Meeting Adam                                                              8-1-2017

              Who WAS Adam Lanza?  If you ask people at random, they will say he was the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2013. Is that who he really was or just what the government gun-grabbers want you to think he was? 

              Adam was a mess. He suffered from Aspberger's Disease, a form of Autism, and he was medicated beyond what is acceptable for any human being, for most of his life. There are only five photographs of Adam that have ever been seen by the public. In these photos, the effect of the heavy drugs is more than apparent, and so is the fact that the kid couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds soaking wet. He was bone-thin and sickly, barely able to focus his eyes, much less plan a mass shooting and carry numerous, heavy firearms and ammunition into a secure school building . 

             The official story claimed that Adam's mother was a Kindergarten teacher at SH School, so no one was alarmed to see him enter the school that day or afraid to "Buzz him in".  In truth, Adam's mother was not a teacher at all and NEVER Worked at SH School. No one seems to know exactly who she is or what she does or did for a living, if she worked at all. By looking at the home the media claims was hers, she had plenty of money, maybe from the divorce settlement between her and her wealthy, former husband who is deeply involved in high-level banking. The older Lanza boy, Ryan, lived in the city with his father, Peter. 

              I find it more than a little interesting that Peter Lanza was a scheduled witness against the Libor Corporation in a huge banking scandal, a court case that was pending at the time of the alleged SH Shooting. Coincidentally, the father of James Holmes, the Colorado Movie Theater shooter, was also scheduled to testify against Libor. Like Adam, James Holmes suffered from mental and emotional disorders and was heavily medicated. One MUST ask if these deficient, young men were pawns in a game of blackmail. Testify and lose your kid. Maybe the fathers really didn't care. It is reported that Peter Lanza despised Adam and stated that he wished the boy had never been born. Perhaps, these "Dads" sacrificed their imperfect sons to save their own lives. 

             Were these boys given over to the government to use for their evil purposes in exchange for allowing the fathers to escape retribution for their testimonies? There is HARD evidence that Adam Lanza committed suicide days before the SH incident. There is also INDISPUTABLE PROOF that fund-raising pages for the families of the murdered students, were posted on social media a week before the incident. THINK about that.

            It is impossible for Adam Lanza to have done what he is accused of having done. He was not mentally or physically able. There exists no evidence of his autopsy or obituary, burial site, etc. Nor is there any such evidence of these things for any of the alleged, murdered children. Not ONE. Never have we seen Nancy or Peter Lanza or an interview or statement from them. 

           Whenever there is a major tragedy, family members are interviewed at regular intervals for years to follow. Ever seen a SH parent speak on TV ? Ever wonder why every single one of them has never been heard from again and no longer live anywhere in the area?  All of this is small potatoes compared to other evidence of a Hoax. For instance, when a Crime Scene Bio-Cleaning Crew from the SH area contacted the police to see who would be assigned to mop up the blood of 20 children, they were asked, "What blood?"

           What about the two men seen running from the scene, being chased by police? It was all on video, including the take-down of the men by the cops. Who were THEY and where did they go? Why did no ambulances or EMT's ever approach the school building?  WHY did the Coroner state that all the deaths were caused by the "Long Gun" before he even performed a single autopsy? The long gun was shown being removed from  the trunk of a car allegedly driven to the scene by Lanza, and so-called witnesses inside the school stated that he had handguns ONLY. Biggest question of the night? Why was the Coroner laughing as reporters on the scene questioned him? If you had just seen 20 dead babies lying in their own blood, would you find anything comical? 

          I'm very busy right now, but I want to get to the Coroner and his interview this week if I can. Once you see that, the rest of what I have to show and tell you shouldn't even be necessary. That video alone, should be enough to prove my case of a Hoax. If only that was ALL there is! 


              In pic #1, Adam is 3rd from the right.  Pic #2 is a montage of the only 5 photos of Adam that the public has ever seen.