Civil Disobedience and YOU!                                                                                                                12-5-2017

                        I've been all over the state this Fall and I'm learning about people and places that I have missed-out on all my years as a New York resident.  It has been a great experience so far, and we are far from finished. 

                        Our well-planned rally on Dec. 2 was cancelled, and you won't believe WHY!  A "Secretary" at the Ilion Fish and Game Club "Claimed" that she was receiving Death Threats by telephone!  LOL!!   Who would be stupid enough to bother making threats over a protest against the Permit Re-Certification Requirement?  If we had been gathering to demand M1 Rifles for Open Carry, I MIGHT believe the threats were real. but THIS?  NO WAY. This was a Political issue, and eventually, the truth behind it will come out. So we had 36 hours to spread the word about the cancellation to  8,000+ New Yorkers who planned to attend. One of the Organizers had invested over $4,000.00 of his own money and lost it all.  So, a large group of us gathered on Sunday about 3 hours from here and gave one another inspiration and ideas while we re-organize and re-schedule the rally. Looks like January 13 will be the date, but we haven't decided which of the three locations offered, we will use.  

                     Here's the thing folks, our government officials have over-stepped the limitations put upon them by the Constitution, for far too long. We the People have allowed this to happen, and We the People must put a stop to it. Will it be easy?  Heavens NO. Will it be fast?  Absolutely NOT. We have lost rights and freedoms in tiny bites, and that is how we will take them back. One little piece at a time.

                      I learned long ago that fighting City Hall is an uphill battle, but THIS latest effort is HUGE, and the work involved is daunting. The Safe Act is, when compared to many other issues, a small thing. However, taking it apart is NO small thing.  We have the Law on OUR side, but officials remain Teflon-Coated and exempt from the same rules they demand that the People follow.  "Do as I SAY, Not as I DO".  Legal routes to redress have proven ineffective for decades, and the protections that officials have put into place for their OWN protection are endless. Separation of Powers no longer seems to exist and the men and women we vote into office to represent us, represent no one but themselves. 

                       Here is an interesting thing to consider;  Andrew Cuomo forced the Safe Act through the Assembly by abusing the Message of Necessity and ignoring the required, 3-Day aging period.  No Judge called him out on that ? He broke the law! Now look at this:

Madison's Militia
Published by Joanna Smith6 hrs

Adolph Cuomo has made the exercise of one's Constitutional Rights into a FELONY. He has placed a burden upon NY State Gun Manufacturers, Retail and Sporting businesses, and Rod and Gun Clubs. He is endangering not only the lives of NY Citizens, but of Police Officers who will be charged with the duty of confiscation and enforcement of an unconstitutional theft of rights and property. He has clogged the courts with trivial and unnecessary arrests under a "LAW" that is not a "LAW". 
Cuomo has destroyed the lives and livelihoods , families and futures of decent, lawful people for "crimes" such as having one too many bullets in a magazine or a pistol grip on a Commonly-Used Firearm. He has targeted Veterans, Senior Citizens, and the Disabled. This "Governor" has cost NY Taxpayers millions of dollars with unconstitutional requirements added to our county offices and employees who oversee the already onerous, Pistol Permit Process.
The Tyrant of NY has labeled Patriot Groups and their members as Extremists and Homegrown Terrorists for merely objecting to the theft of their guaranteed right to bear arms to protect their families and properties, even though these groups and individuals have no history of arrests or violent behaviors.
Cuomo has used States Rights to trump Federal LAW and he has neither the right or the power to do so. He abused the Message of Necessity and the 3-Day waiting period in forcing the Safe Act into effect, and used a STATE Judge to determine the constitutionality of this Safe Act ! Constitutionality can ONLY be decided by the FEDERAL SUPREME COURT JUDGES!! 
Andrew Cuomo is a CRIMINAL, a FELON, and the People of NY must take him to task for his illegal actions!! Along WITH him, the Judge who over-stepped his authority must be removed from the bench. The Safe Act has reached the end of the road in NY and must now take a trip to the Supreme Court. DONATE to the Go Fund Me and let's get this job done!

                         This is what we are fighting, the failure of this state and the people to hold Cuomo's feet to the fire for his Crimes, and they ARE crimes! The famous Heller decision set a Legal Precedent against actions such as those Cuomo used to pass the Safe Act, and other cases that followed, cemented Heller forever and a day. Yet these snakes continue to violate the Supreme Court decision and the Constitution and are never, ever held accountable for that. 

                         As thousands of NY Gun Owners and Conservatives resist the 2017 Re-Certification Requirement, we are working day and night to put legal protection in place to keep the wolves of Albany from their doors. Sadly, our NYSP are the Gray Wolves that will come for our firearms, much like Hitler's Gestapo did.  They forsake their Oaths to the People and the Constitution in favor of "Following Orders". We have heard that before in history, have we not? How did THAT work out?  Look back at the record of what happens when extreme gun laws are instituted. It is a horrifying picture of what we are facing in NY.  

                         One High-Ranking , Law Enforcement officer told us on Sunday that the goal in NY is to become a 100%, Gun-Free State.  That can only happen through FORCE, the kind of force we have only seen in other countries, until NOW.  Many readers will say, "So What?", because they don't own or want to own firearms, and that's their right. BUT, they fail to understand that once the Second Amendment is taken from us, the rest will follow, and the consequences of the loss of those protections will be catastrophic for ALL Americans, Left AND Right. We ALL have a responsibility to defend ALL of the Bill of Rights, for each one is vital to our freedom, whether we like them or not.