So, what IS the Truth???               8-22-2012

    Here we go again, the Chatham Rag openly displays their bias against the Truth Fighters. Get a LIFE, Gail Heinsohn.  The article she wrote and the editor allowed to be published was SO one-sided and inaccurate, they deserve to be sued. FIRST of all, I tape-record EVERY Town Board Meeting, so I can PROVE what was said and when it was said, and by WHOM it was said. That being confirmed, let's look at how Mrs. Heinsohn headlined and opened her article.

          An attack on the poor Supervisor that was not there to defend himself. LOL! Mike Benson did not advertise the fact that he was going AWAY for the SECOND time in his short 7 months as Supervisor. Not being mind-readers, were we the public expected to know he would be absent? Further, does Gail think that had Benson been present, we would have been "Intimidated" and not broached the tough subjects? Fat chance. We were disappointed that Benson was absent as we WANTED him to be the one to answer for the violations, not his little court-jester, Clark. By the way Gail, you should know by now that there is no "E" at the end of Clark.

       The first sentence of the article claims that we, particularly ME, had violated Robert's Rules of Order, making it sound as if we had interrupted and disturbed the meeting process. NOT TRUE. Everyone who commented waited politely for Privilege of the Floor and had signed up to speak. FACT! My comment that I was not "Finished Yet" was made as a result of Clark interrupting ME while I had the floor!  FACT!  Heinsohn also stated in this article that if the local Ethics Board is dissolved, the responsibility will fall to the "Court". WRONG!  The court HAS ethics problems, they do not investigate them. If we dissolve, the complaints will go to the "Columbia County Ethics Board". I have them pretty busy already, in fact.  Get it RIGHT,Gail!

        Her personal feelings come through in this article and her one-sided opinions are unprofessional of a reporter. Reporters are to report the FACTS as they happened, not place their own spin on things. This is why a RESIDENT of the town should not be the reporter for the town. Ah, but what can you expect of a liberal rag?

       They want to talk Libel? How about Gail's comments about Scott Larabee having had "Job Deficiencies". The missing word there Gail, is "Alleged".  THAT is Libel! Where Benson and Clark are concerned, every charge made against them in that meeting is factual and supportable.  The Commander case has indeed been verbally thrown out, the next court appearance is simply to submit the accusatory instrument so the case can be officially closed.  FACT!

     Now, I want to know what Gail, her liberal friends and her sleazy editors, think about the behaviors and actions of a Town Supervisor that will look you in the eye and LIE to you? That will collude with Doug Clark and then run away on vacation leaving Clark holding the bag when things get hot?  READ THIS CAREFULLY GAIL:  Michael Benson lied to Howard Commander. He LIED about a  "Unanimous" Town Board vote to serve Commander a summons, but the vote NEVER HAPPENED! Do you not get the seriousness of that? He then called Commander on the phone and apologized, blaming it on Doug Clark! WOW! Such Integrity!

      Clark is not un-deserving of Benson's throwing him in, he lied as well, which is no surprise, Clark is a Habitual Liar. I caught him in a lie TWICE in this ONE meeting! First he lied about ordering the ZEO to serve Commander. Clark not only ordered him ONCE, he did it TWICE. Then he lied about the construction crew not working for 2 full weeks. He claimed to have known that the workers were waiting for the delivery of trusses. FACT is, that until the day before the meeting, Clark admitted to having NO CLUE as to why the workers were missing, and had to call them on the 13th to get an answer in time for the meeting.  WHY does he feel the need to LIE? There was nothing objectionable about the truth and it is so much safer and more honorable.

       The allegations made by Robert Smith against Mike Benson are also factual, supportable and "Collusive". The Town Board voted to put "Out-to-Bid" the painting job at the park. Once that vote is confirmed, that is THAT! For the Supervisor to then solicit "private" bids on his own, constitutes collusion and a unilateral decision and action taken against board decisions. BIG, BIG no-no! To make matters even worse, Benson then made the HIRE on his own as well. Wanna talk about Robert's Rules NOW Gail? He also deliberately did not consult the Park Superintendent about ANY of it. It is the Park Super that is authorized to hire and fire park workers, NOT the Supervisor!

        We are sick and tired of Gail Heinsohn and her inability to do her job in an impartial manner. She should NOT be the reporter for the town she resides in unless she is going to do her job fairly and professionally. Obviously, she is incapable of doing so.

        Doug Clark did NOT ask me to "Desist" either, Gail. I had the floor and he was attempting to speak OVER me and I objected. That is my right. Yes, I KNOW that the board does not HAVE to allow a Privilege of the Floor if they vote not to, however, I would LOVE to see the public reaction if they attempt to remove it!  I also want to be sure to repeat myself re: the comments of "Attorney Max Gitter". HE is another bottom-feeding lawyer that would sell his mama to win a case and make a buck. That comment was SO deplorable, so void of integrity and maturity that it should have made the "GOOD" people in the room vomit! By repeating that immoral comment, you Gail, have supported Gitter's lack of character. Nice Goin'!

          I have a little more negative info on Gitter that I am hoarding for future use. It is nearly impossible for me to sit in these meetings and watch so-called intelligent adults, roll their eyes and make nasty comments about those of us who are standing for what is RIGHT and HONORABLE. Please notice that the liberal loonies that think everything Benson and Clark do is okay, are the MAJORITY! There are very FEW, honest members of the public that are demanding a clean local government, and that is SO sad, SO indicative of what America has become at the hands of the Libs and Dems. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for excusing and supporting CRIME and CORRUPTION. I have ZERO respect for the lot of you.

           So, if anyone out there wishes to challenge what I have said here, or wants to see or hear the PROOF of the charges leveled at the meeting, feel free to contact us at the number and email given on the front page of this website. We are finally at the point where those left at the Town Hall, are as fed up as we are! They too, will be happy to provide you with any proof you wish to see. Benson can't fire EVERYBODY in town! Yes, he should resign, and Clark along with him. Heck, at least we can WORK with Brucey! Those other two are as dirty as they come. Ask Hazel Dewey or Donna Smith why they walked OUT on that meeting! More importantly, wait until the NEXT meeting!!!!!!

       Too bad for Gail that she didn't stick around AFTER this meeting to hear Doug Clark threaten Bob Smith with physical violence for exposing the lies. She could have been witness number 4!


(Below is the comment I submitted to the Chatham Courier after reading the Heinsohn article. They DID publish it and I thanked them for doing so.)

K9Patriot wrote on Aug 22, 2012 12:41 PM:

" More bias reporting from the writer who sees only ONE side. Mistake #1, I spoke during "Privilege of the Floor" as required and all I said was factual. The Commander case HAS been decided as invalid since Benson lied about a vote being taken to serve the summons. That vote never occurred.
Clark was complicit in this action. Benson was absent w/o the public having any notice of same, we expected him to be there. Second vacation in 7 months as Super. The Ethics Board duties will NOT go to the "Court" if the board is dissolved, it will go to "COUNTY". Benson should resign and so should Gail Heinsohn.
I expect that this paper will not have the integrity to print this comment. "

 August 15 to 31, 2012 Entries

THINK About It !!                      8-15-2012

      I've really been chewing on last night's events. There WERE some positives, such as the lack of objection to the fact that John Dax must GO.  The exposure of Benson and Clark's lies and collusion with one another to cover these things up the best they can. Seeing Donna Smith realize what Benson IS was a good thing.  I also believe that many of the non-Liberals had an eye-opening experience by  observing the behavior of the liberal boneheads and especially Max Gitter. 

       Gitter's comment was SO deplorable and SO telling as to how Liberals and Lawyers think. They actually believe that it is okay to attain their goals through any means necessary, whether or not those means are honest, honorable, or fair. Regardless of whom they hurt. The message that Gitter sent to all present was a shameful confirmation of the moral decay of America. He and people like him are to blame for the lack of integrity, compassion, Godliness and righteousness in our country today. This is NOT a Good Man. That was of course, already obvious by the company he keeps, but last night he might just as well have stood up and said, "Hi, I'm Max Gitter and I'm a Liberal Scumbag!".

         Sadly, it is people like him that have the financial means to support the candidates that further their deliberate destruction of all that is good in America. These are the people that supported Mike Benson and still do, with NO concern for his mis-conduct and crimes. They will go out of their way to defend  his tyrannical and cruel "Leadership" tactics.  Kathy Murnane is no different. She too, protects and defends everything the Czar does, and SHE is the self-appointed Chairwoman of the Ethics Board!!!!  Is there any wonder that none of the Ethics Complaints submitted have ever been investigated or pursued? She doesn't even know that there is NO SUCH THING as an Ethics Board Chair! All members are equal! Thank God they are planning to dissolve that mess of a board.

          Doug Clark.  Look ya right in the eye and lie. Claimed to not have told Kent Pratt to serve Commander, but not only DID he do it, he did it TWICE. Benson too! Benson, lied to Commander, then threw Clark under the bus for the third time that I am AWARE of! Do you all recall Clark's bicycle accident of a couple of years ago? Yeah, he and his crony Benson wear those little tights and ride bicycles. I can SEE that, can't you? Anyway, their usual practice is to bike out to Jacksons in Old Chatham and knock back a few, then ride home. People who drink and bike tend to fall down and get boo-boos. You know, I actually have sympathy for Clark. He is SO insecure and SO in need of validation that he will stoop to any level to BE someone. THAT is not funny, that is SAD.

           Benson on the other hand, I have NO pity for. HE is a mean, evil, selfish, and controlling user. WHY is he on a second vacation in 7 months? I can tell you why he wasn't here last night. He can claim to have planned this vacation ahead of time all he wants, but the fact is, he is a COWARD, like ALL tyrants are when they are challenged. He ran away to avoid the conflict HE caused. The Liberal kiss-ups can shake their heads and support the filth all they want, but we will NOT. Nor will we lower ourselves to sneaky, under-handed, dis-honest and dirty means of attaining our goals as they do. Doing things with integrity and honor today, is the hardest way to get anything done, or to win the battle, but it is still the RIGHT and DECENT way to do it. It is the way WE have done it and will continue to do it. Slow and steady wins the race. Goodness will eventually pay off and there will be no regrets on OUR part.

        WE are transparent, truthful, and people of good moral fiber. Unlike the Max Gitters of this world. We do NOT lie, steal, bully, and cheat. They DO. WE will fight the good fight in the right manner, and we WILL win!  I can't WAIT to compare the newspaper articles re: last night's meeting. Register-Star vs. the Eastwick Press. Should be very interesting.    God Bless.   JJ

PS( Make sure you drive by the Mieshonz Property on Route 20 across from County Rt. 5 and look at his sign!  Another Socialist has his say! )


THE  SANCTITY  OF  GOD  AND  COUNTRY !                 8-18-2012

             If you are younger than 40 years, you are suffering from a Patriotic Disability. You were not HERE to see America as she was, and was INTENDED to BE. You missed the days of mom staying home to keep house and raise kids while dad went off and made the bacon. You didn't have the benefit of school prayer, Sunday School, then dinner at grandma's house after church. Your teachers were not selected or promoted based on their merits as educators, but were instead "protected" by tenure and unions regardless of their ability to teach effectively or not.

             Few of you were taught that hard work pays and crime does not and that the Government is not your mama or daddy, you must be responsible for yourself, your family and your choices. How often did any of you hear from any adult, that you are blessed to live in this great country? How much of our Constitution and Bill of Rights were you taught in school or at home? What is the scope of your knowledge about the Revolutionary War, it's causes and triumphs? How about your OWN children?

             It isn't hard to see that the Occupy Wall Streeters and thousands of other irrational and disruptive groups in America today, are comprised of a great  number of young people. In many ways, they are not entirely to blame for their mis-conceptions and flock mentality. They just don't know any better. They don't know the TRUTH, and they don't know HISTORY. How many of these young Liberals coming out of our colleges, actually know how slavery got its start and WHO fought to keep it alive? What do they know of Communistic Oppression, ethnic-cleansing, and tyranny?

            How many do you suppose, have studied the original immigrants that entered legally via Ellis Island, and how they assimilated and helped to build this country? Have they compared those settlers to the immigrants of today? The lazy, criminal, and dangerous element that is infiltrating our land and injecting it with their lack of civility and respect and gratitude for all this country has to offer them? Our young Soldiers get it, the rest of our young, do not. The sad part of all this is not only the fact that these people have missed out on so much of what is American Excellence, but that they fail to take advantage of all the educational material available to them.

           Knowledge is POWER, it is STRENGTH, and it is Patriotic. The TRUTH is everywhere, but first, one must be willing to Seek It Out! Seek it out, they must, as they are the future landlords of this country, this last, great hope of the world, and mis-management is not an option. Liberalism, Socialism and Communism can never be allowed to infect and erase the rights and freedoms that were gained at such immeasurable cost. I believe that it is up to US, the older generation of Patriots and Believers, the generation that knew the last years of America the Great, to TEACH.

         WE are responsible for passing on the Truths and Values that are being so viciously attacked by the Liberal Left and instruct the young as to how to preserve all that is right and good. How to BE right and good. We must hold our schools and educators to account and remove those who push the Liberal Agenda upon our children. God must once again take center-stage in our homes and families must teach responsibility by example.  Honesty and Morality must once again become priorities and tolerance for all that is evil and deviant must be stopped. No Political-Correctness, no more, "If it feels good do it".  The line between right and wrong must be re-drawn in indelible ink and the consequences for crossing that line must be stiff and immediate. Time is short.

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