Who's in Charge?                                                                       9-16-2019

                         2019 has been a tough year for Gun Owners all over America. Yet as focused as some of us are on the violations of out 2nd Amendment Rights, have we been paying attention to all the OTHER,  creeping infringements on ALL of the Constitution? 

                         Freedom of Speech and of Religion have been attacked incessantly, States have abused the 10th Amendment, especially NY and California,  the 4th and 9th Amendments have been repeatedly violated,. etc., and so on.  Our Right to Due Process has been all but erased by Donald Trump, who is now also whittling away at the 2nd Amendment with a huge chisel. 

                       We send our children and grandchildren off to Public Schools that no longer teach Civics  or truthful History, No one can pray or touch one another, Tee Shirts and hats  with Christian or Patriotic slogans on them can result in suspension or even expulsion from school, and bullying of Conservative kids by Liberal ones, is ignored by staff.  Parents are deliberately kept in the dark about Pro-Islam, Pro- LGBTQ, and anti-American teachings. Transgenders come to our Libraries and Kindergarten classes and read to our littlest children , often cuddling with them on the floor.

                    Christmas Concerts are now "Holiday Concerts" and no carols that mention the birth of Christ are allowed.  Speech and language are systematically censored and controlled, and even independent thinking and creativity are discouraged. In many schools, children are encouraged to "Spy" on their parents, or to influence them to believe in Climate Change, Obamacare, and Socialist policies. These are not small issues or rare ones, these things are happening in millions of schools, from kindergarten to universities, every, single day! 

                         These are steps to indoctrination, right out of the Communist Handbook. WE could list the actions being taken against the Constitution and Freedom for you, but it would take all night.  If you have stuck with the Patriot movement long enough to be here, reading these words, you already know what most of them are anyway.  At least, we HOPE you do! The Red Flags are everywhere, and one would have to be seriously mentally-impaired NOT to see them.  So what are we going to DO about it? 

                           This year alone, we have seen a Bump-Stock Ban, TAPS and Red Flag laws implemented, and numerous MORE restrictive Gun Laws proposed. By the end of THIS week, Trump is expected to announce which of these he will sign if they reach his desk. Extended background checks WILL pass, and very possibly, a ban on what the Left calls, "Assault Rifles".  A frightening number of Republicans in Congress are siding with the Gun Grabbers and our County Sheriffs are failing to flex their muscle! 

                            With Socialism staring us in the face, our children being brainwashed, and our Rights being stolen from us by criminal government entities, we SHOULD be raising hell, a la Hong Kong! Yet all we still see are Keyboard Warriors, posting selfies of themselves holding firearms, wearing Camo,  or holding up middle fingers.  What we are NOT seeing, is ACTION. 

                          So we wonder if any of these social-media Patriots could help us to understand exactly WHAT is stopping you them from taking even the small, legal, but EFFECTIVE actions laid out by the Rapid Response Teams.  What IS it that keeps you at home, typing and posting memes, instead of getting out there and making yourselves Known, growing strong teams to fight the Liberal Agenda ? it isn't difficult or very time consuming. It costs you NO money, it's a great way to teach your family how to defend their rights and the rights of others, and it builds Armies of Patriots who will be united and prepared to fight when things get tougher, and they WILL get tougher. Especially if we do NOT act NOW!

                         If there are no Patriots willing to take these first, warm-up steps, what happens when Oath-Breaking Law Enforcement comes to YOUR door? Who will have YOUR back? It MUST begin in YOUR towns, cities, and counties, with YOUR local government. This November's Elections are VITAL ! Have you carefully researched the candidates, gotten out and helped the good ones campaign, or talked to friends and neighbors about the dangerous Liberals running for offices that will allow them to control your communities?  We don't have much time to turn things around and take this vote, and we MUST take this vote ! And please, contact us and tell us what keeps you from standing up.