Meeting Adam                                                              8-1-2017

              Who WAS Adam Lanza?  If you ask people at random, they will say he was the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2013. Is that who he really was or just what the government gun-grabbers want you to think he was? 

              Adam was a mess. He suffered from Aspberger's Disease, a form of Autism, and he was medicated beyond what is acceptable for any human being, for most of his life. There are only five photographs of Adam that have ever been seen by the public. In these photos, the effect of the heavy drugs is more than apparent, and so is the fact that the kid couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds soaking wet. He was bone-thin and sickly, barely able to focus his eyes, much less plan a mass shooting and carry numerous, heavy firearms and ammunition into a secure school building . 

             The official story claimed that Adam's mother was a Kindergarten teacher at SH School, so no one was alarmed to see him enter the school that day or afraid to "Buzz him in".  In truth, Adam's mother was not a teacher at all and NEVER Worked at SH School. No one seems to know exactly who she is or what she does or did for a living, if she worked at all. By looking at the home the media claims was hers, she had plenty of money, maybe from the divorce settlement between her and her wealthy, former husband who is deeply involved in high-level banking. The older Lanza boy, Ryan, lived in the city with his father, Peter. 

              I find it more than a little interesting that Peter Lanza was a scheduled witness against the Libor Corporation in a huge banking scandal, a court case that was pending at the time of the alleged SH Shooting. Coincidentally, the father of James Holmes, the Colorado Movie Theater shooter, was also scheduled to testify against Libor. Like Adam, James Holmes suffered from mental and emotional disorders and was heavily medicated. One MUST ask if these deficient, young men were pawns in a game of blackmail. Testify and lose your kid. Maybe the fathers really didn't care. It is reported that Peter Lanza despised Adam and stated that he wished the boy had never been born. Perhaps, these "Dads" sacrificed their imperfect sons to save their own lives. 

             Were these boys given over to the government to use for their evil purposes in exchange for allowing the fathers to escape retribution for their testimonies? There is HARD evidence that Adam Lanza committed suicide days before the SH incident. There is also INDISPUTABLE PROOF that fund-raising pages for the families of the murdered students, were posted on social media a week before the incident. THINK about that.

            It is impossible for Adam Lanza to have done what he is accused of having done. He was not mentally or physically able. There exists no evidence of his autopsy or obituary, burial site, etc. Nor is there any such evidence of these things for any of the alleged, murdered children. Not ONE. Never have we seen Nancy or Peter Lanza or an interview or statement from them. 

           Whenever there is a major tragedy, family members are interviewed at regular intervals for years to follow. Ever seen a SH parent speak on TV ? Ever wonder why every single one of them has never been heard from again and no longer live anywhere in the area?  All of this is small potatoes compared to other evidence of a Hoax. For instance, when a Crime Scene Bio-Cleaning Crew from the SH area contacted the police to see who would be assigned to mop up the blood of 20 children, they were asked, "What blood?"

           What about the two men seen running from the scene, being chased by police? It was all on video, including the take-down of the men by the cops. Who were THEY and where did they go? Why did no ambulances or EMT's ever approach the school building?  WHY did the Coroner state that all the deaths were caused by the "Long Gun" before he even performed a single autopsy? The long gun was shown being removed from  the trunk of a car allegedly driven to the scene by Lanza, and so-called witnesses inside the school stated that he had handguns ONLY. Biggest question of the night? Why was the Coroner laughing as reporters on the scene questioned him? If you had just seen 20 dead babies lying in their own blood, would you find anything comical? 

          I'm very busy right now, but I want to get to the Coroner and his interview this week if I can. Once you see that, the rest of what I have to show and tell you shouldn't even be necessary. That video alone, should be enough to prove my case of a Hoax. If only that was ALL there is! 


             Adam is 3rd from the right. 


 RANT Time !!                                                                 8-3-2017

                Gee, haven't you missed my anti-Liberal, anti-Citiot rants?  It HAS been a little while, so I'm overdue. 

                Ya know, it wouldn't be necessary for me to vent at all if these people acted like courteous, considerate human beings instead of boors. It isn't that they are not welcome here or anywhere else, it's just that they are so RUDE. Funny how people with high-paying jobs, second homes, and good educations tend to be the most impolite and self-centered. So they wear out their "Welcome" extremely quickly. 

                Last Sunday, the Lord's Day, I was not feeling very Christian at all. It didn't start out that way, it was MADE that way by LIBERALS from cities! ( I am directing this particular post to the residents of New Lebanon who think we should promote and increase "Tourism" in our town, as well as to the transplants and part-timers who refuse to assimilate ).

                 Speaking for myself and my family as well as a good number of neighbors and friends, we are MORE than Fed-Up with our holidays and weekends being 2 and 3-day nightmares. If it isn't outsiders making life miserable, it's the damn State Troopers! It's SO bad, that I rarely leave the house on weekends and holidays anymore. 

                  When local residents feel imprisoned, bullied, and abused in their own community, there is a problem. Anyway, on Sunday, I dared to venture out to Stewarts at 11 a.m, and didn't even get to Rt. 20 before the Citiots raised my blood pressure.  First, an idiot in a fancy sedan pulled out of Jimmy D's onto Shaker Road without even glancing to his right to see if anything was coming. I WAS coming, and came within inches of hitting him. It scared me and ticked me off enough that I laid on the horn, something I very seldom do. 

                   The other driver completely ignored me and the almost fender-bender, but the Liberal tourist that was waiting to cross from the firehouse to Jimmy D's on foot, did NOT ignore me, quite the opposite. He began by waving his arms and jawing away at me as if I were the one who almost caused an accident. I reached over and opened the passenger window and asked him what the problem was. He then went on a tirade about how I was making too much noise by beeping my horn at the "Poor Guy" who pulled out on me, and that the guy didn't mean it!!!! WHAT ?!?!  SERIOUSLY ?!

                  I told him to mind his own business and go back to his own town, and you can guess how he responded. Yup!  The typical, liberal go-to solution for everything. He said "F-U" and walked away. As_hole. Somehow, I managed to not put the truck in reverse and back over his liberal ass. 20 years ago?  He might have had a problem. 

                  At this point, I was boiling mad, but I still had to sit there and wait a full 5 minutes just to get out of my road and onto Rt. 20 because of the traffic. It didn't help that there were two, State Police vehicles holding a woman in a Prius hostage in front of the Gallup Inn. Flashing lights, cars in the driving lane, you know the drill. The woman looked like a deer in the headlights. The school-teacher, hair in a bun, straight-laced type. Maybe she was smuggling drugs. LOL!!

                  I finally got to Stewarts and had to park at the gas pumps because there were no other places TO park. Of course, that was AFTER another Citiot in a BMW pulled out of the Valley Plaza in front of me and jerked into the turning lane in the nick of time, then simply drove there alongside me. Where do these people learn to drive, Demo-Derby School? 

                  There's no need for me to describe the rude drivers and customers that pack into Stewarts on weekends, we have all experienced THAT. The ride home was ALMOST uneventful once I got away from the pushy crowd at the store. That is, until I got back to Shaker Road and saw tourists walking their dogs on the lawn of Clark Engineering and letting their pets crap on the manicured grass. What a nice convenience for them to have such a clean, green place for their foo-foo Poodles to poop, while their Audis idle in Jimmy D's parking lot.

                That less-than-one mile trip to the store was a living-color snapshot of how tourists treat the locals, their properties, and our community. They crap on us, and you think we need to invite MORE of them?!  I can't wait to see what happens when Dunkin Donuts opens and the traffic is even more snarled and confused. ( I was told tonight that DD may not be breaking ground until October, if then. ) 

                 Ya know, I could deal with the tourists if it was just a Summer thing, but it isn't. They come all summer, then they come in Fall to look at the leaves, and then in Winter, it's the skiing. We get a very brief break in early Spring, and it is sheer HEAVEN. There's nothing we can do about the invasion of tourists, it is a blessedly free country and I would never want it any other way. We CAN however, prevent INCREASED tourism by NOT supporting projects that will attract them. We are not Disney World, people actually LIVE here.  So let's NOT make our town into a tourist destination, okay? 

                We can and SHOULD, also actively make it clear to visitors and part-timers, that they are welcome here, but in return, we expect them to obey traffic laws, be courteous, and respect and support our rural culture and traditions. That includes the Speedway, folks.  NEVER be intimidated, never allow yourselves to be bullied or treated with disrespect by Citiots or anyone else. Be unafraid to speak up in a courteous but firm manner, and be an example by treating others as you wish to be treated. Never be a victim. 

                 NOW, the Troopers. As you know, we presently have a new batch of Rookies in town. BAD news,indeed. They have learned very quickly that the barracks is not at the bottom of the mountain on Rt. 20, it is at Jimmy D's Restaurant.  2 or 3 cruisers, three times a day, for hours on end. Yesterday, I was going to town and again, just as I drew parallel to the firehouse parking lot, a Trooper flew onto Shaker Road and into Jimmy D's. Trying to avoid HIM, I failed to immediately see the 2nd Trooper coming out of the Firehouse, also heading for the restaurant, but  not stopping to wait for me to go by! He just kept on coming! We both had to hit the brakes, hard. I guess he was really, really hungry.

                  TONIGHT, Bob and I were going to run a few errands and in the SAME SPOT, another Trooper flew in from Rt. 20 and into the restaurant, followed by a 2nd Trooper. The 2nd one was driving smack-dab in the middle of Shaker Road and I was right there! He almost hit me head-on in his sweat to get to dinner and visitation time. I don't know about everybody else in New Lebanon, but I am sick of seeing those Troop cars in the restaurant and I am sick of getting stopped at least 3 times a month for bullshit like not using a blinker to turn from Shaker Road onto Rt. 20 at 10 p.m with no traffic in sight. That happened to Bob last week.

                  I  usually get stopped for stupid things like going too far right to miss a pothole, (OOH, I must be drunk!), or not having a light on my rear license plate. Umm, license plates are reflective today and the Troopers headlights make them more than easy to read, not to mention that most cop cars today have plate readers anyway. Another thing that makes me irate, is that when they stop you, they ask you where you are going. Well,guess what? It's none of your feckin business where I'm going, where I've been or much of anything else for that matter. My son, having gotten his Law Enforcement degree fairly recently, tells me that they are now trained to ask these questions. Seriously?!

                 I  was never trained to ask those questions, and I don't recall ever asking them! So my stock response to any cop that asks me where I'm going is, "Where are YOU going?".  LOL!!  New Lebanon does not need a barracks and believe it or not, our town officials don't WANT it here anymore. They too, are sick of the harassment of residents. All we need is a Sheriff's Patrol at this end of the county, period. Just for kicks, take a look at the monthly budget report for the courts in this town. That alone, will show you just how abusive the Troopers are. They always have been and always will be.To ME, they are no longer a Police Agency, they are Cuomo's Private Army. They were originally organized to patrol the highways, like the Thruway, and that is where they belong, NOT in our small communities and neighborhoods. NY Nazis. 

           There. That is my rant for this week. Next up? The Sandy Hook Coroner. 



  Das Fuhrer Speaks


 Town Board Meeting - On FIRE!                                          8-8-2017

                      You missed a very WARM meeting, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

                       The meeting room was wonderfully cool when we arrived, but then SOMEONE turned off the A.C, AGAIN , and it turned into Hell fairly quickly. Why do they DO that, no one complained of being cold, and we have a sound system now, so leave the AC ON. GEEZ!!!! What really irks me is that the people who turn the AC off are NOT even board members and should not be fooling with it at all. 

                        The other heat, the figurative kind, was between the LVPA and the Town Board. At one point, I was wondering if we needed the fire hoses to cool things down, and by "Things", I mean tempers. Apparently, the budget reports given to the board by the LVPA each month are not in the correct format to make them understandable to the Council. Long story, but to cut it short, there is mention in the contract between the two, that ALL reports will be in Excel, not PDF, and the LVPA was not complying, which led to mass confusion. 

                         All that was fine until one LVPA member made the statement that the budget reports will continue to be done as they have been doing them, because they were concerned that numbers could be "Changed" or "Played With".  It was a statement that reeked of distrust and our Supervisor took it personally. ( Can't blame her!) So it got VERY hot for a little while. Even the Attorney weighed-in and stood by the board and Colleen. Finally, Chief Wheeler took it in hand and earned tonight's "Star of the Show " as far as I'm concerned. 

                         The Chief was gentle, calm, and sensible, and took the temperature down by a mile in 10 seconds flat! He explained the confusion in a manner that all could understand and no one could possibly take offense to. In a few words, Chief Ben put the fire out with class and character. Kudos! 

                          Two Berlin High School students gave a presentation of the TRACS program once again. A community group dedicated to students mentoring students in relation to drug and alcohol abuse, TRACS has been very successful and effective in Rensselaer County and Berlin HS in particular. What a terrific program and great kids ! For three years, TRACS has been attempting to get the New Lebanon High School to join-in and start their own TRACS program with the help of the established group from Berlin. NLCS has shown no interest and knowing their outlook on many things, I believe it is because NLCS does not have a major drug issue and the powers-that-be, think they are above such a program. 

                          It's true that NLCS has a low number of alcohol and drug abusers, but our town in general, definitely DOES have a problem.  A SERIOUS problem. Sadly, it is the parents and college age residents that we are seeing the most drug abuse from, the most crimes from, and the most alcohol-related issues from. That does not mean however, that kids coming up from the elementary level, won't have drug and alcohol issues. In fact, with a good number of parents being users, they likely WILL have problems once they reach the high school. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Why not get involved in TRACS? 

                         Well, NLCS also has refused to take any part in the Constitution Study despite having been invited to do so for the past three years. We have suggested that the History Department offer extra credit to students who attend the study, both as an incentive and as a means to raise grades, not to mention increase Civic knowledge. THIS Fall, we intend to physically visit the school and put something in place to get some of our youth to this class and get them schooled on Constitutional Law. Heaven knows America needs THAT! 

                          The American Flag Project is a success. The Town Board voted to match our raised funds of $500.00 to allow us to purchase two dozen flags instead of one dozen. Next year, we plan to do it again and add flags to West Lebanon as well. Three more flags were purchased AT tonight's meeting by residents, so we now will be able to buy 27 flags. Thank you to the Town Board and all the residents who donated. Here is the list"
 1) Elisabeth Gitter
 2) Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ackley
 3) The Theater Barn
 4) Catherine Wagner
 5) Charles and Ruth Lasher
 6) Kristine Romano
 7) Glenn Wheeler
 9) Mr. and Mrs. Tony Murad
 10) Georgette Tefoe
 11) Rocky and Claire Brown
 12) Mr. and Mrs. J. Pandey
 13) Peg Munves
 14) Bob and JJ Smith
 15) Town of New Lebanon

                                 THANK YOU!!!!


                  The basketball court repairs will have to wait until Spring. Only ONE bid was received and it was for $75,000.00. The hoops, including poles, nets, backboards,etc., will be $10,000.00 each, alone! Of course my husband had to speak up and say, "WE never had that when I was growing up here!".  LOL!!! If it were up to HIM, all the kids in town would be farming, then in their free time, they could play basketball with a bottomed-out trash can nailed to a tree.  He is definitely ALL Country-Boy.

                   There has been no interest in the vacancy on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Town Board is asking for applicants. The Cupola from the demolished elementary school has been saved from the dumpster and put in safe-keeping until we can decide what steps to take to restore it and select a site for it to be appreciated. Thank You to Councilman Kevin Smith and Highway Super Jeff Winestock , for protecting and preserving an important piece of our local history! 

                     Our most famous, local Tree-Hugger was present tonight asking that we consider "Charging Stations" in town for electric and hybrid automobiles. LOL!!  I have to try to remain amused instead of angry at some of these far-left views and desires. Do these folks with electric cars even know that child labor is used to mine the Cobalt to make Lithium batteries for these cars ?!?  Take a look at the link I've posted below and ask yourself if YOU want to support this by putting Charging Stations in our town!

                  See, the Liberal Media doesn't TELL you about these things, but they sure as hell push Electric Cars to Save the World from Climate Change that doesn't exist. Tonight's Tree-Hugger stated that it has been predicted that all cars will be electric by 2050 or somewhere around there. Uh-Huh, and Al Gore said all the Icebergs would be melted by 2008 and NY City would be under water. If only. Maybe Cuomo would have been there when it flooded. Darn!

                  Our Little League Teams in New Lebanon are no more. There is no Committee, no coaches or volunteers. This irritated Councilman Baumli to no end, as he wondered aloud why parents can drop their kids off for practice or games, but can't donate an hour or two to the program. VERY valid point, yes? Add to that, the fact that the Leagues left the snack-bar building with filled deep-fryers, rotting food, filth, and rats this year. Yeah, Mark was a tad miffed, to put it mildly. There is no excuse for that kind of neglect, and now it is left to the town board to do something about it. So where are the people who were so concerned about anyone smoking too close to the Little League Field NOW?  Are RATS better than outdoor smoking?  Good Lord, people are just NUTS! 

                     Now, there is a new committee being formed that needs some bodies to man it, and it is responsible for FINALLY dissolving the Evil EDC of Max Gitter ,Mike Benson and friends. It is called the "Commerce and Tourism Committee ". Commerce yes, Tourism? Good Lord, NO! NO more brutal tourists, PLEASE !!!!! LOL!!! Anyway, it will be great to finally see that Private, Good-Ol' Liberal Boys Club, GO AWAY!  That EDC was the dirtiest of Mike Benson's dirty deeds, and that's saying something, because Mike Benson did a LOT of dirty deeds. 

                      Speaking of Mike Benson, does anyone else find it interesting that no one ever even SEES that idiot anymore? I'm told he doesn't even live here most of the time, but who knows, or CARES? Mr, "I Care About This Town " , disappeared the day after he lost the election and hasn't been seen since.  I told you HOW many times that he was using this town to further his own goals, and would drop us like a hot potato as soon as he no longer needed us. EXACTLY what happened. He hasn't stepped inside the Town Hall since he took his fancy office chair home almost two years ago. He turned out to be just what I tried to tell you he was.

                       Tonight was the first time since Benson that I have seen a Supervisor get really pissed, and tonight, it was justified. Colleen did not take that veiled accusation well, and her Irish temper came alive in full green! It was awesome!  I always knew she would be a great Supervisor, but she has done even better than I imagined. She is calm, smart, involved and informed, dedicated and loyal, and when necessary, forceful and strong in her leadership. THAT is the kind of leader we need at every level of government. We need fairness, common-sense, Constitutionality, and leaders who actually HEAR us and care about what we want, no matter what party we belong to. We have that now in New Lebanon, so let's fight to keep it. 


 What's Happening THIS Week ?                                            8-13-2017

                  If you haven't been by the Firehouse, you don't know that Trooper and Home-Town boy, Louis (Lee) Godfroy has graduated K9 School and is now an official, NY State Police, K9 Handler. Congratulations to this awesome young man!   Sadly, he will not be stationed at the New Lebanon barracks anymore, but he will still LIVE here, for now, so we are still lucky. Also, I happened to see Trooper Jesse Brown at Stewarts tonight, looking terrific in his NYSP Uniform.  Troopers like Louie and Jesse are what small communities like ours, NEED. Local residents who know the town and the people. Amen?   May God keep them both safe and sound.

                 I visited with a local man today that I had never met before. He lives less than a mile from me, has always been a resident of this town, and is 90 years old!  His parents lived in the very same house that he now does, for all of THEIR adult lives. How, in a town this small, do we not know our neighbors?  This man was a joy to chat with and I could  have stayed a lot longer than I did. Here he is, right in our midst, living all alone, no wife or kids, no siblings, and a ton of tales to tell. These are the treasures we fail to appreciate. 

               Hopefully, I will be seeing him a bit more often as I work to get him some needed Senior Services. How many others are there like him in our town?  Shouldn't we KNOW? Shouldn't our churches KNOW?  If you are aware of an elderly or handicapped person in your neighborhood, take the time to stop and say hello, check in on them and assess any needs you notice. Then let us know. You can call the Town Hall and they will get the info to me or Judy. Be a friend to someone who is alone, because not only should NOBODY be alone in the world, but the joy and wisdom you will gain from these folks is better than all the riches in the world.

                Our flag project is awaiting the matching funds from the town so we can place the order. I'm hoping that we will be able to get the utility companies to schedule the flag hangings in time for Labor Day, but we will be cutting it close. Keep your fingers crossed!!  Already, Stone Soup is planning a few new programs for 2018, New Lebanon's Bicentennial Year. We hope that we can motivate a lot of residents to volunteer for at least one of these programs. 

               One of the things we are looking at is more flower gardens and boxes in town.  There are some bridges that are not in areas safe enough to hang boxes, but there are a lot of them that ARE in safe spots. If you have a bridge in mind that you would like to see flower boxes on, please contact us here: We will also need a few caretakers to weed, water, dead-head, and donate some plantings. There's not much to it, believe me, but the payoff is awesome!  One location I am set on seeing flowers, is the triangle in front of the former Hess Station. The box will have to be low, as the line of sight can't be impeded there, but imagine the difference it will make in the entrance to our town from the East? 

              Another idea in the works is an all-volunteer, Fix-It Crew. There are Seniors who need yard work done, small painting jobs, leaky windows, doors, or broken steps repaired, or need a ramp for easy access to their homes, etc. One thing we have a glut of in New Lebanon, is handymen. Carpenters and Contractors abound in this town, and don't forget the students in shop classes.  We have many businesses both in and outside of New Lebanon that love to donate supplies, and more than enough restaurants that will donate lunch and drinks to workers. It's called, COMMUNITY. Once upon a time not all that long ago, that was how communities took care of their own. We didn't depend upon or wait on government to do things for us, we did it ourselves.  We still CAN!

             Projects like these are how we get to know one another and become stronger as neighbors, it is how we UNITE. Government divides, PEOPLE come together. So let this be official notice to all Contractors, Carpenters, Handymen (and women), and shop students. We NEED you! 

             Take a minute to notice the work being done by Deb Gordon and Mike Hursa at the old Stultz Store at Rt. 20 and West Street. Just a few plantings have made a tremendous difference, and I see and appreciate it every day. See, we don't need tourism, we don't need environmental regulations, and we don't need government grants. We don't need Fast-Food stores or National Chains. All we need is WARMTH. If we can show unity and love of community , the rest will come. Independent businesses will WANT to be here. Young families will WANT to be here. 

             We have made some great strides with the Music in the Park Program, the improved park and playground, entertainment at the Library, the Farmer's Market, etc., but we still need to show a warmer face to the world.  New Lebanon needs to see cooperative efforts between the schools and churches, to hell with the inaccurate "Separation of Church and State" interpretation, let's just come together and be doers of GOOD. Volunteer, attend town meetings, get involved in your child's school and curriculum, join a church, or the Fire Department, anything that fits your personal gifts and schedule. EVERYONE can do SOMETHING. 

           Sleep Well, New Lebanon!


A Benefit for The Cemetery of the Evergreens


The 6th Annual night of Music and Fun with Refreshments to follow.   Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 7pm at the Theater Barn.  Tickets are only $25.00 with all proceeds going to the Cemetery.  There are only 150 tickets and they can be bought in advance from any of the trustees.  Trustees: Doug Banker, Larry Benson, Ed Godfroy, John Koepp, Bev Larabee, Ruth Mary Lasher, Abe Phelps, Bud Sharp, and Joy Sherman.


The Town of New Lebanon presents the 3rd Music in the Park Concert


The June and July “Music in the Park” concerts in the Shatford Park pavilion are behind us and were successful.  It is not too late to experience this wonderful community program.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the next free concert on Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM.


Performers will be:

                                                The Echoes of New Lebanon                                      1:30 PM
Housatonic Philharmonic                                              2:30 PM
Phil N the Void                                                                  3:30 PM


Food and Beverages will be sold by M&M’s Tap and Tavern.


For additional information, including band descriptions, Facebook users should like and follow our page at


There is still time to sign up to sponsor a concert or a band.  For details, contact New Lebanon Town Clerk Tistrya Houghtling at 518-794-8888 or email


Any community person or organization wishing to place a table or kiosk giving information about their enterprise is welcome.  No merchandise may be sold and no politics, please.  Contact Doug Banker to secure a spot.


Source: Doug Banker

518-794-9764 or


 Southern Culture and Sandy Hook 8-4-2017

I'm writing this on Open Office, as the Blog Site is bogged-down tonight for some reason. As they say, “To err is human, to really screw things up you need a computer.” Tis true.

You may have wondered why I haven't commented on what happened in Virginia last week. That was deliberate. It was one of the many, many things that hit the headlines each week, that I have to avoid until I know I can digest it. That isn't always easy to do, as I get hundreds of emails every day that are nothing BUT News for Conservatives. Though I have unsubscribed to a lot of them, they continue to come at a regular pace. I can only read so many.

It was impossible to ignore what occurred between the White Supremacists and the people who have still failed to get past the past. In my own opinion, ANY Supremacists or Extremists are disgusting. I don't care if it's Blacks, White Racists, Homosexuals, Nature Nazis, or whatever, take your pick, violence is never acceptable. I am aware that the Skinheads were there to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument, and that they were protesting peacefully in the beginning. That's fine, Americans SHOULD protest and be heard, and they have a Constitutional Right to do so, PEACEFULLY. Once it becomes violent, it morphs from a Right to a CRIME, and should be treated accordingly.

Black Lives Matter groups held violent protests numerous times in 2016, egged-on by the Obama Administration and funded by George Soros. It was another example of government using the poor and least-educated to attain goals that are evil and dangerous. It is things like that , that should open the eyes of all minorities to the FACT that their Slave Masters still exist and they are all in the government. Yet, the destruction and violence brought about by the actions of inner-city Blacks that didn't even know what they were protesting for, went unpunished. There were no consequences for THEM as there were for the peacefully protesting Ranchers who had damn good CAUSE to protest. So WHO are the REAL RACISTS?

White Supremacists are deplorable. Though I do understand their frustration about the Special Treatment given to Blacks and other Special Interests, that does not make it right to hate or abuse ANYONE. For me, the violent Blacks and the Skinheads are all part of the same society of violence, hate, and sheer stupidity. Same goes for militant homosexuals who deliberately target Christian businesses.

There are a lot of Trumptards commenting on Social Media about the young lady who was killed by the freak who drove his car into the crowd in Virginia, and what they are saying is beyond my ability to accept or understand. They are laughing about her death, calling her a “Fat Whore”, and saying that she “Got what she deserved.” Really? WHY? Does she deserve to die because she wants the Lee Monument removed? She has a right to her own opinion and to speak out for what SHE believes in. You are free to disagree, but you are NOT free to harm or kill someone who dares to have different views from your own.

Anyone, EVERYONE, who protests in a violent manner is a Rioter, and Rioters are Criminals. White Supremacists that used violence in Virginia deserve to be imprisoned, BUT, so do the Black Lives Matter members who did the same. So do people like Al Sharpton who encouraged the killing of Police Officers that resulted in the cold-blooded, ambush murder of two, NY City officers. We cannot punish just the White people, or just the Americans who happen to believe that the Constitution MATTERS. We must treat all equally, in good times and bad, good behavior and bad.

So, SHOULD the Lee monument be removed? I can understand the feelings of Black Southerners who have to look at it every day, as it stands for something we must never allow to be repeated. We shouldn't put supporters of slavery on pedestals, literally or figuratively. That goes for the government officials who work every day to enslave the people of America, as well. What should be done, is a vote of the people of the Virginia city in which the monument stands. Let the PEOPLE decide.

In cases such as this, we must tread lightly, because history MATTERS. If we erase the reminders of everything that was negative, or consciously erase the errors of the past, how can we hope to avoid repeating those mistakes? It's imperative that we are reminded of the trials and tribulations, the hardest times, and the worst violations of Human Rights. History must never be erased or altered, for it is through history that we learn how to be better, to DO better. Over-Sensitivity is perilous to our future and strength as a country and as a people. Again, Liberalism has put us into this sinking ship, by manipulating history in our school curriculum, making it a crime to express our opinions or offend someone's feelings, and by causing the worst racial division since the 1960s.

Truth and FACTS are the answer to most of this country's issues. We must speak freely and frankly about what the problems are, admit the true causes of those problems, then come together to address them like mature adults. Black Slavery ended long ago. It was awful, it was unfair and inhumane, but it is OVER, and will never happen again, IF Black Americans realize what the government is actually doing to them via entitlements and excuses. The entities that are screaming the loudest in Washington, D.C about Black Oppression, are themselves, the Oppressors. It is not the White, Christian Baker or Town Clerk, it is not the hick mechanic in Georgia with the Confederate Flag on his truck, and it's not the red-haired waitress at Chick-Fil-A. It is the government. They KNOW the power that the People would hold if all races came together and demanded Constitutional Adherence. So they have no option but to divide us, weakening our resolve and lowering the numbers of resisters.

We can't fix what we refuse to acknowledge.

Here is a link to the Sandy Hook Coroner Video I promised to give you. Please watch it carefully and take notice of the behavior of the police officers. We'll talk about it tomorrow.


Stuff Goin' On !                                                            8-25-2017

                    I have to admit that it's getting a bit strange, not having much to protest in New Lebanon these days. LOL!!  It's just been such a long time since we had an amiable, well-oiled machine for a Town Board.  We might even become the LEAST corrupt town in the county instead of the MOST corrupt as we were under Mike Benson. 

                     Speaking of the illustrious Mike Benson, I had the pleasure of sitting right in front of his parents at the Theater Barn Fundraiser on Wednesday evening. That old saying, "If looks could kill " was never more true, and I was aware of every tingle in my spine the entire night. LOLOL!! Hey, it's not so far-fetched when you remember that Ol' Tommy tried to run me over with his tractor.

                      The play was great, and as always, we appreciate the Theater Barn and the Phelps Family for their Community Support and involvement. I got to see folks I haven't seen in a very long time and catch-up on their news and share ours. Of course, no local play is complete without our hometown star, John Trainor. Hysterical as usual, and I found out that he can also SING! The guy's talents know no end. 

                       The County 13 Habitat House now has a family, and this particular project is going to be completed by women. Ladies,can you swing a hammer or a paintbrush? If so, and if you want to help out, come to the library on August 29th at 6 p.m for a presentation on the project and to sign on as a volunteer.

                        Our new Grandson, Killyin Glenn Smith was born last week to Julie Gardner and Kennith Smith. He weighed in at 7.2 pounds and was a whole 20 inches long. Smaller than his cousin Freyja, born last month to Ken's sister, Michelle. Should be interesting to watch these two come up together. Congratulations to Ann Smith and my husband Bob on their new additions.  Ahh, two more Conservatives in town!

                        How about THIS news:  Stewarts has finally applied for their necessary permits to expand their store and parking lot!!! Now, this is a documented fact, but there are a lot of rumors surrounding  it. For instance, one story claims that Stewarts has bought the former motel right beside them and will expand to the west. Another story claims that they are still negotiating with KB Chittenden on the lot to the east of them. I have also heard from someone who SHOULD know, that Dunkin Donuts has thrown-in the towel and will not be building in New Lebanon at all. 

                      THAT won't hurt MY feelings any. I DO know why this is a strong possibility, and if it turns out as expected, I will tell you WHY they changed their mind. (Snicker,Snicker). God and Activists work in mysterious ways,folks. 

                       The flags have arrived, as well as the brackets and bands, but we are still impatiently awaiting the poles. IF they arrive before Tuesday, we MIGHT see them flying in time for Labor Day.  The flags are of beautiful quality and should last the town a long while if we remove them at the end of October and store them properly each year. We have enough to run them from Rt. 22 South to the Town Hall, then NEXT year, we'll raise more funds to fill-in and add some to West Lebanon. 

                        Please keep the DeBella Family in your prayers as they deal with the loss of son and brother, Tony. Though Tony had moved to Nassau a few years ago, he will always be a Lebanon Boy, and his sense of humor and twinkly, blue eyes will be missed. 

                        Don't forget that the Constitution Study at the Library will be gearing back up on September 18th at 7 p.m. All are welcome, and we encourage you to bring your upper-grade kids along. This is a very casual gathering with plenty of discussion. 

                          Finished the restoration of the" Justice of the Peace House" this week. This was an old piece in awful shape, and it took a year of "Free Time" to make it a home again. Reagan was especially nosy while I was taking the pics to list it For Sale, and I can't resist sharing one of her photo-bombs with you here. 

                      Sleep Well, New Lebanon !!