DEAR  CONGRESS.......                                                4-20-2014

             We are your employers, and as such, we expect you to do the job you were entrusted and are paid to do.  You have failed the People that you took an Oath to serve and protect, honor and represent. You have failed us by allowing a man with NO allegiance to our country and culture, to assume the highest office in America.

              Barack Hussein Obama has violated the Constitution of the United States of America and by-passed protocol more times than We the People care to count, yet Congress has taken NO action to rein him in. YOU have done NOTHING to address our open borders or the flood of illegal aliens that are endangering the American people physically, financially, politically, and culturally. YOU have failed to prevent the deliberate weakening of our National Security by this un-American president and YOU have looked the other way as he has destroyed our missile defense, the strength and morale of our military, our space program, our education and health systems, our relationship with our allies and even our truthful history.

               Barack Obama has ignored our vulnerable power-grid and crumbling infrastructure, he has increased unemployment, the national debt, and the number of welfare recipients by UNPRECEDENTED numbers.  He has wire-tapped YOU in your own cloakroom, , spied on Conservative Americans and Organizations and deliberately attempted to incite racial division and promote immorality, dependency and ignorance.  Our hard-earned, tax dollars are sent to Middle Eastern countries that promote and support terrorism among a people who despise us, essentially "Arming the Enemy". Last time I checked, this constitutes Treason.

                Obama has hand-picked and appointed Muslims with proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, to high-level positions in our White House and Pentagon and has glorified Islam while attacking Christianity. Congress has done NOTHING.  "Fast and Furious", "Benghazi", the missing witnesses from Benghazi, the IRS targeting, the Seal Team 6 deaths, the firing of high-ranking military officers,  the arming of federal agencies who have NO need for firearms, the creation of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL National Police Force, FEMA Youth, militarized law enforcement agencies, and numerous "False Flag" operations aimed at disarming the people, are ALL Constitutional violations and crimes against the citizenry. YOUR failure to Impeach or Fire, and Prosecute the players in these crimes, makes YOU complicit. YOU are an embarrassment and a threat to your country and the American people.

                  As all of you collect your life-long, six-figure salaries that you have done nothing to earn, veterans and families in America are hungry and homeless.  Our sick and elderly are now expendable under the rules of the Socialized Medicine failure you call Obamacare. Meanwhile, your Teflon Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, spends hundreds of millions of dollars of the PEOPLE'S money, on extravagant vacations, servants, personal security, golf, and glitzy parties with anti-American celebrities as entertainment.  Yet, this president and his minions believe that the American People will agree to be silenced, disarmed, and robbed of their God-Given Freedoms by Executive Orders of a Traitor president? Not likely.

                 I believe that in the very near future, unless Congress grows a backbone and does its job, that the People will unite and physically remove our present senators and Congress people from their cushy, Washington ,D.C thrones. It's in YOUR hands. DO your JOB or LOSE your JOB, it's that simple. The People have had enough of the abuses of this lawless government and are prepared, eager and ABLE to fire their "Staff". 


                                    Your Constitutents