Governor Malloy                                                     6-22-2017

                  Is everyone else as busy as I am?  Holy Crow, there is SO much to do that some days I just don't know where to start!  Boredom is definitely NOT in my vocabulary. So let's grab these few minutes to continue our Sandy Hook exposure.

                   My four great-grandparents were immigrants, three from Ireland and one from Denmark. As a result, I have a special place in my heart for all things Irish, but I am not a hyphenated American. I am just an American. I was not born in Ireland or Denmark and have never visited either country, probably never will. America is my birthplace, my country, and my home, and my loyalty is to her and no other. 

                    I mention this because I want you to understand that I bear no prejudice against people of Irish descent when I say this; " The absolute WORST politicians are Irish Democrats ".  Jewish Democrats are a close second.   The State of Connecticut has always been cursed with an Irish-Democrat Majority and their present governor, Dannell J. Malloy, is no exception. He is a prime example of all that is wrong about Connecticut. To be blunt, Malloy is a snake, and I rate him as the 3rd worst governor in America, Cuomo being #1 and Jerry Brown of California , #2. 

                     Thanks to the slimy Malloy and his Liberal, political cronies, the State of Connecticut became the stage for one of this country's most heinous manipulations of the American people, and an unprecedented attempt to dismantle the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

                       On November 27th, 2012, Gov. Malloy met in New Haven with then United States Attorney General, Eric Holder.  The media claimed that the meeting's purpose was to launch a new project to reduce gun violence in the state. The program was dubbed, "Project Longevity ". PL received MILLIONS of dollars in grant money immediately available to Connecticut officials  to be used to employ Agents, Academics, and Social Workers who worked or would work with the FBI and the BATFE as part of PL.

                         Connecticut was the Launching Pad for Project Longevity which was reportedly to be focused on individuals who were on Parole, Probation, or were simply habitual offenders. ONLY these people were supposed to be targeted for the attention of PL and it's agents. So why Connecticut?  Well, because that is where Sandy Hook, IS. Three weeks after the New Haven meeting,  the Sandy Hook event was put into action. Coincidence? YOU decide! 

                          I ask you now if you have ever heard of Project Longevity, before or AFTER Sandy Hook? HAD this New Haven meeting actually been about a project to reduce violent crime, wouldn't it have been rated as to it's effectiveness or lack thereof after a year or two?  Wouldn't the other Blue States have attempted to implement it or something similar TO it?  If Connecticut was chosen  as the Guinea Pig for this project based on it's state crime statistics, take a look at the Connecticut Crime Rate Table of 2011 that I have posted below, along with the 2012 Homicide Rates of the 7 largest cities in America. Pay close attention to the populations compared to the crime rates as well. Now tell me WHY Obama and Holder selected Connecticut as Ground Zero for Project Longevity  instead of Chicago, NY City, or Detroit? ALL high-crime cities with the highest minority and illegal populations and welfare leeches, and ALL Democrat-Run for decades. (Another Coincidence?)

                              Exactly SEVENTEEN DAYS after the Malloy/Holder meeting in New Haven, Sandy Hook exploded in the media. That's how hastily the production was thrown together and why it was such a failure, almost comedic in it's amateurishness. We will talk a LOT about the pieces and people who literally gave away the "Secret" intent of this False Flag, but next, we are going to talk some about Adam Lanza, the alleged "Shooter", and his family. 

                               In the meantime, ask yourself why Obama would trust Holder to organize this show after the Fast and Furious debacle that Holder was the Front-Man for. Talk about a failed, False Flag? What about the innocents that actually DID lose their lives over THAT one?! Holder never was held accountable in any way, shape, or form for what was essentially, Murder. How would someone as stupid and incompetent as Holder, possibly manage to make Sandy Hook believable? He didn't. 

                                There is SO, SO much more to talk about, so bear with me during this busy time of year,folks. We WILL plod on until you know everything. 


     Locally, what is going on with Dunkin Donuts? They were in SUCH a hurry to break ground, and could have done so at anytime in the past month, yet there is no activity at the site. Odd. Yes, I did  take some action that MIGHT have made them re-consider their choice of location at the corporate level, but I highly doubt it. After all, who the heck am I to influence a corporation all alone? Doesn't happen.

      One Town official sent a letter to the CAC, the Town Board, and the Planning Board, objecting to the failure of the PB to be honest when taking the SEQR for Dunkin Donuts at last month's meeting. It was SO inaccurate, that even the engineer for Dunkin Donuts saw it. After the meeting, he made a comment that he would be happy to teach our Planning Board a class in proper SEQR procedure. It was abominable! If you don't know about it, read my post of 5-21-2017!!! 

          Jo-Jo's Dream, the new self-storage facility, has one more meeting before they can start construction, so expect to see action at that site starting in August.