Bias and B.S                                                             1-2-2020

                       Worst meeting I've attended in a very long time. Definitely the most abominable Organizational Meeting in 10 years. 

                         So why do I say that, when the Libs are probably saying the opposite? Well, it was a great meeting for THEM. Not so much for Conservative Homies. Number one, the room was packed with people who very rarely, if ever, attend meetings. NOT Conservatives.  Number two, John Trainor was almost 15 minutes late and held everyone up. Until his election, I never knew that John was so irresponsible. He's a NICE guy, smart, talented, and decent, so I wonder how he became so Liberal to begin with. Whatever the reasons for that , it doesn't excuse his failure to show up at any pre- term meetings. Not the November, not the December, not the year-end. Then he's 15 minutes late to the Organizational? I would call that disrespectful and irresponsible even if George Washington had done it.

                           The new 'Board" did not disappoint me a bit! First, Doug Banker was appointed as Deputy Supervisor, NOT Norm Rasmussen as expected. By the manner in which his appointment was announced, you would think they were naming Moses to the position. GAG! Doug is another guy whose Liberalism is hard to understand. It's anyone's guess, but he is definitely a Leftie. 

                            They also did exactly what I expected with other appointments. The Ethics Board vacancy had been addressed by the entire, sitting membership of that board, as every one of them had signed a letter requesting that Kevin Smith be given that position. Their reasons were that they knew he would work well with the entire board, and that he had served on the Ethics Board in the past and had experience. At all previous Org. Meetings, the town board has ALWAYS taken the recommendation of the sitting board members re: an interested candidate. ALWAYS. 

                             The only time a position is advertised and Letters of Interest solicited, is when there ARE no candidates or there are multiple candidates. That was not the case tonight. Yet, despite having ONE, highly qualified candidate that the sitting E.B REQUESTED, the new Town Board voted 4-1 to NOT appoint Smith, but to send out public notice of the vacancy and accept Letters of Interest.  You KNOW what THAT was all about.

                              If you truly understand the goal here, you get it that these snakes want a 100% Liberal Democrat, Town Government, even if takes them another two years to get it. PLUS, Kevin Smith is one of the three, ethical and fair councilmen who denied them their FREE Rail Trail land. So here's what will happen: the vacancy will be advertised. People like Ted Salem, Cynthia Creech, Peg Munves, etc., will hit their phones tomorrow morning, if not tonight, and start recruiting their Democrat cronies to apply for the Ethics Board vacancy. Then, they will shuffle through the Letters of Interest and choose the most Liberal applicant to appoint. It's how Cults work. It's how the Muslims are taking over Michigan. 

                               Speaking of Cults, I was reminded of something tonight that I have been aware of for years. Have you ever noticed how Black folks and Hispanic folks, can be in a huge store like WalMart or something, and they all KNOW one another? It's uncanny! I go into a big store, and everyone's a stranger! Well, it's the same with the New Lebanon Liberals, especially the newcomers. It's almost as if they knew one another in P.S 66 or something, down in the city 40 years ago! It's WEIRD! We Homies don't know who a lot of them are, but they ALL know each other and do their dirty work in groups. They can fill a room faster than a cat on fire, if it's to THEIR advantage to do so. 

                               Add that strange alliance to their practice of pouncing on every new person that comes to New Lebanon, and you can see how we managed to be cursed with so much Liberalism in a short, 10 year period. They have their own Communist Manifesto and they follow it to the letter. Their most recent targets are local, younger folks, fresh out of High School. I don't know if their infiltration of our elementary school has begun yet, but if it hasn't, it WILL now!  Stay alert, Moms and Dads!

                               Tistrya's mommy was also re-appointed as Town Hall cleaner tonight, without question or Letters of Interest being required. Their excuse for this and the re-appointment of Cynthia Creech as Court Clerk at the request of the two Judges, was; "Those are PAID positions, the Ethics Board is not."  SO?!?!  Why should that matter? Why shouldn't someone else be given a chance at the cleaning position that Judy has held year after year after year? Is that fair? Well of COURSE it is, because Judy is a flaming Liberal, and the Left makes the rules as they go.

                               Which is why the very first thing I did tonight, was deliver to each board member, a copy of the NY Open Meetings Law that states it is legal to videotape the meetings. I also gave each one a brand-new, pocket Constitution.  Yes, I started videotaping tonight. I think that should have ALWAYS been done, but especially NOW. Sadly, though I am a good mechanic, woodworker, artist, carver, painter, gardener, and Activist, I am a horrible techie. Technology is pretty much Greek to me. Fortunately, I have a son who is a Whiz. At EVERYTHING!  

                             During the meeting, the camera sat prettily on it's tripod, but ran for 7 minutes, then shut itself off with a loud BLING, that drew everyone's attention. I HATE to have disruptive noises in the meeting, like phones going off or beepers beeping, and I really hate to be the CAUSE of those noises. Yet tonight, I was the cause of that annoyance, and I do apologize for that. It turns out, that I had failed to format the Sim Card. When I got home, Mike gave me a lesson, and it should never happen again. 

                             The camera was a Christmas gift from my husband and the tripod from the kids. Here's hoping I can become proficient enough to enjoy it as much as I hope to! 

                               So, in my opinion, the Liberal Bias of this board has begun immediately, and I see a very difficult two years ahead.  With any luck, the pending Ethics Complaints may get us somewhere soon. I ask every Conservative in New Lebanon, and I KNOW you're out there, to please start paying attention to the workings of your town government and officials. You don't HAVE to attend meetings, you can read the meeting minutes online in your pajamas. Or contact me and I will post the videos here for you! 

                               Coming to meetings is best, as you can ask questions, or for clarification on the issues, and watch the behaviors of your officials. Get to know other, interested Conservatives who share your views and fight for honest, fair, transparent leadership. Protect yourselves and your property from dangerous proposals that will limit your freedoms and raise your tax burden.  This new board is salivating over re-arguing the sidewalks and public water issues that the town said a resounding NO to just a few years ago, under Mike Benson. Fight Noise Ordinances, Green Initiatives, Tourism, and dangerous, government grants. Too many of you claim to be "Uninterested" in politics, but politics WILL take an interest in YOU, eventually. Maybe it will be the limiting of how you can use your property or outdoor equipment, maybe it will be even stricter zoning laws, or the rise in taxes, more traffic, and the list goes on and on. 

                              Maybe there are projects that YOU would like to see in the community, like a Community Center with adult classes, dinners for those in need, Social activities for Seniors, Veterans, and children. Or maybe you'd like to help the Stone Soup Project with town beautification, such as the flags, flower boxes, murals, etc. We NEED you for so many things!  So think about starting the new decade by joining us Conservatives in our effort to bring integrity and rural peace back to New Lebanon.