The Eye of the Beholder                                             3-9-2018

                Some folks are going to be very surprised about the theme of tonight's blog. You were expecting something else, weren't you? Surprise !
  The right time will come to discuss today's events, but tonight ain't that time. We have a Town Board Meeting coming up next Tuesday, and out of fairness to all, I am keeping today to myself until AFTER that meeting. 

                 Tonight, I want to talk about something else entirely. 

                 About 16 years ago, I started painting my own greeting cards. I did it for one reason only, to make my grand-daughters smile. Not being much of an artist, my work was far from perfect, bit I did manage to achieve the result I was seeking, which was "Whimsy". My favorite subject was of course, animals, especially dogs. Anyone who has ever observed or loved an animal has seen their "Goofy" side, those moments of sweet silliness that lies within them.  I wanted the girls to see and appreciate that side of their pets and to learn that silliness is not only okay, but healthy for ALL species. 

                  It was an enjoyable and successful endeavor and family and friends began to ask for more. As a result, I haven't purchased a store card in over 15 years and have even sold a good number of my cards locally and online. Then, about 8 years ago, I stopped making cards abruptly, putting the paintbrushes down for almost a full year after a serious loss of both confidence and joy in what I was doing.

                  I had listed a handful of cards for sale online and a few days later, an email arrived that took the wind out of me. It was from a critic, which was not unusual or unexpected, but this one was much more than mere criticism, it was an all-out, venomous attack. The writer said some things that were so vulgar I can't repeat them here, and asked me if all the animals I painted were "Supposed" to look like "Retards".  She went on to say that I was so stupid, I probably believed that "Poetry should rhyme". 

                   It was brutal, and it went on and on, and I allowed a nameless, faceless person to rob me of what little confidence I had in my hobby. By the way, I DO think poetry should rhyme.

                    It took me a long time to recover from that assault and for me to realize that art has no rules. Art is a unique expression of the individual artist. No two people will paint the same way or view a piece of art in the same way. Personally, I enjoy art that actually LOOKS like something, tells a story, or invokes an emotion. I love Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, Warren Kimble, and many others, even though each one's art is nothing like the others'. 

                     Watching people stand in an art gallery and discuss the meaning of an ink blot or paint splash just doesn't compute for me. I see neither meaning nor talent, but I respect the right of the observer to see it differently. That's what Art Appreciation is all about, isn't it? 

                       So I had my epiphany eventually, and began painting again. What did it matter how many people hated my work or loved it? The goal was to invoke smiles and spread a little silliness. There is so much stress and seriousness in our daily lives that a dose of whimsy now and then is a much-needed antidote. If we could all see something each day that makes us exhale, smile, or see the funny side of life, the world would be a happier, healthier place. So what if it is imperfect, if WE are imperfect? 

                        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and happiness is a choice.  Never let anyone's cruel words rob you of Joy.


 Tomorrow's Meeting                                                        3-12-2018

                     Tomorrow night's Town Board Meeting is an important one to attend if you are concerned about your tax rates.

                      Some of you are familiar with the former George Miller property behind the old train station on Tilden Road. The actual address of the property is Lover's Lane, but it's easier to access from Tilden Road. The house is a burned-out shell now, following the tragic fire that occurred there several years ago. 

                       Apparently, the property is "supposed" to be going up for auction at the County for unpaid taxes, and was actually ON the auction list, that is, until there was some interference. As you may or may not know, the Rail Trail project that begins in Stephentown and runs into New Lebanon, is planned to continue through town and there is a Committee, (Of COURSE there is!), working on the project. I believe Joe Ogilvie, the husband of Fiona Lally, is spearheading the effort. 

                       Now this next piece of the story may not be 100% accurate, as I got this 2nd hand, albeit from a reliable source. Only some wording may be incorrect as I was not present to hear them, but the issue is indeed real and something we should pay attention to. Allegedly, our new Councilman Norm Rasmussen, influenced our Supervisor to "Donate" the Miller property to the Rail Trail Project rather than let it go for auction. So the property was removed from the County Auction List by executive action with no input from the Town Board. This has not exactly met with the approval of the majority of Councilmen and will be a major topic at tomorrow's meeting.

                       Mr. Ogilvie has stated that he plans to round-up the Rail Trail supporters to fight to get this property for FREE, for their use. He was given an alternative option of accepting a portion of the property for the trail, approximately ten feet  which is all that is necessary for hikers to pass through, but stated that they want the entire 3 acres. So here is the problem;  New Lebanon has just so many acres and properties that are subject to taxation. Since the influx of city folks, we have seen many hundreds of acres pledged to Conservancies in perpetuity. Those taxes have to be made up by the residents. Some Conservancies DO pay a small amount, but it's nothing compared to what the town was receiving prior to the massive conservation movement we have seen in recent years. 

                        Consider also, how many acres of open land have been reserved as Forever Farmland, which is a GOOD thing, within reason. Same with the Conservancies. We SHOULD protect some of our wooded and open lands, but in New Lebanon, it is becoming far too extreme and a burden to the rest of us. It is time to put a CAP on the number of acres that can be put into conservancies before it goes any further. It is also time to be satisfied with the extensive work done by the CAC, gratefully use their maps and advice in Zoning and Planning issues, but now that the work is done, we should be dissolving the Committee and not allowing them to have so much influence over zoning decisions.

                         These Liberal Conservation and Sustainability initiatives are okay to a point, but with these folks, enough is NEVER enough. New Lebanon is now subject to more zoning and planning restrictions that ever before in the history of this town, and it is all due to Greenies and Government Grants that require regulations and oversight that rob us of our freedom to use our properties as we see fit. It discourages the so-called "Growth" that the Council, the Supervisor, and the Transplants seem to hold so dear. It makes it far more complicated and expensive for young families to build homes or for existing property owners to expand or renovate. It severely limits the TYPE of businesses that can operate here and exactly WHERE they can operate and how many costly requirements they will have to meet.

                          One needs only to look at the Mike Darcy issue on Lover's Lane to see exactly what I mean. The guy owns a dump truck and a flatbed truck and parks them at his residence, in the rear, out of view of neighbors. Yet he has spent many months under the gun of neighbors who are complaining about the noise of the trucks leaving in the mornings and coming home in the evenings. They are whining about exhaust fumes and the time the trucks need to run to warm up, etc. Um, this is the COUNTRY, and we have people who do blue-collar jobs that are necessary to our everyday lives.  Get used to it, or move somewhere less rural and less blue-collar. Easy. (Public Hearing on THAT matter is March 20th at 6:30 at the Town Hall).

                          The Darcy Family has done a lot for this town and they have been here for generations. They are an asset, and they employ a LOT of local folks. Much like Howard Commander and the Larabee family that have also been screwed by over-regulation and ridiculous "Rules". Our town council should be concentrating on being a more INDEPENDENT town, not inviting government regulations and Green Initiatives that make our lives miserable. Nor should they allow the Wish List of city Liberals to burden the taxpayers, things like the Rail Trail and Conservancies. I am not suggesting that we ban these things, all I am saying is let's stop getting carried-away and going full Left while ignoring the REST of the residents who have needs and wishes,too. Enough is damn well ENOUGH! 

                          So if any of this concerns you, or your property tax bill gave you a mini-stroke, you should come to tomorrow's meeting. 

                          One more thing. Do you know that our Supervisor is planning to move her office to the second floor of the Town Hall? How is that going to work for the elderly and handicapped? Why does the Tax Assessor who is rarely here, need to have the office right inside the entrance where the Supervisor now IS and SHOULD be? It makes Zero sense. So much for meeting privately with Colleen if you need to but can't climb those steep stairs. For that matter, why does the Assessor have a cell phone paid for by US? This woman works for numerous towns as assessor, let some other town pay for her phone.

                          Colleen has done a wonderful job as Supervisor and I hope she will continue to BE our Supervisor for years to come. I honestly believe that she is the best Supervisor that New Lebanon has EVER had! Those of us who have lived here all our lives or for 30 years or more, can SEE the damage being done by City transplants, and WE are the ONLY ones who can put a cap on it before it goes any farther. Get involved, because change happens from the bottom-up, in little towns like ours. NO MORE Conservancies, NO MORE Green Projects, no more Freebies for Liberal wish-lists, and NO MORE government Grants!  They have gotten more than they should have, and it's time to consider the REST of us for a change! YOU, have to demand it.


THE Town Board Meeting                                             3-13-2018

                    Gross. That was this meeting in one word.

                   The room was stacked with 40 Liberal Transplants looking to get what they desire, as usual. NEVER, EVER, do you see these people at a meeting unless it involves something that THEY want, and then they come in droves to bully and demand.  As always, the minute their issue is finished being discussed, they get up and leave, totally unconcerned about any OTHER town business. 

                    Tonight was a deplorable display of rudeness, because when the Rail Trail issue ended after almost 2 hours, they all got up, but didn't leave the room. Instead, they gathered together in the aisles and corners and held court !  In the MIDDLE of a damn MEETING! I finally bitched about it and told them to take it outside, and finally, Colleen took notice and dropped the Gavel. Talk about RUDE!  These are the people who jump right in everyone else's sh_t if they dare to speak out of turn in a meeting! It was, GROSS behavior. From people who never attend a meeting unless there is something in it for them.

                    So, since Colleen is already livid with me and has accused me of spreading False Information, I guess I'm not risking anything by taking it a bit farther. I made it VERY clear in last night's blog, that I would likely not have it 100% correct, and I didn't. To a point.  I said that Colleen had made an Executive Decision on the Miller Property. She stated tonight that the County is in charge of what happens to tax delinquent properties, not the towns. She went on to say that they were considerate enough to ask for her feelings about donating the property to the Rail Trail, AND, that the action would need the support of the majority of the community. Colleen supported the County's proposal, so in fact, she DID make a unilateral decision.

                    She stated that there was no "Time" to bring the question back to the board, and that she is authorized to make that decision. I'm sure she IS, but why did she have "Time" to allow a meeting tonight to hear the Liberals' opinions and make us sit through another poster-board presentation about the Rail Trail?  WHY did the board get to vote on the decision tonight if their input is insignificant and the County gets the say? 

                      Here's where it gets interesting; Councilman Baumli didn't make the meeting due to a fender-bender on his way home from work. He is unhurt, but not so for his vehicle. I know he wanted to be there, as he openly opposes the donation of the Miller Property. The vote took place without him, but ended in a tie. Rasmussen then did everything he could to force it through as it was and report to the County that it was a deadlock AND he demanded that the show of Liberals and their opinions be included in that report!! He tried to make CERTAIN that Baumli never gets a vote! This led to arguments over how to proceed, should they schedule a re-vote for this coming Thursday night?  That passed. Then the complaints from Rasmussen and the "Crowd" changed THAT, and a Special Meeting and Vote was scheduled instead for the 29th. Then, THAT decision was challenged and with all the noise and crying from the transplants, I don't even know if THAT meeting is going to take place! 

                      The Vote ended in a tie, and that tie must be broken by a full board vote. That's just the proper and ethical thing to do, BUT, the Libs started accusing Mark Baumli of having a Conflict of Interest, being interested in the property himself, and that he should have to recuse himself anyway. The Attorney stated that it is NOT a Conflict since Mark had not placed any bids on the site. So what will happen? Who the Hell knows?

                        I want to make one thing crystal clear here; I do NOT oppose the Rail Trail.  I don't think it is going to draw businesses like they claimed tonight, but it's a "Nice" idea anyway.  Teri Koepp attended tonight and said it was a wonderful idea because our local children and families NEED something like the trail. Okay, I can agree with that,too. However, I have also seen things happen to children on these trails that you don't want to even KNOW about. Predators LOVE these trails, and I am not talking about wildlife. No children should EVER walk them alone.

                      My personal objections are two-fold. 1) I don't care that we have not been receiving any land taxes on the Miller Property since it burned, it has the POTENTIAL to BECOME a taxable property again. Donating it to the Rail Trail removes that possibility. The Rail Trail is a Non-Profit, so THEY won't be paying taxes on it. The land is Commercial/Residential, and despite having some issues that need attention and review, it CAN be built on again and the Rail Trail given a Right of Way. Nope, THEY made it clear that they want it ALL. Typical Liberal attitude, all TAKE and NO GIVE. Any board member that agrees with THAT, is taking sides. Colleen is protecting the County's purse and allegedly OURS, by not wanting to make them gain Title and sell the property with an easement for the Rail Trail.

                   2) As I said, I have zero objections to the Rail Trail, but I have a bucket-full of objections to "GIVING" anything more away to these Liberal Wish List items under the guise of "Building Community and Business". They claim that "If you build it, they will come".  REALLY?  If they really want growth, they need to STOP bringing in more government regulations via grants. They need to STOP putting more and more acreage into Conservancies and limiting accessible properties because some endangered butterfly lives there. THOSE are my objections, along with the FACT, that transplants now OWN this town and the rest of us no longer matter.

                    I suppose there IS an upside to all this crap that is morphing us into a Liberal Utopia for City People. Property values might just rise enough for me to sell my cabin and get the HELL out of HERE! Imagine how HAPPY the Liberals will be to see me GO? Ahh, but no one will be happier than ME! 

                     The meeting room was STACKED tonight. The Liberal Hotline was put into motion and they all responded. The rest of you who disagree, never bother to show up or stand up, so you deserve everything you get. If YOU can't come to a meeting, send an email, or make a phone call to have your opinions heard, then you should suffer the consequences, and you WILL. 

                      Regarding Colleen's plans to move her office upstairs, she claims that it is to make it easier for Seniors and Veterans who come to see the Assessor. She stated that she would come downstairs to meet with anyone who can't climb the stairs, and she would even go to their homes if necessary. You know what? Who gives a crap? They can conduct town business in their cars for all I care. 

                        Tonight was proof in living color that you have surrendered your town to outsiders, newcomers, and Liberal Idiots. So why am I bothering to fight for what YOU will not? The long-timers, Life-timers, and Conservatives are no longer a consideration here, and you can't blame ANYBODY for that but YOURSELVES. ALL of you who whine and complain but DO nothing. Doug Banker said tonight that he wants to see a "Healthier" town, but that is an impossible dream. We are far too divided, disengaged, and lazy to ever be a "Healthy" Community. Our traditions and Patriotism are gone, our churches are empty, our school enrollment is dropping every year, and regulations grow daily. How is that, HEALTHY?

                           I moved to this town almost 40 years ago because I LOVED it here. Now, I no longer recognize it, and I no longer love it. I am surrounded by strangers with totally opposite views and beliefs to my own, a Faithless, Anti-Freedom, Selfish, Bullying Society that I came here all those years ago to escape. My husband wants to work for two more years, and in that time, I will be finishing the work that needs to be done on the cabin so I can sell it. Then I will literally RUN to a state where people still care about the Constitution, raise their kids to be responsible adults and not Safe-Space Snowflakes, and who love their country. A state where there is FREEDOM, Conservatism, Christianity,and Patriotism. There are still a LOT of states like that, where the officials tell the government to STAY OUT of their residents' lives! Liberals hate those states. LOL!!  

                     So if any of you city people have a friend or relative looking for a year-round cabin, send them my way next year. 


  Note:  To one attendee of tonight's meeting, get this straight; My husband may have a detour between his head and his mouth, but he is NOT stupid. Nor is he mean, even though he has a gruff exterior, he is very compassionate and kind. You have only to watch him fight around the clock in all kinds of weather, to save a sick calf, to see who he really IS. The Shakers had a saying that goes like this:  "You can judge the character of a man by the way he treats his animals ".  So I would appreciate it if you would cease and desist in making fun of him every chance you get, because if you do NOT knock it off, you will very seriously regret it.


 Devin Pratt Page                                                      3-17-2018

                     This is the Take Action page for our fellow Patriot, Devin Pratt. 

                  Devin's dog was attacked while being taken on his morning walk, when a neighbor's two Pit Bulls broke through their fence. Not wanting to put his bare hands into the battle, Devin ran back into his house and grabbed the  "NY COMPLIANT", AR15 that he kept for hunting and home defense, and ran back outside. At NO time did he raise, aim, or fire that rifle. The dogs saw the gun and ran, maybe thinking it was a club.

                 Knowing that there would likely be a danger to other walkers, Devin called the Local PD in Fort Edward and reported the incident. The Police Chief responded, and happens to be an acquaintance of Devin's from when they both worked for the local Fire Department and never really got along. The Chief puffed himself up and immediately began to abuse his position. Devin had put the rifle on the ground when the Chief arrived, yet the Chief is now claiming that Devin pointed the firearm in his direction.

                  He insisted that Devin get into his police vehicle and accompany him to the P.D to give a deposition. ALL unnecessary, as Devin was not pressing charges at the time. To make a long story shorter, Devin was threatened with arrest, finally released, his AR confiscated and damaged , and he eventually got home and was able to take his dog for Vet care. During his trip to the Vet, the P.D put out a BOLO for Devin to picked-up for "Illegal Possession of a Firearm".  WHY??????   Who the hell knows. He had no record or mental illness that would prevent him from owning a legal firearm.

                 The next day, Devin turned himself in and was arrested. A Judge issued a warrant that resulted in the seizure of Devin's long guns and all of his ammo from his private home. He was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and be held under House Arrest, which resulted in the loss of his job. He was also forced to attend "Anger Management" classes and other, behavior-related classes. Yet he had not been convicted of ANYTHING, and still hasn't been !!

                 Yesterday, the court was scheduled to open the Indictments against Devin, and a group of us traveled to the Washington County Courthouse to stand WITH him. When we were almost to the courthouse, we learned that the action had been cancelled, because Devin had been called to the Court earlier that morning and advised that the D.A and the Court had made some serious mis-steps. (Ya THINK?!?)  Not for the original arrest, but for the release of confidential info to the press and the premature and illegal opening of the Indictment in private and without Devin and his attorney being present. We don't yet know what will happen next, but we DO know that Devin Pratt was arrested because the Police Chief simply doesn't like him and abused his power. Followed-up by Cronyism.

                   We ALSO know that Devin's 2nd Amendment rights were grievously violated, his home invaded on a warrant that there was no grounds to issue, his job is gone, and his personal property confiscated. By the way, Devin owns no handguns and no CCW Permit. All of the guns involved were long guns used primarily for hunting. 

                    IF we allow the Oathbreaking Police, D.A, and Judge to do this to an innocent, Constitution-Abiding Citizen, what will they do NEXT? To WHOM?  Devin Pratt's case must be thrown out and those involved removed from their positions. The City and County owe Devin a good deal of money in legal fees and lost income, and they need to pay for the damage to his AR15 and return the rest of his property. ALL of it, needs to be widely publicized. 

                    We, the NY Patriot Movement, are the only ones who can defend people like Devin, remembering always that WE may be NEXT! We have a Duty to see to it that these gun-grabbers and violators of their Oath, are held responsible for their actions.  Below is a list of contacts for those involved. WE need to let every one of them hear from EVERY ONE of US! I implore you to take 5 minutes out of your TV time today, to call, write, or email these people and let them know we are watching, we are PISSED, and we WILL defend Devin and demand restitution.

                    Let them know that We the People will NOT tolerate Oathbreakers in positions of power.  Thank you to all of you who step-up to take back your power and help us in the process of holding Tyrants' feet to the fire!       JJ - The Gun Granni

  Newspapers to Contact


Whitehall Times 

Police Department

Justin Derway, Chief of Police

Office (518) 747-6365
Fax (518) 747-4397


  Get BUSY !                                                                   3-27-2018

                 Too many Americans are easily fooled by the media Manipulation of Facts and Numbers. 

                  Just today, an employee of GOOGLE released an anonymous statement exposing the use of "Bots" by the company to fool the people into believing that there is far more support FOR gun control than against. He then stated that the opposite is the truth. Anti-Gun Americans are a small minority, but would you know that by listening to mainstream media?

                  Hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts belong to fictional people, fake Liberals that push the Leftist Agenda. Everything you see and hear is suspect, and you have a responsibility to DIG for the Truth. You have a duty to QUESTION.

                   Alleged "witnesses and survivors" of school shootings are without exception, inconsistent in their accounts of events. The more they tell their story, the more it changes. I'm posting a link below that will support my claim. 99% of all media outlets are owned and controlled by the Left. Your newspapers and magazines, Hollywood, television, radio, Social Media sites like You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook, and even the music industry. The Truth is being hidden, ignored, and twisted while false information and incendiary narrative is literally shoved down our throats.

                    This is nothing new, we have been under the spell of media indoctrination for decades. Ask a handful of Americans over age 55 what their views are on the Constitution, Religious Faith, Personal Responsibility, Patriotism, and Education, then ask those same questions of a handful of high school and college-age Americans.  The vast differences you will see in the answers will give you all the proof you need of the consequences of Liberal indoctrination and the deliberate silencing of Conservative voices and values.

                     Right now, Today, Americans who value the gift of Constitutional Freedoms that exist nowhere else but in America, are being silenced and assaulted by the Left as never before in our history. They want to DISARM us for the most evil of reasons and they will stop at NOTHING to achieve their goals. Even USING ignorant children.

                      We have all seen the False Flag Crises like Sandy Hook and we know that there are thousands of unanswered questions surrounding these "Alleged" mass shootings. From the Boston Bombing to San Bernardino, to Las Vegas and the Orlando Night Club, and now, Parkland, Florida.  MAYBE some lives actually were sacrificed in one or two of the more recent events, but are you truly too ignorant and indoctrinated to "Get It" that governments see those lost lives as "Collateral Damage"? Do you have NO questions, and do you not understand that a few lives are a small price to pay for these people to attain their goals?  Look at History, at the millions of lives lost to Genocide, and HOW many dead bodies lie in the wake of the Clintons? Governments KILL, and they always HAVE. America is no exception.

                       Sadly, most Americans under the age of 35 or so, have never been taught the Truth of history or the evil that governments are capable of. They are instead, subjected to an education that is designed and approved by the Federal Government and facts are rarely a part of the curriculum. Free thinking and independent research is strongly discouraged and sometimes even punishable.

                       The "March for Life" movement that led to school walk-outs and protests last week are nothing less than the latest Sandy Hook. It has nothing to do with school safety and everything to do with disarmament. This is a planned, rehearsed, staged sideshow funded by the wealthy Leftists in an attempt to obliterate the Second Amendment.

                        David Hogg, the foul-mouthed, 90-pound liar that is the mouthpiece for the Gun-Grabbers, is NOT a high school student. He is far too old, and I watched with my own eyes as he was involved in an altercation on a California Beach two years ago that included the intervention of a Security Officer. Yeah, Hogg is not from Florida, he is from California as are his FBI Agent father and CNN Reporter mother. Watch the brief video I have posted below to see just how honest and reliable Mr. Hogg is.

                          Did people die in the Parkland shooting? Possibly, but it was not 17 people, or even 10 people, or 8 people. Who ARE the dead? Who and where are the grieving families, the crime scene photos, the Coroner's reports? How does an alleged "High School Student" as Hogg claims to be, know what a "Soft Target " is? How could a survivor of a mass shooting give an interview two hours after the event, calling for Congressional Action to ban semi-automatic weapons?  Where is the shock, the grief, and the terror? 

                          Where was the massive response from Law Enforcement and EMS that would be expected at such an event? Why were the local Deputies instructed to stay 500 feet away from the school instead of running inside and trying to save lives? How STUPID have Americans become that they would believe this utter bullshit and not see the obvious reality? 

                             Now we have CHILDREN telling us that we should not have a Second Amendment and no one should own a firearm. LOL!! Yeah, Fat Chance Kiddies! These kids know NOTHING about what occurs following disarmament of a people. They know nothing of factual history, the sacrifices made to construct and defend the Constitution. David Hogg is screaming for strict gun control and the violation of the 2A rights of Americans, yet he is loudly objecting to the suggestion that clear back packs be brought to school to make it harder to conceal a weapon. Why? Hogg claims it is a violation of the Right to Privacy.  Liberals always resort to the Constitution when it comes to THEIR rights, but seem to think it doesn't apply to those they disagree with.

                             During last week's school protests, the Middleburgh,NY high school had an issue arise between two students with differing views on this movement. A Liberal student physically attacked a Conservative student who refused to take part in the walk-out.  The Conservative student defended himself and dropped the Liberal like a sack of sh_t. BOTH boys were suspended, even though one was merely defending himself. One very ticked-off father is now dealing with school officials over the treatment of his Second Amendment Supporting son. GOOD for HIM !!

                             Does anyone else see the potential for more violence in schools when the students are divided over this issue that is not their issue at ALL? These kids are being used and victimized by the Leftists with a disarmament agenda, and they are too uninformed and gullible to know that they are pawns. If this movement is allowed to continue and escalate, there will be far more danger to our kids in school than all the school shootings combined !! They are dividing these kids and inciting hate and violence. Is YOUR kid safe? 

                              This MUST stop and it must stop NOW, BEFORE kids are seriously hurt.  So what can YOU do?  If you are the parent or grandparent of a school-age child, grab your friends and neighbors and get yourselves TO your local schools! Storm the Principal's office and let him or her know in NO uncertain terms that your kids have ONE job while in school, and that is to LEARN, and to learn TRUTHFUL history. It is not their job to take on the Left's Wish List and risk their safety in the process. TELL them that THEY have ONE job, and that is to TEACH school subjects in a clear and unbiased, truthful manner. NO teacher or school staff member has any RIGHT to force your kids to take part in a walk-out or protest under threat of failure or suspension. 

                              They have NO right to take your kids out of the building for any reason other than a fire alarm, without your express permission. They are NOT to bring their political, religious, or sexual views or beliefs into your child's classroom. Families have their own views and beliefs and it is up to the PARENTS to deal with those matters. Finally, let them know that if they do not cease and desist in pushing the anti-Second Amendment agenda upon students, you will remove your kids from the school and demand that the district pay for private tutors or a Homeschooling Curriculum. 

                               Consider suing the school district as a group, and if you are a homeowner who pays school taxes apart from your mortgage payment, open an escrow account and put your school taxes in it. The more of you, the better. Refuse to remit those funds until the school complies with the demands of the parents. DO NOT BUDGE! 

                               If parents in every state and every school district demand a STOP to this movement, it will end. While you are at it, talk to your kids about the peril of disarmament and why our founders gave us the Second Amendment.  Our government is not only over-sized and over-reaching, it is seriously out of control and only WE can rein it in. YOU must take action, NOW.  Grab your circle of family and friends, and get to those schools A.S.A.P!  


Wake UP,People !!                                                        3-28-2018

              I used to love this town. Notice I did not say, " I used to love MY town".  That's because I was recently corrected for saying "MY" instead of "OUR". I never intended the word MY to insinuate control or ownership because I don't feel that way, it's just a figure of speech. Some people are just too touchy and literal for their own good.

              It's okay,  it's not like I don't get verbally slapped by people on a regular basis, I'm very accustomed to it. LOL!! The people that bite me the most are the ones I call out for political misbehavior, so I don't really care what they think. 

               Over the many years that I have been Politician-Watching, I have seen some abominable actions taken by people at every level of government. All of it is shameful, but for some reason, it is more painful when it is local, town governments. The first corrupt local official I met here was Norman Thomas Sr. when he was ZEO. I won't even go into the devastating things he did to me and my family, and numerous others in town, it no longer matters.  Next was Bruce Baldwin when he was Town Supervisor and I was Animal Control Officer. I've told THAT horror story and the facts about how HE treated pets in need. 

                The next deplorable town official I had dealings with was Stanley Koloski, former ZEO.  He was followed by Doug Clark and Baldwin again. Of all of them, Stan Koloski is the one you can blame for my getting involved in local politics and citizen advocacy. He was the Number One reason that I began attending every board meeting and writing this blog. 

                 ALL of the aforementioned men were corrupt, dishonest, abusive, and just plain mean-spirited. The only one of the five that ever did anything positive for this town was Baldwin, and the good things he did were far outnumbered by the bad.  NONE of these men ever  faced a single consequence for the rules and LAWS they violated, and Baldwin even has a commemorative bench outside the Town Hall ! 

                  We can't forget Mike Benson, Mr. Sleaze himself. His blatant lies, sneakiness, and corrupt actions while in office were unprecedented by any former Supervisor.  It seems to me that when someone takes a political office, part of the swearing-in process must be a dip in a vat of Teflon.

                   Of course we have no one to blame for the political corruption but ourselves. WE are all that stands between a fair and transparent government and a bias, tyrannical one. ONLY the PEOPLE can demand better, and hold them accountable, but in recent years, the voices of GOOD people have fallen silent. Not people on the Left, but on the Right. The Left is NEVER silent, EVERYBODY hears their venomous accusations and immature demands. God Save Us. 

                    Since the unceremonious exit of Mike Benson following his failure to even complete his final term, things have vastly improved in New Lebanon. We have been enjoying some excellent boards and board members, and a Supervisor who actually has lived here forever and genuinely cares about the town and it's future. Same is true of Mark Baumli and Kevin Smith. Our new Councilman Jesse Newton is also an asset and is doing a great job in his first time in government.

                     Kevin Smith is very active and dedicated, so much so that he has overcome some major, personal trials and completely changed his life! All because he wants to do the best job he possibly can for New Lebanon, and he IS. These representatives of  "our" town and the people are genuinely GOOD folks, and after seeing some of the frightening issues I have in the past, it is a breath of fresh air.  Still, nothing is perfect, no ONE is perfect, and as we watch the population of New Lebanon become more City Transplant and less Rural Local, the imperfections are mounting up and becoming clearer.

                     I put most of the blame for this at the feet of Mike Benson for the vast number of dangerous projects and the culture shift we are seeing here today. Once he was gone, the push for more Liberal programs and policies and the resulting intervention of state and federal agencies, slowed down to a great degree. 4 or 5 years ago, I tried to warn the transplants that Benson would drop them like a hot potato once he no longer had use for their financial donations and their votes. That's exactly what he DID. Their Hero used them up and spit them out.

                      So along comes Colleen and she thrashes Benson in the election. For the next two years, New Lebanon settles in to a fairly peaceful routine again, an almost Libertarian atmosphere. Attention was now paid to the needs, wants, and visions of ALL residents, Left AND Right. As it should be.   BUT.........

                       Something is happening, and another shift is taking place. Once again, I am beginning to see some covert and biased behaviors, and a good dose of favoritism for Left-Wing Transplants and  a willingness to invite more upper-government interference into our lives. I am seeing manipulation and dishonesty, and believe me, I am FAR from the only one who sees it and is concerned.

                        There are some things going on that do not need to be aired to the public quite yet, too touchy, but there is discord afoot and those who are objecting to the Benson-Like actions are well justified in their objections. WHY is this happening? Mostly due to pressure that borders on bullying, and a handful of other things, including some folks wearing more hats than they need to or have the RIGHT to.

                          I know that most of you are aware of the issues surrounding the former George Miller property. If you are not aware, go to my Town Board post of 3-13-2018 and read up on it. That meeting revolved almost entirely around this matter and the room was "stacked" with Liberal Transplants who had organized well in advance. Yet it was NOT an official, Public Hearing. We did NOT have a full board and too few residents were even aware that this was going on or what was at stake. (By Design?)

                            A board vote was taken anyway and resulted in a tie. The "No" voters made numerous attempts to extend the issue until a full board was present and more residents could be heard. The "Yes" voters, knowing that if that happened they would lose, decided between themselves to go THEIR way and send the results in to the county as-is !! (With much LOUD, RUDE heckling from the transplant crowd). 

                            As a result of this biased and unfair PLOT, our County Supervisors have voted to "GIVE" the Miller property to the Rail Trail project and take it OFF our tax rolls. County was told that the donation had "Overwhelming Support" of the town's residents, and that is a LIE. The decision was supported by the transplants ONLY. So why was the voice of the locals not heard? Well, they didn't have a phone or email chain burning up cyber-space for days ahead of time, because the majority didn't KNOW, and the locals, WORK.  There WAS no Public Hearing. 

                              The objectors to this shameful move were then deliberately misled into believing that the County Vote would not be held until the end of this week. That would give them time to reach out to more residents, but the vote was held LAST NIGHT! Too late to get a fair assessment of how others felt about the donation. This is most concerning. It is unethical, unprofessional, and profoundly SAD.

                              How can we as a town, afford to Give Away taxable property after so many hundreds of acres have been put into Conservancy over the past 5 or 6 years?! (By Guess WHO?) We have many residents that are struggling to make ends meet and hang onto their homes as it is. Is the rural, working-class family being forgotten in New Lebanon? Not by everyone, but definitely by a few. 

                               Remember this; we can NOT place all the blame for this loss of tax income on the transplants and a couple of complicit officials. A good measure of that blame belongs to local folks who don't PAY ATTENTION, who don't come to a board meeting, who don't bother to make a call or visit the Town Hall and be heard. Wake UP folks, it's YOUR money, and this is YOUR town,too!