Counting to TEN                                                                    10-5-2017

                     Local First?  Okay.  

                             As you may or may not know, there is a 6th Self-Storage Business in the works for New Lebanon.  We have , 1) the Car Wash, 2) Adam's Crossing, 3) Windswept Farm, 4) Upstairs at the Midtown Mall, 5) Coons next to the Theater Barn, and now, Bervy's at Rts. 20/22 South. Being so close to the "Alleged" Shaker Swamp, this latest application has caused some concerns. So much so, that the Zoning Board invited members of the Planning Board to attend their meeting last Tuesday. 

                           We also have a new proposal for the CAC to weigh-in on every project requiring a SEQR, which I think is over-kill and an insult to the members of both boards. IF the CAC is asked for input by one of the two boards, then fine, but to give them ultimate say OVER the two boards? Shameful, but what do I know.  It's just more environmental, over-regulation. Yeah, I digress.  Are you familiar with Nancy Kyle? I have never met her, but I know that she is the owner of the former Knights of Columbus building at 20/22 South, and the former Shujis Restaurant, not to mention several other historic buildings and homes in New Lebanon.

                          I am grateful that this lady has spent her own money to restore and beautify our older buildings and her taste is impeccable. As an abutter to the proposed Bervy Storage site, Mrs. Kyle has submitted a letter of opposition to the project, as is her right. She mentions the "Shaker Swamp" , ( the one that was never a swamp until the Shakers died off and the irrigation ditches plugged-up), as a consideration, as well as the "ugliness" of the storage boxes and signage. She also mentions that it will be a blight on our beautiful, rural scenery. Hmmm. 

                           Exactly WHERE was Mrs. Kyle when we were making a similar point about Dunkin Donuts?! Not a PEEP.  Why is Mrs. Kyle, who seems very concerned about violations of our Comprehensive Plan, not asking the Town Board to amend that plan to add a ban on drive-thru, fast-food businesses?  Just sayin'. In any case, everybody sees what they see, and few people ever agree on much, but to ME, the proposed storage business and the drawings I saw of their landscaping and screening plans, will be MUCH more attractive than what is on the site right now!

                      The Shed Man business is not exactly pretty or a nice welcome to what is now being called, "The Gateway to New Lebanon ".  LOL!! That's not pretentious at all, is it?  Funny that Mrs. Kyle also failed to appear at the Planning AND Zoning Meetings about this project. I'm sure she means well, but GEEZ, if you want to have a say, show UP!  Interested? The next Planning Board Meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 7:30 at the Town Hall.

   ALSO, there is a Special Town Board Meeting tomorrow, Friday the 6th at 7 p.m. Apparently, there is a matter between the LVPA and the Town Board up for discussion.


                      Las Vegas. A HUGE tragedy, and not a False Flag like Sandy Hook. Not that real death and injury means much when it comes to clearing the government of involvement, it wouldn't be the first time they furthered their agendas at the cost of innocent lives, and it won't be the last. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War? HOW many American lives lost? Just ONE example. 

                       As we expected the minute the news broke about Vegas, the Left is using this horror as a tool to further their Gun-Grabbing Agenda. It was IMMEDIATE. As usual, the guns are to blame, not the sick, immoral, faithless, anything-goes society the Liberals have created. They are repeating their usual game of Blame everyone and everything but the real culprits, themselves. THEY created the hate and division, THEY created the lack of accountability and respect for human life, THEY created the insanity, THEY have demonized Christianity and denied God, THEY have pushed Liberal curriculum in public  schools and removed Civic Education, THEY made it acceptable to kill unborn babies at will, THEY demand that deviant sexual lifestyles be accepted as "Normal", and THEY have treated our Constitution like a sheet of toilet paper, etc., etc. Guns are to blame? The NRA is to blame?  Not hardly.

                        We KNOW, even the Liberals KNOW, that without the Second Amendment, we will lose ALL our Constitutional Rights and become subjects to a tyrannical regime. History speaks, but few listen. Ask yourselves why, with all the major issues we are facing as a country, the Left is so focused on disarming the people? Why are they not focusing instead on the National Debt, Extreme Taxation, the loss of health insurance for those who were well-covered before Obama, and now cannot afford any of the available plans. People who will have their tax returns seized by the government as "Punishment" for not being able to afford health insurance along with food and housing for their families. Is it any wonder that so many people are opting for Welfare out of a sense of defeat and hopelessness? Ted Cruz and Rand Paul HAVE the plan that will work for EVERYONE, but the Dems block every Common Sense solution, as they do with everything that solves problems simply.

                      WHY aren't these slimy politicians focusing on the trail of dead bodies left behind by the Clintons, or Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Racial Division that was deliberately incited by the Obama Administration, persecution of Christian business owners by LGBTQ groups, the poisonous illegal immigration issue and the rise in crime as a result, not to mention the billions it is costing the American Taxpayer. How about homelessness, veterans who can't get needed services, false public education and Common Core, need I continue? Nope, they care about what kind of firearm that free, law-abiding citizens can own, how many shells they can carry IN that firearm, what kind of grip it has, and how often owners should "Re-Certify" for their hard-won Carry Permits. Ask yourselves WHY this is the major issue for them, when it should be a non-issue.

                      Now they want to ban yet another firearm add-on that was declared LEGAL, TWICE, by the ATFE and DOJ under the Obama Administration. Just because the Vegas shooter had a Bump Stock on one of the rifles he used, the Libs and RINOS think that banning that stock will end violence. LOL!! Yes, they ARE that stupid. This killer could just as easily have driven a truckload of explosives into that crowd and taken out hundreds more people than he did. He could have used poison gas, or any number of other means far more readily available than firearms. Banning the weapon does not fix the minds and hearts of the violent nor does it stop the assaults. 

                      In 1997, Britain disarmed its citizens, and the number of killings with knives, immediately skyrocketed. The number of murders in general, rose precipitously. Now, with the invasion of Muslim Immigrants in Europe, the people are defenseless against an onslaught of terrorist attacks. As of September 2017, British Officials are seriously considering arming their police and relaxing their gun restrictions for citizens. They SEE their mistakes. WE should be learning from them, as well as the many, many other countries who disarmed their people and made them helpless, and slaves to the government. 

                      Now think about THIS; the untrustworthy media is claiming that there has been no motive discovered for the Vegas shooting. Hmm. When did you EVER hear of a mass killer who didn't have a Manifesto or at the very least, an online trail of rants? Never.  Mass killers and Serial killers LOVE the attention to their causes and themselves. ALWAYS. 

                      This killer reportedly owned firearms for most of his adult life, (he was 64), and never, ever had a problem of any kind with the law. Rumors are that he was Antifa, he was a Muslim Convert sympathetic to ISIS, he was a Liberal Democrat like all the OTHER , mass killers have been, but NONE of these rumors has been proven and no evidence of a motive found as of yet. Does it matter anyway? Not really, because whatever the media doesn't know as fact, it will simply make up to manipulate the masses and demonize the guns. Remember who owns the media. Now why would a guy aged 64, with no criminal record and no apparent motive, suddenly go on a shooting spree? Isn't that a damn good question? 

                      People must start THINKING, and asking QUESTIONS of their media and officials. They must start DOUBTING what they are force-fed. If everything you know , you learned from the media , then you don't really know ANYTHING. You certainly don't know the TRUTH.