Broken Hearts and Promises                                              5-5-2016

                     It's been a very tough week in New Lebanon. We lost a very young girl, and our prayers go out to the Gaston Roberts family. We also lost another member of the Darcy Family, Brenda Darcy, to cancer. The Darcy Family has had far more than their share of heartache in the past several years, and it seems so unfair. Please keep them in your prayers as well. 

                     Deacon Randy Lukas of the Episcopal Church lost his sister Paula to a motorcycle accident, and his brother-in-law Norman has a long road to recovery facing him. Dave Roden was again taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday, and was transferred from BMC to St. Peter's, where he remains in Intensive Care. A lot of folks in our community are hurting this week.  Pray.


                      Conservatives across America are still trying to absorb the shock of Ted Cruz stepping out of the presidential race. Deep down, we all know that unless the FBI manages to push for the indictment of Hillary Clinton, she will be our next president. This was pretty much a given since the start. Not because she is worthy or capable or even popular, but because she is connected to the very same people who gave us Obama and are hell-bent on the destruction of freedom and morality. Her backers are the richest, most connected, most powerful, and most dangerous people in America.  As Warren Buffett let slip weeks ago, a Hillary presidency was a guarantee the minute she announced her candidacy.

                        Donald Trump CAN not defeat her, and he WILL not defeat her. As I said many months ago, that was the whole agenda. Get Trump nominated, get rid of the real Conservative, Ted Cruz, and pave the way for Hillary Clinton. It was all pre-ordained, but there was no convincing the Trumptards of that fact.  Already, Trump has reversed many of his positions that he made when he had numerous challengers. His Liberalism is shining through like a spotlight, and it is only two days since Cruz dropped out ! Believe it NOW, False Conservatives and Meatheads? YOU created this through your stupidity, gullibility, and treason to your fellow Republicans and your country. YOU will be the ones we point our fingers at when Hillary wins the general election. Happy NOW ?

                         Millions of Conservative Americans are literally running to the Libertarian Party and their young candidate named Peterson. He has no chance of winning, but that isn't the point. The reason is to send a very loud and clear message to the GOP that the Conservatives are through with them. The Republican Party no longer represents their constituents and they haven't for a very, long time. They have hung themselves, and the GOP is dead.  Libertarianism will be the new, Great Party choice of the Conservatives and Christians, and if America can manage to survive the next four years, a Libertarian will unseat Hillary in 2020. 

                         On Tuesday night, many people I know personally, were devastated and beaten-down by the loss of Cruz. I allowed myself a few hours of self-pity and fear, and then I picked myself up, dusted off my boots, and decided to use my anger and frustration to re-focus. There's a storm coming, and I for one, will be busy shuttering the windows. We all know that Hillary's FIRST mission will be to attempt to disarm the people. She will use every option at her disposal to make it impossible for Americans to buy, own, or carry firearms, and that of course, will lead to Mass Resistance. A Second Revolution.

                         She will call out the U.N Troops and we will call out every hunter, redneck, NRA Member, Militia Group, Veteran, and Freedom-Lover and fight back. Physically, if need be, and I do think it will come to that. Lives will be lost. LaVoy Finicum and the Oregon Tragedy was just a tiny taste of what is to come with another Liberal, Oppressive administration. I hope everyone is ready. Blood WILL be spilled on both sides, and again, we can point our fingers at the Trumptards. The blood will be on THEIR hands.

                        Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm an alarmist and Tin-Hatter, overly dramatic, etc. That's okay, you can believe what you wish, but I'm not just offering a theory here, I am stating what I know to be FACT. I have been on the inside of this issue for years, and I know what we are facing and how we need to respond. I will be ready, will YOU be?

                         Fortunately, there have not been many times that America has faced such a terrifying future or so much danger from both within and without at the same time. Yet here we are. In 2017, you will all see what your apathy has wrought, and you will have no one to blame but yourselves.  I say this to the millennials, the churches, the lazy, and the gullible. I say this to the Trumptards and the fools who think that the government is their Mommy and that God is dead. I say this to the teachers and parents who laughed when warned about what was to come, and I say this to the media and journalists who valued their paycheck more than truth and freedom.

                   May God have Mercy on our Souls.


 MIS- Education                                                           5-8-2016

              We have discussed the federal government take-over of our public schools a number of times here. Common Core, Twisted History, Liberal Ideologies, Tolerance, Political Correctness, the Demonizing of Patriotic or Religious Symbols on clothing, etc. We all know, whether we admit it or not, that public education is now little more than a national indoctrination project of the Left.

               Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it just did. Over the past two to three years, public schools have begun infiltrating the private beliefs and practices of families. Kids are asked if their parents own guns, go hunting, talk about politics, say negative things about the government or president, make racist remarks, and too many other things to mention. In California, students were instructed to go home and promote Obamacare and make their parents feel guilty if they opposed it !

               In almost every state, kids are being pushed to be aware of sexual matters well before they are ready to handle them, AND they are told that they can BE whatever sex they most identify with. It begins in the FIRST GRADE. Many schools and educators are resisting the Liberal Indoctrination as much as they can while managing to keep their jobs. If they resist TOO much, they are fired. Few people are even aware of what is happening in our schools or of the effect it has on our kids. After all, it is the SCHOOL that has our kids for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So who do you think has a stronger influence, them, or parents who see their kids long enough to feed them dinner and send them to bed?

               Now we have a new threat coming through public education. This is not just a threat to the minds of our children, but to our American Traditions, Faith, and Constitutional Freedoms. ( I am posting a link to this new program for you below, along with a few other interesting pieces) . The new curriculum is FBI-Sponsored and is called, "Don't Be A Puppet ".  It is allegedly a training tool for kids to recognize dangerous extremism and what to report to authorities, but when you look it over, you will immediately understand that this is a program that is being used to demonize Patriotism and Faith.

                The content points to things that are meant to make Right-Wing Americans look like Terrorists, but the irony is that their words are MUCH more descriptive of the LEFT-WING extremists!  LOLOL!!! Kinda funny, if it wasn't so tragic and so like Communist Propaganda.  I am a strong supporter of Home-Schooling, both singly and in small groups, but I also know that it isn't possible for many families. Still, you DO have options, the most important of which is to get involved in your kid's education and aware of what they are being taught, EVERY day. Be active, and support what is moral and decent and oppose what is not. Defend your kid's Constitutional Rights, especially under Amendment One, and talk to the teachers. 

                 If you can afford a private school, go for it, and for Heaven's Sake, don't send your kids to Liberal Universities! If you can do NONE of these things, then at the very least, talk to your kids about the TRUE history of our country, discuss the moral issues that are important to YOUR family, and instill a love of freedom in their hearts. Send them to school armed for battle and ready to confidently respond to the lies, with the Truth. If any child in your school district is sent home or suspended for wearing a tee shirt with a statement of faith or patriotism on it, gather other parents and be waiting at the school in the morning to greet incoming staff and let them know how you feel ! Take back your power and take back your kids !


 The "Don't Be A Puppet" Program


Censored, Surveilled, Watch Listed and Jailed: The Absurdity of Being a Citizen in the American Police State

written by john w. whitehead

monday april 25, 2016

In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.

However, where many Americans go wrong is in assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal.

In fact, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, all you really need to do is use certain trigger words, surf the internet, communicate using a cell phone, drive a car, stay at a hotel, purchase materials at a hardware store, take flying or boating lessons, appear suspicious, question government authority, or generally live in the United States.

With the help of automated eyes and ears, a growing arsenal of high-tech software, hardware and techniques, government propaganda urging Americans to turn into spies and snitches, as well as social media and behavior sensing software, government agents are spinning a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports aimed at snaring potential enemies of the state.

It’s the American police state’s take on the dystopian terrors foreshadowed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K. Dick all rolled up into one oppressive pre-crime and pre-thought crime package.

What’s more, the technocrats who run the surveillance state don’t even have to break a sweat while monitoring what you say, what you read, what you write, where you go, how much you spend, whom you support, and with whom you communicate. Computers now do the tedious work of trolling social media, the internet, text messages and phone calls for potentially anti-government remarks—all of which is carefully recorded, documented, and stored to be used against you someday at a time and place of the government’s choosing.

While this may sound like a riff on a bad joke, it’s a bad joke with “we the people” as the punchline.

The following activities are guaranteed to get you censored, surveilled, eventually placed on a government watch list, possibly detained and potentially killed.

Laugh at your own peril.

Use harmless trigger words like cloud, pork and pirates: The Department of Homeland Security has an expansive list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats such as SWAT, lockdown, police, cloud, food poisoning, pork, flu, Subway, smart, delays, cancelled, la familia, pirates, hurricane, forest fire, storm, flood, help, ice, snow, worm, warning or social media.

Use a cell phone: Simply by using a cell phone, you make yourself an easy target for government agents—working closely with corporations—who can listen in on your phone calls, read your text messages and emails, and track your movements based on the data transferred from, received by, and stored in your cell phone. Mention any of the so-called “trigger” words in a conversation or text message, and you’ll get flagged for sure.

Drive a car: Unless you’ve got an old junkyard heap without any of the gadgets and gizmos that are so attractive to today’s car buyers (GPS, satellite radio, electrical everything, smart systems, etc.), driving a car today is like wearing a homing device: you’ll be tracked from the moment you open that car door thanks to black box recorders and vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems that can monitor your speed, direction, location, the number of miles traveled, and even your seatbelt use. Once you add satellites, GPS devices, license plate readers, and real-time traffic cameras to the mix, there’s nowhere you can go on our nation’s highways and byways that you can’t be followed.

Attend a political rally: Enacted in the wake of 9/11, the Patriot Act redefined terrorism so broadly that many non-terrorist political activities such as protest marches, demonstrations and civil disobedience were considered potential terrorist acts, thereby rendering anyone desiring to engage in protected First Amendment expressive activities as suspects of the surveillance state.

Express yourself on social media: The FBI, CIA, NSA and other government agencies are investing in and relying on corporate surveillance technologies that can mine constitutionally protected speech on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to identify potential extremists and predict who might engage in future acts of anti-government behavior.

Serve in the militaryOperation Vigilant Eagle, the brainchild of the Dept. of Homeland Security, calls for surveillance of military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, characterizing them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”

Disagree with a law enforcement official: A growing number of government programs are aimed at identifying, monitoring and locking up anyone considered potentially “dangerous” or mentally ill (according to government standards, of course). For instance, a homeless man in New York City who reportedly had a history of violence but no signs of mental illness was forcibly detained in a psych ward for a week after arguing with shelter police.

Call in sick to work: In Virginia, a so-called police “welfare check” instigated by a 58-year-old man’s employer after he called in sick resulted in a two-hour, SWAT team-style raid on the man’s truck and a 72-hour mental health hold. All of this was done despite the fact that police acknowledged they had no legal basis nor probable cause for detaining the man, given that he had not threatened to harm anyone and was not mentally ill.

Limp or stutter: As a result of a nationwide push to certify a broad spectrum of government officials in mental health first-aid training (a 12-hour course comprised of PowerPoint presentations, videos, discussions, role playing and other interactive activities), more Americans are going to run the risk of being reported for having mental health issues by non-medical personnel. For instance, one 37-year-old disabled man was arrested, diagnosed by police and an unlicensed mental health screener as having “mental health issues,” apparently because of his slurred speech and unsteady gait.

Appear confused or nervous, fidget, whistle or smell bad: According to the Transportation Security Administration’s 92-point secret behavior watch list for spotting terrorists, these are among some of the telling signs of suspicious behavior: fidgeting, whistling, bad body odor, yawning, clearing your throat, having a pale face from recently shaving your beard, covering your mouth with your hand when speaking and blinking your eyes fast.

Allow yourself to be seen in public waving a toy gun or anything remotely resembling a gun, such as a water nozzle or a remote control or a walking cane, for instance: No longer is it unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later. John Crawford was shot by police in an Ohio Wal-Mart for holding an air rifle sold in the store that he may have intended to buy. Thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez Cruz was shot 7 times in 10 seconds by a California police officer who mistook the boy’s toy gun for an assault rifle. Christopher Roupe, 17, was shot and killed after opening the door to a police officer. The officer, mistaking the Wii remote control in Roupe’s hand for a gun, shot him in the chest. Another police officer repeatedly shot 70-year-old Bobby Canipe during a traffic stop. The cop saw the man reaching for his cane and, believing the cane to be a rifle, opened fire.

Appear to be pro-gun, pro-freedom or anti-government: You might be a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the FBI (and its network of snitches) if you: express libertarian philosophies; exhibit Second Amendment-oriented views; read survivalist literature, including apocalyptic fictional books; show signs of self-sufficiency (stockpiling food, ammo, hand tools, medical supplies); fear an economic collapse; buy gold and barter items; voice fears about Big Brother or big government; or expound about constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Attend a public school: Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.” Additionally, as part of the government’s so-called ongoing war on terror, the FBI—the nation’s de facto secret police force—is now recruiting students and teachers to spy on each other and report anyone who appears to have the potential to be “anti-government” or “extremist” as part of its “Don’t Be a Puppet” campaign.

Speak truth to power: Long before Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden were being castigated for blowing the whistle on the government’s war crimes and the National Security Agency’s abuse of its surveillance powers, it was activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon who were being singled out for daring to speak truth to power. These men and others like them had their phone calls monitored and data files collected on their activities and associations. For a little while, at least, they became enemy number one in the eyes of the US government.

There’s always a price to pay for standing up to the powers-that-be.

Yet as this list shows, you don’t even have to be a dissident to get flagged by the government for surveillance, censorship and detention.

All you really need to be is a citizen of the American police state.

Reprinted with permission from the Rutherford Institute.



ARMED IN APRIL: Citizens Defending Lives This Month Alone, More than Obama Wants to Admit

Posted on May 6, 2016

gun in purseBy Rob Morse

Here a few of the many stories of armed self-defense in April.  Ordinary civilians stopped criminals and saved lives again.  Some stopped mass murder!

That is right; people like you saved lives until the police arrived.  Thank you!

An elderly couple was watching TV during the evening.  This Washington State couple also watched a young man walk onto their back porch, and kick his way into their home.  From there, the intruder walked into the couple’s bathroom and began looking for medication.  The intruder then hit the elderly male homeowner and stabbed him in the abdomen.  His 81year old wife heard the attack, grabbed her gun, and shot the intruder.  That ended the attack on her husband.  Her elderly husband is still in the hospital, though in stable condition.  Police report that their attacker was a convicted felon looking for drugs.

A woman woke to hear people banging on the front and back doors of her house.  Before she got up, she heard two men who had entered her house.  The woman retrieved her handgun and confronted the two young men.  They ran.  The homeowner reported the break-in to police and the two men were arrested a short while later.  Some people would say this wasn’t an example of self-defense since the homeowner didn’t fire her gun.  Why do you think the two men ran away?

A woman living in an upscale neighborhood in Erie, Pennsylvania didn’t expect trouble.  That is when a 25 year old man broke through her back door and beat the homeowner unconscious.  The attacker then dragged his kidnapped former girlfriend into the home and assaulted her.  The attacker then beat the male resident as he arrived home.  Two neighbors heard his screams.  Fortunately, one of the neighbors was armed.  The armed neighbor chased the attacker from the home.  All of the attacker’s victims required hospitalization for their injuries.  Police arrested the attacker a short distance away.

An 80 year old man stopped a three person crime spree.  Fortunately, the old man was armed, but what would you expect since this happened in West Virginia.  A young woman knocked on the old man’s door and said it was an emergency and she needed to use his phone.  Her two accomplices pushed into the home after the old man opened the door.  The two masked and armed thugs held the old man at gunpoint.  The armed homeowner shot both intruders.  The criminals ran from the home.  One of the attackers collapsed and died nearby.  The second thug was shot in the leg.  He was arrested by police and taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The female accomplice was also arrested.  The same criminals had attacked another man earlier in the day.

Honest armed citizens defend themselves and their families thousands of times a day. 


Town Board, Etc.                                                             5-10-2016

               It was a long meeting, but another civil, professional one. People are still so shell-shocked by the difference between a Benson meeting and a Teal meeting, that every month, someone makes public note of it during Privilege of the Floor. One member of the public said tonight that Benson is still trying to figure out how Colleen beat him in November.  LOL!!

                Speaking of Benson's ineptitude, you might have noticed that the "Local Farmer" has finally put some real-live cows in his pasture next to his million-dollar barn. I understand that some of these cows were bred when he purchased them, and the first birth was a breech. Mr. Expert Farmer who was raised on an actual, working dairy farm, had to call someone who knew something about cows to assist in the birth. He didn't even have any fence panels to corral the cow in labor!! LOLOL!!!!   From what I am told, Mike apparently didn't work too closely with his dad while growing up, because he has NO CLUE about cows. Oh well, at least he knows how to manage barn builders to erect a barn with a stone-pillar entrance to impress his friends and make them THINK he knows farming.  Too funny.

                 Colleen told us tonight that the money we received for the now-defunct Sidewalk Project, will either have to be used this summer or we will have to pay it back. It's a lot of money, more than 85 thousand, but actually building the sidewalks is nearly impossible due to the fact that D.O.T refuses to remove the center lane on Rt. 20. The alternative would be to infringe on private properties along the route, leaving the library with no parking and E-Z Mart with no outside fueling lane, etc. So the Board is brainstorming. 

                 Bruce Shenkar is STILL pushing his climate-change agenda. NOW, he wants the town to adopt what's called a "Sanitary Law ". He said that Columbia County is the only one without such a law in NY. So we asked the obvious question; "What IS a Sanitary Law ? ". Turns out it is a matter of managing waste products in a responsible and "Sanitary" manner. I thought most folks already did this, but what do I know? What I DO know, is we have enough LAWS, Mandates, Rules, Regulations, Requirements, and Restrictions in our lives as it is, and we SHOULD be eliminating foolish, unnecessary legal burdens upon the People, not adding MORE! I COULD make a few suggestions to Mr. Shenkar about being more sanitary, but I won't go there.

                 One thing is for certain, I WILL manage to get  a showing of the new film called, "Climate Hustle" scheduled at our library this summer. Thousands of Climate-Change proponents have been awakened by this film and we need to make sure everyone gets to see it! Recycle, don't litter or pollute, and get back to your lives. When in the history of this world, did the climate NOT change?!  GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you want to hear the TRUTH about the climate change claims and scare tactics and what is REALLY behind the hype and hoax, be sure to see this film. 

                  While we are on the subject of the environment, has anyone else noticed the increase of coyotes in New Lebanon this year? Not only are there more packs, but the packs are larger, and MUCH bolder ! We have always had a good-sized population of coyotes here in my neighborhood, and we hear them every night, year-round. They have always cut through the Clark Engineering property after dark and sometimes as late as 1 a.m. Once in a while, they run through the area just above Roden Lane. The coyotes themselves don't frighten me, but the sounds they make are enough to raise the hair on one's neck.  It's eerie. 

                    This year is different from all others,though. Now I am seriously concerned for pets and backyard farm animals in the area. My neighbor, Mrs. Roden, was letting her dogs out the other night around 10 p.m, which is pretty late for her, but her schedule is off with Dave still being in the hospital. We keep a close eye on her and her property since Dave was hurt last Fall, and the other night, my son was watching her with the dogs when he noticed that there were coyotes in her driveway AND my driveway.

                     He shouted to Sheryl to get herself and her little dogs inside, and as she did, the coyotes went nuts. They actually came into the yards, yipping and barking. We are well-armed and well-trained in the use of firearms, BUT, we cannot discharge a gun so close to other homes, so what are our options if someone or one of our pets is in peril? All we can do is use scatter shot and hope it's enough. Tonight, the coyotes were back with a vengeance, screaming and running into our yards. We have a large, fenced dog yard with lights we use at night to let the dogs out, but at this point, we are now going out WITH the dogs after dark. We have chickens and an elderly pony out back as well, so we are concerned. 

                     If you live near Shaker Road, please be cautious about letting your animals outdoors at night and be careful yourselves. I'm not sure how aggressive these packs could be, but when I was a young Deputy up West, I saw coy-dogs attack outdoor gatherings, including children's birthday parties , and we were forced to shoot and kill the animals. So please be alert, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. (Global Warming, or Summer?) LOL!!

                     Did you all hear Assemblyman Steve Katz on Channel 6 last night? HOLY CROW ! That is a guy with cajones, and I LOVE it ! His description of the corruption in Albany was awesome, and I applaud his courage and honesty. It's about TIME someone said it! His book, "It's Worse Than You Think ", comes out at the end of the year, and I can't wait. Steve is an upstanding guy, and he has supported us in the Pro-Constitution and Gun Rights movement in NY since Day One. His description of Albany politics being, "Soul-Searing", cuts right to the core of the matter.

                     So the D.O.J thinks they can SUE the State of North Carolina. Just because the Governor has chosen to protect the majority of his constituents and defend their right to privacy and safety, he is being called terrible names and boycotted by sickos like Cuomo and Liberal celebrities. If I were the governor of N. Carolina, I would see that as a Badge of Honor. He DESERVES a Badge of Honor ! He is counter-suing, so I don't think we will see this suit go very far, just as the NY Attorney General got nowhere with his over-reaching suit against the Troy Police Chief. Schneiderman was WRONG, and he does NOT have the power he thought he did, so he was forced to drop the suit. SCORE!!!

                     The Federal Government likewise, does NOT have the power to SUE a state. There's this thing in the Constitution called the Tenth Amendment that prevents just such an action. Less than three weeks ago, Target Stores opened up their public Ladie's Rooms to men.  Already, there are at least three confirmed lawsuits being filed against Target by women and the parents of little girls who have been violated by perverts. Pedophiles and perverts are using the new rule to take cellphone videos of women and girls on the toilet by standing on the next-door toilet and holding the phones over the tops of the stalls. So exactly what does the Federal Government think is going to happen if they force the states to allow any male that wants to, to enter a Ladie's Room?

                      This is not safe, and it is not okay. We have a right to expect privacy when using the toilet and it is the responsibility of the public businesses and the Governor of a state to protect it's women and girls from molestation in every way possible. We should be backing-up the Governor of North Carolina, not boycotting his state and abusing his moral, Common-Sense decision. Homosexuals are ONE PERCENT of the American population, so that means that Transgenders are LESS than one percent. WHY should the majority of sexually-normal Americans, be forced to alter their lives and sacrifice their safety and privacy for less than ONE PERCENT of other Americans? We should put our little girls in peril to appease the tiniest minority ? NO! 

                       As I always say, you are free to CHOOSE your sexuality, and how to live your own life, but you must be willing to accept the consequences of your choices. If you CHOOSE an alternate, sexual lifestyle, then it is YOU who must deal with the inconveniences that come with that, NOT the Majority and NOT our kids. We the People must support all that is decent and moral, and reject the deviant and unacceptable. Don't hate the transgender, but don't allow the few to oppress the many,either. Our kids come FIRST! 

                       Government has NO place in this argument, or the Same-Sex Marriage , Wedding Cakes, or any other personal life-decision arguments. It is NOT their job and they have NO Constitutional powers to do so! We need to settle our differences on our own, as free adults, and not run to lawyers and government officials to fight our every little battle for us. Americans need to grow up, put away the pacifiers, and get lives. It's nauseating and embarrassing. NO parent should shop at Target, and NO American should support Lois Lane of the D.O.J. LOL!

                       Who have we BECOME ? What has America BECOME ? Sodom? Gomorrah? Take your pick, and think long and hard about God's response to those two, immoral cities. 


 Seeds and Weeds                                                                5-20-2016

               A lot of us have been pulling weeds and planting seeds lately. I LOVE flower gardening, but I don't love the pain I feel after a day of it. LOL!! 

                My back is like a never-ending toothache and I have learned that Degenerative Disc Disease is indeed, degenerative. This year, I've also developed Plantar's Fascia in my right foot, so I've done most of my gardening like a plump sand crab. Thank God for my Irish sense of humor. 

                 I'm feeling some jealousy of those who are working on the new park playground project. This is an event I have waited to see for many years, and it's frustrating, because I can still swing a hammer and turn a wrench, but my back keeps me from standing for more than 10 minutes at a time. So I'm missing out. Maybe they will let me do some plantings when the dirt is back in place. 

                 Speaking of weeds, they unfortunately are not limited to the garden, but exist in our society as well. Did any of you listen to the Alan Chartock interview of Ruth Abram this week on WAMC?  LOLOL!!  I listened to the entire hour online, while simultaneously typing a rebuttal email for Alan Chartock.  Discussed was the Magical Tenement Museum in Manhattan and the importance of preserving the history of our early immigrants and Civil Rights. Ruth failed to mention that she attempted to "STEAL" the adjoining tenement to her museum so she could expand. She didn't talk about the threats she used, the false complaints she filed with the Building Department, or the abuse of her husband's position in NY State Government to impose Eminent Domain Proceedings against the owners of that adjoining tenement she coveted.

                 She never mentioned that she had driven the Holtzman Family to the brink of bankruptcy, or that Mrs. Holtzman still is trying to recover from the trauma, nor did she refer to the 60 Chinese "IMMIGRANTS" she would have left unemployed if she had gotten her way and succeeded in closing down the successful restaurant housed on the 1st Floor of the Holtzman's building. Also left out of the Civil Rights discussion, was the FACT that Ruth's family had Black servants that raised Ruth and her siblings. I have to wonder if Chartock did his homework. 

                   When the interview moved on to the "Behold New Lebanon" issue, the white-washing and lies continued. According to Ruth, BNL is all about Mermaids and Unicorns and ALL the residents of New Lebanon support it and have stepped-up to take part! She claims that we ALL share her dream of morphing our town into her personal dream of a Liberal Utopia. Once AGAIN, she referred to New Lebanon as a "Decrepit and Deteriorating " town that she had flown in on her Fairy Wings to resurrect.

                    Ruth claimed that she "Reached Out" to ALL residents about Behold. Umm, NO she did NOT. She reached out to other part-timers and newcomers, a few of the larger businesses, and Liberal "Friends". She Cherry-Picked among the people she knew were most likely to support her and skipped the rest, the Majority. Chartock asked her if she had faced any opposition from the locals, and she lied and said she had not. She further stated that anyone who MIGHT oppose her, is guilty of "Retrograde Ideas ". In other words folks, we locals are backward, in her opinion.

                     The next lie Ruth told Chartock, was that BNL employs local residents ONLY. Not so. Her "Publicist" and "Organizer" are but two of the many outsiders employed by BNL. Ruth also stated that Tourism will "SAVE" New Lebanon and bring us much-needed development such as a market, sewage systems and sidewalks! Chartock then asked if she had received any comments about the invasion of city people making it difficult if not impossible for local kids to buy houses in their hometown. Ruth said she had, and that her solution to that problem would be to build "Low-Income Housing".  (Are you insulted yet? ) Rambling farmhouses and Victorians for THEM, Low-Income Housing for US.

                     Mike Benson was mentioned as well. According to Queen Ruth, Benson told her that he wanted NEW PEOPLE to come here and put an end to what he called, "Years of Failure". (NOW are you insulted?)

                      Ruth told Chartock that Dolores Meissner had "GIVEN" her a Victorian House for BNL's headquarters. Really? Last I knew, it was a "LOAN", not a "GIFT". BNL is also in the process of purchasing what Ruth referred to as a "Large Route 20 property at the Back Door of the Famous Shaker Swamp ". So that would be where, the former Triple Nickel?  She said that BNL will be expanding this year to 100 exhibitors and 50 guides

                      Ruth then went on to claim that Second Homeowners and newcomers desire to "Fit-In" and be "Accepted" in New Lebanon and that BNL will help to facilitate that. SERIOUSLY? When was the last time you saw a city person attempt to assimilate or even pretend to respect the lower-income, blue-collar , Conservatives and Christians in New Lebanon? They have ZERO desire to "Fit-In", they want to take control and impose city, liberal ideologies upon us, the unwilling who would much prefer to stay off the map and "Decrepit". Most of us, anyway. The city people gang up on and bully the locals at every opportunity, and they always HAVE.

                      It was comical to hear Ruth admit that this town was founded and built by churches and people of faith. Too bad that BNL is failing to promote a return to that type of community rather than pushing a private agenda that has resulted in creating even MORE division among the residents. 

                      In closing, Chartock asked Ruth if she has any other plans for our town, ( and for US, her SUBJECTS). She replied, " I ALWAYS have my eye on something else!" 

                     Don't say I didn't try to warn you, folks!


 Disaster Averted!                                                      5-22-2016

                       It's a scary thing to be out of town and get a phone call asking if you know what is on fire in your neighborhood. LOL!!

                       I was in Valatie this evening when the fire call went out here at home. I received a call from a friend, telling me that the State Police and LVPA had flown by his house heading into town. Did I know what was going on? No, but all kinds of theories went through my mind like a bullet. I knew no one was home, because everyone was with ME. So what conjures up worse pictures in your head than that? Coming home and turning onto your road, and the first thing you see are fire trucks and red lights in front of your house!

                       Fortunately, I'm used to having the trucks fill up out front from the Wyomanock, so I wasn't as panicked as the kids, who were in a separate car from mine. LOL!! There are many nights that I can't get into or out of my driveway until the LVPA tanker is re-filled, and I don't mind even a little bit. I don't mind the road being blocked, I don't mind the red lights and loud radio chatter, because I am thankful that we HAVE a fire department and men and women who are willing to wade into danger to protect our lives and homes.

                         UNfortunately, one of the antique shops at Meissners DID burn, the one closest to the road. It still stands, but it is gutted. I can't imagine how the fire started, but I feel sorry for the folks who had inventory in there. Still, it might have been much worse had the fire caught the second shed, then the third, and so on. Thank you to the LVPA and the nearby Fire Departments that responded to back them up, another disaster averted!

                         Have you thanked a First Responder lately?  Keep them in your prayers. 


 Canine Conundrums                                                 5-25-2015

               Last week, I mentioned the local issue with coyotes. That continues, and it got me thinking a lot about the safety of domestic dogs in our neighborhood. 

               Sheryl and Dave have 3 dogs, and keep them inside most of the time and always at night. We have 2, and they have a fenced yard to play in during the day for an hour or two at a time, and are always inside at night. Bobby Schrump has 1, and he is inside almost all the time as he is a little guy.  Donna and Tim also have 3 dogs, and they too, are inside at night. The "New" neighbors who have lived in a camper for two years now and refuse to speak to any of the rest of us, have two dogs, and one is NOT inside every night. That worries me, but the owners are not approachable. We don't even know their names. 

                I love dogs, ALL dogs, but I have found over the years that almost every dog owner thinks he or she is an expert on the care and training of dogs.  According to Ruth Abram, three of the Behold New Lebanon exhibitors are "Animal Experts" that are planning to unite and offer training to laymen about animal issues. She thinks that since these folks are SO successful in what they do, why not apply the same type of training to PEOPLE as the "Experts" are applying to dogs! (Teach us all to Fetch and Poop Outdoors ?) She actually said this on live radio while being interviewed by Alan Chartock! Yup, not only does Queen Ruth see us as Retrograde Thinkers and Stupid Bumpkins in need of her guidance, but now she wants us to be "Trained" in the same manner that dogs are trained. LOL!! Lunatic.

                In any case, I rarely get into discussions about dog behavior or training with anyone, because dog people are often very similar to the Obama and Trump voters. They already know EVERYTHING and only THEIR methods are the RIGHT ones. They cannot be talked to or proven wrong about ANYTHING.  Having been a breeder and trainer of German Shepherds for years, I have learned a lot, but I am a strong believer in there always being much more to learn. There is not a single, human being that knows everything about anything. Yet there are millions of people who THINK they do! 

                Since I made the painful decision to stop breeding dogs and rescue instead, I have come to realize that there are thousands of Pit Bulls languishing in shelters across America. EVERY shelter has several Pitties on hand at all times. These dogs have been given a very bad rap and are blamed for behaviors that have resulted from the actions of BAD owners, and people who THINK they know all about dogs. Pit Bulls are plentiful due to the fact that so many novices have been breeding and in-breeding them as fighting dogs. Females are little more than puppy machines, never knowing what it is like to be loved, well fed, sheltered, or treated as a family member. Some have never even seen the outdoors while others have known nothing BUT the outdoors and a chain attached to a pole or ratty doghouse.

               Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, almost every family that wanted a dog and could afford one, had a Staffordshire Terrier, or as they are known today, a Pit Bull. Vintage family photos almost always had a Pit Bull sitting with the children. The Pittie is the only dog that is 100% American. Until they fell into the hands of very bad people, no one ever gave the breed much thought one way or another. There have always been Breed Fads, such as the Scottish Terrier when FDR was president and had Fala, or when Rin Tin Tin was on TV, everyone wanted a German Shepherd. More recently, it has been the Pug and Boston Terrier. The Corgi is also experiencing a recent uptick in popularity. 

               Believe it or not, the most prolific biters are Black Labs and Cocker Spaniels, NOT Pit Bulls, NOT German Shepherds, and NOT Rottweilers. Any dog can be a biter or behave aggressively, but very few are born that way. Biters are usually MADE by people who think they know dogs. I have had pups returned to me up to a full year after purchase, because the owners had mis-handled them and instilled bad behaviors that they could not later handle. My son is very accomplished at re-training the damaged dog, and we have been able to repair a lot of broken animals over the years.

               Too many owners believe that their dog thinks just like they do, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Dogs are NOT people, and no matter how many hair bows or fancy outfits you dress them in, they are still DOGS. They think like DOGS, they ACT like DOGS, and they are driven by DOG instincts. How many times have you heard about a child being bitten by a family dog that had never shown aggression before, and the dog is blamed and destroyed? Never, do the owners see the mistakes they made, and the lack of understanding they have of dog behaviors and how to safely and lovingly interact with them? How many dog owners know how and what to teach their children about interaction with the dog? 

               Many dogs see children as rivals and threats, and the more mobile and active the child gets, the greater the danger of a biting incident becomes. When the child gets to an age where they out-size the dog, problems become more likely. A dog, no matter how domesticated, is still a Pack Animal with a Pack Animal mentality and instinct. So Ruth Abram might like to know that in the case of dog ownership, yes, PEOPLE need training much more than the dog does! Yet we run out and get a puppy on a whim, believing that we are ready and adequately prepared to handle issues that might occur, and then that kid or visitor to your home gets bitten and the dog is done away with for HIS bad behavior. The REAL issue is our lack of understanding of dog-think and our failure to properly prepare for ownership and the responsibility of solid training.

               There are many awesome dog trainers out there, and I know of several in New Lebanon that really know what they are doing. Sadly, I know many MORE dog owners who THINK they know what they're doing, and really have NO clue! We are required to get a license to drive a car, own a firearm, or open a business, but we can go out and get a potentially dangerous animal with NO preparation or training that will enable us to have a healthy, safe relationship WITH that animal and avert tragedies. I am by no means suggesting that we be forced to attend classes or apply for permits to own a dog, you all know I am against more restrictions and laws! I AM however, asking that if you are planning on getting a pup or a rescue dog anytime soon, or you have a dog that is showing fear or aggression, please do your homework or seek advice from a reputable trainer.

              Many trainers, my son included, will consult with you for free, make recommendations, and allow you to decide to hire him or not. I believe that if you are unwilling to put in the effort, provide love, patient training,  proper nutrition, and make your dog a member of the family, you should not get a dog at all. If you intend to tie your dog up outdoors every day and night, do not get a dog. If you cannot afford veterinary care, don't get a dog. With a little solid information and a lot of responsibility, owning a dog can be one of life's greatest blessings. Don't be too proud or arrogant to admit that you need guidance, and it will pay off in the long run. 

              There is no companion that can compare to a canine companion, and I would love to see every dog have a good home with loving owners. Please don't overlook the Pit Bull next time you are looking to rescue or adopt. They are smart, sweet, gentle and loyal animals, and they deserve families, too. Don't we ALL?  


  My Bailey - Still Doing Well! 


 Is TRUTH Now TOXIC ?                                                   5-27-2016

                   Americans who are plugged-in to current and political events, are well aware of the lack of honesty in our society. This is nothing new, it is just far worse than it ever was before.

                    Liberals and Conservatives alike, KNOW that we are being lied to by government at all levels, and most especially by the Media, but that could be viewed as redundant, as the Media now IS government and vice-versa. One need only to look at who the hosts are of the numerous Talk Shows, what the themes are of so-called Sit-Coms, and more recently, dramas such as NCIS. Everywhere we look, everything we see in the mainstream media and prime-time TV, is part of the Liberal Agenda. Sometimes it is open and obvious, other times it is tacit and even subliminal. The problem is, it is THERE, every minute of every day.

                     People with differing views and opposing FACTS such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, are kept in the background on specific radio stations and in unique publications that they often have to fund themselves. Yet THEY are the Truth-Tellers, the deliverers of Facts and Logic that the Left does not want the People to hear about or consider. Facebook censors Conservative groups and users, and is being investigated for Censorship as I write this. Unless a Social Media site is specifically Conservative, the Conservative view is buried, and even then, the Liberals come in and attack. Which is one of the MANY reasons I write this blog. It's MINE, and I can say what I please and let the reader decide whether to read it or not, not the Government or some faceless, nameless, Liberal editor. 

                     Katie Couric, a sleazy, little weasel of a woman, has recently made a video of some time she spent with Patriot Groups, and she edited it to suit her personal views, and to send the message that SHE and her BOSSES wanted the public to receive. It made zero difference to them that she lied, selectively edited, and dramatized to further the anti-gun movement. Fortunately, she was caught and the REAL, FULL video released, but guess WHERE it was released? In the Conservative Media circle. The mainstream liars will never release it.

                      Even right here in New Lebanon, we have twisted and leftward-slanting news sources. Take the "Grow the Valley" publication this month. The very top story was all about some "Award" presented to the abominable Ruth Abram. There is not ONE person putting that newsletter together that does NOT know all about who and what Abram truly IS, yet they put her on a pedestal and push her agenda every chance they get. They applaud the Behold Program despite the locals having had little to no say in the matter that affects us all. They idolize Ruth Abram and print her lies even though they KNOW she received grants illegally, abused her husband's "Former" state position to attempt to displace a family , a business, and 60 immigrant employees by imposing Eminent Domain proceedings to steal a building she coveted.

                       They KNOW that her husband was forced to resign from his state position for leaking confidential information in the Joe Bruno investigation. They KNOW  she filed unfounded complaints and made false allegations against her Manhattan neighbors and literally TERRORIZED the tenement owners to the point that they still find it too upsetting to discuss at any length. Yet "Grow the Valley" feels justified in glorifying this woman and her Behold Program?  They don't have to be as open as I am about what she is, but they also do the people of this town NO justice in assisting her and making her a Heroine. They are essentially, lying to you. If they possessed even the smallest bit of integrity, they would not even mention Abram's name or laud the program she forced upon us.

                       I DO have to say that our Library is making an attempt to reach out to both sides in town. This is in great part, due to a very few people who have a say in the matter and "Get It" that Conservatives live here, too, and have a right to be heard and enjoy local resources. I wish to thank those fair and decent people. Too bad Grow the Valley wouldn't take a clue. Bad as GTV is, IMBY is far worse! That is a Liberal Rag that covers  nothing but the interests and activities of the Far Left and City People, which are usually one and the same. 

                        Why is it so damn difficult for media to be honest and to report truthfully and with some modicum of character and integrity? Is it the money, the fame, the side-benefits that are so attractive that they are willing to sacrifice honor and morality? Do they really believe that it won't one day come back to bite them in the A_S?  It would be nice to see an article about a local soldier or veteran, or someone who has done REAL volunteer work that benefits others, in GTV. How about a long-time educator that has made a difference in the lives of our kids, or any of a thousand other GOOD and HONEST people and deeds? The Lashers, who raised Seeing Eye Dogs for years, the Koepps who took care of the cemetery and the park Christmas tree every year, etc., etc.  Ruth Abram does not deserve the attention and rewards she is getting. She is NOT a nice woman, she is NOT concerned about the "GOOD of the TOWN" or its people, she is focused on herself, her own WANTS, and that pedestal that local Libs insist on putting her on. Get a clue folks, and stop making selfish, evil people successful. DEMAND Honesty and TRUTH in ALL media, local or otherwise, and stop being gullible. 

         CHOOSE YOUR HEROES WISELY, your kids are watching !


 Couric's Latest Lies


Don't Sweat It !                                                                5-28-2016

                          I am NO fan of the heat and humidity combo, but 'tis the season.  My plan for this hottest day of the year so far, was to hibernate indoors with my air-conditioner and drawn blinds. Best Laid Plans!  LOL!!

                          Whatever caused today's power outage left 5300 people in Columbia and Rensselaer Counties without electricity. NYSEG did one heck of a great job in restoring service quickly. I often think that the folks who keep our lights on are seriously under-appreciated. 

                           These are people who stand ready to respond at all hours of the day and night and in all kinds of extreme weather. They respond to trees and wires down, fires, accidents, and a host of other events that can affect our power service. At times, they put themselves in danger to provide us with light, heat, running water, food-cooling, and the operation of necessary medical equipment

                            A lot of people went into immediate Panic-Mode this morning when the fans, air-conditioners, and computers shut down. People were LOST !  I began receiving rapid-fire texts from friends and neighbors who were angry, frightened, and ill-prepared for any long-term outage. Imagine how jammed NYSEG's phone lines were? I found it disconcerting to see how impatient, helpless, and spoiled people have become! A two-hour outage had brought many to their knees. 

                             Long-time locals will well remember the 8-day outage we experienced in New Lebanon in what year, 1986? No one had cellphones, computers, or I Pads, and few had generators, but not only did we manage, we triumphed! We pulled together as a community. Local restaurants offered cold sandwiches, the LVPA set up a shelter and dry-ice distribution center. Neighbors checked on neighbors and tended to the elderly and shut-ins. 

                              This was shortly before the county went to the 911 system and in those days, we had local residents who answered emergency calls and dispatched first responders from their homes. Most of these dispatchers were quite elderly and could not manage to get to the hotline in the dark of night, so being the youngest one at the time, I took on the entire 8 nights, sleeping on the living room floor with the phone, flashlight, and pad and pen by my head.    It was a tough week, but we were tough people who not only worked well together, but actually enjoyed the unity. 

                              What if we had a similar scenario here today? Now that so many people are dependent on new technology and so many of our residents are city people with zero survival skills, not to mention young people who have never had any experience with that type of event or a life without push-button everything, things might not go so well.

                               Are the people of our town ready for a long-term emergency? Do YOU have the basic items you would need to muddle through 8 or 10 days without power or fuel? Worse yet, what if an act of terrorism were to disable the power grid and cut electric service to thousands, even millions of Americans? Would you and your loved ones be able to survive, to bug-in indefinitely?  Do we, as a community, have the necessary, basic supplies to support those who are not prepared, and do we have people who are trained to respond to specific issues and needs? I don't know, but it is something we might want to take a look at. 

                               There are no better preppers than the Mormon People. Due to their beliefs about the End Times, they have been prepping for generations and are the top experts in the area of proper preparation for unexpected emergencies. The Latter Day Saints or LDS website offers endless information on sensible prepping and planning. For little , and in many cases NO cost, you can learn to easily protect and provide for your family in even the worst possible circumstances.

                                Please consider spending a little of your free time in learning how to be safe and self-sufficient should the unexpected happen. I promise you it will be time well-spent, and even if you never need to employ those new skills, you will never regret having learned them. 

                                While we're at it, we should all consider sending a Thank You to NYSEG for their speedy response and restoration of our service today. We are all quick to complain about shoddy customer service, but we should all be even quicker to say thank you for exemplary work.


Too Much to Take                                                       5-30-2016

                 Yet again, we are offering prayers for the Darcy Family. 

                         Andrew Darcy went to school with my son and they were in the same grade all the way through. Like many of you, I have known him since he was a very, little boy.  More times than I can count, I told him he was a Brat, and he was. Yet he had grown into one of the sweetest, gentlest, young men I know. 

                          I cannot imagine the sorrow of the Darcy Family tonight, all I can do is pray for their comfort and that this might be the end of the terrible string of losses this family has experienced in the past several years. It is devastating to think that I won't see Andrew's gorgeous eyes again, or have him sneak up behind me in the store and give me a bear hug. This is a heartache for so many of us here in New Lebanon, one that we will feel for a long time to come. 

                           All we can say right now is how very sorry we are for the Darcy's. I only wish there was something more to say or do, but I don't know that there is. Not tonight, anyway.  Our prayers are with you all.