Dax and Howie                                                             3-31-2017

                  Can anyone out there tell me how a Judge can order a landowner to remove something from their property that is NOT illegal or criminal? 

                   Howard Commander built his Moto-X Track on his commercial land despite the objections of a mere, ELEVEN people. I would have done the same. As of this date, the track has never been in operation, mostly due to these objectors filing a lawsuit to stop it. Right now, it simply looks like an attractively landscaped trail. VERY attractive. There is no indication of any business being conducted at the site, no parking lot, no specific entrance, no ticket booths or concessions. I have seen no advertising of races planned for the site,either. That is compliance with the stay.

                   So let's say that someone bought the old Bouchard junkyard on Rt. 20 and opened a business there. The new owner decides to put in a Go-Kart Track, but receives objections from close neighbors. It goes to court and meanwhile, the owner builds the track and spends thousands on landscaping that makes the now-ugly site, into a park-like area. If the track never opens, so what? It now looks great, and if he wins the lawsuit, he also gets to open the track. Did he violate the judge's order to not open the track? Nope. He "Landscaped" to his personal liking. Does that give the judge the right to order him to remove that landscaping and idle track that he enjoys? NO! No more than a judge can tell you to remove your numerous lawn ornaments because your neighbor thinks it looks "Junky" !

                 Does a judge have the right to tell you not to paint your house pink, because the guy across the street hates pink? NO! So what right has this judge to order Commander to remove an idle track with nice landscaping?  Nothing, that's what! There is NO right or power given to a judge to do any such thing, and this particular judge should be removed. As for John Dax, HE  should also be removed. LOL!!  

                 This decade-long grudge that Dax has been holding against Commander is getting to the point of ridiculous! It all started because Dax bought a house within hearing distance of the Speedway without doing his due diligence first.  WHY, if you don't want to hear race cars, would you buy or build a home so close to a speedway?! DUH!!!  Same goes for all eleven idiots who are attempting to stop Commander from expanding his successful business and exercising his freedom to operate it as he sees fit. If you don't like airplane noise, DON'T move next to an airport!!!

                 The Speedway long out-dates every one of these whiners' residencies. EVERY ONE ! Their failure to do their homework BEFORE building or buying their homes, is THEIR fault, not Commander's. They have choices, 1) Deal with it, or 2) Move. Those are their ONLY options. NO lawsuit or corrupt judge can stop the Speedway from operating or expanding, or adding new attractions. That is interfering with commerce and that is ILLEGAL.  

                 Always remember that John Dax is behind this, and that HE abused his former position as Chair of the New Lebanon Zoning Board  to harass and torment Commander for years. His explanation? He claims that when his now-grown son was a child, they couldn't go outside and toss a baseball around on Saturdays in peace !!!! AWWW, don't you feel bad about this horrible trauma? 

                 John Dax was tossed out of Lebanon on his ear a few years ago, and for some reason, he has returned like a bad penny or an itchy rash. Icky things always DO. To the whiners and liberal lawsuit lovers, here is some advice. Stop wasting your money on a losing game. There are ELEVEN of you. Howard's supporters number in the THOUSANDS! Maybe the thousands of US will sue YOU for interfering with something we have enjoyed for 6 decades and has employed generations of New Lebanon's teens. Maybe YOU should think about what it would cost the taxpayers of this town if the Speedway were not here, and not allowed to expand. In any case, grow the hell UP, or just MOVE. 

                Why don't you all make yourselves a little, "Safe Space" you can sit in on Summer Saturdays and cuddle with a teddy bear till the races end. Or, you could go hug a tree. Preferably in some other town.