Hops Crops                                                                       11-2-2017

                      Are you ready for THIS? The upper-Midwest states that grow the bulk of our Hops for beer making, have suffered some drought this year, resulting in a smaller than usual yield.

                       The major breweries like Budweiser are priority consumers, so what Hops are available, go to them first. This leaves the small, independent brewers out in the cold. One of these brewers stated that he is literally, "Begging for Hops".  Enter, the Ever-Oppressive, Federal Government. 

                        Small brewers are being offered enough Hops to get them through the year in exchange for them signing a "Climate Smart " agreement. If these independent brewers invest in "Green" technology in their production process, they get Hops. (Sounds SO much like the Cuomo/Obama Safe Act Deal). So, THINK about this. The EPA holds small businesses hostage to further the fantasy of Climate Change and Global Warming, and that's just the CAKE. The REAL issue is the Elitists who are heavily invested in Green Technology and they want not only their investments back, but a profit as well. THAT is the Icing on the Cake.

                       Bankers, Big Business, Hollywood, and Politicians use their money, notoriety, and media access to further the Global Warming LIE.  Even if it were not a sham, these people wouldn't give a crap about the environment anyway, they are concerned about only two things, money and control. These greedy liars and manipulators have created colonies of Environmental Extremists in every state in America, gullible people who devour the fake research and take up the cause with a vengeance. They are serving the Elitists as willing Slaves, doing the dirty work for FREE. 

                       These Greenies truly believe that the environment is in immediate peril and that their Crusade is a necessary and honorable thing. They fail to see that they are mere tools, being fooled and used to enrich the lives of evil, super-wealthy, control freaks. They are in a nutshell, Useful Idiots. How very sad that people allow themselves to be so easily used, so controlled with such little effort.  WHY are so many, so willing to sacrifice their freedoms and the freedoms of others to live under rigid regulations that make it prohibitively expensive to own a business and turn a profit? 

                       Why would any property owner willingly submit to over-reaching government agencies and their "Rules" as to HOW that property can be legally used or enjoyed? YOU own it, YOU pay taxes on it, it belongs to YOU, and NO ONE BUT you should decide how to use it. Most Citizen Environmentalists generally mean well, but they have been duped, and that makes them a danger. New Lebanon has more than its fair share of these folks and their endless "Committees" and "Boards", and they bear close watching. We also have several land owners who have been under attack for years for how they choose to use their land.

                     One man in particular, collects "Stuff". Things such as scrap metal, building supplies and tools, usable truck and car parts, extra tires for his own equipment, and Mobile Home replacement parts. These items are for the most part, stored in a number of home-made sheds on the property, none of which are visible from the road or to the neighbors.  There is no house on the site, no well, no septic system. There are no toxins, no odors, and no noise. Is it unattractive? Yup! IF you drive WAAAY in from the road, past a solid, 12-foot high fence. 

                      Yet a former Town Zoning Officer spent in excess of $160,000.00 to harass this land owner, hire a pilot and airplane to fly over the land and take pictures, push a court case, etc. The land owner was dragged through the system, spent time in jail, lost work and money, was threatened with seizure of his equipment and tools, and eventually suffered from severe depression as a result of the stress and financial burden. (This is a guy who has never broken the law or caused a problem for ANYONE!)  A former Town Board ALLOWED this bullying, ALLOWED the ridiculous expenses, and then, when they actually got a court order against the land owner, never bothered to try to enforce it. YOUR tax dollars, down the drain, for NOTHING. 

                       It has been 7+ years since the Court Order was issued, and to anyone with a lick of common sense, this should now be a dead issue, forever. It damn well BETTER be! So why was all that necessary, when the property is privately-owned, taxes are paid, nothing illegal is going on, and nothing is visible, unless of course, you hire an airplane. Over-Regulation and Bully Tactics are what government DOES, what Tree-Huggers CAUSE, and what Government Grants BRING, and it is what these Climate and Conservation nuts curse us all with.

                        Be ever-vigilant and wary of the Gullible Greenies, the Conservancies and Climate Change Groups and Committees, and demand that your local government thoroughly investigate EVERY government grant they consider applying for BEFORE they commit. The lies are more numerous, much bigger, and the agenda far more frightening than you can begin to imagine. Do your homework, and start by reading "John Anthony" at this link:



                   Please continue to keep Bud Godfroy in prayer, and also Charlie Lasher who is now recovering at home after TWO motorcycle accidents in ONE day. He is definitely a hurting unit!

                    Remember to Vote on Tuesday, and keep in mind that Chuck Geraldi is a WRITE-IN candidate this year thanks to the major screw-ups of Jason Nastke.  Also make sure to look on the BACK of your ballot for the propositions, one of which is the highly unpopular and PERILOUS, Constitutional Convention. 

                    Republican Voters are needed to volunteer as Committee members for New Lebanon. SOMEBODY has to do it, and the old, incestuous committee turned tail and ran when Colleen kicked Benson's rear-end. LOL!!!   If you are interested in serving, let me know a.s.a.p. 

                Sleep Well, New Lebanon!