If It's Not ONE Thing....                                                  4-5-2014

               Still no explanation for the plane now missing for nearly 30 days. What must it be like for the families of the missing?  Another question would be, "Why are they focusing on the Indian Ocean search when there is no evidence of an airplane having gone down there?"  Groundwork.

                 Those involved are laying the groundwork for the lies yet to come. We- the- Stupid will be force-fed the hope of the plane being found in that location just long enough to prime our minds to accept a big announcement that it has been recovered at the bottom of that body of water. The black box will NOT be located and the entire incident will be explained away as "equipment failure" or "pilot error".  End of story.

                  No bodies or plane parts will ever be produced and the media will methodically distract us with the newest tragedy or issue.  Already, a fresh shooting at Fort Hood is taking center-stage. False estimates of the number of new Obamacare sign-ups are being promoted in an effort to vindicate its Democrat supporters in time for the November elections. ( my contacts report the actual number at right around 850,000, NOT the 7 million the Obama administration is claiming). Of these, very few are the young, healthy funders they dreamed about. Are you tired of the lies YET ?

                  For over six years now, it's been nothing but scandals, cover-ups, excuses and outright felonies perpetrated by the Obama Cult and STILL, there are people ignorant enough to buy the B.S. This is America in 2014. Never before have we been so technologically advanced and had so much information available to us at the push of a button, yet we are the MOST ignorant, apathetic and downright STUPID that we as Americans, have EVER been. As Clint Eastwood would say, "Explain this shit!".

                  Fort Hood again. Why a second shooting there? 1) It's another Gun-Free Zone, which equals "Sitting Ducks".  2) Inadequate mental health services and providers for our returning soldiers. The wait list is a minimum of four months for a vet to be evaluated, de-briefed and counseled. Maybe the selfish Obama Family could take a few less vacations on our dime and channel some of that taxpayer money into caring for our soldiers !  3) Returning military members who fought in the Middle East and watched their friends maimed and killed, have come home to find that the freedom they sacrificed so much for is being eroded daily, our rights violated and stolen by a tyrannical government and a Traitor president.  4) Military pay, retirement, health care, and even nutrition have been cut to the bare minimum, while Congressmen and women are paid six-figures for life and face NO term limits.  5) Constant exposure to the evils of Islam while being prohibited from exercising their own, Christian Faith while serving. It is acceptable in the military to pray if it is done with your head toward Mecca and your ass in the air, which is double-peril now that soldiers are allowed to be openly Gay as well!

                When God, Ethics, Natural Rights, and Patriotism are taken from us by tyrants, evil is given carte-blanche.  The Obama administration is literally BREEDING violence. Deliberately.  Obama had the absolute GALL to come out and make the statement that he is "Heartbroken" over this latest shooting. Oh, REALLY ? Is he upset enough to stop the wasteful spending, cut Congress' salaries and retirement, and END the funding of our enemies and use that money to care for our OWN?  Is he willing to end the Welfare abuses, the skyrocketing costs of illegal immigration and the demonizing of the 2nd Amendment and address the REAL causes of the violence?  Of course not, as these common-sense solutions would be contrary to his agenda, and way too "American". Barack Hussein Obama is anything BUT American.

                So, if our gangster government wants to place blame for the violence in America, they have only to look in their mirrors. A few weeks ago, we talked here about the issue of violent crime in Albany and how easy and inexpensive it would be to end that violence and change the behavior of entire communities. ALL of those solutions mentioned in that post can be applied across the entire nation and profoundly change American Society for the better within ONE year ! So why not DO those things, make those changes?  Well, The Government does not WANT a safe, healthy society.

                Our politicians deliberately incite violence, division, hate, anger, and lack of accountability. Civil unrest of any type and level provides them with the distractions, excuses and justification for expanding the Police State and passing more and more oppressive laws. If the "people" cannot control themselves, then the government must step-in and impose that control. See the agenda? 

                  Several days ago in a city in Kentucky, a young family was stopped at a red light when a mob of 50 to 100, black teenagers surrounded their vehicle. The woman who was driving, was struck in the temple and briefly knocked unconscious. Her husband had begun to step out of the vehicle, (NOT a good idea!), then got back in when he saw the size of the mob.  Meanwhile, the three small children in the back seat, screamed in terror. In an interview after the incident, the mother told the media that her little girl wakes up several times a night in a panic since the attack. When asked why she didn't escape the scene immediately, the mom said that she couldn't move the car without hitting someone! Aaahh, and therein lies the problem.

                   IF these violent kids had been forced to watch their friends knocked down like bowling pins by that car, perhaps they would think twice about repeating the behavior. (they committed 17 crimes that night and only TWO arrests were made). Had that been MY family in that car, I would have become the driver of a four-wheeled bowling ball without a second's hesitation!  This woman did not move her vehicle until much damage had been done to it and her family. Why ?

                    NORMAL human beings will reflexively avoid causing harm even if it puts their own safety at risk. Add to that, that the assailants were black and the victims white. We all know what the media has accomplished by sensationalizing the rare occasions of whites harming or killing blacks in self-defense. It's okay for blacks to kill one another by the hundreds every day, it is okay for blacks to victimize whites, but it is "RACIST" for whites to defend themselves against blacks. In fact, this incident in Kentucky was the result of just such an event. Several black teens had assaulted and attempted to rob a 63 year-old, white man on a bus, and the man had defended himself by stabbing one of the teens, who later died.

                    The perpetrator got what he deserved and his victim exercised his right to self-defense. Should have been the end of the story, but not in race-baiting Obamaland. A WHITE man DARED to defend his life and property against a BLACK youth that was threatening those very things. How DARE he defend himself! He should just GIVE his money and life to the bum, after all, those poor little black boys have no daddies!  Welcome to America. This was the trigger for the mob to form and wreak havoc on their city and attack innocent families.  Once again, blacks sought revenge for a justified killing of someone that most of them had never met, just because the dead kid had been black.  Senseless, uncivilized, and downright STUPID behavior, incited and supported by a government of slave-masters.

                      MY family would not have remained in that Kentucky intersection for even a full minute. I would have first emptied my magazine into that crowd and THEN, blasted through that gang with the pedal to the metal and the engine screaming! NO question about it.  What would YOU have done if those were YOUR kids screaming in the back seat ?

                      It's time to send a message to these kids and their irresponsible parents. It matters NOT what color your skin is, how old or young you are or what language you speak, if you attack the innocent, expect to pay with life, limb, or both. What better deterrent is there than immediate self-defense and consequences for the crime? If the courts won't apply justice, then WE must.  Incidents like this are happening in America every, single day and are on the increase. Imagine the escalation of such attacks if the citizenry is disarmed ?  Utter Chaos !

                      Yes, it CAN get worse, and it WILL. If Americans keep supporting Gun Control Laws, ignoring government violations of the Constitution, and tolerating the Race Card and lack of accountability for criminals, we will all very quickly begin to see just how MUCH worse it can get. So sit on your apathetic asses and say NOTHING about the rapidly-growing, Police State, the mass infiltration of Mexican criminals and Islamic Extremists, and do NOTHING about our oppressive, tyrannical government and you will have only yourself to blame for the results. Is this the legacy you wanted to leave your children and their children?

                      In ten days from today, the NY Safe Act will be fully-implemented and you will be required to register your firearms. I hope you know where you stand by now. Will YOU obey this unconstitutional and over-reaching law, or will you take a stand for your rights and freedom and refuse to comply like a strong American should? Will you disobey or submit to slavery? Depends on whether you are a lion or a sheep, and how much you know about the history of gun registration and what follows it, EVERY time.

                      Stop being "Tolerant" of the intolerable and be an AMERICAN. If you cannot or will not do that, you should find another country to live in.


Heritage and History                                                    4-7-2014

      Everyone who knows me , knows how much I love history, especially local history. The Valley Tales by Reverend Ernie Smith are among my most treasured books. (By the way, he is 92 years old, and still loves company and chocolate candy. He might not know who you are, but he doesn't care, as long as you visit.).

       The new Heritage Center in the Lebanon Plaza is almost like having our very own museum, and I hope that everyone in town makes an effort to visit at least once. Finally, all the historical gems that have been hoarded in the dark, upper rooms of the Town Hall for decades, are available for us all to see and enjoy.

       As an avid, information addict, I of course am wary of anything that even HINTS of Agenda 21 such as "Sustainable Development" and I am suspicious of "elite" committees that meet in the shadows. The Heritage Center is a red flag as it and many of its organizers are literal Poster-Children for the A21 program. Not ALL of them of course, but quite a few, and if you really think about it, I betcha you can name them!  Most of these people however, are simply history lovers with good intentions who are donating their time and effort to bring something of value to the community. I personally appreciate all they have accomplished and shared and I encourage Lebanon residents to show their gratitude by supporting this worthwhile project.

     One of the most fascinating things you will see at the Heritage Center, is Lebanon's history in pictures. Many of the photos are more than 150 years old and a few are not yet identified, so if you can help with that, please do so! Next Saturday, why not spend an enjoyable hour leafing through the photo collections? You will be amazed at the evolution of your town and surroundings and maybe put a name to an unidentified picture.

     The inspiration for this post was a photo from my own collection. It is an early 1940s shot of the former Willow Brook Cabins on Rt. 20 in Lebanon Center. The building sits between Smitty's Pizza and the Shed Man's display lot and is now owned by John Saunders. The little tourist cabins are long gone to heaven knows where, and so are the great old porches. So many old houses have lost those porches with their turned posts, corbels, and creaky, wooden steps. The slatted railings that lent a welcoming and protective feeling to a house like a smile does to the human face. For me, a house is not complete without a sitting porch, shutters, and flower-boxes. A Super-Model has natural beauty, but it takes a skilled make-up artist to make that beauty shine. Houses are like that.

     These days, most folks seem to prefer decks. Not me. I want to sit on the porch and watch a thunderstorm, feel the breeze and still remain dry. I like my rocking chairs to be protected from that rain and the fading rays of the summer sun, not to mention scud missiles dropped by passing birds.  The cozy shelter of a porch roof provides us not only shelter from storms and heat, but a cozy gathering place for friends, family and neighbors. Once upon a time, porches were the social centers of the neighborhoods! Every house needs a sitting porch.

     The old homes in Lebanon have changed over the years as they do in every small town in America. Used to be, that folks took great pride in their houses and properties, kept the buildings painted, the yards clutter-free and  the Flag waving from the doorjamb. Even Tom Sawyer had to keep Aunt Polly's fence whitewashed! There are still many people who take pride in their property, Larry and Barb Benson come to mind as do Mark Baumli, Donna Smith, Dave and Sheryl Roden and a number of others. They are not the majority however. Even my OWN backyard is an eyesore, at least to ME. It's easy to tell when looking at my property, that the front yard is MY territory and the back yard is "Man Land". THAT will change THIS summer! LOL!!

    Every year, it gets more and more expensive to buy tools and supplies needed to maintain our homes and yards, and for a lot of us, these things must take a back seat to the necessities of life. Cleaning up though, costs nothing but a little ambition and elbow grease. If a homeowner is sick or elderly and no longer able to work outdoors, shouldn't WE as friends, neighbors and family, offer assistance? Some people will refuse of course, but I don't think it will be many.

     Barn paint comes in red or white and is available in very affordable, 5-gallon buckets. Flowers and bushes can be divided and shared, and just about everyone has a rake and shovel. Charlie's Pantry would make an excellent Community Needs Center to coordinate jobs and volunteers, and yes, I would volunteer my own time and effort to the cause. We could engage our youth in the community and teach them about generosity and compassion, and rather than "In-School Suspensions" and "Detention", why not require volunteer work instead ? What begins as punishment could end as reward, not just for the kids, but for their families and friends and the recipients of their efforts.

     For decades, it has been Seniors who have done the bulk of volunteer work in communities while our able-bodied youth are in front of Televisions and Video Game consoles. Maybe our high school would be willing to promote and support community service and so could our four churches. Woodshop students can make shutters and flower-boxes and repair steps, railings and fences. (proper supervision, parental permission and liability waivers required).  Older kids can paint at the first-floor level, rake, plant and weed, all while learning life skills and experiencing the fulfillment that comes only from helping others and being a part of something that matters.

    Such a program has the power to change and even save lives, not to mention the face and heartbeat of our town. Imagine our talented art students painting historical murals on buildings like the old LarAbowl, or some running horses on the OTB building?  So WHERE do we get the supplies, the pizza and soda? Fundraisers, donors, property owners who can afford to contribute, and the insurance can be transferred from the skating rink and sledding hill fund. The possibilities are endless and exciting ! I intend to sit down with Scott Larabee, the local clergy and the school to discuss the idea, and if you have input or would like to help, please step up!

    If you do nothing else this month, visit the Heritage Center soon and look at the photos of what our town once was and could come close to again. Let's put aside our political differences for a while and see what we can accomplish as an independent community, with out government grants or interference, like our grandparents did! We don't need any "Economic Development Committees", just determined people, an open office and plans and efforts that everyone can take part in, not just the select "Few". If we can do it HERE, we can do it nationwide! 

Tomorrow: Town Board!


 Town Board- Youth and Yuppies                                           4-8-2014

              I cannot speak for others, but I am not at all impressed with our "New" Town Board any more than I was with the previous ones. They are without a shadow of a doubt, the most arrogant, ineffective, immature, and self-serving individuals in this town.  Gag!

              Last night, approximately 25 students from our high school attended the meeting with their teacher and coach, Lenny Brown and a few concerned parents. The kids entered the meeting room quietly, in dribs and drabs, politely took their seats and waited for the meeting to begin. They had come to be heard by their town representatives and the local media regarding recent comments about the Heroin issue in New Lebanon.  I no longer read the local papers as I find the articles too one-sided and left-leaning, and unless someone contacts me and asks me to look at an item, I don't bother anymore.  Apparently, I missed something.

              The papers had linked an alleged discovery of Heroin paraphernalia to our high school, suggesting that a student or students had been using the drug in or near our cemetery.  This proved NOT to be the case, in fact it was a student that had discovered the items and reported it to the police. Councilman Matt Larabee, who was NOT in attendance last night, again, was mentioned numerous times as having made negative comments about our students in relation to drug abuse. The kids were upset and more than a little insulted, yet they conducted themselves admirably, courteously and intelligently.

               The group came prepared with Lenny Brown and Brittany Warner as designated speakers. At no time, were there any raised voices, interruptions, or disrespectful behavior by a single student. These kids could teach the anti-Speedway Whiners a lesson about how to conduct oneself in a public meeting. We all learned a lot last night about our school and the young people who attend it. We are among the Top 3 schools in the county and surrounding counties for positive programs, Scholar Athletes, and high graduation rate! We also have an almost negligible drug problem.

               It's no secret that I am NOT a fan of the public school system today, due to their failure to teach accurate history, Constitutionality, and Capitalism. However, New Lebanon it seems, is a shining star in a dark sky ! Never have I felt such pride to be a member of this community, and I owe that to 25 young people who dared to stand up for themselves and one another, and for Truth. These kids are what America is all about, and why we fight for the preservation of our Freedoms. These are the kind of future adults that built this country and kept it strong and I hope with all my heart that they will continue to be involved in the political workings of their town, state and country.

               Mike Benson asked is any of them was considering politics, as he was looking for his successor. I couldn't help myself, I had to say, "So are WE!". Excellent Job New Lebanon Students ! We are very, very proud of you all!


   Heroin is a devastating and pervasive issue in the Northeast at present. Vermont is among the most seriously affected states and has recorded the most deaths and arrests. Several months ago, a young man dropped dead in the parking lot of the Stewarts Store in Averill Park. His sudden death was followed by several others in that area over the next few weeks. All from Heroin.  Sadly, New Lebanon has lost THREE of its own in 2014 as well. All three of them were in my son's class in school, making them between 30 and 32 years old. One of them spent many hours playing in my backyard as a child, and his loss was especially tragic for us.

     This new and deadlier Heroin is popular with the 25 to 35 year-old age group and thus far, does not seem to be a problem with the teens. Let's pray that it can be stopped before any more lives are lost, and that our youth will continue to stand strong in their resistance.


         Returning briefly to the subject of our Town Board, why is it such a rarity to have a full board in attendance at meetings?  If a candidate cannot or will not commit to a few hours, ONE night a month to the fulfillment of his office, then he or she should not RUN for office! Barring illness or tragedy, there is no excuse for these absences. Three members of our Town Board are also members of the LVPA, and I have seen them jump up and leave a meeting for a fire call. Not acceptable. On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, their first obligation to this town is as a Council member, and the fire radios do not belong in the meeting room.

          It would also be refreshing to see our council"MEN" attempt to BE men and do some independent thinking rather than be puppets for and suck-ups to, the Czar. I have said many times that though I have ZERO respect for Democrats at the Federal level, our local Dems are often more honorable than our local Republicans. That being said, since the first election of the Czar, I am finding it harder and harder to see much difference between the two parties and I no longer identify with either. ALL of them are dirty, dishonest and self-serving. NONE can be trusted or relied upon to do the Right thing. 

           If we are very lucky, maybe we will see one or two of those students we met last night, run for seats on our town board one day. Maybe THEY can show the adults what integrity and courage really are.


There will be several Special Meetings coming up this month and next. Covenant Circle and the Noise Ordinance. Watch the Town Website for dates and times. Also, this Forum posted below will be very informative.

Public Meeting/Forum

Tuesday, April 29th @ 7:00 p.m.

at the New Lebanon Town Hall on Open Meetings Law and

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)




Robert Freeman, Executive Director of the Committee on Open Government, will be directing a public forum, open to everybody, to talk about and answer questions regarding public access to government information in New York State. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered regarding local government, including but not limited to your town board, zoning board and planning board, access to town minutes, FOIL requests, and etcetera. This public forum will last as long as is necessary as Robert Freeman is dedicated to staying to answer questions until no more questions remain.


Interesting Video



Gun advocates expect few registrations for April 15 SAFE deadline

Many New York gun owners expect the April 15 deadline to register assault weapons under the state’s strict new law to be largely ignored.

Gun rights activists hold signs during a rally at the Empire State Plaza on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Albany, N.Y. With the deadline falling April 15 for registering AR-15s and other guns newly classified as assault weapons, some Second Amendment advocates are calling for civil disobedience and ignoring the new law. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)APGun rights activists hold signs during a rally at the Empire State Plaza on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Albany, N.Y. With the deadline falling April 15 for registering AR-15s and other guns newly classified as assault weapons, some Second Amendment advocates are calling for civil disobedience and ignoring the new law. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

Associated Press

Posted Apr. 5, 2014 @ 6:27 pm

Many New York gun owners expect the April 15 deadline to register assault weapons under the state’s strict new law to be largely ignored.
“People are pretty much convinced once they get on this registration, the next time they’ll say they’ve got to turn them in,” said Stephen Aldstadt, president of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, who helped organize a protest at the Capitol this past week against the law.
The state’s SAFE Act, spearheaded by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and passed in the wake of the 2012 school shooting in neighboring Connecticut, bans New York sales of semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines and one military-style feature.
For an estimated 1 million older guns already owned by New Yorkers, including popular AR-15s, the law requires registration. State police have established simple online registrations but refuse to say how many they’ve received. Cuomo, when asked, said he didn’t know.
Critics say that’s because hardly anyone is signing up. Aldstadt said his group, which counts more than 300,000 members statewide, isn’t telling people to disobey the law. But some owners have said they won’t do it, while others are removing features, such as pistol grips, from their semi-automatics so they won’t meet the state’s definition of an assault weapon.
“I refuse to comply,” said Jeff Tutuska, a graphic artist from West Seneca who was among a few thousand at the Capitol protest. He held a sign saying: “I’d rather have it & not need it than need it & not have it.”
Reuben Tompkins, 59, of Greenville, said he didn’t know of anyone who planned to register a gun under the new law. “I hope nobody does,” he said.
But failing to register comes with its risks.
According to New York State Police, failure to register an assault weapon by the deadline is punishable as a misdemeanor “and forfeiture of the weapon.” If it is “deemed to be unintentional,” a 30-day amnesty period will be extended to register it.
However, another penal law provision defines possession of a knowingly unregistered gun as a low-level felony. The misdemeanor carries up to a year in jail, the felony, up to four years in prison.
State police spokeswoman Darcy Wells said Friday the charge in any case will be up to the prosecutor, that New York has been registering weapons for more than 80 years and that this provision just expands that registry.
“Enforcement will be handled the same as other laws as mandated through state police policy and procedure,” she said.
The state already requires a license for owning handguns and listing each by make, model, caliber and serial number. The new gun law requires renewing those licenses at least every five years.
Cuomo had promised tighter gun laws after the December 2012 slayings of 20 children and six educators in Connecticut. Authorities said the gunman used a military-style semi-automatic rifle and 30-round magazines; his father told police his son had Asperger’s syndrome, a type of autism that is not associated with violence.
Cuomo called New York’s law a common-sense reform to keep guns from the mentally ill and to ban high-capacity magazines and “lethal assault weapons.”
Tweaks to the law tightened the definition of an assault weapon to semi-automatics that can accept detachable magazines and have one military-style feature. The old definition required two such features, which include protruding pistol grips, folding stocks, thumbhole stocks, a second handgrip, bayonet mount and flash suppressor.
Other provisions that took effect last year banned magazines with the capacity for more than 10 bullets and required federal background checks for private gun sales except for transfers to spouses, children, stepchildren and domestic partners.
Registered assault weapons can be kept for life but cannot be transferred to immediate family — only to police, a licensed gun dealer or someone in another state where possession is legal, according to authorities.
Tutuska says he’s a peaceful person and won’t register the AR-15s he’s owned legally for years. He expects his 11-year-old daughter to inherit them one day, not the government. “It’s none of their damn business,” he said.
Karl Tompkins, 49, said the law itself is illegal and unconstitutional. “You’re supposed to obey the constitution. It’s un-American.”
Bob Kuehne, of Penn Yann, was also philosophically opposed to the law on Second Amendment grounds but said he registered the Hi-Point rifle he uses in shooting competitions because he doesn’t want to risk being stopped with the gun in his car by a police officer.
“I don’t want to be a felon,” he said.      

  (People like this sissy is why we lose our rights! DO NOT COMPLY with unConstitutional Laws!)


 Upside-Down and Inside-Out                                              4=10-2014

            There are moments in each day that I literally shake my head to make certain I am awake. The basic rights and wrongs of the world I grew up in have been completely changed, and what has always been up is now down and vice-versa. 

             Some of these illogical inversions have come about gradually over the past 40 years, but the most extreme have taken place in the past five. It's as if America has undergone a non-stop earthquake for 52 solid months, and all the landmarks and guideposts are turned around or disappeared entirely. The landscape is no longer familiar and no one has a compass. Half of the American population are wandering aimlessly with no goal or destination, so lost and confused that they will take direction and comfort from Satan himself.

              Grown men and women sit in front of the television and absorb the lies that the media spoon-feeds them day after day. There is no shock or objection to those lies, to daily deaths at the hands of criminals and the government, (is there a difference anymore?), no outrage at the violations and theft of our natural rights, the abuse of our military, or unholy alliances of our president with our enemies. So many Zombies.

               There are so many things going on in our country right now that we should all be objecting to with all our might, yet all I hear are cricket noises.  Putting aside the high crimes and misdemeanors that our present administration is guilty of, let's just look at the latest issues.  The missing plane for one. I don't know who is hearing little beeps from under the Indian Ocean, but I'm not buying it, are you?  Then there's the Kaufman family who took their toddlers on a sailing voyage and were forced to call for Coast Guard assistance when their baby took ill.

                 These folks are being demonized in the media, and to a point, I DO agree that taking such young children out to sea indefinitely, is not a mature or responsible decision. However, it is not illegal and they intended no harm, so where is the crime? Many are saying that this family should be ordered to repay the costs of their rescue, and that is where I strongly disagree. The Coast Guard is trained and paid to do exactly what they did for this family. Had this been a case of Cuban Boat People entering our waters illegally, the news media would have applauded the Coast Guard, embraced the illegals, and NEVER mentioned one word about compensation for the costs.  These days, only Americans are not entitled to what they pay for. Only Americans have no rights.

                    I would prefer that the Coast Guard earn their pay and use their training, than see them sit in an office with nothing to do. It's bad enough that we pay politicians to do nothing. Speaking of politicians, when did America designate "Constitution-Free" Zones and "First Amendment Zones" on our own soil?  Haven't heard about that yet? Well, if you happen to be within 100 miles of an American Border, you are no longer protected by the Constitution.  If you live in Nevada, you can only exercise your First Amendment Rights in designated, roped-off areas. Same holds true for college campuses, where Free Speech and Religious Expression are limited to the immediate areas surrounding the Student Union Building.  This IS still America, is it not?

                      I'm sure you have all heard about the Nevada Rancher that our government is attempting to relieve of his legally-owned property? This battle began years ago, when this man's father first purchased and began to ranch the land. The State of Nevada provides free-range grazing on government land for rancher's stock as well as water rights. It is the Law of the State. For reasons known only to the tyrants involved, the land used by this family is coveted by the elite politicians and Bilderberg group. THEY want the laws of Nevada ignored and to prove their dedication to this abuse of power, they have tried to ban the land's use by designating it the habitat of some endangered, desert turtle.

                     Well, I find no activity of a grazing cow that would interfere with a turtle, but I'm not a liberal. I DO however, find it criminal that the government's Bureau of Land Management, has stolen and killed a good number of the rancher's cattle and buried them in the sand with their government bulldozers and backhoes! I find it a violation of the Nevada Laws and Constitutional Rights of its people, that the BLM assaulted innocent people who came out to protest, unarmed, in defense of the rancher. I am posting a video below of the event that took place yesterday between the BLM and the residents. You will see a 57-year-old , female cancer survivor thrown to the ground by government agents, another man tazed three times for no reason and people pushed and struck by government vehicles, etc. UNARMED citizens.

                     It will appear to you when you watch this, that the people won. For the moment, they did. However, the agents did not leave without intentions to return with more manpower and weapons. What happens if the people come back armed as well? WHO are the criminals and aggressors in this case? The government of the USA, no question. Fortunately, Oathkeepers is responding, and so are several mid-west militia groups. Sheriff Mack is livid and demanding to know WHY the Sheriff of the county involved is NOT doing his duty and protecting the rancher and his interests. I would like to know the answer to that myself. 

                     Yesterday, a high-school student went on a stabbing rampage in his school with deadly results. Now tell me, what is to blame for this kind of violence, the weapon , society, mental health issues? Need we even mull that over? Liberals will have us all eating with plastic picnic knives from now on rather than look at the causes of the violence. Just as they blame guns for shooting violence rather than the mental-health issue in this country. Guns do not kill people, knives do not kill people, sick and evil people kill people. If there were no weapons, man would kill man with his hands. How do we outlaw hands?

                      Lois Lerner and the IRS. She is going to be held in Contempt of Court? SO? Eric Holder was found guilty of the same thing over a year ago, yet not only was he not prosecuted, he wasn't even FIRED. WHO will be deciding whether or not to prosecute Lerner? Eric Holder. See what I mean? Up is down and down is up.

                      The greatest danger we face in our world is a lack of common sense and rational thinking. The very definition of Liberalism. Until we abolish the Liberal policies, the immorality, Godlessness, control, hate and lies, selfishness and double-standards, we are doomed. Until sane, intelligent Americans stand up and say "SHUT UP" to the power-mongers and tyrants, nothing will change. We MUST disobey, whether it is Political Correctness or "Hate Speech", or the violation of our First and Second Amendment Rights, or our right to smoke, eat and drink what we please, how we teach or raise our children, how we choose to worship or not worship, and where we graze our cattle. REFUSE government interference in your freedoms. Otherwise, you sentence yourselves and your loved ones to permanent servitude.

                         Let's turn America right-side up again and hope the liberals fall off.


Nevada Video



COW MANURE                                                                          4-14-2014

         Manure builds up in Nevada AND Albany.  If anyone needs fertilizer for their Spring gardens, it's easy to find.  Tomorrow is a big day in America and especially in NY State.  TAXES due nationwide, and in NY, it's the deadline to register your firearms. Neither of which is Constitutional. BOTH are violations of our God-Given Rights as American Citizens and an over-reach of a government that has outgrown its britches.

        As for the Gun Registration issue, I know a LOT of gun owners in NY and not ONE of them intends to register a damn thing. Those who DO, will be branded as Traitors and blamed for imperiling the Freedom of every other citizen in the state. They will be literal Pariahs among their peers. As it should be.  Imagine what we could accomplish if everyone refused to pay federal taxes as well? We COULD, if Americans had the cajones they once did, but they no longer do.

        Which brings me to the Nevada Land-Grab matter. The media is reporting a win for the Patriots, but WAS it?  IS it? No, it was a small victory, a minor battle in a major war yet to come. When liberal Democrats and wealthy Chinese businessmen are involved, the oppressors are not about to go quietly into the night to lick their wounds. It was a proud and exhilarating thing to see Militiamen on horseback riding to the defense of a rancher, and my own brothers and sisters in the Oathkeepers gathering in support and defense. Even better, was watching the Feds release the cattle and seeing those animals trot gleefully back out to their grazing land. That's how Freedom FEELS.

         Government lands belong to the taxpayers of this nation, not to Harry Reid , and they are NOT for sale, especially to the Chinese.  National Police Forces such as the BLM, the DHS, FEMA, Obama Youth, and a host of other letter-agencies, are unConstitutional!  ILLEGAL ! TYRANNICAL ! NO government agency has the right to seize the property of a law-abiding, American citizen and if we allow it to happen even ONE time, we will all stand in peril of having the rights to what is ours negated by the government Nazis. This fight is not Cliven Bundy's fight, it is a fight that belongs to us all and we must all stay alert and ready to defend the right to private ownership and the protection of vast "government" lands that We the People, OWN.

         The Feds did indeed back off this week, but the cease-fire will be short-lived.  They will re-organize, manufacture more lies as to why the grazing rights of the state of Nevada do not apply to Bundy or to this particular property, and then they will return. NEXT time, there will be bloodshed.  The people will not stand down and their numbers will be greater.  Ditto for the Feds. If you think this is something that is of no concern to you, being so far from Nevada, you are seriously mistaken. We live in the most unconstitutional state in the nation, already the effects of Agenda 21 land regulations are evident, even here in New Lebanon.  Get informed and be vigilant, and if you value YOUR right to own property, get off your lazy butt and write some letters to Nevada officials.

        As I promised last week, I AM working on the Clinton expose' and I promise, you WILL be appalled. If you're not, you are what's wrong with America.

        Spring Fever is kicking-in and folks are outdoors cleaning their yards and gardens. The trees are in bud, the tulips are popping up, and the robins are gathering nesting materials right off the porch! Busy little buggers!  We have a large number of hawks around this year, and we have already lost one chicken to them, so if you have fowl or small dogs, beware !  We lost our barn roof this winter, and are in the process of trying to decide whether to buy another tarp roof or build a "Normal" barn. A wooden barn will require a variance and permit and higher taxes, so it's a lot to think about, but these new tarp-roofed barns really stink in my opinion.

         We have a few cool days still ahead and it's hard to not get out and start planting things, but I always follow my grandfather's advice to NOT plant before Memorial Day. It has been a good practice over the years. Easter is upon us as well this coming weekend and my church will be having its annual, Seder Dinner on Friday night. We stick to the Jewish Tradition, including the food, so if you happen to be Jewish and are missing the Seder Celebration, feel free to join us at the Lebanon Springs Baptist Church on Friday. You will be warmly welcomed. I enjoy the lessons and symbolism of the evening, but I'm not a big fan of some of the foods. It's definitely different.

         Below are some interesting pieces about the Nevada stand-off and Harry Reid's involvement in it. The criminality of our government knows no bounds. Let's flush the liberal toilet in November folks and start returning some freedom to America.


Kevin McCullough

Let me obliterate a bit of confusion here: the Obama administration attempted to go to war with a rancher in Nevada. Let me amplify a little bit of truth: They tucked tail and have returned home. And let me add a bit of clarity: they had no choice!

As the nation began to become familiar with the plight of the family of Cliven Bundy, many of us harkened back to another standoff in which the Federal government attempted to bully it's outcome: Waco, Texas and the Branch Davidian massacre.

It is telling that in the Nevada case the feds pulled out so quickly, given all they had indicated they were willing to do to resolve the matter to their satisfaction. They had set up a perimeter around the Bundy's family land, ranch, and home. They had brought in extra artillery, dogs, and snipers. They were beginning the process of stealing more than 300 head of cattle that did not belong to them.

They did so--or so we were told--for the reason of protecting the desert tortoise. But then it was revealed that the Bureau of Land Management had shot far more desert tortoises than the Bundy cattle had even possibly destroyed. We were told they did it because the Bundys had broken federal laws by not paying what amounted to retroactive grazing fees to the federal government. But the Governor of the state of Nevada told us that Bundy had paid every ounce of state tax, met the state requirements, and their family had been improving the property more than 100 years previous.

Finally we were allowed to know the connection between a communist Chinese wind/solar power plant and its connection to that senator named Harry Reid. Evidently a plan had been hatched to use the Bundy property for a solar farm and instead of paying the Bundys, someone, somewhere in the administration believed it was easier to just take what they wanted.

That approach is at least consistent with the readily documented abuse of eminent domain where the government for any number of reasons--few of them valid--have taken to taking what doesn't belong to them. Americans then watch as it gets handed over to some multi-national corporation for the "cause" of the "greater good."

There were a few specific reasons why the feds chickened out in the Nevada desert though.

1. Technology - As the Bundy family members were abused, cameras captured it. Not television network cameras, but dozens of cell phone video devices that gave witness to a Bundy aunt being shoved to the ground, and a Bundy son being tazed. All of this while threatening protestors with dogs, brandished weapons and vehicles was captured, uploaded and made viral to the watching world.

2. States' Rights - As the drama unfolded it became clear that the Governor of Nevada, and the Sheriff of Clark County knew that Cliven Bundy's family had not only not broken any state law regarding the land, but that they had gone to the enth degree to insure compliance with Nevada laws on the property. The Governor and the Sheriff, to their credit, did not favor the feds as a more powerful party in the conflict. Though there must have been pressure from Senator Reid's office, the administration via the Bureau of Land Management, and local officials who were bought and sold like the Clark County Commissioner who told those coming to support the Bundys to have "funeral plans in place."

3. Grassroots Response - As other incidents have transpired in the past, the amount of time it took honest information to reach the grassroots and thus the response to the action came to slow. In the massacre in Waco, most of the nation had been sold a single narrative from the limited media outlets covering the events. Similarly the events surrounding the abduction of Elian Gonzales from his family in Florida and deportation to Cuba took place in such a response vacuum that by the time Americans knew the real story, the damage was done. With the Bundy ranch, internet outlets by the dozen had competing information with the limited "official news" being released by the networks, and in most cases the alternative sources had it correct and usually a full day or so ahead of the news cycle. By the time afternoon drive hit, when the network news rooms in New York were preparing their first stories, talk radio audiences had already been dialing their elected officials in Washington demanding action.

The majority of Americans saw through the efforts to spin the story in Nevada. Couple that with the leadership failures that the American people view the administration responsible for, from Benghazi to the Affordable Care Act, all it took was the unedited video of federal agents tazing Bundy's son, followed by his pulling the wires from his chest and continuing to stand his ground for there to be comparisons made to the American revolution.

It's also important to note that merely pulling back from the Bundy property hasn't settled the matter for the American people either.

The feds have stolen 352 head of cattle, and will not confirm or deny if they euthanized some or all of them. Recompense must be made. And to be candid, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see if a few ambitious law firms don't try to convince the Bundy family of the validity of litigation.

Fortunately for the American people, the feds were not able to ultimately bully a simple rancher, not for a tortoise, a solar power plant, or a dirty Senator and his administration.

We owe the Bundy family a great deal of thanks for standing tall.

For if the federal government is allowed to do it with one, then there will be nothing stopping them from doing it again.

Oathkeepers in Nevada


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 Signs,Signs,Everywhere a Sign...                                   4-18-2014

                   It is impossible to get through a single day without being exposed to excessive signage.  That's not necessarily a BAD thing. Even with today's GPS gadgets and Google Street View, we need guidance and confirmation of signs to find our way.

                    Since the first days of the Old Testament, signs have been vital in preventing disorder, needless wandering and naturally, lawlessness. Of course in those days, not all signs were of a material nature, sometimes the most important messages and guidance came from above and within.  The style and number of signs have changed dramatically since then, but people remain pretty much the same.  Most of us, men in particular, still believe we are capable of finding our own way without direction from anyone who might know better.

                     Consider the husband who will drive around in circles for hours rather than stop and ask directions. Or the dad who stays up all night on Christmas Eve, trying to assemble that bicycle or doll carriage while ignoring the instruction manual.  Saddest of all, the millions who wander and suffer needlessly when divine guidance is but a simple prayer away. Humans are a stubborn lot. So yes, signs are a necessary piece of everyday life and we would be literally lost without them. Like anything else however, there can be too much of a good thing.

                      Advertising for instance, has made a lot of folks very wealthy, but it has also cluttered the landscape and in many cases, sent negative messages to our youth and society as a whole. Signs and Laws also go together like coffee and cream.  As our legislators continue to burden us with more and more restrictive laws almost daily, the number of signs in our environment increase as well.  NO TRESPASSING, NO SMOKING, NO LOITERING, NO SKATEBOARDING, NO DOGS, KEEP OFF THE GRASS, NO-NO-NO-DO NOT-DO NOT !

                     NOW, it is "Constitution-Free Zones",  "Gun-Free Zones" and even "First Amendment Zones" !!! Are they SERIOUS?  Fat chance that real Americans will ever comply with THAT B.S. These ridiculous, over-reaching attempts by our gangster government to rob the people of our rights and freedoms are strong warnings about the ignorance, apathy, immorality and Godlessness of the American people today. Clear signs of a lawless, but law-MAKING administration,  running amok and unchecked.

                     Have YOU noticed the number of new laws, many enacted by Executive Order, that have been imposed upon us in the past five years? These are not "Good" or "Helpful" laws, they are excessive, oppressive and unconstitutional laws. What do you suppose happens in a society with too many laws, rules, regulations and restrictions? It becomes impossible for the law-abiding citizen to avoid breaking the law in some way, every day. It turns us all into criminals, as did the NY Safe Act, and makes us subject to arrest and legal action by the newly-militarized police agencies of Amerika. If that doesn't scare you, you need a wake-up call. Give it time, you'll get one.

                     This week's Planning Board Meeting here in Lebanon is what got me thinking about all this. There was a Training Session held for the board members following the regular agenda, and I was forced to stay since my husband sits on that board and he was driving. I would have preferred having my teeth drilled, but I was stuck. I DID learn a few things though, and came to the realization that we are not over-regulated re: Zoning Laws, we are RIDICULOUSLY over-regulated! It's SO bad, that it's almost funny. Town, County, State, Federal, Environmental, Historical, Ecological, Health, Highway, and Wildlife agencies, just to name a FEW, all have a hand in deciding what you and I can and cannot do on our own property. NOW, add the Bureau of Land Management!  I couldn't help myself, I actually did laugh out loud a few times.

                     When the pain ended, I told the board a quick story I heard about a week ago . A friend of a friend of mine recently moved to Wyoming and bought a piece of land. He wanted to build a log home and a barn, and being from NY State, he went into town to secure the permits and a copy of Zoning requirements. The Town Clerk greeted him and he explained to her what he wanted to do and asked her for the necessary forms and applications.  She said she had no idea what he was talking about. So he said, "I'm going to build a house on my land". She smiled and said, "Go right ahead! If you need any help, let me know, I have lots of friends that are good builders."  NO permits, no zoning regs, no letter-agencies sticking their noses in. Just a good ol' "Welcome to the Neighborhood". Wyoming is a Constitutional State.

                      Imagine the culture shock this poor "New Yawka" experienced ?? LOLOL!! He got a taste of a thing called FREEDOM, something most of us have forgotten about or are too young to have ever experienced. Yup, Wyoming does have signs.  "Rodeo Friday Night at 7",  "Caution, Bison in Road",  "Sheridan: 5 miles".   THAT is America!


Yesterday's News!

   I bet at least half of you never heard this. In the Ukraine, Putin and the Russia Supporters are forcing Jews to register with Russian Authorities and provide an inventory of their assets. ALL of their assets, including homes, savings, cars, jewelry and art, and of course, firearms.  Deja Vu anyone? Heil Hitler.

                     I heard about this from a contact about noontime, and three hours later, a Special Report came on the news, stating that Obama would be speaking to the American people about actions in the Ukraine. The Teflon Muslim came to the podium and proceeded to talk about Obamacare ! He spewed his lies about the number of new enrollees, extolled the virtues of this program that only HE sees, and of course, laid blame for the delays and opposition to this Socialized-Medicine program at the feet of the Republicans. For a full EIGHT MINUTES, he went on about this nightmare and never made mention of the Ukraine. So I turned him off.  I don't know if he ever DID get to the Ukraine issue or not, and I don't care, because if his lips are moving, he's lying anyway. I get MY info from reliable sources.

                    Obama is SO repulsive to me, that even hearing his voice makes me want to vomit. The man is a PIG, a narcissistic, sociopathic, habitual liar that doesn't deserve to breathe America's air. The Jews don't matter to him, not in the Ukraine and not in Israel. Our military doesn't matter to him, our borders and national security don't matter, Seal Team 6 didn't matter and neither did our brave men in Benghazi that he and Hillary Clinton murdered.  Need I interpret the SIGNS, or will you finally read them for yourselves?


The TRUTH About the B.L.M and the Bundy Ranch -  Undeniable Government Tyranny


The Jews in Ukraine


REID and SON vs Cliven Bundy and FREEDOM


Government Land Grabs- YOU are NOT Immune!



DEAR  CONGRESS.......                                                4-20-2014

             We are your employers, and as such, we expect you to do the job you were entrusted and are paid to do.  You have failed the People that you took an Oath to serve and protect, honor and represent. You have failed us by allowing a man with NO allegiance to our country and culture, to assume the highest office in America.

              Barack Hussein Obama has violated the Constitution of the United States of America and by-passed protocol more times than We the People care to count, yet Congress has taken NO action to rein him in. YOU have done NOTHING to address our open borders or the flood of illegal aliens that are endangering the American people physically, financially, politically, and culturally. YOU have failed to prevent the deliberate weakening of our National Security by this un-American president and YOU have looked the other way as he has destroyed our missile defense, the strength and morale of our military, our space program, our education and health systems, our relationship with our allies and even our truthful history.

               Barack Obama has ignored our vulnerable power-grid and crumbling infrastructure, he has increased unemployment, the national debt, and the number of welfare recipients by UNPRECEDENTED numbers.  He has wire-tapped YOU in your own cloakroom, , spied on Conservative Americans and Organizations and deliberately attempted to incite racial division and promote immorality, dependency and ignorance.  Our hard-earned, tax dollars are sent to Middle Eastern countries that promote and support terrorism among a people who despise us, essentially "Arming the Enemy". Last time I checked, this constitutes Treason.

                Obama has hand-picked and appointed Muslims with proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, to high-level positions in our White House and Pentagon and has glorified Islam while attacking Christianity. Congress has done NOTHING.  "Fast and Furious", "Benghazi", the missing witnesses from Benghazi, the IRS targeting, the Seal Team 6 deaths, the firing of high-ranking military officers,  the arming of federal agencies who have NO need for firearms, the creation of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL National Police Force, FEMA Youth, militarized law enforcement agencies, and numerous "False Flag" operations aimed at disarming the people, are ALL Constitutional violations and crimes against the citizenry. YOUR failure to Impeach or Fire, and Prosecute the players in these crimes, makes YOU complicit. YOU are an embarrassment and a threat to your country and the American people.

                  As all of you collect your life-long, six-figure salaries that you have done nothing to earn, veterans and families in America are hungry and homeless.  Our sick and elderly are now expendable under the rules of the Socialized Medicine failure you call Obamacare. Meanwhile, your Teflon Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, spends hundreds of millions of dollars of the PEOPLE'S money, on extravagant vacations, servants, personal security, golf, and glitzy parties with anti-American celebrities as entertainment.  Yet, this president and his minions believe that the American People will agree to be silenced, disarmed, and robbed of their God-Given Freedoms by Executive Orders of a Traitor president? Not likely.

                 I believe that in the very near future, unless Congress grows a backbone and does its job, that the People will unite and physically remove our present senators and Congress people from their cushy, Washington ,D.C thrones. It's in YOUR hands. DO your JOB or LOSE your JOB, it's that simple. The People have had enough of the abuses of this lawless government and are prepared, eager and ABLE to fire their "Staff". 


                                    Your Constitutents


The Second Civil War?                                               4-24-2014

               Almost every day, someone tells me that a second Civil War is coming to America. Well yes, all the signs are there and the country is certainly adequately divided on many vital issues, but those who are predicting this new war have not been paying quite ENOUGH attention. The Second Civil War is not coming, it is already in progress.

                No shots have been fired and no dead bodies are littering farmer's fields but make no mistake, America is deeply entrenched in a war against itself.  Not since the first Civil War has the American citizenry been so divided on so MANY matters, and that of course, has been the goal of American leftists and federal-level Democrats for decades.  Mission accomplished.  There have been many GOOD men who recognized the agenda and courageously sounded the alarm, men like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Even not- so -GOOD men like Malcolm X saw it coming and publicly said so. Hmm, what else do these three have in common?

                 Stalin,Lenin, and Hitler were ALL bold enough to clearly outline the steps necessary to lead a nation and its people into Communism and still, Americans denied the obvious signs and open warnings. They deny it still today when we are a mere breath away from Martial Law and mass-detainment. Our country has been under attack from the inside for a very long time, and if we fail to respond now, we will all be P.O.Ws by 2016, regardless of which wing we fly with.

                  Obama is a professional divider much like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but on a much larger scale. America is now a country of "sides", race vs race, hetero vs homo, atheist vs faithful, capitalist vs socialist, evolutionist vs creationist and simply Good vs Evil. Unity has been successfully eradicated. No unity among the people equals no power among the people. ALL of us who are fighting are doing it with one arm tied behind our backs and the government's foot up our a_ses. THIS war will be won or lost without the shedding of a single drop of blood, unless we on the side of freedom take a strong stand, right NOW. Will YOU?


                Last week, we talked about signs, over-regulation and excessive laws. A day or two after that post, we began to hear about the new proposals to regulate E-Cigarettes. In fact, I heard it about 4 or 5 times a day for three days in a row. It actually took top-spot on the local news, despite the fact that there is still an airplane full of people missing, unavenged dead soldiers from Benghazi, hidden witnesses TO Benghazi, and Fast and Furious weapons still at large.  Regulating a product that is helping millions of smokers to kick the habit has taken the forefront over the BLM assault on a Midwest rancher, and the still un-investigated crimes of Obama, Reid, Hillary and Holder, the IRS and NSA. Media distraction at its finest.

                In any case, people who smoke or used to smoke, have been abused and criminalized by tree-huggers and Greenies for years now. Smoking is bad, and as a smoker who watched her own father die of emphysema, I know this all too well.  I also know that cigarettes are the hardest addiction to kick, harder even than Heroin or Cocaine. There are products and programs that are supposed to assist us in quitting, but most of them are terribly ineffective and expensive. Most dedicated smokers cannot quit on their own, and require in-patient treatment to withdraw successfully. Yet this is not offered and if it were, insurance would probably not cover the cost, even though it is the insurance companies that are demonizing people for smoking in the first place.

                I have said before, that I believe that non-smokers should not have to be subjected to second-hand smoke INDOORS. I also feel that restaurants and bars should have smoking sections like they did a few years ago, with proper ventilation, not ban smoking altogether. Notice they didn't ban alcohol or the unacceptable behavior of many who partake of too much of it.  Nor did the state stop accepting the nearly $5.00 per pack they collect in taxes on cigarettes.  There is a law called the "Clean INDOOR Air Act" that makes smoking indoors in public buildings illegal. That's okay, but when smokers are attacked for smoking OUTDOORS, it becomes a violation of the people's right to choose.

               There was the Greenie who walked past me one time outside the Lebanon Post Office where I was standing and talking to a friend while smoking a cigarette. This wierdo actually pulled her shirt up over her mouth and nose to walk by me !! It was ludicrous and she looked like a total fool. We were OUTDOORS and it was a breezy day!      LOL!!!               Route 20 was mere steps away with its truck traffic and buses spewing diesel fumes,    but she was concerned about a cigarette she never even came close to ?!  THIS is extremism of the psycho kind.

               No matter HOW people feel about it, cigarettes are LEGAL !  Smoking is a CHOICE ! Non-smokers are VERY well protected today and enough is enough. NOW, those who continue to harass and abuse smokers, want to regulate a safe product that helps them to quit? What exactly do these people WANT and what gives them the right to regulate the lives of others who are doing NOTHING to THEM?  Again, the liberal, double-standard. They wonder why the rest of us find them so despicable.


                Now, another hot subject we touched on this week is the Police State that America has become. This is no longer a minor concern, this is extreme and dangerous to the freedoms and rights of all Americans.  I's undeniable that those of us who grew up prior to the 1980s, now find ourselves in an alien land, lost and wandering, looking for common sense.

                 I've been spending a lot of time talking with Law Enforcement Officers, (LEOs), from different level agencies from local to federal. I am AMAZED at the changes in the job from when I started as a cop. The positive changes include more safety for officers, speedier information-gathering due to new technology, better communications and advanced equipment.  Unfortunately, there are many changes that I consider to be very negative. It's very frightening that police agencies have become so militarized, and officers so cold and robotic.  If you've been stopped recently, (if you live in Lebanon, you HAVE been), you might have noticed the stern, icy demeanor of the younger officers.

                 How about the number of questions they ask you that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue they stopped you for?  I betcha a buck that you answered those questions without a second's thought or hesitation or an ounce of suspicion. You have been indoctrinated to believe that you must cooperate with the police and give them whatever information they ask for, whether it is relevant to the issue at hand or an invasion of your privacy. They have NO right to ask leading questions and you have NO duty to answer, period. They are fishing, prolonging your detainment and hoping to find you guilty of something more than an inoperable tail-light or failure to signal.

                  By NO means do I advise anyone to be rude or disrespectful to the police, their job is tough enough, and definitely, NEVER bait them ! Be courteous and calm, but exercise your right to not answer irrelevant questions and never allow yourself to be detained even ONE second longer than necessary. If you are given a ticket, take it, say Thank You and deal with it in court or just pay it, depending on the circumstances. The best protection you can give yourself and your family is to stay OFF the police radar completely.

                   Keep your registration, inspection, insurance and license current and obey speed limits. Make sure all your lights work, use your turn signals, keep your exhaust quiet, and give them NO reason to notice you.  It is always best to avoid ALL contact with the police if you can, and you CAN. Be especially wary of the State Troopers as they are not the Constitutionalists that many of our Sheriffs and Deputies are. Notice I said "Many", not "All". State and Federal Police do not swear an Oath to just defend the Constitution, but also to obey orders from superiors and they rarely choose the correct option when the chips are down.

                    I know for a fact having gotten it right from the horses mouths, that despite their claims to be opposed to the NY Safe Act, these state and federal officers WILL enforce it if ordered to do so by their superiors. Sadly, there are SOME soldiers who will do the same, but I suspect they will be a minority. Obama and his cronies have done everything in and beyond their power to dismantle out military and has focused instead on militarizing the police and building and illegal, unconstitutional, National Police Force.  HIS security and the protection of the Socialist Agenda is far more important to him than our National Security. Just look at our borders to see the proof of that. Look at the doors he has opened to radical Islam in our communities, our Pentagon and our White House.  We are in serious danger on our own soil, and our President does not care, his administration does not care, and 50% of the citizenry does not care.

                     What kind of wake-up call will it take to snap people into reality and action? So much has been done to negatively transform America under the Obama administration through Constitutional violations and Felony actions, yet no one seems concerned?  So many lies, False Flags, usurpations, and even deaths of innocents, and still we sleep?  Is the government dropping LSD from airplanes? Good Lord, have Mercy on us.


It’s Time To Admit Obama Is A Communist

The media refuse, and the Republican Party is either too afraid or complicit (and I think it is more the latter), to call Obama what he is. Obama is a Neo-Leninist Communist, and it is time we not only understand that, but call him that. The proof is undeniable.

People, specifically the talking heads that routinely appear on Fox News Channel programs, are ever ready to argue Obama doesn’t understand the economy and that leads him to make the poor economic decisions that he does. I contend that it isn’t that he doesn’t understand the economics and capitalism; it’s that the American capitalist system offends him based on his true political ideology.

His intentions along with the intentions of the people he has surrounded himself with are to destroy the American capitalist system and usher in communism. This is precisely the reason he has gone to such transpicuous lengths to foment racial discord. Doctrinally he believes that revolution is the means through which the American capitalist system will be destroyed and replaced with a socialist state.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. the award winning political scientist, met Obama in 1980. In 2011 Drew wrote: “[Obama] believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution. … Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory…’there’s going to be a revolution.’ Obama said, ‘we need to be organized and grow the movement.’ In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.” (Meeting Young Obama; Americanthinker.com; 2/24/11)

But Drew didn’t stop there. Drew was at that time a Marxist himself and disagreed with Obama on how to bring about a revolution. Drew supported Barrington Moore’s theory that “a Russian or Chinese style revolution – leading to communism – was only possible in an agrarian society with a weak or non-existent middle-class or bourgeoisie.”

Drew ended his article by saying, “I know something about what Obama believed in 1980. At that time, the future president was a doctrinaire Marxist revolutionary.”

It is no secret that Obama revered Saul Alinsky. As I wrote in 2012, “[Saul] Alinsky’s son, David, said: ‘Barack Obama’s training in Chicago by the great community organizers is showing its effectiveness. It is an amazingly powerful format, and the method of my late father always works to get the message out and get supporters on board. When executed meticulously and thoughtfully, it is a powerful strategy for initiating change and making it really happen. Obama learned his lessons [from my father] well.’” Obama-Saul Alinsky’s Star Student; WND.com; 4/9/12)

Obama’s mother was as far-left as one can get and still have both feet on terra firma. Her Marxist friends referred to her as a “fellow traveler,” i.e., a communist sympathizer. That is further validated when we consider that her parents sent her to a communist-run high school.

Another key figure in Obama’s life was the child rapist, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a committed communist with ties to the most sinister of communist groups. It is worth noting that it was his grandparents who sought Davis out to mentor and tutor the then young Obama. Of all people to employ as a mentor to your child, why engage a radical communist when they had the means to choose anyone they wanted unless they were communist sympathizers who wanted to be sure their grandson would follow in their footsteps and those of his mother?

It is inconceivable to believe that Obama, Bill Ayers, and his wife Bernadine Dohrn would be the close friends they are unless they shared the same ideologies.

The radical, far-left, anti-gun liberal Harvard professor Laurence Tribe said Obama “was the best student [he] ever had,” a platitude Tribe had previously lauded upon the extreme left-wing radical Kathleen Sullivan an openly lesbian Stanford Law School professor who was at one time believed the person Obama would appoint to the Supreme Court to replace David Souter.

In 2011, Obama gave a speech that at Osawatomie High School in Osawatomie, Kansas. The highlight of the speech, as I wrote at the time, was it was there that he uttered the now infamous words “limited government and rugged individualism [don’t] work and [have] never worked.” (Obama Is Greater Threat Than KKK or al-Qaeda; WND.com; 12/7/11) But what goes unaddressed pursuant to that speech was that communists from every corner of America praised his speech. That Osawatomie was the name of the revolutionary newspaper published by the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground which was headed by Obama’s good friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn is of note and provides further proof of Obama’s propensity to engage in code-speak with his Neo-Leninist comrades.

It should be clear to everyone why Obama is using race to divide America, and why he has branded successful capitalists as the enemy. It is to bring about a revolution that will result in the downfall of capitalism. But unlike in 1980, when he had openly advocated for a murderous revolution, he has since adopted the Alinsky model and has opted for the downfall of capitalism vis-a`-vis a political revolution.


Police Brutality

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbI5HHz7fJU&feature=share

2) http://personalliberty.com/texas-man-put-dog-bare-hands-deputy-shoots-injures-refuses-kill/

3) http://lastresistance.com/5495/elderly-man-calls-911-help-sick-wife-gets-beat-cops/

4) http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/04/galveston-police-brutalize-wedding-party-get-away/