Resolutions                                                                         1-1-2014

           Happy New Year.  As promised, I have left politics alone until the New Year and it actually worked out well, because I have been having some computer issues. This site was not accessible to me for quite a while, and is still hit and miss.

           So today was Resolution Day, the day we make promises we won't keep and set goals we'll never reach.  Committing to something verbally is easy, but actually DOING it, sticking WITH it, is a whole different ballgame.  Very often, we set our goals too high to be attainable in one, giant step rather than the required baby steps that are more manageable, long-lasting and successful.  I've seen this among the Pro-Gun folks this year and in myself as well. 

            In 2013, I spent four or five months working with state 2A groups in an effort to build "Teams".  One team in each upstate county for each issue that is connected to nullifying the Safe Act.  For instance;

          1) Media Accountability

          2) State Police Violation of Oath

          3) Youth Organizations ( Scouts, Explorers, Young Republicans,etc)

          4) Church and Senior Groups

          5) Veterans, Retired Police, and Sportsman's Clubs

      The list goes on but you get the gist. Each "Focus" had detailed guidelines and goals and we pushed the concept all Spring and Summer. There were NO takers. WHY? Well, everyone had their eyes on a direct line to nullification, that Giant Step. Well, yesterday that hope was crushed under the heel of a bought- and -paid- for Judge. Surprised ? I'm not. No battle can be won if the enemy surrounds you, YOU must surround THEM. Circle the Wagons!  No one wanted to work on Strategy, put in the time and do the brain work required. They all wanted to be "Leaders", get their faces on the news and in the papers, wave their Gadsden Flags and yell anti-Cuomo slogans.  That kind of effort is great for energizing people, but that's ALL they're good for. We now see the results of that approach. LOL!! 

         As we wait for the lawsuit to be appealed and move up to the Supreme Court, which it will, and is, will we see anyone willing to work on the Team Focuses in 2014, to try to do something different that might actually WORK ? I seriously doubt it. These days, I still consult with groups, leaders, and individuals when asked to do so, but I am WORKING with a small, dedicated, handful of people who ARE willing to strategize and put forth the effort. If we stick with it, we will accomplish in 2014 what millions of angry protestors failed to do in 2013. One vital step at a time.

          So when YOU make your resolutions today, try to be realistic and don't bite off more than you can chew. Keep it manageable and success will come !  Beginning tomorrow, if the computer behaves, the Conspiracy Series begins.

      A Note for New Lebanon:

            A little Heads-Up for local Patriots and Info-Hounds.  Take a few minutes this week to drop by the Midtown Mall and look at the new sign to the left of China City. There you will find a listing of NEW occupants of the upstairs offices. Write them down, then go home and Google them. Browse the websites carefully, compare them to one another and keep in mind what you know about A21. It's HERE folks.  Do with it what you will.  


       2014 - Resolution  or Revolution ??


*Risking  It                                                                   1-2-2014

                Life is all about risk. We don't have to be sky-divers or bungee-jumpers to be risk-takers.  Climbing a ladder, driving our cars, investing our money or our hearts, are all risks.  Fear of risk would make life pretty flat and colorless and imprison us in our homes and minds. Risk is vital, but in many cases it can also be our undoing. Successful risk-takers take the time and expend the effort to arm themselves with knowledge before crawling out on any limb. I've tried my hardest to do that as thoroughly as possible and have been itching to grab that fragile limb for a long time.

                2014 is that time. I intend to tell the hard truths and expose the frightening realities to the uninformed, misinformed, doubters and deniers. I am completely aware that it will be costly to do this, but I've weighed that cost against my need to inform, and informing won. This is the year that I will be officially labeled as a "Conspiracy Theorist", a "Nut" and a "Paranoid".  Yet I am none of those things, and as long as I know that and God knows that, the opinions of others are insignificant.  It's more important to me that people get the truth that the media has hidden for years.  So call me whatever you will, laugh at my expense if it pleases you, but at least give me the benefit of considering what I have to say and looking into the info for yourselves. None of it will be said lightly or without evidence to back it up.

              That being said, I believe that 2014 will be a historical year for America. This is the year that we will either wake up and stand up, or surrender.  The choice is yours.


   1)      Something went horribly, terribly wrong in America in the 1960s.  I do have some memories of those days but very few that are clear, since I was a little kid at the time.  I DO have a vivid memory of the day JFK was murdered, because the world stopped turning. Everything just, FROZE.  Schools and businesses shut down and all the adults were either crying or walking around like deer in the headlights. I knew what had happened and I knew it was a very awful thing, but I didn't "GET IT". I was just too young.  In those days, it was unusual for adults to discuss such things in detail in front of children , so it was a long time before the youngest of us came to understand just how much America had lost that day, and the unthinkable implications of the crime.

            When I started the ninth grade at John F. Kennedy High School, the first thing I noticed in the foyer was a marble bust of JFK on a pedestal. It was beautiful, and intriguing and it sparked my interest in learning all I could about the man and his death. I began to read and collect anything related to him and his presidency, and the assassination.  It upset me that the results of the "investigation" of that murder were to remain sealed for 50 years to protect all involved. It seemed to be the epitome of political corruption and cover-up. I felt that anyone who was complicit in the killing should have been exposed and held responsible. It was wrong, and it was unfair to JFK, his family and the American people. We deserved the Truth, we hungered for justice, but to this very day, have received neither.

            As I write this, it is 50 years since that fateful day in Texas.  I have heard no reference to the 50-year gag order being lifted, have YOU? No word from the government, the media or the people. I ask myself how much it really matters, after all. The truth will never be told, not now, not ever. A shame in so many ways, mostly because the truth might actually be the wake-up call Americans need right now.

            JFK made a promise to the people of America a mere seven days before his murder. He openly vowed to expose a government plot to Socialize this country and enslave the people. If the truth were told today, that promise could be fulfilled and the doubters would be forced to pull their heads out of the sand. JFK's promise of exposure was not likely the sole reason for his elimination, but it was enough to put a long-standing plan into immediate motion.  JFK's father, Joe Kennedy, was a wealthy, powerful elitist with even more powerful connections. He rubbed elbows with the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, all of whom donated heavily to Hitler's ethnic-cleansing program and NAZI Regime. They were Illuminati Socialists.

             Of all Joe's many children, Jack was the best choice to groom for the country's highest office. Bobby was too young and Ted too foolish and irresponsible, even reckless. Jack on the other hand, was handsome, intelligent, charming, well educated and had served his country. Joe and his Bilderberg brothers decided to make certain that Jack would be president, giving them control that they had long salivated over. They stopped at nothing to get Jack into the White House, even going so far as to engage the Mafia to threaten anyone who dared interfere with their plan. The mob never worked for free, and what they got in return from Joe and his buddies is anyone's guess. If you really think about it, I'm sure you could make a long list of possibilities. Marilyn Monroe could have told us if she too had not been conveniently erased.

              Joe's dreams were dashed when Jack turned out to be a damn good president. He had his weakness for the ladies, but as a Leader, he was courageous, loyal and ethical. The last Conservative, Democrat president the White House would ever see. Despite his father's  power and pressure, Jack would not be bought and as a result, signed his own death warrant.  He had uncovered the elitist agenda that had  been forming and growing since he himself was just a boy, and he was appalled. Imagine the agony of learning that powerful, evil men wanted to destroy all that made America so special and that one of those men was your own father ?

              Joe Kennedy knew about his son's  assassination well before it happened. Whether he pleaded for his boy's  life or agreed to the necessity of the killing, we will never know. It is theorized that Joe was given a choice between stepping back and letting things take their course, or losing the rest of his family and estate. Expert's theories are all strongly suggestive of that being the scenario. You reap what you sow. In any case, Joe Kennedy went to his grave with his son's  blood on his hands.

            Lyndon B. Johnson hands were not clean either. Already a filthy-rich, Texas rancher, Johnson like so many others, hungered for more money, more power and more status. He was the perfect tool for those who pulled the strings. He would immediately succeed JFK and return control of the government to the elitists, which is exactly how it played out. They were SO eager in fact, that Jackie Kennedy was forced to stand in witness to Johnson's  swearing-in while she was still wearing the clothes spattered with her husband's  blood and brain matter.  I have viewed the morgue photos of JFK once, and I never want to see them again. The images are etched permanently into my memory. Most folks knew only that JFK was shot in the head, and for the majority, that meant that a bullet penetrated his skull and it was over. Sadly, that isn't how it was.

           If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip the next  paragraph.

         After being stripped and washed, JFK's  body was covered with a sheet from chest  to just above the knees, then carefully and thoroughly photographed by the Medical Examiner. From the neck down, it was an unremarkable, normal body of a man that had been healthy in life. Above the neck was a face. JUST a face.  It looked like a balloon that some angry child had stuck a pin in, or a rubber Halloween mask that had been pressed flat to the steel table. Behind the face, everything was gone. No skull, no brain, nothing but gore.

        The whole horrible incident was easier to contemplate prior to seeing these photos. Now, having seen them, the truth and whatever justice might still be possible, are all the more important. JFK's  murder opened the final gateway to the beginning of America's  end.  With LBJ in the Oval Office, there was no longer anything or anyone standing in the way of the evil agenda of the elites.


Tomorrow:  The 60s


The 60s and New Lebanon Meeting                          1-3-2014

       First, a brief update for New Lebanon.  Last night was the bi-annual, organizational meeting. Turnout was awful, but the mini-blizzard may have contributed to that. The Czar was in a good mood, for HIM, and more respectful of the board members than he generally is.  He actually deferred to them when appropriate rather than act the dictator.  It was a great pleasure to NOT see Dougy sitting up there, but rest assured that we have not heard the last of him or FROM him.

       K.B's absence was barely noticeable, as I usually carried a mirror to meetings to hold under his nose and check for breathing.  Chuck and Dan seemed comfortable enough on their first night and Dan of course, deserves an opportunity to prove himself. It was a HUGE relief to not see his mother sitting in the extra chair beside him. She doesn't usually allow him to be more than three feet away at any time.  I still believe that the Czar will take advantage of Dan's youth and put him through the Manipulation Machine. We will be watching that closely.

        The meeting was probably the calmest Organizational Meeting I have ever seen, Could be because the most important and contestable appointments were put on "Hold", including the Deputy Supervisor's position. The only very questionable issue in the meeting, was when the Czar announced that the town accounting firm had been re-appointed.  Chuck asked if the position had been advertised to allow the board some "choice", and Benson replied with a resounding "NO".  Says a lot, yes?

        Another unilateral decision made  by the Czar without Board input or vote so he could keep his cronies as accountants for the town. Again.  Makes me wonder if the Great Max Gutter is in any way connected to Dewey,Cheatum and Howe Accounting as well.

   Regular Monthly Meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 7 p.m.  See you there.


                       THE 60s

           With LBJ now in the Oval Office, the changes in our culture were almost immediate.  Our colleges were infiltrated by extreme, left-wing professors and their liberal, anti-American ideals. Drugs, sex, communal living, religious cults, homosexuality, racial division and riots, and the subsequent militarization of police were all suddenly the "norm".  Adults were shell-shocked and irate over the assaults on morality, responsibility, patriotism, lawfulness and common sense. Yet despite their outrage, they failed to see that these events were not passing fads as they assumed they would be, but omens of a shift in society. Changes that paralyzed them instead of motivating them to take action and push back.

         It was difficult for people of that time to consider that these horrors could be permanent. This was America, and such behaviors would not be tolerated for long. Would they be ? COULD they be ?  It was widely known and accepted that the government had always done things and known things that were kept secret from the general population. After all, 100% transparency could endanger national security and our military personnel. So folks trusted their government to do the ONE thing the Constitution allowed them to do; Keep Us Safe.  Sadly, that trust morphed into apathy and compliance. The people played right into the government's hands and let their guard down. The government exploited that trust, assaulted our values, our faith, and even our very senses. Nibble by nibble, our rights, liberties, loyalty and morality began to be systematically devoured by power-hungry, evil elitists.

          Few noticed the first patches of coarse wool sprouting from the yellow stripes that ran down their backs or the Shepherd's Crooks slipping surreptitiously around their necks.  They were too distracted. Purposely distracted.  Amid all the societal changes, was a little known, tropical Hell called Vietnam. A war that should have never involved America and would not have, save for a Huge red flag that was a big, fat LIE. A false story of an attack on one of our own ships was the justification to become involved. Problem was, that attack never occurred.

           For the first time in history, we had a phenomenon called "Draft Dodging". Young men escaped the U.S for Canada in droves to avoid being sent overseas to fight and die for a war that was not ours. Many of these dodgers were aided and funded by their parents who also felt we had no place in Vietnam.  Anti-war activists protested on street corners and at universities. Bald-headed cultists handed out daisies in airports and preached "Make Love not War". From the outside looking in, it all seemed like a generational movement, a youthful resistance. Dodgers were to many, considered cowards, and the body count continued to grow at a frightening rate.  It was divisive, sorrowful, and changed the course of America forever.

           This was when our youth began to realize that they could be and do whatever and whomever they wanted, and face little or no consequences. The liberal left would come to their aid with excuses, support and financial aid. It became an "Anything Goes" generation and there was no accountability. The Agenda that had been so carefully planned and constructed in the darkest corners by the brightest fools, had until the 60s, been put into action incrementally, barely noticeably.  JFK's realization of what was happening and his resulting murder, changed all that and removed all need for caution.

           When we look back today, the correlation between the assassination and the acceleration of evil in American government is more than evident. Yet at the time, few saw the warning signs, many still believed that the government would "Never do anything like that to us!".  We who are the older folks today, have failed to learn from history, our own or that of other countries like Germany. Younger Americans have been robbed of the Truth of our history due to altered curriculums and liberal control of American education. We have allowed it through our apathy.

             My own generation and that of my parents and grandparents, found it hard if not impossible, to imagine our government turning against its own people. Yet here we ARE in the year 2014 with the least freedom, the least morality, the least responsibility and respect that America has ever seen.  No one stuck a finger in the dike and the trickle has become an unprecedented flood of liberal, Communist poison.  America is drowning in the mire and the hands above the muck are holding up three fingers.


    Tomorrow- "January of 2014".  We will be continuing on this page for one more night, so look here for tomorrow's entry.    Good Night and God Bless.     JJ


                                JANUARY    2014  -    PREPARE

              This will be a very interesting month. In many ways, it promises to be a time of some notable  , positive changes among the American people. In many other ways, it will be an ominous month as every level of government is prepared to unleash a torrent of tyranny upon us.  January is when the battle-lines will be drawn between Conservatives and unconstitutional officials.  Here in New York, we are facing major issues with the Safe Act. As of 1-1-2014, pistol permit holders will begin being required to renew those permits every five years. If we allow this to happen, it will quickly become a yearly requirement.

               The money that the state stands to make from this would be in the billions, much of which would never see its way to the general fund, but only to the inside of the pockets of politicians who supported this despotic law.  Citizens who have held permits for all of their adult lives with NO issues, will now begin to have those permits seized for even the slightest cause. Unpaid parking tickets, temporary use of an anti-depressant medication, a minor family dispute, or a DWAI arrest will be enough to strip us of our rights to hold permits. Permits which are in themselves, an unconstitutional requirement.

               I visited my favorite gun shop the other day. The place was packed with men from their early 20s to a man that had to be near 80. It was a ripe opportunity, and I took it. I mentioned the permit renewal clause and it was like holding a match to a stick of dynamite.  Mission accomplished.  The animated discussion went from renewals to firearm registration and on to the NYSRPA lawsuit. When they had wound down some and I was ready to make my exit, I left them with the same message I now offer YOU. One Word:  NO .  We the People must now say NO MORE to unconstitutional laws and officials. DO NOT COMPLY. Renew NOTHING, register NOTHING, and let the Governor's Private Army, A.K.A the State Police, attempt to arrest us ALL.

             Of course if more than a handful of you wimp out and decide to comply, you will be responsible for destroying the rights of us ALL, and I would not want to be YOU.  This resistance must be 100%, all or none. EVERY NY gun owner, Constitutionalist, and Patriot MUST say NO!  Unity, Strength, Power of the PEOPLE.  Let's USE it.

            January 2014, no more regular light-bulbs folks. Now you will forced to buy tree-hugger bulbs at prices you cannot afford. They may last longer, but when they DO burn out, you will be charged again to recycle them safely, as they contain a toxic gas.  So what happens if you drop one? Hazmat comes to your house? How is that "better" for the environment ? Speaking of EPA tyranny, 2014 will very likely also usher-in the end of affordable and attainable ammunition. Yup, "GREEN" bullets. The government and the EPA have decided that ammo factories emit too much lead dust, and lead should no longer be used.  Hmm, ever hear of any health issues among employees of these manufacturers or anyone in the surrounding communities ? Me either.

           Just ANOTHER lie to make ammo unaffordable for the average Joe and the military, which has already been rendered almost impotent through lack of adequate equipment, weaponry, ammo and even nutrition. THINK about that. Do you have a loved one in the military, in harm's way ? Do you know they are being given the crappiest and least effective ammo ? Have they told you that they are being asked if they would follow orders to fire upon their fellow Americans in the event of civil unrest ? Do you know that just last month, the House voted to give welfare benefits to illegals and slash retirement funds for the military ? Have you any idea how many military Generals Obama has fired and WHY he fired them ?

            How about the fact that the NDAA bill was signed this month and the U.N Arms Treaty last month ? Are you aware of the implications of these things ?  You SHOULD be, and you need to be ! These issues are just the tip of the iceberg. The things I will tell you and SHOW you in the coming weeks are terrifying, unthinkable, and inhumane. If by February, you are not cowering in a panic-room or enraged enough to join the coming revolution, then you must already be brain-dead.

            Never before in the history of our great country have our families and our freedoms been in such peril as they are at this very moment. The Missiles of October during the JFK administration was horrifying, but at least that would have been a sudden, total and fast ending. What we face today, is akin to an agonizing, flesh-eating disease that will devour us slowly and painfully. Call it what you will, liberalism, socialism, communism, whatever, but what it really IS, is pure evil.

           For a long time now, I have been saying that time is short.  It was. Time's UP. 2014 will be the year that we fight or fold.  It is now or never and there is no option of waiting until warmer weather or when you have more time to "Look Into" these things. It's NOW.  If you do nothing else, at least give yourself the advantage of doing a little basic prepping. Have some canned foods, a hand can opener, some candles and matches, drinking water, sterno, first-aid basics, medications and a battery-powered radio. Buy a no frills shotgun and slugs, not scatter.  KNOW your rights and the government's limitations and teach them to anyone who will listen ! Speak UP, write letters EVERY day to Congress, newspapers and on Social Media while we still have it. Make ONE less trip to Starbucks and use the savings to buy stamps. ONE letter a day.

            Resolve to choose ONE thing that you will dedicate yourself to fighting this new year. Be it the Safe Act, the NDAA, Obamacare, or Common Core, but do SOMETHING. At the very least, get informed. Arm yourself with knowledge and share it every day. If you are a person of faith, draw closer to others of like-thinking and work together, PRAY together.  Truth is almost always stranger than fiction and right now, it is far more perilous. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, our soldiers and our country to be mentally and physically prepared for civil unrest, martial law and total betrayal by our own government.  READ - RESEARCH - PREPARE.

Tomorrow: Hitler and the Jews


Hitler and the Jews.  (PLUS- NYSP Reach)                    1-6-2014

        In the early 1940s,  Jews in Germany heard things very similar to the things we Americans are hearing today. All the signs and warnings were there. Those who read between the lines tried to sound the alarm but were dismissed as "Nuts" or "Conspiracy Theorists".  Sound familiar ?

        Many refused to accept the truth until they and their families were dragged from their homes by S.S Soldiers.  Of course by then, it was far too late.  They had surrendered their weapons under the guise of government promises that they would not "Need" them, the government would keep them safe.  So the Jews and Poles and others, allowed themselves to be rendered defenseless, their children to be indoctrinated in the German Schools, and bought into the promises of "Prosperity through Socialism".  Their apathy and gullibility cost them EVERYTHING.

        The unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust are lessons to those who have come since. Yet still, so many are asleep, and many deny the Holocaust ever happened !  It did happen, and plenty Americans alive today, remember it well. Did all those innocent people suffer and die for nothing?  If we fail to take a lesson from it then yes, they did.  They were subjected to beatings, rapes, burning, medical experimentation, genetic trials, starvation and finally, extermination.  S.S officers often amused themselves by tossing Jewish babies into the air and skewering them on the bayonets of their rifles. They kept score.

        Every day, I see Americans smirk, laugh and wave away those of us who are awake and informed. That's okay, as long as we've TRIED our best to expose the truth and sound the alarm, there is little left for us to do but prepare ourselves. We have families to protect, basics to gather and resistance to exercise. We cannot convince everyone, so we must be satisfied with saving those we CAN.  Tyranny is no longer a threat in America, it is a reality.   Tomorrow, I will talk about Guns, Ammunition, the Safe Act and the 2nd Amendment. For tonight, I have a message to share with my PACT readers and especially my Madison's Militia followers, re: the NYSP Boycott .


            The  New  York  Nazis

             I know that most of my readers are intelligent adults and  informed Americans. Still, there are a few doubters who are misinformed, uninformed,  or just plain, DUH.  I don't say that to be cruel or sarcastic, it's just a fact, and facts matter.  I have spoken about the New York State Police on both this blog and Madison's, numerous times. By now, anyone who is a regular reader knows that I understand the difficult position the Troopers are in regarding the Safe Act.  It is a fact that many of them oppose it.  HowEVER, I find it increasingly difficult to sympathize with literally thousands of Troopers who have, are, and WILL continue to violate their Oaths by enforcing NY Safe. 

             Their argument that they "Work for Cuomo" is pure B.S.  They work for the PEOPLE of NY State. Cuomo is our EMPLOYEE and the NYSP are our "Public Servants". FACT. They also claim to be afraid for their jobs, and who wouldn't be, considering how over-paid they are, and the extravagant benefits they receive. More B.S. WE are their bosses, and any Constitutional Trooper that chooses NOT to enforce the Safe Act will be 100% supported by his or her employers, the People of NY.    Their union and superiors ? Expendable and easily replaced by Troopers who will Honor their Oaths.

            Every excuse the Troopers have for failing to oppose is full of holes. What it really comes down to is FEAR. They are afraid to stand against government tyranny as one, powerful, united group. Some of them actually support the Safe Act and like the idea of being the only ones with the right to own a firearm.  The union and superiors are bought and controlled by Cuomo and his liberal cronies in NY City. For them, it is about money and power, total control. We must remind them that the power belongs to the people, not to corrupt officials. Are you willing to DO that, or will you cower in the corner with the Troopers and watch Cuomo strip us of our rights?

          So, HOW do we do it? In positive, active steps, and QUICKLY. We have begun by boycotting  the NYSP, refusing to allow then to answer our calls unless there is absolutely NO other choice.  SPECIFICALLY Request ONLY the Sheriff's Department when you require police services ! Now, it is time to send the MESSAGE and draw the line in the sand.  We are paying Troopers handsomely to violate our rights. NO MORE. We must insist that the hiring freeze be reinstated due to financial issues in this state, and incentives offered to older Troopers to retire. Reduce their numbers and then reduce their jurisdiction. Let's get them back on the interstate where they belong. The money saved should be parceled out to County Sheriff Departments for expansion, hiring, training and equipment.

       I am challenging EVERY NY gun owner, Patriot, Conservative and Constitutionalist to gather your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers,  and church families, together THIS week and every single person write a letter to the people I will list below. Print and distribute the flier I will provide tomorrow and let's make this a letter-bomb like they have never seen before. Let them KNOW, that we will NOT back down and we will NOT comply ! Never, ever forget that we are the law-abiding citizens and it is the Governor and the NYSP that are violating the Law of the Land.  IF, we lie down NOW at the state level, what hope have we got of winning at the federal level??

      This is just step TWO, the people's Message of Necessity ! This is the ultimatum, and the coming weeks will NOT be for wimps. We need walkers, not talkers. This is DO or Die and our 2nd Amendment is at stake NOW, soon to be followed by the REST of our rights. No sissies need apply.   We need:  Deputy Sheriffs, Local P.Ds, Firemen, Oathkeepers, First Responders, Constitutional Attorneys, Teachers, Pastors, and business owners.  We need the Boy Scout Troops, the Explorer Groups, R.O.T.C, Veterans, Seniors, and everyone who is sick to death of paying the country's highest taxes to fund criminal actions against our freedoms by Tyrants in office.

     Have you had enough of it yet?? Ready to DO something other than walk around with signs and flags? Will you commit to the steps we need to take and organize your people? GOOD. Let's DO this !

     Remember: Do NOT Register.  Do NOT Modify. Do NOT renew.  DO unite! Let's be the majority that says, "NO MORE!".  These letters MUST be completed and mailed before the 15th of this month. We must not fear government, we must make government fear US !    


     Get the flier out to the Sportsman's Clubs, Gun Shops, Sporting Good Stores, VFWs, Biker Groups, Senior Groups and to your Pastors.  Send letters to:

1) Gov. Andrew Cuomo

    NYS Capitol Building

    Albany,N.Y 12224


2) NYSP Director:  Joseph A. D'Amico

                               1220 Washington Avenue

                               Building 22

                                Albany,N.Y 12226-2252

 3) Sheldon Silver

      250 Broadway

      Suite 2307

      New York,New York 10007

 4) Senator Kathleen Marchione

      188 State Street

      Legislative Office Building

      Room 306

      Albany,N.Y 12247

 5) YOUR Local Assemblyman

 6) YOUR Local Newspapers

                   WHAT to Write?  Use the info above and DEMAND that the Troopers Honor their Oaths and refuse to enforce the Safe Act as unconstitutional. Remind them WHO they work for, and that we the PEOPLE will no longer require their services anywhere but on the interstate highway. Demand that the Hiring Freeze be re-instated as a tax-reducing measure and that salaries be examined as they are too high.   BE POLITE but FIRM.  Remember, this is just a notice to them that we are awake and ready to fight. We need MANY, MANY letters, so PLEASE don't drop this ball ! Share on Social Media with everyone you know.  Let's see which county gets the most letters out. 

      The next steps will be tougher and will require physical involvement, so if you think this isn't for you, opt out now.  I will be posting a few videos on the Madison's Militia page to assist you in your boycotting and resistance.  No Surrender!  JJ


 The Holocaust.  The beautiful family was exterminated in Auschwitz in 1943. Shoes of the dead.  The Body Pits.




DID YOU KNOW??                                            1-7-2014

The Second Amendment... AGAIN                                    1-7-2014


I know what you're thinking. “Haven't we covered all this?”. Yup, we have, but is there any covering it ALL ? Will new laws and violations ever stop coming ? We have definitely covered the Constitutional violation by officials who THINK they have the power and right to do so, but do NOT. We have even touched on the damage to jobs and businesses and the ripple effect on the entire economy in New York state alone. I believe we even talked about Obama and the EPA conspiring to disarm us by banning lead in bullets. Everyone has talked about the the self-defense issues involved. Last but not least is my personal favorite, a heavily-armed, National Police Force and a helpless citizenry.

So why as a Christian, am I concerned about these things ? After all, aren't God's people supposed to be raptured from the earth before the troubles begin? Um, no. God promises a limit to what we will be forced to endure, but He gives no time table and even says that we WILL be subject to a good amount of the suffering to come. Those who believe in the Rapture, are not privy to the time and day, or even at what point in the seven-year Tribulation we will be removed. God says only to be ready, for He will come like a thief in the night. In the meantime, we are to remain faithful, pray a lot, and try to save as many as we can. That does not mean that Christians are to sit back and let things take their course, to look at any resistance as interfering with God's Plan. Quite the opposite. If WE don't do it, who WILL? If we don't stand up for what is right and good, what will say when we stand before him ?

Recently, the world has seen a frightening increase in the persecution of Christians, especially, but not limited to, the Middle East. We are targeted right here at home by Atheists, Evolutionists, Homosexuals, Muslims, and our own government. It's just part of the package that comes with becoming a Christian, and it has been that way since Day One. So yes, I am concerned with what is happening in and to my country. Not from fear of death, but out of fear for the unsaved that I care about, those who have no comfort of the promise of Heaven.

What drives me, is righteous anger and indignation. I am angry at the people we have trusted to drive the bus for far too long. I am angry with my parent's and grandparent's generations for failing to step on the brakes and back that bus UP. Most of all, I am furious with the apathetic, lazy, uninformed and gullible Americans who refuse to see what is directly before their eyes or do anything to address it. I abhor liberalism and its complete lack of morality, compassion, common sense and generosity that liberals claim to be such supporters of. I am tired of being accused by these mental midgets of being exactly what THEY are, when I am exactly the opposite of EVERYTHING they are! We REAL Americans should be targeting liberals, not the other way around. They are a Cancer, a demonic force fueled by all that is evil and contrary to life.

Noam Chomsky said this; “If we don't believe in freedom of expression for those we despise, we don't believe in it at all”. EXACTLY ! I believe that as human beings, we are born with the freedom to make our own choices. You can be whomever or whatever you wish, but so can I ! A man can put on a wig, high heels and a bikini and parade down Fifth Avenue for all I care, he has the right to do so. My neighbors could hang a Pro-Choice sign on their fence, different ethnicities can inter-marry, people like my father can study cave men and little green aliens from Mars, and if you don't want to own a firearm, you don't HAVE to ! I would not presume to tell you what to choose for yourself, so why is it that liberals feel they have the right to do that to ME? I am not knocking on doors and hitting anyone with my Bible, so don't force your Theory of Evolution on ME. My husband and I don't go to gay bars carrying signs about sexual sin, so don't fly your rainbow flag near my home or church. If you choose to sit on your lazy a_s and live off the government all your life, bang out a bunch of kids you will ignore and who will repeat the process, whine about distant ancestors who were enslaved, GO AHEAD. Just don't expect the working Joe to pay taxes to support you !

We all must accept the consequences of our choices. Don't make YOUR consequences, MINE. Own them. I have been a smoker for 44 years and will likely die of a smoking-related disease. Should my family sue the tobacco farmers, the Liggett Group and the stores that sell cigarettes ? Liberals would ! They would look for someone else to blame, someone else to pay the price for what they have done to themselves. In my case, I am informed, mature and responsible for my own choices and bad habits and the consequences that come from them. No question. We reap what we sow.

Owning firearms for self-defense is a choice and a RIGHT, granted and protected by the Law of this Land ! We are ALL free to choose whether to own them or not . Available and affordable ammunition is just as much a Second Amendment right as owning the firearm is. It is our RIGHT to have a means of defense against Tyranny in government, which we now HAVE in America. You might prefer a home alarm for security against burglars while I prefer an AK47 for protection against DHS and the U.N Forces. Freedom of CHOICE.

I gotta tell ya folks, the writing is on the wall and if you fail to act NOW, you are either brain-damaged or complicit. YOU will be to blame for the consequences, and I'm sure your children and grandchildren will thank you as they are loaded onto the FEMA trains. Sorry, I won't be there to see it. You see, I intend to fight for my country, my family and my freedom and when the government Nazis come to MY door, I am not surrendering my guns or myself. If every American with even the tiniest amount of love for freedom and their country would take a stand for ONE thing, there would BE no tyranny. That ONE thing is the United States Constitution. ONE THING.

If you learn it, share it and demand strict adherence TO it by all officials, we would have no need to fear or fight. Yes, it IS that easy. Our brilliant founders did all the hard work FOR us with much thought, prayer and incredible foresight. All WE need do, is DEFEND it !! Can you handle that, or are you too busy watching “Reality T.V”?


 Conspiracies                                                         1-9-2014


I have a friend who sees conspiracy around every corner. This has always been puzzling to me, as he is a very intelligent and reasonable guy, if a little odd. Most people who hear his theories just roll their eyes and humor him, considering a lot of what he has to say as nonsense. Sometimes it is. Often, it is NOT. I have seen him be spot-on in a number of cases. The modern-day Joe McCarthy. LOL!! Sadly, like most conspiracy hunters, his claims have made him something of a Pariah to a lot of people.

Make no mistake, there are millions of loonies in the world who will swear they've been abducted by aliens, tracked Bigfoot or swam with the Loch Ness Monster. Some things just aren't worth considering for even a minute, but too many things ARE. One of the popular Conspiracy Theories or C.Ts at the moment is Chem Trails. I haven't spent a lot of time researching this one myself, but from the evidence I've seen, it's a strong possibility that it's true. If the government is implicated and it's atrocious, it's worth a closer look. We all know that the big chemical and pharmaceutical companies share an agenda with the government and are completely devoid of compassion or conscience.

I've seen photos taken by airport employees, of the holding tanks, hoses and spray systems mounted in the holds of airplanes. I have also seen the white trails left behind by planes in our skies. For me, they look no different than they did when I was a kid, but who knows ? If it piques your interest, please look into it a little further and let us know what you find ! I would not be at all surprised to find out it is an actual practice.

Another C.T that people have denied so completely that the government no longer tries to hide it, is Agenda 21. Actually, this doesn't even qualify as a theory any longer as it is easily proven and available to anyone who cares to look. It is a United Nations program designed to control the masses, delegate where and how we should live and what our needs are. The citizenry will then be appointed to sustainable living communities and their needs provided by the government in exchange for labor. You can learn more by contacting the U.N Public Relations office in NY City and requesting copies of the three A21 volumes. When you hear the words, “sustainability”, “cooperatives”, “revitalization”, habitats”, “hamlets”, or anything in relation to environmental protections, be alert.

Common Core is another HUGE piece of Agenda 21, and a terrible assault upon the minds of our children. Thank God, that the U.N targeting of our kids has awakened mothers all across the country, and they are fighting back with spit and claws ! If YOU have school-aged children in your family, you cannot afford to be ignorant about Common Core. Even liberals can see the horrific implications of this education curriculum for the future of our children and our country.


Aah, my favorite. Not all False Flags are false, in fact most of them actually occur fairly close to what the media reports. It's the catalysts that are lied about. Most of these events are well planned, perfectly timed, and serve more than one purpose. They are nothing new and they are not unique to America. Staged and/or contrived tragedies have been an invaluable tool to tyrannical governments for centuries. FFs are used to instill fear, spark outrage, excuse Martial Law , gain control and even to exterminate select people for various reasons.

You now know what False Flag was used to send thousands of young, American men to fight and die in Vietnam. At the time, no one questioned it, they took the president at his word. Americans were outraged and thirsty for revenge much like they were after Pearl Harbor and the bombing of the Twin Towers. “Shock and Awe” works both ways, and as humans, we generally act on emotion before common sense. Distrust of the government was not the issue in the 1950s and 60s that it justifiably is today. Barack Obama has succeeded in destroying all confidence in government, the bumbling ass that he is. He is led and controlled by people much smarter and more evil than himself most of the time, but every now and then, his narcissism kicks in and he flexes his puny muscle. This is when we see major failures in the False Flags like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Did I just open Pandora's Box for you ? GOOD !!

Sandy Hook, Connecticut. A small, wealthy, seaside town, the typical New England Utopia for NY City liberals. A convenient commute to the high-end jobs in the city and back to the burbs to rest their heads at night. The Hook is a semi-isolated town with a lot of dead-end roads and hidden homes . Sandy Hook Elementary School was an aging building in need of expensive repair and up-dates. The decision was reached by those involved, to raze the school and build a new one elsewhere in town. Now I ask you, how long does it take to build an elementary school ? Certainly more than a few months, yes? The old school was leveled this Fall, but no mention of the progress on the new building has ever been made.

The site of the “alleged” shooting that was still heavily-guarded and off-limits to the public, is now long gone, along with the evidence. POOF ! How very convenient. It is also convenient that the school was located at the end of a cul-de-sac and backed by woods. People are afraid to look at the glaring holes in the Sandy Hook story for fear of upsetting the grieving families. Exactly the reaction that the planners had in mind. Yet, have you SEEN or heard from any of these grieving parents? Let's take a look at the indisputable evidence that makes this incident REEK of HOAX, shall we ?

We already know that the building and its location were ideal, as was the timing. What you might not know, is that the Connecticut Emergency Preparedness Schedule for the week of the event had several Disaster Drills on the docket, less than a mile from the school. As I've told you in the past, I have deep, personal experience with staged disasters and it's one of the many remnants of my work that still disturbs my sleep.

So we have a condemned building in an isolated location and hundreds of emergency personnel a mile away on training exercises. We also just HAPPEN to have Eric Holder meeting privately with Sandy Hook First Responders that very same morning. Talk about FLAGS ! Beginning to smell funny to you yet ? Now, about the timing. Just when Obama and Feinstein decided to accelerate their efforts to disarm American gun owners.

Now we have to look at the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza. A kid reported to have always had emotional and social difficulties, divorced parents and a 14-hour-a-day, video game habit. Next door neighbors knew nothing about the Lanzas or even how many people lived in the half-a-million-dollar

home. REALLY? How can that be ? Adam's mother Nancy, was originally reported to be a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook, which was soon changed to a “retired” teacher at Sandy Hook and then to the FACT that she was not and never had been a teacher there or anywhere else. Her ex-husband and elder son Ryan, lived in the city in an apartment. Early reports stated that Adam had a girlfriend who had gone missing and that a female body had been discovered in the Lanza's city apartment.

It was also reported that the shooter was not Adam, but Ryan. For reasons never clarified, Adam was carrying his brother's I.D, yet Ryan stated that he had not seen Adam in several years. How did his I.D find its way into Adam's pocket ? Who was Who? The dead female in the apartment was never mentioned again. Neither was another word spoken about Adam having a girlfriend who was missing. The media also failed to report that fact that Adam's father was an employee of the Libor Corporation and was scheduled to testify against the company in a banking scandal.

Now think about THIS; John Holmes, the Colorado Movie Theater shooter, ALSO had a father that worked for Libor and was set to testify against them !! This was not even CLOSE to being a coincidence. I have posted the info on Libor for you below as well as a few short videos about the inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story. Please take special note of the Connecticut Medical Examiner. Is his behavior that of a man that just looked at the bodies of twenty dead and bloody babies? Notice his inability to stand still or look directly at the cameras. He is surrounded by Troopers and at one point turns to his right and asks someone, “Is that all of it?”. His alleged findings also fail to concur with the gun evidence, and he obviously forgets his lines numerous times.

We have several PROVEN FEMA Crisis Actors and members of the Screen Actor's Guild pretending to be parents, neighbors and school staff. Then there's Robby Parker, the alleged father of one of the dead children. He comes out to be interviewed, but he is laughing and joking, not grieving. He then pauses a moment to get into “character” for the cameras. It is undeniable. So are the photos of him and his family, including the child reported to have been killed, posing with Obama AFTER the shooting. It just goes on and on and ON.

Watch the videos, keeping in mind that two of them and part of a third, were made by Connecticut Police Officers in towns surrounding Newtown. These are cops that are very upset about the inconsistencies, the unusual procedures and the glaring evidence of a very CRUEL hoax. Finally, think very hard about how quickly this event quieted down in the media. This False Flag was so poorly carried out that once the gullible had swallowed the Kool-Aid and jumped on the “Blame the Guns” bandwagon , it all went quietly away. Where are the one-year later interviews from 20/20 and 60 Minutes ?

Adam Lanza and John Holmes. Both mentally unstable, both with fathers ready to testify against a Bilderberg Company, and both committed suicide immediately after the shooting. Dead men tell no tales. Governments and the elitists that control them will stop at nothing to fulfill their agendas and everyone is expendable, even little children if necessary to their goals. The sooner we all accept this fact, the better off we all will be.

Do YOU want to be a member of a disarmed and helpless society with people like that making the decisions and rules ? Will YOU surrender to the slave masters in exchange for a false promise of security ? Personally, I would sooner die than live that way. Take a day or two to digest all this, and then we can talk about the next Conspiracy on the very long list. Do your own research, READ, talk to others, and make up your own minds.



What occurred with Libor was a crime of gargantuan proportion, perpetrated by the wealthiest, most powerful of elitists in the world. Mostly Bankers. There is absolutely NO denying that this crime happened and that it destroyed the lives of countless, innocent people. If this was going on behind closed doors, can you possibly still harbor any doubt as to what these people are capable of and what is at stake ? Can you STILL accept the deliberate and staged tragedies that further their evil agendas, as mere conspiracies ? If so, you are very foolish, and you are endangering yourself, your loved ones and your country.

To date, no one has been sentenced in the Libor scandal. Just like the MANY scandals attributable to Obama, Hillary and Holder that the media is mum about and the people have not responded to with appropriate RAGE. There will be no one held accountable as long as the Democrats are in power in D.C, and THAT is why political crime and corruption is so out of control.

Did you all notice that Chris Christie is having his ample buttocks kicked all over the media ? Not that he doesn't deserve it, he DOES. Christie is a liberal, New Jersey gangster and an accomplished kisser of Democrat as_ses. He is as much a Conservative Republican as McCain, Boehner, and even Mike Benson. Wolves in sheep's clothing.




<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/JV3KYBS64R8?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


F.E.M.A and the Alphabet                                                    1-11-2014

           ( Computer is finally back to health and I am posting the saved entries for last week.) 

               The government LOVES "letter agencies". IRS, EPA, NSA, DHS, and on and on. The office of THIS and the office of THAT and about two-thirds of them are redundant and totally unnecessary. We have literally thousands of government employees doing the same jobs under different labels for too much pay. A discussion for another day, yes?

                 Everyone knows what the Federal Emergency Management Agency or "FEMA" is. Hurricane Katrina really put them in the spotlight and made them a household name for every American with a television. We watched the displaced and desperate people of New Orleans suffer for days on end while they waited for FEMA to arrive and assist them. WalMart got there first.  Caravans of WalMart tractor-trailers packed with food, water, blankets, clothing, medical supplies and even Teddy bears for the children arrived in New Orleans in less than 24 hours.  FEMA workers dribbled in over a period of WEEKS.

                 Like all government agencies, the FEMA response was inadequate, involved excessive paperwork and red tape, and moved far too slowly to be effective. Funds were missing, donations disappeared, workers poorly trained and confused as to their roles, and like most local emergencies, the compassionate volunteers and free-will donors were the key to dealing with the needs of victims, not the government. That's how Americans did it BEFORE the government become our mommy and daddy and that's how we SHOULD be doing it NOW. Churches, communities and caring people should take responsibility for their own.  What magic that would work on human hearts !

                  FEMA was impotent in New Orleans because their staff was not prepared or trained to do what was needed, and most of them were sent to the scene merely for "SHOW". They didn't know that of course, but they were in fact, just a front sent to make a weak effort to provide a presence for the victims and media.  Do you REALLY believe that Mr. De-Population Bill Gates, and his like-minded elitists wanted to do anything to save the poor black folks of New Orleans ? Get real ! They DID however, care enough to send in troops to disarm the vulnerable citizens and round them up and into "Shelters" like cattle, even those who were safe,warm and dry in their homes.

                  Essentially, Martial Law was declared. Was it justified ? Martial Law is NEVER justified and neither is disarmament of the law-abiding. The government response to Katrina was so shameful and so useless, that any thinking person has to wonder why they sent them at all ?! Well, let me tell you why FEMA actually exists,what their REAL purpose is, and exactly where the money for emergencies is actually spent.

                  Under George Bush Jr.'s administration, all large government agencies began to receive some level of police-type training. Discreet, little amendments to procedures and rules, subliminal suggestion that instilled more loyalty to the agency and government than to the people they "served".  When Obama was "selected" in 2008 and took office as a result of widespread voter fraud, discretion was no longer deemed necessary. The Messiah of Liberal America had come and he would and could do as he pleased, when and how he pleased, and Congress would simply look the other way.

                 FEMA funds were channeled away from disaster relief and into the training of their own, unique, National Police Force. 100% unconstitutional of course, but the Constitution is just Obama's toilet paper.  In conjunction with the DHS, NSA, and DOJ, they began to monopolize the majority of ammunition manufactured in America through "Government Contracts" with the companies. Quantity and quality ammo needed by our troops was now cut to the bare minimum, while the rest  was swallowed up by the letter agencies in Washington. What does the Social Security Administration need millions of rounds of ammo for?  They will never see it, because even though it was purchased by them on PAPER, it went directly to FEMA and the DHS.

                 This too, served more than  one purpose. Not only was Obama stockpiling the ammo in preparation for civil unrest that HE intended to create, but he was also keeping it OUT of the hands of the PEOPLE. If he couldn't get our guns, and he hasn't, he would get the ammo and render the guns useless. BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars have been spent to arm illegal government forces against ourselves !! How's THAT for irony ?  That isn't all. There is rock-solid, eye-witness PROOF of the existence of FEMA camps all across this country. Military bases both operational and abandoned have been upgraded, equipped and MANNED in readiness for resistance. Many abandoned prison facilities have also been retro-fitted for this purpose, and a few of the camps are actually brand-new.

               These installations are quite impressive. Capable of housing tens of thousands of people in the lower-populated areas and hundreds of thousands in the metropolitan areas. One in particular, located in Michigan near Detroit, has a capacity of 150 to 175 thousand. There are holding areas for the unruly that are similar to military brigs, and the rest of the people will be forced into barracks- style buildings. There are common shower areas and dining halls, classrooms and playgrounds. If not for the double row of 16 foot fencing topped with inward-leaning razor-wire, it would be very similar to communal living.

                There are guard towers and a patrol road that encircles the compound between the two rows of fencing. Each camp is fronted by rail tracks and has a receiving building just feet from the trains. Here, the sheep are herded from the train cars, given shots and I.D tattoos, then moved to the showers where their jewelry and personal clothing are taken and replaced with camp uniforms. Sound familiar yet? The healthy are quickly assessed for their abilities and assigned to appropriate jobs in the camp. Healthy, white children are taken from their parents to be "schooled". The other children, along with the elderly, sick and handicapped are dealt with much differently.

                All I will say about THAT, is that the Michigan Camp has on its grounds a long, white building that looks very much like a huge igloo. There are tremendous propane tanks and exhaust chimneys every 20 feet or so. One door in, one door out. It's a formidable sight and I try very hard not to think too much about it. There are some very clear photos of the train cars available from brave photographers who dared to get close enough, and I will post a couple for you below, as well as the coffins that so many people like to comfort themselves by describing as "Septic Tanks". Believe me, there ain't THAT much poop in America!

          If you're shaking your head and laughing right now, that's okay. Just remember ONE thing; the Jews laughed, too!






 Cuomo  Ties  Own  Noose !!!                                            1-17-2014

             Ever heard the expression, " Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves."?  Andrew Cuomo confirmed the accuracy of that statement today with statements of his own !!  I'm sure most of you have already heard it, but for the few who have not, here is the statement:  " The extremist Conservatives who are Pro-Life, Pro-Assault Rifle and anti-Gay have no place in New York." !!!! Cuomo actually SAID this on live radio today !!  If such a statement is not enough to remove this corrupt gangster from our state Capitol, then what IS?  Are you KIDDING ME ?!?!

              Imagine for ONE minute, if he had said something similar about the lefties that support him and donate to him ? He would be packing his bags right now. So, my Conservative friends, are YOU ready to send him packing ? This was such an outright attack on the patriots of this state, such a prejudicial admission of his personal bias and lack of morality, that he should be sued by the People.  This piece of donkey dung is literally insane if he thinks he is going to get away with this "HATE SPEECH" on top of his Constitutional violations and lies.

           Ya know, if it were up to ME, I would tell the sicko libs to take New York, New England, California, and enjoy! One stipulation; they have to STAY there and let the rest of us sane, loyal Americans live in peace and freedom. MY family is already saving our pennies to escape this state a.s.a.p . We cannot live in a state and a town that has been infiltrated by mind-bent, morally deviant, prostitutes to the government. In fact, find me a liberal from the city with money to burn and give me my asking price for my home, which will be well above what it's actually worth, and I will be outta here in a month! C'mon, all you Lebanon Libs that would be thrilled to see me go away, find me a buyer at let's say, $145,000. cash, and I'm out of your hair.

     Walking distance to town, year-round stream, indoor heated pool, cupboard beds, garage, addition that can become an in-law apartment, quiet and rural. Perfect getaway for the wealthy citiot.  I'll even toss in the chickens! Finish it the way you choose. THEN, Mr. Mike Benson and his liberal Igors can turn this town into the amoral, model utopia for the insane with my blessing. Call in the cults, the deviants, the baby killers, the gun-wary, sexually immature, the NY Philharmonic, and the Bean Sprout Brigade for all I care. I will never look BACK.  God Bless America !


Cuomo's Story !


Even Liberal Dan Rather is Fed Up!



Take it or Leave it.......                                                    1-25-2014

               Well HELLO!  It's been a while. I don't think I have ever been as busy as I have been lately, even last year with Organizing the rallies.  My Conspiracy Series has had to be put on hold due to a new project that came up unexpectedly and requires most of my time and attention.  Those of you who are concerned about current events and what you see happening in New York and Washington,D.C, might want to follow my group page on Facebook: Madison's Militia.  There will also be a new Facebook page debuting on Monday called: United Strategic Alliance Inc.

           This new page is where you can join an amazing, unprecedented and unified effort with ONE mission; Constitutionality in Government. ALL NY Groups and individuals are coming together under one Board of Directors in a show of strength and unity. It's time to hold Cuomo accountable for his crimes against the People of NY and send a clear message to ALL officials that dare to violate Constitutional Law in America or the rights of the People of this country.

                 About 10 days ago, I was contacted by a gentleman from the midwest that I will call Joe. This is an impressive man who is actually friends with the likes of Ron Paul , Stewart Rhodes, and a slew of others I won't mention here.  Joe's alliance includes not just Conservative, high-level politicians, but also wealthy businessmen, film-makers, ranchers, Oathkeepers, retired military officers, etc.,etc. ALL of them are fed up with this Imperial President and his administration of Court Jesters.  So WHY are these high-rollers willing to assist us in NY?

                   They believe, and rightly so, that New York State poses the greatest threat to liberty in America. If we Patriots, Christians and Constitutional Citizens in NY do NOT take a stand NOW , we will be living in a Socialist/Communist Country by 2016. No question about it. Still think I'm a Conspiracy Theorist? If you said Yes, then at least I'm in damn good company. Why would any intelligent adult prefer blind ignorance and apathy to informed , prepared activity?  We aren't talking about saving the East Oshkosh Cuckoo Bird here, we're talking about Freedom vs. Communism and if you cannot see or care about what is so obvious, you don't DESERVE freedom.

                   I look around me at other people, at board meetings, in Stewarts on a Friday night, and I don't see them as fellow Americans. Very few of them have a clue or a concern. They're just spoiled brats, totally self-absorbed and ignorant by choice. I have nothing in common with them.  One of my very liberal friends made a statement to me yesterday that left me shaking my head in amazement and more than a little amusement.

           I had advised a few people that it might be a good idea to have a 60-day provision package in their homes in case of an emergency.  Just the basics, like canned goods, water, meds, first aid items, and a hand-crank can opener. Maybe some candles, matches and batteries.  Why did I recommend this? Well for starters, we never know when a storm or power outage might make it impossible to get the things we need. Second, I have been given some inside info that this might be required in the next 3 to 6 weeks. Simply a heads-up, no panic necessary.

          My friend responded by email and thanked me for my concern, but stated that there was nothing to be worried about, because liberals never get violent or incite issues. LOLOLOL!!!!!!  She said if there was to be any civil unrest, it would be the Right that lit the fuse. Aahh, the foolishness of the Obamanites.  Yup, she MUST be right, after all, look at those vile Tea Partiers rioting in the streets ! LOLOL!!!  WELL, allow me to remind her and all other liberals of REALITY via a photo montage.

     Stay Tuned here and at Madison's Militia for updates, and go buy a can opener.


Liberal Mass-Shooters. Liberal Assault on Conservative Christian.  Liberal Assaults on Freedom and Morality.  Finally, the Tea Party. So, WHO is violent ??


 Theirs and Ours............                                               1-26-2014

              Life is full of double-standards, contradictions and inequalities. It has always been that way and I don't see it changing anytime soon, if ever.  Rich or poor, young or old, black or white, straight or gay, we are ALL capable of making life better. Whether we help someone else or just get our own lives together, it's a positive, a move in the right direction. Even the smallest of good choices can make a huge difference in our lives, on others, and on society as a whole.

                God gave us freedom of choice and our forefathers carried that freedom through via the U.S Constitution. At the same time, both God and the framers of the Constitution gave us boundaries, what we call "Laws". Whether you are a Believer or not, the basic laws of this country are drawn directly from the 10 Commandments of God. If we were capable of obeying them, we would have no need for the 200,000 plus laws that have been added as of today.

              Many laws are senseless, unnecessary and outright ridiculous, but legislators, legislate. We have too many laws in America, too many clauses inside those laws. Like Obamacare, excessive complexity has rendered many laws unworkable. The result is too much government, too much cost, over-flowing prisons, redundant agencies, and recently, aggressive law enforcement. Obama's almost 200 Executive orders have added even more laws and they are ALL, Unconstitutional and Tyrannical. So how should we law-abiding citizens respond to this ?

               I can only answer for myself and the people closest to me whom I have discussed this with. For us, it's a very simple question to answer. We obey God's laws and Constitutional Law, and use our common sense and consciences with the rest. Naturally, we should all obey safety laws like stopping at a red light, but do we need state and federal government to force us to wear a seat-belt or a motorcycle helmet? Do we need Bloomberg and Michelle Obama telling us how to eat or drink, or if we can smoke or not? Are LAWS banning sugary drinks and snacks really necessary, or are they an insult to our intelligence and a violation of our freedom to choose? 

             We all know the behaviors and goals of the Nanny State and personally, I respond with a loud, "Get out of my life!".  We need to eliminate a good 75% of America's laws, shrink the government, remove about two-thirds of the "agencies" and just Keep it Simple, Stupid! Basic Laws, consistent consequences for violations, and THAT dear readers, is what I REALLY want to talk about tonight.

            WHEN did it become acceptable for certain people and groups to be exempt from laws that apply to the general population? Should someone be immune to consequences because they are muslim, black, hispanic or gay? How about if they are a family member of a police officer, judge or politician? Better yet, what if the lawbreaker IS a politician?  Political figures have always been given a pass for their crimes. Mostly Democrats, but plenty of Republicans as well. Republican Richard Nixon was Impeached for a violation that literally pales in comparison to the crimes Obama perpetrated in his first year in office ALONE.

           Bill Clinton was also Impeached, but being a Democrat, he faced zero consequences and was not even removed from office ! Now he is STILL serving the Dems in high-level politics and sucking up to the Teflon Muslim.  John Kerry murdered a teenage girl and so did Ted Kennedy. The list goes on forever, but never, EVER, have we seen such extreme abuses of power and lack of consequences as we have seen with the Obama administration. Congress is silent, Senate is rejoicing and committing crimes of their own, and the PEOPLE? Comfortably NUMB.

           Barack Obama is a ghost with a suntan. He isn't black, he isn't white and he isn't an American. He came from nowhere, with no provable history or experience. His marriage is a sham, he is a documented bi-sexual, and there is strong evidence that his two daughters were adopted in the British Isles. No one knows who his real father is, he has provided fraudulent birth certificates, hidden his college records, and his Social Security number belongs to a dead man from Connecticut named Harrison J. Bounel. Obama's mother also had several fraudulent SS numbers.

        Every few months, another half-brother or sister of Obama's comes to light and no one knows exactly how they are related or who they actually ARE. He was taught in Muslim Schools, mentored by anarchists and Communists, and lived for a time with his maternal grandparents who were members of the Communist Party. He was a heavy drug user with a mother who posed nude for money. So I ask you, WHO vetted this guy? HOW in God's Holy Name did this idiot ever become eligible to run for ANY office in America? Where were the Republicans, where was the FBI, and where were YOU?

       This guy was a HUGE red flag with shoes, but not only was he allowed to run for our highest office , he won, TWICE!  After four years of systematically tearing America down financially, morally, academically, and Constitutionally, full-grown adults actually voted to re-elect him !!!!  Are you KIDDING me ?!? Seems to me it would have been far less painful to have had a nationwide Guyana . Drink the Kool-Aid kiddies, it won't hurt a bit !

       So here we are in year six, 2014, the do-or-die year. Our country, our society, our schools and our economy are gasping their last. The Law of this Land is Obama's toilet paper and he and his minions run amok in our White House and do as they please and NO ONE is holding them accountable for ANYTHING !  Does Congress have a job?  Are our Congress people BREATHING?

         I harbor a seething anger for anyone who voted for this monster of a president a second time, and I blame each and every one of them for destroying the country I love.

      Here's another interesting tidbit for the liberal, America-Haters.

  Last year, Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island and parts of NY City. FEMA was of course useless, they were too busy arming themselves to the teeth and training to be Obama's illegal, National Police Force. The Italian Bozo in Albany applied for disaster relief for L.I, but Washington said, "Sorry Andy, the well is dry". 

          A week later, there were Obama and Cuomo walking side by side in L.I, getting their photo-ops in and pretending to care about the destruction of lives. Before Obama boarded his billion-dollar, jet-engined, personal taxi to go back to D.C, he and Andy had a private chat and a game of "Let's Make a Deal".  They both wanted something the other could give. Andy wanted to be Long Island's Super Hero and retain their support, and Obama? HE wanted New York's guns. ALL of the guns.

          A week later, the NY Safe Act was crammed through the legislature in the dead of night, and two weeks after that, a Disaster Relief check in the amount of 60 million dollars was delivered to the Capitol in Albany.  Cuomo SOLD our Second Amendment rights to Obama. Is that okay with you? Will it be okay when the rest of our rights are sold or traded by filthy politicians ? What about all you big-mouth, whining liberals with your wants and needs and immoral causes? What will YOU do when you lose your First Amendment rights and are finally, blissfully, silenced?

    Who will YOU blame then ? Here's a HINT;  Go look in the mirror.


 S.O.T.U and F.E.M.A                                                    1-29-2014

            A great number of Conservatives agreed to boycott the State of the Union address on Tuesday and I was one of them. The guys were out for the evening and I was working on the computer, so except for doggie-snores, the house was peaceful. It was a rare occasion that Arch had left the TV at a human volume level, so I didn't realize that the Teflon Muslim had begun his speech until he was a few minutes into it. I admit it, I was tempted, and I listened for five minutes. That was about four minutes too long.

           It wasn't a surprise that Obama told a lie about every thirty seconds but it was nauseating enough to make the boycott easier. I turned the TV off.  From the little I DID see, I thought John Boehner looked like he had been ridden hard and put away wet, and might have attempted to stiffen his rubber spine with a few snorts.  Biden of course, looked like the family embarrassment and Chuck Schumer was literally salivating with Obama Worship. GAG! Apparently, it went on this way for over an hour according to Wednesday's news, and that made me wonder; "How did the Republicans in the room allow that tragic comedy to continue uninterrupted"?

           Maybe they used the same political guidelines that have allowed this joke of a PRESIDENCY to continue. I'm sure there is protocol to prevent any interruption in the SOTU address, but I fail to recall Obama EVER honoring protocol, rules, or laws at any time since he first took office. The SOTU would have been a ripe opportunity for someone, ANYONE to stand up, stick a finger in the Muslim's face and yell, "LIAR!". Imagine the wonderful chaos that could have been created if Republican Congressmen, Senators and a rare , honest journalist or two had challenged the lies ? Christmas in January !

           Sadly, this is what is missing in the American people today; CHUTZPAH, Courage, Cajones and the Integrity to announce and defend the Truth. All it would take is ONE brave soul to make the first move, and THAT is exactly what we hope will occur with the new group, The United Strategic Alliance.  This movement is the most promising I have seen since the Tea Party and the fact that it is beginning in New York is pretty darn exciting ! Check out their plan below!


       On another subject, I took a very interesting road trip this week.  It was and is, important to me to see for myself, exactly WHAT exists on the sites of alleged FEMA Camps.  I already have indisputable proof of the reality of the Michigan Camp, and it's deeply troubling. Still, there are a few that just don't feel right to me when I study the aerial shots and in-tel. So I decided to go and LOOK for myself.

       The site I visited was certainly not a FEMA Camp, at least not YET. In fact, it was almost entirely barren. However, it was extremely eerie. Approximately 100 acres of flat, open land with one narrow road that ran from the main drag to the convenient Dead End. Halfway in, a set of railroad tracks bisect the site and lead directly to a busy waterway where two, gigantic barges sit moored and empty. The length of the property closest to the main road, is already lined with a 10-foot fence, topped with inward-leaning, barbed wire. Shiny new and nothing to protect.

         Though a major city is within shouting distance, the site itself is extremely isolated, an absolutely IDEAL location for a FEMA Camp, but as of right now, it stands empty. This was just the first trip of many to come, and I will keep you updated as to what we find and what we don't.


      On the local front, recent newspaper articles have reported claims from the Great Czar of New Lebanon that we WILL have a grocery store on the present Tilden Plaza site.  REALLY?  Funny that the Planning and Zoning Boards have received no plans or applications.  Yeah,yeah, I know, it's "Just in the Planning Stages", right?  B.S. I think we're ALL sick of hearing THAT tired excuse the Czar so often uses to buy himself time to get all his checkers on the board and blind-side the public. It's getting old.

       The news articles specifically mentioned that there were to be "Wealthy Donors" to this plan/project. WOW, big surprise THERE! What do you suppose they will name this new mall with its proposed stores and more Chinese restaurants? Ooh, I know, how about the "Gitaruthamonic Mall"? LOLOL!!  C'mon folks, we ALL want and need a market and pharmacy, no argument there.  The question IS, do we want it badly enough to  allow it to be rushed and shoved through, negatively impacting the other local businesses and the residents?

        Alternative sites and plans DO EXIST and are far more sensible than the Benson, Clark and Calcagno plan. Something smells a little funny here, and you can be sure that there is more to the push for the Tilden site than meets the eye. Be wary and ask QUESTIONS. 

        When Howard Commander was battling for the right to expand his own property with a small, Moto-X track at the Speedway, he was run through the bureaucratic grinder of the EPA, EnCon, DOT, Sound and Traffic studies, and 20 or 30 other stupid and unnecessary requirements. The most ridiculous of them all, was an "Archaeological Dig" on land that has never been inhabited and has been plowed and planted over for decades !

           Hmmm, so what do you suppose might be resting beneath and behind the Tilden Plaza ?  After all, it was the site of the Tilden Bottle Company for many years and a bustling location. Ever see the pics of the buildings that once stood there? Impressive! Believe me, there are historical treasures in that ground. ONE good find, and no one will be building so much as a bird house on that land for EONS. Silly boys!


                         The  UNITED  STRATEGIC  ALLIANCE


The United Strategic Alliance (U.S.A.)



Are you sick of traveling all over the state for rallies and meetings in all kinds of weather and seeing ZERO results? Tired of division and competition among groups and their leaders? Ready to UNITE once and for all for Constitutional Government and accountability for corrupt politicians? If you said “YES”, WE have the plan, WE have the actions, and WE will get results!

We can NOT wait another day for courts, paid -for judges, and fraudulent elections to regain our rights. The NY State Legislature will NEVER repeal the SAFE Act. We must act NOW! We have the step by step plan, and we have the support of high level patriots from all across the country, all we need now is YOU.

The People have forgotten that the power is in THEIR hands, not the politicians. The People hold the key, and that key is great numbers united under ONE alliance. THOUSANDS of New Yorkers working hand-in-hand to TAKE back what is ours, sending a message to officials that We the People are in charge and that THEY answer to US.

We need:

          1. A strong group of 6 to 8 people in EVERY county.

          2. Dedicated and FED-UP citizens that are ready to see results.

If this appeals to YOU, please contact U.S.A. at : USA14NY@gmail.com

Send us your name, county, and email address. We will promptly send you the details of this effort.


The United Strategic Alliance



The U.S.A is the brainchild of a group of high-level Conservatives from the midwest. Among these men are Ron Paul, Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, authors, film-makers, Oathkeepers, businessmen, sportsmen groups, ranchers, and politicians. These men are convinced that the State of New York poses the most serious threat to liberty in America of any state in the Republic. Therefore, the movement must begin HERE.

A Strategic Alliance includes all Constitutional groups and individuals who have had enough of the government's assault on our rights, and the crimes of politicians that continue to go unpunished. As members of the Alliance, each member group will retain its own identity, focus, and leaders. The Alliance itself has NO LEADER. There is a Board of Directors that takes direction from the Mentors, a group of influential patriots from across the country, and delivers the tasks to the members of the Alliance. This is truly a UNIFIED movement with NO competition and only ONE mission; to restore Constitutionality to government. This ONE movement will address ALL the issues that pose a threat to our Republic, from Common Core to the Second Amendment and beyond.

Each county will form a Citizen's Grand Jury to demand an investigation of:
Andrew Cuomo for:

            1. Violation of the Second Amendment Rights of the Citizens of NY State.

            2. The selling of our Second Amendment Rights in exchange for Disaster Relief for Long Island in the amount of 60 million dollars.

Barack H. Obama for:

              1. Constitutional Violations

              2. Allowing the people of Long Island to suffer with no aid after Hurricane Sandy for political gain in the form of the passage of the NY SAFE Act.

If you are not yet a member of a Citizen's Grand Jury in New York, we NEED you! CGJs, under Common Law, have only failed in the past because the People have ALLOWED them to. They are the People's Voice and are NOT subject to any of the existing branches of government. Judicial smokescreens have led the People to believe they have no power under Common Law, and this is simply NOT true! Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia validated the power of the Common Law Grand Jury in United States v. Williams. Scalia stated that, “The grand jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose function the courts do not preside.” Scalia is also quoted as saying, “In fact, the whole theory of its [grand jury] function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer, or referee, between the Government and the people.”

We need as many counties as possible to form a CGJ, and we need NUMBERS. We need THOUSANDS of supporters like we saw in Albany in January and February of 2013!

With many dedicated people, we can resuscitate the Common Law in America and TAKE back the power that is OURS. We will NOT be ignored!


We need six people from each county who are dedicated to this effort and are ready to be a part of a team as a Citizen's Grand Jury. The first six SERIOUS citizens that step up will serve as jurists. When the juries are announced, we will need every NY patriot we can find to sign letters of support in agreement with the complaints the juries will file. ALL patriotic New Yorkers will be needed to be the voice of the People in the weeks and months to come, so even if you do not want to be a jurist, PLEASE join us as an Alliance member. The work that lies ahead requires the dedication of us all. EVERY person counts, EVERY person matters, and EVERY person has a right to be heard! We can NOT let another day go by without results!