2017 April thru June Posts


 Town Board Meeting                                                         4-11-2017

                                Surprise of the evening?  A three-minute, video presentation by our School Superintendent about the needed "Upgrades "  and "Renovations ". She brought along their Financial Officer and Michael Brutsch of the school board. 

                                  The kitchen appliances at the WBH are from the 1970s, so yeah, they are overdue for replacing, I'm sure. The high school kitchen appliances were replaced only 20 years ago but they want to buy new ones anyway. There is a plan to enlarge the WBH gymnasium, as it is what they refer to as a "Half-Court". It's been fine since the school was built and we had a good number of students using it, so why enlarge it NOW?

                                   We have exactly  402 students attending the two schools combined. WHY replace TWO kitchens and one of TWO gyms instead of simply enlarging whichever of the two schools is in better shape, and closing the other? Enrollment has decreased by 5% per year, every year for the last decade.  Right now, there are SEVEN kids in the Pre-K Program, 14 in the 4th grade, and less than 20 in the third grade!    So why in Heaven's name would we want to spend 11-12 million dollars on upgrades to TWO schools ?!?! I said as much during the Q&A session, and even Councilman Baumli agreed with me and suggested we close one school. It makes a lot more sense to do THAT!

                                     Seated next to Michael Brutsch tonite, was his darling daughter, the anti-Veteran , All-American Girl. She of course, was there to accept her appointment to the Planning Board , which she did get. What I find interesting, is the fact that her father exited the meeting the very minute the school presentation ended, and his daughter left immediately after being appointed to the PB.  I don't know about anyone else, but to ME, that speaks volumes. If someone wants to have so much to say about the workings of our town and school, shouldn't they be courteous and engaged enough to stay for the ENTIRE meeting? Wouldn't you think they would give a damn about OTHER issues affecting the town and its people? 

                                     No, that is not how Liberals think. They are interested ONLY in what affects THEM directly, and everything else is a problem for the Commoners who attend every meeting and stay in place from beginning to end. It's shameful. 

                                      I DID take the opportunity to express my feelings to the School Super about the Veterans' Exemption issue. I told her and everyone else who was in the room, that being the ONLY school district in Columbia County to thumb their noses at our veterans, they have a lot of nerve asking us for money. I told them it was an atrocity, an embarrassment, and that they should all be ashamed of themselves. Wanna guess what the reaction was?  Zippo! Blank faced stares. 

                                     One encouraging thing about this meeting was the obvious opposition to the school budget request by most of the people present. Remember that this budget vote will be held in May, and there will be three different proposals to vote on. The gymnasium is a separate thing from the upgrades, etc. I fully intend to vote NO on everything they want. That seemed to be the consensus among the people tonight. Enough is enough! Let them eat cake.


 REMEMBER:  April 19th at 7 p.m - Planning Board Public Hearing on Dunkin Donuts !!!!!!!   Speak now or forever hold your peace! 



The OUTCOME !                                                          4-19-2017

                     First things first. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all of you who attended the Public Hearing tonight, and a Special Nod to those who could not attend but took the time to send emails to the Zoning Office to voice your opposition to Dunkin Donuts.

                      There were about 25 to 30 members of the public present, and at one point, we did a hand-raise count of how many oppose Dunkin Donuts. EVERY person in the room raised their hand! NO ONE raised their hand to express approval! Now here's something interesting; emails poured into the CEO's computer all day long today, and were STILL coming in after the meeting started! I asked for an accurate count but no one seemed to know at that point, anyway. 

                     Greg Hanna said that there were FOUR emails in support of DD, but I know for certain that at LEAST  25 emails were received before the meeting. Not a good sampling of the ENTIRE population of the town, but a big enough difference to make it very clear that the PEOPLE do not WANT Dunkin Donuts or any other , Fast-food establishment. Hanna also stated that an accurate survey or the residents would cost in the area of $20,000 dollars or more and would take months to complete and tally.

                       We all know that the Planning Board's job is to review the application and details and decide if everything is in compliance with town codes and laws. It is not  their job to decide if a project is popular or unpopular with the residents. So, WHOSE job IS it? I guess it is OURS, yours, mine, our neighbors and friends who live here. Today was a great start in getting our voices heard, but we have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it. Where do we start? By coming together and taking action!

                         I asked the PB members to at least take into consideration the fact that there IS a LOT of opposition to this business and if they would at least inform the Town Board that something more needs to be done so far as polling the residents before this application is approved. No, it is not their burden, but it could help a little. In the meantime, PLEASE do not stop contacting the CEO's office, members of the Planning Board, the Town Board, and especially the local newspapers. Even an email to Dunkin Donuts Corporate Offices MIGHT have some impact. 

                        What it comes down to is this; how many of the residents who are even aware of this issue, are willing to actually get physically involved in stopping it or at least trying  to stop it?  How many will come and meet with others, or put a "Stop Dunkin Donuts" sign in their yard?  How many will really take the time to contact our officials and say "NO!" ? Will anyone look into the codes regarding Chain Stores that existed BEFORE the present Comprehensive Plan was adopted, or IF anything like that was ever mentioned? Will you demand a vote of the people re: having a say in what kind of businesses we want in our town? Would you be willing to accept the results of such a vote even if it went the way you didn't want it to go? 

                        Sadly, unless we have a TREMENDOUS Public Outcry in this matter, we have nothing at our disposal to fight this project. There is ZERO protection in any town document for the wishes of the residents. Despite all the Comprehensive Plan work, the Zoning Re-Writes, the Conservation Groups and silly rules, we have NO power to control the future of our own town. Any commercial business that wishes to mar our rural landscape can do so as long as they comply with the existing codes. That would include casinos, strip joints, biker bars, Taco Bell, and so on and so on. We have NO recourse at all! Even if we managed to insert a clause NOW to protect us from such undesirable businesses, the DD application would be exempt because they applied PRIOR to that change. Aren't you thrilled to know that NO ONE involved in writing these documents ever considered these possibilities?

                         I am 100% Capitalist, but I am also a fan of common sense and of preserving the few, small rural towns remaining that have not yet been infiltrated by negative progress. SO many people have been working in recent years to make New Lebanon more attractive. Old buildings are being rescued and rehabbed, the Town Hall is looking better than ever, the park is greatly improved, and with the exception of the Midtown Mall, the ugliest sites have been upgraded or removed. We NEED business here, no doubt of that, but do we want crap or clean? Do we want to preserve the rural history of our town, or allow it to become commercialized? 

                         We will never be a Stockbridge or a Kinderhook, nor should we be, but we do need to do everything we can to keep the corporate giants in the cities where they belong. New Lebanon residents need to examine what it is they really want, support LOCAL business and privately-owned establishments, and most of all, take action to demand that protections against the undesirable businesses are put in place. We need CLEAR, CONCISE wording in the now-useless Comp Plan and right NOW, we need to scream LOUDLY, in opposition to DD. THAT is our power, our ONLY power.

                          I will keep you updated on the actions we will be taking and ask that you PLEASE keep contacting local officials and opposing this project.

                          As someone who has been an activist for many years and seen many losses as well as a few wins, today was very encouraging. It isn't always a matter of whether you win or lose, it is a matter of seeing people get involved, speak their minds, exercise their RIGHT to be heard and to have their opinions considered. If you support DD and you took the time to let the officials know, GOOD FOR YOU! If you oppose it and took the time to do the same, GOOD FOR YOU!  THAT is what we as Americans SHOULD be doing! The very act of being engaged in something that matters, is courageous and admirable. The outcome is something the losers need to deal with and move on to the next one. 

                            I have had SO many people say that they don't care one way or the other about the issues, and that is very sad. It is also a bad omen for the future of America. Thank you to those who stepped-up tonight. YOU are the strong ones, regardless of where you stand. Be proud.



  Can We TALK ??                                                          4-22-2017

           Thank you Joan Rivers, may you rest in peace.   

                 Have you noticed that people rarely talk anymore? Not just the "Hi,How are you !" stuff, but REALLY talk?  All I see these days are the tops of peoples' heads as they stare into a cellphone screen. Texting has replaced the phone call, email has replaced the hand-written letter or note, Google has replaced research and reading, and online games have replaced outdoor play. Kinda sad, isn't it? 

                 These new habits are a big part of the reason that I retain my old flip-phone and shun the Smart Phones. I LIKE writing and reading and TALKING. I ENJOY reading up on things I wish to know more about. Of course I enjoy the internet and the speed at which we can attain info through it, but that doesn't mean I want to abandon the old ways, yet. 

                  One of my very favorite places is my big, front porch with the rocking chairs. Friends and family gather there often in nice weather and we watch the birds at the feeders and building nests, admire the flowers and smell their aromas, and most of all, we TALK. It was from the porch that I saw my first Hummingbird Moth and nearly had a stroke. I am not fond of insects of any type, but this thing is a WEIRD one! 

                   I'm posting some pics below that I think you will find very interesting. A creative photographer took photos of people in social situations, engaged in their phones. He edited the phones out of the pictures and in some cases, made comments on how the scenes could be very different if those phones were put aside. LIFE and relationships would be very different. 

                   Positive communication is hard enough these days with so many divisive issues at play in our society.  People are frustrated and angry, cooperation and give-and-take have given way to arguing and shouting matches. Everyone wants everything to be 100% THEIR way with little or no compromise.  Many even want the government to impose LAWS against things that "Offend" them, rather than being reasonable and mature enough to work these things out among themselves. In many ways, I think our younger folks have never even learned HOW to talk or come to mutually-satisfying agreements. Compromise is something they have never had to practice and certainly don't wish to.

                   Even our leaders can't talk things out anymore. Today, they use the constant threat of sanctions and military actions instead. Human beings have never been able to come to 100% agreement on ANYTHING, it just isn't possible and never will be. Yet once upon a time, we could meet in the middle and all go home fairly happy.  Not so much anymore.  

                   As you should all know by now, we have a divisive issue here in New Lebanon that we SHOULD be talking about and discussing in large numbers. Dunkin Donuts is something that many of us see as a huge threat to the future of our town and a death sentence to its rural and historical flavor. So many people have spent countless dollars and hours, and buckets of sweat trying to protect this town from the encroaching commercialization that has destroyed thousands of other, rural America towns in recent years. Some of these folks and their groups are too extreme in my own opinion and tend to carry conservation issues and zoning enforcement too far. 

                  As a Capitalist, this Dunkin Donuts issue is a tough one for me. I fully support the growth of business and free enterprise, while at the same time, I also think that there are some limits that must be placed upon urbanization and sprawl. Some things are worth protecting from large corporations, and the remaining, little country towns in America are one of those things. They are becoming few and far-between. New Lebanon is not pretty, but it COULD be, and it has managed to escape the invasion of commercial chain stores and big-box entities for 200 years. 

                 If you went out today and talked to residents, you would be surprised to learn that the vast majority of them are livid at the thought of having a Dunkin Donuts with its big, pink signs, pop-up in the field where once stood a huge, working dairy barn. A spot where corn has been grown for decades and if you take the time to dig around, you still find relics from the barn such as cow stanchions and milking equipment of the old days. DD says that their building will look like a New England Cottage, but it will still be a sore thumb and very much out-of-place in THIS town. 

                 Sadly, we the residents and taxpayers, have NO CHOICE in this matter. All DD must do is comply with the zoning requirements and they are free to build. There has been NO opportunity to "Talk" about it between the town officials and the people. There is no requirement to DO so!  There is a small number of people who support DD, and an even smaller number that don't care either way. So what are we to DO?  Should we yet again just sit silently by and allow big money business and loose zoning laws to sentence us to a future of Fast Food restaurants marring our landscape that we have worked so hard to preserve?  Should we allow them to come in and smother the little, privately-owned businesses that are already here? What do YOU think? Are you TALKING about it with others and brainstorming to see what can be done? 

                Well, some of us ARE, and for once, I am not alone in a resistance! There ARE options, but they will be rendered useless if not enough of us engage. The most vital thing we must pressure our officials to do right NOW, is amend our zoning laws and comp. plan to protect us from any future issues like this one. Then we must take on DD at the corporate level, in the media, and face-to-face. 

                One thing I am confused about and a little ticked-off by, is the lack of noise coming from the Environmentalists in town who are always ready to protect butterflies and puddles they refer to as "Wetlands". Where are THEY in this matter? Where are the owners of the existing, small businesses that will be greatly affected? Where is the Historical Society and the Archaeological Investigators that combed through Howard Commander's field at the end of the drag strip?! Where are those whiners who want a "Noise Ordinance"?  Most of all, where is Queen Ruth Abram and her "Museum of Rural American Life?"  Where are her millions of dollars in grant money, her big-lawyer husband, her dreams of restoring and retaining this town's rural history and aesthetics?  Interesting question, isn't it ?? Where is the Secret EDC ?  Where is Mr. Shaker Swamp, John Dax? Not a word from any of THEM.

                 So, that leaves those of us who simply love our town and want it to stay rural. We are gathering, we are planning, and we ARE taking action. We may win, we may lose, but at least we are TRYING.  The eventual outcome is something we will have to accept and live with, but we will have no regrets that we did nothing. We need to TALK, we need to COOPERATE, and we need to COMPROMISE, but most of all, we need to exercise our RIGHT to have a say in the future of New Lebanon. To seek a redress of grievances from our local government and to have a Comprehensive Plan that actually protects this town and its future. 

                 YOU live here, maybe your kids want to stay here and raise their own kids. What is your vision for this town going forward? IF you CARE, we NEED you! Interested parties can contact our group at my email: PACTJJ@gmail.com.  First meeting will be held this week, and if you are interested, let us know and we will send you the info. EVERY voice is important, no matter which side you stand on, but doing nothing is NOT an option. Join us.


 Just So You Know.....                                                     4-27-2017

                    I am a Conservative Capitalist. I believe that people should be able to be able to do as they wish with their own property within the law.  If they are not cooking meth, stripping stolen cars, or running a prostitution ring, their business is their own.  

                    If someone likes to collect junk, they should be able to, as long as it is fenced-in and out of sight of other property owners, non-toxic, and not an extreme noise or odor issue. I also believe that selling one's property to whomever they choose, is their right as well. Even if it is a Corporate Chain Store. That being said, I find myself very conflicted. 

                     At the same time that I am a lover of freedom, even Sovereignty to a point, I am also a lover of history and think we should preserve as much of it as possible. Especially the few remaining, rural American towns that have yet to be marred by chain stores and commercial entities.  Like our own.  In making a heartfelt attempt to stop this loss of our 200-years of being a rural, non-commercial town, we MUST keep in mind that this is an action of the PEOPLE, and ONLY the People. 

                      At no time, should we attempt to use any government entity to state our case or fight our battle, which always results in government intervention that is unwanted and detrimental. We can CONSULT with EnCon or the EPA, but we must never allow them to use their bully tactics against any property owner or business.  As we begin this opposition movement to Dunkin Donuts, we must ensure that we proceed carefully and by using our voices and opinions, and most of all, NUMBERS as tools. 

                      CAN we force a referendum vote ? Probably not. CAN we petition? Sure, but who would we present that petition TO? Our town boards do not and SHOULD not have the power to decide if any business can open here based on its popularity or lack of.  They have zoning and planning guidelines to follow and that's that. As it should be.  CAN we demand that protections be written-in to our Comprehensive Plan to prevent future issues like this one? Sure, but that will not stop DD, as their application would pre-date any amendment to the Comp. Plan. 

                       From what I am seeing and hearing, the DD issue is divided among three groups, 1)  The majority of people over 50 are STRONGLY opposed to DD. 2) The residents under 50 seem to be in favor, probably due to their generation being much less concerned with history and preservation, and more interested in convenience and self-satisfaction. 3) The "I don't care one way or the other " group. These are the people who are concerned only with themselves, what's on TV, never vote, or have no idea what is going on in the world or that they should be doing SOMETHING to make it a better place for future generations.

                        I actually had one woman tell me that she is sick of pizza and Chinese food for dinner, and having to go to East Greenbush or Pittsfield for something different. LOLOL!!!! I had to laugh out loud at that one!  Number one, she could try COOKING, and number two, Dunkin Donuts doesn't offer Jelly-Filled Casserole Dinners! How in the HELL will DD solve HER complaint?!?!

                         In my heart, I am certain that New Lebanon will soon see pink and orange donut signs on Rt. 20. So why even bother fighting? Well, many of us want New Lebanon to remain rural and non-commercial, and most of all, for ME at least, when the other fast-food businesses come along, and they WILL, I can say that I did my best to stop it. I will deal with the outcome whatever it is, but I will have the peace of knowing that I TRIED. 


 So,  WHERE Were You ?                                              4-29-2017

              Lots of folks have turned to me to spearhead the opposition to Dunkin Donuts, and I stepped-up, as usual. I never learn.

              Seven people asked for a committee to be formed, which of course, required a meeting. The Library would not host us as they claim a need to remain "Neutral". Whatever. So I offered my house for the meeting, spit-shined all that day, made a huge pot of coffee, fresh cookies, and even washed puppy nose prints off the front door. My husband purposely worked extra late so that he would not be here and cause any concerns about accusations of Conflict, due to his being a member of the Planning Board.

             ONE person showed up. ONE.  Thank you to that honorable, young lady. It's all good though, because I didn't even get annoyed, believe it or not. Why WOULD I when I am so accustomed to this kind of thing? In fact, I actually felt an overwhelming sense of peace after my one guest departed. For once, I kind of liked standing alone in my kitchen with a whole new resolve to pass the torch on this one.  Don't get too happy yet, I'm not going away and I'm not going to ever stop fighting for what I believe is right. 

               Will I still assist the resisters to Dunkin Donuts? Sure, if they actually manage to organize and dedicate themselves to the effort, but THIS time, I am NOT doing all the work, all alone, and I am NOT going to be the sole target of the "other side".  So if any of you still want to fight, let me know when you're ready. Otherwise, leave me out of it. 

                Yes, I DO hate it that Dunkin Donuts is going to come here and destroy the rural aesthetics, and if I alone had the power to stop it, I would. I do not HAVE that power.  Did you all read the Town Newsletter that came out this week? FOUR other commercial properties on Rt. 20 have been sold and businesses will be opening, but the details were NOT shared with the PEOPLE.   THAT, is what gets under my skin. The lack of consideration for what the PEOPLE of the town want.  It isn't just that some businesses are not of benefit to us in ANY way, shape, or form, and it isn't just that NO ONE involved in writing the Comp. Plan or the Zoning updates thought about this possibility, no, it's the FACT that the residents are given NO say in anything that will directly impact their lives. The PEOPLE, MATTER!

               What ever happened to voting on important issues? Why were the PEOPLE never asked what they would have liked to see in the Comp. Plan or the Zoning Re-Writes? Oh sure, lots of people don't care enough to want to be heard, but I think the majority of us, DO. This isn't Albany, it's little New Lebanon, and we CAN do things differently. We CAN take the time and make the effort to give the people who care, a say in things. So why isn't it done that way? It should be done that way EVERYWHERE, but especially in tiny towns and villages.

                So no, I am not angry with anyone, but I HAVE lost a lot of faith in many of them. I even took my Facebook pages down, that's how DONE I am. If they want to organize, I'm willing to help, but I will no longer take the lead in this issue. If Dunkin Donuts comes, and they will, I can say that I did my best. When people start whining about the negative effects and the yucky businesses that follow this one, I'm just gonna shrug and remind them that they failed to act when they needed to. You dig a cesspool, you gotta swim in it.


  NLCS- My Friend Joe - Sandy Hook Hoax - Vaccines

     The banner at the top of this page is a direct quote from Eric Holder several months after the Sandy Hook sideshow. If that doesn't tell you something, nothing WILL.

 Town Board Meeting                                                          5-9-2017

              A LOONG meeting tonight. We didn't wrap-up till 9:15. Attendance was up a bit, probably due to the fact that some CAC members were present to hear a presentation from a man who does investigations into ground water in towns and villages. A good  thing, as he traces the origins of our water supply and the cleanliness of it, then makes suggestions about how to better preserve what we have.

               Of course, I had to ask him if his findings would be simply a guide for the community, or another step to more oppressive, government regulations. He assured me that there are no regulations involved and it would be for the community's information only. Heaven knows we don't need any more regs!! If we're going to impose ANY new regulations, it should have to do with economic development and what we do and do NOT want to see in New Lebanon's future.

                For a couple of days last week, I thought there was actually some real hope for cohesiveness in New Lebanon, and maybe there is, but not this month.  It HAS improved a lot under Colleen's leadership, but we have a long way to go to being a united community. Especially when people chastise you for refusing to be politically-correct. LOL!! During last week's few moments of hope, I referred to the greenies as Organic Farmers and Environmentalists. I really thought I was doing pretty good not calling them Tree-Huggers or Nature Nazis. At least I'm TRYING. Apparently my effort wasn't good enough, because today I was told that my chosen terms are "Divisive". Good Grief! So I'll just go back to Greenies, how's that?

                 So I thought that when I started receiving many emails from the Abode, the Farmers Market folks, and yes, the "Greenies", complaining about Dunkin Donuts and asking what could be done to stop it, that there was indeed some shot at working together for the good of the town. I answered their questions, gave them the facts and honestly told them what the odds are of keeping DD out of here. NOT good.

                  They were upset and excitable, and determined to organize and take a stand against this first step into commercialization. Emails among them flew back and forth and I was copied on them. I offered to assist if needed, but stated that I would not take the helm. Local apathy has convinced me that this resistance is a waste of time for the most part, because any success would depend on numbers and dedication, not to mention unity. Things we do NOT have. It was kinda fun to watch them come together and brainstorm like worker bees. It was also hopeful, but it lasted about two days. LOL!!

                  As angry and opposed as they claim to be, none of them were willing to take the lead, and many of their organic groupies decided to step back altogether. Surprised? You shouldn't be, this is still New Lebanon and the Liberals are still Liberals. Funny how the difficulty of this opposition intimidated them so much, but unborn babies, open displays of Faith, the exercise of the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights by anyone other than one of their own, and the freedom to offend, are all fair game and they will go to insane extremes to fight whatever they personally disagree with. But not THIS. 

                  In the past 2 years, we have watched women take to the streets half-naked and wearing vagina hats, screaming obscenities and waving rubber penises in the name of "Equality for Women" which they already have and have had for decades. LOL!! As you are well aware, I could go on all day about the mental confusion of Liberals, but suffice it to say that they are apparently not capable of standing up to a Fast-Food Donut Shop. They literally ran and hid, and I thought it was the Republicans who had leadership issues. Live and learn. Oh well, maybe the pink and orange donut signs will add pizzazz to our Bi-Centennial Celebrations next year.

                  The school budget vote is next week, folks! Have you carefully considered the dire need to combine the two schools into one building and cut that damn proposed budget? Thought about your taxes and the veterans who will have to pay even more because this school district voted to deny them an exemption? Are you proud to bear the distinction of being the one and only school district in this county to NOT grant the veterans an exemption? We have 400 students, total. NO MORE MONEY! How about some CIVIC EDUCATION? If you got the boastful propaganda in your mail this week about the programs NLCS offers its students, you will notice the glaring omission of anything Civic. 

                   Our school board members, teachers, and students NEVER attend any town meetings, nor do any of our clergy. Numerous invitations to the High School to promote student attendance at Constitution Study in exchange for an enhanced history grade, have gone nowhere. The only teens who have attended were Home-Schoolers, the kids who are already taught about Constitutional Law at home. NO MORE MONEY! NO upgrades and additions at TWO schools, when ONE will serve just fine. NO respect for a school district that offends and disrespects our veterans.

                     Our Town Board wrestled tonight with what to do about the brick house in front of the elementary school that appears to be falling down a little more each day. It is owned by Fred Munch Jr. of Canaan, and he has been noticed and noticed that something must be done, and he has ignored all requests. The town will now have to demolish the crumpled porch and board-up all windows and doors on the first floor to ensure that none of the school kids wander into the house and get hurt. A temporary fence was also decided upon until the board can ascertain what the County intends to do about the building that no taxes have been paid on for 3 years.

                     It's heartbreaking to see that nice old house crumble away. Kinda reminds me of our culture and history all over town and across the country. We just aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

                     I have finally given up on receiving any cooperation from our local America Legion and Leader Brian Sedgewick on the Flag Project. It is TWO years that I have been attempting to motivate him and all I have gotten are empty promises. I am told that there are flags and hanging brackets in the attic of the old American Legion building on Mill Road, but no one who is authorized to do so, will go and check. So, after the latest failure of the A.L to take the promised actions, I have gone elsewhere for help. 

           A Legion post from another County has stepped-up to help and even though we will once again see a Memorial Day without flags, we MIGHT see a Labor Day with them. I refuse to give up on this project. Speaking of Veteran memorials, Former Fire Chief, Dave Roden will be laid to rest at the Cemetery of the Evergreens on Saturday the 13th at 11 a.m. Our little neighborhood has not been the same since he passed.   Ed Bunting, a former High School teacher here in New Lebanon, also passed this week. I had never heard of him, but my husband remembered him more than fondly and shared some stories about him. Made me wish I HAD known him.

                 M&M Tap and Tavern will be holding a "Block Party" on June 24th at noon until 2 a.m on the 25th. Games, food, and of course, DRINK. They plan to close off the Midtown Mall minefield and park the patrons at the Valley Plaza, hiring Deputy Sheriffs to serve as crossing guards. Being a Race Night, it should be interesting to see how THAT goes when the races end. Funny thing is, we went to China City after the meeting tonight, and it seems they know nothing about this except that M&M's owners casually mentioned it to them at one point but never gave them any details or dates. So they will be closed-off from THEIR patrons from noon on Saturday until their 10 p.m closing time,  but not included in the festivities or financial take?  Guess we'll have to wait and see. 

             Watch your speed in town,folks, we have 5 new rookies coming to the local barracks next week! As a retired cop, I can assure you that there is nothing more gung-ho and itchy to stop you than a rookie. It's called, "Wyatt Earp Syndrome" and it is awful! Click the seatbelts, make sure all lights are working, and obey the speed limits. LOLOL!! Speaking of Troopers, I'm posting a pic for you below that I think you will all enjoy. Seems that even when their patrol cars break down, our Cuomo Commandos manage to get to Jimmy D's for dinner hour !

 Ready YET ?                                                                 5-14-2017

               Several weeks ago, I told you that it was time to get a little more serious on this blog, and that time has come. 

                The pissy little issues in New Lebanon DO matter, obviously more to ME than most other residents, but that's another story. Ever wonder WHY I try so hard to protect this God-Forsaken place even though so few give a crap?  You're going to find out over the following weeks.  Beginning tonight.

                 It's late, so this one will be short, but those that follow won't be. I am going to introduce you to one of the people that has had a major impact on me and my life, and he has given me permission to tell some of his darkest secrets as a former, Military and Government Intelligence Agent. He is now retired and no longer lives in this area, and I say, "Good for him!".  NY is pretty unlivable if you care anything about freedom, faith, and honor.

                A wake-up call is in order, and if you think I am politically-incorrect NOW, you are in for a ride. Think I'm a "Conspiracy Theorist" already? Just WAIT !  Let me begin with a teaser. 

                 In the next few months, this country is going to plagued by scandals the likes of which have never been seen in our history. So you're thinking Trump and Russia? LOL!! That's kindergarten. Whatever happens to that buffoon happens, if he deserves it, and I don't care who is pissed-off, Lefties or Righties. Truth is about to become popular again. 

                 No, I'm not talking about Trump and what he may or may not have been involved in, I'm talking much bigger things. California is going to come to the forefront very soon, and the Mainstream media is going to attempt to ignore the unmasking of the government's most evil. There will be NO ignoring what is going to hit the fan THIS time. All the deliberate distractions of the Obama years, the False Flags, the Fake Gun Tragedies, the Sexual-Identification issues, the "New" Racism, Black Lives Matter, Feminazis, Climate Change lies, Illegal Immigration, Refugee Infiltration, etc.,etc., is going to be forgotten in a heartbeat, like most distractions eventually ARE.

                 THIS time, it is going to be SO big, SO divisive and incendiary, that it will be the most noted decade in history. So take me at my word, it IS time to do at least SOME amount of prepping for yourselves and your families, and stop hiding behind that rainbow-colored cloud of security. No, I am not talking about Nukes or Bio-Weaponry, I am talking about accountability and the earth-shattering crimes that will be exposed. The fallout from the exposure of these truths will be so devastating that people will take to the streets, attack one another, and cause such a level of public chaos, that the streets will not be safe. So lay in some provisions.

                   Sleep well while you can, and OH, Happy Mother's Day!


 Alex and YOU                                                              5-15-2017

                     Alex Jones. Ever heard that name?  If not, you have missed one hell of a lot of fun. 

                      How about  "Infowars"?  LOL!  Alex Jones is the Founder and Moderator of the Radio and You Tube Show called InfoWars that far too many Americans have spent precious hours watching and listening to since the first Obama election. Jesse Ventura, the former wrestler and politician who sued the wife of hero Chris Kyle, was a frequent guest on Jones' show. The show was entertaining and dangerous at the same time. Conspiracy Theories abounded and the gullible among us bought every word and twisted suggestion. 

                      From the theory of the Illuminati being "Lizard People" to the FEMA trains being in Albany, every outlandish scare tactic known to man and many that aren't, were discussed and promoted by Alex Jones. Some of the things he actually went out and investigated have yet to be proven or disproven, such as Jade Helm's true agenda and the stacks of plastic coffins in rural fields. Most of what he offered his followers was nothing but sheer B.S, still there are those who started digging bunkers after listening to Jones. 

                       Recently, Jones has been getting some payback for his False Flag stories that were all aimed at Conservatives. His wife is divorcing him and he had to fight like hell for the right to share custody of his children. Painted as a Lunatic Tin-Hatter, Jones had to make a choice. Give up his secrets about his show, or forfeit his kids.  He chose the kids, thank goodness. So the story came out that Jones' character on his show was simply that, a Character. He was fully aware that the majority of what he reported was bunk and that his outrage on-air was an act. Hey, the guy got RICH!

                       Few Judges would have allowed the Infowars character to have custody of children, so he came clean. Or so he SAYS. I have my doubts that he was ever acting at all. I am convinced that he is every bit the card-carrying lunatic he appeared to be all along. At least he is sane enough to want to see his children and was willing to make the mature and responsible choice. No one will miss Infowars.

                        People like Alex Jones are a danger to truth in America. We all know that the Liberal Mainstream Media lies, twists, and omits news, controlling information and thought every, single day. The last thing we need is a so-called Conservative following suit!  Even some of the Fox News people are A-Holes and cast a poor light on the rest of us who want the FACTS. There are idiots in every group, party, and organization. 

                         There ARE plenty of alternative news sites that offer factual information and even more PEOPLE who have witnessed or been forced to take part in things that are abominable, who will gladly relate their experiences.  You have to CARE enough to LOOK for Truth, because it is now considered a BAD thing and is carefully hidden. For instance, here is just one small example. 

                           How many of you have seen the TV ads about the kids who allegedly got cancer because Mom and Dad failed to get them their HPV Vaccine? It's a horrible ad that guilts parents who avoid this immunization.  Yet there are reports after reports from legitimate medical personnel and studies, that have proven the extreme dangers of Gardasil. The death toll is staggering and the permanent injuries and disabilities are even more common. The side effects of this medicine are terrifying, but you will NOT hear about this on the news or from your doctor. YOU have to SEEK the information from reliable sources, and the CDC is NOT reliable. Who do THEY work for? Not YOU. 

                        Follow the money, always. Big Pharma is making billions from this vaccine and from pushing it on our kids by making their parents feel like BAD moms and dads if they fail to get their kid innoculated! I am posting a few articles below that are just the tip of the iceberg. Notice the CDC refuses to be honest, but a Canadian Newspaper and the Washington Times tell it like it is. Look up how many teenagers have died or been permanently disabled after receiving the HPV shot. You will think twice about allowing your teen to receive this vaccine. I HOPE!  

                   In the coming days and maybe weeks, we are going to look into these things and many others that are so hotly debated, and often, totally ignored. We can research TOGETHER.  It is important to seek truth and to open eyes to the Devil-May-Care attitude of our government.  You must understand that YOU do not MATTER. It is up to YOU to look out for yourselves and your families. 

                   TOMORROW:  School Budget Vote. VOTE NO !!!!!!!

                    Wednesday: Planning Board re: Dunkin Donuts. 7:30 p.m at the Town Hall.

From the CDC:

Have serious problems been reported after people receive HPV vaccines?

Nearly 90 million doses of HPV vaccines were distributed in the United States from June 2006 through March 2016. Most of CDC’s HPV vaccine safety monitoring and research has focused on Gardasil because this vaccine has accounted for 87% of HPV vaccine doses distributed in the United States. From June 2006 through March 2016, about 79 million doses of Gardasil were distributed in the United States. During the same period, VAERS received 33,945 US reports of adverse events following Gardasil vaccination. There have been 232 US VAERS reports of adverse events following Cervarix (with 720,000 doses distributed) since licensure through March 31, 2016. VAERS has received 1,447 reports of adverse events following Gardasil 9 since licensure through March 31, 2016. About 10 million doses of Gardasil 9 have been distributed in the United States. Any medicine or vaccine can cause adverse events, and (as with any vaccine or medicine) it is difficult to determine whether or not the HPV vaccine caused a particular adverse event.

Which adverse events are considered “serious”?

An adverse event is defined by law as serious if it is life threatening or results in death, a persistent or significant disability or incapacity, congenital anomaly or birth defect, hospitalization, or prolongation of existing hospitalization.

In the VAERS reports, the most frequently reported symptoms overall were: fainting; dizziness; headache; nausea; fever; and pain, redness, and swelling in the arm where the shot was given. Of the reports to VAERS, 7% were classified as “serious.”  About 14% of the VAERS reports were not related to health problems, but were reported for reasons such as improper vaccine storage or the vaccine being given to someone for whom it was not recommended.


Gardasil linked to deaths and disabilities after young girls vaccinated: Toronto Star investigation

 Gardasil , Hpv  , Toronto Star

TORONTO, February 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) -- Since its introduction in 2007 in the U.S. and Canada, the Gardasil vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the main cause of cervical cancer and genital warts, has been injected in more than 50 million people in more than 130 countries, mostly young women.

But concern over serious side effects and deaths following inoculations has grown enough for the Toronto Star to mount a lengthy investigation. It found more than 50 Canadian girls who developed serious medical conditions after their injections with Merck’s Gardasil (15 hospitalized) and in the U.S, more than 100 deaths and tens of thousands of reports of adverse effects.

While the Canadian government spent $300 million to promote anti-HPV inoculation and provincial governments paid for Grade 8 girls to get it, Catholic school systems and Catholic bishops opposed it, led by Calgary’s Fred Henry. They cited not only the side effects but also their concern that giving a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease to Grade 8 girls would send a message of tacit approval of premature sexual behavior.

The Star found plenty of parents who believe the vaccine caused their daughters’ illnesses and, on the contrary, a consensus of public health officials and medical professionals who dismiss all such claims. For example, they quote Dr. Jennifer Blake, president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, saying, “I’m extremely comfortable that this is a safe vaccine.” 

That coincidence translated into pressure from school authorities on parents and their daughters, who claim the risks of side-effects were ignored or discounted.  One Ontario girl, Kaitlyn Armstrong, said her guidance counselor “told us it was going to protect us from cervical cancer, it’s a really good idea to get it. She was pushing it. She didn’t talk about any complications or any of that stuff.” The Star chronicles her gradual loss of strength and abandonment of all physical activities.

Merck devotes several pages of its technical report on Gardasil to its side effects, the Star reported, but other parents and young women claim they never heard about them (Merck says its own research found only five serious cases out of 11,000 vaccinations during testing.). Armstrong remembers telling the nurse who injected her she had an allergy to metal but, even though aluminum salts are an ingredient of Gardasil, she was given the vaccine.

Debbi Vinnedge, founder of Children of God for Life, a watchdog organization focused on vaccines and research using human fetal tissue, told LifeSiteNews, “Gardasil does not contain aborted fetal tissue but its side effects, its side effects are very, very serious.” But even though it lies outside its area of concern, COG for Life received so many questions and complaints from parents, the organization produced a pamphlet listing concerns and research on side effects.

Among a “partial list” of 16 adverse effects the pamphlet lists are miscarriage, stillbirth, ovarian cysts, genital warts, multiple sclerosis, lupus, paralysis, and stroke. One overarching explanation is that, for many, Gardasil may weaken the immune system. How many? The pamphlet claims more than 28,000 reports of such negative effects were made to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System by 2012, as had 128 deaths—all within the population of girls aged 9 – 24.

Vinnedge said one problem with Gardasil is that it was tested for five years but “the HPV virus can lie dormant for 20 years.” She questions whether its effectiveness against the virus is properly proven over the long term. A second problem: “It gives people a false sense of security,” encouraging teenage girls to take sexual risks, when “it only works against four out of 100 different forms of HPV.”

Sanevax is another organization devoted to reporting on safe and unsafe vaccines. Its website is crammed with ominous research into Gardasil and first-hand horror stories and recent news. Among the latter: a report from Colombia of hundreds of school girls hospitalized after vaccination with Gardasil, and from the U.S. a surge in fatality reports related to recent vaccinations with Gardasil and another problematic HPV vaccine, Cervarix.

Gardasil’s defenders note that new vaccines often are followed by claims of adverse impacts, but these are not the same as proof. In a Forbes Magazine article in 2012, health reporter Matthew Herper took on those 28,000 reports to VAERS. “It’s true that there have been 24,000 reports of adverse events with Gardasil. (All of these numbers come from the VAERS database…) There have also been 60,000 reports of death with the mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine, and 26,000 following vaccination with Pfizer’s Prevnar, for pneumococcus bacteria.” 

Teenagers die, Herper explains, and some die after getting their HPV shots. But the people tasked with analyzing VAERS data ruled out almost all of the adverse reports alleged against Gardasil after investigating the first 12,000.  They advised doctors and nurses to be on the lookout for girls fainting after their shots.

But Norma Erickson, the president of Sanevax, questions that analysis. “I know some survivors of those first 12,000 reports and none of them has ever spoken to any investigators.” Erickson told LifeSiteNews, “we know those reports are anecdotal but that is where scientific investigations start.” She cited the case of Thalidomide, an anti-nausea drug that came under investigation in the late 1950s only after anecdotal reports linking it to newborn babies with deformities. 

Erickson suggested two Gardasil ingredients may be causing the problems: the aluminium, which is a neurotoxin, and L-hystidine, an amino acid that interferes with the brain’s defences against metal toxins. “Whichever part of the brain is affected by the toxin,” said Erickson, “that may lead to a different problem.” Erickson admitted that nobody knows why Gardasil would cause the wide range of adverse effects. “That’s why we are asking for a full investigation.”


U.S. court pays $6 million to Gardasil victims


By Peter Lind - - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WASHINGTON, April 10, 2013 - Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV (human papillomavirus), may not be as safe as backers claim.

Judicial Watch announced it has received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that its National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded $5,877,710 dollars to 49 victims in claims made against the highly controversial HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines. To date 200 claims have been filed with VICP, with barely half adjudicated.

This new information from the government shows that the serious safety concerns about the use of Gardasil have been well-founded. Public health officials should stop pushing Gardasil on children.” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The CDC recommends the Gardasil vaccine, made by Merck Pharmaceuticals, for all females between 9 and 26 years to protect against HPV. Furthermore, the CDC says Gardasil is licensed, safe, and effective for males ages 9 through 26 years. 

The facts appear to contradict the FDA’s safety statements. The adverse reaction reports detail 26 new deaths reported between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011 as well as incidents of seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The documents come from the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is used by the FDA to monitor the safety of vaccines.

That’s 26 reported deaths of young, previously healthy, girls after Gardasil vaccination in just one year.

 In response to the concern about death reports among those who received Gardasil, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) insists  “there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine.” 

While it is not clear exactly what is causing so many adverse reactions, Gardasil does contain genetically engineered virus-like protein particles as well as aluminum, which can affect immune function.

Further, according to the vaccine manufacturer product information insert, “Gardasil … not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility.” (2007 [227] p1986 )

In fact, Merck studied the Gardasil vaccine in fewer than 1,200 girls under 16 prior to it being released to the market under a fast-tracked road to licensure. To date, most of the serious side effects, including deaths, that occurred during the pre-licensure clinical trials and post marketing surveillance have been written off as a “coincidence” by Merck researchers and government health officials.

Neurologist Dr. Ian Sutton reported negative neurological side effects from Gardasil. He reported five cases of multiple sclerosis-like symptoms emerging shortly after women received the Gardasil vaccine, noting:

We report five patients who presented with multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes within 21 days of immunization with the quadrivalent human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil. Although the target population for vaccination, young females, has an inherently high risk for MS, the temporal association with demyelinating events in these cases may be explained by the potent immuno-stimulatory properties of HPV virus-like particles which comprise the vaccine.”

From its inception, the use of HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases has been hotly disputed.  According to the Annals of Medicine: “At present there are no significant data showing that either Gardasil or Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) can prevent any type of cervical cancer since the testing period employed was too short to evaluate long-term benefits of HPV vaccination.”

There are more than 100 types of human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Of them, about 40 types of HPV are sexually transmitted and 15 of these types are most associated with cervical cancers and genital warts in women and men.

HPV vaccines have been illegally administered to millions without informed consent, as the risks rarely disclosed.

Not only are there questions about the safety of the vaccine, there are questions about the need for the vaccine. Over 90 percent of women infected with HPV clear the infection naturally within two years, at which point cervical cells go back to normal.

Meanwhile, Merck is benefitting tremendously from vaccine sales. The vaccine is expected to reach $1 billion in sales next year, and could reach more than $4 billion in sales in five years, according to Wall Street analysts.

 Sane Vax

HPV vaccines: 34 deaths reported in one month?


By Norma Erickson

SaneVax-FeaturedDeath reports after HPV vaccines have been filed at a rate of less than five per month since Gardasil and Cervarix were approved for use in the United States in 2006/07. The SaneVax team was shocked when the latest available update from the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) database revealed 34 death reports after HPV vaccines in a single month. 

You can pretty much bet that any anomaly of this magnitude bears investigation.  The SaneVax team decided to run a search for only the deaths reported after administration of HPV vaccines within the last month. 35 death reports show up (We assume one was prior to the close of the previous month’s stats). The other 34 are identical reports from “a nurse via a company sales representative.” 

To run the same search, go to www.medalerts.org and choose the HPV vaccines (HPV2, HPV4 and HPVX), death and a lower appeared on VAERS date of Oct 2014 – to run the same search our team did. You might want to take a look and see what you think.

Several questions come immediately to mind, such as:

  • Is Merck trying to muddy the VAERS water even more by stacking the death count? 

  • If so, why did they not include all 72 reports referred to in the 35 that were submitted to VAERS? 

  • Why are the reports submitted by a sales rep instead of the nurse who was referred to in all of the reports? 

  • Why does each report have a different submission date?

  • The reports refer to a physician reporting at a vaccine conference “72 deaths after Gardasil administration via embolism/thrombosis events,” could this possibly be a legitimate report? 

  • Perhaps the FDA/CDC included all of these reports in a single month hoping someone like us would simply report the numbers and thereby be open to being discredited/ridiculed? 

  • Will the other 37 reports show up next month – or at a later date? 

Whatever the answers to the questions above end up being, VAERS reports are what they are – despite the limitations of the system. SaneVax has built our reputation on reporting from only scientific, medical, or government documents so we will continue to report the statistics in VAERS as they are updated by health officials from the United States government.

The SaneVax team would strongly suggest viewing this particular increase in death reports after HPV vaccine administration with much caution. Feel free to raise questions of your own – investigate for yourself.


 Let's Keep Warming Up!                                                5-21-2017

                             What exactly IS Rational Thinking? Who decides ? Is it irrational to wonder if there is life on other planets or to question the Climate Change supporters?  No, not at all. We SHOULD think and wonder and QUESTION. Sadly, our children are being encouraged to do the exact opposite.

                             Before we get into the meat and potatoes tonight, let's update the local crap. The Planning Board meeting last Wednesday night was a joke. Not only did not a single ONE of the Greenies who claimed to be so outraged, show up, but the board lied on the SEQR questionnaire. Don't believe me? Ask Cynthia Creech for HER take on it. When asked if Dunkin Donuts fits the "Character" of New Lebanon, the board members said, "Yes", except for my husband. When asked if DD would have a negative impact on local aesthetics, the board said, "No", except for my husband. When asked if DD could possibly have any negative effects on the environment, i.e the wetland it is steps away from, the board said, "No". Again, except for my husband. He was the only one on the entire board that answered truthfully. 

                              Conrad Coons and his son were present, submitting their sketch plan for their new Self-Storage Business that is going in next to the Theater Barn. The Coons now own the entire kit and kaboodle, including the former Clark Engineering Building, the Theater Barn, and one of the Chuck's Automotive structures. The storage units will be right next to the road between the old Clark building and Chuck's driveway. It will be called, "Jo-Jo's Dream". Funny how after the meeting, some of the P.B members made comments about how ugly the Self-Storage will be, but none of them said a word about DD being an eyesore. 

                              As far as I am concerned, once the shovels break ground for Dunkin Donuts, New Lebanon will never again be the same. No more will we be one of the rare little towns with no Fast-Food joints and ugly commercialism. Our uniqueness will be gone and New Lebanon will be just another ugly small town like all the others.  It will never stop with DD, now that the door has opened, it can never be closed. 

                              The outcome of the school budget vote is another nightmare. What a horrible waste of the taxpayer dollars. This approval is a blatant indication of the FACT that New Lebanon now belongs to the city transplants, and it is no longer the town I moved to to get away from them and commercialism. I don't even recognize my town anymore. What a terrible shame. To those of you who did not support Dunkin Donuts or the ridiculous school budget, but did NOTHING, or did not VOTE, you should be ashamed, and I hope your friends who DID vote and DO care, write you off. 


                              Believe it or not, I actually DO understand the passion of the average Liberal/Progressive. Most of the people on the Left are very dedicated to their chosen causes and will donate more energy and time to those focuses than they do to other pieces of their lives, even their kids. I can relate to their dedication, being far more passionate and driven than is healthy when working for my OWN causes. So yes, I get it, and in truth, I sometimes admire the ability of Liberals to organize in such great numbers and push their agendas so relentlessly. It is their mutual loyalty and passion that has allowed them to be successful, to "Win" so many of their petty social battles. 

                              Unfortunately for us ALL, the Liberals do not see themselves as the tools of the Elites who seek to control and destroy this country and the people who live here. The Bilderberg Bankers are but one example of the evil puppet-masters manipulating our media, education, and youth, thereby indoctrinating the most passionate and gullible to believe so many untruths. Ronald Reagan once said, " It's not that Liberals are stupid, it's just that they know so much that just isn't so!".  No truer words. 

                              Outrageous falsehoods are crammed down our throats every day via TV, Radio, Actors, and Musicians, billboards, and tragically, the curriculum being used in our public schools. Too few of us take the time or make the effort to dissemble the information we are given and examine each piece BEFORE deciding whether or not to believe it or dismiss it. We are now seeing our children discouraged about and even punished for, curiosity and free-thinking. Disagreement and doubt, questioning and investigation, are forbidden. We are graduating robots from our high schools and colleges rather than inventive, creative, responsible, future leaders. That is of course, all part of the plan to eliminate freedom and success and create a 2-Class system of the Elite and the Slaves. 

                           Faith is now discouraged, and the Constitution is ignored. While the Left screams about Climate Change, Imaginary Racial and Sexual Oppression, manufactured Environmental Issues, and staged mass-shootings, the Elites are sitting at their Round-Tables, back-slapping and celebrating, laughing at how easily they have been able to create a society of unquestioning slaves.  From Liberals with PHD's to arrogant college kids, to the uninformed and impoverished, these Liberals don't even KNOW that they have been indoctrinated and sold a line of total crap, that their minds are no longer their own. That, makes them a serious danger to the rest of us and to the freedoms, rights, and protections that have kept America great for centuries. Liberals are FAR more dangerous than any Right-Wing Militia.

                           The Right has plenty of its own gullible and uninformed factions and yes, extremists. Yet they lack the ability to organize and unite, to be committed and loyal. I believe that is in great part, due to the lack of support that the Right gets from media, schools, churches, and political leaders, even those who "Claim" to be Conservative. Money and Power are so much stronger than Character.

                             The Elite Leftists have slowly and insidiously taken control of all these things and use them to demonize Patriotism, Morality,Accountability, Freedom, and Constitutionalism. Millions of Americans under the  age of 50 have never known these things, so how do we lay all the blame at their feet? Shouldn't we look at the weakness of the Republican Party, the parents and grandparents who failed to pass on the values and traditions that made this country the best in the world? 

                              I don't despise Liberals, aren't you surprised? They are to be pitied for their lack of common sense and value of truth.  What I DO despise, are the Liberal views on the most vital issues we face today and their unwillingness to look at anything from anyone else's point of view. I see frighteningly evil manipulators that meet in secrecy to make their dream of a 2-Class Society, a One World Order, a reality. This goes on not only in D.C, but in every town and city in America, including our own. It isn't JUST people like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kennedys, Clintons, the Bush men, etc., it is your neighbor, your boss, and your kid's teacher. 

                             You are blissfully unaware of the people close to you who seek to destroy all that is good and decent and free, and build an empire where the people are the worker bees at the mercy of the elites for their very existence and most basic needs. Some of those who are guilty, don't even KNOW they ARE. The Global-Warming Crowd are some of the most guilty, but they believe they are doing "Good" things for the environment and their fellow man. They have NO idea of the evil behind the environmental lies.The TRUE reasons for it all. Nor do they CARE. Once a Liberal buys a lie, it is their truth, forever and ever. 

                             It is sad that Liberals have such little awareness of how manipulated they truly are, how they are being used to bring about their own suffering. Instead, they will fight to the death for causes that will in the end, lead to their own destruction. We will be talking about these things and looking into them more deeply than the Liberals are willing to do. My friend will assist from his base, where there is information that will astound you. 


 About Joe                                                                           5-28-2017

                      As always, local stuff first.  I am celebrating the exit of "Behold New Lebanon " which will now be, "Behold Valatie " or some such stupid moniker. Good Riddance!  We may have suffered a loss in getting a Dunkin Donuts in the middle of our town, but getting rid of Behold is a HUGE win that eases the pain of DD more than I can say! 
                      "Rumor" has it that DD is planning to sell a half acre to Stewarts to allow them to expand, but I think that's a wait-and-see. If it's true, it will sure be a cozy little, commercial den. The entrance to Stewarts will have to stay where it is due to spacing requirements of D.O.T. and the septic issues will be interesting. Stewarts is already feeling the pain of the tourists and race fans over-loading their system, (pardon the pun), and have put two porta-potties in their parking lot to ease the burden. Hmmm.

                   Yet another interesting "Rumor" is that the Town Board will be entertaining a long-ago town code that was never enforced. A vote was taken YEARS ago by the board to ban smoking in the park. At that time, some brilliant, freedom-haters even ordered a vast number of No Smoking signs for the park, ( yes, in a town that is struggling to reduce signage ). No one ever posted said signs or attempted to enforce this unconstitutional law or "Code", so by now, it should be a moot subject. Yet, another bright bulb apparently came across this law and wants it brought back to the forefront. 

                   If this is in fact true, this town will have a HUGE battle on its' hands. The park is a PUBLIC place, not subject to the whims of private ownership entities. There is no "Outdoor Clean Air Act ", only an "Indoor Clean Air Act ". The government over-stepped its power when it placed bans on smoking in privately-owned businesses such as restaurants and bars. THAT decision was up to the business owners individually, NOT to the government at any level!!!! Equality was having the "Choice" to provide a ventilated smoking section in these businesses IF the owner so decided . Then let the consumer decide whether to patronize these businesses or not. What the government did, was unconstitutional and tyrannical.

                  See what happens when you fail to speak up for your own rights and those of others?? More regulation and oppressive laws that are NOT in accordance with our U.S Constitution or our STATE Constitution. I feel that if you are a smoker, you should use common sense and courtesy and NOT smoke at a Little League Game unless you step out to the parking lot or your own vehicle, and you should NOT smoke inside the pavilion if others are present who do not smoke. That is what is called FREEDOM and being allowed to use your own damn brain, not be forced by government bullies to do their bidding. It is NONE of their BUSINESS and is NOT their place.

                  When will we stop letting these idiots do the thinking FOR us and do our own? When will we tell the government to take a damn hike ?!    New Lebanon has been silent for far too long re: over-regulation,   zoning, stupid codes and laws, and climate crap, and enough is enough . We shall see.

                  Our local, Republican Committee is in dire straits, having nobody serving on it but Bud Godfroy himself. Too bad they didn't think about that when they were letting Mike Benson stack that committee with his closest allies, failing to include the registered, Republican voters in ANYTHING, never holding a meeting for the people, and fraternizing with Jason Nastke,  that little pervert from Hudson who kept votes in his jacket pocket, etc., etc. What goes around, comes around. Now they have resorted to placing an ad in the local newspapers for committee members. LOL!! Good Luck ! This is what is wrong with that party, here AND in Washington,D.C. 

                  I am a registered Republican, ONLY because I wish to vote in primaries. I am in reality, a Conservative,  and the Republican Party no longer represents Conservative Americans. There is very little difference between the two main parties today with the exception of public behavior. Democrats act like idiots, screaming and bullying, sitting on the floor of the Senate, demanding Safe Spaces,  while Republicans screw the people more quietly and courteously. Still, screw us they do!


                  Now I want to introduce you to Joe. I worked closely with him in the 1980s and 1990s, but he is now almost ten years retired and has moved away from the East to a much more temperate and free climate. God Bless him. Joe and I stay in touch numerous times a week by email and he continues to be very informed and involved in political issues and law enforcement matters. He has given me permission to share most of what we discuss as long as I do not use his real name or present location. 

                   As a young man, Joe served as a military intelligence officer, then moved on to high-level security positions in the Federal Government. He has traveled the world on assignments and to this day, he is proud to state that he never once sat behind a desk or wore a three-piece suit. Joe preferred to be "In the Trenches ", and he was one of the best to do exactly that. As a result of his work, he has witnessed and experienced human behaviors that most of us can not even begin to comprehend, even those of us who watch TV too much. If I had to pick one TV Show that even comes close to the reality of some of the deviant minds that exist in our society, it would be Criminal Minds. 

                Of course, Behavioral Analysts that work for government agencies do not go out into the field and investigate crimes, or arrest the bad guys like they do on TV, but the crazies they deal with are pretty accurate. Much like the CSI Series that influenced so many young people to enroll in college classes to become CSIs, real-life CSIs do not do anything outside the Crime Scene itself and the labs. No chasing people over fences, no rolling down hills with the perps. Sorry, nope.

                I asked Joe recently how he manages to sleep well at night. He replied, " What makes you think I DO? ".  The work I did with Joe was difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, often terrifying, and always exhausting, but my part when compared to HIS is akin to comparing a minnow to a whale, and I do not sleep well, or much. I can only imagine how much midnight floor-walking Joe must do. Now that we are both "Seniors" , we don't do the scary stuff anymore, but we still work together and we still know what is going on inside too many things. 

               Tomorrow night, we are going to have a very frank discussion about the Sandy Hook Elementary School , False Flag. You have heard MY take on it, but now you are going to hear Joe's. You will also hear the statements of police officers who have re-located and changed their names since that day, and are now speaking out about what really happened and did not happen. There is plenty of proof to back up their statements and I will present what I have been given, even though millions of Americans will never, ever accept any amount of proof that it was indeed planned, and very poorly executed. 

                Sandy Hook is just one of MANY stories that Joe and his fellow retirees are anxious to expose. Funny thing is, strong and tough as these men are, they still fear having their identities known. Why?  Ever heard of Edward Snowden?


 Joe and Connecticut                                                              5-30-2017

                   As I told you in the last post, Joe traveled a LOT during his career, but most of his "Home-Base" time was spent in the Eastern U.S. Our friendship and later, working relationship, actually began in Connecticut where I was born and raised. 

                    I was a young college student and Police Cadet, and Joe was a speaker who came to one of my classes. My mother's uncle was the local Police Chief at the time, and he and Joe had been friends for years, which was how the ice was broken between Joe and me.  It was one of those very weird things that don't happen often in a lifetime, when you meet someone in one state at one period in your life, then meet again by odd coincidence, years later in a totally different state. Believe it or not, this has happened to me THREE times ! It happened with Joe.

                   When we met the first time, he told me that if I ever needed his assistance in getting my Law Enforcement Career off the ground, to let him know, and he gave me his card, which I stashed in my wallet and forgot about pretty quickly. I don't recall what ever happened to it.  Four years later, Joe walked through the front door of the agency I was working for, and we recognized one another right away. Four years and 200 miles later. 

                    In those days, female cops weren't very common, at least not out in patrol cars like the guys. It was still cause for stares and lots of harassment from the male officers in most cases, but I didn't experience a lot of that. Guess I was one of the lucky ones.  As a result of the rarity of female patrol officers, those that DID exist were usually in high demand and often "Borrowed" be various police agencies for special cases and investigations, especially undercover work.  You could actually work with three or four different departments in a month's time.

                    Joe saw me as an asset to his own work and called on me often, eventually "stealing" me from my home department and ending the days of the uncomfortable, man-cut uniforms and heavy leather belts with a million things hanging from it. LOL!! Today, police uniforms for women are CUT for women and they even have hip-pads for your holster to ride on.  You also no longer have to practically fully undress just to take a piddle. No more belt-keepers, and no more bruised hip bones!  It changed my life in more ways than I can count.

                    I truly believe that I was privileged to meet two of the smartest Law Enforcement officers in the East during my working years, and Joe was one of the two. The other was an investigator named Jim Hutchison, who passed a long time ago. Jim was the most effective interrogator alive, and I bet he could have gotten a nun to admit to a bank heist, even if she didn't do it. ( Someday I'll tell you some Hutch memories ).  Joe's strongest gift was reading people, knowing if they were lying or not, guilty or not, and how they thought, lived, and operated. This was a long time before Behavioral Analysts, but Joe would have been an Ace at that job. He spoke three languages fluently and could adopt an accent from anywhere in the world without even thinking about it.

                    On December 14th, 2012, Joe was in Connecticut for a reunion of retired co-workers. What are the odds that this get-together took place on that date, in that place, and that Joe was in attendance?    Too coincidental ?  Yeah, you BET it was. Joe believes that it was no accident at all, that he was purposely invited because his "Friends" knew what was coming, and who better to have close by than an exceptional investigator with no skin in the game? So Joe was just a very few miles away from the former Sandy Hook Elementary School when the production went down. 

                     To fully understand why Sandy Hook was selected as the stage for this event, you need to understand the town itself. The Hook is a beautiful, unique, well-preserved, New England town on the shore of the Atlantic. It is, and has been for decades, a playground for the wealthy and connected. When I say "Connected", I am referring to Federal Government connections. High-Level officials and employees, Media Moguls, and C.E.Os of giant corporations. 

                     In Sandy Hook, there is not a blade of grass too tall or a clapboard in need of paint, it is SO pristine that it mimics a 1950s, family movie set.  Too good to be true, but real nonetheless. Very few "regular" folks live IN the town and up until the day of the False Flag Op, the Federal Government owned a great many of the most opulent homes.  Homes that are sited within walking distance of the old elementary school. 

                     Interesting thing is, that mere weeks after the production, ALL of those homes were suddenly vacated and sold for pennies on the dollar. I'll show you the documentation of that in a future post. As the houses were being sold to the highest bidders, the elementary school was demolished. The public was told that the school had to be razed and a new one built, because no parent could ever send their child back into that building of horror again. 

                      What the public was NOT told, was that the NEW school had been completed and occupied for many months, and the school you saw on TV was abandoned and already slated for demolition. It was the ideal location for the purposes of an evil collection of frightening men, hell-bent on disarming the American citizens via shock and fear. Just like Fast and Furious, the Boston Marathon, and the Florida Gay Nightclub shootings, etc. It should be no surprise, not if you have ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin or Operation Mockingbird. 

                      In some cases, innocent people did die or suffer injuries for the "Common Good", during these False Flag operations , but in the eyes of the demented elitists, that's just "Collateral Damage". A touch of Realism to further their agenda and sell the lies. At Sandy Hook however, no one died, and no one was injured. Not ONE single soul. The only injury was to the trust of the American People and those who were forced to take part and keep quiet under extreme duress. Use your imagination.

                     I have acquaintances of above-average intelligence, that explode with anger at the mere suggestion that Sandy Hook was a lie. Yet it was, and it IS, and truth is a very stubborn thing.  People are easily fooled and that's a fact of human  nature. The brightest among us will buy anything the government and media sells as long as it is in agreement with THEIR personal ideology, as long as it is "Comfortable".  Why question, if the lies make you feel better? 

                     Those who are less intelligent, less concerned and informed, will swallow the entire gallon of Kool-Aid just because the media says it is so. After all, the government and Anderson Cooper wouldn't LIE to us ! (Anderson Cooper is former C.I.A, did you know THAT?!)  People accept the B.S that Climate Change is a threat to humanity, restriction of Free Speech is a necessary evil and not a violation of the First Amendment, that the Safe Act makes people safer, that racism wasn't fed by the Obama administration to further divide the American People and enslave the minority dependents, and on and on. These are but a smidgen of the lies that so many people accept and perpetuate at the peril of Freedom. 

                      The Sandy Hook Show might have been slightly more believable had the directors of it done a better job of planning and rehearsing. Like Fast and Furious it was a Comedy of Errors, poorly planned and hastily executed, resulting in an outright ridiculous farce complete with hammy actors, forgotten lines, and a disconnected story line. How ANYONE of normal intelligence could not see through it all is beyond belief. Down to the FEMA Actors that have been used repetitively at various False Flag locations, the FAIL FACTOR is off the charts,

                      Hold on to your seats and still your indignation as we go forward in the weeks to come.  I WILL provide you with proof that you NEED to see, even though many or even MOST of you will continue to deny that proof as you always have. People do not WANT to be uncomfortable or forced to accept what they personally consider unacceptable. No one wants to step outside those comfort zones and Safe Spaces. Far too many prefer comfortable slavery and secure ignorance to the icy fingers of Truth and the toil of retaining freedom. It's time to wake up and smell the poison.


 Pass the Tissues, Please !                                           6-2-2017

                       So Kathy Griffin is all butt-hurt and claims that the Trumps are out to "Get " her.  LOLOL!!!  

                        If any of you are unfortunate enough to be familiar with this Moonbat's career to date, you know what a wing-nut she is and always has been. She is perverted and as anti-freedom as a person can get and in my opinion, her comeuppance is long overdue. What goes around comes around, Kathy. Apparently, the Trumptards are exactly what we thought they were from the get-go, they are very much LIKE the Lefties in that they will not tolerate ANY criticism of their chosen leader. 

                        In some ways, that's a bad thing, because no one who calls themselves a Patriot or Conservative should EVER behave like a Liberal, but on the OTHER hand, it's kind of fun to see the left wing whiners get some of their own medicine for a change. For years, anyone who dared to disagree with lefty policies and ideologies, were black-balled. Conservative celebrities can't find work, their shows are canceled, and they are rarely included in any awards shows or interviewed on talk shows. 

                   Christian business owners are attacked verbally and financially for refusing to violate their faith and participate in things they believe are sinful. Unconstitutional Judges have charged them with "Hate Crimes" and the results have been devastating in loss of revenue, the businesses themselves, and all other assets such as homes and vehicles, savings, etc. All because the Liberals WHINED and liberal judges were willing to violate the 1ST Amendment Rights of Americans. Can you imagine, if a Conservative "Celebrity" had done what Griffin did, but with OBAMA'S  fake head ?!  It would have been the story of the century and that Conservative would be sitting in a jail cell on some fake charge and a punishment invoked by a liberal judge. You KNOW that is true!

                   One good thing about the Trumptards is that they are at least willing to fight fire with fire. What's good for the goose, and all that. Griffin is feeling what Conservatives have been feeling for YEARS now, and I LIKE it. Push-Back time has come at last. Griffin is claiming that the Trumps are "Ruining her life and career and Bullying her." WOW! REALLY ?  How's it FEEL to be "Bullied?" . What she did was not a crime and is therefore, not punishable by law, nor should it be, as it IS protected under the same 1st Amendment that Christian Business Owners are entitled to but don't get. However, she deserves to lose endorsements and maybe her public career, and she and all those like her, need to feel the pain for a change. They need to learn that their behaviors and one-sidedness, their Double-Standards, do not work anymore. It is not acceptable now nor has it ever been, but at least now, they are being challenged. Hurray.

                  I met an awesome man tonight in Pittsfield. His name is Curtis and he is a coach, a Pastor, a Veteran who actually saw battle in the Middle East, and he is a Black man that does not see color as the cause of all the problems in America. He stated that no matter WHO is President, the OFFICE must be respected and the Media must be held responsible for its extreme partiality and misinformation. He believes that ALL people must be held equally responsible for their actions regardless of race, religion, or color. I was amazed by this guy and intend to get to know him better.

                  When Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal were in the news, I thought that the media had over-stepped. That was an issue for Hillary and Bill to work out, not the public. Just as JFK's infidelities were kept between him and Jackie, and ditto for so many other Presidents who couldn't keep their pants on. I never liked the Clintons, but I STILL felt that it was un-American to air their private business all over national media when the OFFICE of President deserved better, even if Bill Clinton did not. 

                  Obama was heavily protected when it came to his personal life, to the extent that things were hidden that were vital for the public to know, such as his TRUE birthplace, his college records, his alliances with Communists and Islamists, his bi-sexuality and history of drug use, etc. Then along comes Trump, and the media airs everything that no one needs or wants to know, including the color of dye he uses in his hair. Double-Standard, AGAIN. 

                  I don't care much for Donald Trump, and I don't think he will do half of what he promised the American people he would do. He has Democrats in the White House and a history of Liberalism, but he has also done some things I strongly approve of, such as his brave move yesterday with the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Those who cried about the loss of jobs created by not cohering to "Green Policies" forgot how many millions of jobs have been lost TO  "Green Policies". The only people getting ANY benefit from the climate lies are the already wealthy, those invested in green energy and hungry to control the people. 

                  If Trump sticks to his decision on this issue, millions of new jobs will be created in America and our economy will get an unprecedented boost. America, FIRST. We must always be benevolent and supportive when it comes to our allies, but we must consider our OWN before any others. Harvest our OWN energy, KEEP our own oil and other fuels, and tell the Saudis to bite our Ass_s.  So to Kathy Griffin I say this:  "Put your Big Girl panties on and face the music, grow up , and if you can't say something sensible, SHUT up! "


                  Here is something for you to look at until I have the time to prepare more for you. Believe me, I AM busy with that! Until tomorrow, Good Night New Lebanon.

   Funny thing about the Sandy Hook information on the internet. Almost everything to do with evidence of it being a hoax, is now no longer accessible. Videos and websites about the questionable issues have been removed by the thousands, but anything that SUPPORTS the idea that this event was real is still there for all to see and read.  VERY interesting. It matters not to ME, because the evidence I have is not from or dependent upon, the internet.   JJ

  Pozner a Victim, TWICE?

6-year-old Noah Pozner allegedly was one of the 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School who allegedly were shot to death by Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2012.

If you go to the “Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner” Facebook page, described in “About” as “The OFFICIAL Facebook Page for Noah Pozner (Approved by Noah’s Parents),” and click “photos,” you’ll see a collage of photos of Noah.

Pay special attention to the partially-cropped pic on the right which I’d circled in yellow. Note Noah’s head that’s slightly tilted to his right, his smile, and the distinctive collar (sheep skin?) of his jacket.

Noah Pozner on Facebook

Now let’s look at a BBC video about the child victims of the Pakistan Taliban.

On Dec. 16, 2014, Pakistan experienced the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in that country when 7 members of the Pakistan Taliban, aka Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), entered the Army Public School in Peshawar and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren.

In the BBC news video below, a female reporter dressed in green with long black hair, reports on people coming from all over Pakistan to Peshawar. Pointing at a wall poster with pictures of the child victims, the reporter says: “…school, died in the Taliban massacre that happened here almost two weeks now….”

 Noah's father, Lenny Pozner, has been harassing and bullying bloggers and YouTubers, leading YouTube to repeatedly take down videos about the Sandy Hook hoax because Lenny claims “copyright violation.”  Lenny is also one of the 10 plaintiffs in a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that Lanza allegedly used in the Sandy Hook school shooting. (See “Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster gun manufacturer”)

I hope the defendants ask Lenny Pozner how his son, Noah, managed the impossible feat of being killed twice — the first time on Dec. 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut; the second time two years two days later on Dec. 16, 2014, halfway across the world in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Several hours after this post was published, I went back to the “Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner” Facebook page and took a screenshot of the page with Noah’s photocollage (circled yellow). The date (1/2/2015) and time (5:12 PM) when I took the screenshot are in the lower right corner (see yellow arrow). In the event Lenny scrubs that photo from Facebook, this screenshot is proof I had found Noah’s photo on the Facebook site that has his parents’ approval.   Below are several other sources in which the same photo was used to make Pozner appear to be a victim of the Peshawar massacre. Please look at the objects in the background. That will provide proof, with 100% certainty, that it is the exact same photo.   look at the photos and compare the backgrounds. Not only is Noah Pozner being passed off as a victim of Peshawar, it is the exact same photographBut someone certainly needs to explain how that photo of Noah Pozner came to be used in conjunction with the Peshawar tragedy.

Dean Garrison


This is from a Facebook page for APSACS Secretariat:



 Unexpected Time-Out                                                        6-5-2017

       Ever have "One of those DAYS"?   I managed to take down a small, annoying tree with the chain saw today with no mishaps, but I paid dearly later on. 

        I whacked my head hard enough to almost knock myself out. (Don't celebrate yet, I'm still alive).  The cable has been out for HOURS, AGAIN, and the old guy is bored and driving me nuts, and THEN, I took the top of my thumb off on the belt sander. Talk about OUCH !!

          So I will not be typing for several days, sorry. I promise to pick up where I left off as soon as the agony ends.  LOL!      JJ

  Some pics of what I sacrifice my thumbs for. 


Back At It !                                                                   6-13-2017

      My thumb is no longer a source of pain, so I can type again. I heal pretty well for an old broad. 

                  More losses for our little town this week. The accidental death of Mike Fisher is a tragedy beyond comprehension for his friends and loved-ones.  I did not know Mike personally, but I do know his dad, his sister, and his nephew, and that they are a very close-knit family.  This tragic accident will have a profound and permanent effect on them all that is heart-wrenching to consider. Let's keep them in our prayers. 

                   Ruth-Mary (Sharp) Lasher lost her mom this week. Although she was of an advanced age, it doesn't make it any easier on those who loved her and are left behind. Prayers for her family as well.


                    Do I have any fellow victims of Poplar Tree blizzards?  MY property looks like we had a major snowstorm or the world's largest washing machine over-flowed ! (See pics below).  EVERYTHING is covered in white fluff and it comes in the house on everyone's feet and paws. The old Dyson is doing double-duty. 

                     In the 17 years that I have lived in the cabin, this is the absolute worst Poplar shed I have ever seen! It's always messy and annoying, but THIS year? Extreme! We do get through the 3 weeks of it every year and move on after a day of clean-up, because removing the 5 or 6 Poplars is not an option, financially. My advice to you?  NEVER plant a poplar Tree !!


                     Tonight's Town Board meeting has a full agenda, including the Smoking Ban for Shatford Park.  (see my letter posted below). This is not about SMOKING for ME, it is about "Freedom Vs. Excessive Regulation ".  How many unnecessary, unconstitutional, freedom-choking laws, mandates, and codes can a people live under and still consider themselves "Free"? 

                      One thing I REALLY want to know is WHO dredged this back up? That person or group needs a LOONG lesson in oppression and what it leads to and HAS led to, not just in Communist/Socialist Countries, but right here at home. We are on a perilous path! 


    Back to Sandy Hook

                      The Sandy Hook Elementary School was built in 1956. Like many of our aging schools, it started to decay rather rapidly around the year 2000, and by 2002, needed extensive renovation. Like our own elementary school, it was built with a flat roof that leaked all the time and was repaired almost yearly.  In 2008, an inspection of the Sandy Hook School was conducted, and  the building was found to be contaminated with lead and asbestos, and had PCBs under the foundation, requiring its immediate closure. 

                       All of this information was well documented and available to the public until a few weeks after the Shooting Production.  MILLIONS of Americans who saw through the bad acting, were submitting FOIA requests for copies of these and other documents, so access was shut down, quickly and completely.  TOTAL LOCK-DOWN.  NO information was available anymore, from the number of students, (489), staff, and classrooms, to the inspection report and demo order issued to a bonded company to perform in 2009. Meanwhile, a grant for 50 Million dollars was acquired and a new K-4 school was built.  So do you REALLY believe that K-4 children were still attending this contaminated school in December of 2012? 

                      The scheduled demolition was deliberately delayed when the Obama Administration realized the school could serve them in their attempt to disarm the American People. I already told you WHY this school and town were selected, so you understand by now that it was the easiest location and populace to manipulate. Remember, Sandy Hook was saturated with high-level, government employees and federally-owned properties at that time. 

                       489 students in just the Kindergarten and the first four grades. That's more than the entire New Lebanon district has enrolled. So where WERE they all on that day? Where was the mass-evacuation process ? Only ONE photo exists showing children being led away from the building, and there are only NINE students and ONE teacher shown.I repeat, this is the ONLY photo of the alleged evacuation of a supposedly full school. (pic posted below)  Notice too, that no Law Enforcement Officers are assisting or attempting to protect this little gaggle of actors. In a REAL live-shooter scenario, this would be unheard of !!  Those kids would have been surrounded by SWAT Officers and whisked to safety before you could say "Bad Drama". 

                         Ever wonder why so few police officers and ambulances were at the scene? Why the ambulances remained at the firehouse and not a single one ever drew up to the school building? No helicopters, no penetration teams? No injured and no dead, that's why. Let me tell you what I've been told by a couple of terrified and angry, Connecticut Troopers.  Anyone who could not be easily manipulated via bribes or threats, was either scheduled to be Off-Duty that day, or was assigned to the Disaster Drill some miles away from the school. The off-duties who heard the news and rushed to the scene to assist, were stopped and turned away. ALSO unheard of in a REAL scenario. 

                         EVERY False Flag Op runs concurrent with a nearby Disaster Drill, without exception. This allows the "players" to execute their roles away from the eyes of those who would see through it all and expose the truth. 

                          We have barely begun to scratch the surface of the Sandy Hook Hoax, and is there is SO much more, that I am finding it to be a massive under-taking just to sort it all into manageable bites for you. So we will take it a step at a time, but we WILL cover it ALL, even if it takes all summer. THEN, we will move on to the NEXT one ! 

                           There is something that Joe has asked me to be sure to share with you. He wants you to know that the Connecticut Governor, Democrat Dannell Malloy, is 100% complicit in this unconscionable hoax perpetrated upon the American People.  He also wants to be certain that you are aware of the handful of Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders who have since quit their jobs, relocated, and even changed their identities just so they can reveal the truth without fear of serious reprisals against them and their loved ones. Respect their sacrifices and hear the story out. We will talk about Gov. Malloy tomorrow.

     Letter to Town Board

To the New Lebanon Town Board:

In reference to the agenda item, “Smoking in the Park” , please be advised that the State of New York has a “Clean Indoor Air Act”, but no “Clean Outdoor Air Act”, Yet! When this state government forced private business owners to eliminate specified smoking areas in their businesses, it was a violation of the rights of those entrepreneurs to choose whether or not to allow the use of a legal substance in their business venues. Locations such as offices, shopping centers, office buildings, etc,. that are Privately Owned, can ban smoking even outdoors on their properties because they are “Private” property.

A park is a PUBLIC location, owner by the taxpayers of the town or city in which it is located, and therefore, not subject to a smoking ban. It is Common Sense that an adult who chooses to smoke at the park should be mature and considerate enough to not smoke at a Little League Game unless they move away from the children or go to the parking area. Same for the pavilion, if it is occupied by non-smokers, the smokers should step out from under the roof.

The people are already excessively oppressed by ridiculous laws, mandates, and codes, and the last thing we need is another one. Until the State of NY and the town governments that lie within it decide to pay the exorbitant taxes on a smoker's cigarettes or cigars, they should have no say in where a person smokes the legal, over-taxed product. Only business and/or building owners have that right !! NO Town Board has the right or power to approve an outdoor smoking ban in a public space. This is not Moscow or North Korea, it is AMERICA, and last time I checked, we were a Free people, not subject to any law that is not in agreement with our United States Constitution. If more people would learn and exercise those rights, we would not have overflowing prisons, bully police agencies, a backed-up court system, or a sissified populace. Yet we DO.

If this so-called code was passed by a former town board years ago and no attempt ever made to enforce it, that should render it null and void. It is up to the PRESENT Town Board to protect the rights of the people of this town, ALL of the people. While you're at it, it is also time to address the lack of protection afforded the residents by the present Comprehensive Plan re: National Chain Stores and Commercialization.

JJ. Johnson-Smith

###########################################################   Sandy Hook Evac Pic

  The second pic is my front sidewalk!


  Town Board Meeting                                                       6-13-2017

             WoW!  Things got a little heated for a few minutes tonight, and that's a first since Colleen took the helm.  I was very,VERY sad to hear that the Eastwick Press is shutting down soon, as it is the only un-biased newspaper around. Looks like we will be stuck with the Liberal Star again. One consolation is that so few people read it. LOL!! Maybe we should start our OWN newspaper in town and call it the Valley Conservative Voice, no Liberal News allowed. LOLOL!!! 

             Anyway, we have a couple in town that has only lived here for a few years, after being driven out of the town they lived in before. Yes, I DO know that for a fact, and I even know WHY, but I can't share that. Know WHY  I can't share that? Well, because the guy managed to get a decent plea bargain and the horrendous crime he was charged with was reduced and saved him a lifetime of stigma, that's why.  There's a LOT more to the story, but enough said, for NOW. 

           This guy is BIG trouble, looking for a fight wherever he can find one, and if he can't find one, he CAUSES one. He torments his neighbors 24 hours a day, drives around town looking for things to complain about, accuses people of doing and saying things they never did or said, etc.,etc.  He is a bees-nest poker, and if he continues this behavior, he might get swarmed. Tonight, he brought along his now-expected "List" of grievances and the first thing he complained about was the length of time it is taking for the DOT to stripe Rt. 20. Why does this bother him? Because it makes the road look  " Too BIG ".  Ummm, yeah, he said that. 

            Second on his agenda was a request for the names of every member of the Ethics Board. I can only imagine what THAT might be about.  Next was a complaint about a local property he considers to be an "Eyesore". The property in question's location is immaterial and in my opinion is not an eyesore, it is a house being renovated. The owners are a young couple with seven children, lifetime residents, who are doing the work as they can afford it. Exactly the way we did MY cabin, and it is still far from done! 

             This guy does not know or care that this young family is doing their best with what they have, nor does he notice that his own yard, though well-tended and clean, is overflowing with more garden ornaments than a statuary store. He wasn't done yet. He then went on the attack against a member of the board whom he saw taking pictures of his property. He stated that the excessive number of signs on his fence are "None of the board member's business". Yet he feels it is HIS  business to complain about a young couple taking longer to complete their home that HE thinks they should ?   

             His signs were not the reason for the pictures anyway, the fact that he is building a garage without a permit, MIGHT be. He failed to mention THAT. He also failed to admit that he placed boards with 3-inch nails sticking up in the laneway around the corn field that runs behind the Catholic Church. This was intended to pop the tires of his neighbor's ATV, but my husband drives a tractor on that path all the time. It isn't likely that 3-inch nails would pop a tractor tire, but it WOULD catch in a tire and possibly be thrown upwards, resulting in other damage or injury. That's just ONE of the countless dirty deeds this guy has been up to since he moved here, and if you know him, you might want to tell him that he is collecting enemies faster than he was run out of his last town. GEEZ!!!

             We were graced with the presence of a Constitutional Attorney tonight. What an awesome thing to hear !!  I don't know if he is new here or not, but I have never seen him before. I did however, get his contact info. LOL!!  Sure could use his assistance in our Constitution Study Class. 

             There was a lot of discussion about the M&M Tavern and its planned Block Party for the 24th of this month. One board member in particular was livid that the owners of M&M have not bothered to attend a meeting and discuss this event with the board and have so far, failed to provide the funding to the town for the required Deputy Sheriffs that will work said event. I wonder if by now, China City has been included in this plan? At last check, they had not been. In my opinion, this gala will just have to prove itself. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't, the board should prohibit such things in the future. It's another, "Wait and See" thing. 

             I stepped out for a smoke after the discussion of the Smoking Ban for the park. I needed to cool off a little, literally and figuratively. What utter stupidity. First, they want to put signs in the Little League field area only. Then it was there AND the playground. Then it was the field, the playground, and the pavilion. THEN, it went on to include the picnic area, wherever THAT is. So in effect, that is the whole park. Once again, anyone who wishes to light-up will be relegated to a tiny corner somewhere, away from all the whiners. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that smoking in the pavilion among non-smokers is unacceptable, and so is smoking at the Little League field near the children. There SHOULD be signs in those two places, but not all over the damn park! That is essentially a full smoking ban! OUTDOORS !!

             Someone commented that there are adults who don't wish to be exposed to the smoke either. REALLY ?! If you are an adult, MOVE AWAY from the smoke and shut up. You are outside, you are free to move, and it is high time that someone other  than the smokers be inconvenienced and over-regulated. How about we designate a tiny corner for NON-Smokers to hang out? Imagine THAT! Of course, Mr. Ted Salem had to make one of his snide comments while I was attempting to discuss the matter with the board. 

              Just as he did at another meeting, when he did not correctly hear what my husband said, but was quick to loudly and obnoxiously correct him and accuse him of always being inaccurate. It was Ted who was wrong, and Bob who was right. Fortunately for Ted, Bob did not hear his comment, but I, DID.  For several years, since his debut on the local government scene, I have struggled to be nice to Ted and try to make conversation, etc. It has NOT been easy, because he is just not "Nice" and I am not "Liberal Tolerant". Tonight however, was the last straw for me. He started to go after me and I told him , "NO ONE asked you, TED!".  One can only take so much. 

              He is one of those typical transplants that moved here and injected himself into every board and committee he could manage. He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, (he thinks anyway). GAG! Yeah, that's what he needs, a gag. I have to wonder if he is related to Monte, because they are two of a kind. In any case, I am done trying to be nice to a guy who hates me for no reason other than that I am an outspoken Conservative. Bite me.

              While I was outdoors having my smoke of defiance and talking with a couple of other folks who think like me, the board was having a conversation about the Community Picnic. According to my husband who stayed inside, there will BE no picnic this year. He said that the town was going to charge the Larabees for the use of the pavilion.  Umm, WHAT? Seriously? Do I really need to go into that stupidity? The Larabees, who for DECADES have done more community service than any other family who ever lived here, who started, and host the Community Picnic every year, donated time and effort, even built the new picnic tables. REALLY ? Charge them to use the feckin pavilion ?!?! 

           Some weeks ago, I heard that there were some hurt feelings when the town board wanted to combine the picnic with the Music in the Park program. The Larabees understandably wished to keep the two separate. Whether this played a role in tonight's decision to cancel the picnic, I can't say. I guess I stepped outside at the wrong time. I also missed the discussion between the board and the LVPA that I understand did not go well. The LVPA wants to become a Fire District and the board is resisting that. I don't know all the details, but I'm told that the board could no longer control the LVPA budget after one year of them becoming a district, and this could cause a raise in taxes. Yet the LVPA has always presented an honest and responsible budget and why would that change? They have some pressing needs right now that relate directly to the safety of the people and properties in this town, yet no one seems to care about that, they are only interested in the cost.

             Yet they voted to give this deplorable school district 12 million dollars for things we do not want or need? Sorry folks, but if it were up to me, I would see the needs of our fire department as far more important than a bigger basketball court for the elementary school. So why is it that for the past 6 or 7 years, I keep hearing residents object to assisting the LVPA, and actually treat the members as if they were trying to rob the people, but no outcry about the school budget or Dunkin Donuts? Our town is infected by the stupid germ.

              I am SO fed-up with the apathy of the longtime and lifetime residents and disgusted by the control grabs of the liberal transplants. This town has been transformed, in a very negative way, over the past 15 to 20 years, and those who SHOULD care, are sitting on their lazy asses.  Look, we need TWO candidates for the Town Board THIS year ! We have NONE. How about you few remaining Conservatives get moving and find an Honorable, Honest, Conservative Candidate?  DO SOMETHING. Stop allowing the outlanders to take your town away from you and REVOLT a little, damn it!

              We have a terrific Supervisor and Board right now, let's not let that get away from us in November. GET involved for once!!

UPDATE  6-14-2017:

       I talked to a Councilman today about the picnic, and was told that the Town Board would gladly provide a waiver to the Larabees for the pavilion rental if they wished . However, because it would be a private gathering with the town not involved, the Larabees would not be able to solicit donations for the picnic. Previous picnics were sponsored by the Larabees and Co-Sponsored by the Recreation Committee, making it a "Town Event", exempt from pavilion rental and allowed to solicit donations. The Rec Comm. would not be a Co-Sponsor this year. Anybody else think there are too many ridiculous rules attached to EVERYTHING ?

       This is not the Town Boards' fault, it is the result of too many "Laws" regulating our lives in all areas. Why can't a local family throw a picnic for their community and ask for donations of food and drink items from businesses? Why can't they accept monetary donations for NEXT year's picnic in a little jar or  coffee can without government mandates telling them it is not "Legal"?  SEE ?! This is what I am talking about when I try to warn you about over-regulation of our private lives by government entities, just like the Smoking Ban. The playground and Little League Field were not enough, it had to include the pavilion and mystery picnic area as well. 

      When we allow things like this to go too far, we lose more freedom, more choice, more license to think for ourselves and deal with normal issues person-to-person. We are giving government permission to think FOR us, to make "Rules" about what we can do, where we can do it, what we can say or not say, etc., etc. The answer is LESS government, it is NEVER more government. When the Smoking Ban spreads to the Town Hall property and the employees who smoke can no longer step outside for that cigarette, we MIGHT see some resistance THEN. People tend to ignore surreptitious violations of their freedoms until it hits home and knocks on THEIR door. Sometimes, that is too late.

A 27 story residential tower is burning in London right now, and there are still people trapped inside. Keep them in your prayers. 


 Below is my dear friend, Jody Jackson, Rebel of the Year!


  Governor Malloy                                                     6-22-2017

                  Is everyone else as busy as I am?  Holy Crow, there is SO much to do that some days I just don't know where to start!  Boredom is definitely NOT in my vocabulary. So let's grab these few minutes to continue our Sandy Hook exposure.

                   My four great-grandparents were immigrants, three from Ireland and one from Denmark. As a result, I have a special place in my heart for all things Irish, but I am not a hyphenated American. I am just an American. I was not born in Ireland or Denmark and have never visited either country, probably never will. America is my birthplace, my country, and my home, and my loyalty is to her and no other. 

                    I mention this because I want you to understand that I bear no prejudice against people of Irish descent when I say this; " The absolute WORST politicians are Irish Democrats ".  Jewish Democrats are a close second.   The State of Connecticut has always been cursed with an Irish-Democrat Majority and their present governor, Dannell J. Malloy, is no exception. He is a prime example of all that is wrong about Connecticut. To be blunt, Malloy is a snake, and I rate him as the 3rd worst governor in America, Cuomo being #1 and Jerry Brown of California , #2. 

                     Thanks to the slimy Malloy and his Liberal, political cronies, the State of Connecticut became the stage for one of this country's most heinous manipulations of the American people, and an unprecedented attempt to dismantle the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

                       On November 27th, 2012, Gov. Malloy met in New Haven with then United States Attorney General, Eric Holder.  The media claimed that the meeting's purpose was to launch a new project to reduce gun violence in the state. The program was dubbed, "Project Longevity ". PL received MILLIONS of dollars in grant money immediately available to Connecticut officials  to be used to employ Agents, Academics, and Social Workers who worked or would work with the FBI and the BATFE as part of PL.

                         Connecticut was the Launching Pad for Project Longevity which was reportedly to be focused on individuals who were on Parole, Probation, or were simply habitual offenders. ONLY these people were supposed to be targeted for the attention of PL and it's agents. So why Connecticut?  Well, because that is where Sandy Hook, IS. Three weeks after the New Haven meeting,  the Sandy Hook event was put into action. Coincidence? YOU decide! 

                          I ask you now if you have ever heard of Project Longevity, before or AFTER Sandy Hook? HAD this New Haven meeting actually been about a project to reduce violent crime, wouldn't it have been rated as to it's effectiveness or lack thereof after a year or two?  Wouldn't the other Blue States have attempted to implement it or something similar TO it?  If Connecticut was chosen  as the Guinea Pig for this project based on it's state crime statistics, take a look at the Connecticut Crime Rate Table of 2011 that I have posted below, along with the 2012 Homicide Rates of the 7 largest cities in America. Pay close attention to the populations compared to the crime rates as well. Now tell me WHY Obama and Holder selected Connecticut as Ground Zero for Project Longevity  instead of Chicago, NY City, or Detroit? ALL high-crime cities with the highest minority and illegal populations and welfare leeches, and ALL Democrat-Run for decades. (Another Coincidence?)

                              Exactly SEVENTEEN DAYS after the Malloy/Holder meeting in New Haven, Sandy Hook exploded in the media. That's how hastily the production was thrown together and why it was such a failure, almost comedic in it's amateurishness. We will talk a LOT about the pieces and people who literally gave away the "Secret" intent of this False Flag, but next, we are going to talk some about Adam Lanza, the alleged "Shooter", and his family. 

                               In the meantime, ask yourself why Obama would trust Holder to organize this show after the Fast and Furious debacle that Holder was the Front-Man for. Talk about a failed, False Flag? What about the innocents that actually DID lose their lives over THAT one?! Holder never was held accountable in any way, shape, or form for what was essentially, Murder. How would someone as stupid and incompetent as Holder, possibly manage to make Sandy Hook believable? He didn't. 

                                There is SO, SO much more to talk about, so bear with me during this busy time of year,folks. We WILL plod on until you know everything. 


     Locally, what is going on with Dunkin Donuts? They were in SUCH a hurry to break ground, and could have done so at anytime in the past month, yet there is no activity at the site. Odd. Yes, I did  take some action that MIGHT have made them re-consider their choice of location at the corporate level, but I highly doubt it. After all, who the heck am I to influence a corporation all alone? Doesn't happen.

      One Town official sent a letter to the CAC, the Town Board, and the Planning Board, objecting to the failure of the PB to be honest when taking the SEQR for Dunkin Donuts at last month's meeting. It was SO inaccurate, that even the engineer for Dunkin Donuts saw it. After the meeting, he made a comment that he would be happy to teach our Planning Board a class in proper SEQR procedure. It was abominable! If you don't know about it, read my post of 5-21-2017!!! 

          Jo-Jo's Dream, the new self-storage facility, has one more meeting before they can start construction, so expect to see action at that site starting in August.




To Think or NOT to Think                                             6-25-2017

                    I imagine we can all agree that thinking is vital to a safe, healthy, and productive life.  Not your average, run-of-the-mill , automatic thinking that just naturally occurs, but deep, deliberate thinking.

                     We all under-use our magnificent brains with the exception of some rare individuals like Einstein and Tesla and the inventors, innovators, authors, etc. that are household names. The reason these people ARE familiar to us is because they were THINKERS, people who used their intelligence and creativity to make the world a better place.

                      Some of us, myself included, tend to over-think from time to time, and that too has its pluses and minuses. Still, I prefer to over-think than to not think at all, or to allow the government and media to do my thinking FOR  me.  Sadly, this is a terrifying reality for the Millennial generation.  It's not just calculators anymore, it is computers, Smart Phones, Self-Driving cars,  GPS, and so on and so on that have eliminated the NEED to think. 

                      Oppressive laws, mandates, rules, and codes suppress curiosity and free thinking and in some cases, we are punished for trying to do those very things. Shouldn't we be encouraged  to be creative thinkers? Apparently not. Our children are now taught WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Hate Speech laws and pretend racism have strangled our right and will to have opinions and to voice those opinions without fear of reprisal.

                        Today, government is expected to address our societal issues, regulate our faith, influence our political views, our morality, and even our goals and dreams. The Left DEMANDS that government be their Mommy and intervene in disagreements such as Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, Traditional Marriage vs. Same-Sex Marriage, and to regulate alleged "Offensive" words that might hurt a Liberal's tender feelings !  The Left wants the government to regulate EVERYTHING they don't like and tell us what flags we can or cannot fly on our own properties, what statues and religious symbols can be publicly displayed, what art, music, or books are acceptable, etc., etc. Still believe you are FREE?

                        We are at a crossroads in history, and the routes available to us are not leading to any light at the end of the tunnel. When thought and speech begin to be regulated and even controlled by the government, your freedom is in immediate peril and you need to do some SERIOUS thinking, and then ACT.  It isn't easy to avoid the incessant indoctrination methods of politicians, media, and schools and universities, so how do we separate Truth and Reality from Lies and Propaganda? 

                        Why is it that media goes ballistic in reporting every lethal encounter between law enforcement and Black males, but they never, ever mention the solid statistics like those I've posted below? There is an Agenda, that's WHY. There is ALWAYS an Agenda, and we must learn to THINK before we REACT.  Be curious, be skeptical, and use that amazing brain you were born with. Be brave enough to doubt what you hear and to voice those doubts! 

                        A very interesting example is an article that was sent to me yesterday that had many people on the verge of strokes. The piece claimed that two 55-gallon drums had been accidently unearthed during a landscaping project at the Clintons' Chappaqua,NY home.  One of the drums was reported to contain 50 pair of womens' shoes, all brand-new and still bearing their original price tags. The second drum allegedly contained the body parts of three females, soaking in a liquid preservative.

                         The discovery was kept under wraps until police could complete their preliminary investigation, and the release stated that the body parts had been identified as belonging to three teenage girls that had gone missing in the mid-1970s. Where had they last been seen alive? In Bill Clinton's home town in Arkansas. You can understand why this story caused such panic and shock, especially since it was very well-written and offered incriminating evidence. Was it TRUE?  Of course not. Even Bill Clinton isn't dumb enough to kill three girls back in Arkansas and drag their bodies with him from home to home. 

                          Someone who reacts before they think, would believe every word of that article and be sharing it on Facebook in seconds. By allowing  emotions to control reactions and behaviors rather than using thought and research, we have gone down a dangerous path in recent years, and Liberals and Millenials ALWAYS respond to life emotionally rather than thoughtfully. ALWAYS. It is a symptom of retarded maturity and cultural dependency.

                          Yesterday, the Eckhardts, Bob, and I stopped in at the Larabees' 70th Anniversary celebration. The turnout was terrific and the very first thing I noticed was that I knew everyone that was there! I saw folks I haven't seen since the old diner burned down, and I was literally overcome with a sense of nostalgia that was absolutely uplifting. It was like going back in time to when New Lebanon was a community of country people who had been around the area for decades, before the invasion of Liberals from the cities, before the division of Right vs. Left and the forced Environmental crap and froo-froo eateries. Before so many residents were strangers. 

                           I talked with Mrs. Larabee about this, and she agreed 100%, as did all the other people I talked to about it. It was like attending a family reunion !   Sue said that the reason her family had instituted the Community Picnic was to try to bring people together and to familiarize ourselves with the newcomers, but that had been lost due to interference from other entities. Very sad.  Once upon a time not very long ago, a local family could host a community picnic at the public park and accept food and paper-good donations from anyone that wished to give, without  STUPID RULES regulating what MIGHT be illegal about it. Who gives a crap if some town or state MANDATE says we can't do it, it's OUR TOWN, OUR PEOPLE, and we should just DO it!  See? That's what is wrong in America today, over-regulation, apathy, and fear of government. Tell them to go sh_t in a hat and have the damn picnic. 

                          Smoking bans in the park? Be considerate enough to not smoke near the kids, but refuse to be controlled any other way in any other outdoor area.  Be FREE. Resist the Liberal oppression and bully tactics, THINK for yourselves and exercise your rights, teach your kids to THINK, RESEARCH, and defend their freedom. The Larabee party was a breath of fresh air for those of us who remember a Liberal-Free New Lebanon and a simpler America. Those of us who THINK, had a wonderful time.


Our Dangerous Drift from Reason

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY September 24, 2016 4:00 AM 

Media distortion of ‘officer involved’ police shootings has consequences. In a time when “narrative” has supplanted factual reporting, Fox’s Bret Baier’s evening news program is usually an oasis in the desert. So I winced when he asserted, amid Thursday’s report on the deadly Charlotte rioting — euphemized by the media as “unrest” and “protest” – that blacks are significantly more likely than whites to be killed by police. It echoed the distortion peddled by the Chicago Tribune in July, when “officer involved” shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana led not merely to “unrest” but to a massacre of cops in Dallas. African Americans, the paper claims, are two and a half times more likely than Caucasian Americans to be killed by police. Are they really? The Trib says so, but only after adjustments are made for the marked population difference between the two races. But wait a second: If there is so plainly a bounty on black men – if the chances that a young African American will be killed in a police encounter are so uniquely high that our cities are in upheaval, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is on permanent alert, and black parents nationwide feel compelled to have “the talk” with their kids – then why is statistical fiddling necessary to portray this crisis? Because there isn’t a crisis – unless we’re talking about one that is wholly manufactured. The exceedingly inconvenient fact of the matter for the “cops are preying on black men” narrative is that far more whites than blacks are killed in confrontations with police. Last year, in fact, it was roughly twice as many. The social justice warriors can’t have that, of course. So, making like Olympic judges from the old Soviet bloc they so resemble, today’s narrative repairmen knead the numbers to make the story come out right. The spin becomes “fact,” dutifully repeated in press coverage and popular discussion. In this instance, the hocus-pocus is to factor in that, although there are 160 million more whites than blacks in the country, this 62 percent portion of our population accounts for “only” about half of “police involved” fatalities (49 percent). Blacks, by contrast account for an outsize 24 percent of the deaths despite being only 13 percent of population. The premise of this exercise is ludicrous. By and large, police are having lethal interactions not with the nation’s total population but with its criminal population. The elephant in the room, the fundamental to which we must never refer, is propensity toward criminality. It is simply a fact that blacks, and particularly young black men, engage in lawless conduct, very much including violent conduct, at rates (by percentage of population) significantly higher than do other racial or ethnic groups. This is not a matter of conjecture. Crime gets reported by victims; the police don’t invent it, they investigate it. Overwhelmingly, the victims of black crime are black people. Indeed, as Heather Mac Donald relates in her essential book, The War on Cops, only 4 percent of black homicide victims are killed in police interactions. If African-American parents were really having “the talk” that is pertinent to protecting their children, it would have to involve the reality that those children are overwhelmingly more likely to be shot by other black youths. The police are having “police involved” confrontations with young black men largely because black communities demand police protection — and understandably so. What would happen if police were to default from their duty to serve and protect — the position demagogues are increasingly pressuring cops into. Then, naturally, we would hear the alternative “narrative”: that American society had abandoned its most oppressed communities to a dystopia of crime, poverty, drug abuse, and hopelessness — and don’t you dare mention who is doing the oppressing. To brand the cops as villains regardless of whether they are active or passive is play-acting, not problem-solving. To brand the cops as villains regardless of whether they are active or passive is play-acting, not problem-solving. There’s another infuriating thing about the “cops preying on black men” narrative fed us nightly on the news and daily on the campus. There used to be, if not truth, at least a certain coherence to it: The story line, consistent with a racialized fable, was that white cops are preying on black men. But the narrative won’t hold. In too many “police involved” incidents, such as the tragic one in Charlotte this week, the involved police are themselves black. So just as “global warming” had to become “climate change” to adjust for, you know, reality, the cops in our narrative have been “whited out,” as it were. Sadly, this legerdemain has been a boon for the narrative. Now the story is that racism is institutionally ingrained. It is not an individual cop’s race that matters. It is that the profession of policing itself is, to hear the head of the Obama Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division tell it, an enduring symbol of slavery and Jim Crow. Presto: The African-American cop is no longer a change agent moving us toward a better, more integrated, more harmonious society. When he dons the blue uniform, he is just another perpetuator of a hate legacy. And thus, the real-life fallout of our increasingly perverse, race-obsessed narrative is that all cops become targets. The supplanting of fact by “narrative” — in race relations, in our politics, in our assessment of national-security threats, in our foreign policy — has become such a fad that we are at the mindless point of skipping past what it portends. It is all well and good — even necessary — to find thematic ways to express truth, to teach its lessons. “All that glitters is not gold,” for example, is a theme, not a narrative. It is a transcendent bit of fact-based wisdom that allows us to navigate the world as we actually experience it. A narrative, to the contrary, is an excuse for avoiding reality and acting against our best interests. The most consequential organization in radical Islam is the Muslim Brotherhood. Laying the groundwork for its American network, the Brotherhood gave pride of place to an intellectual enterprise, the International Institute of Islamic Thought. The IIIT’s explicit, unapologetic mission is the “Islamization of knowledge.” It is not a slogan or an idle phrase. The mission traces back to the ninth century. Its purpose was to defeat human reason. In this fundamentalist interpretation, Islam is a revealed, non-negotiable truth. Reason, rather than hailed as mankind’s path to knowledge and salvation, is condemned for diverting us from dogma. Knowledge therefore has to be Islamized — reality must be bent and history revised to accord with the Muslim narrative. But with the demise of reason comes the demise of progress, of the wisdom that enables us to solve problems. That is why Islamic societies stagnated, and why the resurgence of fundamentalism has made them even more backward and dysfunctional. It is this way with every totalitarian ideology. We’d be foolish to assume it can’t happen to us. Slaves to narrative are fugitives from reason. Their societies die. — Andrew C. McCarthy is a senior policy fellow at the National Review Institute and a contributing editor of National Review.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/440361/police-shootings-black-vs-white-narrative-vs-fact


  Another Loss                                                             6-28-2017

               I did not know Jeannie Bogino, our local librarian, very well. We only met two or three years ago when I organized the Constitution Study and the Pages Program. 

                It is very sad to see someone pass at the age of 56, as Jeannie was, and I know she was much-loved in New Lebanon. She will be missed, and may she rest in peace in a huge, warm, cozy Library with a soft chair and a couple of warm dogs at her feet.  

 From our Town Clerk:

                 Our beloved Librarian at the New Lebanon Library, Jeannie Bogino has passed away.  See below from Frank, Jeannie’s partner.



I'm sorry to tell you that Jeannie passed away Monday afternoon while in Chicago for a library conference. She simply went to bed and didn't wake up. She was doing what she loved, accompanied by one of her closest friends. I have pasted the not-yet-published obituary copy below.


Schedule of events:

-       Calling hours are Saturday July 1, 4-7pm at Dery Funeral Home, 54 Bradford St., Pittsfield, MA 01201.

-       A PRIVATE service will be held Sunday July 2, 12 noon at the funeral home

-       Following the service, a "Celebration of Life" reception will be held Sunday July 2, 1 to 5pm, at Flavours Restaurant, GPS address 62 McKay St., Pittsfield MA 01201.  Light fare will be provided as well as Jeannie's absolute favorite dish - pasta with her mom Micki's sauce!


Feel free to send questions. It just might take me a while to reply.



Hancock – Jeanne M. Bogino, 56, of Hancock, died unexpectedly at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago while traveling for work on June 26, 2017.  She was born in Pittsfield on May 9, 1961, the daughter of the late Robert L. Bogino and the former Marion E. Bangs; and her beloved stepfather Buster F. Kohlenberger. 


She was educated in local schools and was a 1978 graduate of Pittsfield High School.  She went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in American Literature from the University of Massachusetts – Boston; and her master’s degree in Library Sciences from SUNY Albany.


At the time of her passing Jeanne was employed as the director of the New Lebanon Library, where she worked for the past nine years.


Jeanne loved literature and everything book related, and thoroughly enjoyed reading.  She was an avid gardener, who enjoyed planting and caring for her herbs and beekeeping.  She also enjoyed trips to the ocean and walks on the beach.  She loved animals; especially her dogs; Juniper and Geordi.  Jeanne accomplished many dreams in her life, including having a book published; “Rock Angel.”


Jeanne fought her battle with cancer head on and would not let her disease define her.  As she said throughout her battle “She lived a good story.”


She is survived by her mother; Marion E. Bogino of Pittsfield; her longtime partner; Frank J. Kennedy of Hancock; her maternal grandmother; Marion A. Boure of Pittsfield and many beloved aunts and cousins.

She was predeceased by her father; Robert L. Bogino and her step-father; Buster F. Kohlenberger.


Funeral Notice – Funeral Services for Jeanne M. Bogino, 56, who died June 26, 2017 will be held Sunday July 2, 2017 at 12 noon at DERY FUNERAL HOME, 54 BRADFORD ST., PITTSFIELD.  Burial will be private and at the convenience of the family.  Calling hours will be held Saturday Evening from 4 to 7p.m. at the funeral home.  In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Jeanne’s memory can be made to the Berkshire Humane Society or the New Lebanon Library, in care of the funeral home.  To share a memory or condolence with Jeanne’s family please visit www.deryfuneralhome.com