Media Madams and Adam                                                 7-1-2017

                     Is there a difference between today's Mainstream Media and Street Hookers?  If so, I don't see it.  Journalists and Reporters have prostituted themselves for money. 

                     I remember a time that these folks were held responsible for being truthful, accurate, and bias-free. Their job was to seek out and/or investigate the news and deliver it to the public in a manner that inspired trust. Many of these men and women were willing to put their own safety at risk to "Get" the story and most of what they reported could be perceived as credible, because it usually WAS. 

                     Lying, embellishing, manipulating, sensationalizing, or displaying bias could be grounds for dismissal by the outlet that employed them, and sometimes, even lawsuits. The majority of them were honorable though, and kids used to envy the T.V characters like Jimmy Olsen that led exciting lives chasing the story. How did the media change SO radically, SO quickly? 

                     It happened when the wealthiest Leftists started buying-up the media outlets. From the small-town newspapers, to CNN, from Hollywood's movie companies and the music industry, to today's Social Media sites. Today, most media of all forms, is owned, controlled, and manipulated by the Left. Reporters are now told what to cover and how to report it.  Media is the most powerful influence on earth and it manages the minds of the masses.  You see and hear what they WANT you to, but rarely what you NEED to. 

                      Media manipulation is a lot like the "Feel Good" Pastors like Joel Osteen, who preach about rainbows and unicorns but never talk about the reality of sin's consequences or the future of the unsaved. People just don't WANT to hear hard truths or be made uncomfortable with their own behaviors and life choices, they want their ears tickled. They want to be told that everything is okay, and that a sinful life is acceptable. They want Safe Spaces, and a maternal government that will nurse them through life on the public teat. 

                       That immaturity and dependency are Manna to the Media Moguls who seek to misinform and indoctrinate. They tell the Sheeple what they want to hear and they will follow them anywhere, physically and mentally.

                       Since Obama's first election, the dishonesty and corruption of the media has reached unprecedented levels, and the last election between Hillary and Trump was absolutely the END of American Journalism as we have always known it. WE have failed to hold them accountable just as we have failed to hold our politicians accountable, and the price of our apathy has become all too obvious. We are literally on the brink of a second, Civil War, designed and encouraged by Left-Wing Elitists via the Media. 

                        I often urge my readers to actively seek alternative news outlets and to be discerning when disseminating what they find. We can no longer expect to get both sides of a story by passively accepting what mainstream media force-feeds us. Nor can we expect honesty or accuracy from ANY media source, Left or Right. It's up to those of us who care enough to WANT truth, to dig it UP. 

                        Wikipedia is actually a very good source with reliable statistics and factual information. In its history, Wiki has never once had to print a correction or retraction, and has never been accused of any manipulation. The only drawback is that their information is seldom in-depth, but they DO direct you to sites where you can find more reliable details.  Wiki is a good place to begin. 

                         The media frenzy to cover the Sandy Hook Event drew reporters from all over the country, all anxious to be the one to get that juicy tidbit that none of the others had. The first 48 hours of any catastrophic event, be it real or staged, are always little more than a cacophony of hearsay, rumor, and misinformation. There is just too much to sort out and sift through, too many "Theories" and guesses. 

                          Where Sandy Hook is concerned, the conflicting stories were so prolific and implausible, that the word "Chaos" doesn't come close to describing it. To this day, the alphabet soup of conflicting theories and reports remain exactly that.  Even the so-called "Experts" who were on-scene that day have never gotten their stories straight or in agreement with one another, not the police, not the reporters, not the parents or alleged employees of the school.  The Coroner couldn't even remember his lines or that he wasn't supposed to laugh and joke in the wake of 20+ "murders".  THAT piece of Sandy Hook is probably the strongest evidence that the whole thing was a hoax, and we will delve into that part after we cover Adam Lanza in the coming week.

                            Sometime during this holiday weekend, take a few minutes to look into the "Libor Scandal". That will be very helpful for you when we begin to look closely at the Lanza Family.  Are you keeping your minds open? I hope so, because once we finish this Sandy Hook Study, there will be absolutely zero doubt in your minds that the entire thing was one of the most horrendous and cruel hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American People.   I hope it makes you angry enough to speak out and share the truth.