False Flags Waving                                                12-2-2015

                 As I write this, another "Alleged" mass-shooting is taking place in California.  

                  A man is being interviewed right now whose daughter is supposedly inside the business complex, yet he appears to be amazingly calm, almost sleepy.  The most concerning piece of this event already, is a fact that I expected to hear in the coming days, but have heard IMMEDIATELY, is that there was a Police Training Exercise in process a few miles away, allowing a speedy response.  This has been the case in almost all of the active-shooter scenarios we have seen in recent years. 

                  Sandy Hook in particular, was not just a couple of miles from a Law-Enforcement exercise, it WAS an exercise. It was also a very poorly executed, False Flag Operation put in place by the Obama administration. The evidence for the Sandy Hook event being a False Flag Op is prolific and indisputable and outweighs any evidence for it having been real by at least 20 to 1. Many, many expert investigators with decades of experience and high credibility, have provided proof of the Sandy Hook lie. These experts include Federal Agents, Connecticut State Police Officers, and Police from surrounding towns.

                  Some of these experts have received such serious threats from the government, that they have been forced to continue their delivery of evidence by taking on false identities.  Considering how many Americans swallowed the Sandy Hook lie, it was a terribly cruel and evil thing for the government to do.    Yet that is what governments DO, cruel and evil things that facilitate their agenda, the agenda to implement more draconian gun regulations and eventually, disarmament. 

                   Operation Fast and Furious was the first large-scale attempt by the Obama administration to demonize gun ownership by American citizens.   It was Eric Holder's baby, and he blew it BIG TIME. F and F did not succeed in its original purpose, but it DID succeed in providing high-powered weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels who then used those guns to murder Border Guard, Brian Terry. These same guns were also used to commit mass-murders among rival gangs in Mexico and the "Collateral Damage" of innocent by-standers, including a group of teenagers who were attending a birthday party. 

                   Not only was the deliberate arming of foreign felons by the U.S government an act of Treason, but losing track of the weapons which resulted in countless murders has never been addressed ! Eric Holder should have been convicted and given the death sentence, but instead he was allowed to walk away unscathed AND keep his job as the highest-ranking , law-enforcement official in America ! (Even though he NEVER served in Law Enforcement).

                  There has never been justice for Brian Terry or his family or for the many others killed by Holder's guns, and there never will be. He and Obama never even lost a minute of sleep.  Hillary Clinton will also walk away from the Benghazi massacre she was responsible for, scot-free and unrepentant. She and her husband, Slick Willy, have left too many dead bodies in their wake over the years and paid no price for a single one. There is NO question that the Clintons are responsible for a number of mysterious deaths, yet she is still a candidate for the Presidency of the greatest country on earth. What the HELL are the American People drinking ?!

                 Those who live in cities should consider giving up the drinking of public water. It was Fluoride that Hitler used to sterilize and dumb-down the inmates if his concentration camps. At least they died with healthy teeth.

                  People who believe that the government has our best interest at heart, that they would never lie to us or mislead us, or compromise our safety, are gullible fools.  Ordinary citizens are always expendable and so are political actors who dare to buck the system.  Just a day or two ago, I mentioned Obama's  "To-Do" list and his dream of implementing severe gun control laws.  Minutes ago, a reporter at the scene of today's "event" stated that America has seen an alarming spike in this type of event since 2008. Gee, what ELSE happened in 2008 ? If you think it's coincidence, you're fooling yourself.

                 The spike in violence of ALL types in America since 2008 cannot be ignored. Most violent acts committed do NOT involve guns, but you aren't told about that. It isn't sensationalized by the media as gun crimes are. So why ARE people more violent these days?  Where do we BEGIN ?!

                 Persecution of Christians and the Faith, Laws against public prayer, Liberal curriculum in our schools and universities, loss of industry and an unprecedented level of joblessness. The sanctioning of deviant behaviors and lifestyles, racial division, environmental Naziism, oppression of our Constitutional Rights and protections, the healthcare nightmare, and lack of consequences for lawless officials. Think people are frustrated?  Open borders, dangerous illegal invasions of un-vetted people from enemy countries, the weakening of our dollar and our military, and the neglect of our veterans and patriotic traditions, ALL serve to push many people over the edge.

                  (Did you know that Willie Fuchs passed away in early November? He died in the parking lot of the Albany V.A following a visit to the doctor. As he suffered a major heart attack, his family members ran into the V.A to seek help. V.A staff told them that their emergency room was closed for the day and they should call 911 !!) 

                    I sincerely hope that most of you will make a promise to yourselves and your families to always, actively seek truth. Never, ever believe what you hear and see on the news. As you watch the coverage of today's events in California, look closely at the players. Gauge the reactions and lack of, of the family members being interviewed. Do these people look appropriately upset to YOU? Does the medical response to the scene appear to be at all unusual for the situation? Did you know, that one of the alleged shooters has already been tentatively identified as a Muslim named Farooq Saeed ? 

                    No, of course you didn't, you're listening to the mainstream media.  You DID already hear that guns are the cause, but there has been no mention of Islam. 

                     Wake UP, America and stop being so gullible. Question EVERYTHING !!


  (By the way, if you're not boycotting Nestle, you SHOULD be!)


 Muslims and Munitions                                             12-6-2015

I did not listen to Obama's speech tonight. Just his voice is enough to set my teeth on edge, and then nothing but lies, accusations against the innocent, denial of reality, and snide remarks about pro-gun Republicans begin to flow from his forked tongue. Who wants to listen to THAT ?! Especially from the person who is SUPPOSED to be protecting American citizens.

I DID have the unpleasant experience of listening to Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Chris Christie on the early morning show today, and that wasn't a whole lot better than listening to Obama. Sanders is worse than Biden, if that's possible. Another foolish old man with Socialist ideals and an inability to get a sentence out without tripping all over his own tongue. If he wasn't so annoying and enchanted, he would be comical. Imagine THAT guy as President ?! Good Lord !

Trump says all the right things, all the things that Conservatives , Patriots, and People of Faith want and need to hear. However, he is crude, rude, opinionated, and has NO clue when it comes to foreign policy. I despise Political Correctness , but I am not a fan of boors, either. Trump is a Boor. Not only that, but I will never believe that he is not working directly for the Clintons, and should he win the election, we would have another four years of Clinton Control. I am far from alone in this belief, millions of Conservatives feel the same way. Once sworn-in to office, Trump would go full left.         Not to mention that if he won, our First Lady would be a former ,Playboy Centerfold model.

Christie says a lot of things I like hearing, but let's face it, he's the governor of New Jersey, one of the top three, most liberal states in America. He has changed his mind about too many things over the years, and I think he would say anything  to get elected, then once in, he too would revert to his old ways. I guess it's a matter of trust, and neither Trump or Christie have said or done anything to earn MINE. Quite the opposite. Then there's Andrew Cuomo, who stated last week that Americans love guns more than their country. The truth is, that Americans who are armed are the people who love their country the most! WE are the people who are willing and able to defend America and our neighbors and families. Cuomo is an ass, and his days in office are numbered. Think about THIS for a minute; Not ten days ago, he stated that he wants to see the State of New York become the first, Aids-Free state. This, from the guy who made same-sex marriage legal in N.Y via executive order two years ago ! DUH !! But I digress.

Obama says that Terrorism is the result of Climate Change. How do you even respond  to that ? How do you take seriously a man who thinks non-existent , Global Warming is the most dangerous thing we face as a country today ? How about we CLOSE THE BORDER ?! He and Sanders both said that the way to fight ISIS is to put “Muslim Boots on the Ground”. Seriously ? These are the people that our soldiers spent 13 years training and arming, only to have them run and hide from ISIS when left to fight on their own ! It was Obama's political move of prematurely withdrawing our troops that allowed ISIS to form and grow. HE is totally responsible for the rise of ISIS and for failing to nip them in the bud when they were still manageable. ISIS is fighting and murdering innocent people with AMERICAN arms and equipment that the Iraqis abandoned when they fled in fear. Obama ARMED them, Obama created  them ! For VOTES. So he and Bernie Sanders think that the Muslims will fight ISIS NOW ?! LOLOL!!!!

Belgium is also under assault by Islamic extremists and Syrian Refugees, and THEY are pointing the finger directly at Obama and his administration. They are correct. However, at the same time, why is it always America who must rescue the world from themselves ? Where were the Belgium troops in the Middle East ? Where were the Greeks, the Germans, etc.,etc. ? Where are they NOW ? This is not an American issue anymore, it is a World Issue, and it will take all of us to fight this nightmare and END it, and we better do it damn soon.

Meanwhile, the gun-grabbers are still blaming firearms for every shooting that happens in America. Sanders actually said that we have had over 350 mass-shootings in America in the past year! LOLOL!!!! Wonder where he gets HIS numbers ? Wonder where Obama gets the data that mass-shootings don't happen anywhere else but in America ? I can provide him with photos of Jews being shot and dumped into pits by the thousands, and recent photos of Christians suffering the identical fate at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East, and so on and so on. It's the Ostrich Syndrome.

I'm told that Firearm Safety Courses in New York are booked solid until late February. You can bet that the same thing is true all across America, as this year's Black Friday saw a record-breaking number of guns sold for Christmas. More even than right after Obama's first election, a gun-rush that earned Obama the Title of “Gun Salesman of the Decade”. With the increase in terror attacks and the number of Muslims being allowed to invade our shores, as well as the open border and the other dangerous illegals flowing in, is it really any surprise that so many Americans are arming-up ?

Sheriff VonBlarcum of Ulster County, N.Y had HIS say last week. He has publicly encouraged citizens with CCW Permits, to carry their firearms every time they leave their homes. He stated that in the event of a situation like San Bernardino, he and his Deputies would appreciate the help. AMEN. Many Sheriffs are following VonBlarcum's example. Good for THEM. EVERY American IS the Militia. The others are targets.

What people like Sanders, Obama, Cuomo, Hillary, Bloomberg and the other gun-grabbers don't GET, is that the Second Amendment was written for just such a time as this, to allow the good people of this country to assist Law Enforcement and protect all they hold dear from foreign invasion and an over-reaching government. We now have both. We must be prepared to do whatever we must. Americans don't LOVE guns more than their country, they LOVE Freedom. They LOVE safety. They are dedicated to the preservation of those things and if it takes guns to ensure that protection, then so be it. The more these idiots talk, the more they threaten us with more draconian gun regulations, the more we will buy the guns, the ammo, and the emergency supplies. We are a Formidable Force, and getting stronger every day.

The Second Amendment will NEVER go away, it will NEVER be amended, and it will NOT be infringed for even one more minute. The people are finished with waiting for the government to do its job and protect the American citizenry, and we will no longer obey unconstitutional laws and mandates that seek to disarm us or limit our access to effective weapons. It's that great NEW practice of standing strong and saying, “NO!”.

It's interesting that not one of these loud-mouth, Liberal gun-haters has mentioned the FACT that every time there HAS been a so-called, “Mass Shooting” in America, the shooters have been one of two things: 1) Muslim, or 2) Liberal Democrats. Go ahead, look it up! Not ONCE, has a Conservative, a Patriot, a Christian or a Jew, taken up arms and killed innocent people in the name of religion or as a result of some imagined insult or offense. EVERY one has been a Muslim or a Democrat Liberal. EVERY ONE. So tell me now that Liberalism isn't a mental disease and that Islam isn't pure evil. Try telling me that Gun-Free Zones WORK. Try telling me that the bad guys won't get guns anymore if they pass stricter laws. Bad guys will ALWAYS get guns, they always have. We have tons of drug laws, and how's THAT workin' for ya"? Do you really think that criminals will suddenly obey gun laws when they don't obey ANY laws? Umm, that's why they're criminals! The depth of the stupidity of these people is impossible to comprehend.

Don't YOU be stupid. Go see my friend Tony at Guns Inc. in Schodack and arm-up. Take the safety course, get to know other gun owners who will help you become a responsible and proficient gun owner, then get out and practice. If you don't exercise your rights, you may LOSE your rights, and even your life. It's time to get real.


  Photo #2)     ONLY in AMERICA ?!?!


Something GOOD !!                                                    12-8-2015

              Remember me telling you last week that I really wished I had some GOOD news to share for a change ? That wish came true tonight !

               It's been a very long time since I was able to report a positive, Town Board Meeting, but tonight is IT. This meeting not only went smoothly and true to the agenda, but the entire atmosphere was different. There was a lot of speculation about Benson's absence and the timing of it, but at this point, who cares anyway ? Dan Evans did a good job as Deputy. 

                The public was the usual mixed group, some members of the Benson Camp and some from Colleen's. It may have been the Holiday Cheerfulness and it may have been a result of Benson not being there spreading misery, but whatever it was, the room was a very nice place to be tonight. There was some discussion that people were passionate about and there were differing views, but it was a RESPECTFUL discussion ! No one was angry with anyone else's opinions or comments, and things were talked about in a cooperative manner. 

                  Most surprising was the amount of laughter that was heard all through the meeting. Not snide or derisive laughter, but shared enjoyment. I was so pleased with my fellow Lebanonites, that I smiled through the entire hour! It was almost as if I were in another town! When the meeting ended, everyone lingered to chat, and I had FIVE people tell me that they were thrilled with the change in the atmosphere. It was THAT apparent. 

                  It is my greatest wish that tonight was an indication of things to come under the leadership of our new officials. Maybe we can all stop taking ourselves and our town issues so seriously and relax, and work together going forward. Lebanon is a very small town, but it is big enough to become something even more special than it already is, IF we can learn to give and take, and IF each side understands that we can not expect to have it all our way. 

                   My biggest complaint, other than political corruption of course, has always been the insistence of the transplants and far-left residents, that they be in charge of everything and make all the decisions. Nothing makes me more furious than seeing the locals treated as inferiors by city people with God Complexes. We CAN have some liberal businesses and programs in town, but we have a right to have Conservative ones as well. We can ALL have a say in what the town's future should be, if the liberal transplants would realize that the locals MUST be included in those plans and ideas if there is ever to be unity or community cohesiveness here. Tonight was a glimmer of hope that we may just GET there. 

                    There is a LOT of work to be done to reach that goal, but I believe we have finally taken that all-important, First Step. The step that is always the most difficult. Let's keep walking. 

                     I had another stunning surprise at last night's Constitution Study. Due to the many holiday activities going on, many of the usual attendees were absent, but there was a NEW student present. None other than Monte Wasch ! Everyone, including Monte himself, is aware of my feelings about him serving in an official position in New Lebanon again, and that will not change, but I was genuinely pleased to see him sitting at the table last night.

                      There was NO doubt in my mind that he was there for my benefit, and he admitted as much about halfway through the meeting.  He stated that he and my husband and I seldom agree on much, and that's very true, and he wanted to come to the class to show me that, "There is room in the Constitution for everyone ". Of course there is, and I have never said there wasn't. What I'm concerned with, is the epidemic of Constitutional Ignorance in America and the lack of adherence to Constitutional Law.

                       I HAVE stated here on this blog that Monte is smart and is always courteous with me. We can discuss issues and be civil with one another, and I don't have to agree with his liberal views or the things he supports in town. Nor do I expect HIM to agree with MY views and what I support. What I DO expect, is for all residents of this town to respect the RIGHT of others to HAVE  differing views and to meet half-way.

                        Regardless of Monte and my past disagreements, the class was a pleasant and educational one as always, and Monte contributed much to it. I sincerely hope he continues to attend. My son and grandaughter were present and neither of them had ever met Monte before, though they have HEARD more than enough about him around my kitchen table!  LOL!! After the class, my son said that he had found Monte to be a positive addition to the class and a well-informed man. How's THAT, Monte? My kid LIKED you! LOL!!  


                          My friends and readers all know that I am one of N.Y State's most active advocates for the Second Amendment and that I was the organizer and host of the first, anti-Safe Act Rally in Albany in 2013. They also know that I have been involved in Law Enforcement for all of my adult life, in one capacity or another. So it was troubling to me to hear gunshots many evenings this Summer and Fall in close proximity to my home. 

                           Discharging a firearm within town limits and close to homes is not acceptable or legal. Unless you are at a designated firing range or a secure location such as a gravel pit, you should not be shooting. This does not of course, apply to hunters in the woods, but to "In-Town" shooting. Apparently, my neighbors were also concerned about the shooting so close to their houses, and one of them finally had enough last week and called the Troopers. WHY the Troopers had not looked into this sooner, I don't know, since they are at Jimmy D's more than they are on patrol, and should have HEARD the shots at some point! 

                            The Troopers found the culprit in the vicinity of the barber shop and the former Lenny's Restaurant. The man stated that he had "Permission" to shoot there and was quickly advised by the Trooper that he was not allowed to fire a weapon in a residential area. He was warned to cease and desist. People who are irresponsible like this guy, are part of the problem we responsible gun owners have to deal with. 


             In closing, Rebecca Rothrock was awarded the job of Deputy Court Clerk to replace Cynthia Creech, as Cynthia replaces Tistrya Houghtling as Court Clerk.  The Town of Stephentown has donated the playground equipment from their former elementary school to New Lebanon for our park. Much of this equipment is near to new and very valuable. Now we must check on the insurance requirements for removing and transporting it, and also with the Columbia County Dept. of Health to inspect the equipment for safety. Problem is, Stephentown needs it removed entirely by December 30th.  Much work, little time. Whatever we cannot use in the park will go to the Mountain Road School. Installation would not be until Spring, of course, and volunteers will be welcomed then! 

             Also, the Berlin Central School has donated cafeteria tables to us for use in the park pavilion, meaning that we can now seat over 200 people at park events! Thank you Stephentown and Berlin! 

              Please don't forget that after the New Year celebrations and Organization of the new Town Board, we will be seeking residents and businesses to purchase an American Flag for the town's main mile on Rt. 20. 

              Many people at tonight's Town Board Meeting expressed their gratitude to Irene Hanna and Matt Larabee for their service to the town as Council members. PACT thanks them as well and wishes them the very best in their next endeavors.   The end of year meeting will be held on Dec. 29th at 7 p.m at the Town Hall and the 2016 Organizational Meeting will be on Monday, January 4th, same time and place. 

                  Sleep Well, New Lebanon!


Who Decides ??                                                                 12-12-2015


                        Before I begin tonight's post, I want to say Congratulations to Attorney Preet Bharara. Three down, one BIG one to go. 

                         I wonder if Sheldon Silver and the two Skelos will be allowed to share a cellblock? They can then reminisce about the good ol' days when they scammed the people of NY and lived high on the hog with our tax dollars.  Remember last year when Bharara stated that he would get the "Three Men in a Room " that ran the NY State Corruption Machine? Well, he has now gotten both Silver and Dean Skelos, and Adam Skelos was just a bonus. That third man is next, and his name is Andrew Cuomo. The only thing that would please me more than seeing Cuomo arrested would be seeing Obama and Hillary Clinton arrested. 

                          In late 2012, a few of us had a sit-down with Dean Skelos to discuss the Safe Act. This was before we knew about the deal that was struck between Obama and Cuomo re: the Disaster Funds for Long Island in exchange for the forcing-through of the Safe Act. At the time, Skelos was 100% on-board with the Pro-Gun Movement and strongly opposed the Safe Act. He promised us that he would fight with and for us every step of the way. We trusted him. Within months, Skelos had stabbed us in the back and voted to fund the Safe Act.  Why the sudden change of heart and the broken promise? Well, he was one of the Three Men in a Room, remember? Had he opposed the Safe Act as he said he would, he and his son would have been exposed as the crooks they are, three years ago! It was a matter of go-along-to-get-along.

                         When these things happen, we who are the victims of the lies and betrayal, tend to think we will never see justice because let's face it, we seldom DO.  So when we see the bad guys go to jail, it's a Victory so sweet that it's hard to describe. These days, it's almost shocking to see justice served because it has become so rare. Isn't that sad? 


                           This week's big news according to Progressives, was Donald Trump's announcement that he believes that Muslims should not be allowed to travel to America or immigrate to America until ISIS is contained or eliminated.  For Conservatives, the news of the week was Obama's announcement that he intends to once again bypass Congress and call for more expansive and restrictive background checks for gun buyers. 

                             Both issues are of great concern and should be considered as worthy of the full attention of ALL Americans. 

                              Donald Trump is a self-aggrandizing, arrogant blowhard, and my personal gut feeling is that he is as serious a danger to American Freedom and Traditions as are Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Though Trump is without question, a successful businessman, he is nothing more THAN that. He is certainly not presidential material in any way, shape or form. He is egotistical, crude, and clueless about everything but economics. He has no idea as to how to deal with foreign policy, and knows very little about  military strength, or Constitutional Law, to name but a few.

                              I would like to see Trump serve as Economic Advisor, but that's about all he is qualified for. Too many of the people I have always considered to be fellow patriots, are being influenced by Trump's outspokenness and refusal to bow to the P.C Police. He says what the people want and need to hear, the things that every Conservative American has prayed to hear from a potential leader for many years now. So it's easy to understand how he has built such a strong following. I just don't buy the performance, and it IS a performance. 

                              At this point, I cannot prove the things I suspect Trump of, but I am convinced that he will eventually break his word to the other GOP candidates and run as an Independent. Should this happen, he will take at least 60% of the Republican/Conservative voters with him, splitting the Conservative vote and paving the road for Hillary to become our next president. I believe that this has been the plan all along. IF however, by some freak miracle, Trump were to actually win the election, it would STILL be another Clinton Administration for the next 4 to 8 years. It would be Hillary calling the shots from behind the curtain. 

                             This country can not survive another liberal, Democrat presidency at this point in our history. That's just a fact, and everyone knows it. Trump needs to be taken out of the game well before the primaries. When he first announced his intention to run, many of my Conservative friends panicked. My advice to them was similar to what I told folks this past summer about Mike Benson, and that was, " Be patient. Give him enough rope and he will hang himself ". Benson did exactly that, and Trump has already tied the knot in his noose.

                              Much like the "CLIMATE", our presidencies have been cyclical. We have had good leaders and bad ones, but until Obama, we have never seen such a classless, arrogant, and downright Trashy, First Family in our White House. Even the Clintons, dishonest and immoral as they are, at least PRETENDED to have some etiquette ! The Obamas have been an embarrassment to the American People, but just imagine having Donald Trump and his Porn-Actress Wife as a follow-up ! It would be Rudeness, Crudeness, and Nude-Miss. Heaven Help Us !

                               Compare the Obamas to J.F.K and Jackie, Ron and Nancy Reagan, the two Bushes and Barbara and Laura. Like them or hate them, they were refined, cultured, and a classy representation of America and her people. Now look at Ted and Heidi Cruz and their two little girls. THAT is refinement. Cruz has it all, super-intelligence, experience, transparency, honesty, patriotism, loyalty, and faith. He is courageous and strong, and knows the Constitution by heart! He is in my own opinion, America's last, best hope.

                                Donald Trump's comments about Muslim immigration and travel, are unpopular with many people, but it is Common Sense. Jimmy Carter did it with Iranians, if you are old enough to recall that.

This type of temporary ban is something Obama SHOULD have done a long time ago, and G.W Bush should have done immediately after September 11, 2001. I would not suggest that Muslims in America be rounded-up and placed in internment camps as was done in 1941 with Japanese Americans, BUT, an indefinite ban on Muslims freely crossing our borders and entering through our airports is something most Americans not only agree with, but are demanding. 

                                This is why I so often say that Political Correctness is deadly. Our present government will knowingly put the safety and security of the American People at great risk to avoid "Offending " Muslims and their brain-dead, liberal sympathizers. Until of course, some Liberal neighborhood in NY City or Beverly Hills has one of their elementary schools or shopping centers attacked by terrorists from the Middle East or some Home-Grown converts to Islam. THEN, when the Liberals feel the pain, it will suddenly matter. God Forbid such a thing happens.

                                 As the terror threat in America rises to Level Red, Obama is jetting around the world to discuss Climate Change. He continues to incite racial division and plan more routes to disarmament of American citizens.  (By the way, did you know that Obama eliminated the Terror Threat Alert System" ?  Well, he DID. No more Green, Yellow or Red Level threat notifications. )  Obama's newest threat to our Second Amendment Rights is "Expanded Background Checks" for all gun buyers and to ban gun ownership for anyone whose name appears on a "No-Fly List " or "Terrorist Watch List ".  Sounds like Common Sense, doesn't it ? Think AGAIN.

                                This is a very slippery slope with a cesspool full of hungry crocodiles at the bottom. The Obama Administration's idea of a Terrorist is not your Muslim Extremist or convert, it is Veterans, Oathkeepers, people who choose to live off-grid and/or home-school their children. It includes every member of the Tea Party, State Militias, Prepper Groups, Patriots, Constitutionalists, and outspoken Christians and Jews. It most definitely includes all Pro-Gun Americans and those of us who speak out on social media. 

                                Millions upon Millions of law-abiding Americans are named on these lists simply for loving their country and wishing to see it remain free. So, exactly WHO decides who is a Terrorist and who is not? WHO decides which of us deserves our Constitutional Right to purchase, own, and carry a firearm, based on the opinion of tyrants ? Most importantly, WHO will protect the American People from the REAL Terrorists if the citizens are disarmed ?  Obama has proven that HE and his administration have no intention of keeping us safe, and we know that Hillary and Bernie Sanders won't, either. We the People are our own and only, security.

                                  Can we, in good conscience, allow ourselves and our loved ones to become sitting ducks for Muslim Extremists and Liberal Nut-jobs as the citizens of Paris were ?  Should we remain silent and allow the expansion of Gun Free Zones like Columbine, Fort Hood, and the San Bernardino office building ? Gun Free Zones serve but ONE purpose, to allow the Bad Guys to attack defenseless people without fear of being shot or killed themselves.  These alleged "Safe Zones" are nothing but shooting galleries for nuts and terrorists, period. They not only do NOT keep anyone safer, they actually make us targets.

                                    Obama's claim that disarming the very people who will be the first to defend innocent citizens, is an official CHALLENGE. Should he take executive action once again and bypass Congress to further violate our Second Amendment Rights, there will be war in the streets of America. There will be no other possible course than to physically resist such tyranny. The time is now upon us that we must choose a side, Safety and Freedom, or Cowardly Servitude? 

                                      You may not be a Pro-Gun American, and that's perfectly fine, it is your choice. Just remember that the skin on your a_s is just as penetrable by a terrorist's bullet as the Conservative Gun Owner living next door to you. You are not armor-plated just because you sympathize with Islamists and Gun Grabbers. They don't CARE where you stand or what wing you fly with, if you're an American in range, you're dead. 

                                       Liberal or Conservative, your kids and grandchildren still attend unprotected schools, shop in unprotected malls, and sit in the bleachers for football games in unprotected arenas. You may choose to not own a gun, but it is still your DUTY to protect the rights of those who choose to do otherwise. You should be grateful for those of us who are willing to carry as responsible gun owners and will not hesitate to defend YOU. One of OURS may someday save one of YOURS. 


                It's  PeaNUTS !!!                                                      12-16-2015

                Interesting debate last night. Lots of discussion about ISIS, Immigration, and National Security. 

                The first segment, the guys with no shot of seeing the White House anytime soon, was almost as eye-opening as the main debate. Even Lindsay Graham, RINO that he is, made a few impressive statements about border security, but he also spent way too much time attacking Trump and Cruz. 

                 Among the front-runners, Kasich was the group goofball as usual, followed closely by Rand Paul. Kasich says the same old things over and over, about how he saved his home state of Ohio by balancing their budget. Rand Paul is just ODD. I've watched Paul for several years now and always had a fairly favorable view of him, but since this campaign began, he has been detached, pouty, and short-tempered. Maybe it's the hard-core Libertarianism we know he favors, but something has changed about him. He lacks focus and maturity.

                  Ben Carson has also lost a lot of steam and seems tired and dejected. I would love to see this brilliant guy become our next Surgeon General, but not president, at least not THIS time. Don't be surprised to see him and Rand drop out in the near future.  Rubio is doing well with the Hispanics and younger Republicans, but he lied too many times last night to even keep track of. He made several statements about Cruz that were completely inaccurate and Cruz called him out on those points. Rubio is prone to temper tantrums and his inexperience is painfully evident in the debates. 

                    Jeb Bush seems like a NICE man, cultured, gentlemanly, and soft. TOO soft. He has no energy, no determination, and none of the strength that our next leader will require to walk into the mess Obama is leaving behind. I don't really believe that Bush even wants to be president, he is simply running to appease the old-school GOP. In any case, do we really want or need another Bush or Clinton presidency ? Heaven Forbid !!

                     Trump and Cruz stole the show last night and while they were at it, they once again sent some obvious signals that strengthened a suspicion I mentioned here a few months ago. There is definitely some kind of alliance between the two of them. What that alliance might entail, I can't say for sure, but I think they have struck a deal. Whichever one of them wins the nomination, and one of them WILL, he will name the other as his running mate. This is just my own prediction, nothing has yet been said  on the news to suggest that this is a possibility. 

                       If I'm right and these two men will be our next leaders, I will be a Happy American. If Cruz wins, I will be ecstatic, but if it's Trump with Cruz as V.P, I can live with that, too. It will be some time before I trust Trump to keep his word, which he confirmed again last night. This is now the second time he has promised that he will not go Independent. Seeing as how he is doing so well right now, that's easy for him to say, but if his numbers begin to fall, will he keep that promise? Remains to be seen. 


                        What I really want to chat about tonight has nothing to do with campaigns or candidates. Something I heard on the news this morning has me so livid, that I really thought I might have to go outdoors and scream. 

                         As you all know, I prefer FOX News, because even though they are not 100% accurate 100% of the time, compared to other news media, I trust them the most. They offer BOTH sides of the issues, EVERY time. As a matter of fact, Liberal Queen, Kirsten Gillibrand was on today, talking about the success of her program to provide healthcare for the 9-11 First Responders who are still suffering the effects of the toxins they were exposed to.  Gillibrand actually said TWICE, that this program may have never been possible if not for the consistent exposure given to it by FOX.

                        After Gillibrand was finished, Bill O'Reilly was interviewed. I don't care for O'Reilly either, he's arrogant and abrasive, but one of the things that came up in their discussion was so OVER-THE-TOP, that I almost thought I hadn't heard it correctly. It seems that some elementary school planned to show their youngest students the "Peanuts Christmas Movie" this week, but ONE parent went ballistic and stopped it in its' tracks. Not because there is a Christmas Tree in the story, oh no, Liberals want their trees and gifties, it's because for 2 seconds of the Nativity play scene, Linus quotes scripture. 

                        Now, I appeal to your alleged, Common Sense and ask, "What the heck is the harm in showing a Peanuts cartoon to little kids"?  Is it as heinous as teaching them that they must tolerate immoral and deviant life choices?  Is it as harmful as suspending a 5-year-old boy and charging him with Sexual Harassment for kissing a little girl in his class? What 5-year-old knows anything about sex OR harassment ? All he knew was that she was pretty and he liked her. Obviously, this was never done in school when Bill Clinton was in kindergarten! 

                        I am absolutely amazed that people who are parents, have the free time to dwell on little butt-hurt issues like a classic cartoon with a two-second reference to the REAL meaning of the Christmas Holiday. Have they NO lives? Don't they have jobs, housework, hobbies, errands to run, volunteer work to do? Are you KIDDING me?  It boggles the mind that these hateful, miserable Liberals can't find a REAL issue to address when there are SO many ! 

                        The very same people who take childhood joy away from little kids because they may hear the name of Christ, are the very people that are out there trampling one another on Black Friday and at every Christmas sale, buying trees, decorations, gifts, wrapping paper, cookie-baking supplies, etc. Ummm, excuse me, but if you are offended by the name of our Savior, why are you celebrating His birthday? OH, I forgot ! Liberals want it both ways, have their Christmas cake and eat it too, but don't admit that it is a CHRISTIAN holiday about the LORD. 

                         If you want to remove all reference to the true meaning of this holiday from our schools and public places, then you have NO right to have a tree, gifts, decorations or a big, family dinner. Just go about your business of making others as miserable as YOU are, and don't celebrate the day in any way, shape, or form. Hypocrites! 

                          Look folks, the thing is, if you don't want your kid to see this movie or one like it, keep your brat HOME that day, but who are YOU to deny that enjoyment to the other children? Kids are shown movies about different cultures and religions all the time, and nothing is said, but let it be Christian or mention God, and it's a national outrage. That's what Conservatives do, and it works out well for everyone involved. If we don't like guns, we don't buy one, but we don't try to take the Second Amendment right away from those who DO like guns. If we don't like a TV Show, we change the channel, we don't write a letter to the TV station or get a lawyer to sue them to take it off the air. If we have kids in school and know that on a certain day, there will be someone speaking to them about the glories of Islam, we keep our kids home and let the school have their presentation for the kids whose parents don't mind or don't care. It's called "Maturity" and "Freedom of Choice". 

                           Ever hear of a Christian or Jew going to a Muslim Bakery and asking for a wedding cake with a cross on it or a Star of David? No, because we know where the Muslims stand on this , so we go to a bakery that is either owned by people of our own faith or a bakery that is completely neutral.  I know a lot of people who work in restaurants and I hear a lot of stories about Muslim customers who come in and demand NO pork products. Yet they will eat French Fries and Fish that is fried in the same fryolator and oil, or cooked on the same grill as the bacon! Do they really think restaurants are going to keep Halal fryolators and grills?  LOL!!! 

                            Why don't we just make it simple and remove ALL reference to ALL religions from our public schools? Leave the teaching of religion and matters of sexuality to the parents where these issues belong ! I remember very clearly learning about different religions in elementary school, and in high school, I took a history course called, "World Cultures and Religions". For the first half of the year, we studied cultures and the second half, religions. We took field trips every week to different houses of worship in the city and saw first-hand how each religion performed services. It was AWESOME and I had straight A's in that class all year. Removing this type of experience from our curriculum is a big loss for our kids and our society, but thanks to Liberal Whiners, it looks like that is what needs to be done.

                             Many Muslims attend Muslim-Run schools, and it is the same for Christian and Jewish families who choose to send their children to schools run by their churches and temples. That's one of the many wonderful things about America, we have that CHOICE. Public schools however, have been infiltrated by our federal government and are run very much like the government itself, BADLY. So if we cannot mention anything Christian in our public schools, we can also not mention any other religion. Ban ALL religion and sexual teaching from the public schools and be done with it.  NO Christmas or Easter parties, NO Hannukah celebrations, NO Ramadan, NO Kwanzaa. 

                               Might as well take away the Independence Day celebrations as well, because  kids of Liberal adults who love freedom and rights but hate America, might be offended. Forbid field trips to National or Historical sites and all houses of worship. They have already edited Huckleberry Finn to be Politically Correct. Tell dedicated teachers to simply teach the three R's and leave the rest to mom and dad, as it really SHOULD be. Some kids won't learn about religions and sexual issues, or about true History from their parents either, so we will have another generation of Idiots to follow the ones who are now in college. That's what the Left wants, a STUPID society of complacent idiots and obedient slaves. 

                               On Saturday of this past weekend, students at Texas University held a protest after state officials voted to allow Concealed Carry on campuses. This was done for the protection of students and faculty and to assist law enforcement in the event of an active shooter on the campus. Statistics PROVE that armed, responsible citizens have saved many thousands of lives, but the media buries these stories. They don't fit the agenda. Still, these whack-Job kids were out there with their inane signs with statements such as, "Get the F_ck Out" and "I Fart in Your Face". They were carrying rubber penises that were intended to represent firearms, and stuck them in the faces of the media cameramen. 

                                 One man in particular, for some reason thought it necessary to tell the media that he was homosexual and he opposed guns. Umm, okay, SO? Well the reporter started citing cases of lives saved on campuses by citizens with guns, and the Lib, knowing he was losing the argument, turned his back to the camera and refused to reply. It was EXACTLY like watching a little kid who was just told NO by his mommy! Here they were, acting like spoiled brats, exercising their First Amendment Rights to the max, while trying to deny Second Amendment rights to others? See the problem YET?  They don't even GET that if ONE Amendment is violated by government intervention or their crying and stamping their little feet, ALL the Amendments are in peril. 

                                   Do they not understand, that if they rob Conservative Americans of the rights granted and protected under the 1A, THEY TOO lose those rights? There will BE no more protesting, no signs, no dildoes, no rainbow flags or "Coexist" Bumper Stickers. GONE. So what IS it? Are these people just products of poor parenting and ineffective schools, or are they truly , mentally disturbed? Is it something in the vaccines they were given as children, or something in Tofu? Some Christians believe it is Demonic forces and others think it is simply the self-absorbed mentality of the generation. Whatever it IS, it is EVIL, Dangerous, Destructive and infuriating. 

                                    If it were just young adults of college age that thought and acted this way, it would be somewhat understandable and we could hold out hope that they would outgrow it. Yet I know people right here in New Lebanon that are in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, who are every bit as ignorant and anti-American as these young people. How does 1/3 of a society as large as ours, become totally insane  ?  Step-Up Mom and Dad, Grampa and Gramma, and start talking to the kids you love about the dead-end road the liberals are leading us down. Point them in the right direction before the roads are closed forever.


Christmas Night                                                                 12-25-2015

                      Been a busy few weeks, hasn't it? All in all though, it was one heck of a nice Christmas here, and I hope at your houses as well. 

                       If you turned on your air-conditioner in the last seven days, raise your hand. No, I didn't go THAT far, but on Wednesday I had the windows open and the fans on. I can just imagine what the Climate Change nuts are saying. LOL!! They have most likely forgotten last winter and the fact that it snowed almost every, single day. As I always say, weather is cyclical and not the result of anyone's "Carbon Footprint", if that's even a thing. And they call ME a Conspiracy-Theorist ?! 

                       Don't worry, Mother Nature will get revenge in January and February. Hopefully, the local ski centers will be able to recoup their losses. I am not a skier myself. Tried it once, MANY years ago and ended up with a concussion due to lack of coordination. Still, I know that thousands of people come to our area to enjoy the slopes each year and I honestly hope they get a chance to have a good time. 

                        I'm really not a fan of sports in general, but I understand the people who love them. I wish I DID enjoy it, I would probably be in much better shape, much like if I could stomach fruit. I despise fruit. One of the reasons I don't care much for sports is the change I have seen in that arena in the past 20 years. When I was a kid, most sports celebrities were heroes, good examples for our young men to look up to. Even if they were troubled in their private lives, they put on a good front for the public, but like so many other things, that is no longer the case.

                         Celebrities in both the sports world and the entertainment field have become anything BUT people to look up to or to set examples for our youth. They have become symbols of immorality, greed, self-interest, and lack of accountability. Many of them speak openly against their own country, the only one on earth where they could make so much money for pretending to be someone else. Our society, especially our younger generations, now put these people on pedestals for being anti-American, anti-morality, and anti-freedom for anyone but themselves. Almost all your successful performers and sports stars have armed bodyguards protecting themselves and their families, but yet so many of them feel they have a right to speak out against the right for others to bear arms to protect THEIR families.

                           Last week, the NBA began airing a new TV ad featuring some of the most popular players stating their belief that we need more gun control in America. Hypocrites. The vast majority of these people cannot read or write legibly and have NO clue about freedom, the Constitution, or the Revolution, not to mention the perils we face as Americans in 2016. Yet they make millions of dollars a year because they can throw a ball through a hoop and net. What makes them think that THEY have ANY power or right to assault the rights of other Americans? If enough basketball fans had the cajones to boycott the sport for a while, the NBA might learn that the Second Amendment Rights of the people are not THEIRS to criticize or infringe upon. If more of us attended fewer movies and bought fewer DVDs with ultra-Liberal stars in them, they might shut up, make their own choices and keep their noses out of OURS. To each his own, live and let live. 

                            These people, who beat their wives, cheat on their husbands, abuse drugs and alcohol, don't pay their taxes, spread H.I.V indiscriminately, and say hateful things about America, are the LAST people whose opinions should matter to anyone. They are the bottom of the barrel as far as I'm concerned, and regardless of how many awards they win or how many cereal commercials they appear in, they are still sleazy and undeserving of the money they make and the attention they receive from the brain-dead among us. Sadly, these are the people with the most access to our children's minds, and we fail to intervene. As parents and grandparents, it's up to us to be discerning and to share that discernment with our kids. 

                            Today, families all over the country gathered together to celebrate the holiday. I wonder how many took the time to talk to the younger family members about the things that they see and hear in the news each day, and how we as Americans should be responding to those issues. Not many, I'm sure.  In fact, those who may have done so, are likely the same ones that gave thanks before the meal and thanked God for sending his son to us on this day. It's a confusing world for adults today, imagine what it's like for kids? Who can they turn to for answers to the tough questions, if we aren't aware and prepared to respond? Are you comfortable with leaving the job to celebrities, sports figures, or the government-run, public schools? 

                             It's okay to love the NBA, as long as they know also about the NRA, and what THEY have done to protect our rights for decades. It's okay to know that there are alternative lifestyles, but is also important to learn how to make wise decisions from the heart and not based on what is popular with Hollywood. Those of us who still HAVE values, have a responsibility to instill them in our children. Those of us who are grateful to live in the greatest country on earth, have a duty to tell our children that we are grateful, WHY we are grateful , and why THEY should also be grateful, and that they too have a duty to defend and protect our hard-won liberties.

                              Don't let the media raise your kids for you, and don't send them to public school and leave their education to Caesar, then be shocked when they grow up to be Romans. A lot of kids in America received lavish gifts today, and many of them will never understand Capitalism or the hard work it took to earn the money that paid for those gifts. Many kids in America will walk around with new cell phones and laptops after today, and never know or understand how many kids in other countries got nothing. Or that Christian children in the Middle East are being killed by the thousands every day, or that Israeli kids may have had to run into bomb shelters while our kids were ripping and tearing at wrapping paper.

                                I'm not suggesting that we use Christmas Day to make our kids feel guilty or to upset them with World issues, but I DO believe that with 2015 coming to a close next week, time is limited to have an important chat with them, and with the holiday recess, there will be plenty of opportunity. Take the time to ask your kids what they know, what concerns them, and what they are thinking about, and then, TALK about it. Spend some time researching together, exploring the issues and looking at honest history. It's a very different world than the one we grew up in, and as much as we want to let our kids just BE kids, and we SHOULD to a point, we also MUST talk openly and frankly with the ones who are old enough to get it. 

                               Christmas is the perfect time to draw closer to our children, to really HEAR them and get to know who they truly ARE. We have already lost a generation or two to liberalism, let's not lose another. 

                                I hope you were all blessed today and that the New Year will be one of great health and success. Merry Christmas.   JJ


 What FOR??                                                                     12-27-2015

                          One of the very few news offerings I enjoy and even trust to a point, is "Face the Nation". It airs on CBS on Sunday mornings and actually looks at real issues objectively. 

                           This morning, FTN staff were discussing the mind-numbing amount of taxpayer dollars that our foolish government literally throws away on unnecessary CRAP. Millions of dollars for a Morse Code Mural on the side of a Veteran's Affairs building, the very same V.A that cannot afford to treat our wounded and elderly soldiers in a timely and adequate manner.

                            Another million-plus was spent to house visiting dignitaries in lavish suites rather than the equally-lavish accommodations at one of our embassies that would have cost little to nothing. How about the HUGE military base they built in Afghanistan which is modernized and technologically updated regularly, yet has NEVER been used? In fact, FOUR Generals told the government that this base was not wanted or needed, but that our military has MANY other needs that the millions could be better used for. 

                            Our government built the unnecessary base anyway, and it sits empty in the desert of Afghanistan. (Gee, you don't suppose that the Obama Administration built it FOR the Afghans under the guise of it being for OUR military, do you ?)  Then there is the fleet of airplanes, also built for the use of others, this time, the Iraqi Army. Just calling the Iraqis an "Army" is a joke, since they run and hide in the face of assault, despite 13 years of training and arming by the U.S Military. These planes cost 6-million dollars apiece, but they were shoddily built, difficult to fly, and in a word, "Junk". Now they too, sit in the desert and are considered scrap metal. 

                              The list of ridiculous waste goes on and on, and when we figure-in the Obama's Vacations, our National Debt has now reached EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS. Still climbing.  How many homeless Americans could we house with those wasted billions? How strong a Border Wall and Patrol could we build? Had our government listened to their own Generals, those who know BEST what the needs are, that money could have been used to arm our soldiers with adequate firearms and ammunition as they fight on the front lines, instead of the shortages and inferior equipment they are dealing with right now. 

                               A mere fraction of the monies wasted by the government each year could provide free college educations to deserving students, free healthcare for our elderly, and updates to our crumbling and vulnerable infrastructure. We could even enjoy a Fair, Flat Tax system that wouldn't be an oppressive burden on the working class as it is now. You get the gist. There is just NO accountability when it comes to how our money is allocated, and that's OUR fault.

                                If you owned a small business with maybe 100 employees, would you show up on Fridays to sign their paychecks and spend the rest of your time golfing? Would you trust that your business would continue to run smoothly and responsibly with no leadership present? Of course not, so why do we do it with our government ? We don't leave small children unattended, and believe me, the government is a kindergarten for over-sized toddlers. Close supervision required ! It is after all, OUR money !

                                I heard an interesting bit of trivia about the new Star Wars movie today. Did you know that in its first 12 days, it has grossed well over a billion dollars? The American people managed to spend that kind of money right after spending who-knows-how-much on Christmas, to see a 90-minute, Fantasy Film ! It makes me wonder how many of these movie fans sent 20 bucks to Wounded Warriors, the Salvation Army, or St. Jude's. I'm sure lots of folks gave generously this holiday season, but I bet the percentage of those who did is very low.

                                Hey, we all have a right to spend our own money as we see fit, but just imagine what America would look like if we ALL gave even a little, from the heart, on a regular basis?  Years ago, it was charity driven by compassion that fed the hungry and housed the homeless. That was before we started to rely on the government, the Big Nanny, to take care of everyone's needs FOR us. Now we are FORCED to give and in the process, we relinquished our freedom to CHOOSE. We no longer have the option of whom or what we will donate to or how much we can give.

                                How many of you would willingly support Planned Parenthood and its abortion clinics ? Most would reply with an emphatic "NOT ME!". Yet we all help to support the dismemberment and murder of unborn babies with every paycheck, like it or not. Why ? Well, the GOVERNMENT says we HAVE to, and they make those decisions FOR us now. They just TAKE the money we earn and spend it as they see fit. 

                                 I am sick of hearing people say, "Well, we elected them to represent us and if you don't like it, vote them out !". True, they were elected to act on the behalf of the People, but they have failed to do that job honestly and responsibly. They waste our money on their own agendas and pet projects rather than what is in the best interest of the People, and we need to do something about it. Waiting for the next election and hoping that the worst of them are voted out, is not the answer. We need to unite and take action through recall and/or impeachment, and in some cases, through the criminal courts. 

                                  New York of course, is not a recall state, and it's obvious as to why it isn't. We can change THAT, too! We can accomplish amazing things if enough of us will get to our feet and stand together. We have the Right, the Recourse, and if we were less apathetic and selfish, we could have the NUMBERS, too. How many people stood in line over the past 12 days to see a movie and allow it to gross over a billion dollars? Why is it that we can't get a tenth of that number to take a stand in the fight to retain our freedoms?  It's the new, Liberal Society we now live in. 

                                   People will gather together and spend their money on fantasy movies that support MORE Liberalism, and to Hell with the hungry, the homeless, the sick and elderly, the veterans. To Hell with Liberty and Constitutional Freedom, we're all too busy watching TV while the government encroaches more and more upon our rights and grows larger and larger through cheating, stealing, lying, and killing. We go to the theater while our government invents more and more redundant,  Watchdog Agencies to oppress the people and rob us of our rights, our freedom to choose, and even our ability to think for ourselves. We remain comatose as millions of criminals from other countries freely cross our borders and infiltrate our neighborhoods and our schools, over-burden our Welfare and Healthcare Systems and target our police officers.

                                     Obama has been president for 7 years, and that's about 6 years too long. We all know why he should have never been elected once, never mind TWICE. This imposter has done nothing but violate our Constitutional Laws, our Trust, our Patriotism and Loyalties. He has committed numerous felonies and divided the American people more than all the other 43 presidents combined, ever have. He has aided and abetted the enemy and refused to ensure the safety of the people. Yet he has remained in office and has faced zero consequences for his crimes and violations. He is not alone. It is NO wonder that Americans are so angry, that there is so much more violence and poverty, and so little respect for America among other countries. This is the America that Obama and his Puppet-Masters have built, and we have failed to cut the strings. SEVEN YEARS, and we have done nothing but complain and blame Congress.

                                        It's up to US.  


 The Final Meeting  AND the Countdown to Counting   12-29-2015

                Tonight was the final meeting of the year 2015 for our Town Board and the final meeting forever for the Benson Regime. 

                 Mike Benson himself, failed to show up, AGAIN. He also did not attend the regular December meeting on the 8th of this month. Are you surprised ? I am not. This is just typical behavior for an immature, spoiled, poor sport, opinionated Brat. We dared to vote him out in November, so why should he fulfill his commitment to the town until the end of his term? What a Loser ! Just goes to show you once again, that his opponents have been right about him all along. Take away the "Title" and all you have left is an Empty Suit.

                   Did you know, that within DAYS of the election, Benson removed all of his personal belongings from the Supervisor's Office at the Town Hall? Well, he did! The first thing he removed was the special "Throne" he had purchased after his first election, to replace the one that had served other Supervisors just fine. No issue there, it was HIS chair, he bought and paid for it. However, he did NOT buy or pay for the sentimental adding machine left to the office by Al Wheeler and proudly used by Meg Robertson for two terms. Seems the old machine has gone missing. Did Benson take it, or Eileen Evans? I don't know, but obviously one of them did. Time will tell. 

                    Benson has failed to fulfill his obligation to the Town and the people who voted for him by being "Off-Grid" since early November. Not that he was ever present in the Town Hall any more than twice a month anyway. Once for the regular town board meetings, and once, MAYBE twice in the dark of night. Dark souls always operate best IN the dark and losers are always POOR losers.

                      Good riddance Mike Benson, you sneaky, lying, self-serving poser. May you never, ever hold public office again.


           The Countdown to Counting

                        Two more days. In just two days from now, another year will have begun and an old one passed away.

                         For a lot of us, New Year's Day is just like any other day, nothing special other than a day off from work. For others, it is a day to nurse hangovers and wonder what foolishness we got up to the night before. If we really think about it, New Year's Day is pretty awesome ! It's the one day of the year that almost everyone takes the time to pause and reflect, to examine the things in our lives that we want or need to change. Few resolutions are ever kept, but just the act of making them allows us to consider and acknowledge what changes we would most like to see in ourselves. 

                          It is a day of renewal and hope, a sort of re-birth. Every day offers us an opportunity for a fresh start, but we rarely recognize that fact the way we do on New Year's Day. We are literally given a clean slate with each and every sunrise, and that is amazing.  In the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible, Nehemiah holds an important position with an extremely powerful man. He was comfortable and secure, yet he worried constantly about his hometown of Jerusalem and those he left behind there. In Verse 1:3, Nehemiah learns that Jerusalem is in peril, the wall destroyed and the gates burned. Devastated by the news, he mourns, fasts, and prays to God to do something about the dire conditions. God responds by enabling Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem and lead the rebuilding effort. (2:1-8) (Credit to: Poh Fang Chia- Our Daily Bread ).

                           Nehemiah's heart was in Jerusalem even when he himself was not. He knew what his calling was and what his soul was telling him he must do. I believe that all people of sound mind and good conscience have a calling.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a spiritual one, but every calling is a "Personal" one. It may be those random moments when you chide yourself for becoming a CPA instead of the professional clown or rock musician you always dreamed of being, that fills you with a sense of longing and regret. 

                           It isn't always possible or realistic to follow our dreams or answer those calls, but sometimes, it IS. There is always a little bit of time left over to start that little rock band or become that clown, even if you only perform for small audiences in second-class venues. Whatever it is that excites your soul or calls to your heart deserves at least a tiny piece of your time and attention. Life is short, Carpe Diem !

                            When this coming Friday arrives, take some quiet time to consider what it is that has been calling YOU, and find a way to answer. Never become so apathetic that you rob yourself of joy and fulfillment, and others of your gifts. If you've always wanted to paint, you should paint, and share it with those it may inspire, comfort , or make smile. Maybe you have a soothing voice and a talent for reading and writing. There are many children and blind adults who are starving to be read to, and there are thousands of teens and adults who struggle with literacy. Step up and be a blessing to them and to yourself.

                             Maybe like me, your heart is broken by the loss of Patriotism and Loyalty among Americans or the lack of accountability for government officials who violate our Constitution and our trust. Pick an issue, ANY issue, and dedicate yourself to it in 2016. You can BE change. 

                              The ways in which we can satisfy our own, deepest desires while benefiting others are infinite. If you pick that ONE THING that matters to you, you cannot fail. Sure, you can make those resolutions to lose weight, break a bad habit, or save more money. We usually fail at these things because even though they matter, they aren't that ONE THING that speaks to our hearts. What is your ONE THING ? Is it enough to make you step outside your Comfort Zone and finally do something for yourself and others? Life should COUNT.

                               Don't waste another year, or even another day, go out and BECOME. May God Bless America in 2016.