August  2013  Entries

 Republican Caucus Tonight and OH-Bama !                              8-1-2013

    Tonight at 7 p.m at the Town Hall - Republican Caucus.  What I expect to happen:

         First, there may be an over-crowding problem, then again, we may have only a handful.  Second, we apparently ARE cross-endorsing despite the promise of Greg Fingar two years ago that we would never do so again! This is to allow the Czar to get his two hand-picked candidates, Evans and Schuster, endorsed by the Republican Party. Which is not necessary, since we have our OWN.  By the way, Eileen Evans now no longer speaks to me in public. Oh well, should have taught your son some manners.

         Remember, party is no longer the issue, HONOR IS ! The Czar sent out letters to just the Republicans he believes support him and ignored all the rest. More under-handed behavior by the outsider. I find Bud Godfroy guilty here as well, as it is his job to see that we ALL get everything! The Czar isn't satisfied with board-stacking, so now he is "Party-Stacking".  We can NOT endure 4 more years of his lies and sneakiness!

         Vote Wisely tonight folks!  We will talk some more AFTER the caucus.


     LOL!  Well, I think I will wait until tomorrow to report on the caucus, because I don't trust myself to NOT say something I shouldn't right now.  Over the next three months I will have plenty to say, expose and prove, but for tonight, I think I will just go surf the net and relax. I have definitely earned it, and if it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going to spend time outdoors, painting.  Tomorrow night, I will finish this report and the OH-Bama piece.  I DO want to say one thing to a few people who know who they are.  Boy, did you ever burn some bridges tonight!  Sucks to be YOU!  Tomorrow night, I will name names, but for now, one female town employee has better pray about the payback from all the throats SHE slit tonight! WOW!  LOL!!


The CAUCUS !                                                                    8-2-2013

        We knew before we got there, DAYS ahead in fact, that the room would be stacked with Benson's Sheeple, and we were not disappointed. LOL!!  All the dutiful little lambs were present to bow in worship to the great, shiny-headed one. If it wasn't so sad, it would be comical.  Sure would like to know what this guy is selling. Has to be SOME bribe or reward at stake for anyone with a pulse to support such an iceberg. 

        Larry and Barb Benson herded up with the entire Evans family and Mrs. Gus Murray. Another herd consisted of Godfroy, Sharon Moon, Tony Murad, Bob Weber, the very "UNIQUE" Eric and Bernadette Wagner and the puffed-up Jack and Jill Nevers. Of course there was Kevin Darcy and wife and Billy Black-mailer, who practically kissed Benson's keyster all night. You know the usual suspects.  Not a Christian or person of integrity among them. Even my dear Bob Winsor has caught the Benson Flu.  All the vacant-eyed Zombies and self-proclaimed "Elite" of the New Lebanon, political cesspool were there except for Brucey, Dougy and Monte.

        So we knew what to expect and didn't walk into that room with any misconceptions about seeing integrity or independent thinkers.  Our presence was essentially symbolic and for purposes of information-gathering.  In those areas, it was a fruitful evening ! LOL!  MANY people were surprised to find that the caucus was CLOSED. Which is fine, but it's a little odd to close a caucus and allow cross-endorsements, isn't it?  Anyway, I was a little surprised to see the infamous snake-boy, Jason Nastke standing guard.  I deliberately pretended to not recognize him and asked him if he was from the BOE. I wanted him to SAY it, and he did. Interesting.

         After his "Proven" complicity in the Fraud and Tampering in the election of two years ago, he was supposedly given the punishment that is generally unique to Democrats, he was Promoted. Yet here he was again, back in his old role, compliments of Greg Fingar who didn't trust Bud Godfroy not to screw the whole thing up. Too late Greg, Bud screwed up long before last night and you and I will be discussing that shortly. You DO realize that I am talking about my own party here? There are Reagan Republicans like myself, and there are RINOS like Benson and his herd.  Just as there are Conservative Democrats and Liberal Democrats, at least locally. In Washington D.C, ALL the Democrats are liberals.

          We had 42 Republican voters present and that is shameful. The Democrats had 68 at their caucus, which isn't great either. Too many people see the caucus as unimportant and simply vote in the general election. Had the REAL Republicans gotten OFF the couches last night, we might very well have kept Benson OFF the Republican ticket as we did Schuster, the unknown.  Speaking of which, has anyone thought about the makeup of the Town Board if both Schuster and Evans had been elected and WON? We would have FOUR Fire Company officials on the Town Board rendering them unable to vote on anything concerning the LVPA.

       There were two major shockers of the night, one of which I won't get into until I have some information I feel I need first. The other was the nomination by Bob Weber of K.B Chittenden for Highway Super!  LOLOLOL!!!!!!   Now come on, everybody HAS to see the sheer humor in THAT !?!  I mean REALLY, have you seen the guy's farm?  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have nothing personal against K.B and I don't think he's a bad person at all. Yet I know he's a lousy politician, a terrible farmer, and has the personality and ambition of a slug. By the way, HE also voted for the Czar.

       Some of the comments, (not my own), after the caucus were as follows:

      1) He can't run a F__king Farm, how is he going to run the highway department?

      2) He can't operate his own machinery, he will never figure out the road machines!

      3) He owns one of Lebanon's biggest eyesores.

      4) His poor father is already rolling in his grave.

       I didn't comment, I was laughing too hard. The thing that DOES bother me about the whole thing, is that he lied about his reason for not running for board again. He said he wanted to spend more time with his son. When he said that, I was touched to the core of my heart that he could be so honorable a dad. I was PROUD of him ! Now I see that this too, was just a lie. Ask Jeff Winestock how much time the Highway Super has to spend with his kids.

       So I can confidently say that once again, the Republican Caucus was a Joke. It was stacked with RINOs, the corrupt, the self-serving, the morally-retarded and the liars. People who have NEVER attended a Town Meeting were there to exercise their "Rights". The caucus was officiated over by a BOE employee that by law, should have a criminal record and an unemployment check. The doors were locked at 7:15 and several voters AND one Republican who came to ask for a nomination for Town Board, were denied access.  Votes were taken orally and publicly rather than confidentially and on paper. That didn't bother ME, I don't give a donkey's behind what anyone thinks about how I vote, but a few people were upset about that. Rightfully so.

      Dave Bartlett, the Republican candidate for Sheriff is a friend of mine and a great guy. Several weeks ago he had promised me some campaign signs to post for him, so when he spoke last night, I publicly asked him where my signs were. He laughed and said he had about 50 of them outside for me. Immediately after the caucus, Billy Black the Blackmailer ran outside, snapped up all of Bartlett's signs and Judge Nichols signs, and stuffed them into the back of the Czar's S.U.V.  LOL!!  Idiot.  See what I mean about the Czar needing to control everyONE and everyTHING? 

      These people are an embarrassment to REAL Republicans, Patriots, and to the Town of New Lebanon. They are SO ridiculously immature and egotistical that I can't even get angry, I'm too amused by their stupidity, gullibility and sad worship of money and power. If I were to look at my mental picture of that room last night and go through row by row, I could tell you some things about a LOT of these people that would make you want to vomit. There are things going on behind the closed doors of some of these people's homes that would make the devil jealous . I make it a point NOT to go behind those doors when I write this blog unless I am left with ZERO options or believe someone is in imminent danger. In 7 years, I have never had to do it, but I've come close, and I'm getting closer all the time.

      So folks, be prepared for another dirty, divisive Fall in New Lebanon, and FYI, the BOE has stated that our $500,000.00 Town Hall is not adequate as a Polling Place. Too small and not enough parking !!  So we will once again be voting at the Catholic Church this November. Gee, makes you want to run right out and support that sidewalk project, doesn't it?? Don't forget this either, that Benson's claims that HE closed the landfill is B.S. Not only is it NOT closed, it is going to cost the taxpayers of this town in excess of $400,000.00 over and above what the county is kicking in.

      His letter to the "Few Select" Republicans he sent them to, stated that he had closed the landfill successfully. LIE. Just like the Town Hall project, many people put in a lot of hard work to get it done long before Benson ever came back and took over the entire town. He just happened to time it right, and came in when the groundwork was done by others. Now he wants all the credit. Well, he also promised us a grocery store and pharmacy, but I don't see any, do you?

    He also fired our long-time, efficient and helpful insurance provider and replaced them  with Greg Fingar Insurance. If that's not Conflict, I don't know what IS ! He also lied to ME in a Town Meeting about the accountants he hired for the town having worked for his construction firm. He said that they hadn't, but OH, they HAD! Just because they changed the NAME of their business, the faces were the same, so yes, he LIED. AGAIN. THIS is what the liberals and RINOs support and adore. God will re-pay.

Tomorrow Night: OH-Bama



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Purple Hearts

Irish John

Try Denying THIS One!

Welfare Fraud


Why Liberals Make Excuses for  Destructive Behavior

Written on Friday, August 2, 2013 by David L. Goetsch
Here is a fact liberals refuse to acknowledge: Some people are just plain bad and others are just plain lazy.  That’s right.  There are people who are perverts, child molesters, murderers, thieves, rapists, con artists, drug pushers, pimps, child pornographers, and all manner of e-criminals for the simple reason that they choose to be.  There are also people who are leeches on society because they choose to be. Liberals like to make excuses for criminal and idle behavior, excuses such as poverty. But the truth is that most hoodlums are hoodlums because they made a conscious decision to adopt a destructive lifestyle. Most leeches are also leeches by choice. It’s not about economic circumstances it’s about who they are.  What they lack is not money—it’s character.
For validation of my contention one need only apply simple logic: If economic disadvantage were a legitimate excuse for criminal or idle behavior, every poor person in America would be a criminal or a leech. In fact, I would be one or the other myself.  Since the overwhelming majority of poor people are fine, decent, law-abiding, hard working citizens, there must be another explanation for criminal and idle behavior.   There is.  But it’s an explanation that makes naïve liberals who view themselves as social engineers cringe.
How people respond to life’s circumstances is a matter of character not their economic circumstances.  People of character—regardless of their race, gender, or national origin—react to poverty in socially responsible ways. I grew up among people who were sterling examples of this phenomenon. They spent their lives inching their way out of poverty by working hard, working smart, and working long.  They were serious about education and had a strong work ethic.  Together, these two things—education and hard work—were their tools for building a better life.
I also knew people from the same neighborhood who did just the opposite.  Some sat around indolently leeching off of society. Others turned to criminal activities.  What I learned from this experience is that most people who turn to crime do so because they are criminals and most people who idly leech off of society do so because they are leeches.   Give people who lack character all the advantages society can offer and chances are they will still become hoodlums or ne’er-do-wells.  Federal prisons are full of white-color criminals who despite wealth, power, and status, were nothing more than hoodlums in suits before their choices put them behind bars.
What most people who become criminals, hoodlums, and ne’er-do-wells lack is not economic advantage, it’s character—a condition that cannot be changed through social engineering or big-government programs dreamed up by misguided liberals.  Writing for The Washington Times of July 8th, conservative economist Thomas Sowell asks some pertinent questions about this issue: “Why has evil been such a hard concept for many on the left to accept? The basic agenda of the left is to change external conditions (through nanny government programs financed by tax payers).  But what if the real problem is the cussedness of human beings?  Rousseau denied this in the 18th century and the left has been denying it ever since.  Why? Self preservation.  If the things the left wants to control—institutions and government policy—are not the most important factors in the world’s problems, then what role is there for the left?”
As usual Dr. Sowell hits the nail on the head.  The left does not care about the criminals, hoodlums, and ne’er-do-wells it coddles.  To liberals they are simply a means to an end: control of the institutions that influence the culture such as the schools, colleges, and media as well as the one institution that has the power to coerce: the federal government.  By coddling the idle and the criminal, the left maintains a dependent and, hence, dependable constituency that will loyally vote to keep liberals—their benefactors—in office.  And, by the way, those who don’t work and don’t intend to have the same vote as those who do.  Further, liberals are working hard to make sure that criminals also get to vote.  What a country.


Hearsay  and  Turncoats                                        8-7-2013

         The list of the irresponsible continues to grow.  My assessment of the number of decent politicians and candidates was pretty accurate with only two, semi-surprises. Not GOOD surprises. One of those will be settled tomorrow afternoon and I can update you on the outcome tomorrow night. In the interim, I want to toss a few other thoughts out.

         The Great Czar fully intends to FORCE the sidewalk project and "Eminent Domain" down our throats, you DO realize this I hope?  It's all documented and if you stay tuned here, you'll get the proof in a few days. Sshhh, don't tell anybody!  Michael Benson has arranged it so that he now CAN and WILL get this project that no one wants or can afford, DONE. He can now steal the private property of Joan Darcy and several others. So let's see, that's $400,000- plus that the taxpayers will be paying to close a landfill that has sat for 30 years and is now a simple "brown field" that is better left alone.  The new Meeting Room that has been deemed useless for public meetings, the Dem Caucus, and now as a polling place, cost us $500.000.

         The sidewalk project is estimated at about one million more. How about all of us who object to this uncontrolled and unapproved spending, start putting our property taxes in "escrow" and holding it there until the Bull_hit STOPS! Starve the beast and his mutant cronies.  If you're not seeing the agenda here, allow me to enlighten you.

          Mike Benson associates with very few people, correct? Who ARE these people? Not the lowly peons like you and me who have nothing to offer him or help him further his political aspirations. No, he sticks like used bubble-gum to the wealthy and connected. The Socialists, the Communists, the liberal Democrats and the RINOs. Every notice, information item, etc., having to do with the local Republican Party, is sent ONLY to the people Benson knows will support him. The rest of the Republicans are omitted.  He stacked the caucus the same way he helped stack the Ethics Board and once his list of supporters had arrived, he LOCKED the DOORS! Couldn't have those redneck locals getting in and casting a vote for the opposition ! This was all pre-arranged, and if you doubt that, you are one of "His" people. 

        The only thing that is transparent in Benson's governing is his corruption, coldness, and egomania.  Now I am going to do something I generally don't do. I am going to print a few things here that I do NOT have proof of in my hand. I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR, that this is not first-hand information, but second-hand, and can be described only as "HEARSAY", for the moment. Do with it what you will. Maybe YOU will be the one person that can give us the documentation we need to prove what we pretty much know is true.  I can NOT provide the evidence YET, but look into it for yourselves.

  Hearsay Item #1 :

          I've been told that there is a woman named Ruth that lives here in town, and that she is a very wealthy supporter of Benson. She allegedly holds gatherings at her home that she refers to as "Philharmonics".  ( no comment). These little get-togethers are of course, open only to the so-called "A-List" of the wealthy and connected. GAG.  Personally, I would not know this Ruth person if she knocked on my door, nor do I care to remedy that.  However, the account I was given of events at her most recent "Philharmonic" are just too newsworthy to ignore.

           Naturally, the campaigning Czar was a guest. Maybe he had a little too much champagne, I don't know if he even drinks or not, but SOMETHING loosened his tongue and caused him to compromise his "Professional" discretion. I would suspect pomposity over alcohol. In any case, the Czar began to talk about a local property-owner whose land is slated to be taken by the county this year for back taxes. He named NAMES! I will NOT.  The Czar went on at length about how HE was planning to grab the property himself, but he has college tuition to think about. Well, I happen to know that for reasons I won't reveal here,  none of the Benson kids will be attending college for at least one more year.  So Benson claimed that he had persuaded a friend to buy the land. How very honorable, considering that the present owner of this property is someone the Czar has feigned allegiance to !

          As if all that wasn't bad enough, the Czar continued to dig the hole deeper. He made a public comment about one of his own children that no loving father would even THINK, much less SAY out loud in a room full of self-proclaimed "elitists".  I KNOW what he said, but I would NEVER repeat it , not even with omitted letters!  It was THAT cruel ! Suffice it to say that this piece of human excrement should be put in stocks at the old Hess station, stripped naked and publicly flogged !

           I'm told that he ended his display of his True Colors by laughing about the loss the owner of the endangered property would suffer. Dear God in Heaven, how inhumane can anyone BE?  I'm no doctor, but I recently read the symptoms of Sociopathy, and Benson has EVERY one! Coincidence ? I think not.

   Hearsay Item #2 :

         This is a story that is 24 years old now, but still relevant and disturbing. Once upon a time in New Lebanon, a farmer who was aging decided it was time to get his affairs in order.  He had three sons, and to the eldest he bequeathed his house. When the farmer passed on , it came to light that at some point, an evil and manipulative grandson had somehow managed to get his hands on the paperwork concerning the house. Through means I can only imagine, he had the paperwork changed to show himself as heir to the home, instead of the intended uncle.

           Naturally, this caused a terrible rift between the deserving heir and the father of the thief, his brother.  The rift has never been healed. The evil grandson kept his ill-gotten gains. Wanna try guessing who that grandson is?

             So that's the "Hearsay" for today.  I'd like to remind those of you who oppose the sidewalk project to prepare for a fight and stay tuned to this blog for the upcoming story of how it managed to progress this far without approval of the people.  Be assured, that if Benson wins re-election, you will get sidewalks and you will PAY for them.

            There is a strong and well-funded effort underway to drive the middle and lower-income residents out of New Lebanon and turn it into a Liberal Utopia.  A few of the known players are of course, Benson, Ruth of the Philharmonics, Doug Clark, Brucey and Monte Wasch who actually thinks he can BRING the NY Philharmonic, HERE!  LOLOL!!  Fact, folks!  Funny as all hell, but true!

          Think about it, the sidewalks, the new town hall, the landfill closing, the "Hamlet" plans, public water and sewer, NONE of which is for the benefit of locals and lifers. We will PAY for it, but it is really for the "Future" New Lebanon. BENSON'S New Lebanon. Come on, you know what he is, and he would love nothing more than to OWN a whole TOWN! Dismiss me if you wish, but MARK my words!  You have two choices; 1) Sell and get out while you still have something to sell.  2) Stand and FIGHT! Get RID of Mike Benson before it's too late. Your choice.


 Ahh, Memories !


November 20, 2012

Changing of the GOP guard?

Greg Fingar may vacate the Columbia County Republican chairman’s seat, and New Lebanon Supervisor Michael Benson may covet his seat cushion, according to three separate (and ideologically-distinct) sources. 
image from
GOP chair Greg Fingar with election law attorney James Walsh (Source: CC Scoop)
Fingar remains in the position for the moment, according to a fourth source familiar with the situation. It is not clear whether Fingar would step down voluntarily, or is coming under pressure to do so.

In addition to serving as the New Leb Supervisor, Benson is president of BCI, one of the Capital Region’s largest and most influential construction firms. The company is known for its uncanny knack for winning bidding wars on public projects, and has done extensive work for government within the County. For example, BCI completed renovations for the Chatham Central School District, and also construction on the City of Hudson’s new wastewater treatment plant.

In addition, BCI built A. Colarusso & Sons’ corporate offices, suggesting that if elevated to Republican chair, Benson perhaps would be sympathetic to mining interests which have been the source of some local controversy in the past.
image from
Benson’s profile picture at BCI’s website
Earlier this year, a small controversy erupted after nearly 30 underage students were arrested in relation to a drinking party at a New Lebanon home while the parents were traveling. Initial State Police reports didn’t disclose the party details. But it eventually leaked out that it took place at the Bensons’ home—becoming the subject of reports in the Times-Union and elsewhere—after the Town Justice had to recuse herself.
Benson contributed $250 to lobbyist, County powerbroker and former Assembly Minority Leader John Faso’s political action committee in 2001, and has donated similar amounts in the past two years to the Columbia County Republican Committee and Conservative Party. In November 2011, he donated $5,000 the State Republican Committee. All of these donations were made via BCI’s Loudonville Road address in Albany.
BCI Construction itself has donated a total of $17,890 to various political candidates over the past decade, according to New York State campaign finance records. Most of these donations were to Republicans, but a few were to Democrats in places such as Albany and New York City where the politics are heavily Democratic.
Though not necessarily over yet, Fingar’s tenure was colored early on by the intense controversy surrounding his party’s heavy-handed 2009 attempt to disenfrancise absentee voters in the hotly-contested Congressional race between Scott Murphy and Jim Tedisco. At the time, Fingar and Faso joined forces to sic lawyers John Ciampoli Jim Walsh (plus a gumshoe private detective) on second home owners who had legally cast absentee ballots. More recent primaries have brought to light various fissures among factions of the County GOP, which usually presents a monolithic front.
The ballot fracas, which was decided strongly in favor of the voters by fellow Republican judge John Nichols, focused heavily on the small Town of Taghkanic. Their challenges appeared to be backed in part by donations from racetrack developer Alan Wilzig—whose chef and manager Eric Tyree was on the ballot. Funds for the disenfranchisement effort came in part from the County Republican Housekeeping fund (to which Wilzig and a corporation he controlled had donated), a type of political action committee which is not supposed to be used for such purposes according to New York State election law.
At the time, numerous residents who were longtime customers of Fingar Insurance decamped to other insurers in protest, after noticing one of its key partners’ involvement. Ironically, the company’s Columbia County Chamber of Commerce blurb touted its work helping to insure second homes.

(Gee, isn't Fingar Insurance the company Benson recently hired to provide coverage to the Town of New Lebanon?)

The Town Board Meeting                                8-14-2013

       Packed house ! Not unusual when an election is looming. There were people present tonight that rarely if ever, attend board meetings, including candidates Evans and Hanna. It was Evans' second and Hanna's first in all the years I've been going regularly.  Other candidates were also present of course, Matt and the Czar and Jeff Winestock.  Colleen doesn't really count because she is unopposed.  Trina Porte and K.B were also there, so the mysterious Mr. Schuster was the only one absent. Most of us have still NEVER seen him and wouldn't know him if he DID show up ! LOL!

       The first hour was spent on a presentation to the board from AFLAC about their insurance options, which many people did not appreciate. That wasn't the place for it and people don't want to spend the entire night in the claustrophobic meeting room. Especially with an air-conditioning unit that is so loud, it drowns out the board and had to be shut off. Which means we melted for the rest of the night. Time for speakers and microphones, taped meetings, and cameras in the town hall folks!  AFLAC was followed by another presentation by a young man from Cooperative Extension about stream preservation.  Finally, we got to the meeting, and the major issue of the night which was once again the sidewalk project.

        Mark and Greg Baumli and Darcy Poppey presented evidence that the Eminent Domain Notice was NOT posted at the Town Hall as required and should be considered null and void. They asked for assurance that it would be considered as such and done over properly so those affected could have an opportunity to object.  The Czar responded pretty much the only way he could, by stating that he would take it up with Attorney Howard. So we'll see. Talk moved on to the petitions filed by residents to add a referendum to the November voting slate and allowing residents to vote on the project. However, since the project is not yet an "Official" project, there is no need for a referendum OR petitions at this point in time. So everything will have to be done from scratch IF the board decides to push the project.

       The entire thing was batted around and chewed on for a good 30 to 45 minutes, and for ME, it was all a waste of time and energy once the original points had been made. Everyone was trying SO hard to be extra polite and Politically Correct, and it was just beating around the bush. Had this been MY battle, which it is not thus far, I would have cut to the chase and summed it all up in less than a minute. What the people were saying was, " MR. Benson, we want your word that this will NOT be snuck through behind our backs again as it was the first time".  There. See how easy that was ? No words or time wasted, truth told, warning delivered, everyone home before nine. Simplify.

       Dick Sime from the Stephentown Zoning Board was at the meeting to ask about the Indian Head Fountain. He said he was shocked to find it dry since it has always been a public water source, not to mention a wonderful piece of local history. Well, as most locals know, the water is contaminated with E-Coli and comes through some lead piping. Definitely not potable. Several homes in Lebanon Springs get their household water from the hot spring, and I sure hope they all know about this. Anyone that can confirm that? It's kinda scary to think of anyone not knowing and drinking that stuff.

      It's sad that something as neat as the spring is now lost to us. When and how did it become contaminated? I'm sure the cost to clean it up would be prohibitive, but it's just a shame is all.  It always upsets me to see something of historical value lost forever. If only we could hold on to the old and awesome a little longer, but nothing lasts forever. I have often asked older folks to consider keeping memoirs to pass on to younger generations, but few do. Of course, not a lot of young people are all that interested anymore. You either love history or hate it, I guess.

      My husband was one of those very blessed people that grew up in a typical farm family with three generations under one roof.  Imagine the terrific memories and stories that were shared around their Sunday dinner table? I really believe that was the way God intended families to be, but we have moved so far from that today, and the consequences are obvious. After the meeting last night, a friend approached me and said he had a story to tell that he knew I would appreciate. Now usually, that means someone has a problem or need, a complaint or a tip, and I DID have one of those last night too. This time was different though.

      My friend and his wife had visited a small, New England town over the weekend and stopped in to their local diner for lunch. The food and service were top-notch, but the most memorable part of the lunch involved an elderly man. He was obviously a regular,  took his seat and ordered the special, and warned the cook to NOT give him so much food. He said that they always overfed him and he had to take half of it home.  After he had eaten his fill, paid his check and left with a take-out box, the waitress came to my friend's table to give them their change. The old man was mentioned and the waitress explained that they always give him double the regular portion. She said, "That way we know he will have supper at night".

     My friend was right, it WAS my kind of story and it touched my heart as it had his. It's little kindnesses like making sure a lonely old gentleman gets enough to eat, that keep us fighting to restore faith, and assures us that there still ARE good people in the world. A little diner in a small town, a kind cook and waitress, are examples of all the things we have lost sight of. It's a picture postcard of what America was once and can be again if we are willing to go after it.

     Today, another friend, a man in his 70s, called me just to chat. He brought up something about liberalism and how devastating it has been to America. He said that his grandfather could describe liberalism well.  I couldn't wait to hear it, there was a good, "Old-Time" piece of wisdom coming!  My friend started to laugh and he said, "My grampa would say that liberals suffer from "Mental Indigestion'".  I'm still laughing.


Time to Remind Legislators Who They WORK For !



Failing Public Schools and Half-Wit Students

brickWhen in the process of building a society, it would seem very strange for one to suggest that the state mandate one size of pants in which to squeeze every American. No one would try to design one television show to entertain all Americans: yet the public education system in America feigns to create one system to adequately educate every child in America. This form of reasoning can only be bred in a monopoly, a monopoly that forbids competition and has no incentive to please its customers.

The data collected about the public education system in America is haunting. In Nevada alone, the graduation rate for high school students from 2006 to 2009 lies at a nauseating fifty-six percent, consistently ranking it amongst the lowest in the country. In the back yard of the Capitol of the United States and the heart of American government, public schools follow a close second, averaging a graduation rate of fifty-seven percent. These numbers are not token examples.
Among developing countries, America ranks 20th in graduation rates. Not only are students failing to complete their education up to their senior year, they are barely competent in the most rudimentary of skills. According to the Department of Education, seventy-nine percent of 8th graders in Chicago Public Schools are not proficient in reading, and eighty percent are not proficient in math .
The way people light their cigarettes has made an unrecognizable change from its nineteenth century counterpart, and yet the education of the young, perhaps one of societies most important issues, has not been help up to this evolutionary scrutiny. When people in the twenty first century are cramming their children into archaic molds, it is no wonder how the education system ended up this way, just as if how society fed children with a nineteenth century diet they would not meet modern life expectancy nor growth averages.

One Size fits all education simply does not work. Humans are an almost unimaginably eclectic bunch, and the thought of taking ostensibly every child in America and putting them into one form of education is egalitarian to a fault. Every student, regardless of abilities, interests, mental capacity, and personality are all crammed into one classroom and are taught the same things, in the same way, by the same people, at the same pace. The only thing students in public schools share in common is age, and this seems to be a very poor criterion to determine how a student should be educated. Not only are students expected to learn in a system that may be a malfit for them, but they are forced to attend them for eleven years.
Truancy laws keep students who are not satisfied with their education are kept to rot in a mindless purgatory. A student who may greatly benefit from learning a skill or getting a job is literally forced into their desk by the threat of legal sanctions against both the student and their parents for missing class. This being said, the public school system is not benignly inefficient, it is a vicious perdition that keeps students intellectually flaccid, hobbled, and left to decay until the day they turn eighteen. While students are free to leave during their last year, it is a very sick consolation to those unfortunate souls who have had their minds forcefully bound for eleven years.
These heartbreaking statistics are not the symptoms of a system famished for funding as the most prominent arguments against this thesis suggests. Thirty thousand dollars is almost enough to, “cover the costs of Harvard’s yearly undergraduate tuition or [to] send [one’s] child to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School”  attended by President Obama’s children as Heritage Foundation Scholar Rachel Sheffield notes.
However, in Washington D.C. $30,000 is barely enough to indict a child into a school with some of the lowest graduation rates and achievement rates in the country, as demonstrated in the preceding paragraphs. Cramming more funding down the bloated throats of America’s failing public schools will do nothing to fix the systemic problems with education. The problem is not that these schools need more support, the problem is that they have been supported far too much.
Luckily the free market is finding ways to ameliorate the problems created by the government. Today, there are already private alternatives that have sprouted up as an alternative to traditional public education. While it is easy to scoff at online education, upon examination of their curriculum, they are beyond a veritable substitute. Wikipedia for example easily contains all the information one could learn in grade school. Groups like the Kahn Academy offer a free online university that hosts tens of thousands of videos and lectures that cover everything in K-12 education, to music lessons, to coding lessons.
These online schools are often free to anyone at anytime, and allow the student to engage their material at their own pace, in their preferred way. These schools not only encompass all the knowledge that could be gained through conventional public education, but they expand and offer information of an eclectic spread of skills that are rarely seen in public schools, such as computer programming, animation, video production, and musical education.
It is harrowing to consider that public education sprouts from the same group that bring us the Department of Motor Vehicles. With such a sordid lineage to boast, it is surprising there is not more animosity towards the public education system today. Luckily however, motivated entrepreneurs are finding ways around government incompetence to educate people in new, more efficient, and cheaper ways.

President BARACK OBAMA was invited to address
a major gathering of the American Indian Nation in upstate New York ...
He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for
increasing every Native American's present
standard of living. He referred to his time as
a U.S. Senator and how he had voted for every
Native American issue that came to the floor
of the Senate.
Although President Obama was vague about
the details of his plans, he seemed most
enthusiastic and spoke eloquently about
his ideas for helping his, "Red sisters and brothers".
At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes
presented Obama with a plaque inscribed with
his new Indian name, "Walking Eagle".
The proud President Obama accepted the plaque
and then departed in his motorcade to a fundraiser,
waving to the crowds.
A news reporter later asked the group of chiefs
how they came to select the new name they had
given to the President. They explained that "Walking Eagle" is the name given
to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

Take a look at this photo and see why Obama won, our Welfare costs are so high, and Americans are so damn STUPID! Still think our schools are doing a good job ?????


 Updates for the Week                                8-8-2013

        Most of you read the Chatham papers and some also the Berkshire Eagle.  I refuse to buy any of them, as they are all SO liberally bias, but I read them online IF someone tells me there is something I need to see.  PACT has had its issues with the Chatham "Rags" as I call them , as a result of this bias and the blatant favoritism of reporter Gail Heinsohn.  I am far from the ONLY person who shares these observations and complaints, there are a lot of locals unhappy with Heinsohn for many reasons. To this day, I still hold her partly accountable for the results of our 2011 election.

        Gail Heinsohn and I did call a truce this past winter and that is a good thing, yet I am still seeing that leftward slant in her articles. She definitely favors Benson and the dirty duo of Clark and Baldwin. On Monday of this week, I submitted a Letter to the Editor to the Chatham Courier. It was a time-sensitive piece but as usual, it was not printed. So I have posted it below and will share it all over Facebook.

          The problem with the Courier and Register-Star is the same problem that plagues the entire county. Two Words"  Greg Fingar.  This man needs to concentrate on selling insurance and get out of politics a.s.a.p. He is another Benson, Schumer and Obama. See what I mean about party affiliation being irrelevant? Corruption knows no party. I'm a registered Republican but I swear no allegiance to the party in general or to any other, not any more.  Greg Fingar rules Columbia County and that includes the Chatham Rags and all their staff. Consider this;  If it was acceptable to lock the town hall doors, (among other things), during the Republican Caucus, why didn't they just print my letter ? If they have nothing to hide, why are they infringing on my right to voice my opinion ?

          The list of the unclean continues to grow!  LOL!!  My assessment of the number of decent politicians and candidates has been fairly accurate all along. Now, I have a hypothetical situation for you. Well, it isn't really hypothetical, but let's pretend for a minute that it IS.   IF, you were a candidate for re-election to a position you had held for a number of terms, claim to enjoy greatly, and are well paid for, would it be important to you to do the RIGHT thing ?  IF the constituents were 90% supportive of you and had placed their confidence in you, would you quietly betray them ?

          Now let's imagine that you shock your friends and supporters with a HUGE "mis-step" that to many, reveals you as the opposite of what they always thought you to be .  There is an immediate backlash and you realize that you are in trouble, so you spend the following day reaching out to those you've harmed and trying to explain your faux pas.  Yes, I am referring to Colleen Teal's votes for Benson and Evans at the Republican Caucus.

       I've been under pressure since the caucus to speak out about this, but at the same time, I felt it only fair to hear Colleen out first. I intended all along to address this issue, but I needed to know WHY she did what she did, and it hasn't been easy to hold off with all the hammering I've been getting to "Be Fair" and not cover up for anyone. LOL!  I do NOT cover-up for anyone and I am still appalled at what occurred Monday night, in so many ways! While I understand Colleen's having some tough times in her personal life and how impossible it must be to have to work with the Czar, I at the same time, have NO tolerance for anyone who fails to stand for what they claim to feel is RIGHT, regardless of what else is going on in one's life.

     Some of the people who were locked out of the caucus were LIVID and made a lot of noise to friends and neighbors, but when advised of what actions they could take, they withered and made excuses about illness and positions, etc. No guts, no courage. Inexcusable. So yes, I get it that when you work in the Town Hall and you know better than most people what Benson is capable of, it would be difficult for some people to sit in the same room with him and vote for his opponent. Especially OUT LOUD as it was done. This put not only Colleen, but several appointed officials between a rock and a hard place, no doubt. It also does NOT mean that they must or will vote for Benson in the election.

     Colleen has been a friend for many years, and she still will be. However, I need to make myself clear to her and everyone else, that the reason our country has such horrible leaders and officials is because people are intimidated and afraid to STAND. I had absolutely NO problem stating my support for Matt Larabee out loud, right in front of Mike Benson. He is no one and nothing and I don't give a donkey's A_S what he thinks. I guess that because I refuse to compromise my own principals and beliefs, I expect everyone should. I have learned that most people, can't.  So maybe ol' Tommy Benson will try again to run me off the road with his tractor, so what? I'm a hell of a good driver, police academy trained.  Bring it on.

     I can only hope that the reasons Colleen has given to her supporters are valid. For me, they aren't quite strong enough and I'm not satisfied, but I will also not beat her up for it. She is a free American and has every right to do what she chooses. I am not the one that must work with the Tyrant and put up with his tyrannical bulls_it. There's not enough money in the world for ME to put up with him !  In all honesty, my trust in her has been greatly reduced and it will take a lot of time and positive action on her part to win it back, if she cares to. I won't write her off just yet, and I will remain her friend, because we are all human and imperfect. We will see what the future brings.

    By the way, Jason Nastke is the person who refused to open the town hall doors when he was told that people were waiting to be let in. Contrary to Gail Heinsohn's article, those doors were NOT inadvertently locked as claimed by the Great White Forked-Tongue, Bud Godfroy.  They were deliberately locked and Republicans voters and one candidate were barred entry to their caucus. FACT !!  This is SO over -the-top, that every Republican in the county should be screaming bloody murder for a nullification of the caucus !!  Especially those who were locked out and those who witnessed it. If you are a Republican and you are not outraged, you have no right to be a voter. If you ARE outraged, you need to eat your spinach and take this ON!

     Let's see how many Republicans in this town have what it takes to call themselves Americans and how many are gutless.  Betcha I can tell you right now. NO one will do a damn thing, because they don't want to "Get Involved" or they are afraid of the great bald one. Afraid of WHAT? He is nothing but an evil, greedy little man with a God Complex. It's time someone takes him over their knee and spanks the crap out of him like his daddy should have done. Same goes for Fingar.  I'll even volunteer to hold them down for you!

      Don't forget, the sidewalk issue is heating up and already there is solid evidence of dirty work afoot that will result in the screwing over of the Lebanon residents who oppose it. Be alert and get informed. Don't worry, when the proof is ready, you will be the first to know!  Sleep well!            JJ


To the Editor,

As a staunch, Conservative Republican, I was appalled at what occurred at the Republican Caucus in New Lebanon on Thursday of last week. Well before any voting began, while Sheriff candidate Dave Bartlett was still speaking to the people, the doors to the Town Hall were locked to the public ! I personally saw several residents attempting to come in, and learned later that ONE of them was there to ask for a nomination to the Town Board ! This is unacceptable !

Further, I was angered to see Jason Nastke of the Columbia County Board of Elections, officiating over the caucus, considering his collusion in accepting fraudulent petitions from Supervisor Benson two years ago. The fraud was admitted by B.O.E Officials Virginia Martin and Ken Dow in a Chatham Courier article in November of 2011. AFTER the election. The B.O.E allows only three days to object to a bad petition, but no one was noticed of the problem until after the three days had passed. How very convenient. Benson went on to run and WIN, and New Lebanon has suffered for it ever since. Now Benson is seeking re-election and all the same players are in place ?

Why was the Lebanon Town Clerk asked to take the minutes of the caucus despite being ON the ballot herself ? Why were the votes taken orally and publicly rather than on paper and confidentially ? MOST OF ALL, WHY WERE REPUBLICAN VOTERS LOCKED OUT OF THEIR OWN CAUCUS ?? Already, we have had an attack on the Democrat candidate for Supervisor by a member of his own party that supports Benson and just happened to have a key to the Town Hall. All of the claims made by the anonymous writer of that attack were proven groundless.

In 2011, New Lebanon experienced the dirtiest, most corrupt and cut-throat campaign in the history of the town. It's darn sad when REAL Republicans must vote for Democrats to get the least amount of corruption, board-stacking, and violations. No longer are integrity, experience and honor considered in the voting process, it is now who has the most money and the best connections. Benson never hesitates to exploit his by-marriage relation to Congressman Chris Gibson. By the way, there will be a $55.00 per plate dinner at the Benson home this Thursday, 8-8-2013. Chris Gibson, Judge Nichols, Dave Bartlett and Angelo Nero will be in attendance. Perhaps the real Republicans of Columbia County should break their piggy banks and stop by and ask some questions of the candidates who support a RINO that broke the law.
JJ. Johnson-Smith


You Want ANGER?  Here's ANGER !!                          8-16-2013

       I've been writing this blog since 2007 and in that time I have shown my real self to a lot of friends and strangers. Some people like me , some people hate me, and it is what it is. One thing no one can accuse me of, is lying to them or glossing over the facts.  I say what I think and do my best to not harm the innocent while exposing the guilty.  All I want in life is honesty and integrity and for people to do what they know in their hearts is right. Apparently, that is far too much to ask of Americans today.

      In the past week, give or take a day or two, I have been getting a LOT of flack about my blogs. That's nothing new, but this latest flack is the opposite of what I usually get. Most hate mail is based on my lack of Political Correctness and sugar-coating. People hate truth and facts, especially lefties.  I don't care.  This week, I am being slammed for not being tough ENOUGH!  Okay, so I went a little easy on this week's Board meeting blog. I was tired and distracted and believe it or not, I DO have days that I am fed-up with the scumminess of politics and need a break. A LOT of things piss me off, but even I can't be angry ALL the time! Apparently, some people think I should be, so allow me to accomodate them!

      I'm told that I am "Protecting" Colleen Teal and playing favorites. Umm, NOPE!  I DID give her the opportunity to explain what SHE wanted to explain about her votes for Benson and Evans at the Republican Caucus. I believe that's the fair thing to do. She asked to be heard out, and I heard her out. I also said here that I was not satisfied with what she had to say, but that there was no sense in beating her up, did I not? Everyone knows she betrayed a lot of us that night and Colleen knows it too. I also said that my trust in her had been seriously damaged.  That's the truth. How could it NOT be ? However, I didn't make an issue of her failings where the meeting minutes are concerned and I have been duly chastised.

   Take Note Everyone: Colleen is SIX MONTHS behind in the meeting minutes. Is this unacceptable? Absolutely. Is there a reason? I'm sure there is, but I don't know what it is. I remember receiving the minutes at the very latest, 4 weeks after a meeting. I also remember getting a meeting agenda at least 24 hours before a meeting, and now I either get none at all, or I get it AFTER the meeting. This seems to be a complaint of MANY residents. So there, now I think I have covered what so many wanted covered. Colleen has dropped the ball and also betrayed her friends and allies. If you want to know WHY, you will have to ask HER. I will NEVER understand it.

    Now, since you have riled me up, I may as well continue. There will be a lot of flack for THIS post anyway, so what the heck?  I don't do this to make friends, I do this to expose the violations and HOPE that maybe I'm not the only one who cares.  I have been betrayed a LOT by people in this town who claimed to be friends. People I loved and trusted and had faith in. So yeah, I have a hard shell, deal with it or don't read my page. Simple.

     I made a comment last night about people beating around the bush with Benson at the meeting. It wasn't that I didn't think the people needed to "get" what was going on, yes, that needed clarification. It was the banter AFTER the issue was made apparent, that I objected to. The sugary-sweet way people dealt with that little tyrant was nauseating. He does not DESERVE respect, he has done nothing to earn it. Quite the opposite, in fact! This election will be no different from his last one, rife with fraud and tampering. Know WHY? YOU let them get away with it the last time and some of you even DEFENDED it! So why would they change tactics if the dirty ones work so well and no one calls them out on it?

    Right now, today, our town is in the worst mess it has EVER been in. EVER. The residents are divided. Businesses want no part of us, we have no drug store, no grocery store, but we have TWO sex and drug paraphernalia shops, a liquor store, a betting parlor, too many tree-hugger eateries, and a library that is unfriendly to Conservatives. We have buildings with no roofs or windows on the main drag and a ton of empty store fronts. The lefties have a dream of making this town into a Liberal Utopia and are making all the right moves toward that agenda. NOW they want to eliminate agricultural zones ! Gee, why do you suppose the Zoning Re-Write Committee wants to do THAT? Remember what I said about driving out the middle and lower classes?  Oh, by the way, we also have no financial surplus anymore.

    Have any of you seen Woodstock,N.Y lately? Drive out sometime and take a good look at what Lebanon is becoming. It will help you decide how to vote, or whether or not to cut your losses now and get the heck out of here. You either fight or fold, folks. You can tell the libs to go find another playground, or you can vote for Benson and kiss your rural town good-bye.

      Brucey Baldwin;  his political career in this town has been a nightmare. HE is the one that allowed our town hall to fall into such disrepair. That too, was part of the plan. He wanted a NEW building and he wanted the credit for building it. Didn't work out for him, but it cost US a heck of a lot to repair his mess and still have an inadequate meeting hall. Baldwin has had FOUR Ethics Complaints filed against him in the past three years and never once got the punishment he deserved. Smiley Kathy Murnane will INSIST it was only TWO complaints, but I can PROVE it was four! Brucey also broke the law several times and was never penalized or removed from office. He has abused other officials, lied, used profanity in meetings, abused his power, and over-stepped his station more times than I can count, and yet there he sits on the board! WHY? YOU voted him back in over and over! DUH!

     Doug Clark, John Dax, Stan Koloski, all abusive, corrupt and hateful men, all guilty of numerous violations and lack of ethics, yet they too went unpunished. If there are no consequences, there is no change in behavior. A DOG trainer can tell you THAT! GEEZ!!! These rotten apples keep getting re-elected because nobody gives a crap until it knocks on their own door, like the sidewalk issue. Everybody has an opinion or a complaint, but NO ONE wants to get up, STAND up and DO something about it. They have every excuse in the book; "I hate politics", "I don't have time", "I'm too old or too young", "I don't want to get involved", "I have my monthly", and on and on and on. GROW UP !

   I'm not just talking about the libs either, I'm talking about the majority of people. My own so-called friends and like-thinkers all talk,talk,talk, but when I ask them to DO something, the excuses begin. Yet they feel they have a right to give ME flack if I fail to expose something that bothers them about town politics. How many of you have written Congress about Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, the Targeting of Conservatives by the IRS, the spying on citizens by the NSA, the murders that Obama, Hillary and Holder have been responsible for, the Constitutional violations of the Obama administration and Andrew Cuomo, Amnesty for criminal illegals? Anybody?

    How many of you have filed a complaint about Republicans being locked out of their own caucus? How many of you parents have bothered to check into what your kids are being taught and NOT taught in our public schools? Have any of you contacted a single media outlet to complain about the bias and lies? Signed a petition to Impeach Obama? Attended a Rally for Gun Rights or against the murder of unborn babies? Objected to voter fraud and intimidation or stood up for George Zimmerman? Have any one of you taken a stand against the all-out assault on Christianity, Patriotism, and the glorification of Islam? When was the last time you wrote a Letter to the Editor about political corruption in your town,county or state?

     Lazy, selfish , ungrateful people! While our soldiers fight a war that isn't ours, the "president" cuts their meals, arms, benefits, and strength. Is that okay with you? Do you miss the Space program or the security of adequate nuclear arms to deter attacks on our soil? Are you sick of working 40 to 50 hours a week and having the state take half of it to pay for their lulus and welfare recipients who are perfectly capable of working? Do you enjoy that surcharge on your cell phone bill that goes to pay for Obamaphones that are sold or traded for drugs?  How about the thousands of young people having 8 and 10 kids by a number of different partners and then expecting YOU to support those kids?

     Or sequestration, shutting down all kinds of things for regular folks, while the Obamas jet-set all over the damn world at OUR expense? What about Christian military people who cannot wear their uniforms to church, but gay military members can wear them to Gay Pride parades? Chaplains being fired for saying the name of Jesus. Obama's sending BILLIONS of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood who are now murdering innocents in Egypt?  Thanks to our tax dollars, the Brotherhood is well-armed.

     Have you heard or read the warnings from Egypt, Russia, England, Denmark, Germany, and several other countries about our president being a peril to our freedoms? Do you live in a bubble?  Doug Clark be damned, Agenda 21 is also a serious danger and you can get the entire plan from the United Nations in NY City just for the asking. Go ahead, look into it ! Conspiracy theory indeed! Global warming is a hoax and an excuse to keep us from becoming energy-independent and creating jobs. Our children ARE being indoctrinated in the public schools and NO ONE can deny that fact! Obamacare is a nightmare, the gun grab is a blatant attempt to disarm us and if you don't believe THAT,  then what is the DHS doing these days? Are you all really that cozy in your ignorance?

     So yes, I am angry, yes I am outspoken and YES, the things I tell you about are real, factual threats and you need to wake up and GET up. Go ahead and attack me all you want, but remember that I was right about Obama, I was right about Benson, Clark,Baldwin, Dax, Koloski, and the fraud in Benson's first election. I was right about the Chatham rags and their staff, and I'm right about Greg Fingar.  Now if this entry wasn't angry enough for you, I make no apologies. I can't win when I'm  gentle and I can't win when I'm on fire, so I don't care.  I do this to get the info OUT there and let you do what you want with it, not to win a popularity contest. I cannot however, THINK for you, or LIFT you off the couch, YOU have to do that.


 Now, About Obama.......                                                                  8-21-2013

       Yup, I took some time off.  Life goes on.  Yes, I am still angry and yes, I WILL spout off some more tonight. Mostly about that scumbag the liberals call a president.  The latest lies slipping from his forked-tongue are equally as disgusting as everything else he says, but not at all surprising. Last weekend, I must have heard his newest attack on the Right over 20 times. The Great Imposter now claims that the ONLY thing Republicans are focused on is denying good healthcare to 30 million Americans in need.

     Well, not only is that untrue, it is reprehensible. Want to talk about "Focus" Mr. Obama? His focuses are hate-mongering, race-baiting, demoralization, bankruptcy, and the Islamization of the world. He is a tan ghost with no identity or valid history and no respect for God, Christians, the Constitution, Honor or Justice. He is a Traitor of unprecedented and unimaginable proportions.  The media elected him, twice, and they make excuses for his crimes and cover-up his lies. Had they been truthful enough to do their jobs by simply reporting the facts and given equal time to BOTH sides, we might not have the million-dollar Muslim in office today.

       Obamacare is a nightmare of epic proportions and every politician, journalist and thinking American KNOWS it. Not only is it another hand-out to the lazy and illegal, it is a death sentence for our elderly , for sick and premature babies and for the Taxpayers. Hidden in its unreadable and unintelligible STACK of pages (see photo below), are thousands of Pork Projects, Freedom-Infringing clauses, Racist Rules, and Tyrannical Laws. Why do you suppose Congress intends to exempt themselves from this health plan?  The Constitution clearly states that Congress shall pass NO law that does not apply equally to the people and to THEMSELVES.  Obamacare is 100% unconstitutional. Do you really want Washington Bureaucrats deciding what care you and your loved ones will or will not receive?  Do you want the IRS to decide who should live and who should die? That's Obamacare, folks!

       Already, jobs are disappearing as businesses anticipate the excessive costs of this plan for their employees. Full-time jobs are becoming part-time jobs or being eliminated altogether. Small businesses will close their doors by the millions and thousands already HAVE! There will be a frightening shortage of decent doctors and many of them are already planning early retirement if Obamacare is not de-funded. So, IS it that Republicans want to stop this frightening plan ? You BET it is ! Is it also true that we want to deny vital medical care to millions ? Absolutely NOT.

      What Republicans want, is a fair, simple and sensible answer to the healthcare crisis that will be compassionate, affordable, not infringe on the rights and freedoms of the American people and will NOT leave anyone at the mercy of the IRS.  We want a plan that has nothing buried in its pages that has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with control, and will promote jobs rather than erase them. When there is a plan that Congress is willing to sign themselves up for, we can be fairly certain we have a GOOD plan.  Any law that requires more than 20 pages of explanation and rules is a danger. Bureaucracy has become beyond insane and only by shrinking government and simplifying the laws, can we hope to get America back on track financially, morally and responsibly.

       America needs a HERO. A leader who was born and raised on OUR soil by parents who were born and raised on OUR soil. We need, deserve and must demand a Constitutional president and government, a Commander-in-Chief who has served this country as a soldier, proven himself to be not just educated, but intelligent, God-Fearing, family oriented, morally sound and unafraid to say NO to the liberal whiners, the deviant, the illegals, the controllers, the corrupt and the unjust.  We need a leader that will promote freedom of choice but not PUSH one side's agenda upon the other. A man who will starve the beast, not feed it, bows to NO man, promotes energy-independence and reins-in spending. One who will stand with our allies, close our borders and re-build our military strength and Patriotism.

      If we could put Ron Reagan, John Kennedy, Allen West, Rand Paul, Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and Ted Nugent into a blender, we would pour out a near-perfect president, worthy of the seat in the Oval Office. IF America manages to survive the next three years, it will be only by the Grace of God and the sweat of Patriots.  What might we see in 2016? Hillary Clinton ?!?  LOL! Funny thing about THAT is, despite the fact that she should be occupying a prison cell, she will likely be a candidate and the liberal morons will vote for her.

       Rand Paul and Allen West ? Dream Team ! Andrew Cuomo ? Good Lord, might as well drink the cyanide NOW. Whatever 2016 brings, I only hope that we see an impressive awakening between now and then.  I wish with all my heart that American Blacks would open their eyes to the agenda of Washington Democrats. I wish that ALL Americans would defend our Constitution, demand strong borders, deportation and LEGAL immigration. I dream of safe public schools that focus on reading and writing skills, teamwork AND independent thinking, TRUTHFUL history,  financial skills and later on parenting and job-training.

        I wish to see our space program restored, welfare reform, and a strong, adequately-supported military with sufficient nuclear arms to deter attacks on our soil. We need to Drill, Frack and Mine, supply our OWN energy and create GOOD jobs. What needs to GO ? Obama. Obamacare. Islam in America. Government dependence, unrestrained spending, and foreign aid to our enemies and the enemies of Israel. The IRS, the DHS, Christian-Bashing, Media lies and bias, the FORCING of acceptance of the deviant and immoral, political-correctness, unfair taxation, and the failure to hold politicians and other criminals accountable.

        Yet nothing will change for the better until or unless we MAKE it change. How did people forget that the power is THEIRS? Some of it is the lack of Constitutional study and teaching in the past 30 years. The liberal media has portrayed the government as our Boss and Great Parent.  Ummm, it's the other way around, folks !  Even here in Lebanon and other small towns, people have forgotten their power and failed to exercise their right to steer the short bus.  This November is the time to take the first steps toward correcting that. November by November, vote by vote.

      No longer can we afford to fail those who came before us and those who will follow. We must;

    A.) Get our public schools under control. Common Core Curriculum is already in place in many schools and 90% of parents aren't aware of it or even know what it IS. They need to get busy, NOW. Schools were intended to be overseen by the communities they serve, NOT the state or federal governments ! We need to reclaim our schools and our kids, pre-approve curriculums. Parents, where ARE you ?! Why do you suppose Obama wants to ban home-schooling?  Well, he can't indoctrinate the kids he can't reach. Let's cut off government access to our children's minds, hire whom WE choose, fire the biased, liberal, under-performing and Socialist teachers. NO tenure, no more free ride. Performance -Based salaries, raises, and contract renewals. The kids are tested, so should the teachers be.

   B.) The Media must be held to account for the lies, omissions, agendas, and outright fantasies they sell. Violent video games must be banned, and if you disagree with that, look at the statistics surrounding young, violent offenders and mass-shooters. Look at what happened in Oklahoma yesterday ! I'll get to that one in a minute or two.

        It is just as easy and profitable to make entertaining and educational video games as it is to produce violent ones and de-sensitize our kids to mayhem and death.  Know what your kids are playing, watching and listening to. Limit the time they are spending with electronics and the internet and keep them physically busy and active. There are far more ways to keep kids out of trouble than there are for getting them OUT once they're in.

   C.) Why are we so accepting of the conviction and 35-year sentence given to a 25-year-old soldier who leaked info about the war in Iraq, yet ignore a president , a Secretary of State, and an Attorney General that have committed Treason openly and repeatedly for YEARS ? Not to mention numerous murders. Why is a Patriot like Edward Snowden forced to hide in a  hostile, foreign country while Andrew Cuomo spits on our Constitutional Rights, imposes deviant state laws by executive order, lies to our faces and taxes us to death?  Did you know, that New York has lost BOTH Kahr Arms and Remington Arms this year as a direct result of Cuomo's unconstitutional Safe Act ? FACT. Our loss is Tennessee's gain.

      How many jobs lost, how many smaller businesses will close as residual effects ? Thank you Andrew Cuomo and your tyrannical law, Herkimer County will now become another upstate ghost town. MORE welfare recipients, unemployment checks, empty homes, and taxes to compensate. Yet Cuomo remains in office and intends to run for re-election next year !

     Locally, we have Bruce Baldwin, Doug Clark and Mike Benson. ALL liars, cheaters, manipulators and repeated violators of local laws and codes. All still in office. Pond scum, all three. Christopher, a.k.a "Sufi_name Gabriel", Steadman still sits on the ETHICS board to which he was appointed by the above-named three, only weeks after he violated NYS Election Law and illegally attended a closed Democratic Caucus. He was chosen over a man of good character and clean reputation that had experience and life-long residency. NO ONE can deny the cronyism of that board-stacking .

     We must STOP condoning political corruption, nepotism, collusion, and lies by self-serving officials at EVERY level.  Change starts with the first step in the right direction. The mess we're in took years to create, it will take years to repair, but we CAN do it if everyone is willing to pick up a shovel, NOW.

    D.) Violence. I mentioned this earlier. We live in an imperfect world and we will never be completely free of crime, violent or otherwise.  However, we CAN reduce it significantly if we choose to ! It isn't the overwhelming conundrum the government would have you believe it is. The answers are simple and inexpensive, but they require human effort and dedication, and therein lies the problem . No one wants to make an effort.

          Yesterday in Oklahoma, three boys ages 15, 16 and 17, took the life of a promising athlete and college student who was here from Australia on a full scholarship. From all accounts, he was a good student, much-loved by friends and family and had never been in trouble. In an instant, all his goals and dreams were taken from him by a bullet to the back as he was out jogging and minding his own business. 

         WHY did this happen ? It happened because three punks were "Bored" and had "Nothing to do". So they decided to go out and kill someone, just for "Fun".  According to their earlier Facebook entries, the plan was to kill TWO people. When I first heard this last night, I was literally sickened by it. I remembered a time when an incident like this would be so shocking, everyone would be talking about it for weeks to come. Now it is a mere blurb that holds no surprise, and reaps little outrage. Life is cheap, shake your head and move on, just like Benghazi.

       Isn't is WAY past time to return to holding everyone accountable for their behaviors? Let the punishment fit the crime?  Time to reinstate the Death Penalty and enforce it ? Many states have abolished Capital Punishment due to the incessant whining of liberals who murder unborn babies by the millions each year yet claim that the Death Penalty is "Barbaric".  God states in the Bible, that "if a man takes the life on another by his hands, so shall HIS life be taken by the hands of men".  It is just, it is right, and it is warranted. It is also a vital tool in the fight against violent crime. One heck of an effective deterrent.

      We must start holding parents responsible for the actions of their minor children as well. Imagine how quickly the number of youthful offender crimes would decrease if parents were ordered to make restitution and/or serve time WITH their child? Talk about deterrents ! Slapping lawbreakers on the wrist is senseless and has proven to be not only ineffective, but in some cases, deadly. Yet we go on using these failed methods and policies while corruption and violent crime escalates.

     Speaking of crimes, I sincerely hope that everyone got to see the videos from Syria on the news tonight. Innocent people, many just babies and little children, writhing in agony from the effects of the Nerve Gas used on them by the Muslim Brotherhood. You remember them, Obama's buddies?  Sheet-wrapped bodies lined up in rows like ghosts in a theater while loved ones and the dying wept and screamed. Obama MADE THAT.

      Obama funded the Muslim Brotherhood via Morsi and Mubarek, with American dollars, BILLIONS of dollars, and weapons and ammunition . We the People did NOTHING while Obama handed over OUR money and weapons to the Muslim Scumbag who is now ordering these massacres of innocents from his prison cell !  WE share in the guilt, you and I. WE allowed an evil, twisted stranger to remain in our White House, in a place of ultimate power. While he took millions of dollars in vacations, we allowed him to continue to lie, steal, murder, and laugh all the while he was jetting from Africa to Martha's Vineyard. We said nothing while babies screamed in pain in Egypt and in America's abortion clinics.

     The list of Obama's travesties is endless, but if you like, I would be happy to list them ALL for you!  Where is the OUTRAGE ?!?!  WHAT will it TAKE to shake Americans from the stupor of liberalism and pierce their hearts with truth? Can anyone tell me ? Where is the Republican Congress and WHY have they not taken Obama out of Washington in chains?

      I also wonder where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are tonight. Are they in Oklahoma visiting the two black and one half-black killers of an innocent white man? Maybe they're planning a campaign to outlaw jogging as it might incite angry young blacks.  No, they're probably trying to invent a way to blame the "GUN".

     Is Obama asleep in the White House with his security force on duty and his silk pajamas on? Is he too, dreaming of ways to blame the victim and excuse the killers based on race? Or is he dreaming about his former, Pakistani boyfriend and the great drugs they did together after attending a lecture on the Joys of Marxism?

    I hope all of YOU sleep well tonight in your cozy homes in a free country. Enjoy it while you have it.  I will lie awake.



Another Liberal Movie to Boycott

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The Truth About North Carolina’s Voter ID Law the Media Won’t Tell You

Kevin Mooney's picture

Following a Supreme Court ruling that said that federal restrictions on certain states’ voting laws were invalid, North Carolina passed a law requiring that people who wish to cast a ballot must show photo identification. Predictably, the left-leaning media have gone into high outrage mode.

In doing so they’ve ignored the facts which show that not only do black voters support voter ID more than whites, getting an ID card is not nearly so onerous as anti-reform groups pretend it to be, and that helping people get identification for themselves is a good way of ensuring they are part of the many other parts of societal interaction that require identification. This much should be evident to reporters who continuously amplify incendiary, racially charged allegations that do not square with reality.

To be a part of the economic mainstream of this country, it is necessary to have a valid photo ID. So here’s a question for the media. If it’s racist to ask voters for a form of identification at their polling place, why isn’t it then racist to also ask for identification before stepping inside a plane, or into a federal building, filling out a job application or opening up a bank account?

That’s an obvious question that the Los Angeles Times has declined to ask so far. Here’s the ominous subhead attached to a June 30 report authored by David Zucchino: “Republican leaders are pushing measures that could negatively affect black voters.”

Based on what exactly? The article declines to spell that out.

Zucchino quotes staunchly Democratic North Carolina NAACP President William J. Barber II, who equates the “Restore Confidence in Government Act” with slavery and Jim Crow. Barber, and other self-described civil rights leaders should be quoted at length. But they should also be held accountable for divisive rhetoric that arguably works against the best interests of their own constituents. Polls show that minorities actually favor voter ID laws by a slightly higher margin than whites. These numbers are not typically cited by the LA Times or other liberal publications, that continue to cast aspersions on voter ID. Even so, anyone who is in command of facts should not be surprised. Just ask State Sen. Harold Metts, a Providence, R.I. Democrat. His own inner-city constituents tend to favor voter ID because, as Metts as explained in media interviews, they are often the victims of voter fraud.

“For years, I had heard complaints from some of my constituents about voter fraud, and I felt like it was time for us to take action,” he told the “There’s always a concern about disenfranchisement, and we should make every effort to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote can vote. But it got to the point where there was such a fear over disenfranchisement that people just buried their heads when it came time to deal with voter fraud, and that was not healthy for our democracy.”

Since the 2010 mid-term elections, Rhode Island is the only Democratic state to pass a new voter identification law. So it is fair to say that Republicans tend to favor voter ID in greater numbers than Democrats. That’s an objective fact. But it’s not fair to suggest to readers that voter fraud is not a serious problem and that voter ID initiatives are inherently racist. How then does the LA Times explain Rhode Island? And what does the NAACP say to those people of color who had their vote canceled out because someone illegally voted in their place thanks to lax identification requirements?

Since 2008, dozens of political operatives attached to the now defunct ACORN organization have been convicted on a variety of voter registration charges. Matthew Vadum, author of “Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers,” has published a detailed list of the convictions in his book. Yet, the media continues to give cover to liberal groups that claim voter fraud is not particularly widespread.

Consider the sleight-of-hand used by the Associated Press in a July 26 report on the N.C. law. Public records show “only a handful of documented cases of in-person voter fraud” have been prosecuted over the last decade. There’s a tacit acknowledgment here that voter fraud is a real problem contrary to what the NAACP, the Advancement Project, the ACLU, Demos and other liberal groups incessantly tell members of the press.

A March 29, 2012 Washington Post op-ed by Brennan Center executive director Michael Waldman and attorney Justin Levitt goes so far as to equate voter fraud in U.S. elections with imaginary sightings of Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch, the mythical man-like hairy monster said to inhabit the forests of North America. Bigfoot has not yet been captured, but Vadum’s research shows that law enforcement, at least at the state level, is taking voter fraud seriously.

The fallback position for voter ID opponents who are forced to concede that fraud exists, at least on some level, is to argue that the new requirements will discourage minorities from voting. “One state study estimated that at least 318,000 registered North Carolina voters do not have driver’s licenses or other state-issued ID cards,” according to a July 26 LA Times report. “Many are elderly, low income or African American – groups that tend to vote Democratic.”

So here’s the strategy.

The left is building its case against voter ID around Rosanell Eaton, a 92-year-old black woman from Louisburg, N.C. She is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the law in the Middle District of North Carolina by the NAACP and the Advancement Project. Eaton already has a valid driver’s license. But Eaton contends that she will have difficulty voting because the spelling of her name on the driver’s license, and her birth certificate and her voter-registration record are all different.

State officials are on record saying that Eaton has plenty of options where an ID is concerned despite the name differences. If she is unduly burdened by the process, that should be reported. If she is not, that should also be reported by a media that purports to care about the facts.

The North Carolina law, set to take effect in 2016, will permit only an in-state state driver's license, a U.S. passport or military ID be used as acceptable forms of ID. Residents who don't drive could obtain a state-issued ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles free of charge. This is not some draconian requirement akin to Jim Crow. But good luck asking the willfully ignorant news media that is content with parroting the specious complaints of partisan activists.


Left Silent as Blacks Attack, Kill Whites

Written on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 by

George Zimmerman wasn’t even white, he was Hispanic. But the media made him white, “white Hispanic,” because his “victim” was black, and the story had to fit into the racist mold of the liberal narrative.

No objections are brooked, no other views allowed, and truth is rarely welcome in this narrative. So when the Zimmerman jury found him not guilty, the media hoped for outrage.

Mostly what it got was a shrug of indifference, punctuated by occasional outbreaks of looting, vandalism, assault and rape.

The race revolution sought by the Left never rose above a crime spree in most cities, and the media quickly muted coverage for fear of undermining its narrative of blacks as victims.

Since the Zimmerman trial, though, there has been a wave of racial attacks, by blacks on whites, and the media, celebrities and politicians who jumped on the Trayvon Martin train are nowhere to be seen.

When three older black teens pummeled and stomped on a white 13-year-old on a school bus because he had reported their drug dealing to school officials, President Obama, himself an admitted former teen drug user,  didn’t interpose himself in the case as he did with the Zimmerman trial.

In Oklahoma, three black teens were charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a young white man visiting from Australia as he jogged along the side of the road on Friday. According to officials, the teens were just bored and wanted to see someone die. Where’s the outrage from the media and racebaiters like Al Sharpton?

In Jacksonville, Fla., four young blacks have been charged with killing a white man during a hunt Aug. 6 for a random victim to rob and shoot, according to officials.

A judge has called the actions of a black Seattle man “inexplicable” after he was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a white man and demanding he apologize for everything white people have done to blacks.

It’s not inexplicable. That fellow has been told throughout his life, from childhood, that he is a victim because he is black, and that he is justified in blaming whites for his personal troubles. So why wouldn’t he go stick a gun in the face of the first convenient white person he finds?

This is the result of the racial games of politicians and the media: entire generations of young blacks who never take responsibility for their own actions and their own lives.

And that’s the end game of the Left’s real racists. Keep blacks in virtual slavery by keeping their minds in a prison of their own making. Keep them weak, keep them dependent and you get to keep your power.

That’s why the Left is silent when blacks commit crimes. Liberals can’t allow blacks to take responsibility because that would be the first step toward real independence.


 A Week of Tragedies                                                       8-24-2013

          First order of business, correct my error in my last post where I referred to Egypt when I intended to say Syria. Not that it matters, Obama has funded the Muslim Brotherhood and that includes Morsi AND Mubarek.  Genocide is genocide.

           So we had a little excitement in town yesterday. It isn't every day we have an alligator on the loose. We DO have plenty of two-footed snakes, but an alligator is unique. I feel sorry for Rhonda, even though she IS an Obama voter. She loves her critters and provides a great learning experience for kids. I hope our Gestapo government doesn't seize her animals now. A friend made a good point. He asked me why all the news agencies showed up for a three-foot long alligator, but ignored the numerous reports of extreme corruption for the past six years. GOOD question.

          Onward. This has been a tragic week. First, the horrible murders of innocents by nerve gas in Syria. The thrill-killing of an innocent college student and now the beating death of an 89-year-old WWII veteran. America has a serious problem of black on black and black on white crime.  Again I say, "Thank You Obama". The Chief Race-Baiter has had no comment on these killings or on the beating of a young white boy on a school bus by three black boys LAST week. Gee, he had PLENTY to say about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, as did Eric Holder, the NAACP, the ACLU, the Media, the FBI, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. So where are they all THIS week?

          ALL of them worked long and hard to have George Zimmerman sentenced to life in prison for defending himself. If he had NOT defended himself, he would be as cold and dead as the jogger and the veteran.  Zimmerman exercised his Second Amendment RIGHT and used deadly force only when he felt he had no other option. He did everything right, and they tried to hang him for it.  How many people have to die before our black communities, pastors and parents decide that they need to DO something about their young men?? Facts and statistics do not lie and the deaths have escalated. What are they waiting for? Parents MUST be held responsible, not in a year, not in six months, but NOW.

       The same applies to the parents of all the young white males that are so fond of mass-shootings. Parents KNOW when their kids have a problem and denial is no longer an option. They must be held at least partially responsible.  Violent crime by young males is not just a black issue, it is an American issue. What is wrong with so MANY of our young males? How long will we remain silent about the negative influence of video games, liberal schools, Hollywood and television, the media, the clothing designers, the rap musicians? When will we focus on the effects of single-parent homes, absent fathers, lack of guidance, supervision and consequences, and immoral political "leaders"?

        What did we expect would happen to our children when we failed to object to the liberal agenda for so long? When we allowed God to be banned from everywhere but the churches? You reap what you sow.  Have any of you looked into Common-Core yet ? Ahh, allow ME to enlighten you with the link posted below. Remember, this sick curriculum will be forced down the throats of your kids and grandchildren five days a week! Compliments of the United Nations, the same folks that Doug Clark swears is NOT plotting anything against our freedoms and values.

         This curriculum has already been implemented in New York and many other states. Read it over and decide if this is what you want for our children. Then do a little research into what it will be offering our younger kids. I dare you. WHY can't we allow kids to just be kids? WHY do they HAVE to become adults before they're ready?  Have you seen the back-to-school clothing choices in the stores this year? First grade girls will be starting school dressed like dwarf hookers and hootchie-mamas.

         Having access to both Public School students and the Home-Schooled, I see the drastic differences in these two groups. A lot of people claim that HS kids are immature and naive, and in comparison to PS kids, they definitely ARE. It's called, "Natural Maturation" and it's the way kids are intended to mature. HS kids mature the way WE did, and our parents did. They remain kids until their minds, bodies and emotions are prepared for adulthood. PS kids are FORCED to mature before they are capable of BEING mature. Society, media, peer-pressure, celebrities, and even parents and teachers push kids to be grown-ups, to be self-sufficient and responsible by the time they are 12 or 13 years old.

        Most kids will try to live up to those expectations and even revel in it, at first. Still, they cannot do it,  they SHOULD not do it, and we should not expect them to do it. They are not equipped. Not yet. Burdening children with the weights of adulthood, warps them. It's like walking in shoes all day that are three sizes too small, twisting the toes and bending the bones in ways they were never meant to go. The "normal" growth is incomplete and incorrect, forever.   We don't expect flowers to bloom before they bud, so why do we expect kids to behave as adults ?

      Remember the old adage, "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree"?  Kids need guidance, they need a mom AND a dad, they need unconditional love, validation, time and attention, security,. They thrive on routine and age-appropriate challenges, and even though they will never admit it, they WANT rules and consequences. Latch-Key kids, one-parent households, faithlessness, all produce crippled adults. Kids join gangs and cleave to the "Bad Crowd" because they crave a sense of belonging, of "family", that they are not getting at home.  Today's kids are angry and confused like a dog that is tied to a tree all day, hungry and alone . They don't even know WHY they're angry, but WE do.

      Is it any wonder that we see so much drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, promiscuity, depression, suicide and violence among teens and 20s ?  Why are we surprised at the Adam Lanzas and the "Bored" kids that go out and shoot someone or beat old men to death ? Do you think it's time to point at the parents yet ? Isn't it time to look at what's going on in the public schools?  Are YOU ready yet, to hold responsible the Hollywood liberals, the video-game producers, the rap musicians and the clothing designers for the messages they are sending to our youth?  How about penalizing crappy parents whose kids commit crimes, and weak judges that fail to penalize perpetrators sufficiently? Or communities that offer no safe recreation for kids of all ages?

     Idle, unsupervised kids will seek their own entertainment and their choices are rarely good ones. They need to be busy and active, not to the point of some poor kids whose parents drag them from school, to dance class, to soccer, to homework and to bed, only to do it all over again the next day. There has to be a middle-ground. Kids need social time with friends too.  LISTEN to your kids, they will tell you what they need if you really pay attention. KNOW your kids, LOVE your kids and give them age-appropriate responsibilities and consequences. Be an example, not a "Do as I say not as I do" parent.

    There is no perfect parent or magic guideline, and every kid will screw up. We're human, we make mistakes. The trick is to learn from those mistakes and try something else. Raising our kids is the single most important, difficult, painful and rewarding thing we will do in our lives.  Shouldn't we give it the best we can?     God Bless.  JJ



I Think THIS Guy has had ENOUGH!

DHS Employee Calls for Whites to be Killed

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Why Zimmerman was Armed and YOU Should be !

Media Didn't Tell You THIS ,Either !!

Woman accused of murdering  boy and burning his body says: 'I am not a monster... I love kids'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mona Nelson

Accused: Mona Nelson insists she did not murder Jonathan Foster

Mona Nelson, the woman accused of murdering Texas boy Jonathan Foster, spoke for the first time since being arrest - proclaiming her innocence.

Nelson, 44, told reporters that she would never do anything to harm a child, and that she has five grandchildren of her own

'I'm not a monster... I love kids,' she told a local TV station from her prison cell.

Although Nelson is adamant that she would not harm any child, it is not a view shared by police, who believe the 12-year-old Foster may not be her only victim.

The boy was reported missing from his home on Christmas Eve, after his mother claims she received a strange call at her workplace from a gruff-sounding woman.

Jonathan's mother, Angela Davis, initially told police that he was with a babysitter. But she later admitted that he was home alone.

His burned body was discovered on Tuesday in a roadside ditch in Houston, not far from where he lived.

Nelson told to local KTRK TV that a member of Jonathan’s family gave her $20 to dump a plastic container on Christmas Eve.

She claimed she was drunk on vodka and didn’t know what was inside the container.

Jonathan Foster

Murdered: The badly burned body of Jonathan Foster was found dumped in a roadside ditch in Houston

She said she chose a random Houston ditch to dump the container in.

But police revealed that Jonathan’s burned body was not discovered in a plastic container.

Nelson insisted: 'I’m not a monster. I have five grandkids and I love kids.'

She admitted having a cutting torch, a welding instrument that police say she used to burn the body, but she said she needed it for her job as a welder.

When asked if she used it on Jonathan, she said: 'I would never do that.'

Police allege that Nelson’s truck was spotted on surveillance footage dumping something in the ditch where the body was found.

In addition, investigators say they’ve discovered evidence at Nelson’s apartment that allegedly links her to the crime, including burned carpet and twine similar to that used to Jonathan’s hands.

Houston Police Department Homicide Detective Mike Miller called Nelson a 'cold, soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster'.”

He called the boy’s death 'an absolute tragedy that can’t be put into words'.

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Ultimate Indoctrination


88-Year-Old WWII Vet Beaten to Death By Two Black Teens

Posted on by

                                                                           I really thought I was done writing about black-on-white violence, for a while at least, but lo and behold, there’s yet another story that comes out of Spokane, Washington. An 88-year-old World War II vet was beaten to death by a couple young black teens:

“Authorities say the two young African American men, between 16 and 19 years old, approached Delbert Belton in his car Wednesday night outside an Eagles Lodge as he was waiting for a friend. Belton was found by police with serious head injuries and died in the hospital Thursday. Belton’s daughter-in-law [Bobbie] tells KREM-TV that the suspects beat him with flashlights. ‘They used those great big heavy flashlights,’ Bobbie Belton said. ‘The doctors said he was bleeding from all parts of his face.’”

Mr. Belton had fought in the Battle of Okinawa and was shot in his leg as an 18-year-old. And now, 70 years later, he’s beaten by fellow Americans and left for dead. Is this what this old vet fought and risked his life for?

I don’t write about these incidents for the purpose of stirring up outrage in the white conservative community. I don’t want a “race war.” I don’t believe that young black males commit these violent attacks simply because they’re black. I know some people who would make that argument, but if that were the case, we couldn’t hold them accountable for their actions. They didn’t have a choice as to what color their skin was going to be.

There is something to be said for the fact that many of these kids have absentee fathers. My brother-in-law is a cop, and he’s had to deal with his share of delinquent juveniles, most, if not all, of whom have been minorities. The police would get calls from someone about a group of kids behind some church building smoking marijuana and drinking beer, and he’d get called to the scene. Twelve, 13, 14-year-olds. He said that the one thing they all had in common was that none of them had dads at home. Their moms were off working, trying to put food on the table, and the kids were off doing who-knows-what. They were “bored.” I know we’ve heard that term used recently in relation to a black-on-white crime. And “idle hands are the Devil’s handiwork.”

There’s also something to be said for the entitlement mentality that is prevalent in the black community. Again, that’s not inherent in the black race. They’ve been used by politicians for decades for the purpose of creating an entire Democratic voting bloc. Blacks have largely been bought and paid for. And now many of them feel entitled to many things that working taxpayers are forced to pay for.

And it’s not just that they feel entitled to taxpayer-funded financial resources. Many of them end up feeling entitled to pretty much everything. They want to be treated better than everyone else. They deserve to be at the front of the line, because a long time ago, people with dark skin were mistreated by people with white skin.

Neither of these things (lack of fathers, entitlement mentality) justifies what these black teens did to this old, white WWII vet. It goes to show that the heart of man is desperately wicked. They deserve the death penalty just as much as if the case involved a couple white teens beating a black WWII vet to death.

Forget about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They aren’t black “leaders.” If they were true leaders in the black community, they’d be preaching about the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life, faithfulness in marriage and family, pursuit of a calling, an honorable work ethic, etc. But we hear nothing of those things. Just vague calls for “justice” when the victim happens to be black and the attacker happens to be non-black.

Delbert-BeltonYou likely haven’t heard the story of two black teens who killed 88-year old WWII veteran Delbert Belton.

Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening, later succumbing to his injuries the following morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.


Prepare your children for a hostile takeover

Posted on · Posted in Parenting, Wisdom, Worldview

The world as a hostile place that will turn your children from God. This hostility is masked by deception. The world does not present itself as a hostile enemy. Rather, the world offers itself as the ultimate source of understanding, pleasure, fulfillment and satisfaction. The success of this deception is evident in the lives of many children who have been savaged by the world. Too many children from Christian homes echo the cry of the man in Proverbs 5


At the end of your life you will groan,
when your flesh and body are spent.
You will say, “How I hated discipline!
How my heart spurned correction!
I would not obey my teachers
or listen to my instructors.
I have come to the brink of utter ruin
in the midst of the whole assembly.” (Proverbs 5:11-14)


What is the answer to that anguished cry of regret? Why didn’t he listen? Why didn’t he pay attention?


At least one reason is that he believed the lies, the deceptions of Satan’s world. As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. The world has only the appearance of beauty, not the reality. But the appearance of beauty is alluring and powerful, even though it is false. Satan is hard at work putting an appealing, beautiful veneer over the horrible world that he rules. Never underestimate the danger of false beauty!


Your job as a parent is to use the time while your children are in the protected environment of your home to prepare them for the deceptive, hostile world that they must soon face. The day will come when they must leave behind the protection of your greenhouse. Then they must be strong enough and wise enough to see through Satan’s deceit.


You know your children. Help them prepare for a world system, i.e. the world the flesh and the devil, that wants them to say the same words the man in Proverbs uttered 3,000 years ago. Bring the light and truth of Scripture to your children. Build relationships so that they will believe you what you tell them. Their lives may depend on it.


When good men stand, evil men are restrained. When good men sit idly by, evil men prevail. If we fail to stand against evil, we have no one to blame but ourselves when evil triumphs. In the words of Plato, "The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men."