Meetings of Dec. 2019

                            Had enough of the Impeachment B.S yet?  Good Grief, the Left has taken this garbage beyond the point of ridiculous. THREE years of throwing a tantrum over Hillary's loss, seeking revenge for not getting their way, and doing NOTHING we pay them for the entire time! 

                             I'm not a Trump fan or apologist, and I feel that if he actually did something impeachable, then so be it. DID he? Not that I can find. Not that anyone but the bitter Democrats can see, apparently. We know they live in a Fantasy Land, but this is over-the-top. Now if we take a look back at Obama and his administration, I can write a tome of the Impeachable and Unconstitutional actions! Funny how no one was concerned back then. 

                              The whole thing is just exhausting and downright STUPID, and I'm sick of having spoiled, immature brats for a Congress. Some grown-ups would sure be nice. All in all, I have done my best to avoid the whole Impeachment sham, because to ME, it's a waste of the taxpayers' time and money, and an embarrassment to our country. I have far more important things to do with my time. 

                             On a local note, the final, Regular Town Board meeting held last week was pretty uneventful. John Trainor actually DID attend this one, but once AGAIN, Deb Gordon failed to show. Whomever decided that it was a good idea to have her run for office, should be tarred and feathered, publicly! She is the biggest NOTHING that downstate has ever cursed us with. In truth, if we HAVE to have all these Liberal Transplants forced upon us, I would rather they were like Deb. Quiet and empty. She is without personality, responsibility, courtesy, or any knowledge of small-town politics. That would be the perfect transplant in my book, one that stays up on their hill among their crazy peers, leaving the rest of us alone.  However, since Deb made the decision to get involved, at least have the damn manners to PRETEND to care about your position and the town you claim to want to "serve". THIS is inexcusable.

                           Don't think that just because I've been quiet of late, that anything has changed. There will still be consequences coming for the cheating and law-breaking that took place during our election. The usual Red Tape is dragging things out longer than we intended, and of course, the Felony had a LOT to do with the delay. Believe me, none of it has been shelved!

                           Planning Board tonight was hopeful. We met Michael Carey, the new owner of the Valley Plaza. I knew the minute I saw him, that he was not a stranger, even though he lives in Glenmont with his wife and son. It took me 10 minutes or so for the switch to click, and then I realized that this man was the Founder of the Jonathon Carey Foundation, an organization that protects the rights of handicapped children while in the hands of treatment centers and care-givers. His 13-year-old, Autistic son Jonathon, was smothered to death by a care-giver in 2007. It happened while Jonathon was on the bus, being transported home from his school. Since then, the Careys' foundation has provided safety and security to hundreds of handicapped children in the Capital District in honor of their son.

                          I had the pleasure of a short conversation with Michael after the meeting, and he is an awesome man. We're lucky to have him and his family as local business owners. We are also lucky that the Carey's will be opening a new Laundromat very, very soon. It will be located right next to Bucky's Bagels in the last storefront, closest to the road.  An ambitious beautification plan for the entire Valley Plaza is also planned and will be a great addition to our town center!  I see a nice, large planter to add more of my flowers this Spring! Yes, we WILL be asking for flower donations again this year. The flags will fly again as well.

                       Deb Gordon's property will also be addressed and she will FINALLY be required to obey the codes and respond to the requests of the Town Board to "Clean It Up!". No more extensions or excuses.        The new NAPA store has completed its company colors on the old Stewarts building and is looking close to opening there. Of course, we're all looking forward to the opening of the Brewery! I don't even drink, and I'm excited about THAT!  So next Summer will be a little busier around town, with businesses that "Fit" who we are and who we wish to remain as a rural town. Wait until you see what's on MY agenda! Some of you will be ecstatic, others, not so much, but I guarantee you, it's COUNTRY!

            It was nice to share some GOOD news for a change, and I can only hope that the new Town Board will remember that New Lebanon IS a country town, and we have already made it perfectly clear that sidewalks, public water, and Drive-Thru eateries are NOT on the agenda. After 2 years of hashing those issues over, the last thing we need is to repeat that process! I also hope that the new board realizes that the City Transplants are NOT the ONLY people living here with ideas, desires, and needs! We're sick of being pushed aside by newcomers with their dreams of turning our town into a Green, Liberal Utopia. We're not going to be Bullied anymore.