Stewarts                                                                              2-5-2018

               Last week, I told you about some possible changes in the plans for the new Stewarts Store.

                Well, it seems that those original plans have definitely been altered. Stewarts withdrew their application to the town today to build on their present site. They added in their letter, that they will be re-submitting a new application in the near future. Though I can certainly not swear to it, I would say that means that the new store will be at the present, E-Z Mart location. The best part of that change is, that it makes both Stewarts AND Sonny and his family, happy.

                 It's always a plus when both sides of ANYTHING are happy. I think that's why I get so frustrated with all the divisive issues going on in America these days. It is ALWAYS possible to have an outcome that serves both sides.   At tonight's Constitution Study, we talked quite a bit about that very thing. Imagine how wonderful it would be if we could sit down at the table and talk things out like grown-ups? Better yet, imagine if CONGRESS could do that ?!

                 Americans need to get back to a "Live and let Live" philosophy. We are all created equal, with the right to choose how we will live our lives, where we will live, and whom we will live WITH. There are few countries where the people have this level of freedom, and we STILL can't get along! Darrell Issa was interviewed on a Sunday show this week, and he said something similar. There are EIGHTEEN Republican members of the house that are retiring or not running for re-election . Two that I saw interviewed, Issa and Gowdy, said that the problem is that no one in Congress wants to compromise anymore. 

                Rules and procedures no longer matter, all that matters today is WINNING, and no cost is too high to attain victory over the "Other" side. In Washington,DC, the ends justify the means, no matter how abominable those means are.  The release of the FISA memo is one example of how far they will go to destroy the opposition, and though I highly doubt that anyone will ever pay any price for this latest criminal behavior, I sure hope someone DOES.  

                I believed at one time, that the long trail of dead bodies that the Clintons have left behind them, were simply coincidental, but the list continues to grow, right to this very week, and denying the facts is no longer possible. There are just far too MANY corpses surrounding Madam Hillary. Despite the facts and evidence of that and her many other crimes, like Haiti, Benghazi, and the emails, she continues to walk around free. It is simply unacceptable that We the People are held responsible for everything from a loud muffler on our vehicle, to being late paying our taxes, but politicians and other uber-wealthy individuals, can steal, commit treason, and even MURDER their opponents or threats to their futures, and they walk away. The worst part of that is, that so few people CARE.

                It's a wonder that members of Congress are not walking out in droves. Then again, there is a LOT of money to be made and benefits that you and I can only dream of, such as a lifetime paycheck. They also are not bound to use Obamacare for their Health Insurance. LOL!! In short, they are treated differently than the general population, like an "Upper Class" , much like Hollywood vermin are. We are SO far from Constitutional Law in America that it almost seems as if the document no longer exists unless and until it is convenient for Special Interest Groups to hide behind.

               The two-party system doesn't work for anyone, and especially not in the past 8 or 10 years. Obama's two terms caused SO much damage to our foundations that the house is now in danger of crumbling if we do not act quickly.  Do not be fooled that it will be only ONE side that will suffer for the weak and corrupt leadership we have been subjected to. We will ALL suffer. We will ALL lose our liberties.  If the Conservative cannot speak or worship freely, neither can the Liberal.  

               One of the main reasons that I am looking at the Libertarian Party, is the fact that they offer something to people on both sides. They have the ability to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of compromise and adherence to Constitutional Law. They are strong proponents of self-governance and small government, and they don't judge people based on Race, Religion, or Sexual Choices. I truly believe that the Libertarians can re-unite this country if given the opportunity and some time to put out the raging fires.  

                Americans are the most privileged human beings in the world, and there is NO excuse for the immoral, lawless, immature behaviors of our society. Let ME choose what to believe and support, and I will give YOU the same consideration. Just don't try to force YOUR choices upon ME, and vice-versa. Respect MY rights, I will respect YOURS, and it is really that simple. Not EASY maybe, but simple. 


               In closing tonight, I want to mention the NFL. Watching the Super-Bowl after the anti-American actions of so many players in 2016, was to me, an act of treason. Yet again, this is what I mean about "Choice".  It is MY right to boycott them and call them out for their poor behaviors, but it is still THEIR right to do what they did, and YOUR right to watch the games. 

              However, NO ONE has a right to riot, destroy private property, or commit arson for ANY reason, and I have seen more of it under Obama than I care to recall. I would have expected the inner-city fans of the losing team to act like idiots, but can anyone explain to me why the fans of the team that WON, rioted?  This crap has got to end, and if it takes mass arrests and years-long jail sentences to stop it, then so be it.  If a law-abiding, hard-working man in upstate NY can be charged with felonies for having one too many bullets in a magazine, shouldn't rioters be charged with Felony Arson?  If football causes riots, shouldn't we BAN football? The gun grabbers claim that guns are dangerous and certain types must be banned, so why not ban sports? Ball games are not constitutionally protected, but gun rights, ARE.

 Town Board and Weird Stuff                                    2-13-2018

                  Pretty boring meeting for the most part, all the usual stuff that boards are supposed to do. Budget crap, should employees have cell phones provided by and partially paid-for by the town, WHICH employees should have them and which should not, etc.,etc.

                   A new Assessor's Clerk and Zoning Department Clerk was appointed, someone named Donna Gedeon. Don't shoot me if I mis-spelled the last name, I'm going on what it sounded like as it was not written anywhere in the agenda.  Kevin Feurst was re-appointed as Town Historian and no one has sent in any letters of interest for the job I resigned from, Representative to the Office for the Aging.

                    My all-time favorite reporter, Thaddeus Flint of the Eastwick Press , brought a beautiful lady to the meeting with him tonight, and I asked him who she was. Apparently, our Thad whom I always thought was a bachelor, has a gorgeous wife!. Learn something every day!  Bob Waters was present and looking very well. His lung tumors are shrinking, but he now has spots on his liver, so please keep him in prayer.

                     Colleen has decided that our Town Seal needs to be updated and she presented a color facsimile of the new seal tonight. I like the color version, but overall, I really don't think we need to change it, yet I also am unconcerned if they do. Others were NOT happy with the change idea.  Speaking of change, why does our Supervisor want to move her office to the second floor of the Town Hall? 

                      For reasons known only to herself, Colleen intends to swap offices with the Tax Assessor. Her  choice of course, but I don't think our Seniors and handicapped residents will appreciate it much. It will be a bit odd to have the Supervisor need to come downstairs to meet with people, and where WILL they meet? According to the numerous calls and emails I'm receiving, the meeting room is pretty busy most of the time with things that should not be done in a Town Hall. Personally? I don't give a rat's Behind who does what in there, but a bunch of other residents care, a LOT!

                      I'm glad that folks feel they can come to me about these things and I'm always willing to listen and do what I can, BUT, other than writing this informational blog, I am just a resident. I have no right or power to oversee what Town Hall employees do unless it is illegal or unethical. Some of the things I am hearing DO border on unethical, but I don't believe they are worthy of a comeuppance for anyone.  Are certain people abusing the availability of the Meeting Room? Definitely. Does it affect you or me? Nope, not really.

                       There ARE some weird things going on at our Town Hall that do need addressing though, things that WILL be addressed. That being said, there are even BIGGER, NASTIER things going on politically that should earn a number of people , if nothing else, a swift kick in the ass. There are Traitors among us folks, and who they are would shock you. Let me say at least this; If there is anything you want kept under wraps, be extremely selective about who you talk to.

                         Speaking of being selective, New Lebanon has NO Republican Party Committee and I have been asked to do something about that. So this is my plea to local Republicans who are interested in rebuilding a committee . We need a Chairman as well, and I would do it, but I simply do not have the time with all the traveling and work involved at the state level. There is a LOT of work to be done if we hope to get rid of Adolph Cuomo this year, AND restore our Constitutional Rights in NY. For ME, that is far more important than being the Republican Chair for New Lebanon. I would be happy to serve on the Committee, but not as Chair.

                          Spring is coming, and it will be time for the 2018 Flag Fundraiser very soon. After last year's campaign ended, I had many residents ask me if they could still donate. I told them that I didn't want to hold onto other folks' money for a year, but that I would remind them when we start this year's fundraiser. So in April, we will be again accepting donations to double the number of flags and allow us to put some in West Lebanon , an area of town that is too often ignored. I will notify the "Grow the Valley" people and get the notice in the next newsletter, hang a few flyers in town,etc. 

                           It's also almost time to ramp-up the flower-box effort. In May, we will be looking for Green Thumbs who would like to sponsor a bridge box, an intersection box, donate flowers, or sign-on to be a flower-tender for the summer. There has been SO much, positive feedback to the Shaker Road bridge boxes, and it would be great to have more of them in places where they can be safely mounted. Number One location for an intersection box will be the Rt. 20 and 22 North site in front of the former Hess Station, and the bridge near Godfroy's Repair Shop. We also need a location on 22 South where it enters New Lebanon. So dig out your trowels!

                            Our official box-builder is Bob Schrump, but we welcome anyone else who would like to assist him! 

                              Now, here is something I've been thinking about and discussing with family members.  As you may or may not know, we need to repair the basketball court at the park this year. The hoops and pavement are in terrible shape and it is a venue that is heavily-used by local youth. Some of the estimates to do the work are enough to scare you to death, and having just spent a small fortune on the tennis courts, it's a big hit for the town.  

                              I have been trying to talk to the board members lately about being an "Independent Town". In other words, why do we always "Go with the Flow" and follow the lead of every other small town ? Why do we grab grants that rob of us our freedoms and independence? Why do we need to fall into line with other towns that are pushing environmentally extreme programs and conservation groups that take too much property off the tax rolls and limit sites for homes and business? Do we NEED those stupid charging stations for the ONE percent of the driving population that own electric cars?  Well, we are GETTING them! Do we need to attract MORE traffic and rude tourists with a "Swamp-that-was-never-a-swamp" for people to walk through?  Do we want to allow Drive-Thru eateries to mar the town center, or do we want to amend the Comprehensive Plan to ban them before we get them?

                             The Liberal Groups and Committees who "CLAIM" to want to preserve New Lebanon and make it better aesthetically, are the very same people who are taking so much land for excessive Conservancy programs, pushing tourism, supporting the applications for government grants that come with severe regulations, limiting options for people who grew up here to buy affordable land and homes, and so on and so on, ad nauseum. It needs to stop, NOW.

                             New Lebanon is small enough and still rural enough, that we can be a Pioneer Town and an example to other small, country towns that TRULY want to preserve their history and traditions. WE can be INDEPENDENT and Successful all on our own. Just for starters, consider this: 
                           What if we were to get a quote for the basketball court work from a LOCAL business. Just as an example, let's say we asked Darcy Construction to do the job at a reduced rate, and in exchange, we name the court "The Darcy Court" and allow them to hang a small sign or plaque on the fence that states something like, " Court Sponsored by Darcy Construction".  The town gets the work done at a lower rate, we support a LOCAL business and family, AND Darcys gets free advertising forever! 

                           Yeah, yeah, I KNOW that towns are supposed to follow state protocols and put these things out to bid, but who says we HAVE to do it that way? This is OUR town, and if we ask the government for NOTHING, there is NOTHING they can say about it! America was BUILT this way, and New Lebanon can benefit greatly from doing it that way,too. This is just ONE, small, hypothetical example of what can be done by the town and the people who LIVE in it, and the list goes on forever. If the residents really want New Lebanon to be noticed and to draw young families and small business, why not get noticed for what we can do for ourselves, BY ourselves?

                          Many of us can remember a time that small towns were founded and grown by the labor, generosity, and talent of the residents, with zero government assistance and intervention. When you catch yourself reminiscing about the once lower costs of things and the now-extinct warmth of Community, think about the things we can DO to bring those memories back into our lives and simplify at the same time. It's not too late for New Lebanon to become a ground-breaking example of independence and ingenuity. All we have to do is convince the Town Board!  Easy, right?  LOL!!


              Wednesday, Feb. 14th at the High School is the School Board Meeting with the Veterans' Exemptions back on the table. Come if you can and support the people who FOUGHT for YOU!
  And GUYS, don't forget those flowers or that box of chocolates tomorrow!


 Pointing the WRONG Way !!                                      2-15-2018

               I am going to attempt to write this post in as calm a manner as possible. Considering how angry I am over recent events, that won't be easy, but I am finally learning this late in life, that anger is detrimental to reaching common sense solutions.

               Of course I am talking primarily about the latest Alleged, school shooting. Every time I hear about a shooting with multiple victims, I am instantly suspicious. This has nothing to do with Conspiracy Theories, and everything to do with what I know to be FACT. I do not talk about False Flags based only on what my contacts inside government relate to me, I talk about them because I have BEEN inside these actions myself, experienced them First-Hand, and was part of the planning of them. Believe me when I tell you, the majority of those involved do their part with great trepidation and guilt, but also with no other option. 

              The level of the threats and the depth of the fear you face if you dare to object or intimate that you may blow the whistle, is beyond imagination. Which is why Sandy Hook was manageable. Sadly for the Obama administration, they blew it through their haste and lack of proper preparation. That was the most obvious False Flag in history, much like a B Movie with never-heard-of actors. 

                The Gay Nightclub shooting in Florida was the second worst attempt at faking a mass shooting. There are also numerous questions that need answering about the Boston Marathon Bombing, but that's for another day. Columbine was a real event, and so was the Las Vegas shooting a few months ago. However, the catalysts for those real events, were also contrived. People are expendable, and you KNOW it. Look at history and you will find more evidence of that than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. There is always, ALWAYS, a hidden agenda.

                 Yesterday's alleged shooting in Florida is yet to be examined thoroughly enough to gauge it's authenticity. It may very well have been a murder of 17 innocents at the hands of a very sick, young man, and it is equally likely to have been another gun-grabber stage show. Time will tell. 

                  So just for the moment, let us assume that it was a real shooting event. Within 4 hours of the breaking news, the Left was already ramping-up their attack on guns and people who own them. This happens every time, and we expect it, we even count the minutes after the event that it takes for the Left to start pointing fingers. Have you also noticed that after a shooting, the first thing the news reports is that the weapon was an AR15? EVERY  time, without exception.  Why? Well, because the AR15 is the gun that the Left wants OUT of the hands of the public the most. Again, WHY?  The AR15 is not an "Assault Rifle" as the Liberals so love to call it, it is actually the best hunting and target-shooting rifle ever made.

               The AR is a lightweight, reasonably priced, versatile firearm that is owned by many millions of Americans. In the South, the AR is used for controlling the Wild Boar population that is such a serious threat to farmers and their livestock and land. Every ranch in the mid-west has at least one AR in its arsenal. Competitive Shooters have ARs, Hunters have ARs, but the Bad Guys, rarely do. If they have one, it is generally stolen or taken from a parent or other relative. When I was a kid, most homes had at least one .22 caliber rifle and a shotgun for hunting and home defense. Today, those guns have been pretty much replaced by the AR, and the AR is no more of a threat than those old .22s and shotguns were.

               The naked truth is, that guns are not a danger or threat at ALL, regardless of the caliber or type. The danger lies inside PEOPLE. America has an astronomical Mental Health problem today, far worse than at any time in the history of the country. If guns were taken completely OUT of the equation, the mass killing would not decrease and certainly not end. If guns were not available, killers would simply use explosives, arson, large vehicles, airborne poisons and gases, and even airplanes. The Number ONE, most-used murder weapon in America is the common baseball bat. 

               Many anti-gun groups claim that guns are just too easy to get. I beg to differ, as I know damn well exactly what hoops one must jump through in order to purchase a firearm and heaven forbid you want to CARRY one! Yet, there are no background checks, endless forms, Judicial intermediaries, or unconstitutional requirements that must be met to get a Driver's License, or to buy a truck, a knife, anti-freeze, gasoline and matches, or baseball bats. Only Criminals find it easy to acquire guns, Law-Abiding People have to go through an inquisition! Criminals get them through theft and on the street, from other criminals who stole them. They obey NO laws, so what makes anyone believe they will obey more GUN laws? 

                Street drugs are also illegal, but how many addicts do you know that obey drug laws? How many people in GENERAL obey drug laws? Taking guns from Lawful, Constitution-Abiding citizens solves nothing. In fact, it merely creates MORE victims. It is PROVEN, that the more good citizens who carry firearms in public, the less crime there is. In states with Constitutional Carry, the crime rates are barely high enough to get reliable statistics. It is in the states and cities that severely control concealed-carry, that the crime rates soar. The Bad Guys are far less likely to rob, mug, or burglarize someone if they think their intended victim may shoot back. When they DO shoot back, it is a loud message to other Bad Guys who are considering committing a similar crime. 

                 MORE guns=Less Crime. Liberals can deny it all they want, but the facts are the facts. When threatened, who do Liberals call? The Good Guys with the GUNS. Hypocrites. 

           So what DO we do about school shootings?      For starters, we get the federal government OUT of our education system. We END the Common Core Curriculum and STOP demonizing Faith. We get back to traditional families with two parents, we teach parenting in our high schools and make more responsible parents and adults in general. We put an end to the Hate-Mongering tactics and divisiveness of liberal leaders in Washington and Hollywood who teach hate for America and our Veterans and Soldiers, people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama who Race-Bait when there is no basis for it. We must hold people in positions of power, accountable for their actions and behavior, and we have to teach our children that Human Life has value. ALL  human life. Including the unborn!

                   We must limit the number of immigrants from ANYWHERE, that we allow to enter our country each year, and BUILD THE WALL!  We need Judges who mete out punishments that fit the crime and are in compliance with the Constitution. We need MORALITY, FAITH, And FAMILY to take precedent in our lives again.

                   A man called in to the Rush Limbaugh Show today and said that banks have armed guards, alarms, and vaults, but our schools are not protected sufficiently to keep our kids safe from nuts and terrorists. How did this kid in Florida gain entry to that school when he was allegedly carrying  rifles and was reported to have been wearing tactical gear and Kevlar, and nobody NOTICED that? Who, if anyone, buzzed him in? 

                    The Coach reportedly stood between the shooter and a handful of students, sacrificing his own life for theirs. Well, what if that Coach had been armed and trained? How many lives would have been spared, including his own? WHY are we not arming maintenance people, coaches, and willing teachers? WHY are we not hiring jobless veterans to serve as School Security? WHY do our schools want to spend millions of dollars on bigger gymnasiums and better parking, but not on bulletproof doors for classrooms? It's common sense and in the world we live in today, created by Godless and Immoral Leftists, it is sadly, a necessity.

                   The Sheriff in Florida suggested today that the government should allow Law Enforcement to monitor Social Media for anyone who may be making threatening statements as this latest, alleged shooter did. Anyone who posts threats or photos of themselves with guns or any violent subject matter, would be picked-up by police and involuntarily committed for mental health evaluations!!!  How TERRIFYING is THAT idea? Imagine the vast numbers of innocent people who would be seized by force with no defense of any kind and locked-up indefinitely? That is straight out of Hitler's Manifesto! 

                 No my friends, guns are not our problem, baseball bats are not our problem. Evil is our problem, and if we fail to admit the truth about the causes of America's violence, we will never be able to fix it. 

 Where Does the TRUTH Lie?                                   2-20-2018

               We expect the Left to immediately start blaming guns after every real or contrived shooting. It's just what they DO. 

                Since evidence and circumstances are immaterial to Liberals, every death by bullet is merely another opportunity for them to demonize firearms and those who own them. Let's face it, total disarmament is necessary to create a Socialist Society and that is what they want, for starters anyway.

                 It's difficult for me and others on the Right, to understand the failure, whether ignorant or deliberate, of Liberals to look at history and take lessons from it. It is FACT, that every country that disarms it's citizens, falls victim to unimaginable horrors. We have seen the loss of gun rights create societies with no defense against criminal elements, foreign invaders, and governments with evil intent. We have seen the mass enslavement of entire populations and the nightmare of Genocide.

                 In Britain, we are now watching as a once beautiful, peaceful country and leading tourist destination, morphs into a dangerous, chaotic, and weakened nation. Much like Sweden, Great Britain is seeing mass, Muslim infiltration that has resulted in an exorbitant number of rapes, murders, and the growth of sleazy shack and tent cities that are destroying the gorgeous, historical towns and rural areas. The economy is being drained and the culture, decimated.  This is but the beginning of the atrocities to come for Europe and the Netherlands as a result of unchecked immigration and Liberal governments. 

                 Japanese Admiral Yamamoto stated; " You could never invade the American mainland. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass ". That ONE sentence tells us everything we need to know about the importance of the 2nd Amendment. The guaranteed RIGHT of the American people to Keep and BEAR Arms is the SOLE reason that this country has remained safe from foreign invasion and a Communist government. That one amendment is the very reason that we are still able to exercise the REST of our Constitutional Rights and remain a relatively free country. 

                 Every single day, an American with a legal firearm saves a life, protects his family, his home and business, and often, strangers as well. You will never hear these stories from mainstream media, but that has never been an indicator of the facts now, has it?  The TRUTH is out there if you bother to look. America is still America ONLY because the people who choose to, are still able to obtain firearms for the purpose of defense. In this country we ARE subjected to hundreds if not thousands of regulations and requirements before we can exercise our right to Keep and Bear. Contrary to the claims of the Left, it is not at ALL easy to purchase a gun, and if you wish to CARRY a handgun, there are endless hoops that must be jumped through, many weeks of wait time and red tape to suffer before you are granted a permit that is in and of itself, unconstitutional.

                  We endure the permit requirements, the extensive background checks, the long waits for Judicial approval and signatures, etc., because we KNOW that these are necessary evils, Common Sense steps to attempt to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and loonies as much as possible. Sadly, it is the criminals and loonies who are able to obtain firearms most easily. These are not people who obey anything, and certainly not gun laws. Judges have failed to enforce existing gun laws and impose the harshest punishments upon those who commit crimes with guns. So how in the HELL will MORE gun laws solve this issue? They won't, and the gun-grabbers know they won't. That isn't the reason they WANT more gun laws. What they WANT, is to make it all but impossible for law-abiding citizens to have defense weapons. Who then, could challenge THEM?

                    It is the law abiding, LEGAL gun owners who met the requirements and suffered through the process, who are punished for the crimes of those who obtain firearms illegally and USE them illegally. The very people who are the least likely to ever use their guns offensively, who would protect YOU and YOUR family if needed, have become the "Bad Guys". We, who are the defenders behind every blade of grass, are the losers in this battle for our guaranteed RIGHTS to self defense.

                     Now we have the anti-gun Liberals shamelessly using high-school students to further their disarmament agenda. Kids, who have never been taught about the consequences of a disarmed populace or for that matter, what the Bill of Rights gives to each and every one of us and why those rights are so vital. These kids are CLUELESS pawns, misled, indoctrinated, and ignorant. 

                      We know with all certainty that NO ONE died at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown,Connecticut. There is ZERO evidence to support any truth of the crap that was handed to the public concerning that event.  There ARE however, mountains of evidence to DISprove it. That False Flag was a poorly-executed attempt to play to the emotions of the people and this new society of "Snowflakes", and incite a massive movement for disarmament. It failed, miserably. 

                       There is also STRONG evidence of government involvement in the Orlando Nightclub shooting, the Berkeley Shooting, and NOW, the Parkland, Florida shooting. Did people die in Las Vegas and Parkland? In Vegas, yes, but in Parkland, the real number of victims is closer to two than it is to seventeen, and neither were students. So if these were planned False Flags, why did ANYONE die? 

                        I actually find it surprising that no one was sacrificed at Sandy Hook to lend some reality to the scenario, but they have learned their lesson from that. What must be understood, is that those who are evil enough to plan and implement these sideshows, are certainly evil enough to consider human lives expendable if it furthers their agenda. A "little" blood lends credence to their lies.

                        As the Parkland story has unfolded, those of us with experience in False Flags have approached it with open minds. These are not events that anyone can instantly judge as real or contrived, there are many, many factors to consider and investigate. (Someone tell that to the Liberals who immediately scream for gun control!) 

                         In most cases, there are indicators that jump out at you right from the get-go, but not always. Sometimes, it requires many hours of running and re-running footage. It necessitates experience in detecting voice stressors, body language, and signs of deception. Statements given by witnesses must be compared for consistency, and emotions measured. That's just the EASY stuff! 

                          It is my opinion and that of my contacts and former co-workers, that the Parkland shooting was indeed a planned event with collateral damage. There are some things I cannot yet say, but I will give you what I can, for NOW. 

 1) Present: Anger, Outrage, and Demands.
     Absent: Sorrow, Trauma, and Hysteria.

 2) Present: Immediate protests and Mis-placed Blame.
     Absent:  Quiet time to mourn and deal with losses.

 3) Present: BAD actors used repetitively and Stammering over lines.
     Absent: Parent and Student SHOCK.

  4) Present: Group photos of main "actors" smiling for the cameras. 
      Absent: Comments from teachers and First Responders.

  5) Present: Leading interviews by media, putting words into witnesses mouths.
       Absent: Witnesses with strong, flowing, consistent accounts of events.

  6) Present: Conflicting versions of events
      Absent: Truth re: Shooter's location, number of shooters. 

  7) Present: Yellow Crime Scene Tape and ONE MRAP.
      Absent: Emergency Response from EMTs, Fire Departments, and numerous Law Enforcement Agencies.

                            ETC., ETC. !

                      One "Alleged Student" claimed during interview that she was walking down the school hallway WITH an unarmed Nicholas Cruz, WHILE hearing gunfire outside. Another student claimed that the school had issued flyers to the students days earlier, announcing an upcoming, "Live Shooter Drill".  Sound familiar?  This could very well explain the lack of trauma and hysteria and the calm, orderly evacuation of the school.

                        I am going to attempt to post a clip from a video recorded by a student who was inside the building DURING the siege. Notice his demeanor and lack of fear or excitement, it speaks volumes. This same kid later forgets his lines during an interview, and he is also the same kid who made a public service video demanding gun rights, mere HOURS after the alleged shooting. Again, he was emotionless and hammy, but this time, a tele-prompter assured that he got his lines right. He appears yet again in the group photo of the "actors".

                         Here is the most interesting thing about this over-used young man; his Daddy is FBI. Yup, you heard me right! Surprised? You shouldn't be. Both the Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes, and the so-called Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, had fathers scheduled to testify in the Libor scandal.  Going back to the Columbine High School shooting, both shooters had parents who worked inside the CIA.

                          So now we have thousands of misinformed and indoctrinated babies, boarding buses to Washington,DC to meet with Trump and demand that all semi-auto rifles be banned. Wonder who is footing the bill for the trip? Wanna know how many of these "kids" are actual high school students? I suggest you do some homework. 

                           Once again, Left-Wing Gun-Grabbers are using children and actors to further their anti-freedom agenda. Who better to pull at the heartstrings of the American people than children? It's all bullshit, folks. YOU are being bamboozled, AGAIN.
                             Here is something else to consider. Do you believe that False Flag Ops could be planned and executed without the knowledge and complicity of the POTUS? Not a chance. Obama was PRESENT at Sandy Hook HOURS before the news broke. He was a front-row observer to his own production. Trump is no less guilty. 

                              Never before has it been more crucial for the Right to take a stand, commit to Civil Disobedience in huge numbers, stand up and fight BACK in unity in the battle for our rights and the futures of our families. 

                               Soros and Bloomberg have and will continue to drop MILLIONS of dollars to achieve their goal of disarmament. What are YOU willing to spend, to DO? THIS is the turning point and we are standing on the precipice. 

                      Begin by demanding that the maligned FBI do their actual JOB and send agents with warrants to Sandy Hook and Parkland. Send two agents to each Coroner's Office, Cemetery and Funeral Home, Crime Scene Cleaning company, Law Enforcement Agency, and Ambulance Company, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Seize all existing crime scene photos, responders reports, death and burial records, coroner's records and photos, etc. Let's settle it once and for all. We DESERVE truth and it is time to demand it and hold the criminals behind the lies, accountable. 

                    Let Trump know that we expect him to honor his campaign promise to protect the 2nd Amendment and all of the Constitution and implement reciprocity and Common Sense permit processes. The time has come to shut up and ACT.

                     The ONLY thing that has kept America free and protected from Socialism, is private gun ownership and concealed carry. Without that ONE obstacle to tyranny, we would be living under a Communist regime today. Fight BACK. 

     Here is a copy of the video I told you about. It was the clearest copy I could find for you, but listen carefully and LOOK at the demeanor of these kids who allegedly just experienced a mass shooting of their peers and teachers. 



 Quad Board Mtg. and Trump                                          2-27-2018

                     I really like these Quad meetings. It's pretty interesting to hear what the members are thinking about our zoning issues and seeing all these volunteers work together to make things better. 

                     Sometimes, I learn something, and other times, I get very concerned by some of the things I hear. In the recent past, I have mentioned the hard work and many hours put in by the CAC. I meant that, and I still DO. The work they took on was extensive and important, and they did it extremely well. Our Zoning Officials now have some vital guidelines to follow in considering fragile, natural resources. 

                      Yes, there is a "BUT" coming.  Now that we have the book put together by these hard-working folks, why do we still need the CAC? Why are they now considered a town "Board" and why are they weighing-in on zoning issues and applications? Isn't their job DONE?  Just asking.  I think the Planning and Zoning Boards and their Chairmen can take it from here without being babysat by an advisory committee, don't you?  After all, they can READ, they have the guidelines, so what's with the "Advisors"? 

                       Maybe it's just ME and my wariness of committees and groups that "Monitor" the eco-system like a Mama Bear protects her cubs. My experience has been that it is never a good thing to have too many cooks in the kitchen. 

                        There was a lot of talk tonight about creating "Floating Zones". These would be areas that could be considered for commercial, industrial, or residential use depending on the location, plans, etc. Well, that's fine, makes sense, since we have so LITTLE space that can accommodate any one of the three. This is a SMALL town with little open land on the main road for business to locate. The discussion about bringing in commercial business and light industry was countered by numerous opinions that we need to make New Lebanon more aesthetically pleasing, and retain our rural flavor and scenic vistas. Are you confused? I AM!

                          The whole thing was contradictory, and brought to mind the Liberal practice of wanting their cake and eating it too. As I said, this is a SMALL town. We don't have the space to "Grow" commercially AND preserve the rural flavor and scenic views. We can't protect what Colleen called, "Vital Waterways of the Hudson Valley Watershed ",  ( the Wyomanock and Kinderhook Creeks) ,  AND bring in businesses and tourism. Not at the rate they were discussing tonight.  It was VERY hard for me to not stand up and say, "Pick One!". 

                           What exactly do these people WANT? Do they want a rural, quiet, bedroom community where folks can get away from the hustle and bustle and relax, or do they want a little, East Greenbush? We can't have BOTH, so I suggest they DECIDE. Do they want to protect the "Unique Natural Resources", or build little factories and drive-thru food joints?  What do they want to attract? Young families looking for peace and quiet, low crime, small schools, or City traffic and stampeding tourists ?  Somebody needs to come to a decision before going any further with these Conservation vs. Commercialization discussions. GEEZ !!!

                             It was almost as if there were two groups with opposite visions for New Lebanon's future, trying to blend it all together. Our Town Engineer, Paul McCreary, said that he doesn't think we are "Over-Zoned" compared to other, similar towns. Well, if other towns have more regulations than WE do, I sure wouldn't want to live in them! The point of the last two Quad Board meetings was to find a way to simplify and streamline our Zoning process, and we definitely need to do THAT! Yet I am seeing more and more confusion and WAY too many players. Too many "Committees, too many rules, too many government grants, too much obedience to the STATE. Good Heavens !


                          The Donald

                               As you probably know, I am not exactly a fan of Trump. Being a Christian Conservative, I wanted to see Ted Cruz win the nomination. He wasn't perfect either, but no candidate IS. Still, I made a promise to myself that I would vote for whomever the Republicans nominated because I believe we have a DUTY to exercise our right to vote. Always opt for the Lesser of the Two Evils, because if you do that, you may eventually have a shot at getting the LEAST evil.  Of course, I would have voted for Mickey Mouse over Hillary Clinton. She is just WAAAAY too crazy and dangerous. 

                                 Knowing that Trump has spent most of his adult life as a Liberal Democrat, I was terrified that he would revert to his Leftist ways once elected, and that is exactly what he is doing. It took him longer than I thought it would, and he HAS done a few things I am happy about. Yet we still have Obamacare, Open Borders, Racial Division, Homeless Veterans, and far too many refugees and illegals. I have been waiting all year for Trump to follow-through on his claims that he would protect the Second Amendment, and his silence was more than a little concerning. 

                                  Now, with the "Alleged" Florida shooting, he has been forced to take a stand and make a statement. The TELLING moment had arrived, and it told us a LOT. 

                                   Trump has agreed to exercise his Executive power to impose a ban on Bump Stocks, whether Congress agrees or not. Now, most gun owners are not concerned by this, as very few people own Bumps or even care to. Rapid Fire is easy enough with NO attachments if you know what you're doing, so who needs a bump? I agree with that part of their argument, BUT, I don't think they are seeing the Big Picture. 

                                   The Bill to ban Bump Stocks contains ZERO mention of Bump Stocks. Not ONE word. What it DOES contain, is wording that bans ALL attachments and devices that allow increased speed of fire. What that means to the initiated, is that the Semi-Automatic weapon is about to become a thing of the past if we do not act NOW. This is not a ban on Bump Stocks at all, it is Step One of a Ban on all, Semi-Auto Firearms. Remember, Freedom is not taken all at once, it is stolen in little bites, and this is one of those bites. So is Andrew Cuomo's Safe Act and the requirement to re-certify CCW Permits. THAT, is exactly WHY we must never comply with such unconstitutional requirements and demands, and we MUST practice peaceful, Civil Disobedience. Not tomorrow or someday, but RIGHT NOW !!

                                   Trump has also promised to "Expand" background checks. LOL!! What does he think THAT is going to do toward eliminating mass-shootings or crime in general?  GOOD people suffer the red tape and unconstitutional process of earning a Permit because they know that there are crazies and criminals among us that should NOT have access to guns, period. In all honesty, we COULD have fought the NRA's traitorous implementation of the permit requirement years ago, but we didn't, because we felt that the process was a Common Sense necessity. So are basic, background checks. Yet, have those requirements made it more difficult for the Bad Guys to get guns? Absolutely NOT! The Bad Guys get guns far easier than the Good Guys do! 

                                    Trump's expansion is much more than he wants you to THINK it is. What it REALLY is, is the NICS Database. If FixNICS passes on its' own, in conjunction with the Reciprocity Act, or as a Background Check Expansion is immaterial, the result will be the same either way. What it will do, is add to the NICS List, anyone who has ever had an argument with their spouse that required a Police Response, anyone who has ever received treatment for basic depression or anxiety disorder, PTSD, or has a DWI arrest on their record. It will also include anyone receiving Disability payments, no matter what the reason, the elderly, AND, anyone who dares to openly disagree with government. Yes, you read that right. 

                                   The Gatekeepers will not have ANY obligation to tell you WHY you have been placed on the list or who might have given them your name as someone who should be on the list. The appeal process takes a minimum of THREE years, and the likelihood of having your name removed is practically nil. Anyone can report you to the NICS folks for any reason at all, real or imagined, and your days of owning a firearm are over. Imagine how many ex-wives and husbands will drop a dime just out of bitterness and vengeance? MILLIONS of people will lose their guns and permits for having done NOTHING wrong at all! You will have NO recourse.

                                   This is an effective means to lowering the numbers of legal gun owners and those who conceal carry. As is the Safe Act , re-cert requirement. Which is why non-compliance is so vital. Now that we have wet-behind-the-ears, high school CHILDREN attempting to change and re-write gun laws, we have yet another government-created group to deal with. These little brats who live in Mommy's basement and eat Tide Pods, are going to take on the Constitution and MILLIONS of Gun Owners? I don't THINK so! They can come back and talk about it AFTER they spend 4 years in the Military. Let's see how they feel THEN. 

                                     Trump was a God to so many Conservatives, that those of us who tried to raise the Warning Flag, were seriously, verbally and sometimes physically abused by our OWN , fellow "Patriots" for calling him out! It was just like the Obamatards that attacked anyone who tried to warn them about HIM! Or, the locals who thought Mike Benson was the Second-Coming until the damage was done. No one LISTENS to Truth, no one wants to SEE the evidence. They have to learn the Hard Way and we ALL have to suffer for their stupidity and gullibility.

                                      We who raised the alarm about Trump, Obama, and Benson, were RIGHT. Trump was nominated, and the rest of us had to hold our noses and vote for the faker, just to keep Hillary OUT. So, to those of you who WILLINGLY voted for any of the three people I just mentioned, I hope you learn something from your errors. At the very least, I pray that from now on, you will take the time to RESEARCH and THINK before you vote. Screw your party line, vote for the candidate that is going to do what is best for America and her People.

                                       Trump is a Traitor a poser, and a blowhard. ( Much like the top officials at the NRA). Leopards don't change their spots, folks. Once a Liberal Democrat, ALWAYS a Liberal Democrat. 

The Second Revolution                                                    2-28-2018

                            People on the Right have discussed the possibility of a Second Revolution for a long time now.

                             We knew that one day it WOULD come, but very few of us thought it would be anytime soon. It wasn't until Obama was first elected that circumstances became concerning enough to move many Americans to "Prepare".  

                              There have been Preppers in America for decades, but they were few and far between prior to 2008. Obama was labeled early on as "The Best Gun Salesman in American History " , due to the fact that millions of Americans rushed to buy more guns and ammunition after both of his elections. Americans were so concerned about the chaos they knew was to come, that manufacturers of ammunition were unable to keep up with demand and store shelves were empty for months.

                               It was Obama's election that spurred an unprecedented growth in the number of Preppers as well, and they are now so prevalent that millions of dollars have been made from the sale of MRE-type food, water, and preparedness supplies. Of course there has always been the "Fringe" group of "Doomsday Preppers" who believe that Armageddon is imminent and we should all be digging bunkers. Believe me, if Armageddon comes, no bunker, no matter how well fortified, will save anybody's ass. 

                               In general, the Preppers stock-up on non-perishable foods and water, medical supplies, fuels, etc. Topping the list of necessities however, are Guns and Ammo. There are many reasons for this, a few of which are Hunting for meat, Protecting yourself from wild animals, and defending your stash from those who didn't bother to prepare and are in dire need of what you have. The PRIMARY reason, is protection from the government and it's complicit enforcers. Especially the U.N Forces. 

                                Today, February 28, 2018, Donald Trump directed the unhinged Dianne Feinstein, to attach an "Assault Rifle Ban" to her FixNICS bill, the very bill we discussed last night. He then made the following statement:  " First we get the guns, we will worry about Due Process later ".  (Feel free to search this for yourselves, it's easily available ).

                                  This ONE statement from the President of the United States is a Declaration of WAR between the government and the Patriotic Citizenry. It is Treason, and it is the most blatant violation of the U.S Constitution that any president has dared to declare. IF that is truly what Trump WANTS, we will gladly accommodate him.

                                   There are literally Hundreds of MILLIONS of gun owners in this country that will not look at this statement kindly. These are people who are ready, willing, and able to fight for their liberties and who will refuse to surrender the freedoms that are their RIGHT as Americans. For US, death is far preferable to a life of enslavement under a Communist, One World Order. 

                                    I truly believe that Trump's entire campaign was a Left-Wing plot, planned and funded by the Liberal Elite.  Trump, a life-long Liberal Democrat, suddenly runs for office on the Republican ticket, tells the Conservatives everything they have been longing to hear, and the gullible swallowed his Kool-Aid while the elites stood in the background and celebrated their success. 

                                     These gullible Conservatives simply would NOT listen to those of us who saw through the sham and cried "Foul".  Will they listen NOW?  Some may, but others will continue to live in their "Make America Great Again" fantasy and make excuses for Trump, as Obama's supporters did for HIM. 

                                      At the risk of sounding dramatic, I will say this; My family, our thousands of NY Patriot Peers, and myself, will not submit to Tyranny. We will NOT be disarmed and we will not surrender our God-Given Rights and the futures of our children, to a Traitor and his minions who are lying, slimy, corrupt, and unconstitutional scum. We will NEVER serve our "Servants" and we will not be silent or still while the Sacred Law of this Land is desecrated by the mentally-ill leaders of the Left. 

                                       I have often wished that I would still be on this earth and able-bodied when the Revolution began, and by the Grace of God,  it's looking like I will be. 

  Read THIS Article and Tell me how you feel afterwards.