Something Wicked This Way Comes                                9-14-2019

           Interesting day. I spent some time around town, looking at campaign signs, and stopping-in to some folks' homes to talk about the candidates and issues. 

           I could have reached more people today, but so many weren't home it was a little tough to make contact. That's fine, there's plenty of time. Funny thing I noticed though, was that a good number of empty houses had colorful flyers stuck in their doors. What WERE these flyers? Copies of the mis-leading "Family Barbeque" advertisement that is in reality, a fundraiser for Candidate Tistrya Houghtling, hosted by Councilman Norman Rasmussen. 

           In the many years I have been a political activist and blogger, one thing I have learned is that most people have deficient reading comprehension skills. I can write a paragraph about the Climate Change Hoax, and the next day, I hear that I'm a Racist. HUH???  Yes, it is that bad.  Which is why this deliberately tricky flyer is a concern. People will NOT read and understand it for what it IS. They will only see the headline about a "New Lebanon Family Picnic", and the when and where. Few will bother to read and realize that this is a Liberal Fundraiser. 

          A number of people asked me today, how our Town Clerk manages to have SO much free time to go door to door during the week. Isn't she supposed to be at the Town Hall ? I couldn't tell them, as I have no way of knowing how much clock time is being spent elsewhere.  I do know that a LOT of campaigning has been done. So exactly WHO is doing it all? 

          Another thing I know for certain, is that there WILL be a Debate among these candidates, moderated by the Eastwick Press, supposedly the first week of October. I'm told that at a recent meeting of the local Democrat Party, Mrs. Houghtling spoke about this debate and stated that in no uncertain terms was she involved in the planning or organizing of that event.  If that's true, WHY is she calling all other candidates to ask them what would be a good date for them? Isn't that "Involvement"?  Is it proper for a Dem candidate to call candidates from the Republican and Voice of the People Parties to "Organize" the debate she is a part of?  Shouldn't that be up to the Moderators of the Eastwick Press? 

          Interesting thing, she failed to call just ONE candidate. Now I wonder why THAT is? I also wonder why the New Chair of the Local Dem Party has not been seen or heard from in several months? Mrs. Houghtling told the Eastwick Press that she is "Filling-In" for Mr. Geraghty. REALLY?!  How can a CANDIDATE fill-in for the Party Chair?! Here we are in early September, and I can already make a list of unethical actions, Election Law Violations that equal Misdemeanor Crimes,  and numerous lies from Mrs. Houghtling.  Imagine if she wins, and we have a minimum of two years of this questionable behavior? No thank you! I'm still recovering from four years of Mike Benson!

          Maybe Mrs. Houghtling is daring to over-step because she appears to be extremely concerned that Meg Robertson may run a Write-In Campaign, and the stress is keeping her from realizing she is breaking a slew of rules. In fact, she is SO concerned, that she has badgered Meg ever since she was appointed as Interim Supervisor. Meg was also hammered about this at the appointment meeting, by several of the Cult Members, but what I found appalling, was she was hit the hardest by a man who doesn't even LIVE here full-time, and has only been here part-time for less than two years or thereabouts! 

          HIS name is Andy Jacobs, and he purchased the former Larry Benson Farm. As far Left as one can go, he dared to sit in that meeting and attempt to force Meg Robertson to write and sign an Oath to NOT run a Write-In ! Who the hell is HE to DEMAND ANYTHING?! He's already rude and abrasive, the typical Bully that seems to be a mandatory trait to enter the Cult, and OH, he HAS joined the Cult. I would LOVE to know how much money he has sunk into Tistrya's Campaign. You KNOW he's heavily invested, because he is way too concerned with Meg's intentions and this election for someone who is brand-new to our town and is rarely here. He has skin in this game. They ALL do, and we all know WHY.

          I already told you that there are two goals that the Cult has. 1) Vengeance for having to pay for the Rail Trail property, and 2) Control of the Town Board to push through their dangerous agendas. If you are not concerned about those agendas, you are in for a very rude and painful awakening if they succeed. Can you say, "Eminent Domain"?  A man stopped by today while I was working on the bridge flower boxes. He wanted to tell me that he is best friends with the man who owns the vast majority of the land that the Rail Trail folks still need, and that land owner has sworn to never, EVER, let a bunch of "Weirdo Hikers" cross his property. LOL! We tried to tell them that, but they think if they get "THEIR" people on the board, they can "TAKE" what they covet.  THINK about that!  Shades of Ruth Abram.

          Haven't we allowed them to TAKE enough already? 

         There is something that I have been curious about for a while now, and that's John Trainor's sudden interest in town politics. I adore John, you can't know him and not love him. His entire family is awesome. Yet, I wonder why a man with such a full plate, who should be easing-off on duties, not adding to them, wants to do this job?  I suspect that he was pressured into running for Town Board simply to push out the incumbents. The Cult knows darn well that John is loved by everyone who knows him, and should garner many votes, and what better way to get that vengeance they so crave? They're USING him. They need a board majority, and if John wins..........

          If vengeance is not their goal, WHY would the Democrat Party want to unseat members OF their own party? These incumbents have worked SO hard, accomplished SO much, and benefited ALL residents more than any other board we have EVER had. They are still young and energetic, with fresh ideas, and none of them has EVER violated municipal or election laws or done anything partisan. It's been refreshing and beneficial. ONE incumbent even turned his entire life around so he could do his very best for New Lebanon and the people who live here! It's been amazing to watch, and so very hopeful. Just THINKING about all that good being undone as a result of voters who don't seriously consider the consequences of their vote, is painful and terrifying. 

           In closing, remember that the Town Clerk vote is also important. Which of the two candidates for that position was arrested when in local office? Which one left the Clerk's office hanging to go to work for Mike Benson's Construction Company that he USED to own? There are other things, but I NEVER go into people's home lives or attack their children. Those things are over the line that I do not cross. On the other side, which of them is a young widow with children to raise? Who has NO arrests, and has proven herself to be efficient, honest, and reliable? Do you know which is which? It is every voter's responsibility to KNOW who you are voting for. 

           SAVE your town, New Lebanon. Send the Cult members packing.