2018 April thru June Posts

Flags and Fightin' Words                                            4-15-2018

                 I didn't post after last week's Town Board meeting. That was deliberate.  Sometimes the events of a meeting need to be digested before they are discussed. Our last two meetings have been like that.

                 Dissent among the board members is something I grew accustomed to with boards and Supervisors of the past, but with the new Super and Councilmen, we had two years of amazing peace, unity, and transparency. I guess all good things DO come to an end. 

                   One thing I have always believed, is that an employer or superior should never, EVER reprimand an underling in public. In my own opinion, even a teacher should take a child out into the hallway to discuss behavior issues, and not cause unnecessary embarrassment. When a Supervisor bites a Councilman during a meeting, that is unacceptable, and when it is done in the Town Hall at any other time, it should NOT be in front of a constituent. Especially when it is not the Council Member who is in the wrong. Just sayin'. 

                    There is no group of people that can agree 100% of the time on everything. In fact, TWO people seldom agree all the time. That's why we have divorces. LOL!! There are just some arenas where airing those disagreements is inappropriate. Town Board meetings sometimes get heated in  a variety of ways, but the Super and the Council should keep it professional.

                      Last week's meeting saw both the Supervisor AND Councilmen chastising each other, but you know what?  THIS time, our Supervisor deserved the criticism. Councilman Baumli made it known how he felt about the sleazy actions taken at the March meeting re: the Miller Property. He had a text from the Supervisor saved to his phone, where she stated that NO action would be taken on that issue until a full board was present. Yet action WAS taken with Baumli absent due to a fender-bender on his way home from work. Not only was action taken, it was dirty action, as I explained in my post after that meeting. 

                       So, after Baumli had his say, he moved to have the Town Attorney contact the County in the morning and pull the Miller property from the Rail Trail.  Finally, some Common Sense! NOW, there will be an OFFICIAL Public Hearing on the matter, with ALL residents being given an opportunity to express their opinions about removing yet ANOTHER taxable property from our tax rolls. As it SHOULD be, and should have been the first time! I HATE what happened at that March meeting, and I HATE what I saw going on behind the scenes. AGAIN, let me make it VERY clear that not myself or any of the Councilmen are either supporting or opposing the Rail Trail Project! Except for Norman Rasmussen, who supports it loudly and is willing to take inappropriate actions to GET the Miller property FOR it. 

                        What we all oppose, is giving away taxable property to yet another, Non-Profit project that is being pushed by the Liberal Transplants. What does it matter to THEM? They are either wealthy retired people or people with plenty of money to toss around. Not so for the Blue-Collar working class folks in this town. If you haven't seen the article in the Register Star, I will be posting it below. 

                          If you are one of the hard-working residents who can't afford to keep picking-up the tab for these transplants and their Conservancies and Non-Profits, you have a responsibility to show up at the Public Hearing or at the very LEAST, send a letter or email to the Town Clerk and have your voice heard. Every contact is counted as FOR or AGAINST, so your opinion matters! I will let you know the time and location of that July Public Hearing as it gets closer.


                              On to the Flags.   As you know, we worked for THREE years to get those flags flying in town.  Now that they are up, it is apparent that we need at least 15 more for the Route between the park and the former Motel. We are also raising funds to get another two dozen for New Lebanon Center and West Lebanon.  After the high winds a couple of weeks ago, some of the flags became unattached from their poles. We wanted to fix that a.s.ap, but as usual, there is Red Tape involved. 

                                Consolidated Communications, who were generous enough to hang the flags for us, stated that they are too busy to fix the flags at this time, but also stated that WE could not fix them, either! Then all of a sudden, that changed, and they said we COULD fix them. So this weekend, Mark Baumli, Kevin Smith, and Ed Godfroy went out and got it done. THANK YOU to all three !!  

                                There has not been much said about the beauty of the American Flags flying in the corridor, and that is sad. Yet there HAS been plenty of negativity from a few residents. This came up at last week's meeting, and though no names were mentioned, I knew INSTANTLY who the instigator was. It was just a No-Brainer. Apparently, this guy and a couple of other folks, are upset over the fact that the flags are not lit at night, and went so far as to print up petitions to demand lighting. Unfortunately for THEM, they failed to do their homework first. 

                                The U.S Flag Code states clearly that night-time illumination of the flag is merely a "Guideline" and NOT a LAW. This was confirmed way back in 1970 by President Richard Nixon himself, when asked for guidance from a citizen. (See posted guidelines below). Naval Ships don't even light their flag at night unless they are entering a Port. Have you ever seen the other towns with flags light them at night? How about our own Town Hall?  It just is NOT a requirement, period. So, to the know-it-alls who simply like to stir up issues that don't exist, DO your HOMEWORK before you start something. By the way, none of you are among the donors to the flag project, and none of you have had a single, positive thing to say about finally HAVING flags. So if you REALLY cannot live with the flags being unlit, YOU go buy the lighting, YOU install it, and YOU pay for the power to keep them lit. Fair enough? 

                                 For those of you who ARE enjoying the flags, Thank You, and please spread the word that we are struggling to raise the money to buy the rest that we need. The link to the Go Fund Me is on the Town Website. Thank You, Tistrya.

                                  The Bridge Box Project is going very well also. We have the lumber for the new boxes, donated by Jesse Newton. We also have the carpenter, the soil, and the paint. After Memorial Day, we will be seeking donations of Proven Winner Petunias, all colors, and folks who wish to adopt one of the 6 new boxes. 

                                   Lots of people have ideas as to how make New Lebanon more attractive to businesses and young families, and a lot of those ideas are great. Still, we need to make the town aesthetically attractive if we wish to get noticed. We are looking a little run-down and worn-out these days. Speaking of which, it is now official, Stewarts is tearing down the E-Z Mart and building their new store on that site. THAT will be an awesome improvement. Their present store will then likely go up for sale, attracting yet another business. Wanna bet Dunkin Donuts buys the present Stewarts site and builds a new Drive-Thru?  

 Flag Lighting:

  Flag Lighting Rules

  1. American Legion

It is important to note that the Flag Code is a guideline, NOT a LAW, on how to properly and respectfully display the American Flag, understanding that NO Civil or Criminal Penalties can be filed for failure to properly illuminate a flag.

    1. On behalf of President Richard Nixon, April 27, 1970:

Those who fly the flag both day and night should ensure that it is made of of a material strong enough to withstand wear and tear and that it is promptly replaced when it begins to show signs of wear. While it would appear appropriate to illuminate the flag after sunset, the Flag Code does NOT require that it be illuminated and it's display without illumination is not considered an impropriety. The Flag Code is simply a voluntary guideline, it is not the Law.

  Link to Register Star article:


Hide and Seek                                                                         4-18-2018

                 Councilman Kevin Smith and I spent the afternoon re-hanging the flags that came down during the windstorm. Hopefully, it will be the last time we have to go out and repair. Mother Nature has NOT been kind to our new flags, and NEXT year, they won't be hung until May 1st !!

                  We are missing two complete sets of poles and flags. One set was at the intersection of Rts. 20 and Old Rt. 20 at the bottom of the mountain. We replaced that with a spare set we had, but still need the original set back to replace the one at 20 and 22 South. Another set is missing from the pole at the entrance to the Valley Plaza by Berkshire Bank. Flag and pole, just GONE.  If you know of anyone who might have picked them up after the storm, please ask them to drop them off at the Town Hall.

                   These sets are fairly expensive, so we would really love to have them all accounted for and re-hung a.s.a.p. Also, if anyone came across a pair of heavy-duty scissors, silver with blue handles, we lost them at one of the poles. They too, can be dropped at the Town Hall. Thank You! Don't forget that you can donate to the Flag Fundraiser at the Town Website. Last year, we raised the funds in 24 hours. THIS year, we are not doing very well, so if you would like to help, please go to the link on the Town website! 

                    It's been an interesting week already with the violent winds and power outages. My husband's F350 truck was literally flattened by a HUGE tree limb and we lost a lot of fencing to half a pine tree that fell on the OTHER side of the yard. The truck is totaled, but the limb missed the Farmer by two minutes and ten feet, so I consider it a win. He actually had the truck running while he fed the wood burner, and was about to get in the truck and go to work. So we have changed his name from Sparky to Timber. 

                     Tonight, we attended the Planning Board meeting and once again, my belief that our government is WAY too big and abusive, was confirmed. Stewarts' representative was there with a sketch plan for the E-Z Mart site. It will be a far better location than their original plan, but parking will still be at a premium. The number of spaces required is decided by the size of the store, and in this case, 30 spaces are necessary. Our ridiculous, Comprehensive Plan states that there should be NO parking in front of businesses, but can you name any businesses that DON'T have front-of-store parking? Geez.

                     So Stewarts plans to have the bulk of the parking on the West side of the store, and by including the gas pump area, it brings their total to the required 30. HowEVER, our Comp. Plan ALSO requires that for every 20 spaces, there must be a "Green" area of trees, grass, and/or flowers. Now, exactly HOW are they supposed to comply with THAT, AND the number of spaces, AND the no front-of-store parking? And we wonder WHY we can't attract new businesses?

                      Then we had the poor guy from County 9 South that wants to add a metal storage building for his paper-shredding business. (The former Polaczinski Tool and Die). He had a basic sketch, but it didn't show the lighting, the "Flow of Traffic", the loading dock location, etc. Um, give the guy a building permit, he is within the setbacks and there are no wetlands or traffic to speak of. No added noise, no plumbing, so let's just simplify and get over it already.

                        Of course, the Mike Darcy saga continues as well. HIS future depends on D.E.C and their interpretation of whether a wet spot is an official wetland or not, and if he needs to provide a 100-foot buffer. To park a couple of trucks in his own yard? Plus, he had to provide a $1500.00 escrow fee for the Town Engineer!!!! It just goes beyond STUPID.  I know that the Zoning and Planning Board members are not to blame, they are simply following the codes and guidelines they are bound to obey. Still, whomever WROTE these guidelines must have helped write the Safe Act, because it makes about as much sense.

                        By the way, the new Stewarts has to have ONE way IN and ONE way OUT, per the D.O.T, which also means that there will be a ton of signs marring the site just like the Library.  So let me get this straight; they must have no parking in front and provide Greenery for aesthetic purposes, but then D.O.T will make it look like crap with a dozen signs? Umm....ok.

                         I still think that this town has an opportunity to be a Pioneer Town and set an example for other, small rural towns. Become INDEPENDENT, and start trashing some of the excessive rules and regulations and use some Common Sense for a change. Let the Zoning and Planning folks use their heads and hearts instead of oppressive requirements. Be willing to give up some government funds in exchange for self-reliance and freedom to do what is best, fairest, and easiest for this town and it's people.

                         As some of you know, our Supervisor wants Solar power for the Town Hall and Town Garage. In order to GET that, the town had to complete three, government-granted, GREEN projects. We had two done, and the beyond silly, electric car chargers will be the third. Wow, what a win! Now we can get yet ANOTHER government grant for Solar, and MORE government control over the town. Why not find a Solar Company that would install that solar on the two town buildings in exchange for posting their company signs for one year and getting news coverage for their work? Or, better yet, let the residents FUND-RAISE and buy their OWN Solar for the town buildings? INDEPENDENCE!  

                         We have some mountains in this town too, so why not attract a Wind power company? We don't NEED government grants and regulations, we need self-sufficiency and freedom to live as we wish without some official looking over our shoulders when we wish to park our own trucks in our own yards. Where does it end? Good Lord.


  Haul and Hail                                                                5-5-2018

               I haven't posted much lately. For one thing, there's not a lot to post ABOUT. Second, it's Clean-Up season, and everyone is busy.

               Today's Town Trash Day was amazing! Not only is this a terrific service to the residents, but it's a major help with disposing of JUNK that I don't know why we humans hold on to. I thought two trips would do it, but I used both of mine and the kids used one of theirs. 

                The whole thing was well-organized and adequately staffed with volunteers who helped us all unload and keep things flowing. I even managed NOT to dumpster-dive for wooden furniture and parts. LOL!! It's always a temptation, but I have no more storage space, so that kept me in check. 

                One of the nicest things about Trash Day, is the people I got to see that I haven't seen in ages! It was like Old Home Week. The last time I experienced that was when the Larabee Fuel Company had it's anniversary picnic last year. Isn't it a shame that it takes a Trash Day to bring everyone out? Lebanon has a lot of activities these days like Music in the Park and the Farmers' Market, but a lot of what we have is not appealing to everyone, but to select groups. We could have an old-fashioned Barn Dance and a lot of people wouldn't come because it isn't their thing. I don't go to the Library for Cello concerts because I don't LIKE cello concerts. We all have our varied interests. Yet TRASH DAY brought EVERYONE OUT!  LOLOL!!! One thing we all have in common is trash!

                 I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers that made today possible. 

                 Please remember the PUBLIC HEARING on May 17th at 6:30. It will be held at the Firehouse. We do NOT want more taxable property removed from our tax rolls, so please come and be heard. If you cannot attend, your phone call, email, or letter to the Town Clerk expressing your support or opposition to this under-value sale to a Non-Profit , WILL be counted! YOU pay taxes, so this WILL affect you, and you have a right to have your say. This is not about support of or opposition to, the Rail Trail, but to removing yet ANOTHER property from the tax rolls. The past 8 or 10 years have seen literally hundreds of acres removed from the tax rolls and put into Conservancy. We can't afford another hit.

                 The bridge boxes will be ready Memorial Day week and we will be accepting donations of Proven Winner Petunias the week BEFORE and AFTER the holiday, all colors are needed. Also, still need flower box tenders to adopt a box or two for the summer. You can contact the Town Clerk, or me, at : PactJJ@gmail.com. Happy Spring!

 Comey Russia Lately ??                                                        5-6-2018

                   I don't like or trust Donald Trump, and I never DID. In my opinion, he is an arrogant, spoiled Rich Boy who has rarely done much critical thinking about anything other than wealth and how to grow it. 

                    Trump is pouty and immature, crude, and borders on Schizophrenic. All that considered, he is STILL more stable than either Obama or Hillary. The Donald is certainly no Republican, but then again, what "Republican" politician today actually IS? 

                     To me, there is little if any difference between the two main parties anymore. Which is why I am voting Libertarian in November. At least THAT party strives for real  fairness and offers something valuable to BOTH parties, and they manage to do it without violating the Constitution.  That's why the Libertarians are blocked from debates and primaries and most ballots. The Two-Party system might lose their stranglehold on American voters and the People might actually see an alternative to the status quo that serves us ALL equally. 

                      Given the opportunity and a little time, the Libertarians' leadership could heal the wide division among the American people. 

                        So, I don't know about YOU, but I am sick to death of the constant media regurgitation of crap that in the long run, really doesn't matter. Comey, Mueller, Russia, Stormy Daniels, etc. Once upon a time in America, these issues would have been national scandals of epic proportions, bad enough to bring the presidency to a screeching halt. As it SHOULD!  However, after decades of presidents and their administration members being publicly outed for corruption, and countless lies and misdeeds, this kind of behavior no longer shocks many people. 

                         We are now more accepting of the once-unacceptable, tolerant of deviance and dishonesty, and lax in holding officials to the higher standard that we should be demanding. The corrupt and criminal among them are not held legally responsible for their crimes or Constitutional violations and those who should be outraged have become frustrated to the point of apathy.  So it no longer "matters" if a president is a liar, a closet Jihadist, or hires a hooker every Saturday night at 10 p.m. It no longer is shocking that a Secretary of State and presidential hopeful is surrounded by dead bodies who all "Committed Suicide", or that she leaked a slew of "Confidential" emails. No one cares that the former head of the DOJ ran weapons to Mexican Cartels, resulting in numerous deaths of innocents, including a U.S Border Patrol Agent. All in an effort to ban firearms in America.

                           Crimes among officials that would have not long ago been impeachable offenses and deserving of PRISON, are now shrugged-off as long as the perpetrator is a politician or celebrity. Heaven Forbid that YOU get caught with a rifle that has a pistol grip, or fail to pay your unconstitutional income taxes !  The Double-Standard in our government and media is beyond comprehension. 

                              I doubt that this country has had even a handful of honorable presidents in our history. Humans are a sinful lot by nature, ALL of us,but none so much as the wealthy and powerful. 

                               Our Founders did everything possible to protect us from the very sort of government we now HAVE, and they gave us the power and means to reject it. Instead of exercising those vital options, we are surrendering them. The Constitution is ignored, attacked, and trod-upon, and the consequences are obvious. 

                                 Socialism is not coming to America, it is already here. Obamacare is Socialism. We have a government that tells us how we can or cannot use our own properties, Alphabet Agencies control what we grow, eat, drink, or build. THEY control vast expanses of land that does NOT belong to them.  Our public schools are now government-controlled instead of community-controlled and our kids are at the mercy of curriculum that is nothing more than Socialist Indoctrination, misinformation, and deliberate suppression of independent thinking and free will.

                                  Religious faith is frowned upon and believers are ridiculed and bullied. Literature, media, and even speech are now censored and the most important amendment in the Constitution, the Second, is in real danger of being repealed. Should that happen, there will be NOTHING to stop the government from repealing or nullifying the entire Constitution! Just imagine an America with no Constitutional law or protection for ANYONE but the wealthiest and most powerful.

                                   Not ONE word, clause, or amendment in the Constitution is open to debate. Only those who lack the ability to read or cannot comprehend the written word, can claim otherwise. They and the Evil-Doers who are restrained by the Constitution from achieving their agenda of a One World order and total control, would attempt to twist and re-interpret the Constitution. They are doing it every day. Activist Judges included.  

                                   Last year, gullible Conservatives by the millions fell under the Trump Trance, truly believing that he would "Save Us" from tyranny and repair the damage wrought by eight years of Obama. Yet here we ARE, no better off than we have ever been under Democrat presidents.

                                    Since Trump's election, the First and Second Amendments have come under an assault of unprecedented dimensions. Young Liberals with little knowledge of and zero respect for the cost and necessity of freedom, are using the First Amendment to destroy both the First and Second Amendments !! Yes, they ARE that STUPID! These spoiled, entitled, lazy, short-sighted idiots actually think that they will succeed in silencing and disarming those they disagree with while retaining their OWN rights to Free Speech and Self-Defense! WHY, would ANYONE lend an ear to people who are THAT dis-connected from reality? Yet every year, more fools jump on the Liberal Bandwagon and scream, protest, riot, and tantrum for rights to be taken AWAY! 

                                  Wasn't it only a short time ago that young Americans protested for MORE rights and freedom? Weren't they, "Anti-Establishment"? Now, they ARE the establishment! Yesterday's flower children and THEIR children, are today's blooming idiots.

                                   As you all know, Stone Soup is running a second fundraiser for the American Flag Project. This campaign has been up for almost three months now and has been heavily advertised. It was on the front page of the Eastwick Press, it is on Facebook, discussed on this blog, and appeared in the Town Newsletter. 

                                    The first fundraiser went so well, that we raised the needed funds in 24 hours. THIS year, we haven't even raised $200. in almost three months. Here's the interesting thing; the First fundraiser's donations came from 1% NY City Transplants and 99% long-time locals and life-timers. This year, what we HAVE raised, came from 0% NY City transplants and 100% locals. Yet, the transplants freely spent over $2000. of TAXPAYER money, on NL200 Banners that are too dark to read or in many cases even SEE. They are also for ONE use. On December 31 of 2018, they are junk.

                                      Now, these same people want to buy 3 and a half acres of property at an under-value price, for their Rail Trail Project, permanently removing it from the Tax Roll and burdening the rest of us with making up the difference. Yet the project has only TWO easements in town so far, and they are both on the Stephentown line. They have NO Right-of-Ways anywhere else. They cannot even get the trail as far as Lebanon Springs. Not ONE member of this group has donated an American flag or chipped-in a few bucks TOWARD one. 

                                        They DID however, PERMANENTLY claim the utility poles with the NL200 banners on them, so that they can use them for their "Future Events". So filling-in the spots in town that still need American flags will be extremely difficult next Spring. It just boggles the mind!


                                         Here's a question for the Tree-Hugging Transplants and their Messiah, John Dax. The stalled Shaker Swamp Project on the site of a "Swamp that was never a Swamp ", is now considered an "Official Wetland" or not? 

                                           If it IS, and an Alphabet Agency is protecting it, why is a local resident hauling-in dump truck loads of fill and dumping it into the South end of the alleged "Swamp"? He wants more usable land, and he doesn't give a rat's A_S about swamp projects. LOL!!!

                                             You HAVE to laugh folks, because if you take it all TOO seriously, New Lebanon will become a War Zone. Maybe it already IS.

                  NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, goes DOWN under charges of physical and mental abuse of female staff members!   GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       

###########################################################     Two Articles on the results of Socialized Medicine


Social- izing ?                                                               5-15-2018

                        I'm starting off tonight with the New Lebanon, School Budget Vote. Biggest waste of time and energy, EVER. 

                        In my own opinion, the right to vote is a priceless gift and a right that all Americans should exercise at every opportunity. It is our DUTY to vote. Yet I did NOT vote today.  Even when the options are less than desirable, and despite the inarguable proof of voter fraud in recent years, I believe that every vote matters and that voting is essential. I ALWAYS vote, but not today.

                        Here in New Lebanon, and in other towns as well I'm sure, voting for the school budget is a joke. For well over 30 years, it has been the same old story.  1) The budget passes the first time around regardless of the ridiculous amount of money being requested for so few students. 
                          2) The budget doesn't pass. The board tweaks the numbers and puts the budget up for a re-vote.

                           3) Repeat Step Two until the budget DOES pass after the "NO" voters get sick of re-voting and stop coming.

                         So why bother? The outcome is always  pre-determined. The only question is how many re-votes it will take for the school to get what it wants. 


                          By now, it is common knowledge that there are petitions around town in opposition to removing the former Miller property from our tax rolls. Nothing unusual about that. What IS unusual, is Joe Ogilvie running around and taking photos of the pages of these petitions. The Battalion Leader of the "GIVE-US-THE-LAND-TAX-FREE" group, is a little nervous and needs to know how many City Liberals to bring to the Public Hearing. LOL!

                           It isn't illegal in any way to take photos of the petitions, but it is very WEIRD in a LOT of ways to do so! I think Joe should provide a list of how many people on HIS side of this issue are Tax-Paying residents of New Lebanon. The last time this matter was discussed in a meeting, Ogilvie and Company brought numerous youth from Darrow, maybe teachers, maybe students, but NOT payers of property taxes.  Just for a head count, not a fair representation at ALL.

                           Who are THEY  to have a voice in this issue?! Ah, but the Left cares nought for important details that don't fit their agenda and they will stoop to any tactics to WIN. Funny thing is, Joe Ogilvie was one of the loudest voices in opposition to the 12 million dollar school budget that passed last year. HIS kids do not attend New Lebanon schools, they are students at the Mountain Road School. So Joe felt unfairly burdened by school taxes that did not benefit his kids. So how is it now okay with him that other taxpayers will be burdened with the taxes lost if the Rail Trail gets the property in question? Well, because he WANTS the Rail Trail, that's why!

                             The Rail Trail is not at issue here, but removing more viable, taxable land from the tax roll , IS.  In reality, it will be YEARS, if EVER, before that trail manages to gain the necessary easements to even make it as far as the property in question. Yet this group of transplants expects the hard-working taxpayers to take the hit and let them have that land tax-free for a project that will likely never be completed.

                              Inside information from the NYS D.E.C, has clearly proven that the 3.33 acres ARE able to be built upon again or used for a small business. So do NOT buy the lies that are telling you it is "Useless Wetland". 

                              It's YOUR tax dollars folks, so if you care at all, attend the public hearing at the N.L Firehouse on Thursday, May 17 at 6:30. Remember, if you can NOT attend, an email or phone call to the Town Clerk expressing your view, WILL be counted! We should ALL be counted!

                            I have always been a fan of "Man on the street interviews". Lately, I've been watching them less often because the ignorance among my Fellow Americans is often too much to digest. I did watch one tonight featuring Will Witt, and he was asking people at random what they think of Socialism.      Most of the people questioned had no answers, because they have no grasp on what Socialism even IS.   Yet they demonized Capitalism which they also had no understanding of !  One woman actually said she thought it was a great thing, and when asked why she felt that way, she said, "Well look at you and me, we are Socializing right now !"   God Help Us.

                            Is it any wonder why America is failing? The deliberate and methodical dumbing-down and indoctrination of our society through media and public schooling has been very successful, and the woolly flocks are growing by the day.  Be afraid folks, be VERY afraid.


  THE PUBLIC HEARING                                                     5-19-2018

                          I've been very tied-up with stuff I'm doing at the State level, and when I'm not working, I try to be gardening or doing much-needed, home maintenance. So getting to the blog isn't always a priority these days.

                         However, I know some of you have been waiting for the results of the Public Hearing. To YOU I say, "If you had bothered to show up, you would KNOW what happened ". For 11 years, I have been subjecting myself to ridicule and hate in an attempt to warn the original residents of this town that they were losing their community to the city liberals. Most of you were livid and felt great animosity for these invaders, but only a handful of you ever stood up or spoke out. 

                          There are a million differences between Liberals and Conservatives, and one of them is that Liberals will stick together and go out and fight to defend what THEY believe in, no matter how unrealistic or disgusting those beliefs may be. If one Lib tells another Lib that the sky is falling, there will be ten million of them out in the streets the very next day , wearing hard hats and demanding that the federal government DO something to take care of them.  Facts are immaterial.

                           Conservatives on the other hand, will agree with one another and chew on about the issues at the local convenience store, then go home , turn the TV on, and forget about it until someone mentions it again. Then the process repeats. That my friends, is why Liberals always win, despite the fact that they are Commies. 

                           The meeting on Thursday was a joke from the get-go. As the five or six Conservatives and semi-Conservatives who DID attend, stood outside and watched the cars roll into the Firehouse parking lot, we knew we had been abandoned by our own once again. The Liberal transplants literally POURED into the lot and their smart cars that are smarter than THEY are, lined Shaker Road. Something I always notice about these Libs is that even if you've never seen them before , you know immediately which side they're on. While the Conservatives smile and chat, the Libs are sour-pussed and arrogantly walk around with their chins pointed skyward. Not ALL of them of course, there actually ARE some friendly Libs, but they are certainly not the majority.

                          Colleen started the hearing with some ground rules about how long each person could speak, that they had to address the board and not the public, and that everyone who wished to speak would be heard and their support or opposition recorded. The first person to speak was Joe Ogilvie, who immediately violated the ground rules by going on and on, reading from notes he held in his hand. He verbally assaulted the board members for not simply agreeing to block anyone BUT the Rail Trail to bid on the Miller property. Monte Wasch also berated the board, and others accused them of not "Representing their constituents" because a Public Hearing was an inconvenience for them since they had already spoken to the board about this issue at the April Town Board Meeting. Rules don't apply to Libs.

                           Now get THIS;  there were people there from Berlin, Canaan, and even one full-time resident of NY City who were allowed to speak AND be counted! When we objected to this, we were informed that any Public Hearing can be attended by anyone, from ANYWHERE, and that their vote WOULD be recorded and counted! Yet NO ONE bothered to inform the people of these facts until the first petitions were handed-in. WE did what we believed to be the ethical thing, and collected signatures from ONLY, tax-paying residents of New Lebanon. I smell a Set-Up. 

                             Of course, it ain't over until it's over. I made it very clear that the opposers are NOT, in ANY way, opposed to the Rail Trail, but we ARE opposed to an "Exclusion" bid that allows ONLY the Rail Trail group to bid on this property! That is unethical as all HELL! I know personally of four people who want to bid on that property, people who intend to use it for business purposes AND pay taxes on it! Not so with the Rail Trail.

                              As is usual in any large gathering, many people were whispering to one another, but one woman, a Mrs. Adams, decided that only the Libs could whisper, and when I was doing so with my seat mate, this shrew turned to us and venemously  asked,   "would you mind being quiet?" !!!  I said, "Would you mind minding your own business?" Every time a Lib stood and supported the trail, the applause was thunderous to the point of painful, and that is NO exaggeration. Many of them were allowed to speak beyond their time limit. Yet, when Rocky Brown stood to speak, he was heckled and talked-over, and Colleen did NOTHING.

                         Jack Pandey asked people to let Rocky have his say, but the rude abuse continued unchecked. I believe that Rocky is owed a public apology from Colleen, since she did not allow any other speaker to be subjected to that kind of treatment. All in all, this meeting was a MAJOR set-up, and we KNOW who the colluders ARE. We KNOW who set us up and that realization is a devastating thing for anyone in this town who knows the difference between right and wrong and believes in doing right as much as humanly possible. The writing was on the wall in red ink, and we know who the ONE person is that held the pen.  (We ALSO know who holds the eraser!)

                         All in all, it was a typical meeting of Liberals wanting what they want  and if there are victims, so be it. I am SO glad that my family has made the decision to leave New Lebanon and we are preparing for that eventuality. New Lebanon is no longer the town it once was, and it will never, ever, be that quiet, free, rural, patriotic, working-family , church-going town again. It is now an Official, Liberal Utopia, and no one can ever say that I did not do everything in my power to warn you that you were giving the wolves the keys to the hen-house. Now it's too late.

                       When a man like Rocky Brown, a pillar of this community, is allowed to be rudely silenced and abused as he was, you KNOW it's over.    We are now a mini- NY City, infected with the immoral, selfish, bullying, Godless , arrogant, and repulsive minions of Hell. Which is exactly what they ARE. It is the only explanation for their twisted ideology and lack of touch with reality.

                        I feel no sympathy for those of you who will be stuck here indefinitely. You MADE your beds through your apathy and laziness, and in some cases, complicity. I will think of the friends and like-thinkers I will be leaving behind and hope they are well, but I cannot and WILL not live with these people and their bulldozer behaviors. These people who want FREE land and tax-exemptions, but won't donate ten bucks to buy an American flag or a flat of flowers. These people who hate God and the Constitution, Veterans and unborn babies. 

                         By the way, did you notice that the latest, "Alleged" school shooter is yet ANOTHER Liberal? EVERY one of them has been a Liberal and/or Democrat voter except the Vegas guy who was Apolitical. That should tell you everything you need to know about the mental status of Liberals.


 Half-Way                                                                     5-27-2018

                   Every day of our lives we make choices and decisions. Sometimes, those choices are as simple as what shirt to wear or what to make for dinner. Other times, the choices we make can be life-changing both for ourselves and others. 

                   Too often, some people presume to make decisions FOR people that they don't even know, just because they think they know what is "Best" for them. This is particularly true of government, the very people we elect to represent us, NOT to regulate every aspect of our lives. (see: Obamacare).

                    Unfortunately, government rarely represents us at ALL, hell, they don't even care enough to listen to what the people really want. It's all about THEM and THEIR desires and goals, and the People only matter during campaign time. 

                     In a perfect world, human beings would actually understand that each of us is a Sovereign Being, free to make life choices that give us peace, joy, and success. Until and unless our personal choices infringe upon the rights of others, we are supposed to be able to live our lives unmolested and unregulated by government entities and people who don't share our views, beliefs, or ideas.

                     Once upon a time, there was a wonderful thing called, "Compromise".  Disagreements of all types and sizes were resolved by the participants actually hashing things out and meeting each other half-way. The best part of that was, that they did it without intervention from government officials or the FORCE of inane laws and mandates. This rarely happens anymore. Today, one side has to have it ALL their way and there must be a Winner and a Loser. 

                 Most of our kids and young adults don't even know HOW to negotiate or compromise. They are spoiled and selfish and have little respect for the rights and needs of other people.  My own generation, kids born in the late 50s and early 60s, might be the last to have been taught the importance of give-and-take. Some of us HAVE passed those values on to our own children, but obviously not enough of us.

                         There are a million directions I could go from here with this post, but I DO have a specific point . New Lebanon, like thousands of other small towns and cities, is severely over-regulated. Zoning laws and codes are so stringent, complicated, and in some cases, unenforceable, that it's nearly impossible to exercise our freedoms without violating some mandate or Code #007-00. God help folks like Cissy and Jeff who strive to interpret these endless rules and still maintain some modicum of fairness. 

                          That being said, let's go ahead and toss Neighbor Disputes into the salad. In all honesty, there are some folks who are just terrible neighbors for a variety of reasons. Yes, we do have a few of those in our town, but for the most part, we are very lucky to not have too many. I happen to be blessed with awesome neighbors. Still, no matter where you live you will find people fighting over boundary lines, noise, kids, dogs, fences, junk piles, and a slew of other things. 

                          Here again, is a place where we seldom see "Compromise" or even the willingness to consider it. There HAS to be a Winner and a Loser, remember?  I recall a time that cities and towns provided trained mediators specifically to deal with ongoing neighbor disputes. I also recall responding as a police officer to some of these cases that bordered on deadly. I kid you not, I once responded to a neighbor dispute where one neighbor had imprisoned the other in a ring of fire with flames too high to jump over! It's far more common than you think to see actual bloodshed at some of these disputes. Hopefully, we will never see any such thing in New Lebanon, and if we take a long hard look at ourselves TODAY, maybe we never will. 

                            No one I know has come under more attack by neighbors than Howard Commander. Howie is a man who DOES know how to compromise and ALWAYS make every effort to do so. Still, it is never enough, as he is dealing with those who want it ALL. People who CHOSE to live within earshot of a speedway but refuse to accept the consequences of their own choices. Their need to "WIN" at the cost of another's freedom, super-cedes Common Sense and Facts. They have no comprehension of the word, "Compromise".

                             The same holds true for the Corkscrew Rail Trail group and the issue with the Miller property. CRT was offered an easement through the property and refused it, stating that they want to "Own" the property. It matters not to them that there are others in town who wish to bid on the site, or that an "Exclusion" sale is sleazy and unfair. The ends justify the means for these people, and screw anyone who dares to object.

                              The present Darcy/Padrick dispute on Lover's Lane is another example of a situation that could be settled through mediation and compromise. Instead, we have a "He-Said-She-Said" situation AND involvement of government agencies like D.E.C that is unnecessary and oppressive. The list goes on and trust me, I know of what I speak.

                               I too, once owned a home on Lover's Lane. We had wonderful neighbors on one side and the Wicked Witch of the West on the other side. We literally did everything in our power to reach an agreement, a "Compromise", but the neighbor refused to budge an inch. In the end, the costs of the legal battle and lost work, cost us our home of ten years. The neighbor got what she wanted, a full WIN. 

                                Did it matter to her that my child was put out of his home and that we were forced to move into a tiny rental in the middle of a week of snowstorms? No, it did not. All that mattered to her was "Winning". 
   It is for all these reasons that I despise Liberalism and it's "We Want It ALL no matter who it hurts" methods.   

                                 This is also why I am supporting Libertarian candidates from now on whenever possible. The Libertarian Party stands on Personal Sovereignty and REAL Fairness, and they shun FORCE. They have much to offer to Americans from both sides of the aisle without bias, and their goal is "COMPROMISE" and "Live and Let Live".  Imagine an America with a government that cared about us ALL? 

  Just DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                      6-20-2018

                I no longer give a damn if I offend Liberals that I share this town with. I don't give a Rat's Ass if I offend a Liberal Snowflake with touchy little feelings. Truth is still Truth, even if someone is offended by it or some activist Judge calls it Hate Speech.  Too bad, grow a set and get over yourselves. 

               If I sound particularly angry tonight, it's because I AM. Me and about 200 million other Americans. We are sick and tired of being "Patient" and of trying to remain "Neutral" while Liberals burn down the world.  If any one of you has EVER stopped to actually THINK about it, you would realize that Liberalism is Pure Evil and is 100% responsible for every major problem we have in America today. 

               Oh, I'm not done, but I want to allow my friend Doug to have HIS say,too. He NAILS it !  This latest attack on Trump, a president I did not WANT and don't particularly trust, is the straw that has broken the camel's back for many Conservatives. The blatant LIES coming from the Liberal Media and groups about what is happening at the Mexican Border are abominable, and whatever you or I think of Trump, blaming HIM for Liberal Policies implemented long before he ever considered politics, is beyond tolerable.  

   From Doug:

  As most of you know, I'm “senior” to probably 95% of you -who may be smart enough, and patient enough to read what I write here.   

I am SO sick & tired of ALL THE LIES AND DECEPTION 

Heed what I say, for I have YEARS of experienced observation of the EROSION of our civil RIGHTS and our country to share with you in a very short time. 

FACTS on RECORD:   While on campaigning for his office,  President Trump  promised us all that he would “SHUT DOWN N.P.R.”

I HAVE PERSONALLY WRITTEN  the President three (3) times, reminding him of that promise  AND addressing the very real reason he should be following through on that promise.   ASAP:    The leftist/Globalists are producing vile lies and propaganda 24 hours a day to mislead you –the American public.  Their ‘work’ is an OUTRIGHT SLANDER about nearly everything he is doing for America.   For example: The airwaves were full of sob stories of ‘refugee’ children separated by the government from their families  -what was NOT MENTIONED,.. were the thousands (Millions maybe?) of children ‘separated’ from their parents BECAUSE THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS CHOSE TO BECOME CRIMINALS and are incarcerated  ( on OUR DIME no less…)    ALSO NOT ADDRESSED was that thousands of American children are also separated from their parents who are serving our country in the military

FACTS on RECORD:  Sen. Dianne Feinstein voted for a “mandatory detention” policy for everyone who crosses the border illegally. So did Senators Schumer, Leahy, Sanders , & Shelia Jackson-Lee.   President Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1996.  ALL DEMOCRATS.    What should that tell you about the ‘sincerity’, the ‘agenda’ and the goals of the so-called “Progressive” Liberal Left in America today ?  Can you say, –and understand all the damage done by their ‘hypocricy’ ?

FACTS on RECORD:   In March of 1993, The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling in Reno v Flores.  ( Yes, “That” Reno. - Janet Reno, Democrat Bill Clinton’s first Attorney General who ordered that young Elian Gonzalez be torn from his family’s arms while hiding in a Miami closet.  You might remember the iconic photograph.)    You might ALSO  remember Reno also had a large part in the deaths of 74 American citizens in a place called Waco, Texas...

Anyway, 74 dead Americans not withstanding, the Court in Reno v Flores, decided that minors could not be incarcerated with the adults accompanying them across the United States border illegally. The decision was the result of a long dispute in how to best care for these children while the adults were detained for criminal proceedings.

You see, when aliens cross the border illegally, they are RIGHTFULLY incarcerated until their criminal case is decided.  The understandable argument at the time was  “why should children be incarcerated while their parents are in jail?”   It seemed a fundamental violation of international human rights.  Makes sense, right?  As a result, that Flores case drew a line in the sand.  Children could not be incarcerated with their parents or accompanying adult while being held for illegal immigration violations.   And a subsequent 1997 agreement stipulated that children must be placed in a safer environment where they could enjoy certain privileges, including education, a clean, safe environment and other normal life cycle amenities that incarcerated individuals do not enjoy.

It was considered a “victory” for human rights by the political left.  By separating adult and child, we protected the children, reducing any harm done to them for their parent’s or accompanying adult’s decisions’ –so they said.

A lot has happened since then. However; bottom line, these juvenile, shelters have been operating in accordance with the law, and overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services to protect those children from the hazards of parental incarceration UNDER MANY PRESIDENTS SINCE 1997.

So, as Donald Trump was running his real estate empire, selling wine and casinos in 1993, -we are left to wonder just how it was that it is claimed that he was the one who managed to orchestrate this cruel “separation of immigrant parent and child” 25 years BEFORE he was President of the United States.   The obvious answer is, HE DIDN'T.   It was the Democrats and previous 'administrations' that did.   
Mr. Trump had nothing to do with establishing this US immigration policy.

Today, he simply enforces it.   ( process that 'REAL news' snowflake...)  This one bit of truth illustrates how important it is for us to do our research regarding today’s headlines.  ‘FAKE NEWS’ is everywhere.  The Corporate ‘Mainstream Media’  either refuses to do the research, is incapable of doing it,  or has done the research and decided to lie to you about its findings .    This makes the Corporate Media either lazy, incompetent or just plain deceptive.   Common rotten LIARS.

FACTS on RECORD:  Donald Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims). The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being “Un-American,” dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist. Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and President NObama called such a prohibition on immigration unconstitutional.   Well guess WHAT ‘bunkie’ ?    Everything ABOUT admitting illegal aliens IS ILLEGAL already :   

FACTS on RECORD: there already is a FEDERAL LAW that PROHIBITS entry of Islamics:  Since 1986    -and , while on campaigning for his office,  I watched video as President Trump  promised us all that he would “REMOVE ALL MUSLIMS” from our land.   THAT hasn't been accomplished either.  Yes, I KNOW he is very busy.   That’s a given.   However if you do not eliminate your main opponents in your fierce battle for Freedom and Liberty, you will be overcome by them in the end.  Any buck private worth a damn can tell you that.

 -by the McCarran Walters Act  The Immigration and Nationality Act,  of June 27, 1952  
This selective immigration ban has been THE LAW for decades ;  
Yet  America has HUNDREDS of LAWS government chooses to IGNORE.  

Here’s another one that the GLOBALIST traitors in government wish had never been written :  
‘ The Simpson-Mazzoli Act ‘ -the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act  of 1986   
 Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, 1324 (a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)   8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens   

Among the many issues it covers, is one in particular, found in chapter 2 Section 212, that is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence or other unconstitutional means”.  This, by its very definition, rules out ANY Islamic immigration to the United States,  > but this law was wholly ignored by the Bush & Obama ‘Administrations’ 

Islamic immigration to the US is prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government,  -the US Constitution, -and to the democratic -Republic- which we all live under.  Every Muslim who attest that the Koran is their life guiding principle subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government.

And since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution,  all Muslims must be refused admittance to the United States because their beliefs are clearly diametrically opposed to our constitution.  For that very reason alone, they DO NOT BELONG HERE .  

If all of this overwhelming information strikes a chord within you,  

Otherwise, you will continue to LOSE your country. 

It really is as ‘simple as that’       ....THINK ABOUT IT



     Well said, Doug, you always "Get It".  Too bad so few other Americans do.  ANYONE who is jailed in America, is separated from their children if they have them. Sometimes it's for a brief period, but usually it's years, and sometimes it's forever. That is one of the consequences for breaking the law. Are illegals exempt? As Doug stated, our Soldiers are separated from their children also, while they go to dangerous locations to defend FREEDOM and their beloved country. Yet while they fight, Liberal politicians, groups, and Hollywood scumbags, are tearing apart everything our soldiers are risking their lives FOR! 

                Liberals want to take away ALL of our gun rights and leave us defenseless against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we have plenty of BOTH.  They ignore the LAW that Muslims are banned from America,that Immigrants must follow the rules if they wish to come to this country, that the Constitution is the Guidebook for ALL laws for ALL Americans. 

                 Liberals lie about Climate Change, they hate God and Religion, they want our kids to be sexual perverts and start teaching them about sexual deviance in the FIRST GRADE! Liberal men want to be women and Liberal women want to be men. They want to marry same-sex partners then cry if they can't adopt a child from a Christian Adoption Agency! They believe that rights apply to them ONLY and Conservatives should conform or lose THEIR rights! THEY point fingers at US and call us "Haters", "Terrorists", and 'Stupid Rednecks", while in reality, no one is more hateful, dangerous, or stupid than a dedicated Liberal, even those with college degrees. 

                Liberals want nothing more than they want CONTROL. They want to control what we eat, drink, smoke, drive, read, write, buy, say, ad nauseum. They want to make their own rules and nullify the rules set down by our Founding Fathers and our Heavenly Father. THEY are the cause of poverty, Racism, homelessness, immorality, rising crime rates, the division of the American people, education that no longer instructs but indoctrinates. THEY are responsible for the death of the traditional family, the murders of millions of unborn babies, the lack of responsibility and accountability among our youth and politicians. 

                It is the Liberals that have pissed on Patriotism, destroyed monuments that attested to the Truth of our history and served as reminders of our mistakes so that we might never repeat them. They tell us what flags we can or cannot fly, what Tee Shirts our kids can wear to school, and what we can do with and on our own land. They have buried us in regulations and environmental requirements and created Social programs for Special Interests that have no business being funded by taxpayers who disagree with the agenda.

               They have attempted to normalize behaviors and beliefs that should NEVER be considered Normal or even acceptable. They are responsible for the deaths of many innocents and the imprisonment of those who are guilty of NOTHING.  Ranchers sit in prisons for exercising their Constitutional Rights while Black Lives Matter members run free after destroying property via arson and looting, and attacked Police officers. And yes, it IS true that EVERY Mass-Shooter in the past 10 years has been a Liberal Democrat, save ONE. The Vegas shooter was A-Political. Other than that, EVERY SINGLE ONE has been a Liberal, but the Left continues to call the right, "Dangerous" because we value our 2nd Amendment rights?

              When did you last hear of a Conservative Gun Owner going on a shooting spree? When did you last hear of a Conservative Group rioting and committing arson? Has a Conservative group or individual ever demanded the removal of a historical monument or flag? Have WE ever tried to FORCE a Muslim baker to make an Easter Cake? Would we SUE him if he refused? Nope. WE believe that the 1st Amendment and ALL the others, apply equally to ALL Americans. 

              Liberals carry the blame for EVERYTHING that is dangerous and decadent in America, Period. Conservatives also carry some blame for what is happening to our country because they sit and do NOTHING. WE allow this crap to continue and fail to use our voices and our NUMBERS to stop the insanity, and yes, Liberalism IS insanity and the epitome of EVIL. 

             The little town of New Lebanon is a vivid, if small-scale, example of the destructive policies of Liberalism. Liberal transplants have destroyed everything that was good and joyful about this town and now, they want to steal property from the tax rolls and deny the RIGHT of other residents to a fair bidding process. All for a Rail Trail that will never, EVER gain the needed easements in this town. Despite the number of Liberals that showed-up to demand their freebies at the Public Hearing, there are many, many landowners that have told me that the Rail trail will NEVER be allowed to cross their properties. One person in 20 is NOT concerned about strangers wandering through their back yards. The majority has said, "Hell NO!". 

              But you know what? The Rail Trail will win, and they WILL get the Miller property. WHY? Well, because those in opposition didn't bother to attend the Public Hearing or call the Town Hall and speak out against this unethical and sleazy action. Liberals on the other hand, are joined at the hip and will back one another up no matter who gets hurt or what it costs others that are NOT a part of their cult, and they very much ARE a Cult.

             They will also get it because they lie about being able to complete this project, about it being something that will increase Business, (it won't),  and because they abuse any voice of opposition. There is no one more rude and crude and bullyish than a Liberal. Most of them also have lots of money to waste to "Buy" people who can get them what they want, and in our case, they somehow managed to "Buy" our Town Supervisor. 

            Yes, I said it and I don't care if Colleen is pissed or not. She has betrayed the longtime locals and almost all of her lifetime friends in the past year. She is fully supporting this unethical land sale, burdening the tax payers, and screwing over the others who wished to bid on this property. In fact, if not for Colleen and her alliance with Councilman Rasmussen, this matter would never have come up at all. I was THERE, I SAW it all, and it was disgusting. I have also seen her rude treatment of the Council members who dare to oppose her. She SHOULD have recused herself from this issue and she SHOULD recuse herself from the vote at the County Supervisors' Meeting this month. Her bridges are on fire, and she lit the match. I hope she's enjoying her SECOND leave in a month, because when she returns, she has a lot to deal with. 

            So while I'm at it, why not go ALL the way?  Colleen is NOT running for re-election next year. Which is probably why she doesn't care if she makes enemies. My "Theory" is that she will leave New Lebanon and move South to be closer to her daughter. So none of the issues in town will be her problem for much longer. "Rumor" has it, that the local Democrats already have their candidate selected, and of course, he or she will win because this town has been completely seized by Liberal Transplants.

            Part of said rumor is that the Dem candidate is Monte Wasch, but I find that highly unlikely. Even Liberals aren't THAT stupid, are they? I have brought the Constitution Study to a temporary end for the Summer, but in truth, I doubt that I will re-instate it in the Fall. Why?  Monte. It's time for Truth about the class,  and I am giving it to you. This was our 3rd season for the study and it was the most poorly attended of all three. I have lost SIX people who were regular attendees, and EVERY one of them told me they left because of Monte.  

           Every class was taken off-track from the intended lesson by Monte's diatribes about how much he knows and how much I don't. Every class became an argument instead of a learning experience and people who came to learn and ask questions, were rarely given an opportunity to speak or learn ANYTHING. Monte is very, very smart and he probably IS smarter than I am. In my heart, I even kind of like the guy, sometimes. But others who are not familiar with Monte and how he thinks and views the world, could not deal with it and the study is falling apart. I very often wonder if that wasn't Monte's goal all along. 

           Personally, I don't think I care all that much anymore. New Lebanon is not salvageable any longer, because no one would stand up during the past 9 years that I begged you all to. The Liberals own this town now, and YOU let it happen. YOU have to live with it. The Miller property issue is just a tiny little bump in the road compared to what they will bring in the future with their government grants and sustainability crap, environmental regulations, etc.  I am too busy with other efforts to lose sleep over this town anymore. 

            On the Mexican Border, criminals are being jailed on a TEMPORARY basis, and as a result of their crimes, children are being taken from them, also TEMPORARILY. These kids are in many cases, not even the biological kids of the people claiming to be their parents. What they ARE,  are keys to the locks of America's borders. They are pawns to appeal to the bleeding hearts who prefer total invasion to security and the Rule of Law. They are "assets" to the Democrat Party that is salivating over the potential, future votes.  You are being lied to and misled by the Liberal Media and activist groups, and I bet you believe every damn word .



  And THIS!



 VICTORY !!!                                                                6-28-2018

        I am completely and utterly SHOCKED !  We actually WON !  The Miller property will be going back on the Auction list, and ALL interested residents will be allowed to bid fairly !!

                Yes, the Liberal Transplants DID have more petition signatures, BUT, they got them dishonestly. While we the Opposers to the "Exclusion Sale" collected signatures from New Lebanon Taxpayers ONLY, the transplants collected signatures from people who not only do not live in New Lebanon, but many who do not live in this County or STATE!  Colleen says that is legal when a Public Hearing is held, and maybe it is, but it should NOT be! It is sleazy and dirty, but then again, so is most of what Liberals do.

                 I believe that the underhanded manner in which the citiots handled this issue, was the deciding factor for the County Supervisors. An "Exclusion Sale" to a non-profit would be unfair, biased, and in a word, Corrupt. Why didn't Colleen see that? Where is the Colleen I have known and loved for decades?  

                In any case, I am ecstatic, and yes, I am gloating a little. After so many years of being bullied by newcomers who happen to be arrogant Control Freaks, this little win feels like a piece of Heaven.  Congratulations to the other residents who can now fairly bid on the property, and a HUGE Thank You to the 3 Councilmen who had the character and integrity to stand by what they knew was RIGHT.  If the Rail Trail bids and wins, I will still be happy, because I have the satisfaction and inner peace of knowing it was done RIGHT. It is the MEANS that matters. 

                Stewarts is about ready to get to work on the new store, despite the claims from Sonny that it isn't happening. Don't ask ME why he keeps doing that, unless he is trying to hold-on to his tenants as long as possible. Here's something ELSE I am celebrating; Stewarts has stated that they will NEVER sell their present property to Dunkin Donuts! LOL!!  IF Dunkin really wants to be in N.L, they should consider the former Shed Man site on 22 South.  Just sayin'.

                 Rocky Brown has not yet received the apology I requested from Colleen re: how he was treated at the Public Hearing. Let's hope that happens at the next T.B meeting. Let me re-phrase that, "It BETTER happen at the next town board meeting"!    The flower box project is complete for this year, and 6 boxes are now displayed along Rt. 20. The flowers are starting to fill-in this week, but they are a lot of care for two people. Thank you to Tami Sears for taking on the maintenance of the West Lebanon boxes. Without her help, I would be doing all 6 myself.  Thank you also to the THREE flower donors, Peg Munves, Bob Smith, and Mark Baumli, to Jesse Newton for the lumber, and Bob Schrump for his carpentry skills. Next year, we will be adding boxes to the 22 South bridge, the 22 North bridge, and the Adams Crossing and Rt. 20 bridge. 

                  The Flag project is done for this year and we will order the flags in the Fall for hanging next Spring. We never made the goal of $500.00 and never received a dime from a single, City transplant this year. 


                  I know that most of you don't look into the News to any degree or seek alternate news sources. Shame, because if all you hear comes from mainstream media, you don't know ANYTHING.  I strongly and arrogantly recommend you read my Facebook page a couple of times a week. (Joanna Smith). OR, my group page at: Madison's Militia. You WILL get REAL news there! 

                  If you have been relying on MSNBC or CNN, you are out of touch with reality. You are unaware of the escalating violence within the Democrat Party and the dangerous threats and menacing being made against Conservatives, Trump Supporters, and members of the Trump Administration. It is beyond insanity , and it is looking like Maxine Waters may be the first to pay a price. 

                  For the last 9 or 10 years, the media, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other Liberal organizations, have been calling Conservatives, Patriots, and Oathkeepers, "Domestic Terrorists ". The Left has been claiming that it is the Right that is violent and dangerous with our Big, Bad, Black Guns and NRA, etc. Yet it is the Left that is calling for violent action, it is the Left that has perpetrated EVERY mass-shooting, riot, and assault on Police. I am posting a few links for you below that will bring you somewhat up-to-date on what is happening out there right NOW. 

                  Funny thing is, the Peaceful Right, the ones with the guns, are not in the least bit intimidated by the threats and the unhinged actions of the Left. In fact, we are so tired of being bullied, of being "Patient" and "Sensible", that we have reached a point of anticipation. We are biding our time and waiting calmly for the Left to fire the first shot, and then..... we will merely decimate them. The Left has pushed us SO far for SO long, that we actually welcome the chance to take action in the form of self-defense. We will NEVER start it, but we CAN and WILL, end it.

                   The Lunacy has to end, so let the Lunatics bring it on! 


 Tucker Carlson Warns of Point of no Return!


 Lib Journalist Warns Conservatives of Bombs to Come


 Trump Officials Urged to Carry Guns for Protection


 Sheriff Clarke: prepare to Defend!


 Imagine if a BLACK Official had this Happen to THEM?


 Here is some Liberalism for you.