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 So, What IS Your Hot Button?                              12-2-2012

          We all have our "Hot-Button" issues, things that REALLY get under our skin and crawl around until we scream.  Y'all know most of mine. Yes, I have more than one, LOTS more than one. 

           Lately, my main hot buttons are Benghazi and Christians that sit in the pews and do little else. This week, I have also adopted yet another skin crawler, the Gitmo issue and Obama's conduct surrounding it.  On Friday, I posted a link to the news that Congress had voted against closing Gitmo and moving the Terrorists held there to an abandoned Illinois prison, called the Thomson Complex. Done deal, right? Wrong.

            Once AGAIN, Obama flexed his executive-order muscles, only THIS time, he did it before the vote ever REACHED Congress!  In October of 2012, while the rest of the country was distracted with the campaign, Obama met with his old cronies from his home state of Illinois, and closed the deal to purchase the Thomson Complex. With taxpayer money, of course.  So just what do you suppose he intends to do with "our" purchase? Gitmo will close and the sneaky, conniving terrorists will be moved to the mainland of America. Chicago Politics at its best.

             You are of course, also aware of Obama's recent comment that he wishes he could impose his will on Congress? Well, yesterday, he actually went so far as to suggest that America would be better off without Congress at ALL.  Imagine that. On Friday, Nancy Pelosi, who I swear is either drinking heavily or suffering from dementia or both, had the cajones to say that we should give Obama an unlimited credit card, so to speak!

               Earlier today, I was listening to Sean Hannity, and he played an audio clip of Obama speaking earlier in the week. Obama was again saying that we MUST recover from the mess we "INHERITED".  Um, excuse me?  Yes, Bush left 8 years of debt behind him. Obama TRIPLED it in 4 years!  Obama also went on to say that unemployment is at an all-time high and is unacceptable. Um, who did THAT, Barack?  In Obama's first four years, he accomplished NOTHING POSITIVE, period. ZIPPO!  As he prepares to be sworn-in for nightmare number two, he is STILL blaming Bush?! It isn't a Bush record anymore, it is an OBAMA record now!

               Oh, he DID accomplish things during that first term. Let's see, he tripled the debt, spent billions of our dollars on stimulus packages to green energy companies that he was heavily invested in and almost ALL of which, failed and went bankrupt ANYWAY! He then HID THE REPORTS of those failures until AFTER the election. Well, they're out now, and I posted them below. He also doubled the number of people dependent on Welfare and Food Stamps, caused more racial division than we've seen since the 1960s, ignored our borders and refused to enforce our immigration laws, then granted Amnesty to illegals already here, so he could win the Latino votes.

               He put American guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels which resulted in the disappearance of half of those guns, AND the death of an American Border Patrol Agent. He is directly responsible for the death of four MORE Americans in Benghazi, which he ordered his administration to lie about and down-play until after the election. ( with a LOT of help from the complicit, left wing media).  He blackmailed and railroaded  Petraeus. He has made more Executive Orders than all the other American Presidents in our history, COMBINED!  He PEES on the Constitution.

            He went to New Jersey and held the victims of Hurricane Sandy while they cried, promised them "immediate help", then got back on Air Force One, and went to the golf course.  Thousands of people are still homeless, or have no power or heat or running water in their homes, as Christmas is only weeks away. Oh, but he IS busy, ol' Barry, He and Michelle are planning their Hawaiian Christmas vacation to the tune of FOUR MILLION DOLLARS of the taxpayer's money. That isn't counting what the Hawaiian Police Department will have to pay for overtime officers during the Obama's stay there, a cost that will be borne by the people of Hawaii.

         Seems to ME, that the Obama's should stay HOME for Christmas and donate that 4 million to the people of New Jersey who have no homes to celebrate IN!!!!  I mean geez, it will be tough to hang out in the White House with all the servants for the holiday, but life is tough, ya know?  The list of Obama's selfish, Socialistic, Tyrannical, and dangerous actions in his first four years is far longer than I can itemize here. The man is a pathological liar, foreign-born, raised under the tutelage of Communists, Liberals and Socialist Extremists, his past is a HUGE secret, the media covers-up for him, and the empty-headed LIBERALS voted him in TWICE!

          College children and Liberal Professors, blacks and Latinos, and of course, MUSLIMS, look upon him as the second coming of Christ. I am posting a photo below that supports THAT statement. Look at the expressions on these college kids faces! They drank the Kool-Aid.  When it all falls apart at the seams, and it WILL, very,very soon, I WILL blame the Liberals, Democrats and selfish air-heads of America for everything this country suffers. I only hope that they are the ones who suffer most.

          Liberalism is devoid of common sense, normal intelligence, and sanity. It is a disease that robs its victims of compassion, charity, honesty, morality, integrity, responsibility, hope and Faith. Liberals are selfish, brain-washed machines, and with NO apology, I apply all this to all Democrats as well. Anyone who can support the Democrat Agenda that is 100% against everything good America ever had to offer, is a Traitor. Anyone who would vote for an evil piece of pond scum like Obama, has spit upon our forefathers, our soldiers from every war, our flag and our God. They have put our Freedom in peril. They are Moral Retards. Am I sounding angry tonight? Good, because I AM.

        Here are some things for you to consider, links, articles, photos. After you have perused them, do some examining of your political views. Are YOU a Democrat? WHY?!?!

 Do you have friends that are Democrats? WHY??!?! Look, the Republicans have plenty to answer for, I am not blind to that, but few are Traitors. ALL Democrats, ARE. ALL Liberals, ARE.  There is no room for argument here, it is what it is.  If you are a Democrat, you should move to a Socialist country. You are NO different from the city people that come here on weekends or for the summer to get away from city life, then try to turn our rural town INTO the city!  If the shoe doesn't fit, find another pair. If you hate America, get the H_LL out! Is that so difficult?


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The City That Gave Us Obama

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He was NEVER Eligible!


What Happens When You Disarm the PEOPLE

Obama Changes Inaugural Anthem. No More, "Hail to the Chief"!


Gitmo North returns: Obama's shady prison deal

Michelle Malkin - Guest Columnist

Friday, November 30, 2012

Michelle MalkinTwo troubling developments on the Gitmo front should have every American on edge. Team Obama has circumvented the will of Congress ... again.

If you thought President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had given up on closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing jihadists to American soil, think again. Two troubling developments on the Gitmo front should have every American on edge.
The first White House maneuver took place in October, while much of the public and the media were preoccupied with election news. On Oct. 2, Obama's cash-strapped Illinois pals announced that the federal government bought out the Thomson Correctional Center in western Illinois for $165 million. According to Watchdog.org, a recent appraisal put the value of the facility at $220 million.
Democratic Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin led the lobbying campaign for the deal, along with Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who is overseeing an overall $43 billion state budget deficit and scraping for every available penny. The Thomson campus has been an empty Taj Mahal for more than a decade because profligate state officials had no money for operations. Economic development gurus (using the same phony math of federal stimulus peddlers) claim the newly federalized project will bring in $1 billion.
Durbin told a local Illinois paper that "the decision to move ahead came directly from President Barack Obama" and that he had secured the green light during a discussion on Air Force One earlier in the spring. But this gift to Obama's Illinois homeboys wasn't just a run-of-the-mill campaign favor.
Obama's unilateral and unprecedented decision steamrolled over bipartisan congressional opposition to the purchase. That opposition dates back to 2009, when the White House first floated the idea of using Thomson to house jihadi enemy combatants detained in Cuba. As you may recall, the scheme caused a national uproar. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Justice Department's budget, blocked the administration from using unspent DOJ funds for the deal. With bipartisan support, Congress passed a law barring the transfer of Gitmo detainees to Thomson or any other civilian prison.
The message was clear: Taxpayers don't want manipulative Gitmo detainees or their three-ring circuses of transnationalist sympathizers and left-wing lawyers on American soil. Period.
But when this imperial presidency can't get its way in the court of public opinion, it simply circumvents the deliberative process. As Wolf noted: The shady deal "directly violates the clear objection of the House Appropriations Committee and goes against the bipartisan objections of members in the House and Senate, who have noted that approving this request would allow Thomson to take precedence over previously funded prisons in Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Hampshire."
Obama and his Illinois gang insist that Thomson will not become Gitmo North. But denial is more than a river in the Muslim Brotherhood's homeland.
The 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, which spearheaded the movement against shipping jihadi detainees to the mainland, exposed the fine print of the Obama DOJ's deal with the state of Illinois. The purpose of the Thomson facility acquisition, according to the DOJ notice filed in the D.C. courts, included this clause:
"... as well as to provide humane and secure confinement of individuals held under authority of any Act of Congress, and such other persons as in the opinion of the Attorney General of the United States are proper subjects for confinement in such institutions."
Guess whom that covers? Yup: Gitmo detainees, who are being held under the 2001 congressional act known as the Authorization for Use of Military Force.
Now, bear all this in mind as you consider the second and more recent Gitmo gambit. On Wednesday, in response to a whistleblowing report from Fox News homeland security reporter Catherine Herridge, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., released a General Accounting Office report exploring the feasibility of transferring the Gitmo gang to civilian prisons.
Lo and behold, Feinstein concluded, the report "demonstrates that if the political will exists, we could finally close Guantanamo without imperiling our national security."
The "political will" does not exist now, nor has it ever. But thanks to Obama's sneaky, back-door misappropriation of government funds to buy Thomson, the feds have exactly what they need to fulfill the progressive-in-chief's Gitmo closure promise: a shiny, turnkey palace in crony land tailor-made for union workers, lawyers and terror plotters to call their new home.
When the War on Terror meets the Chicago Way, we all pay.

Just a "FEW" of the things Liberals Have Taken from America:

The melody out of music,
The pride out of appearance,
The courtesy out of driving,
The romance out of love,
The commitment out of marriage,
The responsibility out of parenthood,
The togetherness out of the family,
The learning out of education,
The service out of patriotism,
The Golden Rule from rulers,
The nativity scene out of cities,
The civility out of behavior,
The refinement out of language,
The dedication out of employment,
The prudence out of spending,
The ambition out of achievement and

out of government and school.


Fast & Furious: Officials Face Criminal Charges As Gun Buyers Face Sentencing

Operation_Fast_Furious_25Operation Fast and Furious continues to be an ongoing saga. Today reports are out that sentencing of straw gun buyers, involved in the operation, will be taking place shortly and on the governments side of things, ATF officials involved in Fast and Furious have had their security clearances revoked and criminal charges are pending against them.
The case against the gun smuggling ring has progressed in court much faster than the case against the men accused of killing Terry.
So far, 15 of the 20 people charged in the gun case pleaded guilty to charges. Most of those who admitted guilt are straw buyers who said they falsely claimed that guns they bought were for them, when they were actually purchased for the ring. One of the ring’s organizers also has pleaded guilty.
Three people who pleaded guilty in the case will be sentenced on Dec. 10, while six admitted straw buyers — including one who bought two guns that were found at the shootout scene — will be sentenced on Dec. 12.
Records show a Jan. 3 trial has been set for five other alleged ring members, including a man accused of being a ring leader, two alleged recruiters and a straw buyer who is accused of illegally buying 245 guns.
Additionally one man has already pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. his plea deal allows him to avoid the death penalty. His sentence is scheduled for March 1, 2013.
The five men who face charges in the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, two of the men are in custody, while the remaining three are fugitives. There is also a FBI reward of $1 million for information that leads to their arrest. Authorities have not said which member of these five actually shot Terry.
On the government front, Katie Pavlich reported an update with regards to ATF officials involved in Fast and Furious:
According to credible ATF sources, officials heavily involved in Operation Fast and Furious and named as partially responsible for the program’s failure by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the House Oversight Committee have been stripped of their government security clearances while some have been fired, demoted, and transferred. Criminal charges are also reportedly pending.
Former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell, former ATF Special Agent in Charge of Operations in the West Bill McMahon and former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division George Gillett have been fired while former Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jim Needles and Field Supervisor David Voth have been demoted. Hope McAllister, the lead case agent for Fast and Furious, has been put on leave and transferred out of Phoenix according to reports. McMahon and ATF came under heavy fire just a few months ago after it was revealed McMahon had been receiving ATF paid leave while pulling a six figure salary from J.P. Morgan, the same bank that owns the bureau’s credit cards.
The only questions that remain are when will we get to the bottom of Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s involvement in all of this?

A Defense Of Freedom Versus Obamacare – A Letter To A Dissenter

obamacareThis must be a week for letters. Today I received an email from a fellow who read one of my posts here about Ayn Rand. This post was previously published in 2009 on subject was Obamacare and health insurance, but was updated, as at that point Obamacare was merely a bill. For the sake of revealing how someone of Socialist ideology thinks, I thought it might be educational to post his email and my response to it for you.

His email:
Ms. Pass:
Having read your blog about Ayn Rand and the execrable parasites known as health insurance companies, I would appreciate it if you would kindly explain why we should mourn their demise.
The good capitalist steals the best ideas of competitors, and the rest of the world has proven beyond cavil that socialized health care is more efficient than our bloated system, producing equivalent outcomes for a third of the cost. Why is this such a bad thing? What value do these bureaucratic behemoths add?
The short definition of a modern Republican is a man who is more faithful to his dogma than his wife. I would counter with a line from one of my other favorite atheist authors, Isaac Asimov: “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”
Regards, Dissenter
My reply:
The piece re: Ayn Rand that you have just seen was republished recently by Freedom Outpost. I am assuming that is where you saw it.
From the tenor of your comments I am sure your question is not an honest one. From what you say in your email, your mind is made up and you have demonized not only insurance companies, but capitalism and Republicans as a monolithic group. Nevertheless, I will give you my best answers if you will take the time to read and study this issue.
Your statement here for instance: “The short definition of a modern Republican is a man who is more faithful to his dogma than his wife,”
would cause me to ask you if the same applies to FDR, Kennedy, and Clinton? Each of these men were Democrats with mistresses and peccadilloes.
You ask me to defend the insurance industry and then you proceed to defend socialism, which is responsible for the direct and indirect murders of millions of people throughout its history. Efficiency in killing people would be attributable to the purveyors of totalitarian control, not capitalism. Do you really need proof of this? If so, I will give you documentation to read.
The concept of the insurance industry is the creation of a “risk pool.” Replacing the private insurance industry with socialized insurance by government is, nonetheless, a “risk pool.” Whether or not you agree with a third-party payer system, you must decide if you wish the force of the government to control your healthcare providers or whether you would rather choose your own insurance and healthcare providers. Private insurance by choice? Or government insurance by force? I can only conclude from your email, your response is that you think force is better than choice.
You ask this: “What value do these bureaucratic behemoths add?” If bureaucracy is your objection, replacing one bureaucracy with an even larger, less personal, government bureaucracy cannot be your solution. In what universe does that make any logical sense?
Then there is this statement: “The rest of the world has proven beyond cavil that socialized health care is more efficient than our bloated system, producing equivalent outcomes for a third of the cost.” I’m assuming from that you must have been locked in a room watching Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” in a repeating loop ad infinitum for you to say such a thing. A different question to ask yourself would be: Why do socialist government officials not have to live under the same health care laws that they have put in place for everyone else? If Obamacare is so great, why have our politicians exempted themselves from it?
To answer this presumption of yours, I refer you to several links which I hope you will take the time to read. The first one is regarding Ezekiel Emanuel, White House health care policy advisor to Barack Obama and author of much of Obamacare.
The typical wait for hip surgery in Canada is 14 months.
In Canada’s Province of Quebec, patients in need of a 30 minute procedure to cure urinary tract infections are on a three year waiting list!
Children with significant hearing problems are denied access to cochlear implants.
Arthritis treatment in the United Kingdom has a waiting period of up to nine months. Also in the UK, a 22 year old man just passed away because the government refused to allow him to receive a liver transplant.
Patients across the spectrum are denied access to thousands of necessary medications, which are deemed “too costly” or “unnecessary” by non-doctor bureaucrats.
Then there is this article by Ileana Johnson on Communist Health Care in Bucharest, Hungary.
In closing: Prior to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, the medical industry was providing adequate and accessible health care to all and at reasonable costs. Insurance was a catastrophic safety net, while normal health care was an out of pocket expense, affordable to most all Americans. Pro-bono work by hospitals and doctors took up the rest for the needy. Churches and community charities took care of those who could not pay. After Lyndon Johnson involved the government as a third party to the elderly and the poor, the entire situation devolved into a more corrupt money grab, which tells you exactly what government intervention does to pulverize reason and sanity, care and due diligence, compassion and charity.
Americans have been blessed with the best health care in the world which is now going to be degraded into the lowest common denominators due to socialism by those who think government is the answer, not the problem. I take the opposite view because I have lived through the success of a substantial amount of freedom. Moving toward totalitarian control over our every personal decision is not going to bring prosperity and happiness, or good health care to anyone but the political elitists who eliminate the inferior outcomes of socialism from their own lives. In case you haven’t noticed, they vote the best for themselves and the least for the society they govern. Not much different from the monarchical rulers of the past, eh?
So, Dissenter, march along to your masters’ drum beat. You contacted me with questions and statements. I hope you understand why I took the time to answer you.
Cheryl Pass
P.S. I notice you quoted Isaac Asimov. I’m sorry to say your favorite “atheist,” also a Fabian Socialist, would only view you as a “useful idiot.” If you are trying to equate Ayn Rand with him and with Socialism due to atheism, that would be a canard. Rand lived in and saw the horrors of Socialism and hence decided to warn Americans of the possible harm that ideology would bring upon us.


 B-Ball and ZBA                      12-4-2012

       Interesting evening. I attended the first basketball game I've been to since I was in high school myself!  Lebanon's girls beat Hawthorne Valley 31 to 19!  Not being much of a sports fan, I don't know much about the rules of the game, but I can tell you THIS: those girls are Tigers alright, in the true meaning of the word!  I'm referring to BOTH teams!  Not only was the teamwork amazing, but they don't hesitate to take each other to the floor and wrestle for that ball when necessary. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, it was a riot. Nice Job, Lebanon!

       It was still early when the game ended, so we popped up to the American Legion just in time for the ZBA meeting. Stewarts got their sign variance, as long as the Planning Board grants everything else on the 19th, which I imagine they will. So this Spring, we will see our Stewarts Store being dug-up for a bit, while they replace the aging fuel tanks, install new pumps, plus one Kerosene and one Diesel.  A new digital sign for the ever-changing prices, and new blacktop.

      I'm told that EZ Mart has some objections to the new competition for the Diesel and Kero business, but when Hess was here, they had both. The owner of EZ Mart let the cat-out-of-the-bag so to speak, by stating that he makes no money on his gas, so to compensate, he ups the prices on the Kero and Diesel. This works well for him right now, as he is the only game in town. Still, some competition is a good thing for a whole slew of reasons.  More than one gas station isn't much of a threat to either one of them. However, I DO think we have too many cutesy, little eateries in town and they are all too close to one another and too similar in what they offer. THAT is a bit TOO much competition for a town this small.  I'm still hoping for an old-fashioned, blue-collar diner that's open till at least 8 p.m.

        The ZBA meeting was unremarkable for the most part, save for one thing. A woman was appealing an earlier denial she had received from the ZBA for a meat-processing building on her 16-acre "farm" on Rt. 34. No slaughter on premises, just cutting and packing. Not MY cup of tea, but to each his own. The discussion got around to the infamous,"Right to Farm" law, agricultural land,etc. The illegal ZBA Chair, John Dax, went on and on about the wonderful, liberal Right to Farm Law in New Lebanon.  Which would be wonderful, if it were applied fairly and  uniformly, but it is not and never HAS been.

       For starters, Lebanon has a very small, designated Ag District and every bit of it is in the east end of town.   However, one does not have to be IN the Ag District to benefit from Right to Farm. One member of the ZBA stated loudly and clearly, that if you are on RA1, Agricultural land, you can  BUILD A BARN WITHOUT ANY PERMITS!  That is indeed, true, I am all too familiar with that law. HOWEVER, why is it, that when Bobby Mittnight applied for a permit to erect a barn on his RA1 property in 2007, he was repeatedly denied? Denied for a permit he did not even legally NEED!

       As most of you know, this denial led to YEARS of court battles, thousands of dollars spent unnecessarily by the town AND Mittnight, and even 12 days spent in JAIL by Bobby for non-compliance with Town Zoning Codes!  When I became involved in that case, I researched the Ag District, Right to Farm Law and how our town codes related to both.  When I found the piece about the permit-free right to build a barn on RA1 property, I brought it before the Town Board AND the Zoning Board. I gave them paper copies and verbally argued the point.  They looked at me as if I had three heads.

       Rather than admit their mistake or deliberate persecution of Mittnight,( I suspect both), they did NOTHING. In fact, they continued to persecute him, fine him, and subpoena him for another two years!   So tonight, along comes this resident of two whole years, and the ZBA hands her the permit-free barn law on a silver platter? What's with THAT?  I don't know this lady, I have NOTHING against her and I wish her well in her endeavor. I DO however, object vehemently to the double-standard.  They put Bobby Mittnight through pure HELL, but the minute these liberal, wanna-be Lenoxites, hear the words, "Artisan Farm", they fall all over themselves to kiss the feet of the "Artisan".

       So as I have been saying since 2008, the laws only apply when and if it suits the corrupt, self-serving local officials. UNbelievable. No wonder they love Obama so much, they all spit on the laws, just like he does! THIS, is not over,folks!  Now you understand why it is important to attend meetings of ALL the boards in town. I don't know which official is mixing the Kool-Aid, but they are ALL drinking it!

      I don't particularly want to get myself all worked up since it is 2 a.m on Wednesday morning now, so on to another subject or two. Wondering what's happening with the Family Dollar? So am I and just about every other Lebanon resident. They're good to go so far as permits, sign variance,etc., so it must be a company thing that's the hold-up.  If I hear anything, I'll be sure to post it.  Word is, that the "NEW" town hall addition will be ready for use by the time the organizational meeting is held in January. Speaking of which........

         I expect the Organizational Meeting of 2013 to be a carbon-copy of 2012's. A complete and utter travesty. Once again, the Town Board will see to it that the boards are stacked with their cronies. Worthy and effective applicants will be passed over in favor of friends, relatives, and neighbors, or anyone who is willing to play their games. The minute I have all the openings and applicants sorted out and listed, I will make my predictions as to who will be appointed to what positions. The Czar will have his "Confidential Secretary", which he has re-named as "Bookeeper" to hide the stink of it. This action will lighten Colleen Teal's load, which is a good thing, BUT, it will also make our local government even LESS transparent than it is now!

         Everything will be done in a back-room manner and procuring information and documents will be MUCH more difficult than it has ever been before.  Long-time locals will NOT be pleased with the new order. In light of his behaviors , and recent events in Egypt, maybe we should start calling the Czar, " Pharoah "  in 2013.  Last town board meeting of 2012 is Dec. 11. Last chance to have your say about the objectionable actions of this year before we have to start fighting the new ones!

          Tomorrow night is Christian Page night here at PACT. We'll be picking it up with what it means to be "Born Again".  Friday night at 7, there is a meeting at the Episcopal Church for anyone interested in helping out with the Youth for Christ project. We need folks to serve on committee and others to work directly with the kids. Anyone with a trade or hobby to share, would be warmly welcomed! The advisor tells us it will be close to a YEAR before we are adequately trained and organized enough to actually open the doors to our teens, so there is no pressure to sign on to anything specific quite yet, you're welcome to just come and listen or make suggestions.

          One last thing. If anyone from the LVBA is reading us, could someone remove the Farmer's Market sign from the east end of the Mid Town Mall parking lot? It completely blocks the view of drivers trying to pull out of the mall onto Rt. 20. Hate to see anyone get clobbered there. Sleep well, and until tomorrow night, God Bless!   JJ


Tonight's Links!


We Always KNEW he was Ineligible, but FINALLY......

Obama: Lord and Savior ??????


Chuck Norris on Obamacare


Update on "Indefinite Detention"

FEMA Trailers Sit Empty While People Still Homeless

Can I Get an AMEN?


Obama’s Occidental College Records Subpoened

Posted by By at 4 December, at 03 : 29 AM 

Obama’s Occidental College Records Subpoened

No, we don’t know if will be upheld, but this is LONG overdue.


As Americans face a fiscal cliff, the Obamas make do with 54 Christmas trees


Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images (2011)
Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images (2011)
Amazing how a reelection can reshape an incumbent's thinking about many things. Now safely ensconced in the White House for 49 more months, the Obamas have decorated the place with 54 Christmas trees this year.
Even allowing for the usual Washington excesses with taxpayer money, that's a whole grove of Christmas trees.
"We have 54 trees in the White House," an excited Michelle Obama proudly told visitors the other day. "54! That’s a lot of trees."
In fact, the Obamas' 54 trees this year are almost 50% more Christmas trees than last year. That was during the campaign before Obama whispered a reminder to the Russians that he had to be careful until Nov. 6, when a victory would give him more "flexibility."
Now, how much carbon do you suppose those 54 trees could be sequestering had they not been chopped by this green president?
And no wonder Obama talked over the weekend about addressing tax increases before any of that annoying business about cutting spending to address this thing called the national debt, now having soared past $16.3 trillion..
In addition to 54 Christmas trees, Michelle Obama has overseen the placement of thousands of ornaments in public rooms. Many of the ornaments celebrate the Obama family dog, Bo, who seems to have become the First Family's favorite symbol of Christmas. Other decorations, including on the more prominent trees, were made by children in schools on U.S. military bases.
There's several hundred yards of garlands and wreaths all over the hallways and rooms. And, of course, a traditional gingerbread house that has working chandeliers and weighs about 300 pounds.
Last year, according to Mrs. Obama, some 90,000 visitors viewed her White House decorations. The irony is this year the main residents of the White House won't be there for most of the holiday period and for both major holidays.
According to notices distributed to residents of an exclusive waterfront neighborhood in Hawaii, they can expect to enjoy restricted access and other inconveniences to their homes and normal lives from Dec. 17 through Jan. 6. That's about a 50% longer holiday vacation than last year.
The inconveniences stem from security requirements for the vacationing Obamas and a large number of their accompanying friends. Obama's staff will have to put up with rooms in a nearby luxury hotel.
The Coast Guard will be patrolling surrounding canals. Navy SEALs will be doing whatever SEALs do on security detail. The Secret Service and local police will man numerous area roadblocks and perhaps even some bushes.
Steven Senne / AP
Steven Senne / AP 
The estimated costs to taxpayers of this latest vacation foray is in excess of $4 million. The largest single expense is Obama's 747 jet, Air Force One, which runs about $182,000 per flight hour. It's a nine-hour journey, each way, between Washington and Honolulu. That's about $1,638,000 one-way. Their bags fly free.
Those transportation totals do not include the costs of Air Force cargo planes to haul the fleet of armored cars to the island and back, so the Obamas can visit Hawaii friends, beaches and restaurants. And so the president can get to a nearby Marine base for his morning workouts and to various golf courses with friends.
Besides covering the Christmas and New Year holidays, Obama's vacation dates also strangely coincide with what was expected to be the peak negotiating window for Obama and congressional Democrats and Republicans to address the so-called fiscal cliff. Until recently the cliff has been described as something of a financial doomsday, albeit one that Obama and Capitol Hill protagonists set for themselves.
These are automatic combined tax hikes and drastic additional budget cuts, mainly to defense, scheduled to occur in the first hours of January, the product of similar last-minute negotiations two years ago.
So far, according to both sides, the talks have not progressed well. The president, who took yesterday off to play golf, may be confident of complete success in the remaining 14 days.
Or perhaps Obama will leave Joe Biden in charge of closing the deal, since the vice president's oversight of the $800 billion stimulus spending so effectively spurred the economy.

Coming Soon: The National Movie Theater Tax?
Writing in USA Today, Glenn Reynolds offers an intriguing idea, and perhaps crusade, for Republicans:
Make Hollywood Pay Its Fair Share. At the DNC, actress Eva Longoria offered to pay more taxes. Well, back during that Eisenhower era that the Dems are so nostalgic for, there was a 20% excise tax on movie theater revenues. It was established to help pay off the post-World War II debt. Now we're in debt again. Bring it back. For added fun, extend it to DVD sales, movie downloads and music on CDs and over the Internet. As a great man once said, at some point, you've made enough money. If we need more tax revenue, who better to pay it than Hollywood fatcats with their swimming pools and private jets?

I LOVE it!


Hillary Clinton Displays Ignorance and Insults Israel

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy this past Friday. She started out by praising Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Then she said something that showed complete lack of understanding of the nation and people of Israel. Clinton said:
“I’m not making excuses for the missed opportunities of the Israelis, or the lack of generosity, the lack of empathy that I think goes hand-in-hand with the suspicion.”
“So, yes, there is more that the Israelis need to do to really demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an oppressed people in their minds, and they want to figure out, within the bounds of security and a Jewish democratic state, what can be accomplished.”
After her callous and thoughtless statements concerning Israel’s stand on the Palestinians, she attack their plan on constructing around 3,000 housing units on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem. Obviously she didn’t care that Israel had won that land with the blood of their people when she said:
“In light of today’s announcement, let me reiterate that this administration — like previous administrations — has been very clear with Israel that these activities set back the cause of a negotiated peace.”
I’m not Jewish, but I feel insulted by her statements. Does Clinton not know anything about the history of Israel? Does she not know that they fought long and hard to become a nation. Does she not understand that every nation that surrounds Israel has not only threatened to annihilate the Jewish people, but most of them have promised to do so? Does she not understand that the 6 Day War was not started by Israel, but the small nation did end it with a decisive victory over their enemies? Does she not understand how important the city of Jerusalem is to the Jewish people?
Obviously, Clinton has no concept of what the Israeli people have endured when she said they lacked generosity and empathy for the Palestinians who continually vow to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. In lieu of her ignorant and thoughtless comments, I’m glad that Clinton is resigning from her position as Secretary of State. I only hope and pray that whoever Obama appoints to take her place will have a little bit more knowledge and understanding of Israeli history, but with Obama’s Muslim affinity, I doubt the next Secretary of State will be any better.

  I am a Proud Redneck!

You might be a redneck if:
It never occurred to you to
Be offended by the phrase, 'One nation, under God..'

You might be a redneck if:

You've never protested about seeing
The 10 Commandments posted in public places.

You might be a redneck If

You still say ' Christmas'
Instead of 'Winter Festival.'

You might be a redneck if:

You bow your head when someone prays.

You might be a redneck if:

You stand and place your hand over your heart
when they play the National Anthem

You might be a redneck if:
You treat our armed forces Veterans with
great respect, and always have

You might be a redneck if:
You've never burned an American flag, nor intend to.

You might be a redneck if:
You know what you believe
and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening.

You might be a redneck if

You respect your elders and
raised your kids to do the same.
Some of you are so old you don't have elders to respect.

You might be a redneck if:

You'd give your last dollar to A friend.

You might be a redneck if:
You believe in God & Jesus

And believe that others have the right to believe in
which ever God they believe in as long as their God does not

tell them to kill anyone who does not believe the same
As they do!!!!!


Born Again??                       12-5-2012

        As promised, I'm planning to explain what it REALLY means to be a Born-Again Christian, to the best of my ability,anyway. 

          I said last week, that I was once one of those people that made derogatory comments about those three words. Like a lot of people, I had no idea that BACs were NOT religious freaks or Bible Thumpers, or " Holier-Than-Thou ".  We're just regular folks, like you. There's a lot of argument about whether Catholics are actually Christians, because they do not encourage Salvation. It's an argument that can go on ad infinitum, so we won't go there tonight.  I just want to be certain to make it clear that I have never heard of a Catholic, Salvation Church. They may exist, but if they do, they would be extremely rare.

           Most BACs are Baptists, but Salvation is certainly not exclusive to Baptists or any other denomination. Salvation is for EVERYONE, whether you are religious or not, familiar with the Word or not, or even if you think you are not worthy. God believes that you ARE worthy, and He gives the gift of Salvation to all who come to Him and ask. Salvation and Born-Again are inextricably linked. Any human being who wishes to accept Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior, can be saved.

         So what does it mean to be Saved? EVERYTHING!  When we decide that we have had enough of the wordly ways, the evil, the sin, the unacceptable, and choose to seek God, all we need to do is reach out to Him in prayer, and literally ASK Him to receive us as His, to forgive us our sins, regardless of how serious or simple those sins might be. Pray to be Saved in the name of Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died for our sin and rose again from the dead.  The words don't have to be perfect, they just need to come from your HEART. You must MEAN what you say.

       There are Christians that are called, "12 Inchers". These are people who believe they are saved by simply reciting the words, but if those words come from your head and not your heart, you are not saved. 12 inches is the space between the heart and the head. Some people feel strong sensations after praying for Salvation, while others change at a much slower pace. I have met Christians who say they felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from their shoulders immediately, some that say they felt faint, and others who, like me, felt pleased, but little else.

      For ME, it was a slow process. Things changed in my life gradually, but they did indeed, change. The first thing I noticed was my loss of interest in a lot of things I once enjoyed. Not GOOD things, but the negative things. For instance, I own every book Stephen King ever published. I could no longer read his work. My vocabulary had a few words in it that should not have been there, but once I was saved, they didn't cross my lips anymore. I lost interest in most television shows and all movies, and read more Christian books than secular ones. My taste in reading changed from fiction genre, to non-fiction, and I read from the Bible more and more as time went on.

      These are but a few of the many changes that took place for ME, the list is now very long. Believe me, there are still a LOT of things I need to change or improve, and there always will be, but God KNOWS we are not and cannot BE perfect as long as we are on this earth. He forgives us our sins and transforms us into people who don't WANT to sin, who are conscious of sin, our own and those of others. All of a sudden you are a new person, hence the "Born-Again" description. You want to do the right thing and you want to stand for the right things. This change will come about without your help, but you will see and feel it. You will still be a sinner, as are we all, but you will not sin deliberately.

       You are still you, but you are a much BETTER you, a NEW you. With Salvation, also comes the greatest gift you can ever receive. The Promise. God's Promise of Heaven and eternal life after you leave this earth. You have the assurance of living in Heaven forever with Him, where there IS no sin, no hate, no evil, no tears or pain. THEN, you WILL be perfect. It's a wonderful feeling to never be afraid, never feel alone, or lost, to have no fear of death because it is no longer a mystery or a frightening picture of a dark, scary place. BACs KNOW where they are going, what will happen to them after they die, and our greatest desire is to see others be saved, so we can spend eternity with them alongside us.

        To the completely un-churched, I know this all sounds far-fetched and surreal, and I know exactly how that feels. No one was ever going to convince ME that this stuff could be true! Yet, someone DID. I talk to many,many people every week who feel that way, and I understand that. Still, I ask them this question, "Are you willing to risk it?". Are YOU that certain of YOUR beliefs that you would be willing to chance not knowing God, or not ever seeing Heaven? The alternative is NOT attractive.  Ask yourself this; "What if there really IS a God, and I reject Him?".

          So you see" Being Born-Again does not make you a nutcase, it does not make you dance in the church aisles or speak in tongues or fall on the floor. Born-Again does not mean that you will go door to door with your Bible and tell people they are doomed if they don't read it. (even thought they are). LOL!  God requires that we share the news of Salvation with the un-saved as I am doing here, but He does not tell us to FORCE anyone to do or believe anything they do not wish to. God gives us all Free Will. Which is what we'll talk about next Wednesday.

           Once you start to read the Bible and learn the Word a little, you will begin to see the connections between God and America, the 10 Commandments and the Constitution and the Laws of our Land.  SO many things will begin to become clear to you that you will be amazed! I was, and still am, every single day. Remember, that this once- a- week page is simply an offering, and I do not intend to push my beliefs on any of my readers. I do admit, that I would be thrilled if even ONE person came to the Lord as a result of my sharing, but as I said before, you have Free Will and the right to choose. 

           God Bless.          JJ


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Appellate judges to rule on firing of university administrator over her beliefs

Published: 1 day ago
author-imageby BOB UNRUH Email | Archive
Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press

The fight over the “tyranny” of higher education’s “diversity” agenda is taking center stage, with judges in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hearing arguments on whether a university can fire an administrator for expressing an opinion that conflicts with the institution’s adopted political perspective.

“It should be concerning to all Americans that officials at a public institution such as the University of Toledo believe they can fire someone for violating the university’s ‘value system’ even though such actions clearly violate the Constitution,” said David Yerushalmi of the American Freedom Law Center.

This case only reinforces the fact that the liberal idea of ‘diversity’ is code for the tyranny of political correctness.”

Robert Muise, co-founder of the AFLC, is scheduled tomorrow to argue before the appeals judges on behalf of Crystal Dixon, a former human resources administrator at the University of Toledo.

She was dismissed in 2008 for expressing her personal, Christian viewpoint about homosexuality in a letter to a local newspaper.

Dixon is appealing a district court’s decision that the school’s “diversity” interests were more important than the First Amendment.

“Anti-Christian bias and bigotry is a hallmark of the ‘diversity’ crusade that is promoted in our universities and other public institutions – and this case is an egregious example of this one-way diversity and its pernicious impact on our fundamental rights,” said Muise.

“Here, officials from the University of Toledo violated the Constitution by firing Ms. Dixon for exercising her First Amendment right to freedom of speech.”

Oral arguments in the case are scheduled before the court tomorrow, but a decision could be some weeks away.

It was April 3, 2008, when Dixon read an opinion piece published in the Toledo Free Press that compared homosexuality to the civil rights struggles of African-Americans.

Crystal Dixon

“Dixon, an African-American and practicing Christian, disagreed with this comparison and subsequently submitted her own opinion piece to express her personal viewpoint,” AFLC reported.

“Dixon’s opinion piece, published on April 18, 2008, in the newspaper’s online edition, stated, in relevant part, “I respectfully submit a different perspective for [the author of the original op-ed] and Toledo Free Press readers to consider . … I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are civil rights victims.”

She signed only her name and made no mention of her position at the university.

One month later, Dixon got a letter from Lloyd Jacobs, head of the university, terminating her employment over “the public position you have taken in the Toledo Free Press.”

She sued over First and 14th Amendment violations.

Earlier this year, a trial judge said the school’s actions were proper.

“Surprisingly, on other occasions, university employees, including its president, Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, have publicly expressed personal opinions and viewpoints about various political and social issues in the local newspapers without any adverse consequences,” the law firm noted.

“In fact, the vice provost of the University, Carol Bresnahan, was quoted in the Toledo Blade in December 2007 as stating, ‘[B]igotry is to blame for those who oppose the [domestic-partner registry] law. It’s their religious beliefs, and bigotry in the name of religion is still bigotry.’”

“Bresnahan was identified by her official university position. Despite the alleged emphasis on tolerance, equality, and diversity at the university, Jacobs did not reprimand Bresnahan for her bigoted, anti-religious comments, let alone terminate her employment. And in explaining the inconsistency, Jacobs testified that ‘if you make a statement contrary to the university’s value system, that’s not fine,’” the law firm said.

Dixon’s attorneys argue that the university is demanding it “prescribe what ‘shall be orthodox’ in matters of opinion.”

Dixon, writing as a private individual about her beliefs, said, “As a Black woman … I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are ‘civil rights victims.’ Here’s why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. I am genetically and biologically a Black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended.”

 IS it not Bigotry to suppress Freedom of Religion? It also happens to be un-Constitutional.


You Can Be A Christian Or A Liberal, But Not Both


Can a Christian be a liberal? Short answer: no. There is no way a Christian can buy into progressive/big government ideology and be faithful to the bigger-than-Dallas teachings of Scripture and expect to continue enjoying his hard-won religious liberties.

For the “Christian” to lean politically to the left means that he must blow off huge chunks of the Bible and replace Scripture with the make-believe notions of PC’s malleable “Christ.” Only after torturing Scripture can the Christian then fit current liberalism into his supposed relationship with God.

For the Christian who believes that unfeigned faith in Christ should correspond with Jesus’ high view of Scripture, it is impossible to believe in God and be an adherent to this schlock.

Liberalism has been hijacked by bizarre special-interest thugs who defy the Word of God and believe that the Bible has no place in public life (except maybe in a museum where people can look at it from time to time).

The Christian skipping around the maypole wearing his rose-colored glasses who has a bent to the liberal left needs to understand something: If it were left up to the modern, secularized liberal establishment, Christians would be more restricted than Bill when Hillary’s in town. If the Christophobic thugs had it their way, Christians would be relegated to a marginalized spiritual ghetto on the sidelines of life.

For the naive Christian voter who thinks he can toss a ballot in the progressive direction, please know that a vote toward the secular left could leave you bereft of sacred liberties. Thanks to the aggressive and ludicrous liberal lug nuts’ anti-Christian agenda, your vote for a leftist is a vote for:

1. Christianity to be scrubbed from government and whatever turf the government owns. Thanks to the liberals, the Ten Commandments have about as much acceptance in our government and their properties as Rush Limbaugh would at Sandra Fluke’s family reunion. The Judeo-Christian principles that formed the rock-solid foundation of this great American Experiment are now aggressively and consistently attacked by the lascivious left.

If . . . if . . . the secularists continue to stay behind the wheel of this American bus, you can kiss all semblance of Christianity good-bye in this heretofore God-graced government. Saint, you might as well say farewell to our government’s recognizing Christmas and adios to Good Friday if you’re going to vote the liberal ticket. If the secularists have it their way, Easter will be behind your keister, and you can kiss the Cross good-night as an acceptable public symbol that represents your faith and our nation’s recognition of Christ’s atoning work.

2. Secularism to be continually mainlined into our public school system. Thanks to rabid, vapid secularism, our public schools and universities would rather you be a Rocky Horror super freak than a Christian. If your beliefs run to the bizarre or the banal or if you want to smoke the same philosophical crack that Caligula, Nero, Castro or Lenin freebased, they’ll accommodate you.

Our schools are totally open to anyone and to anything, unless, of course, you’re a Christian. And if that’s the case, then you’re likely to get more sympathy from a badger with minimal sleep than you will from liberal educators who are hard at work making your life hard. Let me repeat: A vote for the secular left is a vote for Christianity to continue to be officially vilified on campus and for Christians to be ostracized in campus life.

3. Public officials, employees and appointees to be pressured to hide their faith in the closet and suppress their public displays of belief in God lest they be grouped with Hitler, Osama, or Mussolini and then fired. Not only will the liberals aggressively work to prohibit the State from green lighting and recognizing Christianity as a legitimate and positive force in our land, they will also attempt to stifle Christians from influencing the path of government.

4. Public attacks on churches and Christians and attempts to restrict them in the private sector. Consider this, Christian pastor and Christian lay person looking to vote for the ludicrous left: The secular Mafioso’s intent is to make your ministerial life difficult, your evangelistic work taxing and your voice minimized.

5. The continued media endorsement of the same putrid, hedonistic stuff that sunk ancient civilizations. With the liberals in place, expect more weird crap in movies and on television. Expect to see more paintings of Christian symbols and saints smeared with elephant dung. Expect Christianity to be bashed and vilified and Christians made out to be buckled-shoed morons with three teeth and an IQ of 50. Expect the culture to coarsen. Expect your kids to continue to be exposed to things that only rock stars see backstage with groupies. A vote for a liberal is a vote to see Christians continue to receive special ridicule and be flogged more than a piñata during a Cinco de Mayo festival.

Modern liberalism tosses out Scripture on several different levels. How a true believer in the Christ defined by Scripture can buy into what Jesus, the prophets and apostles said and also give credence to what these secular goons say is beyond me. In addition to liberalism’s obvious and odious pro-Holocaust-like abortion stance, its anti-biblical view of marriage, its Scripture-slamming, aggressive secularism, and its feckless view of our nation’s defense, liberalism completely clashes with the Christian worldview. Progressivism’s aggressive desire to eradicate Christians’ rights should cause Christians to be concerned.

The Democratic Party’s liberalism has degenerated over the last 40-50 years in regard to its view of Christianity and Christian rights. This party, which formerly embraced and protected our nation’s great Christian heritage and teachings no longer does so. Thus, today the Christian is between a rock and a hard place: He can either be a Christian or a liberal—but he cannot be both.


The  Media                                      12-6-2012

           Media Bias has become a MAJOR issue in the past 6 or 8 years.  No longer can we take what the media tells us, at face value.  Everything important must be checked and triple-checked through reliable sources like Fox, Huffington, Drudge, and even Snopes. They do the work FOR us, like all media is SUPPOSED to, and when you get the story from one of the 4 sources above, it has already been fact-checked and can be counted on as reliable. Sadly, the three biggies, CBS, ABC, and NBC are owned and operated by the Left as are most of our newspapers and radio stations.

            You will NEVER hear truth from the Liberal Media or anything else that is Liberal, Left-Wing, or Democrat. (There's that redundancy again! )  LOL!  Once upon a time, being a member of the media was considered a respectable and honorable position, sought after by many.  That too, has changed as a result of Liberal Progressivism.  It always amazes me, how easily these people can look us in the eye and tell us fairy tales.

          Since I first became involved in politics, this has been a real problem for me. From the teeny towns like ours all the way to Washington,D.C, we are surrounded by media and political liars who have no guilt, no shame, no honor.  News today, is manufactured and/or re-written to suit the left-wing agenda of brainwashing the people. Sadly, it has been VERY effective, and still IS. Human beings believe anything they hear, as long as it is what they WANT to hear.  Repeat a lie often enough, and even the somewhat intelligent among us, will begin to see it as truth.  Few people are willing or able to think for themselves anymore.

          The mind-bending begins from the very first day of public school and escalates each year, reaching a climax in college. The pairing of Liberal Professors and curriculums, with the bias media, has convinced millions of young Americans that up is down and dark is light.  Textbooks have been edited to further enforce the indoctrination of our kids, school boards have accepted and supported the Liberal Agenda, States are enforcing the school programs that promote the acceptance of "Diversity", "Deviance" and anti-Americanism. Teachers and employees that attempt to hold to the Truth of our country's history and current events, are FIRED.

            New Lebanon had a school staff member forced into early retirement last year because he dared to stand true to his Christian Faith and had evidence of that faith in his work space!  Yet the Left cries Racism, Prejudice, and Bigotry against Christians and Truth tellers?!?!  Every time something scandalous takes place among the Democrats or Socialists, the media scrambles to cover it up. Yet, if a Republican, Tea Partier, Conservative or Christian has even a HINT of a POSSIBLE mis-step, the media is all over it like flies on cow manure!  If it isn't juicy enough to gain the public's interest, they will lie to MAKE it worse than it was or ever could be.

            It is horrendous enough, that our government has done everything in  its' power to distract Americans from the Benghazi scandal, and to LIE about the actual events repeatedly, but the MEDIA has been more than complicit in the cover-up and lies. Three times as much media time was spent on the Petraeus affair than was spent on Benghazi and Fast and Furious, combined.  The most effective way to cover something up, is to distract the sheeple with stories of adultery, or to take up some Liberal cause like how dangerous guns are!  (that is a whole other subject that I intend to address in the next few days!).  Suffice it to say for NOW, that guns don't kill, PEOPLE kill.

           I pray every single day that the GOOD people of America will refuse to allow Benghazi and Fast and Furious to be swept under Obama's rug with all his other secrets and lies, false promises, and Treasonous actions. Between those two scandals, lie FIVE dead Americans who have yet to receive justice. One Ambassador, three soldiers and one Border Patrol Agent. They all had families, they all had LIVES, they were all young men with many good years ahead of them, and they are all, dead. In both events, there were cover-ups on top of cover-ups, and Obama was knee-deep in the crap that surrounded it all.

        I realize that Christmas is close and everyone is busy, but what will this Christmas be like for the families of these good men? How can we NOT support these families in their quest for truth and closure?  We MUST be adamant and unrelenting in our demand for  justice, for TRUTH.  If we do nothing, nothing will ever be done.


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Important Petition


Concerned Citizen,
I believe in straight talk. Especially about threats that could imperil the savings and quality of life of every American.
The reelection of Barack Obama—the worst president of my lifetime—is the perfect opportunity for straight talk about the dangerous path our country is on.
But instead of being honest with the American people about just how dire our situation is, our elected officials and the media won’t level with us.
They are not just giving us spin.
They are not just telling us half-truths.
They are not just ignoring important information we need to know.
They are actively lying to us. And those lies are making it
harder—if not impossible—for us to fix what’s wrong.

That’s why I’ve written a new report, detailing the hard truths that they won’t tell you.
It’s calledThe 99 Year Plot to Destroy America, and it not only calls out the lies that are corrupting America, it also gives you a simple, no-nonsense plan to secure your savings, your family and your future from the terrible consequences of these lies.
You’ll learn:
  • Lies about the Federal Reserve’s latest misguided actions
  • Lies about government policies to “grow the economy”
  • Lies about the $700 trillion in international derivatives
  • Lies about who’s responsible for this stagnant economy
  • Lies about the financial system bailout
  • Lies about how to manage our energy resources
  • Lies about China
  • Lies about Facebook and other big-name technology companies
  • Lies about Europe
  • Lies about national security threats
  • Lies about how best to protect your family and your home
If you’ve ever worried that you’re not getting the whole story about what’s wrong with this great country of ours, this report is for you.
But it is not sold in any store or on Amazon.
In fact, it’s not for sale at all.
It’s completely free, and the only way to get it is through the link at the bottom of this email.
Do it now, before it’s too late.
Richard C. Young
Editor, Intelligence Report

From the Desk of:
L. Brent Bozell III, Founder and President
Media Research Center
December 6 20th, 2012

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer continues to tout the Obama Administration's spin that tax hikes on the wealthy are the only solution to the looming "fiscal cliff” catastrophe.
According to an analysis from the Media Research Center's Business and Media Institute, in the three weeks following President Obama's re-election, World News devoted more than 10 minutes 18 seconds to talk of tax hikes and just 35 seconds to spending cuts (a 17-1 margin).
NBC Nightly News discussed taxes more than twice as often as spending (4 minutes 23 seconds to 1 minute 47 seconds.), while CBS Evening News gave tax hikes only three more minutes of coverage (14 minutes 5 seconds to 10 minutes 12 seconds).
However, more than a third of CBS's spending cut coverage total comes from one story detailing the horrific downside of spending cuts.
But ABC was by far the worst offender, refusing to even entertain spending cuts as a viable solution to the Obama Administration's crushing budget deficits
I reacted by releasing the following public statement:
"The 'fiscal cliff' is looming, but ABC has already plunged off the credibility cliff. No serious news organization could possibly commit 17 times more coverage to touting tax hikes as the solution to this crisis than spending cuts. ABC News is nothing more than the press office of the Obama Administration. They're an embarrassment to the profession.
"Instead of telling the American people the truth about the Obama Administration's reckless spending binge, the tax-happy liberal media are toeing the party line: raise taxes on the 'wealthy' and the crisis will be averted. As guilty as NBC and CBS are on this issue, ABC is without a doubt the most corrupt."
"ABC News' coverage of the fiscal cliff is an abomination, and they simply can't be trusted.”
L. Brent Bozell III


Ryan: US Could Give Every Poor American a Check for $20,000 with the Money Spent on Welfare Last Year


(CNSNews.com) – Former Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Tuesday that over a trillion dollars was spent on welfare programs last year, and for that amount, “you could give every single poor American a check for $20,000.”
“Just last year, total federal and state spending on means-tested programs came to over one trillion dollars. What does that mean in practical terms? For that amount of money, you could give every single poor American a check for $20,000 – every man, woman and child,” said Ryan in a speech at the Jack Kemp Award ceremony.
Ryan was the 2011 recipient of the Kemp Leadership Award. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was awarded the 2012 Kemp Leadership Award.
Ryan said despite the more than one trillion dollars spent on welfare last year, poverty is even more pervasive.
“Instead, we just spent all that money trying to fight poverty through government programs, and now what do we have to show for it? Today 46 million people are living in poverty. During the last four years, the number of people on food stamps has gone up by 15 million,” Ryan said.
“Medicaid is reaching a breaking point, and one out of every four students fails to earn a high school diploma. In our major cities across America, half of our kids don’t graduate, half,” he added.
Ryan pointed out that 48 years after President Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty in 1964, “poverty is winning.”
“When Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty in 1964, he predicted it would eliminate poverty in 35 to 50 years. So here we are 48 years later, and poverty is winning,” Ryan said.
“We deserve better than this. We need a vision for bringing opportunity in every life – one that promotes strong families, secure livelihoods, and an equal chance for every American to fulfill their highest aspirations for themselves and for their children,” the congressman said.
“This vision leaves behind the failures of the past. It seeks instead to build upon those reforms that have worked,” he said.
Ryan called for a “stronger safety net” that “protects the most vulnerable and promotes self-reliance” and an end to inequalities in the education system.
“It calls on government to encourage, not displace, the efforts of free people to help one another,” he added.
Ryan also called for promoting economic growth through free enterprise, “because nothing has done more to lift people everywhere out of poverty.”


‘Global socialist revolution is becoming a reality’

Victor Topaller: ‘Global socialist revolution is becoming a reality’
Victor Topaller: ‘Global socialist revolution is becoming a reality’
(Victor Topallar)

Victor Topaller, a prominent Russian-American journalist, radio and television host from Staten Island, New York yesterday was asked a few questions about the state of America under President Obama by Ilya Galak, a Russian-American born citizen and blogger.

Like most Russian-Americans, he is not enthused at what he sees as the decline of America and wonders why no one else sees what is happening and are speaking out.

Galak asked, “Victor, we both went through the Soviet education system and memorized Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto and Lenin’s works by heart. If we didn't we would not have gotten our diplomas. I personally think that the ideological heads of the Democratic Party and liberal labor unions simply copied their programs and slogans from there. What’s your opinion on this?”

“There are no opinions here, only facts, and the facts are that Lenin’s “Global Socialist Revolution” is becoming a reality. Speaking of which, the “Leader of the Proletariat” was far from naive; he predicted that the global revolution will be carried out mainly by what he referred to as the “useful idiots from the West” – all that far-left-liberal riffraff… which is exactly what’s happened. And as for unions, I’d rather not comment. After all, who wants to mess with them? Note that Lenin called labor unions “The Schools of Communism” – what else can one say?” replied Topallar.


Deportation of Obama's Uncle on Hold as Immigration Board Re-Opens Case

Obamas Uncle

 Onyango Obama, uncle of President Barack Obama, arrives for a hearing in Framingham, Mass., District Court Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012, on DUI charges. (AP Photo/MetroWest Daily News, Allan Jung)

(CNSNews.com) -- The U.S Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed to reopen the immigration case of Onyango Obama, delaying the deportation of the 68-year old Kenyan who violated an order to leave the United States in 1992.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed to CNSNews.com on Tuesday that Obama, who is the president’s uncle, was granted a rehearing last week and his case is being re-opened.

“The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) remanded the case back to Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) for reconsideration. It is inappropriate for ICE to offer any further comment on this case,” Brian P. Hale, ICE assistant director for public affairs, said in a statement to CNSNews.com


The Month Before Christmas

Written on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by Rod Bedard Jr.

T’was a month before Christmas and all through the land
Stood half of the people with outstretched hands.
They wanted free goodies and that’s not a joke
And were eager to take them from hard working folk.
We’d not seen it coming, at least not this fast
The change in America was so hard to grasp.
The Liberal Progressives had quietly toiled
Our Blessed America soon would be spoiled.
It started out slow with perhaps good intention
The programs kept growing without apprehension.
With affirmative action it really got brewing
Handouts galore, what the heck were we doing.
The Dems and Republicans both are to blame
Both having experts at playing the game.
Convince folks they’re victims and tell them they’re owed
By tax paying people they don’t even know.
But the Democrats really perfected the craft
Picking our pockets while all of them laughed.
But we didn’t hear them, we’d fallen asleep
Trillions in debt we are in it too deep.
Now Sanders! Pelosi! Now Waters and Reid!
On Axelrod, Dean and Jackson-Lee!
Use rhetoric, blame and accusation
With race and class warfare they’ve split up the Nation.
So now we have come to a dangerous place
Where of brave politicians there’s barely a trace.
Obama is Czar now and that’s how he acts
Executive orders, tax and tax.
They’ve really expanded our fiscal mess
While insulting, demeaning, hard work and success.
Hey you didn’t build that…that’s what he said
So he’ll take half your earnings after you’re dead.
America’s debt’s going up by the hour
The Dems couldn’t care less, it’s all about power.
They’re determined to keep it no matter the price
Trade “free stuff” for votes and that should suffice.
Steal from the working in much larger portions
Use it for birth control pills and abortions.
Blame corporations and seek retribution
Indoctrinate the children in redistribution.
Pit men against women, whites against blacks
The poor versus wealthy, keep up the attacks.
There’s Occupy Wall Street and all those fools
Useful idiots, Socialist’s tools.
Progressives and Liberals have picked who to blame
They pander and pander and have no shame.
They’re righteous and angry and they know the way
That we should all live and we don’t get a say.
They promise their voters milk and honey
The shameless line up to take other folk’s money.
Conditioned to think they are somehow due
There’s never a thought about stealing from you.
So we’ve come to a place in our Country today
Where half of us leech and the other half pay.
So I ask you think what this poem’s about
When we become Europe, who bails US out?

What Happened to our Sense of Humor ?                       12-7-2012

          Remember  Pearl  Harbor.  God Bless our Troops and Veterans! Thank you!


            I don't know how many of you have heard the news about the British Nurse who was pranked by the Australian radio hosts, but what was intended to be a joke, and was indeed funny, has turned into a tragedy. This nurse allegedly gave out information about Princess Kate to callers pretending to be Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles.  This information was nothing that other reporters hadn't already received and publicized , nor was it of an intimate nature. Public reaction was mixed, but all in all, the prank was harmless and comical. Until today.

            Today, the nurse involved is dead, presumably at her own hand. I can't speak for others, but when I heard this news today, I was deeply saddened.  No one knows WHY the nurse chose to do such a tragic , desperate thing, but I imagine it had a lot to do with the way the British feel about their Royals.  The Royal Family is deeply loved by almost everyone in Britain, and to cause them harm or pain in any manner, would be traumatic to the people. Most of us don't see where ANY harm or pain was caused the Royals by this prank, but apparently the nurse DID. I am guessing that she could not stand the embarrassment and shame she placed upon her own shoulders. Perhaps she feared some kind of retribution, or maybe she was fired, we may never know.

             What I DO know, is that she was well-liked, and reported to have been an excellent person and nurse. Now she is dead.  There is something very, very wrong with the way people think today. When did harmless pranks and jokes become life and death matters?  When did name-calling evolve into Hate Speech and Racism? When did humor become smut?  WHERE is our healthy sense of humor? Have our hides become so thin that we  bleed to death  if our feelings are hurt?

               This is another example of the peril that comes from Political Correctness.  To submit to P.C is to weaken our emotional health and enable others to be weakened. It endangers our Right to Free Speech. Dangerous people or situations are allowed to spread their evil, commit crimes , and even cause loss of life, because someone did not want to say something about them or it, that might be "Offensive".  John Doe was seen inappropriately touching children in the park one day, but we can't SAY anything because it might offend John Doe.  Jane Jones has a collection of things in her garage that mixed together would make a bomb that could kill hundreds of people, but her husband is a Muslim, and we wouldn't want to stereo-type or "Profile" them, so we'll keep it to ourselves until they actually bomb something.

                   Someone calls your kid a kike, a cracker, a Polack, a ginnie, a nigger, white trash, whatever, and you call the police and have the offending child arrested and thrown out of school. HATE SPEECH!  Does this teach your kids to be self-assured, confident in who they are, and able to shrug off the things that really don't matter?  A teacher or school staff member has a Christian cross on his or her desk, so they must be fired!  How DARE anyone show pride in their faith or celebrate the Lord, or wear a Conservative or religious clothing item to school! How DARE anyone object to same-sex marriage which is blatantly unnatural, or abortion which is murder.  How dare we chuckle at an Ethnic joke, someone may be emotionally damaged forever as a result! 

              We have become a world of wimpy, emotionally fragile, over-sensitive babies, and it has caused and will continue to cause more harm than being Politically In-Correct, EVER could!  I know that words can be devastating, I have been a victim of hurtful words, who hasn't been?  Yet we need to understand that words are only words, and if we are strong in heart, confident in who we are and what we stand for, and refuse to ALLOW words to be used as weapons against us, we will not only survive, but Triumph over the haters. Let them hate, it's a free country and I know of no emotion-police, YET. Let others be unkind and hurtful if that is who they are, and USE the lessons you learn from them to be a better, kinder person yourself.

              In my lifetime, I have been both excessively thin and well overweight. I have been the target of unkind comments and derisive words. I have known people who will stand before me, supposedly in conversation, and literally run their eyes up and down my body repeatedly. Not only is this rude for the fact they are not hearing your side of the conversation, but it is shameful that your shape or what you are wearing is so important to them. Bodies are mere shells, clothing is just to keep you legal when you go outdoors.  Should our popularity be decided upon our exteriors? Should you be treated differently if you are fat than you would be if you were thin? Of course not, but that's how it is!  People really ARE that shallow!

            As a result of my own experiences, I always make it a point to look people in the eye when I speak to them, especially if they have a physical disability or a weight issue. I KNOW it is hurtful to be judged on appearance, and I refuse to make anyone feel as if I am doing that to THEM.  Emotions can run high, and they are without a doubt, capable of doing irreparable harm, but we have to be willing to ALLOW our emotions to be affected by negative , shallow people and their hateful words. Generally , it is their own insecurity and unhappiness that drives their hate. Rather than allow them to drag us down WITH them, we need to stand strong and pray for THEM. Better yet, ask them if they are happy and if not, what can you do to help?

              Most importantly, there are two things that every human soul needs to survive. The first is Faith, and the second is laughter. The two complement one another quite well!  The old saying that "Laughter is the Best Medicine" is very true.  We need to be unafraid to laugh at ourselves, our situations, and the amusing antics of others.  When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time in the office. I wasn't a punk, but I was mischievous and rebellious, and something of a class clown, so I was in trouble a LOT.  I remember many times thinking that being in trouble was the end of the world, but then I would tell myself this: "One day I will look back on this and laugh".  It was effective then, and still is.

             We take the little things far too seriously.  We need to laugh more. Good,clean humor is everywhere. Animals are hysterical sometimes and so are children. How often do you say NO when your kids ask you to play a game with them? Try saying YES, and see how much laughter takes place in half an hour with a kid. Get together with friends and reminisce, that's ALWAYS good for some laughs!  If all else fails, go to some board meetings! LOL!  Watch re-runs of I Love Lucy or Everybody Loves Raymond. Better yet, Archie Bunker, so you can laugh and thicken your ethnic skin at the same time!

           Suicide is never an answer for anything. There are SOOOOO many options when and if you are feeling that desperate. This nurse did not have to die, she needed to laugh at the ingenuity of the prank , shrug it off and move on. Those who may have scorned her for her human mistake, would have moved on to another victim within days and all would have been forgotten. It was trivial, but she was not able to see the humor in it, nor was she secure in who she was.

            Life is too short to be so serious about the small stuff. Every day dawns new and shiny, and God is in His Heaven watching over us, even if you don't believe He is. Even God laughs sometimes! Jesus surely did! The Apostles did, and so should WE. Allow yourself to feel joy every day, and if it doesn't come to you, seek it out. Be kind, whether others are kind to you or not.  Know your own value and never let cruel words rob you of your self. Refuse to submit to the pressure of Political Correctness and threats of Hate Speech, you have Rights to protect and fight for and no overly-sensitive cry-baby has the power or right to rob you of them. MAKE someone laugh as often as you can and look for the humor in your everyday life.

           In today's world, we are under tremendous pressure, severe stress, political unrest and division, the loss of the values and traditions we have held dear for centuries. Lots to worry about and deal with. Why let name-calling and cruel people rain on our parade?  Live right, DO right, and laugh out loud!             God Bless.   JJ


  Quick Note:

         All meetings of all Town Boards will now be held at the new Town Hall Meeting Room, beginning with next Tuesday's Town Board Meeting.  No more Firehouse, no more American Legion Hall.  Also, for those who might be interested, for the next few weeks we will be reviewing some of the major problems we have had in town in 2012 and look at what we can and will do differently in 2013. 

                  One thing we  definitely want to be certain we watch carefully, are the appointments for vacant board seats in January. We cannot and will Not, tolerate another Organizational Meeting like the one we had in January of 2012.  So stay tuned for recaps and future plans. 


Tonight's Links!

Obama DID Arm the Libyan Killers of OUR People (told ya so)


O'Reilly and the Christmas trees


Atheist Wimp Drops out of West Point Because People Were Being Mean to Him

Cadet Lt. Blake Page is an atheist. He is a cadet at West Point nearing the completion of his four-year program. In fact, he’s only five months away from graduating. He is upset about the religious nature of some aspects of West Point. He describes it as a blatant violation of the Constitution:
“These men and women are criminals, complicit in light of daily defiance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice through unconstitutional proselytism, discrimination against the non-religious and establishing formal policies to reward, encourage and even at times require sectarian religious participation.”
Even if everything Mr. Page says is true, it’s obvious that he’s a wimp. He can’t handle the pressure of people who disagree with his views. What will he do in combat when America’s enemies are firing bullets at him and dropping bombs on him? Was he going to run home to his mommy and whine and cry that the bad people were being mean to him?
CNN contributor Roland Martin got involved in the debate about Mr. Page’s grievances. As expected, he brought race into the discussion even though Page is not black. Here’s what Martin said:
“General Benjamin Davis Jr. was the first black to finish from West Point in the 20th Century. He went through an entire year where no one even spoke to him because he was black. Do you believe that you’re giving in to them by leaving? What if you stayed? What if you said, no matter what you do to me, I am going to win and beat you at this battle? Why leave?”
General Davis did not pack it in when he was treated unfairly, just like Jackie Robinson did not quit baseball when he was subjected to ridicule and actual threats of violence.
Christians have been fighting anti-Christian professors for decades. Every day Christians are attacked on television shows, in films, in anti-Christian billboards put up by some of Mr. Page’s fellow atheists, and in books by best-selling atheist authors like Daniel C. Bennett, Richard Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitches, and Sam Harris.
Dennett proposes that anyone who holds a theistic view of origins should not be allowed to educate their children:
“If you insist on teaching your children falsehoods — that the Earth is flat,[1] that ‘Man’ is not a product of evolution by natural selection — then you must expect, at the very least, that those of us who have freedom of speech will feel free to describe your teachings as the spreading of falsehoods, and will attempt to demonstrate this to your children at our earliest opportunity. Our future well-being — the well-being of all of us on the planet — depends on the education of our descendants.
Such views are not uncommon among atheists.
There’s the recent story about residents at a senior apartment complex who had their Christmas tree removed “from the community room because, they were told, it’s a religious symbol.”
Stories like this one are reported on almost daily across the United States. Take a look at David Limbaugh’s Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity. Christians have been on the receiving end of anti-Christians hostilities for nearly two millennia. Mr. Page needs to grow up. If he can’t take the pressure of religious disagreements, then he doesn’t belong at West Point.
The only reason this guy is getting any attention in the media is because he’s attacking Christians.

  1. Any scholar worth his historical salt knows that the flat earth myth was a 19th-century invention. “It was Washington Irving’s 1828 novelistic biography The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, a work of fiction, that spread the lie that until Columbus’s time everyone believed that the world was flat.” John J. Pilch, A Cultural Handbook to the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012), 22. Also see Jeffrey Burton Russell, Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians (New York: Praeger, 1991). []
  2. Daniel C. Dennett, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meaning of Life (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1995), 519. []
  Now, am I crying and whining to a lawyer about my Christian sensibilities being hurt by this article or the idiot cadet?  LOLOL! Does that sound like I'm upset?

Clinton to face Congress on Benghazi

White House Correspondent
By Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News |
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a news conference at Stormont Castle in Belfast December 7, 2012. …Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify publicly to Congress on the findings of the State Department's investigation into the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya, a top lawmaker said Friday.
Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Clinton had agreed to come before her panel to discuss a probe into the attack by the State Department's accountability review board (ARB). The congresswoman did not specify a date.
"As we anticipate the release of the ARB report, I look forward to discussing with the Secretary what corrective measures has the Department undertaken to address problems identified in the months following the Benghazi attack, including security of our posts, threat assessments, host government responsibilities, and coordination with other U.S. security agencies," the lawmaker said in a statement.
Ros-Lehtinen's office said the ARB report was expected next week and that Clinton "will be testifying soon thereafter" to her committee and to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
The assault claimed the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Obama initially connected the attack with the Sept. 11, 2001, strikes rhetorically as "acts of terror" but the administration went on to link it to popular Muslim anger over an Internet video ridiculing Islam.
Republicans have accused the administration of misleading the public by playing down intelligence that it was a terrorist attack. They have also charged that the administration ignored requests for increased security in Benghazi and expressions of concern about extremists operating in the eastern Libyan city.
The White House flatly denies deliberately misleading the public.
The dispute over what happened in Benghazi—and how it was portrayed—has ensnared a top contender to replace Clinton, American Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice.
The White House has described GOP lawmakers as being gripped by a politically fueled "obsession" with a series of television appearances Rice made shortly after the attack in which she linked it to the video. Obama has repeatedly and forcefully defended Rice.
In late November, White House press secretary Jay Carney said the United States still does not know who carried out the attack.

NOTICE that this article is from Yahoo News, not a Conservative site. See the difference? Here you see the Reps. being made to look like paranoids, and the WH claims to look sensible. WHERE in this piece, do you hear any outrage over the Benghazi incident or intent to hold anyone accountable?

 THIS is what the Democrats Voted FOR!

White House To Host Rapper Who Wants US Troops & Families Murdered

PSY1His popular song and YouTube video “Gangnam Style” has become a hit sensation. The “artist” known simply as “PSY” has the largest viewed video on YouTube, approaching 1 billion views. But now he’s apparently headed for the White House by invitation of Barack Obama. So what’s the problem? It appears that PSY has performed a song at least once in his native South Korea in which he rapped about torturing and killing U.S. troops and their families slowly.
It has recently been unearthed in the states, however, that eight years ago, long before achieving this massive stardom, the mega-star rapped about “slowly and painfully” killing American military members and their families.
Some context: since becoming a democracy in the late 80s, South Korea has developed a rich, sometimes over-the-top, tradition of protest. Swarms of Koreans hit the streets to protest everything from free trade agreements to North Korea to Muslim extremism to American troops stationed on their peninsula.
During a 2002 protest concert against the presence of 37,000 American troops in Korea, PSY took the stage in gold face-paint and, with the crowd egging him on, lifted a miniature “American tank” and smashed it on the ground to massive applause. UPDATE: The performance was inspired by the recent death of two Korean school girls who were run over by an American tank in South Korea. The soldiers driving the tank were acquitted by a US military court.
Later in 2004, Islamists in Iraq captured a Korean missionary and made demands of South Korea to not send troops to aid the Americans in the war in Iraq. South Korea refused, sending troops and the missionary was beheaded.
People took to the streets to protest both the Muslims and U.S. military for what happened to the missionary. Part of those protests was a live performance by several popular Korean musicians, including PSY. As they performed a Korean rock bands song “Dear American,” PSY began to rap:
Kill those fu_king Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those fu_king Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully
While there is no doubt that there have been rappers such as Ice-T who years ago would rap about things like killing cops, but has portrayed policemen in films and on television, never actually having engaged in the activity of it himself. In fact, he claims that his rapping was from the perspective of another man, not himself.
However, rapper “Common” was invited in 2011 to the White House. This guy openly called for the assassination of former President George W. Bush and gave praise to convicted cop killer and Black Panther Assata Shakur. Eminem and Chris Brown both have not only openly rapped about violence against women, but have also engaged in it.
The question comes, why in the world would the leader of the free world invite such people as guests in the People’s house? Granted PSY seems to have changed his tune a bit since gaining international fame and garnering the support of many Americans for his recent tune and one can understand his being upset with things that took place in his own country, but to come out and openly sing about slowly torturing and killing troops and their families is something he should be called on and until there is some sort of a change of heart, this man should not be invited to the White House. I suppose it is par for the course for the man who has entertained the likes of convicted domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, along with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and various Communists and Socialists at home and from around the world.

   December 7, 1941

The American Minute: December 7

by Bill Federer on December 7, 2012 
“DECEMBER 7, 1941- a date which will live in infamy- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”
Thus spoke President Franklin D. Roosevelt following the attack on Pearl Harbor by over 350 Japanese aircraft. Five American battleships and three destroyers were sunk, 400 planes were destroyed and over 4000 were killed or wounded. President Roosevelt concluded:
“No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory…We will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.”
FDR continued:
“Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger. With confidence in our armed forces – with the unbounding determination of our people – we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God.”
(As a note, of the over 500 words inscribed on the new World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, the designers chose not to include FDR’s phrase “So help us God,” nor any other mention of God.)
Can't Make This Stuff Up!                       12-9-2012

       At least once a week, I have a day that I need to just avoid all the issues and re-charge my batteries.  Tomorrow may be one of those days.  All week, I have been inundated with negative information and news, too many reminders of the apathy and ignorance of today's Americans. It gets overwhelming.  Last night and tonight, I took a little of my own advice and spent time with people that made me laugh, a LOT.  It puts things into perspective for me. All the same, I'll spend tomorrow furiously cleaning my house that isn't dirty, because I need the distraction of things I can control.

        The two top videos I have posted below, will explain why I feel the way I do. It's just not possible for me to understand how SO many people can be SO clueless, so unplugged from the world they live in, so uninformed yet content in their bubbles. I used to believe it was simple stupidity, and in some cases, it is.  Yet I don't see how the MAJORITY of Americans could possibly be that stupid. It's more than that, it's BIGGER than that, and it's VERY scary.

          Some of it is selfishness , a lot of it is laziness, with a little gullibility and sense of entitlement thrown in. I look at the illegal alien problem that has become so serious, so extreme in recent years, and it boggles the mind. We have LAWS against illegal border crossing, we have Border Patrol agents, but not enough of them. Rather then enforce the laws and strengthen the borders, Obama grants Amnesty to illegals that are already here, refuses to toss the "Anchor Baby" loophole, and rewards illegals with government hand-outs.

           I look at our public education system, the removal of God, the editing of history textbooks to suit the Liberal agenda, classes that teach acceptance of sinful behaviors and lifestyles, indoctrination of our kids to dis-respect our flag, the Pledge, and most authority. Colleges that employ primarily liberal professors and push Socialistic ideals on our young people.  I see the War on Christmas by Atheists, most of whom WILL have a tree in their living room and gifts to open on the morning of Dec. 25.  Anti-War and Anti-Big Business demonstrations in our streets and parks, held by people who enjoy the freedoms and protections that were hard-won by soldiers of past and present war, and use and enjoy the products provided by Big Businesses.

           Each year, more and more Americans go on the dole, and today it is almost 50% of this country's residents!  FIFTY-PERCENT!  The American divorce rate is also at 50%. Single-parent families out-number traditional families 3 to 1.  Taxes, which are essentially illegal, are the highest in history and so are gasoline and groceries. Entertainment is provided by smutty, anti-American, liberal idiots that make MILLIONS of dollars a year yet do nothing but verbally attack the only country in the world where making that kind of money is possible.

            Christians are persecuted, Muslims are protected. Officials break laws, other officials cover for them. The Media and the government lie as easily as they breathe. Obama wants us to be a Socialist and maybe even Communist country and American citizens are supporting him and his agenda. Voting is no longer secure and offices are stolen through voter fraud at every level. Our debt will never be paid. America has lost its' credit rating, its' reputation as the best nation in the world, its' morality, and its' military strength. People walk around and go about their lives like Zombies, eyes and minds shut tight. Just watch video number two and you'll see the evidence of THAT!  Then watch Video #3 and see that not only are these people totally uninformed, but they are also liars with no shame.

          Problem is, there are no longer any consequences for bad behavior. Sure, parents, teachers and clergy are all important in teaching our kids right from wrong, but that can't happen today like it did when I was a kid. Two-Parent families are rare, teachers are either liberal themselves, or controlled by liberal unions and Department of Education Rules. Clergy? How many families do you know today that take their kids to church, Sunday School or Bible Study?  Still, even without all that early education about right and wrong, most of us should be able to learn quickly enough that bad behavior comes with a price, right? Not anymore.

          I was told by a local high school student of an event in her classroom last year. The teacher was attempting to control the class that was refusing to take their seats or stop talking and fooling around. One of the male students walked up to this teacher and grabbed his genitals while all the other kids laughed and swore at the teacher. Not one of those kids was sent to the office, and if they HAD been, nothing would have been done anyway.  No Consequences. Heaven forbid, the teacher had grabbed the arm of the kid that grabbed HIM! He would have been fired.

          Police officers put their lives on the line every day to take dangerous people off the streets. Judges slap the wrists of the offenders and set them free to offend again. The few who Do go to jail or prison, spend their time watching satellite television, getting free dental and medical care while their families get welfare. Jails now have places of worship for every religion known to man, real or man-made, including sweat lodges for American Indians. Some punishment,huh?

            There are liberal-invented excuses for every crime and perversion. They were born that way, their parents were alcoholics or drug addicts, the father beat them, the mother was a hooker, you name it. SO? Everyone had SOMETHING in their past that was tough to deal with, but once you become an adult, you are free to choose how to live your own life. Free to NOT repeat the Sins of the Fathers. Rather than being allowed and encouraged to make good decisions, these people are offered  ready-made excuses and a lifetime of molly-coddling. No consequences.  Why? To make or keep them dependent on the government and its' worthless programs. To enslave.

        Blacks are coddled by liberals and Democrats for the exact same reason, to keep them on the dole, under-educated and dependent, so they can be controlled by the officials that buy their votes with entitlements and Special considerations based on race. They hide the truth about the Democratic Party being responsible for slavery in the first place, for supporting Planned Parenthood which was founded by a woman who wanted Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks. They have no clue and don't WANT a clue. Getting informed would mean they might have to become self-sustaining , responsible people.  Working people don't GET free Obamaphones and Food Stamps.

      Politicians. They make their own rules, spindle,bend and mutilate the law, the Constitution, and Moral and Ethical Code to suit their own agendas. They steal and lie and cheat, and nothing is ever done about it. No Consequences.  The Good Ol' Boy's Club. We CAN fight it, and we COULD change it, but we never will. Too many Americans fall into the same category as the people in tonight's videos. Those of us with common sense, those who are outraged and ready to fight, are now outnumbered by the evil. I like to tell myself we can still make a difference, bring America back even half-way to what she was when I was a kid, but Obama's re-election has made that very unlikely. Had he lost, we might have had a shot.

          Obama is a prime example of all the wrongs I listed above. He was never eligible to hold office in America and still isn't. He is NOT a natural-born citizen of this country. He has a top-secret history, a dead American's Social Security number, and a birth certificate which has been proven to be fraudulent. It is FACT, that he was raised and groomed by Socialists, Communists and Muslims. He has been caught in lie after lie after lie. He is directly responsible for the rise in racial division, the loss of respect for our Constitution, and the deaths of FIVE of America's best citizens. He has answered for NOTHING. He has made more executive orders than all other presidents COMBINED, has committed Treason several times over, bows to foreign leaders, crippled our military, ended our space program, and tripled our debt.

          He has made sleazy promises to Russian Leaders and formed alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and other criminals, even bringing them into OUR White House as guests!  Still, the people are either unaware, or so apathetic and selfish, that they just don't CARE. NO CONSEQUENCES!  It is no wonder that we are a country quickly going under. Even dogs know cause and effect, but our officials do not. We have so-called leaders, but no leadership. We have laws, but they only apply to you and me, not to the politicians or the deviant or the connected. After God, it is the PEOPLE that hold the ultimate power to hold the feet of the evil to the fire, to demand punishment of those who commit crimes, regardless of who they are or what their title or position may be.

            Only the People, as a United Front, can insist on consequences for transgressions. When the people are weakened by the nanny state, or uninformed by the liberal media, misled by a corrupt school system, and ignorant of the Word of God, what hope is there of seeing that United Front in time to make a difference? Very, very, little.


Please keep Doug and Cindy Banker in Prayer. Also, Daniel Benson,  the grandson of Larry and Barbara Benson, leaves tomorrow for boot camp and will soon be a U. S Marine.  God Bless you Daniel, we are Proud of you!  Be safe!


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