The FIRST Victory !!!!!                                                              2-1-2016

                       Congratulations Ted Cruz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He OWNED Iowa and with God's Grace, he will OWN America in November!!! FINALLY, there is hope for Constitutional Leadership and a Strong America once again. Cruz' numbers broke the record for the Iowa Caucus!

                        The Dirty Dems are tied, and believe me when I tell you, Hillary is never going to see the primaries. All she has to look forward to is many hours in a court of law as she faces trial. At long last. After a horrific week personally, this is a wonderful evening in my household. The spark is not re-lit, but if Cruz takes New Hampshire, it MIGHT be! I truly expect Trump to be a sore loser after tonight and pull out all the stops, and that's okay, Cruz supporters KNOW who and what Cruz IS and who and what Trump IS, and the lies and false accusations won't sway us even a little bit.

                         A few days ago, I posted on Facebook the pics and a description of where to find more information on Trump's wife and her past. I have been puzzled that no one in the media had DARED to approach the subject, not even FOX News. I didn't particularly want to go there either, but when Trump continued his attacks on Megan Kelley, I decided it was time to play a little hardball. Don't get me wrong, I'm not overly fond of Megan Kelley for a variety of reasons, but when Trump insists on posting photos of her, Fully Dressed by the way, in seductive poses and calling her a tramp and a host of other things, it's time for a wake-up call. 

                          Trump's wife is drop-dead beautiful, of that there is no doubt. She is also young enough to be his daughter and is what, his THIRD wife? She was a model at one point and also acted in at least one, Gay Porn film. Glenn Beck brought this to light a week or so ago and was immediately attacked by the Left's Pride of Lyins. (Yes, I meant to spell it that way). They claimed that Beck was "Losing It" from the stress of fighting the government treason for too long, and I can actually see how that COULD happen. Been there. LOL!!  However, Beck spoke the truth. The media has done their best to hide the video and any mention of it, but it DOES exist and if you know where and how to look, you can find a link to it in about ten minutes flat.

                            I did not open that link, because I don't want any record of any kind of porn on my hard drive. EWWW. I DID however, post the photos of Mrs. Trump with nothing covering her nether regions but her own hand. Trumptards went ballistic!  (Which I thoroughly enjoyed and I make no apology for. LOL!). They called me all kinds of names and claimed to be terribly insulted by my posting "Lies" about this wonderful woman. First of all, it isn't a lie, and second of all, do we really want or need another First Lady that is an embarrassment to the office and our country like the one we have NOW? Yes, Mrs. Trump is nice for the men to look at, but she is always going to be a Porn actress. Always.

                             From all that I have read, Mrs. Trump is an excellent mom to her young son, and that is something that counts for a lot for me. I also believe that in most cases, once a woman becomes a mom, she is forever changed. My grandfather would have said, "It grows you up ". It definitely does. Not in EVERY case, but in most, and I think Mrs. Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt and she likely regrets things she did in her youth as do we all. Still, when compared to Mrs. Cruz, well, there just IS no comparison. It's time for a genteel lady in the role again, another Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush. America needs to return to a position of dignity and class. The Trumps just don't fit the bill. In fact, in my own opinion, the Cruz's are the ONLY ones who DO! Maybe the Carsons as well, but Ben will be dropping out soon. It would be nice if our next president appointed him to the position of Surgeon General, because Ben Carson is BRILLIANT, just not Presidential, yet.



                            At tonight's Constitution Study, I was questioned about the Hammond Family of Oregon being originally charged with Terrorism. I was told that they were not, but they most definitely WERE.  Below is a news article from October that states that fact and the link to the law that was used. I have also re-posted the link to the Attorney C.A.Hall video about the over-reach of the government in the Oregon case and the limits of the government when it comes to land control.

 Attorney Hall Video:  Chris Anne Hall on the Oregon Shooting


Controversial Oregon ranchers in court Wednesday, likely headed back to prison in arson case

Morse courthouse courtroom 2006.JPG
This is a view from the judge's chair of Courtroom 2 inside the Wayne Morse U.S. Courthouse, in Eugene, in late 2006. (The Oregonian/File)

Bryan Denson | The Oregonian/OregonLive
By Bryan Denson | The Oregonian/OregonLive 
on October 07, 2015 at 5:00 AM, updated October 07, 2015 at 5:05 AM

Oregon's chief U.S. District judge on Wednesday will re-sentence two cattle ranchers who served time behind bars for setting fires to protect their livelihoods – blazes that damaged federal lands.
Supporters of Harney County ranchers Dwight L. Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven D. Hammond, say their troubles are part of a deep rift between government land managers and the ranchers who lease the property for cattle grazing and other agribusiness.
But their problems also offer a rare glimpse at a 1996 law intended to punish domestic terroristsa statute that carries a mandatory minimum sentence likely to put the cattlemen back in prison.
"I find it incredible that the government would want to try these ranchers as terrorists," said Barry Bushue, the longtime president of the Oregon Farm Bureau. "Now is where the rubber meets the road. Right now is when the public should absolutely be incensed. And the public, I think, should be fearful."

The Hammonds' run-ins with the government began in 1999, when Steven Hammond started a fire that escaped onto U.S. Bureau of Land Management territory. The intent of the fire was to burn off juniper and sagebrush that hindered the growth of grass for their cattle.
BLM employees reminded Steven Hammond that although his family leased public land for grazing, he couldn't burn it without a permit. But in September 2001, the Hammonds started another fire. This one ran off their property on Steens Mountain, consumed 139 acres of public land and took the acreage out of production for two growing seasons, according to court papers.
Then in August 2006, lightning sparked several fires near the spot where the Hammonds grew their winter feed. Steven Hammond set a back-burn to thwart the advancing flames, and it burned across about an acre of public land, according to federal court records.
A jury in June 2012 found the Hammonds guilty of arson for the 2001 blaze that came to be called the Hardie-Hammond Fire. Steven Hammond also was convicted for arson in the 2006 Krumbo Butte Fire.
The convictions were punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which followed the Oklahoma City bombing and other deadly acts of domestic terrorism. But on Oct. 30, 2012, U.S. District Judge Michael R. Hogan, presiding in his last sentencing before leaving the bench, said the Hammonds' conduct wasn't in keeping with the intentions of the law.
That law might apply, Hogan said, if someone intentionally burned sagebrush in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where fire can burn up ravines to houses.
"Out in the wilderness here, I don't think that's what Congress intended," the judge said. "I am not supposed to use the word 'fairness' in criminal law. I know that I had a criminal law professor a long time ago yell at me for doing that. And I don't do that. But this – it would be a sentence that would shock the conscience to me."
Hogan sentenced Dwight Hammond, now 73, to three months in prison. He sentenced Steven Hammond, now 46, to one year and one day in prison, a sentence that with time off for good behavior would mean about 10 months. The men completed their sentences and were required to repay about $400,000 in damages to the government.
Government lawyers appealed the sentence, saying it wasn't stiff enough.
In February 2014, a three-judge panel from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed.
"A minimum sentence mandated by the statute is not a suggestion that courts have discretion to disregard," Judge Stephen J. Murphy III wrote in the opinion. Murphy noted that even a fire in a remote area such as Harney County had the potential to spread and threaten the lives of residents and crews called out to battle the fire.
The appeals court ruled that the Hammonds must be returned to the district court for resentencing.
Kelly Zusman, the appellate chief for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Portland, applauded the decision, saying the Hammonds' conduct was what Congress intended when it established the five-year mandatory minimum.
Chief U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken is scheduled to sentence the Hammonds at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Eugene.

-- Bryan Denson



 About the Land                                                                 2-2-2016

                      Article 1- Section 8 - Clause 17 - United States Constitution

                "To exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District, ( not exceeding ten square miles), as may, by Cession of the particular states and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise LIKE authority over any places Purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the STATE in which the same shall be, for the erection of FORTS, MAGAZINES, ARSENALS, DOCK YARDS, and other, NEEDFUL buildings."

                    Here comes the hard part, getting more than two people to interpret this the same way. Constitutional Attorney C.A Hall interprets it in the same manner as do I. The government has the right to a ten square mile district to serve as the Seat of Government. This would be Washington, D.C.

 Other than that specific district, the government has no explicit "RIGHT" to any other lands as Federal Lands, unless the state in which the coveted land lies consents to it by vote of their state legislature and then, ONLY for the purposes described above in Clause #17. I do not see any mention of Wildlife reserves or maintenance buildings ON any reserves.  It's possible that there was an amendment somewhere along the line, maybe when Teddy Roosevelt was all hot and bothered about National parks, not that preserving our most beautiful lands for wildlife and visitors is a BAD thing, it certainly isn't, BUT, how MUCH do we need and should we deprive ranchers and farmers the right to own and use this land for agricultural purposes? 

                       As was mentioned in last night's Constitution Study, no one wants to see resorts or condos in Yellowstone Park, ever. Still, the lands surrounding the parks are and always have been, ideal grazing lands for cattlemen. That is how it should be preserved and maintained, by forever farm programs and protections for Ranchers and Farmers. After all, they DO feed the country in case anyone forgot that. In no other way should the government be involved in regulating or attempting to take ownership of these lands. Yet they are doing exactly that to the extreme end of killing those who wish to retain it. 

                        So far as "Needful Buildings" are concerned, to ME, that would be the items specifically mentioned and that does not describe the Malheur Preserve's main building or outbuildings in any way. They may be needful in that there is a need for a place to store maintenance equipment, have bathroom and First Aid stations, and maybe a Visitor's Information Center and some type of small museum if applicable. In NO way is the Malheur Preserve a military site, or a site that has anything to do with national security. This would be akin to claiming that the former Catskill Game Farm is "Needful" to the operation of the federal government. It's B.S. 

                         Opponents of the Patriot Occupation have claimed that the occupiers prevented the public from free use of the preserve while they were installed at the preserve. Not so. It was not the Patriots who closed the entrances and roads, it was the police, on the orders of the Oregon Governor. Brings to mind Obama's punishment of the Conservatives and Republicans by refusing to allow elderly veterans to visit War Monuments during his "Government Shutdown" while at the same time allowing Muslims to hold a March at the Washington Monument. It's a matter of the government telling us that they will do as they damn well please and screw the Constitution. Which is one of a million reasons that we cannot survive another Democrat Presidency.

                           One COULD say that the sight of armed Patriots walking around the preserve might be a deterrent to families who wish to hike or camp in the preserve, but we ARE talking about Oregon. This is a part of the country where armed men in cowboy hats and camo is an everyday thing, a piece of the local culture and history. It isn't New York city where the sight of a kid with a cap gun is cause to call the SWAT Team.

                            Robert LaVoy Finicum will be laid to rest on Friday. Yesterday, the FBI contacted Ammon Bundy and asked what they could do to facilitate a peaceful conclusion to the occupation. Bundy made it very clear to them that if they want to be trusted and to have a peaceful conversation with the handful of people still in the preserve and the local ranchers, they would have to sit down face-to-face and talk. In addition, the FBI would need to agree to investigate the BLM, the EPA, and the Federal Fish and Game Dept. for their over-reach and unconstitutional actions. The FBI agreed to coordinate the meeting and discuss an investigation. 

                             Isn't it tragic, that they could not have reached out and made this effort BEFORE a good man was killed? That is what SHOULD have been done, and had the FBI not acted prematurely and  allowed the organizers to proceed to their meeting last Tuesday, unimpeded, this matter would very likely have been peacefully settled by last Wednesday, with no harm coming to anyone. Guarantee it. The Governor of Oregon however, was not willing to negotiate or seek a peaceful solution and conclusion, she wanted the Patriots OUT of her state as quickly as possible and she didn't care how it got done or who might be harmed in the process. She pushed the FBI and they followed orders rather than Oath.( DID the Oregon Legislature ever vote to allow the feds to take control of their lands? We don't know yet, but we ARE looking into it).

                           There had been NO violence or aggression from the Patriots and NO property damage of any kind during this protest. Going forward, there will be extensive investigations, lawsuits, and protests about the manner in which this was handled. Someone needs to be held accountable for the gross abuse of power and disregard for First Amendment Rights and the safety of the protestors. If it were up to ME, and it is not, I would point a finger first at the Governor, a very stupid woman. Betcha a coffee that she is a Liberal.

                            Before I close for tonight, I need to address the people who posted abhorrent comments on Social Media about the Patriots in Oregon. The Liberal Socialists that unfortunately dwell among us can spew hate better than any other group of people that have ever lived or ever will live.  These "alleged" lovers of "Freedom of Choice", and "Coexistence", are calling for the FBI to slaughter the Patriots in cold blood. Some of the words they used and comments they made are so vile and inhumane that I cannot repeat them here. It does make it a little easier to understand why EVERY mass-shooting in America has been perpetrated by a Liberal Democrat, though. So let me say this to these Ice-Cold Lunatics:

                              ALL of you enjoy and exercise your freedoms that are granted you under the Constitution, every, single day. You protest over every little thing you don't like, you express yourselves in every manner there is and some are pretty deviant and disgusting. You want the Right to marry a same-sex partner, dress and behave as a different sex as the spirit moves you and never, EVER allow anyone to hurt your "Feelings".  You expect the government to fight your little battles of emotion, take care of your every need, and protect you from every insult. 

                               Liberals want to protect trees and dangerous, hybrid wolves, but at the same time, want the LEGAL RIGHT to rip their unborn babies from their wombs piece by piece, because it is an "inconvenience". The few who prefer birth control to abortion, want the taxpayer to give them free birth control so they can be as promiscuous as they please without facing any consequences for their behavior. They hate God and Guns but run screaming for both when they get into a jam. They hate cops and war, yet they want to be kept safe. They claim to want equality and an end to racism, yet they continue to vote for the very Democrat officials who have kept minorities enslaved for generations.

                                ALL of you Liberals are every bit as free as I am to speak your mind and make your own choices, but you never shut up long enough to think about why and how you got the freedom to do those very things! The reason you are free to speak openly, choose your life partner, and protest the cutting of trees and killing of wolves, and just be scumbags in general, is because American Patriots JUST LIKE the people in Oregon that you want murdered, fought and died to protect those very freedoms. Are you REALLY that brain-dead ?!

                                 Never has a Pansy-A_S Liberal been willing to fight and die for the preservation of the Constitution, but the Patriots, the 3%, have, are, and always will. So go ahead and imagine an America where all those Patriots have been eliminated. There is no one left to fight for freedom, Rights, or Equality, or to stand between you and a tyrannical government.  The Constitution is tossed into a fire and your rights and protections no longer exist. YOU can no longer whine, speak freely, protest,demonstrate, or even move about without permission. You can not marry the person of your choice, own a home or car, or have more than one child. If you speak out against the government you will be imprisoned or executed. Etc., etc., ETC.!!

                                 That's but a tiny taste of an America without the Conservatives, the Christians, the Capitalists, and the Brave Patriots that stand up for YOUR rights every day. That is an America without gun owners and tough Rednecks who are willing to tell the tyrants to "Back Off!" or face the fire. If you don't want to defend the rights of farmers and ranchers, that's fine, you have no obligation to do so, unless that is, you like to eat every day. So go ahead and do nothing and attack those who ARE doing something, but how DARE you leeches of society sit behind the wheel of your Smart Cars, sipping your Starbucks Caffe Latte, and call for the slaughter of those who WILL protect our farmers and ranchers. Grow the hell up and get a clue !

                                  It's a shame that we Threepers, the Patriots, couldn't pick and choose which Americans will benefit from our efforts and sacrifices and which ones will not, but Conservatives don't work that way. WE are not in the trenches every day for the good of ourselves only, but for a future of  Freedom, Security, and Prosperity for this country and EVERY American citizen. We, and I, don't hate you, but we DO hate your behaviors and the anti-American ideology you support and practice. We wish you no harm, but there are a lot of nights that before I go to sleep, I pray that every Liberal in America have their armpits infested with the fleas of a million, Muslim Camels, and that there be no relief. 


            Wake UP, New Lebanon !                                              2-5-2016

                  It's hard to even find a jumping-off place for this very deep and disturbing subject. It isn't a discussion that can be had in one post or one day, but one that is so involved and intricate it would take many days to thoroughly cover.

                   Many times on this site I have talked about the dangers of the United Nation's "Agenda 21 " Program,  "Sustainable Development " , etc. I have talked about the Stone House Farm issue in southern Columbia County, the RockefellersHamlet Revitalization, Excessive Environmentalism, you name it.  Two years ago, I even went to the extent of buying copies of the Agenda 21 pamphlets and DVDs for each member of the Town Board. 

                    Over the past 5 or 6 years, I have watched our town become subject to more environmental "Programs" and "Grant" offers, Conservancy plans, etc., than I have heard of in all the many years I have lived here.  ALL of these items have been proposed, applied for, or suggested, by Liberal NEWCOMERS. EVERY one. WHY?  Well, they truly believe that Global Warming/Climate Change is an actual threat, and a few of them are actually invested in Green Energy and don't want to lose those investments.

                      Regardless of WHY they support and chase after these programs, the bottom line is, "BEWARE!!!"  Ask our Zoning Officer about the Stone House Farm Project and David Rockefeller's "Road to NY".  Google "Agenda 21", or "Sustainable Communities". Go ahead, I dare you. Then think about the Patriot that was buried today in Arizona after being shot to death by the FBI for trying to protect our open lands from the government grabbers. Think about the Behan Project, the "Hamlet Revitalization" that our reclusive EDC is so careful to keep secret from the residents. Then, give a few minutes thought to how much property in this town has or WILL be taken off the tax rolls due to GREEN projects and Conservation Agendas. Who will pick up the financial slack?  YOU will.

                       There is another project being applied for by a newcomer that will take even more land off the tax list as it is a proposed, "Religious" site, similar to the Abode. Then we have the Shaker Swamp project, the Nature Conservancy, the Rail Trail, etc.,etc. Pretty soon, we will all have to ride bicycles, dress in long skirts and hemp sandals or be arrested for contaminating the atmosphere. GAG! Now there is a proposal before the Town Board to become a "Climate Smart Community ". Imagine where THAT will lead ?!?

                       No more woodstoves or outdoor wood burners, no chain saws or lawnmowers without smog filters and mufflers, we will all have to recycle everything , buy solar panels, stop using weed control, put timers on outside and municipal lighting, etc. Good Lord, where does it END ? If our Town Board agrees to this propaganda, they're as nuts as the people who proposed it !!! It's more government control of our freedoms, plain and simple. I think New Lebanon has gone far enough in the wrong direction, it's time to tell the hoaxers and misled loonies, "NO!". This is the country, and we've taken all the Left-Leaning Bullying we're going to take !

                       THIS is what America has to look forward to if another Democrat gets into the White House next year. TOTAL control of how we live our lives.                                                                                                                        Now, moving on, we have talked about all the Republican Candidates recently, the good and the bad among them and about them. I need to add a little bit to that, as Donald Trump has sunk to a new low this week in using the "F-Word" in a public speech to an audience that included young children. How very presidential of him. Since when is that acceptable behavior for a candidate for president?  Since Donald Trump, I guess. 

                      I often attribute my sensitivity to these types of behavior, to my getting older, but you know what? I would have found Trump's behavior just as embarrassing and repulsive when I was 25 or 35.  Last week, Trump made a big deal of attending a church service in Iowa. Less than seven days later, he is screaming, "Tell them to go F_CK themselves " in a public forum. WOW!  I really shouldn't be so surprised, since Trump was a self-proclaimed Liberal and registered Democrat as recently as 2012. Gee, how did he manage to become a Christian, Conservative, Republican in three short years ? Easy. He simply spent some time with his dear friends, the Clintons, and they devised a strategy for Hillary to be a candidate on both party lines.

                       If Trump is the Republican nominee and manages to win in November, Hillary still  wins. Dedicated Trumptards refuse to face the facts that Trump is stroking the desperate Conservatives by promising to "Fix" all the things they are most concerned about.  I say "desperate" because so many Conservatives have been starving for a candidate that will reflect their values, be patriotic, strong, and outspoken.They are desperate for a return to a moral, stable, and healthy America, and that has led to vulnerability and gullibility among many Conservatives and they are drinking the Kool-Aid. If they don't get a clue very soon, they will vote us right back into another Liberal Presidency as the Clintons will be calling the shots. Heaven Forbid !

                         Meanwhile, the rift between Cruz and Carson is another story that the media has been spinning to their advantage. Makes perfect sense, considering that it was a CNN journalist that was at the root of the misinformation. The Cruz Camp never said a single word about Carson dropping out of the race. The news that Dr. Carson would be going home after the Iowa caucus to attend the Prayer Breakfast, was interpreted by CNN as an indication that he was likely dropping out. It was not Ted Cruz or any member of his team that voiced that suspicion. Yet Cruz was willing to take the shot and apologized to Carson for what had happened. That's called, "Class". 

                        Carson was not accepting of the apology at first, believing that it HAD been the Cruz Crew who was responsible, until it became common knowledge that it was CNN, and now Cruz and Carson have teamed up to go after the media, together. Bottom line is, it doesn't really matter at all anyway, since the news broke 15 minutes before the Iowa vote. How much damage could possibly have been done to Carson's numbers in 15 minutes?  GEEZ !!

                          So we're all caught-up on the Republican issues, and Lord knows we've talked a lot about Hillary, the old, drunk prognosticator, and in the days to come, we'll talk about her a lot more. The one person we have NOT talked about is the Semi-Senile Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  

                          On the face of things, Bernie is another one of those people I could enjoy having coffee with, but could never support, much less vote for. Number One, he is a certified, card-carrying Socialist and that is bad enough on its own. Number Two, he is an ancient liberal with one hand in our pockets and one foot in the grave. Ummm...... NO!

                           One thing you probably DON'T know about ol' Bernie, is that he is a pervert and has zero respect for women. (Don't believe me? Click the link I've posted below.) Despite this, many Femi-Nazis and Female Homosexuals will still vote for the old coot. Go figure. It's the same enigma as liberals protecting the "Rights" of Muslims who severely abuse all females and behead and hang homosexuals. Just makes NO sense to ME. If YOU get it, I would sure appreciate you sharing your insight with me.

                            In any case, everyone is free to believe and vote as they damn well please. That's one of the terrific things about America and FREEDOM. Yet these are the very people that will vote to have that freedom taken from us. Confused yet? How about we just go back to the good old way of "Live and let Live"?  You keep your liberal hands off my gun rights and my woodstove, and I won't ask the legislature to pass any laws to convict you if you "Hurt my Feelings" or take you to court if you refuse to violate your faith to suit my sissy needs. I won't spray my Round-Up toward your yard and you don't tell ME when I can or cannot make noise in mine. You drive your electric car and wear your hippy scarves down to your ankles and I'll wear my jeans, workboots and NRA hat and drive a big old truck. You eat bean sprouts and I'll eat bacon. Leave me alone and I'll leave YOU alone, but heaven forbid you keep trying to force your will upon those who disagree with you, and you will learn the true meaning of Whoop-Ass. See? Everybody is doing what they want and no one is angry.


 Dirty Bernie



                Rest in Peace, LaVoy !        



 Climatards                                                                      2-7-2016

                    When God set Adam and Eve loose in the Garden of Eden, it was one, sweet deal. There was absolutely nothing they needed to fear or stress over. No sunburn, no biting mosquitoes or stinging bees, no poison ivy or nettles. 

                      They had no need for shelter because the air was never too cold or too hot, and they had all the nutritious food and fresh water they could ever need. It was such a perfect environment, that Adam and Eve didn't even realize that they were naked. Who was going to see them and be embarrassed, anyway?  God gave them all this with only ONE stipulation, "Do not eat the fruit of that ONE tree!" 

                       Bill Hunsiker, former Pastor of the East Nassau Church, loved to make a joke of blaming Eve for all the sin and discomfort in the world. He liked to say, "It was that WOMAN!".  LOL!! We all got a chuckle out of that and I still do when I remember Bill. The truth is, that Adam set the precedent for all future males to come. He allowed beauty and seduction to over-rule his common sense and blur the line between right and wrong. So actually, it was that GUY!  LOL!!

                       Humanity has paid a steep price for the disobedience of the first man and woman , for their inability to obey ONE simple rule and resist the temptation of a pretty fruit. Not long after this occurred, God gave us a second chance. He gave Moses two stone tablets with ten, very basic, Rules of Behavior. This too, proved to be too restrictive for the selfish and depraved, so God took them out. Brutally. 

                         The third and last opportunity we were given as Americans to behave ourselves and live simply and morally, was the Constitution, and specifically, the Bill of Rights. For believers, the evidence of God's Hand in the Constitution is undeniable, but even non-believers should be capable of seeing the vital importance of the document. It applies to us ALL, regardless of ethnicity or religion. The Bill of Rights is another set of ten, simple rules, this time for the government officials. It was intended to limit government power and protect the human and legal rights of the People.

                          God once referred to the early Jews as a "Stiff-Necked People" for their stubborn refusal to step out on faith and enter the promised land. They disobeyed Him and failed to place their trust in Him. As a result, they suffered greatly and forfeited what would have been great abundance and peace. New Testament Jews were indeed, fearful and stubborn, and so are WE, today. It's in the nature of us all regardless of race or religion.

                           Imagine how vastly different our lives would be today if we could do everything in our power to live by the Ten Commandments and hold our government accountable to the Bill of Rights?  None of us is capable of being "Good" all the time, it just isn't humanly possible and God knows that, but we CAN do our best to BE our best, most of the time. Ten Rules for us, and Ten Rules for the government, all 20 being basic enough for 99% of us to fully understand and execute. So why don't we? Why don't we help one another to try a little harder to do it? Anybody??

                             There is no specific religious requirement for anyone to benefit from the Ten Commandments, as they are after all, just common sense guidelines for how to live with one another in a peaceful manner. Nor is there a specific political party mentioned in the Bill of Rights. They apply to ALL officials at all levels, and offer protection to ALL Americans.The only requirement for US, is to ensure that the rules are applied and our rights enforced. We have to DO it, not just talk about it.  From Rush Limbaugh to Michael Moore, from ME to Ruth Abram and everyone who falls somewhere in-between, we all have a duty to defend the rights spelled out in the Constitution and practice moral behavior to the best of our ability.

                                Ten and Ten, it's not all that hard,folks. At least it WASN'T, until we allowed the government and the Far Left to make it SO complicated, impose SO many rules, that it impossible to even remember them all, much less obey them ! America does not need the IRS, the BLM, the EPA, the ACLU or the NAACP. We have no need for the U.N, Planned Parenthood, the DOJ or the NSA. All we need or have ever needed, are the Ten plus Ten, and strong Americans of good character to apply and enforce them.

                                Government is WAY too big. It has become an evil and oppressive Master, which is the polar opposite of what our founders had in mind. It seems as if every day, a new government regulatory agency is born and more draconian rules imposed upon us. This should alarm you, especially considering that most of these agencies, including the Social Security Administration, are now heavily armed. What should concern you even more, is the FACT that in the past 5 or 6 years, New Lebanon has become the victim of more extreme environmentalism than we have seen in the past 30 years.

                                 I mentioned in my last post how we are seeing too many freedom-altering programs and projects in New Lebanon of late. Most, but not all of it, was introduced under Mike Benson's watch. We are dealing with a group that wants to impose a Noise Ordinance that will affect every resident and have a huge, negative impact on our largest and oldest, local business. This group has proposed absolutely draconian consequences for violations of this proposed ordinance. With that issue still on the table and unresolved as yet, we are NOW being pressed to commit to severe environmental regulations by the Global Warming Climatards.

                                 This proposed "Climate Smart Community " agreement is a nightmare. It is Environmental Extremism on steroids. This plan would result in the entire town being essentially imprisoned by regulations. If you think we have a hard time attracting businesses to town NOW, imagine how hard it would be with these rules in place ?!  I am posting the core, ten requirements included in this proposal and I ask that you please consider each one and the impact of each. For instance, #2 will involve the organization of yet ANOTHER committee that will be manned by transplants and liberals. 

                                  #3 is VERY dangerous, as it will involve severe limits on the rights of Free Americans.  Exactly how will the town "Limit" the energy use of the residents? Will they send Gendarmes to our houses after midnight to see if the lights are off and no faucets are left dripping? We pay and pay dearly, for our electricity and no one has any right to tell us how much or how little we can consume. This one requirement alone, could and would impose restrictions that few of us could live with.

                                  #4. REALLY ? Hey, I would love to go solar, but have you seen the price of Solar packages lately? We live in the bowl of a valley, so wind power isn't an efficient option. So what are they suggesting here?

                                  #6 is another Red Flag. Toss out your gas lawnmowers and chainsaws and go out and buy a hatchet and a few sheep ? Tell the farmers to park their tractors and buy a team of plow horses? It's so stupid, it's almost funny !

                                    Imagine there being only certain hours of the day that you can use your washer and dryer, your air-conditioner, dishwasher, your power tools, an outdoor light, or a pool filter.How about the power-thief, the hot water heater? Do you have a wood-stove or outdoor wood furnace? Not any more !  Now, here is the million-dollar question; WHERE did this proposal COME from and WHO submitted it for consideration by our Town Board ?! There is NO indication of it's source anywhere in the five pages it includes. None. 

                                     Let me say this ONE, MORE, TIME;  " There is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change ". It is a LIE, it does not EXIST.

                                      Weather is Weather and it has changed cyclically since the first days of recording  the damn weather. Last winter, we had snow almost every, single day. We were up to our ears in the stuff. THIS year, warm and dry. So far. Next winter could be freezing cold and dry or warm and wet, who knows? It's just normal weather cycles, ever-changing and unpredictable. Global Warming is a Hoax, and it is all about money and control like most of the left-wing causes and crises. The Polar Bears are alive, well, and thriving. Icebergs melt and icebergs grow. Remember the "Dirty 30s"? The mid-west became a literal dust-bowl due to extreme drought. Been to Iowa or Oklahoma lately? Amber waves of grain and 6-foot corn stalks. 

                                      So, if you think that we have enough rules and regulations, enough false crises, and enough bullies, you need to pay attention to this proposal and the people behind it. If you like your power mowers, chainsaws, and woodstoves, you might want to get involved in this issue and help STOP the INSANITY in New Lebanon and all across America. 


  In closing I would like to briefly mention Gov. Cuomo's comments yesterday about the Syrian Refugees. He as usual, screamed into the microphone that NY and America as a whole, welcomes ALL people from ALL countries, because "That is who we ARE! ".  Really, Andy? Hmm, I have a very clear memory of a similar screaming speech last year in which you said, " Anyone who opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, anyone who is a Conservative, has NO place in New York State, because that's not who we are! ". Me thinks White Man speak with forked tongue.  Idiot.


Town Board                                                              2-9-2016

                    Another good meeting with the new regime. Colleen and the new board members make the public feel as if they are a real PART of the meeting and of the town, and it makes no difference what wing you fly with. You MATTER. 

                     Ideas and proposals from ALL residents are heard and fairly considered, and no one makes fun of the people or treats them with disdain for having a unique point of view. I imagine that must be difficult for them at times, since some of the things that the transplants believe and think we should be involved in, are literally insane. Yes, the Climate Smart Community  proposal came up tonight and almost turned into a Public Hearing until Colleen dropped the gavel. LOL!! 

                      This crazy proposal was submitted to the town by Bruce Shenkar, (I'm not certain as to how he spells his last name, so please forgive if I got it wrong). Bruce has been working with a woman named Robin from the D.E.C Office of Climate Change . Geez, the name of that organization alone is enough to give a sane adult nightmares! Rino Congressman Chris Gibson, is A-Hole deep in this project. He needs the liberal votes when he runs for Governor. Anyway, Robin did her little spiel about the proposal and program and named the following towns as having signed-on to it. 

           Kinderhook, Chatham, Valatie, Copake, Hillsdale, and Ancram. Idiots.  Most of the public that was present were NOT in favor of committing to this abomination, stating that we are perfectly capable of being conservative with energy and careful about pollution without government regulating us or intervening in our lives. Thank GOD! The board was not in favor,either. Colleen explained that she had been through some bad experiences with the D.E.C, and though they too, swore there would be no future repercussions to the town, there still WERE. 

            Both Bruce and Robin insisted that there would never be any rigid regulations imposed and no obligations, but the majority were not convinced. How COULD they be when we have seen the government make those promises a million times, then turn around and regulate the crap out of us?! We have SEEN what happened in Oregon and Nevada, we have SEEN California, and we don't want to BE them! 

             The more she spoke, the more Robin buried herself. She revealed that the state and federal governments would definitely give preference to "Climate Smart" towns and cities when there were grants available, and that if we signed up for this, we would be subject to a "Greenhouse Gas Emission " study ! Sounds like Blackmail and Bribery to ME ! Bruce got a little pouty when he realized that he wasn't likely to win this one. My husband argued that he had seen 63 years of changing weather and that there was NO viable, scientific proof of Global Warming, quite the opposite,in fact. Bruce replied by saying that he isn't referring to the weather in New Lebanon, but to the World Climate. So I guess New Lebanon is no longer a part of the World. OUR weather over the past few centuries is not an indication of what is going on in the REST of the World. LOLOL!!!

             Sorry Bruce, ain't gonna happen. 

               We now have a Town Attorney, Dan something-or-other, I can't remember his last name because it's one of those sztky  names that all sound like a sneeze. Dan Evans objected to his appointment stating that he was more expensive than the others, so the board, prompted by Kevin Smith, decided to appoint him for two months and see how it plays out. If they change their minds at that point, there will be no need to re-advertise the opening as there are second and third choices. Motion passed. Now, are you ready for THIS ?! One of the applicants for Town Attorney was none other than Jason Shaw!  I'll leave that alone and just let you ponder it. LOL!! 

                Fire Chief Ben Wheeler, spoke about the construction accident that occurred on County Rt. 5 last month and how the rapid response to their call for assistance to the Town of Colonie was such a blessing. He had written letters of appreciation to Colonie Officials and Fire Department personnel and asked that the Supervisor sign them along with him. It was an emotional moment in the meeting, as Ben talked about the impact of such tragedies on the first-responders. Enough said.

                Sharon Moon requested permission from the town to continue her work on the Rt. 5 cemetery where many Revolutionary War Soldiers graves were discovered. Among the stones were several markers where slaves were laid to rest and it is not the only one in New Lebanon that holds the graves of slaves and soldiers. There are 40 cemeteries here, many of which are forever destroyed due to landowners who resent having to grant Right of Way to anyone who wishes to visit the sites. According to Sharon, some have been destroyed with sledge hammers and others have been stripped and the headstones used to build walkways and steps! Talk about a lack of respect and integrity! Of course she was granted permission once it is certain that the town insurance would cover her and any volunteers. I certainly understand her wish to continue this work and applaud her efforts and dedication to it. It's really fascinating.     

                 Steve Oberon announced that the Historical Society will be offering assistance to residents who wish to trace their local roots, investigate the history of a home or building, or anything else they wish to research about local history. An appointment is required for the time being, and info can be found on the website. 

                  Colleen apologized to residents and business-owners for the Sign Ordinance letter that was sent out and came off as rather heavy-handed. It was a first draft, and when the staff realized it sounded bullyish, they re-wrote it, but the draft was somehow mailed out instead of the final, edited letter.   So everyone can relax a little. The Farmer's Market is considering re-locating again this year and is looking at possible venues, one being the grassy area of the town park on the Rt. 22 side. Parking would be in the same locale that the Little League uses. This request from Cynthia Creech was tabled until next month so the board could look into any conflict with the baseball schedule for Sundays.   

                   Eastwick Press Reporter Thaddeus Flint is still recovering from his broken leg, but doing well. His dad stood in for him again tonight. It was a long meeting, going until after 9 p.m, but it was a productive two hours. What a difference from the Benson meetings! Colleen has really stepped-up, and has so many fresh ideas it's hard to keep track of them all. There is truly light at the end of the tunnel, at least in New Lebanon. The rest of America? Not so much. 

                    Hillary Clinton took a real trouncing in New Hampshire today, as she deserved to, but look at the alternative! A Socialist Pervert who is a card-carrying member of the Communist/Socialist Parties. For generations, Americans have given their very lives to keep these horrors OUT of our country, and now, people are actually voting FOR a Communist, Political System! Trump took the day on the Republican side, with of all people, John Kasich taking second! Cruz beat Bush and Rubio-the-Stripper, for third. Christie is dropping out. Carson got his butt handed to him today, also. We have a long way to go yet, and I can only hope and pray that the Liberals wake up and that the gullible Conservatives get a clue about Trump. I have my doubts about the intelligence of the people of New Hampshire, let's hope the rest of the country is a little smarter. 


                 I would like to add that the Super Bowl halftime show was a disgrace and an embarrassment to America. I know that millions of people love football, but is this what America stands for? A Pig that sings about targeting cops, celebrates Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, and the Rainbow Flag projected on the fans? The NFL is no longer an American Symbol or something to be proud of, it is deplorable.



Scalia is Dead                                                                     2-13-2016

                    The most loved, adored, and respected, Supreme Court Justice ever to sit on a bench, has left us. 

                     Antonin Scalia was a proud, stalwart, Patriotic Conservative who fought every day of his adult life to ensure that our Constitution would never be altered, misinterpreted, or disobeyed. He was all that stood between the destruction of this country by Liberals and the Retention of our Values and Traditions. He will be missed for a long time to come and the effects of his loss will make history. 

                     Obama and his evil minions will fight tooth and nail to appoint a replacement that is as far left as possible, and We the People will be stuck with that choice for an eternity. It could very possibly be the end of the Constitution.  As the Scalia family and their friends and supporters grieved today, the Liberal Left was all over social media celebrating his death and calling him names that even Donald Trump wouldn't repeat. Yes, that is exactly how Liberals behave, and their age makes no difference. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, and they do not deserve to suck American air.


                      I wrote tonight's blog early in the day, before I heard about Scalia and before I watched the circus of a Republican Debate. A "circus" doesn't even come close to describing that display of immaturity and vindictiveness that we witnessed between certain candidates. Bush and Trump got into so many heated arguments, it was hard to keep track of them all, and Rubio and Trump both attacked Cruz and made allegations that have already been disproved numerous times. Cruz had the class to NOT respond to the repeated, false accusations and tried to focus on the issues. 

                      Kasich and Carson also did very well, but if it were up to ME, Rubio, Trump, and Bush would all be disqualified after tonight. They behaved almost as badly as the Liberals, not quite, but ALMOST. Now, for the blog I intended to post.


                        The supporters of Ted Cruz are without question, the most intelligent and well-informed people in America. WE are smart enough to "Get" the subtle remarks Cruz makes about Trump and the TV Ads that seem to offend liberals/Trumptards so much. WE actually take the time and expend the effort to confirm or disprove accusations made against Cruz such as the still-active claim that he "Stole" votes from Carson in Iowa. CNN did that, not Ted Cruz. We give the same benefit-of-the-doubt to ALL the candidates who face ridiculous accusations. If it's fact, it's fact. If it's media poop, we say so. Believe it or not, facts actually MATTER. 

                          Cruz supporters are supporters because we have done our homework and looked at each candidate under a microscope. We KNOW what is happening inside this present administration and with the Puppet Masters that cursed us with it. We KNOW how and WHY the American People are being brainwashed by schools and the media and we KNOW what it will take to repair the damage and save this country.

                           At this point, supporting ANY Democrat is not only an act of insanity, it is flat-out Treason. The Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of your mom and dad, of JFK, it has morphed into the American Communist Party. At the same time, far too many Republicans have allowed the Democrat's Political Poison to influence them and water-down their values, loyalty, and intelligence. This campaign began with 17 Republican candidates. Each one had his or her positive attributes but of all 17, ONLY Cruz is 100% Conservative and Consistent.

                          Cruz has a quiet and refined manner that many people mistake for weakness, especially Conservatives who are literally starving for a Strong, Solid Leader. They fail to see Cruz for the treasure he is, because they are not LISTENING. They hear nothing but the arrogant , boisterous noise that spews from Trump's mouth and are deafened to reality. Trump is loud and crude for a reason,folks. He is effectively out-shouting the other candidates because volume WORKS where intelligence is absent. It has worked for every Dictator and Tyrant since the beginning of time. Hitler screamed, Mao screamed, Hillary and Cuomo, scream. 

                           Screaming candidates stir the crowd and distract them from seeing through the propaganda, the false promises, and in most cases, the Evil. It is a Tried-and-True tactic that has worked for the left for centuries. He who makes the most noise, he who lies most effectively and promises the impossible, always gets the most support. This is exactly how minority and Special-Interest Groups have managed to win consistently since the 1960s and it is why America is experiencing the financial, military, and moral decline it now is. 

                           Look at the behavior of the Blacks in Ferguson last summer, then compare that to a Tea Party protest or to the gathering of Patriots in Oregon and Nevada. Which of these groups got the attention and the action that addresses their complaints? Ferguson. No one was arrested or charged with any of the serious crimes committed in that city by Black residents, but Tea Partiers are often arrested for make-believe violations like "Trespassing", and the Patriots out West? They get shot and killed. The "Quiet", Orderly, and Non-Violent groups are punished, while the savages are rewarded. Campaigns work the same way.

                            Trump supporters are being blinded by the hype and as a result, they are further endangering the very positive changes they claim to so desperately desire. ANY candidate can make appealing promises, but which one, if any, can or will fulfill them? Cruz has made some big promises. He has vowed to eliminate the IRS and impose a fair, flat tax for everyone. He promises to end Common Core, Obamacare, nullify the Iran Deal, and all of Obama's Executive Orders. He promises to eliminate unnecessary and redundant federal agencies and the regulations that come along with them and he WILL demand a Constitutionally Adherent Government. 

                            How do we know that Cruz can and will keep these promises? We know , because he has consistently acted to bring these changes about for years. He is a Constitutional Attorney who has committed the Constitution to memory, and he has an impeccable, political record and a spotless reputation.  Trump on the other hand, was a registered Democrat as recently as 2012 and he voted that way for all of his adult life. He has financially supported Harry Reid, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, the Cuomos,and Nancy Pelosi. He has a long record of Liberalism and flip-flopping on the issues, has abused the Eminent Domain Law, had numerous bankruptcies, objects to what Liberals refer to as "Assault Weapons", and he is on his third, barely, post-adolescent wife.

                              Trump is verbally abusive of women and practices the Liberal Double-Standard. He supports Common Core one day and claims to hate it the next. His political voting record? He has none, he has never served in a political position. His PERSONAL voting record? Democrat. He is vulgar, rude, crude, and profane. How will he EVER hope to manage courteous diplomacy with foreign leaders and dignitaries? 

                              Trump has stated that he wants to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S, and believe me, I would LOVE to see that happen! However, it won't happen, it can't happen. It is unconstitutional and anti-American and would be seen as "Racist" or "Targeting" in the P.C world. It's an appealing idea, considering that Radical Islam is our greatest danger today, but what Trump SHOULD have said, was he would place an indefinite freeze on ALL immigration into the U.S. We can DO that and be within our Constitutional rights while keeping our country safer. THAT is how dumb Trump is. He Could have killed two birds with one stone, if he were not so arrogant. The guy is so over-the-top and unrealistic, that it's hard to fathom how anyone could take him seriously. He has no record of standing for any of the things he now claims to support, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. Cruz, DOES.

                               I find it sad and frightening that so many Americans are so easily fooled by Trump's showmanship, Clinton's outright lies, and Sander's promises of Free Stuff for all. It is heartbreaking that such a privileged society would be so ignorant and selfish as to be willing to sentence this great country and their own CHILDREN, to a future of tyranny, Socialism, and yes, COMMUNISM. It is for these reasons that I feel justified and confident in saying that Cruz Supporters are the smartest people in America. It's just a fact...... inarguable, unvarnished, Truth.


Ted Cruz’s Resume is Very Impressive, Should Make him Standout Amongst Other Candidates

August 22, 2015 1:09 pm

Sen. Ted Cruz is finally beginning to surge in the polls because people are now understanding that of all 17 GOP candidates, Cruz is the most conservative – and his record proves as much.

Numbers don’t lie.

The Princeton and Harvard educated national debate team champion should will be one of only three men left standing this time next year when the Republican nomination is announced, and by then, it would be awesome to hear this man’s name as the frontrunner.

Here are some of his accomplishments, thus far.

resume, if you will…

  • Graduated valedictorian in 1988 from Second Baptist High School
  • Graduated cum laude from Princeton University in 1992
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1995
  • 1992 U.S. National Debate Champion representing Princeton
  • 1995 World Debating Championship semi-finalist representing Harvard
  • Served a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, making him the first Hispanic ever to clerk for a Chief Justice of the United States
  • Served as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008, making him the first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas, the youngest Solicitor General in the entire country and the longest tenure in Texas history
  • Partner at the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he led the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national appellate litigation practice
  • Authored over 80 SCOTUS briefs and presented over 40 oral arguments before The Court
  • In the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of 31 states in defense of the principle that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms
  • Presented oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  • Defended the Ten Commandments monument on the Texas State Capitol grounds,
  • Defended the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools
  • Defended the State of Texas against an attempt by the International Court of Justice to re-open the criminal convictions of 51 murderers on death row throughout the United States
  • Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission
  • Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign
  • Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation
  • Ted Cruz is currently junior US Senator from Texas, defeating Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst who was heavily favored and backed by the DC old-guard GOP
  • Defeated Democrat Paul Sadler in the general election
  • Endorsed by The Tea Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus
  • AWARDS: “America’s Leading Lawyers for Business,” Chambers USA (2009 & 2010) “50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America,” National Law Journal (2008) “25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century,” Texas Lawyer (2010) “20 Young Hispanic Americans on the Rise,” Newsweek (1999) Traphagen Distinguished Alumnus, Harvard Law School
  • On November 14, 2012, Cruz was appointed vice-chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • Unlike Obama, Cruz didn’t seat in the U.S. Senate and vote “present.” He has sponsored 97 bills. Here are a few crucial pieces of legislation sponsored by Cruz:
    • ObamaCare Repeal Act
    • Prohibit use of drones from killing citizens of the United States within the United States
    • Disarm Criminals and Protect Communities Act
    • Firearm Straw Purchasing and Trafficking Prevention Act
    • Defund Obamacare Act of 2013
    • A bill to amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to permit States to require proof of citizenship for registration to vote in elections for Federal office
    • A bill to designate the United States courthouse located at 101 East Pecan Street in Sherman, Texas, as the Paul Brown United States Courthouse
    • A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards of up to $5,000,000 for information regarding the attacks on the United States diplomatic mission at Benghazi, Libya that began on September 11, 2012
    • State Marriage Defense Act of 2014
    • A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the intentional discrimination of a person or organization by an employee of the Internal Revenue Service
    • A bill to prohibit the Department of the Treasury from assigning tax statuses to organizations based on their political beliefs and activities
    • American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014
    • A bill to deny admission to the United States to any representative to the United Nations who has been found to have been engaged in espionage activities or a terrorist activity against the United States and poses a threat to United States national security interests
    • SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2014
    • Free All Speech Act of 2014
    • Guantanamo Bay Detainee Transfer Suspension Act of 2014
    • A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards totaling up to $5,000,000 for information on the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, a dual United States-Israeli citizen, that began on June 12, 2014
    • A bill to prevent the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program unlawfully created by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012
    • Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act of 2014
    • Expatriate Terrorists Act
    • Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act of 2014

True conservatives who aren’t 100% backing Cruz at this point baffle me.

God willing, we will all be able to tell our children and grandchildren how a Ted Cruz presidency put the United States back on the right track for good!

A vote for Cruz is a vote for America, and I’m backing this guy with all I’ve got.

Rhetoric is fine and dandy, but what will always matter first are actions taken in order to defeat the liberal agend


     Rest In Peace, Judge.


Too Much Noise !!                                                     2-14-2016

                Top News for tonight?  Eliot Spitzer has been arrested in NY City for choking a woman in a hotel room. Wanna guess if she was a hooker or not? LOL!! Some people never learn.   Also, the owner of the Texas Ranch where Justice Scalia died, has stated that Scalia's body was discovered in bed with a pillow over his head. Hmmmm.

                I received an email from a friend today in reference to last night's post. My friend was "Offended" by my use of the words; "Climatard" and "Trumptard". This is a friend I value highly and always will, and she is more Right-Wing than Left, but REALLY ? Now we're going to ban the use of a another word because it might offend someone who is Mentally Disabled? To "Retard" means to "Slow Down", and it applies to a whole slew of things from thinking to acting to music and a million things in-between. Good Grief ! 

                Political Correctness has NO place in my life, my beliefs, or my posts, and anyone who is that easily offended or that quick to misinterpret a meaning, does not have to read me, because I make NO apology for my Freedom of Speech. I would never, EVER, pick on a disabled person, but I'll be damned if I will edit my speech to protect immature emotions. People just need to get over the P.C indoctrination and toughen up. Lord knows, I'VE had to do it! If I let every little insult or insinuation upset me, I would be a weeping mess all day, every day. GEEZ !!!!

                LOL!! I can't even think of all the names I've been called, the labels I've had attached to me or the insults I've received on my weight, my lack of fashion-sense, etc. It's called "Life", and if we hope to survive, we need to learn to take the nonsense less seriously. It's a different story if a child is being bullied, or someone who is "Different" is being made fun of or abused, but mature adults just need to ACT like mature adults and stop being sissies. At the very least, be willing to look at the "Intention" behind the word or statement and consider the character of the person saying it, before grabbing a crying towel. 

                A lot of times, I have heard people say things like, "Christians should be kind and gentle and watch what they say ". B.S! Christians should be THE  most outspoken and frank people on earth! Believe me, I have suffered more abuse, false accusations, betrayal, and emotional agony at the hands of other Christians than I EVER have from anyone else. I am not alone, either! This is a common complaint among Christian people. It is always those  you expect the most from, that hurt you the deepest. Place your trust in God and never turn your back on a human.


                 Did you know, that our Federal Government owns in excess of 700 MILLION acres of land, most of which is in the Western states and Alaska? Far cry from the ten square miles of D.C and sites for forts, bases, and docks, isn't it? Alaska and Oregon have the least amount of unregulated lands in America. The government owns the majority of the land in both these states. 

                  Rancher Cliven Bundy was arrested a couple of days ago for charges that are so far out of the realm of truth, it's laughable. The BLM has actually claimed that when the Nevada Stand-Off occurred two years ago at the Bundy Ranch, that Cliven Bundy and his friends had "Ambushed and Assaulted" Federal Officers in the process of doing their duty. The truth is, that Bundy and his sons and neighbors, rode out to the grazing lands to stop the slaughter of their wayward cattle by the BLM. 

                  As the wife of a farmer and half-owner of numerous cattle over the years, I am fully aware of how often these critters escape their boundaries. Larry Benson will tell you that, Cynthia Creech and K.B Chittenden will tell you that. It's just part of the game. In Nevada, the government claimed that Bundy's cattle were endangering a species of turtle, but that particular turtle, though having BEEN endangered in the past, is now such a nuisance, that there are actual hunts allowed every few years to keep them in check! 

                 Another false claim made by the government about Bundy, was that he "Refused" to pay his grazing fees. Also not true. Bundy believes, as do most Constitutional Americans, that the land in Nevada belongs to the State of Nevada and its citizens. So Bundy escrowed the grazing fees and made it perfectly clear that he would pay them to the STATE and NOT to the Feds. THIS is how it all began. In response to his stand, the BLM came in with armored vehicles and hundreds of armed men and began shooting and burying Bundy's cattle. They claimed that the cattle were trespassing on "National Park Land" , which they were not, and went on and on about the damn turtles. 

                 After the huge response by other Constitutionalists with GUNS, the BLM stood down and left. As it should be. Still, the feds were insulted, they had lost one to the People, and they could not let that stand. So the Hammond Family Ranch in Oregon was targeted next. THIS time, the feds knew they would be faced with armed resistance as they were in Nevada, so they quadrupled the number of agents and armored vehicles they sent in response to the gathering of objectors. PEACEFUL objectors. Never, at any time, did the protesters threaten violence of any kind or attempt to do anything aggressive. They wanted only ONE thing, to be HEARD and to have the situation facing the ranchers to be looked into, and to reach an amicable agreement for the use of the land that rightly belongs to the state it lies in.

                 The killing of Robert LaVoy Finicum by the FBI on a deserted stretch of Oregon Road, has been interpreted many ways by many people on both sides. Seems everyone has an opinion, but the only video available is grainy, distant, and without audio. Only the witnesses on the scene know the full details. There are SO many unanswered questions, and no clue as to how much of those details will ever come to light. As usual, the Media has not paid the attention to this issue that it most certainly deserves. They aren't interested in revealing the illegal actions of the federal government or in investigating the killing of a man who had never done a single thing wrong in his life. They prefer to sensationalize the Ferguson Riots or the justified shooting of a Black thug by police. These stories monopolize the headlines for MONTHS after the event, but Nevada and Oregon? They aren't interested. 

                 It's time for them to BECOME interested, and it's time for YOU to become interested. 


                 There are claims that the Finicum group , who were enroute to a meeting with Burns, Oregon officials when the FBI ambushed them on the road, were actually deliberately lied to about the meeting. There is belief that the FBI lured them to the meeting that was never to take place, just to get them out on that road and into their roadblock. Knowing the things I do, I can see that as being a strong possibility, but we have yet to be given enough information to prove ANY of the theories. We are now fighting to GET that information and more importantly, ANSWERS. 

                  The Oregon Governor and several Senators, have refused to reply to requests for information, and they refused to consider allowing the final four occupiers of the Malheur Preserve to leave without impediment or arrest. For Patriots across the country, this event was nothing less than a bully-tactic, a message to Patriots that the government will NOT be brought to task or pressed for compromise. They will NOT adhere to the Law of the Land, period, and anyone who tries to force their hand, will be falsely accused of felonies, lose their private properties, go to prison, and even be killed. This was payback for the victory of the People in Nevada two years ago. I believe that War has been declared. 

                   WHY does the government want or need so many millions of acres? Okay, we need to protect the National Parks, certain, unique conservation areas, and a reasonable amount of land for energy production. Yet there is so little energy harvesting going on in these areas, it is almost negligible. MOST of the outlandish regulations are based on the preservation of endangered species of plants and animals. STILL, there is no need for the number of acres the government holds to be held BY the government! There are military bases and training areas on these western lands, and a little bit of mining, but there is so much more to the story! 

                   Cliven Bundy's Ranch for instance, is located in an area that has a wealth of gold beneath the surface. There is oil, coal, and uranium, and the cleanest water on the planet. There are also OTHER things beneath the soil that the feds are protecting, and we WILL get to that this week sometime. The bottom line is this; the Federal Government wants the ranchers GONE. They want and NEED to regulate these lands for all the reasons I've mentioned, but even more so for the reasons I haven't. They are not concerned about the food supply that would be diminished by the eradication of the ranches and cattle and sheep, because they have other plans to provide food for the masses. 

                  The BLM is also now claiming that they are dedicated to protecting an endangered species of Grouse. REALLY? What happened to the turtles? What would happen if we lost a grouse species? HOW could we lose a grouse species by allowing ranchers to feed their cattle? Do cattle stomp and kill turtles and grouse? No, but Armored Vehicles do. Testing of Nuclear Bombs does. Military Training exercises do. Yet the government is okay with those things ? Starting to smell the rotten eggs yet? Did you know that Obama has just declared the takeover of millions MORE acres in the West? Someone needs to ask WHY. We need to ask OURSELVES why.

                   There is so much NOISE going on. The media is hammering us with an overload of crises to distract us from SOMETHING. The government is going after our First and Second Amendment Rights for a REASON, and it has NOTHING to do with school shootings, real or pretend. Think really HARD folks, and ask the tough questions. Time is short.


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Is it "UN" or "MIS" ?                                           2-20-2016

             Wanna see something amusing? Click the link titled " Oregon U " that I've posted below. It's only two minutes long, so go ahead, I'll wait.......

               Does anyone want to take a guess at how much money these kids or their parents have borrowed for their education??  Remember, this is OREGON, so I would imagine that at least 2/3 of these kids are Oregonians. Not exactly a Blue State, so where did these Progressive Zombies come from?

                Though this video is amusing, it is also terrifying, as are most of Jesse Watter's "Man on the Street " videos. Just think, THESE are the people who will be running this country when we're gone! Watters has put the lack of knowledge of the average American in the spotlight, with the help of  the arrogant but intelligent , Bill O"Reilly.  Yup, these are tomorrow's leaders, folks. 

                 I consider myself to be one of the "Average" Americans, not an expert on much of anything and I doubt that my I.Q is anything to write home about. What I DO have , is PASSION and CURIOSITY.What has happened to those things ? I believe that curiosity has been deliberately discouraged by our education system and the media. We are fed so much information that just isn't true and we're encouraged to allow the government and media to think FOR us. 

                Our kids and their kids are hypnotized by technology and gadgets and crippled by the ease of gaining immediate information by pushing a button or clicking a mouse. Who has a shiny set of leather-bound encyclopedias on the living room bookcase anymore? I'm no better than a lot of people, I enjoy the ease at which I can find information on the internet and not have to run to a library or archival office, BUT, the danger is in not knowing WHO and WHAT  the source of this information is. WHO provides information to Google and Wikipedia? When we fail to be suspicious and curious enough to look further, we are easily misled and misinformed. 

                 Why do you suppose so many young people seem to embrace Socialism? I think it is because they have NO idea of accurate history or the outcome of Socialism in other countries. A "Little" knowledge is a Dangerous thing! Too many take what they read on internet search engines as Gospel and don't bother to dig any deeper or seek alternate sources. Young people in particular are easily duped by things they see and read on the net and once they adopt an idea or theory, there is little chance of swaying them. 

                   How does an entire generation that has grown up under Liberal indoctrination have any idea about how or why this country became the greatest, most free and successful nation on earth? Unless of course, WE TELL THEM. We are raising entitled, selfish, and misinformed BRATS. We send them to schools that fail to teach the truth of the sacrifices made by relentless, strong, men and women to guarantee our success, safety, and freedoms. These kids are ungrateful and disloyal because they don't know what America once was, what we have lost and what we stand to lose. It isn't their fault, it is OURS, it is OUR parents. We have failed to pass on the truth and inspire curiosity and pride. We have sacrificed Passion.

                   The students we see in Watter's video are lambs. Up-and-Coming Sheeple who will go out into the world with useless degrees in "Women's Gender Studies" and perpetuate the "Society of Stupidity".  They will support the evil of liberalism and ignorance in the name of "Compassion".  Last week at the New Hampshire primary, a group of 8 or 10 young people in their 20's and early 30s. were asked the following, who said it, and what it meant;

                   "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ".  Not ONE person asked had any idea who said it, much less what it inferred. One young man actually said, "Sounds like some Right-Wing Extremist Bullsh_t to me !". All the responses were similar, and ALL those questioned, were Bernie Sanders supporters.  Imagine the Wake-Up Call these kids have coming if Bernie wins and they suddenly lose their electronic devices, their designer clothes, voting rights, free speech, privacy, and WalMart ? LOL!! When they get that free education, birth-control, and healthcare they so desire but have to live and work where the government tells them they will and stand in line for food, water, fuel, and Charmin?

                     How about when they can't get that impacted wisdom tooth pulled or gain access to treatment for that itchy, STD because the line is too long ? Will they understand Socialism THEN? Sure they will, but it will be too late! Talk to your kids and grandchildren, folks. Let them try Socialism out for a week and see what they think and who they support after the week is up. It's time for a STRONG dose of reality before November.


                       Speaking of November, I've become convinced in the past week or so that Trump is mentally unstable. Not only does he lack the dignity and integrity to be president,  but he behaves like the spoiled, little rich boy that he IS. His campaign tactics have been crude all along to put it mildly, but since his New Hampshire victory he seems to have gone over the edge. His speech is profane and vicious, and he calls others LIARS while he stands on the dais and lies. He blames G.W Bush for 9-11 even though Bush had been in office a mere nine months when that tragedy occurred. The groundwork for 9-11 was laid by Bill Clinton. 

                         Trump claims that going to war in Iraq was a mistake and that there were no WMDs there, but there WERE. While the United Nations delayed U.S retaliation for 9-11 for almost a year, the WMDs were moved from Iraq to Syria, where they have since been used by the Syrian government against their own citizens. Now, thanks to Obama's premature withdrawal of American Troops from the Middle East, ISIS has now come into possession of those very same, WMDs. Who wants to ponder the implications of THAT as Syrian "Refugees" spread out across Europe and the U.S ?

                           Donald Trump makes promises that NO president can keep, such as building a border wall and making Mexico pay the bill. LOLOL!! He consistently states that Cruz is a "Disgusting Liar", yet has provided no proof or documentation to back up these claims. We all heard Trump SWEAR on national television, TWICE, that he would never go third-party, but this past week, he accused the GOP of "Failing Him" and is threatening to go third-party!! So, WHO is a Liar ? Should Trump break his word and run as a 3rd Party candidate, he will be handing the presidency to the Democrats on a silver platter. Wasn't that the plan all along? I believe so. 

                             Trump is a Clinton man and always has been. He is a Liberal and a loose cannon. Can you imagine if he actually wins this election, the number of Executive Orders he will amass? He would make Obama look like a rookie! How is it, that so-called "Conservative" Americans could be so gullible as to buy this man's hype? The best thing Trump could ever do for America would be to withdraw his candidacy and get behind Cruz or Rubio. A man in his position who TRULY loves his country and wants to restore it, would do just that. The LAST thing such a man would do is go 3rd Party, call his fellow candidates vile names, throw temper tantrums, and threaten to sue anyone who has a shot at beating him. 

                             There is a fox in the Republican Hen-house.


                             I would like to think that Republicans will contact their representatives this week and show support for their refusal to allow a Supreme Court appointment until AFTER the election. Every call, email, letter, or visit, matters. There is too much at stake to NOT use your voices.



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Is Animal Cruelty Enough ?                                     2-23-2016

                    One of the hardest jobs I have ever done, is to attempt to wake up the masses and convince them that they need to ACT. People are so accustomed to comfort and ease in America, that they don't think there is ever a time that will require them to actually get involved and put forth effort to retain that comfort. The attitude seems to be, "Let someone else do it" .

                    If you know me or have read me for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about freedom, justice, and the American way, but these are not the only things I am passionate about.  One of the things that tops my list is Animals. I LOVE animals and abhor anyone who neglects or abuses them. This blog is all about abuses, against both the people of this country and thousands of innocent animals, all by ONE, very evil, government agency.

                    Shortly after the Safe Act was passed , I joined a fledgling Constitution Group called , "The National Liberty Alliance".  Started right here in upstate New York by a friend of mine named John Darash, the alliance's goal is to restore the Common Law to our country's courts.  Since 2013, the alliance has managed to open chapters in every state in America and constitute each one. Though I was fairly active in this group in it's early days, I have taken on so many other roles, that I haven't been very active in the NLA for some time. 

                     I believe that their goal is honorable and just, as the Common Law is the true, original law intended to be implemented by American courts. However, I don't really see much chance of it ever being restored after so many generations of having been deliberately ignored and essentially "buried" by corrupt members of our judicial system. Still, I guess it's worth a try, and there are many dedicated and extremely intelligent people involved. To be perfectly honest, Common Law is way above my head. I can not understand or dis-entangle it in my mind, and I am not ashamed to admit it. So I help whenever and wherever I can, but I am not a dedicated member. 

                       Recently, I have become deeply entrenched in the land dispute issues in our Western states and I have shared some of that here on this blog. Sadly, very few Americans from all backgrounds and political parties are aware of the gravity of this situation and the absolute atrocities being perpetrated by the federal government. Thanks, Liberal Media.

                        Most people know at least a little bit about the Bundy standoff in Nevada two years ago, and about the Malheur Preserve protest and occupation last month in Oregon. Hopefully, they also know about the needless killing of an innocent and decent man as a result of government entities who felt a need to "Send a Message ".  We have talked here about the federal government seizing, holding, and over-regulating land that they do not own and have no right to, yet claim as "Federal Lands". We have also talked about a FEW of the reasons that the feds are doing this and the extremes they will go to to retain control of these many millions of acres.

                         Despite all that we've discussed, there are still very, very few people who understand the heinous actions of the BLM, both past and present. On the 12th of this month, the NLA finally released a video taken in July of 2015 during an assault on ranchers by the BLM.  Had I not seen the BLM at work with my very own eyes, I would actually have said that the reports were exaggerated and that no government agency could possibly get away with attempted murder, willful destruction of private property, and animal cruelty of this caliber. Yet they did, and they ARE. 

                         Even knowing that Cliven Bundy's cattle were shot and bulldozed into massive holes by the BLM two years ago, what is happening NOW is so unconscionable that you absolutely MUST see it to believe it. Even then, it is hard to accept. The BLM is guilty of a great many unconstitutional and deplorable actions, but THIS is the epitome of tyranny. I hope that those of you who love animals, who value your right to your private property, and who enjoy buying beef and not waiting for the government to give you an allotment once a month, will be outraged enough to call your Congressmen and Senators, TOMORROW. Is animal cruelty enough to motivate you??

                          At the very least, I beg of you to sign the petition linked below, and  share it and the video with everyone you know.  This is happening folks, in the American West in 2016. It should not only disgust you, it should scare you to death!  God Help Us!


  The BLM at WORK!! 






 What About Trump ?                                               2-25-2016

                Did you watch tonight's debate? Holy CROW! Cruz and Rubio finally took the gloves off and fought back. 

                 Trump was finally exposed as the piece of crap poser he is. His behavior was SO immature, arrogant, rude, and plain STUPID, that he should be ineligible to run for office. He acted JUST like Mike Benson but with more volume and a lot more hair. Narcissism Supreme! 

                 He says little of any substance, and all the promises he makes never come with an explanation of HOW he will do it, or even if he CAN do it. Wolf Blitzer was a horrible moderator tonight as well, allowing Trump to talk over the other candidates when they had the floor and constantly interrupt. It was a side-show and Trump was the Barker. 

                 I gotta tell ya folks, I have seen a LOT of alleged Republicans that I would never support and whom I thought were awful people, but Trump has to be the all-time worst of the worst. He is so obviously NOT a Conservative in any way, shape, or form. Yet his supporters are EXACTLY like the Obama supporters were, brainwashed and vicious. I have lost a lot of so-called "Friends" on social media for my stand against Trump, and you know what, it feels good to lose the dead weight. See ya! 

                People I have known for years and always thought were smart, Patriotic, and informed, are proving to be anything but. How on EARTH, can any Conservative, Christian, or Patriot NOT see through Trump? How can any of them vote for a guy with NO clue , over a candidate that has a PROVEN record of fighting for the Constitution and American exceptionalism? What has Donald Trump ever done to make America stronger or better for ANYBODY?  Zippo.

                In 2012, Trump was still supporting Liberal Democrats and voting Democrat. He has had numerous bankruptcies, is on the third wife that is young enough to be his daughter, refuses to release his tax information, attempted to use eminent domain to put an elderly woman out of her home so he could build a garage for limos, thinks that Hamas has a right to be "Negotiated" with, and that Planned Parenthood is a wonderful thing. He is anti- gun, he calls everyone who dares to challenge him a "Liar", etc.,etc. 

               Tonight, the majority of what he had to say was self-agrandizing, B.S. He bragged about his wins, about how everyone LOVES him, how he is the smartest guy on the stage, he knows more about politics than anyone else, was a GREAT athlete, has the biggest business in the world, is supported by women, Blacks, and Hispanics more than the two Hispanic candidates are, and on and on, ME, ME, ME. Sound familiar? Obama and Benson. Despots. 

                Trump will be a terrible, ineffective, weak, and liberal President. Anyone who supports him is sentencing the rest of America to another 4 to 8 years of the Obama administration. Trump is the Vanilla Obama and his supporters are worshiping at the feet of the Jim Jones of politics.

 This election is laughable. Trumptards are going to destroy the small opportunity we have to save our Constitution, and they are without a doubt, every bit as bad as Liberal Dems in their behavior.

                I have been called a "C_NT", a "WH_RE", and even been told by one woman that she hopes I am raped and beheaded by Muslim Terrorists. LOL!!  Yup, liberal compassion and tolerance at its best! All because I support Cruz instead of Trump. Welcome to the Tree-Hugger's World of Coexistence!


                 Some interesting stuff going on in New Lebanon, so stay tuned over the next couple weeks while some "Rumors" are vetted. There might be a big surprise coming that some will celebrate and others will hate. Let me give at least a hint; there is word that a rather large piece of property has been sold to a questionable individual and is going to be developed.  No skin off my Irish butt, but I know SOME people won't be happy if it's true. 

                 I'm preparing for the Flag Fund-Raiser for the Rt. 20 main mile, and all I have to do now is make sure I have a legal manner in which to collect and record the donations. If any veterans would like to assist with this project, please contact me in early March so we can coordinate. It would be great to have the flags up for the summer holidays! 


Kindergarten                                                            2-29-2016

                Happy Leap Day! Couple of things to vent about today. 

                First, the election is heating up and intelligence is cooling. Trump has lowered himself even more than I thought possible, by not only claiming that everyone but him is lying, but that Rubio sweats too much, is too short, a lightweight, wears too much stage make-up, and has big ears. REALLY? Is this how a candidate for the highest office in the free world runs a campaign??? Is this an election or kindergarten registration ?

                Rubio is fed up at last and has responded in kind by calling Trump's plane, "Hair Force One ", making fun of Trump's spray tan, and mentioning that Trump has small hands and "you know what they say about men with small hands ".  Good Heavens people, are you kidding me? I have heard high-school debates and arguments at recess that are more mature.

                Who CARES how tall someone is, how much hair they have, how big their hands are, or how much they sweat under stage lights? Does any of that apply to how any of them might lead our dying country? Obama has huge ears and a funny mole on his face, but that isn't an indication of who or what he is, anymore than Rubio's height or Trump's hands do. Now if Obama had horns on his head, THAT would have been a good indication of what he is. LOL!!

                Fortunately those of us who support Cruz or Kasich, aren't having to deal with the playground antics of the Trump and Rubio campaigns. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Rubio is hitting back, but he needs to do it more maturely. This is not a contest of who is wittiest and best at insulting the others, it is not about who has the most money or the shiniest limos, it is about the best country on earth that is gasping for breath and who is most able to resuscitate it. I don't give a Rat's A_S what a candidate looks like on the outside, I am concerned with what is on the INSIDE. WHO has the integrity and honor to keep his word and do what's right for ALL Americans? WHO has a PROVEN record of standing for the Constitution, Morality, Freedom, Security,and Economic Growth? 

               Which candidate will protect our borders and repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, deal fairly with immigration, hold all officials to the Constitution, refuse to compromise or be bought? WHO among these men will support and strengthen our military and provide for our veterans,  revive America and make us proud of him? NOT TRUMP, and neither of the Democrats. If we fail to look for substance and strength among the candidates and pick the one with the best attributes, we are doomed. 

               For months now, Trump has been trying to demonize Cruz about the Iowa thing with Carson. I have already proven that what happened was the fault of CNN and the Carson Crew themselves, NOT Ted Cruz. Still, Trump persists. Well guess what the Trump Team did today ?  They started a rumor that Cruz intends to drop out after Super Tuesday because he wants Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court. Not ONE word of this is true, but it CAN affect the votes intended for Cruz if people believe he won't stay in the race. This is EXACTLY what Trump falsely accuses Cruz of doing to Carson and that Trump said was the "Most despicable thing he had ever seen ".  Unless HE does it.

               Also today, it came to light that Trump refuses to reject the KKK or deny that they are backing him. He also claimed to have never heard of David Dukes, yet his own FATHER was a card-carrying member of the KKK! Trump has also been sued for refusing to rent apartments in his buildings to Blacks, and has a LONG reputation for being racist. Apples don't fall far from the tree. Trump can NOT beat Hillary Clinton in the main election if he becomes the nominee.That's just a given. HE knows it, and the Democrats know it. That is after all, the PLAN. IF the Conservatives who are supporting him do not wake up in the next 24 hours, America will be doomed to another Liberal Administration, and we cannot survive another four years of that. 


                  Speaking of Racism, did any of you watch the Oscars last night? I did not , because I refuse to pay one second of attention to super-wealthy elitists that hate my country. The ONLY country where they could become as rich and famous as they have, by the way.

                  Hollywood is a town full of hypocrites and narcissists, Socialists and Perverts. I had the displeasure of hearing the remarks from Chris Rock on the news today, that he made during last night's awards. It was your typical, "Poor Black Folks" speech that has been used since the 1960s and got old in the 1970s. Keep in mind, that Chris Rock is the guy who in 2012, stated that "Obama being our president made him kind of like our DAD, and we need to listen to him and do what he says." LOLOL!! 

                   Rock claims that Hollywood is racist, but it is anything but. What it IS, is prejudiced. It's loaded with bias and prejudice against Christians, Conservatives, Patriots, Soldiers, Veterans, Police,and the Constitution, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. They believe that Free Speech and Religious Liberties are for the Chosen ones only, as is the right to bear arms. They surround themselves, their families, and their homes with armed guards, make millions playing roles of someone with a gun in his hand, then tell us that the rest of us have no right to own an AR15. 

                    Black performers have always been fairly represented in movies, and in the past 50 or 60 years, they have dominated the Grammy Awards and even have their own, Black ONLY, B.E T Awards. Almost every TV Show has Black actors and actresses in major roles. Whining that the Oscars are unfair to Blacks is just another attempt to keep the racial division alive and well in America. It's all B.S. Oscar winners, like all other members of a competition, are judged on performance and professionalism, NOT on ethnicity or skin color. 

                    Yet as they do in ALL things, Blacks expect to be rewarded just because they're Black, and not because they EARNED anything or excelled through hard work. Black criminals expect to be excused for their crimes, low-income Blacks expect taxpayers to feed, house, and clothe them and their children. They expect to get away with looting, rioting, and arson and not face any consequences, because let's face it, they never HAVE! Why? Because they're Black. They think they can attack a police officer and not get shot, and if they DO get shot, it's the cop's fault and it was because they're BLACK.  Aren't you sick to DEATH of it yet?


                   NO ONE, and I MEAN  no one, can deny or disprove the FACT that Blacks commit crimes TEN times as often as Whites. Inmates in our prisons are not 70%  Black because of racist police or judges, it's because the Blacks committed the most crimes! Whites and Latinos COMBINED, do not come close! Look it up for yourselves if you wish. 

                   Rather than admit that there is a problem with young Black men in America and address the causes, Black leaders perpetuate the problem by blaming Whitey, racism, poverty, police, and schools. They exacerbate the excuses and enabling which serves to increase the unacceptable behavior and dependent lifestyles. Black leaders are failing their own children by refusing to be honest with themselves and demand responsibility among the people in their own communities. They refuse to look at the real consequences of fatherless homes, mothers who have 9 kids by 8 different men, and the lack of accountability among students who skip school or create chaos when they DO attend.

                  They don't address gang influence, drug abuse, lack of work ethic and self-responsibility. Martin Luther King said it, Pastor James Manning of Harlem says it, and we ALL need to say it. In today's America, skin color is a non-issue. At least it WAS before Obama ramped it up. EVERYONE has the same opportunity today to get a decent education, a good job, be law-abiding, grow their wealth and own a home and car. In fact, minorities now have a huge advantage over Whites!

                  Blacks and Hispanics are granted Special Considerations when it comes to scholarships, employment, and housing that Whites NEVER had. Despite all the handouts and help-ups, Blacks are now far more racist and dangerous than they have ever been. They have been "Helped" and "Excused" to death, and we are witnessing the results. Accountability is the only thing that works, not entitlements and coddling.

                  Nobody ever handed ME or my family a thing. We were and are expected to be self-reliant, support our own kids, earn our own money, pay taxes, and obey the law or face the consequences. As should EVERY American of every race or ethnicity, equally and with NO special handling for anyone other than the handicapped.

                   Our lives are what WE make them and we cannot blame our failures on others who had nothing to do with it. Want an Oscar? Work hard and EARN one. Want to decrease the number of Blacks in our prisons? Start holding Black parents and ALL parents accountable for the criminal behavior of their minor children. Want a good job and a home of your own? Pay attention in school and attend regularly, then get a damn JOB. Same goes for lazy, White Trash and anyone else who has made welfare, drugs, alcohol, immorality, and criminal behavior a lifestyle. 

                      We must STOP making excuses for leeches and losers. STOP the handouts and "entitlements", no one is "Entitled" to anything ! STOP the special treatment and programs for people who can very well take care of themselves and their kids and STOP paying heed to the whiners. Look at the three girls from SUNY who instigated a racial attack on White people on a CDTA bus, then reported it as a Racial attack upon THEM by Whites! It's CRAP, they were exposed and charged. It is their demented need to be victims and keep the Racism lie alive. 

                         90% of the racism still existing in America, is now Black on White, so stop buying the media hype, they refuse to tell you the actual statistics. Don't perpetuate the lies and don't be a victim of the racist agenda. Refuse to be Politically Correct and just be truthful and candid, without being hateful. How you respond to propaganda matters. A LOT. Whether it is Trump or Hillary, the government, or Black extremists, lies are lies and it is up to you to be intelligent and informed enough to see through the falsehoods and illuminate the real reasons for them. DON'T be gullible and DON'T be a Sheep. Our very lives depend on it.


  Charges Filed Against SUNY Students


Obama Praises Organizers of "Black Lives Matter"


 Black Lives Matter Vs KKK



  Hollywood Bias

Bruce Jenner: Being Transgender in Hollywood Easier Than Being Republican

After spending the past year living as a woman, reality TV star and Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner concludes that there is only one thing more difficult in Hollywood than changing genders … being a Republican.

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the 66-year-old one-time Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year noted that his conservative political leanings have been harder to explain away than his designer dresses and cosmetic procedures.

“I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,”Jenner said to a student who asked why he is not a Democrat.

Vanity Fair reporter Buzz Bissinger, who authored the publication’s “Call Me Caitlyn” article in which Jenner revealed his new feminine identity last summer, also attended the Penn event.

Bissinger interjected, “Just because you change gender doesn’t mean you change your core beliefs.”

Jenner reportedly spoke to students for roughly an hour about his life since coming out as transgender last April during an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

Among the more surprising revelations from Jenner’s Sawyer interview was his describing himself as both a Christian and a Republican. After telling Sawyer he was not a “fan” of President Obama, he added, “I’ve always been more on the conservative side. … I believe in the Constitution.”


Marine Hero: I Was Attacked at DC McDonald's 'Because of My Skin Color'

Two teens who were arrested for attacking a decorated Marine in Washington D.C. will not be facing hate crime charges – despite evoking race before beating and robbing him, said the veteran.

Former Sgt. Christopher Marquez told Fox and Friends yesterday that so far a male and a female teenager have been charged in connection with his attack at a local McDonald’s.

The male is being charged with aggravated assault, and the female with pickpocketing, said Marquez.

But the Marine hero says this doesn’t take into account his report that the teens had called him a racist, and asked him if “black lives matter.”

Surveillance footage shows the suspects knocking Marquez unconscious, before reportedly running away with his wallet.

“I believe that I should get the same type of protection as other people in this country,” the veteran told Brian Kilmeade.

We all know that if this were the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically.


Fools and Faith                                                  3-1-2016

                               No, I am not watching the Channel 6 special on the primary results. What FOR? We already know that this election, like the last two, will be fixed. George Soros has contributed so much money to lock the Republicans out, it's a one shot in a million that we can win.

                               Still, I am no quitter, never have been, never will be. LOL!  To my own detriment more often than not. Being a Christian, I have Faith that sustains me in the most difficult of times, and I wish everyone did. Cruz is not eliminated yet, and it ain't over till it's over. I just can't listen to Trump shouting victory tonight , should that happen. 

                               What concerns me the most, is that Trump will be the nominee and Hillary will be the Democrat's nominee. Trump can NEVER, EVER beat Hillary, he just doesn't have the political experience. He is not the intelligent guy he would like people to believe. Nor is he the success he claims to be if you really look at his wealth and how much he would be worth today if he had done nothing but play golf all his life. It differs VERY little from what he is worth after building numerous buildings and companies. So how smart is he, really?

                                Should Hillary be indicted, and I believe she will be, and Trump becomes President, we are STILL screwed because we have another Liberal Democrat in the White House. He can CLAIM he is a Conservative all day long, but so did Mike Benson, John Boehner, John McCain, and a million other RINOS. A Liberal is a Liberal regardless of what party they lie about being loyal to. We are already the laughing stock of the world, imagine what we will look like if Trump wins? 

                                 The only hope I see, other than Cruz or Rubio winning, is that Congress HATES Trump, and they might not be as intimidated by him as they have been by Obama. They MIGHT actually do their JOB and rein him in a lot tighter than they have the Teflon Muslim.  Who knows? In any case, I know that the results are in God's Hands, not mine. Whatever happens, is His Will and He knows better than any of us do. I have to trust and stay faithful, and be prepared to make the best of whatever candidate He allows to win. I'm ready for every possible result, and we are adequately prepped for any eventuality.

                  I am deeply disappointed with the Evangelicals of America who voted for Trump rather than Cruz, though. True Christians couldn't vote for this man and still claim to be faithful to God's Word.  Every noted Pastor in America has warned Christians to NOT vote Trump, to support Cruz, a man who is a faithful Christian himself.   They ignored the warnings and worshiped man, allowed themselves to be misled by a false prophet and not heed the Pastors. Had they been true to their faith, Cruz would be leading by a landslide right now. God Help them.            

 In the meantime, I will continue to pray fervently for a Good and Decent, Conservative President.