The Importance of Truth                                                     7-2-2015

       Truth can be a very painful thing. None of us likes to hear realities that burst our cozy bubbles of ignorance and denial. It's especially difficult to face truths about our own shortcomings and flaws, even though we all have them. 


        Pretending that truth can be ignored by calling it "Hate Speech" or "Racist" or "Politically Incorrect" will not make it go away or lessen its sting. Facts and evidence are inconvenient things, especially when it comes to the political arena. 

         Failing to admit and face the truth is cowardly, divisive, and destructive. The indisputable evidence of the mind-numbing, criminal behaviors of our present administration is but one glaring example of that failure. We KNOW what the Clintons are, we know who and what the elite bankers and Bilderbergs are and what their agenda is, yet we deny it at our peril. It cannot be argued that the Obama family is surrounded by unanswered questions and countless lies, yet we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by those lies of the Left and the G.O.P Rinos who control the rhetoric and media.  We are sheep.

         This week, Donald Trump made a brave, truthful statement about our illegal immigration crisis and as a result, he has been assaulted by the media. It makes no difference if you love Trump or despise him, make fun of his unruly hair or resent his wealth, the guy is GUTSY. Trump tells it like it is and let's the chips fall where they may and I find that honorable, admirable and more than a little refreshing. I don't know about YOU, but I am so sick of the Liberal sugar-coating of reality that I am about to suffer a diabetic coma. 

          America was founded and built by gritty, outspoken, unwaveringly determined and Truthful individuals. It is being destroyed by cowards, liars, and emotional cripples. Today we make excuses for crime and corruption and grant special protections to specific groups based on race, ethnicity and gender-confusion, or just on how loudly certain groups cry. Rather than admit that there is a clear and present danger in allowing Mexican and Central American immigrants to enter our country illegally and unvetted, the Willy Wonka generation uses the Race Card and Political Correctness to condemn those who call attention to the dangers and truth. WHY? Well for one, to grow the Democrat voter pool, and second, to weaken the economy.

         In today's political cesspool, power and control take precedent over security and stability. It has always been this way to some degree since Biblical times, but never to the degree we are witnessing today. Always before, there came a point when the people decided that enough was enough and they revolted, reining-in the tyrants and corrupt until the NEXT time.  Not all that long ago, politicians who committed crimes on a level with those of the Clintons, Obamas, Soros, Reids, Pelosis, and Holders, to name a few, would have been hung for Treason, and Treason is exactly what it IS. Today, we not only ignore and excuse the crimes, we allow the criminals to remain in office and even run for re-election! 

          How do mature, sensible adults allow that to occur or even wrap our minds around it? We would never tolerate rule and law-breaking from our children, so why do we accept it from the politicians we elect to serve and protect our interests?  When did it become okay to violate the Constitutional Rights of American citizens ?

When was it decided that burning and looting a city was an appropriate response to a police shooting of a criminal ? How did we become so emotionally immature that we need the Supreme Court to make laws that protect us from having our "Feelings Hurt" ? It's time for some plain truth and bare facts, folks. It's time to admit and deal with the real issues.  Being Black does not give one a license to attack police officers, destroy property, abandon their children, or be excused for their crimes, ignorance, and sense of entitlement. Being a poor Mexican does not make it okay for you to enter our country illegally and commit crimes and bleed our system. 

         Believing in the Koran does not give you any right to impose Shariah, stone or behead non-believers, or rape pre-adolescent girls in America.  If you happen to be a homosexual, you have every right to that choice and to a Civil Union if you please, but you have NO right to expect special considerations based on your choice or to force your views on others, target people of faith, or expose your naked genitalia to our children in a public parade. You cannot expect protection from offense while consistently offending others. 

        If a certain flag upsets you, too bad, this is America and you need to get over it. Go fly your own flag, or better yet, go fly a kite! By the way, all you Dukes of Hazzard Fans, the General Lee has now been stripped of its flag too, because nothing is EVER enough to appease the wet-diaper whiners of the Liberal Left. (and they call the Tea Party , Extremists?!) 

        Truth MATTERS folks, and we need to start speaking it, admitting it, and dealing with it like adults, beginning in our own communities. In New Lebanon, we dealt last week with some hard truths about the Behold New Lebanon Program's Founder and her shameful record in Manhattan.  Now we need to address the truths surrounding the Economic Development Committee and its undeniable illegality, and we WILL. I SO wish I could report to you the things this committee has done that would result in arrests if ONLY certain players had bothered to make audio or video recordings of the criminal behavior. The EDC got lucky, but luck has a way of running out. 

        It is TRUTH that Mike Benson blew back into town 4 years ago and lied, mis-represented himself and submitted fraudulent petitions to win the election for Supervisor. Rather than being held accountable for these violations and lies, he was instead, re-elected!   It is also TRUE, that our New Lebanon Republican Committee consists of the following individuals:

 1) Mike Benson

 2) Darla Dobert - works for Benson at his Albany Construction business.

 3) Eileen Evans - Benson's "Confidential Secretary

 4) Bud Godfroy - Benson's "YES MAN". 

         Gee, I wonder who will get the nod for Supervisor this year?  It could not possibly BE more corrupt, more "Fixed" or more of a Conflict of Interest !!  The saddest piece of it all? YOU don't care !!! THAT my friends, is why the corruption continues and escalates and you suffer laryngitis from failing to speak. They no longer HEAR us because we have been silent for so long.  I am embarrassed and ashamed by my fellow Conservatives and Christians. SO many of you hide behind convenient excuses such as owning a business and not wanting to lose customers, or not wanting to be unpopular, etc.,etc. Good Heavens people, Grow UP, Stand UP, and Speak UP, there is power in numbers! 

         Tell the Truth, Speak the Truth, and let's start dealing with the Truth while we still can. Then get your butts out to vote in November and let's clean our house! 


IMAGINE !!                                                              7-4-2015


                     I hope that each of you will take even a few seconds today to ponder the significance of this holiday. As your families gather for the cookouts and fireworks, will you make the small effort to speak to the children about our history, the importance of our freedom and Constitutional protections? Or will you hand them a hot dog and a sparkler and go grab a beer? 

                      Grandparents in particular, have a duty to share the facts about America's hard-won liberty with the younger generations. WE are the ones who learned the true history in school, WE are the ones who remember a strong, united, and proud country, and WE are the last hope in the sharing of those truths. Don't drop the ball. 

                      It's a beautiful morning, and I took my coffee on the front porch at 7 a.m with my trusty friend, Bailey the Bulldog.  She is recovering nicely from her eye and oral surgery on Monday and is back to her old, very lazy and gentle self. LOL!!  As we sat and enjoyed the quiet and watched the Robins feed their young in my Rose of Sharon bush, I began to imagine what it might be like in New Lebanon in 2016. 

                      This valley is a beautiful place to live. It has its pluses and minuses like anywhere else in the country, but no matter what, it's home and I still love it. I will always love it.  Which is of course, why I am so determined to stop the mutation of it by the in-coming liberals who are so determined to force negative influences upon us. There is room for people of all views, but we cannot allow room for those who wish to transform us 100% in one direction, THEIR direction. Since the first election of Mike Benson, that agenda has accelerated and the results are obvious and divisive.

                       So I began to think about what could be possible in New Lebanon with the right leadership. IMAGINE if you will, a New Lebanon with an honest, transparent government that respects and considers ALL residents equally. Imagine a New Lebanon with:

 1) NO secret committees

 2) NO more Board Stacking

 3) NO more Cronyism

 4) NO more Conflicts of Interest

 5) NO more abuses of Executive Sessions

 6) NO more lying leaders

 7) A Supervisor who is actually PRESENT in the Town Hall 

 8) NO more unnecessary "Confidential Secretaries"

 9) NO more over-reach by a Czar with a God Complex

 10) A Community Center

 11) A resident-inspired fundraiser for a new playground

 12) An ultra-violet purifier for our Indian Head fountain that will restore the water rights granted to the residents decades ago. 

 13) Outreach programs sponsored by ALL 4 churches

 14) Public Forums on major projects

 15) Beautification projects that cost little or nothing

 16) NO government intervention through Sustainable Development Programs, Grants, and Hamlet Revitalization Agendas

 17) Affordable Senior Housing

 18) NO more assaults on our oldest and largest business, the Speedway

 19) Quarterly workshops for the public and all planning groups and committees

 20) CLEAN elections and party committees

  ETC., ETC. !

                             Just Imagine !

                    Well guess what?  We CAN have all those things and MORE.  It's in our own hands, and all we have to do is VOTE for it !


WHY  the  LIES ?????                                                         7-9-2015

                I despise being lied to. For me, it is preferable to be told straight out that you think poorly of me, hate my politics, or whatever else you believe, than to pretend to be my friend or supporter. If you are 60 years old, don't tell me you're 45, because your age is meaningless but your honesty is vital.

                 As you are all well aware, I have spent a LOT of time researching one Ruth Abram and talking to her victims personally. Everything that I exposed to you here on this blog and in the Register-Star article, was absolute, documented TRUTH. I even supplied the documents to you for you to read for yourselves, correct ??         So tell me, how is it that Ruth Abram feels it is okay to continue to lie to the people of New Lebanon and to the "Tourists" she so adores, by writing to the Chatham Courier about how engaged the townspeople are in the Behold program ?? 

                  I did not read the article in it's entirety, it was too nauseating, but in the first two paragraphs, Abram lied three times by claiming that the majority of New Lebanon residents support her program. The Liberal transplants support it Ruth, not the "Long-Time Locals" as you claimed in this dishonest article !! When I submitted MY information to the papers, it was carefully vetted and the documentation reviewed before it was printed.Apparently they failed to do the same with Ruth's article that appeared today.

                  It is not POSSIBLE for the majority of the townspeople to support a project they were never informed or asked about and never given an opportunity to question or offer opinions about. So Ruth's claims are once again, FIBS. She seems to be quite accomplished at twisting truth, which is exactly why she was able to put her Manhattan neighbors through so much turmoil. By lying to city and state officials. Ruth Abram is the "Woman Who Cried Wolf" and she can never, EVER be trusted or believed.  

                  I attended a party on Sunday and was asked about my objections to Behold by a "Long-Time Resident" of New Lebanon. I of course informed her that I do not object to any wholesome programs that benefit the town and ALL the people of the town. What I object to, is the high-handed, arrogant disregard FOR the people of New Lebanon by someone who has NO clue as to what the majority REALLY wants. Nor does Ruth have a clue as to what REAL country life and people are about. She lives in a world that only she understands and her goal is to force us all to live in that world with her. 

                  I wrote about Truth earlier this month, because Truth MATTERS. My lack of respect for this woman and others like Mike Benson are based on the fact that they are unadulterated liars and will use any means at their disposal to get what they want. Calling them what they are may seem harsh, but facts are facts folks, and failing to call a spade a spade is what got this country into the mess it is in. I will NOT be politically correct to spare the feelings of people who will look us in the eye and lie to us. 

                  Last night, my husband and I attended the Theater Barn's Fundraiser for the Library. Yeah, I know, the LAST place  you would expect to see ME !  However, I was invited by Mrs. Gitter, whom I happen to like a lot, and I went out of respect for her and the Phelps Family, more than anything else. It was not easy for me, and it got tougher when I looked around me and saw so many of the faces of the very clique that is trying to morph New Lebanon into a liberal utopia and tourist attraction. There WERE a few of my Conservative friends present, but they were definitely the minority. 

                  As I looked at these people glad-handing and laughing, chatting in little groups, etc., I had to wonder how people who are so well-educated and consider themselves so "cultured", could be so taken-in by the lies and liars of this world. Not only are they enamored by the Ruth Abram types, they worship them and assist them in furthering their destruction of American traditions, morality, and freedoms. Well, I have always said that we should never confuse education with intelligence. 

                  Look for instance at Al Gore and his Global Warming Hoax. All the liberals have swallowed that, hook, line and sinker. Yet just this week, NASA reported that there is more ice at the pole than at any other time since they started recording it !! Gore also claimed to have invented the internet, remember? No one believed THAT, yet they believe that Polar Bears are drowning !?!?  These are the people who will chain themselves to a tree when the loggers are coming, but  support a woman's "Right" to have her unborn child torn from her womb in pieces because it was an "inconvenient" pregnancy.

                   These are the people who think it is a "Right" to marry someone of the same sex, but that NO ONE has a right to own a gun, despite the fact that the Constitution offers no rights to same-sex marriage but explicitly grants the right to Keep and Bear arms. THESE are the people who will have a historical flag banned and removed from a state house because they think it killed 9 people, but do nothing to address the issue of untreated mental illness among young men, the over-use of psychotropic medications, or the race-baiting being perpetrated upon us by the Democrat's President and his minions. I could go on for DAYS, but you get the gist, I HOPE. If you want me to go on, let me know, because I would LOVE to !

                    Lefties and RINOS Lie. It's in their DNA. If you have the guts and/or integrity to see the Truth told, write to the Chatham Courier and tell them how YOU learned about Behold, and if YOU were given any opportunity to ask questions or offer your opinion about it. How many of you have ever even SEEN Ruth Abram ? While you're at it, start paying attention to the Letters to the Editor of the local papers, because some folks from Manhattan have some things to tell you.                                            Stop buying the lies and stop letting the lefties run your town and your country. It WILL knock on YOUR door one day, but it will be too late to do anything about it then, and God Forgive Me, I WILL enjoy saying, " I told you so!". 


 Updates !!!!!!!                                                                 7-12-2015

                  When I say something ain't over, it ain't over. 

                     I've been a very busy person this summer, especially in relation to our local corruption epidemic. In fact, I've been SO serious about addressing these issues, that I actually took the summer off from a couple of my other groups and focuses at the state and federal levels. Yes, it is THAT important and THAT serious.

                      There are times that I have to tell you that there is progress or news , but that I can't tell you the details immediately. There's a good reason for that. As much as I am aching to reveal the facts I've uncovered so you can digest them and decide how you will or will not react, often it's necessary to with-hold the details until all the required steps have been taken. This is another one of those times.

                       Once again, I have documented proof in my hands that implicates individuals in New Lebanon and at the County level, of both Perjury and Fraud. It was not fast or easy to obtain these documents, but at last I have them. The information has been shared with the proper authorities and will be shared with the local newspapers, and I may just let you read it there rather than here on this blog. Maybe. 

                        I can say this; there is indisputable proof of these crimes and it has been shared with law enforcement. Now we wait and see what their response will be. I suggest you stay tuned, as I should have more info on that by tomorrow night. Also remember that this is but the TIP of the iceberg in New Lebanon, and there is still MUCH to be done! One step at a time. NO Surrender!     JJ


Can We Talk ??                                                        7-13-2015

                    You will recall that there were some serious questions about Behold New Lebanon's  grant applications. The $100,000.00 grant approved by the Educational Foundation of America was available to municipalities whose resident MAJORITY  supported the program. This requirement was posted on their website until I asked them about it, and then the page with the requirements was promptly removed.  Interesting, No?

                     The Hudson River Valley Greenway Foundation that granted BNL $5000.00 of the 10K they asked for, also had a similar requirement. That group required that the Governing Body of the Municipality applying, endorse the project. (See paragraph 3 in document #1 posted below).  This endorsement would mean that the New Lebanon Town Board would have to pass a resolution as proof of support. We all KNOW this did not happen. 

                      So what does this tell us? It would appear to ME and anyone else with basic, common sense, that the Czar believed that our Town Board would not support the BNL project, OR, that they would delay it too long for it to have had a 2014 season.  So he simply didn't TELL his own board, which is a chronic complaint from most board members, and went over their heads to the County Board of Supervisors and Ken Flood's corrupt, County Economic Development Committee, which is ALSO under investigation.

                       Now, one of two things had to have happened next. 

 1) Benson told Pat Grattan that he HAD the support of our Town Board, or

 2) Grattan dropped the ball by not asking for Proof of a town board resolution to endorse BNL.  Had I  been one of the people who signed the County Resolution that threatens "Penalty of Perjury" for any falsifications, I would have made DAMN certain that the New Lebanon Town Board had endorsed it first, before I put MY name to it ! 

                       However, the grantor can accept the County as the applicant if they choose to do so, and apparently, they did. Which means that the PEOPLE of New Lebanon were once again, given NO voice in the matter, again, thanks to Mike Benson. 

                        Notice that the County Resolution is dated April 9, 2014, a full THREE months before the Town Board was blind-sided by the implementation of Behold, a project they had never even HEARD of!  This should give you all a clue as to how far in advance Mike Benson was aware of it and became complicit in keeping it secret from the board and residents of New Lebanon. 

                        A Law Enforcement official I spoke with today told me that this resolution was handled in exactly the same manner that Cuomo used to force the NY Safe Act through in the middle of the night.  I agree. It was a sneaky, back-door deal. This should enrage you! The matter is being closely examined by officials, but we all know that 99% of the time, politicians are not held accountable for their crimes and violations, especially at the local and federal levels. 

                         What matters, is that YOU know, and that YOU speak up and object to the corrupt governing, because unless and until you DO, it will never stop, it will only continue and become more and more oppressive. It is our disinterest and silence that have allowed governing officials to get so out of hand, as only the PEOPLE can rein them in. Speak in the voting booth in November, if nothing else!

                         If you have even ONE ounce of integrity, you will agree that Mike Benson should never, ever be elected to any political position again. NEVER. Yet he is running for a third term as Supervisor , and many of you will support him despite FOUR YEARS of lies, misrepresentation, fraud, abuse, secrecy, board-stacking, Conflicts of Interest, and dirty deals surrounding him and his reign as Supervisor. You have all seen the evidence and PROOF, yet you will vote for him a THIRD time so he can continue to ignore the people, abuse town employees, waste your tax money on a "Confidential Secretary", and "Hamlet Revitalization Studies", etc. 

                        He will continue to have his "Secret Committees", hire his cronies like the N.L Town Accounting firm he claimed did not work for his construction company but in fact DID, they just changed their name to hide the conflict. He will remain a member of the N.L Republican Party Committee along with his friend Bud Godfroy, his Confidential Secretary Eileen Evans, and his Construction Company employee, Darla Dobert. If Benson is re-elected, he will go on promising transparency while being anything but, and he will continue to encourage more liberal invasion and Tourism because he knows where the money is for his future, political aspirations.

                        The Lefties don't see that they too, are being used and manipulated by Benson, and maybe they don't care as long as he supports their belief that they know what's "Best" for our town and for us "Dumb Bumpkins".  If you support Benson, you support everything that he is and all the dirty things he has done. If you support Ruth Abram, you are condoning her horrible abuse of innocent people in Manhattan. It's called, "Guilt by Association " folks.  Don't want to be a part of the corruption anymore? Then WALK AWAY !

                          Support the Farmer's Market and Flea Market by selling your jams and sausages THERE. Exhibit your talents, crafts, and working dogs, THERE. Get out of the clutches of this despicable woman and her liberal followers and stop feeding her inflated ego! Stand for what is honest and ethical and send a message that the people of New Lebanon are GOOD and DECENT and oppose corruption.

                           Most importantly, don't re-elect the Loser-User to a third term. His ONLY accomplishment in 4 years as Supervisor has been to divide the people of this town as they never have been before. It's time for a Supervisor that will not play favorites, who will consider the good of ALL the residents, not just those with money or businesses. We need a Leader who will truly put the town and its people FIRST, before personal ambitions. It's time to put Colleen Teal in the Supervisor's chair.


                         The majority of you know what Nepotism is, and those who don't, please look it up. We have Eileen Evans as Benson's Confidential Secretary, while her son Dan, is Deputy Supervisor despite having ZERO experience in the political arena and having never attended a board meeting before he ran for  the board. So let me ask you this; do you think another member of this family as Town Clerk might pose a bit of a Conflict of Interest in New Lebanon Government?  Will it then become Kellytown or Evansville? Is that what YOU want? It's revolting , political incest. It is no wonder to me at all that so many of the Columbia County Supervisors call New Lebanon the most corrupt town in the county. It IS. 


  So, look closely at these two documents and YOU decide. Crime or no Crime? Perjury, Fraud, Cronyism, or plain STUPIDITY?


SO Much to Talk About!                                      7-21-2015

        I have been SO busy that I didn't even realize how long I had neglected you! Did you miss me ? LOL!! Yeah, I bet. 

        Let's start with a brief overview of the Town Board Meeting. The Czar pretended to be taken by surprise about the County Resolution to endorse Behold New Lebanon instead of the Town doing it and keeping it "In-House".  Andy Howard tried to gloss it over, and David Ferrin tried to tell us that it is the County who is responsible for endorsing programs like Behold and applying for the grants. B.S to all of the above. Not OVER. 

        Ted Salem presented the "Tweaked" rules for the Zoning re-write that were requested last month by several, local residents. Sadly, those residents were noticeably absent. In any case, the Town Board stated that another public hearing must be held to approve those changes, and Ted was not happy about that at ALL.            Jack Pandey took exception to Ted's attitude and stated that he could "NOT exclude the PEOPLE!". Good for Jack ! 

         Once again, the vacancy on the Planning Board was not on the agenda or even mentioned. The position has been advertised twice now and the two applicants are: 1) Kevin Smith and 2) Monte Wasch.  Kevin has consistently applied and campaigned  for various board positions for about 8 years and has been deliberately and obviously blocked every time by the liberal left members of the T.B who prefer to stack all the boards with their friends. Monte has been salivating over every vacancy we have had for the past year or two, and there is an agenda behind THAT.

          I have only THIS to say; IF this vacancy is not filled at the August Meeting, there will be Hell to pay, and IF Monte is appointed over Kevin, I WILL see to it that this Town Board is investigated by the STATE for Board-Stacking. I don't know about the rest of you who are homegrown locals, but it is time to STOP allowing outsiders and newcomers to be appointed over the locals who wish to serve. Monte is knee-deep in Behold and the EDC, the LVBA, and all things progressive and damaging to New Lebanon. He MUST not be allowed to serve again on any boardsHe HAD his time as a Councilman, and now it is someone else's turn.

        After the meeting, it was refreshing to NOT see our Town Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor, and Town Attorney cozied-up at M&M Tavern as they were after the June, Town Board Meeting. Certainly it is not illegal for the three of them to have a beer or dinner together, but it IS  highly suspect, considering who they ARE. 

        On another subject, I have received a number of calls and texts this week about the Mural that has been posted on the front of the OTB building by Behold New Lebanon. A good number of locals are NOT pleased and it has been called "Trashy" and "Tacky".  LOL!!  Well, I am looking into it for you, folks . While we await a definitive answer, some of us are thinking that because there is no Wording accompanying the Mural, it may just be considered a Mural, and we have NO Town Codes regulating murals. Nor is it an offensive Mural in any way. 

         The question IS, that since Behold DID apply for a sign variance through the Zoning Board and were denied this mural with the Behold advertising, should the mural have been posted at all? If Behold had NOT applied to the Planning Board and then posted the mural with no wording, it might have been perfectly okay, but they were explicitly told by the Planning Board that they were allowed two, off-site signs of 9 square feet each, or 3'x3' each. So, are they now in violation of that order or not? WILL they now add the two, 3'x3' signs to the site and claim they are "separate"?  Remains to be seen, I guess. If they do THAT, they will not get away with it. 

         Bottom line here folks, is that Behold knew that the Planning Board did NOT want any signage, photographic OR textual, of the size we now see.  Yet they did it anyway, and they did it in a sneaky, under-handed, disrespectful manner. THAT is what happens when you have NY City Attorneys sitting on your boards and committees and a Supervisor who is 100% complicit. They found a loophole and used it to say "F--- You!" to the Planning Board and the people of this town. TOLD YA SO!

           Apparently, the exposure of Ruth Abram's past behaviors and abuse of property owners in Manhattan, has not taught them anything, or the locals either, for that matter. After learning about Abram's character, all of the locals should have boycotted Behold and sent Abram a LOUD message that her over-reach would NOT be tolerated in OUR town. Yet those who have complained the loudest to me about Behold and Abram, have failed to step up and speak out for fear of losing "friends" or customers to their businesses. LOL!! Take it from ME, if your friends would abandon you for taking a stand for what is RIGHT and honorable, they are not the kind of friends you should desire! 

            You ain't seen NUTHIN' yet!  The more that Abram becomes confident that she will not be challenged by the boards or the people, the more she will TAKE, the more damage she will DO. This is just a warm-up. 

            Look, I am just an old Patriot, loyal to God, Country, and Community. I am not super-intelligent or extraordinarily talented and I am not "Better" than anyone else, although I AM different from most of you. I believe in speaking up and being courageous enough to object to what is not acceptable, even if I have to stand alone. I will also stand for the Rights of my fellow man even if I disagree with their faith, politics or ideologies. I would come to the aid of even those I do not particularly care for, if they needed help or defense in a situation where they were RIGHT. 

             Many of you have known me for decades, but you have NO idea as to WHO  I am, what I have done in my life and STILL do, who I work with and for, or what I am capable of. To most of you, I am an easily-dismissed, chubby, middle-aged troublemaker, pot-stirrer and Conspiracy Theorist. If you only KNEW!  Never judge a book by its cover, and "Cover" is the operative word here. 

              I don't know everything about politics but, I know things that would make you run away in fear when I approach you if you DID know. For your purposes, I am just another member of a rural community, pretty harmless for the most part. Yet despite my appearance, I can be a formidable enemy, extremely dangerous and deadly if warranted. Surprised?  Doubtful ? Good!  That suits me just fine. Just know this; that when I tell you to beware of something or someone, I say it because it is the truth and you need to look into it further for yourselves. You know things I do not, and I know things YOU do not. Difference is, I care enough to warn you and attempt to  motivate and prepare you. That's all I CAN do for you, the rest is up to YOU.


 Tomorrow: Heroes and Zeroes


 Heroes and Zeroes                                                 7-22-2015

               Let's begin with an update!

                   A flame of resistance has been ignited by the arrogant and deliberate posting of an illegal banner by "Behold New Lebanon".  Believe it or not, I did not strike the match! It was local OFFICIALS who are NOT pleased with the "In-Your-Face" violation of their decision and ordinances. I am IMPRESSED !

                    The consensus seems to be that if B.N.L  is allowed to act outside of our local laws, then so can everyone else.  Why HAVE ordinances and codes if they can be ignored or violated at will by those who believe they are Above The Law?  What IS it with these people that makes them think  that they are exempt from the laws that the rest of us must obey?  Typical, Liberal Elitist behavior, much like the administration in Washington, D.C.

                     No one should be terribly surprised by this blatant "F___ YOU!" from Behold, it is after all, standard operating procedure for Ruth Abram and her ilk. WE, the Dumb Bumpkins are expected to be "Grateful" for their contributions to our backward and uncultured town and traditions. They are here to "FIX" us and tell us what is "GOOD" for us, and in return, we are expected to kneel at their altar of arrogance. When pigs FLY! 

                      New Lebanon, oh excuse me, it is now New LIBANON, was a MUCH kinder, gentler place to live prior to the invasion of the city liberals. People were friendlier and happier, our churches were full and active in the community, traffic was not excessive, and most of us actually KNEW one another, even if just in passing. We had a grocery store, our own ambulance squad, reasonable taxes, affordable homes, a sufficient and volunteer-run library, and with the exception of a few tyrants, we had a decent, local government. 

                      We all know that change and progress are inevitable to a point, but we also know that change does not have to be negative, nor SHOULD it be. Yet you relinquished your power, betrayed your rural culture, and surrendered our wholesome simplicity to those who seek to destroy and control us and force us out of the town we call home, so they can take it for themselves. Honestly, do those of you who have been here for 20 years or more, even recognize this town anymore? Do you see it as better or worse than 20 years ago?

                      Behold New Lebanon's deplorable disrespect for our town ordinances SHOULD result in a steep fine in addition to the immediate removal of the illegal banner. We need to send a strong message to these newcomers that they are NOT special, they are NOT our keepers, and they are NOT exempt from our local laws. NO ONE IS, and that includes Hilltown Market and their illegal, over-sized banner, Blueberry Hill and their excessive signage, and a number of others. BNL is not alone, BUT, they know what they were told they could have and could NOT have and said "Screw You!" and did as they wished anyway. THAT is why THEY should be fined!

                       If we fail to hold these people to the same standards as the rest of the residents and businesses NOW, they will continue to treat us and our board members like cow manure on their Birkenstocks. Is that what you ARE? Is that how YOU wish to live ? NO? Then it's time to make a choice, will you step up and hold them accountable or fold to the fear of being seen as "Confrontational"? 

                       There was a time not all that long ago, that our community had hidden treasures among its population. Unsung heroes who blended in with the rest of us and never asked for recognition or notoriety of any kind. Back when the Echo newspaper was still here, I received an offer to write a column about these individuals, but at that time, I had some family matters to deal with and didn't have the time. I dropped the ball and missed an awesome opportunity. The column, which was to be called "Hometown Heroes", was inspired by my old friends, Russ Fonda and Charlie Muller Sr. 

                      Few people knew that Russ was a veteran and had been one of the elite fighting force known as "Merrill's Marauders". This group was responsible for the victory in Burma, and the only other member I am aware of that is still alive is Sen. Hugh Farley. Russ was a living, breathing history book and a character like few I can remember ever having known. He was a boxer and had the cauliflower ears and flattened nose to prove it! He actually sparred with Jake Lamotta, the Raging Bull, and as Russ put it, "He got his A__ kicked"! LOL!  Russ and his wife once decided to go out and see the country, so they walked out to the edge of Rt. 20, stuck out their thumbs, and made it to California without a single cent of their own in their pockets. Russ wanted to know if they could make it to the west coast on the kindness of others, and they DID!

                      They paid their way home with money Russ earned in fights in clubs and bars along the way, and again, on the kindness of strangers. They had a son and lost him before his 9th birthday, yet they clung to one another and stayed happily married until Mrs. Fonda passed away. So much LIFE packed into that little man that you thought just fixed lawnmowers. Charlie Muller Sr. was also a hero and the founder of Charlie's Pantry that still feeds many members of our community today. It would take many pages and lots of ink to tell Charlie's story. 

                       These were but two of the MANY heroes that shared this town with us, gave of themselves, and humbly contributed to the character of this community, without ever wanting or attempting to "CHANGE" it.  What would they think if they saw what is happening now? What do YOU think when you compare the selfish snobs with their PHDs their "Museums", and their Secret Committees to the givers like Russ and Charlie? I hope it saddens you as much as it does ME.  Liberals are ZEROES. 

                       Luckily for Behold and the EDC, I have no say in what is to be done about their lies and violations, I am not and never WANT to be, an official or politician. All I can do is hope that for ONCE, our representatives in this town government will take strong action and do the job we elected and hired them to do. So far, it looks like they fully intend to do just that. Why not support them with an email or phone call? It is always SO easy to criticize officials for doing the wrong things, it should be just as easy to Thank them when they do the Right things. This is YOUR town, your HOME, and you have a responsibility to it and to the future of its residents, some of which are your own children. Take care of it, and one another.



               UnbeliEEEEEEvable !!!!                                  7-24-2015

              I had a completely different blog planned for tonight, until I opened my email.  The absolute CRAP going on in this town is so over-the-top that it should be written up in the National Enquirer!

              Once again, the culprits are Abram and Benson. Did you expect anyone else?  Seems Ruth Abram was a tad concerned about her "Fame" when we exposed her true nature and the history of her dirty doings in Manhattan. So she has gone on a letter-writing campaign to local newspapers, using her inflated ego to describe her accomplishments and how she "SAVED" New Lebanon with the BLESSING of the residents. 

              This narcissist actually stated that New Lebanon was a "Deteriorating and Divided Town" and SHE had to "RESCUE" it!  This statement was made in a piece that the Times Union printed this week and I have posted a link to it below for you. Abram also wrote a similar letter to the Chatham Courier about how SHE asked the PEOPLE of this town about BEHOLD in  advance of its implementation, and the majority was excited about it. We ALL know that's a lie! 

              Irene Hanna claims that Ruth DID ask us, but she was referring to that silly meeting where the CAC, Land Conservancy, and several other A21 groups came to the Town Hall to talk about their group efforts. Yes, Ruth was there, I was there, but it was LONG AFTER  Behold was up and running and it was NOT to ASK our opinions, it was to ANNOUNCE her new attention-seeking project. Sorry Irene, but that does not cut it.

             Abram claims in the Courier article, that her "Exhibitors" are an even mix of long-time locals and newcomers who are "Farmers" etc. Another lie. Take a good look at her list of exhibitors and tell me who they ARE. Think about MANHATTAN and tell me who RUTH, IS! Who are her supporters? Who sits on her Board of Directors? Long-time LOCALS? I think not. Who sits on the EDC? Do you even KNOW? 

              Now, some of you will recall the fraudulent campaign petitions submitted to the Columbia County Board of Elections by Mike Benson during his first campaign for Supervisor. We PROVED it, and Ken Dow and Virginia Martin of the BOE, BOTH made official statements in the Courier that the petitions were indeed, fraudulent. Lucky for ME, I still have copies of both the statements AND the fraudulent petition. LOL!  Benson was not held accountable, due to the requirement that the fraud be noticed and objected to within 3 days of it's submission. It was not objected to until FOUR days after, so he was allowed to get away with Election Fraud.

             As usual in New Libanon, the exposure of this crime had NO effect on the low-info and liberal voters , and Benson was elected. Character does not matter anymore, in case you were wondering. At the same time, we also exposed and posted copies of Benson's campaign donations to numerous Democrat candidates, mostly to Kirsten Gillibrand and Hillary Clinton. He STILL won, and won again in the next election. Lastly, we proved that the number of votes received by Meg Robertson being exactly the same number in both districts, was a numerical impossibility. No one cared.

             So here is what I was told TODAY! Apparently, Benson found a typo or a spelling error on the petition of Colleen Teal for the Independent nomination and is SUING  her! Is this FACT ? Remains to be seen, as I only just received the info, so stew on it for a day or two while I confirm. However, it is typical Benson, sore-loser, who KNOWS Colleen will clean his clock in this election. He is running scared and will do whatever it takes to win again. 

           It's up to YOU, folks ! If this lawsuit against our Town Clerk and future Supervisor is factual, will YOU stand up and take Benson to task for HIS DELIBERATE fraud  when HE filed petitions? Or will you sit back and allow this monster to destroy the best candidate we have seen in YEARS? Remember, that Mike Benson's father Tommy, was involved in that petition fraud and also attempted to run me off the road with his tractor for exposing it. We are NOT playing with "normal" people here, we are at war with people who truly believe they are Gods and above the Law. 

          I take this so seriously in fact, that I will not be at all surprised if someone gets hurt during this election. It concerns me greatly. Each of Benson's campaigns was dirty, the first being the most deplorable. Removal of other candidate's signs, attempted assault by tractor, huge pickup-trucks with 10-foot signs, lies, fraud, impossible vote numbers, mis-representation, secret meetings with acting town councilmen months before the first campaign and before Benson was a resident of New Lebanon. Using Chris Gibson to "sell" himself, etc. Do you REALLY want another 4 years of HIM? 

         If you care about New Lebanon, if you care about Colleen who has faithfully served this town for decades, you will STEP UP and support and defend her. You may even have to protect her from this bully, because he is capable of using the lowest means to justify the ends he seeks. He WILL attempt to destroy her, and hopefully, it will just be legally. Dramatic? Maybe to YOU, but not to ME. Been there, done that.  WAKE UP, New Lebanon !


Town Picnic and Confirmation !                7-25-2015

               Happy 16th Birthday to my youngest grand-daughter ! Wanna feel OLD? Have grandkids who are teenagers! GEEZ !!!

                The lawsuit brought against Colleen Teal by Mike Benson has been absolutely CONFIRMED. The Czar is indeed SUING our Town Clerk for several things he considers to be incorrect on petitions and even on ONE particular petition that was never even submitted! LOLOL!!!!  See, he is not content to try to take Colleen out of the game, he wants Tistrya out of the Town Clerk race as well. Of COURSE  he does, because he has hand-selected yet ANOTHER member of his favorite local family to run for that position. FIGHT HIM, PEOPLE! 

                 Now, let's move on to a nicer subject, the Town Picnic. Scott Larabee and his family and circle of assistants did an awesome job as always. Many local businesses donated to the meal, and if you enjoyed the sweet corn, let my husband know, since he planted it and picked it fresh for the picnic at 6 o'clock this morning. Eckhardt corn is the BEST! 

                  I didn't arrive until 2 p.m but I stayed till 3:30. Charlie Banker entertained with some great guitar music and his beautiful voice. I had NO idea he was so talented! There was also a gentleman playing keyboard that was excellent, but I don't know who he was. There was a nice mix of long-time locals and newcomers, and I spoke with everyone I could. Many of the newbies are folks who have assimilated, like Deb Gordon who is restoring the Stultz Store in town. I like what she does because she rescues valuable, historical properties and returns them to their former glory, but she does NOT attempt to "Change" the town or force her ideas upon the unwilling. That's how it's DONE. 

                  If only Ruth had bothered to respect us enough to include us in the planning of the Behold Project, we might not see the issue we are now witnessing with the program. Secrecy and arrogance are divisive, and her claims that New Lebanon was already divided before her arrival are baloney.  SHE and her like-minded friends have caused the majority of the divisions.  I don't know if she attended the picnic today, and I don't care much, but the folks that were there when I was, were  nice people and I enjoyed talking with them.  It was a relaxed, non-political time to just chat and relax, and that is reminiscent of the OLD New Lebanon. THAT is what we need MORE of. 

                 Our park is beautiful, Donny does a great job caring for it, and we should all really use it more often. There are a great many, musically talented residents here that would be thrilled to perform once a month, I'm sure. Lots of things we could do there that might help us close that huge divide that Ruth claims always existed. LOL!  No Ruth, today was a picture postcard of what this town was like before people like YOU came along and decided to "Mold" us into your idea of what a town should be.  If it ain't broke, Don't FIX it! 

                   I am still so enraged over the NERVE of Benson to try to SUE someone for an innocent mistake while HE deliberately committed FRAUD when HE ran in 2008, that I am finding it difficult to NOT rant a little today. So I will close for now, but FIRST, I will post the link I forgot to post last night to Ruth's Times Union piece, AND a copy of Benson's Fraudulent petition for your enjoyment. (Notice he signed as CARRIER)  Maybe tomorrow, I will vent some more.  LOL!!


Times Union Piece:  http://www.timesunion.com/photogallery/article/Program-an-opportunity-to-explore-hidden-6402524.php


 Dirty Dealings Begin                                             7-27-2015

               So we're off to the Campaign Races already! Gee, can't wait. I'm so sick of filthy politics at every level of government that I wish I had the power to resurrect the Founding Fathers for a year or two. Set them and their Muskets loose on these tyrants and traitors. 

                I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to address the crimes of the Obama administration this past week, and I don't have the patience to even THINK about what has been done that is 100% unconstitutional over the past 7 years. Besides, I'm involved in the addressing of these things with other groups of people, and for now, I have my hands full with New Lebanon. 

                Tomorrow afternoon, our Town Clerk must appear in Court in Hudson to answer Bull__it charges brought against her by the most corrupt prevaricator this town government has ever known. It's absolutely mind-numbing that Benson has the nerve to pull a stunt like this after all he has done. Me thinks it is time for some TV News Coverage in the ole, derelict town that Ruth Abram is "Rescuing" for us. 

                 For your convenience, I intend to be present at this hearing and will report on it tomorrow night. I will have in my pocket, a copy of Benson's Fraudulent petition, in fact, SEVERAL copies for any interested news agencies that happen to be there. I carry very interesting items in my pocket, you would be amazed. LOL!! 

                 We have a serious accountability issue in America folks, and our officials are literally getting away with everything from Fraud to Murder. NO ONE is addressing this or imposing any consequences, and you know whose job it is to ACT when Congress fails to? YOURS and MINE, the PEOPLE. It is also up to us, the honest people still remaining in New Lebanon, to stand behind Colleen and teach Benson and his NY City cronies a lesson they will never forget. Beat them at the Ballot Box in November and beat them SOUNDLY! Send them packing!

                  A big part of what is wrong in America is ignorance. Not so much stupidity, though we have plenty of that too, but ignorance of the limitations set upon the government by the Constitution, ignorance of the Rights and Power that belong to the people and to the states. We need Civic Education in our schools AND in our homes. As our Constitution Class at the library nears its end, it is my hope that we can find another instructor as good as Paul Engel to take his place and start another one a.s.a.p. 

                 THIS time, it would be nice to see some more residents and students attend and learn exactly what the government is and is NOT allowed to do. This move out of state for Paul and his family will save them $12,000 a year in TAXES ALONE! It cost him less than $40.00 to register his car in his new state. There are NO Draconian Gun Laws, Free Speech Zones, or crime-ridden neighborhoods where he is going. NO Agenda 21 programs, no militarized police agencies, and very few, if any, state officials are under investigation or indictment.  The list goes on. It's kind of like coming to New Lebanon 25 years ago and far enough away from NY City and San Francisco, that Liberal invasion and bullying is highly unlikely to ever become an issue. Lucky Engel family, I am very happy for you, and a little bit envious as well. 

                  I want to be certain that you all understand what lies ahead between now and November in our town. You will see and hear things that will be beyond the understanding of normal human beings. Believe NOTHING until you have done your homework and sought the truth of every rumor. Yes, that includes what I tell you as well, because I have always urged you to do your own research and not take me at my word if you have any doubt at all. I would NEVER deliberately mislead you, and it is a very rare occasion that I will report anything I am not 100% certain of the details of. If I am NOT certain, I say so. If I have solid evidence, I show it to you. Have I made an occasional error? Yes, of course, but I have also admitted and corrected it when I have. 

                 So it is with great confidence that I tell you now, that this will be a nasty campaign, but not on Colleen's part. SHE will not sink to Benson's level, and for that reason alone, if nothing else, we owe her our support. Be prepared for the slimiest  mud-slinging you have ever seen in any Lebanon campaign, and refuse to tolerate it! Get your mops and brooms out and let's clean this place up. 


  Please keep Dave Roden in your thoughts and prayers. He took a very bad fall from a ladder yesterday while cutting tree limbs, and he suffered a broken hip. He is in Berkshire Medical Center with a pin in his hip and a lot of recovery ahead. 



A Day in Court                                                                7-28-2015

          If I had the misfortune of being a Judge in any court, I would bring charges against anyone who filed a frivolous lawsuit and expected me to hear it. 

          The "Right to a Speedy Trial" in America has, like many of our Constitutional Rights, fallen by the wayside due to backlogs caused by lawsuits that should never be entertained. A good subject to explore sometime soon.  Today, had I been sitting in Judge Koweek's place, I would have sworn out a warrant for the arrest of Mike Benson for wasting my time and the Court's resources with utter stupidity.

          Benson of course, did not grace us with his presence, he assigns slaves to do his light work for him. Instead, he was represented by an Attorney by the name of "McKim" who looked about 12 years old and literally can't yet be out of his 20s. He was embarrassingly inexperienced and in my opinion, unprofessional and unpolished.

           Benson's "lawsuit" comes down to 3 main issues:

                  1) The letter "S" missing from the word "Independent" on one petition

                  2) The carrying of a "Request to Ballot" and a "Nominating" petition, simultaneously.

                  3) His claim that Colleen Teal is no longer a resident of New Lebanon. 

                  Number two was done due to the lack of any Ind. candidate and also the time limits to complete both petitions and submit them on time.  More silly, obscure rules that no one knows about until AFTER they are innocently violated.  Number One is a simple typo that happens to all of us, all the time. Number three is just laughable.

                   The Columbia County Board of Elections had come to a split decision on the matters, which is why it went to court. Fortunately, Jason Nastke was also not present today, but had sent a woman to stand-in for him. The hearing began at 2:30 and went until 5:00, with two very brief, recesses.  Most of the two and a half hours were focused on the question of Colleen's residency. I won't bore you with the details, but it quickly became evident that Mike Benson had someone spying on Colleen in her Off-Hours for some time. Not exactly ethical, but not illegal, either. I myself have done my fair share of that, but in a Professional Capacity, not because I was afraid that a little woman might beat me in a small-town election.

                    Obviously, Benson is VERY concerned about losing this election, as well he SHOULD be ! 

                     For at least an hour and a half, the wet-behind-the-ears attorney for Benson, questioned Colleen and her two housemates about how many nights per week Colleen has slept in her New Lebanon home since December of 2014.  The housemates, a couple that rents a room in Colleen's house to assist with the mortgage and utility costs, were subpoenaed by Benson's lawyer.  Out of respect for Colleen's personal privacy, I will not share the discussion and questioning here, but I WILL say this:

          "Having a new and exciting relationship and choosing to spend the bulk of your evenings at your new partner's home in an adjoining town, does NOT negate your residency in your OWN town, where your home is, where you work, vote, pay taxes, etc."  Benson apparently believes that it does, and he also seems to have conveniently forgotten that HE was still an official resident of Loudonville when he kicked-off his first campaign for New Lebanon Supervisor. HE was still spending his nights in his Loudonville home for a number of weeks AFTER his campaign began, and he had also not lived in New Lebanon for over 20 years PRIOR to that campaign. 

            Colleen on the other hand, was my neighbor on Lover's Lane when she and her sister were teenagers. She moved to County Rt. 9 North after she married and she raised her daughter there. She remained in New Lebanon after her divorce and a couple of years ago, bought the New Lebanon home she now lives in. She has never resided outside of New Lebanon in the 30+ years that I have known her. FACT. 

            Representing herself, Colleen provided excellent documentation and proof of her residency, something that Benson could not have done when he first ran for Supervisor. We DID bring the issue up at the time, but once again, no one CARED. 

             This "lawsuit" was a waste of time for the employees of the B.O.E, the Court, the local media, and the witnesses who also missed a day of work. It was abuse of taxpayer money and most of all, it was an "In-Your-Face" example of Mike Benson's immaturity, narcissism, selfishness, and double-standard.  It was absolute PROOF that Benson cannot play fairly, ethically, or honestly and will stoop to the lowest levels to WIN and get what he WANTS. He is an embarrassment to this town. The UP side is, that this stupidity might actually be his undoing.

              Who wants a Supervisor that is emotionally, a spoiled, twelve-year-old, entitled brat?  A man who lacks honor and thinks it is okay to lie, cheat, misrepresent, forge documents, and commit countless acts of Conflict of Interest ? Who wants to be represented by a person who symbolically peeked into the Town Clerk's bedroom windows and love life, then makes an A_S of himself by suing her and expecting the taxpayers to pick up the tab for the Court's time? 

               Do we want a Supervisor who is not only the Incumbent , but also the Candidate AND a member of the 4-person , Republican Committee of New Lebanon, two of whom work DIRECTLY FOR Mike Benson, and the last who is his Igor? Do YOU want a Supervisor who locked the Republican Voters OUT of their own caucus and has NOW voted along with his two employees, and crony Bud Godfroy, to eliminate caucuses and nominate by petition only? If you are a Republican Voter in New Lebanon, I bet you were never notified about this so-called "Vote". Were you?  (See copy posted below)

              I certainly hope that this sham of a lawsuit will prove to be Benson's undoing, that it backfires on him so hard that it burns his butt-cheeks. 

               The hearing is over, the judge has all he needs and will now make a decision. I have my opinions based on observing the proceedings, that it will be a 50/50 decision. I feel that Colleen will lose on the simultaneous petition carry and win on everything else. In the long run, none of it makes any difference, anyway. The People will vote for their choice regardless of who is nominated to what line or how many typos do or do not exist. So was all this necessary? 

              I don't know what Benson thought he would gain through this stupidity, but I have already heard people saying that they think he has burned the last of his bridges by filing this suit, at least with the real Locals. I have one, amusing piece to leave you with tonight. 

              After the hearing, as a few of us stood outside the Courthouse and chatted, we were approached by several county employees who had been in and out of the courtroom during the proceedings. Every one of them stopped to wish Colleen "Good Luck!". One man actually said, "Go Get Him!" LOL!! It was amazing.  Yup, Go Get Him, Colleen!


          Benson Nursery School is Open for Business!                  7-29-2015

              I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that an alleged "Adult" who sees himself as a "Leader" , is making such a federal case of the petition and residency of his opponent.

              Think about it for a minute; this is a guy who told us that he did not run for a Town Board position before running for Supervisor, because he is not a follower, he is a Leader. Well so far, he has led us nowhere but down the garden path of liberal ideology and Small-Scale Communism. LOL!! A man who builds himself up in his own mind and in the media when he can, claims to be so intelligent and "Cultured", yet he is terrified of a local woman who never even raises her voice. WHY?

               Well for starters, Colleen doesn't lie to us and she has never claimed to be anyone or anything other than who she actually IS. She has lived here forever, knows everyone and they all know HER. In her 16 years as Town Clerk, she has learned the ins and outs of running a local government efficiently and honestly, and it would take Benson or any other candidate YEARS to catch up with all that Colleen already knows. She is well-liked and supported, while HE no longer IS. 

                 Of course he will get the votes of the far-left residents , some of the part-timers and newcomers, but I think he has lost the support of the locals, and this abuse and harassment of Colleen will lose him even more.  No one should be surprised by this infantile behavior from Benson, he has been abusive to the Town Hall employees for years, and if not for Bruce Baldwin's intervention, it would have been MUCH worse.  I'm sure he doesn't abuse Eileen Evans, because she worships him. THAT is what he wants, WORSHIP. 

                 Today, the Columbia County Sheriff's Department was charged with the duty of investigating the residency of Colleen and her housemates. You should see people's faces when they hear that, it's hysterical! If she chose to, Colleen could counter-sue Mike Benson for harassment and invasion of privacy, because what he has done is as invasive as if he had stood on tiptoe and peeked into her bedroom at night. He has NO doubt that her residency is legitimate, nor does he deny that he was NOT a New Lebanon resident when he first ran for Supervisor for 2008. David Katzenstein was NOT a resident for the last 6 to 8 months of his term as Supervisor,either.

                 We who possess Common Sense, KNOW that this is a Witch Hunt and that Benson has help in this harassment by fellow Republican "Leaders" who shall remain un-named for the moment. (There are only FOUR, so it ain't hard to figure out). Maybe he will go to the Legislature and propose a bill requiring a set number of hours be spent in town in order to be a legal resident. No, that wouldn't work, because HE is never here enough to make the cut. Neither are a good number of his supporters who live here only long enough each year to vote and pay our lower tax rate. 

                 Yup, Ol' Mikey is nervous. In many ways, that's a very good thing. In another way, it is worrisome, because a man who is heady with power will go to extremes to keep it. It isn't as if Benson has a conscience or any sense of right and wrong. He is not a gentleman and will not run this campaign as one. He hasn't run a clean campaign YET !  I am glad that this went to court though, because now the Judge is aware of the issues, and if anything questionable occurs between now and election day, he will know where to look. So will the Sheriff's Department, IF they are no longer in the pocket of Greg Fingar, now that Dave Bartlett is Sheriff.  Remains to be seen. 

                 Don't you wonder though, why the Sheriff's Dept. has the power and time to investigate this false accusation against Colleen, but they refused to investigate local corruption when complaints were filed and evidence provided? 

               Regardless of what happens with this Nursery School spat, people know who are they going to vote for already, I'm sure. That's fine, and whomever wins, we will deal with it.  I hope that those of you who are angered by Benson's abuse and immaturity, will at the very least, write a letter to the Eastwick Press or Chatham Courier and voice your opinions. I hope that if you see Benson on the street, you will tell him how you feel, and most of all, I hope you will not sentence us to another four years under his thumb by actually voting for him again. The results of years of narcissistic leaders are evident. Look at Obama, Look at Hillary, and Cuomo, Boehner and McCain, Schumer, Reid, Bloomberg, and  Diane Feinstein, and understand that Benson is NO different. Politics are a magnet for Narcissists and Tyrants. Always have been. Positions of power, no matter how small, draw the Power-Hungry like moths to a flame. 

                 We are a little, rural town, not NY City, not Los Angeles, and not Chicago. We CAN have a say in who leads us and how our town will be shaped going forward. We CAN choose between corruption and greed, or transparency and community-cohesion, IF we vote for the right people. We need leaders who actually CARE about the people and what THEY want, how THEY feel, and who knows who we ARE. We need leaders that can be healthy examples for our young people and inspire them to be good leaders themselves one day. 

               In closing, I'd like to mention that many of you own second homes and some own rental properties , that are not in the same town you LIVE in. Does that make you NOT a resident of  that town you choose to live in? Many of you have jobs that require you to spend more nights in hotels than you spend at home. Does that make you NOT a resident of your hometown? How about all the newcomers and part-timers that call New Lebanon "Home", but are in the city for many more months than they are HERE ? Does that negate their residency in New Lebanon ? So, if Colleen chooses to spend her evenings out of town more often than IN, does that negate her lifetime of residency?  If I decided to go and spend 6 months with relatives in Ireland, I am STILL a resident of New Lebanon,N.Y! 

               Let's do it RIGHT this year, and support our Hometown candidate that cares about this town and its people. Let's Man and Woman-Up and speak out against the B.S, the voter fraud, the lies and cheating, and keep it real. 


 The Courier Article                                                  7-31-2015

                Finally got my hands on a copy of the paper and read Gail Heinsohn's report of Colleen Teal's Court Hearing.  Gail writes well and is consistent in not "Openly" allowing her opinion to bleed through, but there is still always that little slant toward Benson that raises red flags for me. 

                Since Gail and I sat side by side at the hearing, we SHOULD have both heard the same things, but we didn't. I know that Gail's hearing isn't what it used to be, and she DID ask me to repeat a few things to her that the parties to the hearing said and she did not hear.All the more reason to be very cautious about printing what was said, to avoid unfair speculation, yes?

                 So let's look at that in reference to this article. First of all, I find it very objectionable that Gail printed the full name of Colleen Teal's boyfriend, as it is 100% immaterial to the issue and a tasteless maneuver. The man is in no way a part of the Benson vs. Teal playground spat. A one-sided spat I might add, as Colleen is sticking to her promise to NOT stoop to smear tactics in this election. only Benson is doing that. Colleen HAS posted her side of the matter on her Facebook page and I will post some of that for you at the bottom of this page. I will also post some of the correspondence I have been receiving from locals about this lawsuit.

                 During the hearing, Colleen was asked by Benson's attorney, where she was when she filled out her petitions. She replied, "At Home.". Since the lawyer was attempting to trap her into saying she had done this at her job, which is illegal, anyone in the room knew that she said "At Home" to clarify that the petitions had been filled out on her own time and not at the town hall. The lawyer then asked for the address of the "Home" she was in when she filled the paperwork out and she replied with the Pittsfield address of her boyfriend. 

                 Naturally, the lawyer then made an issue of her acquainting the Pittsfield address with the word, "Home".  In the Courier article, Heinsohn printed that Colleen had said, "At MY Home" and this is incorrect! She never said that. I find this to be important because it could be damaging to Colleen's case by being printed inaccurately. Even though you and I KNOW Colleen is a New Lebanon resident, readers who do NOT know that, could be misled by this error. 

                  I said this before and I will say it again, whether anyone likes it or not; MANY people in a fresh relationship will spend evenings with their new love interest for months before they decide to co-habit full time at one home or the other. Happens every day. IF Colleen's boyfriend were spending his evenings at Colleen's N.L home, would he no longer be a resident of Pittsfield, and his house there no longer his HOME?  Since Mike Benson spent the first several weeks of his 2008 campaign in his Loudonville home with his family every night, and his family was NOT in New Lebanon and never HAD been, isn't this a matter of, "It's okay for ME but not for YOU!" ?

                   I was corrected today about former Supervisor David Katzenstein's residency as well. I was told he had moved to Massachusetts 6 months prior to the end of his term here, but it was actually a full YEAR prior. So he did not live in New Lebanon for the last 12 months of his tenure as Supervisor, but that was OKAY?  Is it okay that so many people who sit on and even CHAIR local committees are not Full-Time residents of New Lebanon? If we are going to set rules for how many hours a week constitutes residency, we must apply it to EVERYONE. We especially should apply it to NON-Residents like the owner of the Angel's Trumpet, who sits on the EDC.  We should require PROOF of time spent in New Lebanon from city dwellers who prefer to pay upstate tax rates to city tax rates. Are they REALLY here as many months out of the year as they claim to their tax collectors? I doubt it.

                    So let's not allow the Big Bully Benson to accuse others of something he himself is guilty of and THEN some! If spending evenings out of town means one is no longer a resident, then his first term was won through illegal actions and he should be ineligible to run again as a result. At least Colleen isn't going to Fire Department breakfasts dressed in farmer jeans and barn boots, claiming to be a "Local Farmer". LOLOL!!!!!!  She is not holding "Secret Meetings" with the incumbent, Deputy Supervisor and local business-owners, and she did not submit an intentionally fraudulent petition or claim she carried and witnessed the signing of a petition that someone else carried FOR her! Benson did ALL those things!

                    She SHOULD be Counter-suing Benson for harassment and defamation , but she doesn't think that way. Nor is she symbolically peeking into Benson's bedroom window to see if he is there at night. What goes on in someone's private home is no one's business unless they CHOOSE to make it so. What happens between any couple in their bedroom, is no one's business. This is a line that should NOT be crossed unless someone involved is in danger for some reason, such as child or spousal abuse. Otherwise, it is OFF LIMITS. It's sleazy, but then again, look who we're dealing with ! If you're not totally disgusted with Mike Benson, you are the problem. If you're not concerned about the make-up of our local, Republican Party Committee, you are part of the problem. If you think it is okay that Benson was not a resident of N.L the first time he ran, that he lied, submitted a fraudulent petition and got away with it, etc., YOU are part of the problem. If you think it is okay that Tom Benson removed Matt Larabee's campaign signs from county property and tried to run me off the road , YOU are part of the problem.

                    What are you going to be in November, the Problem, or the Solution?


Colleen's Own Words

Colleen Tyer Teal

Yesterday at 7:32am · 

So many people have messaged me asking what is going on…I am going to try to BRIEFLY describe the situation. My term as Town Clerk is up this year and I had planned on running for re-election. However, the position of Supervisor seemed to be up in the air. I talked to a number of people and no one wanted to run for this position. During this time, many of the people that I thought were closest to Mike Benson either said that he had no interest in running again or they could not get a definitive answer from him. I thought about two things, the town needs a Supervisor and I did not want to sit for another two year term as Town Clerk with Mike Benson as Supervisor. So I then considered my two options: walk away and try something completely different or step up and become part of the solution to many of the problems currently plaguing New Lebanon. I opted for the second one, if my residents want me. So the next step was getting on the ballot – after 13 years of being the Town Clerk and receiving the cross endorsement of the Democrats, Republicans, Independence and Conservative parties for most of those elections, I thought I knew the process. I reached out to the New Lebanon Chair for the Republican Party to see if I could get the Republican endorsement (I am registered as a Republican). I was advised that the Republicans were not having a caucus this year and that any interested person would have to petition for designation as a Republican Candidate. So I tried to figure out the ins and outs of petitions. While I had done this in the past, it was always with the help of either the NL Chair of the Republican or Democratic parties. I also tried to reach out to the Independence Party and the Conservative Party representatives at the County level to get their authorization to petition for endorsement by their respective parties. There are two types of petitions – a designating petition which lists the candidate for the position and the party that they are seeking endorsement from and this petition requires the “approval” of the lowest level committee available – in both these cases, I still am not sure what that level is. The second type of petition is called an OTB or Opportunity to Ballot. This type of petition is used when the committee for a party endorses a candidate but members of that party want the opportunity to choose their own candidate. It does not list a candidate, just a position and if valid, results in a primary where the voters get to choose by either voting for the candidate the party committee has endorsed or writing in their own choice. I was not getting any answers from the Independence Party nor the Conservative Party and I was running out of time – there are very specific deadlines for all of these petitions. I could not struggle with both so I chose the Independence Party, prepared both types of petitions, and went to members of the Independence Party and after thoroughly explaining the situation, asked each of them if they would be comfortable signing BOTH petitions and I explained that I would only be submitting one once I could get some kind of answer from the party committee and knew which one I needed. I did finally get an answer on Tuesday, July 7th that the Independence Party was endorsing Mike Benson for Town Supervisor (the deadline for submitting these petitions was Thursday, July 9th). So I brought my Republican Designating Petition (as a member of Republican Party, I did not need “permission” or “authorization” for this one) and my Opportunity to Ballot petition for the Independence Party to Hudson and filed it with the Board of Elections. I also should note that this petition required that I have a “committee” of three Independence Party members to receive notices (I am not named on this petition, just the position and the request of the signers to have an opportunity to write in the candidate they want instead of the one selected by the County or State party committee). Three New Lebanon Independence Party members agreed to serve as the committee. Once the petitions were filed, we received notice that Mike Benson was challenging the validity of the petitions I filed. On the Independence Party OTB petition, I had written “Independent Party” instead of “Independence Party” and he claimed this made it invalid. On the Republican Party Designating Petition, he challenged it claiming I am not a resident of New Lebanon. He subpoenaed me, the Columbia County Board of Elections, the people that had agreed to be the Independence Party committee for notices, and my roommates. Yesterday was the court appearance. I submitted affidavits from the signers of the Independence Party OTB Petition which stated their intent in signing the petition as well as documentation regarding my residency. It was a long court date and a totally new experience for me. If I understand correctly (my head was definitely swimming by the end of the 2 ½ hours of court proceedings), the Judge will rule later this week on both petitions.

 Some of the Comments she received:

  • Carol  OMG what an ordeal to have to go through!!!

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  • Sena He's smarmy. That is all. As a member of the Independence Party, I fully support you, and will vote for you no matter how I have to do it. 

    smile emoticon

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  • Christine  I think Independent Party sounds better than Independence Party! Whatever

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  • Darcy  That's funny...the guy that had a residence in Loudonville is crying that YOU aren't a resident???

    Can't wait to have my mailed bombarded with his multiple glossy palm cards telling me for the 3rd time he is getting a supermarket here...ugh

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    • Margaret  Me, too. AND I got a sign, "New Leadership...BENSON for SUPERVISOR" on my lawn when he was running against me!! What an a**h*le!

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    • Joanna Smith Benson was most DEFINITELY NOT an official resident of New Lebanon when he ran for Super the first time, nor was he spending nights here, but in Loudonville with his wife and kids. Also, REMEMBER his FRAUDULENT petitions submitted to the Columbia County BOE ? HE signed them as Carrier and Witness and his father, a Democrat, was the actual carrier and witness! He is the lowest form of life in this corrupt town. We NEED Colleen!


Colleen Tyer Teal

7 hrs · 

Okay, some explanation would probably be appropriate regarding Mike Benson’s challenge of my residency. So here goes….
Wow, this one is hard but I chose public office and I guess that means a somewhat public life…some of it may be somewhat cryptic because others involved that I love dearly did not choose this and their personal life is already under full assault (and investigation)…and yes ,
 this one will be a short story – lol!
In 2011, I bought a beautiful home on West Hill Road but after an unexpected new roof and an unexpected income tax bill of $5,000 (payroll company oops), I was struggling financially. I was able to get a couple extra jobs (think I was working four at the time – lol - good reason why I don’t remember all the details of 2013). I learned that a childhood friend (more like a lifelong sister) was possibly looking for a place to rent. I reached out to her and her boyfriend and offered them the option of renting a room in my house. Unusual? Maybe and I guess we were not sure how it would work either – but we decided to give it a try. They moved in in May of 2014. And it has been wonderful!!! Not only do I have someone to share morning coffee chats with but I am no longer allowed to mow the lawn or take out the garbage or shovel the walk. And it is a challenge to beat her to the sink to do the dishes after SHE cooked dinner for us all. Oh, btw, she loves gardening as much as me and has helped me finish all of the cottage gardens I was putting in and now we are expanding !! So unusual, maybe; wonderful, absolutely!!!!!!
In the midst of these changes, I decided – with strong prompting from my daughter – to try online dating around August of 2014. (This did result in several stern discussions about safety and several threats of a quadruple plus first date situations from my male roommate! He is a sweetheart and VERY protective of me. I think one threat was that the whole “bomb squad” would be attending any first dates I had – lol!) While I was at my daughter’s in early September, I had my first contact with Rick (now my boyfriend – odd term at 54 lol!) We communicated throughout September, October and November. We set up our first date for the Sunday before Thanksgiving. He now knows that was intentional on my part because I was leaving on Tuesday to go to my daughter’s in Virginia for the holiday – first date and then a quick escape out of town…lol! However, upon my return I learned that Rick’s sister had died Thanksgiving morning. A little detail – Nancy had MS and Rick lived with her to help take care of her. As tragedy often does, I think it brought Rick and I (as well as me and his family) closer quicker than usual but we struggled through that and some other smaller family tragedies over the course of the winter and I admittedly spend a lot of time in Pittsfield at his home. Last Thursday, July 23rd, about an hour after my phone blew up as everyone was notifying me they had been subpoenaed by Mike Benson, I learned that Rick’s younger brother Ray had died. I have become very close to Rick’s whole family and I love them dearly including Ray’s step-daughter. While  West Hill Road is my home, I have been spending A LOT of time in Pittsfield at Rick’s. And while the family struggles through this latest tragedy, I will be here at their side in Pittsfield. But that does not change the fact that  West Hill Road is my home and New Lebanon is my community… nor the fact that that community has a large piece of my heart too.
This is a hard one to hit the “post” button on. However, Rick wants me to explain and actually wanted to join me in court the other day to “defend” me. I would not let him as he has more important things to take care of right now. New Lebanon is my home and I love my community but I have loved ones in Pittsfield now too. I know Rick is happy to share me with New Lebanon (he encouraged my decision to run for Supervisor) and I hope my community is okay sharing me with my new “family” in Pittsfield

 One more thing… I am human… I want to run a clean campaign and I do not want to Mike-bash!  Mike Benson can come at me with all he has and I will go toe-to-toe with him all day long but he needs to leave innocent by-standers out of this. He has subpoenaed my roommates and they calmly and graciously gave up a day of work to come defend his accusations. Now he wants the Columbia County Sheriffs to come “investigate” me and them at our residence!!! Additionally, three wonderful ladies wanted an opportunity for the Independence voters in New Lebanon to choose their candidate – they are laypeople who wanted the election process to work – they simply wanted to let the New Lebanon voters decide who they wanted THEIR CANDIDATE to be instead of someone at some county or state committee level. And his response was to subpoena them and then have his lawyer ask for a summary judgement against them when they could not get legal counsel or make it to court within 3 business days of their notice of subpoena. On top of it, he never showed up in court on Tuesday – apparently he had more important things to do so he sent his lawyer in his stead. Something the rest of those he dragged into this could not afford. 

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  • Darcy  So Mike Benson wants to use the sheriffs that are supposed to actually protect and serve to check out residency? If the sheriff get involved, then they have a serious problem. Not to mention they should probably concentrate on the underage drinking parties such as the one the current supervisor had a few years back with his kids and It got swept under the carpet.

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  • Paul one word...... douchebag

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  • Rhonda Wow Colleen, you have a lot on your plate, but you are very smart and strong. I agree that it sure seems like you have him running scared. I wish you the best.

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  • Margaret  well...I CAN bash him now, because I didn't four years ago with the ill given advise from politicos in my party, and paid an enormous price as a result...some people just refuse to acknowledge the truth of a situation, so they might not ever change...but it is important to know just how DIRTY he plays, because he is deceitful, oily, a FRAUD, breaking every election law, and getting away with it through intimidation because of his FEDERAL connection (zzzz!!)he sent a stranger with a petition, to manipulate independent voters in 2011, after I had already been endorsed by the party...the KID told the voters they needed to sign the petition or there would be no one on the ballot line...there were 3 errors on the petition--including wrong addresses, and one messy forged signature, a notary stamp from one who had his recertification pending....when the primary election ended, I had 9 to his 4 at the Catholic church hall...by the end of the evening when the ballots arrived at the BOE, I had 4 to his 5. The 'ticker tape' of votes, had been signed by the election inspectors, but the tape that arrived at the BOE had NO NAMES on it....I examined the ballots and noticed one ballot had my name checked off, and the BHB's written in...a ballot with two votes gets automatically tossed.They GAVE him the vote, and when I asked why, the white haired snarky Repub designee said, "it always goes to the write-in"!!...in November's election, someone did the same thing, and the ballot was REJECTED. ~ WORSE...his Dem father took the Conservative petition around ALONE (misdemeanor) and bullied (yes), Cons to sign, gave the petition to his Republican  son, who then signed AS A CONSERVATIVE on the "certification" line below the names, that those names above were registered Conservatives (misdemeanor). The petition was ACCEPTED! ~ In November, after the election, I saw the ticker tape in the church hall, and the numbers were different than the ones that arrived in the BOE the next day, since 50 ballots had been removed (a felony) from the NL bag and hidden in an office upstairs at the BOE...(watch the documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY to believe how elections can be fixed)...his NUMBER ONE campaign promise was "to bring a supermarket into town" to show me how leadership(GAG!!) is done....how's that workin' out for ya??) LAST, But definitely NOT least....Michael Benson WAS A RESIDENT OF LATHAM when those who didn't do ANY thinking, or ask revealing questions, 'SELECTED' him in 2011...... The irony of him pulling this garbage is creepy....what he is slandering you with is EXACTLY what he really DID do in 2011, and it WAS CRIMINAL. Sorry this is so long, but education and advertisement is the best weapon and I don't want these actions to happen to you...plus, I can't send this to the editor, since NO letter of mine will EVER be published in the Courier, much less one that is truthful,. (Some day, you should share the story of his monstrous behavior with the Otis Elevator Company and a forklift he used to show his anger. Waaaahhh!!!!! )


  And from my emails: