Get BUSY !                                                                   3-27-2018

                 Too many Americans are easily fooled by the media Manipulation of Facts and Numbers. 

                  Just today, an employee of GOOGLE released an anonymous statement exposing the use of "Bots" by the company to fool the people into believing that there is far more support FOR gun control than against. He then stated that the opposite is the truth. Anti-Gun Americans are a small minority, but would you know that by listening to mainstream media?

                  Hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts belong to fictional people, fake Liberals that push the Leftist Agenda. Everything you see and hear is suspect, and you have a responsibility to DIG for the Truth. You have a duty to QUESTION.

                   Alleged "witnesses and survivors" of school shootings are without exception, inconsistent in their accounts of events. The more they tell their story, the more it changes. I'm posting a link below that will support my claim. 99% of all media outlets are owned and controlled by the Left. Your newspapers and magazines, Hollywood, television, radio, Social Media sites like You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook, and even the music industry. The Truth is being hidden, ignored, and twisted while false information and incendiary narrative is literally shoved down our throats.

                    This is nothing new, we have been under the spell of media indoctrination for decades. Ask a handful of Americans over age 55 what their views are on the Constitution, Religious Faith, Personal Responsibility, Patriotism, and Education, then ask those same questions of a handful of high school and college-age Americans.  The vast differences you will see in the answers will give you all the proof you need of the consequences of Liberal indoctrination and the deliberate silencing of Conservative voices and values.

                     Right now, Today, Americans who value the gift of Constitutional Freedoms that exist nowhere else but in America, are being silenced and assaulted by the Left as never before in our history. They want to DISARM us for the most evil of reasons and they will stop at NOTHING to achieve their goals. Even USING ignorant children.

                      We have all seen the False Flag Crises like Sandy Hook and we know that there are thousands of unanswered questions surrounding these "Alleged" mass shootings. From the Boston Bombing to San Bernardino, to Las Vegas and the Orlando Night Club, and now, Parkland, Florida.  MAYBE some lives actually were sacrificed in one or two of the more recent events, but are you truly too ignorant and indoctrinated to "Get It" that governments see those lost lives as "Collateral Damage"? Do you have NO questions, and do you not understand that a few lives are a small price to pay for these people to attain their goals?  Look at History, at the millions of lives lost to Genocide, and HOW many dead bodies lie in the wake of the Clintons? Governments KILL, and they always HAVE. America is no exception.

                       Sadly, most Americans under the age of 35 or so, have never been taught the Truth of history or the evil that governments are capable of. They are instead, subjected to an education that is designed and approved by the Federal Government and facts are rarely a part of the curriculum. Free thinking and independent research is strongly discouraged and sometimes even punishable.

                       The "March for Life" movement that led to school walk-outs and protests last week are nothing less than the latest Sandy Hook. It has nothing to do with school safety and everything to do with disarmament. This is a planned, rehearsed, staged sideshow funded by the wealthy Leftists in an attempt to obliterate the Second Amendment.

                        David Hogg, the foul-mouthed, 90-pound liar that is the mouthpiece for the Gun-Grabbers, is NOT a high school student. He is far too old, and I watched with my own eyes as he was involved in an altercation on a California Beach two years ago that included the intervention of a Security Officer. Yeah, Hogg is not from Florida, he is from California as are his FBI Agent father and CNN Reporter mother. Watch the brief video I have posted below to see just how honest and reliable Mr. Hogg is.

                          Did people die in the Parkland shooting? Possibly, but it was not 17 people, or even 10 people, or 8 people. Who ARE the dead? Who and where are the grieving families, the crime scene photos, the Coroner's reports? How does an alleged "High School Student" as Hogg claims to be, know what a "Soft Target " is? How could a survivor of a mass shooting give an interview two hours after the event, calling for Congressional Action to ban semi-automatic weapons?  Where is the shock, the grief, and the terror? 

                          Where was the massive response from Law Enforcement and EMS that would be expected at such an event? Why were the local Deputies instructed to stay 500 feet away from the school instead of running inside and trying to save lives? How STUPID have Americans become that they would believe this utter bullshit and not see the obvious reality? 

                             Now we have CHILDREN telling us that we should not have a Second Amendment and no one should own a firearm. LOL!! Yeah, Fat Chance Kiddies! These kids know NOTHING about what occurs following disarmament of a people. They know nothing of factual history, the sacrifices made to construct and defend the Constitution. David Hogg is screaming for strict gun control and the violation of the 2A rights of Americans, yet he is loudly objecting to the suggestion that clear back packs be brought to school to make it harder to conceal a weapon. Why? Hogg claims it is a violation of the Right to Privacy.  Liberals always resort to the Constitution when it comes to THEIR rights, but seem to think it doesn't apply to those they disagree with.

                             During last week's school protests, the Middleburgh,NY high school had an issue arise between two students with differing views on this movement. A Liberal student physically attacked a Conservative student who refused to take part in the walk-out.  The Conservative student defended himself and dropped the Liberal like a sack of sh_t. BOTH boys were suspended, even though one was merely defending himself. One very ticked-off father is now dealing with school officials over the treatment of his Second Amendment Supporting son. GOOD for HIM !!

                             Does anyone else see the potential for more violence in schools when the students are divided over this issue that is not their issue at ALL? These kids are being used and victimized by the Leftists with a disarmament agenda, and they are too uninformed and gullible to know that they are pawns. If this movement is allowed to continue and escalate, there will be far more danger to our kids in school than all the school shootings combined !! They are dividing these kids and inciting hate and violence. Is YOUR kid safe? 

                              This MUST stop and it must stop NOW, BEFORE kids are seriously hurt.  So what can YOU do?  If you are the parent or grandparent of a school-age child, grab your friends and neighbors and get yourselves TO your local schools! Storm the Principal's office and let him or her know in NO uncertain terms that your kids have ONE job while in school, and that is to LEARN, and to learn TRUTHFUL history. It is not their job to take on the Left's Wish List and risk their safety in the process. TELL them that THEY have ONE job, and that is to TEACH school subjects in a clear and unbiased, truthful manner. NO teacher or school staff member has any RIGHT to force your kids to take part in a walk-out or protest under threat of failure or suspension. 

                              They have NO right to take your kids out of the building for any reason other than a fire alarm, without your express permission. They are NOT to bring their political, religious, or sexual views or beliefs into your child's classroom. Families have their own views and beliefs and it is up to the PARENTS to deal with those matters. Finally, let them know that if they do not cease and desist in pushing the anti-Second Amendment agenda upon students, you will remove your kids from the school and demand that the district pay for private tutors or a Homeschooling Curriculum. 

                               Consider suing the school district as a group, and if you are a homeowner who pays school taxes apart from your mortgage payment, open an escrow account and put your school taxes in it. The more of you, the better. Refuse to remit those funds until the school complies with the demands of the parents. DO NOT BUDGE! 

                               If parents in every state and every school district demand a STOP to this movement, it will end. While you are at it, talk to your kids about the peril of disarmament and why our founders gave us the Second Amendment.  Our government is not only over-sized and over-reaching, it is seriously out of control and only WE can rein it in. YOU must take action, NOW.  Grab your circle of family and friends, and get to those schools A.S.A.P!  


 VIDEO- David Hogg Lying on Tape.

 THIS is interesting !

And Finally, THIS one. Proof that the Left has no facts, no argument, and always , always resorts to profanity and name-calling when they are mentally unarmed. LOL!!