2016 January thru March Posts


Happy New Year !                                                    1-1-2016

                  I wish all of my fellow Patriots, Christians, and New Lebanon Dwellers a Very Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year. 

                   Later today, I will be attending the swearing-in ceremonies at the Town Hall for the new Town Officials. Then, on Monday night at 7 p.m, the 2016 Organizational Meeting will be held, also at the Town Hall. (This is the same schedule as the Constitution Study, but I personally will be attending the Organizational). Joe Ogilvie asked at last week's meeting, what happens at the Organizational. That's a good question if you have never been to one.

                   For me, this is one of the most interesting meetings of the year. When a new Supervisor is in-coming, this is when we get the first clues as to what he or she will be doing differently than their predecessor. What changes will be made, who will be appointed to vacant positions and Supervisor-Appointed seats. Will we retain the same attorney or get a new one, will we keep our present insurance provider and official newspaper, or will the Supervisor select different ones, etc. If you have plans of becoming a new, regular attendee of town meetings, this is the meeting you don't want to miss. 

                     It is also the first glimpse of how your new board and Super will work together as the year progresses. I have seen some boring Organizationals, such as the last one. Since Benson was re-elected, there were no changes to be revealed, unfortunately, and nothing new or exciting to take home with us.  Other years, I have seen some loud arguments and hot-bed issues that brought people head-to-head. No one enjoys being essentially fired and replaced, or to see their friend or relative canned, but it is what it is. Each Supervisor has the option of appointing the people they trust and believe will do the best job. There is about a ZERO percent of a chance that everyone will be happy.

                      Still, if you are interested in local politics at all, try to be at this meeting, it's very informative and sets the ground work for the new administration.

                       Let's hope that whatever happens this year, ALL residents of our town can try to come together in 2016 for the good of the WHOLE town, not just for a select few or the agendas of the most wealthy and/or connected. We are a VERY diverse group of people that disagree on a LOT of issues, but we should be able to compromise on most of them, and we need to give that a try this year. NO MORE SECRECY ! Neither side can have their way 100% of the time, and being willing to give even a little, can make a world of difference in our community cohesion.

                         Please be safe and remember that clean slate you are given each morning. New Year, New Opportunities, and a New Chance to come together.  God Bless our town, our country, and our families.      JJ


 I Swear...                                                              1-1-2016

             Couple of neat things to tell you tonight. 

                      We attended the Swearing-In Ceremony this morning and it was very nice. I was SO surprised at the number of people who came out to be witnesses and to congratulate the new officials ! Claire Brown and Rocky were there, and it was great to see Claire looking so healthy and still as pretty as always. That is one lady that is like a fine wine, she gets better and better with time! I asked her what a beautiful lady like herself was doing with that funny-looking old guy, and she said, "After this many years, it gets too hard to change things."  LOLOL!!!

                       Meg Robertson attended but there were NO Bensons in the room.  Another of our great, older couples was also present, John and Teri Koepp. Mr. John is doing very well despite having suffered a lot of illness in recent years, and his prognosis of this summer is no longer as dire as it was first believed to be. Good start to a New Year! 

                         I am posting some photos of the ceremony for you below, and I also have some terrific info for our Senior Citizens given to me today by Phyllis Hulbert. Phyllis has done some amazing things for our Seniors in her very short time as our Representative for the Office of the Aging. I'm sure she will continue in the position and do even more in the coming year. Finally, Seniors in New Lebanon can get transportation to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and pharmacies when needed, at NO CHARGE! Please share this info with the Seniors in your life that may not attend meetings and won't hear about these services! 

                          Thanks to Deb Gordon for the awesome cookies she provided this morning. They brought back memories of when I was just a little kid and my mom used to drive 30 miles to Cheshire, Connecticut to buy homemade, butter cookies. They were made by a tiny old lady from Italy, and people came from all over to buy her baked goods. Let's hope these will be an offering at Phoebe's Deli when that arrives! 

                           Congratulations once again to all the new officials !

  Farewell to Natalie Cole who passed away today at the age of 65. My son is friends with her former sound manager, and he reports that Natalie was a Saved Christian and is now at home with the Lord. Amen.


           New Lebanon Senior Services for 2016

  1)Transportation for Grocery Shopping, Doctor and Pharmacy will be provided by Dan Lynch. He can be reached at: 646-522-9108. Dan will take Seniors to Pittsfield, Albany, Chatham, and Hudson. 

 2) For non-emergency transportation to hospitals for testing or medical check-ups, call Jim Funk at: 822-8020. Jim has a full schedule and will require notice of needs well in advance. 

 3) For Cancer Treatment Services, call Andrea Bruce at: 822-8741 Ext. 318.

      Objectives are: Free mammograms, Pap Smears, Pelvic Exams, Breast and Colorectal Screenings, for UNINSURED women over age 40 and uninsured men over age 50.

 4) For Mental Health Care call John Lyons at: 828-9446 EXT.1290. 

          Medical Behavioral Health Treatment and Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication management.

  5) Other Services are available at the following numbers"

          Columbia County Dept. of Social Services  828-9411

          Office for the Aging                                   828-4258

          Veteran's Services   Call Gary Flaherty         610-0941 (24 Hrs. a day!)

          Social Security                                             828-1691

           Hospice  Care                                             943-5402



IF he DOES....                                                                1-3-2016

                When it comes to the unconstitutional actions taken by Obama and his administration in the past seven years, no amount of discussion is enough . 

                 There have been many times throughout our history that our so-called "Leaders" have attempted to restrict the Second Amendment rights of the American people, and EVERY time, they were shot down, pardon the pun. If you are not familiar with the Dick Act or the Heller Case, you might want to look into these two decisions. As a matter of fact, it was the brilliant Ted Cruz who argued Heller when he was an attorney, and WON.

                 The NRA is despised by the Left, the same people who love most of the other letter-agencies and organizations. They adore the ACLU, the NAACP, CAIR, the EPA and the BLM, who we will talk about later. Love it or hate it, the NRA is the Number One ally of the American gun owner and the Second Amendment. If you are a real American, you should join and support the NRA, today. 

                  So, the Democrat's President has once again threatened to take executive action and bypass Congress this coming week. We all KNEW he would attempt to do something of this sort in 2016, it being his final year in office and gun control being at the top of his Bucket List. I cannot for the life of me understand exactly WHAT makes him think he will succeed in this tyrannical action when no one else ever has, but we ARE talking about Obama. The man knows absolutely NOTHING about the American Culture, Adherence to the Constitution, the Separation of Powers, or the level of absolute FURY he is about to incite. 

                   Last year, I mentioned that I have always believed that in the final days of his term in office, Obama would do something drastic that would cause mass, civil unrest, allowing himself to implement Martial Law and remain in office indefinitely. This could be it. IF he actually DOES do what he claims he will this week, there is no longer any question, this WILL be IT. The people have had far more than enough of this lawless administration and sissy Congress. The Second Revolution will have begun and the people will do whatever it takes to retain their property, their GUNS.

                   Martial Law will never be accepted in America, and any attempt to implement it will be met with a resistance such as we have not seen on our soil since the 1700s. Very, VERY few Americans have any clue as to the number of Rebels that are armed, trained, and anxious to bring this issue to a head, and most of them are willing to die for their freedoms. This may sound silly to some of you, but believe me, you have NO idea. Every time Obama opens his mouth in public, gun sales SOAR. This has been going on for all seven of his years as president and has steadily increased each year since his second election. Never in the history of America, have so many private citizens been so well-armed, so adequately prepared, to Resist the government. We are waiting in the wings, at the ready, for Obama to push that final button. 

                     I'm sure most of you remember what occurred last year at the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada, when the BLM attempted to seize the Bundy Ranch on false pretenses. Well, several months ago, another, similar situation occurred in Oregon with a Ranch Family named Hammond. The Hammonds had burned-off some of their grazing land as ranchers do annually to enrich the grass for the cattle. The government claimed that the Hammonds had committed arson on Federal Lands and arrested them. In the months that followed, these people have been through a literal Hell, and stand to lose their property. 

                       All the countless violations by the government aside here, the FACT is, that Federal Land is also unconstitutional! These lands belong to the state in which they are a part of and to the people OF that state, not to the Federal Government. Ranchers have had unrestrained grazing rights to these lands forever, well, until Harry Reid came along anyway. Yesterday, the good people of Oregon decided that enough is enough, and took up arms to defend the Hammond Family and the Oregon Lands. Militias within the state united and took possession of an unoccupied, Federal Building in protest. 

                       Unlike "Occupy", unlike the Black Rioters, the Militia has taken no hostages and caused NO damage or harm. What they are doing, is sending a loud and clear message to an over-reaching government that the People will not stand for anymore of their illegal actions against law-abiding Americans. We are DONE. I have a friend who is actually on-scene in Oregon and I have also been monitoring the Live Feed of the events. Organizers are making it very clear that there is to be NO violence of ANY kind, unless the Patriots are fired upon and given no option but to defend themselves. So the ball is in the government's court at the moment. I strongly believe that they will do exactly what they did in the Bundy case, they will retreat, because the truth is folks, they are out-gunned and it is not advisable to fire that first shot.

                       As it will be if Obama over-reaches this week on Gun Control, but magnified about 100 million times. We the People are far more adequately armed than the U.N Forces and the armies of all other countries in the world, COMBINED. Add to those numbers the military, the Constitutional Police Officers, the Veterans,etc., and what chance does Obama think he has? Attempting to disarm the American people or further restrict the Second Amendment on our soil,  would be a very foolish undertaking indeed. 

                         The core reason for private gun ownership is something that cannot be explained to the average Liberal. For them, it is about the manufactured, mass-shootings like Sandy Hook. They truly think that by disarming all Americans, we will be safer. They refuse to listen or understand when facts are presented, such as the FACT that every shooting, the real and the falsified, were committed by mentally ill, heavily-medicated, Liberal Democrats, most of whom did NOT get the guns legally. Bad guys will ALWAYS get guns, no matter HOW many laws are enacted to prevent it. Drugs are illegal, but everyone seems to have them that wants them! Violating the Constitution is illegal, yet the entire Obama administration does it every day! Murder is illegal, but MILLIONS of babies are aborted in America every year.

                           In the new, Liberal America, laws no longer matter, only "Feelings" do. The truth is, that our Founders never even considered hunting as a reason for the Second Amendment, they put these protections in place to allow the ordinary citizen to defend himself against a government exactly like to one we presently HAVE! To give us the POWER to protect and defend our God-Given Rights, our homes and families, from Tyranny. That is exactly what we WILL use them for if necessary. George Washington stated that not only should every American be armed at all times, but we should also have arms that are EQUAL in power to those retained by the government! So outlawing certain guns because they are too "Military-Like" is also a usurpation ! 

                            Nowhere in the 2A does it state that ANY firearm should not be available to the People, or that the amount of ammo carried in a firearm be restricted. It does not state that any American should be required to obtain a Permit or License of any kind to purchase, own, or carry a firearm anywhere they please. NOWHERE in the 2A does it say that each state may have unique gun laws that are not reciprocal with other states. ALL of these things are violations of the Law of the Land, and we should NOT COMPLY! 

                            Sadly, manufacturers and dealers of firearms are not as free as the rest of us to disobey, but they SHOULD do it anyway! The key word here is FREE. Look folks, I'm not an idiot, even though some of you may think so. Should someone be required to pass a background check before buying a firearm? Well, not LEGALLY, no, but Common Sense says of COURSE they should! No felon, and no one with a history of violent mental illness should be carrying a loaded gun around. It's a necessary evil, but at present , it only takes a few minutes to be cleared to purchase and it is a small inconvenience if it keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

                               The frightening thing is, if background checks are expanded as Obama is wont to do, where will the line be drawn? WHO will decide if someone is ineligible ? If a woman was treated for depression while in college, has been perfectly healthy ever since, and decides to buy a gun for home protection at the age of 50, will that past hard time in her life make her ineligible to purchase a gun? WHO decides? Obama? Loretta Lynch? God Help Us! Therein lies the problem with expanded background checks. What we have now is perfectly adequate, what is NOT adequate is the Justice System and how they respond to violent criminals who commit crimes with guns, or knives and baseball bats for that matter. 

                                CAN we keep guns out of the hands of crazy and violent people? No, not completely, no matter how many laws exist. We CAN reduce the likelihood of these people getting guns by paying much closer attention to the mentally-ill among us, by keeping better track of the felons on our streets, and by closing our borders and tightening our immigration laws and requirements. We Can decrease the killing by ALL means, if we spent more time teaching our children about the value of human life, the importance of knowing the difference between right and wrong, and returning to a society that holds criminals accountable for their actions.

                             In today's America, there is an excuse provided by Liberal Bleeding-Hearts for every bad behavior. Child Molesters are excused because THEY were molested as children. Drug abusers are excused because they had a tough life. Politicians are excused because they are politicians and usually have money and connections.Rioters are excused because a few of them MIGHT have had an ancestor that was a slave to some Southern Plantation owner a thousand years ago. Now, they are excusing a kid who drove drunk and killed innocent people because he was TOO RICH and PRIVILEGED all his life. They even have a name for it, "Affluenza" !! Now c'mon folks, tell me we haven't gone down the road to self-destruction. 

                             If we hope to see less crime and violence of all kinds, we need to restore accountability, teach values and compassion, get tougher Judges and sentences for serious offenders, and restore and IMPLEMENT the Death Penalty in every state. More gun laws will do nothing but make law-abiding citizens into criminals as well, because we will NOT comply. We would not have complied 20 years ago, or 50 years ago, but NOW?!?! With THIS government, with the illegal immigration and Islam? We have never before needed to be armed as badly as we do right NOW. 

                              Last week, a young man that we consider a member of our family, was able to save THREE lives because he was carrying a firearm and was trained in the safe use of it. This is a 39-year-old guy that my son met at college and they became fast friends. Bobby ate many meals at my house and we celebrated his birthdays at our table. He's had some tough times. You may remember me telling you about the 3-year-old boy whose mom said she didn't want him anymore, right in front of him, and tossed him to his dad. She said, "You can have him". It was something I lost a lot of sleep over in the months that followed. The mom simply walked away. Well, this was Bobby's wife and it was his little boy.

                               Late last year, Bobby finally got full, legal custody of his boy and he moved to a southern state where he works for a security company. We have never lost touch for a minute. One day last week, Bobby and his boss were out for lunch break and happened upon a man who was beating his girlfriend. They saw the man pull a pistol from his pocket and tell the girl he was going to count to three and shoot her. Bobby shouted to distract the man, and suddenly the gun was turned on him and his boss. Bobby drew his own firearm and shot the man twice, saving his own life, his boss's life, and the girl's life. He was cleared of all wrongdoing and the bad guy will survive, but he will not attempt to kill another woman again. I am proud of his heroism ! 

                               Just one more reason to be armed in a violent society.

                                 Obama's threat concerns me greatly because I KNOW what will follow. We will give Congress an opportunity to do their JOB and begin Impeachment proceedings, and we will take legal action ourselves if Congress again fails to do what is required of them according to the Constitution. In no uncertain terms , will the armed people of America sit still for any more attacks on our 2A. The president has NO power to make law, and he has abused the Executive Action Privilege  to the extreme with no opposition for far too long. I fear that if he makes this move, Congress will protest weakly if at all, and it will be left up to the People to respond and hold Obama AND Congress accountable. If we fail to stop this illegal action and tyrannical over-reach yet again through legal channels, I predict that there will be no option but to become active and physical resistors.

                                 Obama will push and we will push back and eventually, that first shot WILL be fired by someone. Doesn't matter which side does it, it will be the beginning of a revolution on the streets of America. Blood will flow in every city. Buildings will burn, services will cease to exist, food will be hard to find, schools will close, and those of us who live in rural areas will find ourselves under siege by floods of hungry, frightened city-dwellers seeking shelter and sustenance. We will have no choice but to use whatever means we have to protect who and what is ours. Think this is dramatic and conspiratorial? It's not only a very real possibility, it may be only a matter of DAYS away until the fight begins. So laugh it off if you wish, but I hope you're prepared. 


          Monday, January 4, 2016

 1) Organizational Meeting of the Town Board at 7 p.m.

 2) Constitution Study at the Library from 7 till 8:30.


 Organizational Meeting & Obama                              1-6-2016

                  Our 2016 Organizational Meeting was short, sweet, and smooth. The turnout was pretty good and so was the atmosphere, for the most part. Not so much for Councilman Evans.

                   The very first vacancy addressed was the Planning Board position that Benson refused to fill for almost a year. There were two applicants, Wes Powell and Monte Wasch, the Run-for-Everything  guy. Dan Evans IMMEDIATELY spoke up in favor of Monte and was instantly countered by a motion from Kevin Smith to appoint Wes, which was quickly seconded. Done deal. I sincerely hope that THIS time, Monte will have the humility to get the message that New Lebanon does not want him involved in local government.

                      Evans was very obviously displeased, and when Benson's Crony Accounting firm was replaced with Fitzgerald, our former town accountant, Dan objected again, also to no avail. Did he really think we would continue to allow an accounting firm that worked for Benson's construction company, almost bankrupted the Town of Hillsdale, and was then hired by Benson as town accountants despite the HUGE Conflict of Interest, to handle our funds?  Would we keep a firm that Benson swore never worked for him before but definitely DID, they had simply changed their name ? No Dan, we have had enough of liars, and that firm is staffed by liars. 

                      Dan Evans was not a Happy Camper by now, and his sudden realization that he would likely be out-voted often from now on without Mentor Mike to coach him, was almost visible.  Cynthia Creech was appointed to the Deputy Supervisor position, but other than that, little was changed. Selections of a Town Attorney, Insurance Provider, Ethics Board members, and Town Historian were tabled. The official Town Newspaper is now the Eastwick Press with the possibility that the Columbia may be used occasionally for news that needs to reach the southern end of Columbia County.

                        I mentioned here some weeks ago, that the Chatham Rags would be ousted as a result of YEARS of biased reporting. What goes around, comes around. All in all, the meeting was a breath of fresh air. To look upon a board of life-long locals who are pretty much all on the same page, sharing the same vision to serve the town and its residents equally and fairly, was joyful. No more self-interest, no more preferential treatment for select groups or individuals, and no more disrespectful treatment of the residents by the Supervisor. How cool is THAT ?!

                         By the way, Thaddeus Flint, our Eastwick reporter, broke his leg on Sunday, so you might want to send some well wishes his way! 


                           I heard today, that Obama has recently hired 200 "Pardon Procedure" attorneys. LOLOL!!! Sorry folks, but that just genuinely strikes me funny. Thank God for those moments that Liberal Idiocy actually inspires mirth. Word is that Obama intends to pardon in excess of 15,000 inmates from American prisons. Not surprising for a Boy who would be King, or for a Hater of America who would love little more than to set thousands of felons loose on our streets. Why not? After all, he has refused to close our borders, he invited illegals and criminals to immigrate here, he incited and protected violent minorities and illegals, and wants to close Gitmo and move the few remaining prisoners to American soil. He has already very quietly released all but about 100 of them anyway.

                           Obama has demonized and made targets of our police officers, seriously weakened our military, and is obsessed with taking away our last line of self-defense, our guns. So yeah, why not make one of his final actions as president be emptying our prisons? 

                            Obama dared to stand before the TV cameras this week and wipe away a crocodile tear while pretending to be devastated by the killing of first graders in Newtown, Connecticut. Yup, Sandy Hook, the killing that never was. Obama is a great many horrible things. He is a Pathological Liar, a Racist, a Traitor, a Bi-Sexual, a Fraud, a Socialist/Communist, and a Muslim. There is no question as to the truth of those things. Deny it all you want, facts don't lie, politicians do.

                              Bad as these traits are, I find it easier to deal with them than with the reality of Obama's utter childishness. He is mentally, still that privileged, pot-smoking,radical teenager that hung out with the Bomber, Bill Ayres, joined the Socialist Party, and rejected his 50% whiteness in his book.  He has treated the Office of the Presidency like a video game with good graphics. He behaves like the rich kid whose daddy owns an amusement park and closes it on the kid's birthday so he and his friends can have it to themselves.

                                The spoiled brat in charge of the park, the midway, and the concessions, and decides which rides will be enjoyed, what food will be eaten, etc. The sky is his umbrella and he can do anything he wants, when he wants, to whomever he wants. I truly believe that Obama looks at his office, his "position" exactly in this way. He's having a great time being the Golden Child, while others foot the bill and clean up the messes and the less fortunate, dumber and less popular kids flock to him and exalt him. He's the Football Captain, the Head Cheerleader, and the kid with the Red Corvette who can't get a passing grade in class and really doesn't HAVE to. He will graduate on time anyway because he has people who will make it happen FOR him.

                               Unfortunately for US, the presidency is not a game or a popularity contest and America is not high school. Obama does not run this government and he never has, for the very reasons I mentioned above. He is merely a pawn in an evil game of chess that is manipulated by scary people like Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Evelyn Rothschild, Bill Gates, and a slew of other, Super-Wealthy Lunatics and Communists. These people selected and groomed Obama, created a false history and family for him, then portrayed him to the low-info voters, the mind-bent college crowd, Race-Obsessed minorities, and the Rainbow and Unicorn-Loving Liberals as a Superstar! They sucked up the Kool-Aid.

                                It never mattered that the intelligent and informed Americans saw through the farce and voted accordingly, the Powers that Be had already ensured a win by arranging for certain voters to vote repeatedly and getting millions of dead people to vote as well. LOL!! The results are more than evident. 

                                 Did you know that Obama's Evil Twin, Hillary Clinton, is under investigation by the FBI for the many unexplained deaths, missing money, dirty deals, etc., that she has perpetrated over the years? You may also not know, that the FBI has warned Loretta Lynch and her dirty D.O.J that if they fail to prosecute Hillary based on FBI evidence, there will be an uprising from within the FBI until they DO. The FBI stated that if Hillary is allowed to skate, a precedent will be set that will make it forever impossible to hold officials legally accountable for their crimes. Word is, that charges against Hillary will be brought by the FBI within the next 60 days. I am personally counting the minutes!                                                                                                       2016 promises to be a great year for New Lebanon, not so much for America. 


 Tough Good-Byes                                               1-7-2016

                      Saying good-bye to people we know and love is never easy. It doesn't matter if it is a child going off to college, a brother going to war, or a parent going to their eternal rest. 

                        Almost all deaths are difficult to deal with, even if the deceased was very old. When a young person dies however, it is harder to accept and understand. New Lebanon lost Beth Ann Steele today. Beth Ann will never know what it is like to get old, because she was taken very young. She was single and childless, but she had more friends than most of us will ever know, and a heart for others that is a rarity these days. If Beth was your friend, you were truly blessed. She will be missed by a great number of us, for a very long time to come. Rest peacefully, Beth Ann.


 Bloody Hands and Icy Hearts                                             1-8-2016

                    Two nights ago, I vented quite a bit about Obama. It's just something that every American of sound mind and an average maturity level needs to do a few times a week in order to preserve their sanity and not become one of the Bat-Sh_t Crazy Liberals.

                     I hoped that the media wouldn't allow any more clips of Obama speaking for the rest of the week so we could have a respite from lies and manufactured distractions, and for the most part, today was quiet. However, the consequences of Obama's failed leadership have certainly monopolized the headlines !

                      Not only are we hearing more and more about Muslims committing horrific crimes here and in Europe, but last night, another police officer was the victim of an assassination attempt. The shooting last night of a Philadelphia Police Officer was perpetrated by a Black male. AGAIN. They ALWAYS are! The difference THIS time, is that the shooter is not only Black, he is also a Muslim. Like most Muslims, he stated that he had tried to kill the cop in the name of Allah. So, YOU  tell ME , what are the most serious issues in America right now and where do they lie? 

                        90% of the most violent street crimes in America are the result of molly-coddling minorities based on the color of their skin.  These are people who know that their race alone will protect them from consequences, and if it doesn't, others of the same race who don't even KNOW him or her, will riot and burn and throw bricks at cops in their defense. There will be no consequences for THAT, either. Can you imagine what the Liberals and their president would say and do if the Oathkeepers, the Militias, or the Tea Party tried that crap ? White Conservatives are NOT the Racists in America, in fact, WE are the most targeted people in this country and the most likely to be the victims OF  racism.

                          The Mayor of Philly was interviewed about the shooting and guess where HE placed the blame for the shooting?  (WOW, see how smart you are? You guessed correctly, didn't you!?) Yeah, he blamed it on there being, "Too many guns out there". The gun used by this shooter was stolen from a police officer in 2011. Would stricter gun regulations have kept that gun out of his hands? I guess there's no need to ask which political party the Philly Mayor belongs to.

                           By the Grace of God, this police officer will survive and recover. He even managed to shoot the perp twice and take him down, despite having been fired at himself, THIRTEEN times and hit 3 times. Others have not been as fortunate, and those yet to come may not be, either. Yes, it WILL happen again, and again, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with guns. The blood of our police officers is on Obama's hands. 

                            HE incited the new divide between Blacks and the police, and he fanned the flames every chance he got. HE failed to rein-in his fellow Race-Baiters like Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan. HE is responsible for the often violent and destructive, "Black Lives Matter" movement that has made cops sitting ducks. HE has personally painted targets on the backs of Law Enforcement Officers all over America. He is a Cop Killer.

                             Muslim violence can also be placed squarely in Obama's lap, as it is Obama who has refused to close our borders, FIX our ridiculous immigration system, and VET those who come legally before admitting them into our country, then follow their progress and activity for a designated time AFTER they gain citizenship. The American people have literally BEGGED for border protection, and our pleas fall on deaf ears. Remember a few weeks ago when Trump said that Muslims in New Jersey had celebrated on 9-11? The Dems tried to disprove that and failed. They also didn't show any video of the thousands of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, who also celebrated and danced in the streets on that horrible day.

                              Obama is to blame for the invasion of America by Muslims and their twisted, sick, deadly ideology. Yet his focuses are Climate Change that is a lie anyway, the "EVIL" NRA, disarming Americans, and harassing, threatening and arresting mid-west ranchers via his personal Gestapo,  A.K.A, the Bureau of Land Management. If it were up to ME, I would sentence Obama and his closest cronies to hang for Treason, and I would not suffer ONE minute of remorse.


                                Here in New Lebanon, we deal with hearts every bit as icy as the ones that we see in Washington, D.C. Some of the very same people that fought so hard and so dirty to get Benson elected to a third term, are still incapable of accepting defeat and making the best of it. They are not even gracious enough to give the new officials an opportunity to prove themselves. 

                                 The Chatham Courier article about the Swearing-In ceremony was about everything BUT  the ceremony. Heinsohn once again made it an opportunity to inject her own lousy attitude about the loss of her Golden Boy, and the article was Sour-Grapes on steroids. As usual, her editor allowed it. What ever happened to reporters simply reporting? Remember when the media gave you the facts and allowed YOU to draw your own conclusions? Not any more. 

                                 Heinsohn didn't even ATTEND  the Swearing-In, OR the Organizational Meeting, so anything she reported was received second-hand, from Dan Evans, as Heinsohn stated in the piece. We all KNOW how neutral and bias-free Dan is, right? The issue between the Town of Copake council and the Fitzgerald Accounting firm, WAS looked into and Fitzgerald was cleared of any wrong-doing, BUT, the councilman who had the less-than-cordial relationship with the firm, is no longer a councilman. That should tell you all you need to know.

                                  Remember also, that when Benson was asked in open meeting, if Bucci's accounting firm had ever been employed by Benson's construction company, Benson lied and said, "No, they were not". Yet they definitely WERE, under a different name, AND they had almost bankrupted another town in our county.  I sure hope no one is wondering WHY the Chatham Courier is no longer our town newspaper.

                                    Speaking of the Courier, Mr. Greg Fingar has STILL not taken me up on my offer for a sit-down chat about his involvement with the paper and his influence over it. Funny, since HE is the one who brought it up with ME. I offered to allow him to tell his side and clear the air, and he went "Suddenly Silent".  Go figure.

                                     Gail Heinsohn is far from the only Benson-Worshiper that is attempting to strong-arm and damage the new Town Board before it even gets off the runway. I will honor requests to keep names and details confidential, but I CAN tell you THIS; Leopards don't change their spots, folks! We are seeing the slime from the same bunch that spread it around during the campaign. I say, "Let them do their worst, who CARES ?". In time, they will get it that they are not working with wimps, sell-outs, and wanna-bes anymore. Bring it ON! 


                                        So far as Obama and his threats to implement even stricter gun laws, he can bite my Irish A_S, and the A_SES of every other American Patriot. Executive Orders and unconstitutional laws do not have to be obeyed and they won't be.  Finally, to the Muslims and the violent minorities with the special protections, know THIS;  I don't care if you are Black, White, or Chartreuse, wear a towel on your head or a black Muu-Muu and mask, if you attempt to harm me or my loved ones, I will put a cap in your a_s without so much as a second's hesitation. Simple enough? I am an American, Free, Armed, White, Christian, and PROUD. Put THAT in your hookah.


State of the State                                                      1-10-2016

                      Wednesday, January 13, 2016.  Cuomo will once again stand before the TV cameras and radio microphones and scream like a Despot AT the People of New York State. It's just who he IS and how he SPEAKS, and it is very, very difficult to listen to.

                       This year will be different. Someone in a very lofty, state position will be missing from the address this year. I'm not referring to Sheldon Silver or the Skelos boys, no, this is yet another high-ranking official.  I strongly recommend that you try to catch this ceremony if at all possible.  Believe me, it should be an unforgettable event. In the meantime, between now and Wednesday, keep your ear close to the radio.

                        For more years than most of us can remember, New York has been a cesspool of corrupt officials. Every state has their share, but New York is known as THE most corrupt state in America, even more than California and New Jersey. It's a sad distinction, isn't it? 


                         Now, for a local quandary. A few times, I have spoken about the number of pedophiles we have living among us here in New Lebanon. One in particular, has never faced a single charge or been arrested even once for his actions, yet there are a good number of people in town who are all too aware of what he is. So why is he still on the loose? Well, this man targets boys between the ages of 14 and 18, and usually kids who are having problems at home or are getting high regularly, running away, skipping school, etc. Easy marks. 

                          In exchange for sexual favors, this man buys the boys clothes, video games, high-end sneakers, and even cars. He takes them into his home, many times with the permission of the exhausted parents who need the respite, and he "Grooms" them with one-on-one attention that the kids crave. When these kids get too old for his tastes, he buys them off and moves on to younger victims. These kids are desperate to keep their experiences with this man a secret, and their shame to themselves, so they NEVER turn him in or tell their families what happened to them. So how do I know what goes on? Well, I got the details from a member of this man's own immediate family, someone who witnessed it for years and ran from it as soon as he was able to go out on his own.

                           So I have had NO choice but to watch this man continue to target our kids, because I have no physical evidence that would be of use in stopping him. This is a guy who has lived here all of his life, whose family is well-respected, and who is a very friendly, gentle, and social person that no one would ever suspect of being a destroyer of young lives. Now, he is targeting the son of a friend of mine, and I am still unable to stop him. I don't even know if my friend will believe me if I try to say something about it, because it is possible that my friend is also fooled by this man. 

                            Short of following this guy around and trying to catch him having improper contact with one of the boys, there is no recourse available. Openly accusing him without such evidence could land ME in hot water and affect MY work, so as you can imagine, I am not sleeping very well. Having worked in law enforcement all of my life, makes this even more difficult to deal with, because I KNOW what kind of evidence I need to gather to end this man's career of child abuse. It will NOT be easy, especially alone, but I can't use my usual contacts because I can't make the accusation ! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!! Life sucks sometimes.

                             Please, if any of you know who I am talking about and has any evidence that can stop this guy, do the right thing and let me know, or contact the Troopers and tell THEM. 


Town Board and P.C                                                   1-12-2016

                  I for one, will NOT be watching Obama's State of the Union tonight. Nor will I watch Cuomo's State of the State tomorrow night.  There is just NO way that I can bear to listen to either of these lawless tyrants spew their lies and liberal nonsense for 30 to 50 minutes.

                  There's really no need to watch it anyway, since the media will cram the highlights down our throats for days to come. So to avoid unnecessary stress and waste of good anger, I will instead spend my Tuesday evening with Chinese Take-Out, a good Town Board Meeting, and a late-night swim.

                   Speaking of Cuomo, I'm sure you've heard that Preet Bharara was unable to amass the necessary evidence to arrest Cuomo for his interference in the Moreland Commission's findings. Last Friday, news of a pending arrest was leaked by Albany insiders as an absolute certainty. In fact, Cuomo had already made plans to be a No-Show at his own State of the State Address, knowing that the arrest would come either right before or right after the speech. This is what I was hinting at on Saturday's blog post.

                   So what Happened?? Well, ONE very vital witness for the prosecution had a sudden change of heart, and the cherry Bharara needed to top off the Sundae of evidence, was eaten by the Democrat Intimidation Machine. LOL!!  I see this as a temporary delay and not a final outcome. Bharara may have been stalled by a roadblock, but he has a map and a full tank of gas. It ain't over till it's over.


                     Regarding the local issue I mentioned on Saturday, a few people have contacted me with some sordid stories about our #1 pedophile. Unfortunately, this is still hearsay and not viable evidence. That's okay though, because like Preet Bharara, I too have gas left in my tank and an open road before me. 


                        Channel 6 News has been reporting about a story this week in Whitesboro, N.Y. Seems there is an argument over their official town seal. Once again, the Bleeding-Heart Liberals are attempting to force their will upon free people. The seal depicts what appears to be a White Settler choking an Indian, which gives you an idea of how long this seal has been around. Tourists and Liberal Transplants have found the artwork to be "Racist and Offensive". They as usual, did not bother to first seek out the story behind the seal, nor do they CARE. If it offends their sissy sensibilities, it must go! 

                          The weenie- whinies claim that this seal promotes "Violence", but gee, abortion doesn't ? Killing cops and rioting in the streets isn't violent? Liberal, Hollywood movies with nothing but guns and killings are not violent? Stealing land from states and the people and robbing Americans of their Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, and Protections isn't violence? Lunatics.

                           Violence takes many forms and there are many levels of violence.  Liberalism is violent in all of those ways and at every level. Liberals are miserable people and misery loves company, so they actively seek out petty and ridiculous molehills to make into mountains. Gays will travel half-way across the country for a marriage license, just so they can target a Christian Town Clerk that they know will not sign the license. They attempt to FORCE Christians to violate their religious beliefs and surrender their First Amendment Rights, rather than simply apply for their license in their own city where they would have faced no opposition. There is NO such thing as Live-and-Let-Live in the Liberal World.

                             It's the same story with Christian Bakers, Photographers, and Banquet Halls that refuse to provide services to same-sex weddings. They never refuse service to anyone who is gay, just for the marriages, because it is considered a rather serious sin in the Christian Faith. Yet Liberals will scream blue-bloody if anyone dares violate the religious beliefs of a Muslim that wants them dead because they're gay. Find any SENSE there ? These brain-dead Liberals who attack people who are minding their own business, do it for the media attention, the financial gain, and to piss on God and all that is pure and moral. That is VIOLENCE.     Judges who decide in favor of these bullies SHOULD be removed from the bench for violating the First Amendment and promoting even MORE violence.

                               In Whitesboro, P.C LOST. The good Conservative residents voted almost unanimously to keep their seal as-is. A little work of art that truthfully, is merely a reminder of a friendly wrestling match that resulted in a strong alliance between White settlers and local Indians. A VICTORY for local history and for the mentally-stable people of N.Y State. THIS is what happens when we stand strong and united, push back, and say "NO!" to the Nazis of the Left. It isn't hard at all, it just takes a little heart. 

                               Notice that I did not refer to the Indian as a "Native American". I will also never refer to any other American as a hyphenated ANYTHING. Regardless of what country your ancestors came from, you're either and American or you're not. It's just that simple and THAT un-offensive. I will not refer to a Black person as an "African-American" either. The only thing African about them is the ability of so many of them to instantly revert to uncivilized, savage behaviors when the opportunity arises, as in Ferguson, Missouri this summer.

                               There is nothing wrong with being proud of your ethnicity. I am proud to be 3/4 Irish and 1/4 Danish, but I am NOT an "Irish-American" or a "Danish-American", I am just an American. I was born HERE, my parents were born HERE, and I am blessed by that. Political Correctness is not only stupid, it is damn dangerous, as well. Protecting Muslims and illegal immigrants has led to massive infiltration in every corner of the world. This invasion has led to utter chaos, an unprecedented rise in heinous crime, financial collapse, and a watering-down of unique cultures and history. 

                               It has allowed a rapid growth of terrorism world-wide, abuse and mutilation of women, the beheading, burning, and hanging of Christians, Jews, and Homosexuals and it has promoted pedophilia, bestiality, and even the slaughter of domestic cats and dogs. Islam has infiltrated our schools and businesses, and is gaining a foothold in our courts. Thanks to P.C and the Liberals who demand it, every non-Muslim in the world is in mortal danger.

                              Islam and Liberalism are the Cancers of the World, and they must be irradiated and eliminated, NOW. Wake Up, America and push back before it's too late to save our kids from a world run by Liberals and Muslims.


     Town Board Report will be posted here later tonight!


Town Board Meeting                                                   1-12-2016

                    I decided to start a new page for tonight's meeting because there's a lot to tell you. 

                     Dan Evans was absent tonight, don't know why, probably a game he had to coach. Thaddeus from the Eastwick Press is of course nursing a broken leg, but his dad and stepmom covered the meeting for him. Nice folks. No Gail Heinsohn in attendance and probably won't be again, now that the Courier is no longer our town newspaper.    The Eastwick will soon be available at Bucky's Bagels and Blueberry Hill Cafe, as well as E-Z Mart and Stewarts. 

                       Appointments were made to the Ethics Board at last, and the new members are Rocky Brown and Wayne Martin! Congrats, guys! We now have an Ethics Board manned by ethical people, but will we even need them now? With Clark, Baldwin, and Benson all gone, probably not. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Irene Hanna and Matt Larabee for their service as town board members, and there was one there for Benson as well, but of course he was not present. Like Heinsohn, Mr. All-About-New-Lebanon will probably never attend another board meeting.

                        When Benson's name was mentioned as one of the certificate recipients, my husband said, "HE doesn't deserve one!". Sharon Moon was terribly offended by his comment and said so, and I asked her why, since it was true! Benson deserves nothing. Yet his fan club seems to have remained intact. The guy didn't even have the integrity or humility to attend the last two meetings of 2015 and fulfill his responsibility to the town like a MAN. Wuss.

                         Judy Zimmer was re-appointed as town hall cleaner and Ryan Biggs was re-appointed as Town Engineer. The Town Attorney is still undecided. Nothing was said about the Town Historian position until the very end of the meeting. Steve Oberon of the Historical Society made a statement about the Heritage Center being closed due to the lease having run out and the space rented to someone else. Should be interesting to see what's going into that space. Apparently, the Historical Society will be taking over the Heritage Center operation as soon as they locate a site. The space between the Post Office and Bucky's is available to them, but Steve stated that it needs a lot of work. So for now at least, the center will remain closed. 

                        Seemed that everyone was trying to ignore the elephant in the room, the discord between our new Supervisor and our former town historian, Sharon Moon. This is the issue I was asked to not discuss the details of last week, but it is public knowledge NOW!  Seems there were a few exchanges between the two about the historian position. Moon refused to discuss the future of the Heritage Center until she was informed of whether or not she was to be re-appointed as historian. A face-to-face meeting did not go well, and it was reported several times that Moon stated that if she was NOT re-appointed, she would, "Take the Heritage Center" with her.  Which is of course, political extortion.

                          Moon denied having made the threat, but I find it hard to believe her as the details that came to public light tonight, did not deviate by even one LETTER of one sentence from what was originally reported as being said in that meeting. Lies change along the way, truth never does. In any case, the issue got heated and Mark Baumli called a halt to it, stating that Colleen would appoint the person of her choice to be historian when she decided on a good candidate. End of discussion.

                            This is now the second meeting of the new board, and the second time that people actually lingered afterward to chat and voice their amazement at the new, lighter atmosphere of the meetings. Even though a good number of Benson Fans were present, there is an obvious , fresh effort to get along. Sure is nice. 

                             Christine Dreyfuss announced the availability of Meals-on-Wheels services to our Seniors. She said that many Seniors believe they are not eligible or entitled to this service but they most definitely ARE! Please reach out to your older friends, neighbors, and family members, and let your Pastors know also, that this service provides 5 healthy meals a week at no cost, delivered directly to the door of the recipient. It is also a terrific way to keep tabs on the health and safety of those who live alone or are ill and should be checked on regularly. All you have to do is call the Hudson office and request the service.

                               This new board is providing total transparency to the residents by providing full reports with the printed agendas available at the meetings. It makes for a hefty packet, but it allows the people to read along and actually see the numbers for themselves. I mentioned to my husband tonight that it won't take long for some whiny weenie to complain about the amount of paper and ink being used. LOL!! Guess What?! It was only a matter of ten minutes after I said this, that someone DID make the comment that, "She must have killed an entire tree to print these." Yup, I called it. Not because I'm smarter than anyone else, I just know Liberals so well. They ARE a predictable lot, if nothing else. 

                               Speaking of predictable Liberals, BEWARE the spread of "Behold New Lebanon"! They have received somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars in grants in their two years in New Lebanon. For WHAT, who knows? It also came to light tonight that Behold is planning to buy a "Large Piece of Property" in town, and Sharon Moon asked if they would be Tax Exempt ! Yeah, we really need MORE Tax Exempt property in town. The Abode has a religious exemption, but no one seems to know if it covers the many, many acres they hold or not. A church exemption is intended for the House of Worship and the Parsonage only, not hundreds of accompanying acres. Needs to be looked into, no? 

                                We now have the huge Conservancy, Behold, the Shaker Swamp, the Shaker Museum, the Abode, and several churches, exempt from taxation. Damn good thing we have Howard Commander and the Speedway to keep us afloat. Oh, I forgot ! The Liberals want to eliminate the Speedway, too! Guess YOU and I will be responsible for the taxes for the Tourist Attractions the EDC wants so badly. Anyway, I tried to tell you that Behold would seek to expand and expand as time went by if we fail to rein them in. If Ruth Abram has HER way, she will take every open space she can get a grant to buy. Worried yet? 


Debatable                                                                     1-15-2016

                   It's appropriate to open with mention of the tragedy that occurred in town last night. 

                    I didn't know the family that lives in that home or the victim of the accident, but they are our neighbors, and that matters. This was a very tragic and sad incident, and I hope that those of you who are believers will pray for the strength and comfort of the survivors. Too often, we fail to remember how such an event impacts the First Responders.  Our police, firemen, and EMTs are affected deeply by all deaths, but especially by the death of young people. Please remember them in your prayers as well. 


                     The Republican Debate last night was the best one so far. As we all knew from the beginning, this is a race between Cruz and Trump. The others will drop out one by one, as they have been, and should be. Overall, the candidates did a very good job with the exception of Governor Kasich and Dr. Carson. Kasich is dull in general, and he repeats what appears to be his only , notable accomplishment, over and over again. We are all now very aware that he saved the economy of Ohio and created jobs for the residents.  This is admirable, but far from enough to make him presidential material.

                       Dr. Carson is a dignified man and a genius in the medical field. If someone I loved needed brain surgery, I would hope their surgeon would be half as intelligent and capable as Dr. Carson. However, being a Chief of Surgery and a Commander in Chief are very different things, and Dr. Carson has no experience in running a country, a state, or even a city. He is very weak on foreign policy and tends to be a bit of a bleeding-heart, which America cannot afford right now. He flip-flops on Gun Rights and Healthcare and that's scary.

                        Chris Christie did extremely well last night, but he is the Governor of NEW JERSEY, the 3rd most liberal state in America. He too, has flipped his opinions since deciding to run for president, and as Ted Cruz stated during the debate, a candidate would have to be "Clinically Insane" to oppose Gun Rights while running for office. Jersey has some of the toughest and most unconstitutional gun laws, just behind New York and California. Christie just cannot be trusted. 

                          Jeb Bush is the mainstream, GOP ideal, which is a Red Flag in itself. I find him to be a very refined gentleman, and he is very appealing as a person. He is gentle, but he is also weak and almost TOO nice. He lacks the strength and fire America needs to come back from 8 years of the Obama administration. Besides, it's time for the Bushes and Clintons to step down and just go AWAY, already. 

                          Marco Rubio is an ass, plain and simple. He is a typical young, hot-shot, full of himself and cocky as hell. He and Rand Paul have a lot of growing up to do before they're ready for Prime Time. Paul didn't even bother to show up last night because he didn't have the ratings to stand with the top seven. One journalist described it as, "Rand Paul picked up his toys and went home ".  Pretty accurate. Rubio is another flip-flopper who is telling the people what they want to hear, but if elected, he would be singing a completely different tune than the one he is whistling right now. He is especially unstable on immigration, and that too, is a huge concern. I do have to give him a lot of credit for his unedited attacks on Obama, though. 

                           For me and my family, there is only ONE candidate, and believe me, we have done a LOT of research, tons of homework, and had long and deep discussions. There are so many things to consider whenever it is time to choose a candidate, but it has never been more important than it will be in November of 2016. One more DAY of Democrats in control is more than America can tolerate and survive. Still, we cannot be careless and elect the wrong Republican either, and there are a lot of wrong Republicans. Trump is the wrong Republican.

                           I know I have said these things before, but I don't think they can be said often enough or strongly enough. Trump's supporters, and there are MANY, are falling into the trap that has been set by traitors and tyrants for centuries. Empty promises given to desperate, vulnerable, and exhausted people.  Trump is loud, he's brash, and he has no filter, and sometimes, that is a good thing. He is a useful Idiot, handy when it comes to showing the other candidates what the American people are most concerned about and most desire in the next president. He is anti-Political Correctness and tells it like it is, which is refreshing and admirable, to a point. He is however, hardly presidential.

                           Problem with Trump is, that he doesn't mean half of what he's saying. He claims to be 100% pro-Second Amendment, yet just a year ago, he was speaking out in favor of more gun restrictions. He has always been Pro-Choice on abortion, and a supporter of Universal Healthcare, but NOW he is saying the opposite. He is attacking Cruz on citizenship, even though Cruz has already been cleared as eligible since he was born to an American citizen. I don't remember hearing Trump or any Democrat questioning the FACT that no one could prove the birthplace of Barack Obama,(and STILL haven't), or that his alleged father was not American-Born. OR that he has the Social Security number of a dead, Connecticut resident. Yet the Dems have already filed a lawsuit to confirm Cruz' eligibility. (Trump's own mother was not American born).

                            Trump is also attacking Cruz for his mis-filing of a financial disclosure. This too, has been openly investigated and proven to be a matter of the disclosure being MADE, but being made on one form and not a second. No one has attempted to hide the details of this matter, and no one had a private server and hid thousands of classified emails, either. 

                             Now, Cruz made a comment that has liberal New Yorkers gagging on their tofu burgers. He criticized "New York Values". He was of course, referring to New York City liberals and liberal politicians, and Cuomo in particular. As a New Yorker, I am not in the tiniest bit insulted, because Cruz is RIGHT. NY politics SUCK and we are the MOST politically-corrupt state in the country. FACT ! It is an embarrassment to New York Conservatives to even admit we live in a state where the Governor says we have no place. Those who could afford to get out of here, have done so. If my family could afford to simply pick up and run, we would do so, too.

                              Cruz DID apologize for the comment today, but he directed it at those of us who feel enslaved by the liberal politics and unconstitutional, tyrannical governor. He made no apology to the liberal politicians themselves, nor SHOULD he. They are deplorable and they have destroyed this once-glorious state. The NY Daily News has made no apology for it's disgusting front page today. 

                               Cruz thus far, has made little attempt to give Trump the shots that he receives FROM Trump, because Cruz has CLASS. He is what he is, no flip-flopping, no compromise. He is 100% Constitutional, totally moral, and a brilliant scholar. Even Liberal professors who taught him in college have called him the "Smartest Student" they ever had. Despite being a genteel type of man, he is strong and unwaveringly patriotic. He knows what needs to be done to rehabilitate this country and he can actually DO it. He says what he means and means what he says and will never be the lawless despot we have become so accustomed to. He is not a billionaire, and he is not married to a woman who acted in gay-porn movies, as Trump is. 

                                Maybe as the caucus draws nearer, Cruz will use some of the huge stores of ammo he must have against Trump, but I don't think he will need to. Trump will destroy himself, and in fact, he was booed during the debate last night. SOME people are finally beginning to see through the side-show that is the Trump Campaign and realize that we need a REAL man to lead us back to greatness. We need to restore dignity and pride to the office of the President, and Trump cannot do that. ONLY Ted Cruz can do that. It's the difference between a Leader and a Loudmouth. 


Cable and Conspiracies                                           1-17-2016

                 There are a lot of signs that we are getting old. For instance, I see the kids my son went to school with and I am shocked by the fact that they are grown men and women with kids of their own. I still see them in my mind's eye as grade-schoolers and gawky adolescents. 

                  Another sure sign is when you notice that you are bothered by little things that never seemed to matter much till now. I am not a big fan of television and I haven't been in a movie theater in years, BUT, I do have a few T.V shows that I am absolutely loyal to and try to never miss. One of those is Scorpion on Monday nights. Yes, it is far-fetched and jumps the shark on a regular basis, yet the relationships among the characters give me great joy. Same with Criminal Minds on Wednesday nights. Lastly, I LOVE "Madam Secretary" on Sundays. 

                  Three shows, that's about it, and I don't think it's much to ask for at $70.00 a month for cable service.  Archie, at almost 82, is a TV and movie addict and the television MUST be on even if he is not in the room or even in the house. So, though I don't watch much TV, I hear more of it than I care to. When I made my Charter payment this month, I was a little irked at the fact that they have raised their fees twice in the past year. My bill for basic cable has gone from $53 a month, to $63, and now it is $70. 

                   I haven't seen any increase in the number of channels or quality of programming to go along with the price hike. So I've been taking notice this week of what we are getting for our money. It ain't much. Approximately one-third of the available channels are devoted entirely to sports, so no one in my household watches those. There are channels that view nothing but half-hour commercials. Then there are the trash-tv channels, the ones that carry programming such as Real Housewives, My 600-Pound Life, Little People, Ax Men, Alligator Hunter, Say Yes to the Dress, etc. 

                   Many channels show nothing but repeats of the same out-dated shows, over and over. Even the Big Three are worthless much of the time, pre-empting the few decent shows in favor of a football game that can be viewed on 30 other channels, or changing the scheduling of prime-time shows at will . It would be frustrating even if we were paying $35. a month for the privilege, but $70? Not acceptable. If it were not for Archie, I would cancel the service and stream my three favorites online. 

                    Maybe satellite is better, I don't know, we can't get it due to the trees that surround us. So I got to wondering, with today's amazing technology, why is it that cable subscribers don't get to choose what channels they would like to receive? Imagine how nice it would be to be given say, 60 channels, and a list of three or four hundred stations to choose from to fill those 60 slots? Personalized Cable Service. THAT would be worth $70. a month to me, and to a whole lot of other folks, I'm sure. 

                     Fairpoint internet service is no winner either. It's slow, far too expensive, and forces us to pay for telephone service that we do not want, use, or need. How is that okay ? It's theft. Thanks to our former local officials, we in New Lebanon are locked-in to services that have a monopoly on our valley. In New Lebanon, we have no access to lower-priced deals from competing companies that offer packages that provide TV, Internet, and telephone services for one, reasonable price. In many cases, it is less than we are now paying JUST for internet alone. 

                     So, that's my cranky-old-lady rant for the week. Am I alone ?



                      Americans are too trusting for our own good.  

                       We believe what our parents tell us, what our teachers and friends tell us, what cops and judges tell us, and what the Media tell us. Far too many, believe what the government tells us. 

                        There was a time in America not all that long ago, that we COULD trust, a time when friends, educators, and the media were far more trustWORTHY  than they are today. The government however, has never been trustworthy or transparent. Government has more secrets, control mechanisms, and evil intentions than most of us are even capable of considering.  Far too many people have long held to the belief that, "The government would never do that to us ".  They have, they are, and they WILL.

                         Since 2008, millions of us have broken through the bubble of false security and actually made the effort to become more informed about the heinous acts perpetrated by our government against its own citizens. History is IMPORTANT in predicting the future. As government has been allowed to grow exponentially beyond its Constitutional Limitations, so have the usurpations, oppression, political crimes, and outright tyranny. We are a point that has not been seen since America's infancy, and that was a time that resulted in a revolution. 

                          Though millions of Americans are waking up and taking action, speaking out and attempting to warn others, all they have gotten for their efforts are negative labels. These good and well-intentioned people are called "Extremists", "Home-Grown Terrorists", and "Conspiracy Theorists". In today's America, telling the truth and exposing the facts makes one a target and a traitor. Can you say, "Edward Snowden "?  ARE we the traitors, or are those with the evil agendas and the power to manipulate the media and the minds of the masses, the REAL traitors? Is not the twisting and witholding of truth, tyranny? 

                         Have you ever heard of a place called, "Bohemian Grove" ? How about these things: "Operation Northwoods", "Gulf of Tonkin", "Cloward-Piven", "MK Ultra", or "Cognitive Dissonance" ? Every one of these things are or were, government secrets kept from the people not for OUR protection, but for their own.  Hopefully, you have all heard of the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs, and just about everybody has an opinion about the CIA.  Are these organizations merely harmless clubs and agencies, or are they even more evil than popular rumors suggest? 

                         What about GMOs, Chem Trails, Fluoride, Vaccines, etc.? Is the government deliberately endangering the health of the people to achieve the elitist dream of depopulation, or is it all over-reaction and Tin-Hat theories ? ARE U.N Forces preparing to replace our American Police Officers, or is it that just the talk of paranoid preppers? Exactly what WOULD the government do to us, and why? How do we separate fact from fiction and what are our options once we learn which is which? 

                         Those of us who have investigated and studied these issues for years, still have differing opinions about which are valid and which are not, so the best we can do, is look closely at the SOLID EVIDENCE and use it as an assist in evaluating the info that is not as solid. 

                          Some government agencies and operatives excel at secrecy and discretion while others like the DOJ, are buffoons. Sandy Hook is a perfect example of lack of proper planning and teamwork. A Golan-Globus, Class B movie would have been more convincing than the Newtown Hoax. 

                          So, this year, I'm going to spend some time posting about the lengths to which our government will go, has gone, and IS going, to control the perceptions of the people. Then if you are so inclined, you can research some more for yourselves and form your own opinions. 


Is Trump a Schizophrenic ?!                                        1-18-2016

                       For months now, Trump has repeatedly stated that he thinks Ted Cruz is a very nice man. That's true, Cruz IS a very nice man. Yesterday, Trump was a guest at a barbecue at the home of Scott Walker. 1500 people attended the picnic and were present when Trump said the following:

 "Ted Cruz is NOT a nice man, he is nasty. He's a horrible man and nobody likes him and he has no friends ".   LOL!!  First of all, it sounds to ME that now that Trump has attacked Cruz on his citizenship and Cruz has finally fired back, old Donald can't take the heat. The fact that Cruz is rising steadily in the polls has Trump more than a little unsettled as well. 

                       Secondly, this is a campaign for the highest position in American government, it is NOT a popularity contest. Like-ability should not be one of the requirements for this position, but human nature being what it is, it does factor in. A LOT. I don't like Trump, but I DO like Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, yet I would never vote for any one of them unless it comes down to one of them against Hillary or Bernie. I don't think it will. 

                        We cannot afford to risk the future of our country, our kids, and the entire world by voting for another Idiot leader because we like his suits or his flashy smile. America needs a leader of substance and consistency, not another braggard billionaire who will do nothing but blow smoke up our butts. We need a president who knows, respects, and obeys Constitutional Law, does not aid and abet or negotiate with our enemies, and will finally close our borders and enforce existing immigration laws.

                         Our next president must restore our military to its former strength, rein-in wasteful spending of our tax dollars, and bring manufacturing back to our own soil, and establish truly FAIR trade. We need a leader who sincerely loves and is proud of America and takes no crap from the piss-ants like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and savages like ISIS and Hamas. A strong man who will say exactly what he means and do what he promises. If he draws a Red line, he must ENFORCE that Red Line.  We must have a man who will abolish the IRS and implement a Flat Tax, making the playing field a fair place for individuals AND businesses, allowing business to grow and jobs to be created. 

                          Our welfare and entitlement system must be completely over-hauled and Obamacare MUST be repealed. Does it matter what this man looks like or how he dresses, how much money he has or hasn't got in the bank, or is it more important that he be a man who is what he appears to be and will LEAD us back to our former glory ? 

                           At this point, we all know that the next president will not be a Democrat. The Dems have no electable candidate. Sanders is another, rich old fart and a self-proclaimed Socialist. He dares to stand on the debate stage and criticize Slick-Willy Clinton for his misadventures with women, but there was no mention of the paper Sanders wrote about how to seduce underage girls. Hypocrite. 

                            Hillary of course, cannot avoid arrest forever. Been to see the movie, "13 Hours" yet?  I hear it's a Must-See for anyone who is even considering voting for the old battle-axe.  Wouldn't it be interesting if Hillary somehow becomes the Democrat nominee, then around mid to late summer, the FBI comes along and drags her away in handcuffs?  LOL!! I would absolutely LOVE to be there if that happens and it MIGHT. So what would happen next? Would Sanders fill her role, or would some other, ultra-liberal like Elizabeth Warren take her place? 

                             No, the Dems have zero shot at taking the White House again in 2016, and many Dem voters will be crossing the aisle and voting Republican this year, especially if Trump is the candidate.  He is after all, a liberal at heart. Just this morning, before Britain banned him from their country, (yes, you heard me right), Trump said that the Clintons have been his friends for years and he thinks they are really good people. LOLOL!! REALLY, Donald? Are you really that naive or is this a reminder of where your loyalties TRULY lie? 

                              Next weekend, Scott Brown will be hosting a second barbeque with Ted Cruz as Guest of Honor. I seriously doubt that Cruz will retaliate against Trump and say something horrible about him at this picnic. He won't mention Trump's life-long alliances with Liberals, or his past as a Democrat, or his many wives, or the fact that his present wife is an actress in gay-porn films. Trump is Crass, Cruz is Class. 

                               Here's a good question; Do people who are ultra-wealthy like Trump and the Clintons, really HAVE true friends? How do they know? Don't all wealthy people have an abundance of false friends that are riding their coattails or looking for something? It's a lot like being the only kid on the block with a swimming pool, super-popular in summer but lonely once it snows. 

                               One of the best and most memorable compliments I have ever received, came from a wealthy and powerful man that I helped a few times with political issues. He told me that I was the only person he had ever known that helped him just because it was right and because I was his friend, and asked for nothing in return. I found that to be a very sad revelation, but still a wonderful Thank You. It's not hard to be a true friend and to give with no expectation of repayment.  Being rich is not all it's cracked-up to be. Sometimes it's a lot better to have a one-dollar bill than ten dimes.



                                 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 87 years old today. I think of him often, and I wonder what race relations in America would like like today if he were still alive.  What would his opinion of our first, mixed-race president be ? If I could spend one day with three people of my choice, it would be, 1) Ronald Reagan, 2) Martin Luther King, and 3) Benjamin Netanyahu. 

                                 Imagine the answers, advice, and direction I could come away with ? If we could all look to the character and integrity of these three men and follow their examples, the world would be a far better place.  Choose your heroes wisely and your candidates carefully. 


 The State of THIS State                                                    1-22-2016

                     Unfortunately, I have to open tonight by announcing another loss of a local resident. Lester Gallup passed away today, and he will be missed. Please keep his wife Loretta and their children in your prayers. 

 Visitation: Hall and Higgins in Stephentown at 2 p.m on Tuesday, 1-26. Funeral to follow at 3 p.m.


                      New York is a beautiful state. There are places upstate that are so gorgeous, it takes your breath away to look at them. So why are so many families and businesses packing up and leaving in droves ?  Well, where do we BEGIN ?

                       New York City is about 50% of the problem. A city of that size and with that large a population could not possibly be anything other than a tremendous drain on the rest of the state and its vital resources. NYC is a gluttonous monster. City dwellers argue that NYC also creates a tremendous amount of money FOR the state, and that's true, but how much of the city money actually makes it upstate compared to the bite taken by the city of upstate's apple?

                       Personally, if given the choice, I would prefer to live in an economically depressed, rural town and have the city folks and their money STAY in the city and out of our backyard. In 2014, some grassroots groups joined forces to start a movement to separate the city and upstate into two states. Great idea, and if I thought it could actually be done, I would support it wholeheartedly. Realistically, I don't see it as ever being a possibility, and even if it were, it would take many years to implement.

                       New York residents pay the highest taxes in the free world. We live under more unconstitutional laws and unfunded mandates, and have some of the worst infrastructure. Our governor is a Liberal Tyrant who follows Obama's lead of abusing his office and executive orders.  We have Common Core in our schools and a state government that believes that Christians and Conservatives have "No Place in New York".  Then they take offense when Ted Cruz makes a comment about "NY Values" ?! 

                       We have legalized abortion and same-sex marriage, the Safe Act, and are denied access to affordable Life Insurance policies that are available to Americans in other states.  We have so many ridiculous and oppressive laws, that we can no longer even leave our vehicles running in our own driveways on a cold morning without risking arrest ! The list of despotic laws and regulations in New York grows every, single day. New Yorkers are the least free, least "Sovereign" people in America and we just accept that as "Normal " ? 

                        On today's news, another N.Y "First" was revealed, and it is the icing on the same-sex wedding cake. We will now be the first state in the country to provide "Legal Defense Centers" for "Illegal " immigrants. Apparently, our state government believes that illegals have a "Right " to be protected from discrimination in housing and employment, that they have the "Right " to free legal counsel and defense, and protection from domestic abuse situations and immigration issues. 

                         So let me get this straight; If someone crosses our border, they make themselves an instant felon, but certainly NOT instant citizens. Exactly how is it that these criminals are immediately entitled to Constitutional Rights and protections ? They are entitled to NOTHING, and as criminals and non-citizens, they HAVE no RIGHTS here. We have NO obligation to provide them with anything other than a free trip back to where they came from. If they return a second time, we have the obligation to the AMERICAN people, to lock the immigrants up and toss the keys.

                        There are 750,000 illegal immigrants in N.Y ALONE. The taxpayers of this state are paying for the support of these illegal criminals. They receive free or nearly-free housing, food, medical care, and education for their children. NOW, they will also receive free legal defense and protection of their "RIGHTS" ? I repeat; "they HAVE no RIGHTS until and unless they enter America LEGALLY, become citizens LEGALLY, and ASSIMILATE to our culture and obey our laws".  

                         Can YOU  get free legal assistance as a working, self-sustaining, legal citizen? If YOU committed a felony, would the government reward you with free food and subsidized housing, or would you get a roof and regular meals in the state pen? Deporting illegals is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as it is to feed, clothe, house, and educate them. Deportation is far cheaper than providing free healthcare to non-citizens and now, free legal services to millions of criminals who have also caused a terrifying rise in our crime rate, unemployment, and gang activities and violence.  It is costing us a fortune, and now Obama wants to add Syrian refugees to the mix. Just this week, he officially threatened to cut off all federal funding to any state that refuses to accept these Syrians. 

                          If New York's Liberal officials really gave a damn about this state and its people, if they really wanted us to succeed and to draw businesses, they would ease our tax burden by eliminating the leeches on the system, not kissing their criminal as_es on OUR  dime !!            It is absolutely appalling that we as sane ,mature, American adults would accept such abuse by our elected officials, our "EMPLOYEES". This is SO typical of state and federal-level Democrats. They drain the lifeblood of the hard-working and law-abiding in order to fund the illegal, the criminal, the depraved, and the useless. 

                           Years of liberal Democrat policies and their "GREAT IDEAS" have given us Detroit, and Chicago. They gave us groups like "Occupy" and "Black Lives Matter". They gave us poverty and joblessness. They gave us social depravity. To my liberal friends and acquaintances; How about you admit it, finally, that your party is no longer the Democrat Party of JFK. It is now the New America/Communist Party. The GOP ain't much better. Vote Conservative. 


Bailey and the B.L.M                                                   1-27-2016

                     Yesterday was not a great day. Attending a wake or funeral is never pleasant, even if the deceased was very elderly and had lived a good, long life. Rest easy, Lester. 

                      From there, it was off to run monthly errands, another unavoidable chore I don't particularly care for. It just never goes smoothly no matter how much you plan ahead, and what should take 2 to 3 hours, ends up taking twice as long. For the past six weeks, I've been engaged in two tough projects, one that is physically demanding and one that is mentally and emotionally exhausting. I am very, very tired. 

                       So it was with great relish that I looked forward to a quiet evening at home last night to recharge a little. It was not to be. My son was here with his young dog Ruger, and the two dogs played a while as usual. Bailey always quits first, due to her many physical issues, but last night, when she had enough of Ruger and flopped down on the floor, my son noticed that she had a raw swelling on her belly. 

                        Bailey is an American Bulldog that we rescued from Louisiana a little over 2 years ago. She was severely neglected and had spent three of her seven years, tied to an 8-foot chain with little shelter, junk food, no veterinary care, and no attention. She came to us with Heartworm, Hookworm, Flea Infestation, Joint Issues, Eye Infections, and severe malnutrition. Worst of all were the extensive mammary tumors. Despite all this, she is the sweetest soul, and has never had an accident in the house, chewed anything that wasn't hers to chew, and has never shown aggression to anyone. She is a delight. 

                          Being the most expensive, "FREE" dog I have ever owned, Bailey is worth every penny of the endless vet bills we've incurred. As a typical Bulldog, she is no dynamo and has gone from emaciated to corpulent, like the rest of the family. She has permanent heart damage and a cough from the worms and her tumors are so numerous, that the vet recommended that we simply monitor them and not put her through the major surgery that removal would require. He also told us that the tumors would return anyway, and he had seen them come back in as little as a week after removal! Now we had an infection, combined with a slightly more frequent cough, and I was alarmed. 

                            I called the vet and he recommended we bring her right in. To make a long story a little shorter, Bailey is now being treated for the infection, but her prognosis is very poor. We are now essentially in Hospice-Mode, and the entire family is devastated, especially my husband, who literally dotes on Bailey.  Me? Well, I am the family rock and always have been, not by choice but because it's just always been that way. I am crushed, but I'll do my grieving in private, when everyone else has been consoled and gone off to bed. 

                           Bailey will be our 6th dog loss in 4 years. My son lost one to old age and one to cancer. We lost two to old age and one to cancer. Dog lovers have all experienced the agony of losing these pure-hearted companions, yet we continue to subject ourselves to it over and over, because let's face it, life without a dog or two isn't life at all.



                              The increase in recent years of Canine Cancers is attributed mostly to commercial dog foods and vaccinations. As we have lost, we have learned, and the only vaccinations we accept now is the Rabies shot, and only because it is required by law. We also never feed dog food, but instead, we feed the Raw Diet. It was too late for Bailey, the damage had been done long before she came to our family, but we feed her raw anyway. 

                               Please look into what "People" foods are okay for dogs and which are not, and avoid grains and dairy. Never buy treats made in China. If you are interested in feeding the Raw Diet, I recommend this site: www.Leerburg.com. Our Best Friends don't live long enough, but we can keep them healthy longer with the right diet.


                                           THE  B.L.M

                                 As you all know by now, the Oregon Standoff is all but over. It did not end well, but it could have been far worse. 

                                 For many years, Ranchers in America's West have been under assault by the Federal Government. For numerous reasons, the feds have decided that the open ranges, grazing lands, and our purest waters should be possessed and regulated by THEM. Our Founders, all men of great intelligence and foresight, anticipated such over-reach just as they anticipated the attempts to disarm the people.  So they provided protections within the Constitution to keep these lands forever in the hands of the states in which they lie and to the people of those states.

                                 The Federal Gov. has NO right or claim to these lands and their illegal oversight of them is in direct conflict with Constitutional Law. Not that our government allows the Constitution to stand in their way anymore.  Why is it that these tyrants feel the need to control public land? Well, the list is vast, but here a just a very few reasons:

 1) Big money, Green Energy projects for politicians and wealthy elitists who are invested in these alternative power agendas.

 2) Control of the purest water for use BY the elite.

 3) Mineral Rights.

 4) Future Home and Recreation sites , and defensive, Bunker-Style "Safe Zones" for the very same , privileged few. (This is a piece of the Agenda 21 program that is closely connected to the Sustainable Cities and Excessive Conservation plan.)

 5) For Government-Run  Ranches and Farms and water allocation.

 6) They want the land because they want it, and they can take it.

           The list goes on forever, and none of it is good for the average American.

                         Independent farms and ranches are not a part of the Bilderberg, Socialist-Communist future. One need only to look into the Stone House Farm story in southern Columbia County to see the agenda. American Patriots, the well-informed and Constitutionally aware, know all too well exactly what is going on and WHY. Which explains the occupation of the Malheur reserve by the Militia. These very brave citizens stood up and took action to remind the government that the lands are not THEIRS, but that they belong to the PEOPLE, and that we will not simply hand over these vital sites. 

                        This was an example of our First Amendment right to peaceful protest and the redress of grievances. Yet it was painted by the liberal media as an invasion and a dangerous resistance movement. It indeed WAS a resistance movement, and a necessary and justified one. At NO time, was there ANY violence perpetrated by the occupiers and no damage to the property or buildings. 

                         Rather than shed light on the core of the issue and share the truth with the American public, the media paid little attention and refused to speak of the facts behind the effort. While good, honorable men and women stood for the right to ranch and farm and use our public lands as they were always intended to be used, the media demonized them as extremists and criminals. Those with short memories have already forgotten the Cliven Bundy matter in Nevada two years ago, and the involvement of Harry Reid and his son, assisted by the Obama administration. 

                         Land Grabbing by our government has become a very serious issue since Obama took office. We have had the problem for years, but like many other frightening, unconstitutional assaults on our freedoms, it has never been as prolific as it has been since 2008. The Bureau of Land Management has NO right to exist and NO right to threaten the American people or regulate our lands. Much like the EPA and EnCon, these agencies are redundant and tyrannical. They have become small armies for the use of a president and his cronies that think we live in a monarchy and they should control every aspect of our lives and livelihoods. If there are extremists at work, it is not the Militias, it is the government.

                         Yesterday, the Organizers of the occupying militias, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and several others, were enroute to a meeting with local residents to discuss strategy and how to bring the truth to light. On their way to this meeting, they were literally ambushed  by FBI and State Police. The media will not say who fired the first shot or why, but people ON the scene have reported that the shots were fired by Law Enforcement in response to "Verbal" resistance from militia members. I have friends and contacts from NY State that are inside this occupation and believe me, they are far more reliable than any arm of the media or government. They are also far more honorable and less likely to incite violence. There is little question as to who fired those first shots and wounded Ryan Bundy and killed another leader. 

                          This was a clear-cut case of government oppression and of a Police State. Those who fired their weapons should be charged with Assault and Murder, and every Patriot, Christian, Conservative, and Veteran in America should be banging down the doors of the Oregon Capitol. You know it's funny how the ignorant among us are taking to social media and calling the militiamen and the murdered leader the most vile names and stating that they "Got what they deserved".  I have to wonder what they will be saying when the government takes control of our farms and ranches, our water and food, and doles it out as they see fit to whom they choose? 

                           When their children are hungry and thirsty, but the government refuses to help because they have already received their monthly allotment, will they still hate these people who tried to warn them and put their skin on the line to stop it? How much will they hate us Patriots when they can't travel to these lands and show their children the miracle of God's provision? Will they finally "GET IT" and say "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda"? It won't matter by then, it will be too late. 

                            The haters of Freedom and Independence, those unwilling to work to preserve these precious liberties, those who are SO stupid and misinformed that they will vote Democrat this November, don't understand that THEY will be the very first among us to feel the pain. The complicit are ALWAYS the first to be sacrificed, and history proves it. I hope I live long enough to see these fools get their just desserts. 


    One final thought; Am I the only one who wonders why there were no prosecutions of the people who looted, burned, over-turned police cars, and threw rocks and bottles at police in Ferguson,Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland this past summer? Isn't it odd that none of these violent animals were shot by police or even water-cannoned, but a handful of Patriots in Oregon are fired upon ? I bet you can guess who paid to clean up and repair those cities following the riots, yet there was NO damage in Oregon. Funny, isn't it?


The Purging of the Patriots                                          1-29-2016

                           It has been many years since I was what most folks would call, "Social".  Like many of us, I've learned the hard way to be wary of people and to keep my circle small. 

                           Still, I have always managed to retain a small spark of hope for humanity somewhere deep down in my soul. I WANT to believe that  most people still have goodness inside them and that conscience and compassion can triumph over evil and apathy, but it just isn't so anymore.

                            This week's events have cut me to the core. I have spent many hours with my few, trusted contacts, poring over the available evidence of what occurred in Oregon on Tuesday. Our yet-to-be-confirmed conclusions have devastating implications. The unconstitutional actions taken by our government and law enforcement indicate a very dark future for America and her people. That small spark of hope I still had on Monday, has now been extinguished. I feel forever changed, and it is not a GOOD feeling at all.

                              Having watched the shooting of Robert LaVoy Finicum at least 50 times and analyzed the events second by second, there is no clear conclusion that can be reached at this point. I have posted a link to that video below, and ask that you bear in mind as you watch it, that those who analyzed this video along with me are professionals, people who have served as soldiers and law enforcement and are very well informed and experienced. 

                               The very first impression most of you will take from watching this shooting is that LaVoy reached for a gun at his waist and was then shot by police. Under ordinary circumstances, this would have been justified, or what we call a "Good Shoot", but these were no ordinary circumstances. There is no audio in this footage as it was probably drone footage, but when we complement it with the fresh and emotional eye-witness account, it gets a little easier to understand. I have posted a link to the audio deposition for you as well. Once we heard the witness description of events, a unanimous decision was still elusive, but our suspicions suddenly gained more credence.

                                Let's first consider the character and reputation of LaVoy. He was a God-Fearing, Law Abiding, Freedom-Loving man that was dedicated to his country and his family.He had been a Foster Dad to more than 50 children over the years and was known and loved for his community service and advocacy work. LaVoy was from Arizona, and had gone to Oregon to support and assist the Hammond Family who had come under assault by the federal government. He was accompanied by the two Bundy brothers from Nevada, whose family suffered a similar trial two years ago.

                                 Due to his experience with grassroots protests, and knowledge of the law and the Constitution, LaVoy just naturally fell into the role of Organizer and Protest Leader, and the Bundys became second in command.  Patriot groups from all across the country came to Oregon to respond to the unconstitutional actions of the government, despite the fact that many locals did not appreciate the huge invasion. Kind of reminds me of Lebanon on weekends. 

                                  The protest got off on the right foot and went very well, gaining media attention and the focus of Oregon officials. Until LaVoy, the Bundys, and a small group of others, splintered off and occupied the Malheur building. Meetings between the protestors and the local officials had been productive, but little was actually being accomplished, so the building take-over was an attempt to move things along. This is a building that sits on a nature preserve and is very rarely used by anyone, but it is considered a "Federal Building", making the occupation a Felony. Let's stop here for a minute.

                                   Maybe it's just me and my passion for a Constitutional Government and a Free America, but in MY mind, this so-called "Federal Building" is no such thing. It is not a Fort, a Capitol, a Municipal Building, or a Military Installation. There are no employees there and no members of the public conducting daily business, and therefore, no one was taken hostage or put in any danger at any time.  The FACT is, that the Malheur Preserve and everything on it, including the main building, are the property of the State of Oregon and the people who live in the state. The Feds have NO right and NO claim to it.

                                   According to the Constitution, the government can claim ownership of the 10 square miles that is Washington,D.C, Military Forts and bases, and official shipping ports, ONLY. They are not allowed by law to lay claim or ownership to anything or anywhere else. Yet the government has held fast to many millions of acres, mostly in the mid-west, and especially in Wyoming, where two-thirds of the land is claimed as Federal Lands. Illegally. It is 100% unconstitutional and criminal. It is theft, over-reach, and tyranny. Hence, the LEGAL resistance by brave Americans who have the guts to reveal the crime and are sick to death of being crapped-on by this government.

                                   So I ask YOU, IS the Malheur station a government or Federal building? No, no it is NOT, and I don't know about you, but I obey Constitutional Law only, not laws made up by people who have no right or power to do so. LaVoy and his fellow protestors were enroute to a meeting with local officials on the day of the shooting. They were traveling in two separate vehicles, LaVoy, Ryan Bundy and two females, one of which was LaVoy's daughter, were in a white pickup truck, and Ammon Bundy and two others were following in a Jeep. FBI and State Police intercepted the two vehicles and the occupants were ordered to come out with their hands raised. 

                                    Ammon and his passengers complied and were taken into custody without incident, but LaVoy and his passengers engaged in a verbal exchange with the police via P.A systems in the vehicles. LaVoy explained that he did not feel safe and intended to proceed to the Sheriff's Office and that the officers could escort them there. The police were not having it, and in most cases, if you have a vehicle stop and the occupants do not comply, the police are justified in pursuit or using necessary force. This was a judgement call for them, and in my opinion, they blew it. 

                                     LaVoy was obviously very concerned for his safety and that of his daughter if he disembarked from the vehicle, so he drove away, intending to drive to the Sheriff's Office as stated, where all would be safe. Moments later, he came upon a road block and was forced to ditch his truck in the snowbank to avoid hitting the officers there. This is where the problems arise. We clearly see LaVoy exit the truck with his arms in the air. There is no question that seconds later, LaVoy is seen reaching for his waistband, and we have confirmation that he was armed and carried his pistol in a shoulder holster. 

                                      It appears that he was reaching for the weapon, but WHY? Why did he startle all of a sudden and drop his arms and position of surrender and go into defense mode? Was he struck by a bullet? Did he hear a shot? Why would a man so proficient in the use of firearms, so knowledgeable about the law and police procedure, and so vastly out-gunned, make such a move?  We know that the police were using flash-bangs and tear gas on the truck and if you look carefully, you can see the snow kicking up around the truck. You also see a hole in the passenger front window where Ryan Bundy was seated. This indicates the use of live rounds. At no time is there any evidence of gunfire coming FROM the truck.

                                       So what was it that startled LaVoy and caused him to respond as he did? It makes NO sense, and with no audio it's akin to assembling a puzzle with missing pieces. Some believe that LaVoy committed "Suicide by Cop" to martyr himself as the first Patriot to die for the cause of Freedom that was so all-important to him. Anything is possible and eventually, more information will trickle out, but will we be able to trust that information? No, I don't think we can. 

                                       We can not and MUST not ever accept anything that comes from the government or their media as truth. If government could be trusted, LaVoy would not be dead. Seal Team 6 would not have been essentially wiped-out, Christopher Stevens and the heroes who tried to save him in Benghazi would be alive, and so would Border Agent Brian Terry. IF our government could be trusted, the People would not be subjected to cruel, mind-bending, False Flags like Sandy Hook. We would not be forced to expose our children to deadly vaccines, fluoride, and GMO foods. If we could trust our government, we would not have to fear terrorists walking freely across out borders, and we would not need to put our very lives on the line to protect the rights of farmers and ranchers from government sanctioned thieves and bullies.

                                       The BLM is ILLEGAL, as are most of the other environmental agencies that exist within the government. The actions taken by the Federal Police against peaceful protestors was ILLEGAL.  Our government is methodically killing its dissenters and Patriots, the very people who love America the most and are willing to risk their own skin to reveal the criminality and stop it.               

                                        This week, we heard the second, "Shot Heard "Round the World ". The media will downplay it and lie about it. Officials will point fingers of blame in the wrong direction and most of YOU, will buy it. As dedicated Americans are labeled as "Militant Extremists" and discredited as angry mobs, 97% of American citizens will say and do nothing. We have come to this point because of the silence of the people, the submission to an oligarchy that millions of men and women fought and died to prevent. Your Freedom is at stake, and you cannot see it, won't admit it, and are unwilling to lift a finger to help those who are STILL willing to die to preserve it.


                                       The government is over-sized and out of control because We the People have allowed it to be, and only We the People can turn it around. When a woman who has committed the crimes that Hillary Clinton has committed can still run for President, we live in a sick society.  When an admitted Socialist can run against her for the nomination, we have a BIG problem.    When you can be arrested for fishing without a license, but illegals can walk into the country with no impediments, we live in a country run by fools and self-serving autocrats.

                                         The media will not give you the facts about what happened in Oregon, not now and not as it unfolds in the days to come, but  I WILL.  It has never been more obvious than it is right now, that America is in peril and that revolution is becoming more and more likely by the day. If you ever intend to do something that matters, something you can be proud to tell your grandchildren one day, the time is NOW. Or, you can continue to live in your bubble of ignorance and apathy and try to explain to them why you did NOTHING, why YOU allowed them to be sentenced to a life without liberty.

                                          If we are cursed with another Democrat president, or God Forbid with Donald Trump, the Closet Liberal, America will be a Socialist country from January 2017, forward. Freedom dies. Liberty dies. Sovereignty dies. The Patriots and the complicit liberals, die. You MUST speak, you MUST protest, you MUST resist, and you MUST vote, and vote intelligently. Vote for a man who truly loves America, who is faithful and honorable. Vote for a man who will truly lead us back to our former strength and glory, back to morality and Constitutionality. It's now or never folks, and you know  that. It's time to search YOUR souls. 


 Shooting Footage:


 Audio Testimony:


Chris Anne Hall on the Oregon Shooting




The FIRST Victory !!!!!                                                              2-1-2016

                       Congratulations Ted Cruz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He OWNED Iowa and with God's Grace, he will OWN America in November!!! FINALLY, there is hope for Constitutional Leadership and a Strong America once again. Cruz' numbers broke the record for the Iowa Caucus!

                        The Dirty Dems are tied, and believe me when I tell you, Hillary is never going to see the primaries. All she has to look forward to is many hours in a court of law as she faces trial. At long last. After a horrific week personally, this is a wonderful evening in my household. The spark is not re-lit, but if Cruz takes New Hampshire, it MIGHT be! I truly expect Trump to be a sore loser after tonight and pull out all the stops, and that's okay, Cruz supporters KNOW who and what Cruz IS and who and what Trump IS, and the lies and false accusations won't sway us even a little bit.

                         A few days ago, I posted on Facebook the pics and a description of where to find more information on Trump's wife and her past. I have been puzzled that no one in the media had DARED to approach the subject, not even FOX News. I didn't particularly want to go there either, but when Trump continued his attacks on Megan Kelley, I decided it was time to play a little hardball. Don't get me wrong, I'm not overly fond of Megan Kelley for a variety of reasons, but when Trump insists on posting photos of her, Fully Dressed by the way, in seductive poses and calling her a tramp and a host of other things, it's time for a wake-up call. 

                          Trump's wife is drop-dead beautiful, of that there is no doubt. She is also young enough to be his daughter and is what, his THIRD wife? She was a model at one point and also acted in at least one, Gay Porn film. Glenn Beck brought this to light a week or so ago and was immediately attacked by the Left's Pride of Lyins. (Yes, I meant to spell it that way). They claimed that Beck was "Losing It" from the stress of fighting the government treason for too long, and I can actually see how that COULD happen. Been there. LOL!!  However, Beck spoke the truth. The media has done their best to hide the video and any mention of it, but it DOES exist and if you know where and how to look, you can find a link to it in about ten minutes flat.

                            I did not open that link, because I don't want any record of any kind of porn on my hard drive. EWWW. I DID however, post the photos of Mrs. Trump with nothing covering her nether regions but her own hand. Trumptards went ballistic!  (Which I thoroughly enjoyed and I make no apology for. LOL!). They called me all kinds of names and claimed to be terribly insulted by my posting "Lies" about this wonderful woman. First of all, it isn't a lie, and second of all, do we really want or need another First Lady that is an embarrassment to the office and our country like the one we have NOW? Yes, Mrs. Trump is nice for the men to look at, but she is always going to be a Porn actress. Always.

                             From all that I have read, Mrs. Trump is an excellent mom to her young son, and that is something that counts for a lot for me. I also believe that in most cases, once a woman becomes a mom, she is forever changed. My grandfather would have said, "It grows you up ". It definitely does. Not in EVERY case, but in most, and I think Mrs. Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt and she likely regrets things she did in her youth as do we all. Still, when compared to Mrs. Cruz, well, there just IS no comparison. It's time for a genteel lady in the role again, another Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush. America needs to return to a position of dignity and class. The Trumps just don't fit the bill. In fact, in my own opinion, the Cruz's are the ONLY ones who DO! Maybe the Carsons as well, but Ben will be dropping out soon. It would be nice if our next president appointed him to the position of Surgeon General, because Ben Carson is BRILLIANT, just not Presidential, yet.



                            At tonight's Constitution Study, I was questioned about the Hammond Family of Oregon being originally charged with Terrorism. I was told that they were not, but they most definitely WERE.  Below is a news article from October that states that fact and the link to the law that was used. I have also re-posted the link to the Attorney C.A.Hall video about the over-reach of the government in the Oregon case and the limits of the government when it comes to land control.

 Attorney Hall Video:  Chris Anne Hall on the Oregon Shooting


Controversial Oregon ranchers in court Wednesday, likely headed back to prison in arson case

Morse courthouse courtroom 2006.JPG
This is a view from the judge's chair of Courtroom 2 inside the Wayne Morse U.S. Courthouse, in Eugene, in late 2006. (The Oregonian/File)

Bryan Denson | The Oregonian/OregonLive
By Bryan Denson | The Oregonian/OregonLive 
on October 07, 2015 at 5:00 AM, updated October 07, 2015 at 5:05 AM

Oregon's chief U.S. District judge on Wednesday will re-sentence two cattle ranchers who served time behind bars for setting fires to protect their livelihoods – blazes that damaged federal lands.
Supporters of Harney County ranchers Dwight L. Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven D. Hammond, say their troubles are part of a deep rift between government land managers and the ranchers who lease the property for cattle grazing and other agribusiness.
But their problems also offer a rare glimpse at a 1996 law intended to punish domestic terroristsa statute that carries a mandatory minimum sentence likely to put the cattlemen back in prison.
"I find it incredible that the government would want to try these ranchers as terrorists," said Barry Bushue, the longtime president of the Oregon Farm Bureau. "Now is where the rubber meets the road. Right now is when the public should absolutely be incensed. And the public, I think, should be fearful."

The Hammonds' run-ins with the government began in 1999, when Steven Hammond started a fire that escaped onto U.S. Bureau of Land Management territory. The intent of the fire was to burn off juniper and sagebrush that hindered the growth of grass for their cattle.
BLM employees reminded Steven Hammond that although his family leased public land for grazing, he couldn't burn it without a permit. But in September 2001, the Hammonds started another fire. This one ran off their property on Steens Mountain, consumed 139 acres of public land and took the acreage out of production for two growing seasons, according to court papers.
Then in August 2006, lightning sparked several fires near the spot where the Hammonds grew their winter feed. Steven Hammond set a back-burn to thwart the advancing flames, and it burned across about an acre of public land, according to federal court records.
A jury in June 2012 found the Hammonds guilty of arson for the 2001 blaze that came to be called the Hardie-Hammond Fire. Steven Hammond also was convicted for arson in the 2006 Krumbo Butte Fire.
The convictions were punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which followed the Oklahoma City bombing and other deadly acts of domestic terrorism. But on Oct. 30, 2012, U.S. District Judge Michael R. Hogan, presiding in his last sentencing before leaving the bench, said the Hammonds' conduct wasn't in keeping with the intentions of the law.
That law might apply, Hogan said, if someone intentionally burned sagebrush in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where fire can burn up ravines to houses.
"Out in the wilderness here, I don't think that's what Congress intended," the judge said. "I am not supposed to use the word 'fairness' in criminal law. I know that I had a criminal law professor a long time ago yell at me for doing that. And I don't do that. But this – it would be a sentence that would shock the conscience to me."
Hogan sentenced Dwight Hammond, now 73, to three months in prison. He sentenced Steven Hammond, now 46, to one year and one day in prison, a sentence that with time off for good behavior would mean about 10 months. The men completed their sentences and were required to repay about $400,000 in damages to the government.
Government lawyers appealed the sentence, saying it wasn't stiff enough.
In February 2014, a three-judge panel from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed.
"A minimum sentence mandated by the statute is not a suggestion that courts have discretion to disregard," Judge Stephen J. Murphy III wrote in the opinion. Murphy noted that even a fire in a remote area such as Harney County had the potential to spread and threaten the lives of residents and crews called out to battle the fire.
The appeals court ruled that the Hammonds must be returned to the district court for resentencing.
Kelly Zusman, the appellate chief for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Portland, applauded the decision, saying the Hammonds' conduct was what Congress intended when it established the five-year mandatory minimum.
Chief U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken is scheduled to sentence the Hammonds at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Eugene.

-- Bryan Denson



 About the Land                                                                 2-2-2016

                      Article 1- Section 8 - Clause 17 - United States Constitution

                "To exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District, ( not exceeding ten square miles), as may, by Cession of the particular states and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise LIKE authority over any places Purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the STATE in which the same shall be, for the erection of FORTS, MAGAZINES, ARSENALS, DOCK YARDS, and other, NEEDFUL buildings."

                    Here comes the hard part, getting more than two people to interpret this the same way. Constitutional Attorney C.A Hall interprets it in the same manner as do I. The government has the right to a ten square mile district to serve as the Seat of Government. This would be Washington, D.C.

 Other than that specific district, the government has no explicit "RIGHT" to any other lands as Federal Lands, unless the state in which the coveted land lies consents to it by vote of their state legislature and then, ONLY for the purposes described above in Clause #17. I do not see any mention of Wildlife reserves or maintenance buildings ON any reserves.  It's possible that there was an amendment somewhere along the line, maybe when Teddy Roosevelt was all hot and bothered about National parks, not that preserving our most beautiful lands for wildlife and visitors is a BAD thing, it certainly isn't, BUT, how MUCH do we need and should we deprive ranchers and farmers the right to own and use this land for agricultural purposes? 

                       As was mentioned in last night's Constitution Study, no one wants to see resorts or condos in Yellowstone Park, ever. Still, the lands surrounding the parks are and always have been, ideal grazing lands for cattlemen. That is how it should be preserved and maintained, by forever farm programs and protections for Ranchers and Farmers. After all, they DO feed the country in case anyone forgot that. In no other way should the government be involved in regulating or attempting to take ownership of these lands. Yet they are doing exactly that to the extreme end of killing those who wish to retain it. 

                        So far as "Needful Buildings" are concerned, to ME, that would be the items specifically mentioned and that does not describe the Malheur Preserve's main building or outbuildings in any way. They may be needful in that there is a need for a place to store maintenance equipment, have bathroom and First Aid stations, and maybe a Visitor's Information Center and some type of small museum if applicable. In NO way is the Malheur Preserve a military site, or a site that has anything to do with national security. This would be akin to claiming that the former Catskill Game Farm is "Needful" to the operation of the federal government. It's B.S. 

                         Opponents of the Patriot Occupation have claimed that the occupiers prevented the public from free use of the preserve while they were installed at the preserve. Not so. It was not the Patriots who closed the entrances and roads, it was the police, on the orders of the Oregon Governor. Brings to mind Obama's punishment of the Conservatives and Republicans by refusing to allow elderly veterans to visit War Monuments during his "Government Shutdown" while at the same time allowing Muslims to hold a March at the Washington Monument. It's a matter of the government telling us that they will do as they damn well please and screw the Constitution. Which is one of a million reasons that we cannot survive another Democrat Presidency.

                           One COULD say that the sight of armed Patriots walking around the preserve might be a deterrent to families who wish to hike or camp in the preserve, but we ARE talking about Oregon. This is a part of the country where armed men in cowboy hats and camo is an everyday thing, a piece of the local culture and history. It isn't New York city where the sight of a kid with a cap gun is cause to call the SWAT Team.

                            Robert LaVoy Finicum will be laid to rest on Friday. Yesterday, the FBI contacted Ammon Bundy and asked what they could do to facilitate a peaceful conclusion to the occupation. Bundy made it very clear to them that if they want to be trusted and to have a peaceful conversation with the handful of people still in the preserve and the local ranchers, they would have to sit down face-to-face and talk. In addition, the FBI would need to agree to investigate the BLM, the EPA, and the Federal Fish and Game Dept. for their over-reach and unconstitutional actions. The FBI agreed to coordinate the meeting and discuss an investigation. 

                             Isn't it tragic, that they could not have reached out and made this effort BEFORE a good man was killed? That is what SHOULD have been done, and had the FBI not acted prematurely and  allowed the organizers to proceed to their meeting last Tuesday, unimpeded, this matter would very likely have been peacefully settled by last Wednesday, with no harm coming to anyone. Guarantee it. The Governor of Oregon however, was not willing to negotiate or seek a peaceful solution and conclusion, she wanted the Patriots OUT of her state as quickly as possible and she didn't care how it got done or who might be harmed in the process. She pushed the FBI and they followed orders rather than Oath.( DID the Oregon Legislature ever vote to allow the feds to take control of their lands? We don't know yet, but we ARE looking into it).

                           There had been NO violence or aggression from the Patriots and NO property damage of any kind during this protest. Going forward, there will be extensive investigations, lawsuits, and protests about the manner in which this was handled. Someone needs to be held accountable for the gross abuse of power and disregard for First Amendment Rights and the safety of the protestors. If it were up to ME, and it is not, I would point a finger first at the Governor, a very stupid woman. Betcha a coffee that she is a Liberal.

                            Before I close for tonight, I need to address the people who posted abhorrent comments on Social Media about the Patriots in Oregon. The Liberal Socialists that unfortunately dwell among us can spew hate better than any other group of people that have ever lived or ever will live.  These "alleged" lovers of "Freedom of Choice", and "Coexistence", are calling for the FBI to slaughter the Patriots in cold blood. Some of the words they used and comments they made are so vile and inhumane that I cannot repeat them here. It does make it a little easier to understand why EVERY mass-shooting in America has been perpetrated by a Liberal Democrat, though. So let me say this to these Ice-Cold Lunatics:

                              ALL of you enjoy and exercise your freedoms that are granted you under the Constitution, every, single day. You protest over every little thing you don't like, you express yourselves in every manner there is and some are pretty deviant and disgusting. You want the Right to marry a same-sex partner, dress and behave as a different sex as the spirit moves you and never, EVER allow anyone to hurt your "Feelings".  You expect the government to fight your little battles of emotion, take care of your every need, and protect you from every insult. 

                               Liberals want to protect trees and dangerous, hybrid wolves, but at the same time, want the LEGAL RIGHT to rip their unborn babies from their wombs piece by piece, because it is an "inconvenience". The few who prefer birth control to abortion, want the taxpayer to give them free birth control so they can be as promiscuous as they please without facing any consequences for their behavior. They hate God and Guns but run screaming for both when they get into a jam. They hate cops and war, yet they want to be kept safe. They claim to want equality and an end to racism, yet they continue to vote for the very Democrat officials who have kept minorities enslaved for generations.

                                ALL of you Liberals are every bit as free as I am to speak your mind and make your own choices, but you never shut up long enough to think about why and how you got the freedom to do those very things! The reason you are free to speak openly, choose your life partner, and protest the cutting of trees and killing of wolves, and just be scumbags in general, is because American Patriots JUST LIKE the people in Oregon that you want murdered, fought and died to protect those very freedoms. Are you REALLY that brain-dead ?!

                                 Never has a Pansy-A_S Liberal been willing to fight and die for the preservation of the Constitution, but the Patriots, the 3%, have, are, and always will. So go ahead and imagine an America where all those Patriots have been eliminated. There is no one left to fight for freedom, Rights, or Equality, or to stand between you and a tyrannical government.  The Constitution is tossed into a fire and your rights and protections no longer exist. YOU can no longer whine, speak freely, protest,demonstrate, or even move about without permission. You can not marry the person of your choice, own a home or car, or have more than one child. If you speak out against the government you will be imprisoned or executed. Etc., etc., ETC.!!

                                 That's but a tiny taste of an America without the Conservatives, the Christians, the Capitalists, and the Brave Patriots that stand up for YOUR rights every day. That is an America without gun owners and tough Rednecks who are willing to tell the tyrants to "Back Off!" or face the fire. If you don't want to defend the rights of farmers and ranchers, that's fine, you have no obligation to do so, unless that is, you like to eat every day. So go ahead and do nothing and attack those who ARE doing something, but how DARE you leeches of society sit behind the wheel of your Smart Cars, sipping your Starbucks Caffe Latte, and call for the slaughter of those who WILL protect our farmers and ranchers. Grow the hell up and get a clue !

                                  It's a shame that we Threepers, the Patriots, couldn't pick and choose which Americans will benefit from our efforts and sacrifices and which ones will not, but Conservatives don't work that way. WE are not in the trenches every day for the good of ourselves only, but for a future of  Freedom, Security, and Prosperity for this country and EVERY American citizen. We, and I, don't hate you, but we DO hate your behaviors and the anti-American ideology you support and practice. We wish you no harm, but there are a lot of nights that before I go to sleep, I pray that every Liberal in America have their armpits infested with the fleas of a million, Muslim Camels, and that there be no relief. 


            Wake UP, New Lebanon !                                              2-5-2016

                  It's hard to even find a jumping-off place for this very deep and disturbing subject. It isn't a discussion that can be had in one post or one day, but one that is so involved and intricate it would take many days to thoroughly cover.

                   Many times on this site I have talked about the dangers of the United Nation's "Agenda 21 " Program,  "Sustainable Development " , etc. I have talked about the Stone House Farm issue in southern Columbia County, the RockefellersHamlet Revitalization, Excessive Environmentalism, you name it.  Two years ago, I even went to the extent of buying copies of the Agenda 21 pamphlets and DVDs for each member of the Town Board. 

                    Over the past 5 or 6 years, I have watched our town become subject to more environmental "Programs" and "Grant" offers, Conservancy plans, etc., than I have heard of in all the many years I have lived here.  ALL of these items have been proposed, applied for, or suggested, by Liberal NEWCOMERS. EVERY one. WHY?  Well, they truly believe that Global Warming/Climate Change is an actual threat, and a few of them are actually invested in Green Energy and don't want to lose those investments.

                      Regardless of WHY they support and chase after these programs, the bottom line is, "BEWARE!!!"  Ask our Zoning Officer about the Stone House Farm Project and David Rockefeller's "Road to NY".  Google "Agenda 21", or "Sustainable Communities". Go ahead, I dare you. Then think about the Patriot that was buried today in Arizona after being shot to death by the FBI for trying to protect our open lands from the government grabbers. Think about the Behan Project, the "Hamlet Revitalization" that our reclusive EDC is so careful to keep secret from the residents. Then, give a few minutes thought to how much property in this town has or WILL be taken off the tax rolls due to GREEN projects and Conservation Agendas. Who will pick up the financial slack?  YOU will.

                       There is another project being applied for by a newcomer that will take even more land off the tax list as it is a proposed, "Religious" site, similar to the Abode. Then we have the Shaker Swamp project, the Nature Conservancy, the Rail Trail, etc.,etc. Pretty soon, we will all have to ride bicycles, dress in long skirts and hemp sandals or be arrested for contaminating the atmosphere. GAG! Now there is a proposal before the Town Board to become a "Climate Smart Community ". Imagine where THAT will lead ?!?

                       No more woodstoves or outdoor wood burners, no chain saws or lawnmowers without smog filters and mufflers, we will all have to recycle everything , buy solar panels, stop using weed control, put timers on outside and municipal lighting, etc. Good Lord, where does it END ? If our Town Board agrees to this propaganda, they're as nuts as the people who proposed it !!! It's more government control of our freedoms, plain and simple. I think New Lebanon has gone far enough in the wrong direction, it's time to tell the hoaxers and misled loonies, "NO!". This is the country, and we've taken all the Left-Leaning Bullying we're going to take !

                       THIS is what America has to look forward to if another Democrat gets into the White House next year. TOTAL control of how we live our lives.                                                                                                                        Now, moving on, we have talked about all the Republican Candidates recently, the good and the bad among them and about them. I need to add a little bit to that, as Donald Trump has sunk to a new low this week in using the "F-Word" in a public speech to an audience that included young children. How very presidential of him. Since when is that acceptable behavior for a candidate for president?  Since Donald Trump, I guess. 

                      I often attribute my sensitivity to these types of behavior, to my getting older, but you know what? I would have found Trump's behavior just as embarrassing and repulsive when I was 25 or 35.  Last week, Trump made a big deal of attending a church service in Iowa. Less than seven days later, he is screaming, "Tell them to go F_CK themselves " in a public forum. WOW!  I really shouldn't be so surprised, since Trump was a self-proclaimed Liberal and registered Democrat as recently as 2012. Gee, how did he manage to become a Christian, Conservative, Republican in three short years ? Easy. He simply spent some time with his dear friends, the Clintons, and they devised a strategy for Hillary to be a candidate on both party lines.

                       If Trump is the Republican nominee and manages to win in November, Hillary still  wins. Dedicated Trumptards refuse to face the facts that Trump is stroking the desperate Conservatives by promising to "Fix" all the things they are most concerned about.  I say "desperate" because so many Conservatives have been starving for a candidate that will reflect their values, be patriotic, strong, and outspoken.They are desperate for a return to a moral, stable, and healthy America, and that has led to vulnerability and gullibility among many Conservatives and they are drinking the Kool-Aid. If they don't get a clue very soon, they will vote us right back into another Liberal Presidency as the Clintons will be calling the shots. Heaven Forbid !

                         Meanwhile, the rift between Cruz and Carson is another story that the media has been spinning to their advantage. Makes perfect sense, considering that it was a CNN journalist that was at the root of the misinformation. The Cruz Camp never said a single word about Carson dropping out of the race. The news that Dr. Carson would be going home after the Iowa caucus to attend the Prayer Breakfast, was interpreted by CNN as an indication that he was likely dropping out. It was not Ted Cruz or any member of his team that voiced that suspicion. Yet Cruz was willing to take the shot and apologized to Carson for what had happened. That's called, "Class". 

                        Carson was not accepting of the apology at first, believing that it HAD been the Cruz Crew who was responsible, until it became common knowledge that it was CNN, and now Cruz and Carson have teamed up to go after the media, together. Bottom line is, it doesn't really matter at all anyway, since the news broke 15 minutes before the Iowa vote. How much damage could possibly have been done to Carson's numbers in 15 minutes?  GEEZ !!

                          So we're all caught-up on the Republican issues, and Lord knows we've talked a lot about Hillary, the old, drunk prognosticator, and in the days to come, we'll talk about her a lot more. The one person we have NOT talked about is the Semi-Senile Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  

                          On the face of things, Bernie is another one of those people I could enjoy having coffee with, but could never support, much less vote for. Number One, he is a certified, card-carrying Socialist and that is bad enough on its own. Number Two, he is an ancient liberal with one hand in our pockets and one foot in the grave. Ummm...... NO!

                           One thing you probably DON'T know about ol' Bernie, is that he is a pervert and has zero respect for women. (Don't believe me? Click the link I've posted below.) Despite this, many Femi-Nazis and Female Homosexuals will still vote for the old coot. Go figure. It's the same enigma as liberals protecting the "Rights" of Muslims who severely abuse all females and behead and hang homosexuals. Just makes NO sense to ME. If YOU get it, I would sure appreciate you sharing your insight with me.

                            In any case, everyone is free to believe and vote as they damn well please. That's one of the terrific things about America and FREEDOM. Yet these are the very people that will vote to have that freedom taken from us. Confused yet? How about we just go back to the good old way of "Live and let Live"?  You keep your liberal hands off my gun rights and my woodstove, and I won't ask the legislature to pass any laws to convict you if you "Hurt my Feelings" or take you to court if you refuse to violate your faith to suit my sissy needs. I won't spray my Round-Up toward your yard and you don't tell ME when I can or cannot make noise in mine. You drive your electric car and wear your hippy scarves down to your ankles and I'll wear my jeans, workboots and NRA hat and drive a big old truck. You eat bean sprouts and I'll eat bacon. Leave me alone and I'll leave YOU alone, but heaven forbid you keep trying to force your will upon those who disagree with you, and you will learn the true meaning of Whoop-Ass. See? Everybody is doing what they want and no one is angry.


 Dirty Bernie



                Rest in Peace, LaVoy !        



 Climatards                                                                      2-7-2016

                    When God set Adam and Eve loose in the Garden of Eden, it was one, sweet deal. There was absolutely nothing they needed to fear or stress over. No sunburn, no biting mosquitoes or stinging bees, no poison ivy or nettles. 

                      They had no need for shelter because the air was never too cold or too hot, and they had all the nutritious food and fresh water they could ever need. It was such a perfect environment, that Adam and Eve didn't even realize that they were naked. Who was going to see them and be embarrassed, anyway?  God gave them all this with only ONE stipulation, "Do not eat the fruit of that ONE tree!" 

                       Bill Hunsiker, former Pastor of the East Nassau Church, loved to make a joke of blaming Eve for all the sin and discomfort in the world. He liked to say, "It was that WOMAN!".  LOL!! We all got a chuckle out of that and I still do when I remember Bill. The truth is, that Adam set the precedent for all future males to come. He allowed beauty and seduction to over-rule his common sense and blur the line between right and wrong. So actually, it was that GUY!  LOL!!

                       Humanity has paid a steep price for the disobedience of the first man and woman , for their inability to obey ONE simple rule and resist the temptation of a pretty fruit. Not long after this occurred, God gave us a second chance. He gave Moses two stone tablets with ten, very basic, Rules of Behavior. This too, proved to be too restrictive for the selfish and depraved, so God took them out. Brutally. 

                         The third and last opportunity we were given as Americans to behave ourselves and live simply and morally, was the Constitution, and specifically, the Bill of Rights. For believers, the evidence of God's Hand in the Constitution is undeniable, but even non-believers should be capable of seeing the vital importance of the document. It applies to us ALL, regardless of ethnicity or religion. The Bill of Rights is another set of ten, simple rules, this time for the government officials. It was intended to limit government power and protect the human and legal rights of the People.

                          God once referred to the early Jews as a "Stiff-Necked People" for their stubborn refusal to step out on faith and enter the promised land. They disobeyed Him and failed to place their trust in Him. As a result, they suffered greatly and forfeited what would have been great abundance and peace. New Testament Jews were indeed, fearful and stubborn, and so are WE, today. It's in the nature of us all regardless of race or religion.

                           Imagine how vastly different our lives would be today if we could do everything in our power to live by the Ten Commandments and hold our government accountable to the Bill of Rights?  None of us is capable of being "Good" all the time, it just isn't humanly possible and God knows that, but we CAN do our best to BE our best, most of the time. Ten Rules for us, and Ten Rules for the government, all 20 being basic enough for 99% of us to fully understand and execute. So why don't we? Why don't we help one another to try a little harder to do it? Anybody??

                             There is no specific religious requirement for anyone to benefit from the Ten Commandments, as they are after all, just common sense guidelines for how to live with one another in a peaceful manner. Nor is there a specific political party mentioned in the Bill of Rights. They apply to ALL officials at all levels, and offer protection to ALL Americans.The only requirement for US, is to ensure that the rules are applied and our rights enforced. We have to DO it, not just talk about it.  From Rush Limbaugh to Michael Moore, from ME to Ruth Abram and everyone who falls somewhere in-between, we all have a duty to defend the rights spelled out in the Constitution and practice moral behavior to the best of our ability.

                                Ten and Ten, it's not all that hard,folks. At least it WASN'T, until we allowed the government and the Far Left to make it SO complicated, impose SO many rules, that it impossible to even remember them all, much less obey them ! America does not need the IRS, the BLM, the EPA, the ACLU or the NAACP. We have no need for the U.N, Planned Parenthood, the DOJ or the NSA. All we need or have ever needed, are the Ten plus Ten, and strong Americans of good character to apply and enforce them.

                                Government is WAY too big. It has become an evil and oppressive Master, which is the polar opposite of what our founders had in mind. It seems as if every day, a new government regulatory agency is born and more draconian rules imposed upon us. This should alarm you, especially considering that most of these agencies, including the Social Security Administration, are now heavily armed. What should concern you even more, is the FACT that in the past 5 or 6 years, New Lebanon has become the victim of more extreme environmentalism than we have seen in the past 30 years.

                                 I mentioned in my last post how we are seeing too many freedom-altering programs and projects in New Lebanon of late. Most, but not all of it, was introduced under Mike Benson's watch. We are dealing with a group that wants to impose a Noise Ordinance that will affect every resident and have a huge, negative impact on our largest and oldest, local business. This group has proposed absolutely draconian consequences for violations of this proposed ordinance. With that issue still on the table and unresolved as yet, we are NOW being pressed to commit to severe environmental regulations by the Global Warming Climatards.

                                 This proposed "Climate Smart Community " agreement is a nightmare. It is Environmental Extremism on steroids. This plan would result in the entire town being essentially imprisoned by regulations. If you think we have a hard time attracting businesses to town NOW, imagine how hard it would be with these rules in place ?!  I am posting the core, ten requirements included in this proposal and I ask that you please consider each one and the impact of each. For instance, #2 will involve the organization of yet ANOTHER committee that will be manned by transplants and liberals. 

                                  #3 is VERY dangerous, as it will involve severe limits on the rights of Free Americans.  Exactly how will the town "Limit" the energy use of the residents? Will they send Gendarmes to our houses after midnight to see if the lights are off and no faucets are left dripping? We pay and pay dearly, for our electricity and no one has any right to tell us how much or how little we can consume. This one requirement alone, could and would impose restrictions that few of us could live with.

                                  #4. REALLY ? Hey, I would love to go solar, but have you seen the price of Solar packages lately? We live in the bowl of a valley, so wind power isn't an efficient option. So what are they suggesting here?

                                  #6 is another Red Flag. Toss out your gas lawnmowers and chainsaws and go out and buy a hatchet and a few sheep ? Tell the farmers to park their tractors and buy a team of plow horses? It's so stupid, it's almost funny !

                                    Imagine there being only certain hours of the day that you can use your washer and dryer, your air-conditioner, dishwasher, your power tools, an outdoor light, or a pool filter.How about the power-thief, the hot water heater? Do you have a wood-stove or outdoor wood furnace? Not any more !  Now, here is the million-dollar question; WHERE did this proposal COME from and WHO submitted it for consideration by our Town Board ?! There is NO indication of it's source anywhere in the five pages it includes. None. 

                                     Let me say this ONE, MORE, TIME;  " There is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change ". It is a LIE, it does not EXIST.

                                      Weather is Weather and it has changed cyclically since the first days of recording  the damn weather. Last winter, we had snow almost every, single day. We were up to our ears in the stuff. THIS year, warm and dry. So far. Next winter could be freezing cold and dry or warm and wet, who knows? It's just normal weather cycles, ever-changing and unpredictable. Global Warming is a Hoax, and it is all about money and control like most of the left-wing causes and crises. The Polar Bears are alive, well, and thriving. Icebergs melt and icebergs grow. Remember the "Dirty 30s"? The mid-west became a literal dust-bowl due to extreme drought. Been to Iowa or Oklahoma lately? Amber waves of grain and 6-foot corn stalks. 

                                      So, if you think that we have enough rules and regulations, enough false crises, and enough bullies, you need to pay attention to this proposal and the people behind it. If you like your power mowers, chainsaws, and woodstoves, you might want to get involved in this issue and help STOP the INSANITY in New Lebanon and all across America. 


  In closing I would like to briefly mention Gov. Cuomo's comments yesterday about the Syrian Refugees. He as usual, screamed into the microphone that NY and America as a whole, welcomes ALL people from ALL countries, because "That is who we ARE! ".  Really, Andy? Hmm, I have a very clear memory of a similar screaming speech last year in which you said, " Anyone who opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, anyone who is a Conservative, has NO place in New York State, because that's not who we are! ". Me thinks White Man speak with forked tongue.  Idiot.


Town Board                                                              2-9-2016

                    Another good meeting with the new regime. Colleen and the new board members make the public feel as if they are a real PART of the meeting and of the town, and it makes no difference what wing you fly with. You MATTER. 

                     Ideas and proposals from ALL residents are heard and fairly considered, and no one makes fun of the people or treats them with disdain for having a unique point of view. I imagine that must be difficult for them at times, since some of the things that the transplants believe and think we should be involved in, are literally insane. Yes, the Climate Smart Community  proposal came up tonight and almost turned into a Public Hearing until Colleen dropped the gavel. LOL!! 

                      This crazy proposal was submitted to the town by Bruce Shenkar, (I'm not certain as to how he spells his last name, so please forgive if I got it wrong). Bruce has been working with a woman named Robin from the D.E.C Office of Climate Change . Geez, the name of that organization alone is enough to give a sane adult nightmares! Rino Congressman Chris Gibson, is A-Hole deep in this project. He needs the liberal votes when he runs for Governor. Anyway, Robin did her little spiel about the proposal and program and named the following towns as having signed-on to it. 

           Kinderhook, Chatham, Valatie, Copake, Hillsdale, and Ancram. Idiots.  Most of the public that was present were NOT in favor of committing to this abomination, stating that we are perfectly capable of being conservative with energy and careful about pollution without government regulating us or intervening in our lives. Thank GOD! The board was not in favor,either. Colleen explained that she had been through some bad experiences with the D.E.C, and though they too, swore there would be no future repercussions to the town, there still WERE. 

            Both Bruce and Robin insisted that there would never be any rigid regulations imposed and no obligations, but the majority were not convinced. How COULD they be when we have seen the government make those promises a million times, then turn around and regulate the crap out of us?! We have SEEN what happened in Oregon and Nevada, we have SEEN California, and we don't want to BE them! 

             The more she spoke, the more Robin buried herself. She revealed that the state and federal governments would definitely give preference to "Climate Smart" towns and cities when there were grants available, and that if we signed up for this, we would be subject to a "Greenhouse Gas Emission " study ! Sounds like Blackmail and Bribery to ME ! Bruce got a little pouty when he realized that he wasn't likely to win this one. My husband argued that he had seen 63 years of changing weather and that there was NO viable, scientific proof of Global Warming, quite the opposite,in fact. Bruce replied by saying that he isn't referring to the weather in New Lebanon, but to the World Climate. So I guess New Lebanon is no longer a part of the World. OUR weather over the past few centuries is not an indication of what is going on in the REST of the World. LOLOL!!!

             Sorry Bruce, ain't gonna happen. 

               We now have a Town Attorney, Dan something-or-other, I can't remember his last name because it's one of those sztky  names that all sound like a sneeze. Dan Evans objected to his appointment stating that he was more expensive than the others, so the board, prompted by Kevin Smith, decided to appoint him for two months and see how it plays out. If they change their minds at that point, there will be no need to re-advertise the opening as there are second and third choices. Motion passed. Now, are you ready for THIS ?! One of the applicants for Town Attorney was none other than Jason Shaw!  I'll leave that alone and just let you ponder it. LOL!! 

                Fire Chief Ben Wheeler, spoke about the construction accident that occurred on County Rt. 5 last month and how the rapid response to their call for assistance to the Town of Colonie was such a blessing. He had written letters of appreciation to Colonie Officials and Fire Department personnel and asked that the Supervisor sign them along with him. It was an emotional moment in the meeting, as Ben talked about the impact of such tragedies on the first-responders. Enough said.

                Sharon Moon requested permission from the town to continue her work on the Rt. 5 cemetery where many Revolutionary War Soldiers graves were discovered. Among the stones were several markers where slaves were laid to rest and it is not the only one in New Lebanon that holds the graves of slaves and soldiers. There are 40 cemeteries here, many of which are forever destroyed due to landowners who resent having to grant Right of Way to anyone who wishes to visit the sites. According to Sharon, some have been destroyed with sledge hammers and others have been stripped and the headstones used to build walkways and steps! Talk about a lack of respect and integrity! Of course she was granted permission once it is certain that the town insurance would cover her and any volunteers. I certainly understand her wish to continue this work and applaud her efforts and dedication to it. It's really fascinating.     

                 Steve Oberon announced that the Historical Society will be offering assistance to residents who wish to trace their local roots, investigate the history of a home or building, or anything else they wish to research about local history. An appointment is required for the time being, and info can be found on the website. 

                  Colleen apologized to residents and business-owners for the Sign Ordinance letter that was sent out and came off as rather heavy-handed. It was a first draft, and when the staff realized it sounded bullyish, they re-wrote it, but the draft was somehow mailed out instead of the final, edited letter.   So everyone can relax a little. The Farmer's Market is considering re-locating again this year and is looking at possible venues, one being the grassy area of the town park on the Rt. 22 side. Parking would be in the same locale that the Little League uses. This request from Cynthia Creech was tabled until next month so the board could look into any conflict with the baseball schedule for Sundays.   

                   Eastwick Press Reporter Thaddeus Flint is still recovering from his broken leg, but doing well. His dad stood in for him again tonight. It was a long meeting, going until after 9 p.m, but it was a productive two hours. What a difference from the Benson meetings! Colleen has really stepped-up, and has so many fresh ideas it's hard to keep track of them all. There is truly light at the end of the tunnel, at least in New Lebanon. The rest of America? Not so much. 

                    Hillary Clinton took a real trouncing in New Hampshire today, as she deserved to, but look at the alternative! A Socialist Pervert who is a card-carrying member of the Communist/Socialist Parties. For generations, Americans have given their very lives to keep these horrors OUT of our country, and now, people are actually voting FOR a Communist, Political System! Trump took the day on the Republican side, with of all people, John Kasich taking second! Cruz beat Bush and Rubio-the-Stripper, for third. Christie is dropping out. Carson got his butt handed to him today, also. We have a long way to go yet, and I can only hope and pray that the Liberals wake up and that the gullible Conservatives get a clue about Trump. I have my doubts about the intelligence of the people of New Hampshire, let's hope the rest of the country is a little smarter. 


                 I would like to add that the Super Bowl halftime show was a disgrace and an embarrassment to America. I know that millions of people love football, but is this what America stands for? A Pig that sings about targeting cops, celebrates Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, and the Rainbow Flag projected on the fans? The NFL is no longer an American Symbol or something to be proud of, it is deplorable.



Scalia is Dead                                                                     2-13-2016

                    The most loved, adored, and respected, Supreme Court Justice ever to sit on a bench, has left us. 

                     Antonin Scalia was a proud, stalwart, Patriotic Conservative who fought every day of his adult life to ensure that our Constitution would never be altered, misinterpreted, or disobeyed. He was all that stood between the destruction of this country by Liberals and the Retention of our Values and Traditions. He will be missed for a long time to come and the effects of his loss will make history. 

                     Obama and his evil minions will fight tooth and nail to appoint a replacement that is as far left as possible, and We the People will be stuck with that choice for an eternity. It could very possibly be the end of the Constitution.  As the Scalia family and their friends and supporters grieved today, the Liberal Left was all over social media celebrating his death and calling him names that even Donald Trump wouldn't repeat. Yes, that is exactly how Liberals behave, and their age makes no difference. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, and they do not deserve to suck American air.


                      I wrote tonight's blog early in the day, before I heard about Scalia and before I watched the circus of a Republican Debate. A "circus" doesn't even come close to describing that display of immaturity and vindictiveness that we witnessed between certain candidates. Bush and Trump got into so many heated arguments, it was hard to keep track of them all, and Rubio and Trump both attacked Cruz and made allegations that have already been disproved numerous times. Cruz had the class to NOT respond to the repeated, false accusations and tried to focus on the issues. 

                      Kasich and Carson also did very well, but if it were up to ME, Rubio, Trump, and Bush would all be disqualified after tonight. They behaved almost as badly as the Liberals, not quite, but ALMOST. Now, for the blog I intended to post.


                        The supporters of Ted Cruz are without question, the most intelligent and well-informed people in America. WE are smart enough to "Get" the subtle remarks Cruz makes about Trump and the TV Ads that seem to offend liberals/Trumptards so much. WE actually take the time and expend the effort to confirm or disprove accusations made against Cruz such as the still-active claim that he "Stole" votes from Carson in Iowa. CNN did that, not Ted Cruz. We give the same benefit-of-the-doubt to ALL the candidates who face ridiculous accusations. If it's fact, it's fact. If it's media poop, we say so. Believe it or not, facts actually MATTER. 

                          Cruz supporters are supporters because we have done our homework and looked at each candidate under a microscope. We KNOW what is happening inside this present administration and with the Puppet Masters that cursed us with it. We KNOW how and WHY the American People are being brainwashed by schools and the media and we KNOW what it will take to repair the damage and save this country.

                           At this point, supporting ANY Democrat is not only an act of insanity, it is flat-out Treason. The Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of your mom and dad, of JFK, it has morphed into the American Communist Party. At the same time, far too many Republicans have allowed the Democrat's Political Poison to influence them and water-down their values, loyalty, and intelligence. This campaign began with 17 Republican candidates. Each one had his or her positive attributes but of all 17, ONLY Cruz is 100% Conservative and Consistent.

                          Cruz has a quiet and refined manner that many people mistake for weakness, especially Conservatives who are literally starving for a Strong, Solid Leader. They fail to see Cruz for the treasure he is, because they are not LISTENING. They hear nothing but the arrogant , boisterous noise that spews from Trump's mouth and are deafened to reality. Trump is loud and crude for a reason,folks. He is effectively out-shouting the other candidates because volume WORKS where intelligence is absent. It has worked for every Dictator and Tyrant since the beginning of time. Hitler screamed, Mao screamed, Hillary and Cuomo, scream. 

                           Screaming candidates stir the crowd and distract them from seeing through the propaganda, the false promises, and in most cases, the Evil. It is a Tried-and-True tactic that has worked for the left for centuries. He who makes the most noise, he who lies most effectively and promises the impossible, always gets the most support. This is exactly how minority and Special-Interest Groups have managed to win consistently since the 1960s and it is why America is experiencing the financial, military, and moral decline it now is. 

                           Look at the behavior of the Blacks in Ferguson last summer, then compare that to a Tea Party protest or to the gathering of Patriots in Oregon and Nevada. Which of these groups got the attention and the action that addresses their complaints? Ferguson. No one was arrested or charged with any of the serious crimes committed in that city by Black residents, but Tea Partiers are often arrested for make-believe violations like "Trespassing", and the Patriots out West? They get shot and killed. The "Quiet", Orderly, and Non-Violent groups are punished, while the savages are rewarded. Campaigns work the same way.

                            Trump supporters are being blinded by the hype and as a result, they are further endangering the very positive changes they claim to so desperately desire. ANY candidate can make appealing promises, but which one, if any, can or will fulfill them? Cruz has made some big promises. He has vowed to eliminate the IRS and impose a fair, flat tax for everyone. He promises to end Common Core, Obamacare, nullify the Iran Deal, and all of Obama's Executive Orders. He promises to eliminate unnecessary and redundant federal agencies and the regulations that come along with them and he WILL demand a Constitutionally Adherent Government. 

                            How do we know that Cruz can and will keep these promises? We know , because he has consistently acted to bring these changes about for years. He is a Constitutional Attorney who has committed the Constitution to memory, and he has an impeccable, political record and a spotless reputation.  Trump on the other hand, was a registered Democrat as recently as 2012 and he voted that way for all of his adult life. He has financially supported Harry Reid, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, the Cuomos,and Nancy Pelosi. He has a long record of Liberalism and flip-flopping on the issues, has abused the Eminent Domain Law, had numerous bankruptcies, objects to what Liberals refer to as "Assault Weapons", and he is on his third, barely, post-adolescent wife.

                              Trump is verbally abusive of women and practices the Liberal Double-Standard. He supports Common Core one day and claims to hate it the next. His political voting record? He has none, he has never served in a political position. His PERSONAL voting record? Democrat. He is vulgar, rude, crude, and profane. How will he EVER hope to manage courteous diplomacy with foreign leaders and dignitaries? 

                              Trump has stated that he wants to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S, and believe me, I would LOVE to see that happen! However, it won't happen, it can't happen. It is unconstitutional and anti-American and would be seen as "Racist" or "Targeting" in the P.C world. It's an appealing idea, considering that Radical Islam is our greatest danger today, but what Trump SHOULD have said, was he would place an indefinite freeze on ALL immigration into the U.S. We can DO that and be within our Constitutional rights while keeping our country safer. THAT is how dumb Trump is. He Could have killed two birds with one stone, if he were not so arrogant. The guy is so over-the-top and unrealistic, that it's hard to fathom how anyone could take him seriously. He has no record of standing for any of the things he now claims to support, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. Cruz, DOES.

                               I find it sad and frightening that so many Americans are so easily fooled by Trump's showmanship, Clinton's outright lies, and Sander's promises of Free Stuff for all. It is heartbreaking that such a privileged society would be so ignorant and selfish as to be willing to sentence this great country and their own CHILDREN, to a future of tyranny, Socialism, and yes, COMMUNISM. It is for these reasons that I feel justified and confident in saying that Cruz Supporters are the smartest people in America. It's just a fact...... inarguable, unvarnished, Truth.


Ted Cruz’s Resume is Very Impressive, Should Make him Standout Amongst Other Candidates

August 22, 2015 1:09 pm

Sen. Ted Cruz is finally beginning to surge in the polls because people are now understanding that of all 17 GOP candidates, Cruz is the most conservative – and his record proves as much.

Numbers don’t lie.

The Princeton and Harvard educated national debate team champion should will be one of only three men left standing this time next year when the Republican nomination is announced, and by then, it would be awesome to hear this man’s name as the frontrunner.

Here are some of his accomplishments, thus far.

resume, if you will…

  • Graduated valedictorian in 1988 from Second Baptist High School
  • Graduated cum laude from Princeton University in 1992
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1995
  • 1992 U.S. National Debate Champion representing Princeton
  • 1995 World Debating Championship semi-finalist representing Harvard
  • Served a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, making him the first Hispanic ever to clerk for a Chief Justice of the United States
  • Served as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008, making him the first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas, the youngest Solicitor General in the entire country and the longest tenure in Texas history
  • Partner at the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he led the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national appellate litigation practice
  • Authored over 80 SCOTUS briefs and presented over 40 oral arguments before The Court
  • In the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of 31 states in defense of the principle that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms
  • Presented oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  • Defended the Ten Commandments monument on the Texas State Capitol grounds,
  • Defended the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools
  • Defended the State of Texas against an attempt by the International Court of Justice to re-open the criminal convictions of 51 murderers on death row throughout the United States
  • Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission
  • Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign
  • Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation
  • Ted Cruz is currently junior US Senator from Texas, defeating Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst who was heavily favored and backed by the DC old-guard GOP
  • Defeated Democrat Paul Sadler in the general election
  • Endorsed by The Tea Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus
  • AWARDS: “America’s Leading Lawyers for Business,” Chambers USA (2009 & 2010) “50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America,” National Law Journal (2008) “25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century,” Texas Lawyer (2010) “20 Young Hispanic Americans on the Rise,” Newsweek (1999) Traphagen Distinguished Alumnus, Harvard Law School
  • On November 14, 2012, Cruz was appointed vice-chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • Unlike Obama, Cruz didn’t seat in the U.S. Senate and vote “present.” He has sponsored 97 bills. Here are a few crucial pieces of legislation sponsored by Cruz:
    • ObamaCare Repeal Act
    • Prohibit use of drones from killing citizens of the United States within the United States
    • Disarm Criminals and Protect Communities Act
    • Firearm Straw Purchasing and Trafficking Prevention Act
    • Defund Obamacare Act of 2013
    • A bill to amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to permit States to require proof of citizenship for registration to vote in elections for Federal office
    • A bill to designate the United States courthouse located at 101 East Pecan Street in Sherman, Texas, as the Paul Brown United States Courthouse
    • A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards of up to $5,000,000 for information regarding the attacks on the United States diplomatic mission at Benghazi, Libya that began on September 11, 2012
    • State Marriage Defense Act of 2014
    • A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the intentional discrimination of a person or organization by an employee of the Internal Revenue Service
    • A bill to prohibit the Department of the Treasury from assigning tax statuses to organizations based on their political beliefs and activities
    • American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014
    • A bill to deny admission to the United States to any representative to the United Nations who has been found to have been engaged in espionage activities or a terrorist activity against the United States and poses a threat to United States national security interests
    • SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2014
    • Free All Speech Act of 2014
    • Guantanamo Bay Detainee Transfer Suspension Act of 2014
    • A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards totaling up to $5,000,000 for information on the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, a dual United States-Israeli citizen, that began on June 12, 2014
    • A bill to prevent the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program unlawfully created by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012
    • Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act of 2014
    • Expatriate Terrorists Act
    • Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act of 2014

True conservatives who aren’t 100% backing Cruz at this point baffle me.

God willing, we will all be able to tell our children and grandchildren how a Ted Cruz presidency put the United States back on the right track for good!

A vote for Cruz is a vote for America, and I’m backing this guy with all I’ve got.

Rhetoric is fine and dandy, but what will always matter first are actions taken in order to defeat the liberal agend


     Rest In Peace, Judge.


Too Much Noise !!                                                     2-14-2016

                Top News for tonight?  Eliot Spitzer has been arrested in NY City for choking a woman in a hotel room. Wanna guess if she was a hooker or not? LOL!! Some people never learn.   Also, the owner of the Texas Ranch where Justice Scalia died, has stated that Scalia's body was discovered in bed with a pillow over his head. Hmmmm.

                I received an email from a friend today in reference to last night's post. My friend was "Offended" by my use of the words; "Climatard" and "Trumptard". This is a friend I value highly and always will, and she is more Right-Wing than Left, but REALLY ? Now we're going to ban the use of a another word because it might offend someone who is Mentally Disabled? To "Retard" means to "Slow Down", and it applies to a whole slew of things from thinking to acting to music and a million things in-between. Good Grief ! 

                Political Correctness has NO place in my life, my beliefs, or my posts, and anyone who is that easily offended or that quick to misinterpret a meaning, does not have to read me, because I make NO apology for my Freedom of Speech. I would never, EVER, pick on a disabled person, but I'll be damned if I will edit my speech to protect immature emotions. People just need to get over the P.C indoctrination and toughen up. Lord knows, I'VE had to do it! If I let every little insult or insinuation upset me, I would be a weeping mess all day, every day. GEEZ !!!!

                LOL!! I can't even think of all the names I've been called, the labels I've had attached to me or the insults I've received on my weight, my lack of fashion-sense, etc. It's called "Life", and if we hope to survive, we need to learn to take the nonsense less seriously. It's a different story if a child is being bullied, or someone who is "Different" is being made fun of or abused, but mature adults just need to ACT like mature adults and stop being sissies. At the very least, be willing to look at the "Intention" behind the word or statement and consider the character of the person saying it, before grabbing a crying towel. 

                A lot of times, I have heard people say things like, "Christians should be kind and gentle and watch what they say ". B.S! Christians should be THE  most outspoken and frank people on earth! Believe me, I have suffered more abuse, false accusations, betrayal, and emotional agony at the hands of other Christians than I EVER have from anyone else. I am not alone, either! This is a common complaint among Christian people. It is always those  you expect the most from, that hurt you the deepest. Place your trust in God and never turn your back on a human.


                 Did you know, that our Federal Government owns in excess of 700 MILLION acres of land, most of which is in the Western states and Alaska? Far cry from the ten square miles of D.C and sites for forts, bases, and docks, isn't it? Alaska and Oregon have the least amount of unregulated lands in America. The government owns the majority of the land in both these states. 

                  Rancher Cliven Bundy was arrested a couple of days ago for charges that are so far out of the realm of truth, it's laughable. The BLM has actually claimed that when the Nevada Stand-Off occurred two years ago at the Bundy Ranch, that Cliven Bundy and his friends had "Ambushed and Assaulted" Federal Officers in the process of doing their duty. The truth is, that Bundy and his sons and neighbors, rode out to the grazing lands to stop the slaughter of their wayward cattle by the BLM. 

                  As the wife of a farmer and half-owner of numerous cattle over the years, I am fully aware of how often these critters escape their boundaries. Larry Benson will tell you that, Cynthia Creech and K.B Chittenden will tell you that. It's just part of the game. In Nevada, the government claimed that Bundy's cattle were endangering a species of turtle, but that particular turtle, though having BEEN endangered in the past, is now such a nuisance, that there are actual hunts allowed every few years to keep them in check! 

                 Another false claim made by the government about Bundy, was that he "Refused" to pay his grazing fees. Also not true. Bundy believes, as do most Constitutional Americans, that the land in Nevada belongs to the State of Nevada and its citizens. So Bundy escrowed the grazing fees and made it perfectly clear that he would pay them to the STATE and NOT to the Feds. THIS is how it all began. In response to his stand, the BLM came in with armored vehicles and hundreds of armed men and began shooting and burying Bundy's cattle. They claimed that the cattle were trespassing on "National Park Land" , which they were not, and went on and on about the damn turtles. 

                 After the huge response by other Constitutionalists with GUNS, the BLM stood down and left. As it should be. Still, the feds were insulted, they had lost one to the People, and they could not let that stand. So the Hammond Family Ranch in Oregon was targeted next. THIS time, the feds knew they would be faced with armed resistance as they were in Nevada, so they quadrupled the number of agents and armored vehicles they sent in response to the gathering of objectors. PEACEFUL objectors. Never, at any time, did the protesters threaten violence of any kind or attempt to do anything aggressive. They wanted only ONE thing, to be HEARD and to have the situation facing the ranchers to be looked into, and to reach an amicable agreement for the use of the land that rightly belongs to the state it lies in.

                 The killing of Robert LaVoy Finicum by the FBI on a deserted stretch of Oregon Road, has been interpreted many ways by many people on both sides. Seems everyone has an opinion, but the only video available is grainy, distant, and without audio. Only the witnesses on the scene know the full details. There are SO many unanswered questions, and no clue as to how much of those details will ever come to light. As usual, the Media has not paid the attention to this issue that it most certainly deserves. They aren't interested in revealing the illegal actions of the federal government or in investigating the killing of a man who had never done a single thing wrong in his life. They prefer to sensationalize the Ferguson Riots or the justified shooting of a Black thug by police. These stories monopolize the headlines for MONTHS after the event, but Nevada and Oregon? They aren't interested. 

                 It's time for them to BECOME interested, and it's time for YOU to become interested. 


                 There are claims that the Finicum group , who were enroute to a meeting with Burns, Oregon officials when the FBI ambushed them on the road, were actually deliberately lied to about the meeting. There is belief that the FBI lured them to the meeting that was never to take place, just to get them out on that road and into their roadblock. Knowing the things I do, I can see that as being a strong possibility, but we have yet to be given enough information to prove ANY of the theories. We are now fighting to GET that information and more importantly, ANSWERS. 

                  The Oregon Governor and several Senators, have refused to reply to requests for information, and they refused to consider allowing the final four occupiers of the Malheur Preserve to leave without impediment or arrest. For Patriots across the country, this event was nothing less than a bully-tactic, a message to Patriots that the government will NOT be brought to task or pressed for compromise. They will NOT adhere to the Law of the Land, period, and anyone who tries to force their hand, will be falsely accused of felonies, lose their private properties, go to prison, and even be killed. This was payback for the victory of the People in Nevada two years ago. I believe that War has been declared. 

                   WHY does the government want or need so many millions of acres? Okay, we need to protect the National Parks, certain, unique conservation areas, and a reasonable amount of land for energy production. Yet there is so little energy harvesting going on in these areas, it is almost negligible. MOST of the outlandish regulations are based on the preservation of endangered species of plants and animals. STILL, there is no need for the number of acres the government holds to be held BY the government! There are military bases and training areas on these western lands, and a little bit of mining, but there is so much more to the story! 

                   Cliven Bundy's Ranch for instance, is located in an area that has a wealth of gold beneath the surface. There is oil, coal, and uranium, and the cleanest water on the planet. There are also OTHER things beneath the soil that the feds are protecting, and we WILL get to that this week sometime. The bottom line is this; the Federal Government wants the ranchers GONE. They want and NEED to regulate these lands for all the reasons I've mentioned, but even more so for the reasons I haven't. They are not concerned about the food supply that would be diminished by the eradication of the ranches and cattle and sheep, because they have other plans to provide food for the masses. 

                  The BLM is also now claiming that they are dedicated to protecting an endangered species of Grouse. REALLY? What happened to the turtles? What would happen if we lost a grouse species? HOW could we lose a grouse species by allowing ranchers to feed their cattle? Do cattle stomp and kill turtles and grouse? No, but Armored Vehicles do. Testing of Nuclear Bombs does. Military Training exercises do. Yet the government is okay with those things ? Starting to smell the rotten eggs yet? Did you know that Obama has just declared the takeover of millions MORE acres in the West? Someone needs to ask WHY. We need to ask OURSELVES why.

                   There is so much NOISE going on. The media is hammering us with an overload of crises to distract us from SOMETHING. The government is going after our First and Second Amendment Rights for a REASON, and it has NOTHING to do with school shootings, real or pretend. Think really HARD folks, and ask the tough questions. Time is short.


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Is it "UN" or "MIS" ?                                           2-20-2016

             Wanna see something amusing? Click the link titled " Oregon U " that I've posted below. It's only two minutes long, so go ahead, I'll wait.......

               Does anyone want to take a guess at how much money these kids or their parents have borrowed for their education??  Remember, this is OREGON, so I would imagine that at least 2/3 of these kids are Oregonians. Not exactly a Blue State, so where did these Progressive Zombies come from?

                Though this video is amusing, it is also terrifying, as are most of Jesse Watter's "Man on the Street " videos. Just think, THESE are the people who will be running this country when we're gone! Watters has put the lack of knowledge of the average American in the spotlight, with the help of  the arrogant but intelligent , Bill O"Reilly.  Yup, these are tomorrow's leaders, folks. 

                 I consider myself to be one of the "Average" Americans, not an expert on much of anything and I doubt that my I.Q is anything to write home about. What I DO have , is PASSION and CURIOSITY.What has happened to those things ? I believe that curiosity has been deliberately discouraged by our education system and the media. We are fed so much information that just isn't true and we're encouraged to allow the government and media to think FOR us. 

                Our kids and their kids are hypnotized by technology and gadgets and crippled by the ease of gaining immediate information by pushing a button or clicking a mouse. Who has a shiny set of leather-bound encyclopedias on the living room bookcase anymore? I'm no better than a lot of people, I enjoy the ease at which I can find information on the internet and not have to run to a library or archival office, BUT, the danger is in not knowing WHO and WHAT  the source of this information is. WHO provides information to Google and Wikipedia? When we fail to be suspicious and curious enough to look further, we are easily misled and misinformed. 

                 Why do you suppose so many young people seem to embrace Socialism? I think it is because they have NO idea of accurate history or the outcome of Socialism in other countries. A "Little" knowledge is a Dangerous thing! Too many take what they read on internet search engines as Gospel and don't bother to dig any deeper or seek alternate sources. Young people in particular are easily duped by things they see and read on the net and once they adopt an idea or theory, there is little chance of swaying them. 

                   How does an entire generation that has grown up under Liberal indoctrination have any idea about how or why this country became the greatest, most free and successful nation on earth? Unless of course, WE TELL THEM. We are raising entitled, selfish, and misinformed BRATS. We send them to schools that fail to teach the truth of the sacrifices made by relentless, strong, men and women to guarantee our success, safety, and freedoms. These kids are ungrateful and disloyal because they don't know what America once was, what we have lost and what we stand to lose. It isn't their fault, it is OURS, it is OUR parents. We have failed to pass on the truth and inspire curiosity and pride. We have sacrificed Passion.

                   The students we see in Watter's video are lambs. Up-and-Coming Sheeple who will go out into the world with useless degrees in "Women's Gender Studies" and perpetuate the "Society of Stupidity".  They will support the evil of liberalism and ignorance in the name of "Compassion".  Last week at the New Hampshire primary, a group of 8 or 10 young people in their 20's and early 30s. were asked the following, who said it, and what it meant;

                   "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ".  Not ONE person asked had any idea who said it, much less what it inferred. One young man actually said, "Sounds like some Right-Wing Extremist Bullsh_t to me !". All the responses were similar, and ALL those questioned, were Bernie Sanders supporters.  Imagine the Wake-Up Call these kids have coming if Bernie wins and they suddenly lose their electronic devices, their designer clothes, voting rights, free speech, privacy, and WalMart ? LOL!! When they get that free education, birth-control, and healthcare they so desire but have to live and work where the government tells them they will and stand in line for food, water, fuel, and Charmin?

                     How about when they can't get that impacted wisdom tooth pulled or gain access to treatment for that itchy, STD because the line is too long ? Will they understand Socialism THEN? Sure they will, but it will be too late! Talk to your kids and grandchildren, folks. Let them try Socialism out for a week and see what they think and who they support after the week is up. It's time for a STRONG dose of reality before November.


                       Speaking of November, I've become convinced in the past week or so that Trump is mentally unstable. Not only does he lack the dignity and integrity to be president,  but he behaves like the spoiled, little rich boy that he IS. His campaign tactics have been crude all along to put it mildly, but since his New Hampshire victory he seems to have gone over the edge. His speech is profane and vicious, and he calls others LIARS while he stands on the dais and lies. He blames G.W Bush for 9-11 even though Bush had been in office a mere nine months when that tragedy occurred. The groundwork for 9-11 was laid by Bill Clinton. 

                         Trump claims that going to war in Iraq was a mistake and that there were no WMDs there, but there WERE. While the United Nations delayed U.S retaliation for 9-11 for almost a year, the WMDs were moved from Iraq to Syria, where they have since been used by the Syrian government against their own citizens. Now, thanks to Obama's premature withdrawal of American Troops from the Middle East, ISIS has now come into possession of those very same, WMDs. Who wants to ponder the implications of THAT as Syrian "Refugees" spread out across Europe and the U.S ?

                           Donald Trump makes promises that NO president can keep, such as building a border wall and making Mexico pay the bill. LOLOL!! He consistently states that Cruz is a "Disgusting Liar", yet has provided no proof or documentation to back up these claims. We all heard Trump SWEAR on national television, TWICE, that he would never go third-party, but this past week, he accused the GOP of "Failing Him" and is threatening to go third-party!! So, WHO is a Liar ? Should Trump break his word and run as a 3rd Party candidate, he will be handing the presidency to the Democrats on a silver platter. Wasn't that the plan all along? I believe so. 

                             Trump is a Clinton man and always has been. He is a Liberal and a loose cannon. Can you imagine if he actually wins this election, the number of Executive Orders he will amass? He would make Obama look like a rookie! How is it, that so-called "Conservative" Americans could be so gullible as to buy this man's hype? The best thing Trump could ever do for America would be to withdraw his candidacy and get behind Cruz or Rubio. A man in his position who TRULY loves his country and wants to restore it, would do just that. The LAST thing such a man would do is go 3rd Party, call his fellow candidates vile names, throw temper tantrums, and threaten to sue anyone who has a shot at beating him. 

                             There is a fox in the Republican Hen-house.


                             I would like to think that Republicans will contact their representatives this week and show support for their refusal to allow a Supreme Court appointment until AFTER the election. Every call, email, letter, or visit, matters. There is too much at stake to NOT use your voices.



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Is Animal Cruelty Enough ?                                     2-23-2016

                    One of the hardest jobs I have ever done, is to attempt to wake up the masses and convince them that they need to ACT. People are so accustomed to comfort and ease in America, that they don't think there is ever a time that will require them to actually get involved and put forth effort to retain that comfort. The attitude seems to be, "Let someone else do it" .

                    If you know me or have read me for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about freedom, justice, and the American way, but these are not the only things I am passionate about.  One of the things that tops my list is Animals. I LOVE animals and abhor anyone who neglects or abuses them. This blog is all about abuses, against both the people of this country and thousands of innocent animals, all by ONE, very evil, government agency.

                    Shortly after the Safe Act was passed , I joined a fledgling Constitution Group called , "The National Liberty Alliance".  Started right here in upstate New York by a friend of mine named John Darash, the alliance's goal is to restore the Common Law to our country's courts.  Since 2013, the alliance has managed to open chapters in every state in America and constitute each one. Though I was fairly active in this group in it's early days, I have taken on so many other roles, that I haven't been very active in the NLA for some time. 

                     I believe that their goal is honorable and just, as the Common Law is the true, original law intended to be implemented by American courts. However, I don't really see much chance of it ever being restored after so many generations of having been deliberately ignored and essentially "buried" by corrupt members of our judicial system. Still, I guess it's worth a try, and there are many dedicated and extremely intelligent people involved. To be perfectly honest, Common Law is way above my head. I can not understand or dis-entangle it in my mind, and I am not ashamed to admit it. So I help whenever and wherever I can, but I am not a dedicated member. 

                       Recently, I have become deeply entrenched in the land dispute issues in our Western states and I have shared some of that here on this blog. Sadly, very few Americans from all backgrounds and political parties are aware of the gravity of this situation and the absolute atrocities being perpetrated by the federal government. Thanks, Liberal Media.

                        Most people know at least a little bit about the Bundy standoff in Nevada two years ago, and about the Malheur Preserve protest and occupation last month in Oregon. Hopefully, they also know about the needless killing of an innocent and decent man as a result of government entities who felt a need to "Send a Message ".  We have talked here about the federal government seizing, holding, and over-regulating land that they do not own and have no right to, yet claim as "Federal Lands". We have also talked about a FEW of the reasons that the feds are doing this and the extremes they will go to to retain control of these many millions of acres.

                         Despite all that we've discussed, there are still very, very few people who understand the heinous actions of the BLM, both past and present. On the 12th of this month, the NLA finally released a video taken in July of 2015 during an assault on ranchers by the BLM.  Had I not seen the BLM at work with my very own eyes, I would actually have said that the reports were exaggerated and that no government agency could possibly get away with attempted murder, willful destruction of private property, and animal cruelty of this caliber. Yet they did, and they ARE. 

                         Even knowing that Cliven Bundy's cattle were shot and bulldozed into massive holes by the BLM two years ago, what is happening NOW is so unconscionable that you absolutely MUST see it to believe it. Even then, it is hard to accept. The BLM is guilty of a great many unconstitutional and deplorable actions, but THIS is the epitome of tyranny. I hope that those of you who love animals, who value your right to your private property, and who enjoy buying beef and not waiting for the government to give you an allotment once a month, will be outraged enough to call your Congressmen and Senators, TOMORROW. Is animal cruelty enough to motivate you??

                          At the very least, I beg of you to sign the petition linked below, and  share it and the video with everyone you know.  This is happening folks, in the American West in 2016. It should not only disgust you, it should scare you to death!  God Help Us!


  The BLM at WORK!! 






 What About Trump ?                                               2-25-2016

                Did you watch tonight's debate? Holy CROW! Cruz and Rubio finally took the gloves off and fought back. 

                 Trump was finally exposed as the piece of crap poser he is. His behavior was SO immature, arrogant, rude, and plain STUPID, that he should be ineligible to run for office. He acted JUST like Mike Benson but with more volume and a lot more hair. Narcissism Supreme! 

                 He says little of any substance, and all the promises he makes never come with an explanation of HOW he will do it, or even if he CAN do it. Wolf Blitzer was a horrible moderator tonight as well, allowing Trump to talk over the other candidates when they had the floor and constantly interrupt. It was a side-show and Trump was the Barker. 

                 I gotta tell ya folks, I have seen a LOT of alleged Republicans that I would never support and whom I thought were awful people, but Trump has to be the all-time worst of the worst. He is so obviously NOT a Conservative in any way, shape, or form. Yet his supporters are EXACTLY like the Obama supporters were, brainwashed and vicious. I have lost a lot of so-called "Friends" on social media for my stand against Trump, and you know what, it feels good to lose the dead weight. See ya! 

                People I have known for years and always thought were smart, Patriotic, and informed, are proving to be anything but. How on EARTH, can any Conservative, Christian, or Patriot NOT see through Trump? How can any of them vote for a guy with NO clue , over a candidate that has a PROVEN record of fighting for the Constitution and American exceptionalism? What has Donald Trump ever done to make America stronger or better for ANYBODY?  Zippo.

                In 2012, Trump was still supporting Liberal Democrats and voting Democrat. He has had numerous bankruptcies, is on the third wife that is young enough to be his daughter, refuses to release his tax information, attempted to use eminent domain to put an elderly woman out of her home so he could build a garage for limos, thinks that Hamas has a right to be "Negotiated" with, and that Planned Parenthood is a wonderful thing. He is anti- gun, he calls everyone who dares to challenge him a "Liar", etc.,etc. 

               Tonight, the majority of what he had to say was self-agrandizing, B.S. He bragged about his wins, about how everyone LOVES him, how he is the smartest guy on the stage, he knows more about politics than anyone else, was a GREAT athlete, has the biggest business in the world, is supported by women, Blacks, and Hispanics more than the two Hispanic candidates are, and on and on, ME, ME, ME. Sound familiar? Obama and Benson. Despots. 

                Trump will be a terrible, ineffective, weak, and liberal President. Anyone who supports him is sentencing the rest of America to another 4 to 8 years of the Obama administration. Trump is the Vanilla Obama and his supporters are worshiping at the feet of the Jim Jones of politics.

 This election is laughable. Trumptards are going to destroy the small opportunity we have to save our Constitution, and they are without a doubt, every bit as bad as Liberal Dems in their behavior.

                I have been called a "C_NT", a "WH_RE", and even been told by one woman that she hopes I am raped and beheaded by Muslim Terrorists. LOL!!  Yup, liberal compassion and tolerance at its best! All because I support Cruz instead of Trump. Welcome to the Tree-Hugger's World of Coexistence!


                 Some interesting stuff going on in New Lebanon, so stay tuned over the next couple weeks while some "Rumors" are vetted. There might be a big surprise coming that some will celebrate and others will hate. Let me give at least a hint; there is word that a rather large piece of property has been sold to a questionable individual and is going to be developed.  No skin off my Irish butt, but I know SOME people won't be happy if it's true. 

                 I'm preparing for the Flag Fund-Raiser for the Rt. 20 main mile, and all I have to do now is make sure I have a legal manner in which to collect and record the donations. If any veterans would like to assist with this project, please contact me in early March so we can coordinate. It would be great to have the flags up for the summer holidays! 


Kindergarten                                                            2-29-2016

                Happy Leap Day! Couple of things to vent about today. 

                First, the election is heating up and intelligence is cooling. Trump has lowered himself even more than I thought possible, by not only claiming that everyone but him is lying, but that Rubio sweats too much, is too short, a lightweight, wears too much stage make-up, and has big ears. REALLY? Is this how a candidate for the highest office in the free world runs a campaign??? Is this an election or kindergarten registration ?

                Rubio is fed up at last and has responded in kind by calling Trump's plane, "Hair Force One ", making fun of Trump's spray tan, and mentioning that Trump has small hands and "you know what they say about men with small hands ".  Good Heavens people, are you kidding me? I have heard high-school debates and arguments at recess that are more mature.

                Who CARES how tall someone is, how much hair they have, how big their hands are, or how much they sweat under stage lights? Does any of that apply to how any of them might lead our dying country? Obama has huge ears and a funny mole on his face, but that isn't an indication of who or what he is, anymore than Rubio's height or Trump's hands do. Now if Obama had horns on his head, THAT would have been a good indication of what he is. LOL!!

                Fortunately those of us who support Cruz or Kasich, aren't having to deal with the playground antics of the Trump and Rubio campaigns. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Rubio is hitting back, but he needs to do it more maturely. This is not a contest of who is wittiest and best at insulting the others, it is not about who has the most money or the shiniest limos, it is about the best country on earth that is gasping for breath and who is most able to resuscitate it. I don't give a Rat's A_S what a candidate looks like on the outside, I am concerned with what is on the INSIDE. WHO has the integrity and honor to keep his word and do what's right for ALL Americans? WHO has a PROVEN record of standing for the Constitution, Morality, Freedom, Security,and Economic Growth? 

               Which candidate will protect our borders and repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, deal fairly with immigration, hold all officials to the Constitution, refuse to compromise or be bought? WHO among these men will support and strengthen our military and provide for our veterans,  revive America and make us proud of him? NOT TRUMP, and neither of the Democrats. If we fail to look for substance and strength among the candidates and pick the one with the best attributes, we are doomed. 

               For months now, Trump has been trying to demonize Cruz about the Iowa thing with Carson. I have already proven that what happened was the fault of CNN and the Carson Crew themselves, NOT Ted Cruz. Still, Trump persists. Well guess what the Trump Team did today ?  They started a rumor that Cruz intends to drop out after Super Tuesday because he wants Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court. Not ONE word of this is true, but it CAN affect the votes intended for Cruz if people believe he won't stay in the race. This is EXACTLY what Trump falsely accuses Cruz of doing to Carson and that Trump said was the "Most despicable thing he had ever seen ".  Unless HE does it.

               Also today, it came to light that Trump refuses to reject the KKK or deny that they are backing him. He also claimed to have never heard of David Dukes, yet his own FATHER was a card-carrying member of the KKK! Trump has also been sued for refusing to rent apartments in his buildings to Blacks, and has a LONG reputation for being racist. Apples don't fall far from the tree. Trump can NOT beat Hillary Clinton in the main election if he becomes the nominee.That's just a given. HE knows it, and the Democrats know it. That is after all, the PLAN. IF the Conservatives who are supporting him do not wake up in the next 24 hours, America will be doomed to another Liberal Administration, and we cannot survive another four years of that. 


                  Speaking of Racism, did any of you watch the Oscars last night? I did not , because I refuse to pay one second of attention to super-wealthy elitists that hate my country. The ONLY country where they could become as rich and famous as they have, by the way.

                  Hollywood is a town full of hypocrites and narcissists, Socialists and Perverts. I had the displeasure of hearing the remarks from Chris Rock on the news today, that he made during last night's awards. It was your typical, "Poor Black Folks" speech that has been used since the 1960s and got old in the 1970s. Keep in mind, that Chris Rock is the guy who in 2012, stated that "Obama being our president made him kind of like our DAD, and we need to listen to him and do what he says." LOLOL!! 

                   Rock claims that Hollywood is racist, but it is anything but. What it IS, is prejudiced. It's loaded with bias and prejudice against Christians, Conservatives, Patriots, Soldiers, Veterans, Police,and the Constitution, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. They believe that Free Speech and Religious Liberties are for the Chosen ones only, as is the right to bear arms. They surround themselves, their families, and their homes with armed guards, make millions playing roles of someone with a gun in his hand, then tell us that the rest of us have no right to own an AR15. 

                    Black performers have always been fairly represented in movies, and in the past 50 or 60 years, they have dominated the Grammy Awards and even have their own, Black ONLY, B.E T Awards. Almost every TV Show has Black actors and actresses in major roles. Whining that the Oscars are unfair to Blacks is just another attempt to keep the racial division alive and well in America. It's all B.S. Oscar winners, like all other members of a competition, are judged on performance and professionalism, NOT on ethnicity or skin color. 

                    Yet as they do in ALL things, Blacks expect to be rewarded just because they're Black, and not because they EARNED anything or excelled through hard work. Black criminals expect to be excused for their crimes, low-income Blacks expect taxpayers to feed, house, and clothe them and their children. They expect to get away with looting, rioting, and arson and not face any consequences, because let's face it, they never HAVE! Why? Because they're Black. They think they can attack a police officer and not get shot, and if they DO get shot, it's the cop's fault and it was because they're BLACK.  Aren't you sick to DEATH of it yet?


                   NO ONE, and I MEAN  no one, can deny or disprove the FACT that Blacks commit crimes TEN times as often as Whites. Inmates in our prisons are not 70%  Black because of racist police or judges, it's because the Blacks committed the most crimes! Whites and Latinos COMBINED, do not come close! Look it up for yourselves if you wish. 

                   Rather than admit that there is a problem with young Black men in America and address the causes, Black leaders perpetuate the problem by blaming Whitey, racism, poverty, police, and schools. They exacerbate the excuses and enabling which serves to increase the unacceptable behavior and dependent lifestyles. Black leaders are failing their own children by refusing to be honest with themselves and demand responsibility among the people in their own communities. They refuse to look at the real consequences of fatherless homes, mothers who have 9 kids by 8 different men, and the lack of accountability among students who skip school or create chaos when they DO attend.

                  They don't address gang influence, drug abuse, lack of work ethic and self-responsibility. Martin Luther King said it, Pastor James Manning of Harlem says it, and we ALL need to say it. In today's America, skin color is a non-issue. At least it WAS before Obama ramped it up. EVERYONE has the same opportunity today to get a decent education, a good job, be law-abiding, grow their wealth and own a home and car. In fact, minorities now have a huge advantage over Whites!

                  Blacks and Hispanics are granted Special Considerations when it comes to scholarships, employment, and housing that Whites NEVER had. Despite all the handouts and help-ups, Blacks are now far more racist and dangerous than they have ever been. They have been "Helped" and "Excused" to death, and we are witnessing the results. Accountability is the only thing that works, not entitlements and coddling.

                  Nobody ever handed ME or my family a thing. We were and are expected to be self-reliant, support our own kids, earn our own money, pay taxes, and obey the law or face the consequences. As should EVERY American of every race or ethnicity, equally and with NO special handling for anyone other than the handicapped.

                   Our lives are what WE make them and we cannot blame our failures on others who had nothing to do with it. Want an Oscar? Work hard and EARN one. Want to decrease the number of Blacks in our prisons? Start holding Black parents and ALL parents accountable for the criminal behavior of their minor children. Want a good job and a home of your own? Pay attention in school and attend regularly, then get a damn JOB. Same goes for lazy, White Trash and anyone else who has made welfare, drugs, alcohol, immorality, and criminal behavior a lifestyle. 

                      We must STOP making excuses for leeches and losers. STOP the handouts and "entitlements", no one is "Entitled" to anything ! STOP the special treatment and programs for people who can very well take care of themselves and their kids and STOP paying heed to the whiners. Look at the three girls from SUNY who instigated a racial attack on White people on a CDTA bus, then reported it as a Racial attack upon THEM by Whites! It's CRAP, they were exposed and charged. It is their demented need to be victims and keep the Racism lie alive. 

                         90% of the racism still existing in America, is now Black on White, so stop buying the media hype, they refuse to tell you the actual statistics. Don't perpetuate the lies and don't be a victim of the racist agenda. Refuse to be Politically Correct and just be truthful and candid, without being hateful. How you respond to propaganda matters. A LOT. Whether it is Trump or Hillary, the government, or Black extremists, lies are lies and it is up to you to be intelligent and informed enough to see through the falsehoods and illuminate the real reasons for them. DON'T be gullible and DON'T be a Sheep. Our very lives depend on it.


  Charges Filed Against SUNY Students


Obama Praises Organizers of "Black Lives Matter"


 Black Lives Matter Vs KKK



  Hollywood Bias

Bruce Jenner: Being Transgender in Hollywood Easier Than Being Republican

After spending the past year living as a woman, reality TV star and Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner concludes that there is only one thing more difficult in Hollywood than changing genders … being a Republican.

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the 66-year-old one-time Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year noted that his conservative political leanings have been harder to explain away than his designer dresses and cosmetic procedures.

“I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,”Jenner said to a student who asked why he is not a Democrat.

Vanity Fair reporter Buzz Bissinger, who authored the publication’s “Call Me Caitlyn” article in which Jenner revealed his new feminine identity last summer, also attended the Penn event.

Bissinger interjected, “Just because you change gender doesn’t mean you change your core beliefs.”

Jenner reportedly spoke to students for roughly an hour about his life since coming out as transgender last April during an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

Among the more surprising revelations from Jenner’s Sawyer interview was his describing himself as both a Christian and a Republican. After telling Sawyer he was not a “fan” of President Obama, he added, “I’ve always been more on the conservative side. … I believe in the Constitution.”


Marine Hero: I Was Attacked at DC McDonald's 'Because of My Skin Color'

Two teens who were arrested for attacking a decorated Marine in Washington D.C. will not be facing hate crime charges – despite evoking race before beating and robbing him, said the veteran.

Former Sgt. Christopher Marquez told Fox and Friends yesterday that so far a male and a female teenager have been charged in connection with his attack at a local McDonald’s.

The male is being charged with aggravated assault, and the female with pickpocketing, said Marquez.

But the Marine hero says this doesn’t take into account his report that the teens had called him a racist, and asked him if “black lives matter.”

Surveillance footage shows the suspects knocking Marquez unconscious, before reportedly running away with his wallet.

“I believe that I should get the same type of protection as other people in this country,” the veteran told Brian Kilmeade.

We all know that if this were the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically.


Fools and Faith                                                  3-1-2016

                               No, I am not watching the Channel 6 special on the primary results. What FOR? We already know that this election, like the last two, will be fixed. George Soros has contributed so much money to lock the Republicans out, it's a one shot in a million that we can win.

                               Still, I am no quitter, never have been, never will be. LOL!  To my own detriment more often than not. Being a Christian, I have Faith that sustains me in the most difficult of times, and I wish everyone did. Cruz is not eliminated yet, and it ain't over till it's over. I just can't listen to Trump shouting victory tonight , should that happen. 

                               What concerns me the most, is that Trump will be the nominee and Hillary will be the Democrat's nominee. Trump can NEVER, EVER beat Hillary, he just doesn't have the political experience. He is not the intelligent guy he would like people to believe. Nor is he the success he claims to be if you really look at his wealth and how much he would be worth today if he had done nothing but play golf all his life. It differs VERY little from what he is worth after building numerous buildings and companies. So how smart is he, really?

                                Should Hillary be indicted, and I believe she will be, and Trump becomes President, we are STILL screwed because we have another Liberal Democrat in the White House. He can CLAIM he is a Conservative all day long, but so did Mike Benson, John Boehner, John McCain, and a million other RINOS. A Liberal is a Liberal regardless of what party they lie about being loyal to. We are already the laughing stock of the world, imagine what we will look like if Trump wins? 

                                 The only hope I see, other than Cruz or Rubio winning, is that Congress HATES Trump, and they might not be as intimidated by him as they have been by Obama. They MIGHT actually do their JOB and rein him in a lot tighter than they have the Teflon Muslim.  Who knows? In any case, I know that the results are in God's Hands, not mine. Whatever happens, is His Will and He knows better than any of us do. I have to trust and stay faithful, and be prepared to make the best of whatever candidate He allows to win. I'm ready for every possible result, and we are adequately prepped for any eventuality.

                  I am deeply disappointed with the Evangelicals of America who voted for Trump rather than Cruz, though. True Christians couldn't vote for this man and still claim to be faithful to God's Word.  Every noted Pastor in America has warned Christians to NOT vote Trump, to support Cruz, a man who is a faithful Christian himself.   They ignored the warnings and worshiped man, allowed themselves to be misled by a false prophet and not heed the Pastors. Had they been true to their faith, Cruz would be leading by a landslide right now. God Help them.            

 In the meantime, I will continue to pray fervently for a Good and Decent, Conservative President. 



 Sovereignty                                                             3-5-2016

                       This is a BIG word in SO many ways.  If you ask Homeland Security or the FBI, the word "Sovereignty" is a Red Flag and can actually result in the targeting of individuals who use it. It is but one of MANY words that can make you suspect and put you on the long Watch List of possible Homegrown Terrorists. 

                        Much like people who live off-grid, homeschool their children, or take any part in anti-government protests, claiming to be a Sovereign is a dangerous thing to say today. ARE we Sovereign? Well, it depends on who you ask. In my opinion, we have never been and never will be, completely free in the way sovereign describes it, but we do have a natural right to be free. To be completely sovereign is to be 100% independent of all other people or states/governments, and to avail yourself of none of the services of such governments. It is nearly impossible to do in today's society. 

                         There have been cases in the past of people who call themselves Sovereigns, being extremely anti-government and refusing to obey basic laws, pay taxes, buy necessary insurances, etc. In a few cases, these people have actually taken aggressive actions against Law Enforcement and political figures and agencies. Hence, the Red Flags attached to the name. In reality however, these types of incidents are few and far between.  The claim of Sovereignty was a big part of the tragedy at WACO and at Ruby Ridge, where Randy Weaver and his family were assaulted by government agencies and Randy's wife was killed.

                          In both cases, the so-called Sovereigns did not act  against the government or law enforcement in any way, but they DID claim themselves to be separate and independent OF these agencies. They provided for their own needs, minded their own business, and lived off-grid in a peaceful manner. They refused to pay taxes because they never took advantage of any of the things that taxes pay for, so in their minds, they were simply Free Settlers and wished only to be left alone.

                          Both the Branch Davidians and the Weavers had a cache of firearms and Randy Weaver was known to trade in guns from time to time as a part of his system of bartering for goods needed to care for his family. The presence of these guns was used as an excuse for the government to target both groups. They were not illegal weapons in any way, but they were still considered as a threat, and that they may one day be used in an act of dissension. Rather than leave these people alone to live in peace with nature and one another, the government pushed, as it always does. 

                           76 people, 17 of which were little children, died in the WACO compound as a result of gunfire and the burning of the main buildings. David Koresh, the leader of what was very much a religious cult, was no doubt, strange to say the least, but most of the claims that children were being abused by cult members and by Koresh himself, were later proved to be unfounded. Janet Reno approved the raid on the compound, and I find it interesting that someone as ODD and EXTREME as Reno could judge the intentions of a religious group to begin with.

                            The Branch Davidians had some unusual beliefs, but they were still believers and they were posing no threat to anyone outside their group or to the children INSIDE, yet today, we have more dangerous cults that one can count, including ISLAM, and no one even blinks. Muslims are protected and defended by our government and Liberal extremists every day, despite PROVEN behaviors that pose a serious threat to the American people and Culture. NO so-called religious cult in history has been as abusive to women and children as Islam, yet no one is going to their compounds and firing on them. Nor SHOULD they, until and unless an aggressive action is taken by a particular group or there is proof of some deadly plot within it.

                             There are numerous Muslim compounds and Mosques in America, where many suspect that training is ongoing for Jihadists. I believe that to be true in some of them, but not all. They are being watched, believe me, and it is not for the average citizen to address in a physical manner. Muslims consider themselves to be Sovereign in much the same way as the Davidians and the Weavers, and I have never heard any government official suggest that they should be raided and killed just for that belief. Nor have I ever heard talk of targeting Black Panther Groups. Yet Patriotic Militias are Fair Game?  American-Born Constitutionalists are TERRORISTS? There is something very wrong with this picture.

                              What is happening in the Midwest is similar to the assaults we saw in WACO and on the Weaver Family, but much, much worse. In this case, the government is attacking peaceful American ranchers and land owners, people just trying to make a living on their own acreage. These people are no threat to anyone or anything, they are not "Cults" and they are not claiming to be Sovereigns. They have never harmed children or amassed weapons, and never taken violent action against anyone. 

                               You already know about the arrests in Oregon last month and the killing of one of the organizers of the protest at the Malheur Preserve. I believe I also informed you of last week's raids and arrests on participants of the Bundy Ranch Standoff back in 2014 in Nevada. One of those arrested last week was Jerry Delemus of New Hampshire. He is the husband of N.H State Representative, Susan Delemus and the Chairman of the "Trump for Veterans" movement in that state, as well as a Tea Party Organizer. The FBI forced their way into the Delemus home with guns drawn and took Jerry into custody on the following charges:

 1) Conspiracy to Commit an Offense against the United States

 2) Threatening a Federal Law Enforcement Officer

 3) Assault on a Federal officer

 4) Attempting to Impede or Injure a Federal Law Enforcement officer

 5)Interference with Interstate Commerce by Extortion

                 In addition, there are several firearms charges included. 

                                So what did this guy DO to incur such serious, felony charges? He went to Nevada to join many other, armed Patriots and protect the Bundy family and livestock from heavily-armed , federal officials who were killing and burying the animals. Delemus had the assignment of patrolling the border of the ranch along with numerous others. At NO time, were there ANY reports of ANY Patriot assaulting, attempting to assault, or to harm ANY police officers. ZERO. I DID however, see Law Enforcement push women to the ground who were merely yelling at them and unarmed. I DID see police abusing civilians and burying cattle they had slaughtered. 

                                In regard to Interstate Commerce and Extortion, this is a result of Bundy not paying his grazing fees and the excuse used by the government that this was why they were there, to collect their money ! That was before they resorted to the claims that Bundy's cattle were a threat to some endangered turtle which later turned out to not be endangered at all. Bundy never refused to pay grazing fees, he escrowed them and stated that he would pay them to the State of Nevada, to whom they really are due, NOT the Federal Government. THIS was the match that lit the fuse, not turtles. For some reason I cannot understand, the feds felt it necessary and reasonable to kill cattle to make their point. Gee, I wonder where PETA was that day ?

                               Even more so, I wonder WHERE IS THE MEDIA????   I understand that Donald Trump is an attention-getter and his childish, rude antics make for good entertainment, but REALLY !?! The media finds the events in the Midwest to be insignificant? Or, is Trump a convenient distraction from the absolute tyranny being suffered by the people of Nevada and Oregon and their supporters? There has been no mention, nor has there been any media attention to the fact that the Governor of Utah is suing the Federal Government to take HIS lands BACK. 

                               None of this may matter to you, YET. You won't care until all of a sudden ONLY the Feds have cattle ranches and farms, and ONLY the Feds can provide you and your family with what you need to survive. Time to get real folks, and if you like to have dinner on the table for your kids, you might want to consider using your voices NOW.


  Happy Belated Birthday to my friend, Harry DeVito, March 5th. 

  New to the Prayer List is Bobby Schrump, in BMC with a serious abcess.

 The Flag Project now has a means of legally and safely collecting donations, details to come later this week. 

  Monday March 7 at 7 p.m: Constitution Study resumes at the Lebanon Library

   Tuesday March 8 - Town Board Meeting at 7 p.m.


      SIGN our Petition!!



Town Board: Battle of the Backhoe                         3-8-2016  

                      Yup, that was the highlight of tonight's board meeting, do we replace the old, non-running backhoe or not? 

                       I DID say "Non-Running". The town backhoe which is responsible for keeping the culverts clear and drainpipes open, has been breaking down on a regular basis for a number of years. Jeff has been asking the sitting boards for a replacement for at least two of those years, but it IS a large expense. So are flooded roads, washouts, and stranded residents.

                        Every time we have heavy rain or snow melt, the backhoe is a necessity, but no one knows if it will start or operate at any given time, and in that type of weather, none are available for rent or lease, either. None were unavailable two weeks ago when we had all that rain and it was needed desperately. All the town could find was an excavator that is not adequate for the task. As of this writing, our backhoe is inoperable. We have an opportunity to replace it immediately and still receive a good trade-in allowance on the old one, but some board members are not exactly ON board. 

                         Councilman Geraldi was absent tonight, but Supervisor Teal and Councilman Smith both supported the decision to go ahead and take the deal on a CASE Backhoe. Councilman Evans appeared to have something against CASE, maybe because our present backhoe is an inoperable CASE with barely over 2000 hours on it. According to other Town Highway Supervisors, this is the usual lifespan for equipment that is used around road salt. The battle went round and round among the board members and Jeff Winestock and got so heated, that Colleen had to gavel them down.

                         I of course, found the whole thing pretty amusing, because Jeff's dry wit and veiled jabs are hysterical. The motion by Smith that was seconded by Colleen, was voted down and Evans and Baumli won the day with their proposal that we investigate other brands of backhoes and look at competing prices.  From what I understood, our present backhoe can be started and probably repaired for a lighter-duty job, so its value is still on the high side right NOW, but if we wait too long and it stops running completely, we may very well lose that trade-in allowance that is on the table today. The dealer has also agreed to pay the town well for the unused sifter we have laying around, so if it were up to ME, I think I would jump on this deal today. Spring is almost upon us and we will need a backhoe when we least expect it, and it could be in the middle of the night.

                         Evans suggested that we could always borrow one from a nearby town, but when it pours in New Lebanon, it generally pours in Canaan and Chatham,too. Will they lend us their equipment when their own roads are collapsing? Doubtful. Most of the public that stayed behind after the meeting, were on Jeff's side and agreed that we should just buy the damn CASE and be done with it. Sadly, we will now have to wait at least another month and pray for dry weather.

                        The Tennis Court repairs came up tonight also, and THAT is a very large expense that we could do without, at least for a while. We could buy the backhoe for less and let the courts wait another year or two. I don't think we should ignore the courts, many people enjoy them, but they are not a priority. The "Cleaner-Greener New Lebanon " proposal was voted down, and I was ecstatic! Apparently, Colleen had tweaked the proposal that was originally submitted by Bruce Shenkar, but it still had scary wording in it, such as"The Town of New Lebanon will COMMIT to ......", etc. That was enough to get it tossed by Smith and Baumli. Thank GOD.  Shenkar was NOT happy and had a little tantrum in his seat that was reminiscent of Bruce Baldwin's little foot-shuffles when he didn't get his way. LOL!!

                      We finally have a new Town Historian, as Kevin Feurst was appointed to the position again, with John Trainor as assistant historian. The Ethics Board will be meeting on Monday, March 21st at 7 p.m at the meeting hall to discuss the existing codes and to assign a secretary. FINALLY. We have waited YEARS for an active, effective Ethics Board, and now that we will probably not need them, we have one. All the snakes are gone, so St. Patty has no job.

                       The new Town Attorney was present tonight. Seems like a nice enough guy, for a lawyer anyway, a little on the quiet side. I think the board should have formally introduced him to the people, but they dropped the ball. Thaddeus Flint of the Eastwick Press was back, having finally gotten the cast off his leg. He is walking with a cane and looks exhausted and very thin, but it was good to see his face! Steve Oberon of the Historical Society told the board that there will be a presentation coming about the old Jones House in West Lebanon and its interesting history. I seem to remember hearing that it was once the home of the first telephone company in town, but don't quote me on that. We'll see when the presentation begins. 

                       The Town Newsletter is returning, and there are some nice activities planned for the park this summer, including a Uke and Beer Festival in August, the reassembling of the new playground equipment and a dedication of it in May and June, and the usual Town Picnic. The High School Seniors will be doing some work in the park as well and in addition, they will be painting a picnic table each year and placing a plaque on the finished product in commemoration of that year's graduating class. This was announced by Michelle Bienes who will be over-seeing the project. Great idea!

                      The Heritage Center will be re-opening soon in the space right beside the New Lebanon Post Office. Painting volunteers are needed. (See Sharon Moon, as the Center will still be under the control of the EDC . GAG!) There is an "issue" between the EDC and the Historical Society that seems to be preventing them from working together and sharing the interesting, historical items available. In fact, it seems to be such a serious rift, that the air physically cooled in the meeting room when the two group's activities were discussed. I won't mention the snide remarks or where they came from. You can imagine. 

                        It was a two-hour meeting, with the backhoe battle taking up the majority of that time. Still, like most Town Board Meetings, it was often amusing , and that's why I rarely miss one. If you really want to get to know the people who are active in town government, who they are and what does and does not matter to them, you need to start attending the meetings. People really show their true colors when things don't go their way. I do wish we had less division, though. Not just in New Lebanon, but all over America. Why can't we all make our choices, have our preferences, meet in the middle, and just be Americans?

                       There should be no division when it comes to Freedom and our Rights, or to supporting what is moral and honorable. Last night, I posted a paragraph on my Facebook page about the shooting of the Pastor in Idaho two days ago. This Pastor had performed the invocation at a Ted Cruz Rally and had prayed with Cruz the night before he was shot. Naturally, many people immediately blamed Trump supporters for the shooting. I thought this was wrong, so I asked my circle on Social Media to NOT attack Trump voters and blame them for the assault until they got ALL the details. The shooter is known, but has not yet been caught, so we don't know that it had anything at all to do with the campaign, so I asked for peace until we know the facts. 

                        Well, don't ya know, a Trump supporter attacked me with the usual Trumptard viciousness, and called me a "Cruz-Liar' and said I should just Shut my MOUTH! LOL!! Now YOU tell ME, did this woman even GET what I had written? No, of course she didn't. All she saw was "Trump Supporters " and "Shooting of a Pastor ", and ignored the rest, and THAT folks, is the problem with the Trumptards. They are SO angry and SO hateful, that they can't even comprehend the content of a single paragraph. Not even a paragraph that was written in their DEFENSE! I did not bother to engage, I rarely do on Social Media, people are just too stupid and deafened by Trump's shouting and boorishness. So even the Conservatives are divided. Not by ideology, but by stupidity and ignorance and hate. They are far more violent and evil than most of the Liberals I know! Their tantrums and ignorance will result in them handing this election to Hillary Clinton. Yes, they ARE that STUPID!

                        By the way, the Pastor was shot FOUR times, once in the back of the head, and three times in the back at close range. Yet he is expected to make a FULL recovery. There is absolutely ZERO, permanent damage. If that doesn't tell you something, nothing ever will. I do believe that the shooter will turn out to be a disgruntled, Trump Supporter in the end, but until I know for certain, I am not going to blame the Trumptards. Things are horrible enough. Who knows what the shooter was thinking? All I know for sure, is that we need to be a praying people again. We need to be loyal, Patriotic people again, and we need to be a Moral people again. Other differences don't matter, we can deal with all that if we can manage to grow up a little and stop thinking of no one but ourselves. We need to think about what DOES matter, and that is the future of America and the generations that will follow our own.


UPDATE- 11:40 p.m The shooter of the pastor was just arrested by the Secret Service as he was throwing trash over the fence of the White House. 


Putridly Post-Pubescent                                          3-10-2016

                        Before I get into tonight's discussion, there is a local issue I need to clarify.

                         Apparently, Melanie Hunt, the owner of Blueberry Hill, believes that I "Hate " her.  That bothers me, because I don't even know the girl personally, and I harbor no ill feelings toward her. Not only that, but I truly cannot think of a single person that I "HATE ". However, that being said, I DO boycott her restaurant. Not because of Melanie, but because of what Mike Benson did to make it possible for Blueberry Hill to open in New Lebanon without going through the required steps that all other businesses had to comply with. I made this clear when it was happening. I felt at the time that Benson was breaking the local laws and codes to favor a family friend while holding others to strict rules, and it was corrupt and disrespectful to other businesses. I still feel that way.

                          I was also appalled by what Benson did to another small business owner in town for the benefit of B. Hill. He grilled the other business owner about her clientele and how she was doing financially, claiming that he wanted to do all he could to "Help". Well, he helped alright, he went directly to Ms. Hunt and informed her that her most likely competitor was not doing well, so Ms. Hunt should take the leap and open her business.  It was deplorable, and once I boycott something based on my values, I boycott permanently. 

                           Another matter that might make Ms. Hunt feel that I hate her, is that I have strongly objected to non-residents of New Lebanon serving on the EDC that makes plans and suggestions about what should happen in our town going forward. Both Linda Hursa and Ms. Hunt live outside of New Lebanon, and despite owning businesses here, should have NO say in what is or is not in the future of the people who DO live here. Ms. Hunt claims that I stated she was from NY City, and that is incorrect, as I have always known that she grew up in E. Chatham and attended New Lebanon schools. I hope this clears things up a bit, and I would like to extend a not-so-heartfelt Thank You to the guy who instigated this matter this week. I know who you are, and I know WHY you did it, and I don't give a rat's A_S how hard you TRY, you will NOT win. Nice try, though.


                           So, about tonight's headline. It seems to me, that our young people are becoming more selfish, senseless, and immature by the day.  

                            Before you attack me, allow me to say that I am not referring to ALL youth, we certainly have many citizens under the age of 30 who are of solid character and are terrific assets to society. Right here in New Lebanon, we are blessed with kids that are destined to do great things, and we are VERY proud of them!  I am speaking primarily of the spoiled young people who are attending our universities across America and wasting their minds on destructive ideologies. Years of indoctrination in our Liberal Education System has resulted in millions of young Americans who are not only ignorant of and apathetic to the true foundations of this country, but are also instilled with a rabid hatred such as we have never seen before in people so young.

                             In the 1960s, there were many college-age kids and activist groups that were angry, but that anger was nothing when compared to the frightening level of sheer Hatred, Venom, and nonsensical rhetoric we see today. It is SO extreme, SO ridiculous and petty, that it is really terrifying to witness. It borders on insanity.  A good many years ago, a very wise man stated the following to me;  "When I was a kid, we called our money dough, but today's kids call it bread. Goes to show you that the new generation wants everything done FOR them !"  LOL!!  True, indeed. If only it were still just youthful angst, updated expressions, new technology, and fresh issues, but it is NOT. 

                             A very large portion of Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 are vicious, spiteful, and potentially dangerous people. The Political-Correctness ALONE is oppressive and perilous, but these "kids" also support and defend ISIS, the Palestinians over the Israelis, Sexual Deviance, Infanticide, Socialists and Commies, Violent Minorities and Special-Interest Groups, and Illegal immigrants. To name a FEW.  They will burn our flag while wearing a Che Guevara tee shirt and scream obscenities at Capitalists with their Apple I-Phones in their hands. 

                             These students-of-the-Left will call anyone who disagrees with them by names that are so despicable, I could never repeat them here, or ANYWHERE. They tell their opponents to go "Kill Themselves", and threaten to sue anyone who dares to vocalize a different view or who "Offends" their sissy feelings. At the same time, they are demanding that THEIR grievances be heard and "FIXED" by the Nanny State. These are people who will never be able to think for themselves or even develop mature minds and emotions because they have been taught only to parrot what they have been force-fed all of their academic lives. They are Robots, and they will one day be little more than government property, slaves to the Socialist System that they are helping to create.

                              When asked outright, most of the loudest, crudest brats with the most outrageous demands, cannot even tell you what Socialism really IS or what it might be like to live under that system. They have NO idea of how free things are delivered to them and WHO will pay for it, much less what will happen when the money runs out. They have had too much given to them all their lives to appreciate what hard work is and what it cost for them to be free. They deny the reality that they ARE being manipulated and are complicit in their own manipulation! 

                              Today, a committee of college students began demanding that there be new institutions of higher learning built in most states and called, "The College of Social Justice". (Of course they want the taxpayers to foot the bill for these new, liberal schools). Their goal is to teach more young people to address what they call, "Micro-Aggression ". They want to form and sit on state committees that will have the power to fire and/or arrest ANYONE who dares to offend Muslims, Blacks, Homosexuals, Mexicans, Women, etc., etc. These idiots actually are demanding that Hate Speech Laws be passed and Penalties imposed on violators, including Police Officers and College Staff. LOLOL!!!  Oh, but that isn't ALL. Also proposed by these crazies, is that the word "Person" be changed to this new spelling: PERXON". Why? Well, because the letters "S-O-N" are too "Gender-Specific " and favor males. Yes, I am serious. 

                              Folks, I do believe our kids need to learn the value of hard work and earning what they want or need, because they obviously have WAY too much free time on their hands. If you're paying tuition for your kid to attend one of these Left-Wing universities, then you are as crazy as the kids are. Think about it, people actually call ME and the Oathkeepers, 
"Extremists ", and all WE want is Constitutional Adherence and consequences for officials who violate it. Same for the Patriots fighting the BLM out West. THEY are being arrested and shot, burned out of their homes and having their properties seized for objecting to Constitutional Violations, but these KIDS who pose a real danger to our national security and future freedoms, are NORMAL ??????  It's an upside-down country. 

                              Of course I DO have a suggestion as to how to meet these demands of the Students of Stupidity and still retain a modicum of sanity in America.

                                I would propose to these demanding brats, that they could have a Forum for their Social Justice activism on campus, minus the power to fire or arrest ANYBODY, on one condition; that they also take a required class called, "The College of Real life".  Each year, every student would be expected to choose one of the following Historical Eras or Persons to live in or assume the role of, for a period of 6 weeks or more. For example:

 1) An American Settler- with ONLY the exact tools and environment of the actual settlers.

 2) A Native American attempting to protect hunting lands and villages from settlers and cavalry.

 3) A Civil War Soldier in Winter in Pennsylvania. Rags for shoes, inadequate clothing, poor diet, etc.

 4) A Revolutionary War Soldier in the mid 1770s. 

 5) A parent of young kids during the depression.

 6) A Black slave in the early south. 

 7) A German Jew under the Hitler Regime. 

 8) A  wounded and broken, Vietnam Veteran coming home to ridicule and abuse.

 9) A Russian pauper during the Cold War.

                The choices are numerous, but each one has a specific lesson to share that would never be forgotten. There would be no cell phones or computers, no cars, no bars, no tolerance for anything un-American or sexually unusual. NO government grants, scholarships, or special "Rights". NO ONE will come to SAVE them. Let them experience hardship and self-reliance, Socialism, Communism, hunger, cold, fear, and oppression. Any student who refused to complete this course once a year, would fail and be expelled. Those who did complete it, could then have their Social Justice Committees, IF they still wanted them.  I suspect they would not.

                 We need to stop coddling our youth and our demanding, Special Interest Groups, and remind them that America is the Land of Opportunity and Equality, and equality does not mean "Special". It means that all people will be treated equally regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, or crazy ideology. Our kids are growing up to be weaklings and entitled leeches. We better get busy QUICKLY, folks!


 Patty and Power !                                                        3-17-2016

             The Gaelic word above means, "CHEERS!".  That is what I wish to my readers on this St. Patty's Day, Good Cheer. 

              There are so many days that I have a hard time finding that good cheer, and I can't blame anyone but myself for that, because I am the one who chose to be a Politics Junkie. The stress that results is my penance. 

         Funny thing about we Irish folks. Over many generations, we have suffered a lot, like so many other ethnic groups have and still do.    The Irish were the first people to suffer under slavery.   Britain starved millions of Irish to death during the Potato Famine. When the Irish came to America, they were looked upon as stupid, no good for anything but manual labor and the dirtiest of jobs. The Irish  were treated as inferiors in America for many,many years. To this day, Americans of Irish descent are still thought of as drunkards, brawlers, and bums, and there are more than a few slurs and bad jokes about them, but you know what? The Irish don't care!

            There is too much fun to be had to let name-calling and stereotypes get under our skin. They are after all, merely words, and the Irish believe that the non-Irish are just jealous, especially on St. Patty's Day. LOL!!! We don't mourn our dead, we celebrate their lives and character. Jokes are a vital part of every day and it makes no matter who the brunt of the joke may be, including ourselves. Very little is taken seriously, except maybe the infringement of our freedom, here AND in Ireland. 

            My father's maternal grandparents met shortly after landing on Ellis Island. He from Denmark, she from Ireland. They were tough people, with thick skin and strong backs, and they passed on their sense of humor, the one thing that allowed them and their descendants to let "Offenses" roll off those strong backs. A lesson can be taken from the Irish on this, their special day of celebration. "Don't sweat the small stuff and ignore the feckin' fools. "  

             I'm proud to be 3/4 Irish and 1/4 Danish, but I am even prouder to be 100% American. 


              Since this is just the middle of March and we have 8 months to go before the presidential election, I have decided that I need to concentrate on reminding myself that I need to take time to live my life as well as follow the campaigns. I've always made it a practice to take at least one day a week away from the activism and breaking issues, but Trump has made this such a horrible campaign, that it has been hard to stop thinking about it for even that long.

              His latest announcement that he will be attending 'No More Debates" because he has declared himself the Republican Nominee, really wound me up this week. It isn't just the fact that his statement cements the opinions of REAL Conservatives, that Trump sees himself as a King, just like Obama always has, but it also makes it very evident that Trump is scared of Ted Cruz. Now that Rubio is gone, Trump has no one to pick on and call names, and he knows that Cruz is smarter than himself, more experienced, and a Master at Debate. He also knows that Cruz has actually DONE everything he ever said he would do, including winning the Heller Case and saving the Second Amendment. Trump could never stand up against Cruz about Foreign Policy, Conservative Values, Christianity, or Constitutional issues. So rather than finish what he started and stand up like a real man, Trump is running away like the little girl he REALLY  is.

              This is without a doubt, a campaign that will make history, no matter WHO eventually becomes president. We have a woman running for the highest office in our land, that has been responsible for the unexplained deaths of countless people, extortion, corruption, theft, dishonesty, and the failure to protect classified information and the American people. Can you imagine when we were kids in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, a person who is under FBI investigation for major felonies, being allowed to run for President?!?!? Can you imagine an admitted SOCIALIST who never held a job in his life, running for President?!?

              Thinking back, can you see the American people supporting a man like Trump with his three marriages, wife half his age, marital infidelity, numerous bankruptcies, abuse of Eminent Domain, over 60 pending lawsuits, and absolutely ZERO experience in political matters ? Would his many lies and Liberal, Democrat background be ignored? How about his narcissistic attitude and violent rallies, encouragement of supporters to "Punch Him in the Face "? How about his supporters who now "Honor" him with the Nazi Salute? It would have never been a consideration. NO American of sound mind would have given him a second look, but today, we are no longer dealing with sound minds, are we? 

              No, today we are dealing with an under-50 population that never knew America when she was still great, still strong, still respected and respectful. We are dealing with people who never learned their own rights and powers, or anything about the price that has been paid for those rights. Today, we have an entitlement society who are incapable of being self-reliant, and rely on the government for their very existence. They support the Socialists and Democrats because without free cell phones, rent subsidies, and food stamps, they would be homeless and hungry. Today, Rush Limbaugh spoke about another new entitlement proposed by La Raza. Free DIAPERS! They call it "Diaper Equality", and claim that ALL Americans have a right to the BEST diapers for their children. Good LORD!

               Why is it that so FEW people get it, that every time the government gives someone something for free, they TAKE something, as well? They take freedoms and protections, they take sovereignty and choice, and they take dignity and success. They TAKE earnings from those who work to give to those who will not. Yet in reality, the government has only taken what we GAVE them through our apathy and dependence. Our own failure to KNOW and EXERCISE the Power of the People  that was granted us in the Constitution by our Forefathers, is why we are so over-regulated, excessively taxed, and strictly bound by laws that impede our freedom every minute of every day. 

                 We have lost our right to choose in more areas than we realize. We watch the TV programs that are approved by the liberal media and its government mommies and daddies. We bow down to the P.C Police and allow fear of legal retaliation to silence us. We allow the EPA, the BLM, EnCon, and a host of other agencies,to dictate to us how we can use and enjoy our own properties. Our Right to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion are being infringed daily, mostly by extreme, Special Interest groups backed-up by a Supreme Court of Liberal idiots. Our rights to Peaceful protest and a Redress of Grievances have been criminalized and recently, even led to a death at the hands of a left-wing governor and complicit FBI agents.

                ( By the way, the LaVoy Finicum issue is heating up as Mrs. Finicum has filed a wrongful death suit against the FBI and the Oregon State Government. Autopsy results have proven that LaVoy was shot six times in the back, and have lent credence to our original belief that LaVoy was shot while his hands were still in the air. Six FBI agents are currently suspended and under investigation, and witness statements and the autopsy appear to prove that Lavoy was NOT reaching for a firearm in the video we have been "Allowed " to see, but he was reaching for his lower left back, where the first bullet had struck. Bit by bit, the Truth is coming to light.)

                Makes one wonder why in Ferguson and Baltimore, no action was taken by police against the violent protestors who looted, burned, over-turned police cars, etc. Yet the Trump protestors in Chicago were dispersed with water cannons. Yesterday, it was announced that the Sanders supporters are openly planning a huge protest in June. Sanders himself is sanctioning this action and has allegedly given the protestors "Guidelines" such as; No Violence or Property Damage, etc. Umm, yeah. Did you SEE these people in Chicago last week? Of course Sanders has done nothing but protest since his high school days and according to his friends from that time, he never bathed and smelled so bad that no one could even sit near him. LOL! So I have to ask, how do you think Law Enforcement will be ordered to deal with these Socialist Mobs? 

                Will THEY be allowed to destroy and endanger unimpeded, as in Ferguson and Baltimore, or will they be arrested and water-cannoned? OR, will they receive the treatment that the PEACEFUL, Patriot protestors received in Oregon, and be ambushed and murdered? In today's America, it all depends on what wing you fly with and what color your skin happens to be. We have surrendered our protections and rights!!! There IS no equality, no adherence to Constitutional Law, and there are NO consequences for government officials and law enforcement who violate their Oaths. Not even when an innocent White man with NO criminal record, is shot down in front of his daughter. Had LaVoy been a Black, teenage thug, heads would still be rolling and the media would still be screaming about it. The Finicum family would have already received a multi-million dollar settlement and cops would be fired. Have YOU  heard anything about Oregon lately? 

              As a Christian, I have to bear in mind that God is in control and we are merely his hands and feet on earth. This election will be what it will be, and because I know that, I am spending a little more time preparing myself, my family, and my friends for any eventuality. At the same time, I will also continue to spread truth about the Democrats and Trump and let the haters hate. I will do what I CAN do, and try to remind Americans every day that we need to take our POWER BACK from the government and put THEM back in the little box they belong in. We did it here in New Lebanon last November, we can do it at the federal level too, IF  we can come together and decide that enough is truly, ENOUGH. What will it take for YOU to say "ENOUGH"? 


 Video from INSIDE LaVoy Finicum's Truck!  He was shot immediately while his hands were still in the air.




 How About a WAKE-UP CALL???                              3-18-2016


by John W. Wallace

In 1726, Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travels” which was a story of an English surgeon, named Lemuel Gulliver, who takes to the high seas when his business in England fails. Gulliver's multiple adventures begin in a place called Lilliput when he awakens on a beach after a shipwreck only to find himself immobilized and tied down by thousands of tiny threads woven around him by the very tiny Lilliputians.

If Gulliver had been awake, he could easily have snapped these threads individually or in small numbers and the Lilliputians would never have succeeded in taking control of Gulliver and making him their prisoner. Those tiny threads were multiplied and woven hundreds and thousands of times by the Lilliputians while Gulliver was sleeping. By the time Gulliver finally did wake up, it was too late. He was totally incapacitated and unable to do anything. He was at the mercy of his new masters, the Lilliputians.

Just like Gulliver, many Americans appear to have been either asleep or unaware of the growing danger of being incapacitated by America’s own version of the Lilliputians consisting of the political elite, the establishment, the insiders, lobbyists, corporations, big money donors, and others who are nothing more than well financed leaches and traitors to this great country. In our case, the threads used to take our freedoms have been and are restrictive laws limiting our rights, ‘green’ regulations, crony capitalism, international agreements and treaties, private-public partnerships, presidential executive orders, unconstitutional court decisions, government grants with strings attached, too big to fail corporate bailouts, federal loan guarantees for the well connected, etc.

Communism has been replaced in name only. They now call themselves liberals, progressives, globalists, neo-conservatives and some even openly admit to being socialists like the 70 plus member Socialist Caucus of Democrats in congress. In 2016, we even have an avowed Socialist running for the Democrat Party’s nomination as their candidate for the Presidency, but his chances are slim because his opponent is someone who is connected to the so-called insiders, the establishment, political and media elites, federally funded open border and pro-illegal alien groups, favored racial groups, pro-abortion groups and we can’t forget the ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Green movement” where the political elites use junk science to predict a cataclysmic environmental crisis in order for the government to step in to control how and where you live in order to protect the environment.

This growing network of individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have been using our country’s membership in the United Nations and other international organizations to circumvent the US Constitution by gradually expanding the role and power of not only the federal government, but of these international organizations in an effort to diminish our own sovereignty. Using international trade and climate agreements, presidential executive orders and an ever increasing number of ‘green’ regulations, past and current presidents and the globalist enemies within our own country have crippled our manufacturing base and energy industry and sent most of these jobs overseas. They push to give non-elected international organizations ever increasing powers over the American people at the expense of our country’s sovereignty.

The individual “threads of change” that America’s own traitorous Lilliputians have been using against their fellow Americans are varied and if examined individually would not appear to pose to any big danger to our way of life in America. But added together, these individual “threads of change” (presidential executive orders, laws passed in the middle of the night with no one reading them, international agreements, ‘green’ regulations, carbon taxes, gun control legislation, etc) are placing American’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty at risk. The main reason many Americans today are very angry is because they now understand that they themselves and the American way of life are being attacked and challenged every single day from a hundred different directions and that our elected politicians at almost every level of government are being regularly bribed (called campaign contributions) by the establishment and political elites. The majority of Americans now realize that the federal government and the politicians they elect no longer represent or protect the interests and rights of the people, but actually represent the interests of those who legally bribe them through a payoff system called campaign contributions by corporations, special interest groups and political action committees.

Here are just a few of the “threads of change” currently being woven around America’s freedoms, liberties and sovereignty by these traitorous enemies within our own country who are making Americans angry:

1. Millions of dollars in “legal” special interest bribes to our politicians every year by lobbyists;
2. 20 million illegal aliens being allowed to remain in this country costing the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars;
3. Election fraud through the use of new, easily hacked electronic voting machines without paper trails;
4. Downplaying of the importance of English as our official language;
5. Destroying our manufacturing jobs through unfair trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA and the proposed TPP agreement that benefit large international corporations over American workers;
6. Growing influence of private, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission on our government’s political leaders and policies;
7. Failed social engineering programs in housing, education, finance, employment, etc.
8. Expansion of underfunded entitlement programs including the new Obamacare fiasco;
9. Ever increasing taxation of the people at every level of government;
10. Growing and more frequent attacks on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens from every level of government;
11. Creation of one financial crises after another that are designed to allow the federal government to assume a larger role in controlling the economy even though the federal government’s own actions, policies and legislation caused the crises in the first place;
12. Federal government’s use of the threat of terrorism as an excuse to become more intrusive into our everyday lives and thereby place more and more limitations on our personal freedoms and liberties;
13. Increasing use of prescription drugs to alter the behavior of more and more Americans. For example: At the present time, there are 6 million children under the age of 18 in the USA who have been prescribed mind-altering psychotropic drugs like Ritalin;
14. Deliberate “Dumbing Down” of the American education system through revised teaching methods like ‘Common Core’ and the re-writing of textbooks to include politically correct, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-Founding Fathers, and globalist agendas that are “indoctrinating” our young people rather than educating them;
15. Deliberate and frequent attacks on mainstream organized religions (particularly Jewish and Christian) in favor of Islam.
16. Surrender of our government’s constitutional power to create money to a group of private international bankers (the Federal Reserve) who answer to no one and who are slowly and deliberately bankrupting this country through the use of “fiat’ money;
17. Manipulated and biased news stories from the mainstream media that are too often designed to support the political agendas of their owners, international bankers and corporations, special interest groups, or their favorite political office holders or candidates.
18. Politicization and manipulation of science by special interest groups for political gain through the use of legal and/or economic pressure to influence the findings of scientific research and then using their own media outlets to control the way it is disseminated, reported or interpreted. The Global Warming hoax is a prime example of this process;
19. The endless cycle of war that has occurred since America became a member of the United Nations. The UN charter has allowed our politicians to send American troops into combat on foreign soil without formal Declarations of War and against the will of the American people;
20. The step by step surrender of our nation’s sovereignty to an ever expanding and un-elected United Nations bureaucracy in order to promote the need for a “New World Order” and “One World Government” under the guise of fighting common global threats against all the people of the earth including the pollution of the oceans, the aids epidemic, third world poverty, terrorism and of course global warming;
21. The refusal of the federal government to secure the nation’s borders and to enforce our immigration laws.
22. The creation of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ in mainly Democrat controlled urban areas that protect illegal aliens, including illegal alien criminals that have resulted in the deaths of innocent American citizens.
23. The refusal of the President of the United States to even identify the terrorist enemies of America
24. The refusal of the federal government, including congress, the label GMO Products that are poisoning Americans and the identification of country of origin labeling from food products. 
25. Court decisions that create law in violation of the U.S. constitution.
26. Insane growth of Political Correctness to silence Americans who disagree with certain government programs, politicians or social justice issues.
27. Cutting back on the size of the military and using the military as a social experiment with transsexual soldiers and unqualified women in combat roles against the recommendations of commanders.
28. Increasing instances of Voter Fraud in elections, including Illegal Aliens voting. as well as the Democrat party’s opposition to common sense voter ID requirements.
29. Federal agencies unconstitutionally increasing their power by redefining their own powers.
30. Cover-up of President Obama’s and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s actions before and after the Terrorist attack in Benghazi.
31. Admission of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into America without properly vetting them, which poses a danger to American citizens.
32. The constant use of the so-called “Race Card” by minority politicians when someone disagrees with their views or programs.
33. President Obama’s ongoing support for black racist groups that hate, threaten and attack the police and his frequent verbal attacks on the American police as a whole.

The previous list is only a small fraction of the thousands of “threads of change” that are being woven around and through American society today by America’s enemy within. Although this traitorous network of individuals and organizations is relatively small, they have an unlimited amount of money at their disposal to use to pursue their globalist agenda.

All of a sudden, a person named Donald Trump arrives on the scene towards the end of 2015, and says he will be running for the Republican party’s nomination for President of the United States. He commits his first “anti-establishment act” by announcing that he will self-fund his campaign and will not need, nor accept any money from the establishment or political elite. From day one, the political elite saw the danger to their power and control because of Mr. Trump not taking their money. Another candidate for the Republican nomination is Senator Ted Cruz who has also been fighting against the elite in congress.

The elite power structure immediately came out against both of these men, massively funding their opponents and directing the slings and arrows of the media against them. Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz have now become the establishment’s main targets because they refuse to play by the politically correct rules set by the political and media elite. Both Trump and Cruz pose a danger to the crooked politicians, the lobbyists, the power brokers, the political and media elite who seek to control our elected officials. Both of these men strike fear into the establishment and the average American citizen now realizes it as well. This is not just a political campaign for one or two candidates. This is a strong political movement destined to eventually take control of our federal government back from the elites.

Conservative Radio Host Michael Savage recently described the establishment’s reaction very clearly:

“If you were robbing a country blind because you were able to buy off all the politicians for so many years through their lobbyists, like Madeleine Albright. If you were able to buy off lobbyists and sell your garbage and manipulate your currency and bury a nation in trade war, why would you not want it to continue? A man (Trump) comes along and says, “Enough is enough. I’m not going to let you do it anymore. You’re going to have fair trade. You’re not going to do this to us anymore. Of course you’re going to do everything you can, including buying newspaper, magazines, owning the stooges in the media, one way or another, and have them tell the people that the man who is trying to save the country is actually the man who is trying to destroy the country.”

America’s Lilliputians have been using a small “step by step” progressive process, or a “thread by thread” change process that is designed to slowly but steadily advance their goals while at the same time going virtually unnoticed by the majority of Americans. If more American people fail to fully awaken to the danger of what these traitorous American Lilliputians are doing to this country, we too, like Lemuel Gulliver, will find ourselves totally incapacitated, without individual freedoms and liberty and unable to do anything about it. The grip of these criminals and traitors must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty must be eliminated before it is too late.

Whether you like them or not, I believe that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have managed to awaken the sleeping giant that is sometimes called the silent majority of Americans. A growing number of Americans are now aware of what has really been going on and the political and media elite are scared, very scared.

In 1776, our Founders stood up, put their lives and fortunes on the line and declared their freedom and independence from the chains and shackles of the King of England. In 2016, Americans must once again be willing to stand up and publicly declare their Freedom and Independence, not from the King of England, but from the chains and shackles of our own government and from those traitorous individuals and organizations who pull the strings of the politicians and the media like puppet masters from behind a curtain of secrecy, bribery and deception.

The fight for our freedoms and liberty must be intensified here and now in 2016. We must recruit more freedom loving Americans into our ranks and grow our numbers by the millions. The road ahead will not be easy as the traitorous enemies within our own country are very cunning, unscrupulous and have unlimited resources. But they are no match for an army of united and determined American citizens like us who are prepared to fight the hard battles that lie ahead, as our Founders did in 1776.

Let there be no doubt about the outcome of this fight because a strong-willed, united force of freedom loving American citizens will ultimately prevail against tyranny! Crossing all racial, economic, demographic and even political party lines, the American people are angry and are ready to take their country back.

Yes, the American people are angry and they have every right to be. On the other side, the political elites, lobbyists and members of the so-called establishment are scared, very scared and they should be because the American people are coming for them and will take their country back.

SOURCE: http://www.libertynewsonline.com/arti…/article_301_38357.php

  John Wallace is the State Leader of the N.Y Oathkeepers and he is the also the direct leader of our local, Columbia/Greene Counties Chapter, to which I belong. If you are a Patriot, Law Enforcement, Military, Veteran, Firefighter, or First Responder, JOIN US! We meet at 7 p.m on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Whitestone Cafe in Ghent.    JJ


A Message from a Fatherless Girl                           3-20-2016

           Robert LaVoy Finicum's daughter is still grieving and will be for years, I would imagine. She and her siblings are now responsible for thousands of acres of land and heads of cattle. They are also responsible for their Mom and one another. I have complete faith in these kids, and I know they can, and WILL, do what they need to do now that their dad is gone. These are impressive, intelligent, responsible, young people, so unlike the college students who are so concerned with the spelling of words and the possibility that they may have their "Feelings" hurt.

           Isn't it amazing how geography plays such an important role in our society? When we compare kids from affluent families and metropolitan areas with kids who grew up in the Midwest on ranches and farms, it almost seems that we live in two, very different countries. The Finicums are from Arizona, but they see the entire country as their homeland, and they know and respect their Constitutional Rights and the rights of others. They love and appreciate their freedoms and are, like their dad and millions of Patriots before him, prepared to die to preserve that freedom. THESE are examples of what American youth SHOULD be. THESE are young people who would never give a second thought to whining about much of ANYTHING, much less about emotional offenses, false claims of racism, and so-called, Diversity issues.

            Patriotic and Informed young Americans have no time for that Bullsh_t, they are too busy shoveling REAL bullsh_t, running fenceline, and trying to protect their family's land from tyrannical, government agencies that have no right to even EXIST. STRONG, intelligent American youth are out trying to make the country BETTER by working hard, learning, and living up to the values that made America great. I still believe, that if the whiny, snotty-nosed brats that are voting for Socialism had to spend a month in Venezuela, they would sing a whole different tune when they got back on American soil! If we can't send them all to Venezuela , how about we make them serve in the military for a couple of years and EARN their college grants and loans? It's time we sent a message to the crybabies that nothing is FREE, and the handouts are OVER. Grow UP, go spend a summer with the Finicum kids, or the Bundys, or the Hammonds, and experience REAL, American life.

             These are the people who are the true Heart of America, but all we hear is news about Donald Trump, Sports figures, and celebrities. Distractions, distractions, and while you are not paying attention, freedom is being extinguished by the hour. Have YOU voiced your objections to Obama's choice for the Supreme Court? If you are a Republican, a Conservative, a Christian or a Jew, you should have contacted your Senators and Congressman by now. Have you talked with anyone about the crisis in our Midwestern states between the ranchers and the government? Have you done ANYTHING to make your voice heard ? If not, SHAME on YOU!

              Copy and paste this link and listen to a young girl tell you a little about what America and freedom mean to her and her family, and what it was that her father gave his life for. SHE gets it. Do YOU ?


  The Finicum Plea



Jeanette Finicum has opened an account dedicated to help fund the legal battle with the B.L.M. and the wrongful death lawsuit of her husband, LaVoy Finicum.

Thank you to all who have been so generous with the Finicum family during this very difficult time. Your contributions have helped to pay for all of the funeral costs. Again, thank you!

If you wish to donate, please click on the link below or mail to:

P.O. Box 918
Colorado City 
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Go to paypal.me/LaVoylegalfund and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free.


 Help Stop the Assault on Utah Sheriffs and Local Authority!!



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LaVoy and Jeanette


 Humility                                                                     3-27-2016

              Happy Easter.  This has been and always is, a special weekend in the Christian World. The true meaning of this holiday is not about bunnies and baskets, but about the resurrection of our Lord.  Believe in miracles, because they happen every day.


                As you know all too well, I have been closely watching the political debates and evaluating candidates. As I have seen and heard things from these people that no candidate for President of the USA should say or do, EVER, I have found myself thinking a lot about humility. 

                Christians are taught to be humble in all things, at all times. That does not ensure that every Christian will be successful in that effort, and I know a lot of Christians who are much too proud for their own good. For many Believers, myself included, it's really a no-brainer. I have never needed or wanted fancy cars, a big house, jewels, trips, furs, or any of those unnecessary trappings of life. I am truly, 100% grateful for what and who I have, and for God's provision. If we have food on the table, decent health, people we love and who love us, a bed to call our own, and clothes on our backs, we are more blessed than millions of other people in the world.

                 As I observe the candidates of both parties, I look for humility among them but have found it only in one man, Ted Cruz. John Kasich has been a great disappointment, having finally dropped his "Mr. Nice Guy" facade and revealed his true character. He strongly supports common Core, and Gun Control, and is anti-Law Enforcement and pro-Political Correctness and Amnesty. People who have worked and still do work with him, describe him as arrogant, cantankerous, difficult, and in a word, "Mean".  Kind of surprising, isn't it? 

                 Don't you wonder why Kasich is being such a fool as to stay in a race he cannot win ? It's a good question and there are a couple of theories.

 1) Kasich is staying in the race to take just enough delegates from Cruz to keep Trump ahead, and maybe Trump promised him something in return.

 2) The GOP establishment is keeping Kasich in to attempt to prevent Trump from reaching the required number of delegates and force a contested convention.

                 Whichever it is, it does expose Kasich as a fool.  Bigger question is, why would anyone waste their precious vote on a candidate who joined the ranks of the losers weeks ago? Makes zero sense, but what DOES make sense these days?  Still, a Humble Patriot standing in Kasich's shoes, would gracefully bow out as Carson and Rubio should have done well before they actually did. 

                   I read a very interesting article this week about Trump and his private lifestyle. Putting aside the casinos and skyscrapers that bear his name, he also has a private jet, helicopter, yacht, Rolls Royces, Limos, and numerous mansions and estates. Very ostentatious estates. Not that I resent anyone their wealth or possessions, as I said, those things don't matter to me and never have. I also do not believe that the wealthy should pay a higher tax rate than the rest of us or foot the bill for those who will not work or are less successful.  I support the Cruz Tax Plan, abolish the IRS, implement a 10% flat tax, and make yearly filing so simple, it can be done on a postcard.  Simplify, Simplify !

                   What I DO resent, is narcissism like I see in Trump, Hillary, Obama, Benson, Cuomo, and a host of other politicians and wealthy individuals. These people have no idea as to the meaning of humility. Trump is a fraud, a poser who claims to be a Conservative yet has donated heavily to Liberal Democrat candidates, politicians, and causes for all of his adult life. We have also never heard about any charitable causes that he may have donated to, if any. Trump is NOT a man who would give discreetly as God commands us to do. No, Trump would be blowing his own sanctimonious horn all over the media. He is one of the most boastful people I have ever seen, and I am sick of hearing about how HE is the smartest, He is the wealthiest, HE is the only one who can save America, and HE has the most friends. Blah, Blah, Blah. Makes one want to toss their dinner just listening to it. 

                    Funny thing is, that people as wealthy as Trump always have a lot of "Friends" and worshipers, but are these people TRULY friends? More likely, they are more interested in what Trump and his money can do for THEM, and not in Trump himself. Sad, but true. Donald Trump has never known what it feels like to dig between the couch cushions, hoping to find enough change to buy his kids a gallon of milk. He has never had to wonder if he has enough money to make the rent or keep the lights on. He has never served this country in the military, done volunteer work, or served in any political position. IF he cares as much about "Making America Great Again" as he claims he does, he would have chosen the most Conservative, determined, and honorable candidate and BACKED him or her! He would have never tried to become the president himself, it is not a job for a rookie. Obama proved THAT. 

                    At this, the most precarious point in our political history, Trump decides to throw a curve ball and endanger our final shot to really make America Great Again! He is no friend of the American people. Trump continues to call Ted Cruz, "Lyin Ted", but he has not offered one single shred of evidence of any lies that Cruz is supposedly guilty of. Yet we have SOLID PROOF of Trump's lies, flip-flopping,poor moral character, abusive language, lack of respect for women, poor knowledge of foreign affairs, hiring of illegals, bankruptcies, lawsuits, weakness, Liberalism,and despotic nature.

                    Ted Cruz on the other hand, is as humble as they come. He does not boast, he is not arrogant or crude, he is respectful and refined, and despite the smear article  in the National Enquirer, ( owned by a Trump associate and supporter), there is absolutely zero evidence of Cruz ever having cheated on his wife, unlike Trump himself. Cruz is faithful to his family, his country, his word, and his God. He has an undeniable, PROVEN record of fighting for the Constitution and the American people. He is a man of honor and integrity. 

                     When his parents lost their business and were destitute, Cruz worked to help them recover, while also paying his own way through college where he consistently produced top grades. In high school Cruz was one of only FIVE American students who memorized the entire Constitution! ( Ted Cruz has the rare ability to remember everything he has read or heard.) Several of his college professors have stated that Cruz was the smartest student they had ever taught. That is a statement of great depth. 

                      In the past week, we have gotten to see a glimpse of an angry Ted Cruz as he responded to Trump's attacks on his wife, Heidi. Even in anger, Cruz displays class that no other candidate has come close to. He loves his wife, his ONLY wife, not his THIRD, and he loves his little girls. During the debates, when the candidates got a break backstage, Trump could be seen cozying-up to journalists, while Cruz played and danced with his daughters and in several cases, just cuddled them on his lap. That's what REAL men, DO.

                      Last week, a Pastor wrote an article about the campaign, and in it, he stated that he believes that Ted Cruz is God's way of giving America one last chance to do the right thing as a people and as a nation. If we fail to select a Godly man to be our next leader, we will be sealing our fate of destruction. Maybe he's right, who can say, but I tend to agree with him. 

                       This election may well be our last opportunity to humble ourselves before God and choose the candidate that we know HE would choose for us.