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 Black Holes                                                                          3-2-2015

                A new Black Hole has been discovered. The first thing I wondered was if it is big enough to cram all of America's Liberals into.  Would be NICE!

                Congress actually earned a little bit of its HUGE salary this past week, wrangling over the funding of DHS and Obama's unconstitutional Amnesty. As Always, the Democrats are supporting their lawless president and are refusing to GIVE in order to GET.  They are literally berating Boehner for not sending a "Clean Bill" to the floor !!  Why SHOULD he? Have the Democrats EVER sent a Clean Bill ? Was Obamacare "CLEAN" in any sense of the word? They want funding? Well, the American Majority wants immigration laws enforced ! 

                  I'm surprised and pleased to see Boehner actually standing firm, at least for the moment. What will happen when the one week extension is over is anyone's guess. What does it really matter if DHS is funded anymore anyway? Obama refuses to allow any of it's arms to function as they were trained to do. Border Patrol has been directed to "Stand Down" and if they disobey and do their jobs, they can be fired or even arrested. Why not simply fire all the Border Patrol , tear down what little fencing we have and be done with it?  In the words of Hillary Clinton, "What possible difference, at this point, does it make"? 

                   TSA Officers at our airports aren't needed either. They will strip-search your toddler or 85-year-old Grandma, but if you're wearing a Burkha they wave you through. Life is upside-down and inside-out,folks. Compliments of Liberal Democrats and Republican Rinos.  Compliments of apathetic American citizens and low-info voters.

                  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be speaking on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.  The Democrats are LIVID, and I seriously don't get WHY. Israel is our Best Friend and strongest, most loyal ally. The P.M is an honorable, moral, strong leader, the best in the WORLD at the moment. Which is of course, why Liberals hate him. Obama hates him because he is a Jew, and because he refuses to bow down to his Muslim friends and relatives in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere in the Middle East. 

                  From the first day of his first term, Obama made it crystal clear that he despised Israel and native Jews, yet not a single Liberal spoke out about his anti-Semitism. They also failed to object to the consistent visits to the White House from members of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the appointing of Muslim Radicals to high-levels positions that provide full access to our most secret documents. Nope, not a word. They're too busy beating up on Christians, I guess.  Jay-Z is a regular visitor to the White House as well, and no one has questioned this. It doesn't seem to matter that he has shot two people and is a former crack-dealer-turned-Rapper, whose music lyrics would make a trucker blush.

                  Andrew Cuomo has also had Jay-Z at New York's Governor's Mansion as a guest and "Advisor" on Black vs Police relations! I could tell you why Jay-Z is so close to the hearts of these tyrants, but you wouldn't believe me anyway. If you're so disinterested in the appalling behaviors of Obama and his administration, maybe you don't NEED to know. I'm satisfied that I DO, that my family DOES, and that we are prepared for what is coming down the tracks at warp speed. 

                  I hope that most of you will take the time to watch Mr. Netanyahu speak and listen carefully to what he has to say. There are few people in the world more familiar with the evils of Islam and Terrorism than he, and if the media doesn't edit his speech, you will get the FACTS that our own government won't tell you or even acknowledge.    Why is it, that so many American Jews are Liberal Democrats? Have they forsaken their own heritage, forgotten the suffering of their ancestors and those who continue to suffer under daily attacks from Muslims in the homeland of Israel?  HOW can any thinking human being actually believe that the Palestinian refugees are in the right?  Or that Iran is NOT Nuking-Up to destroy not only Israel, but the USA as well? Are so many truly so STUPID?   Or are they complicit?

                   If there are any Jewish folks in town that can help me understand this, please send me an email and we can have coffee. I truly want to know.


      Bibi  Vs.  Bozo                                                                         3-3-2015

                  It was a beautiful speech by a beautiful human being.  The contrast between Netanyahu and Obama is not only striking, but an embarrassment to the American people.

                  The Prime Minister is strong, gentle, compassionate and honest.  Beyond reproach, a Veteran of the I.D.F, and fiercely loyal to his country. Many times during his speech he referred to the Israelis as "My People".  When have you ever heard those words cross Obama's lips?  The P.M spoke proudly and protectively of his country, while Obama denounces and apologizes for America to our enemies.  The P.M would lay down his life to keep Israel and her people safe, while our borders are wide-open and there are radical Muslims working in our government.

                   The Israeli people carry firearms freely to protect themselves and others from danger and evil, and that includes schoolteachers and staff.  OUR schools are "Gun Free Zones", our teachers unarmed and untrained in the defense of our children.  In Israel, every citizen who is physically and mentally able, serves a mandatory two years in the military. Here, our youth run the streets and beat up old ladies.  Obama hates our country, not HIS country, but OURS. He has no country.

                    The Democrats have been fuming for weeks over the invitation extended to the P.M by John Boehner to speak to Congress today. They claim it violated "Protocol".  LOLOLOL!!!!!!!  Seriously ??  What does this administration know about honoring Protocol? What do they know about obeying the Constitution, or listening to the majority ?  What a JOKE. Democrats HATE their own medicine. They also hate America, just as Obama does, and I don't care what they SAY, I SEE what they DO.  After the speech today, Brain-Dead Nancy Pelosi actually said that the P.M's words were "An insult to the intelligence of the United States".  Again, LOLOL!!   WHAT intelligence? We have never had a more STUPID population than we do right now, or a more worthless, traitorous president. Time that Nancy went to the old lady home.

                      Obama was terrified that Netanyahu would expose inconvenient truths about the deal with Iran, and that is exactly what Bibi did. Though the media claimed that Obama refused to attend the speech due to it being so close to the Israeli elections, that was of COURSE, not the case. Obama despises Netanyahu and everything Israeli, and he was livid that Boehner exercised his OWN power in inviting Bibi to come. Watching the audience, I am convinced that many in the room had no idea of just HOW bad Obama's proposed deal with Iran actually is.  They know NOW!  The deal is weak, ineffective and perilous, not only to Israel, but to America and the entire world. 

                       One important truth that did NOT come out in this speech, was what occurred between Obama and Netanyahu in 2011. In talks between the two, Bibi told Obama that if the U.S would not or could not assist Israel in stopping Iran's Nuclear program, that Israel would take action unilaterally. Similar to what he reiterated today. In 2011 however, Obama responded by stating that if any Israeli fighter planes took to the air headed for Iran, Obama would have them blown out of the sky ! Research it, it happened. At the time, Bibi felt he had time to let the dust settle, and backed down. Obama did nothing to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions and we now face a much smaller window of time before they actually have a weapon. Bibi will not back down again. This is it, the crossroads. Obama is either IN, or he is OUT.  I think we have our answer. 

                        For the first time since 1948, an Israeli Prime Minister has been snubbed by an American president.  This is unprecedented and unacceptable!  So YOU Democrats out there tell ME, where do you think your president's allegiance lies? With America, with Israel, or with the Muslims Jihadis? What more will it take to convince you that Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool Muslim, a follower of Muhammed and hater of Infidels? He came right out and TOLD us that he would stand with the Muslims. He openly stated that the "Most beautiful sound in the world is Islam's call to prayer". He has armed our Muslim enemies and appointed them to our White House and Pentagon. His allegiance could not BE more evident, and it has BEEN evident since Day one. 


                          Speaking of Treason, the Democrat Hopeful, Old Booze-Hound Hillary, is in the Hot seat again.  Not that it matters, as we all know that dirty Democrats are rarely if ever, held to account for their crimes.  The Clintons have committed countless crimes in their lifetimes, beginning with lying and progressing to assassinations with a little theft and extortion in-between.  Now, it is State Department, email communications being sorted through by Hillary's former staff and only the acceptable ones being submitted for the archives. She also used a Private email for State Department business rather than the official, government account provided for that purpose. Gee, think she's hiding something? 

                           There are few crimes that Hillary has NOT committed since her early internship, and she has NO remorse and NO moral compass. Perfect Democrat candidate. There IS an up-side to all this though. Just think how much ammo the next Republican Presidential Candidate will have if Hillary runs! LOLOL!!!


                         While we are discussing Democrat Misdeeds, Cuomo is also very unpopular of late, even with his own party members.  Teachers and parents from all over the state are protesting Common Core Standards, College Students are screaming about the cost of education and the proposed cuts, and as of today, Cuomo's latest corrupt proposal has poked Albany's political bee's nest.  He actually is proposing that all state government emails be erased after 90 days, every 90 days! The feds keep theirs for 7 years! There is outrage from both sides of the aisle, shocking as that may be. 

                          Now why in the world do you suppose Cuomo would want to erase official emails? With the arrest of Sheldon Silver and the Bharara investigation continuing into the dissolution of the Moreland Commission, what would make Cuomo take this suspicious step NOW? Exactly WHAT is it he intends to do that will need to be hidden? We know he is going to attempt to enforce the harsher aspects of the Safe Act in 2015, which will be a waste of his and everyone else's time, because We will NOT Comply, period. There has to be something even bigger up his well-tailored sleeve. I have my thoughts on that.  We shall see! 


                           Things are again heating up in Ferguson,Missouri. The DOJ has decided that the Ferguson P.D and Court System are Racially Corrupt and deliberately targeting Blacks for abuse and arrest. LOL!! There are a few problems with that.

 1) It's the D.O.J, which is Eric Holder, who happens to be departing his position this month. He is also the one responsible for fueling the fire in Ferguson this past summer with his race-baiting investigation that NO government agency had ANY business doing.

  2) Ferguson is a predominantly Black community, so it is only to be expected that the arrests and traffic stops of Black citizens would  disproportionately involve Black drivers and violators. DUH! Not to mention that the FACTS are, that Blacks commit far more violent street crime than Whites. There is no denying it, so don't even attempt to. 

  3) The Ferguson Police Department like the Majority of American police Departments, is made up mostly of White Male officers. Why? Few Blacks want to be cops, except in N.Y City, where there is a vast number of minority police officers. 

                          Recruitment of and Mandated preference for, Black, Hispanic and Female candidates by police agencies has been in place since the mid 1970s, yet we still see far fewer Black cops than White. How is that the fault of White people or a result of Racism? If they don't apply, they can't be hired. 

                           The homeless man killed by the LAPD this weekend was a French immigrant that had recently been released from an American prison for Armed Robbery. He had a long reputation for violent behaviors and he wrestled a gun from one of the officers who was attempting to subdue him. The cop who killed him was Black. Racism is NOT the issue between cops and street thugs of any color, Violent behavior and disrespect are. Lack of parenting, accountability, appropriate punishments, and crappy politicians, ARE.


                          Here at home in New Lebanon, we are eagerly awaiting the March Town Board meeting to see if the board sets a date for the Q and A meeting we requested last month with the organizers of Behold New Lebanon. Work is also underway to right a few serious wrongs that occurred during and immediately after the last two Supervisor's elections. Finally ! Determination eventually pays off. 



 The Power in Your Purse                                               3-4-2015

                     Money is something I view somewhat differently from folks I know. For me, it's just a necessary evil as it is at the root of most of the horrors in life. 

                      My own wants and needs are basic and few, for instance dinner-out at a restaurant with food on fine china and silver rather than being served in a paper wrapper, is a bit of a splurge. Not that I am a skinflint by any means, only those who worship the dollar care enough to squeeze it. I just have a humble view of things and a healthy respect for how much time and effort goes into earning a twenty-dollar bill. 

                      Diamond jewelry, sports cars, designer clothes, fancy trips and big houses mean nothing to me and never have.  Give me jeans, flannel shirts, a bar of Ivory Soap and some baby powder and I'm good to go.  When Christmas rolls around and the boys ask what I want, I generally ask for a power tool for my shop, or a brick of now-rare, .22 caliber ammunition. Guns and Books are always welcome,too!  LOL!! 

                       There are a lot of folks who share my views of money and spending, but I believe that most human beings have an opposite outlook. Too many of us put money before real riches, before God and Family, before Integrity. Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world. He donates generously to a number of causes and charities. Good for Bill ! However, if you look closely at the recipients of his donations, it becomes clear that being the world's wealthiest man does not make one a "GOOD " man. 

                        Another example of this is Oprah Winfrey. While Gates puts his money behind things like Common Core, De-Population and Big Government , Winfrey supports Black-Only efforts and causes, and calls for the killing of Whites who expect Blacks to finally become self-sustaining and responsible. She donates a LOT of money to people like Al Sharpton and other Race-Baiters. Money cannot buy character. It cannot buy compassion, or love , or guarantee you a place in Heaven. 

                         Every American has thought about what they would do if they won the Lottery, myself included. My experience with lotteries is to buy ONE scratch ticket a week, because I feel that if you are meant to win, you will win with one ticket. As a Christian, I shouldn't even gamble that one dollar, as it is poor stewardship of the Lord's money, but hey, I have never claimed to be perfect. LOL!!

                          Unfortunately, money is powerful. It can close or open doors, corrupt the weak and strengthen the evil, save lives or take them. Money is the God of the Godless, which makes it a useful tool for those of us who oppose them.  Even the smallest purse can have a tremendous effect on our lives, IF, we keep it closed at the right times and in the right places. 

                           I remember as a child, a time when the price of lettuce went through the roof.  American housewives organized a nationwide boycott and bought NO lettuce. The effect was swift and dramatic, and within 2 weeks, lettuce prices fell back to near its pre-boycott price and sales returned to normal. Those were the days when Americans stood together for the things that mattered to them, but it was mostly the Power of the Purse! 

                           We Americans need to reconsider those tactics and use that power. I admit that I own two Toyota trucks, so I am guilty of buying a non-American vehicle. My husband has a big old Ford that cost twice what the Toyotas cost, combined, and it has been in the repair shop twice as often as the Toyotas.  At least Toyota does provide many thousands of quality jobs in America, as does Ford.

                            In most areas, I do try to buy American-Made as much as possible. We need to make a habit of checking labels on everything we buy and be willing to spend the extra few bucks for the American product. The positive effects on our economy would be amazing, not to mention the good it would do in countries where child labor and criminally-underpaid workers toil to produce goods for US to buy.  NOTE: NEVER, EVER buy grocery items with the HALAL label !!  These purchases help to fund Islamic Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Hamas. (Butterball Turkeys now bear this label!)

                             Pro-Second Amendment citizens have and are boycotting certain restaurants, stores and manufacturers if said businesses support Gun Control or Disarmament. Many have boycotted Target Stores for their anti-Veteran policies, STARBUCKS for their their anti-Concealed Carry stand, etc. Home Depot recently reversed their position on hiring Homosexual job applicants before Heterosexual ones after a year-long boycott of their stores and millions of canceled charge accounts. They still donate to Gay Special Interest groups and sponsor the Gay Pride floats in many parades, and that is their right to do. Prejudice in hiring, is NOT.

                             AARP, Progressive and Geico Insurance Companies, Hersheys Chocolate, and many other mega companies are hard-left, anti-American entities. KNOW where your money is going before you allow it to leave your hands !! Support only the businesses that support YOUR values and boycott those who don't. Your money and your voice are the most effective tools you have in the fight against Liberalism, Socialism, and Terrorism. Use both wisely! 


Bruce  Baldwin                                                            3-9-2015

                    Yes, I AM sorry to hear of the passing of Councilman Bruce Baldwin.  Bruce and I had a rocky relationship since the early 1980s, when he was Town Supervisor. This is not the time or place to reminisce about the things we disagreed about or things he did that I objected to, but maybe it IS the time to mention the things he did that I found to be positive.

                     Bruce stood unwaveringly for the rights of the employees of our Town. No one dared abuse the girls in the offices within earshot of Bruce.  Recently, my relationship with Bruce had improved quite a bit, thanks to his opposition to the sneaky, greasy behaviors and actions of our present supervisor. I was surprised by Bruce a lot in the past couple of years, because he had so often stood against Mike Benson's self-serving agenda and verbal abuse of employees. 

                     It's a shame that Bruce did not get to retire in Italy, as I believe was his plan. Just the other day, I was talking to someone about how I didn't think Bruce would run for office again because he was ready to retire. Our town has lost two, powerful people in the past three months, and there will be an impact that I will discuss at a more appropriate time. For now, PACT sends our sympathy to the Baldwin family.

 Per Colleen Teal: There will be no Town Board meeting this Tuesday . Re-schedule will be announced at a later date.


 What About the Kids ??                                                             3-9-2015

            It's awful enough that the Liberal Left refuses to allow their fellow Americans to live in peace, but now they are attacking our children, and THAT is crossing the line. 

            These self-proclaimed, "Champions of Compassion" who are anything BUT compassionate, are on a mission to rob the most innocent of all that is good, healthy, normal, and character-building.  It isn't good enough for them that our kids are not sleeping without nightmares, they are bed-wetting and suffering morning stomachaches due to the Common Core Curriculum, but they are now being prevented from being and behaving like, well..... Kids!

              When a 6-year-old boy is suspended from school for pointing his finger and saying, "Bang", something is very wrong. When it is forbidden for a child to play "Cops and Robbers" or "Cowboys and Indians", or to wear a tee shirt with a symbol of faith or patriotism,  we have a problem in America. A BIG one.  Many public schools no longer allow students to bring their own lunches from home, because it interferes with Moochelle Obama's idea of a "Healthy Diet". I have seen her menu and it is a starvation diet, and any kid who has had to eat it will say the same. These kids are expected to spend 8 full hours a day in school, be sharp-minded, well-behaved, and physically active, on celery and cottage cheese. 

              Boys cannot be boys any longer, either.  I remember chatting with a local school counselor some years ago, and he was saying that it always amused him to watch the boys in the hallways during class changes. He said that boys are incapable of NOT poking, pushing, and grabbing one another, it's just in their makeup. He was right,of course, boys will be boys, and as long as they are not hurting anyone or causing a disturbance, let them BE boys!  They are meant to be rough and tumble, to wrestle, climb, and pretend to be heroes and tough-guys, competitive and strong. 

               Liberals not only want to suppress these male traits, but PUNISH them as well.  They want to sissify our boys today, so there will be no MEN tomorrow.  No school employee or whiny liberal ever complains if a boy wears a tee shirt with a Gay pride flag printed on it, or some mis-guided statement of support for Obama, or the Palestinians. There are never any suspensions for THAT. 

                Too many parents and grandparents are not aware of what is really happening in America's Public Schools today. Civic Education is required by LAW, yet it is either not taught at all, or it is taught in a biased, selective manner. Constitutional Amendments have been edited and twisted to suit the Socialist Agenda. (See photo of History Book Page I have posted below). The wording has been completely changed from how it was originally written. In other words, it is a LIE. 

                Students are permitted and sometimes even encouraged, to NOT stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. They are taught to be accepting of deviant, sexual lifestyles and with zero regard for the beliefs and feelings of parents. The Government is glorified as the "Parent" and "Caretaker" of the people and the role of the parents and church are portrayed as foolish and immaterial. Any mention of God or the possession of a Bible is Taboo, but Islam is glorified. Is all this okay with YOU?  

                 Do you want your child or grandchild to learn the Pledge in Arabic, go on a field trip to a Mosque that requires your daughters to wear head-coverings, or how about your 13 year-old reading,"50 Shades of Gray" as a class assignment?  It is ALL happening, every day. Look it up folks, I'm not telling you anything that cannot be easily confirmed. 

                  Trampling the normal joys of childhood as "BAD", is not all that the Liberals are doing to our children. Left-Wing Media has taken control of how our kids view their world, what they think, and how they relate to others. They are being systematically stripped of compassion, responsibility, innocence, morality, faith, and patriotism. Few young people recognize the value of human life or the finality of death. They have adopted the "If it feels good, do it" philosophy of the aging hippies and believe that their every whim should be fulfilled, generally at the expense and inconvenience of someone else. 

                   Celebrities who have grown rich and famous as a direct result of Capitalism, openly support Socialism for everyone else, and they pass this thinking on to our kids. Actors like Sylvester Stallone and Liam Neeson, who make their money by shooting and killing for two hours at a pop, oppose the Second Amendment for the rest of us. Awards shows, Rappers, Comedians, Sit-Coms, and Video-Game developers not only push the immorality ,violence, homosexuality and racism, they SHOVE it down our kid's throats! Then they are the first to support gun control when a young man kills someone.

                    So, WHO protects the kids? WHO will see to it that they learn Truthful History, what their Constitutional Rights are, how to be creative and independent thinkers, make healthy decisions, and grow up to be moral adults with integrity and Common Sense? It won't be the American Public Schools, that's for certain. It has to be YOU, and ME, and everyone who still believes in Honor and all that made America a country of strong, compassionate people. We MUST hold our schools accountable and get the Federal Government OUT of education. What's more important, our kids, or grant money we can manage without?  The future of America, or free computers?  You decide.


PRESS RELEASE !!                            3-10-2015


To the Chatham Courier/ Register Star;

An effort to restore proper civic Education to New York's Public Schools has been launched in Columbia County this week. Per New York State Education Law Sections 801 and 802, students are to be properly educated in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Respect and handling of the American Flag. In recent years, Civic Education has fallen by the wayside in many schools and studied only cursorily in others.

The Common Core Curriculum has in some cases, edited and altered the wording , meaning, and intent of many Constitutional Amendments and our children are graduating from high school without accurate knowledge of their Rights and liberties as American Citizens.

Sponsored by “We the People”, a Constitutional Enforcement Group founded by Robert Schulz of Queensbury, the effort to restore Civic Education in New York is being implemented statewide, with formal requests being delivered to every County Board of Supervisors, Town Board, and School District Board, to urge Governor Cuomo to adopt a resolution to enforce the N.Y S Civic Education Law. If you would like to be involved in this vital effort and can volunteer one hour of your time to assist in the delivery of these documents,and live in one of the following counties, please contact Regional Organizer, JJ. Johnson-Smith of New Lebanon at

  1. Columbia

  2. Greene

  3. Delaware

  4. Otsego

  5. Montgomery

  6. Schenectady

  7. Schoharie

  8. Renssealaer

  9. Albany

    All other counties, please go to: to find your Organizer and volunteer.


Resolution No. ____

Supporting The Adoption of a New York State Law That Would Amend

The Education Law, In Relation To The Common Core State Standards Initiative,

The Race To The Top Program and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortium

WHEREAS, Article VIParagraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution reads, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding”; and

WHEREAS, Article VI, paragraph 2, commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause, establishes that the federal Constitution, and federal law take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions; and

WHEREAS, the action of the NYS government agreeing to accept approximately $800 million in federal taxpayer funds to implement the Common Core education system is contrary to various provisions of the U.S. Constitution and is therefore null and void, ab initio; and

WHEREAS, The Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”; and

WHEREAS, the Tenth Amendment expresses the principle of federalism, which under-girds the entire plan of the Constitution, by stating that the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the States or the People; and

WHEREAS, Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution enumerates the powers of Congress – that is, the authoritative capacity of Congress; and 

WHEREAS, Article I, Section 8 does not mention education, meaning matters regarding education, such as the Common Core educational system, are the purview of the States or the People, not the federal government; and

WHEREAS, Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution reads, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress … enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State ….”; and

WHEREAS, Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, which is known as the Compact Clause, prohibited New York State from entering into the Common Core related Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC) and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortia (PARCC), which are interstate compacts to which Congress has never consented and are thus unconstitutional; and

WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution reads, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government ….”; and

WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 4, which is known as the Guarantee Clause, guarantees the people of New York State will forever enjoy republicanism, including popular rule, no monarch and the rule of law; and

WHEREAS, the Rule of Law, from our State and Federal Constitutions on down, is to be defended at all costs by all those entrusted with the reins of political power, according to their oaths of office, no matter the level of practical difficulties; the Rule of Law must stand against the folly of political expediency and the Rule of Man and his whims.

WHEREAS, the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”; and

WHEREAS, The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable harassment by the government; the government has no right to search through their personal property without first receiving a warrant (a court order approving the search or seizure upon probable cause of wrongdoing); and

WHEREAS, the Race to the Top (RTTT), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC), and Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortia (PARCC) developed assessments include and facilitate the collection of confidential personal and non-educational student, family, and teacher data, and the SBAC and PARCC Cooperative Agreements allow for access to that data by the federal government and third party organizations without parent, student, or teacher notification or prior written consent; and

WHEREAS, in violation of the Constitution, in 2009 and 2010, New York State was offered the chance to compete for education funding through the unconstitutional “Race to the Top” program created by the U. S. Department of Education (“ED”); and

WHEREAS, in violation of the Constitution, the only way to achieve a score in the “Race to the Top” competition sufficient to qualify for funding was to agree to “participation in a consortium of States that is working toward jointly developing and adopting a common set of K-12 standards”; and

WHEREAS, the only such “common set of K-12 standards” existent at that time, or since, is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative (“CCSSI”), which was developed, in violation of the Constitution, without a grant of authority from any state; and

WHEREAS, in violation of the Constitution, New York State submitted its Race to the Top Application for Phase 1 in January 2010 and for Phase 2 in May 2010 (the CCSSI were not released until June of 2010 meaning that New York State committed to the CCSSI before they were written); and

WHEREAS, in violation of the Constitution, local education officials, school leaders, teachers, and parents were not included in the discussion, evaluation and preparation of the CCSSI standards that would affect students in this State; and

WHEREAS, the National Assessment of Educational Progress national test already exists and allows comparisons of academic achievement to be made across the states, without the necessity of imposing national standards, curricula, or assessments; and

WHEREAS, in violation of the Constitution, the imposition of a set of national standards could lead to the imposition of a national curriculum and national assessment upon the various states; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Columbia County Board of Supervisors emphatically urges New York State Legislature and the Governor to adopt a law that would bring New York State into compliance with the U.S. Constitution by discontinuing the Common Core State Standards and ending New York State’s involvement with the Race To The Top Program and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortium; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the Columbia County Board of Supervisors urges the New York State Legislature to call for and fund an independent state-based approach and PLAN to improve the education system in New York; and, be it further

RESOLVED, the Clerk of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors shall forward copies of this resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, Assembly and Senate Education Committee Chairmen, and the Warren County elected Assemblyman and Senator.



Resolution No. ____

Supporting An Amendment to New York State’s Social Studies

Learning Standard No. 5,

Civics, Citizenship and Government

WHEREAS, the People are entitled, by Right, to a constitutionally valid system of education, which prepares each citizen to meet the obligations of citizenship in America, to understand America’s constitutional form of governance and each one’s own unalienable Rights and the responsibility to preserve and protect the blessings of individual liberty for future generations; and

WHEREAS, Section 801 of the New York State Education Law reads, in relevant part, with emphasis added:

§ 801. Courses of instruction in patriotism and citizenship and in certain historic documents.

1. In order to promote a spirit of patriotic and civic service and obligation and to foster in the children of the state moral and intellectual qualities which are essential in preparing to meet the obligations of citizenship in peace or in war, the regents of The University of the State of New York shall prescribe courses of instruction in patriotism, citizenship, and human rights issues …

2. The regents shall prescribe courses of instruction in the history, meaning, significance and effect of the provisions of the constitution of the United States, the amendments thereto, the declaration of independence, the constitution of the state of New York and the amendments thereto, to be maintained and followed in all of the schools of the state. The boards of education and trustees of the several cities and school districts of the state shall require instruction to be given in such courses, by the teachers employed in the schools therein. All pupils attending such schools, in the eighth and higher gradesshall attend upon such instruction.

Similar courses of instruction shall be prescribed and maintained in private schools in the state, and all pupils in such schools in grades or classes corresponding to the instruction in the eighth and higher grades of the public schools shall attend upon such courses; and

WHEREAS, Section 802 of the New York State Education Law reads, in relevant part, with emphasis added:

§ 802. Instruction relating to the flag; holidays.

1. It shall be the duty of the commissioner to prepare, for the use of the public schools of the state, a program providing for a salute to the flag and a daily pledge of allegiance to the flag, and instruction in its correct use and display which shall include, as a minimum, specific instruction regarding respect for the flag of the United States of America, its display and use as provided by federal statute and regulation and such other patriotic exercises as may be deemed by him to be expedient, under such regulations and instructions as may best meet the varied requirements of the different grades in such schools. However, such instruction shall include, as a minimum, the provisions of sections one hundred seventy through one hundred seventy-seven of title thirty-six of the United States Code; and

WHEREAS, the learning standard for Civics, Citizenship and Government, which is the fifth learning standard for Social Studies in New York State, currently reads in its entirety:

“Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the necessity for establishing governments; the governmental systems of the United States and other nations; the United States Constitution; the basic civic values of American constitutional democracy; and the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship, including avenues of participation.”; and

WHEREAS, the current New York State learning standard for Civics, Citizenship and Government fails to Comply with Sections 801 and 802 of the New York State Education Law; and

WHEREAS, the current system of public education violates the principle of the “frequent

recurrence to fundamental principles” that emerges from our State Constitution and from the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States of America; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Columbia County Board of Supervisors does hereby emphatically urge the Board of Regents to amend the learning standard for Civics, Citizenship and Government to comply with Sections 801 and 802, to read as follows:

Social Studies Standard 5: Civics, Citizenship, and Government.

“Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the necessity for establishing governments, with particular attention to the need to secure the individual’s Creator-endowed, unalienable Rights; the history, meaning, significance and effect of the provisions of the United States Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the State of New York, as amended, and the Constitution for the United States of America, as amended; the basic civic values of the American democratic Republic; the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship, including avenues of participation and respect for the flag of the United States of America, its display and use as provided by sections one hundred seventy through one hundred seventy-seven of title thirty-six of the United States Code; and the governmental systems of the United States and other nations; and be it further

RESOLVED, the Clerk of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors shall forward copies of this resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, Assembly and Senate Education Committee Chairmen, and to the State Assemblyman and Senator serving the County.



Let's Talk About “White Privilege” and “Racism”

As things heat up in Ferguson,Missouri again, I find myself succumbing to the Racial-Division Agenda of the Obama Administration. Yes, it is an Agenda.

Why would the government want to incite racial division again, you ask? The answer is simple; this is a test, to see how easily they can cause a Civil Disturbance worthy of Martial Law being declared. What a lot of people don't know, is that if a President declares Martial Law in the country, there is no time limit set on that declaration, and during the time it lasts, there are NO elections held anywhere, at any time, or for any reason. If Barack Obama declares Martial Law, and he WILL if we don't get ahead of him, he will remain president, INDEFINITELY.

Imagine the destruction this evil administration could perpetrate upon America and its people if they are not GONE in 2016 !? It's questionable as to if we will survive the year and a half Obama has left to his present term, but a THIRD? Not a prayer. Too many Americans mistakenly believe that Obama is our First BLACK President! Not so, we still have not had a Black President. What we have, is a ¼ Black, ¼ Arab, and ½ WHITE, president, that also happens to be a Muslim. He is a mutt, not any ethnicity in particular, but a mix of several.

If you doubt that Ferguson is a set-up, think again. Obama ordered Eric Holder and the Liberal media to “Keep Ferguson Hot ”, way back in August of 2014. Despite his wishes, it DID cool off after the facts came out and Officer Darin Wilson was found to have been within his rights to shoot Michael Brown. Still, to this very day, the media continues to describe Brown as, “An unarmed teen”. Brown was not unarmed, he was every bit as armed as Officer Wilson was, because they BOTH had hold of the gun! It was simply a matter of who had the better grip and stronger arm, as to which one was going to die that day.

The witnesses and evidence told the story, the autopsy told the story, and the investigators and grand jury, made the decision BASED on the evidence. Color was not an issue for anyone BUT the Black population of Ferguson,Missouri and the Race-Baiting, Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, with a hell of a lot of help from the media. Last week, Eric Holder, who has absolutely NO business  becoming involved in a local police matter at ALL, returned to Ferguson to claim his pound of flesh. He didn't get Wilson, so he decided to get EIGHT city officials via a bogus, DOJ investigation that decided to accuse the Ferguson Police and Courts of being Racists and of targeting Blacks. The investigation alleges that a much larger number of Blacks are arrested and stopped by traffic cops than are whites. Um, Ferguson is a city with a Black majority, and statistics and history have PROVEN that Blacks commit crimes EIGHT times as often as Whites. So why is it a surprise that they also are the majority of those stopped and/or arrested in Ferguson?

If the investigators went to Minnesota, they would find that there is a great number of White Scandinavians arrested. It just doesn't get any easier to explain. Yet when asked by Sean Hannity yesterday, Blacks on the Ferguson streets refused to see the Common Sense or accept the facts and evidence. They eagerly admitted that they felt absolutely no remorse that two St. Louis Police Officers had been shot the night before, and continued to claim that the issue is Police Racism, and not the outrageous number of incidents of Black crime in America. They refuse to see or admit the Truth of the matter, or even see that Americans who ARE truly racist against Blacks, feel that way as a direct result of Black behavior!

How does the everyday, working, law-abiding American, NOT feel anger and resentment for people who suck their tax dollars from their hard-earned paychecks, continue to have random sex with numerous partners and produce children that the working man has to pay to support? We have our OWN kids to feed, clothe, and house. How are we to remain compassionate for the Black situation when they have been given every special opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty, crime, drug addiction, and ignorance, yet slap it all away and choose to whine and make excuses for their own failures instead?

How do you feel sympathy for a Black woman who has 8 or 9 kids by 6 or 8 different fathers, none of whom raise the kids or even pay support? Everything that could possibly be done to assist Blacks has been done, all to no avail. Free education, priority placement for jobs, welfare checks, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Charter Schools, the NAACP, the ACLU, the United Negro College Fund, etc.,etc.,etc. Excuses, programs, handouts galore, and still, no results. How many generations are we going to support and excuse? What about OUR kids? They want to go to college too, but few can afford it. They want jobs too, but minorities and illegals get first option. They have bills to pay too, but no government program does it FOR them, they have to WORK for what they have, need, and want.

There is now a call for more Black police officers. Well guess what? Blacks, women, and Hispanics have had hiring preference for YEARS now, but few Blacks want to be cops. So what are we supposed to DO, go out and drag them off the streets and into the Police Academies? Women and Hispanics have taken advantage of the opportunity and many have become excellent Police Officers, but it's a rare Black that is interested. Why bother, when you will get the goods for free? So yes, Racism is making a comeback of late, and the only ones to blame are Blacks themselves. They are breeding resentment and disgust. Why can't these thugs on the streets of Ferguson look at the successful Black examples like Allen West, Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, and a LONG list of other, Patriotic, Black Americans, and model themselves after THEM, instead of Tyrone the Pimp? No, they prefer to cry about “White Privilege” . Excuse ME? What the hell is THAT? If anyone is Privileged, it's Blacks, not Whites. Whites have more and go farther because we WORK FOR IT!

There is NO excuse for what is going on in Ferguson, it is simply a demonstration of ignorant, entitled, hateful, heartless savages doing what they do best. If these rioters were any color but Black, the National Guard would be using force and making arrests, and this would not have continued for one more day! You know it, I know it, and THEY know it! Yet the illegal intervention of the Federal Government into a matter that is none of their business, has tied the hands of the Guard and Law Enforcement by ordering them to simply stand by and do nothing while Thugs throw rocks, Molotov Cocktails and BULLETS at them! Do nothing while businesses and buildings burn, cars explode, and an entire city is destroyed. Imagine if the Tea Party ever behaved this way? Think about what the response to THAT would be! I have seen small groups of five of six Christians arrested for praying on the sidewalk in front of the White House, but this disaster in Ferguson is supposed to illicit sympathy for Black thugs who behave as if they were still in the African jungle wearing loincloths and carrying spears?!?!!? They face NO consequences???

NO. If you want to be treated with respect, EARN it, and STOP breaking the LAW. STOP having kids you can't afford to feed, STOP being lazy bums living on the government dole. Get an education, get a JOB, close your zippers, and contribute something positive to society or go to Africa where you can blend in with the native savages. Act like human beings and you will be TREATED like Human Beings! While we're on that subject, STOP calling yourselves, “African Americans” because that is not what you ARE! You are Americans, plain and simple. I am of Irish descent, but I am NOT an Irish-American, I am just an American. I was not born in Ireland and I have never BEEN to Ireland. How many Ferguson Punks were born in Africa or have ever BEEN there? For that matter, how many of them knew Michael Brown?

This is criminal behavior that must be responded to appropriately. Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are guilty of being accessories to murdertwo counts for the NYPD officers, and two counts of accessory to attempted murder in the Ferguson shootings of two nights ago. Holder is also guilty of being an accessory in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry, and has YET to be held accountable for THAT! What are we DOING, allowing this crap to go on in America? Have we all lost our MINDS? What exactly will it TAKE for decent Americans to stop talking and complaining and DO something about this lawless administration ?!?!?

America was intended to be a “Classless” society, in that there was never supposed to BE a lower class, middle class or upper class of people. Well, we are classless in ONE way, as our society has deteriorated into depravity. EVERY American has the opportunity and choice to “Do Better”, but it is a Choice. You can grab the brass ring or just sit and enjoy the free ride, and the majority has chosen the free ride at the expense of those who have chosen the ring. Isn't it time to say, “NO MORE”? Isn't it time to stop feeling sorry for these violent minorities, the lazy, the entitled and the deliberately ignorant? Save your sympathy for those who HAVE no choice, like abused children, animals, elderly, and handicapped. Preserve your compassion and charity for the deserving, such as homeless veterans and the widows of war.

Raise your heads, your flag, your standards and your voices. Expect MORE from your fellow Americans, in fact, DEMAND it! Tolerate NOTHING that divides, weakens, shames, or belittles this great country. Stop being afraid to speak the truth and oppose the agenda. Get off your lazy, spoiled asses and do something to make a difference before you find yourselves living under Martial Law, with curfews, travel limitations, checkpoints at every intersection, disarmament, food allotments, and a host of other nightmares you have been too comfortable to think about. Ask a Cuban, a Russian, a Holocaust Survivor, and let them tell you what we are facing if you remain silent and apathetic.

2015 is our last chance to act, time is very, very short. Events like Ferguson cannot be tolerated, lawless politicians cannot be tolerated, Socialism, Tyranny, and Constitutional Violations cannot be tolerated, not for ONE MORE DAY! Give your Congressman or woman NO peace! Drive your Senators and the Media to the looney bin! HAMMER, HAMMER, HAMMER them until they HEAR us! Start today! RIGHT NOW! Don't let up for even a single day, keep the pressure ON! Don't wait until it knocks on YOUR back door.

If I sound Racist to you, so be it. I am beginning to FEEL Racist as a direct result of what these Black Thugs continue to do each and every day, AND get away with! So unfriend me, make nasty comments, I don't CARE. At least I am unafraid to state what the problem really IS, and I am also willing to be a part of rectifying it. Are YOU?


Town Board                                                            3-16-2015

            Unusual meeting tonight. There were a lot of folks there to pay respects to Bruce Baldwin and his family.  It was sad to see a vase of flowers sitting where Bruce usually sat at the front of the room. In fact, it was hard to imagine that seat not being Bruce's anymore, even though he never intended to run for re-election. 

              Jeannine spoke for a few minutes, then a few members of the public and different town boards said a word or two. Every single person mentioned that they had butted-heads with Bruce from time to time over the years, yet despite those disagreements, remained able to work with him, forgive and forget, until the next time they disagreed and the process was repeated.  That was also my own experience with Bruce since the 1980s, when he was Supervisor and I was Animal Control officer. We argued all the time, and Jack Nevers had to be referee more times than I can count. 

              Regardless of what he did that I disagreed with, he DID do a lot of good things for the town as a whole as well, and it will be tough getting used to not seeing him anymore. For those who wish to know, there will be a memorial at the Lebanon High School cafeteria for Bruce on the 28th from 10 a.m till whenever. The family has extended a welcome to all and asks that anyone who wishes to speak, please do so.


               Quite a few people left following the brief tribute, and the meeting commenced as usual.  How many of you have seen the meeting minutes from the Special Meeting that was held on March 4th? I will post them for you below. Obviously, there was some disagreement among the board members as to whether an Executive Session was warranted or not. You can read between the lines and form your own opinion, but I sense some animosity among the troops there. As it should be. Executive Sessions have CLEAR guidelines that make it simple to decide if a matter fits the Exec. Session protocol. 

                Very few Town Boards respect the limitations on Exec. Sessions and tend to abuse the option. Every time they want to talk about someone in a negative manner, or keep something from the public, they call an Exec. Session.  As you may know, no vote can be taken in session unless someone is taking minutes that will then be made available to the public. They can DISCUSS a matter, then vote on it when they come OUT of session. Ask yourself this; Do you REALLY think that boards don't take cursory votes in session? How could they NOT ? Sure, they can come out and vote formally in public, but the decision was made IN Exec. Session, and we all know it. With NO minutes taken.

                In any case, the necessity of an Exec. Session came up again tonight, since the Czar's request on the 4th was denied. Matt Larabee again voted against, but Chuck Geraldi relented, and of course, Dan Evans does whatever Benson wants him to do, so an Exec. Session was passed and scheduled for the end of the meeting. My husband and I have been discussing the Czar's abuses of Exec. Session quite a lot lately, as it IS an issue. So when this one was passed tonight, my husband got hot under the collar and let them have it! 

                 I was thinking that maybe this particular exec. session might be warranted since it was to discuss issues with employees who were not given pay or stipends they had earned, and as Andrew Howard put it, "Possible Litigation" could result. Anything that exposes the identity of an employee in relation to private and personal issues that could harm their reputation, must be discussed in exec. session. So at first, I disagreed with Bob. I was and am bothered by the wording of "Possible Litigation", because the "possibility" does not warrant exec session, only actual litigation does. 

                After the meeting, I talked with some people and gave the matter more thought and realized that my husband was indeed, right. This matter could have been discussed in Open Meeting by simply not mentioning the names of the employees involved. Salaries are no secret, they publish them every year and they are public information. Further, if the town is going to "POSSIBLY" face litigation, the people have a right to know that and WHY.  So you know what? This exec. session was NOT warranted and did NOT meet the requirements set by NYS Municipal Law. Look it up! 

                 I find it very concerning that Michael Benson calls for an exec. session in about 3 out of every 4 meetings. This is NOT transparency or Open Government in any way, shape, or form, it is secrecy and back-door government. It's sleazy. Last year, an exec. session was called at almost every, single , town board meeting! You can look THAT up, too! This dealing in the dark has got to stop, and I intend to make it my business to stop it. The EDC has been operating in secret for two years now and though their actions will affect every resident of New Lebanon, no one seems concerned as to what they are doing or that several members of that board are not even Lebanon residents.

                 There are a couple of other items on the front burner right now, but I'm not going to show my hand prematurely. Stay in touch. Remember my mentioning that feeling I had several months ago about Bud Godfroy wanting to run for office? We have an empty seat now, so let's see what happens. We know that the Czar will go above and beyond to seat Godfroy if he runs, which he will. We also know through reliable connections, that Godfroy has been visiting with Greg Fingar lately.  Hmm. See? I'm not as stupid as many of you THINK I am. 

                  One of the highlights of this evening was a complaint lodged by Bill Banker Jr.  A resident of West Hill, Bill struggles with seasonal, muddy road conditions as a lot of us do. However, his situation is a bit unique, because he has a young Hot-Rod that likes to destroy the road surface all the more by mud-bogging on it with a red Jeep. Apparently, this road-wrecker has been the reason for many calls to the Town Hall from angry residents of West Hill. WHO is this young bogger? None other than the son of our Town Supervisor, Mike Benson!  I don't know WHICH son, but if I had to guess, I would say it is likely the Mini-Me, son #2. I say this because the kid was confronted by a West Hill resident and said, "MY dad is the Supervisor, I can do whatever I want!". 

                   According to informed sources, Son #2 is Mike's clone, and if that statement doesn't sound JUST like the Czar, nothing does! LOL!  The Czar was not pleased to have this information announced in open meeting, but gee, he didn't have enough warning to call an exec. session to discuss it. Kids will be kids, and very few of us didn't get a little wild with our first cars. It certainly doesn't make the kid a criminal. However, his attitude definitely makes him a Benson.  I'm sure he is not a happy young man tonight. LOL!  KIDS! 

                   It's been a while since we have had to stir the pot in Lebanon, but Spring Fever is changing all that and it's back to the lawlessness that we cannot allow. Time to set some guidelines for our officials again. Which reminds me, NO mention was made of the written request I submitted at last month's meeting for a Public Hearing re: the  "Behold New Lebanon" project. So I guess NOW, the Town Council can simply ignore formal, written requests from the people? That's just fine, we'll let someone on the OUTSIDE handle that issue. In any case, it WILL be handled. Already HAS been, they just don't know it yet!  LOL!!!  

                   Again, let me send a message to those of you who have lived here all your lives, whose families have been here for generations, and those who have been here for decades. The transplants and part-timers are determined to transform this town from a quiet, rural setting, to a tourist attraction for obnoxious gapers from the city. They still are hard at work to turn Lebanon into a Liberal Utopia, apply for grants that bring oppression and will affect your freedoms and land rights, and they are still planning to go through with a Hamlet Revitalization project that will raise your taxes, triple the traffic, and bring in environmental,  Gestapo-Like regulations. Ready for that? I hope so, because it will pick up speed this summer and your lives WILL be affected.

                    So if you are concerned, you need to get up and attend meetings, ask questions, and use your voices. I'm moving West soon, remember? I will be leaving you with whatever the Liberals are allowed to do to your town, and moving to a place where no liberal dare tread. LOL! YOU will have to deal with whatever you accept NOW, forever. Give it some thought.  Sure would LOVE to see a REAL Conservative run for the Town Board. ANYBODY??





Present: Michael Benson, Supervisor

Dan Evans, Councilmember

Chuck Geraldi, Councilmember

Matthew Larabee, Councilmember

Absent: Bruce Baldwin, Councilmember

Recording Secretary: Colleen Teal, Town Clerk

Others Present: Jeffrey Winestock, Highway Superintendent

Eileen Evans, Secretary/Bookkeeper

Cynthia Creech, Court/Assessor’s Clerk, Recreation

Commission & CAC Member

Several members of the public


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Supervisor Benson. A moment of silence was followed by the flag salute.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Payroll Service:

A motion was made by Supervisor Benson and seconded by Councilmember Evans to enter an executive session to discuss a contractual matter which under the advice of the Attorney is potentially a matter involving litigation. Supervisor Benson noted that he discussed it at length with the Attorney for the Town and the Town’s Accountant. Councilmembers Larabee and Geraldi voted Nay; Councilmember Evans and Supervisor Benson voted Aye. Councilmember Baldwin absent.

Councilmember Geraldi noted he did not see a reason to discuss this in executive session unless there was more that he was not aware of. Councilmember Evans stated he was hesitant at first too but if litigation is an issue.

Supervisor Benson made a motion to adjourn. Councilmember Geraldi said he seconded if Supervisor Benson could not provide any information about why this needs to be an executive session.

Supervisor Benson noted that he has a lot of information but under the advice of counsel, he is advised to discuss this contractual, personnel, and potentially a matter involving litigation in executive session. Councilmember Geraldi asked what litigation is there; we have no contract and if we decide to leave, then we leave. Supervisor Benson said we do have a contract. Councilmember Geraldi said to his knowledge, there is not contract. They never asked for a contract; it was “here you go,” and if we were not satisfied, we could leave at any time. Councilmember Geraldi said if that is all the information they are going to get, he seconds the motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously (Councilmember Baldwin absent) to adjourn at 7:08 p.m.


     SO, See what I MEAN???  Even the board members see the abuses of Executive Sessions.


 A Question of Ethics                                                            3-18-2015

          Just today, Governor Cuomo announced the completion of a new, tougher Code of Ethics for State officials. This is somewhat amusing, considering that Cuomo is presently under investigation for shutting down the Moreland Commission the minute they got a little too close to HIS office. 

          It brings to mind last year's incident of Obama ordering Eric Holder to investigate himSELF in the Fast and Furious scandal. Or Hillary Clinton, sifting through her own emails and removing the ones she preferred not be entered into the archives or exposed to the public. You can't make this stuff up folks, unless you're writing for Looney Tunes.  Imagine a parent instructing their naughty child to go spank themselves and you have a good idea of the punishment meted out to officials. 

          Ethics are important in all aspects of our lives. Ethics Boards are a necessity, but if they fail to work properly, they are useless. An Ethics Board or Commission is only as effective and ethical as the people who sit on it.  Ethics Codes are cloudy, confusing, and weak, and open to far too much interpretation. The fact that they are written by the very people they are intended to oversee, is a joke.  Would you allow your children to write their own rules and the penalties for violating those rules?  Of course not, yet you allow your officials and public servants to do it!

            The codes themselves are a HUGE problem, but the manner in which these boards are manned is far worse.  Here in New Lebanon, the Town Board hand-picks and appoints people to the Ethics, Planning, and Zoning Boards.  This procedure is far from ethical in itself, and the decades of board-stacking and cronyism we have witnessed in this town is evidence of that. Supervisors love to say, "John Doe serves at the pleasure of the Town Board".  LOL!! Yeah, that's obvious, but the TOWN BOARD serves at the PLEASURE of the PEOPLE, in the PEOPLE'S HOUSE.  We are entitled to have a say in who sits on ALL our boards and committees and what those groups DO.

           The majority of Ethics Boards are totally useless, little more than laughable. New Lebanon's Ethics Board is probably the most ridiculous I have ever seen or heard of, and it should by all rights, be dissolved as the embarrassment it is.  In my red, white, and blue mind, it makes sense that a Board of Ethics consist of "Ethical" people. In New Lebanon, the Land of Looney Liberalism, we see Ethics Board members that meet in secret to deliberately undermine their fellow members, and to declare themselves "Chairman" and "Co-Chairman", both being positions that do not exist on any Ethics Board. Ethic Boards are equal boards, with no titles or hierarchy. 

            Yet just a couple of years ago, Kathy Murnane and Christopher Steadman attempted to assign themselves as Chair and Co-Chair of the Ethics Board, respectively, at a secret meeting at the Murnane home.  That was yet another violation, as Ethics Boards are forbidden to meet without a quorum in attendance and never in a private home, but in a municipal building only. Wanna guess what was done about this? Yup, NOTHING. Take also into account, that Steadman was appointed to the Ethics Board a mere two months after he violated NYS Election Law, AND forged  his daughter's name to an attendance roster to gain illegal entry to a Closed Caucus of a party he was not a member of.  So not only was he NOT penalized for his illegal actions, but he was REWARDED with an appointment to the E.B.! How very ETHICAL. 

           That wasn't even the BEST part. He was appointed by the same Town Councilmen who were complicit in sneaking Steadman into the Closed Caucus, and one of those Councilmen had violated NYS Penal Code by using his Town email and computer to campaign for Steadman in his run for the Town Justice position! The local cesspool has no bottom. A councilman commits a misdemeanor CRIME, and not only was never held to account for it, but was later re-elected by the low-info and the cronies.

          Bubba Harrison, the Columbia County Sheriff at that time, and his Investigator Bill Foster, refused to accept the complaint and charge this Councilman with the misdemeanor, claiming that only an Official could press charges against another. LIES! How do I know they lied? Well for ONE, I am a retired police Officer myself and I KNOW that any citizen complaint must be accepted and attended, regardless of either party's position or title. Second, I double-checked with two Federal Law Enforcement officers and they confirmed that Harrison and Foster had indeed lied, and failed to do their sworn duty.

            Why would they do such a thing? Who knows for certain, but experience tells me to look at the Columbia County Board of Elections and the many corrupt individuals at work in THAT office. Countless favors, bribes, and  pocket-padding have a way of providing widespread protection for the lawbreakers, especially among elected officials like Sheriffs. Getting the picture yet? So, where are the Ethics? WHO holds officials to a proper Code of Conduct and penalizes them when they violate it? LOL!!! Nobody, that's who!  It has always been this way, and unless and until the PEOPLE get pissed-off and fed-up enough to change it, it will always BE this way.

            Christopher Steadman was appointed to the Planning Board this year and remains a member of the Ethics Board as well. His latest appointment was made by the exact same councilman that appointed him to the E.B and sneaked him into the caucus. BIG surprise!  Is it any wonder that New Lebanon is considered to be the MOST corrupt town in the county, in the most corrupt state in the nation?  Quite a distinction, huh? Try to contain your pride. 


 Cyndy Hall                                                                               3-20-2015

                 It is certainly no secret that I am not a fan of Democrats. Most of the really abominable Dems are at the upper levels of government, and the Washington,D.C Dems are the absolute WORST.  Many, many times I have stated here on PACT, that at the local, small-town level, I have found myself voting for more Democrats than Republicans. Consistently. 

                  With the influx of NY City Democrats in recent years, that is beginning to change, as the old-school Dems are being replaced by the extreme leftist Dems. The tragedy after tragedy we have witnessed under the Obama administration has served to cement my unfavorable opinion of Democrats as a whole, but it has also had a devastating effect on the lower-level Dems as well.  Never known for honesty or morality, the Democrat Party has sunk to new lows in the past 6 years with the influence of a President who is mentally unstable, anti-American, anti-White, and anti-Christian. Since the latest Hillary Clinton scandal, the Dems are now even beginning to fight among themselves, and I am enjoying that immensely.

                   Here in New Lebanon, I have witnessed some truly awful behavior among the Republican candidates and incumbents, as recently as the last caucus, where party members were purposely locked out of their own caucus at the orders of Mike Benson. He did this once the "Preferred" voters had all arrived, and to prevent his adversaries from having any effect on his nomination chances.  I was THERE, I SAW it happen. Politics is a filthy game, regardless of what party you belong to or support, and that is exactly why it attracts such a horrible element. 99.9% of politicians are pond scum.  Columbia County's Democratic Party Chairwoman, Cyndy Hall is no exception. 

                   I first met Cyndy when she attended a fundraiser for Meg Robertson when Meg ran against Benson. I was not impressed. Hall was a typical liberal, pushy and opinionated, terse and openly rude. Having put a lot of effort into Meg's Campaign, I was asked at one point to forward a copy of a document to Hall. Apparently, when she received it, it was much smaller print than the original and needed to be re-sent, but the way Hall made this problem apparent was SO vicious and unnecessary, that I thought I had been hit by a steam engine! Rather than be appreciative of the people donating their time to her candidate, she was abusive and crude, and she has not changed. 

                   Recently, Cyndy Hall has been on a mission to destroy our District Attorney, Paul Czajka.  I cannot claim to know all the details of the impropriety they are claiming Paul committed, because I have been FAR too busy to delve into it as I probably should. I WILL get to it, but it is immaterial anyway. If Paul did something that constitutes misconduct, then I believe he should be reprimanded accordingly. I will be disappointed in him if he is guilty, but it is what it is. So why am I writing about this?  Well for one, Paul is a Republican, and a CONSERVATIVE Republican, which makes him a target from the get-go. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind, that if he were a Democrat, we would never even have heard that there was an issue. 

                   Whatever the charge, an investigation is being conducted and the results will be what they will be and we will have to accept the evidence presented. However, in America, we have a law that says that a person is to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. This is seldom respected today as we saw in the case of the Ferguson,Missouri police officer who was tried and convicted by the media before the evidence was seen by the Grand Jury. We also saw it in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, where Zimmerman received the same conviction long before any trial had begun.

                   Now we have Cyndy Hall here in Columbia County, doing everything in her power to convict Paul Czajka before the investigation is complete. She is demanding that Czajka step aside until his innocence or guilt is decided. Having known and worked with Paul for a long time and seen how he conducts himself both as a Judge and D.A, I find it hard to believe he will be found guilty, but I KNOW he deserves the benefit of the doubt and to continue in his capacity as D.A until they PROVE he has done something wrong. THAT is how we do things in a Constitutional Republic, which America IS. 

                  Last week, I wrote to the local papers, IMBY, and Cyndy Hall herself and said the same things I just repeated here. Ms. Hall needs to be still and wait, like everyone else, for the outcome. A good number of people in this county who share my high opinion of Paul, also wrote to Hall and asked her to STOP the ridiculous and unfair attacks in the media against the D.A. Rather than respect the wishes of the people who support the investigation process and BACK OFF, Hall stepped-up the assault. She has again made public demands for Czajka to step down, in THIS week's papers and in letters to county officials. The woman is a loose cannon!

                   What irks me the most about all this is, that Hall was SILENT when the New Lebanon Dems broke several laws during recent elections. I mentioned these violations in my post of 3-18-2015. These violations were very serious, and we made them known to the County Board of Elections, local newspapers, and the Sheriff's Department, at the time. The papers, whose editors were intertwined with the B.O.E Officials and ordered to "Be Quiet", refused to print the facts and expose the crimes. Greg Fingar was silent, and not surprisingly, so was CYNDY HALL. She had absolutely NOTHING to say, privately OR publicly, about the Democrats who had broken both Election Law and NYS Penal Code, not to mention a laundry list of Ethics Codes. Crickets.

                   Yet, let it be a REPUBLICAN that comes under suspicion, with no certainty as yet that ANY crime has been committed, and she is a screaming banshee! She is making a total fool of herself, and regardless of how this turns out, her behavior and immature, unreasonable demands will be remembered for MANY years to come! I would love to know what Hall has to say about Obama's inumerable violations of our U.S Constitution, the endless scandals and incidents of Treason. What does she think about Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, the liars, Race-Baiters, thieves, and literal MURDERERS, of her party? How about Sheldon Silver? Or the many Democrat Assemblymen fired for corruption in Albany?  We're WAITING, Cyndy, what do you have to say????? 


 Ain't she a Sweetie?


 Here We Go AGAIN !!!!!                                              3-31-2015

                I've been thinking a lot lately about the changes I have seen in society in my own lifetime. I am 58 years old, not young, but certainly not ancient. Growing up, I remember most of my friends having two parents in the home, dads that worked and very few moms who did. 

                Divorce and live-in mates were still frowned upon, as was teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, and being on welfare. Inter-racial relationships were enough to send older folks into seizures. LOL!!  I recall the awful things that were said about people who were involved in any of these issues or lifestyles, and even then, I disagreed with the manner in which they were convicted and looked-down upon. 

                 Things happen in life, and often, it just is what it is. Few people plan to get divorced when they marry, most girls don't think about pregnancy when they are under the spell of young love and hormones, and back a couple of decades, it was rare for a man to want to raise his family on welfare if he was able to work.  I have never had an issue with inter-racial relationships and neither does God. He says so in the Bible! 

                  The homosexual matter, we have discussed to death here on PACT. I have made it clear a thousand times, that I have gay friends, and have had gay friends since the 1970s. My opinion is, that is doesn't matter if people are born gay or choose to be gay, what matters is that every human being has a RIGHT and the FREEDOM to CHOOSE  whom they will love and spend their lives with, PERIOD. It's no one else's business and no one has a right to abuse anyone else for their personal choices. 

                   I have also made it clear, that I DO object to same-sex marriages performed in Christian churches by Christian clergy, because it is a Holy Sacrament and God says NO to this type of union. I have NO objection to civil unions or marriages performed in private or in a Judge's chambers. Live and let live. 

                    With the passage of the new "Religious Protection Law" in Indiana and 20 other states this year to date, the rights of gay Americans is again in the forefront. Like any group, there are extremists in the gay community. Most of the gays I know and have known, were and are just regular folks like anyone else, who keep their sex lives to themselves and go about their daily business. As we all should.  I myself am considered an extremist, and I'll own that. However, though I have strong beliefs and opinions and am not afraid to express them, I have never, ever, tried to FORCE anyone else to have those same beliefs and opinions. 

                    Never would I do anything to harm someone who is a Liberal, a Homosexual, an Atheist,  or any other persuasion I may disagree with. Nor would I sit still for them being abused by anyone else. Arguing or having a heated discussion or disagreement is fine, but abuse is not. I would not even harm a radical Muslim unless they were endangering me or someone else. They too, have a right to believe as they wish, but they have no right to attempt to force Islam on others, bring Shariah into American courts, expect "Special" protections,or violate American law. They can go home if they are unhappy with our culture. 

                    The Indiana law that was passed this week was intended to support the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion. It should never have been necessary there or anywhere else in this country, because the First Amendment is very clear in itself and there is no valid argument to challenge it. Simply defend it and forget about adding new laws, it stands on its own just fine!  Yet, gay and liberal extremists , notorious for never being satisfied unless they are oppressing someone, are making their usual stink. Whine, Whine, Whine. Like Obama, they would love nothing more than to abolish the Constitution and run roughshod over Christian Americans and heterosexuals. Unfortunately for them, that AIN'T gonna happen. 

                      This new law will stand, necessary or not. The wording will be  tweaked here and there to act as a pacifier for the whiners, but  the First Amendment will not go away. There are businesses and politicians that are actually boycotting the state of Indiana as a result of this law. Not because they necessarily support the extreme gays, but because they want their business and votes. Same as they do with the Black extremists. Mollify the babies and they will shop in your stores and vote for you. No consideration for what is RIGHT, or FAIR, just the bottom line. 

                       I am posting a little piece below that talks about the results of a recent survey. I don't have a lot of faith in most surveys, because they are too easy to slant one way or another. This one however, surprised me more than a little bit. Denison Forum is a legitimate organization, and they attempt to poll fairly, so their numbers are pretty close to the truth. I knew that in Obama's America, Christians are hated. He bred and fed that hatred every day since he took office the first time. He is both Muslim and Gay, so why wouldn't he demonize Christians? Most people who harbor hatred for God's followers, feel that way because they hate Truth. 

                        Gays don't want to hear that their life choices are seen as sinful and condemning. Liberals and Atheists don't want to hear that there really IS a Hell and they are going there. So they attack. They Hate. They retaliate against believers, even if those believers have never done a single thing to harm THEM or attempt to change them. They don't want us to exist, period. We are a constant reminder of the things they truly fear and refuse to admit. That's okay, it's up to God to deal with that in His way and in His time. They STILL have a RIGHT to choose!

                         That being said, the United States Constitution remains the Law of this Land, and it must be defended and adhered to at all costs, or we will find ourselves living in a Communist Chaos. Hell on earth, so to speak. So here is my question; WHY can't the extreme Gay, Black, Muslim, Atheist, Liberal Americans, GIVE to others what they demand for themselves????? Why are they so offended and frightened by Christianity, Free Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, etc., etc.? No one is molesting them! Yet they continue to molest incessantly! There are thousands of businesses and chapels that will provide services to same-sex couples who wish to marry, so pick one and leave the Christian-Owned ones alone! 

                        If you hate religion and don't believe in God, that's OKAY, no one is forcing you to go to church, to pray, to erect a cross on your lawn, or celebrate Easter or Christmas. Churches are not going to go away to make you comfortable, they are not going to stop displaying the cross on their buildings or the nativity at Christmas, but they are not forcing anyone to LOOK at those symbols and no one is running out of those churches and trying to DRAG anyone inside! Christians do not go to Gay bars and harass patrons, White people don't go into Black neighborhoods in white robes and pointy hats, or burn down Mosques. 

                        When was the last time you heard of a group of straight people trying to inject themselves into a gay parade? When did you last hear of a White riot or drive-by shooting? Have you ever heard a Conservative, Patriotic American say that Racists should be killed, as Oprah Winfrey said about White people? Or call for the murder of Police Officers because a White guy was killed while trying to take a cop's gun?  I've never heard of a straight, Christian,Conservative American suing a gay, Atheist, Black, or liberal business for refusing to make a Straight Pride cake, White Pride Banner, Chocolate Easter Cross, or Second Amendment Defense Tee Shirts! Doesn't happen, because WE believe that rights belong to all Americans, not just Special-Interest groups or minorities of any kind. 

                        There is NO Constitutional right to protect anyone's "Feelings" or alternative lifestyles. There is NO protection for violent groups, hate groups, whiners, or criminals. Your right to NOT believe in God is protected, and MY right TO  believe is protected, as is MY right to NOT  be forced to violate the tenets of my Faith just to please a bunch of spoiled brats who want the world to kiss their as_es. Why is that so damn difficult for so many people to understand and embrace, and move on? My rights are every bit as important as yours, so shut up and go enjoy your freedom! If you want respect and validation, you must GIVE respect and validation. 

                        Christians? It's time to get OFF the pew and stand up for your Constitutional Rights and Protections that were so hard-won and preserved by the blood of millions of Patriots. SPEAK! God gave you a voice, USE it! Stop being lazy and pious and write some letters and emails to these governors that are being abused by the minority of whiners that want to strip you of your right to worship as you choose! Tell them that you support their decisions and thank them for their courage and integrity! Help them to stand strong against the decay of our society and the assault upon our most basic of liberties. For once in your lives, DO something that matters!

                       To the whiners? Grow up, get a life, and stop being bullies. Show a little gratitude for being a citizen of the freest, bravest, most awesome country in the world and be glad that you don't live in an Arab country where they would cut your head off and silence your crying with the sweep of a machete! Be still! Go live your lives and allow others to live theirs.


MAR 31, 2015

Americans approve more of gays than evangelicals
Americans approve more of gays and lesbians (53 percent) than evangelical Christians (42 percent). (Tweet this)  When university professors were recently asked if there were religious groups toward which they harbored negative feelings, three percent reported such feelings toward Jews, nine percent toward non-evangelical Christians, 22 percent toward Muslims, but 53 percent toward evangelicals.  And they are teaching the next generation of Americans.

Evangelicals are especially hated by many when they defend biblical marriage, a stance that is branded "homophobic," prejudiced and intolerant.  Indiana is the latest of 20 states that have passed laws protecting the religious freedom of constituents; Apple CEO Tim Cook is leading the fight against such laws. For more on this issue, see Did Indiana just pass a law for bigots to discriminate? by Nick Pitts.

Angie's List, based in Indianapolis, Indiana announced Saturday that it is pulling a proposed $40 million expansion project in the state capital.  The mayors of San Francisco and Seattle have declared that they are barring city-funded travel to Indiana.  We can expect the furor to continue.

How should believers respond?

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is a graduate of Harvard, a Rhodes scholar, and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.  He is not typically an advocate for evangelical Christians.  In fact, he admits that he has "little in common, politically or theologically, with evangelicals."

But he states in a recent Times article, "I've been truly awed by [evangelicals] I've seen in so many remote places, combating illiteracy and warlords, famine and disease, humbly struggling to do the Lord's work as they see it."  He then protests that it is "offensive to see good people derided."