Devin Pratt Page                                                      3-17-2018

                     This is the Take Action page for our fellow Patriot, Devin Pratt. 

                  Devin's dog was attacked while being taken on his morning walk, when a neighbor's two Pit Bulls broke through their fence. Not wanting to put his bare hands into the battle, Devin ran back into his house and grabbed the  "NY COMPLIANT", AR15 that he kept for hunting and home defense, and ran back outside. At NO time did he raise, aim, or fire that rifle. The dogs saw the gun and ran, maybe thinking it was a club.

                 Knowing that there would likely be a danger to other walkers, Devin called the Local PD in Fort Edward and reported the incident. The Police Chief responded, and happens to be an acquaintance of Devin's from when they both worked for the local Fire Department and never really got along. The Chief puffed himself up and immediately began to abuse his position. Devin had put the rifle on the ground when the Chief arrived, yet the Chief is now claiming that Devin pointed the firearm in his direction.

                  He insisted that Devin get into his police vehicle and accompany him to the P.D to give a deposition. ALL unnecessary, as Devin was not pressing charges at the time. To make a long story shorter, Devin was threatened with arrest, finally released, his AR confiscated and damaged , and he eventually got home and was able to take his dog for Vet care. During his trip to the Vet, the P.D put out a BOLO for Devin to picked-up for "Illegal Possession of a Firearm".  WHY??????   Who the hell knows. He had no record or mental illness that would prevent him from owning a legal firearm.

                 The next day, Devin turned himself in and was arrested. A Judge issued a warrant that resulted in the seizure of Devin's long guns and all of his ammo from his private home. He was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and be held under House Arrest, which resulted in the loss of his job. He was also forced to attend "Anger Management" classes and other, behavior-related classes. Yet he had not been convicted of ANYTHING, and still hasn't been !!

                 Yesterday, the court was scheduled to open the Indictments against Devin, and a group of us traveled to the Washington County Courthouse to stand WITH him. When we were almost to the courthouse, we learned that the action had been cancelled, because Devin had been called to the Court earlier that morning and advised that the D.A and the Court had made some serious mis-steps. (Ya THINK?!?)  Not for the original arrest, but for the release of confidential info to the press and the premature and illegal opening of the Indictment in private and without Devin and his attorney being present. We don't yet know what will happen next, but we DO know that Devin Pratt was arrested because the Police Chief simply doesn't like him and abused his power. Followed-up by Cronyism.

                   We ALSO know that Devin's 2nd Amendment rights were grievously violated, his home invaded on a warrant that there was no grounds to issue, his job is gone, and his personal property confiscated. By the way, Devin owns no handguns and no CCW Permit. All of the guns involved were long guns used primarily for hunting. 

                    IF we allow the Oathbreaking Police, D.A, and Judge to do this to an innocent, Constitution-Abiding Citizen, what will they do NEXT? To WHOM?  Devin Pratt's case must be thrown out and those involved removed from their positions. The City and County owe Devin a good deal of money in legal fees and lost income, and they need to pay for the damage to his AR15 and return the rest of his property. ALL of it, needs to be widely publicized. 

                    We, the NY Patriot Movement, are the only ones who can defend people like Devin, remembering always that WE may be NEXT! We have a Duty to see to it that these gun-grabbers and violators of their Oath, are held responsible for their actions.  Below is a list of contacts for those involved. WE need to let every one of them hear from EVERY ONE of US! I implore you to take 5 minutes out of your TV time today, to call, write, or email these people and let them know we are watching, we are PISSED, and we WILL defend Devin and demand restitution.

                    Let them know that We the People will NOT tolerate Oathbreakers in positions of power.  Thank you to all of you who step-up to take back your power and help us in the process of holding Tyrants' feet to the fire!       JJ - The Gun Granni

  Newspapers to Contact