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The Birds and Bees and Taxes.                       6-1-2013

                Big wedding celebration going on at Clark Engineering today. I have no clue who got married, might have been Dougy's daughter, might have been an employee. They set it up nicely with a big white tent, white chairs and a lattice, wedding arbor, all very pretty. Awfully hot day for it, but at least it didn't rain. It is now 11:50 p.m and the party is still going strong. I have had three people contact me and ask me if it was legal for the band to be so loud after 10 p.m and they should be reported! GEEZ!!!

               First of all, this was someone's very special day, let them party! Second of all, I live only two buildings away from the party and all I can hear is a dull thud of the bass. My windows are closed and my A.C is on. WHY on EARTH would I want to cast a shadow on anyone's wedding day?  I'm NOT a Liberal, ya know!  I wish the newlyweds, whoever they are, a long and happy marriage.

       Onward. The kids are always telling me that they can't attract birds to their yard no matter what they do. That's odd, since they live in a rural area. MY yard on the other hand, is like an Aviary. In winter, the feeders need a traffic cop, but in spring and summer I need a hard-hat just to go outdoors!  LOL!  We have everything from Chickadees to Herons and anywhere a nest can possibly be built, there IS a nest, Right now we have a pair of baby mourning doves hanging around the front walk while mom and dad hover and feed them. They aren't particularly shy either. Cute little buggers.

       The Robins love to nest at the top of the upright logs on the side of the house, in the barn and on the lumber shelves out behind the shop. This year, one very vain Robin has taken a liking to my kitchen windowsill where she admires herself in the glass. Problem with that is, this brings her onto the covered front porch and she decorates everything with her white poop!  Floor, windowsills, railings, everything. A pair of wrens have also built a nest directly over the front door and swoop at us every time we go in or out. The Barn Swallows love the pony's Lean-To and twice a summer poor Cinnamon looks like an Appaloosa. The swallows just poop all over the poor little guy. He doesn't seem to care, he's very placid. After all, he let the goat chew his mane and tail off until we put a divider between them.

       As messy as the birds can be, we enjoy them and the entertainment they provide. In the Fall, I collect all the nests and add them to my ever-growing collection on the porch shelves. Their workmanship is amazing. So they are welcome here, and they know it. The BEES however, are a different story.  We have Carpenter Bees the size of Drones. They find the front porch even more inviting than the birds do and they drill, drill, drill. Mixed in with the Robin droppings is a fine layer of sawdust. Keeping the porch clean is a daily job and a battle between me, and the birds and bees. I don't recall hearing any of this in the "Birds and Bees Talk", but maybe it should be a part of it for future generations.


         Bob and Archie attended the tax Grievance Day at the Town Hall this week as we are assessed so high. They came back with a glowing report about the experience and the people involved in the process. That kind of positive interaction between the citizens and officials is always nice to hear, and encouraging. It's an example of how respect and transparency really CAN be a part of the political process and that things CAN be done in a non-confrontational, non-partisan manner. Of course little is solved in one meeting, as the first step is all about information gathering for both parties, but the assessors will be coming by fro a second look. Who could ask for more than that?

         On the other hand, our Gangster Governor is attempting to regain some of his lost approval-rating by proposing tax cuts again. He CLAIMS that he will eliminate property taxes. This has been done successfully in the Dakotas but this is NEW YORK. THE most tax-happy state in the country where I doubt the greedy state officials will give up a single dime. They will make it up someplace other than taxes, wait and see. Maybe Cuomo is counting on all the fees and fines associated with the unconstitutional Safe Act, or maybe kick-backs from his proposed insurance requirements for gun owners of 1 million dollars on each firearm. Lunatic.

          Last month, I looked into that Colonial Penn life insurance you see on TV all the time. The first thing they tell you is that they do NOT operate within the state of New York! Few companies DO anymore other than the ones that are stuck here with no means of getting out, like ME. 


         So what is everyone thinking about the political scandals? Let me guess; the Conservatives are angry at the crimes and violations and lack of consequences, and the Liberals are blaming the Conservatives, claiming that we are blowing it all out of proportion for "Political Gain".  Um, no. I don't give a rat's behind WHAT party these people belong to, they are not above the law and Eric Holder should be fired and criminally charged with a laundry-list of crimes. Obama should receive the same.  If you are not familiar with the facts, you really should look into these scandals and the unbelievable lies and complicity that has gone on. It's mind-boggling and well past time for our Congress to grow a set and do their job! More on this subject tomorrow, it's too late to get myself all fired-up.

        The Zimmerman Trial begins on June 10th and I will be all over THAT!  Hope y'all saw the cover of the Eastwick this week!     God Bless.  JJ


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