About Virginia                                                           12-22-2019

                No, not Virginia Martin, who was the Chair of the County Dem Party for years, but is no more. Nor is Jason Nastke the Republican Chair any longer. Talk about two huge improvements. It was definitely time for a changing of the guard at the BOE in Hudson.

                  The Virginia I'm referring to is the State of Virginia.  I'm shocked at how few people are aware of what is happening down there!  The people made a HUGE mistake in allowing the Democrats to win their gubernatorial election and curse them with another Cuomo. The very first thing Gov. Ralph Northam did was go after the Second Amendment. Not only has he proposed gun restrictions that would make Hitler proud, but he has also proposed laws against Self-Defense Training for civilians, and yes, that means Karate, Tae Kwan Do, and all the rest of that hand-to-hand stuff. He wants that banned, along with shooter training and competitions, Militias, etc. In other words, he wants the people of Virginia 100% defenseless against criminals and particularly, a Rogue State Government.

                    No longer would a Dad be able to take his kids out for some simple target practice or gun safety lessons on a Saturday afternoon, and no more can a kid work his way up from White belt in Karate to Black Belt. It's far worse than anything you can imagine, and makes Cuomo look like the Founder of the NRA. Ahh, but the People are NOT having it ! The outrage and uprising is National News as County Sheriffs impose Gun Sanctuary status in their counties, and the National Guard that Northam has threatened to use against the people and police, are telling him to kiss their asses.

                     Northam has threatened to de-fund all non-complying counties, to cut their power , water, and food supplies, and arrest all Oath-Keeping Law Enforcement. His claim? "The Law is the Law" !  Well he is correct, it IS, and the LAW is the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment that HE is violating. The military and Law Enforcement have all taken the Oath to Defend and Uphold the Constitution and to protect the rights of the people against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Gov. Northam and his administration have declared themselves "Domestic Enemies". 

                     What they are attempting to do is 100% Communism. It violates almost ALL of the Bill of Rights, and threatens the most powerful police officers in the land, the County Sheriffs. It is Northam who is behaving criminally here, and Northam who has opened himself up to arrest and removal from office. Still, he continues to claim that he will have his way.  In response, the People have armed-up and made their position clear. They will fight before they will allow their rights to be infringed even one more inch! 

                      Never have I seen our country this close to a 2nd Civil War before. The Virginia climate is steaming hot, the people are livid, and it won't take much to light the match of Revolution. Northam's options have dwindled, but that does not mean he has none. He is crazy and criminal enough to go to deadly extremes, rather than simply back down and OBEY THE LAW. The military will NOT stand with him against the Constitution and neither will the police, but the Troopers....might. FEDERAL cops....might. The UN Forces....most certainly WILL if requested. The People know this, and they don't care. They are armed, experienced, and DONE with the disregard for their Rights by Democrat Politicians.  THIS is the showdown,folks. I hope you take it seriously.

                     Many people claim that Sanctuary Counties for the 2A are meaningless paper, and in reality, they are. However, they are also a loud and clear warning to the Left that we will take NO more, that we are standing up for our precious rights and taking back our liberties. 2019 is the END of bowing to Liberal Insanity and lawlessness.  I hope the new members of our local town government are listening,too. They will be under a microscope, every single day. The Dems are going DOWN, at every level, and SANITY is making a comeback. 

                     The present situation in Virginia is a tinder box , it is the most dangerous showdown we have seen in generations, and at this moment, no one knows which way it will go. If the Left continues to push and ignore the Law, there will be blood in the streets, and it won't be just Virginia, it will be nationwide. The Left can NOT win this time, they are out-numbered and they are in the WRONG. They always ARE.  They have pushed too far for too long.

                      Now the Left finds itself in a position of "Back Down" or "Be TAKEN Down". The high-ranking Democrat officials are sitting in a boiling cauldron after this Impeachment debacle and all the laws they've violated since Trump's election. The number of crimes the left has committed in the past three years, will take twice that many years to bring to the courts and punish, there are just so MANY. Then move downward to the State Politicians and their lackeys who have committed just as MANY crimes, evil men like Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam who think that THEY rule over the lives of the people and THEY make the laws according to their own, personal agendas. That's what they've gotten away with for so long, that they now think that they are Kings.

                        We the People are to blame for that, for allowing them to run amok and grow outside the boundaries our Founders set down for them.  WE, who have forgotten that politicians are OUR EMPLOYEES, and that WE tell THEM what we want! Well, guess what? The People are wide awake now, and setting things straight. NO MORE will we tolerate the immorality, the systematic destruction of our education system, our economy, our Security and Immigration Laws, our Faith, the Political Correctness and so-called "Hate Speech", the Climate Lies, the indoctrination of our most innocent, and most of all, our CONSTITUTION. 

                         It's a shame that even at this most peaceful and gentle time of year, we are forced to fight for what is OURS. But we ARE, and we WILL. I know people that are moving their wives and children out of Richmond, Virginia in the middle of the Holiday Season, because they know what is coming, and how SOON it is coming. This is no joke, no passing spat. 

                         Don't be taken by surprise when the shit hits the fan, be prepared. That includes right here in New Lebanon, because you have some surprises coming here, as well. Quite a few, in fact. Compliments of the mentally-unhinged, power-hungry, lawless Liberal Left, 2020 will be a year that no one will ever forget, no matter WHAT happens in Virginia. 

                  Sleep Well, New Lebanon.  LOL.