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 Prediction  #1                                                                          12-31-2014


                          Not enough of us have paid attention to the amount of personal privacy we have had stolen from us in the last decade. Technology has made it possible for us to communicate with others all over the world instantaneously. We can research any subject, ask any question, send photos to loved ones far away, and even manage our banking online without ever leaving our living rooms. Cell phones have given us the ability to stay connected no matter where we are and at any time of day or night. How many of us even have a land-line in our homes anymore? When was the last time you saw a corner phone booth or police call box ? Have you noticed ?

                         I'm sure you HAVE noticed the cell towers gracing the peaks of mountaintops in almost every town. The computer lovers among us are aware of the need for virus and privacy protection programs on our devices, but we also know that these protections are not foolproof. Identity Theft is a relatively new term and crime as a result, and with Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, our deepest secrets are no longer safe. A lot of people willingly air their dirty laundry on the internet and many who do NOT, have it done FOR them by enemies and hackers. 

                        There are video cameras EVERYWHERE! Every day as you run your errands you are being recorded. In the store, the parking lot, the gas station, and even in an elevator. Failure to stop at a red light when there is no police officer around no longer means you are home free. Red light cameras have recorded your traffic violation AND your license plate and the ticket will arrive in the mail.  Even if you were not the driver at the time, as the registered owner of the vehicle, YOU are responsible for the fine. Don't bother fighting it, you're on video! 

                        Not long ago, it was just our social security numbers that we worried about, and maybe a credit card number or two. NOW, the government wants to record our children's DNA at birth, require fingerprints to open a door, and track your credit purchases, phone calls and emails. The IRS demands an accounting of every dime you make and spend, where you GET your money, how many hours you work, what your expenses are, etc., etc. I won't get into the Census Bureau! 

                        The new, Common Core Curriculum in our public schools, requires strict tracking of our kids from year to year. This program gathers information that no one has any right to, such as your family religion, political affiliations, nutritional habits, if anyone in the home is a smoker or alcohol user, who lives in your home, who you donate to and even if you make any racist statements in front of your kids.  Children are encouraged to report parents who drink too much or smoke an occasional joint, have handguns, or talk negatively about the government. Are you seeing Hitler in your mind yet? 

                        Already, we are dealing with Drones. Police agencies and of course, the government, use them regularly as surveillance tools, and the drones themselves are getting smaller and smaller, and harder to detect. Many are capable of being armed and ALL of them are equipped with video taping equipment and zoom lenses. Some of the larger police agencies now have cameras capable of seeing inside your home right through the walls. Yes, that IS true. If Obama has his way in 2015, law enforcement at all levels will be allowed to LEGALLY demand entry into your homes without a warrant to search for guns and/or other contraband they don't want you to have. We have the NDAA already in effect, and you can be arrested, detained indefinitely, and given NO legal representation or reason for the detention. No warrant, no charges, just the "Will" of the government minions. If you are not familiar with the NDAA, you need to make that a priority.

                        If the Constitutional people in America do not stand up in 2015 and fight government intrusion and the blatant violations of our Constitutional protections, we will no longer have a safe haven anywhere, at any time. Our privacy will cease to exist as we have always known and enjoyed it, and taken it for granted. Communism is knocking on the door and no one has bothered to engage the locks. We have little to NO representation in Congress and despite the Republican sweep we saw in November, we cannot let our guard down for so much as a minute. Republicans are not necessarily Conservative, Constitutional, or on our side any more than the Democrats are. 

                       I feel that the Number ONE, most important thing we as Americans must do in 2015 is to remember that it is WE the People who tell the government what WE will accept or reject, not the other way around. Our privacy is precious, and it is Constitutionally Protected! Like the erosion of that privacy, our rights are being eroded bite by bite, each and every day that we continue to sleep. The media and the education system have used this Communist Method to indoctrinate the people for decades, to think that the government is our "Parent", our "Caretakers" and our "Bosses". You must remember the FACTS of the hierarchy our forefathers put in place and LEARN what your RIGHTS ARE! 

                       Joe McCarthy was demonized and destroyed for trying to warn us of what the government agenda is . John F. Kennedy was assassinated mere days before he intended to announce this agenda to the American people, and the list goes on. To this very day, people are being eliminated for what they know and the alarms they mean to sound. Look at Ed Snowden. He is just ONE of hundreds of whistle-blowers who have been falsely accused of treason for doing the honorable thing. The Treason does not lie within the hearts of the Whistle-Blowers, they are the courageous and honorable. The Treason lies within our government, and with our bankers. It has infected the media, the schools, the military, and even the medical field to some degree. It is lurking in the corners of every big corporation and in the halls of the Vatican. Most of all, Treason lives in Washington,D.C and puts it's golf cleats upon the desk in the Oval office. 

                       Invasion of our privacy will escalate in 2015 as we are forced to adhere to more and more regulations and use more trackable devices in our daily lives. BE AWARE, and be ACTIVE in the non-compliance. Do your homework and see the evidence for yourselves. You don't have to leave your own living room, remember??


 Tin Hat Predictions 2                                                                    1-1-2015

                    Policing and Race Wars

               We have seen a lot of changes in Law Enforcement in the past 6 or 8 years. As someone who entered the field in 1979, I'm absolutely awestruck by some of the technological advances that have taken place over the years. The job of a patrol officer is vastly different today than it was for ME. As with everything else, some of the changes are terrific while others are horrible. 

               Some of the things that make the job easier for officers , at the same time, border on Tyranny.  We talked about the loss of privacy last night and many of the violations of our privacy rights are due to modern police practices, equipment and electronic capabilities, not to mention basic over-reach. Since 2008, we have seen for the first time in history, our law enforcement agencies becoming militarized at an alarming pace. SWAT Teams and Crisis Response Units used to be called out only under extreme circumstances such as a hostage situation or a large-scale drug raid. Today, we see them used for incidents that could easily be handled by a two-officer team.  Practice ??

                Why is a highly-trained team in riot gear necessary to respond to a parent's call for help with a suicidal teenager? Why did SWAT Teams burst into homes in New Orleans to illegally seize firearms from residents, including an elderly woman who had an antiquated revolver to protect herself and her property?  Not only is this excessive force, it is a clear violation of the Second Amendment and the Castle Doctrine, and a shameful waste of funding. 

                  Do we REALLY need MRAPs on our streets?  I can understand the National Guard having these armored vehicles for disaster responses, but should our city cops and county Sheriffs have them?  I saw a few MRAPs in Ferguson during the riots, but what I did NOT see at any point, was an appropriate police response to the arson, looting, and destruction of private properties and businesses. Were the cops afraid ?  Outnumbered? Apathetic? NO, they were none of those things, in fact, they were angry, ready, willing and able to respond as required, yet they did not. Know WHY ? 

                  The U.S Department of Justice, (Eric Holder), the Governor of Missouri, the Ferguson Mayor and Police Chief, all ordered the police officers to "Stand Down", to do as little as possible. So, rather than set an example for present and future rioters and adopt a Zero Tolerance stance, the brilliant officials folded to the Racists and liberals and ALLOWED the destruction to occur and continue. FACT. They tacitly stood WITH the criminals and AGAINST the Law and the Police who were being unfairly targeted. They sent a dangerous message to the rioters that they would not be punished or held accountable and would meet little if any opposition. Precedent set. Nice goin' !

                  A month later, N.Y City Mayor DeBlasio did the same thing, side by side with Eric Holder and Al Sharpton.  Cuomo was blaringly silent and absent.  DeBlasio, who has changed his given name TWICE in an effort to mask his history and Communist affiliations, literally crapped all over the men and women of the biggest and best police force in this nation. The NYPD has not taken this lightly and Good for THEM! In the weeks since, arrests and ticketing in N.Y City have dropped by more than 50%. Can't blame them.  Who wants to do a job that no one appreciates? 

                  Right now, as you read this, we are facing the most serious division between police and citizens that America has ever seen. Was it planned? Nothing political happens by accident, folks.  Some officials are calling for changes in Policing and re-training of officers as a result of the recent protests. Is that necessary? In some areas, absolutely YES. We need to return to the original model of "Community Policing".  Two officers to every patrol car on every shift.  Should cops wear body cameras? Definitely, for the protection of both the cops and the public and to provide proof of the events of every encounter. Accountability on both sides would reduce crime and police over-reach at the same time. These cameras are expensive, starting at about $800.00, but what has been the cost of these riots ? Body cameras will become a reality in 2015. 

                  City and Town cops need to be assigned to permanent districts where they can come to really KNOW the people and business owners and vice-versa. Bonds and trust need to be built and maintained between the police and the people they are sworn to serve and protect. There needs to be open communication between cops and the staff of local schools, churches, youth groups, and First Responders. Who are the troublemakers, what are the most serious issues and who in the community is most able to work with police to address these things?  This method allows the police and the public to see one another as simply people, and that the police are there to keep the public safe. Sergeants and Lieutenants need to "Get Out There" at least bi-weekly and get to know the people and issues, and what their patrols are doing and dealing with.

                   In my own town of New Lebanon, we used to have State Troopers assigned to the local barracks that were actually local residents that STAYED in the community. It worked, well. There was a familiarity and connection between these Troopers and the people. Not anymore. Now, the local barracks is a kindergarten classroom for rookie Troopers, many of whom suffer from serious cases of Wyatt Earp Syndrome. They stay in Lebanon just long enough to torment the locals with unnecessary and repeated traffic stops, treat us like dirt on their spit-shined shoes and breed resentment and contempt for ALL Troopers. 

                    These rookies than move on to other assignments and a new batch of the little S.O.B s come in and repeat the process. There are BAD cops, and I will never hesitate to say so or to call them out. However, the bad ones are the minority. Most cops have good intentions and are caring people who are vital to the peace and security of our communities.  They are often abused, over-worked and in smaller agencies, underpaid. They are always in danger. Especially NOW. 

                     Will we see common sense, community policing make a comeback in 2015. No, I don't think we will, because it is not what this administration has in mind.  What we WILL see, is an escalation of the militarization of police agencies, more violations of our Constitutional protections and civil rights at the hands of police , under the orders of the federal government. Division between police and citizens will also escalate, especially among minority groups. THAT is the agenda. 

                     People will revolt to some degree, just enough for the federal government to say, "Fine, no more small police departments,let's federalize law enforcement." A National Police Force is expressly forbidden by the Constitution, but has this administration obeyed anything ELSE in the Constitution?  Cops who enjoy being bullies and dressing up like Special Ops Soldiers, will be absorbed into the federal police forces and local cops will become a thing of the past. Not all at once of course, that would be too obvious, but little by little. 

                     All that stands between us and this frightening scenario, are our Constitutional Sheriffs and YOU.  Get involved! Make no mistake, the Race Baiting and Civil uprisings we are seeing right now are deliberate and the flames are being fanned by traitors in Washington,D.C.  Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Speak up against the Race Card and support our police officers or lose them. Help to hold bad cops and crooked politicians accountable for unacceptable behaviors by calling them out! Be a part of positive change in 2015 by helping to open up the lines of communication between the cops and residents in your own communities. Be a builder of trust and co-operation and make 2015 a year of positive change in Law Enforcement. 


     Support what we have and help to improve it, or we will have what you see in photo #2.


Tin Hat Predictions 3                                                                 1-3-2015

                                   THE  BORDER

                 I am always amazed by the lack of attention and outrage in regard to our porous border. This is a problem that has a HIGH probability of changing the face of this country in 2015, to something we will not recognize or even want to live in anymore. 

                 If it was simply the illegal Mexicans coming here to seek better lives, we might be able to find a fair way to deal with it, but in reality, it is SO much more than that ! It is the criminal element from all central American countries, including gangs, drug cartel members, rapists, child molesters, and killers. It is many thousands of the seriously, mentally ill and deficient, the unskilled, illiterate, and the diseased. These people have absolutely nothing to offer America, they are not doctors, scientists, teachers, or technologists, they are leeches that will clog our healthcare and education systems, our courts, and cause the already astronomical number of people on welfare to unprecedented levels. 

                 Scabies, tuberculosis, and even leprosy will begin to be seen here again and crime rates will soar as they already have in our border states.  Jobs that are needed for our youth, unskilled laborers, and those limited by mental and physical issues, will be filled by outsiders who pay no taxes and will vote Democrat for the rest of their lives. Affordable housing units will be snapped-up by illegals as well. Over-burdened teachers will be so busy teaching English to Hispanics that our own kids will never receive the attention and assistance they need and that we pay for. School taxes will increase. Yet all those effects are just the tip of the iceberg.

                 Coming across our borders unchallenged, undetected and un-trackable, are Islamic Terrorists and weapons that simply disappear into our society until they get a "Call to Action" to kill innocent and unsuspecting Americans.  In 2015, the Republican House will do all they can to stop Obama's Amnesty, and that is a hopeful thing to look forward to, BUT,,,,,   will the border finally be secured?  I do not see that happening this year, or next, if EVER. Unless we manage to elect a strong Conservative to replace Obama. We NEED a Ted Cruz or an Allen West in the White House.

                In 2015, we will see more of the same in regard to the border and it may even be worse than 2014 was.  No fence work will be done and no Border Guards hired and trained. There will be no deportations and nothing will be done to repair our useless immigration system. 

                Another thing I am certain we will see this year is more Media distraction and at LEAST one, major False Flag like Sandy Hook. The Gun Control issue seems to have been put temporarily on the back burner, but do NOT be fooled into false comfort. The Gun Grabbers have not backed away from their agenda so much as ONE step ! They want you to THINK they have, but they have been hard at work. Be prepared for an escalation of the anti-gun propaganda and legislation. NEVER COMPLY! Not with draconian gun laws and not with ANYTHING that violates our Constitutional rights! 

                The entire Constitution, Christianity, Conservatism and Morality will come under renewed assault this year like we have never before seen.  I hope you are ready to stand strong against the onslaught. As Obama and his Legion of Loonies draw nearer to the end of their reign, they will use everything in their toolboxes to shove their agendas through quickly and covertly.  WE must be sufficiently prepared at a moment's notice to defend what is ours as Americans. Freedom, Justice, and Constitutional protection.

                 The people who oppose those things are truly, completely, evil and insane. Put on the entire Armor of God. Those of us who have read the book know how it ends. God Wins. 


 Lebanon Meeting and Tin Hat Prediction 4                       1-5-2015

                          Lebanon Meeting

                         The 2015 Organizational Meeting was tonight. Of course it was advertised by Colleen as 6:00 p.m and by Benson as 7:00 p.m, and I got the 7 info, so I missed most of the meeting.  Those in attendance said it was boring and uneventful, which is rare for an Organizational. It was also the most sparsely attended I have seen. The appointments are mostly unchanged from last year, with the exception of Sharon Moon being the new Town Historian. That's a good thing, Sharon is VERY excited by the local history and its preservation and she's done an awesome job since the Heritage Center project began. Good for her and Congratulations! 

                          When we make our move out west, I plan to leave my collection of Tilden bottles and other local memorabilia to the center. It belongs here, not in Wyoming.                                   Jack Yurish was re-appointed to the Ethics Board, which in my mind is non-existent anyway. They never meet, they have never issued a required report, and never taken any definitive action against any wrongdoing or doer.  One planning board opening is to be advertised and no one was appointed to the Senior Citizens as yet. I guess the only objection I would have to tonight's actions would be the same old matter of Dan Evans being Deputy Supervisor over the MUCH more experienced Baldwin and Larabee, but we all know WHY that was done last year and again this year. In case you DON'T know, it is so that if Benson decides to move up in his political goals before his term here is ended, he will still have control over Lebanon through Dan.  Couldn't BE more obvious. Dan is a nice guy, I actually like him, but he doesn't see through Benson yet. He WILL, eventually. 

                            Other than that, my only concern is the flagrant Conflict of Interest with Dan being Deputy Supervisor and his mommy being Benson's "Confidential Secretary" .  It may not be illegal, but it is most definitely unethical and literally REEKS of Conflict, and I still wonder why Lebanon taxpayers are allowing Benson to even HAVE a Confidential Secretary. It's ridiculous, redundant, and corrupt, not to mention an unnecessary expense to the people. More apathy, more cronyism. No surprise in a town that is considered the dirtiest, politically, in the entire county. LOL!!  Even our town attorney was caught being a very bad boy at the county level, yet he was just re-appointed tonight as well. I happen to like Andy, but the facts are the facts. 

                             There was an Executive Session at the beginning of this meeting, and the usual justification of a "Personnel Matter" was given. Not good enough. Doesn't work that way, yet OUR Town Board allows it to continue, year after year, meeting after meeting. Benson made several motions again tonight as well, even with a full board in attendance. What goes unchecked will continue. 



  Tin Hat Prediction 4 

The Assault on the First Amendment

Mario Cuomo's passing has taken center stage in the media for several days now. I can't speak for others, but I am so nauseated by it all that I could gag. He was nothing to write home about, yet he is being put on a pedestal and lauded as a great man in New York's history.

It's understandable and even proper that folks will strive for something “Nice” to say about the deceased when the family is grieving, but I hear my old Irish uncles saying, “Don't speak ill of the dead, the ol' bast_rd.” LOL! Nothing like Irishmen at a wake. Still, it is unkind to add to the grief of the mourning by being honest about the character of the deceased before they are buried. Truth is, Mario Cuomo was a Gangster. He was a crooked, lying, greedy, sharp-tongued, manipulative tyrant and his evil spawn has not fallen far from the family tree. In fact, Andrew's nasty disposition is far worse than his father's was. At least Mario used his Mafioso training to be more polite and at least pretend to be a good guy. Andrew lacks that acting ability.

On the night of Mario's death, I posted a photo of Andrew and two of his cronies on the Madison's Militia, Facebook page. I commented that as a Christian, I was sorry to say that I found it hard to be sympathetic to Andrew at this time, due to his deep-seated hatred for Conservatives and morality. Well, you can IMAGINE what followed. LOLOL!!! A young man I know fairly well from the Columbia County Grassroots movement, immediately responded and said that as a Christian, I should NOT have said it. He went on to proselytize about love and compassion, blah,blah,blah. To which I of course, responded with some hard truths about Christianity.

I won't give a sermon here, but I WILL say that the Bible teaches us to expose evil wherever we find it and sometimes, angry rebuke is a requirement. Jesus did not hold back in his reprimands and judgements and he did not coddle or feign approval of sinners and their actions. Neither should WE. The Cuomo family loves to put their involvement with the Catholic Church on public display. I clearly remember when Andrew passed the Same-Sex marriage law, legalized abortion and crammed the Safe Act through, never bothering to ask the PEOPLE what THEY wanted for their state. In each case, he was shown by the media, attending the Albany Catholic Church the next Sunday and being warmly welcomed by the Priest. I bet you 20 bucks he also received Communion.

Catholics actually believe that going to confession on Friday absolves them of the week's sins and makes them eligible to receive the Body of Christ on Sunday. They can then begin the new week with a “Clean Slate” with lots of room for new sins. The process is repeated every week, but without Salvation, the stains remain. Catholics rarely “GET” this because it is the very rare Priest that will teach it. I could go on all day about the shortfalls and un-biblical tenets of Catholicism, but that is not tonight's subject.

Still, it is false faith like the Cuomo's practice, that make it hard for Christians to protect their own faith, and if there ever was a time that Christianity needs defending, it is now. It may be Blacks and clueless liberals who are in the streets screaming about oppression, but they have no clue as to what oppression truly IS. No one on the face of this earth is more oppressed today than the Christian, and in America where our Faith is Constitutionally Protected, there is NO excuse for it! Still, it is happening every day and getting worse by the minute. Christian-Owned businesses like Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil-A, Liberty Ridge Farm and numerous bakers, photographers, and coffee shops, are under assault by radical gays. Atheists, and liberals who are simply too miserable in their hateful lives to not spread it around. Even Judges are attacking the right to Freedom of Religion and openly violating the Constitution, and NO ONE is addressing the issue.

Funny thing about all this, is that it is ONLY the Christians who are being gagged and pummeled. The blood-thirsty, beheading, burning, raping Muslims are being celebrated and accepted. The Wishy-Washy Catholic Pope who thinks same-sex marriage is just dandy, is consulted by the White House and bowed to by the followers. All of this is found in Bible prophecy, and THAT, is exactly WHY Christianity is in the gun sights of the left. We are RIGHT. The things that God told us in the Book, are coming to pass. So the IRS threatens Christian Clergymen to be silent about political and governmental issues or else. Many Pastors in turn, preach about love and compassion until their flocks are reduced to exactly what a flock consists of, SHEEP. Make no waves, be pious and good, turn the other cheek. I say, “Bull Crap!”.

No self-respecting Pastor of a Christian flock should be intimidated by the IRS or any other government agency or threat. We do not bow to politicians, we bow only to God and obey only His Word. We live by the Ten Commandments and the Constitution and not the laws of man. Which makes US a threat to the ones with evil intentions, so we must be beaten down and silenced. God and our Founders gave us the right to worship and speak freely and Christians are permanently indebted to those gift-givers. We have a DUTY to be the voice of the oppressed, to speak against the evil actions of our leaders and to expose the criminals. We have a responsibility to get angry and reject what we know is wrong, yet so very few , DO. WHY? What are you waiting for?

The IRS has never, EVER, prosecuted or stripped a church of its tax exemption because the Pastor spoke out against government corruption. NEVER. So why are Pastors so afraid? With God on our side, what is there to fear? WHO is there to fear? Where are the Christian Soldiers? I am infuriated by wimpy Christians, because we should be the Lions, not the Lambs. If not US, who has the Biblical knowledge and the faithful determination to do what is right and good for all human beings? How can we allow the abominations we are witnessing to continue and call ourselves the children of God? There is no excuse for the failure of Christians to take a stand, right now, amid all this chaos.

Many will say it is prophecy, God's plan for the world, that these things are SUPPOSED to happen, the Bible says so. Yup, revelation says a lot of that, but there are many things we have over-looked or ignored in our apathy. We have the power and ability to change the world, quickly, easily and with God's help and blessing, IF we ACT.

WILL we act in 2015 ? I hope so, but I have doubts. The time to take a stand may be past. I don't believe in it ever being “Too Late” until the day God says it is over. Yet I still hear Pastors preaching only love and forgiveness, and never Truth and Action. We need BOTH if we have any wish to save freedom of religion and speech for future generations.

As I embark upon this battle for religious freedom in 2015, beginning with the Liberty Ridge Farm case, I'll have a better idea of how motivated Christians are going to be in this new year. It's now or never, because every day, we are seeing more and more Political Correctness, Hate Speech Lawsuits, and attacks on anything that even hints at Christianity. This is an issue for all of us, not because we should all be Christians, that is a matter of choice, but because we ALL should cherish and fight for ALL of our rights, and the First Amendment protects so much more than just faith.

Eventually, every right, protection and liberty lost, will come home to roost for all of us, regardless of our religion, ethnicity or gender. We cannot pick and choose which freedoms to defend, we must defend them ALL. Lose one, and it just a matter of time before we lose the rest. 2015 is going to see an escalation in the attack on the first and second amendments and all that stands between retaining those rights and losing them is people of action. We must become comfortable with saying NO to the assailants and the contrary, to the crime and violations, and fight for what is ours. That ONE ability, that willingness to refuse to comply with the unconstitutional and immoral, is the answer to everything we are fighting for right now. Push back, stand for good, tolerate nothing that your gut tells you is not acceptable, and be a part of giving our kids and grand-kids a free America. 2015 is going to be a year of change and unrest, and we either fight or fold now. What are YOU going to do? 


 Tin Hat Prediction #5 - Congress                                             1-7-2015


Damn this Global Warming, it's colder than a well digger's behind out there! I can't even sleep due to worrying about all those glaciers melting and Polar bears drowning! Did you know that when Al Gore was born, there were 130,000 glaciers, and today in 2015, there are only 130,000 glaciers left ?!?! Terrifying, isn't it ?

Alas poor Liberals, another of your fibs dis-proven. Lucky for you though, tonight is not about Climate Change, or any of the thousands of other scare-tactic lies you peddle to the gullible, it is about CONGRESS, and the turncoats we elected and re-elected this November. You all remember them, the politicians that promised a Fresh Start and Conservative values for 2015. The same folks that just put John, Cry-Baby Boehner back in power. I DO believe that these self-serving RINOs have made it a damn sight easier for me to make my predictions for Congress in 2015. LOL!!

Chris Gibson did surprise me by NOT voting for Boehner, I was certain that he would. He voted instead for Kevin McCarthy, who is worse than Boehner ever was, if that's possible. Chris Gibson is NOT our representative, he is his OWN representative. Gibson has his eye on the Governorship of New York in 4 years, so he of course, is playing the game required for consideration as a candidate in 2018. Scratch the right backs and kiss the right butts and get nominated for the right job. I DID warn you about Gibson almost 4 years ago when he showed his colors here in Lebanon. After I told him, face to face, about all the lies Benson told the residents and the dirty deals he made to get his foot in the door here, Gibson STILL supported Benson and stood beside him as he was sworn-in as Town Supervisor the first time. Some folks believed it was because Gibson and Benson's wife are first cousins, but no, that wasn't the reason at all. Use your imaginations.

Here in New York, we have double trouble ahead in 2015. Not only did Cuomo get re-elected, but so did Sheldon Silver! Didn't the Republicans just take the N.Y Senate? Yup, we did, and it was certainly a hopeful victory. Finally there was a shot that some of the positive legislation Silver has been blocking for years, might actually make it to the floor. What will happen with him still in control of the Dems, is anyone's guess. Silver SHOULD be in jail. He is presently under investigation for several SERIOUS crimes and should have been ineligible for re-election. Oh, I forgot, there are no rules anymore. There IS no accountability, there are no consequences for corruption, lies, theft, and cover-ups. Not for politicians, minorities or illegals anyway.

This great country, founded and built by Christian Conservatives, now has become a shooting gallery for those that are anything BUT Christian or Conservative. We the producers, the moral, the thinkers and doers, the laborers and soldiers, are the targets, and still, the people sleep. As we go into this new year with a Republican majority in the house, we can still expect no positive change, no return to greatness and sanity. What we will see is more of the same, more of 2008 through 2014. The difference this time, is that it will be our own representatives screwing us instead of just the Dems. We will also see the decay and destruction accelerate as the assaults on REAL Americans by the outsiders, special interests, Socialists and Commies are stepped-up.

We stand to lose the First Amendment this year as the Obama Administration and complicit Republicans grind their heels upon the Freedom of Religion, Speech and the Press until there is nothing left but dust. Hate Speech arrests will increase, Political Correctness will be mandatory. Maybe not in 2015, but soon enough, the following things will happen; anything that even hints at Christianity will eventually have to be displayed and discussed in private, dark rooms and hidden halls. Meanwhile, radical Muslims, minorities, greenies and general freaks will wreak havoc in the streets. The Welfare system will bleed the workers dry, taxes will rise and healthcare will be doled out by bureaucrats with no medical training to only the youngest and healthiest. Police will be replaced by a National Police Agency and the Border will never be closed. Schools will be strictly indoctrination centers operated by the government, private property will no longer exist, and if you are allowed to have a vehicle, it will be electric or solar powered.

The only jobs available will be government ones and your pay will be housing, food and clothing allowances and managed health care. They will also cremate you for free when you die, or if you resist, whichever comes first. Any of this sounding familiar to any of you? It isn't science fiction and it isn't as if it hasn't been done before. Of course it ALWAYS fails in the end, but while we are waiting for the end, millions suffer and die. When we fail to exercise the rights we are SO blessed with, we surrender to tyrants who would have us be slaves. It begins with Liberalism, progresses to Socialism and suddenly becomes Communism, and you didn't pay attention. You didn't stand up and speak out, you didn't unite with other freedom lovers while there was still time, and you didn't EDUCATE yourselves about what is REALLY happening in your own government. You failed to READ and LEARN the Constitution and demand that officials adhere TO it. You simply shrugged, and went on with your day.

The state of Oklahoma is right now, attempting to pass a law that bans the wearing of Hoodies. Yes, that is what I said. No more sweatshirts or jackets with a hood attached, because it is too difficult to identify you if the hood is up. I have two strong objections to this proposal. 1) Since when does the government regulate what we choose to WEAR? 2) How about we first ban the Burka? These Muslims are running around loose in America, completely covered in black fabric. How do we know who or what is under that thing? Could be a woman or a man, armed , or with a bomb strapped to their chest, who knows? Would seem to ME that if they want to ban an article of clothing, it would be THAT.

In Missouri, another child was reprimanded in school for silently reading his Bible during free time. An upstate NY veteran has had his guns confiscated because he sought advice from a doctor for insomnia! (See link to this below). The Black Panthers are re-forming and marching through city streets armed with the maligned AR15 that the Liberals love to refer to as an "Assault Rifle". This will probably lead to an uprising of the KKK, whatever is left of THEM, and the White Supremacy groups that are just as crazy as the Panthers. It goes on and on folks, but you need to LOOK for the truth of what is happening all around you, because the mainstream media sure as HELL is not going to tell you! The longer you remain apathetic and too selfish to engage, the more damage is done, and you are complicit via your silence. 

                                        Congress is NOT going to stand for us in 2015 or any other time. the Senate will not stand for us, and the state legislators will not stand for us. Our own Town Boards will not stand for us, so who does that leave?  Us. It's up to you. 


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