Let's Get to Work                                                               10-9-2018

   Town Board Meeting was another yawner tonight. Unless you're interested in the upcoming Budget Meetings, that is. Not much else going on.  The attendance was 17, the usual crowd. 

    Boring meetings are not a bad thing. After a decade of attending contentious and sometimes explosive meetings, I have to say I prefer boring to battling. One interesting thing that came up tonight was a letter to the Board and Supervisor in reference to the amount of money the Library gets from the taxpayers. It was written by John Nestler, and it brought up a lot of old memories for ME. 

     Several years ago, this was a hot issue. Many wanted to know why the Library gets $130,000 plus per year from the town alone, not taking into account the state money, grants, and donations. Apparently, at one time, a referendum vote was taken in town and the PEOPLE voted to allow this amount to be given to the Library.  What many people stated in their opposition to this number, was that they were led to believe that it was a One Time amount, not an annual gift. I don't know how this was so widely misunderstood, but it was. 

      The PEOPLE also did not know that once this amount was approved by vote, it could not be amended by any means other than by permission from the Library Board! Now YOU tell ME, what Board Members are going to vote to allow an amendment like that to lower the amount? Now get THIS;  the PEOPLE can demand a vote to INCREASE the amount, but not to lower or abolish it. ONLY the Library Board can make a decrease possible. That, or major push-back by enough angry residents, but this is New Lebanon, so we KNOW the People will never stand united to oppose this financial burden.

       Mr. Nestler stated that in today's world of technology, with information readily available for free through a number of routes, why are we spending MORE on the Library?  Good question. I have addressed this problem numerous times over the years, right here on this blog.  Somehow, at SOME time, our Joseph Hooper Free Library, run by unpaid volunteers and Seniors who wished to get out and socialize and contribute to their community, became the "New Lebanon Library" and a part of the Hudson Library chain. I don't know exactly what they call it, but our library is no longer an independent library, which is why it is required to have a paid Librarian and employees.

      So, not only is it more expensive to run and maintain, but it is no longer community-run and no longer the charming place it once was. Don't get me wrong here, I think the library is beautiful, we are lucky to have it and we should use it for more community events than we do. Libraries should never, ever be allowed to die and be replaced by computers and Smart Phones. The question is, how much are we willing to spend to "Show Off" , to remove a necessary volunteer opportunity, and do far more than is necessary for a town of so few people? 

    I can't answer that, nor do I WANT to. This is a community issue and should only be brought to the table if enough residents are concerned about it. Mr. Nestler is concerned, and he thinks we should be giving more of that money to the LVPA. He's right, but as of right now, he is standing pretty much alone. I can relate. LOL!!


       The horrific limo accident this past Saturday night has affected New Yorkers all over the area. What a terrible, heart-breaking tragedy for all involved. People are asking why and how this could happen, but there are so MANY possible answers and it is still so early in the investigation. One woman actually posted online that because the owner of the Limo company happens to be Muslim, this was likely a terrorist attack! Holy Crow! Are people that paranoid and ignorant? Why am I asking that, of course they are. 

        Yup, I'm sure that Islamic Terrorists targeted a limo in upstate NY, in the middle of nowhere, with a family on board that was off to celebrate a birthday. Good Heavens! The families of the people who died have enough to deal with, without loonies making outlandish claims. One family lost FOUR of their daughters, and another lost TWO sons. Little children are now parentless. If you are a person of faith, please pray fervently for these families and friends whose lives will never be the same.  Let us NOT point fingers when we haven't even heard half the facts.


     Speaking of finger-pointing without facts, what did you all think of the Kavanaugh hearings? It amazed me how quickly people took sides based on what they WANTED the truth to be. Both BK and CF were convicted or exonerated before ANY evidence was presented. Then, once the hearings actually took place, there was practically ZERO evidence to make a decision for or against either of them. It was a circus, a waste of time and resources, and an embarrassment to this country. 

     Do I think the Democrats used this to delay the confirmation? Absolutely. I don't know WHY they are so anti-Kavanaugh, he is certainly no Conservative, but of course we know that the Dems think there is going to be a Blue Wave next month, and if that happens, THEY would then have the privilege of picking the next Justice. That would have been a nightmare for the Constitution, but like I said, BK is no win, either. Neither was Gorsuch. 

    CF was a picture of an emotionally-disturbed woman in living color.  Dianne Feinstein, the hateful witch, used her up and threw her away like a box of Kleenex. She violated the woman's trust and ignored her emotional fragility to further her own agenda. DID BK sexually abuse CF 36 years ago? We will never know for certain. Despite my dislike for Kavanaugh, I tend to think he did not, but I also don't believe for one minute that he was the choir boy the Republicans wants us to believe he was.

      Dianne Feinstein gave passes to Liberal extremists to attend the hearings and turn them into a side-show. She with-held the accusations of Mrs. Ford until the timing was most beneficial to the Democrat objections. I have video of the protesters being coached and literally "Trained" in the hallways of the House of Congress on how to be the most disruptive, how to pound down Senators' office doors, and how to make a "Case" that Republicans don't "Care" about sexually abused women in America. 

    The behavior of these disgusting people was beyond my ability to process. Right or wrong, there is no excuse for this kind of conduct ANYWHERE, much less in the Nation's Capital. This was an unprecedented, shameful event in our history and should never, EVER be allowed to be repeated. The violence and uncivilized actions of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Feminists, is despicable. The statements being made by Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee are impeachable actions. They are literally inciting violence and menacing anyone who dares to disagree with them. What the HELL is going ON?!

        So who was lying, Kavanaugh or Ford? In Police Training, we are taught to distinguish lies from truth through specific body language, tone of voice, hand and eye movements, etc. In my own personal opinion, they were BOTH lying. Had it been up to me, and thank God it wasn't, I would have withdrawn Kavanaugh and replaced him with Amy Barrett and been done with it.

       Unfortunately, it is what it is, and both the Republicans and Democrats have nothing to be proud of or to celebrate. When I hear someone say, "Drain the Swamp", I wonder if they realize that we need a much larger drain pipe that would suck them ALL out, and then start over.