HELP !!!                                                                            8-29-2017

                        Stewart's Site Plan is in, and they are moving West. The apartments or former motel, the adjacent Cindy's Antiques, and the two-story house will all be razed to open the site for the new store. All fine, except for one thing; what happens to the people who live there? 

                         One person in particular is of grave concern for me, and should be to all of us as a community. Larry LaFerriere, 75 years old and disabled, with no family at all, will be displaced. Larry depends on the close proximity to Stewarts as he needs to walk there with his walker to pick up necessary items and see people. It is what keeps him going, and now, where will he go? 

                         I checked with Donna Smith who has a For Rent sign in front of her house for the handicap-equipped rental house she owns, but she is fairly certain that it is already taken. Since Larry needs to be on a first-floor, what are our options? Need INPUT folks, and we need to keep him in New Lebanon and as close as possible to the plaza.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as time is short.   

                          Lebanon desperately needs a Senior Housing Development just like the one in Nassau across from their bandstand. Maybe Mr. Coons would consider doing that behind his Self-Storage business across from Darcy Construction? OR, the NL Firehouse would be a great location,too, once the new firehouse in built. We could incorporate a Community Center into that and serve the ENTIRE town !!  Let's put our heads together and do something good for our community and our Seniors. 

                           I look forward to your advice and assistance. Thank You!  JJ