A Little "SOLE"                                                                  4-27-2014

                  Nothing is more therapeutic than a good, hearty laugh and these days there isn't often a whole lot to inspire that.  Unless of course it's watching a shoe fly by Hillary Clinton's head.  Now THAT, is FUNNY. The only thing that could have been more amusing would have been if it hit her right between the eyes.

                  Some people didn't get the significance of an Arab throwing a shoe, but WE know what it means. It is NOT a compliment. Hillary's reaction was priceless, better than a marathon of I Love Lucy. She actually said, "What WAS that, a Bat?". LOL!!  No Hillary, the only Bat in the room was YOU.  About 10 days ago, Hillary was giving a speech and stated that she was "considering" a run for the Presidency in 2016. The audience actually CHEERED and applauded ! Not that I find it surprising that she has supporters, not in the new, Liberal America, but I find it Mind-Boggling that so many adults in the most civilized nation in the world, could be SO hopelessly indoctrinated and IGNORANT.

                   Are ALL these people totally unaware of who and WHAT Hillary Clinton IS, or do they really think it's okay that she is what she is? Can SO many American adults be THAT immoral? Obviously so, since these are the same Idiots that voted for Obama, TWICE. I am especially disgusted with the women who support this evil, lying, murderess. How can a mother or grandmother approve of such a traitorous demon, and still look their children in the eye?  God Help Us !

                    As I promised, PACT is going to offer some hard truths about the Clintons on a regular basis, beginning tonight. Everything we post will be documented FACT that you can confirm for yourselves if you are so inclined.  Or, like so many in America today, you can avoid and deny the facts and continue living in La-La Liberal Land and sentence this country's children to a future under Communism by voting Democrat again in 2016. Your choice.

                   Meanwhile, I have a request for all Arabs who plan to attend any of Hillary's public speaking engagements.  Please don't throw things at the future presidential candidate unless you have first practiced and perfected your pitch. These near-misses are just too damn disappointing!


  Part 1

                 There are so many things about the Clintons that most folks don't know, don't believe, or simply choose to ignore. Much like the Obamas.  Facts are stubborn and inconvenient things, though.  You can bury the truth for just so long before they fester and pop to the surface like an infected sliver.

                  I have a dear friend who still believes that Bill Clinton was a good president and a fairly decent guy, for a politician.  Sadly, he is mistaken, drawn in by the "Charm" that so many have attributed Bill with. Personally, I never saw it, nor did I find him attractive or endearing as a lot of women did. For me, he was something of a Buffoon, and a spoiled, Mama's Boy.  There is very little doubt that Hillary is the Man of THAT family, much like Michelle is in the Obama family. Bill and Barack are not stupid by any means, but neither of them is leadership material. These are "men" that have lived lives of privilege and self-satisfaction, coddled, protected, and consistently groomed to believe that they are "Special", and far superior to others.

                  Both Barry and Billy are carnal creatures, totally devoid of morality, humility and charity. Both marriages are shams, relationships of convenience, not of love or commitment. All four of them, the Obamas and the Clintons, are Godless, avaricious, and very dangerous people.

                  When the Clintons vacated the White House, they literally hired a moving van and filled it with furniture, paintings, objets d' art, and valuable historical items that did not and never HAD, belonged to them. They took everything that wasn't nailed down, and everything they took was the property of the American taxpayers and belonged IN the White House. Some of the items were historically priceless and many had been in the White House for many decades. It was Theft, Grand Larceny in fact, yet in traditional Clinton classlessness, neither Bill of Hillary was the least bit contrite or ashamed. They were caught and forced to return the hot loot, but only a few newspapers bothered to report the incident and the Clintons went unpunished. Democrat politicians always DO.  Imagine if the Reagans or Bushes had done the same? 

                   You can count your chickens that the Clinton's NY State home is adorned with many items that belong in the White House. Hillary is NOT one to walk away empty-handed.  We have to ask ourselves why such a wealthy couple would feel the need to steal material items when they could easily purchase anything their little black hearts desire? It couldn't have been for the historical value of the items, because the Clintons don't give a ferret's fart about American history. Nor do the Obamas.

                    Maybe being people who are so accustomed to robbing the people, lying, cheating and even executing their opponents, larceny was just, "No Big Deal". After all, who would dare question the entitled, arrogant Queen of Mean, Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Really, Bill was IMPEACHED and yet never removed from office. Congress, the Media and the American people shrugged THAT off, so what was a moving van full of White House treasures? "What DIFFERENCE does it make?".

                     This incident, abominable as it was, pales in comparison to Hillary's many,many other crimes, but it IS a clear indication to even the most ignorant American, of the lack of integrity, character and morality of Hillary.   You ain't heard NUTHIN' yet !!



 Important Meeting Tomorrow NIGHT!!!                 4-28-2014

             PLEASE do not forget the meeting on Open Government tomorrow night at 7 p.m at the Town Hall. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your local Town Board and what it can and cannot , legally do. For instance, you might have questions about Executive Session Rules, quorums,meeting locations, F.O.I.A, etc. I have a whole LIST of questions to ask as you can well imagine, and I am not the only one !

              With the weather warming up, expect our Supervisor and his clandestine, Economic Development Committee to ramp-up their efforts to transform our town into a "Sustainable Community" as laid out in the Agenda 21 manuals.  There is NO question that Lebanon needs change, especially aesthetically, and I am NOT anti-improvement. I AM however, anti-Liberal Utopia and this "Hamlet Revitalization" program is exactly THAT.

                I know that it can be a terrific thing for this town in many ways, BUT, we ALL need to be informed and vigilant and attend the meetings. Consider the Obamacare Bill and all the "Hidden" laws and agendas that lurk within it.  We cannot afford to become so enamored of the "Quaint Little Town" pictures our Super will paint for us, that we fail to see what is hidden between the lines.

                Lebanon is home to a wide variety of people. We have the very poor and the very wealthy and everything in-between. There are business executives, lawyers, doctors, and professors, and there are farmers, mechanics, junk haulers, and dishwashers. It's VITAL, that ALL residents are considered in this project, not just the rich liberals, and so far, that HAS been the case. We must reject anything that involves the federal government, whether it is financial support such as "Grants", plans, advisors, or even suggestions. We do not need their money, their input, or to give them so much as ONE OUNCE of control over what we do and how we do it. If "They" get a foot in the door, they will own us. Just look at our public schools. Be informed, be aware, and be INVOLVED.

                  A community as small as ours can do some terrific things on our own and build friendships and unity in the process.


Please remember the following people in prayer for healing:

Matt Larabee

Lester and Loretta Gallup

Doris Post


 AWESOME  Meeting  Tonight!!!!                                               4-29-2014

           I can say with no hesitation that tonight's meeting on Open Government was the BEST meeting I have attended in 2014 thus far, and I have attended a LOT. Thank you Bob Freeman, for your time, for sharing your 40 years of experience, and explaining in plain English what the rules and regulations incumbent upon our officials, ARE. What an eye-opener!

           Three members of the Town Board were in attendance, the Czar and Brucey didn't show. It's truly a shame that Benson wasn't there, because it would have sent a VERY clear message to him that the honorable residents of this town are fed up with his arrogance and mis-conduct.  Those of you who consistently support the Czar's lawlessness, should have been there this evening. You might have learned that ALL I have been trying to tell you for the past two-and-a-half years was valid. Mr. Michael Benson has a HUGE awakening coming about just HOW limited his power as Supervisor actually IS, and how MANY rules he has broken.

            How many times have I complained about the abuse of Executive Sessions ? Well guess what? This "privilege" has been abused, mutilated and twisted by Benson since day one of his taking office. THAT stops NOW. He has assumed powers he does NOT have, taken actions he had no right to take, and over-stepped his teeny-tiny bit of authority almost as much as Obama has ! Not any MORE. The PEOPLE and the Councilmen are now INFORMED, finally. The high-handed, narcissistic reign of Michael Benson has ended, and JJ has been vindicated. From this day forward, the Czar will be contained by the LAWS that exist to do that very thing. Such a shame that he was not present. He was literally chewed-up and spit-out by angry residents.

            NOW, get THIS :  NO political caucus is EVER to be Locked-Down, even a CLOSED CAUCUS. I hate to say I told you so, BUT....... What was done at the Republican Caucus in November was a clear violation of the State's Open Meetings Law, and WHO locked those doors? Our new Sheriff, Dave Bartlett. Of course, he did it at Benson's request, but he DID it, and Benson ignored the fact that people were outside and knocking to be let in. He KNEW they were there, he was told by several people, but letting the voters in who had not been previously bribed, cajoled or threatened to support him, was not part of his campaign agenda, was it?! That caucus was almost as carefully stacked at the Town Board, Ethics Board, and Planning and Zoning Boards!

             Speaking of boards, let us not overlook the secret, Economic Development Committee, who is required to provide meeting reports to our Town Clerk who can then make the info available to the public, but have NOT done this even ONCE since Mike Benson organized it, stacked it with the rich and pushy, and TOLD them what he wanted done with our town. This "committee" has raised money for the town, and spent it before it was raised, but do WE know where it went and why, or where it CAME from and what for?  I FOILed this information months ago, and the Town Clerk had nothing from this committee to offer me. BIG No-No, folks. Advice to the EDC? Better get your ducks in a row FAST, because my new FOIL request is on its way!

             Mr. Freeman made very clear that what I have been trying to tell New Lebanon residents since 2007, is indeed, a FACT and a  NECESSITY. We the People hold the cards, and WE are responsible for seeing to it that our officials do their jobs in a legal and ethical manner. Since my first blog entry in 2009, I have been trying to motivate residents to take an interest and an active role in local government or pay the price later. No one wanted to hear it, but they all heard it tonight! Unfortunately, the people who bothered to attend this vital meeting, were the people that DO take an interest. The residents that prefer to stumble around in ignorance and denial, were absent.

             That's actually okay, because after tonight, you aren't needed. The solidarity in that room tonight was palpable, and those who were there will stand together as one CORE group to hold Benson's feet to the fire. The Councilmen learned their true power tonight as well, and were strongly encouraged by the people to put their boots on Benson's back and remind him that he is not King, he is NOT the Town Clerk, he has over-reached, mis-stepped, secreted and alienated. In all honesty, he isn't even necessary. No Supervisor really IS. Their duties are so trivial that a town could function better, if not BEST, with just the council. Mike Benson has NO POWER, the Board and the PEOPLE, DO. Praise the Lord and pass the champagne!