NOW I'm PISSED -OFF!                                       7-1-2014

                         Let's get this out of the way right now;  I spent too many years sugar-coating the truth and sparing "Tender Little Feelings", despite of being the target of rude and insensitive thugs all too often, myself. I think it is more than obvious what Political Correctness and molly-coddling has created in America. While there is no need or excuse to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings, I have come to believe that most people today need to be told the truth and held accountable for bad BEHAVIORS, not excused  based on color, religion, sexual preference or what kind of childhood they had.  I will NEVER, EVER, attack someone based on things they cannot help or private choices they make for themselves, however, I WILL defend my OWN right to choose and tell it like it is when it comes to behavior and if anyone doesn't like it, TOUGH! Someone has to say it !

                          Apparently, SOME people read a whole lot more into last night's post than is actually there. It was described as "Hateful" and "Homophobic" . I just re-read it twice and I don't see that anywhere.  I called Homosexual Extremists and Far-Left liberals what they are, because it's the truth, but I did not attack anyone's right to be homosexual or left-wing, nor did I target these people as a whole. I hold no animosity toward homosexuals in general and respect their freedom and privacy, BUT, when a group of homosexual EXTREMISTS attack the First Amendment Rights of innocent Americans who are simply exercising those rights and minding their own business, I WILL attack that group. People who make statements about "Burning Down Hobby Lobby" because they won the right to use their 1A rights, are SICK, regardless of whether they are gay, straight, green, or purple. It IS what it IS! Failing to say it is why we are in the mess we are in today.

                           Imagine, if a Conservative Christian threatened to burn down Planned Parenthood because they perform abortions. What do you suppose the reaction and backlash to that would be ? The media and lefties would not call them a small group of extremists, they would call Open-Season on every Conservative and Christian in existence! I am proud to say that I did not, and would not, lump homosexuals all together that way. I know better, and I have homosexual friends who are peaceful, honorable, and compassionate people, many are much nicer folks than a lot of straight people I know ! I would come to their defense anytime, anywhere.

                           MY anger is sparked by the attitude of special-interest groups, minorities and lefties who feel that only THEY have rights, only THEIR opinions and choices deserve to be respected. The lack of give and take is destroying this country and our very culture. None of us, left, right, black, white, straight or gay, can have it ALL. If we WANT freedom, we must GRANT freedom. Who is it that always chants, "COEXIST"? They SAY it, but they do not LIVE it. They WANT it , but refuse to GIVE it ! Hobby Lobby is owned by a devoutly Christian family and no government entity has the power or right to strip them of their 1st amendment protections of Freedom of Religion. The very suggestion that the government would force these people to violate their beliefs to accomodate a tyrannical healthcare mandate, is perilous. They won because they were right, because the Constitution protects them and EVERYONE else from such oppressive laws. Constitutional Laws do not apply to the chosen few, the loudest whiners, or the most able to "Buy" power. The protections and freedoms are applicable to ALL Americans and all valid religions, forms of free speech, and expression.

                            I harbor NO hate for homosexuals or minorities, but I DO hate abuse, excuses and selfishness and I will NOT be silent any longer ! Live as you choose, but do NOT try to tell ME how to live or abuse me for disagreeing with you or you will face a hailstorm of political incorrectness such as you have never seen or heard!  Do NOT attempt to have everything ONE way or to steal the rights of others. Respect MY rights and I will respect YOURS. PERIOD.  So YES, the people who are threatening arson on Hobby Lobby and now saying they intend to perform same-sex acts on Hobby Lobby property, are Homosexual Extremists, and that is the truth that needs saying. If peaceful, sensible people take offense at that, then the problem is theirs, not mine.

                             People who believe the government should take care of them and run our lives, are Socialist Extremists and left-wing radicals, period. Are ALL liberals extremists? No. I have said a thousand times that there are NO absolutes and I wish people would GET THAT! Am I extreme Right-Wing"?  In a lot of ways, YES, and people call me that every day. SO? It's true. I would never do anything violent or threaten to do any such thing, but my passion for freedom, Constitutionality, and mutual respect for the rights of others are EXTREME. I make NO apology for being transparent and patriotic. Nor will I apologize for being politically incorrect, it is a dangerous and counter-productive practice to censor one's speech.

                             We try to never be hurtful to those who don't deserve it, but it is way past time to call the bad guys, bad guys. The war between Good and Evil has always been and always will be, but we must STOP excusing the evil by dipping it in the sugar bowl.


 The TRUTH About Racism                                                              7-3-2014

              TWO events inspired this post;  1) Being called a "Homophobe" for the first time in my life, and 2) The 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. 

               Yesterday's news was rife with propaganda. Burger King has taken a BOLD step by introducing a new burger called the "Proud Whopper" . It is promoted by cross-dressers and comes in a rainbow wrapper. Okay, fair enough, it's a free country for a few more months, but I DO have a question.   Will Burger King now address the Liberal's "Fairness" mantra and offer a "Patriot's Whaler" fish sandwich, have Glenn Beck and Allen West promote it and wrap it in red,white and blue paper ? FAT CHANCE. So what makes ONE view worthy of celebration and not the other ?

                Does that make me a hateful Homophobe, OR a Conservative American who supports TRUE equality ? Am I a hater for expecting our young people to be exposed to BOTH views and allowed to choose for themselves and not be force-fed ONE view while the other is suppressed ? You decide. I no longer care what I'm accused of or who objects to what I say. I do my best as a very flawed human being and imperfect Christian, to follow the laws of God and the U.S Constitution. I stumble, I lose my patience and my temper, but I NEVER compromise my values and tenets, especially not to defend what we all KNOW is deliberate indoctrination and one-sided propaganda.

                If that means that I lose friends and gain enemies, so be it.  Being a wimp or a Traitor to my God and Country in the name of Political Correctness is NOT an option ! "Nuff said.

                Now, about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. NEVER has there been a more racist president than LBJ, until Obama. The celebrations surrounding this landmark event 50 years ago, were a prime example of the gullibility of the American people.  LBJ was lifted to Hero status for this brave move to "Allow" Blacks to vote and exercise their God-Given Rights without prejudice. What a buckboard load of C-R-A-P !  The first delivery of many MORE loads of crap to be dumped on Black Americans to this very day. Still, they fell for it and literally RAN to register as Democrat voters. Meanwhile, LBJ and his fellow racists were laughing and enjoying their success at having bamboozled the Black community.

                As Black Americans began to register by the thousands to be members of the party that brought them the KKK, LBJ made the following, prophetic statement:  "I will have those N_ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years".  That is exactly what has happened. Still think propaganda doesn't work ?  Since July 2, 1964, Washington Democrats have carried forth the LBJ promise and the goal of "Owning" Black allegiance by enabling and crippling generations of them. The Dems magnify and invent race issues, promote government dependence and discourage responsibility and accountability among Blacks. They enslave and oppress while masking their evil goals as "Supportive Compassion".

                When Obama is ready to declare Martial Law and ensure  disarmament and indefinite reign, and he WILL,  it will be the Blacks, Mexicans and Poor Whites he will "USE" to spark the flame of unrest.  It's SO simple, that it is almost genius ! All this administration needs to do to incite massive, civil unrest and the declaration of Martial Law, is cut off the benefits and entitlements.  When the Food Stamps, Section 8, Medicaid and free cell phones are taken away suddenly, MILLIONS of people will face starvation and homelessness and have NO means of survival.

                 Hordes of angry, frightened Americans will take to the streets and make the Watts Riots look like a kindergarten field trip.  (Still think Gun Control is a good idea?). Martial Law will be declared by Executive Order immediately and the armored Humvees with "DHS" and "U.N" printed on their doors will roll into the cities. Thousands of jack-booted, heavily-armed "Cops" will open fire and blood will flow. FEMA centers will fill up and the cities will become empty, destroyed wastelands delivered into the hands of the Socialist mechanics. The Dream come true.  All the minorities and poor whites, the so-called, "Undesirables", will be decimated, fulfilling the Rockefeller, Gates and Ted Turner aim of de-population and allowing Obama to remain in office indefinitely. The Constitution will be abolished and Bibles banned. OVERNIGHT. THINK about it, Conspiracy Theory or Actual Agenda ? Open your eyes.

                   LBJ was NO hero, no friend of Black Americans. Washington Democrats are the MOST extreme racists ever to draw breath, always HAVE been, always WILL be. As we watch Obama's lawlessness and Executive Orders increase by the day, millions of illegal immigrants flood across our borders unchecked, and the year 2016 draw nearer, the closer we are to the scenario I just described to you.  It is my "Personal" opinion that an attempt to implement this nightmare will occur within the next 18 months.  It HAS to for the plan to be successful and the present D.C players to remain in power.

                   I am not an alarmist, I am an informed realist.  Wake up, use your heads, and if you will not or cannot DO something to assist in putting a stop to this administration's lawlessness NOW, then at the very least, be prepared.


 Post Script:    Just a little piece of information from "connections" at the border.  Medical personnel installed at the border to assist with the mass-invasion have been ordered to remain SILENT about the extreme number of serious diseases being carried into our country.  They have been threatened with arrest and indefinite detention for any violation of this Gag-Order.

                       Remember this when you and your children are exposed. Remember too, that Obama and his minions INVITED these people here against the wishes of Congress and the American People and in violation of U.S Immigration Laws. Democrats and RINOS in Washington, thanks a lot!


Does Lebanon Love America ??                                                      7-5-2014

                          I was out of town yesterday for the 4th. There were a LOT of travelers on the roads, picnics in back yards and small-town parades. Everywhere we went, there were American Flags. They were flying from telephone poles and truck beds, mailboxes and doorways. It was awesome to see the strength of American patriotism still alive and well.

                          Today, I took a ride around the area just to see how many homes and businesses fly the flag just because this is America and they are proud to live here.  Since early Spring, I've noticed how many towns have flags along their Main streets on the utility poles, full-time. Chatham does, and they also have their Main Street intersections planted with beautiful flowers. Nassau does, and they too, plant flowers in public areas such as the Rt. 20 bridge and the main intersection. Brainard has flags on every pole all summer. Berlin, Petersburg, and Stephentown,  proudly fly the flag  as do most of the residents.

                           Here in New Lebanon, there are NO flags on our main thoroughfare, and very few residents have them on their properties. Canaan is also lacking in patriotism except at Lake Queechy, which is teeming with flags. Why do you suppose this is ?  Yes, Lebanon has seen a large influx of liberals in the past 10 years, but so has Chatham. Brainard is not even an official TOWN, yet they have flags. Lebanon has fewer businesses than Chatham and Nassau, but Stephentown and Brainard are not booming with businesses in any way. So what is the problem in New Lebanon?

                            We have plenty of businesses to allow the LVBA to purchase and display flags from our utility poles on Rt. 20, or as the Progressives like to call it, the "Miracle Mile".  We could have a large flowerbox on the Vee in front of the old Hess property and I am only one of MANY residents that would donate flowers and time to tend them. Are Lebanon folks THAT busy and distracted with the idea of making Lebanon a Liberal Utopia that they have forgotten the blessing of Freedom? Have we over-looked the simple, welcoming and warm touches that show passers-by that we are proud of our country and our town? It would seem so.

                             The Shaker Road flower-boxes are a huge hit with the people who live here and use this road every day. If you go back to my post of 5-18-2014, you will remember how simple and low-cost this project was ! This is something that could be done all over town, yet ours remains the ONLY flower bridge in Lebanon.  I am ashamed that my hometown has no American Flags displayed in the public areas. Why can't we get our priorities straight and look to the things we can do NOW to make this town a better community?  I challenge the LVBA, the grossly over-funded library, and the Town Board, to implement a beautification project for New Lebanon this summer. Our new, Community Caring Committee has a printed list of low-cost suggestions to get the ball rolling. ALL residents welcome and volunteers appreciated. (K9Sheps@yahoo.com)


                             Speaking of committees, I need to mention something now that I think is very vital to all New Lebanon property owners. I won't go into great detail YET, but I DO want you all to know that there is an issue before the Town Board that will have an impact on us all. There is a proposed Noise Ordinance on the table that if implemented, will impact our ability to use and enjoy our properties as we see fit. Zoning in this town is already excessive and oppressive, and the severe regulations included in this proposal are SO extreme, they are ludicrous. These demands were drafted by another "new" committee called the "Lebanon Valley Conservancy".  This small group was formerly called "Concerned Citizens of New Lebanon". I suspect the name was changed to allow the members who do not LIVE in Lebanon, but in E. Nassau, Stephentown, and E. Chatham, to have a"SAY".

                              Naturally, this Ordinance is aimed primarily at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, but make no mistake, if it IS adopted, it will apply to all of us and we will lose the freedom we have left, to do as we wish on our own properties. Prospective businesses will NOT want to locate here, and the cost to taxpayers to enforce the regulations will be prohibitive. Remember the 60 thousand dollars spent by our former ZEO on ridiculous and unnecessary Zoning lawsuits? This Noise Ordinance would make that look like chump change!  All because a very small group of folks who ALL located here well after the Speedway and Drag Strip were established, have decided they don't want to hear the cars anymore.

                                This issue will be addressed here in depth in the coming weeks, but for the moment, that's all I can say. Know this, that these folks don't just want less noise, they want the Speedway GONE, and their demands if met, WOULD put an end to the LVS. Next week, I will post a copy of this proposal here for you to read, as well as the rebuttals and counter-actions. Choose a side.

                                 Another small, but important issue is the Air-Conditioning problem at the Town Hall Meeting Room. Having just spent $500,000.000 on that little room, WHY must we choose between hearing what the board is saying, or being cool and comfortable during the meetings? As it stands right now, we must either turn off the A.C to hear the speakers and sweat to death, or turn the A.C on, be comfortable, but not able to hear a thing. That's pretty ridiculous for a brand-new system in a half-million dollar room, don't you think?

                                 In closing, I ask you all once again to consider getting involved in your community. Not just in the aesthetics, but the future, the growth and the unification. Our country is on life-support, and resuscitation must begin in our own little town.

                                   God Bless,  JJ


The NEW Lebanon Issue                                                7-7-2014

                     Today is the day. I now have the green light to go ahead and post this ridiculous, selfish and oppressive document for all to see !  Apparently, there is quite a Facebook battle going on over this "Lebanon Valley Conservancy" group and their elitist demands. I don't know anything but what I've been told, as I only use FB when I need to post something of importance to the Madison's Militia page.  In any case, early reports have the MAJORITY supporting our Speedway as usual, and as it SHOULD be.

                      As the Gail Heinsohn article in the Courier quoted Howard Commander, "Who is the "Lebanon Valley Conservancy"?  Well, they claim to number 100 members, which I believe is a huge over-estimation, and they were formerly called, "Concerned Citizens of New Lebanon". I have seen these people at every Stephentown meeting when they attempted to stop the Moto-X track, and they don't number 100 or even close to that. WHO they are, is a group of liberals, many of  whom have not lived here all that long, who live within earshot of the Speedway. ALL of them bought or built homes here with FULL KNOWLEDGE that there was a racetrack here and that they would likely HEAR it in the summer.

                      They claim that the Speedway has expanded events , hours and activities in recent years, and I'm sure they HAVE to some extent. Businesses DO that in order to stay solvent. Common sense would cause MOST people to consider that when moving so close to the racing venue, wouldn't you think? Well, no one has ever accused a liberal of having common sense.  These "people" are so desperate to end the Speedway, that they are grasping at straws to find a valid reason. Now they are trying to claim that the Speedway sounds will damage children's hearing. Well let me see, have you seen the kids with the earbuds crammed into their ear canals and the music blasting? Ever been to a rock concert or a teen party? How about the Harley motorcycles that scream through town all summer long? I could list a million things that damage hearing, but the libs won't listen anyway. Facts annoy them.

                      Imagine if you will, the Speedway holding an event that runs over by 30 minutes. These Conservancy members actually want Howard to be fined $100.00 for every MINUTE he runs over !!  LOLOLOL!!!! They want to dictate his "punishment" for failure to comply with "THEIR" Noise Ordinance, even demanding that some events be cancelled if fines are not paid for exceeding their personal limits on racing activities. Are you KIDDING ME HERE? Who died and made this group God and the Apostles? LOL!! It's very simple. THEY made the conscious choice to move close to an existing Speedway, and NOW, they are living with the consequences of THEIR OWN choices. That is how life works, folks. Adults KNOW that. Heck, even well-trained DOGS know that! Yet LIBERALS, even though they too know it, refuse to accept it. They want everything "Fixed" and rearranged to accomodate THEM, and ONLY them. Not anymore, not in New Lebanon.

                       First of all, any member of the Lebanon Valley Conservancy who is NOT a resident of the Town of New Lebanon , has NO right to a voice or to any input on ANY town ordinance, PERIOD. No Part-Time resident has any say in what we do here. So that narrows their estimated 100 members down a bit, wouldn't you say? Also, if these people want to be taken seriously about ANY of their whiny issues, they should at the very LEAST, have the cajones to identify themselves when they send a letter to the Lebanon Town Board and Howard Commander. Reminds me of the sleazeball who wrote the lies about Matt Larabee when he was running against the Czar. HE was quick to falsely accuse but never signed HIS name, either.

                       Well, in regards to the "Lebanon Conservancy", the two leaders are: 1) Gary Millett- always complaining about SOMETHING, but has NEVER attended board meetings about anything that does not directly affect HIM.   2) William Davis of Coventry Circle. Another transplant that came here from somewhere else and now wants to transform OUR town to his liking. We have so MANY of these! Long-time locals and REAL country folks have a message for them, Assimilate or Emigrate! The opposition to the Lebanon Valley Conservancy is growing in leaps and bounds already, and by the time this issue makes the Town Board Agenda, we will have thousands standing against them. If you would like to join us, please email me at: PACTJJ@gmail.com.  We at P.A.C.T are at the forefront of this opposition and have organized the "Stop the Assault on Our Speedway" group.  Feel free to jump in and have your voices heard. I will keep you posted on all news and meetings here on this site.

                        Take my word for it, the Conservancy does not stand a snowball's chance in H_LL of winning this battle.  I can't tell you WHY yet, but believe me, that is a FACT.  For now, we need YOU to spread the word, join the group, oppose ANY Noise Ordinance for our town and let the Town Board know that we will NOT stand for non-residents or part-time residents calling the shots! Not now, not EVER ! While you're at it, tell them that this applies to the Economic Development Committee as well, since they are loaded with non-residents and ARE calling the shots. Are you okay with THAT? When we put this issue to rest as the victors, and we WILL, the members of Stop the Assault will be treated to a HUGE celebration. That's a Promise !  So what are you waiting for? Email me NOW!

  Below is a copy of the letter the Lebanon Valley Conservancy sent to our Town Board and to Howard Commander. Enjoy the laughs!   JJ


Here is OUR Rebuttal Letter :

P.A.C.T – N.L.R.A

44 Shaker Road 7-12-2014

New Lebanon,N.Y 12125

To: New Lebanon Town Board

Lebanon Valley Conservancy

We at P.A.C.T and the N.L.R.A, (New Lebanon Resident's Advocacy), have carefully read the letter of demands submitted to the Lebanon Town Board by the Lebanon Valley Conservancy group re: the Noise Ordinance. The proposed regulations are excessive to the point of ludicrous and no resident or business could or should be expected to comply with such extreme restraints.

It is interesting that the one, small group of individuals that comprise the Conservancy are much like the Economic Development Committee in that they seem to have forgotten that there are many other residents who are equally entitled to an opinion and voice on what happens in our town. The Conservancy has made it crystal clear that they feel entitled to special considerations and to the right to dictate rules and regulations that will benefit them ,while adversely affecting the majority. No citizen's group has the right to legislate or enforce anything, only to suggest. They are not officials, they are a minority of residents, no more or less important than the rest of us.

All members of the Conservancy made a conscious decision to take residency in a town famous for its stock car racing. Yes, the track has expanded some over the years as should be expected of any successful business. It is understood that the Conservancy members desire quiet summer afternoons at home, don't we all, but the fact is that we must live with the consequences of the choices we make, or relocate and try again.

Howard Commander has gone above and beyond to cooperate with this town and its residents to reduce noise, protect the environment, ensure safety and control traffic all at great personal expense. He has paid for environmental studies, noise studies, archaeological studies, air-quality testing, traffic and safety studies, etc., etc., and has made numerous changes in an effort to satisfy both the town and the residents.

So we ask today, where is the cooperation from the town and the objectors? Is Mr. Commander the only one expected to make concessions, because thus far, that has been the case? How many of you employ 60 young people all summer each year, or have provided a wholesome activity for families to enjoy together ? How many of you have contributed half as much revenue to the town and lowered the tax base for the rest of us as the Speedway has ,and have any of you attracted regular customers to small, local businesses that would not survive without the race fans ? How many of you attend town board meetings that do not pertain to your personal concerns, but just because it is your town and you should be involved and active IN it ?

Have any of you looked into joining those of us who are attempting to grow, beautify and unify our town with our own hands, talents, and sweat rather then secure grants that will only bring more government control into our lives? Has anyone in the Conservancy done anything to address the Constitutional, Ethical, and Transparency issues that have affected this town for YEARS? For that matter, how many of you have done anything to object to the assault on your Constitutional Rights by our lawless , federal government? What, other than attack a 60-year-old, successful local business, have any of you done to contribute to this community?

We at PACT and NLRA believe that a Noise Ordinance in New Lebanon is not only unnecessary, but would only serve to further restrict the free use of private properties and the expansion of desirable businesses. It would also place a financial burden on the taxpayers to enforce an ordinance.

In closing, we would like to inform the Town Board that we will be petitioning them with our own suggestions for change a.s.a.p. For example:

          1. NO non-residents, or part-time residents may serve on any town board or committee.

          2. No non-residents of the Town of New Lebanon are entitled to an opinion or vote regarding any local laws or businesses, and have no right to petition the town for any reason. This includes owners of local businesses that are not town residents.

We at PACT and NLRA fully intend to oppose any Noise Ordinance in our town and fully intend to support the Speedway. By the way, WE sign our names!

JJ. Johnson-Smith- Organizer

P.A.C.T and NLRA


Town Board AND.....                                                                  7-8-2014

                        New Lebanon is lost. All that is left now is to wait for the property values to rise as the rest of the liberals from the city desperately seek housing here. Then I will sell my place for more than it is worth and literally RUN to the midwest where liberals do NOT want to be. I can't wait !

                        First thing I noticed at the meeting tonight was the absence of the Czar and WHO was filling his Throne. After SEVEN months, a Deputy Supervisor has FINALLY been appointed and you do not have to ASK who that might be, DO you ? C'mon, we all KNEW from Day One who the new Igor would be, the kid with ZERO experience in life OR politics, the clay in the Czar's hand. The very offspring of the Czar's "Confidential Secretary".  Don't tell me you're Surprised ?!  Guess when the rest of the board members were notified of this news?  YESTERDAY !  LOLOL!!!   It's so damn immature and dirty, it's funny!

                         The second thing I noticed tonight, were the unfamiliar faces among the public. Two women were seated in front of me, one was a Mrs. Ragmuffin or mussen, I'm not sure, and behind us was a man I have never seen before. To my left was a couple I had also never seen. None of these people have ever attended board meetings before, and I have been at just about EVERY one since 2007. I have also lived in Lebanon for 30 years and have never seen these folks.  Yet there they were, so they HAD to have either a Whine or a Want. As expected, the two women turned out to be part-time residents from NY City with a Want.  BIG surprise!

                           Apparently, they represent yet another new, liberal group, one first mentioned in the Gag the Valley newsletter. It is called, "Behold New Lebanon!". (Good GRIEF!) Of course, this is just my redneck, Right-Wing Extremist opinion, but these people's desire to turn our town into Sturbridge Village is more than a little over-the-top. You know the drill, dress up the dumb local yokels like the Ingalls family and have tourists come and pay to gawk at the quaint, country folk.  They want "Tourism" expanded by having locals display their handcrafts and agricultural techniques to city folks with no clue as to how to be self-reliant or how to tell a cow from a horse. You laugh, but my in-laws run a petting zoo in Hancock and I have seen this with my own eyes! They truly do not know a sheep from a goat !

                            For me, this re-enactment of the good old farm days and country ways makes us little more than lab rats under glass. It isn't "cute" or "fun", it is insulting and presumptuous. So is the assumption of these "PART-TIME" , city transplants that we ALL support more tourists in our town clogging the roads, making it impossible to shop in our only source of groceries, Stewarts, pushing us around and being generally rude and obnoxious.  No, MOST of us long-timers and REAL country folks, want FEWER tourists, not MORE, and I said so. Well, these two outlanders turned to me and asked if I preferred economic depression. I said, "YES!", I prefer that to more liberal invasion. I also told them that part-timers have NO right to come here and alter our way of life. They were NOT asked to change our town.

                            Another thing I took great issue with tonight was the behavior of Eileen Evans. This woman thinks she is Sergeant at Arms of the Town Board Meetings. She sits herself down at the front of the room with her back against the wall and looks out over us like Homeland Security. If a member of the public makes any comment or statement that is in the LEAST critical of the Czar or what she personally supports, Eileen goes into seizures of indignation and rushes to the Czar's defense.

                             She shadows her son as if he were just learning to toddle and might fall down, and she speaks out of turn while telling others to be quiet until Privilege of the Floor! Tonight, she was very rude to Trina, who had the board's permission to speak. Eileen kept interrupting her and telling her it was not "TIME" to speak! She even challenged Brucey when he got heated up over the Sturbridge Village girls and said, "What's the big deal?".  Now, last time I checked, Eileen Evans was NOT a Council Member or the Meeting Police or Mikey Benson's mommy, but a member of the public, same as the rest of us.  She needs to sit down, shut up and wait her turn like everybody else. In my redneck opinion, there is something a little "OFF" about the Evans/Benson, Town Hall Triangle.

                              The Czar is the first Town Supervisor to request a Confidential Secretary. We have never had one before and as a result, never had to PAY for one before. Why do we have one NOW? Just to satisfy the Czar's narcissistic desire for secrecy and luxury?  Why not just hire the Deputy Town Clerk Full Time? Would be a whole LOT more transparent and less improper. Benson does not deserve the title of Supervisor if he needs hand-maidens to do his work for him. I can think of a host of OTHER titles he does deserve, but I will restrain myself.


             This little blog started out as an effort to inform Lebanon residents of the corruption issues in our local government.  In talking to people who have served on the boards in the past, I've learned that PACT is the first entity to ever address or oppose this behavior or attempt to hold officials accountable.  That in itself is shameful, but what's worse, is the fact that those who allowed the corruption to continue unchecked for so long, were the very people who should have been quick to object!

              The farmers, small business owners, the churches  and good 'ol country folk who built this town, failed it. Can't blame the city liberals, they weren't here in great numbers back then as they are now.  Patriotic, faithful, hard-working Conservatives simply looked the other way. WHY? Maybe part of it was that most folks never imagined the long-term consequences we are now seeing and being forced to deal with. As few as 20 years ago, very few Americans ever believed that this country could fail.

               Who would DARE  attempt to methodically weaken and eventually destroy the most powerful nation on earth? What politician, regardless of HOW sleazy, would dare to violate Constitutional Law and risk impeachment and charges of Treason?  Well, they dared, they violated and they risked, and guess what? The people kept on looking the other way and still DO, despite all the scandals and abominations since 2008.

                It was my own choice to attempt to inform and motivate the patriots that remain. No one asked or forced me to do anything and a lot of folks hate it that I have. I've made a lot of enemies and been called a laundry-list of horrible names, but I've kept on plugging because it matters. Maybe it doesn't matter to YOU, but it matters to ME, to my family and to my God. Quitting is not an option. Never once have I looked for donations to cover expenses, or for anyone to do any of my research or legwork, nor have I ever asked anyone to violate their own tenets. What I HAVE asked for, is for GOOD people to come together and step up, speak out against corruption, maybe attend some meetings, or write an occasional letter. I have asked you to not take me at my word, but to look things up for yourselves. Was that too much to ask, too hard to handle ?

                Is every remaining , Conservative resident of this town THAT busy, that they could not donate an hour or two a month to preserve integrity and defend freedom?  A few, and I mean VERY few, did try for a short time to unite for the purpose of cleaning up Lebanon politics. Just about all of them failed the endurance and loyalty tests.  they lacked the dedication , determination and endurance to stand strong and long in the face of opposition and folded their tents at the first sign of a storm.  I watched people quit for reasons as stupid as a fight with a boyfriend, a backache, or because someone called them a derogatory name!  Yeah, that's what I've had to work with, wimps and quitters.

                The lack of fortitude among GOOD people is exactly WHY evil, corruption, liberalism, immorality and destruction have prevailed. For a brief time, I allowed myself to trust a little again. I grew close to two, senior citizen men in town that I respected and mistakenly believed were genuine men of integrity. One of them stuck a knife in my ribs when he voted for Obama a SECOND time, revealing where he TRULY stood.  The other, totally betrayed me by voting for Benson a SECOND time. This was all the more painful when you understand that this man moved out of state mere weeks after placing this vote. He had known for a YEAR prior, that he would be leaving here for good, so why did he vote at all?  Why did he vote to sentence us to two more years of tyrannical leadership when he could have given us the gift of a compassionate leader who really cared about this community?  Hard to forgive a deed that dirty and even harder to forget.

                   I've been kicked before and will be again, I'm sure, but rather than discourage me, the bruises have served only to strengthen my resolve. Even if I find myself standing 100% alone as the wimps drop off one by one, I will continue to stand. I'm very experienced with standing alone, and I have no fear of any human being on this earth. You see, I am never truly alone, because God is always by my side. Who could be afraid with an ally like that?  It would be an awesome thing to see even a small number of Lebanon residents stand together as an organized force against the local corruption, partisanship and liberal takeover, but it won't happen. People in this town only unite and take a stand on issues that impact them personally and directly.

                    They come out to oppose the Speedway, or a sidewalk proposal if it will touch their road frontage, but they are conspicuously absent when it comes to issues that impact others.  If a Town Board Meeting is not about THEM, it isn't worth their time or attention. It's a ME-ME town in a ME-ME country.  The local liberals with their smart-cars and Obama-Biden bumper stickers will not live up to their own mantra of "Coexist", and the Conservatives won't pressure them to respect TRULY equal rights.   Local Conservatives SHOULD get off the pity-pot and stand for SOMETHING, but they won't. If they could or would, they would have done so before now.  They have shown me that they don't have what it takes to do the RIGHT thing, the HARD things.

                    So I have come to some conclusions this week. First of all, I know that a large number of you will and ARE uniting to support the Speedway and oppose the Lebanon Valley Conservancy.  I also know that once that effort is completed, you will not stick with it long enough to finish the job of demanding that non-residents and part-time residents NOT have a say in such matters ever again. You will not assist us in stopping part-time residents from serving on town boards and committees. You will not stay engaged and help us address the problem of the EDC or sign-on to be a part of the Community Caring Program.

                    You will do the minimum required to send the Lebanon Valley Conservancy packing with their tails between their legs, and then you will disperse and go back to your cocoons with the wide-screen TVs.  Once the Speedway/Noise Ordinance issue is resolved, I will not ask for your assistance or support again. I will continue to inform and attempt to ease the pandemic of ignorance, and I will always encourage you to SEEK for yourselves the truth of what I tell you, but I will no longer ask you to step up. I would not want to interfere with your private time to watch Survivor or Big Brother.

                    New Lebanon is essentially a lost-cause now.  The Larry Benson farm has been sold and who knows what will replace the old dairy operation. Might be a good farm family with traditional ideals, or might be more tree-hugging liberals who will grow bean sprouts, medicinal pot, and celebrate the harvest by baying at the moon and beating drums. Luck of the draw, I guess. I won't give up on this town as long as I am a resident and still alive, but the Conservatives who live here gave up well before they started. New Lebanon WILL become a tourist destination full of liberal attractions. The country folk WILL be driven out and the city people will have their new Stockbridge with Sturbridge Village tossed in for effect.

                   Congratulations Christians and Conservatives of New Lebanon, you have once again signed away your God-Given rights through your apathy, ignorance and indifference.  Nice goin'!


1) Shaker Road

 2) Riverdale Farm


 Farewell Old Friend                                            7-11-2014

                 It is with great sadness that I report the death of Harris "H" Kupper, our dinerman.  That was his email address, Dinerman.  Lebanon has not been the same since the Speedway Diner burned and H left the state for the warmth of Tennessee. So many of us have missed him and the fellowship we used to enjoy at his dingy, charming, awesome old eatery.  Rest in Peace H, we won't forget you. 


                  I am often devastated by the the inability of Conservatives and Christians to stand together for very long , while liberals unite effectively to attain their anti-American, oddball causes until they succeed or die trying. They are able to fight to the end regardless of whom they hurt, trample and destroy along the way.  Progressive Compassion.

                  It's funny how liberal minds work.  They preach Peace and Love, Save the Earth, Protect Wildlife, Eat Organic, and Co-Exist ! Yet they are the worst violators of their own doctrine. Conservatives tend to go about their business, live and let live, do your thing and let me do mine. Not liberals.  They insist that EVERYONE has to think, believe and live exactly as they do, and if we fail to fall into line, they call us haters, homophobes, extremists, and racists.

                  For instance, yesterday for the THIRD time in a year, a Christian baker was sued. The first two had declined to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The latest one is being sued for refusing to make a cake depicting Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie engaged in a lewd, same-sex act.  Now it seems to ME, a fairly reasonable adult, that if you REALLY want peaceful co-existence, you look for a non-Christian bakery to make your anti-Christian cake. Simple. There are probably two Christian bakeries in every hundred, after all.

                   Liberal instigators cannot and WILL not respect the rights and choices of others and they DELIBERATELY seek out the Christian businesses and attempt to FORCE Free Americans to violate their beliefs. Then they SUE them when they will not. It is pre-meditated targeting and planned instigation and no judge with an ounce of integrity or respect for the law should even CONSIDER hearing these cases.  In fact, the instigators should be charged with harassment. Today, Chuck Schumer actually stated that Christians should "Not Be Allowed" to own businesses!!!!

                    Conservatives do not pull this crap. First of all, it would be rare for one of us to request such a deviant product to begin with, and secondly, we would not deliberately select a "Victim" to destroy over something so trivial. It is cruel, childish, selfish and just plain evil. 

                     Posted below is a very short video you MUST see. It clearly demonstrates the vast differences between Conservatives and Liberals. You will see a very young, teenage boy exercising his first amendment rights in a peaceful manner. A liberal woman suddenly assaults him with NO provocation of any kind other than HER inability to respect HIS right to free speech and expression.  The assault begins as a verbal one, and the woman's language is deplorable in anyone, but especially in a woman. It is WAY over-the-top. When she gets right IN this boy's face, her physical assault begins, which you can watch for yourself.

                      This young man held his ground and his temper, never once resorting to profanity or yelling and never raising his hand against the assailant.  Had I been in his shoes, and I wish I HAD been, this maniac shrew would have gotten the first swing in, and it would have been her last. No question about it. This incident is a perfect example of the wide gap between the behaviors of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Have you ever seen a Tea Partier actually defecate on a police car? Occupiers did it!

                      Liberals will demand that someone like Howard Commander spend tens of thousands of dollars on environmental impact studies before building a little Go-Kart Track. They have a stroke over the very idea that an endangered moth or cockroach might be disturbed. Yet they believe it is perfectly acceptable for an abortionist to rip an unborn child from its mother's womb, piece by piece. To them, it is just fine for a doctor to partially deliver a third-trimester, fully-formed child, then plunge scissors into it's neck and suck it's brains out.  Am I missing something here???

                      The Libs will scream, "Stay out of my womb!", while holding signs that demand the taxpayer foot the bill for their birth control and abortions. ( Healthcare and Birth Control are not RIGHTS and they are the responsibility of the individual, not the State.)  Libs attack Capitalism while texting on their Apple I-Phones and stamping their Nike-clad feet in indignation against the big corporations that provided them with those very things.  Yes, they ARE that stupid and uninformed.  They want every American to agree with their destructive, senseless and immoral ideologies and when we don't, they attack us verbally, physically and in the courts that are run by more of their kind.

                      The Obama-Orchestrated invasion of our southern border by Latino illegals is a liberal operation, a long-planned event intended to grow the Democrat voter pool.  What a "Pool" it is ! All the chlorine in the world couldn't clean it up. The majority of Democrat voters are little more than ignorant, entitled, leeches . (Notice I did NOT say "ALL" Democrat voters, so don't start!).  Obama is making TV appearances and again blaming the Republican Congress for what HE alone, created. He actually wants 3 BILLION dollars to house, feed, provide medical care and LEGAL REPRESENTATION to these criminals, and yes, they ARE Felons. These illegals are invaders and their age is irrelevant.  They are NOT American citizens and therefore, not entitled to legal defense or any medical care of a  non-emergency nature.

                        I think Congress should give Obama the 3 Billion, and then tell him exactly HOW it will be spent.

 1) Immediate Deportation of all Illegals, both new arrivals and any others they can round up.

 2) Immediate hiring and training of thousands more border guards.

 3) A COMPLETED fence that cannot be climbed or penetrated.

 4) NO TOLERANCE notice to the countries involved with a clear message that their people will NOT be allowed illegal entry for any reason at any time. If they fail to comply, cut off ALL aid.

 5) The re-vamping of the Legal Immigration System to make legal entry of deserving immigrants faster and easier.

                      Obama is literally whining that Congress only has to pass his Immigration Reform Bill and all the problems will go away. LOL!!  His "Bill" is not reform, it is AMNESTY, and nothing else. The refusal of Congress to consider it, is a huge step in the right direction and a justified decision. Liberal ideas and policies make NO SENSE. They are selfish, lawless, irresponsible, aggressive and often, downright dangerous.

                       As I witness the Town of New Lebanon being invaded by liberals from the south of us, the more convinced I am that if we Conservatives continue to snore snugly in our beds, this town will be a tourist trap in another year.  The liberals make the big bucks in the city then come up here and use that money to buy positions of power and control and push the locals around like pawns on a chessboard. They are human Kudzu, encompassing and strangling small towns one by one and turning them into their personal, weekend playgrounds.

                       This liberal "Idea" of turning our town into the next Plymouth Plantation is ludicrous and laughable. Maybe some of you don't mind being specimens and a source of entertainment for elitists, but I betcha most of you want no part of it. Oh I forgot, nobody ASKED you.  So I WILL.  Do you WANT more traffic on Rt. 20, not just on weekends but ALL summer, ALL week? Do you want to go to Stewarts to get milk and bread for your kids and find the shelves bare because the tourists have cleaned them out? Do you think it is okay for newcomers and part-timers to call all the shots in your town, and do it in SECRET? Well folks, that's what is happening right under your noses so you better plug-in.  You can thank our Narcissist-In-Chief, Mike Benson, for the acceleration and implementation of this nightmare. Just Sayin" !!


                          In closing, let's have a little fun. Let's suppose that this Mrs. Rasmussen, one of the "Heritage Museum" orchestrators, got a visit at her Lebanon house from a handful of local, redneck Conservatives. We could call ourselves the "Patriot Posse for the Preservation of Hickdom".  We could observe Mrs. Rasmussen and her cronie's homes and tell them that since we have to drive past their properties, we think it should be to our liking, not theirs. Maybe their landscaping needs work. The "Town" might be better served if we tore out their flowers and ornamental bushes and replaced them with thorny, berry bushes. Then the residents could stop by and pick berries and make pies for the poor!

                          Maybe we don't like the color of the trim paint on their houses, too modern for the community. So we'll re-paint it in Barn Red and Whitewash.  The we're going to come to their NY City homes, bring our cows and roosters and stand outside peeping in their windows so our kids can see how City People live! We can park our tractors and manure spreaders in their paid-for, assigned parking spaces, clog up the sidewalks and let them learn how to shovel cow poop after the rooster wakes them at dawn.

                          We could roast a few pigs on a spit on 5th Avenue and put an end to buses and taxi cabs because the exhaust irritates our tender, country lungs. Sorry, but you city folk will just have to adjust to "Change" for your own good, because WE know what's best for you and your city!

                            THAT is exactly what they are doing to US. They are welcome to COME here, it's still a free country for a little while longer, but come to relax and de-stress, not to abuse and transform. Don't come to our home and tell us how to live and don't try to turn this little country town into a small Manhattan or a Tourist Trap and ruin the very things that drew you here in the first place!!  It is selfish,insulting, presumptuous and unfair to the people who have lived here for decades and in some instances, generations! Show some RESPECT and it will be returned.

                              If the transplants and part-timers love this town as they "Claim" they do, why are the so hell-bent on destroying its rural character and  off-the-map  peace?  If they truly believe their own mantra of Co-Existence, why are they doing exactly the opposite? I can tell you why. They are LIBERALS. They want it ALL and they won't stop until they get it.   Oppose the Transformation and save your town before it is too late.


THE Video !


PROOF of the Mental Deficiency of Liberals !!

Seriously? Idiot Liberals Freak Out Over Picture Of Jurassic Park Creator With ‘Dead’ DINOSAUR

In the wake of the anti-hunting furor over Kendall Jones, the Texas cheerleader who posted photos of her hunts to Facebook and caused a massive outrage, Facebook meme-maker Jay Branscomb posted a satirical photo of the creator of Jurassic Park next to a “dead” triceratops, and wouldn’t you know it the trolls came out in force.

The photo was taken from the set of the blockbuster movie back in 1993 and features Steven Spielberg posing on the ground next to one of its mechanical props. Branscomb posted it online last Sunday with the caption: “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”



 Got a Map ??                                                                             7-14-2014

                As I watch the mainstream media, I see very little about the seriousness of the present situation in Israel.  What I DO hear, tends to be sympathetic to the Palestinians. While Israelis sit smack in the middle of a vast, Muslim playground, where are WE? 

                Too many people lack adequate understanding of who and what Israel IS, unless they study the Bible and we know there aren't many in THIS town that do. For instance, Palestine never was and is not now, a state or country. The Palestinian people are invaders and squatters, much like the illegal Latinos gathering at our border. For Israelis, the Gaza Strip is Sacred Land. It was given to the Jewish people by God himself, to be theirs for all eternity. No one BUT the Israeli people has any claim or right to it.

                Since the invasion of Gaza by Hamas Palestinians, Israelis have lived under CONSTANT threat of attack. They have hundreds of bomb shelters that are used almost daily, their school teachers are armed, and due to the cost of defense, many people are poor and hungry.  As Israeli children grow up under constant fear of death and lie awake at night, listening for mortars and missiles, their government has gone above and beyond to reach a peaceful agreement with the Palestinians. As we all know, there IS no negotiating with Muslims, like Liberals, they know nothing about cooperation, common sense, or co-existence. Israel has finally had enough, and I don't blame them one bit !  Had the decision been MINE, I would have rained Hell down on the Gaza Strip a long time ago.

                 The attacks on the Palestinian invaders are justified and long overdue, and any American president OTHER than the THING we have in the White House NOW, would have Israel's back ! Obama hates Israel, because Obama is Muslim, and he publicly stated in 2009, that he would STAND with the Muslims, and he has, and continues to do so. A Hamas Drone was shot down in Israel just today. Now where do you suppose a bunch of displaced, Muslim terrorists would get their hands on a Drone?? 

                 So where are the wealthy, American Jews in all this? Where are the Max Gitters, Ruth Abrams, Monte Waschs, Chuck Schumers and Michael Bloombergs and the rest of their ilk?  I don't know, do YOU? Maybe one of them will read this and offer to enlighten me, because I would love to know! What I DO know, is that any Jew who could vote for Obama, or any Democrat, much less BE one, is a traitor to his own people and heritage.               

                   The Bible tells us that a mere 44,000 Jews will see Heaven, contrary to Bloomberg's claim that he has a reserved place there. I am not surprised that so few will make it. MY family stands with Israel and her people. I communicate with Israeli soldiers fairly often, and their love for America is unmatched by any other country on earth and is even stronger than that of many Americans!  I am sick and tired of the media attempting to elicit sympathy for the Palestinians and their Hamas Terrorists. Should Israel eradicate them all, I will celebrate and be thankful to God for His Justice.

                    An odd thing happens to me very often when I am writing. I will be focusing on a particular subject, and it will all of a sudden be mentioned on the news or come up in conversation. It's a little creepy sometimes.  When I had written this blog right up to the previous paragraph, my son stopped in and told me that in Albany today, he saw about 60 people marching in the street in support of Palestine. He then showed me a video of a similar protest that took place in NY City this afternoon. The video showed Muslims and sympathizers attacking photographers on the sidewalks!  It was hard to watch.

                    I told my husband tonight that I feel like a stranger in my own country. I don't recognize it anymore.  How is it possible for so MANY free people, to be so confused and politically ignorant?  I am glad that my father did not live to see the Obamanation of America.  I would be bailing him out of jail every week !  Being an Atheist, he had no one and nothing to rein him in, to keep him from crossing that line that I stub my toes on every day.

                    Bob Costas was on Fox News this morning. (SEE? I TOLD you that Fox presents BOTH sides!). Costas is a regular on the show and he is also a flaming liberal. Today, he commented on a TV series being planned by MTV that will feature young Americans in their teens and 20s that are still virgins. Costas said that anyone over 15 years of age that claims to be a virgin is either "Lying" or has "Something Wrong With Them".  Wow. So now morality is an abnormality. As if that wasn't bad enough, he made another telling statement when the subject moved on to Obama's refusal to visit the border last week.

                       You might remember Obama's excuse that he "wasn't looking for a Photo-Op". (Yeah sure, since WHEN?). I said at the time, that the real reason Obama would not go to the border, was to avoid photos connecting him to a disaster HE created and continues to blame Republicans for. When this subject was broached on Fox today, Costas confirmed my theory. He said, "If I were the president, I wouldn't go to the border either. He doesn't need to have his picture taken with THOSE people in THAT situation".  EXACTLY!  Costas is an ass in every sense of the word, but I'm glad he is around to confirm the agenda that Conservatives have been trying to shine a light on since 2008.  He is a Useful Idiot.

                        The border problem is a simple one to solve. If they can't get IN, there IS no problem . Secure it, by any means necessary.


                          The Traitor, Bowe Bergdahl has been cleared to return to "active duty". Yes, you read that right. The deserter who was in such critical condition mere weeks ago that the Obama minions had to "Rush" to his rescue by releasing ten of the world's most dangerous terrorists, is not only miraculously recovered, but fit for duty??? Umm, what about charges for desertion and treason?  It's INSANITY. This president and all of his sleazy underlings, are a sick joke.

                          Bergdahl will walk, just like Hillary, Holder and Obama have walked away from their felonies and Impeachable offenses. Yet the DOJ has the time and funds to investigate a bunch of regular guys for building a parade float with an outhouse on it that bore the sign: "Obama Presidential Library".  I kid you not!  Tea Partiers, the Oathkeepers and the NRA are now Domestic Terrorists  and our greatest ally and friend Israel, is being protested against. Where ARE we and what happened to my country?

                          All I know is that I love America, I stand by Israel and I will defend Freedom to the death if necessary. I'm an American. Who are YOU?



Wake UP New Lebanon !!!                                                         7-16-2014

             This is of VITAL importance to every single resident of New Lebanon and especially to property owners. I have mentioned numerous times that the Economic Development Committee is a problem for us all and for the future of our town. I am re-posting parts of a post I wrote several weeks ago and adding a link to some very important information that we ALL need to know before allowing the EDC to continue and Behan Planning to operate in New Lebanon.  There are some very dark elements to these "plans" and if local residents do not get informed and pay attention, they will pay a tremendous price for their apathy in the very near future.

              I am also posting a copy of a Letter to the Editor I am sending to the local papers in an effort to inform and engage as many property owners as possible as quickly as possible. This cannot WAIT, folks!     JJ


To my Conservative Friends and Neighbors;

I have decided to take on the issue of the Secret Economic Development Committee. Something as important and with such a potential impact as the future development of our town is not something that should be discussed and decided by a select “few”. Yet that is exactly what is happening. Fifteen people are making the decisions for us all, and if that doesn't describe a Socialist Structure, nothing does.

For the first time, I now have an accurate list of who the 15 members ARE, and after reading this list, I am more concerned than I was before. Every person on the list is a business owner, and most of them are extremely wealthy, connected, or both. Several are NY City transplants and ALL of them are Benson supporters. How could it be any other way, when it was Benson's idea to FORM this committee and stack it with his donors and friends, not to mention family. (Larry Benson sits on this board as does Mike himself).

Max Gitter, whom you all know is one of my LEAST favorite humans and the rudest, crudest, most amoral man I have had the displeasure to personally meet, is the Chairman of this secret society. This man, who is a sleazy, high-stakes , NY City attorney, is responsible for the destruction of an entire South American Village and every soul who lived there. (I can provide you with the story and evidence of that if you wish). He claims to have “lived” in New Lebanon for 32+ years, but he has NEVER been a full-time resident of this town, just a property owner and part-timer. He also claims that the EDC is a “Private” group and not subject to FOIL , nor attached in any way to the Town Government.

Excuse ME, but when any group of superior, narcissistic individuals who take it upon themselves to change the entire face and economic faction of a town, it becomes the business of the people who reside and pay taxes IN that town, does it not? Who are these people to huddle in private and make decisions for the rest of us? Several of them own a business in Lebanon, but do NOT reside within the town! THAT is unacceptable. You may remember Max Gitter's statements at a Town Board meeting in 2013, when he stated that as an attorney, his code is, “No Harm, No Foul”. In other words, the ends justify the means, no matter whom it may harm in the process. Typical, bottom-feeding lawyer comment. I hope you also remember his abominable treatment of Trina Porte during a Planning Board meeting this year, where he stated that details about the proposed Grocery Store project for Tilden Road, were “None of her business”. Since she is a sitting MEMBER of the Planning Board, I beg to differ.

Now, here is what we must determine: 1) If the EDC is working with people from the Behan Group on the Hamlet Revitalization Project that WE the residents will be paying a good part of, then they are INDEED connected with town government, subject to FOIL and required to hold OPEN meetings and advertise same AND take minutes. 2) The EDC raised funds to pay half of the Behan fees of $20,000., and the town is liable for the other half. Does that not make them answerable to the people and subject to the same rules and codes of conduct as any other Town Committee? 3) How can a “Private” committee make plans and take actions that will eventually affect our tax base, and NOT be a Town Entity or at the very least, an OPEN committee that accepts input from the taxpayers?

Do you know that Max Gitter has made no secret of the fact that he intends to drive out businesses he considers “undesirable”, such as the two Head Shops and the OTB? Not that losing those businesses would be a negative, I don't like them either, BUT, where would it stop? What if he decides he doesn't like Smitty's Pizza or Bucky's Bagels? Does the EDC intend to support existing businesses as well as attract new ones, or destroy existing businesses in order to attract what THEY deem acceptable to their personal tastes and needs? That is tyranny and over-reach, not to mention undeniable Liberal Bullying. Max Gitter is, no question about it, a Bully.

Our town board members and the People of this town must come together to dissolve this committee and demand that ALL discussions regarding economic development and changes or “Hamlet Revitalization” be brought into the light and presented under the watchful eye of the Lebanon taxpayers. Let majority rule, but a town-wide majority, not the majority of 15 people who seem to believe they are in control. Wanna see who they are?

Chairman: Max Gitter

Vice Chair: Sharon Moon


Larry Benson

Mike Benson

Doug Clark

Peggy Hawkins

Melanie Hunt

Linda Hursa

Sunny Kumar

Fiona Lally

Heather Van Oort

Sue and Gaston Roberts

Monte Wasch

Robert Weber

Jack Yurish

Worried NOW? Hursa ,Kumar, and Hunt do not even LIVE in this town, and Gitter is a Part-Time resident. Yes, they pay taxes on their business locations here, but they are NOT residents. ALL of these people are Benson's friends and donors, one is his uncle and ALL of them are business-owners or otherwise connected to this “elite” clique. Not ONE person from we regular peons that SUPPORT their businesses, or whose families have lived here for generations, or who get our hands dirty every day. No Pastors, no teachers, no working farmers, no truck drivers, no “regular folks” at all.

This committee HAS invited members of the public a few times to attend their meetings, but they are what the committee refers to as, “Economic Actors”. Are you KIDDING me? Economic Actors???? What the heck is THAT supposed to mean? Well, let's look at that, shall we? Here a few of the names they gave me as having been “invited”.

  1. Howard Commander (met with the EDC 3 to 4 times)

  2. The Exec. Director of the Shaker Museum

  3. The Head of External Affairs of Darrow School

  4. Harry Hicks (Business Owner)

  5. Cynthia Creech (cattle farmer)

  6. Bud Godfroy (Benson's Boy and Destroyer of the local Repub. Party)

  7. Eloise Trainor ( former owner of the Triple Nickel)

  8. Ruth Abram (HUGE financial donor to the Benson Campaign)

  9. Craig Westcott (???)

  10. Christine Dreyfuss ( don't know what her connection is, Maple Syrup?)

  11. Tony Murad (local developer)

  12. Richard Beckwith (owner of Hilltown Pork and the former Cannery)

Now don't get me wrong here, I want NOTHING to do with this committee or the people who are members OF it, not even if it PAID. However, my husband and I are local business owners, we own Cabin Fever Enterprises. I know MANY local business owners who have NEVER been invited to attend a meeting of the EDC. I guess we're not “Economic Actors”. LOLOL!!!! Invitation only? You KNOW what they can do with their invitations, their Dunkin Donuts, their Livery Service, their Tourist Info Center at the old Hess site, their NY Philharmonic, etc., etc. Holy Crow, these people actually DO believe their U-Know-What don't stink! LOLOL!!!!!! They need to GO, NOW. If we can't take back our little town, what hope do we have to win back our country?

Max Gitter has extended an invitation of sorts to ME, in that if I would like to sit and chat about the Committee with him, he would be happy to set up a convenient time! (when pigs fly!). I hereby propose that any of you who are as concerned about the potential damage this private club will wreak upon our town as I am, email or call me a.s.a.p. This MUST stop and WE have to stop it.

Best, JJ


              Here is the Letter to the Editor I have sent out. PLEASE use the link at the bottom of this letter and READ the 24-page expose' of what this agenda will mean for YOU as a property owner.  On page 10, paragraph #3, you will read the words, "Envision Lehigh Valley". When you read this, keep in mind the new proposal in New Lebanon for a project titled, "Behold New Lebanon".  This SHOULD ring some alarm bells for you.

           I have a list of the present projects being addressed by the EDC and if you would like to read this list, shoot me an email and I will send it to you.   JJ


To the Editor;


Taxpayers and property-owners, PLEASE take note of what is going on in your community! Words and phrases such as; Community Planning, Economic Development, Revitalization, Open Spaces, and Sustainability all SOUND positive, but there is a very dark side to all of these things.

In my town, all of these buzz-words are becoming frighteningly familiar and to the informed citizen, should raise huge, red flags. Too many of us are not paying attention, not plugging-in to what is happening in our town governments and all across America when it comes to sustainability issues, proponents and plans. In New Lebanon, our new, “Economic Development Committee” , made up of 15 people, hand-picked by our Town Supervisor, meets in secret to plan the future of our town and its 2400-plus residents.

Several members of this elite, clandestine committee are not even residents of New Lebanon and another is a Part-Time resident. This EDC has stated that as a “Private Group” that is not a Town Entity, they are exempt from Open Meeting Laws, the Freedom of Information Act, minute taking and keeping, and all town codes and laws. Only invited individuals that the EDC refers to as, “Economic Actors” are allowed to attend these meetings. It would seem to ME, that ANY group that presumes to plan the futures of 2400-plus residents, should be a Town Entity and subject to all the same regulations as any other Town Entity. They should NOT meet in private, and the Town Supervisor should NOT be a member, but since this committee was his idea, he gets to sit on the board along with his uncle. Ethics, anyone?

Something stinks in New Lebanon and it isn't the landfill ! Wake UP, get informed, ask questions and use the link below to learn the truth about Community Planning, the dangers of government grants and the long-range implications of this agenda. This cannot wait!



 Time to REVOLT!!!                                                                    7-21-2014

                         This post is most relevant to Christians and Patriots. I am leaving you with this somewhat "Out-On-A-Limb" post as I will not be able to post again until Thursday. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as it will give you time to THINK about this and do some soul-searching. Lebanon residents, be sure to read the Chatham Courier Letters to the Editor this week. Stay well.  JJ


It has been my unfortunate experience to have met a lot of wimpy Christians in my short 9 years of life as a Christian. Growing up in a family of staunch Atheists, I didn't know what to really expect from the population of the Saved, but it was more than I got.

I was one of the lucky “Newborns” in that I was mentored and fed by some strong and studied people when it mattered most, in the early months and years, but as time went on and I studied the Word, I found that being a Christian is not always conducive to being responsible and courageous. Older believers tend to be very a-political and adamant that politics and religion should never share the pulpit regardless of how bad things get in our society. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard opposition to political evangelism, I would be a wealthy woman.

The Rev. Billy Graham and his son, Franklin Graham, are very vocal about this issue and the results of the failure of the church to take a stand against the sin and immorality that is running rampant in America today. Both of them strongly encourage Christian activism and have NO tolerance for sissies in the faith. No number of threats from the I.R.S or any other government agency has silenced the Grahams and none ever will. Yet the majority of Pastors are terrified of these same threats, afraid to alienate their flocks and lose attendees and consequently income, if they speak out against the unacceptable. These Pastors are dropping the ball and missing the point, caving in to social and economic pressures rather than standing true to the Word of God. Franklin Graham said; “ We are Soldiers in God's Army and we cannot stand down on Biblical issues out of fear of being labeled a homophobe or judge. If we as God's people refuse to speak about sin because it might make others uncomfortable, we are Cowards.”

Many Christians today are exactly that, Cowards. If WE fail to address and object to issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, tyranny and enslavement, who WILL? Graham also said; “ Sinful behaviors that are excused and repackaged as personal choice is Satan's greatest deception. His greatest victories today take place within the church by those who remain silent.” How long can we afford to be silent and accepting before God smites us all with His anger? How many more Christians will we witness being tortured, beheaded and burned alive by Islamic extremists before we say, “ENOUGH!” ? How many more unborn babies will be torn from their mother's wombs, how many more homosexuals must die of Aids- related afflictions, how many children need to be sexually molested and mutilated before we speak out?

Should Christians be engaged in politics and the defense of Constitutional Law ? Absolutely! Had it not been for Christians, we would not HAVE a Constitution, we would have never known Freedom and Liberty. WE know better than the non-believers of this world, exactly where our rights and freedoms came from and why it is so vital to protect and retain those gifts. WHY should we accept the rabid attempts of the left-wing to silence us ? As Christians, we of all people should not know Fear, not bow to intimidation and persecution, and NEVER be silenced ! Imagine if Pastors and flocks stood strongly against the tide of evil for the past 45 years, where America could be at this moment? We are watching this great country die an agonizing death, and we do nothing?

Why do we allow Liberals and Democrats to decide who should be silenced and oppressed and who should be protected and afforded special rights? First Amendment rights are granted to ALL Americans and religions, but nowhere does it say that these rights extend to “Cults”. Islam is a Cult of intolerance, control, hate, and cold-blooded murder. Muslims know no compassion, no cooperation, and no love. They are taught from birth to hate and kill in the name of a pedophile who they believe had a drug-induced vision of world domination through the slaughter of non-believers. Anyone who thinks that this vile ideology deserves Constitutional protection in America, is every bit as insane as the Muslims themselves. Islam IS insanity, yet we allow it to be openly practiced on our soil.

Is 9-11 and the thousands of innocent Americans who died ,so easy to forget and dismiss? Is the worldwide slaughter of Christians and non-believers, the beheading of women and children, that easy to overlook? Have we become so desensitized that we are as evil and bloodthirsty as the Muslims are? While these animals move freely in our neighborhoods and infiltrate our government with the blessing of the Democrat's President, American Patriots and Christians are labeled as Domestic Terrorists for objecting. WE are now seen as the enemy for supporting Constitutionality, Capitalism, Self-Responsibility, Accountability, and the Christian values of our founders.

Democrats killed the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas because they exercised their First Amendment rights as free Americans. Many, many women and children perished because they lived a “Prepper” lifestyle, choosing to live peacefully, privately and apart from the mainstream. They were prepared to protect themselves, but never posed a threat to anyone, except Democrats that oppose freedom, self-reliance and peaceful sovereignty. How DARE American citizens oppose the almighty LEFT and choose to follow a different path !! So Bill Clinton had them eradicated.

The Randy Weaver family was accused of selling illegal firearms. No evidence of that has ever really come to light, but what IS certain, is that Weaver was a peaceful sovereign and a self-sufficient prepper. Obviously a HUGE threat to American Security that needed to be removed. Yet Eric Holder, the Federal Gun-Runner of Fast and Furious fame, is NOT a threat ? No, HE runs the United States Department of Justice !!

Islam and the massive infiltration of our borders by dangerous criminals and illegal immigrants is not a security concern? It was necessary to slaughter a family in Idaho for daring to live off-grid and disagree with a corrupt government. It was necessary to kill their family dog, then their pre-teen son, and finally his mother who was holding a baby in her arms, all because they dared to be Constitutional Americans and oppose tyranny by choosing an alternative and peaceful lifestyle. It's fine with the Democrats and liberals to be “Different” and live an alternative life as long as it pertains to homosexuality, Islam, government dependence, and a slew of other deviant and un-American choices, but opting to exercise Constitutional rights and personal choices they do not agree with is punishable by death? Christians remain silent.

The REAL terrorists are Washington,D.C Politicians of both parties, but primarily Democrats. Left-Wing Idiots are Terrorists and Destroyers. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a violent person and pose no physical threat to anyone. However, I am officially labeled as a Domestic Terrorist for my beliefs and refusal to be silent and Politically Correct. So why hold back NOW, I am going to say what I want to say, what NEEDS to be said. Folks, it is long past time for REAL Americans , the Patriots and Constitutionalists, the Christians, the Miners and Loggers, Soldiers and Veterans, Farmers and Truck-drivers, Fisherman and Ditch-Diggers, to step up and target the POISON that is Liberalism. Non-Violently, but with NO mercy and NO compromise. Storm Congress, Target the Media, Demand that Islam be BANNED on American soil, and remove and prosecute all the criminals serving in our government who have violated our Constitutional Laws. Hold Hillary responsible for the deaths in Benghazi. Hold Obama accountable for his numerous Constitutional violations, lies, and incidents of Treason. Arrest Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, and drive George Soros and Valerie Jarrett back into the Communist Holes they crawled out of ! Rid our government buildings of Muslims, repeal Obamacare, reform welfare, and ban abortion and same-sex marriage.

If you are National Guard or a healthy veteran, grab your peers, lock and load and get your red,white and blue butts down to the border and CLOSE it! You don't NEED Obama's “permission” to protect your country, you took an OATH to do just THAT! You are Americans, just DO it ! If you are a Christian, SPEAK UP against the slaughter and sin, the oppression by the D.C Democrats and the liberal left, the murder of the unborn, and the plague of immorality. You are CHRISTIANS, what do you have to FEAR? Get off your pious behinds and REVOLT!

Got kids or grandkids in public school? STOP the abuse and refuse to allow the Socialist curriculum to continue. STOP Common Core! Demand restoration of Civic Education as required by LAW in Patriotism, Constitutional Law, respect for the Flag and ACCURATE, TRUTHFUL history. Restore the competition for excellence and success. Some kid has his feelings hurt because he gets a “D” and Mary gets an “A”? Too bad, toughen up. Life is not fair , so do YOUR best and if your best is a “C”, well done ! Take back our schools and take back our country.

We need Term Limits, Voter I.D., and lower wages for politicians. We need to Drill, Mine, and Frack and become energy-independent and create REAL jobs. Stop supporting Hollywood and idolizing amoral liberal celebrities and DON'T buy anything the mainstream media tries to force-feed you. Join the Tea Party and the NRA and put some money and action where your mouth is. Fly the American Flag, wear Camo, and take your family to the range. Buy American products and grow your own food as much as possible, and home-school your kids if you can. Become as self-sufficient as you are able, and RESIST and REVOLT, because our time is UP! Stop being victims and sissies, YOU are in control!

Christians, talk to your pastors and church families and GET active and involved. If your church is timid and wimpy, find one that isn't. General Jerry Boykin said; “People committed to Biblical values must start speaking about and standing firm for the principles in which they believe. Compromise must NOT be considered!”

God Bless America Anew. JJ


 As November Nears....                                                                 7-25-2014

          Happy 15th Birthday to my youngest grand-daughter!

                       I knew on Monday as I was packing for my trip, that something significant would likely occur in NY while I was away.  Easy call when you consider that for the past 4 years, something newsworthy happens almost daily. As I planted my feet on the very soil that soaked up so much blood in the fight to free American Blacks from bondage, back in NY, Andrew Cuomo was going into hiding. When I was standing at the base of the Eternal Flame of Gettysburg, New York's lying, thieving, corrupt governor was being exposed on the cover of the liberal, New York Times ! History preserved, history made.

                        As I read the account of the part played by the New York Regiment in the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Cuomo's Moreland Commission was being revealed as the bad joke it is. I had heard over the last weekend that Cuomo had extorted Sandy Relief Funds to pad his campaign War Chest. The same funds that he had received DIRECTLY from Barack Obama as payment for forcing through the NY Safe Act. Money that you, I , and all American taxpayers had worked for to provide for victims of disasters, and money that should have been immediately put to use to repair broken lives. Yet Obama had held it back, claimed it did not exist.

                         The Aid Wallet was only opened AFTER Cuomo agreed to violate the 2nd Amendment rights of the People of NY via the unconstitutional Safe Act. That back-door deal was more than enough to impeach and prosecute both parties TO it, but as is the new norm, nothing was done. As of this very day, residents of Long Island remain homeless and hopeless. Now we know why. We now know how the TV ads that attempt to smear Rob Astorino with false accusations, were financed.

                          The Moreland Commission was useless from Day ONE of it's formation and we all knew it. Cuomo's very first directive to this group was: HIS office and actions were exempt and off-limits and ditto for the Attorney General.  LOL!! So the Moreland Commission's only purpose was to expose and indict the little guys, the NY City Assemblymen who submitted false vouchers and accepted bribes, all in an effort to make it seem as if Cuomo was addressing corruption. Investigate the expendables but don't look into the REAL cesspool in Albany.  The Moreland Commission is nothing but a higher-level, carbon-copy of our own, New Lebanon Ethics Board. Stacked, Biased, and controlled by the very criminals it was intended to remove. Same game, different fields.

                           Now that ONE brave journalist actually had the integrity to expose Cuomo's control of the Moreland Commission, the Gangster Governor is suddenly M.I.A. How very interesting. Will THIS finally be enough to open eyes to what Cuomo really IS? I doubt it. Common Sense, for those of us who still possess it, would suggest that these two latest crimes of Andrew Cuomo are more than adequate to cause him to lose the election in November, BUT, this is New York. This is the state with, "NO place for Pro-Life, Gun-Loving,Christian,Conservatives".  No, in NY we are ALL forced to live by the dishonorable and demented ideologies of the the Liberal Left in NY City.

                            They do not CARE what Cuomo does, he is a rich, liberal Democrat and for that reason alone, they will support him. Cuomo and Obama could kick puppies and drown kittens and still win elections. The Zombies will go to the polls and cast their votes for more extortion, lies, cronyism and Treason because that is just who they ARE. Followers, indoctrinated by the sinful, un-American Society created by others of their ilk. Libs are incapable of independent thinking and soul-searching. They have no souls TO search, having sold them a long time ago.

                            So where IS Andrew Cuomo? He is NOT hiding out of shame or any sense of guilt, that's for certain. He is "Lying Low" until the embers cool. In a day or two, another scandal or manufactured crisis will come along to distract the brain-dead among us, just as it did with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Bergdahl trade, the IRS, ISIS, the VA Murders, and so on. Just another "Bump in the Road". Cuomo will resurface, the smear campaign against "Ultra-Conservative" Rob Astorino will ramp up and the human Kudzu of Liberaldom will continue to follow the flock straight to the slaughter.  You can't fix stupid, but you CAN vote it out in November. WILL you?


Tomorrow: Patriotism South of the Mason-Dixon Line AND "Behold New Lebanon". (GAG!!!)

(Can you tell I LOVE this photo of the Two Stooges making their dirty deal??)


 Patriotism South of the Mason-Dixon, and the Lebanon EDC                   7-26-2014

               I am not much for traveling. A long weekend once a year is more than adequate for me and if the choice is mine, the destination would be the cooler, woodsy, Northern states.

                This week's trip South was not my idea, and I was only convinced to go because there is AMMO down there. The primary reason for the trip was to examine a John Deere Combine just below the PA/Maryland line for Kinderhook Creek Farm. It was 95 degrees in the shade in Maryland, and the two hours we spent there were two hours more than I ever plan to spend in that state again. LOL!! Pennsylvania on the other hand, does have its pluses. I wouldn't live there, the traffic and hordes of humanity, the tourist trap feel of the small towns and Amish country are not my cup of tea.

                 Industry in PA is booming as was apparent by the amount of truck traffic and the cloned shopping centers that sprout from the ground every 8 or 10 miles.  I guess their governor is business-friendly because there are SO many things manufactured there, that I couldn't list a fraction of them. Great economy, but sadly, it comes at a high price.  Farmland is disappearing at an alarming rate and cluster housing now occupies was what once open field and pastures. Poor planning has destroyed the rural charm, peace, and historical flavor that PA has always been so noted for.  I would much prefer to see the growth kept in the business districts and the Civil War Era towns preserved and protected from the "Progress". (AND the Progressives!)  Are you HEARING ME New Lebanon ?!

                  One thing I found to be very impressive about PA was the obvious Patriotism and Faith of the native residents. In every town and city, the U.S Flag flies everywhere! All the businesses of every size and type, nine out of every ten homes, and every utility pole displays our Flag.  There are Christian Churches of every description and size on every street and corner and scripture-bearing signs are displayed from mailboxes, on trees and from fence posts.

                   We visited the Cabelas store where we were immediately greeted by two employees whose sole job was to collect and secure the guns for those who "Open Carry" and to advise us "Concealed Carriers" that we were welcome to do so ! Ammo is on open shelves, Self-Service. Bring your dog, your grandma and your Glock and enjoy our store! WOW!  My rolling-billboard truck was an invitation to countless people to approach us and shake our hands for our patriotic stand in NY, and one truck-driver actually knocked on our driver's door window, shook our hands, and said, "When Madison's Militia of NY is ready, so are we! We've got your backs!".

                     In the Town of New Holland, every utility pole bears a banner with the photo of a local veteran and their dates of service. American Pride and Faith in God flows in the veins of Pennsylvanians as it should in every American, in every state. We are so blessed to live in this country.  It was hopeful, encouraging and heartbreaking all at once.  One sign in the Town of Stroudsburg particularly touched me and I will never forget it. It said, "What has happened to my America?".

                     The Gettysburg Battlefield was not on our travel agenda, but when I spotted the site from a distance, there was NO question that I would go and stand on that ground. This was the most profound experience I have had in many years and it made all those hours in traffic and endless road construction seem trivial. I could talk about that place and its effect on me, its historical relevance and contribution to Freedom, for hours, but if you have one patriotic bone in your body, you know all this already. At least, you SHOULD.

                      Which brings me home to little New Lebanon,N.Y. Among the 200+ emails that were awaiting my return, was one from our Town Clerk that sickened me beyond description. It was the description of "Behold New Lebanon" composed by Mrs. Ruth Abrams and  the liberal Kudzu, known as the Economic Development Committee. Now let me get something straight right from the start. I am not against growth and improvement in this town or anywhere else. Everything is subject to change over time. I think the Heritage Center is wonderful, and I know that many people love the Farmer's Market, and that is all good for the town and the residents. I support the new eatery that is coming in to the Midtown Mall and I like the Hilltown Pork Smokehouse as well.

                        That being said, I have made it more than clear how I feel about invading, controlling elitists that are rolling in money, coming in to this town and taking it FROM us. They live here part-time, have moved here very recently, or don't live here at ALL, yet they are working at breakneck speed to steal this town and turn it into their personal, weekend and summer playground. FIFTEEN people, very few of which have any right to make decisions of ANY kind about a town they are new to, don't live in, or come to occasionally, are still making back-door plans about OUR futures here in New Lebanon. Are we going to allow it?

                         This uppity idea of drawing tourists that the majority of us do NOT want, by dressing the locals in period costumes and displaying their hobbies and crafts to outsiders that don't know a sheep from a goat, is ludicrous and embarrassing. Their offer of 12 and 15 dollar- an- hour jobs to run this nursery school is about a million dollars short of what it would take to get me to demean myself in such a manner.  We are NOT rats under glass and we are not Pet Monkeys who exist to entertain city liberals in their leisure time. We are hard-working , country folks and we deserve a say in what is offered in our town.

                         The Ruth Abrams dream of turning New Lebanon into a liberal utopia/tourist trap is not shared by the majority, but the EDC doesn't CARE what the local hicks want, they want what THEY want and they have the money and lack of ethics to carry it out. They also have Mike and Larry Benson using their positions and influence to make it happen via Nepotism and Sucking-Up to the future voters. Do I think the Behold project will be a BAD thing? Not necessarily. I DO see some problems with traffic at the site they plan to use for their "Office", and I see a huge issue with traffic increases in general. Funny how these same tree-huggers that forced Howard Commander to spend thousands of dollars on air, traffic and noise studies, now don't seem to care one whit about the noise, carbon monoxide emissions, and traffic safety issues this plan will cause! Why? Well, because THIS is THEIR idea! THIS appeals to their opinionated claim of a love of the "Arts".

                          If some folks want to allow strangers to tramp through their houses and ooh and aah over their barns and gardens, so be it, who cares, but the issue is that this is just the EDC sticking a toe in the water. This is a rehearsal for the main event of taking control of our town. Mark my words, even if you doubt me. Time will reveal the agenda, if you let it. If you oppose tourism, increase in government intervention in town politics and planning, more traffic and rude citiots, and a consistently corrupt, local government, better SPEAK UP NOW or forever hold your peace. Choose to be defenders of New Lebanon as a rural hometown, or be cowards and quitters and give it away to outsiders. The EDC cannot be allowed to rule this town like their personal monarchy and make decisions for YOU and your families. That's what VOTING is for, what REFERENDUMS are for! The VOICE of the PEOPLE. Demand nothing less.

                            Save the Speedway, preserve our rural peace and lifestyle, keep the cost of living affordable for us all, and stop the government grants that will have long-range consequences on your property rights and taxes. PLUG-IN to what is going on in your town and use your voices. Join Community Caring and work with your friends, families and neighbors to beautify and strengthen our town without selling our freedoms, but through our own, combined efforts, talents, and cooperation. Stone Soup, remember? It's up to YOU. Protect the sanctity and character of your town or surrender it.


Tomorrow: The Town Picnic and Coming Attractions

   Pic#1) New Holland,PA.

   Pic#2) Gettysburg Battlefield             


 ATTENTION NEW LEBANON RESIDENTS !!                        7-28-2014

              The new Citizen's Group, "PACT- Community Caring" is now ready to accept members and volunteers. This is an effort to SAVE OUR TOWN from the encroachment of Agenda 21 and the Liberal Invasion from NY City that so threaten our futures.

              I stopped in to the Town Picnic on Saturday and was pleased to see that Scott Larabee's idea and efforts to re-unify this town is quite successful. At the same time, I was shocked at how many folks were there that I have NEVER laid eyes upon before! Some of that is of course, due to no longer having kids or grandchildren in the local schools, so a lot of the younger people are strangers to me. I walked around and talked to people I knew and didn't know, and asked some of them about their political leanings, opinion of the Safe Act and what they think of the New Lebanon EDC. Guess what kind of responses I got?

              Most people I spoke with are what they described as "On the Fence", neither Right Wing or Left. Too many of the men are either anti-2nd Amendment or don't care one way or the other. Yes, our town is THAT far gone!  When it came to the EDC and what they are doing, NO ONE other than Town Employees or officials, had a CLUE! "What's the EDC?" they asked. This is terrifying, and exactly what the EDC and their ilk are counting on. Lack of information and involvement is their ally and our enemy.

              I am now working with representatives of a certain Nationwide group that is well-known and powerful in recognizing and reversing the dangers of "Sustainable Development", "Revitalization", "Hamlets", and "GRANTS!". They have assigned us a representative that will work with us one-on-one to Save this Town! What we need now is YOU. We need local families, businesses and churches, our youth, seniors, and Conservatives from all parties to join hands with us and come together to preserve our rural, country way of life, prevent tax increases and government intervention in our property rights and freedoms.

               If being forced to pay for unnecessary improvements such as a "Tourist Information Center", "Sidewalks", "Hamlet Studies and Planning" upsets you, this is the group you need to be a part of. If you are concerned about traffic safety, air and noise pollution, Federal Grants that WILL affect your taxes, and the Socialism that is sneaking into our school curriculums, this is your group. If you oppose MORE government regulations and control of how you live and use your property, or you find unethical and corrupt political practices to be unacceptable, you MUST join this group! Support the Speedway?  Join us!! Also bear in mind, that THIS group, unlike the EDC, will operate TRANSPARENTLY, in the open, and will welcome ALL who wish to be involved.

             Given a choice between these negative plans, and being part of a Community Group that can and WILL grow and improve our town through the efforts of the PEOPLE, what would you decide? If it is the latter, we NEED you. This group is YOUR group, a place where your voice MATTERS, your opinions MATTER, and YOU matter! There is strength in numbers, so the more of you that will get to your feet and take action, the faster we can prevent the rapid encroachment of NY City ideas and stop the wealthy proponents OF it. The very FIRST thing you must do, is get informed. You can do that here, or on our brand-new Facebook Page, "PACTNY".

               The Facebook page will be a forum for all residents to speak and be heard, to discuss the issues and suggest actions, volunteer for community efforts and publicize needs and triumphs of friends and family. There are many folks here in need of assistance due to unemployment, illness, age, or loss. There are also many folks who are gifted in areas such as construction, gardening, writing, research, teaching, youth activities, and Constitutional living. Together, we can bring a Supermarket and Pharmacy to our town, things we truly NEED. We can beautify this town, and incorporate a Community Center for the use and enjoyment of ALL residents at little or no cost TO the people. All while preserving the Rural, Country way of life we have all enjoyed here for years and would like to see continue. Keep the Country, COUNTRY!

                Please share this opportunity with your families, friends and co-workers, your neighbors, and the parents you know from the schools. Involve your kids and your Seniors, because this is a group with something for EVERYONE. At the moment, there are three main contact persons you can choose from to sign on:

1) Scott Larabee

2) Wayne Martin

3) JJ. Johnson-Smith

       Or, you can join us by emailing: K9Sheps@yahoo.com or on the Facebook page:


                      Let's restore unity and peaceful, country living to New Lebanon and tell the EDC, "Thanks, but No Thanks! WE can do it!".     JJ

First Pic is "Lindsay's Store". Anyone remember where this was?


 Hillary and the New Effort in Lebanon!                                7-29-2014

                            Hillary Clinton was in Saratoga today, and the local media made certain that we ALL knew it ! They ignore the Benghazi hearings, and a hundred other, vital issues, but Hillary signing her book of B.S is BIG NEWS.

                             I find it beyond belief that any mature, American adult would spend a dime on a book she wrote about herself when her record is one of zero accomplishments and innumerable lies, cheating, theft, anti-Americanism and even murders.  What is WRONG with the American people? Would YOU stand in line with uninformed and misinformed followers to have a book signed by Stalin or Mao? A LOT of people would! Would YOU support a politician with Communist leanings, with your hard-earned money, your time to stand in line, and your attention in reading the propaganda between the pages of her, "Hard Choices"?

                             How can people who live within spitting distance of the Saratoga Battlefield, justify their treason in supporting the Clintons ? Do they even know what occurred on that site and WHY? Probably not. Even Liberal Icon, Howard Stern, has stated that the D.C Democrat Regime is Communist and that he will never, EVER vote for Democrats again. Yet 1,000 residents of upstate N.Y's most historically valuable town lined up with the flock to be shorn by the Butcher of D.C. How do we wrap our heads around THAT?

                             Wouldn't you think that it makes more sense to read one or two of the many available books about Hillary that offer irrefutable facts about her record, agenda and crimes against the American people? If one is willing to take the time to buy and read "Hard Choices", shouldn't one also be willing to read the others? Or the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, or Pilgrim's Progress? Will ANY of these 1,000 Saratogian Sheeple go to the theater this week and see Dinesh D'Souza's new movie, "America: Imagine a World Without Her"?  I already know the answer to that and so do you.

                              I was not at all surprised to see thousands of people line up last month in NY City to buy Hillary's book and have her sign it. We expect it from "THOSE" people, but UPSTATE? How very quickly disease spreads if left unchecked. Which is exactly why the Conservative residents of New Lebanon need to act quickly in addressing the serious issues facing this town. So where do we start?

                               By becoming informed. If we fail to be aware of what is going on here at home, how can we ever hope to be vigilant of our freedoms nationally? Tomorrow, on the Facebook page I have posted a link to below, we will start with the present, most pressing and time-sensitive problem which is the Economic Development Committee or "EDC".  If you have read this blog before, you know something about the EDC and the danger it poses to our town. There are enough archives here to keep you busy for a while, and if you REALLY want to get serious, I can provide archives back as far as 2009, and factual accounts dating back as far as 2007. Just ask, and I will get them to you.

                                There are many, many things in New Lebanon that need addressing and if WE don't do it, no one will. It's up to the People to police the officials and decide what WE want for the future of New Lebanon and our lives here, and NOT for a mere 15 people, hand-picked by the Town Supervisor, to decide FOR us, in SECRET.  We need to come together quickly and take action to preserve the things we love about this town and correct the things we don't.

       Don't let arrogant outsiders and self-serving elitists take our town away from us. Visit the Facebook page and SIGN UP to be a member of Community Caring.

                     No Surrender!  JJ


          Just a reminder: Have you checked our Food Pantry lately? As the need grows in summer with kids home from school, the importance of donating cannot be ignored. Schenectady's Food Pantry is serving 400 families per day ! Yup, we REALLY need half of Central America coming across our borders illegally, huh? We aren't feeding our OWN!

##################################################################          JOIN:     https://www.facebook.com/PACTNY   


Let's Get Started, New Lebanon !!                                         7-31-2014

Of the numerous matters requiring the attention of New Lebanon residents, the EDC is the most important. This is where we have to start. The EDC has been discussed at length on the PACT blog pages this year, so some of you are already familiar with the details. For those of you who are not we will fill you in beginning NOW.

The Economic Development Committee or “EDC”, was the brainchild of Michael Benson, who actually organized it. He hand-picked the members from among his friends and financial supporters, primarily those with the fattest wallets and /or best connections that are most beneficial to his agenda and interests. The EDC “claims” to be dedicated to the improvement of New Lebanon and the quality of life of its residents and to some degree, it IS. However, the focuses of this group will benefit only a small percentage of people, and those people are the wealthy, the newer residents from NYC and the surrounding areas, Part-Time residents, and owners of businesses that the EDC considers “desirable”.

Those of us who are long-time or lifetime residents of average and lower income, blue-collar workers and laborers and plain country folk, will NOT be positively affected by the EDC's efforts. In fact, WE are the expendables that will bear the majority of the negative aspects of the EDC's visions, culturally and financially. So let's begin with taking a look at the members of this EDC.

      1. Chairman: Max Gitter. Who IS he? An extremely wealthy, well-connected attorney from NY City. He owns local property but is a Part-Time resident. He DID lie to me and claim to have been a full-time resident of over 30 years, but that is not true. He is not now, nor has he ever been, a full-timer. He owns and runs a large, successful law firm in NY City with a less-than-honorable track record for destroying lives in exchange for money and power. (Yes, I CAN provide proof of that claim.)

        Max is rude, aggressive, and very abrasive, and accustomed to having things HIS way. He has proven publicly that integrity is NOT his forte' nor does he care that it isn't. We could talk about Max all day, but he doesn't deserve that much attention.

      2. Vice-Chairman: Sharon Moon. Full-time resident, originally from Canaan, Sharon is a hard worker and one of the people responsible for the Heritage Center and its operation. I like Sharon and think that her motives for being an EDC member are most likely due to her loyalty to this town and desire to see improvements. What concerns me is, that because she IS kind and pretty trusting, she MAY be easily manipulated by those who literally surround her. Still, she is a strong person so we remain confident that she will be vigilant of the rights of ALL residents. She IS however, a strong supporter of Mike Benson.

      3. Doug Clark. Oh Boy, where do I BEGIN? This is the guy that has a long record of board-stacking, misconduct, temper tantrums, and threats to members of the public who dare to disagree with him, and all this was while he was serving as Deputy Town Supervisor ! He plotted against Meg Robertson while she was Supervisor and his immediate superior by aligning himself with Mike Benson PRIOR to Benson announcing his official candidacy and all during the following campaign. Doug Clark was one of the turncoats responsible for the Secret Meeting that was foiled by Meg at the last minute. The meeting that was to be held at Mike Benson's Albany office of his construction firm and included players such as Fiona Lally, Robert Weber, Tony Murad, and others.

        As a result of this action, Clark was relieved of his position as Dep. Supervisor, only to be immediately re-instated by Benson as soon as HE took office. Paid off for Dougy! I could write a novel about Doug Clark and his deplorable, infantile and angry behaviors as a town official, but why bother? If you're truly interested in his escapades, it is all on the PACT blog site in the archives. THIS man should NOT be making decisions about curtains, much less the future of an entire town.

      4. Melanie Hunt. I do not know Ms. Hunt personally and have never been to her business, the Blueberry Hill Cafe. Nor WILL I, and I will explain why. Ms. Hunt is NOT a New Lebanon resident, and as such, has NO right to make decisions that affect the futures of those of us who DO. Now consider this; Ms. Hunt is a close friend of members of Mike Benson's family. When she was considering opening her business here, Mike Benson took it upon himself to go out and “evaluate” her competition.

        He pretended to be concerned about the bottom line of these businesses and was able to “charm” information from the owners, which he then considered and reported to Ms. Hunt that she would do well here and come on in! VERY dirty pool. Oh, but it didn't STOP there! Benson told me and my husband, face-to-face, that he had by-passed the D.O.T requirements for Ms. Hunt's business plan to save her aggravation and money in opening the Blueberry Hill Cafe ! This coming right after the owners of Kendall House has been put through the D.O.T WRINGER to open theirs ! So, should Melanie Hunt be making decisions for YOU? For that matter, should Mike Benson?

      5. Larry Benson. This one is tough, because in many ways, Larry is a good man who has served this town well. The concern here is Nepotism. Being Mike Benson's Uncle and supporter, there exists a serious conflict of interest. Enough said, for NOW.

      6. Linda Hursa. Owner of the Angel's Trumpet flower shop, but NOT a resident of New Lebanon !! Linda and her husband live in Stephentown. She is a strong supporter and defender of both Mike Benson and Max Gitter and as a non-resident, also has NO right to have a say in the future of New Lebanon.

      7. Sunny Kumar. Owner of EZ Mart. ANOTHER non-resident. This is the guy that came to a Town Board meeting and complained about Stewarts putting in a Diesel pump. He stated that he made a huge profit from his diesel sales because being the only one in Lebanon who HAD it, he was able to greatly pad the cost! Holy Crow! Bad enough he DID that, but who comes to a public meeting and SAYS it?! Many,many complaints from his customers about receiving the wrong change when Sunny is at the register. In Sunny's favor, of course. He has NO place on ANY board in this town, even if he WERE a resident, and he is NOT.

      8. Fiona Lally. President of the Lebanon Valley Business Association and writer of the “Grow the Valley” newsletter. This is hard to talk about as Fiona was knee-deep in the issue I described involving Doug Clark and Bob Weber. Also complicit in that unethical and abominable attempt to destroy Meg Robertson well before the campaigns began.

        Fiona is not exactly a “newcomer” here anymore, but she IS a recent city transplant with delusions of grandeur and a vision for our town that is not in sync with the majority of long-timers. One need only read a single issue of her newsletter to see where her loyalties and leanings lie. She, like ALL the members of the EDC is Left-Wing, in fact, Fiona is 100% left-wing, and that is not acceptable. 50-50 we can work with, but 100% to one side or the other, is not workable.

      9. Jack Yurish. A local man, 78 years old now and has served in town positions in the past. It's time for him to step aside and let some young blood in. This year, Mike Benson appointed Jack Yurish to the troubled , local Ethics Board, selecting him over younger, more suitable applicants who had applied more than once for town positions. VERY fishy, yes?

      10. Sue and Gaston Roberts. Owners of the Shed Man, wealthy, Benson supporters. Local opinion of them is fairly favorable except for the fact that Gaston “allegedly” forged his daughter's signature to Mike Benson's petition for endorsement of the Independent Party in New Lebanon. Yup, another one that should not be making decisions for the entire population of this town.

      11. Heather Van Oort. Owner of the jewelry store at the bottom of County Rt. 5. Moved here from Stephentown several years ago. Can't say too much here because for one, I don't know her very well. Second, what I DO know is very personal, behind-closed-doors stuff and I do NOT go into people's houses or private relationships. My job is to expose corruption, and behaviors and actions that make people unsuitable for public office. So, enough said here.

      12. Monte Wasch. NY City transplant who worked in high-level planning for that city. Brought his VERY Liberal ideologies here with him and has NO clue as to how to work cooperatively with those who do not see the world through his eyes. Monte knows best, he knows it ALL, and he wants it his way, ALL the time. Which is exactly why Conservatives and Liberals can't meet in the middle. Most Liberals are not capable of giving back the things they demand from others. Monte is the quintessential Liberal.

      13. Bob Weber. Owner of Country Squire Hardware Store. A huge disappointment. Comes from good, local folks and has owned and operated the hardware store in town since Harry Hicks gave it up. I always liked Bob and supported his business until Mike Benson blew back into town and Bob immediately was taken-in by the Benson B.S. He turned on his friends and customers and took part in the betrayal of Meg Robertson and the dirty campaign run by Benson BOTH times. I haven't been in the hardware store since, and will go all the way to Hudson to shop at Lowes, instead.

      14. Mike Benson. Don't get me started! You all know how I feel about Benson's deplorable record and behaviors since his coming back to Lebanon after a 20-year absence. If you do NOT know about his goals, misconduct, and manipulations, shame on YOU! Check the PACT archives. What you allow, will continue.

So we have one part-time resident, three NON-residents, and three fairly recent transplants from the city, all serving on this committee. Nine are undeniable leftists and nine are extremely wealthy. Which means “power”. Every single one of them, is a strong supporter of Mike Benson and ALL of them are drunk on his Kool-Aid. ( By the way, “Behold New Lebanon” is just another hand on the long arm of the EDC, run by Ruth Abrams, another NY City transplant, married to a powerful attorney who has a firm IN the city. ) We will get to “Behold” soon enough.

Notice that there is not ONE strong Conservative on the EDC, no “regular” folks or “working Joes”. No one who did NOT support Mike Benson in his two runs for Supervisor or in his agenda of transforming this town into a playground for vacationers, part-timers and tourists. Every one was carefully hand-picked. Make NO mistake folks, the Town Board is now little more than an inconvenient prop for Benson and his minions. The EDC is running New Lebanon , in the dark, and nothing they discuss or do is for YOUR ears!

The EDC protects itself by claiming to be a “Private” group and NOT a Town Entity. This of course, makes them exempt from town laws and codes, Ethics Codes, Open Meeting Laws, General Municipal Law, Minute-taking, and transparency. No one may attend their clandestine meetings unless they are “invited” by the members and only then, if you are what the EDC refers to as an, “Economic Actor”. I am “guessing” that an Economic Actor would be a business owner, holders of large parcels of land, investors, and other wealthy and /or connected individuals who also happen to support Benson and lean hard left.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the pet projects, goals, and the long-range pluses and minuses of this EDC. What does it mean for our town, our lifestyles, our finances and our children's futures ? What does New Lebanon REALLY NEED, and what can we do without? Please weigh-in in the comments on the Facebook page and remember that this is YOUR page. Come here to learn, suggest, volunteer or even Protest if you wish. This issue needs all of us, and all are welcome. It makes no difference what political party you belong to, or if you are Conservative or Liberal or somewhere in-between. All we ask is that you have a love for your town, a sense of fairness for ALL residents, and believe that each of us, regardless of financial status, where we work, or what kind of house we live in, should have a voice in the future of our town.


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