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 Grow UP, Benson !!!!!!!!!                                                              11-1-2013

Okay, let's try this AGAIN ! I have typed this Blog twice now and lost it twice. Gave up in frustration until the new day dawned. I'm going to begin as originally intended before I saw Benson's latest elementary school tactics. We'll get to THAT!

This election, MY family, friends and neighbors are voting for Matt Larabee for Town Supervisor and Kevin Smith for Town Board. We know with zero doubt that Brucey recruited Mrs. Hanna, like he recruited another of his neighbors to the ZBA. They are both nice women, no doubt of that, but neither ran for a position because it was their OWN idea or desire. It was pressure from Brucey and Jeannine. Same is true of Evans and Schuster, recruited by Mike Benson via their LVPA connections and of course, Dan's mom being Benson's “Confidential Secretary”. It also helps Benson that they are both young and he can bend them to his will as we saw at the Meet the Candidates when the Evans kid had a Freudian slip.

Everything Matt Larabee has claimed and stated in this campaign has been transparent and truthful, unlike Benson. Benson the Bully has sent two NEW postcards into our homes this week full of incorrect and false statements. The larger card literally DRIPPED with Crony-Love from Dougy, Jack Yurish and Bob Weber. Each one of the three LIED in their statements of support for Benson.

  1. Doug Clark:

The incumbent Councilman who is rarely, if ever seen at board meetings any more since he took a job with the City of Pittsfield's Dept. of Economic Development. Right, he no longer works for his wife's local engineering firm.

Dougy is claiming that Benson has “United the Community”. LOLOL!! Oh, REALLY? This little town has never, EVER been more divided than it has been since the arrival of Mike Benson two years ago. Right after the first Benson for Supervisor sign went up, this town began to split right down the middle. It was a deliberate, calculated and pre-meditated division, much like Obama's attempt to escalate Racial division through the Trayvon Martin case. Benson and his members of the LVBA had been meeting for months prior to Benson moving here. Sometimes at Benson's Albany office at B.C.I and sometimes in his private Conference Room in what was once his father's barn on Rt. 5.  Benson wooed these Sheep with promises of big money to be made by developing New Lebanon into a Tourist Trap for the Wealthy outsiders. He played up to the local contractors, developers and owners of related businesses and they gulped down the Kool-Aid and pledged allegiance. Bought and Paid for.

In September of 2011, our town was suddenly awash with Benson campaign signs, every mile of every road and Billboards the size of a small truck in town and in West Lebanon. Many locals were NOT pleased, especially since most of us didn't even know who Mike Benson WAS !

He had moved away from Lebanon over 20 years ago. So who WAS this stranger who thought he could bull-doze his way into town and attempt to grab its highest political office ? As the days passed, neighbor turned on neighbor, friend on friend, and even family member against family member. Many of those broken relationships have never healed. Meanwhile, Benson was running all over town shaking hands and lying to the people about WHO and WHAT he was.

First he was a “Local Farmer”, then a “Long-Time Member of the LVPA”, and he had “Never Met” Doug Clark until he moved back to town, and on and on ad nauseum. Lie, lie, lie. His Democrat father, Tommy Benson, was also running around town getting signatures from Conservative Party members to cross-endorse Mike. Mike then signed that petition as “Carrier” and submitted it to the Columbia County Board of Elections. This was Fraud, and he KNEW it, but he also knew that Jason Nastke would see to it that no one knew until the three day period to object to the petition had passed. Object we DID, but the three days were gone and the Fraud was allowed to stand. B.O.E officials stated in an article in the Chatham-Courier, that the petition had indeed been fraudulent and admitted their mistake in accepting it, but nothing was done. It helps to be related to a Congressman even if it is by marriage.  (I still have both a copy of that petition AND the Courier Article if anyone would like to see them.)

The LVBA was busy too, holding Benson Worship meetings at the home of president Fiona Lally on Mill Road, their Audis and Smart Cars making the road impassable many, many nights. They conspired against incumbent Supervisor Meg Robertson and planned a Secret Meeting to be held at Benson's Albany office to discuss the Hannaford Project without Meg. Dougy, Meg's Deputy Supervisor, was elbow-deep in this conspiracy to cut her out of the action, which resulted in his removal as Deputy at the next board meeting. The Secret Meeting was stopped in the nick of time when someone at the county tipped Meg off about it, and the dividing line in town became a chasm.

Now here we have Dougy the Dirty making statements of support for Benson yet again. Look at the mailer posted below. WHAT services has Benson improved? Bringing back our ambulance and EMTs ? Providing a Youth Program, WHAT? What “Facilities” has he bettered? The Town Hall ?!? Do I need to GO THERE ? It's a joke, and a very expensive joke. So Dougy, Mike attracted a “Supermarket”? Could you send me directions to this market? I feel a sudden need for a can of bullshit repellant. New retail store? Surely you can't mean Family Dollar that Benson had ZERO to do with ? Oh, maybe you mean Blueberry Hill Cafe ? YUP, Benson definitely helped bring THAT here! Since Ms. Hunt is a longtime Benson family friend, Mike stood between her and the D.O.T requirements that must be met by ALL new business proposals and she never had to comply. He also canvassed her local competitors and when he learned they were struggling, he assured her that she would have little competition to worry about. He gained that information by going TO the other businesses and asking the owners how they were doing and what he could do for them as Supervisor to HELP. Sleazy enough for ya?

I don't hold Ms. Hunt responsible for Benson's crimes, but I also have never set foot in her cafe and never will. So Ol' Dougy is once again voting across party lines this year? What a coincidence, so am I !!

  1. Bob Weber:

We have spent a lot of money at his hardware store over the years until he waded into the LVBA cesspool and turned on Meg and his town. Another one that got drunk on Mikey's Magic Kool-Aid Mix. Several months before Benson's arrival, I had been having lunch with a friend in Buckys. It was the noon hour and the place was PACKED. Weber walked in and immediately got in my friend's face. He loudly stated, “When do you intend to come in and pay your bill ?!?”. Wow! How very professional and business-like ! Everyone was staring and I felt my friend's embarrassment. Later, I asked him how big his bill was with Weber. He said he had paid it down to $60.00. Gee, a FORTUNE!

That was two years ago, and we have never set foot in Country Squire since.

    1. Jack Yurish:

Come ON, Jack, you served in town government for YEARS, isn't it time to STAY retired? Jack is quite elderly now and he is not the one who will have to live with the consequences of the Benson Agenda, our KIDS are. Jack's support of this agenda is selfish and unfair at his advanced age. It was also unfair that he was appointed to the town Ethics Board this year by the three famous Board-Stackers. Must have been part of the DEAL. By the way Jack, what progress has Benson made that you fear might be undone? WHAT landfill closing? WHEN will you people GET IT that the landfill is NOT closed, and IF and WHEN it ever is, the taxpayers will be hit hard in their wallets. Let's try a little “Transparency”, shall we ?

As an Ethics Board member, should you even BE “Openly” supporting any candidate? A yard sign would be fine, but THIS ?

Now, speaking of signs, I had a conversation with Sheriff candidate, Dave Bartlett yesterday. I sent him the photos of how the Bensons had used HIS signs to block Matt Larabee's. Needless to say, Dave was NOT pleased with Benson and was going to drive all the way out here to fix it. I told him there was no need, I had moved Matt's sign further up the road, left one of Dave's there, and taken the other Bartlett sign home and posted it in my own yard. He was glad to be saved the trip, but he was still furious that it had happened. The two Larabee signs the Bensons removed from lower County 5 by the Catholic Cemetery entrance, have never been recovered. Apparently, the Bensons believe that they own lower County 5, road, Right of Way and all.

This is clear-cut PROOF of the lack of strength, security and honor in THAT arm of the Benson family. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Have you seen even ONE other candidate behave in this way ? Of course not. Mike and Tommy Benson are worms in what was once a shiny apple called New Lebanon. They have literally robbed the people of this town of their voices, their rights, and their hometown pride. Do you REALLY want to give them TWO MORE years to abuse us ?

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I took a ride down County 5 yesterday and guess what we found? Take a look at the picture posted below. Bartlett's signs have now been replaced by Benson signs, sandwiching the Larabee sign between them and blocking it from view. WHY they didn't just steal it like they did the other two is beyond ME. All three were on the public Right of Way. Does it get any more sleazy and immature than this ?

If YOU support Mike Benson and this kind of “Leadership”, you are worse than HE is. Another two years of Benson as Supervisor will finish this town and render it unrecognizable, no longer a peaceful, rural community, but a traffic-jammed, commercialized, liberal destination for the rich and spoiled. Benson and his Fan Club will run over anyone who stands in the way of that, make NO mistake!

How many of you saw the Czar pin the Evans kid to the wall after the Meet the Candidates meeting? The kid's slip of the tongue and failure to stay ON script, did not set well with Benson. I hope for Dan's sake, that he doesn't get elected to the Town Board. He will be selling his soul to Benson and his life will no longer be his own. 

           Take BACK Your Town!   Vote LARABEE !!!


Heatin '   UP!                                                                        11-3-2013

          I'm surprised. Not much surprises me anymore, but this year's campaign HAS.  The past 8 or 10 days have been a mix of the predictable , dirty, last-minute campaign tactics of a candidate that can't accept even the IDEA of losing.  The detestable behaviors and lies of Mike Benson and his supporters have been endless, extreme and desperate.  It isn't worse than the last time he ran, but it isn't any better,either. What it IS, is different. LAST election, Benson was Mr. Importance, Mr. "Look at ME and how WONDERFUL I am !".  The gullible bought the whole act. Not so THIS time! 

         In the past week or so, I have seen SO many letters to local papers about the false claims and statements of Benson in his campaign fliers, statements to reporters and  at campaign venues. Too many people have learned who and what Benson really IS and what he means to do to our town. There are emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, editorials, and LOTS of talk about wanting Matt Larabee to be our next Supervisor. I am impressed and thrilled by the awakening ! This town will not survive another two years of the Benson Autocracy, and I say that with all confidence and NO drama. It's just a fact.

         In the Chatham-Courier online edition, locals have commented below the Gail Heinsohn interviews of Matt Larabee and Mike Benson.  Benson comments are ALL negative, ALL calling him out on the falsehoods he has been sending into our mailboxes by the handfuls. ALL, supporting Larabee.  

         IF, Mike Benson had served the town for the past two years with transparency, truth and respect for the residents who are not wealthy or "connected", I might actually support him and he might not even have an opponent! Benson had an opportunity to do right by Lebanon and her people, to actually BE a Good Leader, but he chose to follow the road of the Tyrant, the Spoiled child, the narcissist, and the snob. He has lied consistently to us all, even to those he is so "cozy" with and is using for his personal advancement.  They just haven't gotten screwed by him yet, but they WILL.  New Lebanon is not destined for Benson's idea of greatness, because those of us who love it here, have raised families here, farmed the land, and walked the fields, already see Lebanon as great.  It has always BEEN great, until the past two years. 

        Before Mike Benson, this was a peaceful, quiet, community where folks didn't fight about every little thing, no one threatened to take anyone else's property through Eminent Domain, or force development that we don't want, need or can afford.  We still had mis-conduct among our councilmen, like Brucey and Dougy, and we had the horrible Stan Koloski, but we also had a sense of "Belonging" to a rural community that was happy just being a rural community. If we wanted to see box stores, sidewalks, traffic, concerts, casinos, and tourist attractions, we drove to where those things were. Then we came home to our quiet town, away from all that noise and confusion and had NO desire to bring it home with us!  Mike Benson wants to bring it all here and THEN some, and WE will pay the price financially and aesthetically. 

       Benson wants these things in Lebanon not to create jobs or lower the tax base, he wants it because he NEEDS it to further his political aspirations, to build his "resume' ".  He will claim it as a "Success" , a "Triumph" of the Great Mike Benson, the "Promise-Keeper". Just read his fliers, look at the statements he makes about his "Accomplishments" that are not even true!  Then look again at the pictures of the little Matt Larabee sign buried first between 
Bartlett signs, then between Benson signs. Yeah, it's a small thing to some, but if you REALLY, REALLY think about it, it is a HUGE red flag. It is a sign of an unhealthy mind, an immature and angry mind, a poor-sport mind.  Leaders don't DO things like that unless they have personal and emotional issues, which means they are not FIT to lead.  The ONLY candidates whose signs were tampered with or removed this campaign, were Matt's and Trina Porte's, BOTH people who Benson abhors and sees as threats. NO other signs were touched, no one bothered Benson's signs, and there were NO other issues with ANY signs but Matt's and Trina's. Doesn't that TELL you something?

         I am posting the latest two letters of support for Matt Larabee that I received just today. They are only two of MANY.  The curtain has been pulled and the Great Oz exposed. The PEOPLE want their town back, their peace back, and their voices back. Matt Larabee will give that to us, and it won't matter how much or how little we have in the bank, or where we come from. Matt won't discriminate, he won't play favorites and he won't lie to us or hide the facts. Matt won't spend our money without our blessing, and he won't hire people and firms without board input. He won't hold "Secret Meetings" or make threats, and he will never, ever abuse town employees. Matt Larabee will look out for our kids, give them a place and purpose all their own, and yes, he WILL continue to fight for a supermarket and pharmacy as well. He is approachable, loyal to this town and dedicated to its rural preservation. The fact that Matt is a life-long local from a family that has been here for generations, a blue-collar worker of humble means, and familiar with the town inside and out, makes him exactly what we need to re-unite this community and make people smile again. We NEED a REAL person with HEART as our Supervisor, not an ice-cold outsider. The past two years are clear evidence of that.

        Our Town Board needs change as well, desperately. With the resignations of Dougy and K.B, we have an immediate improvement already! Two down, one to go.  For too many years, the same cronies have been doing the same detrimental things, over and over.  We need new blood, experienced people who have stayed current with town issues by attending meetings regularly, and staying involved in the workings of this town, and been active in making positive changes. Which is why I support Kevin Smith and Trina Porte. Both of them meet all the criteria I mentioned and neither of them has ever done anything but try to keep the officials of this town transparent and honorable. BOTH of them attend meetings like clockwork and offer positive ideas and solutions to some of the problems we face here. Both of them take the time and effort to research the issues and facts and follow protocol and codes. 

      Young Mr. Schuster might be a nice kid, but he has NO clue. He and Dan Evans have never attended any board meetings or been involved in any town issues. They aren't ready yet. Maybe in another two years, but definitely NOT this time. Irene Hanna is a nice lady with good intentions, but she too, has no political experience and never attends meetings. Not EVER. Chuck Geraldi is a good man and I like him. He has done a great job on the ZBA and always holds the rest of the board to the rules. Still, though I have supported Chuck for Town Board in the past, I am leery this time because of his recent appearance of friendship with Benson. When I see two people's campaign signs touching one another in more than one location, I see an alliance. That concerns me, as it is true of Geraldi and Benson signs this year, as well as Benson and Evans.  Red Flag !

       The people need to "Trust" their officials to do right by them, and we have not seen that from our Supervisor in the past two years, or our Town Board in MANY years. Isn't it time to change the guard and try something new? New faces with experience and a heart for this town, for our kids, and for transparency. Benson and Jack Yurish both said something about turning the clock backward. In some ways, that would be a blessing. Let's go back to supporting TRUE locals for our town government, and put an end to the corruption, cronyism and nepotism once and for all.              JJ


Hello All-- I'm asking you to vote on Tuesday, November 5th--polls open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.--for Matt Larabee to be our next Supervisor. Matt will not deceive you, will not disrespect your ideas, and Matt has been a volunteer to help everyone as a firefighter and in many other positions in our town for 30 years--for his entire adult life. His sincerity and his forthrightness are 100%, and his only reason for wanting to be Supervisor is to make our town better.
I'm writing this to you because the cards sent in the mail and the newspaper interviews done by Mike Benson are deceptive and don't match the way he has behaved. He has disregarded our concerns and our ideas at town meetings, and he has put us in debt for over 1.5 million dollars in less than 2 years. I don't think we can afford any more of his administration, and I'm not okay with his disrespectful behavior and unilateral decisons, so that is why I'm voting for Matt Larabee.
This is the email address I will use going forward, whether I am your choice for Town Council or not, for anyone to contact me with concerns and ideas as a public servant to all of you.
Thank you for voting, and for making our town such a beautiful place to live. Trina Porte, running for Town Council.

Dear Editor,
               As New Lebanon voters head to the polls this Tuesday, I ask them to carefully consider the choices for our town's supervisor. Supervisor candidate Matt Larabee has been a resident of New Lebanon his whole life, personally serving the community now as vice-president of his family's heating business, located in full view of the town's economic center.
            His interest in caring for the residents through good government, began as representative for the county's Traffic Safety Council, moved to chair of our Ethics board, and most recently as an elected member of our town board. As a town board member, he has demonstrated thoughtfulness regarding expenditures, never hesitating to challenge a decision he believed detrimental to his constituents. His willingness to take time and consider the impact of our town's business on residents, clearly points to Matt's readiness to serve as our next town supervisor. This election is an opportunity for positive change, one the town cannot afford to pass up if we truly want to grow as a united community.
            One daunting task looming on the horizon will be to establish a plan to pay for our landfill's closure, that three years ago was estimated at $2 million. An agreement signed by our current supervisor states the county will pay $600,000 towards that cost, with the remainder committed by the town of at least $1.3 million. This does not mean the landfill was successfully closed as so many believe. This is only an agreement, that merely provides the method through  which the closure will be financially accomplished. Sadly, the town will be liable for the cost almost in its entirety, since the county's contribution is our contribution as county taxpayers! Based upon his knowledge of finances through his family's business, Matt Larabee is well-positioned to move to the next level, the actual closure. He is aware that in order to meet this cost without disasterous financial collapse, the town will require a substantial tax increase that will affect all income levels, including that of the town's seniors who comprise 25% of the population. Matt will seek out businesses that will ease the tax burden, and not only contribute to the tax base, but employ town residents, the last being a policy sadly not practiced by the new Family Dollar store in town.
            A very disappointing reference was made in a political flyer, regarding Matt Larabee's choice as supervisor being tantamount to "turning the clock back" and was something "we could not afford to do". When the New Lebanon voters go to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th from 6am until 9pm, I urge them to remember the town clock will go forward with a vote for Matt Larabee, and that the only time the clock will be turned back is in the Fall, during Daylight Savings Time.
Margaret Robertson
New Lebanon
(former Town Supervisor 2008-2011)


A Few Comments to Benson Interview- Chatham Courier

 1)Mike Benson is, once again, lying. He had nothing to do with New Lebanon's involvement in the Forest Legacy Project. That project is a grant that the Columbia Land Conservancy applied for in 2011, two years before Benson was elected. Then-Supervisor Meg Robertson and then-Chair of the NL Conservation Advisory Council Trina Porte both wrote letters of support for that grant, when the CLC [who did receive that grant] came to a NL Town Board meeting to inform the public about their grant application because it included parts of the town in it. Benson also doesn't stand up to the DOT. In a memo written by the sidewalk project engineers, it states that Benson [and Doug Clark] allowed the DOT to leave State Route 20-22 in New Lebanon off of their current repairs list if the sidewalk plan Benson and Clark were negotiating for had the Town of New Lebanon take responsibility for those repairs instead. I could go on and on, but instead I'll just say that this kind of deception and abuse of power is why I'm voting for Matt Larabee for New Lebanon Supervisor.

Edited by staff. 


 2) WHY is it that Mr. Benson continues to attack the Town Clerk who has been an exemplary worker for YEARS until he buried her in extra work and fewer hours for an assistant? The "Economic Development" Committee he mentions was organized, manned, and the Chairman appointed by Benson with ZERO input from the people, the same people who have made it VERY clear that we want NO sidewalks or "Tourist Attractions" ! He "Stood Up" to the D.O.T? Sure, by requiring SOME new businesses to comply with DOT regs, but not the new businesses that happen to belong to his "Friends". By the way, WHY is the Benson family tanking his opponent's Campaign signs from the right of way near their County 5 home and "Hiding" some by sandwiching them between Dave Bartlett signs? I HAVE the pictures at www.PACT.yolasite.com. Look under the bottom listing named: "Benson Crosses the Line". Vote Larabee for Supervisor of New Lebanon !



 3) Taxes, like everything else increase. Local people are making a mistake though in electing people from a much higher income bracket and from areas where average earnings far exceed what is here in Columbia and Rensselaer Counties. They move up from Westchester where the house they pay $3,500 annually here would pay $12,000 and feel they have a bargain so let's throw in some amenities and increases that will only raise the levy to $7,000. Fine for them, but the poor guy walking around in a barrel up here and getting paid $12.00 to 20.00 per hour is getting crucified. VOTE LOCAL. Prove you still have a brain in your head..


Today is the DAY !!                                                                     11-5-2013

                        Well, this is IT. The day that will decide the future of our town. Will we win back our right to have a say in what is done with our tax dollars again or we will have to continue fighting for our rights as residents for another two years ? Will we triumph and regain transparency and public service, or be forced to keep using "moles" to see what the Supervisor is REALLY up to ? 

                         I am praying, HARD, to see our town hall employees smiling and laughing again, the abuse, bullying and intimidation ended, and  for ALL residents regardless of income, title or address, be treated with respect. So many, small-town niceties have been lost under Benson, too many to list, and we need them BACK. 

                        America is on life-support and what we do at the local levels is what will decide her eventual fate. If the Conservative, Patriotic and Christian People join hands and step-up, we CAN revive our country, restore Common-Sense AND Common Law, and once again be the strong, safe haven of the world. It can only be done from the bottom, UP. It has to begin with you and me. It starts with the farmer, the truck-driver, the waitress and refuse collector. It begins in the churches, the senior centers and the VFWs. It HAS to start in our own communities and then to taking back our states. 

                        We are Americans, and REAL Americans have never been known to quit. We do not look away from challenges, we do not bow, and we NEVER surrender. Be a Real American.     We'll talk tonight after the final count is in.      JJ


Here We Go AGAIN !!!                                                      11-6-2013

      So here we are, back where we started, and WHY? Two reasons;  1) Lebanon now has a Liberal and Brain-Dead, (Redundant?), majority.  2)  Benson has MONEY.    Betcha didn't know Benson paid for Dan Evans campaign materials, did ya?  He DID! He bought that kid like a rich Hollywood star buys a newborn. I wish Dan luck, I really do and I hope he thinks for himself and follows his own heart, not the Czar's demands. Poor kid has sold his soul to the devil and doesn't even know it.

    Hey, you know what else? Now that we have three firemen on the Town Board, no votes on anything related to the LVPA can be made by the board. LOL!  Idiots. So I'm told that there are still over 100 absentee ballots to be counted in the Supervisor race, so who knows, we could have a November surprise. Realistically though, Benson got 50% of the absentees last election and the majority of those are his rich, city cronies and Florida snowbirds.  Less than two-thirds of this town's registered voters bothered to vote as well, which is shameful. There is NO excuse NOT to vote. 

      This will be an interesting year ahead. We now have a 20-year-old puppet on the board who has ZIPPO experience in civics, is bought and paid for by Benson, and whose mom is Benson's Secretive Servant.  We still have Brucey- the- Lifer, and of course Chuck Geraldi whom I hope will stay true to his Conservative beliefs of the past. If he does, we have a 50-50 chance of getting things done the RIGHT way around here.  There is a LOT to do and a LOT to stand against. 

       We didn't get the results we wished for, the honorable government we deserve, but we DID get a clear picture of what we're facing on the road ahead and how to best face it. You didn't think we were going to all go home and lie down now, did ya? Benson is still the same liar, abuser and code-breaker he has been for the past two years. I keep seeing him that night after the board meeting at the firehouse when he told us he was NEVER going to run for re-election in this town. It was the same night he admitted what he had done to bypass D.O.T in favor of Blueberry Hill. The only reason he DID run again, was because Steve McLaughlin didn't run for Senate and leave the Assembly seat open for Benson. LOL!  That, and the fact that he now "owes" the rich tyrants that are backing his agenda for Lebanon. 

       The Liberals have spoken, they got their King back, but do not think that We the People are finished. No quitters HERE. It's just getting interesting now.  Another plus to this election was that we learned who our REAL friends are and who we need to avoid. We all worked very, very hard to make it easier to save our town, and we still WILL save it, it will just be a little harder and take a little longer. It's always vital to have a plan ready for any eventuality, and we did, and DO. We are not shocked, we are not in mourning, and we are not down-trodden. If anything, we are more determined than ever. 

         Some folks finally admit that there are sheep in wolves clothing around every corner. They wouldn't HEAR it, but now they KNOW. Some learn less quickly than others, what can I say? LOL! So I have a message for the Liberals, and the Sheep who voted for Benson a second time:  "We are not going away. You won a skirmish, not the war, and the war is ON.".  Tomorrow night; Budget Meeting. November 13th, Hamlet Revitalization Meeting.  See you there?  The 13th also happens to be my birthday and the meeting might be my gift. LOL! 

        Congratulations to Chuck and Dan, kudos to the other candidates that tried so hard, like Kevin , Trina, and Irene Hanna. Stay involved ! Rest up for a few days, then jump back in with both feet, we have work to do.  To Mike Benson, thanks for the drama, the pictures of your third-grade behavior with the signs, allowing me to show the new Sheriff what you ARE, and for giving us the fresh determination to watch your every move, every day.  I know you are not a man of faith because no man of faith could do the things you do, so allow me to tell you this; Even YOU will face your maker one day and be called upon to answer for your actions. Good luck with that! 

                Good night New Lebanon!    JJ


Gotta LOVE New York!  GAG!


New Liberal Damage


Obama's Agenda- Being Assisted by the Mayors and Supervisors like Benson



As the Stomach Turns                                                              11-8-2013

        Believe it or not, I have actually been laying a bit low this week, or should I say, TRYING to lay low. There are a lot of tough things going on in my personal life that have been hard, and very, very sad, and I'm just tired. The worst is over and things should begin to get better now, but I just thought it would be nice to take a little time to refill my cup. Not happening.  LOL!  The phone still rings and the emails still come. 

        So many folks are literally incensed over the election results and are having a very hard time accepting that Benson is in for another two years. I have to keep telling them that the liberals have out-numbered us in the past few years, and the local voters of good character aren't getting out and voting as they should. So what could they possibly expect?  Surprisingly, a local business owner, NOT a member of the evil LVBA, is SO furious,they asked me how a mere "child" with a drinking problem got elected.  Now I don't know if the drinking issue is a fact or not, but this person says it is a HUGE issue and has been for some time. Hearsay at this point, and I cannot "Prove" the allegations, only pass them along.  I think we'll have to just wait and see. 

      Council members with drinking problems are hardly unique, at least in Lebanon. I could write a list of the ones I know for certain have issues, but I'm not going to.  Abusing alcohol is not illegal unless you choose to drive while under the influence, and any official charged with THAT offense, needs to be immediately removed, but other than that, what can you do? Nothing. So it's a moot subject anyway. 

        Another resident called me in a rage to tell me that Mike Benson had his elderly MOM out picking up his campaign signs. LOL!  What a GUY!  The Evans signs were picked up by the parents as well. Can't you just SEE the testosterone in the air in the Town Hall come January?  Ain't ya PROUD of your Supervisor and Councilmen for being such MEN?  LEADERS !!!! I am SO much more secure in knowing that these big, strong men will be making decisions about the future of our town, aren't YOU ?!   YAAAY !!!  Sometimes I feel like I've gone back in time and instead of being at a Town Board Meeting, I'm really at the Romper Room Show.  Other times, it's like living in the Twilight Zone, or on the set of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".  Zombies and Mummies everywhere!  How can so MANY allegedly "educated" people, be so outright STUPID ?

       If you can tie your own shoes and write your name, you should be able to see the agenda and the players as clear as day.  It isn't HARD, People!  Look around, pay attention, and stop believing the liberal media. Use the heads God gave you and THINK.  Put 2 and 2 together and try to come up with four.  Geez ! If and when you figure it out and  decide you don't like it, stop by and have coffee, we'll talk. You CAN make a difference, here in Lebanon and all across the country.  Never fool yourself into believing that a handful of people can't move mountains, they CAN.  It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. 

      Don't allow sissified, spoiled males to take away your power. REAL men can change the world and so can strong women. It's time for a G.A.G, or "Government Accountability Group" to demand politicians stick to the rules, listen to the PEOPLE, and suffer consequences for mis-conduct and failure to obey Constitutional Law. Let's make 2014 the year to RE-NEW New Lebanon and clean up the swamp in the town hall. Take back your power, and take back your TOWN.  Any REAL MEN out there?  


Enjoy the Pics of REAL MEN below!                   JJ


Just  Sayin' !!                                                                 11-11-2013

         My family is a very small group and in actuality, few of us are even related to one another by blood. My son is of course, mine, but his big, mama's-boy of a father has never been in his life. Another loser who hid behind a badge and gun and abused the public but was too weak and immature to face his paternal responsibilities.   Archie is not related to any of us, he is a long-time, family friend, Godfather to my son and like a big brother to me. He helped me raise Mike from day one.

        My two grand-daughters and their mom came to us as a package deal. LOL!! Mommy was 17 and the girls were 2and a half, and 5 months old. My husband is also unrelated to any of us except by marriage, and his five adult kids are not mine. Confused yet? We have also "adopted" Larry, the notorious evangelist of our local Stewarts Shop, and the off-the-wall Bobby Mittnight, as family. The nine of us come together at my table for every birthday and holiday and random Sundays.  We ARE a family and a close one. With the exception of my husband, we all carry scars inflicted upon us by our genetic families, so we built our own. I think fifteen years of success speaks for itself. 

       Who is to say what constitutes a family, anyway ? If you're a Christian or just a creationist, you believe that we are all members of God's family, connected by a common seed. If you're an evolutionist, you probably believe that we were created by some kind of molecular accident. No matter what you believe, we ARE all connected. So why are we so separated ?     I'm not even going to consider other countries and cultures, I'm focusing solely on America, New York, New Lebanon. People who were born and raised on American soil.  Though each of us is a unique being and that's a GOOD thing, we are still all pieces of the same puzzle. We are all Americans, we share a history and we walk upon the common ground of the greatest, free nation ever to exist. 

         It's important to remember and appreciate the millions of immigrants who came from all over the world to settle and build this country, who gave us a mix of cultures and traditions that blended together, made America, America. It is also important to realize that what these brave people worked, lived and died to build, is a priceless treasure, deserving of our loyalty and fiercest protection. It's called, "FREEDOM". 

         Every member of the American family has reaped the priceless harvest of what our ancestors sowed. Millions of our brothers and sisters have given life and limb to preserve that harvest for those who will come after them, to keep America strong and free, forever and ever. What does that mean to YOU? I would like to know the answer to that question and if I could, I would ask it of every American over the age of 12 years. In fact, I HAVE asked it of my readers many times and in many ways. I have also asked it of a number of Lebanon's youth, and my answer is always a blank stare or the shrugging of shoulders. This concerns and saddens me. 

         Our young people, the leaders of tomorrow, are ignorant. NOT stupid, but ignorant. This is not acceptable to me and it should not be to you. Of even more concern is the fact that the PARENTS of our youth are just as ignorant of our American foundations and vital documents, of the price paid for freedom and their responsibility in guarding it. Every American has a duty to know their rights and to protect them, and pass that knowledge along to their children. Sadly, that hasn't happened for many generations now. I have no recollection of my parents broaching the subject, and I don't know if they learned from their own parents. Happily, I can say that I did not fail in that area. My son and the girls are not only aware of their rights, they could TEACH them. As it should be. 

      At the end of this post there is a link to a brand-new Constitution Study that we can all take advantage of, online. It is taught by a Lebanon resident, Paul Engel . Please consider registering for this class yourself, or sharing it with your family, church group or friends. 

     Ya know, Barack Obama has done more damage in his five years as president than any of us could have imagined possible. Yet we cannot lay all of the blame at his feet alone. MANY evil men have preceded him and worked diligently to lay the groundwork for an eventual, socialist America.  Even a Communist America. They worked slowly and methodically along with many super-wealthy bankers, celebrities, and corporations, being careful to encroach upon our freedoms inch by inch, to avoid exposure of their agenda before they were ready. Many of them did not survive to see the dream realized, but they passed the torch.

        I believe that Obama, in his lack of experience and hunger for power, has moved too quickly in an effort to be " The ONE". He wants to be America's Czar, forever, and in his haste and arrogance, he has over-stepped and awakened the beast known as American Patriotism. Thank God.  Still, if Obama were to be impeached tomorrow, the dangers would  not lessen or go away. Only if he were immediately replaced by a strong, Conservative Patriot, would we see sudden change. Obama sees himself as the Commander-In-Chief" and refers to himself as such every chance he gets. In reality, he is a mere puppet for those who TRULY pull the strings. 

        Obama was carefully chosen and groomed to fill a role, not to be a leader, and he was fooled every bit as much as the low-info voters who elected him. He just doesn't know it yet. LOL!  He is in charge of nothing, never has been, and he is close to having out-lived his  usefulness to those who ARE. Obama is a fool, and he will not be tolerated much longer. 

        Those of us who are loyal to and love our country, must put aside the labels of division, like Democrat and Republican and just be Americans. Eliminate all the little separations and focus on the only one that matters. Are you on the side of Liberty, or Tyranny ? The time has come to choose and take appropriate action. If you open your eyes and look carefully, you will see how many of our liberties have already been stolen. It started with very small things, like taxing, mandating the wearing of seat belts and motorcycle helmets, where and when you can smoke, and even what we are allowed to eat and drink. Now it is our healthcare and a thousand other little things that they hoped we would never notice or object to. One bite at a time.

     Today, we can be fired, suspended from school, and even arrested for calling someone a derogatory name, for professing our faith in public, for disagreeing with deviant sexual behaviors, or wearing a tee shirt with a political or religious statement printed on it. Free speech is being suppressed by the P.C Police and whiners with thin skin and no sense of humor. They are WINNING, too! If we speak out against Islam, same-sex marriage or tell the truth about young, black males and crime rates, we are "Racists". If we attempt to expose the dirty little doings of the DHS, IRS, NSA, FEMA, or the truth about NDAA, we are labeled "Kooks" or "Conspiracy Theorists".  If only that were true.

       The point is folks, that you MUST know your rights if you hope to retain them and stop the recent tidal wave of assaults upon them. Right now, this very minute, your life and the lives of your loved ones are but a breath away from losing freedom. THINK about that. Imagine your cozy little bubble being suddenly burst by the evil needle of Communism. How do you think your life would change? How many regrets would you have? 

       There is but ONE thing standing between us and a Tyrannical government, and that is our privately-owned firearms. We the People, still out-gun the government armies of DHS and several others, and they know it. IF, we allow ourselves to be disarmed, our freedoms will disappear overnight. Those of us who are working tirelessly to fight Cuomo's unconstitutional Safe Act, are matched by like-thinking patriots all across America. We will NOT comply. We will NEVER surrender our weapons to a government that seeks only to enslave its people.  

        The Second Amendment was written for just a day as this. It is our last and best defense against Tyranny, Socialism and Communism and the evil men who would force it upon us. We, the gun owners of America, are YOUR last defense. Remove the rose-colored glasses and smell that evil.  If you are too weak, too old or sick, or just too afraid to stand up, the very least you MUST do, is LEARN what your rights are and exercise them loudly! Share the knowledge with others and refuse to be robbed of your liberties.  In the words of Ron Paul, "Let it not be said that we did nothing". 

           God Bless and Good Night.      JJ


The Constitution Study


The Government Says "No More Goodies"


In the Words of Harlem Pastor J. Manning



More Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey The Government’s Commands”

Wow, indoctrination tied up as instruction on possessives. This is reportedly part of the Common Core lessons for third graders so it applies to all schools employing those standards.

This is courtesy of Chris Sardegna. In case you question the above, Chris even provides the answer key and a teacher’s power point.

So third graders are learning:
-it is the President’s job to make everything fair
-the people must obey the commands of government officials
-the individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.

Let’s try a new lesson on the use of the possessive.

Common Core’s instruction on possessives is atrocious indoctrination and Common Core’s “standards” should be investigated and tossed.

There, now we did our homework for the day…


Town Board                                                                 11-12-2013

               Tonight's meeting was relatively uneventful, like Town Board Meetings generally are. Which is why so few people regularly attend. Most of the time, these meetings are yawn fests, but OTHER times, no TV drama could compete !  I am bored with budget reports and numbers, I am very inept at mathematics and not ashamed to admit it. I much prefer words to numbers, so I leave the money issues of the town to my husband to watch over. 

               Dan Evans was in attendance this evening and I took the opportunity to congratulate him.  Hey, the kid won and in my opinion, he has a hard road ahead. So why not try to encourage him a little now that he is a confirmed board member? I really meant it when I shook his hand, I DO hope he will do well and not be swayed by Benson. His mother stood over him like a nursing lioness when I was speaking to him, and the look she gave me was pretty poisonous, but I guess she's justified somewhat. I DID try very hard to keep her son out of office.  As I said during the campaign, he is too young, too inexperienced, and too much under the Benson spell. He also drinks too much, but so does the majority of our town officials. Time will tell what kind of Councilman Dan will be, but as long as he does the job with honesty and integrity, he will get no flack from ME.

              Privilege of the Floor is almost always worth the wait and tonight was no exception. Scott Larabee reminded the Czar that he won this election by a mere 10%, and that's without the absentee ballot count yet to be done. Scott stated that Benson needs to realize that the numbers show that half the town did NOT vote for him, because they know he doesn't care about their ideas or needs. (among other things). So he warned the Czar to turn over a new leaf and be a Supervisor to ALL the people, not just those who support him. 10 points for Scott !  The Czar said nothing, and simply moved on. 

            Trina was up next, and she asked if she could continue to sit as she spoke. Benson replied, "I don't care if you stand on your head".  I will refrain from saying what I'm thinking right now. Anyway, Trina read a letter she had written to the Czar about his treatment of the public and especially of the members of other boards, and ended by saying that she hoped to see him have more courtesy and consideration in the coming two years. 10 points for Trina!  Both Scott and Trina were polite and to the point, and Benson ignored them in his usual arrogant manner. That's fine, Thaddeus Flint was scribbling madly on his notepad. 

            It will be interesting to see the final count after the absentee ballots are in. I have no sense of how it will turn out, but it will be still be fun to see what the final count is. Tomorrow night at 6:30, the Hamlet Revitalization Meeting will be held at the elementary school.  How very sad that we spent half a million dollars on a new meeting room, and still have to "borrow" space for large meetings. Especially when Benson complained so much about being forced to use the firehouse and ALH. How much better-off are we now?  I hope the Conservatives in town will get off the couches and attend tomorrow night, as this project is costing us no small amount of money just to "LOOK" at. This idea and the Economic Development Committee are the two, most serious things we need to watch. 

           The mysterious EDC is the very group that will work tirelessly to morph our town into a tourist trap, and the Hamlet Folly is a big part of that agenda. If you care about that at all, you need to commit to attending these meetings. Benson's re-election has given him the time he needs to complete his take-over of New Lebanon, and it is now up to those of us who treasure the rural flavor of our town, to tie his hands.  It's getting cold and dreary now, and the sun goes down early. This is the time to get involved. 

           Sleep well, New Lebanon.            JJ


Remember What I Told You About Hillary Being a Killer for YEARS?  Here's a little something for you.


  PART 2




 Common Core and Hamlets                              11-13-2013

                 Tonight is the Hamlet Revitalization meeting at 6:30. I'm going, but not because I want to. I would much rather spend a quiet evening at home, as it is after all, my birthday.  Still, I feel an obligation to do what I repeatedly ask others to do, and stay involved and informed.  This Hamlet B.S is the core of Benson's Utopian dream. We should ALL be informed!  I will return to this page after the meeting and relate what I heard and learned there. 

                 In the meantime, I wanted to be sure to remind parents of the official, Silent Protest planned for November 18th at the NYS Board of Education. This is to protest the Common Core Curriculum and Socialist indoctrination of our public school children. The address is 89 Washington Avenue in Albany and the event will run from 11 a.m through 1 p.m. Identical protests will be held all across the country, same date and time. All parents who object to this curriculum are asked to keep their children HOME on the 18th.  More info posted below. Bring a Sign!


     WoW. Now THAT was no waste of time as I expected it would be. Around 30 to 35 people showed up, pretty much the same folks who usually do. It was a real mix of residents, many of whom are not friends with one another as a result of the Great Benson Divide.  When we were told that we would be breaking up into groups and going into separate rooms to fill out a questionnaire and "discuss" the future of the town, many of us visibly stiffened and looked around , wondering what "enemy" we would be forced to interact with.  LOLOL!!  We were all in for a big surprise.  Not only did the group discussions WORK, they were a small step toward mending the many broken fences among us. 

      My group was interesting, with Bob, Jerry Grant, Judy Zimmer, Monte Wasch, Cynthia Creech, Lori Brashour, Melanie Hunt, Brucey, Eric Wagner, Fiona, Ann Clark, and the Czar, and the little girl who recently bought the land behind the Tilden Plaza.  We did have a moderator from the Behan Group who took notes and got the ice broken. To my surprise, it went very, very well and was extremely informative and productive. It was shocking to see how many of us share the same visions, and how many agree that this town MUST retain its rural flavor and appearance. Everyone unanimously stated that farmland is a Number One Priority, and no one wants the commercial area to spread. 

     We all agreed that we need a Community Center for our youth, and we would like to see properties on the main road cleaned up and repaired. Bob stated that many of the run-down properties belong to older folks or folks who just cannot afford fix-ups or are able do it themselves. I got my chance to suggest a Community Fund and a Volunteer Group to assist these property owners. We need to be a Community again, like we used to be, and I think a lot of that work must be done by city transplants and elitists who have come here and treated the locals like servants. Locals need to give them time to adjust, but it's these city people who need to assimilate rather than try to morph us into a mini-city. When in Rome....

    All in all, everyone spoke to one another and listened to what everyone had to say, and it was courteous and respectful. When we all came back together after an hour and shared what each group had discussed, it became clear that even the majority of the liberals, do not want Lebanon to become ugly and commercial. We want it to be "unique" , memorable, and special, while remaining a small, country town. I admitted to the group that the very thought of Lebanon becoming commercialized with businesses sprawling the length of Rt. 20, terrifies me to my very core. Apparently, I am not as alone as I believed I was. The only negative moment in the whole evening was when the Czar was snappish with the young girl when she voiced her concern about a market being built in her front yard. Leave it to HIM to be the only dark cloud. 

      There were three members of the Planning Board present, ONE member of the ZBA, and  Dougy, Brucey and the Czar, represented the Town Board. None of the "Newly-Elected" bothered to attend.  I am still distrustful of the Economic Development Committee, and the NY Philharmonic fans, as well as the "Tourist Lovers", so I am not letting my guard down. Not a chance ! Yet the "Hamlet" plan is not as scary as I thought. It was interesting how many people objected to the "Miracle Mile" being called a Hamlet.  Even Jeannine Tonetti said that was ludicrous ! 

      Bob and I came home with a new understanding of many things but as I said, we are not going to look away for even a minute. I know the Czar's tactics too well, and with Max Gitter a big part of this, there is still room for much concern. Speaking of the bottom-feeding attorney, we are gaining a "Heritage Center" to be situated in the empty space formerly occupied by Paraco Gas in the Lebanon Plaza.  I found that exciting, until I learned that Gitter is in on THAT, too ! GEEZ ! 

     So, to sum it all up, it was a good workshop and I am glad we went, but I'm keeping my guns loaded anyway. LOL!! The results of tonight's resident input will be presented after the holidays, in early to mid January. I hope more folks will try to be there for that. In the meantime, I am posting a copy of the form we all filled out and discussed tonight, so you can think about it too. Jot down your own ideas and if you want, you can print it and send it to the Behan Group to be included with those they collected at the workshop. No need to put your name on it unless you wish to, just the town. What KIND of businesses, besides a market and pharmacy, would YOU like to see here? Do you like the idea of requiring new business to blend their facades with the rural look of the town? No square box buildings, no neon, whatever? Do you prefer parking in the rear or at the front? Lots to think about.

     One thing we DO need and seems to be agreed upon by the majority, is Senior Living close to town. If, the present firehouse becomes a community center for the kids and local groups, I might even realize my dream of uniting the youth and Seniors. We could offer Adult Ed classes, movie nights, dances, and a million other "Community" activities. No longer would we have just the liberal library and cello concerts, but something for every taste. The possibilities are endless!  Of course, we still need that old-fashioned, family diner like the old Speedway, only cleaner. LOL! Those of us who are not into organics and bean sprouts, would love a greasy-spoon diner to get a 50c cup of coffee and some home-made pie in the evening.  A good 50% of this town still grieves the loss of our old diner. 


                Check out the pic of what is now Jeff VanDeusen's Garage!



Mary Lou                                                   11-15-2013

              Mary Lou Olsen went home today. My first reaction at hearing the news was sadness and a sense of loss. Then I closed my eyes and pictured Mary Lou's face and found myself smiling. No, not smiling, GRINNING ! Mary Lou always made me smile. 

               For many local folks, she was just that old lady that walked through town every day wearing too many layers of clothing as she ambled from her humble home, to the store and back again.  A local "character" who remained nameless and faceless to far too many people.  I've heard Mary Lou described as many things, from "retarded" to "difficult". Those of us who knew her, know differently.  Under those winter hats, heavy coats and boots, was a very aware, awake and intelligent woman.  Was she difficult ?  Undeniably, at times. She had learned the hard way to stand up for herself and her beliefs and never hesitated to do it loudly, even offensively. NO Political-Correctness for Mary Lou and Bless her Heart for it !

                Mary Lou was totally aware of the fact that she was considered "slow" and used it to her advantage very well. LOL!!  That alone, is evidence of just how smart she really was ! It didn't hurt any that she had the complexion of a year-old child and eyes the color of a summer sky, both lending a sense of innocence that shielded her from reprisal. Yet I have seen those blue eyes flash with righteous anger in defense of her God, her country and herself.  She was so much more than met the eye. Quick-witted, brutally honest, faithful, and though she carried many scars from a very hard life, she bore them with a rare, inner strength.

               About a year ago, Mary Lou made it clear that she knew her time was short. She embraced that fact and often said that she was ready, even eager to go home. Her body was tired and her bones hurt. Yet she was obsessed with a troubling question in her final days. She wanted desperately to know how God managed to hear SO many prayers at one time, and yet sort them out and answer each one.  I told her that when she got to Heaven, that should be the first thing she asked Him. 

             I betcha a buck, she DID !  


A Privilege or a RIGHT ??                                11-18-2013

     Have y'all read the Eastwick Press by now?  T. Flint never disappoints. He is fair, never takes sides, and reports the events AS they happen with no spin. Mainstream Media could learn a lot from this kid.  Those of us who were present at this past week's Town Board Meeting were nauseated by Benson's smug grins when he was taken to task for his behaviors.  

       Scott Larabee and Trina Porte were spot-on with their criticisms and honorable enough to tell the Czar in public forum, what they feel SOME of his short-comings as Supervisor have been, and what he needs to change.  They barely scraped the surface of what Benson needs to change, but at least they DID it ! They asked no questions and told no lies. Which brings me to the reason for this post. See that big black and yellow banner at the top of this page?  55% of the residents of this town, do not know what it means. They are mentally incapable of seeing the signs, heeding the warnings of those who DO, or of independent thinking. They are in every sense of the word, SHEEP. 

         A lot of Democrats who were brainless enough to vote for Obama twice, are now sorry. They have finally seen the forest for the trees and regret their gullibility. The Tyranny of the present administration can no longer be concealed, and the excuse- well has run dry. Yet here in Lebanon, where the Democrats are more awake than the Republicans, we see a repeat of the mistakes that have kept us a divided and unproductive town for so many years. We have a town in which half the residents are brain-dead, blinded, and easily fooled. HALF!  Now THAT is scary ! 

         Most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, do not approve of Executive Orders and Singular Decisions by officials who abuse their powers, great or small, to get what they "want". Obama does it as often as he goes to the bathroom, Cuomo does it when the mood strikes, Bloomberg believes it is the ONLY way to "Lead". They are far from alone. So why, in our little town, do the people not only accept abuses of power, but actually support and encourage it?  I am aware that Privilege of the Floor is not required by law, but I don't accept it.  To address or question our officials is not a Privilege, it is a RIGHT!  It is our DUTY to question all authority, especially corrupt authorities. 

         Any town or city, if they so choose, or if the PEOPLE INSIST, can adopt Privilege of the Floor as a right.  Job #1 in Lebanon for 2014. Mike Benson hates this section of the Town Board Meetings and barely tolerates it. He would prefer that we were all his "Captive Audience" at meetings, hushed and awed at his power.  Fat chance!  He also knows  that if he were to try to deprive us of that time to speak, there would be Hell to pay, and he is correct. So he "allows" it. However, he has written "New Guidelines" for POTF and Colleen Teal must read them aloud at each meeting before anyone is allowed to be heard. 

        From here on out, the newly re-elected Tyrant of Columbia County, will not take or answer questions from the public. He will simply smile smugly and laugh inwardly at the knowledge that he cannot be forced to reply to the people or held to account in a public forum. Are you okay with THAT ?!  So let's get this straight; We the People cannot ask a question of our elected officials in a public forum. Hmm. See anything wrong with this? Well, I DO ! So here's what I think we should do. From now on, we can stand and speak during POTF, and let them know we HAVE questions about a certain issue, and if they wish to answer before the public, they can. Otherwise, we will ask the questions via the media, yard signs, and through the Association of Towns. If necessary, we will have attorneys ask. Their choice.

      Of course, there ARE easier options. For instance, the board members can show some cajones and tell Benson to kiss off, and if they want to answer the public's questions, they damn well WILL. Remember people, the Supervisor has but TWO jobs, 1) He is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town, and 2) He is a Tie-Breaker for board votes. ALL decisions belong TO the board as a whole and NOT to the Supervisor alone. FACT! Benson is not allowed to make motions, which he has done countless times. He is not allowed to make laws or codes or hires and fires, yet he has, many times. This has got to stop, and if the board members do NOT hold Benson down to where he belongs in 2014, we WILL. The 45% of us. 

    Another simple way to solve the problem of a Supervisor and/or board that refuses to answer the questions of the people, is to FORCE them to respect our right to a transparent government. We have a right to have our questions answered, in PUBLIC, in a respectful and satisfactory manner, and that is that. A government that hides truths and facts from the people, is in violation of the Constitution and guilty of betraying the people's trust. If they have nothing to hide, WHY won't they answer questions? Benson's singular and unethical move in re-writing the rules of POTF, is a HUGE red flag that he is hiding something. Wow, BIG surprise there,huh?!  So, are we going to take a stand and tell the officials of this town where the bear sh_ts, or do we have to take it further? 

     Chuck Geraldi, Dan Evans, are you listening? I sure HOPE so!  While we're at it, we also have a right to know the name of every person that sits on the Economic Development Committee. Do they take minutes? If not, WHY not? If they DO, where are they and where can we access them? I don't know about a lot of YOU, but I know many,many residents that are not going to sit still for two more years of lies, secrets, and sneaking around by this Supervisor. Not even for a MINUTE. Oh, and another thing; NEXT election, every campaign sign placed in the ground by the Democrat candidates, WILL be monitored by cameras and patrols. No more will Tom Benson be able to steal or hide the signs of his little boy's opponents, no more will anyone get away with running signs down with their cars. You can take THAT to the bank. 

     The LVBA will also NOT be running another "Meet the Candidates" night in this town, that is over. Too many members of that private club are not residents or voters of this town and have NO business endorsing a candidate or controlling the MTC night.  The owner of EZ Mart is an official resident and voter of New Jersey! The Blueberry Hill and Angel's Trumpet owners are from Chatham and Stephentown. Yes, they own their buildings here and pay property taxes, but that does not make them eligible to endorse or vote. I for one, will never shop in their businesses as a direct result of what they did in this town during this election. They should be ashamed to look the people of New Lebanon in the eye.  They are now on the Boycott list with Bob Weber. 

     So Benson won by a very slim margin, but he will come to regret that win unless he cleans up his act, and FAST. The 45% is watching, and we're using a microscope. 




       Now, let's take a quick look at the shooting in Berlin last night. NYSP again. There are a lot of good and honorable Troopers out there and I know quite a number of them personally.  However, they have all lost my trust and the trust of millions of New Yorkers by refusing to stand against the NY Safe Act. They have violated the 2nd Amendment Rights of the people who employ them and are bowing to the Tyrant in the Governor's office. In effect, they are Cuomo's Private Army. 

      Yes, they are told by their superiors and their union, to do as they are ordered. Yet unlike the Sheriffs and Deputies across America, they did NOT stand up and refuse to violate our rights or enforce an unconstitutional law, they bent over. Good little soldiers. For the millions of Patriotic, Gun-Owning New Yorkers, they have declared themselves the Enemy. Though we offerred to stand with THEM if they stood for US, they have failed. The Troopers outnumber their superiors by the thousands, and if they stood together against the Safe Act, there would BE no Safe Act. The sissies folded, and now the people have lost respect for them. 

     The County Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the land, much more powerful than any state trooper, and they have taken a stand for the PEOPLE and the Constitution, and THAT is the law-enforcement agency that deserves the respect of the people. Troopers were intended to work the highways, NOT the by-ways, not our neighborhoods, and that is where they belong, on the highways. I think a family in Berlin might agree. A man was opened fire upon and killed, and there is no weapon belonging to him at the scene. This is a problem. This is why Troopers do not belong dealing with the public, they don't know HOW ! 

     Put them back on the Thruway where they belong, and expand our Sheriff Departments. Cut back on NYSP hiring and salaries and re-direct the monies to the Constitutional Law Enforcement Agencies. Send a message by refusing to have the NYSP come to your aid or in answer to your calls. REQUEST the Local Sheriff's Department to respond. The rest will then  take care of itself.




Truth  or  Consequences ??                                                                                    11-20-2013

                  I generally avoid saying too much about some of the horrendous things our government is up to, and has ALWAYS been up to.  Too many people just do not want to know what is going on, they prefer the false safety of ignorance, to the responsibility of knowledge. Fortunately, I still believe that the majority wants to be informed and awake, that most people are not as easily fooled as recent elections would have us believe.  People of intelligence and awareness all too often make the mistake of tossing their hands in the air in frustration and when voting time comes around, they see no sense in bothering. This is not just a result of defeatist attitudes, or because some people refuse to vote for the "Lesser of Two Evils", though these things do play a part. There is also the recent issue of extreme voter fraud at every level, intimidation by liberal and minority groups, and weak, Conservative candidates that are easily bought.  Failing to vote, even for the lesser of the evils, is a grave mistake. The last four years have been a clear indication of that. 

                            Sadly, these people are the very ones who CAN and MUST make the difference. These are the people who know the hard truths, the imminent dangers, and the history of what happens to a people who give up their freedoms to tyrants. They are informed, awake, and angry, yet they allow their anger to cripple them rather than energize them as it should. I am posting a link below to a video of the Common Core Protest held this week in Albany. The couple wearing the TRT jackets are very dear friends of mine, Catherine and Ed. They have nine children, they are Christians,  and they home-school. I would trust them with my life. Since 2007, when these two good people founded the group, "Hudson Valley Americans for Freedom", they have worked tirelessly to educate others about the horrors that follow when we fail to regulate our government and allow them to regulate US. Like all Truth-Tellers and  Whistle-Blowers, they have been rewarded with ridicule by the liberal left. They are called "Extremists" and "Radicals", when all they have tried to do is INFORM and WARN. Yet they forge ahead, refusing to surrender, enduring the labels of "Conspiracy Theorists" and a thousand other things, for the sake of their children's futures. 

                                      They are far from alone, thank God ! We are MANY, and the numbers are growing by the day. Still, though we do our homework and research, talk to others who know more than we do, and check our facts, we sometimes do hesitate just a bit to expose a good deal of what we know with absolute zero doubt, to be true. Why? Well, the truth is painful, and scary, and the "adults" of today's America are afraid to hear it. So they demonize it and the people who try to tell it. So yes, we do hesitate sometimes, but we never, ever quit. Names are after all, just names, and being labeled a Tin-Hat is better than doing nothing at all.  Hey, if it would get people to pay attention, I would WEAR a Tin Hat just for fun! Whatever it takes ! 

                        Common Core has been a prominent subject in the news since it was implemented in New York this school year. Most of what you have heard relates to the academic issues with the curriculum, and that is indeed, a serious piece of it for teachers, parents and students alike. However, there is an even darker side to Common Core that many folks are not aware of or are afraid to look at.  Academically, CC is over the heads of the students, even the smartest ones. They are expected to know things they have never been taught, not just about the three Rs, but about laws, government, sexuality, and the "Common Good", otherwise known as Socialism. I have posted copies of actual class lessons and tests on this site in recent weeks, and the content is predominantly Progressivism, Compliance with government officials and orders, sexual awareness, acceptance of deviant behaviors, and that independent thinking and goals are BAD. Common Core is a United Nations Program designed to indoctrinate our youth, our future generation of leaders, and hold them BACK. It is meant to make them all the same, no one better or smarter or more productive than another. They are being taught that their test scores will decide what their future occupations will be and how far they will be allowed to go, and that is exactly what the agenda IS. You can look this up for yourselves, don't take MY word for it. 

                        Our children are not being taught HOW to think, but WHAT to think.  Accurate history is no longer being taught, the Constitution is not being taught, responsibility, morality, and excellence are not being taught. Even cursive writing has been stopped, did you know that?  Mathematics make NO sense whatsoever, proper English is no longer important.  Text books and library selections deal with homosexuality, under-age sex, the "Collective Good", and the acceptance of Islam as a proper religion. Government is being lauded as the great "Caretaker" of the people, the "Friend" of children, while parents and their influence are being down-played.  Schools that refuse to comply with the Curriculum once their state implements it, are cut off from funding and teachers who resist are fired. State Boards of Education and the Teacher's Unions are effectively holding them and our children, hostage. Thank you Bill Gates, for funding this evil program.

                              This terrifying curriculum must be ended immediately, and it is not just the concern of parents and grandparents, it is the DUTY of us ALL to demand its removal. Our children are not sheep or cattle and they are not, and should not , all be the "same".  They should not be dumbed-down in an effort to control their thoughts, abilities, gifts and futures.  The role of the parent should NOT be super-ceded by government agencies  and the vital powers that belong to the People should NEVER be threatened, yet that is what we are seeing, IF we are paying attention, that is !  Our kids should NOT be crying and lying awake at night because they fear going to school or feel too stupid to pass tests that are incomprehensible. In short, the Feds and the United Nations have NO business interfering in our public school system, PERIOD.  They do not possess the power or the right to do so, unless WE give it to them ! "Funding" is the culprit here. The federal government "purchased" a say in our schools by offering funding, and the states ate it up. Yet so many parents are seeing excellent results from home-schooling, so exactly WHY do we NEED government funding?  We DON'T !

                             Cut the pork, use more volunteers and interns, involve parents, grandparents, retired teachers and older students, and the states can support their own schools as it was meant to be. Let our Communities operate our schools and lighten the load for teachers. Tell the feds to get the H_LL OUT!  Look, if you want to blow-off the facts about FEMA and the DHS, if you want to go on believing that Obama is an American-Born citizen and that illegal immigration won't break the country's back, go ahead. Continue to deny the obvious socialization of our country, the Islamization, the lack of morality and accountability, the rampant corruption, the cover-ups and lies, that's your choice, but PLEASE, do not ignore Common Core. You have the freedom to think about what you see and hear and decide whether to believe it or not. If you had been educated by the Common Core Curriculum, you would NOT have the ability to assess the news, or form an independent opinion, or make a choice. Is that what you want for America's children? There is no time for delay in this matter, it has been allowed to go on unchecked for too long already. 

                                        Look at the parents and children in this video, listen to what they have to say, and then if you are so moved, look a little deeper. If you are reading this, you have access to a wealth of information on the internet and it is well worth your time, IF you care. If you don't care, you should probably not call yourself an American. Let's take our schools BACK, let's KEEP our kids. It's going to take us all to turn this around. If you need information on who to contact or how to get active in this battle, you can find it on the web or I would be happy to connect you. While you're at it, don't forget to register for the Constitution Study which I will re-post again tonight for your convenience. Knowledge is POWER and the POWER is OURS. 
                                     God Bless.              JJ

Lebanon lost Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Ken Sears this week. PACT sends our sympathies to their families.


Common Core Protest

Constitution Study



 Open Letter to Patriots                                 11-21-2013

Open Letter to my Fellow Patriots 11-21-2013

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the recent Patriot Movement in America and especially in New York. The rising of Conservatives is long overdue, exciting and hopeful, but it is not enough. WE are not enough. Organization and focus are lacking as is strong, unwavering leadership.

90% of the state and federal-level Democrats are literally insane and so are the RINOs that make up a good 60% of the Republicans at those levels. We are trying to surf a Tsunami. If we continue to fight in the same manner we have been, we will be dragged under and drowned. What progress has been made in New York since January ? For all the time, money and dedicated effort we've expended, what has really been accomplished ? Each groups thinks they have the answer, every organizer and assistant organizer believes they are the most effective. In reality, none of us has had a single WIN, or any effect on the issues. Bottom line ? We're doing it WRONG.

We've tried uniting the groups, organizing the organizers and stirring the apathetic. Several times, we tried to break the issues down and create smaller groups to target each one. Nothing has worked. Meanwhile, the liberal-left has continued to assault our freedoms a little more every day, including today, when Harry Reid broke the rules to change the rules!

We now have Common Core in our schools, laws that regulate what we eat, drink or smoke, criminalization of our Free Speech, privacy violations, the NDAA and the Patriot Act, militarized Police Agencies under Gubernatorial command, the DHS, an unconstitutional FEDERAL Police Force, and ever expanding gun and ammo regulations. We still have a president that is a mystery to the people, a liar, and a proven Traitor, and the White House is full of Muslims and criminals, including outright killers. The Safe Act? NOT going away folks, especially not via Repeal. Obamacare, if it manages to survive at all, will be a final death-blow. Yup, we're doing it all wrong.

So how do we do it right ? Well, I'm just an old Patriot and I am not presumptuous enough to think that MY opinion and ideas are the answer. So I've been very busy. I've observed closely the efforts and actions of our groups, our Honorable officials and Sheriffs, and our House Reps in 2013. So much effort, so little payoff. Next, I did a lot of research into the history of Tyrants and Socialist/Communist nations, and the people victimized by it all. When the people lost, WHY did they lose, and when they WON, HOW did they win? I've talked to older veterans, historians, politicians,

pastors, and leaders of large, effective, Conservative groups all across the country. I have received two solutions, and they are always the same ones. GOD and the CONSTITUTION.

We cannot continue to fight this battle unarmed, and I am not referring to weapons. I am talking about the Armor of God and the Power of KNOWLEDGE, the knowledge of what our rights ARE. For the faithful, you KNOW what needs to be done. For ALL of us, we must know our rights if we hope to defend and retain them. Without full and accurate knowledge of our liberties, given to us by God through our Founding Fathers, we are doomed to certain failure.

The answer to every one of the issues we face right now, is a very simple one. It isn't about the Second Amendment, it's not about Common Core, over-regulation, racism, debt-ceilings, illegal immigration, Islam, spying, taxation, Benghazi, Christian persecution, or outright TREASON, it's about ALL of these things and so much MORE. So ask yourselves, what is there that addresses all of these things and prescribes rules and consequences for Tyrannical actions and behaviors?


If every Patriot, every group, every organizer and every dollar was focused on Constitutionality, every issue would be addressed simultaneously, by MILLIONS of True Americans ! We must pool our resources and put everything we have into the defense of our Constitution. Every Law Enforcement Officer, Soldier and Political Official swears an Oath to uphold and defend this vital document, and it is OUR job, the PEOPLE, to hold them to it !! There are three things every one of us MUST do, now, today !


Take a Constitution Class or join a study such as the one I have posted a link to below. It's an online study, it's inter-active and it's FREE. Turn off the television for a couple of hours a week and arm yourselves with knowledge.


Join or support this strong,national group of Constitutionalists. You do not have to be law enforcement or military to join, it is open to all who love their country.

      1. We the People

Join or support this terrific Organization based here in upstate NY and help them to reach their goal of protecting and preserving the Constitution now and for eternity. Their dream is to have a Constitution Center in every state Capitol and to staff each one with highly-trained Constitution defenders.

I know that many people cannot afford to pay for memberships to these groups, but everyone can give their time and energy to help. If we stand by the millions and hold our officials to the Law of the Land, refuse to accept even the smallest violation by anyone in any position, we WIN. We win it ALL. WE can kill a hundred birds with ONE stone ! Do NOT Comply with any law, statute or action that violates your rights. LEARN THEM, carry them in your wallets, your purses and glove-boxes and defend your freedom while there's still time.

Our battle tactics must change and change quickly. The Constitution is Bullet-Proof and we “Aim” to keep it that way. It's the only way to win.

God and Country . No Surrender !

The Gun Granni

Madison's Militia

Constitution Study Link



 Tis  the  Season !!                                                                     11-26-2012

                I am not a holiday person. Not exactly a Scrooge by any means, I just don't deal well with disorder and the holidays are disorderly.The regular routine is disrupted as we are pressured to make room for holiday decorations, shop for gifts that no one needs and few can afford, and bake, cook, wrap, you name it. Too many mandatory events to attend, cards to mail, calls to make, lots of heartburn and way too much pushing from retailers to go into debt. It's not yet Thanksgiving and already I am sick of the annoying TV commercials and Christmas music. Even RUDOLPH has been aired this week ! 

               I think what bothers me the most about Christmas, is the loss of its true meaning. When did the day set aside by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, become a month of chaos and insanity for people who don't even recognize God ? Year after year, someone is killed or seriously injured in stampedes. Mad mobs of greedy fools will literally trample another human being if it means being the first to get a 20% discount on the latest electronic gadget.  Toys for Tots are robbed every year and shoplifting is at an all-time high.  How very joyful, Fa-La-La. 

                People who don't give God a second thought all year round, are suddenly filling church pews on Christmas Eve and going home feeling pious and "cleansed". Liberals go on the usual attack against Christian symbols of the day like public manger scenes then go back to their lairs and salivate over the wrapped gifts under their "Holiday Trees".  Hypocrites. If you are not a Christian, why celebrate Christmas ? Why do you encourage your children to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but not in the Lord ? Have you ever MET the Easter Bunny ? Why do gay couples instigate lawsuits against Christian churches and businesses that will not participate in same-sex marriages, knowing full well that Christians cannot and will not support what God tells us is sin ?  We won't try to STOP same-sex unions, we just cannot endorse them in any way. So, live and let live. 

              Can anyone explain these selfish, double-standards to me? I just don't "GET" it. Since the election of Obama, Christian persecution has exploded in America. The First Amendment is violated by our own government and liberal haters on a daily basis. Obamacare is attempting to force Christians to fund abortion and morning-after pills which are both against our Faith. Yet MUSLIMS are exempted from Obamacare on religious grounds ! Well guess what? ALL Christians and Catholics are also legally exempt thanks to Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights. 

                Don't you think it's time for God's people and churches to wake up and STAND up ? The Bible is very clear about when we are to obey the laws of man and when we are not. When man's law violates God's, we are NOT to comply, even if it means arrest or death. I don't spit on your beliefs, do not spit on MINE.  

                  America has indeed become a diverse nation in many ways and countless religions are now practiced here freely.  I have never met or heard of a Christian or Jew that has persecuted others who believe differently. It's fine to disagree, but not to persecute or cause harm. Everyone who has ever drawn breath was born with the "Natural Law" in their hearts and minds.  Unless there is a serious mental disorder, we are all born knowing wrong from right and good from bad. Too many, choose to ignore that inner voice of conscience.  Ignore it long enough and it goes away like a bully on the bus.

                51 countries have legally outlawed the practice of Christianity and in many of them, Christians are given a death sentence for worshiping or sharing God's Word with others. These killings are carried out every day, including today, but the  Mainstream Media won't tell you that.  However, people from these very same countries can come HERE, bringing their odd religions with them, and are allowed to worship their chosen faith unmolested. HERE, they are given 1st Amendment protection, even if they are not legal citizens, but American Christians are given no such benefit. In fact, if an American even SPEAKS against a foreign religion, we can be arrested for Hate Speech ! Where is the equality in THAT ? Where is OUR 1st Amendment protection ?

                We have a president that is forever memorialized on videotape making the following statement: "If the winds should change in an ugly direction, I will stand with the Muslims". He has, and he continues to. I have heard him defend and support Islam more times than I can count, but never ONCE has he spoken out against the persecution of Christians in America or anywhere else.  He has ignored the wishes of Congress and the American people and continues to send our tax dollars to tyrants and killers of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He just made a dangerous, useless pact with Iran that endangers Israel, but never requested the release of an American Pastor that has been held in an Irani prison for over a year ! 

              Obama has spoken at Christian Colleges several times, and each time demanded that the Cross be covered during his speeches. He has championed the threatening of military Chaplains and Soldiers who dare to speak the name of Jesus during worship or share the Christian message openly, but if a soldier happens to be a homosexual, it is celebration time! Seeing the evil agenda YET ? 

              Look, it makes no matter what you choose to believe or not believe. What matters, is the Freedom of ALL Americans to MAKE that choice. No one, Conservative or Liberal, Black or White, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or SUFI can afford to sit silently by and allow even the tiniest violation of our rights by anyone, at any time, and for any reason. It is the responsibility of ALL of us to protect the First Amendment and every single word of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Christians may be the first to feel the heat, but we won't be the last ! We must ALL , stand. 

               My greatest wish would be to see as many people as possible accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and gain the guarantee of eternity in Heaven, rather than the eternal fire. My second wish would be to see the immediate arrest of any official at any level, that attempts to change or violate our Constitutional Rights. Third wish ? Deport Obama, his family, and his entire administration to Iran for life, tomorrow if not sooner. Even better, if they could take Cuomo, Bloomberg, Benson, Clark and Max Gitter, WITH them!  


Stop the Persecution of Christian Soldiers !!


Albany County Gets Militarized Defense Vehicles



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