What's Good for the Goose....                                      3-2-2017

                It's that time of year again. Everyone you talk to is sick, has been sick, or has a family member that's sick. With weather swinging from summer to winter in less than 24 hours, it's not surprising. 

                My household has been sharing some crazy germs for over a week, and I was bragging about how I escaped it all. Famous last words. LOL!!  My turn has arrived!  So take your vitamins, get lots of sleep, and stay away from the coughers and sneezers. 

                 I've been trying to pay a little less attention to the news lately, mostly because I have too much to get done and my patience level is not up to par as it is. With the old guy's addiction to TV AND refusing to wear his hearing-aids, it's hard to NOT hear what's happening in D.C, so it manages to creep in. So far, I've been able to take most of it with a grain of salt and a sense of humor. Seriously, what isn't funny about grown Liberals who cannot get over their election loss and resort to desperate accusations against the New Regime? 

                  This week's victim is Jeff Sessions, probably the most decent and honest politician Trump has appointed. As a Senator, part of his job was to speak with dignitaries from other countries, but Heaven Forbid he spoke to a Russian or two while performing his duties. This whole Russian Election-Intervention crap is getting tiring. The most amusing part of all this Sore-Loser revenge game of the Dems, is that they fail to remember or admit what THEIR  administration did for 8 straight years!

                 By NO MEANS am I suggesting that ANY Official should get away with serious mis-conduct, you all know where I stand on that. Party is immaterial when it comes to corruption. Yet I have clear recollections of Barack Obama violating Constitutional Law at will more times than I can count, and NOTHING being said by the Democrats at ALL. I remember many cases of out and out TREASON, Secret Emails, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, False Flag Ops, and outright lies about Taxes, Social Security, and Healthcare, not to mention Climate Change. 

                 Hillary sold American Uranium to Putin. Obama was caught on video during his second campaign, telling the Russian Ambassador  that,   "I will have more flexibility after I'm re-elected ". We ALL saw that, HEARD that, and still, nothing was done or even SAID by the Dems. Yet here the crybabies are, throwing accusations at newly-appointed Republicans based on rumor and little else. Double-Standard, anyone?  

                There are a lot of horrible traits among Liberals, but their one-sided enforcement of Constitutional Law is the worst one. IF one of Trump's appointees is proven without a doubt  to have been in collusion with the Russians, he or she deserves the ultimate punishment. Um, but doesn't Hillary, Holder, Reid, and Obama deserve their ultimate punishments as well?  I gotta tell ya, I would be the first to back-up those calling for accountability IF  they called for it equally. IF they were on the attack due to REAL crimes or violations, and not based on bad sportsmanship and a hunger for revenge. That's all this is, immature brats that cannot bear their loss. 

                  I hope Trump simply flips them off and gets on with the business of trying to repair 8 years of Socialist rule. Here's another one for you, when in the history of America, did you ever see a President call his cabinet members, CZARS? When did you ever see the White House brimming with Muslim officials in positions that made them privy to Top-Secret information, following the worst attack on our soil by Islamic Terrorists? When did you see people arrested for praying in front of the White House while there exists a Muslim Prayer Room INSIDE the Pentagon?  You saw all of that under Obama. Imagine if Bush or Reagan had run guns to the Mexican Cartels that resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens,including Police Officers, and at least one, American Border Guard ?  Libs don't talk about that. Nor do they recognize the PROOF that Fast and Furious was all an effort to further demonize guns in America.

                  Libs don't talk about the trail of dead bodies that the Clintons have left behind them, or that Obama directed Eric Holder to investigate himself  in the Fast and Furious disaster. Libs never asked why the President's closest advisor was a Muslim, Iranian woman whose father was a Communist. Hell, they voted for a president whose father and grandparents were card-carrying Commies and whose mother posed in the nude for smut magazines. Yet they tear Melania Trump apart and try to disqualify Canadian-Born, American candidates. They have even tried to accuse the little, 10-year-old boy, Barron Trump, of being autistic and a future Serial Killer! Does it get any lower?

                  What if George W. Bush had ordered our rescue teams to Stand Down while our Seals were being attacked in Benghazi and begging for help? The blow-back would have been heard around the world! What if Jeff Sessions had a secret email account and hidden computers in a closet somewhere that he used to openly discuss Confidential, National Security Info ? What if Gen. Mattis deliberately incited Black Americans to kill our police officers? There would be a lot of Republicans hanging from ropes right now, because the Liberals would demand it, and so would the Conservative people of America. WE would call OUR political criminals out, as we did with Richard Nixon. Libs don't do that, they make excuses, they riot, they cry, and they protect and defend their criminals and deviates.

               If the Left wants to continue to stall appointments and make false accusations against those who HAVE been appointed, then they must first clean their own houses. When Hillary, Holder, Obama, and Harry Reid are held legally accountable for their Felonies, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, corruption, and lies, THEN, and ONLY then, do they have the right to look at anyone else from any other party. When the Dems do the right thing, they will have the support of Republicans and Conservatives in holding guilty members of the Trump administration, just as accountable.  If there ARE any.

              Remember, EQUAL JUSTICE under the Law. Being Liberal, Homosexual, Black, Mexican, Muslim, or just a spoiled, wealthy brat, does not exempt anyone from paying for their bad behaviors. One thing the Left forgets that it never should; WE have GOD on OUR side.

 Read the names of these students carefully. Yeah, let's leave the borders open and the Immigration System crippled.