Graphic Truths                                                      4-1-2016

        We have talked a thousand times about Truth on this blog. What better day to review the subject than April Fool's Day? Did you know that this is also the day that is set aside as National Atheist's Day?  Ahh, it's the Truth! 

        So much going on these days that it's hard to know what to pay attention to and what is not worthy of attention. Of course, that's the point, isn't it? Distract the masses from the most serious issues by over-loading us with trivial Bullsh_t, like whiny college brats, imagined racial slights, and blowhard candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. While we are looking at the emotional breakdowns of the super-sensitive and the lies that are spewed from Trump's mouth about his opponents and even his own words that he tries to constantly take back, the world is burning.

        Our southern border remains open and the contraband and illegals continue to stream into America by the thousands, EVERY day. Obama is still ordering Border Patrol Guards to "Stand Down", as ISIS walks into our country disguised as Latinos and Syrian Refugees. This is not just a theory folks, this is a fact. The Democrat's president still refuses to call Islamic Terrorism what it is or admit that it is an immediate and deadly threat to Americans. Instead, he prefers to visit Despots like Castro and dance the Tango in Argentina at dinner parties. 

          Are you one of the Bleeding-Heart Pacifists that opposes carpet-bombing to rid the world of ISIS? Well, if you are, guess what? It's time you had a dose of reality and if you cannot admit it or are too "Tender" to look directly into the face of evil, click out of this page right now. 

           On Easter Sunday in Pakistan, ISIS bombed a playground full of Christian children. They were not "Collateral Damage", they were carefully selected Targets ! Being Easter, it was an ideal time for Islamic Terrorists to strike. The bomb they used contained glass and nails and literally shredded the flesh of innocent little kids and their parents. 

            No country, No city or town, and No non-Muslim is safe anywhere in the world anymore, yet Obama is still insisting that America give asylum to Syrians that our FBI has strongly warned against, due to the fact that they cannot possibly vet these incoming foreigners. Do not be fooled folks, Obama has quietly allowed thousands of these "Refugees" to enter our country already, but no media outlet will tell you this. A few Conservative journalists have attempted to point out the obvious, that the majority of these refugees are strong, young men of fighting age who have abandoned their women and children back in Syria. We are not dealing with throngs of desperate families with hungry, frightened children as the media and government would like us to believe. These are Fighters, trained and ready, fighters. 

           Meanwhile, the Dems and RINOS continue to conspire to disarm the American citizenry. Congress is failing us by not insisting on a temporary freeze on ALL immigration, no matter what country the immigrants hail from, until the threat is over and our immigration system completely over-hauled. We must take whatever measures are necessary to completely eliminate Islamic Terrorism, be it carpet-bombing, boots-on-the-ground, raids on Mosques, or surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods, whatever,  we should be DOING it, not calling it "Racist" or "Cruel". 

            What is racist and cruel is allowing innocent people to become prey to a perverted, blood-thirsty, so-called "Religion" of Hate. Islam is not a religion and never was. It is not a Race and it is not an ethnicity, it is a political belief system filled with deviance, pedophilia, severe abuse of women and homosexuals, rape, beheading, stoning, and the slaughter of anyone who is not one of THEM. NO ONE is exempt! Don't you think it's time we got real and faced the facts and history, support our Generals, give our military everything it needs to eliminate the threat and STOP protecting savages?  If your home was infested with rats and roaches would you just sit in your chair and do nothing? Would you feed and protect the disease-laden vermin and allow them access to your children? 

             Don't tell me there are "Moderate" Muslims because there are NOT. There are two KINDS of Muslims, the violent extremists and the non-fighters who pray to Allah that the extreme ones are successful in eliminating the "Infidels". The women are usually every bit as dangerous as the men and their children are taught from birth to hate and kill. It is what it is and if we don't stop denying it and giving in to Political Correctness, those children will one day be targeting YOUR children, right here at home! This is but one area where P.C is dangerous to our safety and freedoms.

               America has slept under a blanket of apathy for far too long and we have allowed the Liberal Bullies to turn us into a society of pansies and cowards, compromising our own security, our economy, our culture, and our position on the world stage. Are we going to wait for New York to become Brussels, or for Los Angeles to become Paris, just to avoid being called "Racists" ? Are we going to continue to allow ourselves to be distracted by loony alarmists touting Climate Change, whining about inequalities, gun regulations, gay rights, racial division, and the emotions of  spoiled college kids, or are we going to slap a hand of common sense over the mouths of the Liberals and take on the REAL issues like true Americans always HAVE ?

               Will you be voting for Hillary the lying FELON, Bernie the Perverted Socialist, or Trump the Blowhard narcissist ? If so, YOU will carry a great deal of the blame for the destruction that will come with your choices. Did you vote for Andrew Cuomo in the last gubernatorial? Then YOU share the blame for your daughters and grand-daughters having to share public bathrooms with men in dresses. YOU are partly to blame for the easy availability of abortions to underage girls without their parent's permission. YOUR choices have consequences, as do my own. If you have a conscience, then you know how hard it can be to live with the results of poor choices, and if you do not, take a good, long look at the results of 8 years of Obama.  

               Ben Shapiro is a Conservative writer and speaker. He's brilliant for a guy so young, and he is right now attempting to warn Americans of every party and ideology of the dangers we face as a country and a people if we do not stand up to Liberalism and P.C, Islam and Indoctrination, Media Lies and misinformation. Look him up and give him a listen, you won't regret it. What you WILL regret, is your inaction and gullibility. We don't have TIME to be tolerant and gentle anymore. We can be vocal and active without being violent and we can get results if we refuse to be silenced or intimidated. For Heaven's sake people, get MAD, already!


Cuomo Has Gone Mad - AGAIN                              4-5-2016

              As many states in Western and Southern America are waking up and pushing back against Liberal Tyranny, New York, under the Iron Fist of Andrew Cuomo, continues to move farther and farther to the Left and into the abyss of acute insanity.

               Mario Cuomo was an ass, but his off-spring is a nightmare. I seriously, no kidding, believe that Andrew is losing it.  It was crazy enough that he violated the 3-Day waiting period, the Message of Necessity, and the 2nd Amendment rights of all New Yorkers with the Safe Act, AND got away with it, but he has done things since then that are outlandish, to say the least. 

                In the past two weeks alone, Cuomo has banned all official travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. Why? Well, in the case of North Carolina, the Governor and Officials actually LISTENED to their constituents and passed a law that transgender people cannot use public bathrooms that are designated for the sex that is opposite of the one they were born as. Now, due to the fact that sexual confusions carry too many titles to keep up with, please understand that a "Transgender" is not necessarily  a Homosexual. Trans people are simply those who identify more strongly with the sex that they were NOT born as. Some of them are cross-dressers, some are not, but all of them feel that they are trapped in a body that is not the one they were meant to have, sexually.

               I would imagine that this is not an easy issue to live with, especially for the very young, and I sympathize to a point. I also feel that a person needs to make the choices and decisions that serves them best, personally, and not be abused or less valued as a result of those choices. HOWEVER, I am also a strong believer in self-responsibility, and that every human being must be prepared and willing to accept the consequences for their own choices, decisions, and behaviors.

               In a normal world and society, if you have female genitalia, you use the Ladie's room, and those with male genitalia use the Men's room. What is so difficult about that? You are the sex you are, regardless of how you FEEL on the inside. Men have no need to use the Tampon dispenser in the ladie's room, and women have no use for a urinal in the men's room. Makes perfect sense to ME that there is a designated bathroom for each sex, but apparently, Andrew Cuomo and a few million other misguided Americans, disagree. So just HOW far is the majority expected to go to be sufficiently "Tolerant" of the minority who insists upon bullying the entire world? Personally, I am DONE being patient and understanding of people who like nothing more than to try to FORCE their selfish needs and whiny issues upon others. We ALL have our issues, but most of us deal with them and don't shove them down other's throats and try to make the world change to accommodate US.

                I want to enjoy a cigarette after a meal in a restaurant like I used to, but Liberals destroyed that enjoyable pastime for ME and millions of others. We never complained about being segregated into a Smoking Section, but even that was not enough. NOW, smokers cannot even light up in a damn PARKING LOT at the Mall or outdoors in an open-air park !! Talk about extremism ! Anything that these snowflakes find distasteful to them, in their minds, should be illegal. There is NO give and take, NO reciprocal tolerance, and no live and let live. They want it ALL their way or not at all. 

                If I were in the Ladie's Room at WalMart with my teenage grandaughter, and a man in a dress came in, I would ask him to leave and use the Men's Room. His sexual confusion is HIS problem and he has no "Right" to expose our kids to that crap or put them in danger of possible inappropriate contact. PARENTS have the right to decide when and if their kids will learn about these issues, NOT the Governor or some Special Interest Group. Andrew Cuomo is an Idiot, and being the Governor does NOT give him the right or the power to order our state officials and employees to boycott ANY state that passes a law HE disagrees with! 

                Today, Cuomo boycotted travel to Mississippi because that state passed a law that supports the 1st Amendment rights of Christian business owners to NOT perform services for same-sex weddings. As it SHOULD be. Religious rights are protected in the Constitution, Gay Rights, are NOT. Now, do I believe that a business should discriminate against customers who are Gay, or Black, or Jewish, or whatever? Of course not! That's stupid. Same-Sex weddings however, are something that NO Christian business CAN assist with in any manner without violating their faith and committing a sin. A Christian baker can and should make a birthday cake for a Gay person, or cupcakes for their kid's class at school, but they can NOT make a wedding cake for them. 

                 We all know very well, that there are probably 2 Christian-Owned businesses for every 100 that are NOT Christian-Owned, and that Gay couples can get a wedding cake at any one of the 98 others. They DELIBERATELY select the Christian businesses to make a point, gain attention, and spread misery through bullying. They also tend to sue and make a few bucks in the process due to Judges that also ignore the 1st Amendment and should be disrobed when they do!

                 America is made up of states, and each state has the power and the duty to decide for itself and its people. A Governor of any other state, has NO right to punish that state for their legal decisions. I bet I hear every day, that America is great because of its "Diversity". So what is diverse about minority groups demanding that everyone be the same, that everyone be exactly like THEM or be punished? I think in these times, there are VERY few people left in America who care about the sexual practices or choices of strangers, so why is it that heterosexuals must be punished for THEIR choices? This is not Tolerance, this is NOT diversity, this is HATE, and despite the claims of the Left that it is Conservatives who lack compassion, it is the LEFT that breeds the division and animosity we see in society today.

                 Equality is not equality if one small group of unique individuals are given special rights and protections that do not apply equally to the majority. Tolerance means nothing if it does not work both ways. One-sidedness does not work, never has and never will. Yet humans appear to learn nothing through trial and error. They have failed to learn from the history of Socialism and Communism, and still support a fool like Bernie Sanders. Doesn't that make his supporters the REAL fools? Most have not learned from the effects of despotic leaders that we see so many of today, Cuomo and Obama included. We saw it right here in New Lebanon, with a man that thought he was the second coming of Christ and could never fail.  We saw him give Special Benefits to his friends and to those who could do something for HIM, while he ignored and mistreated those who did not support him and could not give him anything. The New Lebanon majority woke up and decided that they had put up with a tyrant long enough. So why is Cuomo still our Governor?

              Well, the Liberal majority of NY State voted him back into office, that's why. The people who live in or come from the dingle-ball on the ass of this state, AKA, NY City. God forgive me for saying this, but it's 100% true; every time my dog has a bowel movement, I think about Long Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, etc. A pile of waste that just won't let go. Andrew Cuomo is nuts, literally. The guy has the cold, black eyes of the Tyrant, the Serial Killer, and the Sociopathic Narcissist. In the old days of Law Enforcement, we called it, "Black Marble Syndrome", and you can see it in every mug shot of every ice-cold nut ever arrested. It's frightening. 

              No one knows how our presidential election will end, but I am not hopeful about the outcome at this point. I think that our only hope, besides bringing millions of the unsaved to the Lord, is to start in the little towns and cities like New Lebanon, one by one. County by county, then state by state. First however, we have to begin in our own hearts and minds. WE have to take the first steps and stop taking the garbage from the bully minority. WE must come together like the states of North Carolina, Mississippi, Idaho, Utah, etc., and TAKE our rights and power BACK. Until we do, we will be destined to living under a dark cloud of immorality, intolerance, division, decay, and ever-growing hatred.


 The Missing Link                                                             4-10-2016

          I am confident that things are going to be a lot better in New Lebanon this summer. We have a fresh Town Board and Supervisor, all of whom are good people who will serve us all equally, regardless of who we are, where we come from, and what we believe. 

          Marchese Ford has purchased the old Bouchard Junk Yard on Rt. 20 and will soon be cleaning it up and giving it new life. Our sign regulations will be implemented and enforced fairly. The Farmer's Market has settled on a new site and will continue, and a new playground will finally be in place in our park. There are a LOT of good things on tap for this summer, and I truly believe that we will see a healing begin, a stronger sense of "Community" , and more give and take than we have seen in the past 4 or 5 years.

          One thing is still missing, and it is something I have been concerned about for a long time, and have even mentioned on this blog in the past. I know we need a supermarket, I know we need a pharmacy and a community center, and several other things, but those are not the things that concern me most. What I find strange and a little scary, is the fact that we have four churches in New Lebanon, and not a single one of them is serving the community as it should.

           Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying that no efforts have been made. The Catholic Church is host to Charlie's Pantry and AA Meetings, the Episcopal and Congregational Churches have a weekly Bible Study, and the Baptist Church has a weekly prayer service on Sunday nights. Still, our churches are not well-attended and have seen little and even no growth in recent years. 

            In all the years that I have been regularly attending town meetings, I have yet to see a single member of the Clergy attend any meetings, of ANY board.  Our local Clergy have NO idea as to what is going on in town government. Some will say it isn't their job to go to board meetings, but I disagree. A Priest, Pastor, or Rabbi in a town as small as ours, SHOULD be plugged-in to the community and it's pluses and minuses, its needs, its youth and elderly. That is missing here. 

            I have spoken to a couple of Pastors about this issue, and one of the explanations I received, was that there are wide doctrinal divisions among the churches, and to come together with another church who teaches differently from their own, is not acceptable. Umm...HUH?  Okay, I get the point, a little. If one church teaches Salvation and another does not, or one church embraces homosexuals and another does not, if one believes that there is a path to Heaven through good works and another does not, it can be a problem, IF shared activities include preaching and teaching. Big IF. I am not aware of many community activities that include religious rituals, nor should they.

             It saddens me that four Clergymen in one little, rural town, cannot see eye-to-eye enough to come together for the good of their town and its people. Not that there is any obvious animosity, but there is no cohesion, either. In my own thinking, our clergy is dropping the ball. There is no reason that the few kids involved in church Youth Groups could not meet together at a different one of the 4 churches each week, get to know one another and become involved in community activities and projects AS a Youth Group. Fundraisers, volunteer work, concerts, adult education classes, talks by representatives of the Cooperative Extension, 4H, food drives, gardening, canning, budgeting, parenting, and a host of other classes could be held at and by our churches in cooperation with one another, and our Clergy need to get involved in our local government.

            Instead, each of the four churches is a little clique, separate from the others due to doctrinal differences that have little or nothing to do with uniting the people of this community. Let the people who wish to, choose their own flavor, and the churches will grow. Extend a Welcome and they will come. Show the people that the churches care about the kids and the elderly, the hungry and the lonely, and they will want to know more. Hiding in your private little vestries will not get the job done, and there IS a job to be done in New Lebanon and every other little town in America.

            When I think about the lack of outrage coming from the churches across America in relation to the social decay we are experiencing at the hands of the Godless, I am livid. God's people are meant to be BOLD, to SPEAK out against evil and corruption, and to lead as much as possible, in every way possible. We are NOT meant to sit in pews and be pacifistic and silent. Pastors, the very men who should be the most fearless and outspoken, are cowering in corners, afraid of losing their tax exemptions,  their positions, or their dwindling flocks. 

           There has NEVER been a case of a church losing its tax exemption due to the Pastor or Priest speaking openly about societal sin, dangerous political candidates, or for encouraging the believers to be active and outspoken. NEVER. If Christians. Catholics, and Jews fail to push back and reveal and rally against the evil in our world, who WILL ? 

            The clergy has a job to do, and it is a much bigger job than they have been willing to do in recent years. Our churches need to throw open their doors, our clergy need to step out into the sunshine and make themselves known. They need to show up at town meetings as often as possible and get to KNOW the people who live in their neighborhoods. I have NEVER met the Priest at the Catholic Church or the Pastor at the Congregational, and don't even know their names! I would not know either of these men if they knocked on my front door, and in a town this size, that is a problem.

              I urge those of you who attend one of our churches regularly, to speak to your Pastor or Priest about doing more outreach, hosting more community activities, and working with the other clergy in town to make New Lebanon a stronger, more united place to live. 


Town Board                                                                 4-12-2016

                 Tonight's meeting was unremarkable, as most of them have been since the new regime took over. Business is dealt with efficiently and VERY transparently, and there is little drama.

                  I am not alone in my appreciation of the manner in which the public is now treated by the Board and Supervisor. We are now allowed to ask questions DURING the meeting, as long as it is brief and directed to the board and not one another. Polite disagreement is permissible, but arguments and nastiness, are not. It works, and it works WELL. 

                   The Board is looking for folks with I.T experience to volunteer for a Broadband Committee, and also for extra hands to erect the new playground equipment on the weekend of May 14 and 15. Rain Date will be the following weekend. Interested parties for either volunteer opportunity can contact Tistrya at the Clerk's office. New Britain Log and Lumber has graciously donated a new picnic table to the High School Seniors for their first annual, Class Commemorative Table Project. 

                    It also looks like we will see a new tennis court this summer for those of you who use it, and I understand that a LOT of people do! Bruce Shenkar is once again attempting to force the town board to get involved with the "Climate Smart Communities Project" that they voted to avoid LAST month. This time, he is asking for the Town to at least Co-Sponsor a Climate Change presentation at the library. He said it would be a "Nice Gesture".  The board can do whatever they please, but I am sick to death of environmental extremists and Global Warming B.S in general. 

                        SO many people wasting SO much time, passion, and energy on a lie, when there are so many vital issues to deal with instead. REAL perils, not those manufactured to gain more wealth for the most wealthy and limit the freedoms of the American people even further. The Global Warming Gullibles honestly and completely believe that we are facing Climate Armageddon. LOL!! They NEVER give up and NEVER agree to even look into the FACTS of the issue. There is no measurable global warming, period. There are no drowning Polar Bears, period. It's a Hoax, a Tool of the government, and a convenient distraction for the tyranny that is growing by the day. Too many Kool-Aid drinkers in America these days. Put the Kool-Aid down, brew a strong cup of coffee and make sure you SMELL it before you drink it!

                         If any of you have any doubt that our town has suffered a massive, Liberal invasion, drive by the library when a climate meeting is going on, then drive by when the Constitution Study is in session. Guess which one is better attended? By the way, I wish to thank those of you who helped us surpass our 10,000 signature goal on our petition to abolish the BLM. We did it! Now it goes to Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who is seeking to strip the BLM and EPA of their Law Enforcement powers, the Law Firm that is representing our Patriots in Nevada and Oregon, the Congress and Senate, and the major media. It's a start.

                         Did you know, (or care), that these Ranchers and Patriots who did nothing but stand for their Constitutional Freedoms, are being held in jail without bond ?! Also unconstitutional. Several are charged with arson for lighting backfires to protect grazing lands and cattle imperiled by the BLM's so-called, "Controlled Burns".  The BLM however, has yet to be held responsible for the cattle they burned to death, or the homes, barns, equipment and fencing they destroyed or the Ranch families they endangered. Still think tyranny isn't a problem in America? 

The "NEW" Nazis                                                   4-16-2016

                Did you ever believe that we would live to see Communism in America? Oh, we have had an American Communist Party practically forever, but they are a tiny minority, at least they USED to be.

                 America has already adopted many of the facets of Socialism. Under the present administration, we have seen the acceleration of Socialist/Communist regulations and restrictions at a pace never seen before. Most of the transitional ideas have been perpetrated on the people by the Media, the Public School System, and the Liberals, and it has been VERY effective. One has only to look at the outlandish ideology of our University professors and students to see the results. 

                  Today, the American people are willing to accept more over-reach and Constitutional violations than they would have even imagined a mere 30 years ago. When have you ever seen a President get away with the criminal behaviors that Obama has?  His maternal grandparents were members of the Communist Party in America and we know that his mentors were also Communists and violent activists. There is no sense in wasting any more time discussing Obama's terrifying record of anti-Americanism or the failure of our elected officials to do anything about it. In a matter of months, there will be a new President, and who that ends up being will decide America's future as a Free Nation or a Commie State. At that point, we will have no choice but to live with the results.

                  I have mentioned numerous times on this blog, the state of affairs in America's Western states. In recent days, things have ramped-up in Oregon and Nevada. What is occurring out there is so extreme and unconstitutional, it literally is impossible to mentally process.  The Bundys, Hammonds, and several others are still languishing in cells, SOLITARY CONFINEMENT  cells. Why? Well, they are being charged as Domestic Terrorists. Yup! All as a result of taking a stand and holding a peaceful protest against the abuses of the BLM.  Last time I checked, the 1st Amendment protected the right of Americans to do so. 

                 So exactly WHY are these men being charged with felonies they are not guilty of, held in solitary confinement, fed stale bread, allowed to sit in their own waste for days at a time, and barred from meeting with their legal representatives outside of a steel pen? These men have been denied bail, which is also unconstitutional, as is "Cruel and Unusual Punishment".  Yet NO member of the BLM or FBI has faced a single charge for their endangering the lives of Ranchers with their so-called, "Controlled Burns" that consistently get OUT of control. No one has been held responsible for the burning of homes, barns, live cattle, the shooting and bulldozing of Bundy's cattle, or the destruction of legal grazing lands, all of which has been done BY the BLM. We are STILL waiting for a clear video and proof of what truly occurred when LaVoy Finicum was killed by the FBI. 

                  Now, the FBI is arresting American citizens who attended the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, as well as anyone they can get their hands on that was involved in the occupation of the Malheur Preserve in Oregon this year. What they are being charged WITH is still unclear, but we DO know what their alleged crimes were; they were THERE. That's it, they were THERE. Well, there were 9,000 New Yorkers at my anti-Safe Act Rally at the Capitol in 2013, and no one went to jail. Not YET, anyway. LOL!! We did not take up temporary residence in a public building as in Oregon, but other than that, there was NO difference between the two protests. In both cases, NO ONE was injured or threatened, NO property was damaged, and NO crimes committed. In BOTH cases, we left the site cleaner than it was found.

                  What should be concerning to each and every American of all political parties, is that we are witnessing Tyranny and Communist behavior by our government against the people of this country, and against the express limitations placed upon it by the Constitution. It is without question, that our GOVERNMENT agencies and officials  are the Felons in this matter. Can you in all good conscience, do NOTHING? Can you allow the government to treat innocent American Ranchers far worse than they dare to treat the Terrorists in Guantanamo?  Do you think that if you do nothing, YOU will be forever exempt from the same treatment if one day YOU take part in a  peaceful protest? What if one of your kids or grandkids does? Will you want someone to back you up and get them OUT of the situation they do not deserve to be in? Or, will you be left alone to fight a battle you cannot win? APATHY KILLS, and it is not choosy.

                  Maybe you're a Liberal thinker, (if it's possible to be a Liberal AND a thinker), or you see things through the same fantasy glasses that our college kids do and you support Bernie Sanders and his Socialist Agenda. That does not protect you from the clutches of an out-of-control government, in fact, NOTHING will protect you except standing up, speaking out and objecting, NOW, before it is too late.

                  What we are seeing in the Western states, is an omen of things to come in every state. This is the reason for the environmental extremism, the Climate lies, the Sustainable Development groups, and redundant agencies such as the EPA, EnCon, Fish and Wildlife, and the BLM, to name but a few. This is a Red Flag to end all Red Flags! A man is dead, numerous others are being held as political prisoners and abused, and as I write this, many more are being rounded-up, including many women. All because they dared to oppose government abuses in a peaceful manner. If this does not terrify you, then you are probably not breathing. 

                   Every one of you who takes the time to read this post, is capable of doing SOMETHING to object to this travesty, this assault on everything America stands for. EVERY one of you can make some phone calls or write a few letters. You can SHARE this information with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Most of all, you can THINK very hard about the indications of this issue and what the government has done and is doing. We are ALL in peril if we fail to object. Pick a few of the names and addresses listed below and give them NO peace until the innocent men and women of Oregon and Nevada are released and all charges dropped. You are an American that benefits from the foresight of our founders, every day. ACT like an American and do your part in preserving those freedoms for our future generations.


 MUST SEE Video!


 Video from LaVoy Finicum's Family


  Shot Heard Round the World!


If you and/or your group are ready to start an all-out assault on the Oregon Officials, here is how to begin:


1) Governor Kate Brown
State Capitol Building
900 Court Street NE 160
Salem,Oregon 97301
(503) 378-4582

2) Oregon Supreme Court
1163 State Street
Salem,Oregon 97301
Phone: (503)986-5555

3) Supreme Court Justices:

Rives Kistler 503-986-5713

Richard C. Baldwin 503-986-5725

Thomas A. Balmer 503-986-5717

Martha Lee Walters 503-986-5668

David V. Brewer 503-986-5709

Jack L. Landau 503-986-5674

Lynn Nakamoto 503-986-5701

4) Oregon State Legislature
900 Court St. NE
Salem,Oregon 97301

5)Oregon Attorney General:

Ellen F. Rosenblum
Oregon Dept. of Justice
1162 Court St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

6) Criminal Justice Commission:

885 Summer St. NE
Salem,Oregon 97301

7) Government Ethics Commission:

3218 Pringle Rd. SE
Suite 220
Salem,Oregon 97301

8) Oregon Sec. Of State:

Jeanne P. Atkins
Public Service Bldg. Suite 105
255 Capitol St. NE
Salem,Oregon 97301

9) Rep. Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.
900 Court St. NE S-403
Salem,Oregon 97301
Email: Sen.HermanBaertschiger@state.or.us

10) Dept. of Corrections:
2575 Center St. NE
Salem,Oregon 97301

11) Oregon State Police:
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 Notice to the Nazis                                                   4-17-2016

            In the past 24 hours, news has come to light that I have longed to hear for a very, long time. Millions of American Constitutionalists are finally rising to their feet. The People, have had enough at last.

            Moms and dads, grandparents, Veterans, and Grassroots Groups all across the country are finally coming together and uniting in an effort to push back against the over-reach of the government and the agenda of the Liberal Left. The plan is MASSIVE, and details are being kept under wraps until all steps are firmly in place, BUT, this is a message that will be heard everywhere on earth. 

              In the meantime, we are still taking positive action re: the Oregon and Nevada issue. Thousands of people have begun contacting the officials in these states and preparations have been made to hold these complicit turncoats responsible for their actions. Last night, I posted a list of contacts for anyone who wishes to do their part, and tonight I am posting a sample letter. 

              Don't forget to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, and please search your heart and conscience before you do. America is on Life-Support, folks, and this one is a BIGGIE. Vote Wisely, with your children and grandchildren in mind, and remember, there is no such thing as FREEBIES from the government. There is ALWAYS a price, and the wrong choice this year could very well set a price we can never pay. Socialism doesn't work, it has NEVER worked, and it will NOT work in America. 


    Dear Governor Brown;

With respect to you as a fellow American, I write to remind you that an Oath of Honor is a Sacred Trust. As an elected official, you took such an Oath to do your duty as a representative of the People who elected you and whom you swore allegiance to.

ALL government officials at every level, whether elected or appointed, are in their position for ONE purpose; to “Serve the People” and not themselves. Your top priority is to know, defend, and adhere to the United States Constitution and ensure that its liberties and protections are diligently applied to every American citizen regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith, or political preference.

The Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights, was written to prevent our government from expanding and claiming powers and control to which it has NO entitlement. Limitations on the government are numerous and concise and NOT open to interpretation or opinion. Yet, due to the apathy of the People, our government has not only ignored those limitations and grown into an over-reaching and oppressive entity, but now feels justified in the blatant violation of liberties and powers expressly reserved for the People.

The time has come for the American citizenry to put the government BACK into its box, and in light of recent events, that effort will need to begin in the states of Oregon and Nevada. As I write this, YOUR state of Oregon is illegally holding innocent, decent, God-Fearing men, their family members, friends, neighbors and supporters on charges of Terrorism. A number of these good Americans are being held in Solitary Confinement Cells, subjected to “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”, and denied their RIGHT to bail.

While the BLM, EPA, and FBI are facing NO consequences for their crimes against the People, for their Terrorism against our Ranchers and Peaceful Protestors, these “Political Prisoners” are denied the right even to meet with their Legal Counsel outside of a steel cage ! What is happening in Oregon is an example of the typical actions of a Communist Dictatorship and will NOT be tolerated in the United States of America.

Imagine if you will, the consequences if the REAL Terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay were treated in the same manner as our Ranchers are being treated in Oregon. Imagine the public outcry had the “Occupy Wall Street” members or the Ferguson Rioters been charged with terrorism and jailed without bond. Both of those groups seized Public Property, caused extensive damage, endangered lives, and assaulted law enforcement. In the Nevada Protest of 2014 and the recent Protest in Burns, Oregon, there was no damage, no violence, and no assault on police. The Malheur Preserve building was occupied by a number of protestors, and thanks to that occupation, Americans were treated to a video tour of the abominable conditions of that building that the Federal Government lays claim to. Filth, Decay, Rat-Infestation, and irreplaceable artifacts thrown into cartons with rat feces and damaging mildew. That building had not been used or visited by the public in years, and the alleged, Federal Landlord had not maintained it for over a decade. In fact, the protestors themselves performed clean-up duty and repairs while they were there ! So how is it that these caring Americans are charged with “Interfering with Interstate Commerce” ? The Preserve had not made a dime or had a dime spent ON it in many years, so it was hardly a source of Commerce !

Arson?? It is the BLM that is guilty of Arson, not the Ranchers. The BLM is PROVEN to have started numerous fires every year that destroyed private property and homes, endangered the lives of residents, ruined vital grazing lands, burned fencing and destroyed public utility poles and wires. They have burned live cattle to death and killed untold numbers of the “Desert Tortoise and Endangered Grouse” that officials claimed were imperiled by grazing cattle.

Intelligent and Informed Americans are fully aware of what is REALLY going on in Western America. We KNOW that the Feds are desperate to retain control of the uranium, gold, oil, and water that rightfully belong to the states in which these lands lie, among other things. We KNOW that the Federal Government will falsely accuse, charge, and imprison anyone who dares to oppose their tyranny and unconstitutional assaults on the freedoms of the People. We KNOW that the Tortoise and Grouse stories were little more than useful excuses and a means to rile-up the Environmental Extremists to further the agenda. We KNOW that grazing cattle pose NO threat to the Flora and Fauna of the West, even when they occasionally wander off their home ranch lands. Cattle have grazed these lands since the birth of this country!

We now ALSO know, that our own government will KILL innocent, law-abiding American citizens who dare to demand Constitutional Adherence from our officials. We KNOW who the REAL Terrorists, Extremists, and Arsonists are in this battle for Freedom in the West, and it is NOT the Ranchers, the Protestors, or the People. We the People DEMAND immediate action from all Oregon and Nevada State Officials, authorities, and especially the two Governors. We demand the release of all falsely-charged Political Prisoners, Organizers, and Protestors and that all charges against them be dropped. Further, we demand restitution by the two state governments and the Federal Government to their victims, for False Arrest and Imprisonment, Destruction of their properties, their Legal Fees, and lost Livestock.

We the People WILL be filing Federal and State Ethics Violation Charges against any and all officials who fail to comply with the Will of the People. We will also be fund-raising all across the country to finance Lawsuits against all officials who played a role in the arrest and abuse of Law-Abiding Americans in Oregon and Nevada.

Understand THIS: All of you are complicit in an enormous and unprecedented act of Tyranny that if allowed to go unopposed, WILL result in an America at the mercy of a despotic government and the nullification of our Constitutional Freedoms, Liberties, and Protections. This travesty will not go away as so many others have. Think about it, then Honor your Oath of office and to the People and the Constitution of the United States, or face the legal consequences.



Wasting Energy                                                          4-22-2016

                The site has been down for a few days. That's okay, we all needed a break, right?

                 Some interesting things in the news this week, if you can manage to find a news outlet that isn't talking about Donald Trump for a whole five minutes. It's not even MAY, and I'm sick to death of him and the whole campaign. One would think that nothing else is going on in the world. 

                  Yesterday, a bartender in Chicago left work for the night and stopped at a local, 7-Eleven, (NO Mr. Trump, that isn't the date that the Twin Towers were attacked by Muslims), to get a few things to take home. When he left the store, he was jumped by a couple of guys who proceeded to beat him into semi-consciousness. As he begged them to stop and screamed for help, people walked by and never even hesitated long enough to call 911. FINALLY, the manager of the 7-Eleven called for help, but by that time, the victim had been knocked into the street where he was then run over by a passing Taxi and killed.  One of his attackers then proceeded to reach into the dead man's pocket and steal his wallet.

                    Not ONE of the many passers-by made even the slightest attempt to help the victim. Yeah, I get it, this was Chicago, home of the gangs and Black-on-Black murder sprees. Dangerous place, DESPITE the SEVERE restrictions on gun ownership. So maybe they were afraid to "Get Involved". Still, makes you wonder who the people of America have become, doesn't it? Apparently, these punks did not have firearms or they would have shot their victim, but what if one of the people walking by DID have a firearm? Would the bartender still be alive and his attackers be in jail pondering the wisdom of assaulting innocent citizens that just MIGHT have a gun for protection?? Hmmm.

                    Were the witnesses afraid, or just that apathetic and COLD? Is Chicago a glimpse of what we have become as a people due to Liberalism and the excuses for the violent behaviors of minorities?  Has disarming the GOOD people of Chicago resulted in a decrease in violent crimes or an INCREASE? Have the Draconian laws in that city pertaining to guns, kept them from the hands of the Bad Guys or have they simply made the GOOD guys easier targets? I think you know the answers. States that allow people to open-carry firearms, have the lowest crime rates in the country. Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Maine, etc., ALL have the lowest incidents of violent crime and gun crime. You can't deny the statistics,folks. 

                     I am often asked to sign applications for people applying for Pistol Permits, because I have had my carry permit since 1979. Despite my unwavering belief that every sane, law-abiding American has a God-Given Right to own and carry a firearm, there ARE some people whom I don't consider properly prepared to do so. As a result, I have turned down requests to sign as a reference for a few folks, asking them to please first go to the range with me and allow me to evaluate their safety skills. In the past two years, I HAVE signed for a good number of people whom I have known well for a good while and consider to be ready for the responsibility.

                 In the past two months, I have turned down one person and signed for two others. The two I signed for, have both come to me with some information that I did not at first believe. I truly thought they were pulling my leg. Apparently, Columbia County is now requiring all permit applicants to submit along with their application, an "Essay of Need " !!  Judge Koweek demands that each applicant write an essay explaining WHY they NEED  to own and carry a firearm! SERIOUSLY?  There is but ONE answer to that, and it goes like this:  " It is my Constitutional RIGHT to own and carry a firearm for the protection of my family, my property, and myself." PERIOD!

                No Judge, Politician, or Law Enforcement Officer has the power or right to ask for proof of NEED, or to deny a permit if he or she feels the reason is not GOOD ENOUGH. Yet that is exactly what is happening in Columbia County, and one of my applicants has been turned down for that very reason. Take it from ME, this will NOT continue! I am all over it and I am circling the wagons. This is an extreme over-reach, abuse of power, and Constitutional Violation of the rights of the citizens of Columbia County. We all know that the permit requirement is in itself, unconstitutional, but we also know that it is a necessary evil due to the need to ATTEMPT to keep firearms out of the hands of Felons and the Criminally Insane. We know too, that these "Bad Guys" get weapons anyway, regardless of how severe the laws are. Always have, always will. Strict gun regulations do nothing but disarm the lawful, responsible citizens and make them better targets for both criminals, and tyrannical governments.

                 If the bartender in Chicago had been carrying a small, semi-auto firearm in his pocket last night, he would be at work tonight instead of in a drawer in the city morgue. If someone on one of the planes that flew into the Twin Towers had been carrying, that tragedy could have been averted. If a worker at the San Bernardino office party had been armed, how many fewer deaths and injuries would there have been? Etc.,Etc. Handguns are used by armed citizens in America THOUSANDS of times each year to SAVE lives of innocent people, but the Media will NEVER, EVER report those incidents because it does not serve the government's rabid appetite for disarmament. Fast and Furious, Sandy Hook, and other live-shooter events were nothing more than false flag operations intended to turn the American public against firearm ownership and further that agenda. BOTH of those events back-fired, and Fast and Furious was responsible for the deaths of many, innocent Mexican citizens, one U.S Border Guard, and many of those guns have fallen into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels. Those deaths are the direct result of illegal actions taken by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. They have never been forced to answer for any of it.

              Sandy Hook on the other hand, was a disaster from the get-go. It was so poorly planned and executed that the evidence of it being a False Flag is hundreds of times more prolific than any evidence of it having been real. The government has not even been efficient enough to NOT use the same FEMA actors in other fake tragedies. I know that most of you don't care to spend a lot of time researching and vetting stories, but at the very least, if you are interested in the Sandy Hook Hoax, go to Google and type in the following: Wolfgang Halbig. It will give you a great "Start" and pique your interest, not to mention get you questioning what you are shown and told by the news media.

              Also this week, a 15-year-old girl was beaten to death in a high school bathroom by other female students. There was an argument over a boy and now there is a dead kid and a devastated family. Happens far more often than we are told. Now , people like Cuomo and Obama want us to pass yet ANOTHER new law to make it a RIGHT for the sexually-confused to use whatever bathroom they please. WHY in the HELL does our government, our media, and our state legislatures even entertain this ridiculousness? WHY is this stupidity even being discussed publicly?  If people are so concerned about what is going on in public restrooms, how about we start by putting Veterans in our schools as Security for kids using the bathrooms and to prevent the rare, REAL issue of guns being brought to school? 

              Why not put the extensive training of our soldiers to good use and employ these fine men and women in jobs that benefit both them and the community, especially our youth? Kill two birds with ONE stone and ensure pride and safety to two groups of vital Americans, kids and Vets? No, that makes too much common SENSE, and the Libs would much prefer to distract the People from the important issues by whining about "Words that HURT their feelings ", and the RIGHT to choose what potty they can use! 

              The bathroom issue is a non-issue until it is MADE an issue by someone becoming a victim. As things stand today, we have specified bathrooms for each gender, of which there are only TWO. (Did you hear my Politically-Incorrect statement that there are only TWO genders?) Good. That being said, if you are a guy that identifies mentally as a woman, and you prefer to wear a dress and pantyhose, fine, go right ahead, no one cares. If you also choose to use a public LADIES room while in drag, fine, go ahead. After all, that is going on every day, already. I know a guy personally that cross-dresses and uses the ladie's room, and he has never victimized anyone. Most cross-dressers don't harm anyone. 

              If you are a female cross-dresser and choose to use public men's rooms, go ahead, no one cares as long as no one is hurt.  Remember Common Law? "No Victim, NO Crime !".  It is going on every day and most folks don't realize or even notice it. So, WHY do we need LAWS to give these people a RIGHT to do what they already do?  It's just another example of Liberal Bullying, Media Distraction, and Societal Decay. We are wasting our breath, time, energy, emotions, and legal resources. Let the cross-dressers or whatever they want to be called these days, do what they wish, and until someone is victimized, WHO CARES ?!?!?! However, we do NOT need more laws of ANY kind, and we should not accept being subjected to anymore ridiculous laws! 

              One thing; IF someone should be victimized due to the opposite sex using the wrong bathroom, it may very well be the person who is violating the long-standing tradition who becomes the victim. There are millions of fathers of girls out there who are LIVID over this B.S, and will quickly deliver a sound thrashing to a man who dares to enter a Ladie's Room while his wife or daughter is in there. Should there be legal protection for the transgressor and consequences for the protective father? Absolutely not. We all have the freedom to choose our behaviors, but when we choose risky or immoral ones, we must also be prepared to deal with the consequences of those choices. ALL of us. Don't say I didn't tell you so. 


Lebanon Loses Again ??                                           4-25-2016

                  I love this town. Always have. That's why I tend to get seriously upset when newcomers try to change the things that have always made New Lebanon a charming place to live.  

                  According to employees of the Family Dollar, we are going to lose that store very soon. Apparently, the rent has increased again and the store doesn't do enough business to justify staying here. That's a shame. So many folks rely on that store for things we can't get otherwise, unless we can travel to Pittsfield or Chatham. I'm no fan of chain stores, but I have appreciated the convenience of the Family Dollar as much as anyone else, and I will miss it.

                  I can't begin to guess why the rent keeps increasing in the plaza, maybe it's taxes, maybe it's insurance, maybe it's greed, who can say, but we can't seem to attract or keep businesses there for long. A couple of months ago, I heard that there was a computer repair shop coming to the spot where the Heritage Center was originally located, but it has yet to materialize. I DO know that employees of the Family Dollar have been begging for adequate air-conditioning since the store opened, and I don't blame them, it's sweltering in there in summer. They also don't have as much space as the other Family Dollars I have seen, and can't stock as much as they could. Whatever the issues are, it's a blow to the town.

                 Maybe New Lebanon isn't SUPPOSED to grow. Despite the influx of city people and the sneaky EDC, nothing seems to change much, economically. Small businesses come and go, some look then move on, and others are struggling. I have mixed feelings about that.  I will be the first one to fight big box stores or chain stores that would imperil the success of places that are already here. Bucky's Bagels for instance, would be wiped-out if we allowed Dunkin Donuts or Subway to come here, and it wouldn't help Blueberry Hill much,either.  We don't want to see McDonalds or Burger King on our main drag, but we could sure use a small market and a drugstore.

                 Sustainable Development and Climate-Related programs are dangerous to our freedom to use our properties as we wish, so we need to remain vigilant and opposed to the growth of such things in New Lebanon. It's nice to "Conserve" forests and other natural land, but it doesn't make it easy for the taxpayers to have so many pieces of property designated as Tax Exempt due to too MUCH Conservancy, and too many home-made religions claiming exemptions as well. Church exemptions should relate to the House of Worship, the Parsonage, and 1 acre of land, only. 

                 New Lebanon was once a farming town, and it seems as if that is what is was intended to always be.  We'll never see the big dairies that used to thrive here, but we are seeing a lot of small-acreage agriculture, and that's a healthy thing. Agriculture is Conservancy, it is responsible use of the land and resources, protection of the natural aesthetics, and the preservation of the town's rural history and unique flavor. Many of the city folks want to attract more tourism, while the long-time locals are more resistant to the idea for many good reasons. Yet, we do have tourists who come here to see the beauty of the valley, attend the races, visit the Shaker Sites, the Catholic Shrine, and to buy local produce. The Flea Market, Auction House, and Antique Stores draw people from all over the East Coast.

                  We have no need for sidewalks and sewers. We have no need for designated, "Tourist Attractions" or Concert Venues. All we need is to be what we have always been, a small, quiet, off-the-map, rural town. I believe that most things happen for a reason. Sometimes, we can't see the good until much later, but it almost always becomes clear eventually. Maybe we can't attract or keep businesses here because we are not meant to. Couldn't it be, that God has other plans, and New Lebanon is just one of those very special places that needs to stay where and how it is? Growth isn't always a good thing, and we have plenty to be thankful for in this town exactly as it is.   Sleep Well, New Lebanon.


Crazy People                                                                    4-28-2016

               I ran into the Family Dollar this week to ask about the story of them leaving New Lebanon.  According to the manager, there are no definite plans for the store to leave, but other employees say otherwise. The whole thing is weird, so I guess we will simply have to wait and see. I hope they stay.

               The weather is awesome, and it's always a lift to see the flowers starting to bloom again. Spring is generally a time to look forward to better days and the satisfying accomplishment of getting things done that we have to put off in winter. This year, it's a little harder to be optimistic. 

               It seems to ME at least, that everything we hear on the radio or see on the TV News, is about the election or the latest, ridiculous, Liberal demands. Trump supporters are the Second Generation of the Obama supporters of 2008 and 2012. They are brainwashed, gullible, and 100% unwilling to face facts that are put before them. I expect this kind of stubborn stupidity from the extreme Lefties and Socialists, but not from alleged Conservatives and people who identify as Evangelicals. It would be interesting to research the numbers and see what percentage of voters support which candidates, and where they live. 

               Do the Trump and Sanders supporters all live in places where their drinking water comes from a public supply? Are our universities putting something in the food that is being supplied by the Clinton Campaign? Do all the Cruz supporters drink bottled water or live in places with clean, private wells ?  LOL!  Really though, it does make one wonder.  Last week, a reporter visited the campus of Maryland University. Holding an 8x10 photo of Ronald Reagan, he asked random students to identify the person pictured. The answers varied from "A Country Singer", to "John Wayne". Most had no idea whatsoever. 

                   Another reporter went to U Berkeley in California and asked students what the purpose of the Supreme Court is. Most had no idea and could not name even ONE of the Justices. ONE student was able to name every Justice. Others were asked about Socialism, what it is, how it works and how it has worked in other countries throughout history. None of them had a clue, yet almost all of them support Sanders for president.

                   There is another new issue in the news about whether paroled felons should have their voting rights restored. My personal opinion is that if a person serves their time and earns parole, their voting rights should be restored. At the same time, I believe STRONGLY that we need Voter I.D in America, with chipped I.D cards that register that person as having voted so they cannot vote more than once. Dead people need to be removed from the voter lists immediately upon release of a death certificate, and legal citizenship MUST be proven before anyone gets an I.D card. That being said, there ARE Americans that do not deserve the right to vote. 

                   Last night, Trump held a rally that was followed by rioting in the streets. Trump and Sanders supporters went head-to-head, beating one another, destroying police cars and acting EXACTLY like the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri . I feel that anyone who behaves this way at any election-related activity, should be promptly arrested and stripped of their right to vote. What we are seeing with these Trump and Sanders supporters is unprecedented, embarrassing, and despicable. NEVER has America seen such trashy behavior from the voting public, and I blame the Millennials and Trump. A good share of the blame also belongs to the candidates themselves and the parents of the college-age kids who can't tie their own shoes or recognize Reagan, but insist they know what's best for America.

                    Donald Trump may have millions of dollars, but wealth does not equal class anymore than education equals intelligence. I know welfare recipients that behave more intelligently and courteously than Trump. Did you know that Trump had to be given a teleprompter last week so he could deliver a semi-lucid speech about Foreign Policy? Did you know that NY Attorney General Schneiderman is calling Trump to testify in his own Fraud case regarding the Trump University scam? Or that the FBI is now demanding that Hillary Clinton be indicted forthwith? How do their supporters continue to BE supporters when their chosen candidates may very well be ruined before the general election?

                    In the meantime, the scummy candidates are continuing to wage all-out war on the only TRUE Conservative, Patriot candidate, Ted Cruz.  With the help of the Liberal, Lying Media, they have used false monikers like, "Lyin' Ted" , false accusations of campaign corruption and "Stolen" votes, to make Cruz look like a Bad Guy, when in reality, he is the most honest, scandal-free, and PROVEN Constitutionalist in the race. His record and reputation speak volumes. Any politician who is unafraid to stand alone and be hated by his peers, in order to stand for his principles and morality is a winner and a leader. Traitor John Boehner called Cruz, "Lucifer in the Flesh " yesterday. A bit extreme, but easy to understand when you know that Cruz took Boehner on when Boehner refused to stand with the Conservatives of his own party and instead, kissed Democrat Ass. In fact, I have a color photo of Boehner LITERALLY kissing Nancy Pelosi! GAG!!!!!!

                     So rather than clean up their own acts, the sleazy candidates are doing all they can to demonize the only clean one, and so many Americans are so STUPID, that they eat it up like cocaine candy. It's sickening. Look, I'm not a genius, I learn something new every, single day, but at least I am WILLING to learn, WILLING to admit there are many,many things I know nothing about. I make mistakes, but I also do all I can to not make them twice. If I thought that Donald Trump would be a good thing for America, I would support him wholeheartedly, but I do my homework, I do my research, and THEN  I make a decision. My decisions are also MY OWN, not those of the crowd, the bullies, or the uninformed. Before I choose a candidate, I need to know WHO and WHAT that candidate IS, and if he or she will be the person most likely and able to LEAD in a positive, fair, and Constitutional manner. The candidate's sex, color, age, or bank account is totally immaterial. CHARACTER matters, record matters, strength matters.

                      I do not want someone who was responsible for numerous, unexplained deaths, countless cases of dishonesty, corruption, extortion, and immoral voting, to be my president. I do not want a Hippy Socialist who never worked for a dollar in his whole life and thinks that Rich people will support the stupid and lazy for the rest of eternity. I do not want a guy whose daddy gave him 20 million dollars that never grew over the last 40 years, telling me that he is a successful businessman, when in fact, he is a fake, a plant, and a crude loudmouth that incites violence, scams people, attempts to steal private property, and knows absolutely NOTHING about leading a country. I want a man who has a clean record, has voted for what is right and decent, has put himself on the line politically and/or militarily, and behaves like a mature, refined adult. I want a president who will lead us to compromise, not division, who will keep our borders secure and our people safe, and who believes that we need a strong military and politicians accountable to the Constitution of the United States. So on and so on.

                       I heard today that the ridiculous actor Will Farrell, was planning to produce and star in a COMEDY about Ronald Reagan's battle with Alzheimers Disease.  That is more than appalling. There is nothing comedic about Alzheimers and nothing decent about making fun of one of America's kindest, strongest, and most effective presidents. Imagine the response if such a film was made about a Democrat President? All of us know someone or have had a family member who suffered from Dementia. It is not funny in ANY context, it is tragic. Yet this is the mindset of Hollywood and the very reason that I don't go to, buy, or rent movies. Nor do I read the Celebrity trash magazines. As far as I'm concerned, Hollywood should be wiped off the face of the earth. One promising piece of this matter is that the reaction has been immediate, boisterous, and effective. At some point in the past 12 hours, Farrell has decided to cancel the film. See how effective we can be when we object and stand in numbers? 

                       There have always been crazy people in the world and there always WILL be, but how did so MANY go crazy so quickly?  How did we become so inured to lunacy that it no longer concerns us? Not only are we witnessing a mass loss of sanity and conscience in America, but we may very well see the election of yet another nut job for president. Then what?