COPS !                                                                 3-2-2014

                Some things never change, and the NY State Police are one of those things. All of you who read this page regularly, know that I have never had much respect for troopers. Since the passage of the Safe Act, I have come to abhor them. I don't dislike any one trooper in particular, I have disdain for them as a group. A group is what they are, or even more appropriate today, would be to call them a "Gang".  Cuomo's Gang. 

                  Since I've stepped back from being physically present in the Safe Act battle, (to some degree), and working behind the scenes,  I've focused most of my efforts on this gang and their refusal to Honor their Oaths and represent the PEOPLE of NY rather than the gangster governor. The NYSP of course know this, and they do NOT like it. So every time I move my truck out of my driveway after dark, I get pulled over.  It's actually to the point of ridiculous, and maybe even harassment.  LOL!  As if I could be harassed by a trooper who was still using diaper-rash cream a week ago.  LOLOL!! Cocky little kids.

                  Tonight was no different from any other Sunday night after church. Bob and I went to Smitty's to grab a sub, then headed home. (We're SUCH wild partiers!). Naturally, I didn't even make it into town before the red lights were flashing in my mirror. This time, I was pissed. As usual , some baby-faced kid comes up to my window and asks me "How are you tonight?". Gee, I don't know, how about SICK of getting pulled over for NO reason, how are YOU?  Tonight was the first time I was asked for my license and reg, and I could have legally refused, but I try not to stir the pot unless the cop is a real ass.

                 He took my paperwork and started with the 3rd degree. Where do you live, where are you going, do you know you have a license plate light out, is your license clean, are you really a retired cop?  Well let's see, I live HERE, I'm going HOME, yes the damn light is out, my license has ALWAYS been clean, and yes, I AM a retired cop. So why is any of this relevant to you stopping me and why is it your business? It isn't ! Then he asks me how long I worked as a Deputy, and when I said 5 years, he asked how I could be retired after 5 years!?!  I told him, "Because I chose not to mention the work I did AFTER that in Law Enforcement".  To his credit, he didn't push it and to my credit, I didn't offer.  My own FAMILY doesn't know most of what I did , do you really think I'm going to tell a snot-nosed kid ?

               So he goes back to the cruiser and runs my documents, which of course came back spotless.  He tells me, "Here ya go, you're all good". No, REALLY ? I wasn't letting him off that easy. I said, "I have a question or two for YOU." He was a  little surprised, but he obliged. I asked him how he feels about the Safe Act. He shrugged. I said, "No opinion?". He shrugged again and said No. I then asked him if they told him to say that, and he said ,WHO?  I said, "Your superiors".  He said, "No, I say what I want to say!". LOL!  Heat was on now, so why stop there?  So I pushed it and asked him who he works for, Cuomo or the People of NY State.  He said, "I work for a paycheck."  WOW! If that doesn't speak volumes!

                This kid, who probably has three chest hairs to his name, is walking around with a badge and a gun, and the power to harass, arrest and abuse YOU and ME if he so chooses, yet he has NO opinion of the Safe Act and no idea or concern for WHO it is that employs him and supplies that paycheck?  THIS is the guy that will come and kick your door in if it comes down to the confiscation of firearms in NY, because he CAN and because he doesn't give a crap, he is protected. YOU are NOT. Still think the Oath is unimportant? 

                 The cocky attitude this kid was sporting tells me everything I need to know about him and how he sees himself when he puts that uniform on. He is untouchable, he is BETTER , and he will kick you when you're lying on the ground. THIS is what is coming out of our academies, State Nazis, paid by our hard-earned tax dollars.  Now YOU tell ME, do we really need to be stopped for a license plate light, when the troop cars shine 4 spotlights on you and the plates are reflective? Of course not, the light is just an excuse to stop you and look for something they CAN get you on. Which is why my truck is always legal, my documents clean and in order, and I obey traffic laws. Nothing frustrates them more than having NOTHING to write you up for.

                  So I'm thinking maybe I'll get a spotlight for the back of my truck, point it at the license plate and turn it on every time I drive at night. Whaddya think? Will they see THAT ?!? Idiots. In any case, I am not, and never will be, intimidated by a cop. Not one that's fresh out of Pampers and not one that's nearing retirement. I have the wonderful advantage of having been on both sides of a traffic stop, and I know how to play the game.  Will I stop my personal assault on Oath-Breaking Troopers? NEVER. If I had MY way, they would be on the thruway where they belong and NOWHERE else. Better yet, they would be eliminated along with the DHS that seems to be so evident in our neighborhoods these days. How much do you suppose the taxpayers of NY have spent on the DHS funeral trucks? You know the ones, jet black with DHS on the doors and blacked-out windows.  Mike Benson mobiles.

                 Seems to be a trend with tyrants these days to drive those big black, supposedly intimidating vehicles. LOL! Are you scared yet? In a way, maybe you SHOULD be. If you are a lover of freedom, an owner of guns, or exercise your right to Free Speech, you probably should be afraid. These are the guys that will come for you one day very soon. This is why I am working so hard at PREVENTION, NOW. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that applies to Martial Law too, folks. Deal with it now, or deal with it when the door crashes in. Your choice.

                 NDAA is real, the DHS is real, armed FEMA Corps are real, and the threat is very, very real. The writing is on the wall and you need to READ it and take it seriously. The NYSP are NOT your friends, they have declared themselves the ENEMY of the PEOPLE by refusing to take a stand against the Safe Act. They have confirmed it by making it clear that they will take their orders from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and take out the civilians who dare to disobey. So will the DHS, so will FEMA, and so will a good number of American Soldiers who share the attitude of the little trooper I met tonight.

                  The Connecticut State Police have publicly stated that they intend to go door to door and confiscate the weapons of residents who have bravely refused to register their firearms.  Do you think that will be a bloodless event? Not a chance. The people are fed up, angry, and passionate about their 2nd Amendment rights. People WILL die, on BOTH sides.  Choose to believe it or not, there are more guns in the hands of American Hunters ALONE, to well outnumber what the State Police, DHS and FEMA have, COMBINED. JUST hunters! That's before you count in the target shooters, collectors, gun shop owners, clubs, constitutional veterans, and private individuals. WE surround them. WE will not surrender what is ours without one hell of a fight.

                    So I ask you, what is preferable, address the NYSP issue NOW, or wait until it must be settled with gunfire ? If you are at ALL concerned about any of this, you need to take action, because it IS coming. If Connecticut carries through with their threat of last week, War will be declared on the police by the American citizenry, all across the country. If that frightens you or makes you justifiably concerned for the safety of your families, you need to get involved NOW. You can sign-on to the NYSP Oath Challenge at the link below, or at the very LEAST, print and sign a petition you will find on that page. Every signature is a voice of the people, and yours may be the one that makes the difference.  God Bless Us.     JJ


Here is the Link to GET INVOLVED.



 Andrew- Astorino - and the AR15                                   3-5-2014

              Earlier this week, I briefly mentioned all the new advertisements that are trying to make Cuomo look like a good person and governor. He is neither. Still, it IS an election year for him, so the hype and lies are no surprise. It's nauseating, but it's normal. 

               All of a sudden, old Andy is aware and concerned about NY having the highest taxes in America. He suddenly cares that our schools are failing,  our infrastructure crumbling, and that SO many of our residents are unemployed. As if those things are NEW issues. I have noticed that he hasn't yet said word ONE about the Mass Exodus of businesses and the working class from NY state.  Gee, I wonder WHY?  You don't suppose it could be the over-taxation and regulation for businesses, excessive laws, executive decisions on major issues like same-sex marriage, abortion and Common Core ? It couldn't POSSIBLY be as a result of the Tyrannical, Unconstitutional, Safe Act and the effect it has had on the NY State economy and freedom?

                Maybe, just MAYBE, it has something to do with his public statement that there is "No Place" for Conservatives in NY. Take your pick. In any case, in 2013, 61% of moves involving NY were OUTBOUND! ( UVL-Annual Migration Study). 2014 will see an even higher percentage as Remington Arms leaves, Gun Stores and Sports Shops close and unemployment and crime, rise. If Cuomo is re-elected in November,  2015 will be a record-breaking year for people moving OUT of NY.  I say, "Great!", let the Libs have it !

                 Rob Astorino is a terrific human being and he would make an excellent governor for this state.  Still, realistically, he hasn't got a shot at winning. Why? First of all, he is a Conservative Republican in a very Blue State. He is not well-known, he loves the Constitution and Freedom, respects his constituent's voices and opinions, and won't rob, steal and threaten to get what he wants. Most importantly, he can never even HOPE to match the 41 million dollars that Cuomo has in his War Chest already. Unless Trump decides to step up and help. As November nears, Cuomo's total will rise quickly as down-state liberals fight for their King.

                 Even though thousands of former Cuomo supporters will NOT vote for him again this year due to the Safe Act, Cuomo OWNS NY City. Think about it; FORTY MILLION DOLLARS for his campaign ! Imagine the miracles that could be made with that much money. Perry Jones, the Director of the Albany City Mission, housed 800 homeless per night during the extreme cold weather we have had these past few weeks. The mission fed 1500 meals per DAY this cold winter and they accept NO government assistance of ANY kind. They minister, clothe, counsel, house and feed, while the gangster in the Capitol hoards millions for TV commercials and mailers. See anything wrong with this picture?

                 While the homeless and hungry, many of them veterans, huddle in doorways, wealthy liberals will send donations to the Cuomo War Chest to ensure the re-election of their thug King. Think they send any donations to the missions? No, Rob Astorino will not be the next governor of NY no matter how much we wish he would be. People don't WANT leaders that might cause them to take a close look at themselves and their lives. The liberals among us have rejected God, the Constitution, the sanctity of human life, the rewards of compassion and generosity and the precious gift of Liberty. They concern themselves only with their own, selfish desires and deviant needs.

                  Who cares about that veteran sleeping in a cardboard box, they want their abortions and illegitimate children paid for by the working-class. They want their EBT cards that allow them to go to strip clubs and buy alcohol and cigarettes. The wealthier ones want CONTROL and Notoriety, POWER. Someone mentioned to me today that there should be limits to what can be spent on a political campaign. That's TRUE, but even if we HAD limits, the money would seep in through the back doors illegally, voter fraud, threats, bribes, lies and smears would still exist. He who plays dirtiest, wins. Welcome to politics.

                SO, big news of the day, the Albany Church that is giving away a NY Compliant, AR15. Grace Baptist Church is a very active, Patriotic and Constitutional Church with a flock of Christians that are unafraid to speak out and stand UP. They KNOW what God says about arms and self-defense, that He not only condones it but DEMANDS it. Congratulations, Grace Baptist! Thank you to my dear friend Brian for donating the rifle. Thank you Steve, (McLaughlin), for standing WITH the Church and the Patriots of NY State!  Now a message about the loudest dissenter, "Pastor" Charlie Muller.

                 I worked for him, I rented a home from him, I even babysat his daughter. His parents were wonderful people, and I have to wonder where they got such a scumbag for a son. I remember when Mrs. Muller was dying and Charlie Sr. was ailing and trying to paint his two-story house in West Lebanon. I stopped by one day to find old Charlie on an extension ladder with a pail of paint. He came down to chat, and he was in tears . He could not understand how he could have sons that would not help their father. It was heart-wrenching.

                Yet we see Charlie the Used-Car Salesman on the TV, talking about God and Christian Charity, giving away window fans in August, feeding kids in the Albany Parks in summer, passing out new sneakers to teens on the street, and organizing "Gun Buy-Backs" to "REDUCE VIOLENCE" in Albany neighborhoods. All the while, the money rolls in to that "church" of his. Well, I know the REAL Charlie Muller. So do many of YOU here in Lebanon. He's a FRAUD, a con-man, a liar and a thief. He's about as much a "Pastor" as Al Sharpton.

                I watched him sell absolute JUNK cars to unsuspecting buyers then refuse to assist them when the cars broke down a day or two later. I WATCHED him embezzle and misuse funds of investors. I witnessed him abusing employees and assistants, blaming others for things HE himself had done, and manipulating people for his own gain. Then he actually had the NERVE to be Angry that his father didn't leave him the house ! He has NOTHING to do with his siblings and they like it that way. Yet he has the black community in Albany completely bamboozled. He gives to the needy ones and TAKES from the wealthy ones. He makes a nice living. Always did. He is truly an Evil man.

                Muller's buy-backs have resulted in nothing more than getting a few family hand-me-down guns and grandpa's muskets off the streets, turned in by folks who needed the gift certificates more. Gangs and street punks don't turn in their pieces for gift certificates.  Doesn't happen! One thing you CAN be sure of, the kids he gives sandwiches to in the summer, aren't the only ones getting a Free Lunch from Victory Christian Church on Quail Street.


 MISSING !  Sanity and Common Sense !                              3-6-2014

               What has happened to simple reason? I know that our public school system has been teaching children to NOT think for many years now, but how do we explain the number of Seniors who have "fallen in line" ?  I am in my 50s now, but I remember being encouraged in school to think, explore, research and form my own opinions and solutions.  We were taught to be independent thinkers, uniquely creative, and to reach as high as we could or would. TRUE diversity.

                Even before the dreaded, Nazi Common Core, our schools were slowly morphing into indoctrination centers, discouraging exceptionalism and encouraging mediocrity.  Mary shouldn't get that A she earned for a perfect paper, because John might feel bad that he only got a D.  Doesn't matter that Mary studied and John played video games. Letting John learn his lesson would be "cruel" and warp his tender little psyche.  GAG!

                Classroom discussions and think tanks are "Bad" because they might cause some students to question the government's power and think for themselves.  Therein lies the main problem,  the federal government in our schools!  This week, a two-year-old girl was "suspended" from Daycare for bringing a cheese sandwich in her backpack.  Are you KIDDING me ?  The daycare rules don't allow outside food due to some children having allergies. That's fine, so tell the parent to be more careful and get over it.  No,  that makes too much sense, so let's  SUSPEND  a  TWO YEAR OLD  baby from DAYCARE ?  Shame on that delinquent baby, she should have known better !  Talk about extremism !

                 A 5-year-old boy chews a Pop-Tart into the shape of a pistol and is suspended from kindergarten for a week. The story made the national media and gun-owning parents were again bashed by the antis.  Another 5-year-old boy kissed a little girl's hand during recess and was suspended for three days!   ( There was no mention of whether similar molestation had occurred in the pasts of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, or Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Wiener. )  Had this little boy come to school clutching a Barbie Doll, school staff would have applauded and rewarded him. WHERE is the SANITY ?

                  Toddler girls are made-up like street hookers and paraded on runways by insecure mothers who want trophy shelves in their living rooms. These babies are forced to wear wigs, contact lenses, false teeth and eyelashes and taught to pose provocatively. It's nothing short of child abuse. The murder of Jon Benet Ramsey was a direct result of her sexualization by her own mother. Wealthy liberals with no common sense or parenting skills, not to mention the important connections that allowed them to bury the truth about the baby's death. We will never see the facts of that case exposed. Protection for the privileged, even those who kill.

                 Common sense is indeed a rarity today, especially in our government. How does a country with the debt America has, loan billions of dollars to the Ukraine for their defense?  How do we grant billions to Africa to build their infrastructure, and why do we allow the Obamas to take multi-million dollar vacations numerous times each year while our military is seeing drastic, and dangerous cuts?  Most of all, why do Congress and the American people allow the Bogus Potus to send OUR money to our enemies in the Middle East ? Where is the REASON ? Where is the SANITY in allowing Muslims to hold positions in government and work in our federal buildings? It's just totally INSANE!

                Recently, we talked here about False Flags, primarily Sandy Hook. You may remember the snide Lieutenant of the Conn. State Police, Lt. Vance.  Well, guess WHO is back in the news?  I'm posting Lt. Vance's latest foot-in-mouth event for you below. Enjoy !

                Folks, I've been writing this blog since 2009, and I don't tell you the things that the mainstream media buries just so you can call me a Tin-Hat. Though I know many of you do, and that's to be expected by anyone who tries to ring the warning bell. Comes with the territory. Yet I keep saying it because I think people need to know, have a RIGHT to know what is REALLY going on in Washington and the State Capitols.  I rarely mention my work history in the less-than-public sectors of Law Enforcement, because I am not anyone "special" as a result of that. When I DO mention it, it is to assure you that I know what I am talking about, that I really DO know what goes on in the darkest corners of Law Enforcement and the federal government.  There's a lot I do NOT know, thank God, but if I failed to warn you of the things I am certain of, how would I sleep at night?

               I don't expect anyone to take me at my word, I expect you to do a little research of your own. Read alternative newspapers and magazines, visit the Blaze online, and subscribe to Newsmax. Ask your liberal library to bite the bullet and subscribe. Look at our history and the history of all the tyrannical regimes that slaughtered millions of their own people. It continues in the Middle East today. Research the results of Socialism and Communism, and challenge yourself to read the Bible prophecies, whether you're a Believer or an Atheist.

                When it all comes together for you, come on back and review the info I post for you here. Don't allow the government-controlled media to turn you into a useful idiot, a compliant zombie.  Be suspicious and curious, ask questions, talk to people outside your own circle and never, EVER, believe anything that comes out of the White House until you fact-check it with several reliable news agencies.

                  Think back to what "Common Sense" meant to you ten years ago, then look at our "Leadership" and the behaviors we have seen since 2008. Families in Connecticut are not sitting around their kitchen tables  tonight discussing work , college or cars, they are deciding whether to fight or surrender when the  DHS comes to their doors to take their guns. Something is very, very wrong in America. What did YOUR family talk about over dinner tonight?


Connecticut Resistance!


Second American Revolution Imminent?


Lieutenant Vance of the Connecticut State Police Says a MOUTHFUL !!



 Town Board and Low T                                                  3-11-2014

                WoW.  VERY interesting meeting. Of course the Out-of-Town whiners were not present because the "Noise Ordinance" proposal was not discussed. A few DID show up, only to leave the minute they were told that THEIR issue was not going to be discussed tonight. So it was a rather small turn-out considering that TEN people had applied for the vacant Planning Board position and THREE for the Zoning Board. Only TWO of the applicants were in attendance. 

                 Kevin Smith, the FIRST applicant for Planning Board this year, was again passed-over for a Bensonite. Seems to make no difference that Kevin has applied for various positions every year for MANY years, is qualified, reliable, knowledgeable, and has lived in Lebanon his entire 46 years. Baldwin and Benson don't like him, so that's that. Why don't they like him? Kevin tells it like it is, goes by the book, tells the Truth, and will NOT be bought or bribed. Much like Wayne Martin who is also passed-over on orders of Bruce Baldwin for "Personal" reasons that have ZERO to do with the boards or town business.  Cronyism. Board-Stacking.

                 TWO of the four board members had given their "Gentlemen's Promise" that they would nominate Kevin. It would have been the RIGHT thing to do, seeing as how Kevin has been rejected SO many times by corrupt board members. It quickly became obvious that promises and a man's word no longer mean much.  Even if they felt Kevin would be voted against by the other two and Benson would clinch it as tie-breaker, it STILL would have been the honorable thing to do. No surprise, even the alleged "Good" politicians end up being dragged down by the bad. Politics is a self-serving game.

                  So we now have Benson's second favorite child on the Planning Board. Josh Schuster was appointed. Another wet-behind-the-ears baby with ZERO experience, known by VERY few locals, but friends with Dan Evans, a member of the Godfroy Fire Department, wealthy, and groomed by Benson. It was a given. There WERE worse applicants, believe me, but I just find it unethical to repeatedly draft the personal choices of Baldwin and Benson for every vacant position in this town. It may not be illegal, but it SHOULD be, and it is definitely disgusting behavior for so-called officials.

                 If there is ONE fully-developed testicle on that entire board, I would be shocked! Talk about LOW-T ! What ever happened to REAL MEN? It's a very sad state of affairs.

                 On the subject of REAL MEN, tonight was the first I heard about the Lebanon snow-plow hitting a car this winter. The woman whose car was demolished was at the meeting tonight with her sister and husband. Mary Hotaling of Valatie told her story about being struck by the plow and pushed across the road, not once but TWICE! It would seem to ME that if a plow truck driver hits a car hard enough to push it into the bank, they wouldn't go for a second shot, but that's just ME. Not to mention that he backed out into the road and t-boned her to begin with ! When he finally realized he had terrified this woman, trapped her in her car, and literally double-plowed her into the snowbank, he didn't even bother to get out of his truck and ask if she was okay or if she needed any help !!!!!

                  The car was destroyed, and the police stated that the plow truck driver was negligent and "Reckless".  Now, Town insurance only allows payment to the other driver if the accident was based on recklessness by the town employee. Otherwise, the truck driver is exempt from any liability! Are you kidding ME? Yet the police who deemed the town driver reckless, also told Mrs. Hotaling that a judge would plea it down and toss out the recklessness and she would still receive NOTHING for her terrifying experience and loss of her car. Being an insurance agent herself, Mrs. Hotaling knew this was what was most likely to happen. 

                    Now, I may be the local Tin Hat to some of you, but I damn sure don't see this "exemption" from accountability for town drivers to be fair, do YOU?  If YOU were hit by a plow truck in say, Chatham, through NO fault of your own, lost your car and a lot of sleep, what would you think would be fair compensation?  Would you be amenable to getting NOTHING, not even an "I'm Sorry"?  To make matters worse, Mrs. Hotaling tried to make contact with our illustrious Supervisor for NINETEEN days, and received NO response! ZIPPO!  THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what you voted for to run our town.

                    WHY was this town employee NOT fired for this accident and for not bothering to even check and see if the woman was alive?  How HORRIBLE is that? I hope she sues and I hope she wins a HUGE settlement. This town needs a wake-up call. This woman poured her heart out tonight after the meeting, and got the famous blank stares from the board. Cold as ice. WoW!  It's getting embarrassing to tell people you're from New Lebanon. We are considered the dumbest, the most liberal, most backward and  most corrupt town in Columbia County. THAT is a FACT, straight from the County Supervisors and several other county offices. I won't tell you what the other Supervisors say about Benson and what hand-signals they make at the county meetings when he gets up to speak.  LOL!! In any case, we are the laughing-stock up here in the nether regions of the county. I don't wonder why.

             There is much more to talk about this week, but I can't continue tonight, I am just too fed-up with the losers and the lies to talk about it anymore. NY sucks.


            Just in case you've forgotten, here's what REAL men look like!


 The Plane - The Plane !                                      3-12-2014

                 So what exactly DID happen to the plane? The always-inaccurate, first-day news reports spoke of "unidentified passengers" and "stolen passports".  On day three, we heard about the young, Iranian male that was using one of those passports. Despite that information and the questions raised by it, most of us still believed that the plane would soon be found in the water or in little pieces in the deep jungles of Vietnam. So far, that hasn't happened.

                 On Tuesday, I met with some friends and the subject of the plane came up in conversation.  In weighing the info we had, the Iranian, the stolen passports, no S.O.S of any kind AT any time, no working transponder or radar tracking, the consensus was that the plane had been "taken".  No, not by little green men, but by little brown, Middle-Eastern men. Still the question of WHY remains. So many possibilities, too many to contemplate and none of them good.

                  Personally, I would like to see a passenger list. Who was on board, what did they do for a living, where were they going and where had they been? Anyone who might be considered of value to a terrorist cell?  What was in the cargo-hold and the carry-ons and most importantly, why has no one taken responsibility for the hijacking, if that was indeed what happened at all ?  Maybe it is even more important that the White House has had so little to say about it. It wasn't our plane, but there were Americans aboard. WHO were they ?

                   In the end, we will be told only what the Obama-Controlled news is instructed to report. The missing plane will miraculously reappear under the sea or turned into confetti by some unexplained explosion. Whatever we're told, it will be false, at least a good percentage of it.  All we can do at this point is to pray for the families of the missing.

                    It's very sad to think that we can no longer trust the media to do its job in an honest, impartial and honorable way. Media has never been 100% reliable, but what we have today is an embarrassment. Journalists are no longer considered truthful or daring as they once were. No longer is the public told the truth that has come from the reporter's own research and account of the news as he or she actually SAW it. News is now used to dis-inform, intimidate, and mislead. It is used to indoctrinate and to bury the real facts that don't fit into the agenda of the Elite and the Leaders.  Much like the Gay Rights protest held in D.C this past summer that drew about 200 people but was heavily covered by media. The Pro-Life groups that turned out by the thousands, were ignored by media.  So who do YOU think is pulling the strings ?

                     Look at who OWNS the media for the answers. Ive posted that info for you below. The first, anti-Safe Act Rally in Albany drew 8,000 people, yet the local media reported it as 1,000. Every day in America, innocent civilians are saved by armed citizens with concealed carry permits, but you will never hear about this unless you LOOK for it. Yet a crazy Democrat goes postal with a gun and it's national news and the gun-grabbers come out of their caves in droves. (Yes, ALL the shooters have been Liberal Democrats).  So you tell ME, are we seeing fair and unbiased reporting?

                     There is absolutely NOTHING more powerful in America today than the media. It isn't just the news reports that GIVE us our opinions and tell us what to think, it is also magazines, newspapers, books, music, television and movies. Which is exactly why it is SO important to do your own research about anything you see or hear through media outlets, before you make any decisions or drink the Kool-Aid while it's cold.  Use the curiosity God gave you and go find the answers and truths for yourself.  Nothing is more destructive, more tyrannical and more effective than disinformation. If you refuse to accept it at face value, you might actually learn about the things that are REALLY going on in this country, in this government.

                       After the media, our schools are the next in line as the most destructive to American values and thought. Our children spend 8 hours a day with people who do not necessarily share our own beliefs, traditions, and faiths, and that is unacceptable. These kids are OURS, not the government's and we MUST keep it that way. Every parent needs to know what their child is learning and not learning, WHO is teaching them what and WHY. If you find anything objectionable, you MUST speak out and reject it or remove your child from that school. We hand our babies over to the government school system when they are barely 5 years old, and Cuomo wants them at age 3 !  This is when kids are the most bendable and impressionable, and learn the easiest and fastest. These are the very years they should be at HOME, being taught what WE as parents, feel is necessary and healthy.

                      Did you know that both the Japanese and Vietnam Wars were sparked by False Flags, deliberate provocation and outright lies? Japan was poked repeatedly until they had finally had enough and struck back at Pearl Harbor. Vietnam was a false report of an attack on an America battleship, that NEVER occurred! Go ahead and research it, you will be shocked into awareness of just how far our government is willing to go to serve their own needs. The media is their tool, their means of making the lies believable. Who would have ever even considered questioning the Pearl Harbor attack as being incited by the Americans? Yet that's what happened. We know this NOW, just as we know what incited Vietnam, what happened to JFK and why, and what really happened in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and Boston.  All that's left now is to digest these truths and accept the fact that the media is bought and paid for. You MUST think for yourselves, folks. Don't be a Zombie for the left.

                     Sleep  Well.            JJ


Cuomo, Homos, Corned Beef and Cabbage                                 3-17-2014

        Cuomo first. Let me begin by asking you this; "Have you EVER seen or heard  Andrew Cuomo speak in a normal tone of voice and without pointing his finger at his audience?".  His mouth is wide open in almost every picture you see of him. He speaks like a tyrant, acts like a tyrant and thinks like a tyrant. 

         Last week, I talked about the 41 million dollars in Andy's War Chest to date. His funding comes from wealthy liberals and business-people from all over the country! Look it up, you will find it interesting and a little puzzling.  In the past two weeks, we have started to see TV ads championing Cuomo's improvements to the Capitol Building AND his intent to ensure "Fair Elections" in NY State.  Wait... WHAT?! Any work done on the Capitol House was financed by the NY Taxpayers, not Andy. All he did was sign a permit for some flunkie to come in and do the job. Not exactly a notable accomplishment.

Fair Elections ?!?!

          How can this idiot say that out of one corner of his mouth, then turn around and say that he plans to smear Rob Astorino as a Right-Wing Extremist from the other side? Cuomo said, and I quote; "I will spend 10 million dollars on TV ads to smear him as the Right Wing Extremist he is!". End Quote. Apparently, Cuomo is following the Obama lead of Making Law that will apply to everyone but himself and his closest minions.

          Shouldn't a candidate run for office on his merits and platform with a spending limit for campaign costs? Why in Heaven's name does ANYONE need to spend upwards of 50 million dollars on a campaign for Governor or any other position for that matter? People are HUNGRY in America ! Veterans are HOMELESS !  Cuomo calls Astorino a Right-Wing Extremist, and he may well BE.  He IS a Constitutionalist, which is exactly what NY and America need right now.  So what is CUOMO if not a "Left-Wing Extremist"?  He and Schumer and DiBlasio and all the other NY Democrats.

          For the second time in a month, Cuomo is saying that NY State belongs to Liberals and he will spend millions of dollars to see that it stays that way.  Gee, the destructive Liberal leadership has done a GREAT job here so far, hasn't it? Andrew Cuomo is a scumbag, a liar, a thief, and a dictator. It's time to kick his corrupt A_S to the curb, folks!


   NOW, here is the REAL issue of the day. Happy St. Patty's Day to my fellow Irishmen!  I have always looked forward to this holiday, being 3/4 Irish , 1/4 Danish, and 100% American. No hyphen for ME. This is the day that I miss the Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner at the Speedway Diner. H did a great job with it, and I used to call him "My Little Jewish Leprechaun".  Even though the Irish rarely ever eat corned beef and don't have it on this holiday, I still enjoy the American tradition. Actually, my Irish brood is having stuffed chicken tonight! LOL!

           The American St. Patrick's Day is a celebration that EVERYONE can take part in. It's a little more special for those of us who are of Irish descent, but it's a time for everybody to be Irish for a day and have some wholesome fun. This day has absolutely NOTHING to do with sexuality or life-style choices. Yet once AGAIN, the activist Homosexuals have stolen the joy of others and turned a family celebration day into a battle. WHY? WHY does EVERYTHING have to be about THEM ?! Do you see straight people demanding a parade float to flaunt their heterosexuality? Do you see Blacks or Hispanics or Jews forcing their way into an Irish celebration or vice-versa? Of course not, because it is unfair, selfish and hateful.

           If the gay activists are SO content and secure in their lifestyle choices, why is it that they seem to have such an insatiable need for acceptance and approval ? Apparently, they are not as content as they would have society believe.  This will be the FIRST ever, St. Patty's Day that the Boston and NY City Mayors will not be taking part. (No big loss there!).  These mayors are boycotting the parades in support of Gay Veterans who were denied floats to put their sexuality on exhibition. So what are these mayors saying to their straight constituents, their religious, the youth? They are saying that the sexually-deviant among us matter more than the rest of us do. So, Andy Cuomo, WHO are the EXTREMISTS ?!?

           I am also disgusted with the Heineken, Guinness, and Sam Adams beer companies that pulled their sponsorships from the parades in support of the Homosexual whining. They too, are sending a loud message to our youth and straight members of society that they support immorality and Godlessness. They better hope that every gay American will drink their beer from now on, because a lot of their former customers will NOT.

          In any case, I personally will not be pushed one more INCH by the LBGTQ community. Yes, they have added a "Q" to the list, for "Queer". Pretty soon they will have the entire alphabet involved. How about "SDOA",   for   "Sexual Deviants of America" ? It's easier to say and it's all-inclusive.  I believe that as Americans , we are all free to choose and to live as we wish without abuse from those who disagree with our choices.  We must ALSO be willing to accept any and all consequences of our own choices.

           MOST importantly, the freedom to live unmolested works BOTH ways ! Gays want acceptance? They must GIVE it ! Behave like human beings and keep their sex lives in their bedrooms like the rest of us. STOP robbing your fellow Americans of the few enjoyable and non-sexual activities that remain and be grateful for the great strides they have made in gaining acceptance. How can they claim to desire that acceptance then behave like animals in public, in front of our children, and refuse to respect others? That does NOT breed acceptance, it breeds hate and resentment. The gay activists are LOSING ground by never having ENOUGH and FORCING their choices on others.

            People will only be pushed so far for so long before they push back. STOP poking the hornet's nest before you loose an angry swarm.


 Rinos and Commios!                                                          3-22-2014

            When McCain and Palin ran for the White House, they got my vote. Not that I have ever been crazy about McCain, but at least he is American-Born, a veteran and a former P.O.W. Sarah Palin, I LOVE. Gutsy little thing and a great example of what a REAL American woman should BE.  Besides, the alternative to McCain - Palin, was the unqualified, no identity, Teflon Muslim. I would sooner kiss Brucey Baldwin in public than support any Democrat for federal office, much less a foreign traitor like Obama.

             I REALLY wanted Herman Cain for president, but when the liberal Dems tore him apart for allegations that pale in comparison to their OWN mis-conduct, McCain became the only option for Conservatives, and I refuse to NOT vote and give the enemy an edge. As the Obama voters have since learned, their choice was and IS, a total train wreck. In true liberal style, they had to do it TWICE to "Get" it.

             I watched an interview with John McCain this week about Putin and Crimea. McCain was livid that Putin had claimed no interest in Crimea just a fortnight ago, yet had now taken control of it. McCain Shouted, "He LIED! He just LIED!".  He then went on to describe Putin as a Communist Dictator, (which he IS), with no regard for International Law. He also said that the U.S has responded too weakly to the situation and that Congress, especially his Republican peers, have failed to take Putin's actions as seriously as they should.

             Wow. I guess McCain has never opened a Bible or taken a long look in a mirror. If he had, he would know that we are not to point out the splinter in our neighbor's eye until we have removed the plank from our own. Communism is horrible and Putin is indeed an evil dictator and a lawless, lying leader. We should KNOW, seeing as that is EXACTLY what we have in our own Oval Office ! Who is Obama if not an evil dictator, a power-mongering, lawless liar who was raised, groomed and advised by proven Communists?  DUH !!

             Yes, Putin's house is dirty, but shouldn't we clean our OWN before presuming to spotlight the cobwebs in anyone else's? How DARE Rino McCain spew such hypocrisy ! The Dems, Rinos and Obama are the reason that America is now considered impotent by Putin and the other despots of the world. Putin stated a few months ago that America's Godlessness and immorality would be her downfall. Coming from the likes of HIM, that statement is all the more profound and prophetic. Our moral decay at the hands of liberals has brought us to our knees.  Our military has been systematically weakened and corrupted by this administration and the Dems and Rinos are all Commie wanna-bes.  So what did McCain and his buddies expect?

             When a government spends decades on the deliberate dumbing-down, demoralization and indoctrination of its own citizenry, how can anyone expect that country to remain a strong, proud nation? When freedom, faith, responsibility and honor are demonized, what rock remains for a nation to stand upon? America's rock has become Obama's quicksand and every minute that we allow his destructive administration to continue is another inch our great country sinks.

              Putin is laughing at us and he is not alone. Unless and until We the People rise up and demand the Impeachment and Prosecution of Obama and his many minions, America as we have always known her, will cease to exist as the lighthouse of the world by 2016. If WE fail to get out and vote in November to flush the liberal Senate, we are doomed as a free country.  Should the Conservatives lose the House this Fall, we WILL see Civil War on American soil for the second time, and it will be before the New Year.

             The Bilderberg Elitists will get their wish of mass de-population as brother kills brother and neighbor slays neighbor. The horses are already at the gates and the bell rings in November.


           Speaking of the coming Civil War, have any of you done any real thinking about that? Ask yourself if you see it as a real possibility or as an empty threat by Constitutional Americans. What will you do, if you wake up one morning and see figures in SWAT uniforms surrounding your house and your neighbor's? What if you hear shouting and gunfire? Do you have an action plan?  Let's take it down a notch and imagine that on Sunday night's news, Cuomo announces an ultimatum to the people of NY. "All NY gun owners must surrender their firearms to their local law enforcement agencies by Friday or face forcible confiscation and arrest."  Keep in mind now, that the NDAA is IN effect, and you can be arrested without charge, warrant, trial or legal representation and held indefinitely. THINK about THAT!

           INDEFINITE DETENTION. Your crime? Choosing to defend your Constitutional Rights, your family and your property. Heck, they can arrest you today because they don't like your Tee Shirt or the color of your car. No good cause, no attorney. You HAVE no rights. Do you find that worrisome? You SHOULD, because the government can do that to you tomorrow if they so choose. NDAA is REAL, in AMERICA, right NOW.

           You may not have a firearm or ammo, but that doesn't exempt you from the tyranny of the Police State. Maybe you are a loony lib, tree-hugger with Obama-Biden stickers on your smart car. Still not exempt. Something as small as objecting to a Common Core assignment or telling NYSEG not to put a Smart Meter on your house can be enough reason for you to be targeted. Already, children are being ripped from their parent's arms for being overweight, too spiritual, Pro Constitution, or home-schooled. The Pelletier family of Boston is a clear example of government over-reach and if you are not familiar with that horrific story, Google it today!

           So how WILL you protect yourself, your loved ones and everything you own and worked for from the endless government agencies that can and fully intend, to take it all from you?  If you're all about Peace signs and Rainbow Flags, YOU my friend, are SCREWED. ( remember, YOU support Agenda 21 here in Lebanon!, not ME!) If you are a gun family, you're in much better shape but if you fail to plan ahead, that advantage will be lost.  I bet of lot of you are thinking that this is just more paranoia, right? That's fine. I respect the right of all people to form their own opinions.   Here's MINE:

  MY family is prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. We have vital info thanks to our involvement in the grassroots groups, our political contacts and our own study and research efforts. We have had the necessary discussions and made the tough decisions that will prevent last-minute confusion, surprises and mistakes.  For the moment, no one on either side of the gun issue is making any aggressive, physical moves, but not because they haven't TRIED. Connecticut TRIED. Their threat of confiscation has been thwarted by the refusal of their Law Enforcement to obey those orders. Temporarily thwarted. There remains the National Guard, the DHS, FEMA and the UN Forces. Not to mention the Russian Event Troops and Obama's FEMA Youth.

             Never heard of the Russian Event Troops or the FEMA Youth Corps? Where have YOU been ?! The liberal media is NOT going to hand you what you need to know, it's up to YOU to go get it ! Ignorance is suicide.

              Unless the gun-grabbers and Oathbreakers STAND DOWN, until our Constitution is defended and respected as the Law of the Land, Civil War is not possible, it is a guarantee. The Freedom-Loving people of America have finally drawn a line in the sand and will be pushed no further. Unlike Obama's Red Line, WE will stand by OURS !

              I don't lie awake at night fretting over these things. I don't stop living, laughing, working or enjoying. I am one of millions that are prepared for any eventuality and blessed with the reassurance that faith and preparation provide.  Speaking of these things to others, even though it often brings me ridicule, is important to me. If only ONE family is awakened by my warnings, it's all worth it.

               So call me names and laugh if it pleases you, but somewhere, someone is listening and preparing because of something I posted here. That's good enough for me.




 Miracles  Happen                                                          3-23-2014

              Why is it that when you have the most work to get done, your body decides it's a swell time to come down sick ? This has been the weekend from hell, complete with a brief affair between myself and the porcelain god.  I AM on the mend, upright and able to keep down a cup or two of my beloved coffee, but the half-finished, kitchen ceiling is taunting me.

                Seeing as how I suspect the suffocating odor of polyurethane as partly to blame for my illness, the job may have to wait until I can open a few windows. Warm weather is predicted for this coming weekend, finally.

                 As much as I abhor the heat and humidity of summer, I do look forward to the Spring. There is little quite as faith-affirming as watching Nature awake from its winter hibernation. It never fails and never disappoints. I try to pay close attention to the yearly re-birth of all things green, because if you look away even for a minute, the leaves are in full bloom and the lawn needs mowing. You have missed the infancy of God's miracle.

                  Each Fall, I plant something new to keep watch for in Spring. This year it will be tulips and daffodils ringing the tree I planted the year before in the center of my front yard.  For the moment though, the kitchen is the focus, and with the floor still to sand and refinish, I'll be satisfied with just enough warmth to open windows and get some ventilation.  In a house this small, furniture being in a room where it does not belong creates instant chaos. LOL!  This too shall pass, as all things do.

                   We had an early miracle this weekend. A friend of my son has been going through some personal trials recently, not the least of which was being jobless and having 5 kids to feed. This guy is a big ol', baby-faced sweetheart with a pure soul and a childlike enthusiasm for life. Yet his luck has been terrible. He is of course, partly to blame for his issues as we all are, but he does seem to have more than his share.  He reached a breaking point yesterday . My son was with him as counsel and support, and all of a sudden, this sweet, broken boy asked Mike to pray with him for salvation. Another soul won for the Lord and Heaven-Bound ! By the way, his phone rang early this morning, and he was hired for a job he wanted!

                   Miracles occur in our world every day, but too few of us are paying attention.  Salvation is a miracle, and anyone who wants it can have it simply by asking with a sincere heart. You don't even have to tell anyone you've done it until you feel ready to do so. It can be between you and God until He tells you to share. A simple prayer is all it takes to attain the blessed assurance of eternity in Heaven and the security of being forever held in the palm of God's Hand where no man can snatch you away, ever.

                   THAT my friends, is all it means to be a "Born-Again Christian". No rituals, no fanfare, no falling on the floor or speaking in tongues. Just a covenental prayer from your heart to God's ears.  You will be amazed at the changes that will occur in your life! Sometimes it happens slowly as it did with me, but for others it is instant and powerful as a lightning bolt. We are all unique and so are our transformations.

                   Spring is here, and in the next few weeks we will be witness to birth and re-birth everywhere we look. Take time to notice, and if you need something new and better in your life, all it takes is a prayer. I promise.


The Salvation Prayer

Dear Lord,
I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don’t please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to save me. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now and ask you to take control of my life, I give it to you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I love you, Lord, and I thank you that I will spend all eternity with you.



 And NOW for the LIES !                                                      3-25-2014

      Ever notice that the more comfortable the liars become with lying, the worse they are at it? Sometimes it's because they just take for granted that the Sheeple will believe anything they say because well, they HAVE for SO long! Other times, they just get sloppy and stop caring if they are believed or not, after all, who is going to hold them accountable? No one has SO far !

        Sandy Hook was sloppy, Boston was sloppier and now it's the missing plane.  I mean REALLY people, do you seriously believe that any part of that plane has been located in the Indian Ocean?  Told ya they'd lie. It's the ultimate cruelty to announce to waiting family members that their loved ones are all dead, when you have zero evidence to present.  The Truth could be any number of things, but what they're telling these relatives is pure drivel. Their demeanor is that of a bunch of kids playing house that grew tired of the ruse and wandered off to do something more interesting. They almost seem bored with the issue.

         That plane is not in the Indian Ocean or any other ocean, at least not at the moment. The passengers may well be dead, but not from crashing or drowning. Whatever the job was, it is done, and they want it to go away now. So they got sloppy. Apparently, Malaysians are smarter than Americans , because they are NOT buying it. Good for them! They may never know the whole truth of what happened to their loved ones, but they know this ain't it. You know it too, admit it.

          Did you notice that the media coverage of this half-hearted search for a missing plane that was likely never missing, just "Re-Located", was about 100% more coverage than Benghazi EVER got? Or Fast and Furious? OR the NSA and IRS spying and targeting?  Etc., etc., etc.  Did you also notice that NO coverage of Mrs. Muslim's trip to China with her purchased daughters has been allowed? White House Orders. NO media coverage of this latest trip we Americans are paying for. Hmmm.

           On the local front, Lebanon was graced with the presence of some Federal Police Officers this weekend. You know the ones, the National Law Enforcement Agency that the U.S Constitution forbids. Don't ask me WHICH of the forbidden National Forces it was, could have been IRS, DOD,DHS, EPA, DOJ, NSA, NEA, or even SSA, they all have their own forces now, and I can lengthen the list if you'd like.  In any case, they felt the need to remove their flak jackets before going into Stewarts. Gee, I wonder WHY Feds would need to be wearing riot gear in Lebanon on a Sunday? Someone cut a tree down at the Abode? Maybe someone posted an anti-Hillary sign in the right of way near Mike Benson's house! No, had to be bigger. I betcha some South American spilled some motor oil near Max Gitter's well!

           Interesting, in any case.

     Speaking of the Black Widow, PACT will be taking a close-up look at the Clintons and Cuomos over the next few weeks. I have LOTS of anti-ignorance fodder for you to chew on. Since both of these last names are likely to be in election news in the near future, I think it's important to get the FACTS out now. We did our research in 2007 and warned y'all about the Teflon Muslim, and we did it again in 2012. We warned you about Benson, BOTH times. Now we are spinning our wheels again and warning you about the Cuomos and Clintons, with a little McCain and Gibson tossed-in for good measure. Don't worry, I won't overlook the little compost worm, Chuck Schumer, either. We will dissect them and examine them under a microscope. Only condition is that I get to stick the pins in.

      A quick congratulations to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for his act of kindness today. Mickey the Pit Bull had received a Stay of Execution as Sheriff Joe has adopted him personally and is giving him a second chance. As a life-long owner, breeder, and lover of dogs, I personally feel that the Judge was right about Mickey being a dangerous dog. Probably the original owner's fault, it usually IS, but still, a dog that mauls a child is a danger to everyone. Sad, but true. If Joe can rehabilitate him, great. If not, Mickey may have to go where all dogs go when their time is up, but everyone deserves a second chance, especially man's best friend. Good Luck Sheriff Joe!

     Recommended Reading Night!


 LOYALTY                                                                3-26-2014

           Before we start our Clinton Dumpster-Diving, I thought we should first look inward a bit to finish the week.  We are all born with certain traits that we will need to live successful lives among other human beings. Of course I know there are a few people who enter the world with medical and mental issues that prevent them from functioning as they should, but we're talking about the majority of the healthy here.

            One of those necessary and favorable traits is loyalty. If all of us exercised the loyalty we are capable of, the world would be a kinder, happier place to live in. Veterans would want for nothing, our elderly family members would never waste away  forgotten and alone, animal shelters would close, and no child would live without love and roots.

             When I was in my 30s, I was very seriously injured and spent 6 weeks in the hospital. It was one of the neediest times of my life, and in the end, one of my greatest learning experiences.  People I considered my closest "Friends" not only dropped the ball, they bounced it off my head for good measure. To add salt to the wounds, they managed to find time to talk to one another about me , but none to talk TO me or WITH me.  They speculated and fabricated and even went so far as to accuse me of being to blame for my own condition. The level of cruelty was beyond imagination, yet it was not the first time I had experienced life-changing betrayal, nor was it the last.

               In spite of my loyal "friends", I came back stronger and smarter than before. I recovered by helping other patients to recover and focusing on those in worse shape than I was. It worked wonders that no medicine, doctor or surgery ever could. All of us can tell personal tales of how we've been scarred by those we trusted and loved the most. The more important your betrayer is or was to you, the deeper the pain, the longer the recovery. If you're lucky, the stronger the comeback.

                Loyalty MATTERS, yet I doubt many people under the age of 40 even have the word in their vocabularies. Soldiers do, many Law Enforcement officers and Firefighters do, yet even among these groups there are some with NO clue as to what loyalty even IS. A LOT of Americans are disgusted with our present government, but would still stand by our country even to death. Some of us have children who have put us through the wringer, or parents who caused us some type of great harm, but a person of loyalty does not abandon his own. Loyalty is what allows us to keep on giving even long after the well has run dry.  A heart that fails to wither, beats strongest.

               My husband is a much more trusting person than I am, and unfortunately, that makes him more vulnerable to the turncoats of our world. He grew up in an old-fashioned, farm family with three generations in the same house. He's a country boy through and through and has never lived anywhere but HERE, in Lebanon, close to his family both emotionally and geographically. He is blessed.  His wake-up call came four years ago when his best friends, a married couple from East Nassau, shocked him with an unprecedented back-stabbing to beat all back-stabbings.

               Bob had given this couple a loan, a BIG loan, to start a small business in their community. He was able to do so only because he had recently received an inheritance and in his naivete', he didn't realize that this couple took advantage of his windfall.  I wondered about it, aloud, and my husband gave me a lecture about "REAL" friends and how they don't "ALL" end up hurting one another. It was his money, they were his friends, and it was his decision, so I never mentioned it again.  His friends opened their business and it did very well, SO well in fact, that they eventually re-located to a new building on Rt. 20. To their credit, (pardon the pun), they paid back most of the loan over time, but not ALL of it.

               In the meantime, the husband had also borrowed some of Bob's farm and logging equipment, which was not unusual for them, they borrowed such things from one another all the time and had for years. When the S_it hit the fan, they had our brand-new Sawmill, our 2-man, Alaskan Sawmill, and the new de-barker Bob had bought me for building my twig furniture. They also had our car trailer that they used to haul their son's Stock Car to the Speedway on Saturday nights. The friendship came to an abrupt and terrible end when the wife, who claims to be a "Devout Christian", turned on us due to a disagreement over of all things, a new Pastor in our church. Her betrayal was SO sudden and complete, vicious and unwarranted, that we were shocked into immobility for days.

              She did everything in her power to discredit us in the church and community and to paint US as the Bad Guys. She lied to anyone who would listen, including her own mom whom we loved, her husband, and other church members, weaving a huge, sticky web of lies that hurt far more people than just us. The husband of course believed his wife, it's only natural, and I'm sure he still believes her to this day. Bob and I had made a promise to God that we would stick it out until He moved us elsewhere, and He did eventually do that. We are now in a healthy, loving church with no animosity between anyone in the flock, as it should be. Again, we came out stronger and smarter despite the most agonizing experience either of us have ever been through. Even now, 4 years later, I find it difficult to think about it, so I just try not to.

               We never did receive the remainder of the money owed to Bob, or the car trailer, or the Alaskan Mill. We DID get the de-barker back, broken, and the big mill which had been left outdoors uncovered for a year, was missing its ramps and looked ten years old. Somewhere on the junk-heap of a "Farm" these people live on, are the ramps and the parts they "claim" to have ordered to repair my de-barker. Maybe they are in the same spot as the small mill and the car trailer, who knows. Several polite requests for the return of our property and the remainder of the loan were ignored as was a lawyer's letter. Why don't we sue? Christians do not sue other Christians.

               So you see the irreparable damage that can be done by betrayal, by a failure to exercise loyalty. In this case, it was mis-placed loyalty to a stranger that didn't last in that church for a single year before being fired by none other than, you guessed it! A 40-year friendship was destroyed  and a church family scarred by ONE disloyal heart and lying tongue. Have we moved on? As much as possible. We have given it to God to repay. Funny thing is, if this woman, her husband or son, were to call on us at 3 a.m one day and need help, Bob and I would get up and go to their aid without question, without repercussion and without hesitation. That is what loyalty means and what Christianity requires.

             To expect loyalty from others is to set yourself up for a painful fall. BEING loyal on the other hand, is vital to the growth of your OWN good character and inner peace, the promotion of a better quality of life for yourself and those you care for. Don't let the pain of betrayal make you a "Me-First" person in a selfish world. Let loyalty make this "Me-First" world a more charitable place.


Getting VERY Personal                                                3-30-2014

           The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me, personally. Little things from the past keep popping up and taking swipes at my efforts to forgive and forget. I don't mind talking about some personal things, I have nothing to hide except for work-related confidences.

            Earlier this week, I talked about two of the more difficult times in my memory and I hope I did it without including too many boring details that are relevant only to me. Generally, I try to avoid using personal experience unless it is necessary to ensure the reader that I am sincere or actually know what I'm talking about. Tonight is different. This particular post is more for ME than the reader, it is a Selfish post and will take more than one day to tell. Venting is vital for me right now to ease the build-up of steam that is threatening to blow the top off my Irish Temper.  So, if you are one of my haters, this story will either be of zero interest to you, or it will give you cause to gloat over the abominable things my family has done.

             This blog will show you that even practicing Christians struggle with forgiveness and the desire to avenge injustice. I think I made it pretty clear that I have yet to forgive the woman from East Nassau that I spoke of last week. It would be a lie to claim otherwise. I forgive her husband and the people who bought her lies, because they are not Christians and they do not SEE.  I have forgiven my mother for the same reason, AND because she was an emotionally broken woman for as long as I can remember. I am ashamed but not unwilling to admit, that I still have a long list of people I am struggling to forgive. Just about all of them are related to me.


              I have one sibling, a sister Kathi who is 6 years my senior. She is married to a man named Frank and they have three children, Tricia, Amanda and Nicholas. Kathi and I have always been polar opposites in every possible way.  She was the girly-girl, I was the Tomboy, she is blond and blue-eyed, I am dark and green eyed. She takes after my mom's family, I am all Johnson.

               Kathi was always mom's child and I was always dad's. Sadly, this division was more than symbolic. While mom and Kathi did the shopping , beauty parlor and lunch thing, dad and I did the sailing, shooting, fishing, car repairs and building in the woodshop.  It seemed ideal at the time , through a child's eyes, but looking back, it was a very bad thing. I was not mothered, and Kathi was not fathered.

                Dad was a long-lines trucker which kept him away from home for days at a time, during which I was lost, feeling no connection to my own mother and sister. I was never jealous of my mother's connection to Kathi, but the opposite was anything but true. Inwardly, Kathi was seething for years over my father's preference for me. I couldn't see that as a child, but as I matured it became obvious, though Kathi never mentioned it. My father dropped the ball with Kathi and made his favoritism obvious. I cannot imagine how painful that must have been for my sister. Mom on the other hand, TRIED to mother ME, but I pushed her away. It was a mess.

                 My parents officially separated when I was 15. Kathi was married and a mother of two by then and I was an out-of-control teenager.  Dad took his belongings and moved in with one of his many girlfriends in upstate NY, a long way from Connecticut. I saw him only occasionally after that, but it was okay, we had both changed.  A year later, my mother decided to sell the only home I had ever known and buy a two-family house about a mile closer to downtown. I was NOT happy about it for a million reasons, not the least of which was the fact that there was no ROOM for me there.

                 My mother was a baby freak to the point of obsession. Babies were her passion, her very breath, and my sister had two. Mom wanted those babies under the same roof as her, full-time, so she sold the house, bought the 2-family , and moved my sister, Frank and the 2 kids in upstairs. Mom paid off half the mortgage and my sister had a mortgage of 25k on their half.  I ended up on a mattress on the floor of a 4' x 6' sunroom full of windows with the overflow of the hundreds of dolls mom collected all her life.  I don't know what was worse, all those plastic eyes that never closed, or the lights and noise from the 7-11 on the corner that never closed either. Maybe the sirens were worse, or the people running by at 3 a.m and yelling to friends at the store.

                   Frank got up at 5 a.m all week and clomped around over my head and stomped down the stairs . He made me park my car in the street so they could put both of theirs in the driveway, and a million other, picky little things.  Eventually, I moved into the room above the garage, it at least had electricity, and stayed there for a couple of months until I got my own place. I worked full-time and went to school part-time and it was Heavenly!  My high-school guidance counselor had recently told me to run from that house as fast as I could. He said, "Get your own little place where you can have your own can of soup." He was SO right, bless him!

          I stayed somewhat in touch with the "family" but not much, considering we lived in the same city. We got along much better that way. Four years later, I got out and moved to NY where I started my law enforcement career. My son was born in 1981 and it helped my relationship with mom and Kathi a little. We finally had something in common, but we lived 180 miles apart. Kathi had three kids by then and had become one of those women who wanted to be Martha Stewart. If she couldn't BE her, she wanted to live near her. She was feeling the call of the uppity Connecticut towns nearby and wanted a home of her own.The women in my family all suffer from Connecticut Snobbery, though God knows why.

           The most important things to them were designer - label clothing, hair dressers once a week, new cars and furniture every two years, vacations, the whole load of B.S that I abhorred. Frank was a local truck driver and made good money, but he half killed himself trying to satisfy Kathi's wants. She was also addicted to craft fairs, gift shops and tag sales and filled every inch of the basement and 2-car, 2-story garage with STUFF she never used. Ever. No matter how much she spent, it was not enough, and nothing made her happy. I knew 30 years ago, what was going to happen when mom took sick or passed away, and boy, did I NAIL it ! Still, before my sister got me, my step-mother did!


                                         PART  2

               After many years of living together, my father and stepmother finally got married. They got along very well and he had been fooling around with her for 30 years, so it was about time, I guess. She had no children of her own, but she had two nieces and a nephew that she doted on, Sheila, Jody and Shannon.  Sheila was the oldest, and though I liked the other two, I did NOT like HER. I got along well with my stepmother too, and even though I wouldn't say we were ever "close", we had a good relationship, all things considered. It bothered me some as an artist and keyboardist, that my father made a point to rave over Sheila's drawing and piano abilities, which were really just average. Still, I was several years older than her, so I took the high road.

               What was even tougher though, was after Sheila got married and I saw so many of the gifts I had given my father and stepmother over the years, in Sheila's new house. Worst of all was the day I saw my parent's bedroom set in her bedroom. It wasn't anything I wanted myself, it was huge and bulky,  but it had been in my mom's bedroom for all of my childhood and my dad had demanded it in the divorce. Had he fought for it just to give it to a stranger? Odd. I would have preferred watching him burn it for firewood. Again, I took the high road and never mentioned that I had even seen it.

                 My parents never let go of anything that had happened between them and if I visited mom, she berated dad and vice-versa. When Mike was a kid, every holiday and birthday required two, separate parties. Kathi had stopped talking to my father shortly after Tricia was born and had never spoken to the stepmother. It was difficult and immature, and Sheila the nasty witch was just another complication.

                  I relocated when Mike was a couple of years old and ended up living exactly 100 miles away from each of my parents, in different directions. STILL in the middle. LOL!  My father was bitter that my mom had sold the family home and he had a sharp tongue. Every time I saw him, he ranted about it and how hard he had worked to pay for it. He never failed to tell me, "Make sure you get your share of that house she bought, after all, I worked for it!".  Yup, whatever. It was like I was the parent and they were the kids.

                  Mom eventually did put my name on the deed, entitling me to half of HER half of the house, or 1/4 of the estate. Over the years, Kathi and Frank had re-mortgaged the place numerous times and now had a mortgage that made the original amount look like small change by the 1990s, with a looming balloon payment in their future. One of those loans was procured AFTER my name was on the deed. Mom claimed to know nothing about how they had managed to do that without my signing off. Eventually, I discovered that Mom had forged my signature alongside hers in an effort to hide the fact that my name was there at all.

                   One thing I knew for sure was that I did NOT want that house! It had been nothing but a thorn in my side since I first laid eyes on it, and it was beginning to show signs of neglect. The neighborhood had gone from "iffy" to downright dangerous. 1/4 of the sale price when the time came, was more than enough for me.


              Dad began to fail first. He had been fighting emphysema for years and finally in 1998, he went into the hospital for the last time. Mike and I spent several weeks traveling back and forth, staying for days at a time. Of course, dad passed when I wasn't there. I was home in bed with the flu and a fever of 103. We had already said all the things that needed saying, and he wasn't conscious, so it wouldn't have made a difference for him if I HAD been there. The fact that I couldn't make it in time might be what turned the stepmother against me, or maybe and much more likely, she was just always a phony, pretending to care about Mike and me for my father's sake. Once the final rituals were complete, she no longer had to pretend.

               Her rush to cremate my father while he was still warm should have been a clue. Then there was the memorial service, where everyone in HER family was asked to speak, and I was not.  The reception that followed at Sheila's house was even worse if that's possible. Her son was running around kicking people in the shins and Sheila was dressed in my dead father's clothes. You can't make this stuff UP, folks ! The stepmother took me aside and told me that she had put my name on the deed to dad's house as he requested. When she passed, it would go to me. I was shocked ! I had never expected that.

               The only thing I had asked for was my father's rubber change purse with his Walking Liberty dollar inside. No one can begin to imagine the sentimental value that item held for me, and one day, I'll tell that story ,too. Dad had a woodshop with every tool you could dream of, most of them brand-new. The room measured 12 x 70 and was a woodworker's heaven. I would have loved to have some of those tools that dad taught me to use since I was a kid, but I knew that the stepmother would need the money those tools could bring. So I never asked. In fact, I suggested to her that she sell them for her future needs. All I wanted was the wallet and coin.

               I visited and called her often for the next year, even after I found out that she had given all those tools to her brother-in-law. Everything else went to Sheila and her siblings. I mean, EVERYTHING, right down to dad's books and clothes. Then came the day that her sister-in-law called me and told me to visit the county records department a.s.a.p and get a copy of the deed. So a week later, Bob and I took the trip. Surprise! My name was not anywhere on that deed, but Sheila's brother Shannon's, was.

               Now, let me be very clear and honest here, I didn't want THAT house either! It was a trailer with a ton of additions, sat on about a 10th of an acre and was 15 feet from the busy main road. Amtrak and Conrail ran non-stop about another 300 feet away and beyond that, was the Mohawk and the barges. Yuck. However, finding out that I had been LIED to yet again, was a MAJOR issue for me. It was senseless and evil. The property belonged to the stepmother and was hers to dispose of as she chose, but why LIE? Why tell a whopper that never needed to be told, when she owed me nothing? I would have continued to visit and stay in touch no matter what she did with the place.

               That little shack was a dime-store trinket, but the Truth was and is a mansion, and she burned it down.  By the way, I never saw the coin purse and dollar,either. I'm sure it went to someone with no clue as to its real worth.


Tomorrow: The rest of the Connecticut Story. Yup, it gets worse.


Getting VERY Personal  Part 3                                              3-31-2014

              Family can be a blessing and a lifeline, and it can also be a curse and a nightmare.  It's the luck of the draw, I guess. I happen to have a crappy family and I have had a lot of crappy friends, but I have also had a few amazing people touch my life that I will be forever grateful for. One good and pure soul can erase the scars left by hundreds of tormentors, and if not for those rare gems, I don't know who or where I would be today.

              Because I HAVE had good people in my life, I try to pay-it-forward in some small way every day. I never want to forget what it feels like to be run-through by someone you trust and I never want to be the cause of that kind of pain in anyone else. I am a million miles away from perfect. I have a temper that sometimes gets the best of me and I have ZERO tolerance for liars, thieves, abusers, the corrupt and the selfish. ZERO. I will call them out and point them out and let the chips fall where they may.

               There are many, many times that I badly want to avenge injustices and even give someone a sound thumping, but those are the times that God whispers in my ear and reins me in. Sometimes he waits till the last minute, but he always comes through!  LOL!  Liberals used to anger me to the point of actually clenching my fists in rage, but I have learned over the years that they are truly, mentally-ill and incapable of being sensible, compassionate humans. They are to be pitied, not punched, prayed for, not cursed. Still, there are TIMES.........

                 I'm not proud of my temper or of my difficulty in forgiving some folks, but I AM proud that I never became what my family tried to make me. What they saw as rebellion and non-conformity in me, was actually my resistance to becoming one of them. Being the "different" one, the "Black Sheep", turned out to be a blessing for ME.

                  My sister's younger daughter Amanda, was the light of my mother's life. For a long time, they had a terrific friendship and spent much of their free time together. In 1998, Amanda had a baby girl she named Jordan, and the baby added to my mother's joy. Soon after Jordan's birth, Kathi and Frank found a house they wanted and Amanda expressed interest in buying the 2-family. This is where the web of lies began to tangle into a net of evil.  My mother told me about the plans for the house and I knew it was what she wanted, so what objection could I possibly have ? Amanda would buy the house, I would receive my 1/4, and Kathi would have her dream house in an uppity, New England Town. What could go wrong ?

                   For a while, Amanda planned to rent the house until she could afford the down-payment, closing fees, etc. Kathi and Frank moved 30 minutes away, their son going with them, and for two years, all was quiet. I foolishly assumed that all was well, and never suspected that the house had been immediately transferred to Amanda's name when Kathi moved out. Again, my signature had been forged.  Then the dreaded balloon payment came due and they all went into panic mode.  Frank called me one evening out of the blue, and asked me if I would sign-off on the house. I thought he had to be kidding.

                   Apparently, they had just learned that my name was on the deed, and Kathi was livid about it.! ( Ummm, my parents had TWO kids, didn't they?)  As usual, Kathi seemed to think she should have it all. No surprise there, I had known for decades that it would come to this, and I had witnessed her and her elder daughter Tricia, literally rape my aunt's estate when she was passing, but still alive. It was like watching starving hyenas over a fresh kill.  So I gave Frank a little wake-up call and said, "NO". My own sister couldn't call and discuss it with me ?

Mom called the very next morning, weeping and asking me if I wanted her and Amanda and little Jordan to be thrown out in the street.  Good Lord !! I asked her how the house managed to be transferred into Amanda's name two years prior without my signature, and she claimed no knowledge of how it was done. In other words, she lied to me. So I took the matter to Bob and my son, and even consulted two preachers I am close to. Everyone advised me NOT to give in. So I didn't.

                     A week passed before my sister's attorney called with an "offer", and it stunk. It went like this:   IF and WHEN the house was officially sold to Amanda or someone else, I would receive 25% of the "Profit" or 10 thousand dollars, whichever was greater.  Hmm, I am BAD with numbers, but I am NOT retarded, either. The house was mortgaged well beyond its worth, so WHAT profit ? Ten-thousand cash for a house assessed at 129 thousand? NO.  It wasn't the money, it was the damn principle ! I was angry, and rightfully so, and I told the lawyer I needed to talk with my husband first.

                    Another week passed with no peace. Call after call from the lawyer and my mother, and eventually, it was my mother's constant weeping that wore me down. It just wasn't worth it, so I signed the damn agreement and was STILL the bad guy with my sister and her family. Things WERE quiet for a while. I talked with mom regularly and we made no mention of the house. Then the unthinkable happened. Amanda got married. He wasn't a Bad guy, but he was definitely a Nerdy, know-it-all type. My mother was crushed at losing Amanda's full-time companionship, but that too, was selfish. Amanda was young and wanted more children.

                     The husband's name was N. Shabrak, but I've always called him ShArab. He was rude to my mother and referred to the house as "His" all the time. Mom didn't like him much, but Amanda and Jordan remained her obsession.  When another baby girl, Zoe arrived, mom was ecstatic, but her health was beginning to fail. ShArab didn't want the girls around mom much anymore because she was forgetful and too "clingy". He might as well have killed her then and there, because that was her undoing.
(What I did NOT know, was that the house had been sold to Amanda and ShArab, was in their name, and I had again been robbed and my name forged. So I SUED their A_SES)

                      Mom began calling me two and three times a day as the kids were taken from her and the house began to be invaded by all the family rejects. Mom lost all her privacy and her needs were ignored. A closet was knocked out to make the house a one-family again as it had originally been. They told her it was to allow them to keep a closer eye on her, but I knew better. Soon, mom was relegated to her bedroom and often "ordered" to go there and STAY there!

                      Amanda took in her sister's two, teenage daughters first, then the older girl's boyfriend moved into the basement, and soon, Tricia and her never-employed boyfriend came along and joined in. There were now TEN people living in the house and only two were employed.  By this time, I had been banned from the property under threat of arrest and my mother had turned-down numerous offers to come and live with us in NY. She said she couldn't leave her "babies" ! When the abuse and neglect became obvious, I turned to the Connecticut authorities for help. My MOTHER was abandoned in her room and forced to plead for someone to get her food and drink or help her to the bathroom!!

                    The men and the kids talked to her like her she was a stranger that was imposing. They told her to "shut Up Old Lady", and "Mind your business Old Lady", etc.,etc. I was a mess, not able to go to the house, not able to convince mom to come here, and not able to bear the treatment she was receiving. I was desperate. This was an elderly, sick woman who had taken care of all these losers and their kids for YEARS. How DARE they ! Kathi ignored the entire issue. She never called or visited mom and never told her evil spawn to shape up. Nor did she ever offer to give mom one of HER three spare rooms in her dream home.

                     The investigators I sent to the house told me that I could not care for my mom in my house alone, even if she agreed to come. She needed too much care now, and even transferring her benefits to a NY facility near us would be next to impossible. They did find her a room in a decent nursing home down there. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than the house. The nurse's aides stole her clothes and money, and even a quilt she received from a close friend. My mother, the fashion queen, was dressed in sweats and tee shirts that were not even her own. One of her friends kept me apprised as to what was happening in the facility, since Amanda, who my mother had given Power of Attorney to years ago, had me banned from there as well. If I called to check on mom, they were not allowed to tell me anything at all, not even if she was still alive.

                      Before Mom was moved, just about all of her beautiful things and treasured collections were long gone. Kathi and Tricia had cleaned her out, 100%. A Home Health nurse had helped mom pack up some of the doll collection that mom knew I liked best, and the package was given to my nephew to ship to me. Again, Tricia found out about it, and opened the box, stole the contents, threw in a broken doll, resealed the box and mailed it to me. Typical Tricia, the convicted thief and extortionist, the mother of three kids by three different fathers and a boyfriend who was father to none of them. Allowing her 17 year-old daughter to co-habitate with her 18 year-old boyfriend in the basement, and abusing her elderly grandmother. Who ARE these people ?

                     I continued to talk to mom by phone several times a day and it was HARD. She was frightened, confused, and wept all the time. Eventually, she began to imagine things, and then one day, she no longer knew who I was, or who SHE was. After that, I couldn't call anymore, and she stopped calling ME. I had only my spies to give me periodic reports.

                     Mom passed in May of 2012, but I was not told until 5 months later. A formal letter arrived from Amanda to notify me that I had been left a couple of things in the Will, a wicker bench and some photos. She requested I meet her somewhere to collect my "treasures". I don't know what they were up to, but that wasn't happening. I told her to donate the bench to someone who would enjoy it and put the photos in the mail. Mom knew I hated wicker, she would not have left that to me. The photos never came.

                      Why mom's friend never told me she had passed is a mystery. Then again, you never know what Kathi and her minions told the woman, I'm sure I was painted as an evil villain. Sadly, people believe what they WANT to believe, and very rarely seek the other side of a story, just as the people who believed my nemesis in East Nassau and never talked to ME.  There was never an obituary or death notice in the papers for my mother.  It's okay, because God knows the truth, my husband and son know the truth and I know the truth, and that is all that matters.


           Last week, my son and some friends were in Connecticut and Mike decided to take a ride by the House of Horrors. He was so blown-away by what he found, that he took a ton of photos. Below are pics of how it looked when mom bought it, and how Mike found it last week. Needless to say, we are shell-shocked. The house stands empty and legally condemned, a perfect match to the many crack houses in the city.  If anyone is ever brave enough to buy it, I hope they have an exorcism before they enter.

           A little research this week has revealed that Tricia, Amanda and their wanna-be men are now all in North Carolina. Kathi is still in Connecticut, as is her son and Tricia's son.  They sucked the life out of my mother and her home, destroyed the house, garage and property, then simply walked away.  I eventually got 6 thousand out of the deal, in 200 dollar-a-month payments. 

            Forgiveness for these people has not come for me and I don't know if it is possible. God can do anything, so I pray on it. I am grateful for the lessons despite the painfulness of them, because thanks to these liberal blood-suckers, I know exactly what kind of human I do NOT want to be. This is just one of millions of stories about what happens when humans put THINGS before PEOPLE. My sister was so greedy and selfish, that she sacrificed her own mother's well-being and turned her daughters into thieves. For "STUFF".  How sad to waste a life loving "STUFF" instead of others.


Mom before she got sick. Behind her is the sun-room I lived in for a few months.

The garage which was once an adorable little building. It has a mechanic's pit in the right side.

The outside windows of the sun-room.

Next two pics are of the front where the 2 porches used to be.

The house when mom bought it.