C'mon, Just SAY  It !!!!                                                      12-4-2013

       I took a week off from writing.  It seemed like something I earned, since the rest of America seems to be on a permanent vacation from reality.   So as a result, I have a lot of catching-up to do.  Another year is almost over and nothing has changed. Locally, we are still saddled with the forked-tongue Czar as our Supervisor. Obama has not been impeached as he deserved to be during his FIRST term, and liberals get more deviant and disgusting each and every day. I will be posting an interesting video for you at the end of this post.  It was taped in Brazil, but liberals are liberals, and WHERE they happen to live is immaterial to their level of insanity.

       I need to talk about Political Correctness. I think many folks see it as  just a quick-fix to  over-reaction and sensitivity to insults, but it is so much more than that. PC is potentially deadly, and it is not a "New" idea. PC is just another piece of the Socialist Agenda. As is Common Core, Global Warming, Sustainable Neighborhoods, Green Energy, and a million other seemingly innocuous things. Yes, even "Hamlet Revitalization". Political Correctness is nothing more than an excuse for violating our Right to Free Speech and independent thought.

      People are people, and we have all called one another insulting and hurtful names since Day One.  Right or wrong, it is in our nature as human beings. It may not be "Polite" or "Nice" , but neither is it physically harmful or lethal, unless you are a teenage victim of prolonged bullying and weak emotions.  PC is far more dangerous than any insult or slur could ever be and it is a sneaky, back-door violation of our First Amendment rights. I DO not and WILL not, comply.  By being Politically Correct about the major issues in America like Islam, black violence, forceful homosexuals, and lying presidents, we have served only to put the security of ourselves and our country at great risk.

      In 2013, many countries took a stand against Islam. The PEOPLE had had enough and finally awakened to the insidious and evil agenda of that cult. Angela Merkel of Germany was the first to say "No More!". Egypt has been heroic in their fight against the Muslims and this week, Ireland also took up the sword, as has Denmark. What are WE waiting for? Let's stop pretending, shall we ? Muslims are spreading across the globe like a pandemic and it is not because they are seeking Liberty or asylum. They are just as much a fatal disease as liberals and they are systematically poisoning the world with their hateful bacteria of evil.

       How many new Mosques have been built in the past 4 or 5 years? How many states are actually considering allowing Shariah Law in our courtrooms? How many of our public schools are using "new" textbooks that glorify and validate Islam while demonizing Christianity ? TOO many ! Get real folks, there are NO moderate Muslims. Islam is a cult that teaches hate, murder, horrific torture and murders of women, and the aim is to become the ONLY religion. Anyone who dares to resist is an Infidel, which translated means, DEAD. Little,bitty Egypt is standing, wee, bonny Ireland is standing, Denmark and Germany have STOOD and WON, while America remains blind and complacent. Not exactly as asleep-at-the-wheel as a year or two ago, but still drowsy.

       An Honest poll of Americans would undoubtedly expose a huge resistance to Islam, so why aren't we saying so ? Do we need to respect the tender little feelings of a people who despise us and want us all dead because the PC Police say so ? Absolutely NOT, and to do so would be beyond irresponsible and stupid.  Stop being so damn wimpy and allowing our elected officials to ignore our wishes and demands. Refuse to be silenced ! Not just about Islam, but about everything we see happening in our country, in our government, our schools and our communities. The government is NOT God, it is NOT our parent, it is our SERVANT ! Let's start treating it as such !

      Let's look at the problem of violence among young, black males. PC has allowed this issue to escalate to a point that even if we begin to address it tomorrow, it will take decades to turn around. It is no secret that black Americans are responsible for 70% of violent and petty crimes in this country. Don't believe it ? Look it UP ! If you're too lazy to do the research, just sit on that couch of yours and watch "Cops" or "America's Most Wanted" or just the Channel 6 "Perp Patrol".  FACTS don't lie.  Black Americans are also the majority of Welfare Recipients, Single-Parent households, Teenage-Pregnancies, and abortions. It is what it is. Failure to SAY it is to be complicit in allowing it to grow and watching another generation of black children repeat the cycle rather than excel.

     Lack of honesty and action has fueled racism almost as much as Obama has. Non-blacks are fed-up with paying for the children who have no fathers, receive no child support, have mothers who hop from man to man and live off the sweat of the working Joe. We are sick to death of the double-standards, lack of accountability,excuses, special considerations, and the whole damn Race-Card. It's time to be open and vocal. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of America need to either step down and shut-up, or do the RIGHT thing and clean up the mess.

      Black America, YOU have a problem ! Grow up, stop making babies you cannot raise or feed, or get married and earn the money to support them. Birth control is free in many clinics, go get some. Have kids already ? Learn to PARENT them and be responsible for them and their actions or the courts WILL see to it that you pay the price for them. Bad neighborhood? How did it get that way? Organize and CLEAN IT UP ! Been on Welfare for years? It isn't a career. Get off your ass_s and go to work, set an example for your kids and be self-supporting.  Slavery ? Get OVER it ! Ancient history and I wasn't there and neither were YOU. My ancestors were starved to death by the millions by the British, but I don't expect a free ride through life from the English as a result. Racism? Blacks are with NO doubt, far more racist than whites and have much less reason to be.

    White people do not lay claim to streets and neighborhoods, run them down into slums, then physically attack anyone who dares to walk those streets that isn't black. The "Old South" is no more, and ganging up on anyone of any color is NOT okay.  There is no "NAAWP" , no "Poor White Boy College Fund", no "White Coalition" and no empty-headed advocates for White Rights like Sharpton and Jackson. (Thank God!). The ACLU is not interested in the civil rights of anyone who is not black or gay.

    Black Americans have been coddled, protected, made excuses for and enabled for far too many years. SO many years, that the majority of you have NO idea how to live any other way. Black Pride? What is it you are so proud of? Dependency, enslavement by the Democrats, lack of education and viable careers? What? In over 100 years, the majority of you have failed to take the wheel and drive despite every assistance and freebie known to man. Want Black Pride? Earn it !

     The issue of crime among young, black males ? Time to address it and END it.  We the People must ignore the PC crowd and embrace our right to free speech. Tell it like it IS. Black parents, leaders, teachers, pastors, MUST get these kids in hand and stop the killing, the knock-out attacks on innocent pedestrians, the drug and gang problems, the pregnancies, early sexual activity and lack of education. If you love your kids, prove it. Parent them! Set an example for them !

     This is primarily a black issue, but is also an American issue. Every American of whatever color, creed or religion, needs to take part in solving this problem. We CAN ignore the deliberate attempts of Barack Obama to drive ever- larger wedges between the races and work together, save kid's lives and give them futures. First, we have to recognize and agree that there IS a serious problem, and STOP hiding it behind Political Correctness and fear of offending. If you're offended, too bad. What's more important, saving kids or saving feelings?  Just SAY it !!!!

Tomorrow: Illegal Immigrants


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Gov. Scott Walker Pushed By Tea Party, Conservatives To Abandon Common Core Standards

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Tea Party and conservative groups across the state of Wisconsin are calling on Gov. Scott Walker to lead the fight against the Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted in more than 40 states and are being taught to the same benchmarks. While the standards are typically seen as more rigorous than what most states previously used, in Wisconsin, some critics are arguing the standards are too mild and represent an example of federal overreach.

On Tuesday, the groups sent Walker a letter asking him to encourage the legislature to pass a bill rejecting the Common Core Standards, even though the state adopted the voluntary benchmarks in 2010. The letter, which was signed by more than 60 groups, reads in part:

You have the ability to be the hero in this story. The question is, will you choose to rise to the opportunity? Or, will you instead tacitly allow the children of America to founder on the rocks of abridged knowledge, empty skill sets, and data mining?

Walker has been a critic of the Common Core Standards, and in late September, he told reporters he would like “Wisconsin have its own unique standards that I think can be higher than what’s been established.” However, according to the Associated Press, Walker has not committed to actually rescinding the standards.

Earlier this month, the Wisconsin state Assembly and Senate organized Common Core select committees in response to pressure from critics, according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. After hearings on the standards, a committee member told the outlet that he did not think the committee recommend abandoning the benchmarks, although the group has yet to release official suggestions.

Schools in Wisconsin have already spent about $25 million on the standards’ implementation process, the AP notes.



Just SAY It    Pt. 2                                                     12-5-2013

            I bet you're all wondering how I'm going to tie Political Correctness to Illegal Immigration.  Really? You don't already KNOW ?  For tonight's purposes, we will focus on Mexicans since they are the most prolific of illegals these days.  By the way, did you know that the PC Police now want us to refer to these illegals as "Undocumented Workers" instead of illegals ?  I prefer to call them, "Future Democrats" myself.  I don't really give a rat's a_s WHAT you call them, they are still CRIMINALS.

            These people crossed our border illegally, they have remained here illegally, and they break our laws each and every day. That's why they are "Illegal" immigrants. DUH. Obama and his minions deliberately look the other way and refuse to close our borders, because every illegal that comes across, is a future vote for the Dem party candidates that support their crimes.  The government won't even need to spend any time or money on indoctrinating these people, as they are what I call, "DOA", or "Democrats on Arrival". They come here already equipped with the requirements of successful, Democrat voters.

             Indiscriminate and uncontrolled reproductive practices. Children they cannot pay for or educate on their own. A sense of entitlement and the belief that America "OWES" them something. A lack of knowledge of and respect for  our laws, Constitution, history and traditions, and a total disrespect for women.  The great majority of Mexicans are alcoholics and heavy drug users. They scam their way into our already over-loaded Welfare System and hide in "Asylum" cities like San Francisco while we support them. Our teachers have less time to spend teaching our kids because they are busy trying to teach English to Mexican children. Many of the jobs the Mexicans take, such as waitressing, kitchen work, agriculture, and landscaping are jobs that many teenagers and single moms need to survive.  Yup, these people will be perfect Democrats.

           As a Constitutional American, I know that this country welcomes all people who come here LEGALLY, are willing to assimilate to OUR culture and obey OUR laws, and contribute to a healthy society.  Which immediately excludes Muslims and the Mexican criminals.  So why DO they run to America rather than organize to repair their own government? Egypt is doing it, Kiev, Ukraine is doing it, Germany and Denmark have done it.   Latinos are supposed to be so hot-blooded, why are they wimping out and running away ? Fix your own country and don't make ours worse!

           Amnesty is nothing more than another Democrat sleaze-deal. Pardon the illegals and grant them citizenship for breaking our laws. Yeah, that'll teach 'em !! It will also get them millions of new Democrat voters. Same with making same-sex marriage legal to get the Gay vote, and continuing to coddle blacks to get the black vote. How very honorable. That's PC for ya, it isn't "NICE" to call them criminals, deviants or lazy do-nothings. We could get arrested for Hate Speech!  Oh MY! Telling it like it is and exercising our Right to Free Speech is a crime, but illegal entry to our country is not ? Beheading women who accidentally show their faces is NOT? Knocking out 85 year-old women on the city streets just for kicks, is NOT?  Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was AMERICA!

          Wake up folks, nothing this administration does is without an ulterior motive, from Sandy Hook to Benghazi and Common Core to Political Correctness. Every level of government and every political party has an agenda and yes, they will sacrifice lives to attain their goals. It happens every day but if you don't plug-in and pay attention, you would never see it, much less GET it.  Hillary Clinton's trail of death is a prime example. See the links below.

               Andrew Cuomo made a very telling statement yesterday. He was asked about NY City Mayor Blowbag and his latest push to disarm NY City residents even of hunting shotguns. Cuomo said, "We CAN overpower the Extremists with intelligence, reason and common sense".  LOLOLOL!!!!    Doesn't get much more tyrannical than THAT, huh ? "OverPower"?   "Extremists" ?  Apparently, our Founding Fathers, our soldiers and veterans, and all American Patriots are "Extreme" for expecting the Constitution to be respected and adhered to.  Hmm.

            There IS no such thing as Common Sense in a despotic government and that is what we now have, a despotic government. There is NO reason, and what little intelligence there is, is misguided and evil.  We MUST refuse to comply with ANY law or statute that is unconstitutional, over-reaching and abusive. We must NEVER submit to Political Correctness to protect the feelings of groups that hate us and want us dead.  Speak UP and OUT, have the courage to say the hard things and tell the hard truths and take the liberal flack that results with a smile on your face and honor in your heart. Do NOT bend and NEVER bow.  No Surrender!

Tomorrow: Safe Act Updates, where are we now?


It's about TIME someone publicized these long-known facts!!!!!

Hillary 2016: Knowing Her May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man’s life” ~Daniel Webster, (American Statesman, Senator and Orator, 1782-1852)

Yes, the time is getting closer … when Hillary throws her long-pointed hat into the Presidential ring: Flying monkeys and all. But based on a recent 2-part article by Tami Jackson at, that expounds on the coincidental deaths of 47 people associated with Hillary Clinton: Knowing Hillary may also be hazardous to your health.

Here’s just a few of those who were unfortunate enough to have worked with the Clintons:

1 – James McDougal – Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons ( died of an apparent heart attack)
2 – Mary Mahoney – shot while working in Starbucks before going public with a story of sexual harassment by Clinton, silencers used, $4000 remained in store
3 – Vince Foster – found dead in park near DC, gunshot wound to mouth (supposed suicide) with a .38 by his side. (Former White House Councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm)
4 – Ron Brown – Sec. of Commerce and former DNC Chair ( died of a gunshot wound to the head [suppressed by the media/DC] and then went down in a plane crash.)
5 – C. Victor Raiser, II – major Clinton Fundraiser ( plane crash)
6 – Paul Tulley – DNC Political Director (48 yrs old of natural causes)
7 – Ed Willey – Clinton Fundraiser ( gunshot wound to the head)
8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team ( gunned down in his car)
9 – James Bunch – Influential Texan (suicide by gunshot)
10 — John Wilson – Connections to Clinton’s Whitewater deals. (suicide by hanging)

Of the 47 dead associates, the majority happened to die of apparent suicides. ALL deaths untimely. Oh, I don’t know … but if your IQ is greater than that of a banana … you can see a pattern here.

Now, if I discovered that almost 50 former associates/employees of my potential boss, met with a premature demise … I would go back to the want ads.

Because clearly, working with Hillary … the smartest women on Earth: Should come with a warning label.

Image: Courtesy of:


Hillary 2016: Knowing Her May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man’s life” ~Daniel Webster, (American Statesman, Senator and Orator, 1782-1852)

Yes, the time is getting closer … when Hillary throws her long-pointed hat into the Presidential ring: Flying monkeys and all. But based on a recent 2-part article by Tami Jackson at, that expounds on the coincidental deaths of 47 people associated with Hillary Clinton: Knowing Hillary may also be hazardous to your health.

Here’s just a few of those who were unfortunate enough to have worked with the Clintons:

1 – James McDougal – Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons ( died of an apparent heart attack)
2 – Mary Mahoney – shot while working in Starbucks before going public with a story of sexual harassment by Clinton, silencers used, $4000 remained in store
3 – Vince Foster – found dead in park near DC, gunshot wound to mouth (supposed suicide) with a .38 by his side. (Former White House Councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm)
4 – Ron Brown – Sec. of Commerce and former DNC Chair ( died of a gunshot wound to the head [suppressed by the media/DC] and then went down in a plane crash.)
5 – C. Victor Raiser, II – major Clinton Fundraiser ( plane crash)
6 – Paul Tulley – DNC Political Director (48 yrs old of natural causes)
7 – Ed Willey – Clinton Fundraiser ( gunshot wound to the head)
8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team ( gunned down in his car)
9 – James Bunch – Influential Texan (suicide by gunshot)
10 — John Wilson – Connections to Clinton’s Whitewater deals. (suicide by hanging)

Of the 47 dead associates, the majority happened to die of apparent suicides. ALL deaths untimely. Oh, I don’t know … but if your IQ is greater than that of a banana … you can see a pattern here.

Now, if I discovered that almost 50 former associates/employees of my potential boss, met with a premature demise … I would go back to the want ads.

Because clearly, working with Hillary … the smartest women on Earth: Should come with a warning label.


Hillary 2016: Knowing Her May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man’s life” ~Daniel Webster, (American Statesman, Senator and Orator, 1782-1852)

Yes, the time is getting closer … when Hillary throws her long-pointed hat into the Presidential ring: Flying monkeys and all. But based on a recent 2-part article by Tami Jackson at, that expounds on the coincidental deaths of 47 people associated with Hillary Clinton: Knowing Hillary may also be hazardous to your health.

Here’s just a few of those who were unfortunate enough to have worked with the Clintons:

1 – James McDougal – Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons ( died of an apparent heart attack)
2 – Mary Mahoney – shot while working in Starbucks before going public with a story of sexual harassment by Clinton, silencers used, $4000 remained in store
3 – Vince Foster – found dead in park near DC, gunshot wound to mouth (supposed suicide) with a .38 by his side. (Former White House Councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm)
4 – Ron Brown – Sec. of Commerce and former DNC Chair ( died of a gunshot wound to the head [suppressed by the media/DC] and then went down in a plane crash.)
5 – C. Victor Raiser, II – major Clinton Fundraiser ( plane crash)
6 – Paul Tulley – DNC Political Director (48 yrs old of natural causes)
7 – Ed Willey – Clinton Fundraiser ( gunshot wound to the head)
8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team ( gunned down in his car)
9 – James Bunch – Influential Texan (suicide by gunshot)
10 — John Wilson – Connections to Clinton’s Whitewater deals. (suicide by hanging)

Of the 47 dead associates, the majority happened to die of apparent suicides. ALL deaths untimely. Oh, I don’t know … but if your IQ is greater than that of a banana … you can see a pattern here.

Now, if I discovered that almost 50 former associates/employees of my potential boss, met with a premature demise … I would go back to the want ads.

Because clearly, working with Hillary … the smartest women on Earth: Should come with a warning label.

Image: Courtesy of:


Hillary 2016: Knowing Her May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man’s life” ~Daniel Webster, (American Statesman, Senator and Orator, 1782-1852)

Yes, the time is getting closer … when Hillary throws her long-pointed hat into the Presidential ring: Flying monkeys and all. But based on a recent 2-part article by Tami Jackson at, that expounds on the coincidental deaths of 47 people associated with Hillary Clinton: Knowing Hillary may also be hazardous to your health.

Here’s just a few of those who were unfortunate enough to have worked with the Clintons:

1 – James McDougal – Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons ( died of an apparent heart attack)
2 – Mary Mahoney – shot while working in Starbucks before going public with a story of sexual harassment by Clinton, silencers used, $4000 remained in store
3 – Vince Foster – found dead in park near DC, gunshot wound to mouth (supposed suicide) with a .38 by his side. (Former White House Councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm)
4 – Ron Brown – Sec. of Commerce and former DNC Chair ( died of a gunshot wound to the head [suppressed by the media/DC] and then went down in a plane crash.)
5 – C. Victor Raiser, II – major Clinton Fundraiser ( plane crash)
6 – Paul Tulley – DNC Political Director (48 yrs old of natural causes)
7 – Ed Willey – Clinton Fundraiser ( gunshot wound to the head)
8 – Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team ( gunned down in his car)
9 – James Bunch – Influential Texan (suicide by gunshot)
10 — John Wilson – Connections to Clinton’s Whitewater deals. (suicide by hanging)

Of the 47 dead associates, the majority happened to die of apparent suicides. ALL deaths untimely. Oh, I don’t know … but if your IQ is greater than that of a banana … you can see a pattern here.

Now, if I discovered that almost 50 former associates/employees of my potential boss, met with a premature demise … I would go back to the want ads.

Because clearly, working with Hillary … the smartest women on Earth: Should come with a warning label.


All About Hillary

47 Bodies in Hillary's Wake?


 Readers, Bookies and Dictators                                  12-7-2013

          First things first.  I am delaying the Safe Act report tonight to talk about something that has pushed my buttons locally.  Before I do THAT however, I have some interesting news for you.  We have a new Fire Chief.  The RINO Chairman of our local Republican Party has been asked to "Step Down" a year early because he was too much the "Dictator" and not enough a "Leader".  LOLOLOL!!!  So we are lucky enough to have Ben Wheeler back at the helm of the LVPA.  Aahhh, a step in the RIGHT direction for New Lebanon. One down, a million to go.  Next step? Get Bud Godfroy unseated as Republican Chair !

         Gee, isn't it amazing what can be done when a group of good people stand united and exercise their powers ? Just think how easy it would be to unseat Benson if those of us who KNOW what he is and what he is up to, stood united and took action !? Same goes for Cuomo. Obama is not so easy, we do after all have a Democrat Senate. GAG!


          Now, on to the main issue of the night. As most of you know, I am a rabid and incurable lover and reader of books. No electronic device that could be invented by any techie can compare to an actual book. True readers and knowledge-hounds know exactly what I mean. There is just something about the look, the feel and even the smell of a book that can never be duplicated with a plastic screen that needs batteries and wires. A book, once printed, cannot  be suddenly censored by some unseen, Commie, P.C Cop in a remote government office. The printed word is forever.

          I own a decent little collection of banned books and am always in the market for more, and I have yet to see any valid justification for their banning, other than the government's desire to limit non-liberal truths and information.  Having come from a long line of devoted readers, I cannot imagine living in a home without over-flowing bookshelves. My father was a truck driver, and when he packed for a trip, the first thing to go in the bags was a handful of books. He had book-swaps set up with Toll-Booth attendants and truck stop employees all over the Northeast. Kinda the Johnny Appleseed of literature. LOL!!

         I could spend many contented hours in new and used bookstores, but I have never been a great fan of libraries. Please don't get me wrong, I am certainly NOT anti-library, quite the opposite. Libraries are priceless, vital and fascinating. They are storehouses of knowledge and museums of the best works ever written. They protect and preserve some of the world's greatest treasures. Libraries have made it possible for everyone to have access to these treasures, to learning, entertainment, ideas and answers to their most pressing questions, regardless of a person's income, age or location.  Good libraries are as essential to a fruitful society as oxygen and water.

         Those who volunteer their time and efforts to tending our libraries are true, American heroes, and I mean that from the bottom of my honest, book-lover's heart. When my son was little and money very tight, we couldn't afford new books to satisfy his voracious appetite for reading. We managed to get quite a few at Tag Sales and thrift stores, but we also spent a lot of time at the little, local library.  It became one of our favorite places and past-times. It was a tiny place, a former one-room schoolhouse about 20' by 20'. It had 6 over 6 windows , wide board floors, and very little insulation. It was still the coziest place we knew.

          The lone librarian was an elderly lady who sat behind an oaken teacher's desk and read by the light of a Teller's lamp with a green, glass shade. She remembered your name from the first time she heard it and would suggest the perfect books to suit your tastes. The selection was limited by space, but if there was a book you wanted, she would get it for you.

      When we came to New Lebanon, we visited the library here from time to time. It was still called the "Joseph Hooper Library" then and was run very efficiently by volunteers, most of whom were senior citizens. It was clean, well-organized, had an excellent selection of books for a smaller library and it was a warm and welcoming place.  Life got busy for a while, time passed, and when we finally got around to visiting the library again, it was a whole different world.  I had always considered a good number of libraries to be more like, "Liberalaries" due to the number of liberals that served on the boards and committees.    Yet, what had happened to the Joseph H. was a Radical, Liberal, Take-Over !!

          Volunteers had been replaced by paid employees and the hours expanded. Plans were being made to build the addition and perform the make-over of the building and property, and the taxpayer's donation to the library's support, had ballooned to well over $135,000.00 per YEAR !! I had to wonder how many voters realized that this amount was not a one-time donation, but a permanent, annual donation from our tax dollars.  Are you SERIOUS ??

         The library board now consists of city transplants, far-left liberals and the extremely well-heeled. Sadly, the book selections have also changed. Dr. Seuss now shares a shelf with, "Molly's Two Mommies" and the young adult selection features the "Shades of Gray" series. Which is fine of course, I don't believe in censorship or banning. I DO however, feel that it is up to the parents to decide what their children will see and have promoted to them in a public library, not the staff or board of said library. Like it or not, there are a lot of Christians in this town who cannot and/or WILL not enter the library anymore due to the offensive material that is openly displayed.

         Even video stores had separate rooms for such material, or books with the items listed for people to choose from. Then again, I keep forgetting that Christians and Conservatives are not ALLOWED to be offended, that privilege is reserved to minorities, gays and Muslims only. Shame on ME for forgetting the double-standard and one-way streets of the NEW America !!!

         Needless to say, my family has not been in the library since, except for the one town forum I attended a year ago about the Hannaford project.  I have zero interest in cello players, Chamber Groups and Poetry Readings and I don't think many libs do, either. Yet that is all the library offers for evening programs. Libs attend these things just because they believe it is a requirement to become a member of the "Elitist's Club of New Lebanon".  Never, ever have I seen anything mainstream or appealing to REAL country folk, offered at the library. It literally "BELONGS" to the lefties, Socialists and tree-huggers now.  Yet we ALL pay for it !!!  A LOT !!

        So what exactly got me going on the library issue again? Could be that nauseating newsletter they sent out this week with donation envelopes enclosed ! If I do a ball-park estimate, adding up the donations listed in the newsletter, the exorbitant taxpayer donation each year, the book sale, etc., I come up with a rough number of about $200,000.00 that this little library is raking in annually. Yet they send out DONATION ENVELOPES ? Are you kidding me !?!?

          Can anyone tell me WHY a library of this size, used by 20% of the town's residents, needs that much money every year ? How is it spent, by WHOM and for WHAT? Where do all those 200,000 dollars GO ?  As "Mandated" donors, we have a right and a duty to ask, don't you think? We should be more than a little curious about this issue since it is something we all pay for that welcomes only the few.  Why not slash the town support to the library and let the liberal owners of it, support it?  Let's use that money to purchase the old firehouse here in town and open a Community Center that will be of use to everyone?

          It could be rented out for special and private events. We could have Adult Ed classes, music and dance lessons, an exercise class and equipment, an after-school tutoring program, and a venue for large, town meetings that cannot be accomodated by the teeny meeting room at the Town Hall.  The location is perfect, there is plenty of parking and it is handicapped-accessible.  Now THAT, is something I would joyfully donate to and volunteer for !!  Our priorities are turned around and backward in New Lebanon and we have allowed the liberals to take control away from the people and make decisions FOR us.  Just as the federal government is attempting to do. It's OUR money folks, WE should decide how and where it is spent, NOT Mike Benson and his Merry Money-Makers.

         Think about it. The removal of Bud Godfroy as Fire Chief is a clear example of what can be done when good people unite for a good cause and exercise the power that belongs to them, not to the officials. There IS power in numbers if there is also determination and courage. 

   Congratulations to Ben Wheeler and Welcome Back !


The N.Y Safe Act Update                                         12-8-2013

                       It's almost the one-year anniversary of the implementation of the Safe Act. The unconstitutional statute was forced through in the middle of the night by abusing the "Message of Necessity" and by-passing the "Three-Day Aging Rule".  A knee-jerk reaction to the "Alleged" Sandy Hook shootings, this process was a tyrannical, narcissistic action by a corrupt Governor and crony legislators.

                       The legislature was given 15 minutes to read the proposed law before a vote was taken. It was an extreme abuse of power and the Message of Necessity rule. The Second Amendment was not even of the smallest concern to Cuomo and those who voted in favor of the Safe Act and the People were given NO opportunity to object, much less VOTE on the issue.  Once again, our so-called "Representatives" failed to represent anyone other than themselves and the mobster governor they fear.

                        Andrew Cuomo is a Thug, and a mental maniac. LOOK at the man, LISTEN to him speak and tell me that he doesn't literally exude anger, hatred and evil. Ah, but HE is a subject for another day.     The Safe Act is a smaller relative of Obamacare. A political power-grab dreamed up by tyrants who crave control of the masses via disarmament and dependency .  Even the most dedicated pacifist knows damn well why the government wants our guns, NEEDS our guns and what would happen if they GOT our guns.

                          History has told the story over and over again and still, the stupid, the deliberately uninformed and the takers, "Trust" the government and buy the propaganda. So MANY people incapable of thinking and learning, of seeing the red flags waving madly just beneath their noses.  REAL Americans will NEVER surrender their firearms regardless of how many laws, statutes or rules the over-reaching government imposes or attempts to impose. No matter how many liberal law professors try to re-interpret the 2A, and in spite of the recent heavy arming of the DHS and IRS with military weapons and equipment. We simply will NOT comply.

                         The Second Amendment was written to protect the American citizenry from tyranny in government, for the likelihood of an administration such as the one we now have. To surrender those rights and protections would be to surrender our liberty and our very lives.  Those who do not care for guns and choose not to own them are well within their rights to make that decision. At the same time, they should and WILL be grateful to the rest of us one day soon. The armed Patriots that live next door or down the street are all that stands between them and slavery. Make NO mistake, though it seems quiet in the Gun-Grabbing arena at the moment, it is anything BUT. Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, Cuomo, and Mayor Blowbag are all working diligently and surreptitiously to continue the disarmament effort and in fact, to ramp it UP.  (see tonight's links)

                          Here in N.Y, the lawsuit to prove abuse of the Message of Necessity, failed. Though the objection was valid, our courts rarely challenge governors and have NEVER challenged the M.O.N application. No Judge wants to be the one to set the precedent and face the ire of their peers and liberal politicians. It's called having no B_lls. There is SO much cronyism, favor-swapping, bribery, blackmail, and threats involved, that these "men" are no longer driven by anything resembling honor or integrity, but by fear and greed.

                           The initial reaction to the passage of NY Safe was phenomenal. Irate gun owners and Constitutionalists literally raised hell and united to object and demand repeal. As the Organizer of the first, Pro-Gun Rally in Albany in January of 2013, I was amazed at the turnout of nearly 10,000, angry New Yorkers. The following month, I assisted Tom King, President of the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, (NYSRPA) and NY President of the NRA, in organizing a second rally. That rally broke my record of having the largest Capitol protest in Albany's history, by attracting 15,000 ! (Remember Cuomo whining over the damage to the Capitol lawns? LOL!).

                           After the second rally, many new,smaller groups were organized all over the state, and sadly, this served to accomplish exactly the opposite of what the well-intentioned organizers were striving for. Rather than build a larger, more active and organized force for freedom, it bred competition among the groups and division among the members. The effort was now greatly watered down.  Everyone wanted to be an Organizer, and "THE ONE" to make the Safe Act go away. It was counter-productive and discouraging and over the summer of 2013, the momentum began to die.  A lot of "talk" still goes on, yet no amount of inspiration or encouragement has been able to re-ignite the passion and unity we had in the beginning.

                           NYSRPA's lawsuit continues and Cuomo's attorneys have been granted extension after extension to prove that the Safe Act is Constitutional. Which of course, it isn't. This is simply more "Politics at Work" as 2014 is an important election year . Gotta play the game !  I am posting excerpts below ,of the update on NYSRPA's suit as it stood about one week ago.  I don't really have a feeling for how long this could drag on or how it will end, and in many ways, it doesn't really matter. Why there is so much time and money being invested to "interpret" or "opine" the matter is just more delay tactics and a big bucket of B.S.

            This issue is one of the many, many things that can be and SHOULD be dealt with by the PEOPLE, if the people would only STAND. There is no need for the legal system to be involved at all, save for maybe ONE constitutional attorney to write the necessary documents for the people to unseat Andrew Cuomo and all the legislators that voted in favor of the Safe Act.  They have knowingly and deliberately violated both the state and national Constitutions and the rights of the people, and have betrayed the people's trust. It would be an unprecedented and controversial act on the part of the citizenry, but that alone lends it a very good chance of being successful.

           New York is not a Recall state for a reason. Our politicians are the dirtiest, most liberal and despotic in the nation. Allowing a Recall process would end their criminal careers. I am sorry to admit that I don't understand HOW any state can be exempt from Recall. It's deplorable and tyrannical to rob the people of their voices and choices. Colorado successfully recalled their gun-grabbing legislators just last month. We should ALL have that option. Which is why making Recall an option in every state is another of my goals. It is fair, sensible and effective and inhibits corruption very well! The Recall option should also apply to officials at EVERY level of government.

               The N.Y Safe Act will never be repealed through the legislature. This is a Blue state thanks to the clinging dingle-ball known as NY City. Liberals have some very effective tactics that we Conservatives lack. They are loud, pushy, annoying and whiny, but more importantly, they don't give up their tantrums until they GET what they WANT. Conservatives are the frustrated and exhausted mamas that give in just to shut them up ! Liberals know this, and they count on it. Conservatives haven't learned that determined leadership, focus and full-circle, simultaneous attacks by organized teams, are what WORKS. Surrender is not an option, yet we allow the little groups of wanna-be leaders divide  and discourage us. This is why we seldom win, and until the Patriots of New York realize that and become willing to be worker bees to a handful of Queen bees, we never will.

              Another thing that every Constitutional American needs to address en masse, is the refusal of officials to respect and obey not only the Laws of the Land, but the will and voice of the People. From sleazy Town Supervisors to Obama and everyone in-between, the will of the people is being silenced. The louder we object, the deafer they become. That is NOT okay and it is NOT what our Founders mandated or intended. We the People are being ordered to "Shut Up and Obey", when it should be the officials receiving that message from US.

            If you don't teach a puppy to relieve itself outdoors, it will forever crap on your carpets. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am fed up with the government crapping on my rugs.

           Give me ONE, strong, determined and passionate leader from each upstate county and 25 to 30 team members that are well-informed on the issues, and are willing to follow their organizer no matter what, and WE can WIN. We CAN nullify the Safe Act without courts and lawyers, without a lot of expense and without the confusion and frustration we have felt since summer. IF, the above can be accomplished. We might even actually see the turncoats get their due.

              Everything we have done thus far has gotten us nothing. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results, can we?  I welcome contact from anyone who would like to be a county organizer or team member, but ONLY if you are reliable and willing to stay in to the end. I cannot hold hands anymore, I need organizers that can take their duties and get  'er done.  If that's YOU, contact me at "" or message me at my group page on Facebook:  Madison's Militia.   NO Surrender !    JJ


The Top Three 2A Lawsuits

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 Purging                                              11-11-2013

            I am on a mission. It's time to purge my home of "Stuff". Years of collecting has filled every inch of available storage on the property and most of these things will never be used.  There's a saying that states; "If you haven't used it in over a year, you don't need it". 

            Last year, I was devastated to find that due to a leaking roof in an outbuilding, I had lost many irreplaceable pieces of antique furniture.  I was angry with myself for having failed to restore and sell or gift the items when they were still intact.  After seeing those old pieces of history become kindling wood, I knew it was time to pare down.  So I sold some things and gave some more away, but I STILL have too much STUFF.

            My obsession with history had driven me to become a borderline hoarder of nostalgic "things". Coca-Cola items, flour sifters, hand-crank beaters, ricers, tins and bottles, stagecoaches and Prairie Schooners, woodenware, lamp parts, ink bottles, miniatures, moose, bear and dog collectibles, enamelware, and about 100 baskets of every size and description. Then there is the furniture and the BOOKS.  Ridiculous.  There was a time that I would go to Yard Sales every summer weekend, but I haven't done that for a long time. These days, I go to three or four sales per summer. I have succeeded in bringing less IN, but the task of getting enough OUT, is another story.

            Collecting is now in stark contrast with my need for organization, elbow-room and simplicity.  Also, should opportunity knock and give me the chance to escape this Commie state of New York for a more Constitutional one, I want a light load that will be quick to pack. The problem I'm having in getting this particular job done is partly a lack of free time, but even more , what to DO with what I purge. The real "Junk" has already been hauled away, and there are a few pick-up trucks of good reuseables that can go to the Salvation Army.  Yet, what to do with the items that have value and should be sold?

            Selling on eBay is not an option. Larger pieces are too expensive and difficult to ship and I have neither the time nor patience to take photos of everything and sit for hours listing it all.  Craig's List is just a magnet for lunatics, so I prefer to avoid THAT avenue.  Yard Sale ? Never again !! So how do I find good homes for these things and still not lose my entire investment ? Good question.

            Getting to a simpler life isn't always simple.  It is worth it, however. With all the scary things going on in our government these days, simplifying makes good sense on so many levels. Americans have lost their way in too many areas, and that is not at all conducive to survival in hard times. We have forgotten how to live simply and "Make Do", to live within our means and be grateful for needs met. Too many are dependent upon government programs to meet their needs and are focused solely on their "wants".  How many of those wants are necessary to a happy, healthy life ? Are people happier today with two or three cars in the driveway, four televisions, an Ipod or cellphone ? Not that I can see.

             People don't talk to one another anymore, not face to face and eye to eye. No one writes a letter or sends a card. It's all done electronically now, and our schools have stopped teaching cursive writing as a result. Nobody wants to work or wait for anything, it has to be instant gratification and hurry, hurry, hurry.  We have all the time-saving devices anyone could ever desire, but we have lost SO much in the transition.  Most of us didn't have video games, color TVs, and computers when we were kids. We spent summer nights outdoors catching fireflies in mayonnaise jars while our folks sat in lawn chairs and chatted with neighbors that strolled by or were sitting outside in the adjoining yards.  People communicated and everyone was up to date on the latest local and national news, which back then was more truth than fiction, unlike today.

             What do you suppose would happen to all these tech addicts if Obama has another tantrum and decides to pull the plug on the power grid ? It isn't a matter of IF, but WHEN that will happen. It may not be Obama, or the next president, but it is coming.  Will YOU be prepared to survive without power? With no electronic communications ? For five years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I lived the pioneer life by choice. I had a wood cookstove and a propane refrigerator. The old porcelain stove provided heat for the house, hot water for bathing and dishes and cooked the meals.   Old metal milk cans were filled by the hand pump and lifted to the stove-top and in an hour, I had hot water. Buckets of cold water were used to flush the indoor toilet and I had 12 volt lightbulbs, a generator and a battery bank.

             It was tough sometimes, especially in the -35 degree winters, but it was a learning experience I would never have wanted to miss.  It taught me how to survive without electricity and telephones and all the gadgets people can't seem to manage without today. It showed me what is possible with a little labor and creativity.  In recent years, I've become acquainted with some dedicated "Preppers".  Some of them are a bit extreme and a few can be paranoid to the point of building bunkers and digging foxholes. LOL!!  Fortunately, those are few and far between. No bunker is going to help in the event of nuclear warfare and I tell these folks that their only option will be to put their heads between their legs and kiss their as_es good-bye !

         Most preppers are just common-sense, well-researched and organized people who are well-informed and have great foresight.  What they do is simply stock up on the necessities in preparation for an event that could make it difficult if not impossible to get fresh food and water for a prolonged amount of time. Food items are rotated on a regular basis as are medicines and water. There are many, many facets to successful prepping but the bottom line is that we should all be prepared for an emergency with a minimum, 30-day survival cache.

         When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, the grocery store shelves were stripped bare within 24 hours of the first weather warnings. There was literally NO food available, no batteries, no bottled water and no basic medications. The people were not prepared. They waited until disaster struck, then panicked and mobbed the stores.  In a National Emergency, especially a prolonged one, people WILL loot and kill for what they and their families need. Here in upstate NY, we have the added issue of the city people coming up the Taconic in search of these needs that are more available in rural areas.They WILL be a danger to you and yours. What will you do to protect yourselves and your supplies?

         I am always amused by the TV ads with William DeVane telling us to invest in gold. LOL!! Yes, the dollar will eventually become worthless and the result will be panic and chaos. How will gold help you in such a situation ? Gold cannot be eaten, it will not hydrate you, heal an infection or treat your diabetes.  Those who have what you NEED, also have no use for precious metals. They will want to barter for whatever it is THEY are low on, be it food, water, meds, or ammunition.  Those items will be the new currency and possibly keep you and your family alive and safe.

          In my own case, my many collections that were once so important and valuable to me, no longer are. They are not and never were a need, but wants. The hand mixers and sifters will be of use to my Prepper friends and they will be distributed among them along with some of my lanterns and oil lamps. The rest of the Stuff ? Purged. Sold or traded for real NEEDS.  A new year is just a few short weeks away. Maybe that's the time we should ALL simplify and think ahead.

                                God Bless.               JJ


Hurricane Sandy Pics Below


The Thin Blue Line    Part 1                                             12-15-2013

                 Police work is not easy, safe, or clean. If you sat down with a room full of Police Academy Cadets and asked them why they chose Law Enforcement for a career, you would get a variety of answers. One thing you would hear repeatedly however, is; "I wanted to make a difference and help people".  Two-thirds of them would truly mean that. The rest have other, much less honorable motives.

                 I don't have the time or desire to get into the details of benefit packages, retirement, vacation pay and union perks, or Wyatt Earp wannabes. My focus here will be the hearts and souls of the people behind the badge. Living here in New Lebanon we see the newly-graduated State Troopers every day. Our town is unfortunate enough to be a "Rookie Training Ground", which makes it difficult for the local residents.  These rookies are seldom here long enough to get to know us or us to know them. Community Policing in Lebanon is a major FAIL.

                  I get pulled over at least twice a month just going to Stewarts and back home. My license plate light works sporadically and that is always the reason they give for stopping me. Really ?! I never once stopped a driver for something so trivial, the cruiser headlights do a terrific job of illuminating today's reflective license plates. The stop based on a burned-out plate bulb is simply a Fishing Expedition. In my case, it is partly due to what I drive. Most cops expect a teenager to be driving a sport truck with Pro-Gun stickers all over it and when they see a chunky old lady behind the wheel, they are shocked. LOL!  It's really pretty funny.

              They are as surprised to see ME as I am to see how young THEY are! My husband says it's because I'm getting old and he's probably right, but these Troopers don't look old enough to drive!  I look at these eager, fresh-faced kids in their N.Y Nazi uniforms and I wonder which way they will go. How many of them will resist the overpowering peer-pressure and how many will be lost to it ?  It's a decision that each of them will be forced to make within their first year on the job. No matter which choice they make, there is a price to be paid.

             There are hard truths and secret arrangements within the Law Enforcement world, and that's just on the INSIDE. What happens out on the streets is is a whole other story, and the effects on personal and family lives is yet another. A civilian can watch police movies and TV shows every night and read every Joseph Wambaugh book and still have very little understanding of what it is really like to be a cop. The Blue Brotherhood, when it is genuine, is a bond unlike any other. Yet there are also divisions and competitiveness that range from mere disagreements to frighteningly serious situations that can and sometimes do, endanger lives.

           If I had it all to do over, would I still choose Law Enforcement or a different career entirely?  If I knew THEN what I know NOW, I would have chosen something else. When I decided I had taken enough of the B.S of a small department and branched out into Law Enforcement described only as "other", I felt that I had made a mistake. I had given up my safety, my self-respect and sometimes even my identity when I took off the uniform and changed into plain clothes. I learned very quickly that life is cheap and everyone is dispensable. For years, I wrestled with the requirement of pretending to be someone I was not, of acting like I was less than I was for the sake of "security". Sometimes I understand why actors get the big bucks.

           Today, honesty is of the utmost importance to me and I know the reasons for that are likely; 1) Being taught and ordered to lie by handlers who didn't give one crap about how it affected me as a person, because to them, I was only a tool.  2) Becoming a Saved Christian. Had I been a Christian sooner, I would have had no choice but to quit the job.

           Any Christian considering Police Work or politics, must be prepared to face a difficult, spiritual struggle. I'm proud that I have always done my job to the best of my ability despite the high price, and I am most proud of having always honored my Oath. The very word, "Oath" , brings immediately to mind the best of human character. It invokes feelings of loyalty, honor, truth and Freedom, and heroism. It also brings an ache to the hearts and tears to the eyes of those of us who once took that Oath and never strayed from it. It meant, and MEANS so much to us and so little to our officials and the new, militarized police agencies.

           Police work has evolved and it is not all positive. Safety and investigative procedures are now state-of-the-art and DNA has made it possible to solve crimes that would have never been closed just a few short years ago. Computers in every cruiser are another awesome tool and the list goes on. I can't argue with the many positive upgrades, nor do I wish to. Anything that keeps cops safer and evidence less arguable is a blessing for all involved. Still, many of the changes are a danger to civilians and frightening threats to liberty and Constitutional Law. Never has there been more obvious violations and over-reaches as we have seen under the present administration. Never.

           Considering just the DHS by itself, we have seen the birth of a National Police Force, something prohibited by the Constitution and an omen of the emerging Police State.  If this doesn't cause you any alarm, you are living in a fantasy world. NO ONE will be immune from the terrorism and tyranny that a Police State will impose on the citizenry. Democrat politicians and the complicit elite believe that they will be spared, but History has shown us repeatedly, that it is the henchmen and complicit supporters of tyranny that are the first to be eliminated. They know too much.

            If you get into Albany and East Greenbush at all, you have probably already seen  the steadily growing number of DHS vehicles roaming around. If you haven't, pay closer attention and you WILL see at least one, soon. Another thing you will notice is a new fleet of official vehicles with "Park Police" printed on the doors. Very often, if you see a DHS vehicle, a Park Police vehicle will be in close proximity. Also watch for the now-common sight of armored Humvees being transported on flatbed trucks. These rubber-tired tanks are not military-bound, quite the opposite. They are military surplus being gifted to police agencies.

          The recipients include local, county and state police departments.  Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple, recently took delivery of five of these vehicles. Put your thinking caps on kids and make a mental list of the possible uses for such equipment and the scenarios that would require they be put into service. Eliminate Terrorist attacks from that list, as there are already trained terror response teams with their OWN equipment ready to roll on a moment's notice. DHS, remember? What possible use would any police agency other than  DHS or a very large, city SWAT team have for these weapons? Yes, I said Weapons, because that's what they are. Sheriff Apple did make a point of saying that the rooftop gun turrets would be removed. How comforting.

            Patriots are concerned for a great many reasons, but none so much as the fact that our County Sheriffs in America are the ultimate Law Enforcement Officers and have the power to over-rule any other police agency, including Federal ones. The American Sheriffs are also, almost exclusively, Constitutional Oath-Keepers, dedicated  to the Law of the Land and the people they serve. No other police officer or agency can attempt to enforce any law in a Sheriff's jurisdiction unless the Sheriff allows it. Constitutional Americans who are plugged-in to the present issues, strongly support County Sheriffs. So it is our HOPE, that the recent acquisitions of these armored vehicles and weapons by Sheriff's Departments is to strengthen their ability to defend our freedoms and rights, not the other way around.

             So who ARE the enemies of the People ? Other than our current administration in Washington,D.C , Democrats at the federal and state levels and dedicated liberals, there are others among the police agencies. Bear in mind that I am walking through a minefield in saying some of the things I am about to say tonight and tomorrow. What I mean by that, is that every Law Enforcement Agency has honorable, well-intentioned patriots among their ranks and I do NOT want that fact to be lost under blanket statements about the agencies that they work for. There absolutely ARE good and decent men and women in law enforcement today. Please keep that in mind as you read about the poison that infiltrates much of the profession.


              The New York State Police

           This agency was the brainchild of two women who were appalled by the murder of a decent man during a robbery. This was 1917, and police patrols in very rural areas were simply not available. So 237 men came together as the first State Police Force and began to patrol rural areas on horseback.  As time went on and small towns and Sheriff's Departments began to grow and serve these rural areas, the State Police evolved into a Traffic Enforcement agency. They worked the state roads and eventually when the Thruway was built, they took sole jurisdiction over that. For many years, it was a tacit understanding that the State Police were the Highway Patrol and the local police and Sheriffs took care of the counties, towns and cities.

           No one seems to know the exact details of how the NYSP began to infiltrate beyond the highways, but they know WHY. Being much better funded than other agencies, the NYSP had at their disposal, more investigative units, laboratories, etc., which are of course, also for the use of ALL L.E agencies, but it was the NYSP money that made it possible. Sadly, it also made them feel superior to all other police officers and departments. According to NYSP sources today, the role of their Troopers is to: "Cooperate with, Assist, and Support local and county law enforcement agencies".  So why does it seem that they have "Taken Over"?

            People assume that because the word "State" is included in the name, that the Troopers are the ultimate authority.  They are not. The Sheriffs ARE.  In the early 1980s, many upstate counties were facing serious financial issues and Boards of Supervisors attempted to abolish Sheriff Road Patrols and transfer that role to the NYSP.  Sheriff's Departments would be responsible for the county jails, transports, process-serving and civil work only. The People took a strong stand against this proposal and objected loudly. A few counties like Schoharie, succeeded in eliminating their road patrols, but there were VERY few.

            Troopers were not popular with the country folk due to their superior attitudes and lack of people skills, both problems still being a major issue. Trooper response times were also a major concern as most of them were on the Thruway where they belonged, and were very unfamiliar with the back roads and short-cuts as the Deputies were.  Another issue was that the Troopers tended to "Pick and Choose" the calls they would respond to. If the matter was in any way "Dirty" or "Distasteful", they would generally reject it.  For instance, if a herd of dairy cows got out onto the main road, a Trooper that responded would be subject to future teasing, embarrassment, and Heaven Forbid, cow crap on their spit-shined shoes !

           A call of that type would come in to the NYSP dispatch, and there could be two or three Troopers standing there shaking their heads and making "NO-NO" motions with their hands. Been there, seen that! The dispatcher would then advise the caller that there was no car available and refer them to the Sheriff's Department.  However, if a wealthy doctor or lawyer murdered his wife, the Troopers would kill themselves to get there first and take jurisdiction over the case. This was a "Glamour Call", lots of press coverage and photo ops and the only ones who got dirty were the Coroner and the CSI Team.

           In my own experience, I have found there to generally be little love lost between Troopers and Deputies. It's a competition and seldom a friendly one. There ARE exceptions, but not many. Seems both agencies need to do some brushing-up on their Constitutional knowledge of WHO is actually the department with Ultimate jurisdiction.

             Today we have more NYS Troopers on the payroll than ever in our history. In my opinion they are necessary to adequately patrol the ever-expanding highways and interstates, but they have NO place in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. They lack the familiarity, the compassion, the respect and bonds to effectively police on local levels. Their total lack of people skills has bred contempt among the people. The NYSP are not respected or appreciated by local folks and with darn good reason.

             The NY Safe Act has exacerbated this problem, as the NYSP are the only Law Enforcement Agency NOT to oppose it on Constitutional grounds and they have failed to protect and serve the People by failing to honor their Oaths. We the People pay them, we are their employers, and we expect them to honor our wishes and protect our rights. I am well aware that a majority of Troopers "personally" oppose the Safe Act. I also know that more than a few of them support it whole-heartedly. Why ? Well, for one, if the Safe Act should be 100% successful, who would be the only ones with all the guns? Criminals and cops. For another, NY Safe gives the hot-head Troopers among the ranks more reason to hassle, abuse and arrest law-abiding gun owners who are merely exercising their 2nd Amendment rights as American citizens. Don't tell me this surprises you ?

            NY Troopers exist in great numbers and it is rising every year. If they TRULY oppose the Safe Act as they consistently claim to, they could and would unite and inform their Superiors and Union that they will not enforce based on their Oaths to uphold and Defend the Constitution and Serve and Protect the People. It has been a year, and they have failed to honor that Oath, the People, and the badges they wear above their hearts. N.Y gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters have heard their message loud and clear. The NYSP WILL enforce NY Safe, an unconstitutional law whose legality is still PENDING in the courts !  They have said, "Screw You" to the people and "Yes Sir" to Cuomo the Thug.

           Until and unless the Troopers take a stand, they are Oathbreakers and Traitors to the People, the State and the Country. People like that are the people who will fire upon the citizenry if civil unrest should come to be. Anything Andrew Cuomo tells them to do, they will do.  This is something I have spent a great deal of time in prayer about. This week, I received an answer that is so clear and so simple, I cannot imagine why we never thought of it before! For now, I have to keep my secret epiphany to myself as I do my homework first. In the meantime, there are things that YOU can do to help !

 1) Unless it is a matter of life and death, if you must call for police assistance, make it clear to the dispatcher that you want the SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT to respond and DO NOT SEND the TROOPERS! 

 2) Ask every Trooper you see if they support the Safe Act. If they say NO, ask them why they have not taken any stand against it?  Also ask them who they believe is their boss, Cuomo? Remind them that their bosses are the tax-paying residents of the State of N.Y and that Cuomo is also our "employee".

 3) Write letters and send emails to NYSP Superintendent Joseph D'Amico, newspapers, Senators, and Congressman Gibson, demanding that the NYSP stop enforcing the Safe Act until its Constitutionality has been determined in the courts. Advise them that the People will move to have the Troopers limited to Highway Patrol only, if they continue to violate our rights.

               Always be polite and never fail to know what you are talking about before you engage. Learn what your rights ARE and what the government's limitations are!  Remember that a lot of these Troopers, especially rookies and those who are very close to retirement, are scared to death of losing their jobs. Not all of them are total shi_heads, they're just people like you and me. They ARE however, still Oathbreakers and Cuomo's private soldiers.  They are NOT your friends and you should do everything in your power to simply avoid contact with them. DON'T give them a reason!


              Before I leave you tonight, I need to address the latest school shooting in Colorado.  Some of you will remember the blog I wrote last year about kids who kill other kids. At the time, I was referring not to mass-shootings, but to one-on-one murders. My point was to shine some light on the fact that 80 to 90% of these child killers are male redheads. Certainly this is NOT a suggestion that redheaded people are  crazy or unbalanced, it is just an observation I've made over the years and wondered why it has never been mentioned by any investigators or media.

              Have you seen any photos of this week's shooter? Interesting. Especially when you consider that he shot ONE person only, which indicates a pre-meditated and selective targeting, another one-on-one. Now let's look at the media reaction and the timing involved. Bob Schieffer of CBS, one of the most opinionated and vengeful liberal mouthpieces, is naturally blaming the guns again. A shotgun this time, Joe Biden's choice, the weapon he recommends to Americans who wish to defend themselves and their homes.  Schieffer failed to mention that the shotgun is not exactly the choice of any perpetrator who intends to take out rooms full of victims. Nor did he mention that this boy also "Allegedly" had a machete. It is also alleged that there were several Molotov Cocktails found in the school, but no mention of WHERE in the school, or the proximity to where the killer was.

        These cocktails, if they even existed at all, could have been placed by anyone at any time. They are square pegs in a round case. This kid was armed to take out ONE particular target, supposedly his debate coach, who happened to be most easily accessible at the school. So it became fodder for the liberal B.S mill as another "School Shooting". The location, a mere eight miles from Columbine. The timing, one day short of the one year anniversary of the "Alleged" Sandy Hook shootings. Knowing the things I do about the numerous and suspicious common-denominators in all this past few years shootings, I am blinded by red flags, and False Flags.

     Funny that so few of the major media outlets have reported the amazing effectiveness of armed school security this past year. An armed Deputy serving in that role is one of the reasons that just ONE person was shot in Colorado this week.  They can't demonize guns and glorify armed security at the same time, so they say nothing. It doesn't fit their agenda. Ever wonder why, despite the fact that the Israeli people are forced into bomb shelters several times per week to avoid being killed by Palestinian strikes, their schools are always safe?  Could it be because every Israeli teacher and staff member is armed and the schools secreted and fortified?? Hmm.

Tomorrow:  Part 2 of the Thin Blue Line


The Thin Blue Line  Part2                                               12-16-2013

               Last night we skimmed the surface of some of the problems with our New York State Police Agency. Just some interesting things we all need to know.  There is SO much more, both good and bad, but I'm not considering a novel on the inside operations of this tightly-knit, state army. I DO want to mention the present Superintendent of the NYSP,  Joseph A. D'Amico.  Good, strong Italian name.

                I have never met Super Joe nor have I heard much about him as a person, so I cannot and will not refer to his character, only to the facts that I have. Naturally, these facts have led me to some educated opinions of who he is Professionally. At this point, I am giving only my PERSONAL take, based on my gut feelings and the present conditions surrounding our state government and the Safe Act.

                 It is my plan to attempt to schedule a brief meeting with Super Joe in the very near future and ask the many questions that are nagging all Patriotic New Yorkers. For now, let's look at him and the issues in a strictly political and professional light.

                 In January of 2011, our Thug governor announced the appointment of Super Joe to the top-slot at the NYSP.  The fact that he was Cuomo's personal choice raises the first red flag for me. Then we add to that the fact that Super Joe served in the New York CITY Police Department for 27 years, eventually reaching the rank of Deputy Chief. He worked the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens beats, then after retiring was assigned to the Attorney General's Office as Chief Investigator.  ALBANY. He has been deeply involved in investigating Organized Crime and was also an I.A.B investigator ! This brings SO many things to mind that I dare not say right now.

                  When he was appointed to the NYSP, Super Joe thanked Cuomo for selecting him to: "Serve and Protect" the PEOPLE of NY State. He also stated that it was his goal to increase efforts to: "Keep our streets safe for Law-Abiding New Yorkers".  We will come back to these statements.   D'Amico's resume' is more than impressive and his experience in law enforcement would be tough to match.  Many titled individuals applauded Cuomo for selecting D'Amico, including former FBI Director, Louis Freeh who said the following; "D'Amico is ideally qualified to lead this great law enforcement organization and his solid police experience, good judgement, integrity and "POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE" will immensely benefit the people of New York".  Hmm, HAS it?  WILL it?  Not where the Safe Act is concerned.

                  So let's look at Super Joe's statements. Like all public officials, he claims that it is important to SERVE the PEOPLE, and that is exactly what they are SUPPOSED to do ! Is violating the Rights of the People, serving ? He then claimed that he will strive to make streets safer for "law-abiding" New Yorkers.  By disarming us and leaving us at the mercy of armed criminals and a tyrannical governor ?  Targets for his own troops that are enforcing an unconstitutional law whose constitutionality is still PENDING in the courts ? No thanks.

                   As I said, I don't know Super Joe personally, but I know politics, cops, and officials that come up from the odiferous dingle-ball of a city. I know without even asking that the Cuomos and D'Amicos are connected as are many of the people who made statements of support for D'Amico's appointment. People such as Michael Balboni, Michael Nozzolli, and Gustavo Rivera. Ringing any bells yet ?  There are eight words that have served me very well in my political efforts. "Nothing Good ever comes out of New York City".  So far, nothing HAS that I can see.

                   NY City is nothing more than a rat's nest infested with the liberal plague and political corruption. The rats emigrate upstate bringing their superior attitudes and lack of morality with them and do everything in their power to infect the rest of us. Pure Poison. Look at the people in the highest offices in Albany and count how many are up-staters. Is it any wonder that our state is the least free in the country ?

                   For me, until and unless Joseph A. D'Amico opposes the Safe Act and the Troopers stop enforcing it, Super Joe is just another NY City liberal with an agenda and corrupt connections.  I challenge him to prove me wrong.


FIGHT the Safe Act !


Quack  Quack !!                                                                              12-20-2013

                  Supporters of Phil Robertson and his Duck Dynasty family swelled to the millions in a little over 24 hours. As expected, Phil's sons have informed the A&E Network that they will not continue to film the show without their Patriarch.  The comments Phil made in his GQ interview, were mostly drawn directly from Scripture. He simply stated the facts that the Bible teaches and if that makes him a "Homophobe", then ALL believers must be homophobes, right ? WRONG.

                  Christians are taught that homosexuality is a sin and an "Abomination" and that no practicing homosexual will see Heaven.  We are ALSO taught that as Christians, we are to Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner.  Can anyone cite a case where Christians have shunned gay people, or attacked them in any way other than to SAY that their lifestyle is a Sin ? Do Christians, like Muslims, believe that homosexuals should be be-headed ? Of course not !! We believe that ALL people have the freedom to choose and that the consequences of their choices are their own. They have NO obligation to answer to anyone but God .

                   Christianity teaches that we are to follow and reflect what God instructs and to leave the spiritual consequences to Him. It is not for us to persecute or punish, only to speak the Truth and hope it makes a difference.  There ARE Bible-Thumping Proselytizers out there and they can be a nuisance, but they are a minority and are non-violent. They too, have a right to state THEIR faith and beliefs anywhere they please and anytime they please, as free Americans. Why is it that LGBT people can put on opposite-sex clothing and garish make-up and parade in the public streets in full view of our children, force their choices on others through the media and Hollywood, but it is not okay for anyone else to express themselves openly ? Why do they have a license to be "Offended" but Christians do not ? This IS still America and Freedom of Speech and Religion is a right of us all.

                     If LGBT Americans want to protest and whine, why not direct it at the Muslims, the gay-bashers, and politicians that violate the rights that have given them freedom to be who they are?  Seems to me that gay folk's anger is seriously misdirected. No one can re-write the Bible, and anyone considering it might want to read the final paragraph in the book first.  I don't know of any Christian who doesn't have at least ONE gay friend , co-worker or family member, and I have several myself.  I cherish them as people and friends even though I disagree with their lifestyle choices. Two in particular are a great source of worry for me because I love them and I know I won't see them in Heaven. It's an agonizing thing to contemplate. As it is with straight, un-saved people I care about.

                    So I pray for them, but I could never hate them, abuse them or abandon them. I also cannot validate their choice. Christians are the MOST persecuted people in the world today, hands down. This is true world-wide and sadly it is an issue here in our own country.  With all the liberal screaming for "Tolerance", this should not be an issue, but the loudest objectors, the most vocal champions of this tolerance, believe that they should pick and choose whom they will be tolerant OF, and Christians don't make the list. WE are the targets, the victims of attacks on faith, morality and truth. Christians have always been persecuted and we're tired of whining special-interest groups that seem to think that they are unique and Christians have no idea of what it is like to be profiled and discriminated against, even KILLED in the Middle East, every day !

                  Targeting, racism, profiling and persecution are carried out daily by all kinds of humans against all kinds of humans. Black, white, yellow,too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too rich, too poor. It's just the way it IS, and right or wrong, we all need to grow up, toughen up and get over it. Why lose sleep over things you cannot change? Shrug it off and go out and change the things you CAN !


All I Want for Christmas Is........                                   12-21-2013

                 I'm sure a lot of folks are still finishing their last minute Christmas shopping. I have friends that absolutely REVEL in the final day's chaos and hurry-scurry. It's a challenge against the clock, the crowds and the crumbs that remain on the store shelves.  Those that find that special bargain or the last-thing-on-the-list, come home jubilant, but they're not fooling ME,  I SEE that mania in their eyes that takes a good hour to wear off ! LOLOL!!

                Everyone enjoys their holidays in their own way and families have traditions unique to them, some which have been passed down by generations. One thing we all have in common, is the Wish List. Most of us remember spending endless , childhood hours poring over the pages of the Sears Christmas Catalog. My son carried one around with him for weeks before Christmas and by the time the Big day arrived, it looked like it had been put through a shredder and taped back together. 

                Few of us get everything we wish for at Christmas or in life in general, especially as adults, but sometimes I think the wishing is a gift in itself. Wishing is an indication that we still Hope, we still Dream, and whether or not we get what we want, we are still alive and FEELING. My own Wish List is a pretty long one, but not full of "things". Sure, I would love to have an isolated, little cabin in a much freer state, but other than that, my wishes aren't material.

                 I am certainly no candidate for the Mrs. America contest, so I won't wish for "World Peace", though that would be nice. The things I do want the most, don't cost any money at all, and none of them are impossible. All of them however, require something I can no longer seem to find among my fellow Americans.  Courage.  The things I want are things that no one can shop for or even attain on their own, but only through dedication, perseverance and unity with others.  I want;

    1) My America back.  The strong, proud, patriotic place that was once a shining star to the rest of the world.

    2) Americans to wake up and truly SEE what is happening to our homeland, our government, our businesses, schools, and our children. I want to see outrage and a refusal to comply with the Socialist, Communist and Fascist actions of the current administration.

    3) A much smaller, simpler government that answers to the People and hears and heeds our voices.

    4) Freedom to speak of my faith and against immorality and corruption without being assaulted by Gays, liberals and minorities that want that same freedom for themselves.

    5) Constitutional Law and officials that will be held accountable to the People and subject to the same laws, rules and consequences AS the People.

    6) Schools that are community-run, by parents, grandparents and teachers, and where government is not allowed to interfere.

    7) An end to "Special Interest" groups and for Americans of every race, religion and heritage to be TRULY equal. NO special treatment for anyone, NO excuses for bad behavior, NO race card, NO permanent dependency on government support.

   8) Islam to be BANNED and criminalized in America.

    9) Illegals deported and required to enter our country through LEGAL channels, then prove that they can learn the language, be self-supporting and crime-free for a period of one year before being granted citizenship. A strong, impenetrable border and sufficient guards to patrol it and arrest those who attempt to enter illegally. Crossers who threaten the guards or refuse to halt when ordered should be shot.

   10) A national Death Penalty for violent criminals and a carrying out of sentence within thirty days of conviction.

   11) Parents held responsible for crimes committed by their minor children, and kids to be allowed to be kids, not sex objects at the age of 12.

   12) A strong military. Soldiers, veterans and their families to receive the respect, support and wages they so richly deserve.

   13) Adoption, not abortion. Media that reports the facts with no spin or bias.

   14) Offensive, liberal celebrities banned from practicing their craft or sport for destroying our children and traditions with their filth, violence and anti-American messages. .

   15) Finally, I want Americans to get off the couches, turn off the indoctrination box and do something, ANYTHING to preserve our liberty before it's too late. A good start would be to join or organize a group to demand the resignation and prosecution of Obama, Hillary and Holder, ( for starters), for Murder and Treason.       Big list, but one that CAN be filled, if United We Stand.

             I hope your Christmas dreams come true this year, because it could be our last Christmas as Free Americans.  No drama, just fact. As you open the presents this coming Wednesday, ask yourself if your gifts are more valuable than the ones you were given a long, long time ago. Jesus, and Freedom.

                 Merry Christmas.          JJ


About  2014                                                                    12-26-2013

        Being the Christmas Season, I don't want to bring folks down with references to reality, and many things I am being moved to talk about, will have to wait for the New Year.  I promise you will NOT be bored. I also am certain that a good number of you will once again be looking for my Tin Hat. It's okay, I don't mind.  All I can do is give you facts, show you proof, and hope that you will take just a little bit of time and do some open-minded research for yourselves before you dismiss what I have to say.

        At least I will have the peace of mind in knowing that I did my best to warn as many people as possible. As I did with Obama in both elections, and with Benson in both of his.  Seems there are just too many low-info, gullible people in America today. Even the long-dead managed to cast 3.1 MILLION votes for Obama last year, so not much surprises me anymore. Dead Democrats that VOTE, it's a miracle!

       Some of you may have heard what transpired last week with Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson. LOL!!  Like it or not, that TV show is ranked #1 in the country right now.  The Robertsons are strong Christians, hard-working Capitalists, self-supporting, family-oriented, and definitely Redneck Conservatives.  Being most of those things myself, I am a fan of this family and their values, values that go against everything the New, Liberal America stands for.

       When Phil spoke out against homosexuality during a GQ interview, he was giving his honest opinion as an American and relating the Truth he has learned through Scripture. Last time I checked, this still WAS America and Obama had not yet managed to completely eradicate the First Amendment. Liberals of course, disagree. They always DO with anything that is not an exact match to their OWN beliefs.  Once again, they marched down Deviant Drive waving their rainbow flags and attacked Phil Robertson's Freedom of Speech and expression, while exercising their OWN.  Hypocrites. So the A&E Network cowered before the gays and fired Phil.

       In the first 24 hours following that firing, over a million Americans had signed petitions to boycott A&E and every one of their sponsors. In the days that followed, that number doubled, then tripled, etc. The RIGHT is royally pissed-off that the media and entertainment industry consistently cram sexual deviance and anti-God crap down our throats and our kid's throats, then go postal when ONE actor makes an anti-gay, biblically-based comment. We are sick to death of the double-standards and one-way streets. Miley Cyrus masturbates on stage on national television and her CD sales soar. Sitcoms glamorize homosexuality, promiscuity, substance abuse and teen pregnancy. Violence is promoted through movies, music and video games and now our kids are being indoctrinated with Communism in our public schools.

          One strong and decent man expresses his beliefs and his opinion and he is targeted. Well, better target ME too, because I agree with everything he said.  America is on death's door because so many have turned their backs on God. Agree or not, that IS the bottom line.  I don't think liberals are seeing the fact that they are knotting their own nooses. They defend Islam and the Muslims "Right" to bring their cult of hate and Shariah Law into our country. Have they forgotten that Muslims hold no value or respect for women ? Do they not recall that Islam allows rape of females as young as one year old, stoning by family members, burning, beatings and whipping for showing too much skin or speaking to a man that is not the husband? Do they remember that Muslims BE-HEAD homosexuals ?

         Liberals have also pushed the American Right to the edge and our well of patience has run dry. Conservatives are STILL the majority in America, and WE are the preppers, the survivalists, and the gun owners. How much farther do liberals think we will allow them to push ?! Payback WILL be a B_tch.  Which reminds me of the Firehouse Public Forum last week. LOL!

         Turnout was shameful and not ONE member of the Town Board was present. Not ONE. The only board represented was the Planning Board, by Bob Smith, Trina Porte, and Mark Sheline.  Monte Wasch was there of course, and made a fool of himself by asking the same questions over and over. Finally, Trina got impatient with him and very, very quietly said to Bob and me, that Monte was wasting the speaker's time.  Sharon Moon happened to be seated in front of me and heard Trina's comment. She turned in her seat and unleashed a verbal assault on Trina that was completely un-called for and unjustified. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing ! Sharon was likely ticked-off that the speaker had called her "Sir" three times, and took it out on Trina. Still inexcusable, and I'm a little sick of Benson's cronies attacking Trina just because she dares to call them out when they're breaking the rules. Trina is far more honorable than ANY of "THEM".

          In any case, the meeting was informative, the firehouse plan is exciting and long overdue. I hope it all goes smoothly and that they can break ground in the Spring as they would like.

           I hope y'all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a safe and enjoyable New Year's celebration this week.  My computer has been temperamental for about a week and this is the first time I've been able to post in many days. (It is actually the 27th).  Have a good time and get ready to read some very scary facts beginning 1-1-2014. This is a year that will make history, and we should all be prepared to deal with it.

         God Bless and Happy New Year!    JJ- PACT- Madison's Militia


 A Picture is Worth......                                          12-31-2013

                     Remembering  2013