Get MAD, Damn It !!                                                        4-27-2020
                               OPEN YOUR BUSINESSES!

                         Our Government IS, without any doubt, ignoring the Constitution, and HAS been for more than a decade. They have taken their guidance from Socialist and Communist Tyrants and Manifestos, and followed them to the letter. 

                         Schools have been taken away from the overseers in our communities and given over to a government that is primarily devoted to a One World Order and centralized power.  No longer do our children learn about the History of America in a truthful or factual manner, if they learn any History at ALL.  There is no longer any Home Economics for our daughters to learn to care for a family and no Shop Classes for our sons to learn to fix the family car or build  one of those cheesy water-pump , table lamps. What was wrong with that tradition, or for both classes being open to both sexes? (Yes, there are only TWO genders.)

                       Why are our kids being lied to about Climate Emergencies, and told that Transgenderism and Gay Marriage are Normal? Who gave the schools permission to tell our kids that it's okay to murder an unborn or newly-born baby if you don't feel UP TO being a parent? Or that our Flag is just a piece of cloth, that God is a myth, and the world OWES them something they haven't earned? 

                       Since When is exercising your Constitutional Rights against the Law? The Constitution IS the Law, and those who say otherwise and violate the Liberties and Restrictions within it, are the Criminals. These violations by government at all levels, have been small, barely noticeable bites, as the Alinsky Rules recommend. Alinsky said a LOT of things, and wrote a specific list to be followed to turn American Men and Women into Sheep, dependent upon and obedient to an ever-growing enemy. 

                       The Liberals among us have become unhinged soldiers of a Socialist Army that is so brain-bent by media and Socialist Professors, that they aren't even aware of what they are doing to their OWN futures and those of their own children. They have denied Truth for so long, that they no longer remember or believe the history of Socialism and Communism, and the fact that the Soldiers of Tyranny are ALWAYS the first to be eliminated when the goal is reached. They have their Phds and Doctorates, but they lack wisdom and are no longer capable of independent thinking. Like I always say, NEVER confuse education with Intelligence.

                        Liberals are now nothing but programmed robots, loyal only to one another and the Agenda of the Deep State. There is no compromise, no room for discussion, no consideration of opposing views. Their senseless alliance infiltrates every corner of their lives, their hearts are cold and their minds are numb. Ask yourself, HOW is it possible, that so many people all think EXACTLY ALIKE?! Conservatives argue all the time, disagree every day, and lack even a small percentage of the loyalty to one another that Liberals possess. It is a mathematical impossibility. It's CREEPY. (Google-MKUltra).

                      After Obama was elected, the road to Big Government control and Constitutional assault, became a Super Highway. The People were pissed-on more and more every day and the Constitution began to become all but insignificant. The Moral Fabric of our society began to unravel at lightning speed, the Media stopped telling ANY truth and journalists and celebrities became members of the Marching Mindless. Everything we have ever known to be right and good suddenly became bad, Racist, Hate Speech, Homophobic, Offensive, etc., etc. The world turned upside-down in 8 short years, and the most amazing country to ever exist, was poisoned almost overnight! What took over 200 years to build and sustain, was undone in less than a decade.

                      HOW did this happen, you ask? Look in the mirror. It started with our parents, the people who thought the Hippies were disgusting, but at the same time, told themselves it was a passing trend.  They failed to object to the early signs of Radicalism and Liberalism. After all, who would believe back in the 60s, that any such ridiculousness would last and become the greatest danger this country has ever faced?  I don't know if I would have. 

                       So what is OUR excuse? Children of the 70s,80s, and 90s? WE couldn't deny what was happening, we cannot say that we didn't see the warning signs of a decaying society and growing government. The closer we came to the Millenium, the more obvious the negative changes became, and still, we did nothing.  WE have allowed politicians to convince the masses that THEY are in charge, that WE work for THEM, and that the Constitution is a Living Document, outdated and unimportant. NONE of which is True!

                        We ignored the decay of education and the indoctrination of our suddenly disrespectful, entitled, dumbed-down children. We gave free passes to criminals based on race, ethnicity, or gender confusion, and allowed MILLIONS to enter our country unchecked. Justice became a joke and Activist Judges took over the benches. Our money became nothing but green paper and our debt to unfriendly countries increased.  We compromised our independence and throttled our production, and we falsely accused our traumatized soldiers of abominations.

                        Flags came down from doorways, Traditional families were now the oddity, and children became sexualized. TV and Movies were no longer entertainment, but mere subliminal re-training tools. Vaccinations, do I need to go THERE? Go ahead, go take a look at the correlation between increased vaccination and the number of cases of disability and Mental Illness in kids. Which brings me to Covid19.

                        This Pandemic's beginning and spread is the subject of more speculation than I care to consider. Any one of the many opinions could be true, and none of them could be true. We may never know. At this moment in time, it doesn't really matter. Later, it will matter a LOT, but not today.  It's the GOAL behind the conflicting statistics and the extreme government over-reach that are important right now. 

                         WHY was America so poorly prepared for such an event? What exactly have all these Health-Related, Alphabet Agencies been doing for the last century? Where is the money that has been allocated to preparedness every year? How many Americans have TRULY died of Covid? We KNOW that hospitals were directed to list all illness-related deaths as Covid fatalities. It was front page news three weeks ago. Heart attacks, strokes, and cancer deaths, to name a few, are now being recorded as Covid19 deaths. With each case of Covid, the state gets more money. Money that will not be used to fight the virus, but to assist BAD Governors in paying down the debt they created and to subsidize Liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood.

                       The closing of businesses was the biggest Red Flag of this whole situation, along with Forced Quarantines. You all KNOW how I feel about people from NY City invading our rural towns and taking over our lives and local governments, but as a Constitutionalist, I must support the rights of all Americans to be free to travel and choose where to live. I don't LIKE that my rights also apply to the Liberal Lefties, but that's the way it IS, and I will live with it. Liberals on the other hand, REFUSE to accept that MY rights are the same as THEIRS. 

                      It has been very peaceful in New Lebanon these last 2 months, with little traffic and easier access to our only store. Unfortunately, supplies have been short and restaurants closed, so we haven't had the opportunity to enjoy the absence of down-staters all that much. It's nice just KNOWING that so many of them are not HERE, especially since NYC is the Epicenter of this illness. I TOLD you Liberalism is poison.

                     Now that the number of cases are going down, we MUST re-open businesses. ALL businesses! Everyone is now accustomed to the routine of wearing masks, using hand-sanitizer, social-distancing as much as possible, and there is no reason that we cannot continue those practices for a few more weeks and STILL have businesses OPEN. Coming back from this mess economically, will take a LOT of time, especially for the smallest businesses and American workers who have been out of a job. If this shut-down is allowed to go on any longer, millions will never recover. Homes and businesses will be lost, savings depleted, etc. 

                      The Suicide rate has already risen to a new high as a result of depression, fear, and hopelessness. People have bills to pay, and a 1200 dollar stimulus isn't going to sustain many families for all these weeks!  Thus far, we haven't had too much of a food shortage, except for certain items that have been hoarded like Chicken, Beef, Toilet Paper and Paper Towels. There has never BEEN a shortage of these things supply-wise, it's a shortage CREATED by panic buying and hoarding. That is about to change, however. 

                   Tyson Chicken has numerous plants completely shut down. They announced this morning that they are killing chickens because they have no way to process them. Rather than simply give them away, they intend to kill 2 MILLION fowl and toss them in the garbage. How many people who were employed by Tyson are out of work? How long can the government sustain unemployment payments especially with the $600.00 they have added TO those payments? How many people receiving these payments will WANT to go back to work with unemployment paying far more than they were making? Trump has GOT to put a deadline on that program and make it SOON, like May 15 or 20. 

                   Large corporations like Tyson need to simply call their employees and tell them to report to their posts on Monday morning and just go back to work!  Screw the Government and get back to business. Take precautions, but OPEN YOUR DOORS! Do it BEFORE the food shortage becomes the NEXT crisis and Government takes control of America's food supply as well as everything ELSE they have been CONTROLLING.

                    We are being LIED to every day, especially at 11:30 a.m when King Cuomo goes on the air and tells his Fairy Tales. HE, more than most Governors, wants to see this shut-down continue as long as possible. Money, money, money, and a 6 Billion Dollar Debt that HE created? Smells funny to ME! He has also used this Pandemic to Campaign every day for FREE. The Liberals are euphoric, calling him a Hero and their next Presidential Candidate, God Forbid. The blind leading the blind and stupid! Do NOT be surprised to see old Joe have a personal health crisis at the last minute, and Cuomo put in his place. Just MY opinion.

                     This illness has been used by the Left to rob the People of Liberty. Gun Shops and Churches are closed, but Liquor Stores are open?  Citizens being arrested for exercising their right to protest? People kicked-off of Social Media or Censored for criticizing the government's tyrannical actions and oppressive rules. Freedom of movement limited. Arrests for taking your kids to an EMPTY playground to blow off steam? It goes on and on folks, and every bit of it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There is NEVER a valid reason to violate your Constitutional Rights, not a Pandemic, not a Civil Uprising, NOTHING! Read the damn document ! 

                      Liberties once lost are lost forever. Do NOT stand still for it for ONE more day! Get MAD! KNOW your rights and DEFEND them! Cuomo is not God, he is not a KING, he is a power-hungry madman. Governors, Mayors, Town Supervisors, etc., are running amok, high on their new-found power under this so-called, National Emergency. They are high on it, and they will NOT be willing to surrender it once this crisis ends. So they are extending it and extending it, even where it is not necessary any longer, so let the PEOPLE decide! 

                    Do you feel it is safe to re-open your business, or to go back to work? Then DO it ! Small towns like ours can certainly have a meeting of business owners and make a choice. Standing together, you CAN open your doors! The People of New Lebanon will stand WITH you and BEHIND you! Take back your power to CHOOSE, to be a FREE Citizen, and to resist government over-reach. We're all running out of time and options. I personally will do ANYTHING I can to assist every business in our town.  

                    Now, what about kids returning to school? That is a complicated issue for parents who need to return to work, but at the same time, it's an opportunity to think about what you would do if you made the intelligent decision to Home-School full time. There are MANY options that we can discuss further in the next few days. If I had to choose whether or not to send a child back to school right now, I would choose not to. Kids are germ magnets, and they are not going to be consistent with mask-wearing and hand washing, never mind Social Distancing. LOL!! Teachers cannot be expected to oversee the healthy behaviors required in a school setting right now. 

                   I don't feel it's safe to send kids back to school until Fall. Maybe High Schools, but not elementary. Regardless of what YOU decide, the decision is definitely YOURS and YOURS alone, NOT the government's. Please, open your eyes and your mind, and SEE the Agenda behind the extension of this shut-down. Waiting any longer will result in food service businesses having no food to prepare and sell. Think and Choose for yourself, as is your RIGHT, and if you want to work or open your business, DO IT NOW, before all is lost. 

                    God Bless America.