March 2017 Town Board Meeting                                     3-16-2017

                       As you know, the TB Meeting was held tonight because it was cancelled for the Big Snow on Tuesday.  Attendance was quite low, probably due to most of the regulars not being aware of the date change. 

                        The meeting went for 90 minutes and there's really not much of note to report. The "Free Store" is accepting donations of clothing and small childrens' items such as toys, baby seats, bouncy-chairs, etc. No housewares or books at this time. There is a serious need for shelving and clothes-hanging units, as well as the ever-popular, plastic storage tubs. Donations can be dropped at the Town Clerk's Office during regular hours. The store itself will be open to those in need on May 1st.

                        There was some discussion about the Bi-Centennial Celebration plans, work needed at the Park Pavilion and Basketball Court, Zoning Issues, the Music in the Park Program, and junkyards. LOL!! Lots of the usual odds and ends of running a small town.   

                         The most interesting piece of tonight's meeting, to ME  at least, was the sole applicant for the Planning Board vacancy. After voting not to appoint Monte Wasch, twice, this person is so far, the only other resident to apply.  Who is it ?!   None other than young, Elizabeth Brutsch. Yes, THE Elizabeth Brutsch, the one who made the Anti-Veteran Speech at the School Board Meeting, and was partly responsible for the denial of the Veteran Tax Exemption proposal.

                         I had to ask for her last name to cement my suspicion that it was indeed, HER, as no one introduced her by anything other than her first name. Suffice it to say, that when she gave me her surname, she gave me a look that if looks could kill, would have dropped me where I sat. LOLOL!!  I love it.  So here is this 20-something, anti-American Brat, looking for a position in our town government, and I betcha I can guess what or WHOM led her to make that decision. I'm not as stupid as I look, ya know! 

                         Anyway, she took off before I had the opportunity to speak with her. I SO  wanted to ask her how she felt about her freedom to apply for a political position and be fairly considered despite her young age and lack of experience and civic respect. Had she answered that she did indeed find that to be a convenient right, I would have strongly reminded her of WHY she HAS that right, and HOW her rights have managed to remain intact since the 1770s. She would have been quickly schooled on the role played by Soldiers and VETERANS, the very men and women she so venomously attacked at a public meeting. The people who made it possible for her to LAUNCH that verbal assault! 

                        It is her right to apply for this position and she should be given a fair interview and consideration, because THAT is how America is supposed to operate. However, I will be praying numerous times per day, that she is rejected. No one with her views or opinions should serve in any form of government, and I hope that every veteran and family member of a veteran who reads this, will contact the Town Board members and tell them that you do NOT want this woman on our Planning Board or any other board. She is an embarrassment to this town and her disrespectful and hateful rant about our veterans, in FRONT of our veterans, is something to be condemned, not rewarded. As Andrew Cuomo is so fond of saying, "That is simply NOT who we are !"         IS it ?

  Have a Great St. Paddy's Day.