAY for, in a country that boasts "Freedom of Religion".  In today's America, Freedom of Religion only applies to the fake religions like Islam, Mormonism and Sufiism, or foreign religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. Christians have no rights anymore? In a country that was won, founded and built by Christians, with a Constitution that is based on the 10 Commandments, TRUE Christians are discriminated against. Yes, Monte Wasch, America IS a Christian country, like it or not, you cannot change history to suit the left-wing agenda.

    Teaching our children to not bully another child who may have two, same-sex parents is fine. To teach them that BEING same-sex parents is acceptable, is NOT fine. No legislator, no school board and no teacher has the right to force thier own opinions upon our children, or tell them what to believe or not believe. THAT is what Moms and Dads are for. WE choose what our children will be taught in school, not the government, and we have the right to sever our school's relationship with the government if we so choose. Yup, we will lose free money and grants that are state or federally funded, but you know what? It's worth it! To prevent the poisoning of our children's minds and moral fiber, no price is too high. So before you let YOUR child sit down and beat a drum to some imaginary spirit, or dance for Mother Earth, or give birth in the bushes, think about what he or she is NOT learning. Picture your grandchildren passing out flowers at the airport instead of getting a good job and raising a healthy family in a Free and Moral America. Think about never HAVING grandchildren because your son or daughter is married to a same-sex spouse and is too busy celebrating the "Spiritual Traditions of the Earth". This is where we are going, and if Obama gets another term, it is where we will BE.

     The only hope I see for this town, is the fact that SOMEONE in local government has seriously upset someone at the county level, especially at D.O.T.  As a result of whatever the issue was and is, we are the ONLY town in Columbia County to still not have our landfill closed. We are the ONLY town in this county that Realtors tell buyers to avoid. AND, we are the ONLY town in Columbia County that cannot get anything done in the area of economic growth that involves D.O.T. Consequently, we cannot attract business. Nothing besides hippie organic joints and Head Shops, that is. The officials at the county level will put Lebanon through the wringer at every turn, and I don't really blame them. In any case, the slow growth of this town and the loss of a supermarket, will eventually cause Lebanon to lose its' attraction and appeal for the city transplants and Forest Dancers, and with a little hope and a LOT of prayer, we may get our town back. Maybe. In the interim, the Liberary gets NO more from MY household coffers, and if some people have their way, it will get NO more from our hard-earned tax dollars.

    I am not personally working on the library issue, but I am kept in the loop by those who ARE working on it. Let's put the majority of that money to work in an area that benefits ALL the people of Lebanon, not just the tree-huggers. Return to the volunteer-run, friendly library of the past and put $100,000.00 of that library fund to work for ALL of us.


New Medicare Program
Description:  818FDBE022954BD99C5D7C4A2B5FCED4@KEN
You're a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no nursing home available for you. So what do you do?
Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Politicians.
Of course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head, central
heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need! Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great.
Need a new hip, knees, kidney, lungs or heart? They’re all covered. As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit
you as often as they do now.
And who will be paying for all of this? It’s the same government that just told you that you they cannot afford for you
to go into a home. Plus, and because you are a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income taxes anymore.
Is this a great country or what?


 PLANNING  BOARD. WOW!    5-17-2012


             Last night's Planning Board Meeting was one of the most interesting I've attended. Let's face it, Planning Board doesn't get too exciting. There was only one item on the agenda and it concerned a relative new-comer to Lebanon that purchased the former Joe Sears property on Salls Rd.( I was surprised to hear that the original house Joe lived in had burned down, I don't recell hearing about that.) Not having a written agenda, I can't tell you what this lady's name is, she is Russian and I couldn't quite catch it.  I DO recall her sister Svetlana being at a previous Planning Board meeting when they were building a new house on the property last year.

               In any case, these two sisters wish to run a Temple of Eastern Spirituality practices on the site. She stated that they felt it was a a perfect place to be, since Lebanon is "Sacred" ground thanks to the Shakers, Sufis and Buddhists in the area. I don't need to elaborate on my personal feelings about THAT, you already know. However, every religion has the Constitutional Right to have a place of worship and that's that. What they DON'T have, is the right to have outdoor concerts, overnight camping, and up to 80 people staying there on weekends like a B&B in a residential neighborhood, on an on-going basis. That constitutes a "Business", not a place of Worship. Once or twice a year revivials or whatever, are fine, but this would be an official retreat center with regular traffic, music festivals, camping, camp-fires, etc. Pretty touchy situation,huh?

    Now Trina, you know I like you, but you were immediately enamored of this  lady and her description of the Meditation retreats and prayer rugs on the platform under the trees. If that's your thing, that's your thing. but you went on the defensive and accused the board of discriminating against her non-traditional religious practices when they asked questions, when in actuality, NO ONE said ONE thing discriminatory at ALL.  The board is concerned primarily with the description of what they will be running up there, a place of Worship, or a campground/B&B/ Retreat Center. Will it be a business or a Non-profit? How many people can actually be allowed to stay there overnight and how often? What about traffic and noise ? Etc. Since so little information was available to the board and the intent of the owners of the property is still unclear, the issue was tabled to allow for more Fact-Gathering.  Apparently, a website exists for this proposed Temple, and describes something much different from what the owner stated  to the board last night.

     Five abutters and neighbors of the property in question were present and extremely upset about the plans. Mr. Max Gitter, who owns property on County 34 which abuts the Temple property, was incensed! He stated that the Temple is heavily attended every weekend, and there are huge tents set up, numerous cars in and out, and campfires despite the burn ban. He distributed print-outs of the website to the board members and the public and it does indeed, look like a much more active plan than the owner described. It will be very interesting to see how THIS plays out.  Personally, I sympathize with the neighbors. It really stinks to buy and tend your piece of the country and then be affected by a business or attraction in your backyard that was NOT there when you bought your land and or home. Unlike the whiners against the Speedway, who settled where they did with FULL KNOWLEDGE of the Speedway being within earshot. THIS case is very different.

      A "Place of Worship" should be allowed anywhere. IF it is just that, a place of Worship. This proposal appears to be a lot more than that. Like the unhappy neighbors, I see problems ahead. Once the Planning Board approves an application such as this, there is no turning back, and no way to monitor how many people are attending, camping, or driving in and out. in my own opinion, I felt that the owner was very unclear and less than open about what would be happening up there in the future.  She mentioned that several other property owners, including Supervisor Benson, were asked to allow them to park cars on their land and use a Shuttle Bus to transport worshippers to and from the Temple. Does that sound like a quiet little Place of worship to YOU?  The website also boasted accomadations for up to 80 people. If I lived up that way, I would be more than a little concerned.

     I would wager that this application will not be approved. It is too vague, the property too small, and the neighbors too adamant against it.  Max Gitter seems like a tough cookie and I don't see him allowing this to happen.  It's a tough thing to be fair to all property owners who should be able to do anything legal and allowed by Zoning on their own land. Yet at the same time, ALL members of the neighborhood need to be considered when you are dealing with a residential or agriculturally-zoned property. Again, unlike the Speedway, which is Commercially Zoned. This will be a good one to stay tuned for.




     Take a minute or two to read this the article I have linked here:


                                            Don't let the description mis-lead you, this is not about adultery, it is about how Black, Christian Americans feel re: Obama's latest actions. There IS hope on the horizon!

    Have you been keeping up on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story?  Today's news reported that the evidence in this case leans heavily toward Trayvon having been the aggressor. BIG surprise THERE!  His hands were bloodied at the knuckles, strongly suggesting that he had beaten Zimmerman with his fists. Zimmerman's Emergency Room report stated that Zimmerman had suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, injuries to the back of his head, and that his sweatshirt was wet and grass-stained on the BACK.  Finally, the gunshot wound to Trayvon Martin was fired at point-blank range, proving that he had pinned Zimmerman to the ground and was on top of him at the time he was shot.

    Al Sharpton is un-characteristically silent.

(Notice in the article at this second link, that all the pictures of Zimmerman make him look rough, but the recent photos of Trayvon showing an angry teen are not shown, just the pics of him as a chubby-cheeked and adorable child.)


PROSTATES and ETHICS    5-21-2012


        So the latest news byte is that early screening for Prostate Cancer in older males is no longer necessary. HUH? Well, government "Doctors" i.e, Obamacare Medics, say that the blood test routinely given to men over 50 can be dangerous. Yup. They actually claim that False Positives lead to further, more invasive tests that can be dangerous or deadly. The odds? Three out of one THOUSAND. Three, over the age of 79! Does this say anything to you? It rang every alarm bell in MY Conservative, suspicious head.  I smell Obamacare and it is not a pleasant odor. What I heard between the lines of this news report, was  that the bottom-line is more important than lives, especially SENIOR lives and that the cost of second-step testing is too expensive and not justified when older men are the patients.

        This is just one of the first rungs on the ladder to managed care. MANAGED by the GOVERNMENT officials who know ZERO about medicine. Still want to re-elect the Commie?  Sorry Grandma, no more blood-pressure meds for YOU! Sorry Premature baby with the bad heart valve, can't help YOU! Sorry, chronically-ill middle- ager, the Fuhrer says you are imperfect and not worth the money!  Silly Rabbit, Healthcare is only for the Healthy!


Another News Byte....


 MEG'S BENEFIT PARTY!      5-22-2012


      WOW! We had an awesome turn-out tonight ! I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Kevin Smith, Jeannie Smith, Wayne Martin, Rocky Brown, and especially to Mike Gilbert who provided the keyboard music. What a musician! If you like Jazz and Blues, this guy will blow you away! Also, thanks to Krissy Romano of Bucky's Bagels for the best cupcakes in town. Of course, a huge thank you to all who attended and helped to make the Benefit such a success. Jackie Larabee, you won the RAFFLE!  Meg is doing very well, finally in a walking cast,and her spritis are high.  It was a long day, but a FINE day!

      The Special Town Board Meeting tonight at the American Legion resulted in a contractor being chosen to perform the work on the Town Hall.  Hoosick Valley Contractors won the bid and will be replacing the roof, windows and siding on the original building as well as building the new addition. All for less than $400K, folks! See what COULD have been done YEARS ago if not for Brucey and his Taj Mahal dreams? Congratulations to Hoosick Valley and to Mike Benson for accomplishing Part 1 of his two-step, resume-building agenda.  Now all he has left to do is get a market in town and he will have met his goals and will no longer need New Lebanon. He will have the two crowns he came here to win and will then leave us in the dust as he rises to the higher levels of government. TRIED to tell you!

    Speaking of our illustrious officials, only ONE member of our Town Council attended the Benefit tonight. ONE. Matthew Larabee came and spent some time before the meeting. Thank you Matt!  The REST of our councilmen, Clark, Chittenden,Baldwin and Benson, could not be bothered to stop and pay their respects for even a few minutes, despite the fact that the meeting ended early and was held less than a quarter of a mile from the Benefit. What HEROES! What shining examples of LEADERSHIP!  I also failed to notice Gail Heinsohn anywhere. Miss Busybody who wouldn't even post the Benefit Notice in the papers for us, also showed her true colors tonight. It's all good, we did GREAT without ANY of them! Point is, these are the people the majority VOTED for!  These selfish, childish, nasty little men with their dreams of grandeur and little town titles, hid their faces from those of us who know what they truly ARE!

     By avoiding this Benefit tonight, they may as well have written "GUILTY" across thier foreheads. Less work for ME, thank you boys! Give 'em enough rope, they always hang themselves. Benson in particular, should hang his head in shame. Those of you who thought he was the cultured, class-act of the century, should now open your eyes and see the light. You were HAD. You walked right into the spider's web of lies and bought the entire package. A MAN, a LEADER, would have squared his shoulders and walked into that Benefit and paid his professional respects to Meg and the people of this town who expected him to do the RIGHT thing tonight. I'm no gambler, but I laid bets  that he would not show, and I was the only one who thought so.  Guess what? I WON!!  LOL! It was a no-brainer, after all. Those with guilty consciences tend to scuttle into the darkest corners where no light can penetrate.



Sex AND Religion ?!?!       5-23-2012


  I finally had the chance to read the Register Rag this afternoon, specifically the Heinsohn article pertaining to the Planning Board meeting of last week.  Amazing. I find myself in a position where I MUST congratulate Heinsohn on her cunning talent for writing a piece using facts, yet turning those facts around and re-ordering events to make the story appear to be exactly the opposite of what actually occurred. This is a Journalism trick used often by the Liberal Media to twist truth without actually lying. Of course, they lie at will on a regular basis, but when they know they are being watched, they resort to the twist and turn tactic.

     I have already discussed my own take on this meeting and the fact that I felt the   applicant, Luba Evans, was less than transparent. I did NOT hear her make any reference to "Tantra" or "Tantric", but then again, she does have a very heavy accent and I did not have the seating  advantage that Heinsohn has at the front of the room. HAD I heard the word "Tantra", I would have been duty-bound to speak out whether the board liked it or not. Lebanon has enough problems without becoming the home to the only "Sacred Sex Center" in America!  My husband, who generously stated that a "House of Worship" has a right to exist anywhere and to not have its' attendance limited by Zoning Laws, had NO idea what "Tantric" means or he would have responded FAR differently. Yet Heinsohn ,with Malice and Aforethought, wrote this article to imply that Robert Smith defended the practice of "Sacred Sex". He did not, and does not.  Should ANYONE?!? Do we WANT the extinction of being the SOLE Tantric Sex Center in the USA?  Ewwww!

    I DID hear Ms. Evans say at the meeting, that she intended to "Take Down" the website, as she had designed it a year ago when she had bigger plans for the property, but it was no longer applicable. Yet rather then DO that, she made it accessible by password only. Mrs. Gitter's comment re: this being a "Private" religion is something to seriously consider. What Ms. Evans is proposing is NOT a "Religion" at all! It is a MIX of eastern religions and perverse rituals that have NO place in a rural neighborhood in New Lebanon,N.Y. Therefore, she cannot call this sham a "House of Worship", as no actual religion is involved, just a bunch of mixed-up, hand-picked beliefs, much like Sufiism. This "Temple" fits none of the requirements of a House of Worship and should as a result, be denied the benefits of same!!  Think about your kids hiking in the woods and coming upon a Group Orgy in the name of Buddha or Allah or whoeverah. What a nightmare.

      Tomorrow, I will post a copy of the website pages that Max Gitter provided us all with. See what YOU think! If this issue concerns you at ALL, you need to attend the next Planning Board Meeting and be at the Public Hearing on this proposed Temple. This is no small matter. As Ms. Evans is admittedly a member of three other Tantric Organizations in New York and Boston, and something called, "Tantra Without Borders", it stands to reason that if this is allowed to take place on Salls Road, it will attract sexual deviates from all over the country, into our neighborhoods!

   Lebanon has taken all the poison it can stand and still survive, let's not invite any more! Not only do we have EXTREME corruption among our town officials, AND an unprecedented Liberal invasion, but some of our officials are supporters and members of these made-up and harmful "religions" and practices! One member of a board told me this week that he/she is 100% FOR Socialism,Liberalism, Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage and even COMMUNISM!  These are the people representing our town.  Lebanon has become a Left-Wing Sanctuary full of Obama Lovers and we Conservatives slept through the invasion and take-over. WAKE UP! If we cannot protect and preserve American Traditions and Christian Values in one little town, how do you expect to do it in November when the future of our country is at stake?


DRONES AND CRONES      5-25-2012


         Here's a VERY interesting thing we need to take seriously.


Will you be their first victim?

"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."
- George Orwell, 1984, Chapter 7

What are you plans this summer? Because the federal government wants to know - and they want to WATCH!

Beginning NEXT MONTH ... DRONES will begin flying all across America.

These remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), or "drones," will be at altitudes under 400 feet.

So, while you are putting burgers on the grill ... while your kids are jumping on the trampoline ... while you are standing in the street talking to a neighbor ... while you are enjoying a camping trip ... or sitting outside at a café, having lunch ... the eyes of the U.S. government will be upon you.

And, the Air Force has just announced that THEY CAN KEEP ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION THEY COLLECT FOR 90 DAYS...and they can review that information to make sure you are not a terrorist threat.

They say, "Collected imagery may incidentally include US persons or private property without consent."

They will then analyze their tapes, to see if "persons or organizations reasonably believed to be engaged or about to engage, in international terrorist or international narcotics activities."


This is the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION Obama promised when he ran for President four years ago. Since he took office, his administration has begun to systematically dismantle our Bill of Rights, specifically our First and Fourth Amendment freedoms.

Our Fourth Amendment was writt
en to protect us from police excess and police mistakes. In America's growing police state, officers BECOME THE LAW, and our Constitutional rights cease to exist.

Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

When Obama signed the "FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012" into law on February 14, he opened up the skies for a broad expansion of drones. In the name of "security," of course.

Obama has shown a disdain for freedom and the Constitution, and he has implemented a series of executive orders that bypass our system of rights in this country. Every move he makes seems to be toward a government-controlled, emergency police state.

Obama wants to know everything about his kingdom - so he is busy putting surveillance measures in place:

  • GPS tracking: Police have the ability to tap into your cell phone, smart phone, laptop and navigation device to track your every move, and they can do this without obtaining a warrant. Last year, the Justice Department argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their-- or at least their cell phones' -- whereabouts.
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS): The DHS recently released a series of terrorist-watch videos "See Something, Say Something" that effectively tell Americans to spy on each other. These video clips depict Americans as terror threats, and then advise citizens to report the behaviors of their fellow citizens.
  • Transportation and Security Administration (TSA): Agents at airports across the country have harassed, groped and terrorized innocent Americans - including small children and the elderly - as they attempt to board airplanes. It is not uncommon to hear passengers complain of strip searches and humiliation, all without due cause.
  • Social Media Spies: The Department of Homeland Security makes fake Twitter and Facebook profiles for the specific purpose of scanning these sites for "watch list" words. If you are tagged by DHS, they read your posts and dig into your account to find out who you are.
  • Court Decisions: The Supreme Court ruled on Kentucky v. King that law enforcement have the authority to stage a search and seizure of Americans' property without obtaining a warrant from a judge. And the Indiana State Supreme Court ruled in Barnes v. State of Indiana that police can enter a resident's private property at any time - without a warrant, without suspicion, without reason - and without knocking and announcing their presence!

...and he is also furiously working on Internet regulation and control. How much longer will you remain silent and continue to be pushed around before you tell every member of Congress to stand up and protect your Fourth Amendment rights?

Quietly, without comments from the mainstream media, without opposition from anyone in Congress, America is becoming Obama's police state.

HIS ACTIONS ARE PARTICULARLY DISTURBING BECAUSE, this is similar to what happened in Germany when Hitler enacted dictatorial powers after a series of "decrees" that eroded civil rights and constitutional democracy.

America will not be safer once these drones are airborne. UAV's operated by inexperienced law enforcement officers on the ground will be sharing airspace with passenger aircraft operated by professional pilots.

And it is estimated that by the year 2020, there could be 30,000 of these drones in the sky - operated by police, the military, and corporations.

They won't just carry cameras, mind-you...these drone can carry weapons, too, as well as equipment capable of intercepting electronic communications and cellphone calls.

Where will this dangerous pathway end? We cannot continue to allow the majority of our elected representatives to look the other way while the government tramples on our Fourth Amendment protections. The government's encroachment of our rights will continue as long as we fail to act!

We cannot continue to allow the government to rob us of our freedom and right to privacy. With drones set to take over the skies across America, the next victim of our new police state could very well be YOU!
Do you want America to become a police state, ruled by federal forces and decrees from Washington?

Congress must hear your outrage, or they will not act.

RedState warns, "[The Fourth Amendment] is bound to come under more pressure the larger the regulatory state grows."

Remember, we are always in a state of emergency according to Obama and that is why we must take drastic actions that destroy our freedom. Unfortunately, while Obama focuses on conservative voices, made-up racial matters, healthcare legislation, global warming regulations and Internet control, he is ignoring the REAL EMERGENCIES of high gas prices and high unemployment rates.

The REAL EMERGENCY is that the United States of America is seeing its democracy destroyed under Barack Obama. That is why we must take action now and put a halt to this Constitutional destruction!


  Pretty scary,huh?  If this bothers you, you might want to drop Chris Gibson a line. I had to wonder while reading this piece, exactly what the repercussions would be if we shot one of these things down if it hovered over our back yards? Would it be armed and programmed to shoot back, or shoot FIRST? Would we be arrested and imprisoned for protecting ourselves, our families and properties? For exercising our 4th Amendment Rights? I gotta tell ya, if some mini airplane hovers over my head while I'm pulling weeds in my yard, I'm gonna shoot the darn thing! How do I know if it's a terrorist weapon or WHAT the heck it is?!? In today's world, I'm not taking chances, I'm taking it OUT with a 9mm carbine!  How can ANY intelligent American citizen vote for Obama in November when it is openly obvious what he is and what his intentions are?

    I'm not fond of Romney, but when compared with OBAMA? Suddenly Romney looks pretty darn good!  At least he is a REAL American, born and raised. He believes in God and American Culture and Traditional values. He's no Socialist ! How can there even BE a choice in anyone's mind??? It's not a matter of party affiliation, it's a matter of freedom or slavery to the government. Yet, Black Americans who still whine about enslavements that took place 100 years ago or more, will vote for the most evil Slave Master in all of history, because he is Black?! The majority of Black Americans are Democrats, despite the FACT that it was the Democrats who enslaved their ancestors and fought to KEEP them enslaved, while the Republicans fought and died to set them free! Sheep! Follow the crowd, do the thing your friends and family who are uninformed and mis-informed will do. What ever happened to "thinking for yourself"?  Voting for Obama is sentencing yourselves and ALL Americans, to a lifetime of slavery.  Use the brains God gave you and do your homework before you vote! Four years of Romney is far preferable to another four MINUTES of Obama!



      Anyone wondering why Kathy Murnane has not yet been bounced from the Ethics Board?  I AM! She will pack her bags this Fall and head off for five months in Florida as she does EVERY year. I guess Benson doesn't care that we all know his word is worthless and he has no intention of addressing the violations of By-Laws, Ethics and Penal Codes our officials are guilty of.  For all his bragging and strutting, he's turned out to be just another sleazy, lying politician. Can anyone name ONE thing he has done that is honorable since taking office? Tick-Tock,Tick-Tock, time's UP!

     Let's see; he fired excellent employees, made singular decisions against the Town By-Laws, lied,lied,lied, submitted illegal, fraudulent documents to the Board of Elections, pretended to be a farmer and Fire Department member when he was neither, took the credit for the Town Hall plan when in actuality it was a plan that had been done long before Benson ever came back to Lebanon. He allowed Blueberry Hill Cafe to "skip" D.O.T clearance because she is friends with his wife, but everyone else HAD to comply with D.O.T Requirements. He was silent when Baldwin and Clark appointed Steadman to the Ethics Board, knowing full well what was behind it and that it was Conflict. He has failed to follow through on promises to US and to Town Employees re: taking quick action on serious issues. I could continue to list his failures and lack of integrity for a week of Sundays, but it would be redundant. You all KNOW what he is and those of you who voted for him, KNOW you made a mistake, that he is no longer the guy who shook your hand and made promises during his campaign that he will never keep. You will never admit it, but you KNOW.




        I promised you I would post the pages I had from the Galiana Website and here they are! You will plainly see that there is MUCH more to this proposed "Place of Worship" than described by the applicant. There is mention of Tantric practices at the top of one or two pages, descriptions of accomodations for up to 80 guests for as long as a week at a time.  Also mentioned are "Products", which suggests "Sales" and "Business". I have also included two links to articles that describe Tantric Rituals in detail and you can easily read between the lines.  Once you have read these over, please notice the description of the application presented to the Lebanon Planning Board by Ms. Evans, calling this "place" a "House of Worship". Nope, it definitely does NOT fit that mold!  

    Before the posted info on the Galiana Center, I have also posted a paragraph from last month's Planning Board Meeting Minutes that you should find interesting. Seems the P.B had a question about exactly "WHO" told the owners of Blueberry Hill Cafe that they were exempt from D.O.T regulations. Where has this board been hiding? WE know WHO told them that, and we know WHY!  I was even TOLD by the CZAR himself, that he did it and why he did it.  So, if you are lucky enough to be "Friends" with the Czar or Mrs. Czar, you are exempt from the rules that all the rest of us are required to follow. What a  GREAT Leader! Disgusting.   SO, just for giggles, I have contacted NYS D.O.T for THEIR opinion on this issue and should hear something by Tuesday. I'll share their response with you!




    Here he is, the Democratic-Liberal-Black Hero! Enjoy!

 1. The Choom Gang

A self-selected group of boys at Punahou School who loved basketball and good times called themselves the Choom Gang. Choom is a verb, meaning "to smoke marijuana."

3. 2. Total Absorption

As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called "TA," short for "total absorption." To place this in the physical and political context of another young man who would grow up to be president, TA was the antithesis of Bill Clinton's claim that as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford he smoked dope but never inhaled.

5. 3. Roof Hits

Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of "roof hits": when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

7. 4. Penalties

When you were with Barry and his pals, if you exhaled precious pakalolo (Hawaiian slang for marijuana, meaning "numbing tobacco") instead of absorbing it fully into your lungs, you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around. "Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated," explained one member of the Choom Gang, Tom Topolinski, the Chinese-looking kid with a Polish name who answered to Topo.

9. 5. The Choomwagon

[Choom Gang member] Mark Bendix's Volkswagen bus, also known as the Choomwagon. … The other members considered Mark Bendix the glue, he was funny, creative, and uninhibited, with a penchant for Marvel Comics. He also had that VW bus and a house with a pool, a bong, and a Nerf basketball, all enticements for them to slip off midday for a few unauthorized hours of recreation...

11. 6. Interceptions

Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted "Intercepted!," and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.

13. 7. Slippers

Choom Gang members often made their way to Aku Ponds at the end of Manoa Stream, where they slipped past the liliko'i vines and the KAPU (keep out) signs, waded into waist-high cool mountain water, stood near the rock where water rushed overhead, and held up a slipper (what flip-flops are called in Hawaii) to create an air pocket canopy. It was a natural high, they said, stoned or not.

15. 8. Ray The Dealer

He was a long-haired haole hippie who worked at the Mama Mia Pizza Parlor not far from Punahou and lived in a dilapidated bus in an abandoned warehouse. … According to Topolinski, Ray the dealer was "freakin' scary." Many years later they learned that he had been killed with a ball-peen hammer by a scorned gay lover. But at the time he was useful because of his ability to "score quality weed."


In another section of the [senior] yearbook, students were given a block of space to express thanks and define their high school experience. … Nestled below [Obama's] photographs was one odd line of gratitude: "Thanks Tut, Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times." … A hippie drug-dealer made his acknowledgments; his own mother did not.

17. 9. Pumping Stations

Their favorite hangout was a place they called Pumping Stations, a lush hideaway off an unmarked, roughly paved road partway up Mount Tantalus. They parked single file on the grassy edge, turned up their stereos playing Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, and Stevie Wonder, lit up some "sweet-sticky Hawaiian buds" and washed it down with "green bottle beer" (the Choom Gang preferred Heineken, Becks, and St. Pauli Girl).

19. 10. Veto

One of the favorite words in their subculture revealed their democratic nature. The word was veto. Whenever an idea was broached, someone could hold up his hand in the V sign (a backward peace sign of that era) and indicate that the motion wash not approved. They later shortened the process so that you could just shout "V" to get the point across. In the Choom Gang, all V's were created equal.

21. 11. Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Puna Bud And Kona Gold:

In the Honolulu of Barry's teenage years marijuana was flourishing up in the hills, out in the countryside, in covert greenhouses everywhere. It was sold and smoked right there in front of your nose; Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Puna Bud, Kona Gold, and other local variations of pakololo were readily available.

23. 12. The Barf Couch

The Barf Couch earned its name early in the first trimester when a freshman across the hall from Obama [in the Haines Hall Annex dorm at Occidental College] drank himself into a stupor and threw up all over himself and the couch. In the manner of pallbearers hoisting a coffin, a line of Annexers lifted the tainted sofa with the freshman aboard and toted it out the back door and down four steps to the first concrete landing on the way to the parking lot. A day later, the couch remained outside in the sun, resting on its side with cushions off (someone had hosed it clean), and soon it was back in the hallway nook.

25. 13. The Annex Olympics

(The main hallway at Haines Hall was called the Annex,) home to the impromptu Annex Olympics: long-jumping onto a pile of mattresses, wrestling in underwear, hacking golf balls down the hallway toward the open back door, boxing while drunk. There were the non-Olympic sports of lighting farts and judging them by color, tipping over the Coke machine, breaking the glass fire extinguisher case, putting out cigarettes on the carpet, falling asleep on the carpet, flinging Frisbees at the ceiling-mounted alarm bell, tasting pizza boxes to the floor, and smoking pot from a three-foot crimson opaque bong, a two-man event involving the smoker and an accomplice standing ready to respond to the order "Hey, dude, light the bowl!"

 MEMORIAL  DAY  5-28-2012


       Every Memorial Day is special as is every Veteran's Day.  Yet this year, the day held more meaning for me and for many others. For one thing, there are so many newly- dead soldiers, so many new American widows and widowers, children missing a parent, and parents missing a child. These two holidays seem to grip our hearts a little harder during active wartime. Those of us who are Patriots anyway.

       My Pastor addressed Memorial Day during his Sunday Sermon this week. He asked, "Would God observe Memorial Day" ? He reminded us that "celebrating" and "observing" are two very different things. In his research for his sermon, he had come across a website by a fellow pastor who claimed that God condemns us for engaging in war and even referred to soldiers as "Murderers.  Yet as we study the Book of Joshua, we see that this is not the case at all! Yup, Joshua IS Old Testament, but the New Testament is rife with references to war and the duty to "Fight Evil" wherever we find it. In Joshua, God instructed the Jews to leave no man,woman or child alive. Why? Evil.  MY Pastor feels strongly that yes, God would observe Memorial Day, and so does he.

     I would like to take this moment to thank our American soldiers, our heroes and protectors, and their families, whose sacrifices are also greater than the rest of us can ever imagine. It is our DUTY as Americans to SUPPORT these men and women in every way possible and to pray for them without ceasing.  The Muslim president announced today that we now have NO American soldiers in Iraq. Interesting timing considering what this day means, not to mention that November is coming soon. This fool actually believes that we Americans with half a clue, will buy into his last-minute fulfillments of campaign promises that have gone ignored until now.  Aaah, but therein lies the problem. How MANY Americans today HAVE half a clue?Far from enough. Obama never donned a military uniform and walked into a firestorm, he was too occupied with Socialist Clubs, excessive marihuana smoking, and his studies of Marxism. Not to mention that up until three years ago, he was OFFICIALLY listed as "Kenyan". What does he know of WAR? What does he know of SACRIFICE, or PATRIOTISM? About as much as he knows about this country, which is very little. Remember, he visited 53 states, but hadn't been to Alaska or Hawaii yet! Idiot.

     I noticed something in town today that got my Irish up. The guy that sells antiques from the old Lenny's Restaurant has a sign on the pole out front that says, "Support Occupy Wall Street".  If I didn't already know what kind of person he is, I would know NOW! This is the same guy that smacked 85-year-old Oscar Stall in the face because he didn't agree with his Liberal policies! Oscar was black and blue for a week afterwards! He weighed all of 100 pounds, soaking wet, and was a veteran and an Honorable Patriot. This sleaze who is half Oscar's age and three times his size, slapped him in the face! He was fortunate that I was not present for that event, believe me. I miss Oscar, he was my friend and I respected him and his views on America and what is right and wrong. So Mr. Antiques is another nanny-state Liberal that came to Lebanon from somewhere else and is now imposing his hatred of the wealthy on the rest of us. I say, "Grow up or move to China".  In America, we GET what we GIVE and we EARN our OWN way!  The government can only give you what it first takes from someone else!                              Notice how   the Tea Party demonstrates peacefully, respectfully, and cleanly. When they go home, they leave NO messes or destruction behind them. They do NOT sleep in tents in public parks or defecate on police cars. NOR are they supported by Obama or financially backed by Unions as the OWS crowd IS. This is but one small example of the differences between Conservatives and Liberals, but it's a CLEAR example. Mr. Antiques is another. Those who snub our soldiers and oppose war, are yet MORE examples. The list is endless. Time is short. I have a few articles and links to share with you below. I also am sharing an article about the Red Alert words we all use that causes us to be added to the government "Watch List". It's a LOONG list!  Looks like I will have to write a story and use them ALL!

      Before I close, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Christine Greco who passed from cancer yesterday at age 20. Her death is a great loss for New Lebanon and the world, as Christine had SO much to offer. We wish her peaceful rest.




Let me just get this out of the way right now.

China gangs burn pork on Amtrak while San Diego SWAT busts ice pirates at Target.
Everybody say hello to the nice agents at Homeland Security who are watching us now that I’ve used at least 11 of the keywords they look for on the Internet.
It took a Freedom of Information Act request and a lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center to get it, but Homeland Security has released its supposedly complete list of words that set off bells in the top secret caves of the DHS.
Among the obvious ones like Al Qaeda, terrorism and nuclear are some oddities like agriculture, incident, smart, Metro, snow and social media.
The keywords are included in the DHS’s Analyst’s Desktop Binder, which also instructs analysts to hunt down media reports that reflect poorly on the department.

It doesn’t include the keyword list used by Obama’s gang of plumbers who troll the Net for negative stories, or the NSA, which represents a whole different set of eyes that are watching you.
I suspect the list released by DHS may be incomplete, however, given Janet Napolitano’s known contempt of conservative groups and the lack of conservative buzz words on the list. It was shortly after Obama entered office that Napolitano’s DHS issued a report lumping the Tea Party and other conservative groups with the KKK, Nazis and al Qaeda.
The release of the list just proves what conservatives have said and liberals denied for years: Big Brother is here, and he is watching.


LITTLE MEN ARE SAD!     5-31-2012 


   What is it with little men?  Do they suffer from such intense feelings of inadequacy that they are compelled to be controlling of the people and events around them? Hitler suffered from "Little-Man Syndrome", and so did Napoleon. Doug Clark and now the Midget Liberal, Mayor Bloomberg. The list goes on. So now the Mayor has decided that he is responsible for the amount of sugar that NYC residents consume in their drinks. Since NYC seems to be the model for most tyrannical and deviant decisions in America, how long will it be before the entire nation bans super-sized, sugary drinks?  Don't get me wrong here, I agree that those huge sodas are un-healthy and excessive and even addicting for some folks, but  WHO in the H_LL is BLOOMBERG to choose for the people? Even GOD gave us Free Choice, and no MAN has the right to deprive us of it!

    Yes, Americans have become dumber and dumber in the past 20 years or so, look at the woman who sued Mickey-D's for burning her nether-regions with hot coffee. She got a HUGE settlement for being dumb enough to spill her freshly-poured coffee in her lap! Now, every cup of take-out coffee is stamped with a warning that the contents are HOT! DUH! Ya THINK?!?  The government at ANY level, is NOT responsible for making decisions for the FREE people of America as to what to eat, drink, smoke,wear, read,drive, or do in the privacy of their homes. Imagine the Liberal Midget walking into a package store for a bottle of wine and being told that he can only have an 8-ouncer because they don't want to contribute to the alchoholism problem in NYC. Or, let him order a Happy Meal, (size-appropriate), and have the D- student at the register tell him that the Happy Meal is too much food for someone of his height! Oh yeah, and tell the fat guy behind you in line that he can't have dessert! Are you KIDDING me?!?

     Mrs. Muslim in the White House is also on a Health Crusade against obesity. Yet who is SHE to talk? Multiple choice question: Who does Michelle Obama  resemble more, Twiggy or Miss Piggy?  If she REALLY wants to make Americans more healthy, she should focus on the high prices of the healthiest foods. Why do you suppose people on Food Stamps are generally the heaviest? They are forced to live on starches and sugars that are AFFORDABLE. Even MORE so the middle-class family that makes too much for assistance but not enough to buy healthy groceries. THIS is where the obesity issue in America is rooted. Still, if you are a millionaire and you choose a Hershey Bar snack over an apple, that is your RIGHT as a FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN!  The government has NO right and NO power to make your choices FOR you! This is what the  Government Dependent Americans don't get. Give the politicians an inch, they will take 10 miles. First it was cigarettes, then motorcycle helmets,then our Freedom of Speech and now it's food and drink, so what comes next?  Certainly not alcohol or gambling, because the Liberals LIKE that! No, it will be the criminalization of gun ownership and vehicles with more than 4 cylinders , how many kids you can have, what kind of schooling your kids can get, how big your house can be, what you can watch on T.V or listen to on the radio. Think I'm being overly-dramatic? Ask a Russian or a Chinese national.

     Christianity is already under focused attack while Islam is being supported and even FED by American officials, so where do you think our freedom of religion is headed? See what is happening in Syria? Well, those of you who are weeping over the executions of the rebels by the government, need to get informed. These "Rebels" are operating under the flag of Al Qaeda and despite what the Liberal Media tells you, they have AMERICAN weapons, some of which they have shared with Muslim Extremists in Iraq. FACT! MORE support of the Islamic Agenda by your Muslim President with OUR tax dollars. It is all about CONTROL. Who do you reckon is behind all these Health Regulations like the anti-smoking and sugar campaigns? You know, think about it for a minute. What are you required to have before you can register a vehicle or receive care in a hospital? Insurance. What is it that Obama wants to MANDATE that ALL Americans HAVE? Insurance. Where is vast majority of America's money? Insurance. How much of this insurance wealth do you figure gets kicked-back to the politicians who comply with regulations such as controlling sugar-intake and smoking? You would be astonished.

    The scariest piece here is, that if We the People allow the government to control food,drink and cigarettes, we are giving them the power to take control of ALL areas of our lives, one baby step at a time. Yes, obesity and emphysema are problems in this country, but there are other, more effective ways to deal with it without depriving us of our God-Given Right to CHOOSE. Personally, I drink black coffee with no sugar, and Diet Pepsi. I eat ONCE a day. Yet I am obese. Sometimes what we eat and how MUCH we eat is the issue, but other times, it is what we cannot AFFORD to eat. In some cases, it is a matter of genetics, medications, or metabolic issues. Whatever the problems, government mandates are NOT the cure. NEVER.

    The time to remind our officials at every level, that THEY work for US, is long over-due. The government was never intended to be our mommies and daddies.  America needs a repeat of 1776 and we need it NOW!



What Town IS This?     6-4-2012


    They say that "Variety is the Spice of Life".  Sometimes maybe, but it depends what they are applying that to. It would be pretty boring if we all looked alike or wore the same clothes and lived in identical houses. I enjoy a good debate as you well know, and without a variety of opinions, there would BE no debates. Yet there are times that "variety"  borders on "mutantcy".                                                                                                                                                                                            I happen to like the city of Pittsfield. It's laid out well, it offers a terrific number of businesses and medical services, has some beautiful neighborhoods, some mediocre, and some down-right ugly neighborhoods. There are people of every race and religion, there are geniuses and due to the good services available, there is a large number of the mentally handicapped as well. Yet Pittsfield, despite all it's Liberals, is an unusually peaceful city as cities go these days. The Greenies and whinies have their say on the round-about, but so do the Conservatives. Demonstrations held by both sides are pretty organized and non-violent and I have never seen damage or messes left behind by either group. Pretty rare in present times of Occupy Wall Street and Pro-Abortion. Despite the great diversity of people in Pittsfield, it retains a balance that we seldom see anywhere else.

   So why is this little town we live in, so UN-balanced? Why is it that the Liberal Greenies seem to feel that their recent invasion gives them ownership of a town that has been Conservative and Content for generations before "THEY" discovered it?  WHY, do city folks want a place in the country to get away from city life, then try to change the country to be just like the city they are trying to escape? DUH. If it keeps up at the present rate, there will BE no "country" towns left to escape TO! When in Rome.....

   When I left the city I grew up in, I was realizing a life-long dream of living in the country and having animals and space and quiet. I WANTED an old-fashioned country store and the bare-bones of businesses, few neighbors, and a slower pace. I ASSIMILATED to the COUNTRY, not the other way around! I worked to "fit-in" with the locals and their way of life, I did not try to citify them! Today's transplants, whether full or part-timers, are quite the opposite. They come here and expect to have the best of both worlds. They want convenience, yuppy shops, silence when it suits them and total privacy. They also have the financial means to GET what they want and the locals be damned. They buy a few acres and plant some crazy herbs and call themselves "Farmers". They wouldn't know how to farm if their lives depended on it! What they are, are "Hobby Gardeners".

   My brother-in-law and sister-in-law own Ioka Valley Farm in Hancock. Once a thriving dairy, Ioka is now less farming and more a country attraction. They still raise some crops, fruits, Christmas trees and make the best Maple Syrup around, but the animals are few now, except for the Petting Zoo. Many times, I have been in the barn when the city folk bring their children in to see the goats and sheep. If I had a nickel for every time they call a goat a sheep or the donkey a "pony", I would be a wealthy woman. It's hysterical to witness this, and even funnier when the kids scream blue bloody murder when a cow bellows at them.LOL! They are out of their element, same as my husband the life-long farmer is, when he goes into THEIR world of traffic and sirens and skyscrapers. It is what it is, but DON'T try to make US into YOU!

   So what got me on this rant today? Yesterday's Farmer's Market did! I have never set foot in the Farmer's Market, for SOOOO many reasons. I do my best to ignore it, but this weekend, that was impossible for anyone who happened to go into town for any reason. We went to Bucky's after church as we do every Sunday, and we sat outside on the benches visiting with friends for a bit.  The racket from the Farmer's Market was so annoying that we were not able to sit and chat.  Some hippy group was trying to sing and sadly, they had microphones, because the assault on our ears was a LOUD assault! People were dancing around with Hula-Hoops on their arms and legs and doing some kind of wierd, interpretive movements. It was offensive and nauseating and completely out of sync with normal, country life, especially on a Sunday. The herbal remedies and foods raised by self-proclaimed "farmers" who are NOT farmers, out-numbered any normal farm fare that might have been there. In the midst of it all, stood the author of the "Grow the Valley" newslettter, Fiona Lally and her husband Joe.

    Prime examples of what I have been saying here today.Nice enough people, but still city folks who came here fairly recently, bought the oldest standing building in the town, and began to spread the disease of Liberalism immediately. Have you READ this month's issue of the newsletter? Holy Crow! I would like to suggest they change the name of it from "Grow the Valley" to the "Liberal Leader". It has NOTHING to offer that does not include some kind of Holistic this or Herbal that or spiritual something. It is absolutely sickening. Lebanon has been infiltrated by Cults and dangerous New-Agers and the Christians are turning a blind eye to it. I gotta tell ya, I'm beginning to understand how the Native Americans felt when the White Man came! Yeah,yeah, I know, it's a free country and I am grateful for that. Every town has a few wierdos and they have every right to be here and do their "Thing", whatever that is. What is happening here in Lebanon though, is extreme and over-bearing and downright scary. When a Sacred Sex Center is trying to open in a rural neighborhood, things have gone too far. When several members of cults are serving as town officials, it is worrisome. Variety can definitely be taken too far.

    Unfortunately, our personal opinions or what wing we fly with has no bearing on who or what moves into our town. We can't deny them and we can't kick them out. What we CAN do, is be just as loud, and better yet, LOUDER, that they are!  We too, can "Grow the Valley" by being active in Town Meetings, aware of what is being proposed business-wise, knowledgeable about what is and is not allowable per our Zoning Laws and Comprehensive plan. We can be pro-active Christians and encourage our churches to do more community outreach and programs. We can contribute information about OUR activities and Worship, to the LVBA newsletter.  It's also important to support Conservative businesses of long-standing in our town, such as Bucky's Bagels and Stewarts, both of which stepped up to the plate when the market closed and helped fill the gap. We can skip the Farmer's Market and take a nice Sunday drive to a local stand at a REAL farm and buy NORMAL foods at human prices that are not necessarily "organic" or "spiritually danced over".  Want herbs? Grow 'em on your windowsill! Wanna beat a drum? Join a country band, not a cult. Want Sacred Sexual experiences? Move to India. It's easy. Stand for something NOW, while you still can. THEY do!

    THEIR unity and boisterousness has won them same-sex marriage, Pro-Choice abortion, excessive special interest groups with benefits that WE pay for whether we agree with the issue or not. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. There is POWER in numbers. United We Stand. You know the drill. If you are sick and tired of the Liberal take-over of our town, DO something about evening things out!  Stop waiting for someone else to do it all FOR you, you are not a member of Occupy Wall Street!

     Before I go away and spare you any more of my Right-Wing rancor, I want to mention something that has been brought to my attention this week. As you know, I have mentioned rather often that New Lebanon has the highest senior population per capita in all of NY state. As a result, we have a lot of seniors living alone that have needs but no one to meet them. Yes, there are programs and services available and county reps have come to the Joseph Hooper Liberary a few times to apprise seniors of what is available to them. However, there are many seniors who still don't know about these meetings or services. Some have no transportation, no family, no means of learning about these opportunities. One senior in particular was mentioned to me yesterday, that despite being around in town almost every day, is not aware of what services she is eligible for, and she is in NEED of these things. Her home needs some repairs to make her life easier. She needs a good pair of shoes and nutritional advice. Most of all, she needs a weekly housekeeper and Meals on Wheels.

     A town this small should have Senior Outreach, an actual LIST of who is over 65 years of age, where they live, their health issues, and their special needs. We have four active churches that should be helping the town officials populate this list and see that ALL our seniors are being cared for properly. I will be the first volunteer through MY church, who else is in? The senior I have been talking about belongs to a good solid church in town, yet she is in need, and there is NO excuse for this. Anyone who is willing and able to get involved in this, please send me an email this week. This is something that should not be delayed, and it is a Community issue.  Send emails to:

PS( Dollar Store is Coming!)


Murnane's Job     6-5-2012


     I talked about our local seniors quite a bit yesterday and mentioned some things I think need to be done for them. The more I thought about it over the past 24 hours, the more determined I became to see exactly what IS and is NOT being done already. I sent an email to our Town Clerk and asked that very thing. What IS being done to reach the seniors who are isolated and not able to attend informational meetings? I don't want to request that something be done that might already be in the works. I also asked if these questions could be put on the agenda for Tuesday's Town Board Meeting.  I have not received a response.

     Then I thought about the fact that Kathy Murnane, is the New Lebanon Representative for the Columbia County Office for the Aging. Uh-Oh. This brought immediately to mind the complaints I have received from Seniors about Murnane's lousy attitude and nasty personality. One woman in particular, related to me that Murnane was snotty and refused to even ATTEMPT to get services for her elderly husband when asked. Hmm. Have ALL the seniors in New Lebanon ever been contacted by Murnane to see if they have or are receiving what they need? Who looks after these cases while Murnane is in Florida for five months each year? The woman I mentioned yesterday with the serious needs, has never been called on by Murnane, and neither have the others I have spoken with. So what exactly does her job entail? What is she being paid to DO? Most importantly, WHY, WHY, WHY, is someone who is out of the state for half the year, serving in ANY Town position? Ethics Board AND Office for the Aging Rep? Oh yeah, I remember now! She is one of Brucey's puppets! After all, we ALL know that Brucey and Clark broke the law with the Steadman/Democratic Caucus thing, then were allowed to appoint Steadman to the Ethics Board. Then Murnane hand-picked the other new member of the Ethics Board.   Super-Stacking.

       So why would I expect them to prevent Murnane from serving on as many boards as she pleases, despite being absent for so many months of EVERY year?  Why is it that all the MEAN people seem to be friends with one another? Ever notice that? Steadman is some kind of LAWYER, and he of all people should know that he has NO business sitting on the Ethics Board when he has numerous complaints against him pending with the county and the state! Does anyone ELSE see something wrong with that? Can you smell the putrid odor of collusion? Meanwhile, the Czar sits in his blood-red office and counts his money and does NOTHING. If he had darker skin and bigger ears, he would be Obama's Clone. They are SOOOO alike it's scary! Benson is a Democrat through and through. He can call himself a Republican all he wants, but he ain't foolin' ME. No Democrat that can draw a breath, would donate to Kirsten Gillibrand and Hillary Clinton. Benson does.

   Something else interesting; the Czar spent some time with local business people as you know, when he was campaigning. He managed to get them to open up and tell him thier financial struggles, by promising them "help". What he was actually DOING, was seeing which businesses could be taken out easily by NEW businesses run by HIS friends, than advised those friends of their odds of success! I could very easily name names here, I know them well, but it doesn't matter. What DOES matter, is that he used the trials of these people, to assist outsiders in new ventures in our town that would seal the fate of those already here. If you think about it hard enough, you will get the picture without my help.

     When Obama was campaigning in 2008, I wrote letters to every newspaper in every major city in this country, begging the people to open their eyes and see Obama for what he truly was. When Benson was campaigning, I went above and beyond to get the Truth about him and his agenda out to the people. Still the sheeple don't hear. They blindly follow the crowd and fail to think for themselves or to look into the facts. They get angry with ME for telling them the Truths that they don't want to face or accept. Both of these "men" have proven themselves to be the slime I said they were. In time, you will also see the real Brucey, the real Clark and the real Steadman and Murnane . When the rains come, the rodents come out of their holes. I hear thunder, don't you?



 OBama's  Speech   6-8-2012

      Did anyone listen to Obama's speech this morning? What a crock of u-know-what!  To begin with, he was 20 minutes late coming to the podium. My guess for the reason for his tardiness is that the Tele-Prompter wasn't working. He began with the economy of course, HIS mess by the way, and had the absolute cajones to tell the European Union what they need to do to get THEIR economy and growth back on course!!  LOLOL! Are you KIDDING me?  He blamed our economy partially on the problems in Europe and partially on Congress, i.e, the Republicans. His displeasure at the failure of Congress to pass his Jobs Bill in its entirety was evident when he laid the unemployment problem at their feet. I did find it interesting that he knew how many governments there are in Europe, but he does not know how many states there are in America! Idiot.

 Obama of the Forked-Tongue went on to say that the U.S has created 4.3 million jobs in the last 27 months. HUH? Where? Even the Liberal journalists stated AFTER the speech, that Obama must be living on another planet if he believes THAT! No surprise there, Obama is famous for his lies and embellishments. I still can't digest the nerve he had to presume to tell the E.U that in order to solve their problems AND ours, they need to "MOVE FORWARD"and "Get PEOPLE BACK TO WORK" !!!! Holy Crow!  Does the guy REALLY think he made OUR economy BETTER? That HE alone holds the answers to financial collapse and recession?  He CAUSED the recession!  America has not been in worse shape since the Great Depression, for Heaven's sake. There has never been a WORSE President in the history of the country!

    At the end of this so-called speech, Obama allowed questions as is customary, but he chose the first two reporters from among his "friends" in the media. This enabled him to expound some more on how Europe and Congress need to get it together and correct what THEY have caused.  The THIRD and last reporter he allowed to question him, was apparently neutral or Conservative, because HE asked Obama about the White House Leaks re: the the Cyber attacks on the Iranian Nuke Programs.  Obama stated that he could not discuss or explain as it might "endanger" operatives. He went on to say that he has ZERO tolerance for leaks, because it is criminal. LOL!  He would KNOW!  He said, and I QUOTE, "MY White House does NOT have leaks that endanger our people, our families, military or operatives." Unquote. HIS White House? HIS?!?!  Oh, I'm sorry, I was under the mistaken impression that it was OUR White House.

      I saw an awesome video last night from a man who has successfully researched and predicted election results for many years. He has been correct 100% of the time.  He believes that Obama has NO prayer of being re-elected in November. His reasons for his prediction were very credible and hopeful, and after seeing this video, I felt a LOT better about the up-coming battle.  I'll try to post a link to it at the bottom of this page. Of course the new, New York Times Bestseller "Amateur" , about Obama, has also been a huge boost for the Republicans and Conservatives. THIS is the momentum we need to keep going and growing in the next four months folks! I'm also adding a piece I received today about Liberal attacks on Conservative Bloggers. VERY interesting! The Liberals will stop at nothing to silence the Truth-Tellers, and will sink to the lowest depths to get what they want. I have to wonder how they can GET any lower, but they always seem to manage. They are already the most sinful, amoral, hateful humans on earth.

   Okay, another subject for a minute or two. YES, we ARE getting a dollar store!  Dollar General is coming to Lebanon for certain and will be before the ZBA in July to get a variance for their sign.  I do not have confirmation of WHERE they are going, but it looks like the old I.G.A store site. This MAY prevent an independent grocer from coming into town, but we can deal with that if and when it comes. There are other options for a grocery store site if we need one. One step at a time, and a dollar store will be a great help here. I'm not familiar with Dollar General, but I hear it's not bad. Fortunately, they will not have to deal with D.O.T, but only because it is such a similar use to what we had there before and the D.O.T requirements for that location have already been met. Good thing too, because I don't imagine anyone at Dollar General went to school with Mike Benson's wife, so they would not be "excused" from D.O.T requirements like the new cafe was. It's all about Who you KNOW, who you PAY, and who you do FAVORS for.  Politics. Dirtiest game on earth.

     Please remember the Town Board meets this coming Tuesday at 7 at the firehouse. Also, the Planning Board meeting is important this month. They will be discussing the Galiana Sacred Sex club again, so if this concerns you or you are bored with television, try to attend. Wednesday night, 6-20 at 7:30 at the American Legion Hall.  On July 2nd, the ZBA will meet with Dollar General reps at the American Legion at 7 p.m.  Next Saturday night, June 16th, the Baptist Church on Main street in Lebanon Springs, will be showing a free presentation of the movie, "Courageous".  I watched this a month or so ago, and it is AWESOME!  If you enjoy police stories, family stories, and movies with a Christian message, this is the one for YOU. This film does not cram religion down anyone's throat, it is a real-life take on the private lives of police officers and their families, and the focus is on the importance of being a strong father to your kids. It has tragedy, a shoot-out, and a TON of comedy. The little kids will have an age-appropriate film to watch in the social room while the older kids and parents watch Courageous. It's a free night out, so please consider attending.   God Bless!  JJ



From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott


In recent weeks a very dangerous pattern of personal attacks against conservative bloggers has occurred with increasing frequency.

Combined with a related decision last week by a judge to place a gag order on a conservative blogger, we now face a real threat to conservative speech at the grassroots level just as the election season is beginning to heat up.

The situation is so serious that Sen. Saxby Chambliss has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for a full investigation into what appears to be orchestrated attacks against conservative bloggers.

+ + Conservative Bloggers Getting "SWAT" Attacks

This pattern of attacks has increased in recent months, with Leftist blogs posting the personal information, addresses and pictures of the homes of conservative bloggers.

Thing have become altogether dangerous thanks to a new strategy from the Left called “SWAT-ing.” Here's how "SWAT-ing" works....

A bogus 911 call is made claiming that there has been a shooting (or some other act of domestic violence) at the home of a conservative blogger. Usually these "SWAT-ing" calls are made in the middle of the night. Per emergency protocol, such a 911 call triggers a guns-drawn police action at the blogger's home which puts the blogger and his or her family at immediate risk.

The goal, of course, is to silence the blogger through intimidation.... "We know where you live... We can reach you in your home."

+ + Blogger Gagged By Judge

Leftist individuals and groups funded by the likes of George Soros are also taking to filing frivolous lawsuits against conservative bloggers who simply do not have the "deep pockets' resources to fight back.

Those who do fight can find themselves in court facing a liberal judge who has no problem putting a "gag order" on the conservative blogger. This happened just last week.

Of course, the liberal media have not been quick to pick up the story -- although Fox News and even the ABC News online have reported on this in recent days. (See links below for stories and background information.)

+ + Action: Demand A Full Investigation

As I noted above, Sen. Chambliss has just issued a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for the Justice Department to conduct a full investigation into the alleged "SWAT-ing" attacks against conservative bloggers.

This is an issue of vital concern to conservatives in our nation, especially in this election year. Our conservative bloggers are doing more to keep the statist machine in check than the entire establishment mainstream media -- with none of the deep-pocket resources.

That 's why I'm asking you to stand with your fellow conservatives who are working in the ideological trenches against what appears to be orchestrated efforts to silence conservative speech.

Go here to sign Grassfire's National Petition to stop the attacks on conservative speech:

I've listed several resources below for you, including a post from Michelle Malkin who has taken the lead in helping to break through the liberal media's silence on this issue.

Thanks for taking a stand.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

CULT  VALLEY  USA     6-10-2012


     Yes, I am referring to Lebanon Valley, which is quickly becoming Cult Valley. Not too many years ago, I recall there being a small group of Satanists that settled into a remote cottage in Canaan. They drove a black van with pentagrams painted on its sides and they dressed all in black with upside-down crucifixes around their necks. They were downright scary. They were also un-welcome in our area and were driven away post-haste. Rumors at the time suggested that the local Knights of Columbus paid them a visit and whatever they told the satanists must have been very persuasive, as they disappeared the very next day, never to be seen around here again. That was the story anyway, but I clearly remember the members of that cult and the van they drove.

    I know that the Sufis of Lebanon Mountain, consider themselves a "valid" religion, and perhaps it IS, in another country, but not in America. My understanding of Sufiism from the reading I have done on the subject, is that it is a "blend" of middle-eastern religions, including Islam, which is itself, a cult religion with no Biblical foundation. Any religion not based on the Bible, is false, mis-leading, and dangerous. God does not want us to beat drums,or hug trees, or dance to tree fairies or hang pictures of some guy with a towel on his head, in our homes. That is Idolatry and Idolatry is a sin, regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you believe. Even the Amish and Quakers do not obey God's teachings as laid out in the Bible and if you want to get down to brass tacks, neither do the Catholics. Where is the Salvation message in Catholicism, in Judaism? God's own people, the Jews, do not believe in the Lord Jesus unless they are Messianic Jews,and few are.  The Book of Mormon is another example of un-truthful worship and twisted doctrine, the Jehovah's Witnesses are also off-base with God's Word, and sooo many other, home-made religions. The list is endless.

    People will ask me now if I am saying that Christianity is the only true,correct and valid religion. My answer is simple. Yes, yes it is. That being said, I feel sincerely that we all have the right to choose who, what and how we will worship and face the consequences when we pass from this life. I love and respect the Israelis, but I disagree with their beliefs as I disagree with all the others I've mentioned. That does not mean, that I have the right to force MY religion on anyone else. So do NOT force YOURS on ME. Do not stick your Sufi dances in my face in public venues like the Farmer's Market, do not turn our public library into a gathering place for drum circle nuts and prayers to herbs and veggies. Most importantly, do not use "religion" to excuse deviant behaviors such as "Sacred Sex Rituals" like the proposed Galiana Retreat will be featuring on Salls Road if they have their way. Which is why I am posting this very controversial subject here tonight.

    I told my Pastor and my church family tonight, about Galiana, and the expression on my Pastor's face was one of shock and dis-belief . It had not occurred to me until that moment, that our local clergy are not aware of this "Temple" and the attempts of the "leaders" to hide behind the title of "Place of Worship". So I sat down earlier tonight and sent out some emails to clergy and Christians in New Lebanon and the surrounding areas. I invited them to attend the Planning Board meeting on the 20th of this month and hear the proposal for themselves. I also am asking all Christians in Lebanon to approach their Priests and Pastors next Sunday and confirm that they are aware of Galiana and are planning to be pro-active against it. Also, anyone who lives in the vicinity of Salls Road might do well to attend the meeting as well. It's THEIR neighborhood, after all.

     I know the world and especially America, has changed dramatically in the past 30 or 40 years, and so  much that was un-acceptable a few short years ago, is now considered the norm. That does not mean it is right. It does not mean it is healthy, or safe, or desired by the majority. All it means, is that Liberalism and Godlessness have been allowed to spread un-checked for far too long. I hold Christians responsible for a good part of that negative change, for not being vocal, for not concentrating on more outreach, and for not objecting to the suppression of OUR beliefs by those of other beliefs. I am but ONE person, and I'm sure that a lot of you are saying "Thank Goodness!". One person CAN make a difference, especially a Christian with God on his or her side, but I also feel that standing as a United Front is the most effective way there is to facilitate positive change. THIS issue is one that requires the voices of many and I hope that the Christians of New Lebanon will step up and speak up along with me.     God Bless.  JJ


Tonight's  Meeting      6-12-2012


   Good Morning All!      Town Board Meeting tonight at 7 p.m at the firehouse.  This will be an interesting one, as there are some folks planning to attend that are not happy with some behaviors of certain officials, FINALLY. Some may speak, others will be observing and witnessing. There is SO much that our officials need to answer and pay for that I could fill 10 pages of this website with the list. It has taken 6 years of perserverance, but things are finally coming to a head and in the next few months, there WILL be some action taken at last. It has been exhausting, but I am proud of the PACT team for hanging in there and not giving up even when we had days that we felt hopeless and defeated. We HAVE had members give up in despair, but they are the losers here, and will be missed when we eventually triumph over the crime and corruption.

     I am pleased to report that upper levels of government are finally paying attention and investigating our piles of complaints that we have buried them with over the past several years. It's been very tough and sometimes confusing, as we can be dealing with one issue, and three more pop up in the interim. Proof that the mis-conduct NEVER stops. Keeping it all straight and making certain to keep records and documents in order and in proper files, listing what complaints were sent where and when, WHEW!  I have met some good folks and many bad ones. I have met county,state and federal officials and even talked with Erin Brockovich! Most of all, I have LEARNED a LOT!  I'm not celebrating yet, there is still a lot to be done and much more patience required as we crawl along at the government pace of slow,slow,slow. Yet I am confident now that things WILL begin to happen as of this month of June,2012.  I often think that the light at the end of the tunnel is really just an on-rushing freight train, but now I am seeing a real light, a light that will shine on the corruption and reveal it to all the doubters and deniers.

       So with  renewed determination, we fight on, and will never stop, because the corruption will never stop. It's a lot like housework. No sooner do you vacuum and mop the floors, and one of the guys tracks in mud and manure. That's politics in a nutshell. LOL!

     I have been advised that we do NOT have a list of our resident seniors and are NOT aware of who may be living alone and without necessary services. What a shame, how embarassing for this town and the people who are paid to see that these things are done! So I have volunteered my services to work with the Assessor to compile this list and see to it that EVERY resident of this town over the age of 65 is visited and their situations evaluated. I still have my dream of blending our youth and seniors in an effort to fill the needs of both. These two groups are our past and our future and should be a priority to us all.  So I ask once again, WHAT are we paying our local rep to the County Office for the Aging to DO?  WHY do we have a rep who is out of state for 5 months of every year?  WHY has she NOT compiled this list in all the years she has had this title and why do so few seniors even KNOW who she is? She is retired and has more than ample time to do her job, but I understand she over-indulges in other activities that interfere with her job performance. "Nuff said. Do with that what you will, just know that this town employee has NO business serving the town at ANY level or in ANY position, especially not the Ethics Board, as she wouldn't know an Ethic if it hit her in her sour puss. She also failed to interview an official from another town that was THREATENED by an official of New Lebanon, when a complaint was filed about it. She simply dismissed the complaint with NO proper investigation, which is REQUIRED of the Ethics Board! I could go on for many pages about this, but it is all about to come out in the wash, so I'll save the rancor for the explosion to come.

     How SAD is it, when even our Ethics Board is stacked with the un-ethical, BY the un-ethical???  Shouldn't members of an Ethics Board be required to HAVE ethics? Not in New Lebanon. So I'm hoping to see many of you at the meeting tonight and at the Planning Board meeting next Wednesday re: the Galiana Sacred Sex Temple. Get your mops out and help us clean up this town.    God Bless!  JJ


WOW!!   6-12-2012


  Town Board Meetings never cease to amaze me! The level of un-professionalism is so extreme it's embarassing. Tonight's meeting got off to it's usual, boring start, committee reports, budget, Supervisor's report, town hall renovation stuff, etc. There was only ONE Privilege of the Floor tonight, at the END of the meeting. Wish they would make up their minds already! If they decide to cut back to one, it does need to be at the end, so people can comment or ask questions about what was discussed during the meeting. HowEVER, I do not think it is acceptable for Mike Benson to cut people off before they have finished speaking, just because he does not like the subject matter or conflict. He does that ALL the time, and it's RUDE and Tyrannical.  When people have only ONE opportunity per month to speak in public about something that concerns them, they should be HEARD. Yes, they should behave in an orderly manner, but they deserve to be heard. Benson sure likes to be heard! I'm glad I was not signed up to speak , because I was in NO mood for his God complex tonight and it would not have gone well if he had cut ME off!

      By the way, y'all remember when a Marriage Officer was appointed at the Organizational Meeting in January? It was Darla Dobert. Well, tonight they appointed a NEW Marriage Officer. Don't know WHY or what happened to Darla, but you will laugh your keysters off when I tell you who they appointed!  MIKE BENSON! Everyone was hysterical over that! One person said they hope his first marriage is between two men!  Holy Crap! It just gets more and more ridiculous, doesn't it?  There was a second gut-buster tonight as well. Doug Clark told someone that he is changing his party affiliation because he thinks P.A.C.T is Democrat-Run! LOLOL!  When Pigs Fly! Anyway, ol' Dougy is considering joining the TEA PARTY!  LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

   A little Liberal in the TEA PARTY? They will stomp all over him and send him home crying. Are you KIDDING me?  Good Luck with that Dougy!  Yes, I AM shaking my head and laughing.  Dougy also felt it was his duty to comment on the fact that the present Ethics Board members can not get along.  Ahh, which brings me to the REAL issue of the evening, of the month, of the YEAR.  Our Ethics Board is a mess, and has been for almost three years now. It is SO bad, that it would probably be a good idea to abolish it and let the county Ethics Board handle the local complaints. Now that all this crap is common knowledge and out in the open, I can examine it at last. It's HARD to be out of the loop with the Ethics Board, but I have no choice because my husband is ON that board and I can't know anything until everyone else does!

     So here's the scoop: We all know that the Ethics Board was personally and deliberately stacked by Brucey with the help of Clark,Benson and Steadman, as well as Kathy Murnane. They stuck it to Wayne Martin because they knew he would actually be ETHICAL. They hate Bob and Smitty because they are ETHICAL. So they gathered in secret and planned the stacking of the board with their hand-picked candidates. We also know that Clark and Brucey being allowed to appoint Steadman to the E.B after the Democratic Caucus fiasco, was BLATANT Conflict of Interest. Benson bears MUCH of the blame for that as well. So now it seems that Murnane, Steadman and DeFoe or Tafoe, whatever her name is, had a little E.B Meeting at Murnane's HOUSE, without Bob or Smitty! BIG issue there, because Murnane sent an email to the E.B Members about a meeting several weeks ago, then I guess it was canceled because TaFoe couldn't make it. Now Murnane states that she sent another email to re-schedule said meeting and that Bob and Smitty never responded so they held the meeting without them.

      Apparently, she did in fact send out one email about the new meeting date, but consider THIS. Bob does not even know how to turn a computer ON. IF he has some time, which he does NOT this time of year with planting and haying, he will ask me to turn it on and he comes and stands beside the printer. If he has Ethics Board email, I click print for him and he takes the paper out of the printer and watches me delete the email so I do not see it. This is a pain in the patootie, but it has to be done that way. When he gets this busy at the farm, email does not get checked for weeks at a time. Yet he has THREE telephone numbers he can be reached at, on file at the town hall. No one ever called him to report a meeting being scheduled or to ask if he had received any email about a meeting. Do YOU have any friends you send emails to that don't respond, then when you see them and ask if they got your email, they say, "I haven't had time to go through my emails"?  I hear that every day! Email is NOT a reliable manner of setting or confirming meetings. The Czar disagrees.

     Benson said, "This is 2012 and email is an acceptable way to contact people."  Maybe so, for people who are computer literate, or have lots of time, but NOT for busy people who are not computer savvy. I receive as many as 200 emails a day. If I get to 25% of them in a week, it's a miracle. I have three email accounts and all three are backed up to Heaven and back right now, and I check them twice a day! HOW do they expect a full-time farmer to read emails that often? Or a busy restaurant owner?  Benson has secretaries and flunkies all around him. HE may have time to read all his emails, most folks do NOT!  Howard Commander has an email address, but NEVER, EVER reads any of them!  WHY? He's BUSY! DUH! So Bob and Smitty never received notification of the E.B Meeting that was held at Kathy Murnane's Private home, with only Kathy, Steadman and TaFoe in attendance.

      At this meeting, new guidelines were written for the Ethics Board and for the process of filing and accepting complaints. They also "voted" for the Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson, which we have NEVER had before in the history of the Ethics Board. Can you guess who was appointed to those positions? Kathy as Chair and Steadman as Deputy Chair. Now let's look at this.  NY State Open Meetings Law has NO exemptions for Ethics Boards, EXCEPT when a case is being discussed or an employee or officer of the town is the subject. In ALL other cases, such as a meeting to appoint board officers or write guidelines, they are subject to the same Open Meetings Law as every other board! So they violated Open Meetings Law. The New Lebanon Town code reads the same. Also stated in the NYS Open Meetings Law is the requirement that all public meetings be held in a public venue open to the people, NOT in a private home. It must also be advertised on the town website. Two MORE violations.

      Now consider THIS;  HOW did they get a majority vote to appoint Kathy and Steadman with only three of the five members in attendance? Those two would have HAD to vote for themselves, which is ALSO illegal! How STUPID can they GET?!?  Do they REALLY think they will get away with this? FAT CHANCE!!!!!!!!!  How sleazy! This is your ETHICS BOARD, people! They planned it to keep Bob and Smitty away from that meeting so they could do their dirty deeds unhindered. Also, I was told tonight, that Smitty sent an email to Murnane about not being notified by phone of the meeting. Her response was to tell Smitty, "When you treat me properly, I will call you." EXCUSE ME?!? Who is SHE, Czar number two?  When she was in Florida for her 5 months this last time, the Ethics Board received a complaint and could not investigate it because she was not in the state. Benson directed them to investigate the complaint by long-distance phone. Unfortunately for Benson, this too is illegal, as meetings can only be held long-distance by Skype or tele-conference. Further, the Town Board has NO SAY in Ethics Board matters, period. Not only did Benson tell them to do somethng illegal, he also stuck his nose into a matter he has NO business being a part of!

     Add to that, the fact that Benson made the final decision in an Ethics Complaint filed in January because HE felt it was invalid! He cannot DO that! He also aided and abetted the abuse of Wayne Martin and the appointment of Steadman by his partners in crime!  He has made ZERO effort to address ANY of the mis-conduct or CRIMES perpetrated by HIS board members. ZERO! SO, Smitty formally objected to the reading of the Ethics Board report by Murnane and to the guidelines that were written without benefit of the entire board being present.  I spoke with the Town Attorney after the meeting tonight, and he agreed that they can NOT vote for themselves, that they DID violate the Open Meetings Law, and that people who have or have had Ethics Complaints filed against them, cannot sit on an Ethics Board. Murnane had a complaint filed against HER, and Steadman has complaints pending at the county and state levels! So they are BOTH in-eligible to sit on the Ethics Board at ALL. So I asked the Attorney what the process would be to file Ethics Complaints against members of the Ethics Board, and he told me. Since Steadman already has two pending, I guess it will soon be three, and Kathy will be getting her second. In the meantime, I fully intend to contact the county AND the state about suspending them both, pending the decisions. This is deplorable, disgusting and totally un-acceptable! TaFoe should ALSO be suspended for complicity. We need three new Ethics Board members, a.s.a.p. Requirements? Be an ETHICAL HUMAN!

    Matthew Murnane is now officially resigned from the Planning Board too, so there is an opening there if anyone is interested. These people make me want to puke, they are SO nasty and dis-honest. So let's GO people, speak up for once in your lives and demand an Ethical Ethics Board and serious consequences for the offenders. Let's hold these snakes to the fire for once and remember when Benson wants to be elected to something again, that he LIED to us all and FAILED us all. Remember that he has been complicit in the mis-conduct, not to mention his Fraud in the election! You recall me telling you that he would not run for re-election in New Lebanon? Those were HIS words, not mine. However, things may have changed. I told you when he was campaigning, that he would serve as Supervisor for ONE year, USE Lebanon for his resume' then take a run at the assembly and Dougy would move up to Supervisor, right? Well, that was the plan, but it has been thwarted by Ass. Steve McClaughlin changing HIS mind on running for the Senate. Now that Steve will be running for Assembly again, Benson has NO shot at the Assembly. So we MAY see him attempt to get re-elected in Lebanon after all. Fat chance! He and Obama belong in the same cell together. D.O.T wants his rear in a sling too, and so do several ticked-off business owners in town.

      I had SEVEN people ask for my card today so they can get up-dated on what is going on here in local government.  They are available at Bucky's Bagels, Thruway Beverage and Smitty's Pizza. If anyone wants the contact info for county and state boards or officials, shoot me an email at:  By the way Dougy, the "brains" behind the organization are mine, sorry.

News Byte:

More GOOD News...

...another "Liberal Expert/Analyst" fears Obama losing, see here-


Carville to Obama: They’re On to You, Switch Tactics

...One of the most recent is Democrat political consultant James Carville, who told the “Good Morning America” audience that he’s “worried” how Obama’s economic message is affecting his campaign.

“I’m worried that when the White House... talks about the progress that’s being made, people take that as a signal that they think that things are fine, and people don’t feel they ought to believe that,” Carville said...

..Carville recently wrote a report ...which said essentially that voters no longer have stardust in their eyes and Obama’s vision of Wonderland just isn’t as convincing as it once was...

... “These voters are not convinced that we are headed in the right direction. They are living in a new economy — and there is no conceivable recovery in the year ahead that will change the view of the new state of the country.

...“They actually have a very realistic view of the long road back and the struggles of the middle class — and the current narrative about progress just misses the opportunity to connect and point forward.”

It's tragic that it has taken 4 years of ruination and utter Marxist FAILURE to open the eyes of some of these Libs...but, it is a clear and strong signal that the "love-fest" for one barack HUSSEIN Obama is rightly over.


WHINY, WHINY !        6-15-2012


     I failed to mention the statement given at Tuesday's meeting by Brucey , re: the bank.  I'm sure most of you have noticed the new paint color of vivd red on the wood sections of the Bank of America?  Since red is my favorite color, I think it's awesome. Apparently, many disagree.  Brucey must have received a good number of negative comments to have bothered to tell the public at the meeting that ONLY the bank will be red, as it is their signature color. The rest of the plaza will be painted in a more neutral color, someone said, "Coffee Color".  Who cares, I mean really?  The whole place was sorely in need of painting, It was starting to look a little seedy, so as long as it isn't purple or orange or glow-in-the-dark pink, who cares? Geez.

     It always amazes me that people will whine and speak out about things  that don't amount to a hill of beans, but are silent when it comes to crime and corruption.  They are silent when it matters and loud when it doesn't. I get nauseous listening to the complaints about how long the grass should be cut at the park, or how the state dept. of Health and Safety wrote us up because there was a ROCK under the swing-set . Are you KIDDING me?  There are actual groups that prevent residents and businesses from doing things like Commander's Moto-X track or Bobby Mittnight's antique tractors, because an endangered butterfly may have to land a little further to the right than it would like to, but it's okay to allow our officials to ignore our laws and codes and break the law. The world might end because the bank is now red instead of a harmony-with-nature green, yet it is of no concern that Mike Benson submitted illegal petitions to the Board of Elections, or that Brucey threatened a Stephentown official that was to be a witness in a Supreme Court case.

     If you greenies are so concerned with nature, why don't you do something productive, like look into getting something done about the Wyomanock and Kinderhook that are loaded with downed trees and have eaten away at creekside properties to the point that people's out-buildings are in danger of plunging into the water? Go out and clean an old cemetery and stand the stones back up. Help an old person weed their garden, or better yet, grow some cajones and speak up about the crooked politicians running your town,county,state and country! The bank is RED and JJ loves it! Now take a look at the Midtown Mall and tell me what you think about aesthetics in our town center. Ask WHY that mall was allowed to be built with no rear exits on the first floor level! WHO had their pocket padded to over-look the fire codes for Ward Hatch?   While you're at it, find out why Blueberry Hill Cafe didn't have to meet D.O.T requirements but the Kendall House, did? Why is the eyesore at Lovers Lane and Rt. 20 allowed to look the way it does, but the Mittnight property that is not even visible from the road, is a focal point for persecution by the zoning people? Are vans cut in half now ALLOWED out front of so-called businesses? How about un-registered vehicles that are NOT road-ready as required by NYS DMV Law?  Ever look BEHIND that mess of a "car lot"? Surprise!  Junk everywhere!!!! Why is this guy left alone?

      Why is it taking K.B Chittenden so long to comply with the order to board up that old fire-trap of a house on his farm, and what about the property at the corner of West St. and Rt. 20 with the crumbling house and knee-high grass?  How about the fact that those of us who live on Shaker Road are forced to put up with heavy trucks, including full-size, 18 wheelers, making deliveries to Darrow School when they could use Rt. 20 and not cause more crumbling of upper Shaker Road and more expense to the town?  Why are people allowed to drive up and down Shaker Road at speeds that send them airborne when they hit the bridge? An empty lot on Cemetery Road across from the Cemetery of the Evergreens has had a pile of C&D on it for years, and the next lot closest to Rt. 22 is full of garbage strewn all over the brook bank. I could fill a book here people, but the point is, get your priorities straight!  What's more important, all these issues, or the color of the darn bank?

   Speaking of crooked politicians, y'all hear that Obama passed the Dream Act today by EXECUTIVE ORDER? Benson must LOVE him! I don't give a rat's behind if an illegal Mexican comes here and has a baby on American soil, it does NOT make them Americans OR legal. If you had a baby while visiting Mexico, woudl it be a " Mexican citizen" ?  America's doors are open, but come in LEGALLY or don't come at all! Amen?  Executive order. Translation in JJ-ese: Obama lost the Catholic vote, the Christian Blacks, and numerous others with his support of same-sex marriage and mandated birth control. He NEEDS the Hispanic Vote.  He put his foot in his lying mouth when he said un-employment is down and the private sector if "Fine". He NEEDS the Hispanic vote. He has blamed Bush for everything from Iraq to tooth-decay and people are tired of hearing his empty promises, his excuses and his lies. He NEEDS the Hispanic vote!

     When I watch and listen to men like Obama and Benson and Bloomberg, it makes me wonder why we need leaders at all? Why isn't a Town Board good enough? Why isn't Congress and the Senate good enough? Why do we need tyrants like Obama and Benson? What exactly are they GOOD for? If the PEOPLE would speak out and take an active role, these evil men could be eliminated and never missed, there would be no EXECUTIVE orders. They are after all, our EMPLOYEES. WE are THEIR bosses. How did it get so turned around?  We ALLOWED it to, that's why!


REMEMBER: Tomorow is the Opportunity Sale at the Episcopal Church on Rt. 22 across from the high school.

                     Tomorrow Night, June 16,  is the showing of the movie "Courageous" at the Baptist Church on Main St. in Lebanon Springs.

                     Dad's Day is Sunday!

                     Sunday Night, June 17, at 6 p.m there will be a concert by John  Osborne, also at the Baptist Church.

                     Wednesday, June 20th- Planning Board Meeting re: Galiana Tantric Temple  7:30 p.m at the American Legion on Mill Rd.

                      Heat Wave coming in early next week so clean your A.C filters and stock up on spring water!

                                                    God Bless!     JJ



News Byte:


Syrian Atrocities Condemned While Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Ignored

Boko HaramThere’s a bloodbath going on in Syria. It’s being reported that “Bashar Assad’s forces are murdering civilians in organized attacks on towns and villages.” Amnesty International is describing them as crimes against humanity in a 70-page report.

Assad saw what happened to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.

We should be thankful that an organization like Amnesty International has come forward with their report. We should also be thankful that the news media and some of our elected officials are also bringing the atrocities to our attention.

Photographs of mass graves, burned out buses, bombed homes and business, civilian protests, and hooded rebels are all over the internet.

We should all be grieved by man’s inhumanity to man. Seeing young children wrapped in white grave attire and lowered neatly into hastily dug graves is heart wrenching.

Now we come to another gut-wrenching story that is virtually being ignored by the media and the Obama Administration. Nigeria is experiencing religious genocide. This isn’t a new story. It’s been going on for months. Attacks on churches and the slaughter of Christians are being led by Muslim terrorist leader Boko Haram.

Haram’s end-game is to “to eliminate followers of Christ from the region and establish an Islamic state.” In a statement published in the Nigerian newspaper Osun Defender, Haram said the following.

“The Nigerian state and Christians are our enemies and we will be launching attacks on the Nigerian state and its security apparatus as well as churches until we achieve our goal of establishing an Islamic state in place of the secular state.”

Haram can boldly state his genocidal goals and carry them out because there is almost no one to complain. The mainstream press has been virtually silent. Because Christians are being attacked, there is little or no concern.

Italy’s International Cooperation Minister Andrea Riccardi condemned the attack and called for international action to stop Boko Haram.

“Christian blood has again been spilt in Nigeria according to a now clear plan of ethnic and religious cleansing,” said Riccardi, who is also the founder of a Catholic charity active in Africa.

“The international community can no longer look on at this massacre of innocent people without intervening.”

There is no liberal political capital to be gained for the Obama administration to make Haram’s Hitler-like actions known to the world.


HONOR    6-17-2012


                    Happy Father's Day.  I thought tonight might be the perfect time to talk about something dear to my heart.  Honor. The Ten Commandments clearly tell us to honor our mothers and fathers, not just those who deserve it, or WHEN they deserve it, but always and no matter what. There is no perfect parent on this earth. We all learn "on-the'job" so to speak, the kids just never come with an owner's manual! Most of us however, parent much the same way that WE were parented, as that was our example, our model for how to raise children. In some cases this is great, in others, it can be a continuation of a nightmare.

                  I can't count how many times I have heard a perp say, "That was how MY mom or dad did it!". Ah, and look at you now. Child molesters use the excuse that they were molested themselves when they were children. Oh really? Was it a joyful and healthy childhood? Why would you repeat the sins of the father? The parent that molests, or beats or emotionally batters a child may not be worthy of honor, but God says to honor them anyway. Tall order, isn't it?  None of God's Commands are easy, they are just Right. In our lifetimes, we all meet at least one person we will choose to honor, other than a parent, other than God. It may be a teacher, a coach, a Pastor, or any of a hundred other people who will touch our lives.  Whom we choose to honor, will be a huge factor in who we become.

                 I have seen kids honor their mentors over and over again, despite the fact that that mentor may be the leader of a street gang, or an alcoholic musician, or a Communist leader. In almost every case of mis-placed honor, the kid is fatherless or has a father who is not plugged-in . One of the main reasons for the high crime rate among young black males, is lack of a good father or of ANY father. Kids need TWO parents, kids need parents that PARENT responsibly and compassionately. My church showed the movie "Courageous" last night. This is probably the most effective film I have ever seen that deals with how to father like a MAN. If you haven't seen this movie, make it a point to rent,buy or borrow it a.s.a.p. I have a copy of my own out on loan now, and would be happy to add you to the list. This film is not just for Christians, it is for everyone, young or old, male or female. It has humor, tears, violence and a whole lot of REALITY in it, and the message is relevant and vital to ALL people of every race,religion or culture.

                   Who have you honored in your life? If you think about it, how much are you LIKE that person as a result? Was that person HonorABLE? Most of all, are YOU worthy of someone's Honor?  That's one of the things I love about that movie. It inspires everyone who sees it, to do some serious soul-searching. What do we look like to our children, our spouses, our parents, our employers? What kind of people are we sending out into our world when the kids wave good-bye? It's up to us as parents, to know who these children are, to shape and mold them by EXAMPLE, into honorable adults. If we raise them in an abusive home, an uncaring home, an un-Godly home, they will grow to be abusive,uncaring and un-Godly men and women. Sadly, they will likely "Pay it Forward" and the trend will continue with THEIR children. Somewhere along the line, someone has to stand up and say "Enough, let this end with ME."

                    Many times in the course of battling political corruption, I have wondered what these men tell their children. Do they tell them that lying is acceptable? Do they give them the message that it is okay to get what you want no matter what it takes or who it hurts? Maybe they don't  convey these negative ideas to their kids verbally, but they set the example with their own behaviors. Too many people fail to realize that kids are amazingly talented at not missing a trick! They hear, see and understand MUCH more than we give them credit for. Children as young as 4 years old have been known to blame themselves for their parent's divorce. Kids FEEL things. They don't always get it right, as in the case of a divorce that has nothing to do with them at all, but they hear, see and lie awake at night pondering things they are too young to ever have to think about. Kids learn by example, not by telling. My own dad used to say, "Do as I say, not as I do". Yeah, okay. He allowed me to smoke at 13 and I never stopped. He berated my mother in front of me all the time and actually took me with him when he visited his numerous "other women".  Much like the parent that threatens his child to never drink while he is sipping his nightly martini, it is not the message that comes through, it is the example.

                     America has an epidemic of fatherless children. Though it is most prevalent among minorities, it affects every race and religion. Many of these mom-only homes are a result of a previous mom-only home. Where does it end, and where does the Honor come in? Our schools are busy teaching tolerance of homosexuality and Islam,banning God or ANYTHING Christian from their premises, but what are they teaching our kids about parenting, honesty, integrity, responsibility? What are WE teaching our kids about these things?  We need to ask ourselves every single day, if we are worthy of our children's honor. What kind of example are WE setting?


MEETING  CANCELED !!    6-19-2012


       No Planning Board Meeting on Wednesday the 20th folks, there are not enough members available this month for a quorum. So keep it in mind for July's meeting and I will remind you when it gets close.

      I wanted to share a funny story with you tonight that I think you will enjoy, especially you fellow dog lovers. Most of you know I breed and raise German Shepherds and my son Mike is a trainer.  Mike has a male GSD named Zeke that is a super-smart guy. Of course I'm a little prejudice since he is one of my pups. Zeke is 8 years old, handsome and huge. He loves his Nana.(me). I can knock on Mike's door and Zeke will come bounding from wherever he is in the house, barking the GSD protection bark and snarling at the door. Until I say, "Zeke, it's Nana".The bark turns instantly into a whiny dog conversation of "welcome and get in here and spoil me". LOL!

     Anyway, Zeke has a bad habit. For several years, Mike and his family have been trying to figure out just how Zeke gets the bread from the top of the refrigerator. He's a BIG dog, but come on! The top of the frig? Last night, the mystery was solved. My elder grandaughter got up during the night and passed through the kitchen, only to find Zeke standing on a chair that HE had pulled over to the fridge. The dog has been using a kitchen chair to reach the darn bread! Now here's the REALLY unbelievable part; he puts the chair BACK when he's done! Holy Crow! I've seen a lot of intelligent GSDs, and I know they are capable of reasoning, unlike most other breeds. Still, this is way over-the-top. I was impressed when Zeke learned to OPEN the fridge, but now I'm just blown away!  I am glad though, that I have a gate across MY kitchen door. Who knows what MY two would be getting into! LOL!  Amazing creatures, dogs are.

     For me, pure happiness is sitting on the floor and letting a whole litter of fat, rambunctious puppies crawl all over me. Though I'm partial to GSDs, I love ALL dogs and ALL breeds. My son also has a female Pit Bull that he rescued from the shelter. Sadly, the shelters are all brimming with Pits. With all the time and experience we have had with dogs, I have yet to meet a mean Pit Bull. The breed has gotten a bad rap for two reasons; 1) BAD owners, and 2) the media.  The fact that Pit Bulls have SO much heart and so much muscle, makes them a desirable breed for drug dealers, dog fighters etc. These people know nothing about the way dogs think and they generally abuse the dogs which in turn makes the dog either skiddish or vicious. They TEACH the dogs to be mean. This is something that can happen to ANY breed of dog, not just Pits, but Pits get the bad press because they are Pits! People are bitten and maimed by dogs every day, but the only time you will hear about it is if it involves a Pit Bull.

     Cocker Spaniels are the Number One biters! Labradors are second. Not Pits, Not German Shepherds, Not Rottweilers or Dobermans, but Cockers and labs!  Little dogs come next. Even Chihuahuas are higher on the bite list than Pits are. Yet we never hear about the kid who had his lip ripped off by the family Labrador. It's no different from the way the press handles racial issues. Let a white person harm a black person, and it's national news, but let a black teenager kill an elderly couple in their home and it's hushed-up. Pit Bulls are the White Guys of the dog world. My son's Pit is so dangerous, she might actually lick you to death after she gets in your lap and gives you her favorite toy. Every Pit I have ever personally met, has been a bundle of love. It isn't the breed, it's the handlers.   I have been the victim of dog bites three times. One was a French Poodle! The other two were BOTH Black Labs. My son was also attacked by a Black Lab when he was about 7 years old. He was sitting quietly in a chair in the owner's house, and the dog kept staring at him and grumbling in his throat. My alarm bells went off and I told Mike to move slowly toward the door while I got between him and the dog.

     All of a sudden the dog sprang at Mike and managed to bite his upper arm before I pinned that dog tight to the floor.  These are the incidents you DON'T hear about. Only Pit Bull bites will ever make the news. 99% of the cases you DO hear about these Pits, involve dogs who belong to abusers or people who have trained the dog to be aggressive, or even just the MILLIONS of owners who have NO clue about the way dogs think. Too many people have dogs that should NOT have dogs. Many bad Pit Bull owners shouldn't have kids OR dogs, because they are irresponsible people.  It's dogs that have been damaged by clueless owners, that my son specializes in training, or as he calls it, "Re-Training". Very often, people ruin their dogs by loving them the wrong way, by allowing them to run the household instead of the owner being the Alpha, as it SHOULD be. One of my GSDs that I have now, was a damaged dog.

     I sold him to a nice family, but within 10 months, they had him a total basket-case due to not knowing how to teach or treat a dog. I took him back when they called and said they planned to have him put down. It took a full year to calm this dog down and re-train him. Now he is my love. Dogs are not people and they do not THINK like people. Zeke doesn't see anything wrong with climbing on a chair to get that sweet bread on top of the frig, he just thinks it smells good and wants a taste. LOL! He's a DOG and dogs like to EAT, a LOT. He has a survival instinct built into his genetic code from his ancestors the wolves. Food means survival, whether you get your can of Alpo every night or not, get what you can, WHILE you can! Instinct is not bred out.

      Still, regardless of how many loaves of bread or ham sandwiches a dog might steal, no matter how many times he may pee on the floor when you're late getting home to let him out, your dog is still more honorable, more loyal, and more loving than most of the people you will ever meet. Treat him well and let him be a dog.


OLD GUYS AND SODA POP     6-20-2012


  First let me say that I was pleased that so many folks were planning to attend the meeting tonight, thank you!  If nothing else, at least more people are now aware of the proposed use for the Salls Road property than were before.  Which brings me to the first half of tonight's title, Old Guys.   I really like old folks for the most part, always have. I believe they deserve our respect and consideration and that they have a lot to offer in their experiences.  Yet a lot of older men are crotchety old farts and no amount of respect and patience makes a difference in their attitudes toward those of us who have not yet reached their level of maturity.

    We will all age and we will all feel more aches and pains with the passing of the years, but I pray that very few of us will get cantankerous as a result. Not that everyone doesn't have their cranky days, but when it becomes a daily issue, it's a problem for all who must put up with it. There is one old guy that comes to a lot of town board meetings and never has a kind word for anyone or anything. He comes only to complain about trivial matters and give dirty looks to the Conservatives in the crowd. LOL!  He is but one of many grouchy old men I know. One even lives in my house, and since he retired, has become a real curmudgeon. I count to ten, a LOT!  The worst old guys are the ones who once had powerful positions in life and are now retired and wealthy. The bossiness doesn't retire with the career, and the money allows them to continue to be controlling.

   I met such a man a couple of months ago. It was not a formal meeting, it was more like a new awareness that he existed and had a little influence in certain areas. In fact, we have a common interest, a related goal. However, he and I are going to be dealing with it in totally different manners.  His approach will be with expensive attorneys and a lot of indignant, loud remarks at meetings. Mine will be quieter, will cost nothing, and will  appeal to those with morality to stand for the cause. Earlier this week, I received a message from this man. Despite the fact that he has in his possession my email address and cell phone number, he chose instead to "send" a message through a mutual acquaintance.  Crude.  Though I like the person who carried the message, she is a member of a group of locals that don't like what I stand and fight for, and plain just don't like ME, period. LOL! Which is fine, but I am certain that this group has filled the old guy's head with negatives about P.A.C.T. Enough so, that he failed to have the common courtesy to contact me himself. His loss.

     The more I thought about it over the past few days, the more I became convinced that this old guy will not tell ME how to approach the mutual issue. He can go at it his way and I will go at it mine. HIS approach is a selfish one, mine is not. He has a right to fight it his way and I have a right to fight it my way. If he were as cultured as he would have people believe, he would have reached out to me personally and we could have reached a compromise.  He burned a bridge.  The courier of his message made a comment about him being "Jewish", whatever that has to do with the issue. So I thought about that too. Everyone knows I love Israel and the Israeli people. Benjamin Netanyahu is not only one of my heroes, he's HOT, too! LOL!  American Jews and Israelis are very different. Much like many other cultures, the folks that live in the homeland are almost always nicer people than the Americanized and American-Born people of the same race.

      I have an online friendship with an Israeli soldier who loves Americans with the same passion that I love Israelis. He is sweet, polite, respectful and gentle. Male Jews in America are seldom like that. Doesn't say much for OUR culture, does it? At least not the culture that was born in the 60s. Just sayin'.  Anyway, I have no intention of banging heads with the old guy, it is what it is. Much like my new approach with the town board, I will work on my own, behind closed doors, and ask nothing of them.


                      SODA   POP

       Y'all know how I feel about Mayor Bloomberg's autocratic ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces, we discussed that here last week. If you remember, I said then, that NY City is the model for the rest of the country most of the time. Well, guess what?  Cambridge,Massachusetts just adopted the same ban, BUT, they are trying to take it a step further. THEY want to ban the sale of non-diet soda in ALL restaurants in their city! LOL!

   Imagine being a restaurant owner and not having soda available in a college town. Better yet, think about what the Coke and Pesi companies could legally DO to these tyrannical officials. I gotta tell ya', it may just be soda and sure, it's unhealthy, but if we let the government get away with this, what comes next?  How crazy is a country that legalizes the murder of unborn children, de-criminalizes weed, sanctions same-sex marriage, but persecutes cigarette smokers and soda drinkers? Is anyone else confused?  Booze is okay, because the Liberals and politicians love it. Gambling and theft via excessive taxes is okay too.

     Political crime, a president who is guilty of Treason many times over, racial favortism, the move toward Socialism, illegal immigrants, failing schools, failing economy, terrorism, 50% divorce rate, homelessness, home foreclosures,un-employment, Constitutional violations, etc., etc., but Heaven Forbid you have a 20- ounce Coke and a Marlboro!!!  Now THAT is a PRIORITY! Holy Crap! American stupidity has reached an all-time high!

      If we fail to stand against these dictatorial bans and singular decisions by our so-called, "Leaders", we can look forward to an acceleration of much more government control. No more steak and fries guys! It's Tofu for YOU! LOL!    Did you know, that Obama has made more executive orders in the past two years than all our other presidents COMBINED? He did. Can you say, "Martial Law"?


       One last thing before I let you rest your heads. A dear friend paid a first visit to a new  business in town today. His review was good on the service and product, not great, just good. However, he came away with the resolve to never return. Why? Well, according to my friend, the place has already become another Lebanon Library, another tree-hugging, Liberal, cult-members hang-out. Not that I care, I have no intention of patronizing any business that received special perks from the Town Supervisor, but I found it interesting that the conversation in the place was all about the virtues of Buddhism.  Different strokes. So, who is going to step up and open a good old-fashioned, Redneck diner with greasy food and home-made chocolate pie? An American Flag waving out front and "In God We Trust" on the sign?

      Rusty pickup trucks with gun racks in the back window and an 8-point buck spead over the fender? NOW you're talking American Country! C'mon guys who love to fish, hunt and barbeque, how about a diner for the "rest" of us?  Maybe we could get Larry the Cable Guy to cut the ribbon on opening day!



News Byte:






True definition between Chicken Salad vs. Chicken Sh_t.
Chicken Salad
President George W. Bush's speech after the capture of Saddam Hussein:
"The success of yesterday's mission is a tribute to our men and women now serving in Iraq . The operation was based on the superb work of intelligence analysts who found the dictator's footprints in a vast country. The operation was carried out with skill and precision by a brave fighting force. Our servicemen and women and our coalition allies have faced many dangers in the hunt for members of the fallen regime, and in their effort to bring hope and freedom to the Iraqi people. Their work continues, and so do the risks. Today, on behalf of the nation, I thank the members of our Armed Forces and I congratulate them!"
And Chicken Sh_t!
Obama's speech after the killing of Osama bin Laden:
"And so shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta, the Director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network. Then, last August, I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain, and it took many months to run this thread to ground. I met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan . And finally, last week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action, and I authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad , Pakistan ."
Obama did not once acknowledge our brave men and women who fight for our country
....and that my friends is chicken Sh_t!!!
   Need I say anything?

DOLLAR  STORE  THIS  WAY  COMES !!!       6-21-2012


      Well, it is now "Officially Official", the new store is ready to enter stage right. It is NOT Dollar General as we were originally told, it is FAMILY DOLLAR !!  .  The ZBA Meeting of July 2nd will be the one where you can hear all about it and the application for a sign variance, as I guess the Family Dollar sign is a smidge larger then the old IGA sign was. Who cares, we're getting a store that carries STUFF. YAY!  No more running to Nassau or Chatham for cleaning supplies or a pound of coffee. By the way, Mike Benson had NOTHING to do with this little blessing, it was in the works LOOONG before he was elected. As were the plans that are being used for the Town Hall and the mountains of prep-work for a supermarket. Obama tried to take the credit or getting Osama, don't let Benson do the same.  Give credit where credit is due.

Personal Note to Uncle Larry Benson:  ( We can't pick our relatives. Next time you find yourself swinging in space without a ladder, CALL me, I am 3 minutes away! Our differences are moot when it comes to safety, and I would never leave you hanging!) Glad you're okay, Larry.

     Everybody read the Liberal Rag this week? LOL!  Gail Heinsohn never fails to put her bias on display, does she?  She felt it necessary to make a snide comment in her article about Bob Smith dampening the mood of the Town Board Meeting last week when he objected to Kathy Murnane's  report of their little illegal meeting. It's okay Gail, your little digs no longer impress anyone, no one takes you seriously anymore. So far as Bob's objection, good for HIM. He had the integrity and cajones to speak up about the latest mis-conduct. Gail did not include the fact that Kevin Smith stood and requested that HIS official objection to the Ethics Board Report be put "ON THE RECORD" and stated that he did not accept the minutes as they stood. C'mon, we all know that meeting was a pre-meditated set-up, only the brain-dead can't see THAT!  It's all good, it's being dealt with, as are all the other mis-conduct issues our officials think have "gone away". 

      I love the fact that Benson does nothing about anything that smacks of violations or Ethical mis-conduct. He sits there like Obama Junior and pretends to be un-informed and neutral, when it all too obvious that he is merely acting his part in the collusion. Failure to take action against illegal behaviors is collusion, Mikey. Silence is Compliance.  Enjoy it, while you still CAN. Like the picture of Mikey's son Moose digging a hole by hand at the playground? Poor kid. SUCH a cutie,too.  Did you know that Mikey actually had the _____ to ask a town official to go to the park and "check on his crew"?  LOL! His CREW of two? They need to be checked on to re-install a slide? Since when is it the duty of a town official to check on a BCI crew on his own time?  Ahh, the delegator !  Might work with your employees Mikey, won't work with the rest of the world.  I also had to chuckle at the effort Gail Heinsohn made in the picture caption to convince us that BCI is a big, powerful, contracting firm. Little birds have been singing a whole different tune in MY ear lately.  Contracting and construction firms are starving to death right now and BCI is not immune. Add to that , the fact that Benson's tyrannical attitude and total lack of personality has made him more than a little undesirable in the construction world. AND at the county, AND in New Lebanon, AND in areas of his life that are too personal for me to allow myself to post. There ARE limits to what I will reveal about the bad guy's personal business.

      There is always someone that knows someone that knows someone, and though that can be helpful sometimes, it also takes a lot of follow-up and back-tracking to confirm before it can be said. Many things I have looked into that deeply have proven to be true, some have not. In any case, those I HAVE proven, are too private to share and still face the Lord when the day comes. Just know that what a person does outside his home is never as severe as what he does behind closed doors. Enough said. 

      Speaking of snakes, has anyone else noticed how prolific they are this year?  I've been doing a lot of outdoor work at home the past few months, and it seems there are snakes EVERYWHERE. This is the first year since we bought the place back in 2000, that I have seen more than one or two all summer. Last week when I was loading manure into Bobby Mittnight's truck, I dug one out of the pile with the Bobcat bucket. It was a BIG sucker for a garden snake, the black and yellow ones we see most often. Unfortunately, when I came back for another bucket full, I must have chopped him with the edge of the bucket, because there was HALF a snake in the pile. I kinda felt bad, because snakes don't bother me and he wasn't hurting anything. He just wasn't smart enough to get out of the way. Must have been a Liberal snake.  Anyway, I'm also re-doing the front porch this year, from new floor boards, to paint and re-staining, and even restoring all the rocking chairs. In my efforts, I have come across numerous snake holes in the ground. I had an abandoned Robin's nest on the porch floor that had a whole egg still in it that never hatched. Today, the egg was gone.

   Archie took a break on the porch one afternoon last week before it got hot, and when he got up to go back to his project, there was a snake curled up at his feet!  Geez, nothing like making themselves at home, huh?  Good thing none of us have a snake phobia. I'm thinking about giving them names. Brucey, Dougy, Mikey, etc.

PS( Anyone who knows Bud Ketcham- he is in BMC again after another issue with his breathing.  There are other problems with his health now too. He is almost 87 years old. From what I am being told, those who wish to visit Bud should do so in the next few days. Please keep the family in prayer.)



ARIZONA   AND  OKLAHOMA !!!  6-25-2012


   Two more HERO states are added to Texas and the Carolinas.   Arizona didn't get everything they wanted today, but they got enough! Not only will the police in that state continue to legally ask for proof of citizenship when stopping drivers, but they can still take them to jail and hold them for deportation by INS!  I find this very exciting and a BIG move in the right direction, BUT, why should it have been an issue to begin with?  We have FEDERAL Laws that deal with immigration and illegals, but they were and ARE NOT being enforced. WHY was it necessary for Arizona to take steps to protect herself when the Feds should have been doing that job ?  Jan Brewer took a stand and protected her state and its people ON HER OWN, as was her right and duty to do. Who in H_LL is the Federal government to SUE her for doing the job they refused to do?  Can you even BEGIN to wrap your heads around that?  Can you say, "Sovereign States"?  Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are AMERICAN HEROES. The Obama administration is a disgrace!  99.9% of ALL politicians are a disgrace!

      While Arizona has been getting all this attention for their Patriotic Hutzpah, Oklahoma has been working quietly behind the scenes to do the same and THEN some. Check THIS out:


GOD BLESS OKLAHOMA !!!! Let's PUSH for the same laws THEY have! JJ

> >
> Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not win even one county in the last election...
> While everyone is focusing on Arizona 's new law, look what Oklahoma has been doing!!!!
> An update from Oklahoma :

> Oklahoma law passed, 37 to 9 an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a conservative state, based on Christian values...! HB 1330
> Guess what.......... Oklahoma did it anyway.
> Oklahoma recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal immigrants, and ship them back to where they came from unless they want to get a green card and become an American citizen. They all scattered. HB 1804. This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the ACLU, they said it would be a mistake.
> Guess what.......... Oklahoma did it anyway.
> Recently we passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegal's to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional SB 1102
> Guess what......... Oklahoma did it anyway.
> Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives. Joining Texas , Montana and Utah as the only states to do so.
> More states are likely to follow: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolina's, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida . Save your confederate money, it appears the South is about to rise up once again. HJR 1003
> The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirm
ing people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I'm sure that was a set back for the criminals The Liberals didn't like it -- But ....
> Guess what........... Oklahoma did it anyway .
> Just this month, the state has voted and passed a law that ALL driver's license exams will be printed in English, and only English, and no other language. They have been called racist for doing this, but the fact is that ALL of the road signs are in English only. If you want to drive in Oklahoma , you must read and write English. Really simple.
> By the way, the Liberals don't like any of this either
> Guess what...who cares... Oklahoma is doing it anyway.
           So how about THAT?!  THIS is what America is all about, FREEDOM. Freedom to make and enforce state laws without being sued by the feds who do nothing but rob the taxpayers blind and live high on the hog while the PEOPLE are endangered by MILLIONS of illegals, while our jobs are being taken by non-Americans, and the crime rate rises like a thermometer on the Mexican border.  Notice if you will, that the states declaring sovereignty are BIBLE BELT states!  You will NEVER see New York or California take the brave and heroic steps these other states have taken. WHY? Liberal, wimpy, whiners, that's why.  Liberals lack GUTS and it takes GUTS to stand for traditional American values and the leading of God.
           Here's a good one for you; the Obama campaign is now asking its supporters who    are planning weddings or anniversary parties, to request their guests NOT to bring gifts, but to make a donation to the Obama Campaign Fund in their names instead!!! Are you KIDDING me???  Sounds like desperation to me!  look at the things Obama has done in the past few months; flip-flopped on same-sex marriage to gain the Gay vote. Passed the Dream Act by EXECUTIVE order, to gain the Hispanic Vote. Released a racist campaign video aimed at Black Americans to try to RE-gain the Black vote! Wonder how that's workin' for him? Idiot.  The most UN-American president in the history of this great country. WHY? He's NOT an American, that's why!
          Mitt Romney may not be Mr. Charisma, but at least he's an American, a Conservative and A God-Fearing "MAN" with experience in the business and political world. So he put his dog in his crate on the luggage rack, not the smartest move, but at least he doesn't EAT his dogs like Obama did when he was growing up!  Like they say, better in the crate than on the plate! For ME, that's the best summary of the differences between the two candidates. It's basic and clear, and even the most dumb-downed voters can understand it.


      No Galiana Tantric Temple on the Planning Board Agenda for this Wednesday folks. I'll let you know IF and when it gets scheduled. The next meeting of interest will be the ZBA on July 2nd when the Family Dollar applies for their sign variance. Then the Town Board Meeting on July 10th.  Hopefully, we will hear something from the county or state between now and then re: our NUMEROUS complaints of mis-conduct and violations. Can't stay this quiet forever, can it? Never does.


WANTED !!!      6-26-2012


      Need old wooden furniture pieces that are broken, in need of repair or basket-cases. Primarily interested in parts, legs, spools, backs,spindles,etc.  Please call or email me at 794-0380 (leave message) or


THEFT   6-26-2012


      I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I believe in Second Chances. However, I am driven MAD by abuse of the weaker and more vulnerable by con-men and users. People who abuse little children, helpless animals, the elderly, sick or disabled, become PREY for me. Which is why I am an ADVOCATE.

       Most of you know my friend Archie. Arch will be 78 this September and has been without a car of his own for a year now due to an accident.  His former boss, Mike Wasuk, owner of the car lot on Rt. 20 across from the former Ceramaseal, gave Arch a nice, green Caravan. The van needed a few things to get it running right again and we were in the process of trying to get the Title back from the former owner, Debbie Handlowich, who seems to want to keep the paperwork for some reason. She has failed to produce it for over a YEAR despite numerous requests.

     Yesterday, I loaned Arch my pickup so he could go up to the car lot and look at the van, make a list of what it needed to get it going. Oddly, the keys to the van were missing from the key cabinet. Turns out, the van was missing also! A call to Mike Wasuk confirmed that the van SHOULD be on the lot where he left it! Yet it was very definitely GONE. So Arch inquired of the tenant, Carl Galusha, if he had any idea what might have happened to the van. He indeed DID know. Seems Mr. Galusha, the same Carl Galusha who removed campaign signs from state property in violation of the LAW last October, had helped himself to the keys and the van. Now remember, he is a TENANT of the apartment, NOT an employee of the car lot.

     Apparently, Mr. Galusha wanted free passes to the Eve of Destruction show at the Speedway tonight, so he "donated" Archie's van to the track for the smash and crash and got his free tickets! Yeah, I know, I was in shock for a minute myself when I first heard it. I was taught that taking something that does not belong to you without the owner's permission was stealing, THEFT, Illegal. Same as removing campaign signs from STATE PROPERTY is. When those signs were removed by Galusha, he and I had some strong words over it. I told him that I had heard negative facts about his integrity.

     Several months ago, Mr. Galusha and I sat down, called a Truce and agreed to start over to get to know one another better. Like I said, everyone deserves a second chance. It went well for a while, but not a LOONG while. Here we are today with a stolen van and an old man with no transportation as a result. Mike Wasuk is STEAMING mad. The van has already had the glass knocked out of it for the show tonight and is now worthless. Mr. Wasuk is a gentle-mannered man, and despite his anger, he won't take any legal action against Carl like I would. For me, this is a crime that deserves legal punishment. So much for second chances,huh?

     Seems like Archie is a target for people like Galusha. A few years ago, Bud Godfroy stole a riding lawnmower right out from under Archie who had already made a deal with the seller to buy it that week. Godfroy swept in with his roll-off and loaded the mower despite my telling him it was already promised to Archie. He and the former fire chief collaborated on THAT one, as the Chief was a "friend" of the man selling the mower. So here is Archie, still limping along the old, rickety mower he was using back then. I would like to publicly thank Bud Godfroy and Carl Galusha for their Integrity and Honesty and  human compassion to the senior citizens in their town. Both of you should run for Town Board, you would fit right in!  Despicable.


 ARE  YOU  KIDDING  ME ??   6-27-2012


    Know what that says at the top of this page?  It says, " I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO ISLAM".  Sooooo  many reasons WHY, but take a look at this video for a good number of those reasons.




  While you watch this, please take notice of several things that are going on. First, take note of the name of the neighborhood, and the name of the dark-haired policeman that talks to the demonstrators. Big clue there. Also notice that the American Demonstrators are NOT retaliating to the assault upon them and their language is CLEAN and appropriate. You certainly cannot miss the behavior of the Muslim children and their parent's failure to react to it. Worst of all, watch the blatant prejudice of the police officials AGAINST the Americans and FOR the Muslims.

     You will actually hear one Muslim child tell the Americans that they are "Not Welcome in Dearborn"!  Oh, REALLY? Since when did ANY American city become the property of Muslims? This is a sickening, maddening, frightening video and just a mere GLIMPSE of what is to come all across this country if we do not nip it in the bud NOW!  If Germany's Angela Merkel can do it, so can WE!

     Merkel made a public pronouncement to Muslims in her country stating the following:

   Muslims WILL assimilate to the German culture, traditions and Laws. They will learn the German language and will hold jobs and be self-responsible citizens. Burkas and towels are to be saved for worship and leisure time, not the workplace. Other religions and beliefs WILL be respected and violence not tolerated. Failure to follow these conditions as is required of ALL people in Germany, would result in deportation. Not only did Merkel SAY these things, she backed it all up and actually kicked a TON of non-compliant Muslims OUT of her country! Now THAT is leadership and loyalty to her country and its' people! SHE will not allow Germany to become Britain, where the nationals have to walk in the street at Muslim Prayer-Time, due to all the towel heads falling to their knees on prayer rugs along the sidewalks. Guess who gets the benefit of the respect? The Muslims. All others must "respectfully step aside". GAG!

   WE TOO, can do what Merkel has done, IF we oust the Muslim president. Wonder why he has 100% of the Muslim support ? DUH. This issue should be a MAJOR factor in the November election and Republicans need to SEE to it that it is addressed by BOTH candidates. Exactly WHAT does each one intend to do about Muslims run amok? What are WE, as American citizens, going to do?  P.A.C.T will be writing scathing letters to all officials in Dearborn,MI. for starters. What are YOU going to do? Wait for it to come to YOUR hometown?


Dearborn Police Department                  PH.# 313-943-2240

16099 Michigan Avenue                        FAX#  313-943-3057

Dearborn,MI. 48126


Mayor Jack O'Reilly

13615 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn,MI. 48126              Email Form Link Below






 WHY  I  SAY  IT      6-28-2012


       I would like to extend my sympathy to the Brian Baker family for their loss.  I am not a fan of Attorney Baker's tactics, but I would never,ever wish this kind of pain on anyone. Losing a child has got to be the worst thing a parent can ever experience. By the Grace of God, I cannot say I know how it must feel, I can only imagine.  God be with them and comfort them.

     There are some interesting issues coming up in the next few days concerning our bad-boys board, but I cannot speak until tomorrow night when I collect the proof I need to back myself up. So for tonight, I want to say a little something to my readers, fans and haters alike, about WHY I take such strong issue with certain things.

     I love my God, my Country, and my Town. I believe that all people should defend their own country, traditions, values, beliefs, rights and freedoms, not only for our own sakes but for the future of our children and their children.  I was raised to know what was right and what was wrong, morally and honorably, if not spiritually, that came later. I feel that GOOD laws that protect the peace and safety of the citizens, should be obeyed, that our elders should be respected, that we are responsible for up-holding the rules of morality and integrity that allows us to live with some sense of order. I learned in kindergarten that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is punished. Simple, Common-Sense Logic.

    I also learned very early that life is not about self, but about others. How what we say and do each and every day affects those around us, family and strangers alike. Drink and drive and someone may very well be killed or maimed as a result of your decision and actions. You must face the consequences of that irresponsible and selfish choice. Steal or destroy someone else's property? Jail or restitution, no excuses. You get the point.  So when I began to see the world and the rules I grew up with being turned upside-down and backwards, it was confusing, then frustrating, and now, anger-inducing.  Everything I ever learned was right is now considered wrong as a result of Liberal bleeding-heart whiners.

     Wanna come to America without permission or papers? FINE, come on down! No penalty. Wanna lie and steal to get what you want or where you want to be?  Okay, that's fine too. Wanna marry someone of the same sex and adopt babies to raise in a deviant lifestyle? Well, SURE you can, it's your RIGHT now!  Today, you can be an American-hating Muslim and walk our streets freely in your religious garb and no one can say or do anything to you lest they be arrested for a Hate Crime, BUT, the Muslims can take over entire American cities and verbally and physically assault American Christians who are doing nothing but walking silently down the street with signs proclaiming the Truth that Jesus is Lord.  What is the difference between wearing overtly Muslim garb in public, and carrying a sign with a cross on it? BOTH can be considered as incendiary to the other. Yet who is told to cease and desist? The American Christians!

       Profanity, dangerous beliefs and false religions, hate being a CRIME, LGBT groups supported by major American businesses, God and the 10 Commandments removed from schools and public places, children speaking to adults with words I didn't even KNOW until I was in my 20s! Chaos in our schools, Socialism in the White house, police who will not protect their own citizens for fear of "offending" foreigners in our country. Lawyers and Judges that make excuses for criminals instead of doling out the punishment that they deserve. So-Called "Leaders: who lie to and neglect their constituents. Politicians who are Teflon-Coated when it comes to obeying the laws and Sheriffs who refuse to accept valid complaints of said crimes when  a citizen files one! PEOPLE, who rather than show their gratitude to the millions of Americans who fought and died to give them the blessing of living in a Free Country, undermine everything those soldiers and heroes shed their blood for. Oh my goodness, I could write a 10-pound BOOK of the things that are just so WRONG, so un-American, so deplorable in this country as a  DIRECT result of Liberalism,  and Conservative apathy!

  Those are just the TOP reasons that I "Say It". The contrariness of today's America to all that I have ever been taught, ever believed and ever held dear, just makes my heart and soul ache. The lack of human compassion, one for another, the loss of childhood innocence, the empty pews in our churches, the families sleeping in cars while their foreclosed homes sit idle and empty, the Out of Business signs, the taxes and food costs that cause us to work half the week just to meet them before any of our money is OURS, the absolute CHAOS ! It is all contrary to everything America was built on, grew from, and stood for. SOMEBODY HAS to SAY IT!  Still, saying it is not enough. We need to ACT, to SPEAK, to PRAY, ALL of us, Christians, Jews, Catholics, EVERYONE! 

     Hopefully, I can make a tiny difference in my little town, but I cannot do it without the help of others who share my feelings and my outrage, my determination to demand integrity and honesty among our officials and oust those who fail to lead honorably. Apathy is NOT acceptable. Those who fail to object to the erosion of morality and integrity, are the reason FOR that erosion.

Interesting Bits for the Weekend    6-30-2012 


         I am always amazed at the failure of our officials, local and every other level, to be able to behave for longer than a week or two at a time. I mean REALLY, are they adults or grammar-school kids?  My mom loved to tell me about how when I was a kid, I would push the limits until I finally got spanked. Then I would behave for a few days  until the pushing began again. Politicians are like that, children always pushing the envelope to see how far they can go before they get spanked.   

         I told you the other night that there were a few things going on in town that I can't yet report, but I WILL. Things are under close scrutiny and careful investigation, so I am once AGAIN, temporarily sworn to secrecy, BUT, I have been promised the results the minute we have them. We KNOW the issues are factual, we just need to finish compiling the proof. Torture.  One item is a 6 on the 1-10 scale, another is a 10+!!!  I'll try to be patient if you will!  LOL! In the meantime, check THIS out!

Dear Senator ,

As a native American and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you.

My primary reason for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to illegal alien stems from the bill which was recently passed by the Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United States for five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to pay a $2,000 fine and income taxes for only three of the last five years. I know a good deal when I see one and I am anxious to get the process started before everyone figures it out.
Simply put, those of us who have been here legally have had to pay taxes every year so I'm excited about the prospect of avoiding two years of taxes in return for paying a $2,000 fine. Is there any way that I can apply to be illegal retroactively? This would yield an excellent result for me and my family because we paid heavy taxes in 2004 and 2005.

Additionally, as an illegal alien I could begin using the local emergency room as my primary health care provider. Once I have stopped paying premiums for medical insurance, my accountant figures I could save almost $10,000 a year.

Another benefit in gaining illegal status would be that my daughter would receive preferential treatment relative to her law school applications, as well as 'in-state' tuition rates for many colleges throughout the United States for my son.

Lastly, I understand that illegal status would relieve me of the burden of renewing my driver's license and making those burdensome car insurance premiums. This is very important to me, given that I still have college age children driving my car.
If you would provide me with an outline of the process to become illegal (retroactively if possible) and copies of the necessary forms, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your assistance

Your Loyal Constituent, (hoping to reach 'illegal alien' status rather than just a bonafide citizen of the USA )
Get your Forms (NOW)!!
Call your Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-289-1040

Psalm 2011

Obama Is the shepherd I did not want.

He leadeth me beside the still factories.

He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
He guideth me in the path of unemployment,
For his party's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.

He has anointed my income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over.

Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days
Of my life, And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.

I'm glad I am American,
I am glad that I am free!

But I wish I was a dog,
and Obama was a tree!
Where does one get this sticker?

Psalm 109:8
My wife and I were in slow-moving traffic the other day and
We were stopped behind a car with an unusual Obama
Bumper sticker on its bumper.
It read: "Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8"

When we got home ,we got out the Bible and opened it
up to the scripture.
I couldn't believe what it said. I had a good

Psalm 109:8 ~
"Let his days be few and brief;
And let others step forward to replace him."

At last -- I can honestly voice a biblical prayer for our
President! Let us all bow our heads and pray.

Brothers and Sisters... can I get an



 INDEPENDENCE       7-3-2012

        When we wake up tomorrow morning it will be the 4th of July, the favorite summer holiday of Americans everywhere. Hot dogs and burgers, potato salad, parades and flag waving, all capped-off by the fireworks, of course. Most folks will have the day off, some will travel to parties, other will host parties. One in 20, MIGHT take a minute or two to think about the actual reason for the celebrations. 

         Few of our public schools even teach our kids about what their Freedom cost our forefathers and their families. Take a minute tomorrow to ask a few kids under 16 what the day really means and why we celebrate it. Then ask them if they believe Freedom is still worth fighting for and do they think we are in danger of losing that Freedom? 

                     We are MORE than in danger of that loss, we are teetering on the brink of Socialism and few are awake enough to see it, interested enough to object to it, or smart enough to understand the implications of it. They will eat their hot dogs and watch the fireworks and never think about the blood that was shed for their right to do those simple, very American things. How very sad that is. Apathy, dumbing-down, liberal education systems, and the left-wing howling has blinded our kids to the Truths and the Dangers of the losses we have already accepted. So who does the responsibility fall to, to teach the kids the history of the battle for American Freedom and the importance of the Constitution?

      It falls to you and me, parents and especially grandparents. It falls upon the shoulders of good teachers and Pastors, and to veterans from every war that still draw breath, to instill in our children the sense of Pride in America that we grew up with. To help them understand the peril of apathy and in-action. This is as much, if not more, a vital responsibility as is the birds and bees talk. How much DO your kids and grandkids know about the origins of America? How much do they understand the destructive events in our government in the past three and a half years?

              So while you are sitting in the shade with a cool drink tomorrow, gather the kids around and have a chat about America. You may be very surprised at how little they know. I hope that will sadden you. I hope that will open your eyes to the need for real, truthful history lessons in our schools. Most of all, I hope it will inspire you to take a little advice from Ghandi, and "Be the Change you wish to see".   God Bless and Happy 4th of July! Be safe!


 IT'S  A COMIN' !!             7-4-2012

    Happy  INDEPENDENCE Day!  We watched the fireworks from Boston Harbor on T.V earlier and it was pretty awesome. The work and time that must have gone into that display, that music, and the timing, had to be astronomical! Still, though I appreciate the talent and efforts of all involved, I was most impressed by the number of people who were wearing Patriotic clothing and actually had tears in their eyes when they saw the colors of America in the night sky. I guess we are NOT alone.

    On a different note, I mentioned the other night that there were some interesting pieces of information coming our way next week. There ARE. One in particular is a NEW item that if we prove within the next four or five days, will be of GREAT concern to all residents of New Lebanon. We know it's factual, but as you know, we prefer to have the proof to back us up before we report it. So please be patient with us and stay tuned. Have you ever known our local officials to behave for long? Well, some things never change. Let me say this;  Obama should have been Impeached many times over. Several of our local "Leaders" also deserve Impeachment and we may actually see that happen in one or two cases very soon.

    Just because the website has not been sensational or even very newsworthy lately, don't think for a minute that we are not working hard. We are very busy and have numerous issues going on all at once. It's the waiting game the government agencies play that are causing the delays in our reports to you. It's agonizing, but it will be worth it. Remember that tomorrow night at 7 p.m, the Stephentown ZBA meets re: the Moto-X Track. This case is nearing its end at last, and as we all knew well before all the bull-crap the Concerned Citizens Group tried to pull, there WILL be a track.

      So what was all the delay, the expense, the claims of environmental impact and noise violations, whining and crying FOR? Liberal whiners are not happy unless and until they have a "CAUSE" to weep over. If they can't find one, they invent one. Howard and his Moto-X Track provided them with a cause for a while and they milked it for all it was worth. It will be VERY hard for me, when this is ended and the Track construction begins, NOT to revert to my childhood and say, "Nah Nah Na Nah Nah!" to all those Liberal, Birkenstock-clad snobs.  These people SO need to get lives. We have enough REAL problems to deal with in this town without crybabies and spoiled brats crying over an establishment that will get kids off the street and into some clean activities. Grow up, Concerned Citizens. If you are so "Concerned" about your towns, get off your wimpy butts and go to town board meetings. Open your eyes to the crimes of those who "represent" us and take up THAT cause!

   Want a list of things that would fill up your free time, satisfy your need for a cause and benefit your community and neighbors? Email me, I can provide you with more choices than you can handle!!!   Prioritize!!!  What's more important and worthy of your energies, fighting a losing battle, or community service? How much money do you reckon has been spent by both sides to argue the Moto-X issue?  Duh, ya think there might have been about a thousand other places that money could have been spent and been of benefit to others?  Nah, Libs don't think that way, it's all about THEM.

      Saw Beth Steele today and she is doing well, recovering slowly but surely, as is Meg. Diane Brown is also recovering but may be facing more procedures in the future. Meg too, may need a surgery to repair her elbow, so please continue to keep these folks in your prayers for healing. Bud Ketchum is now in a nursing facility, I will get the name and address for you tomorrow. He is feeling much better for now and would love to come home. He WILL be visiting Kinderhook Creek Farm once a week and spending time with his long-time co-workers. Trick will be how to keep him off the tractor!  LOL!

     I saw something today that was a real first for me. A pure BLACK squirrel! He was beautiful ! He was scampering around at the corner of West Street and Cemetery Road tonight when we came back from checking on the cows we keep at Larry Benson's. We sat and watched him until he scampered up a tree in K.B's farm yard. (The squirrel, not Larry). LOL! Larry has had ENOUGH experience with heights this month. Always remember to check the fuel gauge in the cherry-picker before you go up. Especially when no one is home. The paint looks great though!

    Would love to hear from other folks who have seen black squirrels around. I did a little research and found that they are indigenous to Canada, but not rare in our area. Made MY day! So, stay tuned-in for the updates and shockers to come in the next week or two! Hope to see you at Town Board on Tuesday!  God Bless America and Happy Birthday USA!


NOW I'm MAD !!!!    7-5-2012

     I'm so cranky and frustrated tonight that I don't even know where to start!  As if the darn HEAT WAVE isn't bad enough, I have to deal with useless idiots too!  I think I would first like to address some of the people who have been a huge disappointment to me this week and over the past few months. You KNOW who you ARE.  Alleged Conservatives who claim to be a part of the good fight, yet disappear when you are needed.  How do you expect to get results or make a difference if you are Missing in Action?  If you cannot show dedication and reliability, then you are not a part of the solution, but a part of the problem.
    ALL of us have personal lives that are separate from our goals for New Lebanon and we ALL have tough days and suffer weariness. Tough. Put your Big Girl panties on and get with the program or go home and sit on the couch. Amen?  Another thing; do NOT play Captain, there is no "I" in TEAM! If you cannot work with and AS a TEAM, you are not what we need. If you cannot even answer contacts and provide what you need to provide, you are a defector. Period. Be a grown-up or go play with the Liberals. There are NO Lone Wolves in this effort, we work TOGETHER, we do NOT go off on singular investigations and personal causes. If that is how you wish to operate, you are no better than the violators we are trying to hold accountable. Enough said about THAT !?!

   Moving right along, Stephentown ZBA tonight was the circus it always IS. The regular group of whiny, selfish Liberals with the sour faces on one side of the room and the NORMAL folks on the other. There was even a guy with his dog in a back-pack ! I couldn't see his paws, so I don't know if he was wearing doggie Birkenstocks or not, but a lot of the PEOPLE were! Personally, I find guys in sandals to be an extreme turn-off. Especially OLD guys with gnarly toes. I used to pick on my father for wearing shorts and socks with sneakers, but that was nothing compared to the grossness of guys in sandals, with or without socks! Ewww.  I am NO fashion cop, but GEEZ, men should be manly!
    Anyway, the meeting was yet another waste of time and money. The DEIS, (Draft of Environmental Impact Study), was given to the board members AT the meeting as usual, so they had NO opportunity to look it over before-hand, and it is about 4 inches thick!  Stephentown's Town Attorney, Mr. Crist, (nice guy by the way), runs these meetings as the ZBA members have no experience with Zoning issues or laws. They just don't HAVE Zoning issues in Stephentown! The whiners are NOT Stephentown residents, they are East Nassau and Lebanon residents!  Mr. Crist read some of the highlights of the report which is redundant, like everything else that the whiners have requested over the past two years of deliberate delays. They kept passing little notes to their pony-tailed attorney and whispering among themselves.  Straaaange lot!
      Howard Commander's engineer presented a huge print of the changes they had made in the track plan in order to accomodate the wishes of close neighbors, especially Mrs. Powell.  They had added paving to the entrance to lessen the chance of noise from "crunching gravel" as spectators drive in. They also showed berms that would be built in strategic areas to lessen any  noise and the re-location of the starting line to further muffle the engine sounds. Rather than show approval or gratitude for these efforts, the hippie lawyer actually argued that "Berms" are "structures", and read from the law about fences and walls being structures and therefore required to meet setbacks. Holy Crap!
     First of all, berms are DIRT. Piles of DIRT. Planted with a few nice evergreens on top, berms are quite attractive and effective. What a berm is NOT, is a "structure". After the meeting, I questioned three of the ZBA board members as to what they think a berm is, a structure or a pile of dirt. Each one said that it is most definitely a pile of dirt. If I were in Howard Commander's shoes, I would build berms all over my property just for fun, and because DIRT is legal no matter where you put it on your land!  Nit-Pickers Inc. Board member Barth even asked if anyone might grind out a cigarette in the same place where a dirt bike might have re-fueled!  I mean REALLY, can you believe the petty garbage these people argue about?
     After the hippie lawyer expounded on the alleged illegalities of berms for about 15 minutes, I expected the board to at the very least, ask about the definition of a berm. Didn't happen. Instead, Barth just looked at the other board members and asked for a motion to adjourn!!  Can you see me shaking my head in dis-belief here? What are these people doing serving on ANY board and making ANY decisions when they cannot even run a meeting effectively?  Heaven Help us!  No wonder this country is in the pickle it's in! Don't forget, that the DEIS Report is just a DRAFT. So how many MORE months and wasted dollars will be spent on this ridiculous battle?
    I could not help but notice that Howard Commander has made every possible effort to meet these whiners half-way. He has gone above and beyond what any other businessman would have, to appease these people, yet it is NEVER enough. THEY, have made absolutely ZERO concessions. Not one attempt at compromise has been made by the objectors, ever. They want all or nothing. They want the track to be denied, period. See what I mean about Liberal selfishness? All that matters to these crybabies, is the person they see in the mirror each day. How very, very immature.

        Now, a little info that I knew about but could not tell you until it was confirmed by the proper entities. Well, tonight I was told by a New Lebanon Official, (which gives me the green light to discuss it publicly), that Mike Benson has requested the resignation of Town Clerk, Colleen Teal. By EMAIL yet!!!  Not even face to face!!!  On what grounds? Well, according to Mr. Benson, it would be "in the best interest of the town".  Oh REALLY? Like HE is in the best interest of this town? He does not gives a rat's behind about this town or anyone IN it, and I told you that well before you cast your votes last November! Benson also announced to the New Lebanon Seniors, that he intends to terminate the Deputy Town Clerk as well!  DOES he now! Good luck with that Mikey! We have the rail ready and will shortly run YOU out of town on it.
     Let us take stock for a moment, shall we? Anita Crosby, Town Bookeeper and Clerk to the Assessor was fired by Benson first. He didn't care for her methods of record-keeping, so he canned her and replaced her with an accounting firm of his own , unilateral choosing. Of course, he let poor Anita dangle in limbo for WEEKS before he actually informed her that she was fired, despite her requests to him to be fore-warned. Seeing as how her home had exploded a few months before the election and she and her kids were homeless, she needed to know if she would have to go job-hunting. Benson ignored her request for notice, and it was only after he was put under public pressure, that he took a minute from his busy schedule to send Anita a termination email! Then it was several MORE weeks before she was finally paid for her  last week of work.
     Next to go was the accounting firm that had done just fine by New Lebanon for many years. Soon after THAT, the town engineer was fired and replaced as well. WHY? Well, HE advised the Planning Board to have Melanie Hunt of Blueberry Hill Cafe, check with D.O.T before moving forward with her business plan. Every OTHER business in Lebanon had to meet D.O.T requirements, and the engineer was doing his job by looking out for the interests of the Planning Board. Oh, but Ms. Hunt is a life-long friend of Mike Benson's wife, and Mike Benson himself, told ME and my husband, that he had promised Ms. Hunt that he would "Take care of her" and she would not have to deal with D.O.T. He then stated that D.O.T is to blame for the lack of economic growth in New Lebanon with their stringent requirements. Hmm. Okay, I'll concede to that, however, if ONE business is required to get D.O.T approval, shouldn't they ALL?  Despite the objections of Planning Board members, the engineer was canned and replaced, also by "Executive Order". Sound familiar?
     Next, Benson essentially "fired" the Bank of America in town and moved the town funds to his personal banking institution, First Niagara Bank. Then our Tax Assessor, Craig Surprise suddenly resigned from HIS job. Under pressure? What do YOU think?  Benson also supported the firing of Court Clerk Diane Brown by Justices Nevers and Byrne-York, even though Nevers was NOT even an official Judge at the time, having not yet completed the required courses to be an acting judge. NOW, he is after Colleen Teal and Darla Dobert?  If this does not send your blood-pressure through the ceiling, you better check your pulse and see if you are alive!  This is but ONE of the several new issues surrounding Mike Benson that have arisen these past few weeks. I will reveal the rest of it as soon as I am able.
    Better yet, come to Tuesday's Town Board Meeting where I believe at least one of those other issues will come to light. Should be a very tense atmosphere, I can tell you THAT!  So, believe me NOW when I tell you Benson is a tyrant and a dictator?  Like I said before, all he needs is bigger ears and a suntan and he would be Obama's clone!  He sneaks in and out of the Town Hall and never interacts with the employees. Remember his comments last month about this being 2012 and that email is an acceptable form of contact? Apparently he feels that email is the ONLY form of contact, because that is the only was he communicates with others. He cannot FACE anyone, or look anyone in the eye! What does that say to you?
     So, Benson supporters, sorry YET?


Farmer's Market  and FORWARD!!   7-7-2012

       I stopped at Carin DeJong's Tag Sale today which was for the benefit of the Mountain Road School. Yeah,yeah, I know, what was JJ doing at a Liberal home and donating to a Liberal school.  Hey, I have MY feelings about things, that have theirs, America is still free. ( so far).  Anyway, even though I strongly disagree with the tree-hugging stuff they teach, kids are kids and Mt. Road is their school and I'm sure it is of importance to them. I'm not an OGRE!  I love little kids, and I gotta tell ya, there were some adorable ones at that Tag Sale. I'm also thrilled to see the Hand House being saved, for whatever reason,as long as it's not a spiritual sex center or a brothel.  It will be nice to see life there again and children running around.

      Carin asked me why I don't have a comment section on this website. Apparently, some of the vendors from the Farmer's Market wish to comment about the fact that they feel they are REAL farmers and not "gardeners" as I refer to them as. Let me run with this.  I don't have a comment section because I learned from Facebook and the Chatham Rags  what "comments" turn into.  Battlegrounds. So, instead, I provide my contact information in numerous places on this site, email and phone number, and my mailing address is on all of my business cards as well. I am more than happy to talk with anyone who wants to have their comments posted and I am a STRONG believer in there being TWO sides to every story.

     So, for anyone who is a vendor at the Farmer's Market, if you would like to have me post who you are and what you do that makes you an official farm, I would be happy to do so. I will even post what you sell and "plug" your business. Contact info is on the front page of this site. Fair is Fair, yes?  I am well aware personally, of the rigors of gardening, and do not mean to belittle that effort, I simply don't consider it farming. So set me straight as to who the farmers are at the market. Deal?



         Has anyone noticed that Obama has a new slogan for 2012? No more Hope and Change, since we all know how well THAT worked for him. Now it's "Forward". Uh-Huh. Forward to where and what?  Poverty, Immorality, Socialism, or even Communism? More Debt? More attacks on the Constitution and Christianity, more illegal immigration and unemployment, WHAT?

     The Forward slogan is not a new one. Quite the opposite in fact. This powerful, single word has been used repeatedly in the past by Communist Leaders in many countries. So give this new propaganda the same credence you now give Hope and Change.  It's not a promise, it's a warning.


 Emotions and Idiots   7-9-2012

              Let's take it in order.  I've been thinking a lot about emotions this week, as I have heard a lot of comments  about things going on in town that people are passionate about. I hear things from folks every single day that evoke strong, emotional responses in ME, as well.  Don't we ALL?  Human Beings have built-in response systems or "reactions"  to certain news or situations that are difficult and often impossible, to control.

       When I was a young adult and living in a city with heavy traffic and too many driving lanes, I was a serious Road-Rager. Sometimes it was a matter of survival, intimidate the other guy before he gets out of his car!  LOL! Other times it was just the stress of moving an inch an hour and having people cutting in and out. In any case, the range of human emotion is so vast, we could discuss it for a month of Sundays and never finish.  What's on my mind TODAY, is how we REACT to specific emotions.

      If someone hurts or slanders you, or reveals a painful truth about you, a gamut of emotions flood to the surface, from embarassment to anger, and sadness to vengefulness. It is what we DO with those feelings that matters. How we respond and how we SHOULD respond are two entirely different things. Strong emotion has a tendency to over-ride common sense. We lash out verbally or physically or both, and we say and do things we will regret later but cannot undo or un- say. As a Christian, I am often criticized by non-Christians for being emotional about certain things. I hear inane comments such as, "You're a Christian, you're not supposed to get angry, or feel hate, or be judgmental, etc. HUH?  UM, Christians are human too!

      We are not robots that are pre-programmed to feel nothing but love,joy and forgiveness.

   Hate is one of the strongest and most destructive emotions we experience, and yes, Christians are familiar with it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. God knows we are imperfect. HE knows that we will feel hatred, anger and vengefulness, and that forgiveness will be a struggle for us.  What concerns God, is our response to those emotions, as Christians. In recent years, politicians have stirred feelings of hatred in me many times. Yet, rather than allow the emotion to literally consume me or drive me to say or do something terrible, I look to God for guidance, wisdom and solace.

    There is NO emotion or life situation that is not addressed in God's Word, no solution that cannot be found there. We have to be willing to seek those solutions and harder still, Pray for our ENEMIES!  VERY tall order, indeed, but being a good Christian requires HARD work, every minute of every day. One cannot simply recite the Salvation Prayer and go on with life as usual. Study and growth are required, putting God's Law into practice is required. Hard Work. Are we GOOD at it? Sometimes, but more often no, no we are not. We fight temptation and a world of sin just like everyone else. We stumble and fall, but the difference for US is, God's hand reaches down and helps us back to our feet.

     So many, many times I have wanted to strike out at others with vile words or a physical slap, even a sneaky act of vengeance. I have come VERY close!  God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and it is He that reins me in. (usually at the last possible moment). LOL! I am left literally biting my tongue or stuffing clenched fists into my pockets.  Hate is sin, but if we choose prayer and obedience over negative action, we're doing pretty darn well at being Christians. It's okay to vent your feelings, even the negative ones. Just know where the line is drawn and when control begins to elude you, there is someone stronger than you that can and WILL help you do the right thing. 



  The  Board of the Morally Retarded meets tomorrow night at 7.  I received the Agenda today and one item sparked my interest. Under "Old Business", is listed "Ethics Law". Hmm. Now exactly what might the integrity-void be up to with that?  Under normal circumstances, it would not send up a flag, but the timing is too convenient for my comfort.  All the hullabaloo between the two Smiths on the Ethics Board and Kathy Murnane the Benson-Worshipper, should have made it impossible to do ANYTHING with the Ethics Laws without settling the issues first. One would THINK, anyway. Of course, this IS New Lebanon, the town of Make Your Own Rules as you go!  LOL!

     Our local Ethics Laws were supposed to be re-written over a year ago, but nothing was ever done. THIS year, it was given to Attorney Howard to look at and make suggestions for changes. However, in the interim, Kathy Murnane, Chris Steadman,( remember HIM, the one who violated Election Law?), and Georgette, have already re-written the guidelines all by themselves, so what do we need Andy for? From what I understand, the E.B members have nothing to do with writing the LAWS anyway. In fact,  until last year, they picked and chose the ones they wished to enforce and the ones they did not, depending on whom the complaint was filed AGAINST and BY. Just like the Town Board of the Morally Retarded. Why not? There are no rules! So why do we need Ethics Laws if no one enforces them fairly and consistently? Heck, why do we need an Ethics Board at ALL? Officials in this town can do whatever they wish, right or wrong, and no one will hold their feet to the fire or make them answer or pay for their mis-conduct. God Bless America, huh?

   An "Ethics Board" with at least two members who are collusive in mis-conduct and violation of NYS Laws? Wow, what a shining example of what Ethics should be. It's all good, this war ain't over folks! LOL!

      Finally, I have to mention a couple of things. First, I want to tell Scott Larabee that he has made a HUGE difference in the appearance of Shatford Park!  He has managed to get caught up with all the things that have been ignored for so many years and is now in the maintenance mode. It SHOWS!  A+!!!   I also want to mention the passing of Bud Ketcham early this morning. He will be missed.

       Lastly, I'm wondering exactly what it is that is going on inside our Town Hall that has the employees there so terrified. Is it the numerous firings by the tyrannical Czar or just his Dictatorial attitude? There is absolutely ZERO doubt that something is wrong there, and has been since January. Ever see a frightened animal backed into a corner? Well that is what our town hall employees look like right now. WHY?!?  WHY would anyone in their right mind ask for the resignation of a Town Clerk who does that job like it's her very life? Who knows far more about running a town than the Czar EVER will? Ask yourselves these questions, then ask our town employees. Let's get to the bottom of this while we still can. While you're at it, keep close track of how much the Town Hall addition is ACTUALLY costing us.

   See you tomorrow night at the firehouse.      JJ

Late Addition!!!

    I just went through my emails and came across some interesting info. Do you remember back a few months ago when I told you that the Czar wanted 50 Zoning Violations a.s.a.p?  Well, it seems he has, or is close to, getting all 50. Not by the accepted procedure of citizen complaints, but by his "New" procedure of sending the ZEO out to drive around and LOOK for violations!!!    Those of you who know our ZEO, Kent Pratt, know that this is NOT his method of getting the job done, it is Mike Benson's.

    Sadly, Kent has a job to protect and the poor guy is doomed to 2 years under the Czar. So, what JJ wants to know, is where are the residents who have received violations for things like "Weeds" and "Peeling Paint"?  Are you seriously going to tell me that you are open to having officials tell you to mow your lawn or paint your house?!?!? They cannot tell you to do those things. They can ASK, but there is no judge in the world except maybe for Jack Nevers, that would press the issue. They tell you to mow and paint, you ask them which end of your porch they want to be tossed off of!  Unless of course, THEY want to pay your taxes for you!  Idiots.


 HOLY  CROW!!!    7-10-2012

  Terrific board meeting,  if you missed it, I'm sorry for you. Mike Benson FINALLY got the first taste of being called on the carpet for his dictatorial behaviors and actions. To put it in a nutshell, he got his hiney royally kicked from every direction tonight! Long overdue.  Matt Larabee got him first by calling him on the fact that Park Workers are to be hired by the Park Super, NOT Mike Benson. Apparently, Benson hired Donny Sears, (again), to do some painting and other things at the park because it was cheaper than hiring pros. Matt said it should have been Scott Larabee's decision, which is TRUE. Matt also wanted to know WHY the painting job was NOT put out to bid as stated in last month's Town Board Meeting agenda, but instead, Benson  just went ahead on his own and interviewed three people for the position.

     Here is where BRUCEY got ticked-off, and told Benson he's sick of the unilateral decisions Benson makes and that there are things he is required to bring before the WHOLE board. He said, "There are FIVE people sitting at this table, so don't blow me off,Mike!".  WOW!  Benson said, "What IS this, the Larabee show?". Scott Larabee said, "No, it's the Benson show as usual".  I've seen Benson angry many times, but THIS time he was so red I thought he was going to burst. The Czar does not LIKE to be ridiculed or reprimanded. Ah, but the best was yet to come.

     When Privilege of the Floor rolled around, Kevin Smith got HIS shots in!  He had handed out to all the board members, copies of the Workplace Bullying Law before the meeting, and now he stood up and waved a copy in the air and told Benson he is a bully and needs to read the law. He went on to say that it is the job of the Ethics Board to "train" officials in these laws!  Also True.  He told Benson that as an elected official, he has NO right and NO power to request the resignation of another elected official, i.e Colleen Teal.  Smitty said, "You are OUT of line! You have NO right! You also need an Anger management Class!" True AGAIN.  Benson, who was literally purple by now, denied asking for Colleen's resignation, but Smitty was ON him like fleas on a hound. He said, "OH, so sending an email and saying that her resignation would be in the best interest of the town isn't requesting a resignation?"         Tsk, tsk, Mikey, not nice to lie!

       So, it was a productive meeting. Benson's true colors are beginning to become obvious to his worshippers, and I am far from finished revealing things to you!  The Ethics Board was brought up, and Dougy Clark was of course ALL over it. He actually made a  motion to dissolve the local Ethics Board and let the county handle any complaints. LOL! Idiot. Benson denied the motion because it has to be presented first to the town attorney and then go to public hearing, which means two months at least. A motion to do THAT was passed. Now, what does that say to you?  It means that rather than admit that they committed Conflict of Interest in appointing Chris Steadman to the E.B, they will dissolve the E.B and "HIDE" their mis-conduct and Ethics Violations. Which would lead one to believe that legal counsel has informed them that what they did was WRONG. No, REALLY?!?

    Well, Dougy boy, you can TRY to cover it up all you want, but it's TOO LATE, that ship has sailed and all four of you who colluded in THAT mess, are about to answer for it. JJ does NOT drag her feet! You will NOT dissolve anything more than an Alka-Seltzer, which you will need when I am finished with you and you will "HIDE" nothing anymore. You are ALL under the microscope now and our months and months of fighting for justice are about to pay off.  There WILL be resignations, but not Colleen's!  The emotional pounding of our Town Hall employees WILL stop, NOW. The "executive decisions" of Mike Benson are OVER.  I hope that the Benson lovers who were present tonight are finally "getting it".  There were several, including Bud Godfroy , Jack Nevers, and Bob Weber who stuck a knife so deep into Meg Robertson's back, it came out the front.

     P.A.C.T members have long memories and STACKS of paperwork to remind us of every incidence of mis-conduct and every violation of town law. Chronological files that go back to 2009 and are carefully labeled and dated.

   NOW, let us go in another direction for a minute. You are all aware of the special treatment given by Benson to Melanie Hunt of the Blueberry Hill Cafe, yes?  You will also remember that Benson told my husband and me personally, that he had promised Melanie NO problems with getting her business open and that he would, "Take Care of Her". He told us that Melanie was a dear family friend, and that she would not be subjected to D.O.T regs like every other business, because D.O.T was responsible for New Lebanon's lack of new businesses.  Everyone ALSO knows that D.O.T was ticked-off by a Lebanon official several years ago, and that we have had tremendous difficulty with them ever since. (loss of Hannaford included) Tonight, the board was discussing the accident at the Speedway several weeks ago and said that it was about time that D.O.T followed through on the conditions that need to be met by the Speedway for the camping permit. LOLOL!

     They made it sound as if it were Howard Commander's fault that the conditions had not all been met, but I KNOW that everything Howard was asked to do has been done, and that the rest is indeed, up to D.O.T to finish. Do they REALLY think D.O.T is going to rush up to Lebanon and help them out? Fat chance. They are still smarting from the OLD slights, and NOW, add to that the fact that Benson allowed Melanie Hunt to bypass their regs!! Yeah, D.O.T will get right on it, I'm sure.  Well, today I learned that a member of one of our boards has been approached by residents with concerns about Blueberry Hill. I too, have been approached with the same concerns.

     Seems that the new cafe has a menu that is almost identical to the menus of Bucky's Bagels and the Shaker Mountain BBQ. Some residents who are loyal to long-time local business, are offended by Blueberry Hill competing for the business of established eateries. Makes sense to ME. I do not go to Blueberry Hill and never will, as a direct result of what Benson did for her. However, the other woman who was approached with the concerns of unfair competition, DID visit to see for herself. Now, let's be clear here. This woman IS a town official, and was told about these concerns BECAUSE she is a town official, BUT, she visited the new cafe as a RESIDENT, and NOT in any official capacity. Clear on that?

      So, this woman mentioned to Melanie Hunt that people have concerns and what they are. Ms. Hunt asked if she was in trouble with one of the boards and the woman told her absolutely NOT, that it was just a heads-up for her own information. The official then emailed Benson to make him aware of the visit and to tell him that it was not an official visit, just a courtesy to Melanie Hunt.  WELL, you would think she had accosted Melanie Hunt by Benson's reaction!  He responded by calling it an "altercation" and telling the official that her behavior was not acceptable and he intended to discuss it with the Town Board, the Town Attorney and the Ethics Board that he wants to dissolve! WHAT!?!

     ExCUSE me, Mikey, but this is America, still a free country, and if ANYONE, official or not, wants to give Melanie Hunt a piece of information, they darn well CAN and there is NOTHING that YOU or an army of lawyers can do about it! This woman is a resident of this town and she went to that cafe AS a resident. Benson's anger comes from his personal loyalty to Melanie Hunt and that is that. Idiot.  If I wanted to go to that cafe and tell Ms. Hunt that her cafe is a Liberal Moonbat Museum, I darn well WILL, and without Benson's permission or punishment The woman in question is NO different, member of a board or not. I would love to know who died and made Mike Benson, King.

     Bully does not even BEGIN to describe this narcissistic, tyrannical Rino. We knew it would only be a matter of time before the REAL Mike Benson stood up, and now he has. By the way, he told this woman that he and Melanie had not seen one another in 27 years prior to her opening this business. That is NOT what he told my husband and ME. He also denied that Hunt is friends with his wife, etc.,etc. Deny,deny,deny. Lie,lie,lie. Cover,cover,cover, fraud,fraud,fraud.  So put all this in your pipes and puff on it folks. Re-assess your opinions of the Great Czar and read the writing on the wall. BUT, know THIS! If Mike Benson makes ONE move to punish this official or request anyone's resignation without just cause, he will regret it for the rest of his natural life. Count on it.

PS( I almost forgot to tell you! Benson said tonight that he just wants to take New Lebanon "FORWARD". Sound familiar?  He also said he wants "Transparency". LOL! The only thing that's transparent is the corruption!)

 FREE  SPEECH???       7-12-2012

  Does anyone actually understand the depth of the Right to Freedom of Speech?  In America, as Free citizens, We the People have the right to opinions and beliefs and to openly express those feelings and beliefs without fear of legal reprisal. This is not to say that you won't  get a punch in the mouth if you insult someone or someone's loved one, but you still have the choice to say what you wish.

     There are many countries where speaking against the government or leaders can bring a death sentence or any   number of extreme punishments, but this is AMERICA.  If you want to be Archie Bunker and call an Irishman a Mick, or an Italian a WOP, you darn well can do so. It may not make it right, or kind, and it may be far from polite, but it is a LEGAL and PROTECTED freedom.  No government agency or official has the right or power to punish you for your words. That's God's job.

      I know most of you remember Archie Bunker.  Doesn't seem like all that long ago, does it? Well look how much freedom we have lost in that short time! Good ol' Archie told it like he saw it, and he was crude and insulting, but at least he was honest about his feelings and exercised his right to verbal expression of same. People didn't take offense at ethnic labels then like they do now. The "N" word was always avoided because it was vulgar, but there were other, less offensive labels used for Blacks then that were actually funny, and part of what made the show so successful for so long.

     Then Liberalism happened, and we could no longer teach our kids the old "Sticks and Stones" defense against being called names in school. Almost overnight, it became a serious offense to say Mick, WOP, Polack, Ginnie,Jew, Nappy-Head, whatever.  NOW, it is a CRIME! When and HOW did humans become so humorless and so hyper-sensitive? Words are only WORDS, after all. I still believe in the Sticks and Stones advice my parents gave me and I gave to my own son. Words can never hurt me. Can they? Well,sometimes. It's hurts to be called stupid, or ugly, or fatso, or loser, etc. Still, it's all in how we feel about ourselves, how secure we are in WHO we are. Words can wound, but Political Correctness can KILL.

      If I had the power and opportunity to speak to everyone in America at one time, I would say, "Get over yourselves, grow up, and quit whining, ya big wimps!". Call me whatever you want, because I AM secure in my beliefs, in what I do and who I am, and your words can never change that.  A Conservative that calls a Muslim a Towel-Head can now face arrest. Yet a Liberal can call Conservatives Racists and numerous other things all day long and face no reprisal. Why? Well, Conservatives know that words are only words, and we are mature enough to consider the source and move on. WE also respect Freedom of Speech. A LIBERAL on the other hand, will whine and cry and call a cop, then hire a lawyer to try to make an Amendment to the Constitution! Sissies.

      Last week, there was a story on the Channel 6 News about the mayor of Portland,Maine.  He had made the following public comment;  "The I.R.S. is the New Gestapo". Well, it IS! LOL!  Not only is he correct, but it was funny! It was also his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to say it and say it without fear of being arrested or otherwise penalized for it. Ahh, but that is not what happened. A Jewish woman took offense at the comment. (HUH?). Yup, she said it was an unacceptable way to speak of a government agency and it caused her distress because it brought back thoughts of the Holocaust! Are you KIDDING me here?!?!?!?  A JEWISH woman, of ALL people, took offense at a negative comment about the Gestapo? DUH!

    So what kind of stupid is SHE? One can only wonder. She completely took the comment out of context and turned it upside down and inside out. Not that it matters HOW she understood or mis-understood, it was none of her darn business anyway! Who is SHE to censor ANYONE? Even if the mayor had said something completely unacceptable, such as he thought we should bring BACK the Gestapo, it would STILL be his right to say it and none of her business. Well, the mayor was forced to apologize to this woman,(nutcase), AND to the I.R.S!!!  Who apologizes to the I.R.S?!? Not ME! The I.R.S should be apologizing to US!!  This is what I mean about Liberalism turning right into wrong and wrong into right. If we succumb to the pressure of Political Correctness, we lose our right to Free Speech, and I am NOT planning to be a part of THAT, are YOU?

   We should do our best to be respectful when speaking to and about others who have done nothing to wrong us and who deserve that respect. It's the right and Christian way. Still, there are times that a little name-calling and derogative labels have their place as well, and we ARE free to make that choice. God was constantly calling the Jews a "Stiff-Necked" people in the Bible, which meant " pig-headed and stubborn". I say, if the shoe fits. If I walk into a convenience store and call the owner a Towel-Head, it wouldn't be very nice or polite, but it would be my right to do it. Would it hurt his feelings? Maybe, maybe not, since most of them despise us so much that they don't care what we think. Would it ruin his business or send him to the hospital or cause him great pain in some other way. I doubt it. They are WORDS.

    If you value the rights and freedoms that thousands and thousands of American soldiers fought and died to give you, resist the Political Correctness demands of the Liberal Left. Speak your mind and exercise your rights and make no apology for it. Don't be unnecessarily cruel just for fun,  but feel free to voice your opinion and your stand. The Moonbats will chip away at our freedoms piece by piece until there is nothing remaining, and if we do not resist it and object to it, we are doomed.  There may be such a thing as hateful speech, but there is no room for a law that criminalizes that freedom and labels it Hate Speech. If Conservatives and Christians do not get over their apathy and idleness NOW, we will lose America to the disease of Liberalism. We will lose our freedoms, we will become rats in the government maze. Wake the Hell UP America and get off your lazy, self-centered, spoiled butts and DO something to protect the REAL America for your kids and grandkids futures.

About  THAT.........     7-13-2012

       Moon bat Village, that's what we are!

         This has NOT been a good day so far. The stress began at 1:00 this morning and has yet to end. Seems I can't get through a single week without some tragedy knocking on my door. Some weeks are worse than others, but the last 24 hours have brought issues involving local politics, residents with serious needs, friends with need of a shoulder, arguments that need an intercessor, family stuff, etc. I'm running on three hours of sleep right now, didn't get to the shower until 12:30 p.m, and still haven't had breakfast at 2:00 p.m. LOL! Thank God for a sense of humor,huh?  I am so in need of a long weekend OUT of Lebanon.

          I have a few quiet minutes to myself right now between laundry loads and painting projects and phone calls, so I am grabbing the opportunity to vent on something that has been needling me for several days.

         A few days ago, I posted some info about Mike Benson having a tantrum over a local official talking to the owner of Blueberry Hill Cafe, as a RESIDENT not as an OFFICIAL. Bad as his reaction was to that matter, I have to wonder why he had no such reaction to the indisputable incidents of corruption among his board members. WHY, would the Czar be so irate over a completely inconsequential matter that is really none of his concern, but totally apathetic about Conflict of Interest, Violations of Town Codes, Ethics Codes and NYS Election Law? Does that not seem a bit ODD to YOU?

       He threatens a woman who did NOTHING wrong, with legal action and an Ethics Complaint, tries to force the resignation of our Town Clerk with no grounds, fires numerous GOOD town employees and replaces them with his PERSONAL choices, allows the absolute blatant and deplorable mis-conduct of Clark and Baldwin to go un-acknowledged, and  un-punished! He is totally non-plussed by the collusion among Kathy Murnane, Christopher Steadman,and his two Councilmen, but is incensed by the other issue which is really a non-issue. What is wrong with this picture?

   Why is it okay that Benson himself filed fraudulent petitions with the Board of Elections, misrepresented himself to residents NUMEROUS times during the campaign, made false promises and claims and  outright LIED to many, including Wayne Martin,my husband and ME, makes unilateral decisions that are required to go before the ENTIRE board for approval, bullies Town Hall employees, is rude and disrespectful to residents at Town Board Meetings, extends "favors" and special protections and exemptions to "friends", etc.,etc.  Well, it's because he CAN, and he CAN, because YOU allow him to. YOU accept it.

       Have you written a Letter to the Editor of any of the papers to complain about Benson's violations and bad behaviors? Have you contacted any county or state agency about the corruption and collusion? How about coming to a board meeting and telling him that he cannot and WILL not dissolve the Ethics Board to hide the violations he allowed and DEFENDED in the un-ethical appointment of Christopher Steadman? How about giving him a call and telling him what you think about his trying to force Colleen's resignation? Send him an email and tell him that nobody died and made him King, and that he is REQUIRED to bring all town matters and decisions to the ENTIRE board. Better YET, how about asking for HIS resignation, and Clark and Baldwin's as well ! DO SOMETHING. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem!

      Demand that he void the Steadman appointment and hold Kathy Murnane accountable for HER collusive mis-conduct and appoint ETHICAL PEOPLE to the Ethics Board. Mike Benson is a narcissist, and if you are not familiar with the traits of a narcissist, GOOGLE it and compare it to the man.  He displays every trait of classic narcissism.  He is a detriment to this town and our town employees. He makes Stan Koloski look like a fuzzy kitten. So what ARE you going to DO about it?



          It's technically Monday the 16th, but for me it is still Sunday, my husband's 60th Birthday. Happy Birthday Bob!  (The guy robbed the cradle.)  LOL!  Had friends over tonight and the discussion got lively as it always does, with Politics and Religion.  Since the tropical weather has had me more than a little cranky these days, I was a tad more passionate about the subject matter than usual.

          I put forth a hypothetical question that is pertinent mostly to Christians but worthy of some thought by anybody. I was talking about the fact that the Middle-Eastern Arabs are literally insane, and always have been. I wondered aloud if we could put a protective shield around Israel and just take the rest of the Middle East OUT. My husband was adamant that such a thought was not at all Christian. So I asked him this: If you were told that you had 6 months to live, would you write a "Hit List" of evil, dangerous people like Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, etc., to take out? Bob was a definite NO, but was outnumbered 3 to 1.

    Never one to know when to quit, I took it a step further. "If you were a Jew in Germany or Poland during Hitler's reign, and knew you were going to die, would you, if given the means, have taken Hitler out?" Another NO from Bob, but three more yeses, PLUS the comments from the others that they would do it even if they were NOT dying. All this conjecture and benign supposition of course led to the question of Christian responsibility and present-day apathy of the churches.

   One of our guests said that he , as a Christian, feels it's his responsibility to tell others the Truth about Obama and his agenda, because he knows so many people that intend to vote for him in November. So, as conversations do, we jumped from Military Intelligence to American Intelligence, or the lack thereof.  We all know the way Liberals see things, the upside-down and backwards view of Right and Wrong they are all infected with. Still knowing that, don't you wonder how they can be so Rock-Pile STUPID?

     I truly believe that a LOT of Libs are all too well aware of the Socialist/Commie Agenda of the Obama Administration, and many of them support that. On the other hand, I think a good number of Libs do NOT support it, they KNOW it's  a death sentence to America, but they DENY it, to themselves and to the Conservatives that are trying to warn them. After all, they don't want to be kicked out of the Looney Left Club. We could talk and provide proof from now to eternity, and the Libs will never listen or admit that Liberalism is a dangerous, destructive, selfish, disease, DESIGNED by Socialists and Commies to bring about the destruction of America. Even the ones who KNOW it's true, would sooner die than admit it. Now THAT, is Stupidity.

     I can understand how foreigners and nut jobs might think Obama is a Hero, they have NO clue of what America was only a few short decades ago. Same goes for the young.They have nothing to compare today's America with. Nor do they see the depth of what we have already lost and stand to yet lose. There's a new slogan out for the 2012 campaign that says, "An American Voting for Obama is like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders".  Well said.  Another four years of the Commie and he and his cronies will EAT America alive. Any human being of normal intelligence can see that as plain as a naked man on the Sunday School Bus. Oh I know, a lot of Libs are Super-Educated, P.H.Ds, etc. Well, guess what? Our Liberal colleges don't teach Common Sense or Patriotism. A piece of paper does not make you SMART.

    I draw some hope from the fact that Obama is visibly worried. Just look at the smear tactics he has used in the past few days against Romney. He has called Romney a FELON, a Liar, an out-sourcer, and numerous other things he has yet to prove or supply ANY documentation for. Typical of Obama, who has never supplied valid documentation for ANYTHING, from his REAL Birth Certificate to his college transcripts,  his religion, and a whole LIST of other things. What do you suppose would have happened to a president who refused to supply the proof of WHO he IS and where he CAME from, 30 years ago? He would never have BECOME president, that's what!  What if Romney had said that he would never provide any proof of his personal history to the American people ? Think HE would have been nominated? Not a chance.

     Liberals don't CARE where Obama came from or where he is trying to take us. All they care about is that he is a Democratic liberal that has made empty promises to "Take Care of Them".  Four years of failing to fulfill those promises, four years of tearing down everything America stands for and was built upon, four years of LIES, and STILL, they support him. I have said it before, that Romney is not Mr. Charisma , but charm and propaganda are not what a president should be focused on. The choice is a no-brainer.  Romney is a sparkling clean pool of cool water while Obama is an alligator-infested swamp! What are people THINKING?!?! Are they all drinking the same Kool-Aid the Benson supporters drank last November? Must be new flavor called, "Sooper- Stoopid".

       Sadly for the sane side of America, Liberals aren't going away. So YES, Christians have a responsibility and a DUTY to unite with one another, to speak to everyone they can, to object to the indoctrination of our kids in public schools, to demand EQUAL rights in Freedom of Religion, and to protect the Constitution of the USA. CHRISTIANS are required by God to take a stand against evil and evil-doers no matter the cost, and if ever there was a time for Christians to stand up, it's now. I guess I should add for the Liberal Loonies, that no, we have no intention of doing anything violent or illegal, we are NOT Occupy Wall Street.  Conservatives don't crap on police cars and ask for freebies from the government. Conservatives don't berate corporations while  talking on cell phones and I-Pads and wearing designer shoes made by those same corporations.

      I just find it near to impossible to wrap my head around the fact that people who live in America and enjoy the freedoms and blessings of that citizenship, would be stupid enough to put those blessings in such peril. God did not put a brain in your head to keep it balanced on top of your neck, He put it there for you to THINK with!  So THINK!  READ, REASON, PRAY.  Do you want the approval of your Liberal cronies, or do you want Freedom?


The Current Cowardly Church Needs a Mega Dose of the Rebel Spirit


Whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. –Declaration of Rights, Maryland
Unlike America’s original rebel Christians who dumped the Brits’ taxed tea into Boston Harbor and told King George that he could kiss their King George, today’s evangelicals, I believe—especially the dandy ministers who love to be loved—would have folded like one-ply toilet paper before British oppression. We’re a timid tufted titmouse compared to our rowdy founding forefathers.
Here are four reasons why I believe today’s evangelicals would have melted like little bon-bons during the American Revolution:
1. Some dainty saints of today think rebellion against tyrants is disobedience to God, when the converse is actually true. Yep, these stooges of the machine believe that Yahweh wants Christians to be the corralled cattle of corrupt politicians and policies. Indeed, a lot of pop evangelicals have become nicer than God. Our current craven “faithful” think it’s sinful to say bad stuff about bad elected leadership. Many somehow think it’s righteous to go in an unrighteous national direction. And we’ve got stacks of do-gooders who are turning the other cheek to political abuse and generational theft so fast that they make Shakira look arthritic.
2. A lot of evangelicals would rather live as government slaves than live and die as free men. Some do it out of sinful slothfulness, completely passive and thus complicit in the face of evil. Others do so because they actually think Christ was a Communist and that government theft and wealth redistribution somehow fulfill the Sermon on the Mount. D’oh.
3. Others, especially in the ministry, won’t say squat about our political squalor because it’ll offend the emotional members of their congregation and thereby jack with their weekly offerings, which, in turn, will cause them to lose their vacation home in Naples  . Here we are during one of the most crucial elections of our lifetime, and ministers don’t (or won’t) address these issues or show up at protests. Wow. Good luck at the judgment seat. I’ve been to many, many Tea Parties up and down the east coast of Florida and have only run into a handful of ministers. Where are you, ladies? Your absence and silence during America’s demise is more obvious than Pam Anderson’s recent enhancement. Hello, Judas.
4. Another thing that irks me is this end-of-the-world Rapture mentality that, supposedly, all of this bad stuff we’re currently fielding as a nation is God’s plan for the ages and that there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sure glad our predecessors didn’t look at the gargantuan junk they were facing during times of oppression and upheaval and say, “Oh, well. The Rapture must be right around the corner.” No, what they did was think, work, pray and fight. And guess what, end-of-the-world Christian? They yielded up this grand experiment in self-governance, that’s what.
The Church needs the biblical rebel spirit of our founders injected back into the evangelical mix instead of this squishy, pusillanimous, ignoble and compliant crapola that’s currently cranking through our indolent pulpits and pews. God help the Church to lose its cowardly, effeminate bent in these critical days. Amen.


PROFILING??    7-17-2012

       Take a look at these videos.  (This one is tough to watch, be ADVISED!)

      So, that was a bit of a burden I just placed on you to watch all that, but I have a reason. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are the reason.  Conservative White Christians being labeled as Racists is a reason. The hidden prevalence of Black on White crime, is a REASON.  What all the blacks in these videos did NOT have, was a reason! All they have is hate and racism, lack of education and NO parental guidance. They have ready-made excuses made for them by dangerous men like Jackson and Sharpton and the Liberal Media and Special Interest Groups.

      Until you looked at these videos tonight, had you heard about any of these incidents? No, you didn't, and if you don't do the looking, you never would. What was done to that young couple is beyond human, yet it never got media attention. Trayvon DID, and HE was the aggressor!!  Some of this might be a surprise to a lot of you who have never lived in a city or gone to an inner-city school, but to me, it is just reminiscent of High School. I dealt with this kind of Black aggression every single day from 1968 through 1975, when I finally got OUT of there.

    The 80s and 90s saw a modicum of peace among the races compared to the 50s and 60s, but NOW, we have an accelerated and exacerbated re-birth of Black aggression. Thank you Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, thank you Barack Obama, thank you NAACP and ACLU. You have managed to re-awaken the beast of racial hatred in America. Proud? By the way, all those I just mentioned, are LIBERAL people and LIBERAL agencies.

      Equality means that EVERYONE is EQUAL under the law. The Trayvon case made National News for months and is STILL being played out there each time there is a new development. Not a word about the white couple that was tortured and mutilated by black men. What that teenage girl was doing to the white homeless man, was far more violent than what happened to Trayvon, but it was a close example of what Trayvon did to Zimmerman.  Oh yeah, the Media is LIBERAL, too!  Blacks have cried for Equality for generations now. Equality means that if YOU want a good education and a decent home, WORK for it like everyone else. If you want to buy nice clothing, get a job. If YOU commit a crime, YOU pay the price, same as anyone else. THAT is equality.

      All the "perks" given to the Black population by the government and Special Interest over the past 6 DECADES, are NOT equality, it is enabling, favortism, and RACISM. So gee, I wonder why we have Racial profiling? Look at the videos again, it's pretty hard to miss. P.S( Where ARE the parents?)


 Shut UP, Schumer!!!!!!!!!!!     7-18-2012

      I cannot STAND Chuck Schumer, never could. He and his little puppet, Kirsten Gillibrand are the most LIBERAL, BRAINLESS, anti-American Moonbats New York has EVER seen!   ( Mike Benson LOVES Kirsten! Rino.  He sends LOTS of money her way. Some Republican,HUH?).  read this and tell me what YOU think of Schumer, Gillibrand and Benson's support of them!



Democrat Senator: There Should Be Limits To The First Amendment

chuck schumerWell the Democrats tried a second time in less than 24 hours to push through the DISCLOSE Act which would force unions, nonprofits and corporate interest groups that spend $10,000 or more during an election cycle to disclose donors who give more than $10,000. They failed, even after 16 senators held the floor for six hours on Monday evening. The vote was on party lines 53-45, falling short of the 60 votes needed to break the Republican filibuster.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse claimed, “When somebody is spending the kind of money that is being spent, a single donor making, for instance, a $4 million anonymous contribution, they’re not doing that out of the goodness of their heart.”

So Senator Whitehouse knows what people think now, is that what we are to believe? Democrats have to be some of the most presumptive people in the world. They think they should make laws based on what people think. In this case it’s the “why” political donations are given. Well the truth is that someone could make a $5,000 donation and Mr. Whitehouse still wouldn’t have a clue if it was because they were giving out of the “goodness of their heart” or whether it was given to pander to a candidate.

However, it was Democrat Chuck Schumer who took to the floor and declared,

I believe there ought to be limits because the First Amendment is not absolute. No amendment is absolute. You can’t scream ‘fire’ falsely in a crowded theater. We have libel laws. We have anti-pornography laws. All of those are limits on the First Amendment. Well, what could be more important than the wellspring of our democracy? And certain limits on First Amendment rights that if left unfettered, destroy the equality — any semblance of equality in our democracy — of course would be allowed by the Constitution. And the new theorists on the Supreme Court who don’t believe that, I am not sure where their motivation comes from, but they are just so wrong. They are just so wrong.

Understand that we don’t need all of this put in place. We don’t need a sequel to McCain/Feingold. The people can simply demand from those who run for office to see their donations and if they don’t want to provide them, fine. Then the people can just simply say if you aren’t going to be transparent we aren’t going to vote for you. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone knows that when it comes to presidential races both sides receive big contributions and in many cases they receive from the same sources. If a law is put in place that demands that these donors are made public, along with their donations, I wonder if Mr. Whitehouse could then tell us if it comes from the “goodness of their hearts” and whether it would please Mr. Schumer that he forced them to tell how much they gave. I suggest Schumer speak to his boss, Mr. Transparent himself, and see if Obama will go ahead and just disclose all his donors and their donations without a law. See how far that gets him. In fact, to make it a bit more amusing, why doesn’t Senator Schumer go ahead and lead by example and do the same thing. I won’t hold my breath.

Read more:

Chuck Schumer Orders Bernanke to Print More Money to Re-Elect Obama


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18 Jul 2012115post a comment

Yesterday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) urged Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to start quantitative easing or similar measures before November. Then, incredibly, he ordered, “Despite two false starts, we’re having a much rougher time than we ever imagined getting unemployment down. So get to work, Mr. Chairman.” He reasoned that Bernanke should act because Congress refuses to: “Maybe after November we will.”

Yeah, that’s right. Pass the buck to Bernanke because Barack Obama sure ain’t gonna cut government spending or cut taxes, so all that’s left is to order the Fed to print more money. And before November, just in time for Obama’s re-election. If Bernanke had a magic stimulus under his bed, he should have whipped it out four years ago for the good of the country. Now, it’s just obvious that he’ll be inflating the economy for political reasons.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) warned against the plan, saying, “If we’re printing more money to buy more of our national debt, we are diluting the value of our dollar over time.”

Bernanke, of course, was disingenuous: “We will act in an apolitical, non-partisan manner to do what is necessary for the economy. We have said we are willing to take further action … it’s very important that we see sustained improvement in the labor market.”

Apolitical? Non-partisan? You’ve got to be kidding. Without the monetary easing that Ben Bernanke’s foisted on the economy, the unemployment rate would be in the mid-9% range rather than its current level of 8.2%.

Bernanke has been saving Obama’s bacon for a while now.

Second, since when was it the federal government’s job to ensure employment? The American way was for the government to stay out of our way so we could create jobs through entrepreneurship. When did it become the government’s job?

Can you say Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Barack Obama should be able to. After all, if he, Schumer, and the Fed keep inflating the currency, the 1930s may not seem such a distant memory at all.


Cosby  Weighs  IN!     7-19-2012

     I thought I was done with the subject of the Black issue in America, at least for a while, but then a friend sent the following article to me.  I had to share this, as I love Bill Cosby and his Common Sense, always have.  Imagine having someone like him in the White House? Liberalism would be OVER. Lifetime Welfare would be OVER. Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP and the ACLU would be OVER. There would at last be, True Equality.

They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English.

I can't even talk the way these people talk:

Why you ain't,
Where you is,
What he drive,
Where he stay,
Where he work,
Who you be...

And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.

And then I heard the father talk.

Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.

In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.

The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.

These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids.

$500 sneakers for what?

And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit.

Where were you when he was 2?

Where were you when he was 12?

Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn't know that he had a pistol?

And where is the father? Or who is his father?

People putting their clothes on backward:
Isn't that a sign of something gone wrong?

People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn't that a sign of something?

Isn't it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?

What part of Africa did this come from??

We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don't know a thing about Africa .......

I say this all of the time. It would be like white people saying they are European-American. That is totally stupid.

I was born here, and so were my parents and grand parents and, very likely my great grandparents. I don't have any connection to Africa, no more than white Americans have to Germany , Scotland , England , Ireland , or the Netherlands . The same applies to 99 percent of all the black Americans as regards to Africa ... So stop, already! ! !

With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap ...........And all of them are in jail.

Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem.

We have got to take the neighborhood back.

People used to be ashamed. Today a woman has eight children with eight different 'husbands' -- or men or whatever you call them now.

We have millionaire football players who cannot read.

We have million-dollar basketball players who can't write two paragraphs. We, as black folks have to do a better job.

Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us.

We have to start holding each other to a higher standard..

We cannot blame the white people any longer.'
Dr.. William Henry 'Bill' Cosby, Jr., Ed..D.


It's NOT about color... It's about behavior!

How Black Leaders Exploit Their People for Political and Financial Gain

Filed under Family, Law, Politics
black-crimes_CroppedThe killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman showed how liberals — especially blacks — care more about getting the political upper hand than affecting long-term change in black communities. Black communities across America are disintegrating. Welfare policies pushed by liberal do-gooders have created a perpetual dependant class — good for winning elections but bad for the overall health of black families.
While the killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy, there are daily tragedies in black neighborhoods. For example, the unemployment rate for black males is at 18% whileblack youth unemployment was at 46.5% in late 2011. Who’s to blame? Whites? The rich? Are whites and the rich to blame for dramatic school drop-out rates? Are whites to blame for the way many black young people dress when they show up for job interviews?
Who should we blame for out-of-wedlock births? Welfare has led to the disintegration of the black family similar to how slavery affected the black family structure. Welfare family disintegration is worse than slavery because politicians and so-called black leaders believe that welfare is a right that is due blacks because of slavery. The welfare has done more to harm poor people than slavery ever did.
Who’s to blame for black-on-black crime? Here are some statistics from the Black on Black Crime Coalition:
While African Americans comprise 13.5% of the U.S. Population, 43% of all murder victims in 2007 were African American, 93.1% of whom were killed BY African Americans.
* * * * *
The U.S. Justice Department provides a breakdown of homicides by the race of both the victim and offender. Looking at the data for 2005 (the latest year available), we find that whites committed 48.0% of all murders and blacks committed 51.2% of all murders. However, whites outnumber blacks in the population. In fact, non-Hispanic whites are about 69% of the population and blacks are about 13%. These statistics alone, shows that blacks are 13% of the population, but commit 51.2% of the murders, indicate that blacks commit a seriously disproportionate number of murders.”
None of this is to indict all blacks. There is a developing black middle and upper class in the United States. Their rise came about despite economic hardships, prejudice, bigotry, and outright racism. They didn’t use these as excuses to explain failure in the black community. They fought against it.
Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Maxine Waters are political opportunists. Their comments end up inflaming many in the black community and creating resentment among whites.


MASSACRES      7-21-2012

        Another day, another massacre in America. I need to discuss this event for several reasons, the most important of which is because it is another assault on the American people and our right to live our lives safely and peacefully. What could be more innocuous than parents taking their children to a Batman movie?  Why is that a dangerous thing to do? It SHOULDN'T be, not in America, not ANYWHERE.

        Another reason I need to talk about this, is the fact that the anti-gun crowd has immediately jumped on this tragedy and is using it as a reason to limit gun rights. Bloomberg was the first one I heard speak out on the news and blame this event on guns. Typical Liberal Logic. The reporter who was interviewing the midget moron, asked him if it would not have been less of a tragedy had there been armed citizens in the theater to stop the lunatic. Bloomberg responded by saying that a "Shoot-Out" would not have been a better alternative. No one said anything about a shoot-out, responsible gun owners are not going to unnecessarily endanger innocent people. They WILL however, take out the threat.

       Hypothetically yes, had there been an armed citizen in the theater, fewer innocents might have been killed or maimed. Considering the suspect's tactics of releasing a smoke screen prior to firing his weapon, intervention might have been impossible. We will never know. Watching and listening to Bloomberg, I had a chill go up my spine. His face and his words were SO telling, so indicative of the Liberal Agenda to disarm all Americans, that I felt it physically. The answer is not fewer guns, it is MORE guns.

     Okay, take a breath here. I am not suggesting that we indiscriminately pass out guns to every American over the age of 18. What I AM saying, is that more Americans need to learn about safe, responsible, gun ownership and self-protection. Then buy the best gun you can afford. There SHOULD be restrictions on gun sales. No one with a criminal history or a history of violent behavior should be able to purchase a gun. No one who is not a bonafide citizen of this country, should be allowed a gun. Anyone who has not or will not take the required safety courses or submit to a background check, should not have a gun. Common Sense required.

     Americans are protected by the Second Amendment, always have been and always will be regardless of how hard the left tries to take that right away from us. To attempt to take away our right to bear arms, would be to incite a revolution like the world has never seen before. Militias are all that stand between the people and Tyranny, and Militias must be armed to be effective. All of us who fly with our right wing, are Militia, and as such, should be armed and trained in responsible use of those arms. Now more than ever, the people need to be prepared to defend themselves, not from loonies like the Colorado shooter, but from the government. The loonies are just extras that if we are lucky, we can eliminate with a bullet. Why spend thousands of dollars sending them to trial and supporting them on Death Row for years and years, when a 50 cent bullet can end it on the spot?  Yes, that is how I feel about it.

      Make no mistake, the government wants our guns. The un-armed quickly become enslaved to the government radicals, and that is after all, exactly what the government wants. Thanks to the foresight and intelligence of our forefathers, we are thus far, protected from that eventuality. To give up our Second Amendment rights, would be to trade Freedom for the shackles of Communism.  This lunatic and others before him, who take out innocents in the name of some perceived belief or wrong, are few and far between, thank God. Would the lack of available guns have prevented this tragedy or others like it? Not likely. This guy was an explosives expert, and would have managed a mass killing with or without guns.

      Man has killed man since the beginning of time, and the weapons used are endless, from swords and rocks, to bombs and poisonous gas. If you intend to kill, you will kill, with or without a gun. Will the government outlaw compost and gasoline, knives and baseball bats? Good luck with that. If George Zimmerman had not had a gun, he would be dead today instead of Trayvon Martin. The key is to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous PEOPLE, as it is PEOPLE who are the danger, not the guns.

      It was suggested by several reporters, that events like this theater shooting have been set-up by the government, anti-gun groups. An extreme thought, but don't say it didn't cross YOUR mind,too. It crossed MINE. Governments have been known to do far worse. Fast and Furious was just such an attempt to criminalize guns. So that extreme theory, might very well be true. There are a million subjects that I know nothing about, but the inner workings of government agencies that do not openly exist, is not one of them. That ordinary guy behind the counter of the convenience store, is not always who he seems. In my case, neither is the single mom on the back road. You never know who anyone truly is, who they work for or what they do behind closed doors. If you knew a tenth of the government sponsored entities that are at work behind the scenes in America, you would lie awake all night.

        A few months ago, a friend told me I was "naive" when it came to the political workings at the county level. At first, I was insulted by the comment, even though I know that this person has been involved with county politics far longer than I and is more familiar with the players. I decided that he was probably right , but OH, if he only KNEW. I am certain to be "naive" about a lot of things, but I have been and seen places and things that he has never imagined. Maybe that's why I sleep two hours at a time and suffer so many nightmares, I don't know. I DO know, that when it comes to slimy government secrets, I am anything but naive. Sad, regretful, tired, but not naive.

        All we can do right now is to pray for the victims and first responders in this tragedy in Colorado. Then we need to give serious thought to arming ourselves responsibly in preparation for the biggest, most potentially devastating threat of all, the Government of the USA.  God Bless.   JJ


Three armed felons crossed the US border and attempted to rob an off-duty El Paso police officer dressed in civilian clothes while he stood in front of a bank.
The plan was for two of them to grab his backpack and toss it to an accomplice on a stolen motorcycle. However, the well-prepared police officer shot all of them, killing two immediately. The third was shot in both arms and bled to death before the ambulance arrived.
This is how much the US Taxpayer would have had to pay to prosecute these thugs:
· Arrest and detention for 1 night = $6,000
· Transportation for deportation back to Mexico the next day = $1000
· Air time for Obama to apologize in 30 minute speech = $25,007,000
What it actually cost:
· Four .40 rounds = $1.00
· Taxpayer savings = $25,006,999.00
Apparently They Picked The Wrong Man to Rob This Time
And There Won't Be A Next Time!


 You  FIRST!!!!               7-23-2012

      I'll show you mine if you show me yours! You FIRST! No, YOU first! Nah nah nanah nah. Holy Crap, what children we have running our world.  How DARE B. Hussein Obama demand Romney release ANYTHING, when HE has sealed all his own records, lied repeatedly about his history and produced a birth certificate that has been examined by the top experts in the world and found to be a forgery. Three YEARS of requests for the birth certificate, with no results, then when he DOES release it, it's a fake!  No other president in the history of our country would have gotten away with the impeachable offenses Obama has!

      Mr. Romney, release NOTHING until Obama produces his own, REAL documents. By the way, if Obama is so anti-Bain, why hasn't he returned the millions he MADE from his own investments in that company?  Gee, SOOOO like Lebanon, just on a larger scale.


Why is Barack Obama Afraid to Release His College Records?

obama collegeIn the world of political hypocrisy, Barack Obama and other Democrats have been attacking Mitt Romney for not releasing more of his federal income tax returns than he has.  Ironically, both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who have been quite vocal on the topic, refuse to release any of their tax returns.

Coming to Romney’s defense, Donald Trump is advocating that Romney and the rest of the GOP should demand to see Obama’s records before Romney should release any more of his.  Trump is not referring to Obama’s tax returns but to his birth and college records.

Trump’s comments were made earlier this week after the revealing press conference with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.  On Tuesday, Arpaio and Zullo released additional information that seems to clearly prove that the birth certificate presented by the White House for Barack Obama was a forgery and that the act of presenting it constitutes fraud.

In response to the press conference, Trump told Sean Hannity that:

“The fact is Sheriff Arpaio is, in my opinion, correct.  Nobody was ever in the hospital by the name of his mother … and a lot of crazy things.”

“If that were a conservative, let’s say a George Bush or somebody, he would have been out of office already.”

“Nobody has more sealed records than this president. So many of his applications … are sealed. He spent $3 million to keep everything sealed. You can’t find out anything about his college. I’m not talking about his marks. I’m talking about his application. It would be so interesting to see.”

If you go searching for Obama’s college records, you will quickly discover that all of his records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard law School have all been sealed.  If Trump is right in that Obama has spent $3 million sealing all of his records, it really pours fuel of the fires of conspiracy and makes one wonder what is so damaging in those records to warrant such extreme measures be taken to protect them.

The only thing I can think of that Obama would be so concerned about would be his place of birth listed on his college applications.  Is it possible that these documents list someplace other than Hawaii as his place of birth?  Is it possible that they, like New York publisher Acton and Dystel, list one Barack Hussein Obama as being born in Kenya?

I just wish we had at least one member of Congress with the courage to investigate Obama’s records and even issue a congressional subpoena for those records to see what the president is so afraid of revealing.  But alas, it seems that they don’t care or have been too intimidated by the powers behind Obama that they are very afraid of launching such an investigation.

In the meantime, what many of us believe to be the greatest fraud in the history of mankind will continue to get away with the crime of the millennia.

Read more:

 Here we go AGAIN!!!!            7-24-2012

          I am posting below, a copy of my entry of 10-9-2010  .  At that time, there was ONE woman in town who had decided that she did not want anyone to smoke in Shatford Park. ONE woman. She was actually on the agenda, but never showed up for the meeting or at any time since.  Too bad, because we were armed to the teeth with material and documents to zip that woman's mouth shut for the rest of her life!  Ahh, but along comes the CZAR.  Mr. "I run the world". 

        It started several weeks ago when the new addition began and the front door of the Town Hall had to be pressed into use.  Four out of five of the town hall employees are smokers and they smoke outdoors as required by the bias, NY state law and the Clean Indoor Air Act. On the front porch, which was NEVER used by the public, sat an ash bucket for containing spent cigarettes. Neat, odor-free, and out of sight until the front entrance had to be used.

       Some Liberal Whiner came along and decided that the butt can was an insult to his or her tender sensibilities, and complained to the CZAR. HE in turn, sent an email to all employees that smoking would no longer be allowed on town property!  FIRST of all, that is yet ANOTHER unilateral decision by Benson who has NO power to do so! It is also another example of his inability to compromise or consider the rights and needs of others beside himself. Still, that was not enough for the CZAR. He has now made contact with the county health department and asked a representative to attend the August meeting, where he plans to ban smoking in the park as well!

      Where does this guy STOP? Do you know that he has been systematically eliminating all employees of this town that make over a certain amount of money and receive benefits, and replacing them with cheaper, inexperienced labor and denying benefits to them? What will he do next, hire illegals? Did you notice that we lost yet ANOTHER business in town this week? Paraco Gas is gone. Rumor is that the EZ Mart will be next, but that is only hearsay at this point. Maybe we can take Lebanon back in time to when it was a strip of barrooms from the Springs to West Lebanon! Bars ALWAYS survive. So do liquor stores, gambling venues such as OTB, and drug paraphernalia and porn shops of which we have TWO! Fine with ME, if it sends the Liberals packing back to the city.

        Point is folks, that someone needs to remind Mike Benson that he is NOT God. As town super, he barely has any powers at ALL!  It is the COUNCILMEN who have the power to make decisions, NOT the Supervisor! Look it up! The Supervisor is a "Chief Fiscal Officer", period!  We need to remind the CZAR of that, every single day!  Even the board has zippo power if the PEOPLE speak out and tell them otherwise! There is strength in numbers. These people work for US.

        Earlier this month, I told you about the bullying and intimidation tactics being used by Benson with town employees. It is serious enough to have caused emotional distress among these good people. My advice to these five employees is this: rather than allow this tyrant to tear you apart, you need to UNITE and stand together for the protection of your rights! You have a TON of public support, so tell the CZAR where to stick his dictatorial attitude and go back to Loudonville and clean up that mess he left there. I saw that the other day, and it is a BLIGHT on that beautiful community! Nice big sign out in front of it, with B.C.I Construction on the sign. If I had left that mess behind me, I would take my sign down! Idiot.

       If we could impeach this fool, we would do it in a heartbeat, but sadly, like all criminals, politicians have more protections than do the people they supposedly serve. One more year and the CZAR is history. Go run for office somewhere else and this time do it as what you really are Mike, a DEMOCRAT. I also happen to know that some life-long residents of this town with local government experience, are OUTRAGED at the way town finances are being handled and reported. P.A.C.T is not the only entity keeping tabs on the CZAR, and yes, that is a FACT! God Help Us!


Who Does Shatford Park belong to? 10-9-10

I've always been under the impression that Shatford Park belonged to the people of New Lebanon. ALL the people. Apparently, I was mistaken. It seems that there is a nasty plan afoot to ban smoking anywhere in the park. Here we go again, another ridiculous, Liberal power-play! It was okay with smokers when they were segregated to Smoking Sections in restaurants. It was fair, a place for everyone. Then the Smoking Sections were taken away and the criminalization of smokers began in earnest.

Even bars and truckstops and jails, banned smoking. Then they went a step further and banned smokers from taking cover under awnings, eaves, or gazebos in public areas. Stand in the wind and rain if you wish to smoke! Now, I know that it is illegal to not provide shelter to domestic animals. So it seems that smokers are a step below them! Yeah,yeah, I know, second-hand smoke is dangerous and annoying. I do not argue that point, and as a smoker, I have always been considerate of non-smokers. However, I also feel that as Americans, we still have a right to CHOOSE whether or not to smoke without being treated as lepers if we do.

Yes, we should have designated smoking areas, and never inflict our smoke on others. Yet, now we don't even have THAT! Hospitals do not even allow smoking outdoors or anywhere on their grounds! Imagine, being a smoker, and having a loved one in the hospital in serious condition. What calms the smoker's nerves? A cigarette. What keeps prisoners quiet in jails? Cigarettes. Where does the state of New York get a HUGE chunk of it's sales tax income? SMOKERS! Yet, while they are collecting the exorbitant taxes on the cigarettes with one hand, they are beating us up with the other!

Now it is Shatford Park. At this coming Monday's Town Board Meeting, a motion will be made to ban smoking in the park. ANYWHERE in the park! Now, maybe I'm mistaken, but isn't the park ALL open-air? Isn't the park big and roomy enough for smokers and non-smokers to have plenty of space between them? What is the point here? So, ban smoking within 30 feet of the playground or something, but the ENTIRE park? Discrimination, plain and simple. If this proposal concerns YOU, better come to the meeting. I know I will have something to say to this liberal whiner. GRRR! JJ            PS( It's called the "Clean INDOOR Air Act" ) INDOOR!

Updates   7-27-2012

      The phone has been busy and the email endless since the Town Newsletter arrived in folks' mailboxes. I find that many, many people are concerned about mis-match numbers in budget reports and the statement by the Czar that we are operating at about $150,000.00 in the red each year. I generally avoid all the budget stuff, that's my husband's interest and I prefer to stay away from that, but the people are upset! I'm being asked WHY we are building a Town Hall addition if we are all but Bankrupt. Others want to know WHY we are giving so much money to the library, when that alone would nearly meet the alleged deficit. Still others want to know why we have THREE separate entities handling the town payroll? All good, sensible questions, but you know what? I am not the person who can answer them.

       These are questions that need to be brought to the board and the Town Attorney in a public meeting with reporters and recorders present. This is what I hope you all will do, as it is YOUR money we are talking about. Never, ever, stop questioning your officials, at EVERY level of government and of every party affiliation. They are NOT leaders, they are our EMPLOYEES. Always remember that.  Do NOT stand for Benson cutting you or anyone else off in mid-sentence during Privilege of the Floor, you have a RIGHT to be heard and to ask questions and get answers. They will tell you that you are only entitled to three minutes of floor time, but you know what? Our taxes guarantee us all the time it TAKES! The Czar is not God as he likes to think, and he has the duty to keep it orderly, but he has NO right to be rude, which we all know he IS.

      Which brings me to the next issue. I'm told that since the revelation of the town hall bullying problem, the Czar has been on his best behavior, whatever that might be. For now, he has backed-off of the employees. Still, knowing his character and temperament, it won't last, he can't help himself, he is who he is and the bad behavior will return. A guy I'll call "Tip#1", told me the other day that he was one of many people asked by Benson to submit a bid on work being done at Benson's home on County Rt. 5. Tip 1 said that he has never met such a disagreeable, rude and controlling human being. Now, Tip 1 is a DEVOUT Christian, and he said, "That is a BAD man!". He stated that he would not work for him for any price. He also told me about an inter-action between the Czar and Mrs. Czar that shocked him, but I won't elaborate on that, as I will not go inside the closed doors of anyone's marriage. Suffice it to say, that  we need to pray for her.

      There is also the issue of the park and the proposed smoking ban. Does anyone realize that if smoking is banned in the entire park, the pavilion rentals will fall off to nearly zero? Not only that, but I have an interesting piece about park rules that I am saving for the Board Meeting. Yes, it's THAT good! We can and should have designated smoking areas in the park. One by the Pavilion, one near the center bathrooms, and one near the parking area for the Little League Field.  No smoking in the playground area,tennis courts or in the bleachers. That is what's called "Compromise" and "FAIR. THAT takes ALL resident's needs into consideration, not just one group. Where the Town Hall is concerned, the employees should have a designated smoking area as well, out of the weather, and posted as a Smoking Area!

      Enough of the one-sided, prejudicial rules being made by officials and whiners. We are ALL Americans and we ALL have the right to do what is legal, as long as we consider others. Yet, the smokers are expected to be inconvenienced at every turn in favor of the non-smokers. This is wrong. Smokers should have their space and non-smokers, theirs. In any case, the decision is NOT the Czar's. He does NOT have the power to dictate as he was hoping for when he campaigned for this job. He has NO power to fire or hire or request resignations. He has NO right to treat the people of this town like dirt on his shoes.

      Even NEIGHBORS of the Czar have about had it with him. THEY want to know why certain things in town have not been done while SO much has been done at his home. They too, need to come to a meeting and ASK him in public! People who supported the Czar and even hosted meet -and-greets for him during the campaign, are now LIVID with his behavior. Sadly for him, Benson forgets that even though he may have lived here as a child, he is now an outsider, and the people of this town will support long-time locals over him in almost every case. Abusing our town hall employees has cost him a LOT of support, and it can never be restored.

       Now, on to the ever-looming Ethics Board issues. At the August 14th Town Board Meeting, the eggheads intend to move for a public hearing on dissolving the E.B. We all KNOW why they are doing this. It is simply an attempt to hide and bury their mis-conduct in the appointment of Christopher Steadman. Do they REALLY think it will be that easy?  I think they are in for a surprise. In fact, I KNOW they are!  All of you are aware of the dirty deeds done by our officials in the past five years. Do you really want to see the Ethics Board dissolved so we have ZERO recourse? Think about THIS; the Town Board are the very people who are most likely to have Ethics Complaints filed against them, yes? So WHY, in all that is fair and sane, are THEY the people charged with appointing the Ethics Board members?!?!? DUH!

    Isn't that the same as putting the Fox in charge of the Henhouse? Where does that make any sense? It is clear that the boards are stacked at every opportunity and no one is more guilty of that than Brucey Baldwin, who has been board-stacking in this town for YEARS! Now he has Clark doing the same thing, when he isn't too busy licking Benson's boots, that is. He's just an eel that needs to get OFF the board and stay OUT of politics. I can barely LOOK at him anymore, I am so disgusted. At least Brucey has some cajones, if little else, but Clark? Just sleazy. Should be an interesting issue to watch, no matter what.

   Hey, the ACLU and Mayor Bloomberg did a righteous thing today for the first time in both their histories! They actually stood up for the rights of Chik-Fil-A to open a business in any city or state they wish, despite being a Christian business that has taken a stand against gay marriage! This is the FIRST time, that I have seen Christian rights receive the same consideration as all the special-interests!  I am astounded!

     I have a new neighbor named Henry that I would like you all to see below. Henry is a friendly, spoiled rooster that LOVES my front porch, a handful of pony grain, and his chest scratched. Please look out for him when you drive Shaker Road, he's a wanderer!

God Bless !     JJ



 UPWARDS!!!!              7-31-2012

           Yes, we ARE burning daylight!  So let's get going people!  Call 'em out, VOTE 'em out, push 'em out!  Of course I include Obama and his Czars in that statement, but tonight I am referring to the New Lebanon Officials! 

            I was invited to a meeting in Hudson today with county officials. I have to say that I was impressed with these folks. That doesn't mean that they won't disappoint me in the future like all the rest of the officials I have had the dis-pleasure to meet, but for now, I am optimistic. There was much preparation for this meeting and a lot of prayer, and though it did not go exactly as I hoped it would, I think it actually went better than I anticipated!  It just went in a different direction than I had expected it to.

            Every meeting is a learning experience for me, sometimes good lessons, sometimes bad. Today was a GOOD one. It was a shot-in-the-arm for me and gave me the juice I need to keep on pushing for an honest local government. Which reminds me, did you catch the Czar's statement in the newsletter about "TRANSPARENCY"? LOLOL!  He wouldn't know transparency if it hit him on the shiny head! The ONLY thing that's transparent in THIS town, is the mis-conduct!

     So, WHAT did I learn today? I learned that I have valid complaints and that the mis-conduct in this town that I have been talking to you about for Sooo long, is indeed, mis-conduct. I have just been taking the issues to the wrong people. Not anyMORE! LOL! What I enjoyed the most about this learning experience, was the fact that the Ethics Board members who met in Kathy Murnane's HOME to vote THEMSELVES in as Chair and Deputy Chair, have violated about a hundred state laws. So, if the E.B does NOT get dissolved as Clark and Baldwin want, there will be Hell to pay!

      If the E.B DOES get dissolved, ALL Ethics Complaints will be referred to the county, and NO ONE on THAT board will show favortism to our dirty councilmen. Further, by dissolving our E.B, the Conflict committed by Brucey and Dougy, does NOT go away! LOL! I wish I could list for you now, all the violations that Kathy Murnane is guilty of, but I have plans for that info, so I beg your patience. You WILL get the entire list soon.  In the meantime, there will be much going on that you cannot see, but will hear about in a BIG way before long. While you are waiting, I ask that you consider the local Ethics Board and whether or not you feel it should be dissolved. There WILL be a Public Hearing on the matter.

      Consider it from all angles. To ME, as I said the other night, our local Ethics Boards are too biased and stacked to be effective. Fox running the hen-house, remember? Add to that, the fact that Ethics Codes and Laws are very complicated and the average citizen cannot possibly hope to ever understand them or effectively enforce them. Local Ethics CODES are too weak and unclear to be of any use. So after MUCH thought, it is my opinion that New Lebanon should dissolve its E.B and refer complaints to the county where they will be handled fairly by people who are trained and experienced in such matters.

     I have often been aggravated by the weakness of our town Ethics Code, but I learned today that local codes are pretty much meaningless. Yup, that's what I said! There is an article of state law which I will keep to myself for a bit, that over-rides local law EVERY time and in EVERY case. This article is now my third Bible!  (the Conservative Handbook is my second). To sum it all up folks, today was a victory for PACT. Though I am constantly frustrated by the snail's pace of our official agencies , I HAVE learned that patience usually pays off. Patience and consistency and plain, old, American persistence. No Surrender!

      I have another meeting tomorrow that I am hoping will be productive, and yet another on Thursday. As I have said many times, PACT is busy, even when it doesn't appear to be. The work is a daily job and if I had a dollar for every hour of time we have invested in the past few years, I would be on a vacation right now. Not to mention the cost of supplies, travel, phone calls, etc. that we absorb in our efforts to gain a clean local government. It's all worth it to us, as doing the RIGHT thing SHOULD be to EVERYONE.  Unfortunately, it isn't. Morals, Ethics, Common-Sense, Patriotism, Spirituality, Unity, and plain GOODNESS, no longer matters in America, and that is traumatic to those of us who were raised to value those very things. For those of us old enough to remember a better America, life can be sad these days.

       My grandfather used to say, "Many Hands Make Light Work". True enough, in his day, when the hands were willing and available. Today it is every man for himself and the H_ll  with everyone else.  Positive change cannot happen in a world like that, but Socialism, even Communism, CAN. America is balancing on the edge of the abyss, and we CAN pull back if we all work together, OR, we can surrender and jump. I for one, refuse to quit. What are YOU going to do?


 Scared  YET?!?!?         8-2-2012

   At the bottom of this page is a link to a piece of information that every single one of you needs to read and understand the implications of!  If this does not scare you half to death, you need resuscitation.  For far too many years, the American people have been in denial and have convinced themselves that spying and Secret Societies and Government Agencies are  things of fiction and old Russian War movies. I give a lot of credit to fiction writers for their imaginations and creativity, however, where do you think a good majority of the ideas COME from? They come from REALITY.

     Archie always says that he remembers when he was a kid and read Flash Gordon comic books. Never, ever, did he and his friends think that the gadgets the super-heroes had back then would ever actually exist, yet they DO, and THEN some! Technology has advanced at an alarming rate and you know why?  A LOT of it existed a good many decades before it was ever made known to the public, that's why.

      If the average citizen knew even a smidgen of what our government has at its disposal, no one would ever sleep soundly again!  Are American citizens unlawfully spied upon? You BET we are, and we have been for many,many years. Our lives are monitored and manipulated all the time, and most of us never have a clue that it's happening. Hidden cameras, satellite views, cyber-space, government documents, license-plate readers, etc., and now DRONES. Yup, not only are they in use all over the country, but as of today, they are now effectively being used to make arrests of American citizens, and are acceptable evidence in courts!

     Guilty or innocent, no American should be spied upon by the government from the air above their own homes or places of employment. This is the ultimate invasion of our privacy and a blatant violation of the Constitution. It is also a HUGE move toward Communism, and it is happening for the same reason that Lebanon has a filthy local government; Apathy.  We the People have sat on our spoiled, comfortable behinds and ALLOWED it to creep up on us an inch at a time. Imagine how hard it is to motivate Conservative Americans to step up and speak out, when people in a little town like ours refuse to get off their as_ses?!

      Are YOU prepared for government officials to come to your door and demand to inventory your home? Take your weapons? Tell you that you have too much and must "share" it with others who do not? What about when they tell you what you can drive and where? They are ALREADY telling us what to eat and drink, they are ALREADY indoctrinating our kids in public schools and colleges, and are illegally taxing us to death. Now it is our healthcare that will be under government control and doled out as they see fit. Did you know, that our Olympic athletes have to pay taxes to America on the value of the medals they win?  FACT!   THAT is disgusting and embarrassing to me as an American citizen!

      So, read this piece I have posted the link to and then take some time to think, REALLY think about what it implies. Think about what will come next. Even if Obama loses in November, these things will continue to be used and expanded, but at least by voting the Commie OUT, we might have a shot at slowing it down. If he WINS, we are doomed, and our time as a free country is nearing its end. I don't care what his party affiliation is, I care about his AGENDA, and the agenda of those who put him where he is. Much like Benson, who pretends to be a Republican. I am a Republican, but I did not and never WOULD, vote for a man like Benson. My vote is a privilege and it is precious, not to be wasted by voting based on party, race or religion. MY vote needs to count for the future of America and her next generations. MY vote needs to support Freedom and Liberty and American traditions and values. Most of all, my vote must be for a leader that will respect God and the Constitution, regardless of his party affiliation.

     This is scary stuff folks, and it is NOT paranoia, it is REAL. America is over-due for a Conservative Revolution. The Tea Party has done a LOT towards the preservation of the America our Founding Fathers built and intended, but they are not enough. EVERY American that cares about Freedom, whether Conservative or Liberal, Democrat or Republican, MUST stand up for it and be HEARD! LOUDLY!  Time truly IS short. 



We CAN Talk about That!  8-5-2012

   It has been a long, hot week and a long, HOT summer. You all know how I feel about the darn heat and humidity, I should have been an Alaskan. This week has been especially tough, as I've been so busy and the weather so warm, so I am a tad cranky. Next week isn't looking any less busy or hot. It breaks my heart to see all the flowers and veggies wilting or dead on the vine, and the creeks too low to even swim in. Unfortunately, we can't control the weather and have to do our best with what we get, but there ARE so many things we CAN control and change yet choose not to!

     This past week has been a real treasure-trove of tips and info and more than a few complaints about things that are going on in town. Before I get into that however, I want to address the most recent thing I've been told about. Someone I have always respected and supported, has made some comments about the things I reveal on these pages. He has advised others that the issues in town or not anywhere near as big or serious as I make them out to be. So, let's talk about that.

     First let me say that New Lebanon is certainly NOT unique in its political corruption issues. EVERY town and city in America has corruption and all the garbage that accompanies it. Where there are politicians, there is crime and sin. No question about that, yes? The higher the level of government, the more serious the corruption. Yet, NO ONE can deny that corruption exists and is in fact, RAMPANT among politicians at every level. So I don't feel that I have ever blown THAT fact out of proportion. If things in Lebanon are not as BAD as I make them out to be, maybe we should go back to page ONE of this website ,NO, let's go back a little further.

    Let's go back to when Eileen Godfroy was Supervisor and Brucey emotionally abused her to the point that she broke down in tears. No one did anything about that. Let's look at Brucey when HE was Supervisor and had his rants and temper tantrums in public meetings as he still does today. Let's look at how bad he allowed our town buildings to deteriorate, and let's remember the fact that he wanted dogs to suffer and die to save a dime for the town. Great leader THERE. Let's also look at the fact that EVERYONE knows that Brucey still fixes cars at his home on West Hill Road, illegally, but because no one can provide the solid PROOF of it, he gets away with it. No one ELSE would.

    Let's look at David Katzenstein, who was allowed to continue as Town Supervisor despite the fact that he did not even live in NY STATE!  Moving on, how about Stan Koloski and the people he was allowed to destroy while he was NOT a resident of this town and there was NO amendment yet to allow non-residents to be employed in this town. Oh, and then there is the Bobby Mittnight issue that involved SO much corruption I could write a book about it, yet despite NUMEROUS complaints and much support for Bobby, Stan was allowed to break laws, make up his own rules, and spend taxpayer dollars on ridiculous litigation,  airplanes to take aerial photos, etc. Nothing was done about ANY of that,either. The town board was allowed to get away with letting Stan run amok, abuse residents, make threats, work here AGAINST the town codes, and cost US over $108,000.00 in legal fees.

      THAT board at the time, wasn't much different from the one we have now, as Clark, Baldwin and K.B were members, as they are today. GAG! Meg Robertson was brow-beaten, sworn at, and almost struck by Brucey, yet still, nothing was done. When Brucey threatened Dean Herrick to stay OUT of the Mittnight case, he committed the crime of Tampering with a Witness, as Herrick was scheduled to testify for Bobby in court. Brucey got away with THAT,too, as well as the threatening. WHY? Well, Kathy Murnane tossed the complaint on the basis of not having a statement filed by Herrick himself. Guess WHAT, Mrs. Murnane, it is up to the Ethics Board to INVESTIGATE the complaint,it is not the complainant's job. Did you ever call or visit Herrick and ASK him about it? No, you did not. You did not do your JOB! As usual.  So AGAIN, Brucey walked away.

      Secret meetings, violations of NYS Open Meetings Law, threatening, board-stacking, lying, abuse of executive sessions, etc., etc., etc., etc. Go back and READ about it. In the past seven months, the issues have reached an all-time high, beginning with Benson's fraudulent petitions and theft of the election through self mis-representation, false promises, and outright LIES. The firings of good and necessary town workers, the high-handed and arrogant , unilateral decisions and changes he has made. His dis-respect for residents , especially female ones. His favoritism and un-equal requirements for one new business while letting another open without following the proper procedures.

    Worst and most despicable of all, is what has been done with the Ethics Board issues. THAT is just over-the-top! NOW, we have five town hall employees who are absolutely MISERABLE in their jobs and terrified of being fired without cause like so many others have been. Doug Clark, fired from the Deputy Supervisor position by Meg Robertson for his involvement in the Secret Meeting and attempted coup,( which by the way, also included the person who claims I exaggerate), was immediately re-appointed to the Dep. Supervisor position by Benson.  Tells ya something, doesn't it?

      A library that is used almost exclusively by Liberals, Sufis, and Lefty Moonbats, but gets in excess of $135,000.00 a year from our taxes! Yet the cemetery is drowning for lack of funds. Benson "claims" we are nearly bankrupt and at least $150,000.00 in the red, so WHO exactly made that dirty deal with the Liberal Library and WHO is going to UNDO it ?!? WHY does the library have smut books on the shelf, but nothing Christian? WHY do we have TWO stores that sell drug paraphernalia and sex toys, but no supermarket or drug store?  WHY, is Benson trying to force Bobby Mittnight to allow Doug Clark back onto his property, after Clark walked it a year ago and said the sheds were sheds, then refused to give a report of his opinion to the board? When confronted about it, Clark screamed at Mittnight that his property was a Dump!

      WHY are they attempting to enter the Mittnight property at ALL, it is the BOARD that missed the deadline for inspection by a MILE, not Mittnight! To me, it would be fair that they let it go and get on with the IMPORTANT things.  Benson dragged his feet and NOW he wants to play Stanley !? Get OVER it already and leave Mittnight ALONE. Go do something about that nightmare at Lovers Lane and Rt. 20! Take a look BEHIND it while you're at it! Why is it always Commander and Mittnight they attack? Well, they attack Commander because they are jealous of his money and position, and because John Dax hates him, and they attack Mittnight because they WANT to, and they CAN, because NO ONE tells them to KNOCK IT OFF!  YOU don't tell them to KNOCK IT OFF!

      Have you all seen the mess they call a Town Hall addition? Holy Crow! Not only is it VERY poorly built already, it is WAY too small to fill the needs it is intended to fill. There is NO parking, as Rocky Brown has been trying to tell them for YEARS, and now the plans have to be altered because Benson eliminated something that is required by law. On Tuesday of next week, there is a Special Town Board Meeting to address the cemetery and the "unexpected additional expenses" for this useless addition. The addition that was approved by our "contractor" Supervisor. Nice Goin'! Wait and see what that tiny little room ends up costing by the time it's all said and done. But we're BROKE?  On September 11, of all days, there is yet ANOTHER Special Town Board meeting to beat up Commander some more, when they need to be beating on the D.O.T instead. Oh, I forgot, D.O.T is a little ticked-off at Benson. So are a LOT of people who voted for him and are now suffering from Voter's Remorse.

    The Seniors for instance have had more than their fill of Benson's bragging and arrogance. One senior said that after he spoke at the Senior's Meeting last month, the seniors referred to Benson as "Two-Faced" and a "Liar". No, REALLY ?!?! What was your first clue? Narcissism is a DISEASE and Benson has a terminal case of it. So, things aren't that bad in Lebanon huh? I "exaggerate", huh? Okay, think what you want, I am not the Thought Police, it's a free country. I'll just sit back and let Benson show you himself. He WILL. He already HAS. Take off the rose-colored glasses and smell the coffee!

    As I said, every town and city has similar issues, some not so bad, some worse, I'm sure.  However, just because it is common, does NOT make it acceptable. It does NOT make it right! If the man I once respected actually believes that the things that have happened and are happening in our town are okay, I can no longer respect him. I can no longer look up to him as a man of integrity as I always have. That saddens me, but it is what it is.   Imagine if I could tell you all the things I know are true but can't prove! What if I could tell you the "personal" issues with some of these local politicians? You would toss your dinner, believe me. Yes, things ARE as bad as I say and WORSE, because there is a lot I CANNOT say here.

      Tuesday night's meeting is one I consider important, because I believe the cemetery issue to be important AND I am also concerned about the addition costing a lot more than originally estimated. I hope to see you there.    God Bless You All.  JJ


 ANOTHER First for the CZAR!!!             8-6-2012

       Well, Benson and his crooked cronies have done it again!  Tomorrow night at 7 p.m is the Special Town Board Meeting at the American Legion.  At 7:30 p.m, the ZBA Meeting begins, ALSO at the American Legion.  One meeting will be held upstairs and one downstairs. Now, tell me WHEN this has ever happened before, and is it even legal and ethical?  HOW can they schedule meetings of two boards simultaneously and get away with it?!?  Someone suggested that whomever set the schedules must have dropped the ball. I don't buy THAT for a minute! This was deliberately planned .

      Think about it; those of us who attend the meetings of ALL the boards, now can only choose one or the other. Fortunately for PACT, we have more than enough people to cover both tomorrow night, but it is still SLIMY and pre-meditated. The ZBA has a full agenda with the Dollar Store sign, several variances, 2 public hearings, and a resident that wants to open a light manufacturing business in a commercial zone, which is an important one. Our boards LOVE technicalities and "interpretations" when they are best served by them, but not when they see no gain in them for themselves.

       If Blueberry Hill got away with all they got away with, this small business needs to be allowed to open in the Midtown Mall, as the ingredients they will be using to make their soaps and lotions are all natural and non-toxic, and mostly of Food Quality! If we want to get "Technical" and "Interpretive", we can say it is no different from the Chinese Take-Out that is already in the mall. They too, are "manufacturing" items that are natural, non-toxic and of Food Quality. We cannot afford to lose another small business that is NOT a coffee and Moonbat Foodery or selling over-priced antiques. Not to mention, that the folks who wish to open this business, live here in town and are awesome people. COUNTRY people, not city transplants.

      So, it would be nice to attend the ZBA meeting and support these nice folks. However, the Special Town Board Meeting is also important as it will be dealing with the cemetery issue and the inadequate Town Hall addition that is going to cost us more than we were originally promised. More than one person is under the same impression that I am, that this was done deliberately to divide the public who attend these meetings. Which means it was the Town Board that decided to do it, as the ZBA is meeting on its regular night at its regular time. Interesting, huh? Well, if you think THAT is of interest, how about THIS:

     You all remember Anita Crosby who was so unceremoniously and rudely "Fired" by the Czar. She was the first of a string of firings and she was also the young, single mother whose home had just exploded from a gas leak.  Well, apparently the Czar has found that he has indeed over-whelmed our Town Hall employees with more work than they can possibly handle, his idea of cost-cutting. So he had the cajones to actually ask Anita if she wanted her job back !!!!!!! Are you KIDDING me ?  See what I mean about him having no conscience?  How DARE he ask her to come back after the abominable way he treated her!

    Further proof that the Czar has zero emotion other than anger and conceit. He treats people like robots that are here for the express purpose of filling his own, personal needs and if they have nothing to offer him and his agenda, they are disposable. He is an ice-cold, narcissistic, fork-tongued, user, and nothing more. He has NO clue about compassion or respect, and even less of a clue as to how to run a town. Fire good people who NEED their jobs in order to save a few cents, then approve an addition on the town hall that is far from adequate and far from a quality structure already, and is going to cost far more than anticipated. Fire the Bookeeper and the Town Accountant, then hire an accounting firm that does STRICTLY audit work, so you need an in-house bookeeper as well, then he hires a PAYROLL company to write the checks! So he fired two people to save money, but hired THREE people to do the job they were doing.

    Then when he realizes he made a boo-boo, he has the nerve to lay the extra work on the other town hall employees for no more money, and ask the girl he fired ,to come back to her old job ?!?! I'm not a shrink, but I would LOVE to know what one would say about Benson's behaviors.                                                                                                           Our cemetery is not the responsibility of the town, however, I feel it is a valuable piece OF our town, especially with Governor Tilden's grave being there. Yet it is in danger of being abandoned, or worse, given over to the town, which means no plots can ever be sold again and the maintenance will suffer. Are we obligated as taxpayers to assist the cemetery? No, we are not, BUT, we should do it anyway. We should do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do and because it is a piece of history. We should do it because there are people buried there whose final resting places deserve to be cared for, and we should do it because a lot more of us would like it to be OUR final resting place.

    If this town can give $135,000.00 to that biased library, and allow the cemetery to rot, or Charlie's Pantry to have empty shelves, then someone needs a good butt-kickin'! TAKE THE MONEY AWAY FROM THE LIBRARY! Cut it in HALF, and it is STILL too much, but it would serve many more needs in this town than we are serving now. It is OUR money, people. WE have the right to say where it should be spent. I've noticed lately, that Chatham, Nassau and Stephentown fly the American Flag from their light poles in their town centers. Where are Lebanon's flags? Chatham has flowers along their main street and Nassau usually plants flowerboxes on the Rt. 20 bridge. Where are Lebanon's flowers? I can tell you where all those things are; on the library shelves! If you are a Conservative, or a Christian, or a Patriot, or all three, that library is of no use to you. So WHY are YOU paying top dollar to have it there for the liberal tree-huggers to enjoy?

      I think the library should charge membership fees and let the people who use it most, pay a yearly fee to support it. Let the long-hair music-makers that perform there, charge admission. After all, take a LOOK at that place, it is the nicest building in town. Compare it to our high school and our town hall. I don't care if they got a million dollars in grants or gifts to make it so nice, I am not going to pay taxes to take care of it. I WOULD pay EXTRA taxes to support Charlie's Pantry or the cemetery or a beautification program for the town center. Something that EVERYONE can use and/or enjoy. How about some new equipment for the out-dated playground? I could write a HUGE list of places the extra money could go, but ALAS, it all goes to the library. Someone's head should roll for that.

     So, Mr. M., still think things in Lebanon are being exaggerated? It gets worse and worse every day that the Czar is in office, much like America has since Obama was elected. Birds of a feather. Stupid people shouldn't vote.


 Not Just ME?!?!     8-7-2012

  Wow!  I found out tonight that I am in fact, NOT alone in my views! Others feel the same way as I do about the money the Library is getting from the town. Mrs. Hazel Dewey has been investigating this issue for almost a year now and has uncovered some interesting facts.  The Town Board told us last year before the Benson invasion, that the deal with the Library could never be undone. They were correct, at the time. In December of 2011, Mrs. Dewey spoke with the Mid-Hudson Library Foundation and learned that the deed now CAN be undone, but it would have to be at the agreement of the Library Board in Lebanon.

     Apparently, when this grant from the town was voted on some years back, the people believed they were voting to give the Library $135,000.00 on a one-time basis for the necessary renovations and updates to the building. No one KNEW it was to be a yearly gift for the rest of eternity! Nor SHOULD it be! During her research, Hazel also found that the highest amount given to any OTHER Library in the county, is $22,000.00 a year, in Kinderhook. Which is far MORE than ENOUGH! So, this must be undone in Lebanon, and quickly. In the meantime, I need to know who came up with that dollar amount and when, and who was sitting on our town board at the time!

     In other news, the two board meetings began at almost the same time tonight and ended at exactly the same time, so anyone hoping to attend both, was S.O.L. Wasn't happening. Kevin Smith brought the issue up with the Czar before anyone even got into the building tonight. The Czar laughed at him and kept right on walking. His usual courteous behavior toward residents. Many of us were voicing our displeasure at the simultaneous meetings, but I heard a couple of Benson Lovers comment that it would "Work Out". For WHO!? For the boards maybe, NOT for the public! Inexcusable.

      Another highlight was the news that our new, Benson approved and hand-picked engineering firm, has been a little high-handed with the town's "Un-Escrowed" money. It was hard to catch the whole explanation above Doug Clark's fifty excuses for the engineer's actions, but the crux of the issue is that the engineering firm took it upon themselves to perform work that the town had not requested or approved, to the tune of $8,000.00 ! That's $8,000.00 billed by them to the Town! Holy Crap! The Czar tried to smooth it over by saying that he was going to ask the firm to write some of it off, and Clark went on and on about how it was probably good to have these things done ahead of time in case we need them in the future! Nice try, Dougy. They screwed up, admit it.

       One of the applications that we were charged for was  the Galiana Tantric Temple on Salls Road, which may never even come before the board again, who knows? Reminds me of all the tax dollars tossed away on architect's fees for looking at alternative buildings for a new town hall, despite the fact that the board had NO intention of ever considering another site. THOUSANDS of dollars wasted to "humor" the Town Hall Committee.

    Speaking of which, I am also not the only one to point out the shoddy work on the foundation of the new addition, either. The Czar said he has "Taken Care of It", and the foundation will be "ground down to level". The inadequate size of the addition was also brought up by Donna Smith. If you haven't yet taken a ride down and looked at this thing, do it this week. Look at the footprint and try to see all of the following inside it:

1) A kitchen for the Seniors

2) Two Handicapped Bathrooms

3) The Vault

4) Judge's Chambers

5) Conference Room

6)Public Meeting Hall.            45 seat capacity,folks. NO parking space.

       Now, I mentioned last night that there was something removed from the original plans by the Czar, that had to be put back in. This item is an emergency exit door for the Judge's Chambers. Here are the numbers for that little over-sight: $2500.00 just for the door and frame, then another 5K for the deck,stairs and over-hang. Really? What are they drinking?

      They also want to have insulation blown in to the existing town hall, ($6255.00), , new wiring and service boxes for there and the highway garage, (just under $10,000.00), and suggested central air-conditioning for the old building at a cost of $22,000.00. The A.C was shot down for now,even though Brucey doesn't want unattractive window A.C units on his new siding.  I can see the sense in doing the wiring and insulation while they have the siding off, so that wasn't too big a deal. The Judge's door, IS. I think they should install a doggie-door for large breeds and let it go at that.

      There are other, additional expenses, like painting the trim to match the siding color at a cost of $3,057.00.      The cemetery's plight was briefly discussed and will be gone into in more detail at the September Meeting, when members of the Cemetery Assoc. will be present. Seems I am AGAIN, not the only one who thinks the Library money should be used for the cemetery and other more important issues in town. By the way, Hazel learned in her research that less than 20% of the town residents ever use the library. STILL think I exaggerate Mr. M.?

      When the town hall addition was finally agreed upon, the low estimate for the project was $370,800.00. With the proposed "extras", we are flirting with $440,000.00. STILL, the "officials" promise it will be kept under $500,000.00. Whoopee.  My estimate? $499,999.99.  The Czar took offense when Donna mentioned the diminutive size of the addition, and he stated that she had been at the meetings when the decisions were made.  I had to wonder how he expects a hairdresser to be able to picture the addition's size from a verbal discussion. Benson is a contractor, Clark is an Engineer. Shouldn't THEY have been the ones to realize this addition would be way too small? What about the Czar's hand-picked engineer that is essentially ripping us off? Why didn't THEY say something?

     They all want their little titles and the illusion of power that comes with being an "OFFICIAL", but they are very quick to pass the buck when things go wrong. The Czar also said in his snotty manner that he masters so well, that "The Original Plan for an Adequate Town Hall was voted down,remember?".  You bet your patootie it was!  $800,000.00? Probably a  million when all said and done. That Judge's Exit might have ended up being a lot more expensive. Brucey thinks that a grant available from the state can be used toward the expense of the door, but he is in for a surprise. I will let HIM find out about that the hard way!  How 'bout the bullet-proof glass around the Judge's bench that they don't know about yet. What will THAT cost us? LOL.  Idiots.

     Now, you also remember my telling you that the Czar attended the Senior's meeting and announced that he intended to eliminate the Deputy Court Clerk? Well guess who submitted her resignation this week? Yup, Darla. Hmm. I gotta tell ya, Darla and I have had our misunderstandings and she REALLY does not like me. However, she did her job, AND she was promised a lot of things by this crappy local government that were snatched away when it came time to fulfill those promises. That is unfair and cruel.

  So other than the Czar who is very rarely  there, we now have 4 people working in our town hall, two elected, two hired. Awful lot of work for 4 people, don't ya think?  In the past few weeks, I have heard some complaints about the salaries these people receive. I don't care how people feel about them personally or what their issues with one another might be, but I have to say that every one of these people does their job and does it well. They put in a heck of a lot of time under severe stress, are always having to go to classes to stay up to date on new rules and regs, etc. They EARN their money. Anyone who thinks otherwise, should DO their jobs for a while before deciding what they're worth.

     There is not enough money in the world for ME to work with Mike Benson, I can tell you THAT! So they are dropping like flies and nothing in this town has improved. In fact, things are far worse than at any other time in the town's history, especially where integrity and morality and ethics are concerned. Yet people seem more concerned with fiscal issues than with integrity. I don't give a rat's behind about money, never have, never will. Money is evil. MY concerns lie in the honesty and transparency issues, the CONDUCT of our officials. Let the others worry about the dollar bills. I will tell you what I hear about the money stuff, but I personally don't care except for the library. THAT infuriates me!  I am who I am and I am not sorry.


Lootin'  Library        8-8-2012

      As I mentioned last night, we have an issue with the amount of money our local library is receiving from the town.  So a number of us in PACT and in the general public have decided to take some action on the matter. We have begun by submitting an official FOIL request to the town for some vital info. We need to know the date of the vote, the results of the vote, and who was sitting on our town board at the time that this award was decided.  Also, we need to see what information the public was given in advance of this vote. Was it clearly explained to them that this would be a yearly donation, or was it mis-leading? I'm told by many, that they understood it to be a "One-Time" donation, not a recurring or permanent one.

     Once all this is determined, we CAN move to reduce the amount. It is up to those of us who are concerned about this excessive amount of our money going to a library used by so few, to let the local library board KNOW how we feel about it, and that we want and deserve a re-vote. If the Library Board agrees to the re-vote, we can HAVE a re-vote and reduce this amount to at LEAST half of what it now is. To me, I believe it should match the amount that the Town of Kinderhook gives THEIR library, which is $22,000.00 a year. They are the next-highest on the list of library support received. NO town gives their library more than that, except Lebanon. We are being robbed.

      So, here's the agenda folks:  Contact Councilman Doug Clark, who happens to sit on the Library Board, and tell him what you think. Talk to your families,friends and neighbors about the issue and ask them to contact Doug as well. The Czar wants the belt tightened, let's tighten it! 


 It  Just  Gets  BETTER !             8-10-2012

    Happy 31st Birthday to my only child !  Welcome Home to Stay, Meg Robertson! 

                    Now for the daily update if you think you can stand it! LOL! Much needed rain finally fell, and it fell especially hard on the Benson property on County Rt. 5. In fact, a good deal of said property ended up in the road. Boulders, dirt, and whatever else . I DO feel that the mess made by his summer of demolition and digging was his responsibility to clean up or finance the cleaning-up. To his credit, he DID have it cleaned up by some of his slaves.

                   For a 'Contractor", the Czar seems pretty clueless about how to prevent washouts at freshly- dug construction sites. Almost as clueless as he seems to be about the inadequate size of the Town Hall addition, or the excessive cost of installing that exit door for the Judge's Chambers. ANOTHER thing the Czar does not seem to realize is that I can smell a lie like a fart in a car. I knew, the minute he reported what the new engineering firm had done with no escrow funds, that he had approved that work without the board's input or vote. When Dougy fell all over himself trying to make excuses for what happened, it was only MORE proof that they were hiding yet ANOTHER unilateral action taken by the Czar. Today, that was confirmed for me. Not only was it confirmed, but it was also made clear that the Czar was told SEVERAL times, that he could NOT do that, and that there was NO escrow fund for any of that work! So what did he DO? He went ahead and did it anyway! Now the bill of $8,000.00 is on the backs of the taxpayers in this town.

          I think HE should pay the engineering firm from his PERSONAL accounts, anyone else? He obviously cannot follow the rules or take advice from those who DO, but he has zero consideration for the purses of the residents. Much like his speeding in the park. This was brought to his attention, and his reply was, "I can't get anything accomplished by obeying speed limits"  !!!!! SPEEDING in the PARK, where children play, people walk and jog and bike. Yet HE is above the LAW? HE wants to impose a SMOKING BAN in the park where he refuses to obey the laws that already exist and involve the safety of our kids?!?! What IS it with this guy?

         Now, remember that the town board voted in public meeting to put out to bid, the painting of park buildings? Okay.  Yet, while this procedure was going on, the Czar decided , AGAIN on his own, to email three interested parties and get their bids. THREE of his personal choices. He then went ahead and HIRED a painter of his personal choosing, and bids are still being submitted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh, this is not even the BIG mis-step the Czar has made this month already! I have a HUGE issue that we are saving for public meeting! In fact, there are TWO huge issues we are hanging onto. You might want to secure a seat at the meeting on next Tuesday.

         Moving right along, we are also back to the issue of board members who miss more than 25% of meetings. Matt Murnane resigned as a result of his absences. Kathy Murnane has not. Being that it is the embattled Ethics Board she is absent FROM, it is probably moot at this point anyway. HowEVER, we have ANOTHER member who has missed more than 25% already this year to date, AND, has not lived in Columbia County for at least the last six months. Meaning, that he must GO immediately. That person is the one and only John Dax.  Bye-Bye John!

        One last thing I would like you all to put under your hats and ponder this weekend. Our new accounting firm, hand-picked by the Czar after he unceremoniously fired our old one, was reported as having been the same firm used by the Czar's Construction Company. Which of course, constitutes Conflict of Interest. So we asked the Czar, point-blank in a public meeting, if this was in fact,true. He sneered and said "No, it is not".  Enough said for now, just remember that for me,okay?

        Also think about THIS; A man who can and will look you directly in the eye and tell you a bold-faced lie, is not worth the dirt he stands on. He can NEVER be trusted or believed. Those who support the lies and defend the perpetrator, are worse. As in the case of our illustrious Deputy Supervisor. Scan back through the pages of this website from December of 2011 to the present and think about all the outrageous things that have occurred in Benson's seven months. These are just the things I can TELL you! REALLY think about it, and then think about Obama's four years. Your vote matters.

                          God Bless.   JJ


 Thank You, Lord!      8-13-2012

   I'm sure everyone has heard by now whom Mitt Romney chose as his running-mate? I could not be happier, unless he had chosen Allen West.  This excellent choice of a solid Conservative has won us the Catholic vote all across America. Romney's quiet reserve will be nicely off-set by Ryan's personality and strength. What a Conservative Combination and what promise for those of us who still love and support our country and her traditional values!!!  Keep up the prayers, my Christian friends !

      Tomorrow night is going to be a very tough Town Board Meeting. There are so many big issues that need to be addressed and so many folks that I already know intend to sign up to speak. Prepare for a long one. There is now yet another question that needs answering, and from what I understand, Dougy is trying to get answers today in preparation for the meeting. The question is; WHERE are the Hoosick Valley Contracting workers?  NO work has been done on the town hall addition in two full weeks. New lumber sits stacked outside in the weather. EXPENSIVE lumber.

    The foundation remains as wavy as the Pacific in a hurricane and the newly-poured floor is still higher than the foundation. Yet, dust from the dirt parking lot is beginning to collect on the project. NO ONE seems to know why. I bet the Czar knows why!

   I am going to go ahead and tell you a bit about the issues.

        Apparently, concerning the bids for the painting of the park buildings, the notice for bids was never published in the papers despite the vote by the entire board to do so. What the Czar DID, was go ahead and contact three candidates by email and hire one on his own, without there being any ADVERTISEMENT of the job.  BIG no-no!  Several bids came into the clerk's office un-solicited, proving that they had been "personally" contacted by the Czar. ONE of these bids was not even put through the Clerk's office, but went DIRECTLY to the Czar himself! The bidders are as follows:

1) Dream Builders

2)Don Sears

3)Kevin Pratt

4)Steve Kolonics (this is the one that went directly to the Czar)

                   So, there's THAT issue. Collusion,folks. Moving right along, I have been given the go-ahead to address the issue involving Howard Commander and his appearance in court last week.  WHY was Howard in court again? He was served a summons to appear for "Operating a Campground without a Permit".  LOL!  He was told in front of witnesses,  that the Town Board had voted "UNANIMOUSLY" to serve him the summons. However, no such vote ever took place, not in public and not in executive session. Yes, I confirmed this information. So the Czar AND Dougy, both LIED to Howard about this vote!

            Furthermore, Howard was verbally granted the campground permit in the Spring, and I was THERE when it was. May 6,2012. I took note that at the end of that ZBA meeting, John Dax made an issue of the fact that Howard would not have the "conditions" of the permit met in time to open for the season. He asked Howard if there would be overnight camping, and Howard said YES. Dax sneered at him and said, "Oh, REALLY?!" I knew then, that Dax would not let it lie.  Howard did everything required of him to meet the conditions, and the remainder of the conditions were in the hands of D.O.T re: the crosswalk widening and the lighting.

        Knowing that Route 20 was to be paved, as they are doing right now, D.O.T stated that they would address the crosswalk and lighting AFTER the paving was complete. Should have been the end of the story, right? Nope. Though NO time limit on meeting all the conditions was ever set by the ZBA, they still went ahead and had Howard served a summons after an "Order to Remedy", BOTH at the direction of the Czar. Yeah, the same guy who got a DEC permit to build his pond, but not a Town Permit. IS there a requirement for a Town Permit to build a pond? We are trying to ascertain that. Town Codes are vague in the area of ponds and pools. Yet, Benson never ASKED, either. Now that pond and the removal of so many trees and so much soil, has caused TWO mudslides on Route 5 in the past week. What will it be like when it FREEZES on the road?

        Dax and his personal vendettas have been too big a problem for far too long, but his luck has now run out. He has TWO issues that will take him OUT of office in our town. Residency and absences. The codes are clear on these issues and they can NOT dance their way around them THIS time! 

     Also keep in mind the $8,000.00 owed to the town engineer for work that was NOT board approved or ordered, and that there was no escrow for, so you KNOW who DID approve it. We also know who should PAY for it, don't we?!? Good time to run off on vacation, huh? If I were the Czar, I would be away right now too!   I DO believe it is time for Benson to resign. Not by any means would Dougy be any better, but a Special Election would be in order.  Maybe we can send Obama back to Kenya and he can take Benson with him.  BE there tomorrow night!

P.S ( I just received the Agenda for the meeting. They are actually DUMB enough to OPEN this meeting with an Anti-Smoking Liberal from the county !!!!!!  As if we aren't going into this meeting angry ENOUGH, they open with another Communist to take away our rights. ! )