Circling the Drain                                              2-1-2020


              I'll start with some good news. Scott Larabee's surgery went as smoothly as it possibly could! Tumor is 90% removed, and he will be home Monday or Tuesday from Bay State Hospital. Then he begins 6 weeks of radiation 5 times a week at BMC. His spirits are very high and he told me this afternoon that the whole event has not hurt his appetite a bit.  LOL!!

              A week from this Tuesday at 7 p.m will be the 2nd Town Board Meeting under the latest, corrupt Board. If you want to sit and be bored for 1/2 an hour, you can come at 6:30 and watch the hand-selected candidates for the 2 vacant Ethics Board positions, come in for interviews. What a JOKE. As if they didn't have that decided weeks ago, according to their plan of removing every Conservative and Moderate from town government that they can. 

              They rejected an experienced and eager Homie who applied WELL before any public announcement of vacancies, and at a time when the E.B had NO Quorum and 2 open complaints waiting! We ALL know WHY. They had to make a show of being "Fair", but they had a responsibility to fill at least ONE opening as expediently as possible, and refused to do so. This was their FIRST meeting, and they chose to NOT do the usual thing or the Right thing, because it wasn't in their plan to Stack the Boards

              So here we are, several weeks later and coming up on the next meeting, and I understand that 4 Letters of Interest have been received for the E.B vacancies. I will bet you dollars to donuts, that ALL 4 are Liberal Democrats, hand-selected by Tistrya and her closest cronies. The 2 new appointees are already decided and have known that since she asked them to send in their Letters of Interest to make it look good. You KNOW that's how it's done. It's how Benson did it. 

               My husband and I had a casual conversation about this very thing a few nights ago, and just for fun, guessed who we think the 4 candidates are. I'm 100% positive of one of them, and fairly certain of a second. I have ideas about the other 2, but I'm not as sure as I am about the first 2. I'm going to send myself an email with my guesses, so it will be dated for 2-2-2020, and after the appointments are made, I'll post that email here. Let's see how I do. LOL!! However it turns out, the bottom line here is, that they are NOT fooling anyone.  We know what they're up to and why, we KNOW how they got THIS far, and we know they're too dirty to hold ANY power at ANY level. 

                  So....speaking of back-door deals and corruption, what IS going on with Berkshire Farm?  It depends on who you ask and how truthful they are. Many will say they don't know a thing, others claim they have heard about it but that nothing has been "signed" or cemented yet. Then the very SAME people will tell you things such as the fact that the Berkshire Free School is definitely closing in June, after the kids due to graduate are able to do so. So which is it, nothing happening, or the school closing in June? Why the secretiveness, when everyone knows what's happening? Do they want to deny it until it's a done deal and too late for residents to object or even weigh-in? 

                   This is a huge deal, and the local people have a right to have a voice via Public Hearings, Informational Forums,etc.  We ARE talking about having illegal immigrants in huge numbers, moved into our communities, and that will have a heavy impact on both Canaan and New Lebanon. There are an awful lot of unanswered questions that cannot remain unASKED questions. Our property values, traffic, one store, home safety and security, school attendance and Spanish curriculum, taxes, and locals losing their jobs. How MANY will be suddenly unemployed? With Berkshire Farms exorbitant debt, what happens to the pensions of those employees? Those are but a few of the important questions.

                   By the way, have you heard that there is talk of getting a Hanaford again? Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR:  This has absolutely ZERO to do with the Town Board or Supervisor. Absolutely NOTHING. This is a private entity that is talking with Hanaford about the possibilities, and he has not included town entities in ANY way at this point. So IF this should ever become a reality, NO ONE in our present town government can take one OUNCE of credit for this town getting a Supermarket !!  NOT ONE OUNCE, so don't fall for it.

                   In closing, I AGAIN ask that more of you who are NOT members of the Cult, PLEASE start attending your Town Board Meetings ! Let's start leveling the playing field. I'm talking to Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Libertarians, and those who are not affiliated with ANY party. Get involved.